Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 22, 1855, Image 7

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'Provincialisms of English Language.
When one considers the vest number of
human beings that use the English Language
as the medium Of communication of ideas,
of the.ditforent circumstances in which they
live, the different employments to which they
devote themselves, the different stocks from
which they have sprung, and the various lan
gnages which the English has tal?fm upon it
self to absorb and assimilatiOtwill not sur•
prise him if be shell find the well of the pure
old English very much defiled in many instan
One : of the greatest difficulties with which
the pure English has to contend is the her
itago, of ignorance which ohildrect receive
frym their parent's. Peculiarities pro
nunciation, blunders in orthography or ac
centuation, misconception of . the meaning
of words themselves,_ pass down from father
to son, with as much regularity and as con
stant an accumulation as the flap or the fam
ily mansion. This is peculiarly Observable
in the old English districts whertdife for cMi
turica has bunt cast in the same mould, and
old forms and customs have hemline as natu
ral and familiar as the hills that hem in the
population from the world around. 'A few
years since a Mr. hlulliwell of London, pub:
fished a Dictionary of Archaic and Provin
cial Words, obsolete phrases, proverbs, and
ancient customs from the fourteenth century.
We extract examples of the dialect of Staf
fordshire and Susses in England.
" Conversation between a Canal Boatman coal
his wife,
Wife. Dun you know• Suden Mouth, Jem
Boatman. Ees ; au' a ueation good feller
A desprit quoiet man, but he loves
a sup o' drink. Diu yo know his wolf?
Boatman. Know her? ay. Her's the very
devil aVeroperits up.
Wife. Her is. Her uses, that man sheam
full dier rags him every sect of her 'oil:—
Who was her feytber ?
Boatman. Whoy, Singing Jemmy.
Wife. Oi don't think - as how of ever know
ed Singing Jemmy, Was be old Soaker's
Boatman. Ees he was. Ho lived a top o'
Hell Bank. Ile was the wickedest, swearin
est mon as ever I knowed. 1 should think
as how he was - the I wickedest mon in the
world, and they say he had the rheumatiz so
"Dialogue. be'ween two Farm-laborers
Tom. Did yo look at the stack ?
Jim. Umphs I did, and it roakes terri
Tom. Why dident ye make a hole in it?
Jim. Ibe guain to it.
Tou►. It's a pity. 'Twas such a mortal
good uli
Jim. Es sure. Well it's a milancholly fine
time for the crops now ; aint it?
Tom. It'll be ripping time pretty soon
Jim. Ab, I shan't do much at that for
Tom. What be guain to do with that ere
jug ? You'd better let it bide. Do you think
the chimbley sweeper will come to-day.
Jim. la s, he's safe to come; let it be how
TOM. Which way do you think boll come?
come athirt and accross the
Tom. What, caterwiso, aye ?
Jim. /as. Did ye mind what I was tellin'
ye of?
Tom. To be sure; but dung me if I could
sense it; could you?
Jim. Lor, yis. I don't think it took much
cuteness to do that."
"BEFORE TILE :MEN Comc."—Women folks
like strong tea:` • We make the assertion bold
ly, without fear of successful contradiction:—
We never saw a mature matron who did not
relish it with as mudh.gufto as a confirmed
toper does his , tod.' And many times have
wo tieen'a 'wild, impulsive, gushing thing of
forty-five,' who near wore the mattrimonial
fetters, toss off a cup of Old ilyson that would
almost take fur off a bison; The old ladies
'generally consider good tea thrown away upon
'the however, and resort Very freely to
dilution when serving them. One ancient
h'iituieSeeper, we once .knew used to get the
females if her flock around the table a little
before the time, and serve up a rousing cup
'Of tea all round before the tnaScu
line party made their appearance ; and as she
poured out the beverage 'that cheers but not
inebriates,' steaming hot, her invariable
ej4aulnt;oa,.a~ alto passed the cups hastily ~ to
I :`quick t bef
uteri come.
den a man who is seen drunk four times, is
'deprived of his vote at elections, and the next
Sunday after the fourth offence, is exposed in
the thurchyaFd publicly,.
Be Careful of Small 'Things.
Irving, in his life of Witshington, dwells on
the particularity with which the great hero
attended to the minutest affairs. The Father
of his country, as his correspondence and ac
count books show, was "careful in smal
things" tisnvell as of great, net disdaining to
scrutinize the most petty expenses of his
hottsehOld; and this even while acting as the
first ' \magistrate of the first republic ii the
World, In private circles in this city, tradi
tion preserves numerous anecdotes of this
characteristic, whiCh, if necessary, we could
The example, of Washington, in this respect,
might teach an instructive I?ssoti to those who
scorn what they call "petty" details. There
are thousands of such individuals in every
community: We all know more pr less of
them. Nothing is worthy of attention, in
their opinion, unless it can be conducted on a
large scale. They will not condescend to the
pennies, it is only the dollars to which they
will attend. They spurn a small business.—
They talk superciliously of those who over
look the little leakages that waste so much
money in every concern. To hear them, one
might think they Were above the ordinary
- affairs of life, and that nothing was worthy, of
their e, except disciptrina California / or
cot a kingdom.
