Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 01, 1855, Image 4

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Ctarliflt Yyrp
111 •$ `
Terms —Two Daliars a year. or One !Whir gm
Fifty.opo.c. if paid pa , riaally in _Advance
$1 7.5 y* d with a the -y , at. •
Whig County Convention
It a rlo-tinif ~ f n,...‘,1q
Ittitter of Ctifol.el lard, remits eon, i n nisi , 11100
~ f previllo. not till 1,01,11, of .1, hi,
111 Ctn . : or. f=.0111.1.1y 11,0 of July, the !If'.
r:a.l II 111 ~ d
1:osr ;vv.]. 'I 11:1 ilu• 11. t - 1
rr ir.eBt.• , l ,11 tllr.r tt.nBl t inn, 811,1 Ha .•••
d v• in tir. 1.11 'B - 8..1 , , I r
1:!,i). 3111 tO , U. CT. I 011 VITUDA
I,t c • I t t
s',ja an.' ‘‘llo 41:3111,e01
Ili In 11... I. 1...A:1t I I
i nn Vi/N. , I. :41 I Sort, !"),, r11.1:co
et t ., /..,tlilll ./ Ll,ll Atr.:l.A•rh.,,lC.
:Id. I t ,114
I aut., a% WI, 11 1 , • .1. t. itt d
11.'11. 1:1-t :,rol
eu the lith (1,2,
or ;•:elqeinher n t f‘,r the rdootin , ,,f tim
AVhi: , State Conrcrititm, Ivhich is to 1 o
held at Ilarrishurg.
AV O.IW :1.; IZ
At the meet hie of the members of th,e
Whig- Standiip Cpuimittee on Saturdav
it was re. , elved to call a nominatit7
Connty Convention, t , he held on the :;(1
of September. The prospect. of elect inc
11'libr ticket this fall is rzylier , it
tine 4 las nonfe- , ,-ed, hnt the old line •Whi , _s
11 - vertheless hove an important and in-
fluontial part to pay id the cauva,s
A despatch from Washington in :•Ton
d::y's papers announces the rennyval o! .
Guy. Reeder, and the apiwintnuent II
John L. Pawsnn, (ioi•crnor ,:f
Dawson was a meuiber of the lat,l'un;2l,q..s
and Voted for the :Nebraska
less r.D. - it his reward
'he or , anizatiun of I . :Hiszts territio.\
began with a gross outrage upon tL
rights of the North, and'the removal a
Gov. Reeder is the last ors series of out
r•l'veri which have marked the na
I 'rum the beginning, President Pierce
has now filled up the measure of his
by - Officially endorsing the course
of the "border ruffians" of Missouri in
their infamous attempt to propagate shi
very by the violation of all law and jus
THE 3LI7N LINE NoT Sot.n.—On
Tuesday evening of last week, the main
line of the Pennsylvania State works was
put up for sale, at public auction, at the
Merchants' Exchange, in Philadelphia—
but not a single bid was made. Gov.
Pollock was 'present, and after giving a
rea-onable time to the persons assembled,
when it was discovered that no bids were
likely to offer, the whole matter was ad
journed sine die.
. The failure of this sale is certainly a
matter, of great regret. The works can
iteVarlA productive in the hands of the
''ConiMonwealth, and the sooner she is rid
of thein,the : better. It is to ,be hoped
that the Legtslature will remodel the' bill
next 'winter,and rid it of the objectionable
Jeaturea.lwhich have prevented the trims
fer of the work to other hands.
