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We carnet the following from an article in
tho'CiaY 6 tt;descriptive of travels in I3ritish
India., The scene of the occurrence is laid in
'Mit the most wonderful peifformance that
WO,saW - thiirtiortiing Was a feat of , pure jug
gling, of which I have never been able to find
any solutioM - ' One of the old men came for
tiqed upon the gravelled and hard trodden
avenue, lending with him a - woman: He made
her kneel down, tied her arms behind her,
andblindeolded her eyes. Then twinging a
great bag net made with open meshes of rope,
le,put it over the woman, and laced up the
Mouth, fastening it with knotted intertwining
etirdi in'such a way that it seemed an impos
sibilityifor her to extricate herself from it
The man then took u closely-woven wicker
basket, that toward the top, lifted
the woman in the net from the ground, and
plaCedhtfr'in it, though it was not without
the Exertion of some force that ho could crowd
her through the narrow mouth.
•Having succeeded in getting her into the
basket, in which, fron4ts small size, she was
necessarily in a most cramped position; he
Put the : colder upon it, and threw over it a
wide strip of cotton cloth, hiding it complete
ly. In a,moment• placing his hands under
the cloth, he drew out the net quite untied
and disentangled. He then took a long,
straight, sharp sword, muttered some wordtk
to'himi3elf while he sprinkled the dust upon
his forehead; he then pulled off and threw
aside the covering, and plunged the sword
saddenly into the basket. Prepared as in
some degree we were for this, and knowing
that it was only a deception, it was yet im
possible to see it without a cold creeping of
horror. The quiet and energy with which be
repeated his strokes driving the sword through
the basket, while the other, jugglers looked
on, apparently as much interested as ourselves,
were very dramatic and effective.
Stopping after he had riddled the basket,
he again scattered dust upon its top, lifted
the lid, took up the basket froM the ground,
showed it to us empty, and then threw it
away. At the sanie moment we saw the wo
tlmn appebaching us from a clump of trees at ,
a distance of at least 50 or 00 feet.
In the course of a len,ofthy and able article
In the New York Tribune we find the follow
ing summing urPof the achievinents of discov
ery within the last quarter of , a century :
"Within the last twenty-five years all the
principal features of the geograpby of our
vast interior regions have been accurately
determined ; the great fields of Central Asia
have been traversed in various directions, from
Bokahara and the Oxus to the Chinese ;
the bhlf known river systems of. South Amer ;
ica have been explored and surveyed;
the icy continent around the Southern Pole
has been discovered ; the North western pas
sage; the ignis fatties of nearly two centuries,
is, at last found ; the dead sea is stripped of
its 'fabulous terrors ; the course of the Niger
ism() longer a myth, and the sublime secret
of the Nile•is
‘ almost wrested from its keeping.
The Mountains of the Moon, sought for titre'
two thousand years, have been beheld by a
Caucasian eye; an English steamer has ascend-
Chadda to the the frontiers of the great King
dom-Of Bornou ; Lieohardt and Stuart have
penetrated the wilderness of Australia ; the
Rqssians have descended from Irkoutsk to the
mouth of the Amoor ; the antiquated walls of
Chinese prejudice have been cracked and are
fast tumbling down, and the canvas screens
which surround Japan have been cut by the
,sharp edge of American enterprise. Such aro
the principal results of modern exploration.--
What quarter of a century, since the form of
the earth and the boundaries of its land and
water were known, can exhibit such a list of
sohievmente ?"
I 8 TO SUN MILTAIIITED.- Sir David Brews
ter,makes the following remarks relative to
the Sun ;, s , ,
Sic Strong haifbeeti'the belief that the Sun'
cannot be a habitable world, that a scientific
gentlemen Was pronouticed'by his medical at
tendant to be insane, because be had sent a
paper to the royal society, in which ho main
tained: that the light of the sun proceeds from
ai,dense and universal aurora:Which may af
lard ample light to the,inhabitants of the aut.-
ffiCtt beneath, and yet at such a distance aloft
stdpbt tqbe i rralt,t!leat ; that there may be
water and dry land there, hills and da es, rain
and,fair, weather, and that as the light .and
nest io n /lust be'eternal, the Min may easily be
conceived td be by far the most blissful hob.
