Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 29, 1855, Image 7

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`Popping the Question.'
. Popping the question, which has heretofore
proved suck a ' bashful youths iu the
pursuit of matrimony under difficulties, is
likely, after a while, to bo rendered as easy as
'rolling off a log.' All sorts of methods have
from time to time been resorted to, to get
around this difficult point of courtship—ad
vertising in the newspaper, corresponding by
letter negotiating through an agent,
but an improvement has been made upon these
plans lately, as witness the following: •
A few nights back a • small party of ladies
and gentleman were laughing over the sup.
posed awkwardness attending a declaration of
love, when a gentleman remarked that if he
ever offered himself he would do it in a col
lected and. business-like manner. 'For in
stance,' he continued addressing himself to a
lady present, 'I would say, Miss S—;
have been two years looking for a wife. lam
in the rece4t of about a thousand dollars a
year from my business, which is daily on the
increase. Of all the ladies of my acquaint
tadmiro you the most, indeed I love you,
and would gladly make you my wife ' 'You
flatter me by your preference,' good humored
ly replied Miss S—, to the surplice of all
present; refer you to my father.' Brnvo!'
exclaimed the gentlemen. 'Well, I declare'
said the b ladies in chorus. The lady and
gentleman, good reader; were married soon
Wasn't that a modest way of ‘comming
the point,' and a lady-like method of taking a
wail at his word?
A STUBBOIiIsi JURY,—The Portland Trait
acript tells a good story of l M
ing in WaAlington county, Maine, who had
a great aptitude, for serving as a juror.—
When thus serving, he had a very; great anxi
ety that his opinion should be largely consult
ml in making up a verdict. Some years ago
while upon a case, after many hours! trial to
agree, but failing, ho marsLaled the delin
quent jury from the room to their seats in the
court, where the impertinent crowd awaited
the result-of the trial.
'llave you agreed upon a verdict ?' inquir
ed the clerk.
- Col, M—arose, turned-a withered glance
upon his brother jurors, and excloime.l:
'May it please the court, we have, not ; I
have done the best I could do, but here are
eleven of the most contrary devils I ever had
any dealings with.'
EmEnv.—A young widow was asked why
she was going to get married so soon after
the death of her husband. .ob, la,' said she,
do it to prevent fretting myself to death on
neemfirt of dear ToM.'
D%."3"'A led came in great,liii'lyWinto a Drug
store the other morning, and half out of breath
exclaimed: .
'Mother thent me down to the hothecary
pop to get a thimble full of pallcgoric. Bobs
as thick as the dickenth, and not exthepecked
to live from one end to the other.'
An' old farmer, standing on the corner, was
terribly out of humor, because ho had lost all
his wheat by the Weevel for more than two
successive years. Ile was advised by a by
stander to sow Mediterranean wheat hereaf
ter, as that escaped the ravages of the insect.
Ile replied indignantly ; 'No sir, I'll be darn
ed if Ido I can stand it as long as the Wee
vel can, andl
e'"Girls•never marry a man until you
Lave seen him eat. Let the candidate for
Your hand pass through the ordeal of eating
eoft boiled eggs. If he can do it and leave
The table spread, the, napkin, and his shirt
unspotted, take him Try him, next with a
Tare rib. If ho accomplishes this feat with
out putting out his own eyes, or pitching the
Imes into your lap, name the day at once;
he will do to tie to.
;The new Russian Minister to the Uni
ted States is called Somonsoff, (saw my nose
off.) An Attached of the same legation at
IN"r.shington, Blowmanosoff, (blowr my nose
offd besides which we have Col. Kutmanosoff,
(mgt my nose, off,) of the Imperial Guard ;
'lffoirsbal rolmanosoff, (pull my nose off;)
General Nozbegono, (nose begone,) and many
kerWm. C. Quirk, K. N. candidate for
constable of the first justice's court in Now
,Orleans, ehalenges his Democratic competitor,
John. W. Mader, to a public) discussion of the
various issues between them, 'either oratori
cally, anecdotically, vocally, instrumentally,
'Dawkter, dawkter,' Said an exquisit the
other day, wantyou to tell me what 1 can
Put into my head to make it right.'
'lt wants nothing but brains,' said the phy
Beware of a Man that never laughs.
In a sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Bellows,
of New York, before the Western Unitarian
Conference, is the following paragraph:
For my own part, I say it in all eolemni
I have lived to be come sincerely suspicious
of the piety of those who do hot love pleasure
in any form. I cannot trust the man that
never laughs; that is- always sedate; that has
no apparent outlets for those natural springs
of sportiveness and gaity that are prennial in
the.human soul. I know that nature takes
her revenge on such violence. • I expect to find
secret vices, malignant sins or horrid crinms
springing up in this hot-bed of confined air
and imprisoned space; and, therefore, it gives
me a sincere moral gratifiaction anywhere,
and in any community, to see innocent plea
sures and popular amusement resisting the
religious bigotry that frowns so unwisely upon
them. Anything is better than that dank,
dead, unhappy social life--a prey to ennui
and morbid excitement, which results from
unmitigated puritanism, whose second crop is
is usually unbridled license and infamous fol-
Gazette contains some inforgiation for the
ladies in regard to the manner of placing their
lips when they desire to look amiable, digni
fled, Cc. It says that when a lady would
compose her mouth to a bland and serene
character, she should just before entering the
room, say Bosom, and and keep the expression
into which the mouth subsides, until the de
sited effect upon the Company is evident. If
o n the otht hand, she wishes to assume a dis
tinguisl and somewhat noble bearing. not
suggestive of sweetness, she should say Ileush.
