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Xanuring Fruit Trees.
• The Dutch Who are admirable garden
ers, had in the Great Ekhibition an it
truniera called the 'Earth Borer' for
manuring fruit trees without digging .
the ground. A circle of holes is bored
around the tree at two feet distance from
he tree, and a foot from each other.—
Taking a tree to be a foot diameter at
the surface of the soil, the circle will be
five feet in dianieter and fif een in cir
cumference; and if the holes are three
inches diameter and a foot apart—fifteen
inelies, , there will be about twelye holes;
ar,re or less, according to the trees.—
They are„tt.bout eighteen inches deep
Iwhere there is enough depth of soil)and
41auting towards the centre; are tilled
,vith liquid manure, diluted more or less
in dry weather, and stronger as the weath
er i 6 wetter. For the time of applioa
tiosn, Dr. Litany tells ti3C.lardner's Uhron
•o!e, Feb. 21, 1852 :)"1 or fruit, the prop-
time for using liquid manure is when
iS licairitiiiig to swell; has
lequired, by meaus,of its own surface, a
waiver of suction capable Of opposing that
~ f the leaves. At this,time lie id ma
nure may be applied freely and eontinu
d from time to time as long as the fruit
is growing. But at first sign. of ripen,
ing, or even earlier, it should be wholly
withheld: If liquid manure is applied to
aplant when the flowers are growing the
vigor which communicates to them must
also be communicated to the leaves ; but
when leaves are growing unusually fast,
there is sometimes a danger that they may
rob the branehes.ef the sap required for
the nutrition of the fruit; and if that
happens, the latter falls - off: And we all
know, that when ripening has once be
gun, even water spoils the quality of fruit
although it augments the size, as is suf
ficiently shown by the strawberries pre
pared for the. London market by irriga
tion ; great additional size is obtained,
but it is at tie expenskof'flavor, and any
injury whi6h mere water may produce,
will certainly not be diminished by wa
ter holding ammonical and saline sub
, tance' sin solution." lam not aware
that this information has made its way
into our orchards, finding no allusion to
it in any of ow books on orchard.manage
meat, nor at our agricultural meetings.
The time , is just coming for putting it to
the test, and it remains with the fruit
groWers to see what profit they can make
of it. They need, in these times, all
they can get, and this method has the
recomendatiOn'of requiring little outlay,
if any.—.lfWk Lane Ecpress.
Raising Potatoes.
MR. EDITOR :—As the time for plan
ting this esculent root. the potato°, is
near at hand, it may not be out of place
to make a few remarks upon its culture.
From my experience in raising potatoes
I am convinced that the middle planting
IS it is Called is the surest of 'making a
good crop. I know that much depends
on the weather ; if it should happen to
be dry at the time the potatoe vines are
in blossoin and the potatoe about forming,
we cannot expect much of a crop; but if
planting at a certain season, the rains dr,
more' apt to suit the potatoe, it should be
our duty to endeavor to plant our potatoes
at that time. I have however, generally
divided my time, of planting into three
eriods • the first as earl • *n_the_s ,r`
as it will do, sometimes by, the first of
pril and sometmes later adcordino• '' as the
spring is forward or backward. At this
planting, I put in about one-fourth of,
the patch. The next of middle planting,
is done about the 25th of April, at which
time I
„put in one-half of the whole patch}
and the last planting is done • from the
fifth to the. tenth of May, when I pat' in
the remaining one foUrth. It sometimes
happens that- •the ..first or last planting
turns out the bes 4 in case this happens,
I am snip of a part of - a drop being good.
But as Cho middle planting is generally
better than the others,. I plant double the
quantity at that time. My reasons for
making three divisions in the prop are
obvious; and I think the best 'that can
be adopted.•• , • ; . • -
• As I. have now stated my time of plant
ing, with my reasons for so deing,, I will
proceed to give you the beet .manner of
A clover sod is superior to any other
kind I have ever tried : add ,to obtain
this it in best to sow, clover with the oats
and leave it lay over tin tilthe next spring,
instead of plowing up the oats stubble
and sowing with wheat. The portion of
this stubble intended for potatoes, should
be enclosed with a temporary fence, and
the remaining part may be pastured.—
ive the clover sod a good coat of manure
or apply four hundred pounds of Guano
per acre. If manure is used, it should
be rake i in on the potatoes, after they
are dropped ; if guano it maybe sprink
led .ia the furrow, and in both instances
plowed uuderto the depth of four inches.