-station of the whole system. In less than tea
years after ,this apparantly eFtravagant notion
tionsiderad a proof of insanity it was ,
dialattlined by Sir William,'Dorschel•as a ra.
ti nal and probable opinion, which might be
eeittni . iblo er . om Lie own observation on the
structure of the sun.
• ~ ,
Fever and• Ague in Indiana.
The following shivering paragraph appears
,''Welove. no dou4 - thereis more sickness
in judijitia;:thiS;fall than•ever before—not of n
fatal charatifer, it is•frue, but distressing-and
eXpensi'Ve.' , The - Chill.g have come, like locusts
in Utah, devouring the accumulated health of
many summers 'Those who have boasted
themßlyes chill-prodf have shaken like a cow
nrd entering a battle, and many a robust con
stitution has felt its clammy coldness over ,
spreading them like a November drizzle.--
1 rom every quarter of the State we hear the
gruntings of • the baok-aching, side-racked
patients, and the combined fevers of all the
afflicted would initike a heat sufficient to set up
a young volcano '
The - Ittuisville Courier says: 'We learn from
our exchanges that the supply of quinine is
exhausted in three of the principal towns on
the Wabash,•lndiana. Terre Haute run short
first, and then made a run on Vincennes, and
exhausted the stock there. Vinc'ennes drew
on Evansville, and cleaned that city out. The
editor of the Evansville Journal, in speaking
of the demand for quinine, sass:
'Our quinine market was pretty dry yester
day. Vincennes has 'made a demand for the
article, which cleaned out the establishtnents
here. We will be all right to day, and in the
mean time the(P üblic can have ,, shake
'Shaking is fashionable this season. Some
persons have bccOmo so skillful at it by prac
tice that they cat; shake tllail Columbia' itnd
.Yankee Doodle:"
ed the city with the reed, twelve thousand
furlongs The length, end the breadth, and
the height of it are equal."--Rev. 21; lb.
Twelve thousand furlongs, 7.920,000 feet ,
which, being cubed, is 496,793,088,000.000,.
000,000 cubic feet. Half of this we will
serve for the Throne of God'and the Courts of
Heaven, and half the balance for streets, leav•
ing a remainder of 12.1,198,272,000,000,000,•
000 cubic feet. Divide this by 4,086, the cu
bical feet in a room 1 6 feet square, and there
will be 30,321,8 , 13,750;000,000 rooms.
We will now suppose the world always (lid
and always will contain 900,000,000 inhabit
ants, and that n generation lasts 333 years,
making 2,700.000,000 every century, and that
the world will stand 100,000 years, making in
all 270,000,00,000,000 inhabitants. Then
suppose there were 100 worlds equal to this,
in number of inhabitants and duration of years,
making n total of 27,000,000,000,000,'.00 per ,
sons. Then there would •bo a room 16 feet
high for each person, and yet there would be
'ONE or TILE nos.—The Lynn News is res
ponsible for the following: A friend of ours
was arguing in favor of buying large pigs in
the spring, declaring it much better than to
buy small ones, as they oat but little more.—
A neighbor differed from him in opinion,
whereupon he told a story which took down, ,
his opponent, and all bearers decided that
small pigs eat some. Said he :
"Last giving I bought a small pig from a
drover, and ho was good for eating, but would
not grow much. He got so, after a week or
two, that ho would oat a bucketfull at a time.
and then, like Oliver Twist, called for "more"
Well, one morning I carried out a water buck-
et full of dopgh, and after it had swallowed
it all, I picked up the pig and put him in the
same bucket I had fed him from, and the little
cuss didn't fill it half u,p !"
siert poet gives the following instruction on
this important point :—'•When thou art mar
ried, seek to please thy wife ; but listen not
to all that she says. From man's right side a
rib was taken to form the woman, and never
was there seen a rib quite straight. It breaks
but bends not. Since, then, it is plain that
crooked is a wotnans temper. forgive her faits,
and blame, her not • nor let her anger thee, nor
correction use, as it is vain ,to straighten what
is drOokeA.!"