M7,sito man ever made a fortune, or rose to
'. l" Aness in any department, without being
of small things." As the bench is
:= - 6omposed of grains of sand, as the ocean is
made up of drops of water, so the millionaire
is the aggregation of the profits of single
ventures, often inconsiderable in amount 7--
Every eminent merchant, from Girard and
Astor clown, has been noted for his attention
to details. Few distinguished lawyers have
ever practised in the' courts, who have not
been remarkable for a similar characteristic.
It was one of the most striking peculiarities of
the first •Napoleon's mind. The most petty
details of his household' expenses, the most
trivial files relating to his troop. 4, were, in his
opinion, as Vorthy of his attention. as the
tactics of a battle, the plan of a campaign, or
the revision of a code. Demosthenes, the
world's unrivalled orator, was as attxions
about gestures or his intonation, as about the
texture- of his argument or its garniture of
words.. Before such .great exawles, and in
the very highest walks of intellect, how con
temptible the conduct of the small minds who
despise small things!
COOL EIPVDEscr...---‘Will you oblige me
with a light, sir ?"Certainry, with thegrent
est pleasure,' says stranger, kncielting elf the
ashes with his little finger, and presenting
the red end with a graceful bow. Smith com
mences fumbling in his coat pocket ; takes
out his handkerchief ; 'shakes it ; feels in his
vest with despertTh..p energy ; looks blank.—
.Well, I do declare, I lOn't got one true as
the world. Have you rkp l bther you could spare?'
•Certainly, (says stranger with a smile), and
I beg you will except it.' There is a puff,
puffing, till the fresh cigar ignites, when they
separate with a suave how and wave of the
hand. Smith chucks' his friend, who was
near splitting with laughter, under the , ribs
with—.There'!-didn't I tell you I would get
it ? That's the way to get along in the world.
Nothing like cool, polite impudence.' We
thought so too.
CHANGE ron MAnKFT.— • My dear,' said an
affectionate wife, 'what shall we have for din
ner to-day?'
•One of your smiles,' replied the husband ;
I can dine on that Oiery day.'
'But•l can't,' replied the wife.
'Then take this,' and he gave her a kiss and
went to his business.
He returned to dinner.
'This'is an excellent steak,' said he, 'what
did you pay for it ?'
, Why, what you •gave me this morning, to
he sure,' replied the wife.
.The deuce you did!' exclaimed he ; 'then
you shall have money next time you go to
LONGEVITY or TIIE NEGRO.—A letter from
Rio Janeiro, in the Corriere Mercantile of
Genoa, mentions a slave 109 years old, of the
name of Francesco Tommasso Da Sala, now
living on a plantation a few miles from the
capitol. lie was born iu 1747, and had four
teen sons who became fathers. of 160 grand
children, from whom have sprung 70 great
grandchildren, having, in their turn, up to the
present time, produced 6 children, making a
grand total of 249 persons; issued from one
stock, still alive.
AN ILL-USED MAN.—Smithery was telling
us of smile of his trials. He had been ship
wrecked onee,:was hurnekopt twice, and had
to pay the notes of tligve of his frigis, for
whemlo haleudoriiedi fell ,thre - ugh a man
id the sidevialk 'and broke a;log,'wes ar•
cited 14 the .Sheriff on his marriage for a
debt ho didn't owe, but all these exile he bore
without murmering. The great trial of his
life Was that his wife wouldn't let him amoko
In the , parlor.
ROBERT.ti B. S , MI LEY, C Al)
\, .siET
Nort lli,aover street, next door to 4 •
Wass's iLited. ift
H. would respectfully inform the
eitizens of Carlisle and the public generally, that ho
has now on hand a large and elegant assorthient of 1:1.11I
NIT U BE. consisting hi part of Wardrobes,Card and oth
er 'fables, Sofas, Bureaus, Bedsteads, plain and fancy
Bew lug Stands, &c., manufactured of the best material
and quality warranted.