The potatoes should be planted in every
other furrow. After 4he potatoes are
planted, a good rolling will be of an ad
vantage, as it will level the ground, and
Gill up the small hollows.
When the potatoes are just coming
through the ground should be thorough
loosend up by usinc , the square harrow, on
it. As soon as the potatoes are large
enough, not to be covered up, the
vator should be used, by taking out the'
two back teeth, and running twice on a
row. Continue this every few days un
til the vine begins to fall. The ploy is
of no-advantage, as it throws the dust to
the potatoes, and leave a furrow between
the rows, so that when it rains, the water
runs in the furrows, and is thus kept
from the roots of the potato.
If this plan is followed, it is hardly
possible to fail having a fair crop. Some
plant pumpkins with their potatoes, and
raise -`.% considerubleNuantity of them ;
but probably, it tends' to draw the virtue
of the soil from the potato.
,Another very„ essential point, in, the
raising of potatoes, successfully, is that
of changing the seed every five or six
years. They like almost every thing else,
fol:ow the course of nature, and degene
rate when planted in the same soil for
any considerable length of time. In
proof of this, I will give one instance, on
ly,. A neighbor about ten years ago, was
fortunate enough to secure a smooth kind
of Mercer, which wheu first planted yiel
ded very we'e, so much so that all the
neighbors bought of him and planted.—
Where they have bought within two or
three years, they still raise fine crops, ful
ly equal to when first introduced : while
for the last two or three years, he has not
had more than half a crop ; therefore
they want changing.—Germantoton. Tel
, NARY.—Tiiis institution will open . on the first
Monday of March. In a now and commodious building
ratcted for that purpose, under the direction and super
, Itendeure of ltev. J. Kennedy and f-larnuel Thomson.—
no location of the Seminary In healthy and retired.
IC the deign Of thl. Priwipal that the course of in
tmetion br th.traugh. and the expenses moderate.
The host female teachers will ho employed. Pupils
111 be ncranged In eIaSSVN according to the ilia-cation of
Priucipal. There will be three classes—Primary,
tutor and senior.
, r board. washins•, fuel and light, per session,
of 4,montlas, $4O 00
aitlon in SMiior class per session, . . 8 00
" J unior 0 01)
it, Primary 44 4 00
rook, Latin or French, 6 00
Linda on Piano and use of Instrument, 115 00
it painting and drawing, 5 00
For further information address
.1. R . EN .NIII.IY, Principal.
January 17, 1955.-2 in Fayettville, Franklin Co. Pa.
NT ILN NV 001) AU A1)14111 .
L.TI. SHADE OAP, Huntingdon county, Penn.
lie next session of this well known Institution will
~en the first Wednesday in May. It is located at Shade
ap, eighteen nines from the Mount Union station on
.ie Pennsylvania Itailroad, from which place there is a
iily hue of stages. Beingsituated in the country it Is
moved from all the vices and temptations of town.—
aqbuildings are largo, airy and commodious, capable of
counnodatlng some 50 boarders. Those who cannot
accOmodeted In the institution can obtain good
. .
.arding in the neighborhood at SI 50 per weok.
Teams.—sso per SIMAC.II of five months payable guar
'ln advance ; Wasidng cts per doz.; light and fuel
tra. Fur further particulars address.
W. 11. WOODS; Principal.. •
The Principals Address will be Easton Pa. until the
t of April after which time Shade Gap, Huntingdon
I. Pa. March I.4th.
mites west of liarrisburg. The ninth Session
this popular and tionrishing Institution will coin-
Mmtday, the 7th of May next, under the
on favorable auspices. During the ',resolnt year such
,provements and additions have been made as its in
,nsing,patronage demanded. The Principal will bens
• .ted by a full corps of competent and experienced
oilers and special attention will ho paid to the health
d comfort of the Students.
Hoarding, Washit g and Tuition In the English Branch-
„ Vocal - 11ns r, per Session, (5 months ) t. 60.00
Instruction in 'tin and Greek, each, - 10 00
o _i_rench_andilerman_ - 5 Oil
The attention of parents and guardians is earnestly
cited to this institution. Circulars will ho furnished
•1 any information will bo Overton application, either
:sonal or by letter to
D. DENLINGEII, Principal,
Mar. 14, 1855. Ilarrisburg, Pa.