CuANo OF BEDS.—An Edinburgh paper .
speaking of Gough, the Temperance lecturer,
and the many marvels which he has accent:
plished during the, two past years, states that
among other things,' he has travelled 19,837
miles per rail and coach. Hie correepondened
amounts to 3;600 letters. One fact we cannot
withhold, for h telis'of fatigue nigh incalou
lable;.he has slept in upwards of 300 differen t
bbds. :Talk of, Heroulte—this eternal, change;
of beds would alone would have 'used him up.''
FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE.--ahe 2thaho mab
bo perfeotly glured without pain by the Franey
We wonder if tbe speo!tio is bard t take—
uot wo win try it 4thwith:—:Ex.
If cured it will be alder, indeed.—Trans.
10derly, gentlemen, 'tie a sore subject.—
!Yes, and requiring 40tude to hear.—Courier.
Wale earrqing the matter quite. as far as
80quette will bear.—Nail.
glr:ill. , l6U
Continued fro'm second page
that he was not ashamed to compare with any
in the nation,,aud even his grandmother .said
'that he land shown his sense in selecting for n
wife a woman who . coul4 ;do, something, and
not one of those dressed-up dolls who seem to
tiiink that the great object of life is to show
The moral of our story was thus expressed
by Charley himself to a young riend, shortly
after his marriage, in a conversation on the
subject of matrimony:—
`ln the first place, Tom, it is idle for a man
under fifty, who is really a full developed man
in all respect, to imagine that he is proof
against the shaft of Cupid. I tell pu, - my
dear boy, a man may arm himself with as
much philosophy and reason as he pleases ,
and it won't avail him; he' must be an excep
tion to the law of :human nature, and greatly
defective in some way'ln head or heart if he
does not fall in love at sonic) time or other,
Secondly it is tiorgood sense to marry for per
sonal beauty and grace alone, nor merely for
domestic qualifications, but for both united; it
takes both together, with a good heart, to
make a perfect wife, one whom we can admire
with our intellects, and adorn with our whole
heart, one for whom a man is willing to en•
counter all hardships, to face. any danger, to
rise early and retire late, to labor, and if. neces
sary,te die. And, finally, never flatter your
self that you can marry any girl you choose if
she.happetis not to be wealthy or moving in
high life, or that all poor girls are 'willing to
sell themselves to rich husbands; I tell you it
ig not so.'
STI LL THANKFUL—The Mobile Tribune of
the Ist inst., is very thankful under damp cir
cumstances. It says: .1% hat a p easaat thing
it is to have a plenty of n good thing! It has
rained fur the past three weeks every day, and
the windows of heaven are still open.
Timer winds up n description of the Neapolitan
tyrant .ar follows:
•Let the Meanest man in this kingdom—
Rteeped though he may be in pov'erty even to
the lips—utHicted by the afflictions which can
try humanity—all Job'B miseries upon him
without Job's patience—fall down upon his
knees and thank God that he is not King of
enttliness 4.1.ar5..
tAlt. S. B. KI.ERFER, Office in North
Hanover street two doors Cron) tVelse Sr. Campbell's
store. 0 iil CO hours, more particularly from 7 to U o'clock,
A. M., and from 3 to 7 o'clock, P. M.
F•outh Hanover structt, ""`
noxt door to the Potd. •
0111 co.
I li:01111 be absent from Carlisle the last ten days
of each mouth. [Aug. 1, '65
a "k;-
_ty DENTIST carefully attends to all
mesa "peratinns upon.the teeth and adjacent
part, that disease or irregularity may require. lie will
ales insert Artificial Teeth of every description, such as
Pivet, Single and Block teoth e and teeth with " Coutin
liens Hums;' and.will construct Artificial Palates, Ot
Writers. Regulatlng„Pleces, and every appliance used In
the Molted Art. —Operating room at the residence of
Ur. Samuel Elliott, West Digit street, Carlisle.