Also a general assurttnent of CHAIRS at the lowest
prices. VENITIAN BLINDB made to order, and repairing
promptly attended to.
gh- COFFINS made at the shortest notice; and hav
ing a splendid hearse ho trill attend funerals in town or
Arir:Reniegaber the stand—next door to 11. Oiass's
- 9
I% —.TAMES It. WEAVER would resnecreully call
the attention of ll , .use-keepers and the public
40- AU his ex tensl ye stock of clegztn t UN ITU
Intl tiding Sits, Wnrdn'heS, Centro and 'tables,
, Dressing and Plain Bureaus, tutu every other
article ui his branch of business- Als,, now, on hand,
the largest assortment of CHAIRS in Carlisle,
the lowest prices. At NS made at the short
notice and a Hearse provided for funerals. lie
solicits a call at his e , tahlishment, on North lien
over streol, liver lilasse's
.4 - if-Furniture hired out by the month or year.
Stores nab B(jops.
1;1 , x Li, STYLI: OF HATS for 1 Sill
- 1
UL 11{11 F. K ELLER respectfully an nounces t
Ind Patrons and the public generally that he has jut ---
(.rive( the FAJ.I, LE OF (.1 ENT LEM — S
11-A 1 N manufactured at one of the best c•stabll, •
rents In Philadelphia, to which he invites speci
Ile 1131.1111140 constantly on hand a large and varix ar•
sortment of his area 1111111111ketUre as Well as city
111.11t.511p.1 Caps. suitable for the season. ry mprising
variety of Itussia, Deaver. Muloclan :11111 Silk Hats, fin
ishedln thy latent style, togethrr with a full assurtment
of CAI'S of over shape and description, and at es pry
price. Ile particularly invites the lntbllic to eNII and ex
amine his exccensive assortment, which in style, cam te
ritl :cud finish. cannot be surpassed Icy any in market,
and which he able to put at privy,: lower titan ever.
Remember his I,ld stand on .N,•eth Ilantoer street, lie
urea Itunter's and Server's stores.
Y.M. li. TROUT, desires to inform his old ti ionds
tnat he has removed to his lie n , establishment on High
street, near the Railroad Depot,. end is or opening a
If/ larze and elegant assortment of th e FALL ,T,• hE
HATS. just reveivisl trom Philadelphia, whielt
4 ' 4 ` l the gentlemen of Carlisle are requested to aell and
examine. Ile has also a tars. assortment of Silk. 1. Itr
Slouch Hat, oe his own manutagture. got, up in the
best st:, le and at various prices, the exgelleney and finish
w high lie will warrant! Ilis stock lie is riffitolent on
ly needs to be eXaillined to be approved. k m a h o s„s e
supply of 3ton's, itoy's and ChildcmCs C.‘ Ps, or ch A i,
and Fur, and or every variety of st!, le and prier just re
ceived from Philadelphia. lad all who want a hat
Ctij, give him a dull, as they may be sure of being, suit
ed-to their on it Sat klactlort.
N'.lltE--Old Itom•keepei s and young, w ith Chas
als,. who are expecting to become housekeepers, are inVit
ed td gall at II A Llibltr S FA1I11,1" Mita:ELY and ex
amine his elegant assortment of Chlinyll lass a nil Queen -
ware and other al-tides in the housekeeping line. such
as Frelle4 and- litiglitdi tea Sots, heavy banded and plain,
Whit, Ills:mite, gilded aid blue Id,ttu, Dinner sets of ev
ery variety and price, bowls and ;Ateliers, 1 lireells, ittslr
eS, &C. (;tats-ware—,','Titre table and mantel lamps,
Candelabras and other taints, great rarity, trill,' and Intl .
tllllllderS. gnldetg, &;e, Fruit and preserve dishes. Int \a
riety. Cedarm are—tubs, buckets. churns. bowls, but ter
printsand ladles. meal buelyets, Ar. Brushes—sweeping.
whitit. wash, sertibbing, hnint and sho. , brushes. (betters,
brooms, tt,c. 31arket, clothes and travelling basket's,
Also a gholce assortment of Toletego and Scars.
ye who are fond of brands of S.. gtarS and try the
Itegalias.Stelrationis and otite . renba Sarieties,
and you wiltlind them of unimp,meliable „kis.
half Spanidt and COllllllOll Segars, with yhtbee snuff and
gin-wine tobareo.
i ti l( lit THE MILLION
lam jug recoil /1/ F)111
twititt P ItA.M./
V I M Ith. 11 surpass in style, quality.
ss' anti price any that hare ,rev
been exhlbeted In Carlisle. 1 respectfully sollett n call
nom persons In want of Paper Ilangisnra of an:, deserlp
tlon, as I ant entdldent by assortment tar surpasses nny
in the Borough; and In style and prices has but feu 11-
N ath in the clty, I only ash of the public to call and 4.(-
an o n , my assortment before purchasing, as I am cmdl
dent my chrthte designs cannot lad to plea., Mr most
fa.,thhous. .10IIN
Wesrdeof North Hanover Street,
Eti ! please call at RAWLINS'
4B_J wholes:Ll.. and Retail SHOE STORE, opposite the
1t iii Road Depot, if you wnnt
G oo d French Moroeeo Boot:, lyr • SI 00
Tan colored flail ers, foxed, t.