CC Intl:, near Oarliale,-Pa. The 18th Session will com
•nee on TUESDAY. May let, 1855. Number of Stu
its lintited.arl constant efforts used for their Mora
Intelleetual Improvement. , Terms, $65 per *essien.
Circulars with references and full information furnish
by it. K. BURNS,
Principal mad Proprietor,
April 18-18.55. Plainfield. Cumberland cu. Pa
. utr •
1, PA.PEIL—Just received a
splendid stock of Paper Hangings, Window
'tides and leiroboard Prints, embracing all the, newest
di most approved styles. The dosi„ans are neathind
I rite, and the, prices such as, cannot fail to give Retie
; Mon. Niro invite our friends mid the public general
' to call and examine our assortment before purchasing
wwhnro. 11. SAXTON,
I*.ist Mitt Street; Carlisle
AID CAS II MERES, &o.—Tho sub
, scriber has just opeutil a Tarloty of Plaids 'and
lines at roducod prices. -
M"ONE"Y' WANTET).—Tho subscri-
TX Aar being In want or money: to 'meet demands
•,,n IQm , desires a l thoso Indobtotl to him fur :Iter
matzo purchasod in 1854 and vrevlous years, to settle
without delay. - GLO. IV. LUTNER.
ttarliMe i)cralb.
Froressiond (Carbs
NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby given
that I have. this day, associated with imein the
praetiee of my profession. Win. M. Penrose and Thos. M.
Biddle, .I.lsirs. Ali business, in future will be attended
toby the above Ittuder the thin of "Blunt: A PENitosc."
Iceb.l4th 1855. W. M. BIDDLE, At'ty at Law.
11.UMALICII, Attorney at Law.
l/.—Uilice in lieetow'm now. All business entrust
will be pr,duptly attended to.
ILLIA ERE EM, Attorney
at Law. Jfllve i 1 Iteeteni's Row, Carlisle. Pa.-
447-Business entrusted to i in will be promptly at
tended to. , 7. ,
N. GREEN, Attonley at law, has
A. settled In Mechanicsburg, for the practice of hi?;
prolession. All kinds of Legal Writing, Collections.
Court business, /ze., promptly attended to, Office oppo
site Dr. Cong's residence, SURVEYING in all its diffe
rent branches promptly attended to.
B. CULP, t ney at Law, will at-
tend promptly to all business entrusted to 111111.-
01am in the room f.rmerly occupied by William Irvine,
Esq., North Hanover street, Carlisle.
April 1852.
"IR. C. E. 13LAMIENTIIAL, 1-10-
M(EOPATIIIC PHYSICIAN. Office and residence
on ',outlier street, one door east of the tierman lie
formed Church. Dr. Blumenthal respectfully offers his
professional services to the citizens of Carlisle and vi
,-Persons from a distance laboring under chronic
diseases may consult by letter. Office hours, m fro 7to
9 A. M., and '2 to 4 P. M. sept6,'s4t3
TAR. S. B. ICTEFFEE Office in North
..L.f 'lam-Ivor street two doors from Weise & CamplMll's
store. Oflico hours, more particularly from 7 to 9 o'clock.
A. M., and from 5 to 7 o'clock, P. M.
- 1 - IR. GEO . . W. NEIDICH
DENTIST carefully attends to all
"aaiimis operations upon the teeth and adjacent
parts that disease or irregularity may require. lle
also insert Artificial Teeth of .overy th.scriptimr, such as
Pivot. Single and 'Sleek teeth, and teeth with "Conti',
1101.1 N Si Aims," and will construct Artificial Palates. Ole
tnrators. I:eguinting Pieces, and every appliance 11 , ;(.1i in
the Dental Art. —Operating room at the residence of
Dr. Sam u Eniertt7 - Wet.l44 igh,strcot,
_ .
Z.I3ItETZ, •
P. 8., DllNTlSr.—ltespeetfully
tenders his prtifessintuil survives to the
min. public. Artificial teeth inserted, front
a single tooth. to an entire set, on the latest and most
in,•proved principles. Snell 11.14 Single, tided:, and —OOll-
thittous Ginn Teeth." Diseases of the Nouth and Jrs
regularities carefully treated. iiFFICK at the residence
of his brother, on North l'it t Street. Carlisle. 1 jan In
• Isnr .i„ mis will perform
all operations upon the
Teeth that are required for their presort talon. such as
sealing, Filing, Plugging, lc., or will restore the loss of
them by . inserting Artitivial Teeth, froth a single tooth
to a full sett. /Lir 011 ire on Pitt street, a few doors
south of the Railroad I lotel. Dr. 1.. Is absent from Car
lisle thy last ton days of every month.