the result of which is infallible. If she would
make her mouth small and pretty, she must
say Flip: if the mouth be already small, and
needs enlarging, she must say Cabbage.—
Ladies, ivhen having their deguerreotypes
taken, may observe these rules with some ad-
van tn ge
rtcro.,_:A good old Quaker lady, after listen
ng to the extravagant yarns of a storekeeper
is long as her patience would allow said to
dun ; 'Friend H , whit; a pity it is that
t is a sin to lie, when it seems so necessary
n thy business.'
'Papa, why don't you give the telegraph
wire .a dose of gin ?'
, 'Why, my child ?'
. 'Because the papers says they are out of or
der, and mother always takes gin when she is
out of order.'
te4..Nature is slckingly immodest. 'Till
children are taught_.'what is what.' they
would as soon run round with nothing on
their arms and legs, as they would in breech
es and petticoats. Blushing is an• artificial
comodity, and came into the market with
knowledge and matitua:makers.
The Hoosiers on the Wabash turn their
'agy shakes' to some account ; they climb
into the top of a 'shellbark'• just as the , chill
comes on, and by the time the 'personal earth_
quake' leaves them, there's not a hickory nut
left on the tree.
lUM TIONV reeviving fr o m New York and Philadelphia
an.imaten, st.wk of new, desirable nail Cheap
which I would cAll the attention of all my old friends
and custoute•s, ;Is well 11.4 t.ho roadie generally. !laving
purehased most of my .roois from the 'largest Inmorang
hoUSeS ill Now York, I am enabled to give better bar
gains than can be had at any other house in thecounty.
tiur assortment 111
is largo, complete and beautiful. Another lot of those
elegant and cheap BLACK SILKS, embroidered hand
kerchiefs, sleeves, collars, rattles, edgine, and i nsor f.
ings,m stork that for extent and cheapness defies all
competition. Muslins, ginghams, calicoes, do bores, de
laines, tickings, cheeks, a tremendous assortment.—
Gloves and Hosiery cheaper than over•. Cloths, raesi
cords, cotton:otos, A:c. a full assortment Rua
very low In price.
An entire new stock of throe ply. Ingraln, cation and
venitian carpeting, bought very cheap and will he scald
very low. Also white tud colored, Mattings.
A large supply of buttes out gentlemen's boots, shoes
and gaiters. Intending to give up the Grocery depart
ment, I will dispose of what I have on hand in that
lino, at low prices. Ali , ) some well 11111110 Clot hh.g en
hand, which sell for less than rest as] want to
close It out.. Como ono and all to the Old Stand on East.
Main street. and select your Goods from the largest and
cheapest stock ever brought to Carlisle.
111111-17 NE W AND SEASON
OOD Ath,11...„1- ho undersigucdhav
ing enlarged and fitted up the Stow-room formerly oe .
eupled as the Post (Mice, immediately opposite the office
of the AmeriCan Volunteer, -In South Hanover Street,
has opened a large and general assortment of
comprising a great variety of fitney and staple French,
British and domestic gods, a general assortment of
Ladies' Leghorn, Straw, Neapolitan am! Gimp Bonnets,
Bloomers of various kinds and quality, Gentlemen,
Youth and Children's Panama, Leghorn and Straw
hats, white and colored Carpet Chain. Groceries &c., &c.
all of which will be sold at the lowest prices.
May 16, '66 HOBERT DICK.
joEnsEn.—Nnuco is hereby given that Letters of
Administration On the Estate of Esther Rider, late of
South 'Middleton twp., Cumberland County, deceased,
have boon granted by the Register of said county to the
Subscriber residing in the sonic township. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate aro res
(inked to maim itninediatopayment , and those having
claims to present them for settlement to
Jund 27 'BG Adm'r
topouu her BCIIOOI., on Monday, Sep. 81, at her
mother's rosidenco on Pitt street. •
August B 'BB—pd.
i~ ;~
.. m., , ,,,:•, , ... ,
um) Ila inner Arcot, mist door t.) s 'l'''.! , ‘.'..;;t:
. P,,,i .--- - „ 7.,,
uhissN.,Auh ~,,
lie w.dild respectfully Inform the
citizen, of Carlisle and the public generally, that he
has now on hand a large and elegant assortment of
N rrUit I.:, consisting in part of Wardrobes, Card and oth
-6,..1%,bice, sans, Bureaus, Bedsteads, plain and fancy .
Sewing Stands, &c., manufactured of the best material
and quality warranted.
Also a general assortment of CHAIRS at the lowest
prices. V ENI TI N BLINDS Made to order, and repairing
promptly attended to.