11DENTIST. OFFICE at tho residence of
••asica hishrothor, ou North Pitt Street, Car
OTlCE.—Notice is hereby given
that I hay o, this. day, associated with me In the
practice of my profession. Wm. 61. Penrose and Thos. 61.
Esqrs. All business, In future will be attondOd
Why the above under the firm of "Balm k l'Esnoss."
Feb. lith 1856. • W. M. bIDDLE, At'ty at Law
f' 1 P. ITUAIRICII, Attorney at Law.
ki • —Office In lloototn'e Row. All buelneel entrusb
od to him will he promptly attended to.
'WILLIAM C. R . HEIDI, Attorney
at Law. Wilco in Main Strout, Carlisle, I,t.
4 - 0
-Business entrusted to him will be promptly at
tended to. Fob, 7.'55.
N. GltE EN, Attorney at law, has
• f T tued In 11e-haniesbor,z, for the practice of his
profession. All kinds of Legal Writing, Collections,
Court business, promptly attended to. office oppos
site lir. Long's residence, 13111tVEYINO in all Its ditto.
rent branches promptly attended to.
(i B. COLE Attorn©y at Law, will at
tend promptly to all i buslnessentrusted to him.
01 ro in the room formerly )oeuplod by William Irvine
Esq., North lianover stroo Carlisle.,
April 20, 1852.
W. 13.11A.NDT; Manufacturer of
G• Mineral %tem, Feeneh Mead,
• Bottled,Ale, Porter and Cider,
North Hasflitreet, near tho Rail Road Whip), C arl
CEIL—A. L. SPONSLEIL late Rogistor of Cumber
imad county, will carefully attend to tho transaction of
till such busimais as nmy the entrusted to him, such as
the writing of Doods, Alortgagos • ICou t el
p, lie
dlso devote lila attention lathe procuring of Land Wars
Cants, Pensions, .to. as well as tlio purchase and sale
Of Real Estate, negotiations, Ofloans, a:c. 9,:Office on
West High Street. formerly occupied, I y W. M. l'onrost
noar the Church. •
rjr,.. N. ROSENSTEHL, House, Sign,
; Fancy and Ornandmtal Painter, irvlri's (fortnorl
arpor's) now, uoar Hither's 1.111 Goods Store: lie Wild
attend promptly to all the above descriptlons of pain •
lint, at reumonable prices.' , The various kinds of graining
i T i tondod to, such an mahogany , oak; walnut, hc, In the
mrovod stylus.
. .
XIIRASITIN'Or. 11AQIIIN§ ; of the,
beat !Italie constantly on !bind 'and for sale at the.
ar Isle Foundry, and Machine Shan.. "
FRENCH ‘CORSETS::—Jiisi. reoeiv
ed, n further supply of French Corsets of extra el
see. Alen narrow Linen Fringes for trimming Basques
juue2o UEO. EIMER.
000 I
" 7101V.on'hand and for sallow
my laid Z 4 tallli mt , min Street, opposite Marion Hall, an
entirely new anal elegant. stock of
ATci I .; EW BLit Y, M EPA LIONS, fir.
Gold Lever Watches. hunting and open ease. Silver do.
Silver Lepino and Quarter Watches, at large variety.
Gold A nehOrs for Ladles and Gentlemen.
Medallions. a splendid assortmer.t for ladles and gents
Breast Pins of every pattern, and all prices,
Gold Chains for vest and fob, gold curb chains,
Finger Rings, Cuff-pins, Studs, Sleeve Buttons.
CrosSes. Drop and lloop Ear-Rings. a large variety.
Silver and Plated .FArks, Table mad Tea Spoons, Butte
Knives, dm. of various styles and prices,
Gold and Silver Thimbles,
Gold. Silver and Ca MMOn Spectacles. a large assortmen
" to suit all ges, and to which we invite porticula
fart M oll uldes• aiarge assortment at every price,
Gold Pens, octill• best make at various mires,
Fancy Ilex.. P,rt Folios, A ecordeons. Speetaek cases.
Ladies Cdrd Cases, silver and pearl. at v arions prices,
Bracelets, gold and common; Watch Chains ditto.