FN. ROSENSTEEI4, 11,u-e, Sign,
Fancy rind Ornamental Planter. Iry In's- (formerly
Harpers) Itow, near II itner's my Goods Store. lie Neul
attend pranptly to all the above deseriptions of paint
ing, at reasonable priceS The various kinds of graining
attended to. such as mahogany, oak, walnut, Sc., in the
improved styles.
CI NV. 13RA NDT, Manufacturer o'
• Mlnend Water:. French Mend.
Bottled Ale, Porter nod Cider,
North East Street, near the Rail Bond Bridge, Carlisle
Stores otth Sljops.
JoHN GONG AS would inform the public that
he has now on hand at his establishment, on Main
next door to Marion 11311. the largest and most coos
plete assortment of Cin IK, OFFICE d PAR
oa LOU STOVES to be found in this county,
which will be sold at the lowest prices for
cash or
approvedun credit. Ills stock consists of
?41,j a large assortment of new and highly up
r",..asis proved PATENT 01:WINO STt lt ES, finished
In the most complete manner, and calculated for either
wood or coal, or both. All the old standard patterns
which have stood the test of experience, may be found
at him establishment. Also, a great variety of the most
approved and beautiful PARLOR OFFICE STOVES, in
eluding a number of new stylus, possessing very supe
rior advantages over those herutoloro in use. Families
And housekeepers are respectfully invited to give him a
call before purchasing elsewhere. .Stov'es delivered to
any part of the country and put up at the shortest mi.
tire. lie continues to do all kinds of TIN AND SHEET
IRON WAItE, and Copper Work, and has constantly on
hand or will make to order every article required by
housekeepers or others In this line. ills stock of Tin
and Copper Ware embraces every kind of household and
kitchen utensil, warranted equal to the best mulatto
lured. Persons in want of articles in his line may al
ways be sure of being accommodated to their satisfaction
by giving him a call. ruusl-18/4
- hi3 subscriber at his old stand on North Ilanover at.,
Carlisle. the sign of the -.Mammoth lied Coffee Pot," de
sires to call the attention of the public to his largedvs
ertment of STOVES, of the newest and most fashiona
ble styles, from the best tnanufactorles lu the
._. country, and at all prices from $8 to $l5.
s"_. 1.
-..... are the Mirror Stove, the Arctic. Revere, Star,
Persian. Union and .Etna Air Tight, together
with other patterns which ho has of all FiZON
for parlors or chambers, and calculated for burning either
wood or coal. Also, the illtna, Moho, Astor, Albany,
Flattop and Bandbox or Poor Mans, with other COOK
ING my Es, comprising the latest improvements in
kitchen stoves, and intond.d for either wood or coal.— I
Also, the Dining Room Cooking Steve—a new and ele-il,
gant article, to which he invites the particular atten- 1
thin of families. Ins cooking stoves range in price from 1
$lO to ;ff., with the fixtures complete. Also, Nine Plate
Stoves of various patterns and different prices.
ing Stoves, Brass Kettles, itc. Also. every article in the
line of Tin and Copper Ware. The 'public tire respect
fully Invited to call as lie is confident with his large
stock tttrlo y_so_d_ebeapness. of holog_olde to glito_oft,
tiro satisfaeticgi to every purchaser. Call and see.
Oct. 25,1854. 'M. MORRIS.
