Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, July 11, 1855, Image 6

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The E rth that We Walk On
It may surprise some readers to learn
-flat all the earths—clay, flint, chalk, &e.
re nothing more than the rust of metals;
ant at one time, daring the age of this
;arid, the were all'Shining, brilliant Met-
Geologists speak of the earth as be
e, hundreds of thousands of years old.
all their philosophy is based on median
..ll science : the formation of strata, the
Leasing of mountains, the burying. of
Tests, have been atribotcd to seine
great convulsion"—that is some shaking
...ether of the earth's crust. Whether
cis great age of the win Id be true or not,
is very c,•rtain that before any of these
•,ents could have taken place, the forma
on of each of the earths must Intro been
.te work of ages; otherwise the metals,
which their base consisp, could not
tie b c .i o s , ) completely rusted its to as
time au earthy texture. To understand
we mu , t leave the mechanical, that
the theory, and enter upon
rimary or chemical theory. It cannot
di , puted that the first chant es of the
cll'', surface were of purely a chemical
eiturc. Combinations took place then as
; the metallic b ISV!4, by mere con
.act with the atmosphere or water, passed
.oto oxyds, as the chemist calls them, or
earths, as expressed in daily conversation.
Che !lists thus recolmize somethinf , like
forty different kinds of these oxyds or
earthly bodies", sonic being very scarce,
anti others as plentiful. 'Sy the merest
touch of air, some of metallic bases of
these earths instantly pass into the rusty
and earthy state ; some, by contact with
waiter, are so energetic that they burst in
to flame.
By this process of reasoning, we come
to the conclusion that the world is one
mass or globe of mixed metals, of which
the mere crust has become rusted, or of
earthly form ; the outer rind, as . it were,
preventing any rapid combination taking
place with the metalic surface, 'live or six
miles below the face Of the dry land.-‘--
Eruptions front volcanos are probably
produced by the sea gettimf down to the
metalie surface, throu g h some fissure in
the earths crust; Ilecompo•iti n of the
water• then takes place—lire, flame and
s•eam causing an eruption. I, t would be
au instructive lesson to man to quarry
into the earth's crust t the depth of ten
or twelve
The use of Leaves
The office and utility of leaves are be
coming better understoml by cultivators
than formerly; yet we find a many
still adherin , to the old belief that the
sun's rays directly shining on forming
fruit, arc what perfect it indcpeadebtly
of other influence.
• On this subject, theory and practice
have been invariably found in perfect
accordance with each other. Th- prin
ciples of physiology teach us that the sap
of a tree, when it passes in at the roots,
remains nearly unchanged in its upward
progress through stem and brunches, un
til it reaches the leaves, where, being
spread out in those thin organs, to light
and air, it undergoes a complete change,
and.thus becomes suited to the formation
of new wood and new fruit. Strip a ra
pidly growing tree of its leaves at mid
summer, and from that moment the sup
ply of new wood ceases, and it will grow
no more till new leaves are formed ; and
if it havo young fruit, the Broth and ma
turity of the latter will cease in the same
way. A ftw years since, a Yellow Gage
plum tree lost all its foliage from leaf
blight, when the plums were not fully
grown, and while yet destitute of flavor.
The fruit remained stationary and unal
tered, until, in a few weeks. a second
crop of leaves came out. They then
swelled to full care, received their crim
son dots, and assumed their honied sweet
ness of flavor.
: object of pruning should be,
therefore, to allow the leaves to grow to
full Him) without being injured from
ik - ir Cattle, for fresh ,bref,! should
nerer exceed three years. They
by a Coors° of feeding, be brought "to
maturity at tbat age. A steer at throe
:;ears, is es Much more valuable to th e
farmer than one of -ila! Falee,WCight I:Ve
ycars .obl, as the two year's keeping,
and the interest of his money.—Ohio
To FATTEN FOIV Ls--The best food
for fattening fowls is potatoes mixed with
meal. Boil the potatoes and mash them
fine while they are hot and mix. the Meal
with them just before it. is presented
They fatten on this diet in less than half
the titne ordinarily required to bring
them to the some condition of excellence
on corn or even meal itself.
N 111 v.— Titin Institution
will cipon on the Ilrut
Nbio.lay of Ntm•eii. ill now and coirlinolionis hulloing
0ri,t.1.4 far that purinisc. undo!' illO direction and P' , 1111,1 ,
in t , t,111 , 11 , 11 of I(outt,lyThotosoli.
The location thus Seminary islllidi,thy and
It is Clio ,1e514,, of thus Principal tlLtit the colli•so of in
s'l . ll,•t ion 1 , 0 the expenses moderate,
The I , cst. (youth , teachers will Lai oniployod.
;till be :irraii,roil Lt oltiso"s alooriling to the direction of
the Principal. There will he throe tdasseii—Vrimary,
Juillar and Senior.
For lomrd, IV3SII tig, fuel and light. per session
of -1 montlig. $4O 00
Tuition in Be.lier (ELLS per session, 8 00
.• .Itirdor
Prinviry ~
Ii uric. I,V in or Pr,•urL.
8.1 litio of Insirumont, 15 119
rthitiiit; [lt-awing, Cr 00
Por farther inf inflation addross
l( EN N EPY. Principal
fa in try 17, ille, Franklin Co. Pa.
ail 1.1)!.: 11 1I . t`t , itnly. Pone.
The ~f this TrI l l , IWll Illtit 1111011 will
"I the Ilr , t IVelties.lay in 11.1 v. It is at Shade
t; 1 p miles 11r0111 the SI 'tint stn.t i. , ti
whteli place there is a
uly 1t,.0f It t foi. 111.111 to tied in lho ellittat.ry it 1.