COVVINS made at the shortest notice; and hay
ing a splendid hearse he will attend funerals In town ur
kra- Remember the stand—next door to 11. Glass's
llotel. It. B. SMILEY.
—JAMES R. WEAVER Would resoecfeully call
the attention of louse-keepers and the public
to his ex tonsive stock of elegant FERN IT it It E,
I,,,thmi n g sofas, IVardrobes„Centre and Tables.
' 1 dre:sing and Plain Bureaus, and every other
article to his branch of business- Also now on hand,
the largest ii.sortment of CHAIRS In Carlisle, at
the lowest priers. AOFFINS made at the short
est notice and a learse provided for funerals. Ile
so licits n call at his establishment, on North Han
over streel. near 11 lasso's
it,y-Fu'rniture hired out by the month or year.
FALL STYLE OF 11A.I. :18ii •
FAIN ELLEIt respoutfully anstnutwes t pie
old Patrons anti the generally that ha has in%
41 . •.ei%el S - TYLE (:ENT LENII:
• tifilettaivd at one of the best estahli
nellts In Phtladelphia, to which he invites speck '
Ile has also constantly on hand a large !mil VIIHJ
sort: lent of his so, n manufacture as well as city • a
Hai., and Caps, suitable for the SellStlll. 1,1111,11,411 g IN r.)
varisty of Ilassist, Beaver, Moleskin and Ilats.
islne•l in the latest style, together with a full ,tssisrtment
of - CXES of every shape and desmiption, and at every
prism. Ile Firth:Maths invites the !whine to call and ex
amine his exssensis sts:ortment, whirls in style, !Mite.
rill sold finish, cannot he surpasses! by ! my, in market.
and. n Well he to put at pries. , lowtr 01:111 ever.
Ilemetillser his old stand ea North Ilanover street, Ism
tweets tinnier s .11Id st,res.
I. j li‘ 1,1, ,S'I'TE!; OF 11A7'S & ('Al's.
Nv)l. 11. Till dosifes to inform his old friends
that he La. rolim,ml to his 111,1, estaidlisilment kill 11 illll
•11 - I,l'l, ilmir liciado and 11 ' ,1 oli o liii l l- 1
fir! o legailt a , sortini - nt of the
- tii Il.\'fr. just roceis ed nom Ilk 11
the prontionien arlisle are requosted U. aril and
0501111 nm 110 has ids , a larie assortalont of `ilk, Fur
Anil slouch 11.11., lie Ilk oivic 1111111111111 . 1 llee. isot of in the
Lest sty to and at various prices. thv ev - ollonco :tin{ finish
01 , hiclt he kill warrant. ills stork lie is contalent on -
Iy ins./is to lie c Ile 11111.1 . 11, .‘lllll. 11 1111• c,•
supply Itay's and Chihli on ' s ti.k
Fur, and c-I t•si•ry ‘Allety 111 - ,LVII . and price just re
oelved front Philadelphia. Lot all who v. - ant a Hat or
Call Lri‘o 111 m a call. RS hey may Lo stire of tieing suit
ed to their e,VII sat isfact
NV.% housekeepers anti yrdingi ith
also wini are e ti. Leisdne housekeepers. aril in t it
ed to call ut ILt LICE/Cl - S FAMILY and on
amine his ido.tai.t• I eliiiitt.tillissund Queens-
teary and other artiel,a in tlw housekeeping line, mi.
as Froneli and English tea twts. heat y banded and plain,
White Granite. gilded and hi no plain. Dinner sets of C, -
ery variety and price, Is Is and pitchers, tureens, dish
es. Sc. Wass-ware—vont ro table and mantel lamps.
Candetabras and ether lamp...great varity, table and bar
t unthiers, goblet , . Ac. Fruit and preserve dishes. in va
riety. Cedar-ware-stubs, churns, butt Is. butter
print:; and lad les. meal buckets. Av. brushes—SWeeplir.
white wash, scrubhing, hand awl shoe bruslut dusters.
brooms. Ate. :tlarket. clothes travelling. baskets.
Aka a clu.kelas,trtment Tel.:teen and Segars. Call
ye who are fond s at choke hrands of : , czars and try the
Principe., Reg:lnas. Stennonis and other Culla tariettes.
awl you trill find them of uninipvachalau qujklity. Also
half Spanish and Common Segars, with choice snuff atid
chewing tobacco.
11 1 011 TM?. MILLION
401 P
.0“ , I am juil receiving my Fall
•iremcoicsv. ~ ~.,,
... GI • w Web surpass In style, quality
t, fir • • , and price any that have ever
been exhibeted In Carlisle. I respectfully solicit a call
frontlferSons in avant, of Paper Ilangings of any desert!)•
Lion, aS'I am confident by assortment Mr surpasses any.
fn the Borough; and :Ili style and prices has but few ri.
'vats in the city. I only ask of the public to call and (;!C-
Mill.' my assortmant before purchasing, as I am confi
dent my chaste designs cannot fail to please thtmnest
fastidious. Jolts P. LYNE.,
West side of North Hanover z4treet.