. YANKEE' FEED CUTTERS, manuun toyed for
A IMUCII X SARGENT, No. 410 Market street, Philada
This cutter Is superior to any now in use, thr strength
durability, and simplinity of construction plants (hat
er, and is-the only selfsharponing Itcy, Straw and Corn
Stalk Cutter over made. It has but ONE sTRAIiaiT
KNIFE, which any person can grind and sat with base,
but in ordinary case, Is ground in the machine. Thou-
sands have already been sold, and tho' demand is daily
increasing. In most cases an examination Is sufficient
to convince one of its superiority. No ono after a short
trial would part with It fur any other. AU sizes of the
above constantly on hand and for sale by
Sole Agent for Cumberland county
Ui:"•All kinds .of Printing done here
. .1J Paportown Cumberland county.—
11 A ;in E LI, A. SL I YMOUIt continue to sup.
fr.tlarOgUAlN ply. !Amber of all 'kinds, at the shortest
' notice, and on terms lower thou can be
had elsewhere. All orders directed to E. linstam„
pertown, or Wm. 1). StAmoun, r., Carnal°, will he prompt
ly attended to.
t• " it -k-±A INO.—The undersigned would inform the
citizens of Carlisle that he has made arrange..
uumtaWdoliAti FITTING and PLUMBING at short
tire. and on reasonable terms. Ile has engaged the lier ,
viVes of a first rate hand from Philadelphia, and Les sup
plied himself with inn extensive assortment of VINT.
IMES, which will enable hint to MI all orders promptly.
All vi oil: will be warranted. Ills stock of OLIN fixtures
will he found In the room eauctly opposite Lis 'I inning
establishment on North Ilauover street, where he Invites
a call.
TINNING, SPOUTING, &e.-11e Is also prepared to
fitimish, or make to order, every article of TIN WARE
used by housekeepers and others. lle will also attend
Thankful for the patronage 11 lib vv Lich he has already
been favored, he respectfully solicits a .4.1)14111u/wee of
the same.
Carlisle, June 14, '64
lIMLEN respectfully informs the citizens of Car
lisle and vicinity,that he has just return
• •
ed from California, and is prepared these
_cute all kinds of work connected with his
'line of business. Ile has always on hand
a large assortment of ready-made Miles,
Guns, Vistula, Locks, Keys, Guu Trinnulogs,Ac., all of
which ho 'Will sell wholesale or retail. Ile also attends
to repairing Eons, clocks, locks Ae; engraves. on brass,
• copper and Iron. Ile hopes that by strict attention to
business, and a deilre to please, he will mei it and receive
public patronage.
.1) . 2) • All kinds of Fire Arms made to order..
Carlisle. April 26, 1554—1 y
Witti_ - 1:1,ItY! Holiday Pro.-
;4sl u • *:7--1.. ants , .3 - -e.--T If 031 A S CON
,Io 2 :"..:...........,,,,...'„ LYN, Weirt Iligh street.a few
..,-.. l' 9 4 --''' doors west of Ilurkladder's
z - e .- .: 8 .);VS -.. '” I 101.0, Carlisle, has just re
-,*.."1.--...`.7 G .
_ .. .5 j4.,..tsgr. ..." i•I red the largest tuna meet.
, J?' , .•ie,"B7 el,•gant astortBlollt of loupe.
'dor .1,-‘1 eh . ) eN or °floret! in Carlisle,. VoliKlstinp le part
- of - lloid avid sllrer - Watches - of hvery --- varietyillind at all
priecs, eight-day CIA/CRS. Silver table and tea Spoons,
silt or talk forks and butt or halves, gold and silver
speetacles, ladies' and gentlemens' gold pen andyetnll,
geld chains ci every dcfcription, car and finger rings,
breast pins, .k.c., at all prices. Also Accordeons and Mu
sh-al Boxes, a nth a groat variety of Fancy Articles, se
looted expressly for the Holidays. Persais desk lug to
purchase are invited to mil and examine theassortumit.
We are prepared to sell lit -.cry ruw•Lakuble prhes. Qual
ity of goods warranted to l e as fine as sold for.
West High st.
i. 000 ms.—A. C. KELT having taken the liaguer
rean rooms in Marion Hall. known as A. 11. Tuldis Gal
lery. desires to inform the Ladies and tientlemen of Car
lisle that be is prepared to take Likenesses in the mist
stiperillw style of the art, such as w ii) fully sustain the
reputation of this popular establishment. Ills rut ins
are large, pleasantly situated and conifLitably furnish
ed. Ile is provided with the most powerful and perfect
instrument for taking pictures and e armileS satisfae
tlon'in all ruses. A full supply of eases of every variety
of style anti Size. pittill and ormimetitsi. kept constantly
on hand. Engravings, Puintings. ete.;, accurately copied
and dupliCates taken of original Mimeses. Likuneses
taken of sick or deceased persons. Prices moderate and
satisfaction given in all rases. The piddle is invited to
rail at the Marion Hall Daguerruan humus and examine
the it umvrtous spovizneris.