CROPS ABROAD. — Accounts by the lint
Steamers state that the prospects of an a
bundant harvest are promising in Eng
land and France, as well as in this count
ry. "The papers speak very highty of the
enormous yield. Potatoes are said to be
in great abundance in England.
for thirteen years Lutheran pastor at -Peters
burg, York county. Pa., has accepted a call
from the church,. Shippensburg, late under
the care of the Itan,k,, Sadtler.
t f utt. li
i,rl:l , EnA
A private letter from Kansas, dated
July 7th, has been received by the editor
of the Easton Argus, which says :—''The
Legislature of Kansas adjourned t n the
6th, to meet at Shawnee l'lission on the
19th. When their Committee waited on
Gov. Rec4r, to inform him of their de
termination to , O, he 'informed them in
very distinct terms' that lie would not
recognise tut , further action of theirs,
but would consider them dissolved by
aet. A few of the members more intel
ligont than the rest, hegan before they left
here, to appreciate their position. 'Hi'
first leHslature of Kansas is undoubtedly
diQs,dved, and no competent to do
` 4 r r iN in tile (ll)VernnrS
e()nlidenCe, t l l i inilV lie taken as
the introillt(ctl int,) 1111 , inol)
‘,11 , ) , 1
ill 'O, w.:•{ , several :\('lv
t:11.:0 an 0))11)
I,l\ in_ 11 pelt tux or) them, :,new
ilmkn'te vete those 1\11)) Tc! . •,• it,
oiVuliiiPP4 in tLc :pills 'of
Tilt. "f ;‘,vrrirr," vilf)
tl(! fit. L tr:pcvs as bt. , in:_r at IVc.-1-
pont \\ v ,,1. 1 , 11 -
tk'or. ono--Mr. NV0 , ,,1-on, the ;-:(...ry:ary
flit' Tcrrit ,, ry. Nvln) upon tlio above
action ‘,l ( v, 1:(.(1 , •r, as , un:c(l tilt.
( , f (: 0 \ (. rn(.r. llt expellcd
(,f tin 1.,,-H;lature ,•
pnlilisln: 1 a 1,1 ott.t., and call , ,1 a
A dispatch from St. Louis says th;:t
llu\'et•no liet (icr 11:ts vetoed tints far
the Lill- Nissonri Ican.-as
Legislatine. no the that the lath r
is not in ie:J.-11 :ession, but they iniyo le
passed thew all again 10 . y large ni.joritics.
The Ohio repuh'in party i:-7 - tNt har
moni,,us in ti,e rnt port tit i tltrrt • o9ll! . c
nominated state 6( . 1:0 With C.N-Senatc. - -
Chase for Governor. K. N. journt•ls
of the more ex . elusive stripe in Southern
()Itio aro very much dissatisfied with
Chase':, nomination. The inoq of the
other Candidates on the ticket are
fictory howover, and as the ino:st influen
tial lenders , of the Amorif•an party, such
as l'anThell, Brinkerhoff and Ford ;11p
port Chase, the probah lit.; i. th:it dn.
di-affcction kill not ]on= dirt ain't that
Ohio will :Slaini thinly up to the position
:..he took la:4 f;i11.
The 'Democracy' of Pennsylvania are con
siderably 'exercised' about the choice of a
candidate for the Presidency. The liar
risburg Keystone, an old Cass paper, has
run up the name of GE(unti.: M. D.s.u.As,
of 'casting vote' notoriety. On the other
hand, the friends.of Mr. BucHANAN are
preparing to bring that gentleman forward
again, and there is every prospect of an
'interesting time' between the rival fac
tions of Locofocoistn. The anti-Bucn
sNAN papers denounce
,the recent state
Conventioras having been entirely coil•
trolled by Buchanan's friends, and say
that the nomination of Mr PLUMER was
was made expressly on the basis of his
devotion to the interests of the 'sage of
Wheatland!—_l very interesting 'free
fight' is evidently brewing and will breal
out one of these days.
NEW BANKS.—The success which at
tended. the applications for new banks be
fore•the last Legislature, has given en
couragement to a host of others, and the
next Legislature will be literally overrun
with them. The Harrisburg papers con
tain notices of intended applications for
seventy-six new Banks, and the 're
charter or increase of capital asked for' is
thirty-seven millions of dollars!,
, CommuTATtoN or Mns. lionmsnig's SEN.
TErien.—The Governor of New York has com
muted the sentence of Mrs. Rabinson, Ithe
veiled niurdress;" to imprisonment for life,
contrary to the will of the eccentric lady, who
had expressed herself anxious to get out of
this wicked world. •
Ile"A letter from the West reports a fight
between Col. Cook's command and a largebody
of Sioux Indians, in which the former lost 160
men ! It needs confirmAtion;
.r,lllli/titotht tOresnLyl
Evian ant) Cattata '3ltatters.