/1.1)1ES! please tall at RAWLINS'
A whoima. and Retail sitoe sToitli, opposite the
Rail Road Depot, if you want
Good French Morocco hoots for , $1 00
Tan-colored Gaiters. foxed. f•T
Fine Freud' Aloroceo .l cony Linda, 7i,
Linen Lustre Gaiters - 02
Good Cloth Shoes, 50
French Morocco Ties, - 87
Good Madras Slippers, 2; . ,
Children's Roans, 12
'Carlisle. May 2!".
. 1 on 1 i.. . :, \
' llol' ' S The sub,:erib
-(1:-1:;:-n.fl‘v—o-til.i)ia'''''od a . ver ' ; e • Ntert , lv ..and ' N - vell ho-
ected stock of B 0 0 T S and S II OE S. , ..,;I
which he will sell at unusually low pric- if
es. Pinwhased front xtholesale dealers, '
at low rates, Itteean offer such induce- ',.,
moots to purchasers as will make it their interest to vis
it hls .'htlla,lllllollt. Ito has every artielo 4n tbo Boot
anti Slew litn , —for Ladies' or Gentlemettst wear—he
tle•ref w , deems it unnecessary to particularize.
it ~.",- l'er , ons desiring. good and cheap goods Itre invit.
ed to give hint a call. . .
Co., 27(1 Market Street,
and Philadelphin. Caro leave both places East and Wesit,
to Ire every Week, Tueadays and Fridays. All business
entrusted to Bingham, Davis Co., will be attended to
with promptness, whether In sales, produce or freight.
A. 11. BA ItNITY.,:North street, Baltimore, has also
entered into this atrangement, and will attend prompt
ly to all business entrusted to him. May3o,-3m.
eive r v o NEW
m l A i o Op ri U s ! .
, &NO
'the White Veil, a Bridal Gift, by Mrs. Hale, a splendid
ly illustrated gift book.
Longfellow, Byron, Moore. Mrs. Ilemans" and other po
etical works, beautifully embellished.
Irving's Ztketell Book, plain,
Jerusalem and its Sacred Localities, by Bev. W. /I. O
deubeimer,•Bector of St. Peters, 'Philad'a.
Pickering's Greek Lexicon. Homer In the original,
Miranda Elliott, a neW and interesting story.
May and Decembei, by :Mrs. llubback.
Ellen Norbury, by Emerson Bennett.
Grace Lee, by Jolla Kavanagh.
Robert Graham, by Mrs. Gursh.
If:triter's, Graham's and Godey's Magazines for May,
With numerous other new publications just reed at
may 2 PIPEIPS Cheap Book filers.
RI The subscriber has just
a dd e d t o I l ls former stock a general selection of CIIOIOE
GROCERIES, as well as ail the other variety of articles
kept in a Grocery Store, embracing Rio
,-, , ,,c 4poffeo—roastod and green — at 1234 and 14 cents
per lb., Orleans, Clarified, Crushed and Pulverized
(Sugars, of fine qualities; Chocolates, Spices,Ball'
Salt, and a variety of Palley articles, all of which aro o.
fored at the lowest cash prices. Wo aro thankful forth°
former support given us, and invite a further call an]
our friends and customers. J. W. EBY.
Marlon Hail, Carlisle.
301 ; : ete ts FRESH. SHAD.—A few
barrels of - prim No.l SHAD, Just
spill 11.
.. ....VV STORE, W. D. A. NAttILE, would reFpectfull3
announce to the citizens in
• - ...' Carlisle and vicinity . than
t e i , , , -, 2 .
~..,... 11 , , , ,z, 76 , 4 ,, , ,, ,, , , , , , , i ;
f , , , f It T, z i e w v i t. (. 7l ., (l .
, (41) 2 F : • f ' C' :: ::-.WATCHES . & JEWELRY,
~Zi... ~.. S 9 3 .17. N., Z, '........ 7 ".. On the N. E. corner 01 the
;T . ,3 4 .410 , •;:' Public Square, in the room
‘ 4 '7 4 a . :,;,- - = 1 ,7 6 5 ,;$.1":0 ~,. formerly oe , upled tn. Sate'l
77.- - t: c' !: • ,-- -, •2 Ellit , t, one - door En . st .of • Ill:
W. Ititner's dry good store. The stock -consisting of
every article in the trade, viz: (101. D AND SI 1,1 El,
WATCHES of every style and quality, gild fob, neck.
vest and chatlains chains. gold lockets. breast plus, ear
rings. Ac., Ac. All goods warranted to be what they aro
sold tie.
• Part ivnlar attention paid to ItEl'AiliTIVO of (kit
\Vetches. Jewelry, Am. All work warranted areor.liog
to qualily. ' 'rho subscriber flatterg himself that he eau
give entire satistautlon to all that favors him with their
tlorlisle..luly ltitll
e t have IICINV 011 hand and tor sale at
111 . 1 Vld tat.usti re. .Hats Street, opposite Jlmiott Call, an
1111111 . ely 111:11 1 lld elegant stack Of
Gold ',nor Watches. bunting and open case. Sliver do.
Silver Levine and Quarter NVatches, a large %as iety.
bold ,Inehors tor Ladies sittd Gentlemen.
Medallions, Is splendid sissoettnent lists ladles and gents.
