Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 29, 1855, Image 8

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e I)C T~tl~cti.
yrobuce, 31turftet.
.11..urcinTED FOR THE sIiERALD
Wednesditi Morning, Aug. 29.,
FLouit Superfine, per bbl
do F 111116 3, do
W H ITE WHEAT per bughel
do do
do -
do -
do' -
do /- -
0 -ITi
i;:VEN INC:, Aug
FLOCK AND . .Nll . 'Ai,,—Flour market dull this
morning and no transactions. Holders of
Howard street were offering to sell at $8,25.
and City Mills at $8 per hbl.'witbou, finding
buyers, purchasers holding off for a still fur.
ther decline. Rye Flour--Market dull; small
sales tit $745. Corn Meal—No sales.—
Country is held at $1,50, and city manufac
tured at $1,73 per bbl.
GRA IN.—Whent—Roceipt - this morning vas
hrge, :mounting in the npregnte to 4.(q100,
builiels. Market dull, and juices fell off 1
cents from Saturday's prices. We quote goo ,
to prime red at 1,65:1141,7'2, fair to good whit.
1,75a51,81, and .choice do .at 1,8:3a51,83
Corti--Ab , ut 8,500 bushels (Acre.
this morning, and sales of white at 85 a 8
cents, yellow at SSaS9 cents per bushel.
Ahout 1,000 hushvls offered this morning, tin,
BfaCS of . ryhtnd and Virginia at 80a90 cents
Sales of some 300 bushels Ohio at $l, and :300
bushels prime Pennsylvania Rye at $1,05 per
bushel., OillS—Market dull. About 8,000
bushels offered this morning, and sales of tnir
to good 31aryland arid Virginia at 35a38 cents,
prime do. at 40 eents,per bushel.
agricultural .
GRAIN 1) It LSFOR 1853.
1 planting Wheat, Rye, faits, Indian Corn, Timothy
stod..v... The operation of this machine has beenhaigh
ly and successful wherever intreduced and
tested. Notwithstanding the grunt competition in the
manutltetury and varied inventions ot this important
agTlenli ural implement, "Moore's Patent." continues
maintain its superiority over all others now known to
the fancier.
Its principal points recommending it are. lot. Its du
rability. 2d. Its perfect simplicity of construction. 1411.
The easy manner of regulating the machine"to sow any
desired quantity of grain to the acre. 4th. The exact
noes with which it distributes the seed, operating e
qually well en uneven or sibling grounds as On the le
!vel euriave. oth. The easy draught, being about 25 la,
cent. less thou any other seeding machine now in use
The undersigned begs leave to inform the farmers o
Cumberland county, that he is authorized by the Man
uitoturer to sell the above drill. All orders will la
promptly attended to and full satisfaction given, I.)
calling upon, or writing to meat Carlisle. scud in you.
orders early.
August 5 '55
seriber is now opening a large, and general assort•
went of I,A E.iDRESS GOOD'S, eoneisting of Black and
Colored cllls, Chain Bareges, Mono de laineS, Frew!h
and English Lawns, also a general variety of goods Mr
boys wear, a full assortment of Ladies and Children' ,
Hosiery, (Mures Handkerchiefs, also English and Mlle'
STRAW BONNETS, Bonnet Ribbons, Bonnet Lawns,
with the usual variety of Spring aods at moderate pri.
ft !tin.r6lP, AND MACUINE sllOl
rho subscriber has the Satisfaction ot iu
lima :hrmin g his old lr and patrons the
".tie establishment is again in active opt
r - 1! n. new buildings having been croctid 'deco the lat.
dvsa, irons Are and the whole establishment put In coin
plete working order. Orders are therefore respectfull;
a Melted for work in his line, which will be done witi
promptness and in the best manner.
and repaired. All kinds of Machinery in Paper Mills
(list Mills and Factories repaired at short notice. Mil
Spindles drosSed and turned.
such as Bevil ti ear Four Horse Power, horizontal tilt
Four 'torso and Two Horse Powers, 'Ploughs, Corn Shi
Mrs and Crushers, dm. Pattorus made to order. Iron atm
Brass CASTINIIS executed to order, if not on hand, a
the shortest notice, such as Cranks and Mill (tearing
spur and .Rovil Wheels, (1 udgeons for Saw Mills. Nei
C.tstings. Cutters, Point Shears, Wagon and Coach his
es, Spinlies. Car Whools, Car Chairs, AT. lie lots OS
on hand .t large supply of Philadelphia and Troy COOK
1 iii . o SI. o,' ES. and is constantly amain;; Cooking Stove
Of various improved patterns for coal or wood. ton plat
Stokes, firatos. tie. Repairing done to all hinds of Ms
chinory. All kinds of old Iron, Brass and Copper take]
in exchange for work
Theisubseriber informs Dealers and Farmers that ho ha ,
greatly .itopnred the quality of his SUPER POO:-
PRATE OF JAME, and now confidently recoinmend:
the article manufacturedloy him, as EUPERIOR to any it
the market. You are invited to oatil, examine-and tr.
CANDLES, SOAP, Se. At the lowest market rates.