Daguerreoty - pos inserted In Loekets, lireast Pins,
Finger Illuga Pencil Heads, &e.
June 14.'51.
cl ADDLE AND DA RN Et...... iq AK -
1,7 ING. ,The sat continues to carry on tI3O
ahore business, in all its various be:wales. in North Ilan.
over street, Carlisle. two door/. North of Leonard's comer
whore he intends .keening .on on hand a gent-rd assortment
in his line, etiusletitnt 01 all hinds of foolii.nal , le SAD
' !WES, Bridles, Marling:lles Girths,
Circhigles II nd Halters, a h.o ',CHUN liS,
' l / 4. :0f; - . travel {lf
. 8 11,1 saddle . — ...M
i i
**, , u l fnures c Ire man
approved SPANISH
1 i t 8 V 1 11 " :11r N y ,
C{: l yn t a ii i , :s ,so ev w ef sl u ti s n e r d
a l rah this
. sou r , durable and pleasant saddle
- . Will do well to call and see them. lie
ill also manufactures harness, Bridles,
Collars and Whips lu all their verb,-
ties, and confidently believes from the general apioula•
tlon of his customers, that he 1110:0 the neatest and
hest gears, in all their variety of brrdth, Oft is made in
the country. lie also makes all kinds of to
order, via: Straw, husk, Curled hair and Spring Nat
rasses. All the above articles will be made of the lest
material and workmanship, and with the utmost dett
patch., Wlll. OS 110 lt N .
a has an assortment of Dishionable and well nook
0 UM% which will bo sold off at cost for cash.
The stock consists of Cloth and Cashmarett Coats, Lin
en and olngliant Coats, Tweed and Jean Coats; 31arsellls
Silk and Satlu Vesting; Cassimers.Jean's and Cord pan
taloons; Linen and Cottouade pantahsms,nith all kinds
of Clothing Usually found in a clothing store.
Intending to relinquish this branch of my business,
great bargains can be had by calling soon at the cheap
store of CIiAIiLES ()MIMI'.
CA RPETING.—A few pieces just received from auctlou
and selling very low
June 21, 'IA
St-UsTCE COMPAN V of Cumberland county, incorpts
rated by nu act of Assembly. Is now fully organized, and
In opeuttion under the management of the following
comm if;f;ioners, viz:
Daniel Bidloy. Villiam It. Horgas, Michael C:wklin,
Molchoir Brenneman, Christian Staynum, John C. Dun
lap, Jacob H. Cxcver, Lon is Myer, Henry Logan, Benja
min H. Musser, Jacob 31mungt, Jescph Wickersluun,
Alexander Cathcart.
The rates of insurance aro as low and favontble as any
Company of the kind In the State. Persons wishing to
become-membeitPtirtchrelted-to - tnake - appliratten to the
agents of the company, who aro willing to wnit upon
them. at any tinho,
BENJ. idOSSER, President.
GENRE, LOGAN, Vice President.
LEWIS 11YER, Secretary,
. CUMBERLAND COUNTY.—Rudelph Martin, N. Cum
berland: C. 11. Herman, Kingstown; Henry Tearing,
Shiremanstown ;
Charles Bell, Carlisle ; Dr., J. Ahl,
Chun:Mown ; Samuel Graham, West Pennsborough.;
James Mc Dowel, Frankford; Mode Griffith, South Mid
dleton; Samuel Owner, Benjamin Ilaverstick, Mechan
icsburg; John Sherrick, Lisburn; David Cooxer, Shep
YORK COUNTY,-;-John Bowman, Dilisburg; Peter
Wolford, Franklin; John Smith, Esq., Washington; W.
S. Picking, Dover; J. W. Craft. Paradise.
lIARRISBVIIO.—Mouser k Lochntan.
Members of the company hexing policies about to ex
pire can have them renewed by making application to
any of the agents.
' 4( Spring Arrival at LYNE'S on Northilan
-I.over Strget,,whore the public are being
aoppliod with every variety of Hardware, Nino, Oily,
ca.. at the rawrar mini PRICES. Call in, we can iteccanv
modate a few more. "
L N !---The subscriborp
O!taco put their books Into the bands of W. C. /them
lisq for settlement: Mice In Main street. lienek opposite
Marion Hall. All persons %rho are Indebted to will
lease call immediately upon him and save themaelves
further trtuble.