P 1 .0.1 ft - 'III all 010 ~r
4•1111111(1.Illio11 4 ,..apal. l, I/f
11,•,11',Iers •• 11111,4
n tit 0,1 In the 11)st itat i ,, ti can
i 11 1 hn It .1,11!, at SI I , "r w e , '%•
,014. - ~f in,,nt Its llaN ,In•tr-
Ir 3 , 1 ;tI 151110.... vt. 114' li4ht and I itel
F, , r flirt Ito:. p•ut ietilars
NV. 11. Prim•ipal.
T`•• ti t 1-eQ4 will he E 3,1,1 not II the
1. pf April niter ‘thi.•ll hue Shaft. 11 , tti11 , 2 , 111
\I.II eh I -111).
A11i.:1 V, three
miles west ,•( IS'trri•Lnr_:. Tu, ninth
of this p 'pular and flourishing institution will ( 4, 111
“Ifl• Olt Hnnd:n • . the Itif Ni3Y 111'N I. under the
st favorable atispiees. During *dm present year sled'
i n.w.e - ements and -ptflitions have been made :is it, in•
ere tsing if ot.i.fe fleatambld. The Pritteipal Ns in ht.:LS.
4 i , t , I by a full e I . IIS 1,1 compoteitt and experienced
toe •Ifers. and special attention twill ho paid to the health
and eontfin•t of the-Students. •.
It utrvlin~. \Vasil . lll4 nn.l Tails ,u in tile English Bri llol.
Voeal uNir. rwr Svs , ion, (5 months) '.$11004)
I ti , trtiction In Lain and tkrvelt, 1000
The attention or parent. ILtit guardians Is earnestly
itet to this Institution. Circulars will to fitrnished
in I any inforniati .11 will lie Os en, on npplication,cithel
mal or by let.t.,r to
I). DEN LINO Eit. Principal.
Ninr. 14, 1655. I larrishurg.
1 )I,AINFEE LI) (11, SSI(A A(IA11-
E)tY, near Carlisle, l'a. The 16th Session teill eone
el -Ice nn 1'171'.. 4 1) tY. ' 151. 1i55. Number of Stil
,l••ntsi litnitnti,and elrorts used for their moral
att.l intones t a:11 i nfirl.3,lllollt. 1;1 . 6 per session.
'l,ulars with references and full Inr , rmation furnish
al. by It. K. 11111 INS,
P. invil.3l :iu.l Propril.f nr,
.1p• tilborla u,t
f 1() M)1 E R 1.1 L () LLF, G •
127 ItII,TIM ?RE, Md.
.tt'Atti joung
if tddalnlttg :1 pra •tical
The c oar, of I ,. tt ty embra ds IS ailde Entry II e 1.•
•ping praPtically :t;,1,:1e I t tits or toa:ennort
ilcr ,ratilc, hi in's, Nl:urea-tut tog :trot Nt,,unlnrtt Books
--din•irress Penni instill, suit Mercantile Computations
batures on Co:miter, MI 1.1, —upon the r•uh
j,,:t. Exelvol•z.•, Prolias,. cry Notes. Contracts.
r. reroncships.
The esPrels:s are strict:y p:•actleal, being deducted
(eon a:tat bll.-ou, , trai1c,,,•11,0,:. and 1,1
combine practice with thoary that students, on complo ,
tint of the ortirse.are in over). rapect eastipetent
anduct.rm aciontifle principles, any set or Doul•io Entry
11••••lia. The students hare access to a Contmerelal !A
las:Ley procured vapressly rir their aerommodat ion.
I tl longt hi of Limo to complete the while enurse.
fi.,ro S to 111 trunks.
t' ,, r particular:, %rifle and reeelve a circular be men
. :writ 11
z 9.111 E WON DER OF THE AGE 1 .-
3 For the enro of Soltrlienni, Centnion
Bares. chuppod or crark, , ,l Thffil, Burns or 5,31,1., Cuts
or ‘Vounds, ItillainiEuttini, of the Ilre.t. , t, lit ul
SOl . ll Plinpl,s on the Foes. and lireatiiv
..nit mot :Z..res l'lOldroo, and all fliserpo , s of the Shin.
Oillitll..llt kill ellre tie Saltrheum nut Ihirps, 01
rleippotl bards .ipllter and ,tirer than ally other meal
4 tie kin,' 'before the pphlie.
'fit ~uLslant
i:it the above, I :fiVo hundreds of ver:
titivates. 1 , 111 I et/1044101s it 110 11S0, as (Ally
person Carl
the cone. if they have friends, f. rryen /I worthies.: :o•.
ti''') I rely sokly on tin, merits t f the Ointment fur the
pn' , ll, pat rolia:1;e•
N. 1t.—.1 single Lox of this ()bane will keep any
Farmer's. Sailor's, or • le hattiv's hauls, let
th-ai chap or crack ever so hail. sou 0 And in good work.
order all winter. Prepartiti by
,Catt,zattielt, Coml.
by 'tbe principal Dritgg.Ftg,t.mletVuntr3 - \1 or
clvo• ts.., Price '25 punts por
Noe. lei, ISS —lv
At'EA:4El).—Notlev Is hereby given that Letters of
I , lministration on the estate of Samuel near. late of
Wr.l Pen tot township, Cumberland enmity. deceased.
hate been. aily granted by the Register of Fall county
the snl.scrthera. the first residing in Diel<ins,m and
the latter in West l'ennsboro township, All pers o ns
of,witig themselves Indebted to Said estate are minks
...I.ta make immediate payment. and Unwell:tying elahm
to present them fin• settlement to
1)A VII) P.E.llt.
May 10—pd. A din r . g.
_ .