PosTPoNEmENT.=—The Fall exhibition
of the Cumberland Conii . ty Agricultural So
ciety has been postponed to Wednesdhy,
Thursday and Friday, the 17th, 18th and 10th .
days of October The farmers of the county
g •uerally deemed the first appointment too
early in the srTtsoli.
THE nitmiEN's I'AnADT.
ra'le ct the 'Firemen can last,--fer
the. occa:,iort could scarcely in called a flarve,t.
home—ova q certainly one of the arrst briithmt
g,t.ants which has 1 COll nits St , til in our
borough for yours. The majority of our
citizens Were •in fact finite tnlsen by surprise
1)y the impusing (lemomAration, the arrange.
nfents I'm- IN hick bad beim made.
The l'h:lmher.-I,nii.; and 11.irrisimrg :Com
panies having arrived by the mmning-vars,
the line tif proces , iun Was fornied on Main
~ . at 11 (Ceb.e.!:, .1..11_, toiler (110 dii"t•th n
and Aid , : lir
Prtif 7, A•4-I , tant lila. lla , ft,llll
mi.sAp Entnile tint) C.:l)pnny
.1,,511 T. lI
Mm.-11.11s, I) 1-;:irly and
1;. 11,01e1,;itt.g}1.1-- NI),-Itit
r;c11.).( 1 , on 13r:olo'. who ~ votil, l c,•rtainly
f r !;
m.,1114 a L liy W/ at a filv. ney ir(la
tl cod-oth,, sil;rl,4 with r‘liite r:nt-t mu./
vi.•l,lv cv,11,1:1z,.:1(,11.11in,•r
Cr, '4111 , 1 t tut lk
)11rshal. 71.ittlfew
Assi•tant :klar..4ll:C.s, John Jeffries and
V r r
IVilt. 1.
1, ,i,!,•,ny g ,.,,,d tilui)—who wore
, zrrrm hnt ,, , 'h rte :11: I 1.1.1,•1; 1 rtntol“oli.,
wal 110
W:1, I
iI ; uatitd atlii nl pr;Triate dc•
, Tltc rii.!•...rtranc.c of tic hip!, and
t tlit , two C.1.,,mt.ct.,1,,tr,z,
h rg.zplL:Ltiutl
Hope Eapine Compaty of Harrisburg. e
regret that we dill not learn the names of the
ctlieers. The members, who turned out :dont
60 strong, wor ! rwit!te shirts and black panta
loons, and leolsed like energetic fellows. Their
En: -, lne was :leehle , lly "the era Ll. ut
the l in e, its construction denoting groat powt.r
fini-lt of the vie , ;:,;trico
It ten: wily iiilorneil itud
:mil elicited admiration.
Criioti Engine awl 11o,e Cewpany of Carlisle
:\ 1 otiroe Morrie. The engino mein
her , woro re , l shirts awl black pantaloons, atol
the Ilo,e m , •ml , rrs viigift(
flic bor.(' earritt4u )VIIS COVCrell kith tit)
eorations, presenting All elegant appear:oleo
The Etrgine of the company, drawn by fo!
Muck horses n•ith four attendants dru,skd in
the oil contiueut:tl costume, formed it n, vol
feature of the processbm.
Cumberland Engine :Ind lii io Company
Carlisle.—Marshals, Maj. Robert McCartney
find Peter Spahr. it e Cumberland boys turn
ed out strong, wearing red frock coats and
black pantaloons. The carriages of the cois.
puny were gorgeously embellished with flowers
and streamers, making a beautiful display.
God Well h ose Company of Carlis'e
Marshals, Robert Allison and Jusiph Weibley.
This is a new company and made its first
parade with its new hose carriage on this oc
casion. The members wore white shirts turd
black pantaloons, au,dAe new carriage which
is a beautiful affair, wag Splendidly arched
and adorned with flowers and evergreens.
