Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, October 03, 1855, Image 3

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jOS. B. - BUSKER,' 27 S. Wharves,
below Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Wholesale
healer In FOREIGN' AND Donesno FRUIT, NUTS, lc.,
would call the attention of Ctuntry Merchant. al
others, to the following list of Goods, kept roust intly
on hand, all of which he offers for sale at the lo vest
market prices, in lots to SDI t ,I.IIVIISOI'S, YID:
FRUlT.—ltaisins, Currants, Figs, Dates, Citron, Tam
arinds, Prunes, (Mules, Lemons. Presei Yes.
NUTS.—Alinonds, Filberts: - Walunts, Cream
Pepan Nuts, Ordund Nuts,-Shelled Almonds, Ca'ecia
]Mute, Shelled around - Nuts. re i wili Chestuats.- . ,
SUNTRI ISS,s-- 4 Chnetilste[ • Sai•di nos, spli t Peas; Nice
Apples Cheese, Syrups, Rose Water, Peach Water, As
sorted Extracts, Liquorice, Rock Candy, 'Gum Drops,
Whicearobl: Vermicelli, Beans, Green 0 Inger, Salad 011,
Canal y Seed, Romp Seed. Pearl Barley, Preserved Gin
ger, Fig Paste, Jujube Paste. Ketchups and Sauces,
Olives and Capers, Asserted Pickets, Jellies and deals,
Fire Works and Fire Crackers, Spiced Oysters and Lob
sters, it;e., &e,'
Country Merehanti are requested to call and pur
chase their goo& at first liandeaud makes great sating
thereby.[ Oct. 3, 1555
nut street, south-west corner of Third street, Philadel
phia. Incorporated by the State of Pennsylvania in
Five per cent. interestisgivPn. and the. monexis al
ways paid back •whenever it is called for, withotitAlee
necessity of giving notice for it beforehand.
People who have large sums put their money in this
Saving Fund, on account of the superior safety and con
veuienee it affords, but any sum, large or small, is re
This Saving Yund.has a very large amount of Mort
gages, Ground Rents and other first elasq investments
tier the security of Depositors. The rules prevent any
Director or Officer fronuusing or burrowing the mney.
The Office is open•to receive and pay 'money et cry
day, from 9 o'clock in the morning till 7 o'clock in the
mvening, and on Monday and Thursday evening, till 9
People who have money to pat In, are invited to call
at the office fur further information.
HENRY F.. RENNER, President.
ROBT. SELFRIDOE, Vice President.
WM..I. REED, Secretary. '
October 3, 1855.
The subscribers, Executomof Christian Wolf, dee'd.
offer at private sale the fdhiwing prperty, viz: A
TRACT OF LAND, situate in Southampton township,
Franklin county. on the ROx bur) nod, about taco
miles west of Shippensburg, hounded by la-nts of Al
fred Moore, Dark Spencer and others. It is now ,wen
pied by John Wolf and contains
of which 110 are good limestone land and about 30 aces
pod slate land. About 15 acres of said land is covered
with splendid timber and the balance is in an excellent
state of cultivation. The improvements are a large
weather-boarded LOG HOUSE, Frame BANK BARN.
Wagon Shed, a Spring house, and all other necessary
out-hulldings, all of which are new. The fiu•m is well
watered by running water and there is also a never
Ealing Well. Also a young Orchard of choice fruit.
Also, all that certain valuable TRACT OF
ate In the township of South Middleton, Cumberland
entreaty, on the banks of the Yellow Breeches Creek,
about one mile sottineast of Boiling Springs, bounded
by lands of Jacob Strickler, William Weise, Benjamin
Kauffman and others,
The improvements areta large two
story STONE HOUSE, with a base
ment, a large STONE BARN, a good
Carriage House. Spring House. with
an excellent and never failing spriMr
'of water, Wood Eloise, Wagon Shed
and all ether necessary out-buildings, Lillie good order.
Also, an Orchard of choice fruit. This valuable farm is
all of the best limestone, with about ldi acres in a high
state of culti v ation. and the remainder In good timber.
Also, a good TENANT HOUSE, with out-buildings. and
about three acres of land. which will be sold separately
or with the farm to suit purchasers.
Also, a certain TRACT OF MOUNTAIN LAND. situate
in said township, about throe utiles front the above de.
scribed farm, containing 1634 ACRES, being well covered
with, young chemtunt and oak timber.
Terms will be made known on application .to the
subscribes, ADAM WOLF,
Octlber 3;1855—tf
in pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Cumberland county, at two o'clock In Dm afternoon, the
undersigned gnardlati Of George Hauck, Mary Anna
Houck. and Samuel F. Houck mint r children of Adam
Houck late of the borough of Mechanicsburg in the
county and state aforesaid, deceased, will expose to
public stile on the premises, on 1 , 1111/AY, the 28th day
of October, A. D. 1855, the shares, Interests and estates
of each of the said minor children, of and in the fidlow
log described Real Estate, situate in the said borough
of Meehatticfiburg, in the county and state aforesaid,
that Is to say, the one equal undivided sixth part, a
mounting in the whole to three equal undivided sixth
parts, or one undivided half part, of and in a certain
lot or PIECE OF LAND, on the corner of hail Read and
Market streets, adjoining a lot of Isaac Blizzard and
Alton Street, containing in dspth 127 feet and in width
93 feet, with a FOUNDRY thereon erected.