I S'l'Al'l.l 'OF JOHN SPROUT, (lc
-5) roared.—NO Ice livreby rl vim that letto.T.
mon tars , nu till EtAlte nf dohn Fpnntt. late•of
towtt , Mlp. demasvni. have been
.11m1 by MA 111..2'100r of ruin c , mnt v to fin wtlb.,et•ihl.r,
flint .111 0 10 t.lWrfOlip. All 110I.SMIS
t 10,1N01%.4s 1fiti1.141.41 fun .:11,1 C,Ctlte hl . O remilitll to malm
inrmoii 11 to p•ivimml. mid Ilinst, having claims t, present
II •rt tlemer t to
mirlQl,l 1 . 11011 A S It. lilt I'l,ON,,A,llD'r.
A'1 1. 11()S1 1 11 . 14 - 111TCC111314NS
- 1--A full quip', of tht. et.h.1.rat....1 hrtv
hoymt of till the tiiir,..•itt f;,116 I r a ti o ,. t,,
Ilitt fit , t Ktatilittti at tho reat..,yliant 3
4 tatt. Pair. tlitt IH-1 twomittitt at tho Fit - 611:11h in•tit itte
It..kwat•, `tia'ryhtt,,l tqitte mai various
.!ti,,s it di hit placos. IT 1%111 trialt,tltuttrat tottl he.tte.
, at , tg; :tit , , tof t•Pa ant, and hit lotat Woo
•It •11.1 t.,. t•lttiro in the
t. l'AtZtltl,kltl,
iVarvh.,ki , .. and Feed St.. - v, cornor'vr 7th
1,1 11.11.1<1.t, i)me, 0, I.;',.lf—tf
qu'lait , . A Q:ti-olliv
Bit sincEis tarh'.
1 - 1 4 R . S. B. KIEFF.IM Office in North
liatmver street two doors from Weise A: Campbell's
store. Moo hours, more partleolfirly from 7 to 0 o *,lock,
A. M.. and from 5 to 7 o'clock, I'. 7.1.
ClA11.1).--DOCTOR S. P. Zli,'l( 1,F,1t
/ rorently from Laneaster rife. otters his Profession
al si•rs lees to the citizens of Carlisle and vicinity in all
it s radon, brat. hos. (lilire and fesid. u. eln the hi 11 , 1.
formerly 0,4101,1 as Seller ' s 11,1111W/111' Stere. sotlh
liatiover Street. a here he can be eonstilted at all 'wort .
WllOll net pr/feSSiellally el/PI/Jed. Calls it) the Cl/1111/1y
promptly attended to. II AllargeS motletlite.
Carlisle. May In.
.F mmwATir IC PHYSICIAN. Office and residence
on Lonnie!. street. one door east of the I iertlittll
formed Church. Pr. Blumenthal rospeetfully offers his
peer,ienal servirei z tO the eitizens of Carlisle and vi
einit v.
tritPersnns from n tilctanre laborintr under ehrouir
disi•ases may eonnitt,,by letter. ,Office hours. front 7 to
9 A. M., anti 2 to 4 1t• M. : srptil,'ll4tt
NT O'r1(111.-Not ice is 116rel)y,,givell
lhat 1 this day. tit:sociati'd with me In the
practiiio of me I . tyl. M. Petu , se amid Thos.
1thI:11o. Esqrs. All huskiest:, in future will he attend:id
toby the alsive utiilur the firm of DMA, A: 1'I:NM1211:."
P. II UM ItlC Attorney at Law
V) • —offiro In Iteetenis How. All Uusiness entrust
ed to him will he promptly attended to.
117 - 1.1,1.1A1 C. IiIIME)1, Attorney
at Law. I)iTire in 31alii il;trei.d. earns:it Pa.-
0 - linsitie, entrusted to him will Le prompt!) At
tended to. Ft.l,, 7.
ti 00
4 ;01
k. N (111 F FN . , Ntownev at law, lia , .
..,. _ 0 settled: In Moel j' tilie;lltieg. for Ci,,:p.-,,,:ti,•,•r his
proko.i..o. All Llulls of Legal NVriting, Cnileeti.,s.
Cntirt Ini•din:ss. 4:e.. rnanptly attended to. 011 lee opp.,
site Dr. ',dig's residence. SURVEYING In all its Mlle
rent I.:Awl:es prefnid;) attended to.
B. COLE Attorney at Law,
to all Im•illesseutrusl...l to him.--
)1114.4. 1 , 1 ill, n. , nn r rmorl3 14..11,1i1..1 I.y V. i'111:1111 li, Pie
1•;s1.. NmAli I lam,ver street., Cal lisle.
_ .
Th \lt(i I:( ). AV. NE11)1(11
-N r DENT' i t,- au
- 111...11 1110 :11111
1,111 , that it•ro , ztalarlt may n•,luirr. lle mill
alas .%rt ill, T.', tI. ni 4`N ery hm 1. a.
and 111.4•1. teeth and tvi•th milk "I'uutln"
11 , 11. mom. — and mill et•m4 ruet At t.M la! -
t Itrator , . e:Ailatiuu I irrrs. unit every appliattfo
the Ih,tal krt. —Operat •al tho resideni v ..1
lir. Samuel ,st. ears). eat lit‘le.
1 -1 1.',(11(( ; Z. BRETZ, 1).
s., [fully
1117171. tenders his pref,sit.iiiii hel, it el , 1.. 11,
ial teeth hirerted. 6 m
ti. 1111 entire not. till the late.t anti tie , t
a IWO\ rd t riu, iples. Stich ns : 4 iinzle, 111,4, :aid —O,ll
- 1;11111 Teeth. " 1)1 , 1,31W , 01 . the Mouth and Ir
renilaritio.. earefull'.. treated. IIiTICE at the re,;tiviiee
liar brattier. nn Ninth l'ilt Street. rarli,!,.. j. i n lu
lIR. J. ('.