Also a large variety of articles in the Jewelry line
which I will sell ut MO lowest prices. All articles Mlle
ranted to be what they are sold for.
tkp...Particular attention paid to the ItEPAIIIINO
ATCII ES and all work warranted. hamming thanks
to my old friends and customers for former patronage.
I respectfully solicit ra continuance of their favor..
june2.o THI IM AS /N IN N.
' • 0 )
IrANTCII k Co. hard opened and now of
IF for fi'r mlfrat their Store nn Myst High Street.
one Mr weslM.l the !rote] formerly . kept by C. Stuugb.
an entire ne.e - stock of Itea4 Made klotbing
Also, Cloths. ('assimered and i'et.tines, w hid) will be
mad“ up in the best style awl oh reasonable terms
Shirts. Shirt I 'ollars. Moves, Suspenders, t , atin
and Summer Stcks. liandkerehiefs, &r. of the newest
styles and Pest manufacture kept constantly on hand.
Confident of their ability to please. they respectfully she
kit the public patrohage.
11 WM. 11. TiowT. desires to Inform his old friends
that lie has retuoved to Lie nedv establishment oil lllgb
street, near the Railroad Depot, arrtt is now opening
largo and elegant assortment of the FA LI, sTY I.
01 , II ATS. just received from Philadelphia. tt hid
the gentlemen of Carllslente rpunosted to :tell ant i
examine. Ile has also a large assolinient of Silk. Fu
and Slouch Hato to his own mantitaut ore, got up in the
Lest 4't le and at various prices. the excellence and Itnitl
or 11 he trill warrant. His stoel, he is eonlident
iY 'Wed . , 111 in to to approved. Also. n larg,
supply of Men's, lloy's and Children's CAPS, of CI, tl
and Fur. and of every' vtiriety of style and privy just re•
eelved from Philadelphia. Let all w lit, want a Hilt of
Cap give him a call. as they may he sure of Leing out t•
al ti. 111011' etc,, Sat iSfaCtii.ll.
•%; PA
.41,0 ••• I am Jilt rereil ing lay
• abiltti'lliKillOS stock of l':1 II ANI
••• WO which surpas, in style. tinalit
Ai SO ,„, •
And price .any that have eve,
Loon exhllsited in Carlisle. I respectfully solicit a call
f l ou t persoi%in want of Paper Hangings of any descrip
tion. as I am confident by assortment far surpasses any
u the Borough: and in style and prices has but few ri
vals Billie city. I only ask of the nubile to call and ex
amine my ass' rtmant before tie I nu, co, 11.
Ali , ut my elitists designs cannot full to please the most
insthll, , us. .IMIN P. LVNE..
West side of North Hanover Street,
1 EW oli °CERA '
rho subscriber would4espeetfully inform bit f r i e nds and
the public generallyfihat he has just returned from the
city with a large and varied assortment of
li IiOCEIII ES, (MASS and QULEN ;,ts An F.
FISH, Ite..A., which he oilers for sale on the 1 II I,:1
most reasonable terms, at his New S tem 1 %. ii,
corner of Nortli Hanover street :and the l'ul O,, .',.:,
lie Square. directly opposite the Carlisle De.
posit Bank. Ills stock ombrasea everything usually
In a Orocery and Variety store. •
The public are Invited to call and examine his.steek
before purchasing elsewhere, as h.‘ feels emir, dent he can
sell the beat goods at the lowest prices.
.. .
Desire to li?form the citizens of Carlisle and Trinity
that they have just received from the city and are now
opening En the room adjoining Bentz k. Brother's Store.
a very complete assortment of Uroceries. such as
and all the various kinds of SPICES and DBIELI MEAT
such-as Hams, Dried Beef. Bologna Sausages. kc. by the
piece or pound. Also Herrings. Iklack•
)lllletft erel, Shad, Cod Fish and a great varlet v
of artistes not necessary to enumerate. In addition
.the above, we will receive our regular supplies of
as soon
,as they appear ih the city markets, to
'which NV(' inclle the attention of the NMI,. as we h
tOl4l to Sell at Ow vary lowest prices, for Cash or Coat
try Produce. HARKNESS & MULLIN.