Successor t.,t Thos. W. Morgan,
• NP. 0 and 10 South Wharves,
43" Farmers txtu load on two private alleys, and avoid
-the erawded warf. July 25, '55.
ho subscribors &Aro to Inform fanners and .puhlii
gonetally that they now have on hand and aro erntstant.
ly ninnufacturing.Threshing Machines with Plurpont's
.Patent tillaker, which aro generally acknowledged to be
tho bustarticieft now to usu. 4180 a variety of Clover
corn StiellorS and Strew Cutters. They als.•
attenti to the repairing of Agricultural Mach nory fa
thOliost Jo:minor anil on reasonable tom& Manuthe-.
Eery on North Hannover ..Strout, direetlyoppo,site the,
Y 64 1 ,1011170 hf tleorge..Metzgar, Esq.
.Angust 8 %Z. • • ADRINi3 I.; MANIC.
il4 bitSA L b;.----An Interest . •tli
' n ., l;ale of tito Wilrlitsvllleroundryfur Sole --:.. sit e .
utioi iri Wrlghtsvlle, York county, Peuilsylistnl4 well
ostabllshod., mid dolnlea good businekls, 000 of the host
11.11.tip03 hi tbil Stab) for .a foundry. 'rho peoin•lntor,,
iti4, Ilvhig In Thu nlacu, to toot give
,that attention to
thy business that It Loa4lit to have—proposo now to Hull
T'l im,,,, s t, .n. 4,1 ,0 whole of the establishment- on easy
Linos. Apply to, or addruss Wm. W. Wolf, Manehostor,
York county, Pa; or Edmund Wulf, 120 Pratt Strout,
ilre Md. . . .
. '
August 8 r 55
AI.:CE PATii tC tElyitixL cot.]
Loeaced in Filbert
The Lemmas of timitegitlar'Conrse will conimeptsti
on the sscond, Monday of October, and continue
the first of March ensuing.
Amount of Pees 14 a full Course of Lectures [ln
1 ,
cash.l li`,loo 1)0 •
Studentrovho have attended two fill courses in
othey.M,.dical Colleges, ' $0 00
Oraduates of other Medical Colleges, 1;0 00
Matriculation Fee, paid.only once, 4 00'
t Practical. Anatomy, 1 • 10. 00
Or?duatSon Pee, .3o'oo , ,
• FACULTY. •••
WAvran Wm.i.lAmsos, M. D.,,Emeritus Professor of
Ica] Medicino. • •
JP. it an. M. D., Professor Mterla. Modica and -
Th ers plmilcs.
• ALVAN E. smAta4 M. D.. Professor orflonneopathic Insti
tutes, Pathology. and the Practice of %shrine
IsAin M. WARD, M. D.' l'relessor of Obstetrics, Diseases
of Women and Children, and 3ledical Jorispru
. deer°.
MAivronv Simst.E, M. I)., Professor of Chemistry and
Tosiculogy. •
J icon flak K M. D., Professor of Surgery.
Wn.Lt to A. IiAItDINFAI, M. D-Protbssor of A es trolly. •
W A: It EF.D. 11. D., Pri,fessnr of Physl logy.
AsA S. Cm - en, M. D.. Demonstrator of An tt
WILLIAM A. ti ARDEN It. M. D.. doan.
niv,rl '35. ' N o .l tIo North 'IN. th St. Phila.
- 3,60
N. W. WOLF & CO.
C. 14. V1:1;11,ES,-
t‘r Tiv'elildi and Hilo. ,treats.
Ther , rter 0r.1111.. heltch 'l'rutis• , oxtreme
01,0 and durability mm1:11 (.I' construc
hernial or raptured patients , an be salted by rmnit
tln Ls nund,cr of inches round the
hips aod staiinz lido alleetcd.
Cost of Bindle Truss, s'2, I. ;34, $5. Double—i;s $6,
$s :mil el".
1 iistrii..ti•ons as to welr and how to effort a cure,
when possi hie. sent with the Truss.
Alan for sale in erect varlets'
r..r the Coro of Prolapsus Uteri; Spinal Props and Sup
tzhould..r Braves. Chest Expanders-and
Ero•tor itraees. a.lrlpte..l J.o all With Shlllll Shoulders and
and \Veal: Lungs; English Elastic A ledontinal Belts.
L'itispon , orie.,.93 rho:es—male and female.
ifh-l.adies' R00m... with Lady attendants.
- _
gp, •
a.. "* 4 4:41, •-•
TUItNI Sr:EDS.—Also superior seed Buckwheat.
Luproel Turnip nrflia, &c. For sale by
PASCUA 1.1, SI lltlB
Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store, corner ith
and Market streets, Plinada. July IS. '5l
, *ll lll l ..
Nos. 21 and 23 South Sixth Street,
SEED UROUNDS 1370 Acres) illoomsdalo, nortr Brtstul, l'a,
sns:—No Excuse Tor Burning Camphene, Fluid,
Candles. &v. subscriber is now prepared to sell
County Itightfi JOr using Bongole or Atmospheric GAS.
The above is one of the most beautiful as well as the
CHI:APES r,) artificial light that has ever been offered to
the public. It is perfectly ution.rss, no trouble what
ever, and the lienerator is no larger than an ordinary
Gas Motor.