Also three undivided equal sixth parts ' amounting
in the Whole to three undivided sixth parts or one un
divided half part, of and in one other lot or piece Of
land, on the corner of Allen and Market streets with a
MACHINE SHOP thereon, containing in depth 134 lest
and In width 60 fret,
Also the ono equal undivided third part of each of
the said minor children, amounting the whole to three
undivided parts, or tho entire interest and estate, of
and In a certain lot or piece of land, fronting on Locust
street In the said borough of Mechanicsburg, adjoining
lota of John Hoover and Mrs. Mole and an alloy, with a
log stable thereon, containing In depth 182 and in width
86 feet.
The terms and conditions of sale.—Ono half of the
purchase money to be paid on the first day of April
1859 when the deed or deeds and the possession will be
delivered to the purchaser or purchasers and the rest
duo in ono year thereafter, with lawful interest, the
whole purchase money to be secured by judgment bonds.
Oct. 9, '55. ANDREW 1. KAUFMAN,
ti 'nudism of the above named minor children of Adam
liauck dee'd.
Whereas the Honorable JAMES 11. GRAHAM, PreBl
- Judo of the several Courts of Common Pleas of
the counties of Cumberland, Perry and Juniata, and
Pennsylvania, and Justice of the several Courts of Oyer
and Terminer and General Jail Delivery in said coup
ties, and ilon.Jouri RUPP and SAMUEL Woonnuars Judges
of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail
Delivery for the trial of all capital and other offenders,
In the said county of Cumberland, by their precepts to
me directed, bearing date the 27th day of August, 1 85 5 ,
have ordered the Court of Oyer and Terminer and Gene
ral Jail Delivery to be holden at CARLISLE on 111'1N
DAY; the 12th of November, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon' to pontlnuo two weeks- L
NOTICE 18 lIEREBY GIVEN to the Coroner,. Jus
tices of. the Peace and Constables of the said county ef
Cumberland, that they aro by the. fetid, precept com
mended to 'be then and them In their proper persons,
Frith their Julls, records, linqulsitions, examinations
and all'other remembrances, to do those things 0 1 0 1
to their office appertain to he done, and all thoselluit
are hound by recognlxances, to prosecute against the
prisoners that aro or then shall be In the jail 'of said
esunty, are to be there to prosecute thorn as shall be
SHERIFF'S Owner., emote,l Sheriff:
Oct. 8,1855.
„._ 4 4000 TONS LYKENS
Valley, Dauphin and' Pin° Grove
' .• ” Nut pr Lime Coal,
Lykons Valley, Pittston and Shamokin Stovo Coal,.
Also, host quality Blacksmith Coal,. • .
Alto, DUMBER of allhinds and best Cypress Shingle&
all of which will ho sold unusually low. Friends cell
and judge for yourselves.
aug 2p tt
WOOLLEN YARN —A lot of very
superior IleavY and Even Woollen Yarn just
received, much better than the city yarn, all colours.
1 Job Printing promptly oxec utod
List of Committees for tho FallNurting and Exhibi
tion. to ho hold on tho 17th, 18th ainj li/th days of
Vetobor, 1815, on their own grounds at Carlisle.
Verses and Neat Cattle—Win. M. Henderson John
Sanderson, \Vin. L. Craighead.
Sheep and Swine.--Robort C. Sterrott, Abm. Bradly,
Thos U. Chamburs.
Poultry.—ttobt. Moore, J. L. McDowell, Lewis Ping
Agricultural Implements and Machinory.—ltobt. Bry
son, Geo. Brindle Olooroe,) William Lino.
Artklos of thlusehold Droduction.—David J. Mlice,
Goo. W. Ilituor, Goo. L. Clark.
Discretionary Dromiums for Fruits and Flowers, and
articles nut onumeratud.—Abut. Hosier, George Ileiks
David Miller.
On Crops—John S. Sterrett, J. W. Henderson, Robert
Plowing )fetch.—John Miller, Samuel Myers. Alm
Lambe Arm.
Counikittee of Superintendence.—Armstrong Noble,
Geo. Brindle, (N. M.) :tug 29 '95.
D I TOR'S NOTICE.—The u ruler
li_signed Auditor appointed Ly the Court to marshal
and distribute the halance in the hands of C. 'llO4 As
signor of John liarlacher among the creditors entitled,
gives notice that Ito will attend to that duty at his
°Moo in ('artiste, on Saturday the 20th of lkatii)ol% on or
hof.wo which day, those having claims are notified to
lirosent them. A.
Sept. A uditor.
, i .,, ; , „ TO Till: LADLES, , 7
' ':-: Mrs. J. C. ILI ,
Is prepared to MAKE DRESSES, MAN
- TLES, ,Ve. at the shortest uutiee pitotou the
-. e.'-4396=' .
most rea suitable terms. Several girls wan tea
to learn the lousiness. Apply at No. 3, Alexanders Row
South Pitt street. Sept. 26,
Vispi T E H. ALL AC A DE . 31 IT, 'Three ethos westltarrisburg.