The military were represented in the pro
cession by Capt. Stevenson's Company of
Junior Cadets, of Carlisle, who with their gay
uniforms and "arms and accoutrements in
good order," marched with the steady, if not
stately, tread of veterans. The litlte Cadets
were special objects of interest and attraction
in the procession. -
The Bands of Music in lino were the Me
chanics' Brass Band, of Chambersburg, the
Valley Band of Shippensburg, both of whom
wore handsome military uniforms, and the
Keystone. Band, of 'Mechanicsburg, whose ad.
'nimble performances contributedi argely to
the spirit and enthusiasm of the parade.
After marching through the pr'incipal streets
the prodession proceeded up Main street to.
the College Campus, where in the cool green
groves a substantial repast had been provided
by the Committee, of Arrangements. The ap
pointed orator of the day not having attended
according to expectation no address was de
livered., After dinner therefore the companies
again formed into line. and marched to the
public square, where aft.Gr a brief but eloquent
address from the gallant Marshal, who always
speaks to the. point, and any number of cheers
for the ladies, cheers for Chambersburg, cheers
for Harrisburg, cheers for Carlisle; and cheers
ti m, Tht'y L , e it:11.1'11g(
Alo,ut 611 t,mt,or, on parade_
c . ..:4].?• ,
r "noble selves," the companies wore
for the
It w•as a day of gaiety, exhileration and
excitement studh as our ancient town seldom
witnesses, stirring up the enthusiasm of all
paTtidularly the ladies, who testified
their sympathy and admiration by flinging
wreaths and iglu to the gallant firemen as
they passed along,. wile„roceived the floral of
ferin;:- with shouts upon shouts of applause
for the fair contributors. The day passed oil
tcith wt one nim-ks f disorder or disturbance,
—The 11-
arc glad to learn that the visiting COM
!..ll,ies from Ilarri,lnirg mul (7hrimbershurg
wet e gratifiel with their reception and enter-
addre,s at the second Annual
Fair of the Pilg i'-lpring Literary institute, in
Nowville, will be klivered by A. E. McClure,
Es+ of Clittniliersbur,s, on Stiturilay the 11th
Ati.,:nA, at 1 o'clock,
Izlgukt c,,Titinue live dap,
f , rik:ur th has orecicrT
o ctontnomi,,Aus, et/i act!, giving thcui
With t-13L.e fgclifties the
c-101 'irk: ) . be •xpeeted to far sorpnss
the f,,riner in the littnkcticeness of its disphiy.
lacch:iii .. .cs we hope UM hare
tbeir luir:y re' ro3elited
in the colidn;_; txhil.)ttiQtl
LE ();, T 4 \VS
, I ,, ry thven:ll.,,t 11(mse en the
:.i.! T 1.4
!•,;,,, !LA. 1:k•t V ..•1, to felt. It. N. 1.011,._
1%.r :14,:.110. The ti cont. Qale , property in
nil inileate 1 , Iteidtl rizse in tl.e
),Itltte ..f real vst:tte.
PrilurEATic Coi l : cry Co,NvEsTioN.—
(ICwgztte eloctions of this
oeuntv will be on the );-zth of Aupt•A
11 the 11 o,llveution meet on ,11.A1-
1 , •.^ the "_tail. The e , ilv,..ntion is tu :51t w;:li
tito r.; mot til:‘ voting, 'oe rotre instep
iflt 1,M11.1:1
CoNVENIION.—Mr. Shyilv thr
Cerurteti !nut of Public 5e1,(•,.15, rt:
the ee.eventi , )li pr.l,
ett to 1e hell e the I ramv Antfust, toe the
purpose ,)f adoptiog u series of School books,
n•ill not be held, on account of a few districts
I p:fusing to puticipato
1 I II I , T.—T , nt 11;24:VO: , f, t
which wit. Inrw, r, Ira„ hoer engiig.2 , l (luring
the p'.st wevi;, his Levu very trottidesunie
nec...tint io.( , trate and tauglcki - ootplit . ,:i
the crop, occ:lQi 'we i recciit storms. Tbe
'abort; of haVVeSt are flow 11S go,ol as occr,
:tu.l fur c,untry frien4ls I‘lll agnia hate
lecithin; j l: until seol-time conles On
Ilenry A.