Pine French Morooeo Jenny Undo, 75
Linen Lustre atit.,rs
flood Cloth Shoes,
Frenrh 711c,roveo Plus
Carlisle. May
OOTS IN 1) 110 ES. The subscrib
has te,iy on hand It very extensive and well Se-
Sleek of 10/0 'l' : 4 uud S 110 E S.
unusually he will sell at uusually low pile
ps. Purchased from wholesale dealers, l
at low rates. he can eller such huluee- • ~- 14(hs,
thetas to purchasers as will make it their interest te vis
it his establishment. lie has - every article in the hoot
and Zlll4' line—fir Ladles' or GelltlClllollS' wear—he
thercfmai deems It unnecessary to particularize,
Ai a- Parsons desiring good and cheap goods are invit
ed to I,ive 111111 it Call.
„...4 1. 81NG HAM, DAV IS
Co.,“, t,
and Philadelphia. Cars leave both pimps East and \Vest,
t wire every Week, Tooadays and Fridays. All business
entrusted to Hingham. Davis 4: Co.. will be attended to
with prmnplimss, Whether in sales, produce or freight.
A. IL BA It NITZ, North street, Baltimore, has also
entered MO this arrangement, and will attend prompt
ly to all Inv:Mess entrusted to Wm% Mav3o,--:hu.
te a; 7 - 17 - 1 NEW BOOKS!
mmiAzisEs AND
The White Veil, a Bridal Gift, by Sirs. flak, a splehdid
ly illustrated gift book.
Longfellow, Byron, Moore, Mrs. Ilemans and other po
etical works, beautifully embellished.
Irving's Sketeh Book, plain,
•Surusalon find its Sacred Localities, by Bev. W. IL 0.
denboinnw, liortor or St, Voters, Pitthunt.
Plekorinir's (ireok Loxlron. Molitor In the original,
Miranda I I ott, a now and interesting story.
May and Dorprabor, by MN. iillbbitek.
Ellen Norbury, by Eanerson Bennett
U rave Lee, by Julia Kavanagh.
Robert OralMra, by M ra Itursh.
tirahant's and tbeloy'e Ma2azines lbr )try,
With numerous other new publications just reed at
may 2 P 1 prit'S Cheap Rook :Moro
moo`rllE AS, COFFEE,-
ER E 1 The subscriber h just
added to his Femur stock a general selection of CHOICE
GROCERIES, ns well as all the other variety of articles
_usually kept in a Grocery' Store, embracin g liin
Coffee—roasted and green—at 123 and 14 cents
per lb., Orleans, Clarified, Crushed and Pulverized
Sugars, ofine qualities; Chocolates, Spices. Dairy
Salt, and a variety of Fancy articles, all of which ore n,
fined tit the lowest cash prices. We are thankful fertile
former support, given no, and invite a further call from
our friends and customers. • - J. W. EBY.
ilarion !Mil, Carlisle.
' t eem ?. FRESH .SHAD.—A few
barvin of prim No.l SUAD, just
evil 11.
. .9tores (tub
STORE, W. I). A. NA COLE, Icould respectfully
announce to the citizens 01
• Atr citoisto :wit vicinity Hun
to hatt . oitelted a 11trg11 . ITtl
2 bettittilittstoelt o f ( lig
WATCHES ft; .1 Ell" ELlt
9< 3 66 the N. E. corner of the
s 4, PULIto Sunrt; tilw
'e:* formerly o ccu pied be 0 . 11'1
one.,door t:nst of
W. Illtner's dry good store, The stuck consisti n g n 1
evert . article In the trade, viz: GOLD AN b SILVER
,of every style and quality, gold fob, neck.
4,,t and chatlains chains. gold lockets. breaNt pi to. 'ear
rings. Att., .le. All goods warranted to be what they are
sold for.
Particular attenticn paid to it EPAIRPNG td' Geld
Watches. .lowclry, &v. All work warrmarll acurtlll),
thltuality• The sultscriher flatters hitintelt that he ran
give entire satislitcl ion to ttll Clint lin ors him u ith ILO'.
custom. W. D. :\ At'll
Carlisle, July lgth
t‘ ,.,c7.l.'e i r . .:'?: '>s3/ FANCY JEW.F.I,ItV. S-p,
‘,,' 02 A
..„ T hurt, now Oil 10111(1 and tor sale tit
nly old Stand oh ..lain Street, opposite Marion Hal!, tut
cutiilly now and' elcza lit stock of
WATCIIES, .1 EWEI,itV, .11 , ,DALIONS, &c.