The tenth Session of this Institution will com
mence on Monday, the sth of _November next. Parents
and purdiaus are requested to Inquire into its merits
Instruction is given in the ordinary and higher Manche:,
M. an English Education. and also in the Latin, ()reek,
French and German Languages :mil Vtwal and lustru
tuentai music.
Ikarding, Washing and Tuition in the English Branch
es, and Vocal Musk, per Se , sion, (5 months) Sro,tto
Instruction in each oI the Languages - 5,00
in Instrumental Musk - 19.00
For circulars and lorther information address
Ur.\I.IItIEIC, Principal,
Sop. It, 1855. Harrisburg. in.
-• - , :,. :: _ 31 I t ...1 li. I) NV Alt E !—The burg
- '.. ~,“ ..diu,,St N arried assortment of Hard
. ,are lu the rounty, and selling at the
11111eNt pth eb...t. J. P. I. Y N F.'S.
._ Ilanover St., Curliele.
—The subscriber offers at private sale a lot of
,und, situate in New elite, Cuulberland coun
ty, ti oe, .21 is °meted a tttestory BIWA( Ilut:SE, watt,
Iim•l: Building. Wash House, Cistern all under the same
root; itiol ;1 Al ell of excellent water in the yard. _Also a
Stable,' ‘:arria;e•lionse, Corn CHI) aniraller Improve
ments. The buildings are all new, einufertdble and con
telliimit. The property is situated OH 3111114 e Street, ex
tending back td Church alley and adjolus properties of
dailies Kennedy and Heil of John Davidson, deed.--
Further inforieation eau be had by applying to the resi
Sept. 26, J. M. DAVIDSON.
UST ItECE.I.VED.—A lot of pattent
ty Moat Grinders, a nicoartiele for Farinors, or tinnily
uso, for sale at J. P. LY,Nr,'S
Hanover St., Carlisle.
rr OOLS.—A matutuoth assortment of
'POOLS ()fall kinds now oponingdit,
....di and see them. .1. P. LI:NrS.
GOODS.—The subscriber has
ust received a large assortment of Dry (Mods,
utt.thle to the approaching StqltiOli t WWI% Nhi be sold
very cheap. M. SNOIItiItASS.
rnommons. •
This Bank, doing business in the name of EMI,
BRENNEMAN & CO. Is now fully prepared to do gen
eral Banking Business with promptness and fidelity.
Money received Oil Deposit end paid back on demand
without notice. Interest paid on t.pecial Deposits.—
Particular attention paid to the collection of Notes.
Drafts, Checks, &e. ill 'illy part of the United States or
Remittances made to England, Ireland or the Conti
nent. The fitithful nnd confidential execution of all,or
ders entrusted to them, may be relied upon. They %rill
at all times Le pleased to give any information desired
in regard to money matters in general.
tr.)..lianking 'louse in Trout's Building, Main Street,
n few doors ciuq., of thu nail Itond Depot. Open for Lush
ness from ti o'clock in thu morning until 4 o'clock in
be ovoning. 11. A. STUIRMUN, Cashier.
:Sept. .19, 1855.
. .
- -
ill be sold at Publle sale on the premises on
THURSDAY, let November, 1t65, at 10 o'clock A. M.
That very tine Liniestono Farm, belonging to the Estate
of Thomas Uric, dee'd., situated near Kingston in North
Middleton township, Cumberland county. Pa., about
five miles East of Carlisle, on the Cumberland Valley
Railroad, and one-half mile South of Harrisburg and
Carlisle Turnpike road,
part of width Is Brit rate timber land. The Improve
ments are n commodious Double Two.
0r , .! story BRICK HOUSE. and outobuild•
lags. A large BRICK BANK BARN
get: AtEr,l and Corn Cribs, Ac., all of which are
built in modorn style, with every con
vena,ice, and aro now in the best order. The Farm
would divide well lute two parts, and will be so sold if
purchasers desire. It is well situated, being convenient
to market and in a good neighborhood.
Terms will be easy and to suit purchasers, and will bo
made known on day of sale by
Esr's of Time. Ude, dec'd.
imLnurastor Examiner copy
Importer, Manufacturer and Dealer In all kinds of Fan
' cy Furs, No. 284 Market above..Elghth Street,
Having now completed my Tory largo and beautiful
assortment of all tho different kinds of Fancy Furs, and
fashioned into all the different styles and fashions that
will be,weru during the present season by Ladies and
Children, and being determined to sell my goods at
SMALL morns it will be to the advantage of Lad!/ arid
others to give mu a call before purchasing.
tr_n_Sterokeepors and the trade wilivlo well to call, aft
they will And anent the largestand best variety of stock
to select from in the city.
Bopt 10'0b.—dm ,
_ Al' PUBLIC BALll.—The two two story
i • MICR DivgLlANa 110USRS • ,
1 and Lot adjoining the Nothodlst R . °hint
- no* In possession of Miss Sarah E. Miller,'
will be odered foraale, either Separate or together, by
public outcry, on SATURDAY, October 6,' 1655, at 10
o'clock A. M. any information desired will be glen by
the Committee;
sop. 10.'5
DENTIST. MICE at the roslden of
a • leis • Insbrother, on North Pitt Street, co
W. BRANDT, Manufacturer of
. Mineral NVaterc, French Mead,
North East Street, flour the Bull Road Bridge, Carnal()
JOHN rmigißk.!