C.cri; in the Dop.,sit
re,1 , ,:ne.1 his t•ittintion. lie ''' .
tiny 4innlitietttions-atitl we I‘;:trn lsns been in-
rited to a situation in a WeSIMI institution
11ARVEST I.lOME.—The members of
the Cumberland County Agricultural Society
iil haVe a Harvest Home Festival on Satur•
day the 11th of August.
MARKET.—Itt market this morning
potatoes Nuld at 50 to 61...1 cents a busl l iel ac
cording to quality: illlttCl' at 20 cents and eggs
at 10 cents. Vegetables in abundance at low
prices. , _
2,;.Y.Th... relaxing heats ifsuunuer leave behind them
~te‘lla. Th.. Ind v,•1.,:t1 of these are
apd I:a sure atioud:utt. lowne ss
OA- the, we not rec ,, lntnen(l a speedy and
unfailing in the f lb .4lond's
ters. prepared by ilr. )1. ,I.II'ICSO.N. 1'101:n1,40'1n. It
in .fur opinion, a wedleine rt 1if.N1.1:1 , —a11,11.•-1111-
111,1)1 , taf,Ilal.11.. It S,clits reaeh the :Int:111in
toe didirtilty in the en.;anizalb.n. nud thu,
t., the ~...erothn, and the 1.1... A et the
mtn.r,t, or the ~ause te n th prol.erties
;21 , a vh nr t., the meml , lai,ea *lt. at. 1,..011 anti 1,1 , -
th , ,ecret i..n of th•
the MI, its r,rdial. H,,,thlng and alterative
Ilurhre impart , :•.'ll t•I! I rontlarity and tit' to Liao
urtiuu arthi , evretive on:ans. and !wen n. fortilv the
I.konSl tint. iseur n wn nx p or htii‘ i t of Its ttitpolF,
;Ma we be t•VCI It Is confirmed by the 1:v111191. ,, of nll
Wirt) intvp to It, nr.had an orli..rtuiilty it nev, jug
its operation. sale by Dr. Jackson, l'2oAreliStretl,
[Letter front 1 Minor Potts,i rgi n in]
Illeumosti, July oth, I.B,ll.—Mossrs. Wm. S. Bt.
titisni,—Cont.ltiorat ions of duty td the afflicted alone
prompt me to send you this voluntary ti stimmtial to
the great value of •d.:ititTrit's St..t!dHli M txTritz," ft.r that
ainu,t Ineutultle disrtrlt, SCROFM.A.
11'ithuut hero dispeted or deeming it neetissary to tro
Into tho partleulats of the rase, 1 eau nay' gat the 22g.
tonishlng results that have been produced by the one
of that niedieine on a !amber of my own family, and
wader on awn observation and superintiditlence. aft. , r
the shill of the best physicians had helm exhausted and
Ail the tlsllhl .I(slnValt'a Witt tilled, fully justify nit inn re
commentliud uso to all who may be suffering fron
. • .
that dreadful malady.
1 do net mean to inc that It is all consti
tutions, or that It will afford the little relief i» all
etisysic per, 4,2' rots o, 1 Valli:110W abollt. 'that—
Ina from what I have seen of the effects, 1 would not
hesitate to use It, in any. and t•yery ease of Seroftibt,
parsons lair whom I fot an Interest, or over whom 1
could exercio Intluenro or control.
Itespoctfully yours,
July 23,'55. JNO. M. BOTTS.
Mawr DILIS 4 I—This is a military word of Command
which never falls to improve the appearance of a compa
ny. nut It may be applied to civil ranks also; and to
the citirensofearlisie we my that the best place to get
the right dress to suit the figure, the season, and the
purse, is At lloekhill k Wilsons celebrated cheap store
No. 111 Chestnut street, corner of Franklin Mace, Mils
:New ..ablirrticionott.