Breast. Pins of every pattern. and all prices.
Cold Chains ter vest and t'ols. gold else!, ehals.s. •
Finger Rings: Cull-pins, Studs. Sleeve Buttes,.
Crosses. Drop and !loop Ear.l:ing. , . a. large vaeict v,
Silver and Pint ed Forks, Table 111111 Tea Sp,ll.llF. Lotter
1111111,4.. 1 / 4 C. Of Vlll'lllll' , styles tend prices,
(Sold I . 'llll r T 111111 1 ,11.5.
(lull, Silver 111111 Colllllltill Spectaeles. a large st,sertmeut
to stilt all. gesi, and to 11 hil'll ue 1111 111 part isqlllll
Port NI i,n nn ieo. a large assortment at every price.
Gold fens, "(the best make at l sirloin. prices,
Finley Roves. Port Polies. Aecordssons. pectaele eaves.
Ladies Card Cases. silver and pearl. It 1;11'11,11 , 1.11 , ,5,
111:o9`Iet a. 10111 111111 1 ,, 1111111011: 111111 . 11 11:111IS ditto.
Also a large variety of article , in the .11,11(.1ry 111,
Wllllll sell at the lowe,t. prices , . All al the) , s :sr
ran tea to Le NI hat they Ore S (1111 sot..
r..l4u•tirulnrattetttion paid to Clio It I.: l'.llß !.( i i (IV
\V.VIVII I S :1111.1 all %vial: than),
to friend: and rosti , nairs (.4r f
I resiiiiiitlully solicit a eonti t heir fay( rs.
I 4,, n 2 r) ,"7- —SPItING ANi) ST. I I IIIIEN
1 am (Jou. roit cAsil!
eow retcei‘ hi,: a lar,ro assortioola of
:-1(((os .f the [nest fashion:ll.le 'atel o.
ellent maho. fresh from the Lest 111:11111,:jet,ijOs
%,Ill(211 I will sill oatrenti . ly Cash.
.storco, aub 51)op.o.
1, tnly. , "fatt-eolored GaiterF, illa,to.
$1.25; I,
its s7h , 1:2:1; I.wk La,ting 1;1111i,, !oak,
1.25; French 7.,
Er,.l,eh Boot:, double witat, 1.'25: Parts Itool •
1,25: Mull ., MOttlt.T./ IP.IIII.
ditto /..q; Kid Ties, 50 Oh;
watt 'lles. 1.31: :soutugs and Albldtis 1.15.6 c.
Extra llne Frottch Calf Pods. it beautiful
article, IV:W.111;r Sle 1.5 o: Call
l'ioutress Gaiter,. 1;25; Cloth s It; Ptitcat
Leather INf.,rll izlioes, 1,75; .luilirit te...i.:";
le.alier Congress ()alters as 11. , ‘t nF n..!.. ,, 0; rah ot
Pump Tie,. tine Cloth (tatters with potent tip, !tel.-
Isert's A No. 1, potent leather tibue-t.. p Lett , ced Cole
u'ress (lttitt;i•s. enantulled, patent leather. ter)
low prices. Also Carpet nod Velvet slippers.
ihdiNt Boots. Opera Ports and Mock:—
Ctdoretl Gaiters, patent tips. S 7 CIF: flllO 1.11 11....1;
CIIILIPILINI-4 Highland "Hoots. }:ttrehas, Exo•lsh , rs e nil
Itooatn, for '2O vents; Calf, singlo 0nh..1.
7 cent,
:NIE 2 N't4 Kip itopts in great variety, FOllle as I,:w as VI.
Stout lkopin , :sl.lll.l !Awes
IVoatEN's Kid Iltiblaitti, double 1,115,1.75 init7,27 - : ;‘..1100.
tees, C 51117; Ileasy Kip 11(.,.ts Linnen Gaite,t 77;
I lalf Slippors
34 , Y ll' y Rip 11"ots, Pitta Calf 11, ,, t5. Itrcintus u , If,ve
:Is 7 . 5 o.iters, patetrt h.,,ther
Moi ritent bat her.lidlien ti, e.,\r.
CAILPET Hod. of every do`Tirtioll-01Illotii. Union, Brus
Sole% Avlvid from s(h To z". 2
iko,Also socoral thousand dollars ,vortli of
Country Merrhant9 awl other dialers are iIIN ited to
call. All wlw wish W buy good shoes and NI MI`V
will call at Porter's rid stand, Malta street, hear
Road .Depot,
April 18th . 1;5. M, RAWLINS.
r ,
N. II ANTCH A; Co. have opened and now of
for for Nilo at their Store nn West Mich :•:•4 reel,
onivhier west of the hotel formerly kept by C. zo , :tough,
an entire new Atoek of Beady Made,Clothing
Alsn, Cloths, Cassiinered anti Vestinas, Which will be
matt, up best style astd on reasonable terms.—, Shirt Collars. Moves. Hosiery, Suspcilders, Satin
and Summer Stocks, Ihintikercitiefs. A. of the newcst
styli' , 341 . 4 best manufacture kept constantly oat ltanol.
l'onlidsitt of their ability to pleaso, they respectfully so.