1 MIS Hill perform
all operatb , itn the
Teeth that are required for their pre,ervat 'era
i ke., or will le,t• .re the 1, , 5. ~ t
them by inserting ArtiCrial Teeth. tr. tal n sin:A,' t , n 4h
tri a full sett. EZ' °like 011 l'ltt street, a few doers
of H , tel. Pr. 1.. Is alisent frmit Car
lini,. the last teti days of every
Ltt It IVEN 1.,' It AN I) CON 1" E)" N -
SPONSLEIC 14to lieulster of ("unlit.,
land comae. will carefully attend to U.: tratnart lon of
an such as may he entrusted to him, so, h us
the writing of Deeds. 31oltot:es Contr.:las, dr. Ile affil
also devote bae attention o the procuring of Land NVar
rant,. Pensions, he. Os well as the purchase and sale
of Itoal EF.tate, nogotlationh, olloaos. ISt , flute n
IVeht ttl,h Street. formerly occupied, ' y AV. M. Penn st
Es I. near the Nlethodist
1, 1 N. R(ISENSTEEL, II ,use,
Si , rn
l'ant•yinmental Painter. Irvin's kfornmrl3
I larp.•r'Sl !war Iht TlOl v Dry I tie Mtere. 11, v. in
attend promptly to :ill the above detwriptim.s of paint,
•-. The varies in graining
attended to. such as mahogany, tm6 , walnut, tv.. iu the
improved Ft_. Its.
W. lilt ANDT, Manufileturer of
311orral Wat Frenrh Mead.
Bottled Ale. Porter and eider,
North LabfFtreet, near the !tail 'toad Britt• r re, Carth•le
L .110fIN D. lit)lttlAS teould httnrm the j,uhlh• .that
hr h:Ls now on hand at his e , tal.iblnnent, on Main ;4..
next h air to Marton natl. the largest and nu st rom•
pieta assortment of Ofittic. oppler, k -rAp_
..-1.. I,olt STov Es to te rm,' in this ecunty,
~ which will ha sold :tt the lowest prices for
....,.,. cash or approved credit.. ills stook consists of
ll large assortment of new nod highly op.
e.l.r`" proved rATENT cooKING sieuvE:, ' t
„h..h i. „l
hi the must vom e
plete mannr. and calculated
for either
wood or coal, or I,oth. All the old standard patterns
%%hick hate stAsul the test of experience, may lie t;•etl
at Iris establi , htnent. Also, a great variety -or the 101 st
apposed and beautiful PA RD ilt "O , FFICE STOVES, Ito
eluding a number of new styles. p. , ssesslng very sup,
riot adlaotages over these herr tr , , in W.a. Families
and hotowkeepers are respectfully invited 11l give him a
call before purchasing Oil , ‘‘ hero. Stoves deli% coed to
any part of the country and pot up at the 51114 te•t no
tie, lie continues to do all I. {Min of TIN:",:11 Sl' PIET
I lION WARE. and Copper Work. and has tlntliNfVtly fin
hand or will make to order every article required by
honsokeepers or others in thislino. Ills stock of lin
and Copper Ware puibraces every hind of househchl and
hiteio.n utensil. warranted equal to the best in n n u ti, c _
ttired. Persons in want of an tides in his line may al
ways be sure of being accommodated to their satisfaction
by gil ing him a call. I novi-lStcl
The subscriber at his old stand on North ll:tomer st.,
Carlisle, the sign of the ••Manunoth Red Coffee hot,'' dr
ies to call the attention of the public to his lar-se as.
N,rtm,,nt, of STOVES; of the newest. and most fasttiona
s hie styles, froni the best manufactories in the
0 1. country, and at all prices from $8 to $l5.
-*Tit s), Among his PA RIOR .t. CII AM BEE STOVES
t, ' , Tr aro tint Mirror Stove; the Arctic. Revere, Star.
V% Persian, Union and ,Etna Air Tight, together
=-7" -- with other patterns which Ito has of all sixes
for parlors or chambers,and rale ulat ed for burning tither
W,...1 or coal. Also, the :Etna, Globe, Astor. Albany,
Flattop:nut Paintbox or Poor 31 , 111'5, with failllr COOK
/NG sTov ES, comprising the latest improvements in
kitchen stoves. and h: tended for either wood or coal.—
Also, the Dining Room Ctstking Strive—a new and ele
gant article, to which he lii it's the particular atten
tion of families. His oohing stoves range In pt I. trout
01(1 ttt:.`,s, with the tit taros complete.. Also, Nino Plate
tqtn es of varit , us patterns and different prices.
lug Stoves. liras. Kettles. 4e, Alti, every articit in the
it, „i• Ti n and Copper Ware. Ths rithiiv ii,,, re t ,p,.o._
fully invited to call as- ho' i is contidont with — his Itrr. , ,e
stock. variety and cheapness. of beim! :tido to ttivr in ,
tire satittffietion to every purchaser. Call and sett.
_ .