BOOTS AND SHOES. The subscrib-.
er lots now on hand a very extensive and well s,
'ected stock of II 0 0 T 5 and S Il 0 I.; S.
which he will sell at unusually low pric
es. Purchased front wholesale dealers,
et low rates. he can offer such induce
ments to purchasers as trill make it their interest to vi
it his establishment, lie has every article in the Ile
and Shoe line—Pr Ladles' or Gcntlemens' wear—l
therefore deems It unnecessary to particularise.
ii-V. Persons desiring good and chilap goods aro Inv'
ed to give him a call.
- t J t pa BING HAM, DAVIS &
ir*.F.l-zz Co., !276 Market Street,
and Philadelphia. Cars leave both places East a nd w e ,
twice every Week. Tucadays and Fridays. All Mishit ,
entrusted to Bingham. Davis t Co.. will be attended
with promptness, whether in sales. produce or freight
A. 11. BA it NITZ, North street, Baltinwre, has al.
entered Into this Arrangement. and will attend prmnp
ly to all business entrusted to him. May:l(l.-3n,
,;GRo •x••= 0 COFFEE
CERI ES The subscriber has Ju
added to his former s ock a general selection of Cl
r ROOF:RIES, ns'ivell as all the other variety of mile;
iausually kept in is Orocory.Store, embracing
",}K Voftea— masted and gram—at 1'4;1 and 14 cur
per lb., Orleans, Clarified, Crushed and Puiverir
Sugars, of fine qualities; Chocolates, Spicer, Dni
Salt, and a variety of Fancy articles, all of which are
fared at the lowest cash prices. We are thankful for t. ,
farmer support given us, and invite n further call fr.
our Monde and customers. J. W. EBV.
. Marion flail, Carlisle.
assortment of Crushed, Sifted and Fulveris
'ttgars of best quality, as also Soft Crushed, Cleat
and other qualities constantly on hand, suitable I „
preservin g and all other purposes—generally, at. 0
PniCllB. p
I Also a constant supply of the choiceet Coffees, Tel.
apices and other artiele4 la variety always on hand..
Attention Is invited to our stockbetbre buying elsewloo ':
' Carlisle, July 25,'65. . , • J. IV.' }MY.
lik../ WARE—OId litiusekeepers mid young, with tl,
tlse wIM are expecting to lewornolunisokeepera, are NI
mins•his elegant nisortment °MIAOW, Glass and Queei
are and other articles in the' housekeeping line, sm
as French anal, Itnglish tea sets, heavy banded and plat ,
White Granite, gilded and blue plain Dinner sets of i
ery variety and price, bowls and pitchers, tureens, db
es, &e. Glass-ware—hutre• table and mantel lam,
Candelabras and other lamps, great rarity. table and I
tumblers, aohloth,.kc... Fruit rind preserve dishes, in .
riety. 'Cedar-ware—tubs, buckets, churns, bowls, butt
prlntsand ladles, meal buckets, kc. Broshes—sweepi.
white wash, , scrubblog, hand and shoe brushes, duste '
brooms, &e. Market, clothes and travelling baskets.
Also 4.ehoteu assortment of Tobacco and Segars. t
yo who aro fund of cholco brands of StuntrstuiWtey t
Prlnclites, Regent's, Stelinnonls slid I itherean varlet I •
iind you will 'aid them of unkopettetethle quality. A.
half Spanl,':h and Common Segall:, olth chhlce snuff at •
chewing tobacco. .
Stores tutb $1)01)9.
I E. GOULD, [Successor Fiot.
•y No. 16.4 Chestnut St., Swaim's Building, Philadel
pith, extensive Music Publisher, and Dealer in 111 usbn.l
instruments nf every. description.
Exclusive agent flo the sale of Ballet. Davis S Co.
Patent ;suspension Bridge :1 2 .011an and oilier PIA NOS.—
ilbert's linudoir Pianos, Melodeons, 31artin'h Uuituvs
Harps. Violins. Sheet 'Music. Music Books. &c.