Pit the public patronage.
t r , ILI GROCERY STORE of the subscriber, n Ma.
rum llall,
A new supply of fresh Water Crackerc,
' Soda. I:utter, Nic Su;:ar Bolt:cult.
Parilm, Corn Starch. Tapioca : Sago. Pearl Parley,
l:Ntract of Coffee, Itirs Flour, Baking Vowder,
A new lit of superior Table Oil,
Pickles, Tomato Ketchup, French Mustard, tray
hum. &c. .1. W. EBY.
The subscriber w0i7171 respectfully Inform Ittsfriendsall
the }midic generally. that he 11.1 , iliSt ret urned from the
city with a lance. turd varied assortment . of
FiSll, which he offers for sale on th,
most reasonable terms, at his Now Store
molter of North ilanover street and the Nil
lie Square, directly opposite the Carlisle he.
posit Bank. His stock entbrases everything usually
lu a Grocery and Variety store
The public Oro Invited to Viii and examine his steel,
before iittrehaslng elsewhere, as lie feels' centhlelit he can
sell the best'goods at the lowest prices.
,I. I).
( - 411,11:14'N G ROCERY STOVE.
- Csirc to inform the citirens of Carlisle nml vicinity
that they have just received from the city and are now
opening in.tho room adjoining Bentz .t Brother's Store.
a very complete assortment nf artworks. such 118
and all the various kinds of SPICES and DRIED MEAT
such tie Hams, Pried Beef. Bologna SollgagOS. Sc. by the
piece or pound. Also herrings. Mack.
erel.slllol, Cod Fish and a great variety
of artickvi not necessary to enumerate. In addition to
the above, we will receive Our regultir suppilet; pf
as soon as they appear In tho city nonhets, to all of
which wo Invlto the attention of the }addle. as we in
tend to sell at thi very lowest prlecs for Cash or Coun
try Produ,:o. HARKNESS it IitULLIN.
opening a largo assortment of Spring/mud Summer
Dress floods, consisting of Plain and Figured Mirages,
Plain and Figured Silk Tissues, !Wage do Laines, Plain
Lawns, Figured Swiss Muslins, Organdies. Scotch Ging
hams, and a great variety of other goods at as low prices
as can bo found auy where the town.
May Uth, OEO. W. ItIiTNEIL
ENT CORN SHELLER; decidedly the best and cheap
es ow in uso. Fervors nro, requested to call and ex•
amino it at the Carlisle Foundry and Machine Shop, or
at Saxton's Hardware Store. For solo at reasonable
prices by
Aug. 2
SUMAIER HATS.--Just received at
tho Store of ROBERT DICK, it large assortment or
Men's, Youth's and Children's SU3I3IEIL HATS, con
sisting of Panama, Leghorn, French Straw, Canton and
other varieties, part of which are colored and,black—
some quite low in price. mast
i f
NE. GO LjED. , [Successor to A. 1 ,- i( t.
c o. 114 Clu stuut St.. t..:waim's ]tuihting, Phllrairt
phia..oxtrusiN r Music Publh.her. and Dealer in :q in hal
Instruments of every ticsrripi iou.
lix, lusivo zusrnt for the s:il, . f Millet. Patis tg Co.
Pateiil : 4 1ispenFitol 111 . itlge inljjan and , :jiler PLAM.!:
(ill bert's Potu.kir Pianos, Mehdo us. 3hutill F FilliFills
Itarps'. Vklins. :shrO. llusic. :11ush. 11. t i' . &e•
'ResitMutt.. of the (amid ry NOB be supplied I.y refill or
otherwi,e with music they may NVISII, :Is lour its it pur
e!ii‘st`ii lu pet see. !Ito lug anh f the lamest sit tits to
the United r tat,es. 1 feel cettlitleitt satisfyiti all who
fluty rot Or mo tcith a call or t met.
lie:tiers in 'Mush. supplied nu most 111 eral to Eris
Pianos to let, i . .eeonflituld for Nile.
Slay 30.1`.,..-1,
t r illE :Vl' IV ATC 11 ES AI 1 ) ,1 I. AV 1.11.
%I L ; la. \ litilit';;\ LE : n ut lILTAII.. llt I /it " ILE:
ili'lpliiil Wattli iivd I. ell y I. tt i..•
I\ niiiliiA. 91; North t•rwort! :-.1..t.ept...1.
iii , i. i } QUM! V. I 1 llfltiVii10::. C. C
lerrfi s •N • Le V 01` IVritiit:s.,full jtiwcilil.l'i .:it,
\ \l
• •, / iit casi•s,. - : - - i'-'l' I 0
• ...; i,oz, (:0111 1.0111110. If , ititiit viises. l''.-1 I 0
-: . 67 ..-- , '
t. , l:+.' ‘,, I-lii,, 11. , cis. II cis. 1. 10
•I. 4:4 ' ir ls "•'• 'iii er 1.1.1 . 0', full juu t•Ilt d. 12 t(1
Superkr ivrs,
Piur Silt
Gt,ld, Pens. xl it It it and Po 1.1.,
Goldllgor Itincn :r7 r; routs to :•:.•‘; Pnt.h ti}; .‘f s
12 1 , oollt• . I attl.t r •
it oodowtion. All •,,,orls sv:lrt aided to ls• 1,1 r.t rLry ; , 1 •
sold. tor.