) ENV .L. KN11.3 (Sumessor to
g Ihrtloy K111110..1 It1:1 1 1)1N41 A SI) CAR T
11 :!1 , ,11011,4; Hs South' Seviot.l ,i.,(,*,-
altovu : 4 111111( . 11 Stlek. 1111110141111ln, When. he ko,t,s
1111 li Utl 3:littrassortinent of
ii,. „f re:10101N. re:lol , .l'
Af:111.1 . 0,14(”+. fill vet, Tllflt`llll.Y, Thflrritry. 'rhrto
Ply. I n.: rain, Venetlao, List. Itit,r , to.t - liolop
oil Comtmt M:taillp'S.C.WA.allllti:ll . lll6)l
Vlrtor ;Liid Stair 111 . 11...,:t•t5,
mid piano cover N- To tt hid' lie in t it k 1.11.., Nttol,ll.ll
1 , 16 , tt . 5 I
-.A 1 ' Frt-riNG AND rix:Nii3-
,r, I Mi._ The mutershimed would Inf. via Ihe
; - - ,eiti,ens of rat lisle that he has made arrainte•
ini i i ,tk to did: Al' Frrri: , ,ll and I.i,r NI i',ll\ (; at slit rt. 1 ,, -
tie, and OD remaitml IV I.•1111S. II , • tin etitingtql the see
rives ;if a first I aft. hand ft; in Philadelphia. mid hi, sal •
0,1 hin,, , li . with all fi%tariaiNe ai.H rtwel,t iq' Fl NT.
11l Es, wiii di will curable him to fill all orders lin tartly.
.311 wort, will I'l3 warranted. ills stork of (Ms Fixt in i s
will be found in the re in exactly opm site his Third lie
establishment en North Hamner street, there lie int lien
a call.
TINNINO, SPOUTING, fir.—lle Is also prepared te ,
furnhlk, or make to order. every :Miele of TIN II Atilt
used I;3' hi lIFC•l:N•forlii and others. lie Mill also .iitt end
In 51 . 111 7 1 . 1 7 Nii, 1101 , SE-11011FING, WELL lIAN6I:\ tl,
and Ill.I . I1111:311.
Thankful f i rir the ratrfaalf2l , With Wlllllllll' linsalready
bens ft cored, he reeptudfidly soli; its a continuum . ° of
the same.
IV, 31.1111)1,1,K, At ty at Law , . i
Carlisle. June 14, 'fi4. -
c our,
)4 re nirslok•L - 1 Pllo.ltliNVn. Cllllll , Flatill
;AL & SPIV r NIO mitt tintre sttp
ft h• ~,,, Lt ply Luntlter of all kinds. at the Fhortetd
r•••••••• .` 17,1 U 0 - not it'•o, and on terms lee or than 4:1111 1 e
had elsen here. All ttr t n,i, n took u.
•t •t••e• 11, or WM. D: St I mot. m i ii Le prt inpt•
ly attended to.
Eel 22-ly
_,111:1 LEN respertfully Informs the eitlyet.F of Car
11. initp. that he has jtikt return
``- ed f:1o . 1 , 1 1 ,
t 1 d
live of business. Ile hot :111 , nys If 11 11,11;11
II 1:11',.:1. ItS,.111111•11t. of ready-wde hltieg;
l'h•tols Lochs, Kit c. 171111 Tritornil4. - s. all of
lil , ll he trill , ell .10,1t;n14. nr retail. lie
I' repairing lt eI:F. A . vilrrat 11 1.1:,5.
eorpi•r anil hon. Ile Loves that lit obit t atleht 14 it
1.11•illeS., desire t pleas... he N‘ 11l merit aloi reedit e
ul ll; putt r,ore.
- All is il•ds of Fire Ai ills made tr order.
Carli:de, Api II '2G, 1: -ly
QA {) DL I': - /1N1) ITAE:s. , ;I 2 .FS .NlAlc.,-,
I. 1 . INI:• TI , , 1 , 1 6, 1 Oer eililtil urs t‘i earry in the
al. , re I uslnes...ll, all 11, A arn 11.1.1,11;0 1 , .11! • Nl 1111 trill).
011 . 1 . St.l . lli. carli•le 15,,. dee r , yn r tl, . I Iry 17,,,f1 . c 140111'f
iii, 110 iliiCii.lin 1 eepillg an hand a ... - er , r , / a'Y'' ,in P i t
in iliS illili, i ,, ll,iiit illif ~f. all I. illiN 1 , 1 f,llit•vall , • • AI ,
111 • ES, 1111.1 1 ••• 1 . laitiiii..,l l ,t a. (11:ths . ,
— , --" ,- 7, Circingles awl IlnIto•rs al., 'I I V' KS,
\1 1 .1 , 1• 1 , • • .'...\\\\ o tr:1,•111•Lr 111111 Siliiiiiii
...:. ' 'Vk r \ll ' 1.:1,: , .. 110 'di." 111.1 TI. --... M
i • ".\ hig V 'i . . . -- T rll t
~.. .
.. tILI , i 111,. Ile vre• ~, sx.
ji , , v i ~ ,, p, ; . . :,,, , ,, ,1 , 5 . .,, , , , ,‘ ,
. 1 : l i i i , n
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1 11 1, I
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~ l l ' '... , t .
, ~,, • t , , ill, 1, . „111 ii•rii.ii 11 li.iiilli: :I it, Il
i i 1 , lag'. du rilde :iiidl 1,1,,,,,,i ,Nll4.
a l 4 d'• a all 1•• 4,11 fllill Sr, ' 111..111. Ile
/14. , i till 1110111 I WI'S 11:11•111,, PI-kilt,.
and Al hips in ~11 their 't art,
ins and Cffl.t . tli , lly. Lenin ett t i!Vllernl
t lon his that lie IPA", ti, ii.,,hi 0 and
tie:ll . t. in all tl,l Ir s arlety i t 1,11,1111 t Ind Is !wok in
(..Aki:trA . Ile ;%1,... Inll., all hind. Ili M,Ar.SSI•S it.