Residents , ir the enuetry will be supplied by 1211111 01
11011 tr, ise with music they may wish, as low is it pur
chatted in person. 113Ning one of the largest storks in
the , U tilted States. I feel confident of satisfying all who
may flit or 1110 is iLb a ran or order.
liealers in Music !supplied on the most lil oral twins
Pianos to let. Second-hand l'ianus fur sale.
111:g '20,1853-1!
rlll - EAP AV ATCIIES AK]) Jl'.l\ EL•
‘j RY, W1101.1.:; , Ari: and li LTAIL, at the "I hi' a-
( delphia Watch and l evel y S tote_,
N umber fill NiTtli Second Street; ,4 r
;- - j-, lll \
nor of Quarry, l'llll!tdelphia. (kid
•....../ • Lever ~.31 atches. full jewelled, lti cur
,A. • • , itt cases. - - - $2O 00
rk.i. 4: . Gold Leplue, IS carat eases, 24 CO .
" • ' .'", • Silver - jewels. 0 00' ,
0 IF: 'ON: V i i...C - Silver Lover, full jewelled, ]2 00
7 10
7 00
1 to
3 .0
1 i 0
0 i'o
Superior Quartiers,
Gold Spretncics. -
Flue Silver :Im-twins,
00111 linterlets.
Ladles' Gold Pencils,
Silver 'lra
(told Pens. with Peneil and Fthrr Bolder. - 1 t 0
tiold Finger Itings re its to .7, 1 1 n.: II tiffti(thii.Fes
Olin. 12 , 2 rents. Patent 21'.: other art trig
ill proportion. All goods mlimant ad to be wheat they are
sold fr.
On hand. some ( - hod and Bilcer Levers and Leplnes
• st ill lower than the abot e uric( s.
ON FIRE PROOF CIAFLS. with Hall's Patent
_ Powder Proof Locks, it high a el e
warded separate Medals at the
iorld . s Fair. London. It.nt, and
leo at the World's Fair. etc
'ark, IS;,:( and '64. The sul scri
ers are the sole !tumulit, tun
nd proprietors in this :into of
it :dime unequalled Stiles and
ladss. The reputation of the
-Ilerring's safe - is %volt,'
•Ide. nail fn• the i:tat thirteen..
NIES the mercantile community
gave iv it IleSSed lilld IMMO testi
mony to their lvrytit r kiLINO fire proof qualities. .3icre
thin 1'2.000 of these Sates have been actually sold. (Ind
over nvo NPIIKT , have pissed triumphantly Ow mph
aeq(lental tires. The public are assured that all Sates
manittivtui , -(1 by the subscribers are not mit) gum:a:-
teed to be fully equal. hut In many respect Sup,
rim' to those w hich have been so severely tried by fit r o
I%eav soli forget their services in the burning of tie
"Trilninee(- 7 tifilblishment." New York. and at the Ilreat
Fire hr Strawberry street. at the large tire last July,
opposite the (limed House: and still more recently
In the Fire at Fifth And Chesnut sts., in the city nt
Phildelplila. in which these SIMI: came forth the ac=
knowledge(' CHAMPION. when many other securities
failed. FARREL A: CO_
34 WALNUT Street. Philadelphia.
Chilled Iron Safes, with Powder Proof Locts, manu
factured expressly for 'Banks. brokers, Jewellers. and
others requiring security from rogues. Dank Vaults,
Doers. ,tc. on, hand and made to order. All the most
celebrated Locks for sale at untnufaeturers' prices.
Second hand "Safes," "Salamanders" and "Iron
Chests - ..f other makers. hale been token in part pay
ment for Herring's for sale ut half price. 80.11
J. I)ONNSLLT. Wt C r ' d
S i
n j r
No. NO North FOURTH Street (above Ilace)1111 LAPEL
PULA. Matches having become an Indispensable article
In housekeeping, the subscriber after a great sacrifice of
time and money, is enabled to offer to the Public an ar
ticle at onceeombining Utility and Cheapness. The in
ventor knowing the danger apprehended on account of
the thmsey manner In which Matches are generally
packed in paper, has by the aid of New Steam Machinery
of his own Invention, succeeded in getting up a SA F.1.1.Y
PATENT SQUARE WOOD .110 X; this box Is
far preferable, in as much that it occupies no more rem
hail the old round n cod box, and contain!, at lutst
Two Hundred per Cent there Matches, which to Shippers;
Is considerable advantage; ft is entirely new. and secure
against moisture and spontaneous combustion, dispels
all danger on transportation by means of:Railroad, Steam
boat or any other mode of Conveyance.