For further Information apply to linfftnan,
ogelsby, Uns Fitters, No. 13 South :seventh Street, be
tween Market -and Chesnut, Philadelphia, whore the
das ran be seen in practical 011111101011. County Rights
will he sold at such rates as will enable any person to
ninhe a handsome ptidlt on their investment. Foefur
ther partieulars respecting the Gas, or negotiation for
County Rights, address W. C. W IrtEltS,
Sole Agent for the State of Penna.
Or apply perSonallo to him at No. 13 S. Seventh St.,
STATIONTRY STOR E, 'North Wetit corner of MI
And Arch Streets. ehiladelphia.—OßßAT BARGAINS IN
Bho reed cAt. U Standard and
prosai hit em Ilro,ks, very chimp!
Superior Whlb: Ruled Lotter Paper at 1.60 pin' Ream.
Letter and Nato Envelopes in great variety.
NVeddings Furnished at very moderate rates.
Cards IVritten and Engraved.
Oillotes at ether Steel Pons.
Superior .)lotto Wafers, ACC on a shout, for CS cents.
inkstands. Penknives, Paper Weights, &a.
Fine Tuitay Morocco Parte Mannales,
Port Folios, Card Cases, Backgammon Boards, .
With a very large and choice assortment of
Albums, Scrap Baulks and Engravings.
• rocan Boog. and DRESSING CASE '
*Niemand over, N.W. corner Dit and Chesnut streets
1'1111AT , 13.1 . 111.1,
ir e .-,-Ai ways on hand a large end varied assortment of
Port Mon»ales, Work Boxes: d
Poeket Books, Cabas, .
Bankers Cases, , Travelling Rage,
Note Holders, ilackgaminun Boards,
Port Folios, Clooss Men,
Portable Desks, • Pocket Ntemorandum Books
Dressing Cases, Cigar Cases, &c.
Also a general assortment of English, Fronch.andller.
man Fancy floods, flue pocket Cutlery, Razors, Razor
Strops and Dolti Pens.
-Wholesale second and third Floors. ,
aprlB K n. smrrn,
N.W. corner 4th and Chesnut A trools.
N. id—On the receipt op $l a superior nom Pon will
be sent to any part of the' country by mall—desoriblug
pen thus, medium, hard or soft.
dapted also for sowing roats. gram seeds and
guano. Kmuser's Portable Cider Mill—the best
iu the market. Ifailiday's patent Windmill.—
iforso Power's and Thresher's, Lime and (loan°
.Spreader's„ Daniel's. ;Hay, Straw And Fodder Cu or.
. Little Want Corn and Cob Mill,. Spain's Atmospheric
;Churn. The above Superior Implements with all others,
for thews,, of the turner or gardnur, for Bak Wholesale
and Bann, by
. .
Agricultural Waraliouse and Scud Store, collier 7th
and Market streets, I.lilladelphia. July 25, '55.
REAP GOODS.--:.-Tho subscriber is
-, now opening a freSh lot of seasonablo pasts, at lit
now location, opposito the Railroad Oillee,tn Main stroot;
Carlislor which will he sold at tlnflowest priee. -• ' ~
' april 11, 4t. . 'MARGARET SNODGRASS.
- DATENT SKIRTS, c.--Just open.
i ( another invoice of Whltd Ad ' Colored patent
Ri;irts, Mesquuto pots, with a variety of other seasona
ble goods. ; July 18. - OM, W. 111TNER.
frifENcji..CORSIOS.- . --Just , reeciv
I ea, n fitrtlier Ripply of Frontit Ceniets of oxtro Hi
ies. Also narrow Linen Fringes for trimming Basques.
luno2o OEO. W.
_ _
• ••r •t•c• • • •s
f 1-Uitft•
.i 1 ~. ' }
DUB. ,
• • • • --eolitists•ttio Auttis - rs:
Deafncss,and -Ear Diseases
bit. tellitUNN; otters to 'thee°. front' Deaft.'
rievis nip IN RA111,1111,11 AURAL UPI • Which
haye boon !mixes - 0111ln nearly 3,000 - ease . a of tanifirnit•d
deafness. - TheSe. 'remedies' comprise - dlilorent .cours'gs
diseases of• tic intornuY, rnldd4o, and
soil have boats pronnuneed bythose, cglobilltlurnurists, •
Cramtie, of liekin, Cur-
Pileher and Yearsly,ltif heir London ttsteltig tile MOST
NVONDERFUJ, and. EFFIiOI;UAL^ e ' iver applpal 'far
eases bf the bitertial - aua Middle me: WAR- 1
HANTS - A MIRE hvbecry ellab Where fife ear, ift,,perfect
in tionatien. Ito has ei, , liteeti 'ebftificatea of cures
Wait 't hese e hod pion' D EIA EPA DUMB;anti whim)
licaring„lsi•mtW ronUpletely , l l o,tiired . rind 'are 'Atilt. aria
bled ,to learn the language. The nettles of 2,700 per
sons who hate 'boon cured. by nett ‘naly ba seen on
applia'ation, Patients, by setidlitF a tleserlption of the
rase, eau have remodie's to - ilitlo 'any Peet *of the Unllud
In win of mucus accumulations, in the Eustaehnin
.T 1613 and Tympanum,.intlaniation of the menus Memo-
Filmic, nervous affections. diseases of the membrane
tymkani, called "the drum,'!,or when the disease can
by traced to. the effects of fevers or colds, the use, of
quinine or mercurial medicines, gatherings in Lim ears
In childhood, &q., this treatment tiTANI/6 PREEMI
‘ When,the auditory is dry and scaly, with little
or no secretion ; when the deafness isaceompanied with
noise in the ear, Mat falling water. chirping o. insects.