A CARD.—The thembera of the Good Will Hose Coni
pany rot turn their thanks to Mrs. Eby and family, and
tlorgas and family. for the tasteful decoration of
their hose Carriage. They are also under Many obli
gations to the Ladies throt,;ll4eat the tow. for the
numerous wreathes presented at the recent Firell/CUS
order of MI, 0 9mpany.
I:011T. ALLISON. INlttrFhni._
CO NTP T 141 S Ell.-
oentlemen—Through the solis . lEttion r,r some of my
frlel,di I am IndluTEl to upp,ar 1 , .•1 1 ,rn you ao a candi
date the opium, of Count:, Treasurer. told would Teel
thatil.ful 6,r your suppurt. llespTtfullv
10 15 N.T E . AS U I:11.-
W CITIZI NS:-1 1 , 6 r III) Self a candidate
f , ,r Comity Treasurer
Aug. I.
)0Y AV A NT ED.—A : boy wanted from
)In t, yeaus M a_, , , at the Starr ~f
-55. ti. W. n
.M A 1 A It )1
.1T 1' V 111.1 C SA 1.11.
cul.cerll,ers ‘t ill offvr at po.f' , altt on :4A'lll
- V. tilt' kth tf St•ptettas.r. at o L. 31. on tho
ow in,
situate lit try
lauds of
I tii.npr.r. urn,. v.e.t ,f Ca'
,I,lla t. 1t,t1,t..n. It:It i I I.l,ittf tAlwrs,
'l'l,l. Intel of r.a
• 1,, i• le•ri i , m 14' it r. vt.rt. , l t-ith I itr.i-rr. 111.11$rl,V1,
Po•Ol. nl , fl BRII . K /1 ' : - 1•:. >I11•111
:11. 'lll4 In:, H1111:11
dvr' , ;n , 4 itltitt t rt,tl
- wi•lting til
tI• r,:01.4 . 1 . 1y ( . 311 .181.,
I•• I.ti Tut tzos ttW tou tnati ,
tt on said day
I I 1 , ; IZ I S I:S.-1;y V rtne of
utolry r ,f
t t t 3'1113 3, 331 3 1311,1
3 , 1 131 ,3 31, 1 , 3 3111 t 3 ,33 . 33 , t3 3 3 3 1 1,131 11.1.•
.z , It.• itrt )1,1, in tl
! -11 11 . 'he
\. ‘4 . ! t1 , .•.i i••
.\ Tr ~ t
, •t r..l ' (111 i% 1,111.111!N4 1. 111 :I •1 . 1,
,117 • !1. , • 1.1.111.. t v
Il.t Pattiel it nil 1 . 1, HI
11 t •, .. 11 t • ` t It. 7 , llt ,, •ted :t t/111• .t ly
1,.•tt•.• ;.tat n',ll well of who,. i 'relined Ac.—
'• •1 it. Itxt, ttliC•ll ty ttt, :\lttllll
- , lIN tt int untie, Itt LitlltilltS ill igtSSilttttilttt.
! a kft o ground si.tuatki in the borouglt
~, T , t •tinsi,4 I ., tlrt It Dr nn cne
r th.• West 5tn....4, un tho
th I.v Iv(
:LPIIrt Seri 1 , 41 alley. [hr
I , ll`llPll. 11I.1;z1.1
VI , srtn I'
Also the entira interest of .liplin :kleFeely
I ,itilatf• ill tL , It C.:5N , 1 , 1
I . lll.llwri 11.! ~; , ! “. I . i I! ,, I;t ftnd . 2.10
in ot• tlit• Fy
• , tr , •1•; ~•. 11.• II 01.. 1 I.llr , 11.'0'311:M1
1 • . tv.•s Jt?, , 0 , 1 • •,,,r1 3 In , . e
31::1 n l ll r. 1,1 u -I . \ uuf
11 1, 1 4,-1 . 11:1 I:1 IW -4• 1 1 - t ::tl,• 1 tti: !),1 I I int Ttn
!'t d tio out
.llso the entire intert—t of .Irlm I .leFeely in
A 1 , .c of ~ i tyriti;, in tlitt
fr.•l:l and 121 ,, 11 ct itt .lc! lit ..r
hottll , l ,, il,,ii the iv Mal:, i•tr,•t•T ou tilt Fatah
1,, 4,11,11,,,..11 11,•• 1:41 ,, t by C. ‘ll.o. l .itillis
lj'r,E ht .ciicirt , w tliPro..ll rrvrteQ R tiv , y
,t• ry Unit tdhor hi 116eS:::.