1•1111 . r. ( * MN,/ Noir :1,1 Vat
rn,..l.s„All the a 11.% artielys ,u ill i 41!” ade of the I i•st
runt, lii and ai.d x ith the ittir, d,
pat. h. RM. (); , .Iti N.
r tk ‘-• • ,
7" 1 :1 41
ALl'lt ENT. No. 4111 Nlin.het stn.. I. I'hilada
'Thit outlier Is superb , ' to any now in lo .e. r strelu7tit
11111:11.111t1 and sitnphoity of roust' notion : it out. f:. , t•
111111 1,111.• C , 11124 st I 1 ..11.11114 slug Hay. :-traw and Co on
I'tarl. Cutler ever toady. It In, lost UX E
IN I FE. u hlrh mot porson ran t:rhol and sot w ith ea,o
but In ordinary outs.. Is vround in the noacbine. 'I It, it
,anols halo alroady hoot t sold, anti the dolumul 1. daily
hoolea , itor. Itt Inost rases an to , atuinatloal Is sulli,ient
to rmnlnre 0111' ‘lf Its sttperhoilty. No one aftor a • h.urt
to lal sv,ottlol port pith It for any ,ther. All sh:e, t.t the
eonstautly ton hand and for sale by
.1. I'..I.YNE.
Sole Agent fur Cumberland r.-.unty
•••• nann it Filp Shetnansimmir," an mind-
Wash thr the hair. man utitetui ed himself. The
excellence of ibis Tonie is testiued to by ttll of his ci“-
tCIIII.IS it ito ht:l'i• Its,' it to i.e ono ,if the hest it, tii . l..s
knots n for clean,ing the lintr of tiandrufl. Ile also num•
unii•turi s tt I lair Ilt,toratit e. known as the - Cia,islieis
num." Ilir Ovine,. 111 , W izrowth to the !Introit I alit
Ample testimony ettists of the of ot this osrelicnt
Restorative. 11 pile the Shettuttisagtier the hair
ot dandruff and preventli It from etimitut att..the Co
ra-Inien tun 1 4 upplies it th Lt those n hate
hail the misfortune to 1,,,t• their hair. 'filo public is in
vitial lu rail. eaiiiiiiiie and Interim., these hit al 131.10
articles. as he it they will mealier natttifn •tll , ll.
SILIVI.\I/. lIA lit and crrrixo and
si iA m IoN 1 Nit attended to In the best stn It as ustith
at his old 1 . 001316 nil 11 . 1,1 Alttfi Street. near Sfarinn
Carlisle, Dee. I:7, 1454. ittIESS .
ASCH C )M PA NY of Cumberland county. Wren.,
tatell I. an art of As , embly, is nor fully orannlyetl, ftl!ii
In operation under Um inanagetnent of the following
Daniel Malay. AVllllam H. °organ. '3llclinel Cori:lin,
Me'choir Brenneman, ('hr Stayman, John C. 'Dun
lap, Jaeutt 11. (` , 4,1v0r. Levy In flyer, Henry Lran, Ilenja.
min. 11. 31iiKrw - r, Javol) 3ltatimut. Joseph Wieker6ham,
Alexander Cathcart.
The rates of insurance are as low and favorable as any
Company of tho khid In the State. Persons trlrhifE to
become zilainbers are invited to make application to the
mecntf. of tho company, aho are willing to wait upon
them nt any time.
ItOKJ. TI. MOSSEII, Presltl9nt.
II ENI:V Lt A Vico Pro:W, nt.
M It'll A EL COCK LIN, Tr,:istirer.
. .
I`l*l , HER I. A ND COUNTV.—Undolph Mnrtin, N. Cu in
)`,111.1“1: C. B. I lornmn, K inast"wn: ileiny 7.earing.
`ll it.i.unint.tov, n : t'llarles Itelf,WelrElb+le : Pr. .1. Ala,
(„,,,.....,,,4,,,,; Fanni!' 0ra1:““, 1,1'1, , t l'enn 4 l4.r. , urli :
•TRIL! 01 .11 . 4' t rsvcl..l:nnil..6 , t cli 1.,,1 , ilrifiltli. Small Mltl
,l!.46ll':'Noi if,.l.o.orose. Bon tamin 11:p....tAlili, le,•11;11 .
i•-.1 , 1v : . Titn Shvniclz, .I.isl , urn ; lho Id Cou‘yr, t,lip
K Pillo Inv.: Pot er
F t anhlin ; . 1,1111 IV:t.shingt.ta; IV.
v. l'it*lmg. Povor; 1. W. Croft.. Pol.:KU:o,
A 1:111S1W11(1.--114ttwer I.oclitan.
Ni 1.111 1 ,1• ..f 31' , 111
On , e,ll, Ilavo thorn rc•tw;,l HlPliratiou
of of the :ii9,111,5.
G=J All Itinds of 1 1 rintinf. , ; done here
11 1:111: Is 11'11 A 'l'
YOU NEED AT i'liEst.:7sT
—The SW Seriboi rest., tful
lv Dal tuts the ladies and
gentlemen of (lialislo and
N 'emit i ly that he has ma on,,
hand at his Hair Pte , sli:,
and Skit inz Roam on 11 ant I
.4n:et. CM elegant assort toet
of LAD' Es BEAM) 1111,1 I
dentlemen's AVM:cam! ran
furnish to order at shortest
naive every Lind of liair
II ark attic hest quality
Ile tilt. hods lasts a to in-
iorm his friends and rust.. I ,
mars that 110 keeps 011114:1fa•
ipl ) ilacipl ) ia
_ ...
‘ 17T LF.
' ; WARE and FANCY C.lo(3:',—A fie it
Inei.t of the li•vrt iiiiidliy, fir tide lit tlx, I, 1 , eft
vi 1, , . nt 111 P. ( • :11.1(.:' 111.A1 . 1 - . :t., 1/•4 : -. .1111.
; 1 1 ,.0 I LIN, evil 11l . ,i d l'i i. it. IS, /4 !Wl'. I )1, .....