int:zing of bells, rustling of leaves, continual jmisations
and discharge of matter. or when in stooping, a sensa
tion is felt as If it rush of blood to Ihe head had taken
place; whtm the hearing Is less ;went e In dull, cloudy
weather, or when a cold has been taken, this method of
treating the disease is infallible.
Dr. Unfton Is the tally Oculist In the I' tilted States
who practices the new painless. and suceessfull method
in treating all the discuses to which the eye is subject.
Where every other means have tailed to afford relief. he
asks front such a fair and impartial trial.
TESTIMONY.—The undersigned practioners in medi
cine in the city of New York, having had crest tient or
casion to witness the practice of Drs. Lel n •unn and Duf-
Dlll, in diseases of the Ear and Dye. hiving aside all
professional jealousy, freely admit that the course pur
sued by theta In treating diseases of these delicate
organs. from the unparalleled 5111,05. S ntlendiug it, Is
well worth the attention or rote• professional brethren
throughont. the United States,' titling wt•
ail, that Aural Surgery has not Met with that atten
tion which its importance demalnk. Their system of
treating diseases of the middle and internal Ear, by
••Medicated 1 specs." particularly in chronic or eompli
,•ated rases. a new era in the prat', of Aural
Surgery: suet, eases yielding in almost every instance
to t new and powerful :agent. This practice tills up
.1 void w.tich has long been telt I y the• pmeral prat
tier, enabling lihn to rape s uccesstully with iuery
use tt hore per Met fornmt Mu exists.
of the n Eye. they seldom re faire to resort
As skillful A urists cod (4ull-ts. enthusiastically de
voted to their protesstai. we ,aslial ro,mmend them
to such as may require their rid.
Signed. Y. Iv Thal'. M. D.
HORACE w r.trr. M. D.
.1.531 ES 11. FRANCIS, 31 D.
New York, August 10, 15411.
Students wishing to perfeet themselves in Misbrand'
of s lical science, will find an opportunity of joining
the clan' at the Ear and Eye Intirmar) of 1)1.. Delaey
lirllllll, UlllOll I'I:n•e. •
1711niquvs ul' cry Tuesday and Friday afternoons, front
I to 3 o'clock, dining Medical College terms.
rEitm:4-$5 consultation fee: Sin re, if ram 0,,, n
the hearing is restored to its original acuteness, or
when a match can be heard to beat at a distance of IS
feet from either ear.
Address Drs. lARRUNN k DC(ITON, Union Place,
New York City.
lI.—A treatise on the nature and treatment of
Deafness Ana Ukoaseo of the Ear. with the - treatment
of the Deaf and Dumb—price one dollar.
11?...Money, letters must be registered by the Post
master. Registered letters only are at our risk; please
bear this in mind.
Correspondents must 13nelose postage for return an
swers. the new postage law requiring pre-payment of
letters. •• • ap4l '55.
log KNOWLE 1.; ..IS POWs R.
lour head Is the type of yotir mind. Self-knowledge is
the essence of all knowledge. Worth always harmonizes
with itself. All the known phenomena of the universe
may be referred to three general principles, vit : Matter,
Motion and Spirit.
ItothtlE, Prartt teal Phrenologist. has taken a
Phreno.Medical office on South Hanover street.Carlisle,
In., where he is prepared to makeprolessitmel examine
tluns verbal and written descriptions of human
charnel ce, tai nutsand disposit ion, as phrenologiballrand
physically developed, including directions to the most
su it a bl e occupations, selvctions of partners -in business,
or genial companions for life, or how to amuse a 1111:".
band or wife; together with ado lee as to the proper regu
lation of tit-, temperaments, propensities, appetites and
habits. it sickness how - to gain health again it hen lost
by exposut oto load habits. lie will make cleirts of char
acter so that persons having a chart can learn this won
derful science without a teacher. To teach learners
those erganir conditions which indicate character Is
the th of title great book on mind and m att er ,
anti in order to render it al-mi.:ale to all it condenses
facts and condithois rather than elaborates arguments,
because to expound Phrenology is its Idghest proof. It
states law s and resulto, and leaves them upon their naked
limits; embodies recent discoveries and crowds into the
fewest possible pages and words just what learners need
to know. and hence requites to bo studied rather than
merely read. Short yet clear," 41 its motto. Its numer
ous illustrative engravings give the results or very ex
tensive professional observation and experience. 'Po re
cord character is its second object. In fact it is just
what, every body want. Price $2. For examination
nod Chart marked $2. Verbal examinations 25 cents.
Carllsle, June 13, 1555.
B A lt i G l . t k ; l. N IU,D: S i ! cE B ARGAINS!!