(kill Lever Watches. hunting and 110'11 111S0. Silver do.
Silver Levine and Quarter IVatelies, a large %natty.
Ic , hl Allelows for ladies null tiontlemell.
)leilallionti. a splendid for huiieti unit gents
Ilreast Pins of et erg piat ern, and all prim,
Cod(' Challis for cost and foh, gold curl , rltalos
/1114 i I Ear-ltings. n tarp. :tricty.
Silver and Plated Merits. Table and Tea Sp-ens, Butter
Knives. Ate. of various styles and prices,
flold and Thitztl4cs,
Otild. Silver and Otannton Spectacles, a 'tare , h aF , .."Antent
to snit all ges. and to which we invite particular
port Nlonuales, a large assortment at every price,
li,dd Pons, Ili Ibe I wst." at vari,tis
Fniwy Aceonlerms. `, 4 peetavle ensys,
I.:ll.ii , •ti Card CaSeS. silt or and at Vacil'll , rl - 11•1 ; `,
lirart•lets. vold :11111 MI11111011; (halm di ((R.
Also n largo ea tiety of talkies to for .100 elry it,.. ,
which I will soli at the lowest pries. All articles Oar
ranted to lee hal the . ) are for. •
%)..I`iirt Millar at ten tion paid to the It El'Al E I tl 111:
anil all work lvaren r! tell. Returning thank.
Ao my Pill frieiols mai eashireers for fornior palrolaigm
I resia,ttully solicit a vontintninve of their t i ro,
Till)%ms \
SI ) It I.N(; AN!) SUN iNIErt
S • 81101.:ti!—C11Eil' 1 , 111 . t
I not hull reeeivinir n large assortment of or ,
:shoes of the vilest fashionable styles and ex-
I irmt make. fresh 11 . 0111 the hest man a titetcries.
AN hid' 1 will sell extremely low for Cacti.
I.tmE9e Tnn•colorcd Gaiters. of 15illis's mak% rt haml
sortie article. only sl.l!ri tine .It•ttity Lit.dr. mart
from VI to 1.25; black Lasting tiniters.
I : Pronell 31nruccii
,41,•(1 glfiti lba to
1.25; Netts es. lit int• made, 1,25; linuts
ditto 1.:11: 1i its: Wok 1.: 1 1 ettob-
1111171 I.:11 : Son tags and All orris 1.24,..%.e.
1 EV. tra Fini; fn•nrh f•alf 11131t.k. a /Wall{ iflll
artiele. Indy $4.o11; Ai:tail:it All
Congress Gaiters. :Monterey . 2_00; rat 00
Le 3 thor l):.lbrd 51133.5, 1.75; JlllllOl, Ties l.: , ll: patent,
leather lloneress (Miters as low es 2. 0 l): 81,0 Ill. ll 'O'
Imam Ties. line Cloth Unit es's o ith potent lips— lion
kert's .1 No. 1, patent leather clove top Mato:Lied Cen
t, .ess I /alters. enamlled, patent. lead her. ,t e. al very
le oleo,. Alm. Carpet and Velvet Slippers.
lli 5 , r. , ,' Polka Boots. opera Boots and Jenny Ihzii '-'d (Miters, potent tips, 87 els: fine KM Boots at
N'S highland lny.lts, F.ureliag. Excelsiors and
.1n klo-t ics. 'tonna.. Ibr 2.0 ; Calf, hinglt, Holed. l I
25 rents.
Stout Brogans .ifl,o o ;l.lsifiti shoes j3I.:M.
W t o TEN 's Kid Buskins, double soled. is to sl,"i; Shoe
t no, Calf 7: , ; Ilenvs Kip 'tots Linnet', bailers 7:.:
Half Gaiters Slippers 37.
Burs' IL avy I Boon, ,Fini , Calf roots. urcrvms as lew
as 75 vents: ',Misfit Coligrens limiters. patent leather
Nlonroes, patent leather .1111 lien ties, Afe,
CALVET 11tns of overe doseriptlon-O ii Cloth. 1.. 7 M0n, Bruti
sot, Vtdva from f,M. to s'2
tt ,everal thonsand dollars watt, of
Country Merchants and other dealers are ioNited to
call. All who „uish to boy good shoe: and B:nr money
will rnil at Porter's old stand, 3lain street, near Rail
Road Depot.
April ISth 14 M, RAWLINS.