'llll . a,. 1 1 11 , 41.1 LII I Ilii I F Li !at } a /I I , i ,I /I II /.
Fine . II at, It. ~., r weiQ Hh., \\:," Ali, H. v. : „
win, ft , cil, IT. il. :id .1,1(11 I: di., A. ,1, ti.
F. r. NI d tnEry 4111.11 , of li 1.1.1 lli. I ~II: 111 . % . •-•,
ti., ~i, ~ 11,,,ti, I. , I 111. toWilt .1.• , i, I. 1.1. i I I. 11 I
r,,Z,.1,,^11,..... iztm.,ll. t . il ti, LN,( Ft ..1,11 I li. , N
. , ,...: A .41.. . rr,. „4 -4VA Itax tug a 1.: - A, It. al kl.. %, 1...
1 ~,ati e l9_;,,,,P. - r the 1 ureic .. , N.:‘ , :d itil :11..1 . 0,}1,•
c , 7 .
ti.: f.i . Intoolil,,:. at.ll N'AI ‘...,
I' v. tl, , ulLf tll,' ~ 1 4 id, 1 11: 11 1 PA . , 1 IIL , 1 : Fr ,
11 , 111 r il .., I e . 'II , •nri!y tI, 711 (1 , I. I fit :: , -1 - ,. •
:IF :II :. i 1).1•I ..'al rii.l.:i ci t li, I iii.(l ( 1 II . A - I
i ilk,:
A ll1.111!•1 f 1.1,11 at Ferri tlt t 1 , 1
t i t, iidtr t , it i a it :.tit rll ,
Tr.' utt Lt t. j t I,lly sit (1 5111.4 . itnm h 111,11.1
)1. F. 1 111 .1 , 111
. . .
711 , 4 i'l 111 11 . 211 i . t 21 few do, t , al c lei] e'-'.l l- - t
l: NA( ,1 Fide.
11 , i In the s. nth , jrlif w of the Ft, te. la at I,
th , 1 I; d i ler-I:. n 1.1.1. e; n nAlttis 11...: , .. 1 11.11
of the Felentifie and e1..1 I*. (1.; pt. t.h. 's4
1111'1;()1'111) ER 1 I1C)K1 1
OF vt; ity & L'Llt I; It
afit, t itti , •l It; pn AI,: ati Ita. and itt•tti
PI( I.:lltd.Al (II iii the 1.1.1:1.
tit It• t,T • r I I•1:11., hullll ot 1 (1.111.
hi. on 'I D; tilos and In
is !:pit! 111:111 . ‘ 'I lal. Also. be; 1;1 lit
alto, ii. Ittst ; .1: all s for b,
.11.11\ 1,. 11 . .71:1 I'l
"d drr.l ril rnl M. I)
11111,S( 1 I.l•Nai
1,, 6 1 I I.:. A, N.l
Lt 441 .•1 ;:II 11,r t r thri.lll‘• I t
I I) 1% .>I, .1;
1".1 V.
'll,, ?ill 1,1 it u t f 11.1, flllll,lf U 1111,1
1 1.1 II 11 1 .1 , 11 t: 1111111 II I I ut.t, T,
1,111. 1 1111.111 u • to U 11111 111,1. 'A1 1, 11111.1.1
it :• 11,10, I 11. lilt tlav hula vlalat la all. of
at:., I: tit 11,4 at i(1•1.11.• brit tail, it 1.1,1
it--taltiit•it(a all 11.11 a a War 11,
a• I wc. ) a u maa tar a tl.k. la Ilt v i 1 1, a:1,1
i II; Au--9l ,1:1;::t It it
tl.i. ti' I toll t:olt lAA
t.t., . I tt \lntl --It htte t.f
11 t t , II It tilt I, 1114.11 S
I:1,1- l• 11,1 ai.lll,ll.Vill lit • i• .Ii
1. It I, f Li tti ti, I. 1 t.
t I 1 :11. :1' • •
t 1..• (111.nt f 11(
1.11 t. tit.11.,1
vI• b. 11 , 1 tCI rc It t• I
11111.1. t 11 11,11 i I . 1 , 116.111 F It I 1:1'1
“t, I IIjt•, N., I.t 1 I II 1.1. •
V %II! 011 111:1 1 . ,51 Ir Vti I t
Al .1I i 1.411 11•1: 1101 it I Li. 0..i1 111.1. t
11.1 4 , 1.1. 1111. I:111 11. 11 , 1 Ili
11 u, II ,11..1 It, t r.l t( 1. I 11. I.
:I r. I n I.
NINF :'l7l
\\ vll tr , :Inn 4! this ‘e It ,1.1 ,
.111 .14 1. ;1 1 .1.111.11,1N I, 4.! 11 ,
.. 1
: 11 , 1 .
II 1•1, II1:,•. 4 11 :.1,1
I Ul 011 . Ili ILI' 1 , 1,1.1)y
1,1.: I .v
do fi tilt! auk
I').tta r, I a
tt tt ,
, ~4
7 tl.l lnr; ut al.a! n •-•t I. as. fill Ft
to Inn - an thih a 111 L 0.41111 IS :1,1111 iliol t
111.. i. I o . .:411..n
I‘a a, t tia Ut - Ia Sul/ ll.e ion 1 I lot t•i• at II al fall t
u. ao Iso I. II t )1 t Ant., ( 4 .
I. a. h art
11•1 L %. lOW t• 0100 is git .till t+ . :at to ~1
tht•a, I ent lilt ZU ti Pahl. to luu.ial tielu ink .
lo to t • ..111,10 1.. Il• 11 111 lb) "it. It.