The subscriber has commenced this day, to sell ott.his
Stoek'Of Summer Goods at greatly reduced prices.
Lawns ut 4,0, 10 and 12 cents.
llarago do Loins 1.04,12 1 /. and 183.
Inghns 714 , 8, 10 and 12.
Enrages 1232,15 and 20.
Elegant Summer Silks and Tissues very low.
Also n lot of Wads and Shoos Very cheap; come one
and all nod secure bargains'at the cheap store.
July 25, CILAS. Otl MRS%
_I_FRESII. FRUIT at all seasons.—The t übseriber has
just opened a few dozen Hermetical self sealing FRUIT
CANS, for preserving Frults..Tomatues, Green Corn, &e.,
for a whole yeitr in a fresh state—require no z'oldering
and may he used year after year and are easily opened
and closed without the aid of a [inner. Cali and exam
en them. CIEO. W.IIIINER.
'June 13: '55.
AgCE COMPANY of Cumberland county, immi x) .
rated by an net of Assembly, lain* fully organized, and
In operation under the management of the following
commissioners, viz:
Daniel Bailey, William li. Gergas, Michael Cocklin,
Melchoir Brenneman, Christian ,Staynaln, John C. Dun
lap, Jacob 11. Coaver, Lewis Hyatt Henry Logan, Benin-
IL—MusFor, Jacob Mum Joseph 'Wickersham,
AleAnder Cathcart.
The rates of insurance are as low and favorable as any
Comp uty of the kind In the State. Persons wishing to
become members are invited to make applteation„to the
agents of the, company, who are willing to wait upon
them at any time.
ItElsr.T. 11. MDSSER, President.
HENRY LOGAN, Tice President.
' LEWIS lIYER , Secretary.
'MICHAEL COMM*, Treasurer.
CUMBERLAND COUNTY.—Rudolph Martln, N. Cum
herland; 0, D. 'Herman, Kingstown. Henry %caring,
Shlremanvtdu.n • Cbarlme,Bell, Carlisle ; 1)r. J. Abl,
Clinrchtovrivi: Samuel Grit \Wet. Penusborougla ;
JaniOs 31e MINI, Frankfewd; Med° (Irit'fith, South Hid.
("Beton; SatnuOlVoover, Widandu Havel - stick, .51ecluni
kourg ; John Skrrlek, LlBburn; David Coovor, Shop
heidgtow n.
VOW( COUNTY.-John Dillshurg; Peter
walfard, Franklin; .Thlir Ffai„ IVasidagton; "W.
S. Picking, Myer; .1, A. Craft, Fa ra db e .
II All.1)4811111(i.—IIo . usi.r Die
Mtanbers of ciatiOny prillelow diouCto ex
pire rqn !lave thorn renewed by limiting application to
ny of the awints.
'' i)ti,i;p.4't.,.. ‘ i,).i.'.
- '• - "it.v..
If clta Ciiw or phoiz,....>ofe,frlt;naii. IThaye:been : .iffduced
t ufhlt In olfns cnndidnte for•the , office offilferilf .of
effnebei.litikl aitritY gifia 'pledge Oectad
charge tho.autles of side! °Mee with ptrict,.lldelity, mitt
imptirtfality. ' ' • !' ogi.).
' 6l . l opberdstotino4uguet.Blss.: l -• •
..,_ I
_ E., Ii
' 0 Alt 11';'V, OTRIIS u OF ' MIVIJII,I,I . :'
r lonia) ei)u:4l:3t.- I Fenix, 'dici;:,7, , , , ll,:ptra it 4, sot,
iau a )vnlituteer eantlidid i g for the„o4co id.8.1,1.413.1py4
kliciuld you eonsldoeide outillfied• for tl,Cotifce, and en.:
'tithed' to your. shirr/ tge z 'I !win; be 'Abu:ill:tut: fdr ' ' , MAI'
"votes at the emnlng eleetion)
I • ", ~ ' 1 • ItgNitY , WILMA)I§. '
North 31Iddletqu, August 8,'155. .. „ , „ ,.. ,
;CO U' N' T Y 1 1' . 11, , 1, AS'lflt 11 11'.:--=
TO Tlial yoTrats OF CUSOIIaILAND CO. •••
liOntlonvaii:--ThrouA the solicitation of some of, my
ifrionds I ant ludneed to appear, beforefy6u Ofi ti'eallt-
I date for Ow Wilco of County Treasurer, and would feel
thankful for'your support; itespecifidly:Yours, .. •
augl . .IA3LES LOUDON. ~
Fm. Low CritztNS:-1 offer myself afi a candidate
for County Treasurer.
Aug, 1. 18615. PETER MONYER.
LAND Coll'Al''.—Frl.l.otv Crrigns: 1 offer my
sea as a candidate lur the office of or Cum
berland county, end pledge myself, if elected, to dis
rberge the duties of the °thee *0 the hest 61' mr
ludgment and ability,
Carlisle, Ally 11, lstifi. 10111.
JOHN U. 1V11.1.1A MS, of Carlisle.
Carlisle, June 13. •
COUNTY tli EAS .1;11.
offer mysell as a candidate for the care of County
Treasurer, and respectfully solicit your suffrages at the
ensuing general election. JACOB hiIEEM..