10,11 N PIIILI,I1 9 13
J. NV. EBY. •
Tr)ul:tv,iu‘' , 3):3l.3litv.
Rae( Tstate Safe's
On WEDNESDAY, the 17th day of, October, 1855, the
undersiAned agent of T. 0. Miller, jr., will offer at pub
lic sale. on the day above met at the store of
henry Snyder, in Mifflin township, about three miles
froth Poubling (lap Springs, the following property con
taining:An all ONE HUNDRED AND SIX'T'Y-I'tlt•lt
ACRI.,S AND SIXTY PERCHES, situated in Mifflin
township, on the road leaditirtrom Newville to Donb.'
Zing (iap Spring. and adjoining property of Oeorge
Hoover, Robert Blain, D. Barrack, the heirs of 11 to. 11.
Piddle. Esq., dee'd.. and others, and lying about. two
'Mies, of M'Crea's Mill, and one mile west of th e
~ p rings,
This property was surveyed in April last, and divided
Into lots as follows:
Tract No. 1 contains eighty-one acres,
twenty perches and includes the
~ i s i iXl. cleared land and improvement, It
ilritX has a two-story 1, ) 0 Ili d:SE. Bank
CC V - IL Barn, a good Saw Mill. a number of
:I - -
--...... Fruit Timis mid a sulllcient quantity
of 'roofer 1.3110 fm• rails and tirOWOod.
No. 2 contains thirtv-nine acres. forty
perches, tnostly LAND of o goio t i i l unlity of
Chestnut 'tin' Rork oak.
• No. 3 condos twenty•three acres covered
with 'Chestnut and other TIMER!: of good size for
No 4 contains twenty one acres of about
the same quality.of TIMBER as the last two mentioned
The property will be sold as a whide or In lots as pur-
Outset's may desire; or it may be lih did Into smaller
lots if desired.
None of it is on the steep of the Mountain, and all of
easy access front arty quarter.
Janitors and others wishing to procure Timber Land
will do well to attend on Tuesday pro% ious to the day
of sale at Mr. Sny.ler's St ire. as arrangements will he
made to undd, fluent there. and show them the lamb or
by calling personally at any tin e • on Mr. D. IV. Writ!.
lough, in Dickinson. or on D. I•'. Miller, Esq.. the Sur
veyor, at Now v ille. every information trill be
Sale trNinmenco at 12 o'clock on said day, vs hell
terms will he tnake known liv
Set. IS. 'l5
AT PUMA(' 5.11,1.
On FRIDA Y. fl et ,her 12th. IS.'..i, the subs,riber A ill
offer at puddle sale 111 the prennses. in Suitt It NI fldlrodi
township, Cumberland e , unt% . ; about three wiles s-uth
of Carlisle. on tho road leadin:t from the W:11111.1t- I', (.1 , 1111
1 , 1:111 t., I'3,X t 011 1 •. Mill. A 1 ALL .11{1,1', F.lltll of lime•
stone land containin...• Inn arms and 12 perches. 11,0 ine
thereon ereeted a :nod Ts, F.-stew. 1 c eat anted
11OU:4% I,at Barn nett Hecht sh e d.
A 5.0
A i , _--) Iti,,i other ittitdanhlimrtL. This tract.
i i z er ,
...,.., i n s
ei l i ti i n , l er . t h • .e. T .1 1 1...t!t , !ail! 'rat i: u l t.. and ”i r
. . 1,1 1 1. " 1 ; ' ' elr , i , •:• ‘ tr ' ti t i l . ~ I I " i ' l ' l. • " 1111 I .11) I • " ::.7, ' ;:;:si ';,
still of I. %.•ellent %rater at this;r,' V.-, A Orr of
tirputill. ,tdjoinltitt the :Os .%e trard. emit:lit:lug 1 arse
mkt 112 perelles. %%ills a one story 1,4(1 Iltd:SI: and a
Stab e thereon. Alp'', a tract .1.
enntaining 4 2 acros and IN port hes. situated on the
Raltire - Turnpike - . - admit two' mil,. north of lions
iron Works, and 11V11 11111eti front the aht,e
farm. This tract is well ttovered milli On...twit anti
othiTtinthev in it thriving condition. and mill he sold
(together nr in lots to suit toureldwors.
Sale to otontmentat at 2 to'clori; I'. AL, triton the terms.
which will he OTISV. N ill be tuude kIiOWTI
• I , •.mipt.,„ And Large Tract of first rate
. •. 4 ' TIMBER LAND at NAAR' t‘.l LE.
11 I 1041;11 Will lie sold at public sale. on the
ises. on TIIIIRSDA V, the let day of No
vember neat, nt 10 o'clock, A. 31. a Steam Saw 31111 and
of Timber Land, situate In Dickinson and South Mid•
illeton townships _Cumberland county. This is n very
desirable property and persons wishing to pumhasewlll
find it be.t recommended by making inquiry and ex
amining it on or before the day of sale. The title is in.