•j'' , l And t:1 1 ,011 (”0,,Iti"11 a: tin, rop,rty
•:• I ,•
hrrit'• ~P ,••, . ..'•!'h•h• .0 ,1 ) .k11 , 1"NI )
I , t
11 I.: It A N 1)Y
.•11t:i NN pi !"I*,,N
ocll.l-n, ANI‘
7tliy Coral
1)11. 1.).1'111 — \ 1 , 1 th -,»11,-H , • f•••), P
)I.,'Pt• ,
~ itu )11 , • r, 11.1
I i' • l,l' t. , 111
CI, -I , ".• in., tl ni/I
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quinine or in , rcurial medhine", ...mtlp - rim..t. itt the ars
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NENT. When the auditory dry and scaly. ii Itit little
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riuchtr of on::tlitic of leaves, contit , mll ptihatiens
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treatinq the disease is infallible.
Dr. Intflon is blue only (% , tdist In the United States
who practices the new and 511. , 4!, fnll 111..ti1 , d
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TEsTI m IN Y.—The undorsitmed proet I niers In medi..
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easifal to wit ne , s the pr.vtl. - e Of Ills. Lel - rutin nod Dia
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that .11tral Sur,rory hos not met w ith that Attt'll•
tied its intl. - it - tame demand., sy•tein of
treating of the middle and internal }:;r,
I' apors..7,..lnurilculnrly In chronic nr r n nlldh
forms tt new era in thepratiVP nr Aural
Surgery: kid . ' ease s yielding In almost every inrtnnco
to thin now and powerful agent. This practice tills up
n TOW Walleh• has long, lwen felt 'by the general prae-
Outer. enabling hill) cups Vith Ivory
ease whore perfect formation (..N lot".
"Itt diseases of the 1.:3 e, they seldom rQtrtiee t i re,sort
to ❑n operation.
As shillful .I.urlitts and Oculists. enthosiattlea!ly ac
vith.4l to their pr,.fesstioo, wo cordially reemuuentl them
to such as may require their old. .
hoo,. V, D. 70 . 01 - r. M. T.
. 11'ILLI:4 Moral IN. M. a
' C. A IEVEI.I !,.., M. P. '
Ifoll A et: ' WYATT. - M. 'll.'
JAMES it. 1 , 11A2\ CIS, .N.l P.
New York, August 10.18.19. % .
Stinionii wishing in porfe:t tliiiinsolvos In tliii;bninelt
ofne•dlrnl selent•o. " - ill find tin niqii - Ttntiity of joining
Om class at Iha Far and Equ Itclu• n i:try of Dr. DeDicy
lA:Brum!, Vllion Nile,.
Clitliques uvcry Ti it Friday 311Crt3'011S,
1 to 3 dm Wit Metlienl College tt rtue.'
d'EltMS—Vt 'Fidisaoltttt ion feet. $.lO rot it ' , then
11101te:tring, is restored to Its tot:final son tooess. or
tOton %%obit can Ito heard to beat at a distance of IS
foot from either ear.
Address Drs. EERRENN S DEOTON. Puien rlaeN
New York City.
- N, 11.—A treatise en the nature and treatment of
1101filetN and I)IS.'ASPS of Ho Ear, with the treatment
of tho Deaf 41111 numb—priee one &War.
t0)..)lonoy lottera must be regifferod by tho PAFt
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bear this in mind. •
Correspondents must enclose 11: a o for return am•
sworn, tho new ilestage law requirtug re•payment .
letters. 301 '15.5..•
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