N. II ANTCII ,iz,CO. have opened and now of
, for for sato at their Store 00 West High : 4 treet.
our de r %vest of the Hotel formerly kept by C. Siuugh.
on ootire Hew stork or Itraoly 3hule.,:lothing
Also, Cloths, CaSSilliered anti Whidl will Le
tualla up in the best 14 le :mil 011
hirts, Shirt Collars, Gloves, Ilosiery, Suspenders, Satin
and Stu tutor Stocks, liatulkerchiefs. ike. of the newest
styles and hest 1111111nliteture kept eiitistatitly uu baud.
Confident of their ability to please, they respectfully ai.
telt the public patronage.
p 11.1" GROCERY STORE of the subscriber, n 11-
A lien supply of fresh tinter Crackers..
Soda, butter, l'ic Ni. and Surar
Patina. Corn Starch, Topioea, Sago. Pearl Barley,
Extract of Coffee, Rico Flour, Ilahlog Ponder, Se.,
A11.,1" let of superior Table Mil.
Pickles. Tomato Ketchup, French Mustard. Ray
Ruin. Sc. .1. W. EDI'.
r 1S- -, , -
YGEI6-6-- tr." --- NT 1 , :11' IthOCEIII
The subscriber we uld respectfully inform his friends and
the public generally, that he has just retairned from the
city with a large and varied lissorttnent of
ti Roll:RIES. l LASS and QUEENSAVAIII 0 3 "5-
FISH, &e.. &., N vhieli he offers fa- sale 1 , 11 the " o' ill'
most reasonable terins, at his New Steil It . 1, 1 1 1 , i •
corner of North Hanover street and the Pul kOW A
lie Square, directly opposite the Carlisle lie.
posit Rank. ills stock entbrases everything usually
in a (I revery and Variety store.
The paldic are invit oil to call and examine his steel;
before purehasing elsm% here. as he feels confident he can
sell the best goods at the lowest vices.
IrAznircuss 311 , 1.1,1 N
tesire to Inform tho citizens of Carlisle and vicinity
that they have just received from the city and are now
opening In the room adjoining Bentz & Brother's :stor e ,
a very complete assortment of Groceries. such as
Jill ME corEmE. SUGAR. TrAs,
311(i :111 the 'squinty; kinds of SPICES Roil 11111E1) MEAT
smelt as limns, Dried Beef, Bologna Sausages, Av. hy the
0 0,0 or pound. Also Ilerrings. Mack.
erel;Shad, Cod Fish and a great variety
of articles not necossarto enumerate., lii addition to
the above, wo will reemve our regular supplies of
aft soon as thoy appear in tho city markets, to
which wo invite the attention of t h o nubile, as we
tuna Sifsell at tlit vory lowest prices for Cash or Coun
try Product,. HARKNESS R MULLIN.
T A DIES D 141 S S GOODS.—Just
II 4 opening n large assortment of Spring/end Summer
Dress Coot's. consisting of Plain and Figured %rages,
Plain ana hgured Silk Tissues, Damp do Laines, I'llllll
I.IIWIIH, Flgllred Swiss 3Suslins, Organdies. Scoteli Mtrig.
hams, and n groat variety of other goods at as ion' prices
as can be found any where in the town.
May loth, 'Mt. OEO. W. ILITNEU.
ENT CORN SHRUM, decidedly tho hest gtmV amp
es now in use. Formers ore requested to call and ox
=bult ht tho Carlisle Foundry and Machine Shop. or
at Saxton's Hardware Store. For sale at reasonable
prices by
Aug. 2
QUMMER ITATS.---eTust received at
the Store Of ROBERT DICK. a largo assortment c.
)ion's, Youth's and Olilltiren's SOMMEII 11ATS, con
slating of Panama', beitlforn, French Straw, Canton ;m
-other varieties, part of which aro colored and black—
some quite low in price. may 2
e__ —_
1 - E. GOULD, [Successor to A. Hut.
N0.'164 Chestnut st.. Swainrs Building., Phiiadel
Oda, extensive Music Publisher, and Dealer in Music u 1
Instruments 01 vvery illoseript (Op.
•4:xellisive agent for the sale of Millet, Davis 8: Co.
'Paton t : 4 nspe Sit /11 Eridge 43 4 .:01tain and oilier PI ANOS,—
Boudoir Pintas. Melodeons, Martin's Guitars
Harps. Violins, :-lieet Music, :Busk. Boobs. Aer.
Residents the country will be supplied by mail or
otherwise with musk they may wish. as low as if pur
chased In permm. Having one of the largest stocks fu
the United States.] feel confident of satisfying all who
may favor me IN ith a call or order.