Carlisle, June 11, 1 fq,:,
r r 0 TILE YOURS OF 3113E11.-
1 LAND OWNT Y.—The undersigned respectfully
a.yrs 1111111;W as a eandidate for the oilier of SliElft FP,
nd salient; your sulferages, at the ensuing Election.
'May IMth 1/;55. ILEY.
To THE V('1'1,118 OF CI:iNIBER
LANDA:ousTy.—vii....m e t her my
sou ii candidate f r the ounce l Cum
berland eounty,and pled r ,e my sell if circlet ta
the duties of the (Anilr to the hest of my judgment bd
ability. ROBERT MeCA h'IlN EN .
Carlisle, May 2:
rx ."'" Tl 4: Al; EllB WANTE D.—The
I t pchool Dinh:tors of South Middleton Township
meet at the S,itool !louse No. 1, 1 11,.i11ng Springs on
TUESDAY, tho 21st. day of August, nt U i , Mock, A. :if.
to reeeire applications Jro teaching the public schools of
said district and to examine teachers. The County Su
derintendent will he preseut and the public is also In
vited to attend. Di (ruler of the hoard.
Aug. ti 'LS M. GRIFFITH, Secr'y
CIARLISLE BANK.—Notice is here_
ki by given, that a dividend in the distribution of th
upltal stock of said bank of forty and a half cents t.""'
earth share, was declared by the Directors of said Ilan
ou the day of July last. Thu holders of said stock
ran draw the saute at any thine by ealling on the Presi
August 8 '56 WM. T. BROWN, Pres't.
Dee'd.—Notlee is hereby given that Letters of Ad
mdstration on the Estate of tleorge C.. Rupp, late of
Lower Allen toe nship. Cumberland county, deceased,
have been granted by the Register of said county, to
the sabseriber, residing in the same township. All per
sons indebted to said estate are required to make IMMO
diate payment, and those having claims against it to
present them Mr settlement to bh I MERREL,
Aug. 1. '55. Administrator.
TORS.—The undersigned will meet with the Di
rectors of the several distil, is for the purpose of exami
ning Teachers, on the lidlow ing days, viz:
Alechanicsburg, August 4, at 1 o'clock, p. m.
West Pentsbore, August 7, at 9 o'clock, a. m.
New Cumberland, August 13. at 1 o'clock, p. m.
East Penuaboro', August 14, at 10 o'clock. a. in.
Upper Alien, August la, MAO o'clock, a.
tower Allen, August 16, at 1 o'clock, p.m.
liatapden, August 17, at 1 o'clock. p. tn.
Sliver Spring. august 18, at 9 o'clock, a. to.
North kliddluton, August 20, at v o'c lock, a. tn.
South Middleton. August 21, at U o'caock, u. m.
Wilma, August 2'2, at 9 o'clock, a. in.
Dickinson, August 25, at 9 o'clock, a.m.
NONVIOU t August 27, at It o'clock, a.m.
Southampton, August' 8, at 10 o'clock, a. In.
Shipptuishurg hero', Aug. 29, at 10 o'clock, a. m.
Shippcusburg tp., August :k), at 1 o'clock, p. ni.
Hopewell, August 31, ut 10 o'clock. a. m.
311111 ht, :3Opteinf,er 1, at 10 o'clock. a. e.
Frank ford, :.",ptember 3. at 10 o'anck, a. In.
Thu Directors will appoint the place of meeting.
If accommodations can be had, the meeting should be
held in a school-house, where we eau have the use of a
hrtick-hoard; they will also provide a sufficient quantity
of piper, pens and ink.
Punctuality is of great importance.
By instructiotis from the Department, the examina
tions be public. The citizens are therefore re:
spectfully hunted to attend.
july 18. DANIEL SHELLY, Coly. Supt.
Whereas the Honorable JAMES IL OltAll 111, Presi
dent Judge of the several Courts of Common Pleas of
the counties of Cumberland, Perry and Juniata, and
Pennsylvania, and Justice of the several Courts of Oyer
and Terminer and General Jail Delivery in said mun
ties, and llon..lens Rum. tad SAMUEL Wooomas Judges
of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail
Delivery fur - the trial of all capital and other offenders,
In the said county of Cumberland, by their precepts to
IMO directed, fearing date the Oth 'ley of April, IStdi,
have ordered the Court of Over and Terminer and Gene
ref Jail Delivery to be holden at CARLISLE on 31 . 0:-
DAY, the 17;h of AUGUST, ISZsS, itt le o'clock in the
forenoon, to continue one week.