401118, 1.655. • u wxua.u& CA.III MILL.
NV AIC IJ SjIIIj eL 'SIIVER :„'AIt idkANl:l ~ , fif•assoti
meat of the finest quality, fur sale et the ion est cash
prices, at Wm. C:13:112115 MEAD' t 3, No. I tf..l Stitib ,Second
:' l o u t betv, een tine and Union, west side., Ili iladelphia
4 ,1 1.14.4_
Ihe ass di molt embraces a large and se Im t stock
Fine Wa .- , Jewelry Rilver Ware, Al! eta 11 ale, plater
with fine silvt ', in Fpouhs„Ferlfs. Ladles, Ac..-- Jet go,ds,
Fans and fancy artltles of a sup. for quality, deserving
the examination ot those w lin desire to pr, cure the best
goods at the ion est east 1,1 it-es.
!holm; a practical 1:1), ~, ledge of
the business.and all aVailablefacili
Mies fdr Impel ting and Niat , untettir
I, 1,„, f lie Ruhscriner contlidently hit lies par, Losers. laff
lies ing that ho tan supply them on terms to , tavorable
as any othiT establishment In. either 01 the Atlantic
V .
• -. 40 -57
All hinds ofDianionda and Pearl Jewelty and Silver
Ware UM' factured to order, within a le time.
4.9..Walclati,jewelry and silver ware faith! ully
paired: F. LLTON HEAD,
2F4 South 2d St. a fen doom above the St. Slat.
het, West Side.
t i~..1n tho south window of the Store, icy be Feen
the famous Bird Melt, which coounands the admiration
of the scientill• and curious. (Sept. !..:1),
OF LIME.—From City Chendoil & Union ‘Vnrlts,
made after the most Wirral ed firth les and verp superior.
Prepared A nhydi Ito Manure, wade after the Lnplish ar
tide, and must supei kr. being much lower than Curry°,
and fully equal. Ihe attention of D. aids and rarmera
is particularly called ht re for ti 'al. Also, l'ci tit lan (in
ane, Su large or mall quantities, for sale by
JulIN L. 14131E1;0y,
'2 South St luu•res, ad door aline Chestnut
• h,ept.l:7,
C 1.1, 8 UN '8 l'A E.N 1' LIN TILA-
T tiltlCACE.—'llie subscriber voilad tall the
attention of all patties requiring a desirable lurnace
It. Cull-to:en Cl - .1.1.1111A11:131VAD311NO AND 1 1A711..1111.0 As
-1'.11:.\7 t:1.
The reputation 1.1 this furnace is now bnouri, having
beet. introduced during the past five yeats about
111 a, public bufldiugs and mere than been private divoilt
hags; this together - with the immense Ulu ease of sales
ever) ) car is the brut es idunt u that can it adduced of
its superiority - rver all other flit nitres. Ivy ILa use 01
l_hilt ii s 1 urnnee, you Secure the lolloising ailianutges,
Intr. tistn.stios:
Prue Alt—lhe heating surfaces Icing at a tempera.
tore that trill not tieSforate the air.
F.coNONneAt. Use el lull..
tie, LAT let: tau al tag made ettirely t f t est Iron,
trot liable to rust. tt ill rtlilillt it rel Lits alit tag a life
tie.— it is 4,511) Managed, anti still not MN Id a. the kind
ing„.111„11..tillIllit ia_placed-to;..datignr, (runt. Lie,. Abe
,other 1u I.s.
Si Ida.c the te,tinaaLials of hundreds (•1 the n.a at
men tea attest tv the truth a l the ..$r stalry
lariat. tall el M 1.40 ga.nnt,ulatt` it th 1e tua id t ol) liar lint
furnace) et its cut. d ft proilte itd , a pot, ; La all hy.
litaw 1 I. hyl t•Ns ith aiii.oN the Jew
m :,1.0 11. i 1,1•1. rha anal aid ni
:mil kindly fora.ished un ti.eir moues and Illuttlati a
Prot. Ji,lan l'rel. Parker, ,Noi ton, l'res
V. h.. 11. Alicia, l'u.f. IYua.ns , frttL haualds, i tit. 11.
11 ii,trtallicen this season Lie no Siz SO that
all pat t• oay at ail Ihen,sels es id (Lis Ell Me 1 / 1 1.1C SU-
Isis at a 5..1) In. tletatti tent. 11 o ore noW wired t 0
1011.1 st. ..1. 11.1d:inlet to IS id 1.11 roust, all .he Lag
labt t w.uu.g tat Usti at UI.IF).