Deapthi i Music supplied on the most 111.eml terms
Pianos c‘ . liecund-hand Plains fur sale.
May 20.18034!
€ , .
i I: VolVilt ILESA LE and It LTA IL, al the " 11,ila
1, delphla Watch and J,eu illy '1! tot e,
N unit er lib North I•eet.nd t:treet. t vi
i t - 7 - ,
LA oerof Qa
urry,. Philadelphia. fluid
hover Wtdelu s, lull jeuelled, 18 var-
A-. at 1,ISI!S, - - S2O at
dald; rarat.eases, 24 CO
Ll* ‘• .'' ' :liver •• jou els ',l 00
Us' 40 • *I.!. ;liver Lever, full jeu ellt d, 12 Ou
- - - • - ' 7 CO
Fine Silver Spectheler,
Gold Britt.lids,
Ladies' Gild l'enrilg,
Silver Tea Spriiiis.
tLdd Pens. with Pencil and Silver Helder
l7oltl Firtger Mug. yet.ts tt, NVntell Chtss,
Cents. Patent ther article,
in proportion. All goods wart anted to I,e Arita 'limy arm
sold for.,
- sTATITER k 11A1:1.1.Y.
On IPind. Gold and Silver Levtrs and I...epine:.
still Invier than the Jli`oll , Nit es.
— 7ll
ON 111:1; PIIOOF SAFES. eith hails Fitter t
_ .
Pt. tier Proof Lin 1.5, 0 llidl NI el e
rt....".2"........1t.,17.1i,711-t-CittvtS,V- awarded separate. , :tledels at the
1 - ,t,t -, .. ,1- ! , ,_ 4 lts-1, t,l, tVorltls Fait. Lund , tt ];:, 1 , and
'1 ;-.l,Cfetl .r::',. . ' i} ' l,tl " al , . at the World's ' Fair. :..t ent
t,t 1 ';;%.,!......qii g, York. 155.1 and '5l. Ti e sedscri
' . l
(1,1,4p,/pi . ri h i 4‘...,!;i: ben-ate the soh , Imettutheturers
itv - Z I A . t ,L ''' . .ttftl, i irt and proprietors in this Ftate cl
- ?ilit,l the ill)11% ly 1111.1,1111011 ti :tales and
t ' ii e tl i Itt`dtis• Them' reputat it n ttf the
)!., : ~: • : ,..,,,•:. , _g s ,e iul tt .. l . ll : ,t i ,„L i l i , i.t t l e i: s
l . . , e r t , l l l e ll t. i l s, ,
i s i i t n , ) , t , l i d i...
. •„ t.
. - 7 :
1 „,,,.. ,
a., i
.. years the mercantile ettninunit v
te- have witnessed anti letrhe testi
mony to their 7.1 vrn tettivt; the plea realities, .111. le
than 12.000 of these Sates have Leen actually sold. and
toyer 'tun itemt:tEa have passed triumphantly through
aceitlental Tres. The pultlie are asset] ed the( all FtetitS
IlliHilliiittall' the 1101 vet 112(1 S are not Lnly guaran
teed to I, niii:. Il i llal, 10t in many respects even 511.1.1 -
dor to those Y. hich 115511 Men Si) scveikly tiled I. tre.
Fery mill forget their centres to the I.Onlimr ( I the.
'Tril.une vslsl.lishnient:' Nevi Yor4...ard at the Orval
Fin` ill Strauderry street. at, the ler . „ , ot Ire last Juiv.
. pposfie the Giiartl 11. Ore: illitl still more recently
he the Fire at 1.1611 urd th,si.tit std, ire- the city I f
l'hiftlelphia. in NN lA+ 'these i , afes came 11 rth the ae
hnowleth:ed CHAMPION, when 11111111' ether securities
Tailed. I'AfTEL & CO..
ai W A LN UT :41 vet
cl Iron Safes, ait h Powder Proof Locks, manu
factured ,spressly fio. hanks. Brokers. Jewellers, and
others requiring security hem rogues. Pank Vaults.
hoots. Ay. en hand and made to order. 411 the most
c e l n prated hoc). s f r ode at mat afact urers" prices..
; , ecentl hand "Safer," "Salmanmicrs" and "Iron
Cl,.'. Is" of other makers. have ti en taken inogirt pay
ment tea'llerriag's for sale at halt price.