Novel.: IS II EREIII7 GIVEN to' the Coroner, Jus
tices of the Peace and Constables of the Bald county of
Cumberland, that they are by Ow said precept coo
mantled to he then and thine in their 'proper persons,
with their rolls, records, inquisitions, examinations
and all other remembrances, to do Mess things which
to their oflice.appertain to be done, end all those that
are bound 'by recogniratures, to prosecute against the
prisoners that are or then shall bu ill the Jail of mid
cunty, are to be there to pmsecute them as shall be
July, 11th,1855. I
STATE OF JA\IES (TREASON,LD a:T.—Letters Testamentary on the Estate of
James Creation deed late of 11:est Penns ore township,
Cumberland eetnity, have been hewed to. the subscribers
residing In the sane tox nship. All persons indebted
to the sold estate will make payment and those haying
claims against it will present them for settlement to
July 18. 'sB.Exes,
, ,
j),ONNE ' D.7I .13ONN.FTS.—
i- Tlxo saserildi to just reecletint another supply'ot
firing and Sunitnerllonnetovonsistlint of IliiglloliStrow
chip; lliald. moth' Straits, Neapolitan). and Ben Braid.
also a new supply of i•ery• chitin Colored :I,nd White
Bonnet ltibbono varying In price from 12,16 to 50 cents
per rued, • •
. Also a larito assortnicnt oflebildiono and Misses Straw
and lirald.Onto. 4 ; qp. W. !UTNE%
Nay IC. '155 , .
very. oxtent:lve, nu{l n4v stock of BonnelF
Mous nut' &Wit:lids, now opening at Ow glivap store of
314, MAT, 0G11.1.1Y.
'bi;;;ieavti to' call '',tlia- . !tittiiittion ca the citizens of
PennsYLimilit 'article,' manufactured by
uty; out usively.,. at ..iny
,fieetelry in Schiedain,.
tuna, .e' ? cpi*ly .; ll. l . mufti pUrpos es. •
It IVAMiddfrom the liest,Barlify that can be selected
in•Eu'reqiiilar4thoesstinve, of, :eremite Italian berry, of
sietievii;dgdjl and extraordinary medicinal" propeTties;
iitiit'littS'lMigninte elicit/at.reputaticn both
hl Eurtqfe aqtrAmerieffrthan , any other dietutfu buvtr
ragd, '
. ,
lidsumkrisst; in obstruetiens Of
tnellMdderAnd Kidneys, and debility of ;'"the urinary
funifthins, its effects tire prompt, decided and in varibly
rellabl6:, Andit ifs not:only , a' remedy for theseulamt
dies, bot,•in ail cases which they. are produced by
drinking bird' littieri which is almost Universally, the
Cause of : then), iteperates as a sure preventive. ' .
The dhitressing °fleet upon the Stomach, Bowels, and
Bladder; of 'traVelers, new residents ' and all persons Am:.
accustomed tai them, 111'0(1w:edify the waters of nearly
all °coin. great Inlatidrlvers, like the Ohio, Mississippi
and Altibittria, front the.large quantity of, decayed iega': .
table matter contained iu them; in a state of solution, is
welt known', as Is also that of 'the waters of limestone
regloos, In producing GRAVEL. CYMRU, and stone in tho
htmoda. 'the AIIOMATic kainom M. SCHNAPPS is
an absolute e•orreetive of all these injurious properties of
Lad water, and consequently prevents the disease which
theyoellision. It is alsb found to be a cure and maven . -
tivo of Foyer end Ague a complaint caused by the con
joint Of vegenide malaria In the atmosphere, and
vegetable putrescenecs in the water of these districts in
which it pi incipally prevails. The Aromatic Schiedam
Schnapps is consequently hi great demand by persons
traveling. or al outto settle in those is of the come;
try especially ; as %tell as by many in es cry community
vilierb it has become known, on account of its parlous
other remedial properties.
More than three thhusand physicians, among wheal
are numbered the greatest manes belonging to the
ty of medicine in ibis country, have certified, over their
own signatures; to the valuable medicinal properties of
such :111 article, as the severest tests have proved the
Schiedam Annuntic Schnapps to be and have accepted
it as a most desirable addition to the MArtrox MumfA.
l'ut up in quart or pint bottles, enveloped In yellow
paper with say name on the bottle, cork and seal. For
silo by all respectable Druggists and Grocers.
18, 20 and 22 Beaver street, New Serb.
25 South Front street, Philadelphia.
I beg leave to call the attention of thepublic to the
()Bowing letters from physicians:
I.oonaTorty.N. Y. :slay 2. ISM
I:DOLPH Worse.—Dear SIN,: 1 cannot !Teak too
highly of the purity ot your 6citiedaut t'chnapps. It is
decidudly superior to any thing 01 the kind to the mar
ket. it is perfectly tree .rant the admixtute oil,
or of ally Or those arnylie compounds, whirk i?kduce
such IL mischielous and irreparable oiled upon the con
stitutium and o Mat lery tow alcoholic distilled liquors
ate without—most ot them being largely Impfcguat,4
it. I have personly inspected the laritms rrot t 'ess,
of distllation practiced at Schiedam, and know that un
usual rare is taken to separate the noxious elements
fn idt lie pm e alcohol. and your to is a striking
proof of its success. As it medicinal agent tor chronic
and :coal allot ions.l have successfully pi escrikcd
and recomend it as an agrealde cordial and harmless
stimulant, and shall continue to do so; us o ell an to
use It as 3 source of pure alcohol for chemical investiga
tions and experiments. Yours otedient,
Consulting Analytical Chemist."