Also ' will
be sold at thti same tima anti place. SIX
MULES, one four horse Wagon, a one horse Wagon.
Gears, &c. Also, Timber Wheels Log Chains. and all
the Tools and Fixtures connected with the Sill!. inclu
ding a first rate Circular Saw. Also, a lot of LUMBER,
lit/ARDS and SCANTLING. Terms made known on
day of sale by
soptili HASKELL di; SEY3IOUIt.
Air Chanibershitrg Whig and Lai:aster Examiner copy
and send bills to this aim
SII lilt 1 1" 8 .SALES.
On THUIISDAY, the 11th day of October, WA
Ity virtue Cl sundry writs of Veudltioni Exponas, is
sued out of the Court of Counium Meng of cumb•rbrud
county, and to toe directed 1 will ex)) , at public t en
due or outcry, at the court house In the borough of Car
lisle ztt lo o'clock A. M. the following described heal
Estate viz!
A Lot of Ground situated in the borough of
New Cumberland, Cumberland county, Containing one
fourth °fan acre more or less, bounded en the north by
the Italiroad, on the East by n lot of Jacob
man, on the South by a sixteen feet alley. on the 'I cot
by a lot of Philip Mien, having thereon erect
' , ifs , n two story Frame PLANING MILL and
111 SASH FAGTOIIY, together with the buildings,
ift Steam Engine, Boilers, Fixtures aud,niapratus
thereto belonging and appertaining, Am. Skized 'and ta
ken In ekeeution as the property of -114Stuever and
Peter Weise.
Also, a Lot of Ground, situate in Church
town, Cumberland County, containing_al feet in front
and 150 feet in depth, more or less, bounded 011 LIM
North by high street, on the West by a sixteen feet al
ley, on the South by a twelve feet alley, and 011 the
East by a lot of Henry Spares, having thereon erected
a two story fratue 'Weather boarded HOUSE, FRAME
STABLE and other out houses. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of George Keiseman.
Also, a Lot of Ground. situate in South Mid
dleton township, bounded by lands of William Moore,
Richard Craighead, Robert Oraluna's heirs, now James
Coyle, containing ONE ACRE AND A HALF, more or
less, having a LOG ROUSE and Log Stable thereon e
rected. Seized and taken in execution as the property
of Margaret Moore, dec'd. with notice to Lathyette and
William S. Moore, and lion. Samuel Woodburn, Oulu , .
titan of Margaret Moore and Francis Moore.
Also, a Tract of Laud, situate in West Penns
boro township, Cumberland county, containing ONE
bounded on the north by lands of David Myers, on the
east by lands of Sites and William herr, on the
south by the public road, and on the west by lands of
Rev. Robert Mce.achren, having thereon erected a two
story STONE HOUSE and a one story Stone Kitchen,
a Brick Barn, Corn Crlb, Wagon Shed, Lc. Seized and
taken In execution as the property of Smug McKeehan.
Also. a Lot of Ground, situate in the bor
ough of Carlisle Cumberland county, containing One
and a Quarter Acres, more or loss, bounded on the East
by the Wave-Yard i.ano ' North by the English Grave
Yard, South by Samuel Hepburn, Esq. and West by J.
W. Eby. Seised and taken lu oxecutiou as tho proper
ty of Robert S. Alcorn.
Also, by virtue of n writ of veuditioni expo.
nas, Issued out of the Orphans Court of Cumberland
County, and to me dlroctod, I will expose by public von
due or outcry, at the same time and place, a Lot of
tiround, hltuato in the borough of Shipponsburg, Cum
berland County, containing 64 foot In front and 257 In
depth,•more or lost, bounded on the north by Main strt.
on the west by the Bev. Joseph MoCarrel, on the south
by an alloy, on the east by, Jeremiah Coovor, having
,thereon erected a • two story Frame, Weather-boardod
HOUSE and Log Kitchen, a ono story Stone House and
other out houses. Seized and taken in execution Bathe
property of Catharine Duncan, late Catharine Davis.
widow and Adminlstratrix of Lemuel Davis, doc'd. and
all to be sold by me.
naafi's Office, Carlisle, Sept. 19, 1855.
LER, decd.—Notice is hereby given that Letters
of Administration on the Estate of Rudolph Hortzler,
late of Monroe township, Cumberland county, deceased,
have bean granted by the Register of said county to the
subscriber, residing in the same township. All persons
knowing themselves Indebted to said estate are requir
ed to make immediate payment,and those having claims
to present thew for settlement to
That very valuable and well known . BUSINESS'
STAND hitl.l/1t1.! 011 the corner of Na rth Hanover and
Lout her Streets, in the borough of Carlisle now owned
and ..erupted by Jacob Fetter. containing :10 feet front
on Hannover street and 240 feet on Louther street.—
The ituptllventents on Hannover steect are a large
THREE STORY HOUSE, with 11 largo brick bark build
ing finished in the west elegant manner, eontahting 11
t.- ,VMIIS 11 4 1111 g thAtf Ire rOl,lll, I,, , sides pant, ks
VPollllll , ll.set arrangenten ts. Ihe Sit
At WM is 83 'bet in . depth, fitted
.up In the best
oessiirle manlier anti 0011 o t • the 010,4 desirable and lung
eqablished business locations in rifir town.