STA HA I 1,1
Oa barn]. s ,, rno 11,,k1 and Sii V (.1. Lever, and irtlrto ,
till I.,:er than (11, al rye l ,riven.
i t I fo, 111:1:
•'L 1,1,11•
''': rs •; , ..,..., c , I I :: ‘ .1:, 1 1 e l ' 111 I , t : ' , ' I ;
I 1 . 1 ' 41 ' 1: :11 . 4.1 ‘ 1 ‘ /1 ' ... i( %I Ii 11
- , -•`- , : ' 1 . , ', 44,;,. ,-,, 41 w,,,1.1., ra.r. 1...H.1.w..".,:,i, 1I:41
I. t. r' ; ''''l'4, .'1 i[ f rk.j, :d , " a t t In, 111,! Ids Fnir, !. (Nw
~ 11 . 441 -11 4 11 iiti/ 1 . ,,,k. 1! , :,:t ;11111 '', I. 'I Ile IL111,1•1!•
147 . 1. , 7 ; , ----- .4:', ; r , ; ,, ‘ t 4 '11 ; 111 14.1.. sire th.. sf.,ln man nfitt dull I'S
''... c riri!!!!'"Vri it!i:. 4 a!,t . pr, I.ri-t , 4s in this 1.11tt4. I I
iii.'. , : 4 . ';• :'' i - 'Fel tll4l ItioriVll 111114.11:1114'41 FII:C/4 ST 41
; 1 . ,T1 . •• r -- ' --- 4 - 1. 1 , 1 .1 1.4 ba. Thi. ~.1 . 1:.ti,,, i f 41., ,
' !"' ' Ii i ll! : 1 ' !'" I , •41 nine "Ilcruinr, • s ';'l, - !s n , I 1.1
il . l , ,- ,
ij..:....... 1 (V: il ,, j" -IA, i 11... lida
~. V
Iv it a , ' , ,u , t lin fi.ur.ntitilu ..,.11,21 ut.lty
haw , NI itnessed and I,rne trash
WWI) t 11.4 1. ' NI VI I: I .131.1Nt- :du 1111°1 tlulltii!..
thnii 12.01'0 of flik fr Sat, hay., , ICI i• :V • 11/311 , PI
1,1 C 11 ,,, buy° pnrccd trillrEl haul 13 flirt 1 ,, ,11,
it,, r, , . 111,. 1 , 0 , 1ie 0,1 o.
in.thulactureti Iv the aubsrliL ii uir Ltt ;, - .1:,;1.1-
t 4.44441 Iti 10 'ldly 1.4(11111.1111 111 that.) . retret is 441 44! `bp 4
1'1. 4 1' 1.41 1144 4.44 %%111 4 h haN r , l • s” "a 1 111, 41 I
I4V t'orvet their sort 1.1, in the 1 1.1114: (1 II 1 4
61441114' 1,041111 , 141111 4 11 t ,“ It. Volt.. :11,1 nt t
I Ire 1.1 r t nnaerry tee t. at the lat.;. tie t Jtt't
t tile the it:irm a 11. ut-e: and still mert. rl 4 T sly
Fire at. 1. i1;11 11i -t ut, rt in IL.- rity r f
l'hihh•lphia, in v. bieh these s can,. fatly
thy::; I; , \I 1401 nu: r.y t.ther s
IVAI.:11"1! :street, I'hi!nde;ll.
Chilled Iron 9:dl•e. ss itla - I`ma der l'astiof L.•el s. i, afia
faisttlaa•d eNpris•sly Rauh., hyphen:, rs. and
nt hers trquleine seem it' team r0;.,11 , .... rank \ atilt as i
Lost e. e. nn hand made tia it der. All the
eel.J'rah•d Lochs ter sale at same Whet urea ,. prices.
St••••• 1 4 ,1 hsvd ' :s!amatnler t• ' 111111. • 11, n
ciw,it - of .4 her teal s. hr4.‘ t• 14 n talKvn in pi] C 1 ,413 -
nii•nt fits Het riam's for tittle ait half pries•'.ll.ll
A ATCI.I 1.'.:7 1 . 1..`1 1 .11 1 .1.1 ES 1 . 1 .—,11 (JUN
ly bliNsEl.i.v.unolufz“.tuter Lind MI enti rvt I-A} E.