Dr. Charles A. Leas, Conunissitmer of Ilealth, Bala
snore, writes as follows 6t relation to the value .of
schnapps as n remedy in chronic catarrhal complaints,
hv load. is dated July" 27,
"I take great pleasure in bearing highly creditable
testimony to its efficacy as a remedial agent in the di
sease for which you re amend it. Dal ing a Datmal
tendency to the mucous surfaces, with a slight degree
of stimulation, I regard it its tam of the must important
remedies in 'chronic catarrhal affections, particularly
those of the Benito urinary apparatus. I\ ith much res
pect your obedient servant,
"Mr. Ildolpho Wolfe, No 22 Beaver st. 17.—Dear sir:
Last season the writer received. through your agent in
this' city, a bottle of your _Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps,
and since that period lilts prescribed the same in certain
forms of urinary complaints; also In cases of debility in
aged persons. So far, the Schnapps has been of much
benefit to those using it * * * In conclusion, where a
diuretic and stimulant Is required, I should use the Az.
emetic Schiedam Schnapps. Thanking you for your
kindness, I am respectfully yours.
A. It. t lIALONEE, M. D., 180 S. Eighth st.
The ictibioined letter from Dr. Paine, of Manchester,
N. 11., relates to VIM of the most valuable medicinal prop
erties p..ssessed by the Muni:Mc :Schnapps, sod shoes
that It acts as a specific in a very painful disease—the
0110 el :
"Mn. WotrE:—Permit me to address you a few lines.
which you are at liberty to use if you think proper. In
respect to your medicine, called Schiedam Schnapps.—
I have had a very obstinate cas6 of gravel and stone, of
some iive years' standing, causing very acute pain In
every attempt to urinate. After using litany remedies
w ithout much relief, I was , induced to try a bottle of
your medicine. In the course of three days It proved
effectual, dialoging large pieces of stone, some of which
was as large as a marroulat pea. 1 continued the co, ,
dial Hi:cording to directions, and the patient continued
to gain, and Is fast recovering. 1 think a medicine of so
much value in. so distressing a complaint, should be
known to the public. and the world at large. And I for
ono. must give it my approbation and signatme.
TIIOF. l'A 31. D."
From Dr..lolm S. flees..., Clumthd,l3ultimore, 31d. Scpt
15, 1552:
•'A number of our physicians are ordering the article,
and several have already prescribed It. l'ersonsto Mau
1 int“e sold it speak very highly of its qualities. A
Gentlunasn of toy own personal acquaintance, having
sulfured greatly with an aliedlon of the kidneys and
bladder took two bottles and subsequently passed n stor, e
of cousiderable size, nud was. greatly relieved. It will
no doubt go Into general use,"
linnft Notices.
application will be monde to the next 'Legislature
um Pennsylvania, to alter the Charter of the CAntastk.
DEPOSIT BANK, I, , cated in the borough of. Carlisle, Cum
berland county. Cr. as to confer upon the said tank the
rights and pm iv lieges of a Bank of Issue, any to change
its name to time CA111.1: 4 1,E BANK. Also to ineretese
the capital of said Bank (which isiltt prevent sixty then-
Sand dollars, o ill' the privilege of inereasing the sane
under its present charter to one hundred thousaid
dollars) to two hundred and fifty thousand donors. ,
By order of the Board of Directors:
101. M. BELTEM, Cashier,
Carlisle Juno ^_5,1555. fm
that an application ',Rile made to the next leg
isiat tire of the State of Pennsylvania, tier the bongo of
a law to Incorporate n Bank of Deposito, with a capital
of FIFTY TIWUNAND DOLLAIIH, with authority to incrrane
the samo to Ono Hundred Thousand Dollars. To Local
led the '3IECHANICidiHRO DEPOSITS DANK, and to
Le located the borough of Mechanicsburg, Pa. The
of of said Dank is to inerenee the general business
facilities of tho public in the vicinity, of its location.
• Daniel Urich, Jacob Coocer,
John }lnuit,- sr. • Denjamin Eberly;
John Reigel, Johnlirandt,
Henry 0. Rupp, °corgi> Singixer,
John Houser, Elias Grabill,
John Coover, David Miller,
Andrew 1. Kauffman, Solomon I'. Giorgi%
iffechanicrburg, June 20, 185.5-Cm
be received at thts 'Rank for
any longth of time over four months, and interest_,riald
at the rate or , youn Pun CENT. per annum, and tp: ,
principal paid huh at any time after maturity Ncithovt
not en. interest ceases gi ft or the expiration Of the time
slaadtied, in tho,eartllicatA. 'mines renewed for another
Oven perfect. In wh felt case the in 6•rsst - is paid up nu.
tll the' time of tloi renewal; • hank opals at i o'clock, A.
M. and closes at 2 c'eleck, P. M.
It. PARKET, PreAfdent.
• W. M. BEramkt, Cashier
.11 - „lrir....„..l,A3i:Noiir . ItIiI(..!EIVING
1 .... 7 tit .1• tin' spring stnek of I'AP E fI 11.001NGS
w lidr" this larti . eFt avid most'. varied asshitieent ePer
opened in Carlisle, to.i hick I Incite CIA early ntlentlosn ,
of ttia public, tiii.Ulpterjil i l dlinit at prices widen ettuttpt
tall to Pleatielbe elehestlitireliser. • • ' •.
niareli2S - --!•.:' JOlllil P. PPM,