''bore is a twos tort' brick building fronting on
Lan t tier st root. ait II a 01011 irttau tied, 111M•1001112 . 0.11 as
I,llthiet Maker slop. Also a stable an the, foot al the
14)t, :Lull other• ne,es , ary out buildings. •I fits' propel ty
is in excellont order having been recently fitted up hy
the present roTtligalt For terms e
()111 3 11AN'S COURT SALE.
FRIDAY, October sth
Ity order of the Orphans Court or cumbvrtand county.
in a proceedinz, in partition amongst the heirs of Mat
thew Clay. Mufti. 1 will expose to public' sale. on the
premises. at 11 o'clock, A. 31.. A FAII3I, iu Fraillin rd
township, bounded by lauds of Ab'm. Waggoner's hens.
.lohn %VIM, .101 in War goner and the livlrs.ot .k ho Clay,
emit:tilling about
of good Slate and free Stone lamb about 110 acres of
whiell is cleared and under goo il fusee and cultii
- and the re , idue is line timber. The
provenientir—tetig=ht large E lik , t - sE,
with klt..hew w.
iittwod. Ih‘Uk
Spring (louse. elder Press. a g o od Apple
iircluird and i , ther fruit trees. it: running
'wator through the place. Till, is a very
desirable and eiinvenient • Farm and nit his about h‘e
miles of Carlisle.
111 ,tlv
The terms of sale will he: Five per rent of the pin
phase money to lie paid when the sale is confirm.A. the
re,iiinel;r;;lll, half. n the Ist of April. IS3ti %then
s ..inn Dill I ; l4 ¢ir ell. ;111(1 the 1P:11:111r1 ( in 1.,11e 11111;11;11
pay 1,1 1 ,11 1 , 4 Wi(11 , 11( ti( he secured ou the land.
The laoillord's share of the grain is reserved.
Agent for T. C. Miller
I[l he s, , LI nt pithily sale. on the on SAl'-
1'1:1 1 .11% the I:ith day of oeteher. next. at . 12 el:.
anon. n elDL h ee FARM. situate in Diehl nsnn ten n , hip.
CuniLerlanti enmity. "II till' Pille 1440 IllidWayl et wee].
Car I i•le and Shippenshurg, late the iiropei ty of lie,;ge
11 i.lder..leeen!sed.
1111 cleared. The land is in a .r 11 1 ,4
' i7 4 4(L:— .'-' ‘ State nd cull i eat drn. i, nr a I:end q'tial
' :reitr.r,, ,, L .
... it) and the ereater rut haw been lim-
L lifym ik . oi. 'l'herl• i , a first-rate Finn—tuna
`.,',..------_±..._:;___ - quarry 011 We thrill. Tile improve
ment, ale 1 1 ew and cunt enient
BEIER lIW ELL! N( Ilul Sl'. EA
new Anil noal, Magiiii Shod. 0411 Crib and other
liudilings.all of a hich aro not'. There is a will of goi , d
tiator with n pump hear rho door. Also on the 'lain a
thriving yeunix of troll solorted fruit noes
This farm is near the Vol w three be ('reel;. and ail_
join, rho oilier farm of Widder. dre d.:ind ad
loin, lands of Win. Mains, Abraham Kurtz, Wm. Stud
coo and of hors.
lso• at the same time and place will I e sulfl 8 quart
tit) efexcellent. TIMBER I,IND in the said vicinity
~1' which has thereon good Chesnut, Pine And all
er thither.
Persons wishing to vlew said lands can do so and
have all nevessary Information by applleatkn to the
undersigned. who reside in the Immediate vicinity.—
'feline will be made known on day of gale
FOR SALE.—Tho large Brie): lions,, find Lot
situated on Loather Street one door east of the German
Reform Church. The house contains
. 415,111::. -- 1 , nine large rooms, besides tiro finished
t ..;„
, ll . . attic chambers. huge kitchen and sum
. 4 er kitchen. The lot has CO feet front
JET' Ul on Louther street by 210 feet I ack to
'a 'wide alley, and 120 feet on Yotth
Street by 240 the same alley. c9ntainirg in all
about an acre of gonutd. There Is also a good tenant
house and a stable 00 feet long on the premises. TIM
property would stilt admirably fi,r either a gentelman's
prlyate residence, a hoarding school or factory establish!.
uncut. For terms to. enquire of
aug 15 ~ Real Estate Agent, Carlisle
. _
~..„,---..., ...... .
~ 0N,i,.. ~ sAI.E.—The subscriber at id
-4 1 1 :4 - e x ier..--._ :ito,:aip:, vahinid.. 111.11:4` and )nil l i kt
^.1. 1 ' . 111 ~ f growitt situated in NI till Ilatiol er
street. The improvements a two stet y went her-Nunle+
lo w , w as hb o me, bakehouse. a cistern. &e.
lot is :II) feet in front. and :Au in depth. and contains a
variety of excellent fruit trees. Terms easy. Apply to
Agent for S. F. Unenslen.