'l. x i•ATIvNT: - .V/U A lib V l'h Ili lIT 1% IR I/ BOX 01A1 t lit.S
NO. H; N/1111 1 I It'll TII •il ..1, (id 1,‘, , Illur I tH4,A 1:1A,
I'IIIA. 3latehrs, It3IIIIl! her, mt All Illilltielillllble meth he
iu housekeeping. the sill Sel'il , Cl* utter a pi ant l.114.1l:C1, i t
time and money. Is enabled to oiler to the l'ublie ,in i,r
-t inks lit 1,11‘.0 nlnibliiiit...: Utility lit t livairmess. - "Idle M.
v ol itar knowing the Mt vger :11.1.1•11elodt.11 111 ;-le ,, ill t I I
OW Ililllk'Y III:Miler In II Mat 3latehia, are i,triCially
purled In paper, has Ly the alt) I•I New Strain 'Ma' Mr. i y
id Ids own liivention,sureemled in gettimi ups IA rl 1
I'ATENT StlUAltlr, I: I'IIIIIIIT \VW] , PON; this I i x is
finliren raid.', in no milell that It orrupits no no to rt i in
ban the old round Aro, il la.x. and .t atains at It Mt
Two i in:Mr.:if per rout moreMatehes, w libli to r-hlri OF
IS considerable advantage; it Is entirely 111.W.11111.11A111.3
IllZahlit moisture and spontaneous et nitia-th n, ilitiads
n'll danger on transportation by nulls of litsilioad.litviiii.
mast or any ether Ineile or roils eyauce.
These Mat, hes die parked st, that one grass or MCI 0
n,ay ; Lo shipped to any part of the World with peliert
safety. They are the most deslralle ortiele li r In,
,nonsomptiou, and the t-out hems and tvestezn Lnntkcl
that base ever been invented.
11+1ft and PPERS, will do well to coil en
eX/I.llllTer for themsolvt.s.
are 11"AltItAN'11:11 to I , e ruperior
to anything iierutoroiiiol6ll:4l to the I'o4
toe, th tSI. I hif &Ara.
1)0, , r 4, 1854.
FRENCH WeighingTINTSSES, Wei“bin kss
num. 212 tamers. for the cure of llri ole er itptt re
act: ledged by the hip hest medical alltlllll RIO. of ULU
adolphia, incomparably superior to any other in me,—
Sufferers w ill be gratified to learn that the et:casit a new
offers to procure net only the highest and nwst easy. I ut
durable a Truss as any ether. in lien or tus
Mid uurraufurtuble article usually sold. Tittle is no dif
lenity attending the fitting, and 'when the pad is Int at
ed it will retain its ptAtion nith, ut thanve.
Persons at tt distance unable to 9.11 on the suiscriher.
van bail, the 'truce sent to ; coy address, by omitting
five dollars for the single 'truss, ur ten ler the double—
with measure n.und the hips. and stating sidi , Ltfected.
It will 1.41 exchanged to suit If not t tting. ht. returning
at once, unsoiled. For sale only by the trope rter.
C.51,1.:11 11. NEEI'LES,
e lt 11111
Ara^ 1.1P1.48, requiring the beneill of Nerbanicni inp
porters, owing to the liellingenient of the Internal V.'r
gnus, inducing falling of the Womb. Veva). l'ulmothi",
Dyspeptic, Nervous and Spinal Weakta<ss, nm illUntitrd
that a emnpetent and oxperkenced LADY will be in at•
tondanee at the Poems. (set apart for their .extluf,ive
use) No. 114 TWELFTH Ft., let door l.olen'r
July 26, '64.
RATIS !—Just Published—A U - 6 - 1;
1k...1" DISCOVERY IN EMCINE.—A few words or the
ittittonni Treatment, without Medicine, epermator ben,
or local irenkness,nervour debility. low spirits,lassitude,
weakness of the limbs and back. Rnsl osit ion and 1 , o
pacity for study and labor, tinliness of apprebensh r,
loss of memory, ncemion to society, love of solituet
toblity. self distrust. dizziness. headache. involuttary
diseharges, 1 aim , in the Fhb', meet Inn or the
pie. , on the fare, sexual nod other Infrinities in man.
Froin the Frentli , of Dr. D. DeLancey:
The:important fart flint. these Maiming romplt rota
luny easily be removediVlTHOUT an mem. Is In thlstynll
traet 'clearly demonstrated, and the actin ly now at d
hlehly suceessftrentment, no adopted by the ALIN r,
fedly explalned.byhmatis of Avlilvla every one Is eiml ?rd
to mire himself perfectly and nt the least possible evst,
'avoiding thereby all the advertised nestrutos at the
Pent to any mbiross, gratis and post fim. Ina 'malt.]
mivolopo, by remitting (post paid) two postage stallim
to Dr. 11. DeLancoy,l7 Lisp‘ , ..trti street, York.
March l—ly
of you who havebeen afflicted for wars with this
bothersonan disease; nod who have been using alined
every 'Nostrum before the public without relief, we SAY
to you try " KlefTer's Antlitysperit le" and you will Ff OU
ho convinced of its trreat supeitority over every other
' preparation. t We could giVe you v-rv.y errtfflrates comb
cratin our asstns but a stale trial is wOrth mem ,
than al g
l. 'flits remedy is prepare p d and sold at the Drag
Store of 8..1. 1:111111:11, &nth Itanover street, a few
doors south of the Ci.urt I. --se, Carlisle.
pi r ilabelplya.
~. ~. ~~~,
o"~i ;
S PATENT, ClIA:\111-
1:i)41 , vith Ha' s,
kV I: )x.%::}s 1.411, 'T. 1:11 s
1 s 0
.1 • 11
1 i)
r 111