These Matches are packed so that one gross or mere
may bo shipped to any port of the World with perfect
safety. They are the most desirable article for llonw,
Consumption. and the Southern and western market
that have ever been invented.
O .A LERS and SHIPPERS, will do well to call an
OXIIIIIIne for themselves.
Cr., these maybes. Are WARRANTED to be Fuperior
to anything heretofore ~ITered to thn
Plllln. Dec'r 4, 1854
_ F RENCH TRUSSES, Weighing less
than ounces, for the cure of Hernia or Ituptnre
acknowledged by the highest, medical authoritiesof
adelphia, Incomparably superior to any other in IlFo.
SulTerurs will be gratified to learn that the occasion now
Oilers to procure not only the highest and Iciest easy, but
as durable a Truss as any other. in lieu of tho cumbrous
and uncomfortable article usually sold. There is no dlf.
lenity attending the fitting, nod when the pad is locat
ed It will retain its position without change.
Persons at a distance unable to call on the subscriber,
can have the Truss - sent to any address, by remitting
flee dollars for the single Truss, or ten for the double—
with measure round the hips. and stating side affected.
It will be exchanged to suit if not fitting, by returning
at once, unsoiled. For sale only by the Importer.
Corner Twelfth and Rare streets. Philadelphia.
flee- LAMS, requiting the benefit of 3lecimpical Sup
porters, owing to the derangomentof the Internal 03.
gans, Inducing falling of the Womb. Vocal, Pulm4nary,
Dyspeptic, Nervous and Spinal Weakness, are intbrnied
that a competent and experienced LADY will be in ae.
tendance at the Rooms, (set apart for their exclusive
use) No. 114 TWELFTH. St., Ist dour beloiv Race.
July 2d,
GRATIS !—Just ncw
DISGOVIIRY IN MEDICINE.---4 few words or the
Rational Treatment, without Medicine, Spernintor, hear
or local weakness, nervous debility.lour spirlts.lassitude,
weakness of the limbs and back. indisposition and tun*.
pacity for study and labor. dullness of apprehenslen,
toss o f memory. aversion to society, love of ' , elan& ti
mhkity, self distrust. dizziness. headache. Involnulary
di tares, pains In the shlo. affection of the eyes. pim
ples on the face, sexual and other Infirmities in man.
Froth the French of Dr. D. DeLaucey: • •..
The important fact that these ainiming eompb tilt
may wildly lie removed WITIIOUS TiVIDICINE. Is In this small
tract clearly demonstrated, and the'entirvly new and
,highly successful treatment.: as adopted by the Anther,
fully explained. by moans of which every one Is enabled
to cure himself perfectly and at thy least posilble cyst,
voldlng thereby all the advertised nostrums, of tha
day. •
;lent to any address, gratis and post free. In a sealed
envelope, by remitting (last. paid) two
,postage stanipe
to Dr. li. PeLaneey,l.7 Llspo-ard street, York.
March l-ly
of you who havobeon 'aided for years With thts
hothersomo diseake. and Who have been using almost
overt' Nostrum heforo the public without relief, we say
to you try " K leases Antirysieptie", and you wlllsomt v
be convinced of Its groat supotinrity over every other
preparation: cWe could give you many certitl este,. en' ph
orating our Assertions. but zt single trial Is worth Inure
thou nil. 'Ebbs remedy is prepared and sold at tin' Drug
store of 8..1, It ElFFitit, Broth liartover street, a full
'doors south of tho Curt IT'-se, Carlisle.
-106 North FOURTH St. Phikora.