June 1.1
On MONDAY the hith of October,
I n pursuance of au order of the in-pliant; Court of Cum
berland County, I hill expose at public wile, on the
premißes, at le o'clock, A. M, a small FARM, of Hum
stout, land in excellent order. containing
situ a t e i n Mon r oe township. on the road leading from
Oislor's Mill to Mechanicsburg, and ad
joining: lands of David Neiswanger. u
dolph Miller. Fredm let (lamx and
ry rmcks. It is all well fenced and in a
ri.....,:g0. te
-:...ii ,
1111j .'
high state of cultivation except one a
cre which is in wood, There are erected
on the premises a large, well finished two story stone
HOUSE with stone Kitchen attached. a good }TAME
HAHN, new hog house and other out buildings. Also
an ORCHARD of choice fruit and an excellent well of
never filling water near the house. The terms of sale
are ten per cent. of the purchase money on day of sale
when the property is stricken down. one half the ',M
ance on the Ist day of April It-ttl, when possession and
•.iced will be given, the balance in - one year without in
terest W ENO ER,
aug 2il Administrater.
313 MAC SALE.—WiII be soldat pub.
lie saio : on the premises, on SATURDAY the Lith
day of October, 1865, a HOUSE and Ittn .
OF GROUND, situate partly in Mifflin and
•• • .4..,. {tartly in Frankfort! townships, adjoining
ands of Henry Minn, James Kennedy
t" anti others, and belonging to the estate of;
1.-tunnel Utley, dec'ed. The lot contains
about THREE ACRES, having thereon erected a LOG
HOUSE .and Barn, a spring of running,water, and a va
riety of fruit trees. This property Is within two miles
Of the borough of Newville. and is worthy the attention
of a man of moderate means wanting a home.
The property is sold under an order of the Orphans
Court of Cumberland county, ,directed to John•Orrif j
Guardian of the minor children o. said decedent, to se'
their Interests In the same, and under a Power of Attu'
noy from the parties legally entitled and of full age, t
the said John Orris, to sell their Interests. Sale to non
rococo nt 10 o'clock, A. M. and terms made known by
septS JOHN ORRIS, Guardian.
On SATURDAY, the 20th of October,
ily virtue of an order of the Orphans Court of Cumbe
land County, to me directed, I will expose to publ
sale on the premises. in Dickinson township, at 10 "
• clock. A.3l.acer l taln
,?: situate in said township, bounded 1
lands of Christopher Johnson's heir
Dr. 'Wm. Meteor and others, contain!'
TWO ACRES neat measure late the property of Ells
bothShenk, doc'd . This property is delightfully sit'
Med' as a residence and the title is indisputable.
Terms—Five per cent of the ,purchase money to 1
paid on the confirmation of the sale. One half the be
once on the Ist of Aprll.lBBB, and the other half on ti
lst of April, 1857, without interest. The two Intt
payments to be secured by recognizance iu the Orpha'
Court. 11.ENitY SHENK,
aim 29 Administrator.
FRENCH CORSETS.-- - Just recei
ed, a further supply of French Corsets of extra
AINO narrow Linen Fringes for trimming RANI*
june2o (IEO. W. lIITNEII.
Heal Estate Agent and Scrivener
IPA \11)
By the arrival of tho s,eamer Pacific this
morning at New York, we - 114 — .vinatA . intelli
gence from Europe, briefly asfollows:
lwellip,ence front the sent of w;:s rep' its an
engagement between the Russians tint A llies
at Kars, where the Russians were repulsed
with considerable loss, and Obliged to retire.
The King of Naples has offered an outdo gy
to the Prench and English governments.—
Mazzini's revolutiorary manifesto to the It !l
ions bas been published, but no outbreak has
yet taken place.
The Prussian government announces that it
has determined to nmintain its neutrality in
the existing war.
News from Russia reports that 'large rein
forcements of Russian troops 'MVO been
ordered to the Crimea. Also that the tl re.!
grand uncles of the Czar will proceed to join
the army. The retreat •oi the Russians at
Perekop is contradicted.
VOTICE.--At a stated - Orphans'
I Court lnYZ.:111 un TililSthly, the 14th day or August.
and holden atCarIWO in /11/11 fUr Clllnheriund
County, bolbre the lion. JAMES 11. GIZAII.OI, Prest.
Judge nod tsatuuel Woodburn and John HUM), LNIN.
u •the. fidlowing proceedinr.% were had
tai u it :
In the matter of the writ of partition nail valuatirm.
of the Heal tistate iif John Piper decd. late tit Alonroti
tie', the said itmukition having been relented by the
Sherifl and continued:
Now t I wit. l 5 "f .Ituzitst, 1555..ru1e on the heirs and
Ltai •1 t t Adio .it L It: next stated Orphans'
I I f ti . °therm ise sl.•ow rause
why the Court should not order the property t ,,
Notice to be served personally on the parties rt:idling
tvilbin f.rty ours ,11111 by publication in one Newspaper
on those residing beyond forty miles.
. .
BY THE Couur
In testimony %%hereof 1 have svt liQ, hand
111,1 meal of said Court at Carl iqlo the fror
...l‘-,.;_-:...x...--„F" etinth day OT August .\. D. 11:11:.5.i.
n AL
.ItittA V. ti - ltr.Citi, Clerk 0, C.