I. o 1:11Ve Co tttual, I. tO• ft.! Cott, i
I , lan flan. aq. that %ay a•
4,1 t.• it 1. nI, l laaaa: 1.1x.:1 at at (tad:. Nl a r tat ••1
tho ; at of all I Ina in as. mLa a. al : at
I al i Llattll in all ol,t
NI; ',I 1.1 t ( -
"1,11. t. C., 1.17 I:,tu tl.. t t
u.• tall Illt• t.Ut t In e I t ail nl
101 Ili u..tph 11. :11.ii :it..l 11 I
N 1 i '
~ : t 111
1 A ENT Aler.—We st
‘,;) c• I,Watt
dalt• t t I troll!. I. Nil Lai I V 1,1!, 1,1
1.1 \ r ttcr t. tide ftr 111 , lit
t II •II I I t t Lni elt,. Ill.ti• lit 111 iIIILtiI
114.-. , I all dale ute a gig at in :t1 it: It
1111, 1.,1,1 I,' ntttt j c 1,11.1%T., itd It
, ni 111. .../{.ll, t/11,1, it /.1.1 , the n.ttc.t. I i
IAI I.NI . lall;11'TF1;S _AND VFNIII AT( r
bil\.• tie p .1, viplilt ;IP., t
i• t „ a , d d
\\l. , 1-11 /M ] I ,
p•••• << PIA, It 1.1.t1 it 0.1,1 1.0.'1
0,11 •Ii
'it. I , I EC:\ 3: ANII.I:F.-- Wc
11:11..i :IL t ,tl . l e Men ttd Chu.. I euutitn
tik t. it; exti. 111 Liz) ptian.
,tb, it,.
(11'1.2. GI; 1:,.r Anti:lncite nod I Rut
Coal. 1.11 VlStiltt nary rilttrlll it ill., I 1,
Critto, a ittit• Itch. I tiltll i. tutu et
1t4.1% 111 it t.
I, .it: i N'tt-f r the Etlgihh V:1 e: uslie I I
'1 ih• tint tit it 1.1 I,ittmey 'l', 1 , , at.,l 'feint( t , tt:t CI Let
bull, t , 14 1;11141, , I, Cares. Ar.
hers, vs al.( ut I uildiug WIeIIM tin moll ti eN,71111
slick I efiq e purchasing else, he, e. 1 1... it. tr.. I
imr, basing or tn.t, are cordial]) weir( wed to
stye IVaren, 111:11 it lu to it e slat tild I e
an,. mh t xnatkn t 111 t , I .
e th,:reth A It oh on 11 ai atol u:11
ean I e had gizatlitously at onr stoic., either tuts
or by letter. S. A. 11AltIll: 4 1.N.
Warning and s'eti Ent Inn -
1.16 Walnut at.. sixt
31-7tnl 1.1110,1,111.
- ()LI.Altl), P A
rciLinn' rtit , te in r ‘,... the Cele! : . ,, trd lit. f.hanivr VOlll'
N% it ni.,l 1.1.. tie Itlti,ti Ttall.l.l.Y. Illt4l - 111 . ti011:s to
L:lllif'S Mid (4.11tiellIVI: to ineasurt , their heads n
Hni Wins. inches.—No 1. The rrund.r.t . the be.
S. Firm fel - 01,411 0% er rho head to the reek;
enr to ear Deer the h p; No. 4. PI( m ear
r, , tnot the f..iebeiol.
Toupees and scalps, Inehrs.—No. I. Front ft roh
tack as far as bald; No. 2. Over fcrebead its fla as
1,1: No. 3. Over the crtown of the head.
It. 1,01.1.A1:11 has alwaya, ready Si'o sale a spy
steel. of Clouts' Wigs/, Toupees, Ladies' W Igs. halt
Frizots, Braids. Curls. ac., Leaut if ally man WM t
as cheap as tiny establishment In the tiniest.
U lit is liethanlum Extrafter Lustrous flair
prepared hom south Atherton limbs and liuu
most Successful artlele two mcduced for presort ft
hale from Wittig out or changii.g colt r. lest( tin
;deserting It in a healthy and luxuriant state.
other reasidas üby Pollard's hair rutting Falcon
'tains its immense popularity is the fact that his T
applied to other head of h a ir rut nt his l'Ffilitif.b
LIT( ill lithe ptcservatien
der any town application. It 1 ring thus prat
tested by thousands, offers the greaterCguidantec
Fold aheleFule at his Ohl l'stelllsha.t.
('hestatit street. iiiiiesite the :late House, 1 kiladi
It. h ,
ull-has at Icsst iliseelered the 111. plus a
11Allt DYE. and itanotniees it 1. r stile withpee l i i
tiileare in its sat passive ei try I hale; er the t lad]
1t 111111' either I.lteli tir 1 TIAIII. 41
1,11 111 . }./11 . 11) and 11..11( 1 11t injury to (Li 1
shits either 1 y stain er etherii be. eta he a tAit it
'tell minutes 01i' , atiplletit tit 11111/11(1171
Its dCircdy. l'ersons lisit iug t lie city tea-laviti d t
1,1 it is ;1,1,1(4,, , rea to It. CI), 177 ( hesti
Philad, Iphia. m ill re.TIN e ntt, 1.1 h
'poNN I:TS AN U 1;1,00A1E11
vf.ry I molt of tiw ;01,4
:I , llt v:w.
;111,1 ik.nnet
111.1 Clit i ar , ll * S I'~!rr , nu:r:, r!'Pllil ris hl i th
Artil,illl ViOlt VI I`.•
I:il'r )1., tin 1 t .
rho:tp nt the st..r..f • Ple '4ll :1 hl'.
t , t rev!, l.. , 1:1:11T 1,1
April 26,
( i II I lt ti