I NE\ N ELIA. /canufacturer and Inventor of SA FE
i .iTENT st. ; 'A It UPIII lila ta.p mix ATCti
No. 10,5 North FillA.Tll Sheet ii,rre pace)
I'IIIA. Matches haying lee , me an intlisl onsuble article
In househeeping, the svhseril er :titer n great sacrifice of
titn::_and money, is enabled to ..der to tho Sallie an ar
t Joie at Omen comhining Utility mad l henpmc.s. 'I he In
ventor I: cifnving the dzilitzer ftititrohololt t il ou not . . nut of
the Mulvey manner in h Matches are generally
packed ia . piper, bas by the aid of New thenut Machinery
of his own invention. succeeded Mgt-Mug up a VArkal
PATENT ShItTAI:U. UPRIGHT Woof/ DUN; this hcx Is
far preferahle. la as marl that it tccuples Ito lucre rot m
Lan the 0111 n vutt stot•il lea, and evittaltill at least
Two hundred per Cent mere:klatches, w hit]. to Shippers
is considerable ahvaidage; It is entirely at-sr.:end rerun:
against moisture and spontaneous eettil astit u, dispels
all dangerim transportation by means of Ilaiboad,Steaus
Nut or any other fiftlife of tokii cyan,
These klatehes are paebed se that one gr(l,s or MTV
may he shipped to any part of the Itoild with perfect
safety. They are the desiralte ac tick fir 11 em.
00osomption, and the Z 4 ouiliern and western market
that have ever been lug ented. .
ll •:it LI^I2S and SHIPPERS, will do \veil io a&"
exanuor, for themselves•
t TN.:Nies° matches. are WARRANTED to be superior
to anything heretofore offered to the
.1011 N ItoNNELLY
-106 North FULIWIII St.lad'a
Dee'r 4. I'4'4
FRENC,If TRUSSES, Weighinglecs
thou ounces. for the cure of II emit' or ltupt m e
aehm,wldged b . ) the highest medical authoriticsot 1101-
adelphia, incompat ably superior to any other in use,—
Sollerers Ai ill be grit ified to learn that the occasion 111 AI
liff(TS to procure not only the highest and most easy,Lut
as durable it Truss as any other. in lieu of the cumbrens
:nnd unemnfortalle article usually sold. There is no (lit
lenity at tending the fitting, and when the pod is locat
ed it will retnin its pesition with, ut change.
POMPIIS at n distance unable to call on the subscriber.
can have the Ti ins sent to ally addrt ss, by I ClllittiTlg
five dollars for 00 Filll2lo Truss, or ten for the double.—
with measure round the hips. and stating side affected.
It will be e‘elinuged to suit If not fttlng, by reterning
at once, unsoiled. For sale only by the Importer.
Corner Twelfth and Pace streets. Philadelphia
lAmss. requiting the benefit of 31,•chanleal
porters, owing to the derangement of the.lnternal Or
gans, inducing falling of the Wentb. Vocal, Pulmonary.
Dyspeptic, Nervous and Spinal Weakness, are Illtinmed
that a competent and experienced LADY will he in at•
tendance at the Rooms. (set apart for their exclushe
use) No. 114 TWELMI St.,lst door below Ituee.
July 26, 'l4.
GRATI S !---Just Published—A nett
DISCOVERY IN MEDICINF.—A few words or the
Rational Tmament. witbout i‘fedirine, Spennater hen,
or local weakness, nervous debility, low spirits, lassitude.
weakness of the Bulbs and back. indisrwition and . :l co
plelty for study and labor, dulls-c•s of appreho6slcn.
loss of memory. aversion to sod, ty, love of stlituce ti•
widlty, self distrust. headache. Involurinry
discharges. ralps In the shie, affection or the eyes, pht,•
pies on tile Sten, sexual and other infrullties in wart.
From the 'French of Dr, It, DeEanetty
The important fart that these ain . rming comph into
May easily he removed WITHOUT atrmcita. is In thistmnil
tract clearly demonstrated. and the entirety new and
highly stleeetiSflll treatment. as tolopteti•by the Anther.
rally explained, by means of ashlch every one is enaled
to cure himself perfeetiv and at the least pot•sible east:
avoiding thereby all the advertiged nostrums of the
• Sent to any address, gratis anal post free. in A sealed
envelope, by remitting (post paid) taro postage stamps
to Dr. 11. DeLtineey, 1i Lispe-Ird street, York.
Marcia 1-ly •
L - of you who havebeen afflicted 11>r years with Ohl
bothersonto disease, and whn have been using almost
ovory Nostrum betbre the public witliolit relief, we saY
to you try " Kieffer's Antillyspeptic" end you will soon
bo convinced of its great superiority over every other
preparation. 'WO could Ova you ninny certificates comb.
orating nur assertions, but a singlo trial Is worth more
than all. This remedy is pnapared and sold at 9 . 4) Dreg'
Store of B. J. KETYPER. South Remover street, a he
doors south of, the Court House., Carlisle.
- I
:1 MI
1 N.