Sept. 1•,?-4t.
VOTiCE.-Tu Stephen Keepers,
ch.ries swartz
mid Basta his wife. LIAM:4II. Swain and Anti E
liza ins a ilia, oh, er A. Keepers. Mary Ann, whoa. child
of \ infant Keepers: da,•d. nud Margnret th,tr, wife of
Kenny tied, her mother, Lewis Keepers, who has for
his guardian John D. thiegai:,... iiiinry (lity .
child 'fano Allot, tietty 'd.. and his (other William
iletty and \lnflate W. Ku tilers, mint.r son ut John
Keepers, dee'd. nud Elizaheih Keepers his mother. the
heirs and legal representatives of Alary A. Keeper, late
of Carlisle, decd.
In the matter of the partition and valuation of the
Heal Estate of Mary A. Keepers late of the lioetim4ll of
deed.; now to wit :.August 14th. 1e5.. on ap
plieation of Stephen Keepers ono of the heirs of the de
eedent, setting out that the Sheriff has made his return
to the writ of partition and valuation with the finding
of the inquest annexed, rule granted upon the parties
interested to appear at the next stated Orphan's tart
and necept or refuse the said Real Estate at the vain:l
- or to show cause - why the said Real ,Estate should
not be sold. IIY TILE COCIa.
JOHN M. thtnon, Clerk 0, C.
The parties interested are hereby required tmtalio
tire of the foregoing rule and appear at tint next stated
Orphan's Conti. of Cumberland county. en the oth day
Noi ember next, and accept or refuse the said heal
Estate at the valuation. or show cause \shy the same
should nut be sold. The said Real Estate consists I
a Dense and Lot of tiround situate In the said I , ..rouph
fronting on tho north on Main street, bounded on the
south by an alley. on the east by pmperty of Nlary.
(reason and on the west by property of Ft eir Watts.
Esq. Sept El, '55-It.
Exhibit of the Ileecipts and Expenditures of the Car
lisle School District, for the year ending June 1.
including uncollected Taxes
since paid iu.
StaW Apur, urlation for 1554,
Rent reeeh ed t'or
Tui(tun rues frow the non-resident
Tax fur 1854. Including tin
"mission lm former year.
Loan fir building now school hou
Building two new school hous,vs, $2303 00
Repairing, masonry, fuming, and
Interest anti Insurance,
R•ond and Cual.
Sehoul Furniture and Painting,
I nehlental .expenes.
31e,senger and Printing,
Dalnure lu the Treasury,
*Of this sum ¢,72.5 was outstanding at the deco et the
Showing the Indebtedness of the District and the pub.
lie pmperty held by the Astra of Directors.
Amount duo f r purchasl of real estate and
building purposes, $4,158133
Education liall-3 school rooms,
Old College property, 6 school rooms,
House and lot on Pomfret street, 2 rooms,
Douse and lot on Pitt street, 2 rooms,
Houses and lot on Louther street, 3 rooms,
School fiurniture, maps '
stoves and necessary
fixtures, estimated at 1,060 00
Whole amount of property,
order of the Board.
MAN KNOW T K H N 22. 0 1 } ;'. w
tjur head 18 the type of your mind. Self-knowiodgc le
the essence of nil knowledge. Worth always barmoniees
with itself. Millie known phenomena of the un Me
may be referred to three general principles,'Ylit: Matter,
Motion and Spirit.
Da. C. 11. BODO E, Practical Phrenologist, has takenn
, Pheeno-Metlical office on South Hanover street, Carlisle.
I l's., whore ho Is prepared to niakoprofessionel examine
, tions with verbal and written descriptions of hounsn
character, talents and dial's...Ulf/13, si s phconologibally and
physically deVeleped, including directions to the mist
suitable occupations, selections of partners in business,
or genial companions for life, or how to choose a hue
band or wife; together wilh advice es to the proper regu
lation of till temperaMents, propensities, appetites and
habits, In sickness how to gaintealth again when lost
by exposur fto bad habits. Ile will make charts of char
acter so Out persons having a chart can learn this won
derful science without a teacher. To teach learners
those organic conditions which indicate ' character Is
the first object of this great book on mind and medlar,
and In order to render it accessible to all It condense,
facts and conditions rather than elaborates argumentss
because U. expound Phrenology is Its highest proof. It
states laws end results and leaves them upon their naked
merits; embodies recent discoveries and crowds into the
fewest possible pages and words Just what learners nerd
to know, and hence to be studied rather than
merely read. "Short yet clear "Is its motto.. its unmet-
ows illustrative engravings give the results of very ex
rengive professional observation and egPorience. to rt.
cord character felts second ohlect. In fact it Is loft
w h at e ver y body want. Price For examinn tion
and Chart marked $2. Verbal examinations 25 cents.
Carlisle, Juno 13,1855.
$1729 41
:33`s SU
1::.1 25
*5431) 00
inou 00
$3,1A7 22
131 3
11)1 15
f) M.)
HO al
48 42
4114 C)8
7,546 61
$640 71
2,00 00
2,800 00
1,000 00
1.400 00
8,000 00
$12,C8 00
ANDREW Biqalt, Pres