do do 48
de for brick Work 48
CIO k tin
Ex4ra.lZadlattr, ith Bats and French'
• fi do (Ili do 1 0 7
6 do do du 1.4.1
Ma No. i is titan largest and no st powerful Furna, o
made in this ~ unto and is aduinal Il uonibtd hr
Churches and r large class buildinFs.
We continue to soli the appal atus at the same pried
it it,rluted, tale tan: into. Alt L, 1101 the
present Lich price '.l 14,11 has ihrreinq d then rt t i per
cent owing ti. their gi eat weight, stall Nn e are enitidt d by
the great Inez rase et salt s 'to furnish the arti, In at the
lowest tx,ssahlt. price. Ono foundry alto e, Messrs, It tir
nick Al.eibotialt„ hat e ( - outlet tell to I L 1 1 .1: iSh inc Nith bt4l
toll.. es this Seill4lll, so thilt, (IV tae now prci
edtoftrninLthrntwholesalt:andretttii We supc int cud
the ertsitiim ma nil Furnaces, ulteu required, and 'war-
runt them in ail casts.
'LtTA .tilt I EINCI RM . :Gr.—We lin, ti also
the must cen.plett• ueLing I,nuFr Oita has yet t ton in
to lured, tt, 11 hip h w e call the attention of all ti lie la ay
'Wish to secure the most porlbct and desirable ciohing ap
pattitus ctCr tut V
INS, 1 A'll.'N'f I.NTILAIOI;.-IVe are the
only Agents in Penns:, It ania fur the inantifit, turn a n d
dale ol this \ eit t Hater, which is acknot, It dged to Le the
only porn ot 1 eittalater ever made' for c, ere , tiug the
draught in stunt.) chininies, and for sew
Oaf's (dell Ab tittle are a great loamy hill tit:4o7lS
dtil this Talliable pt tin le now.tillervti liar Sale, parti, s In iii
Ye carefill tv txttudite that it has the Emerson Budge at
have the largest imp most comph•te asst I linen t st Hot
itegistela and lentil:dor., to to f oust in the United
:•.tates. Patties It ho wWI to pats base either mr pt iNi Is
use or w IndeNale, will find it ',neatly to their tilt antago
to examine their Ark.
SL.ITE AND IRON MANTIES.—We have always on
Land an extensive assortment of these beautiful man
tles, In exnet itnitatitu of Egyptlan,l 4 panish,Galway and
other rare marbles.
OPEN GRATES.—For Anthracite and llitumlnout
Coal. Also, an entire new pattern of the low down
Grato, made from the English Patterns, and entirely
new hi this,.ountry.
SOLE AtiIENTS Cro the English Encaustic Mooring
Tile. Garnish It Chimney Tops and Terra Cotta Ornaments,
ouch as Garden Vases, &v.
Persona about building would do well to examine our
stock before purchasing elsewhere. Visitms, whether
purchasing or not, are cordially welcomed to our eaten•
she Wm-Crowns, and Where we should he happy to tur.,
nisi any information respecting any of our goods that
may be desired. A book on Warming and lentilating
can be had gratuitously at our store, either personally
or by letter. S. A. lIARRISON,
Warming and Ventilating Warehouse,
110 Walnut st., below
CHAS. 0011.11 Y
- ) n l i 1 : .
:illor-i)tilele.)rechbrziutelail (i li o,c rtste in , i l..iti lit
i : i !:
1 g and Elastic Band Toupeva. Instructlena to enable
1 i
Ladles and Gentlemen to measure tboir Lends Iv ith AC•
c untry. . '
FOR Wrns, inches.—No. 1. The round of the head; No.
2. From forehead over the head to the neck; No.:{.
Fronk ear to our over tho top; No. 4. From ear to car
round the forehead.
ToolKea and scalps, inebea.—No. 1. From forehead to
bark.llN far as Laid; No. 2. Over forehead 11141tr_IILIVIIIir ,
. .
It. DOLLARD has always ready for sale a splendid
ntwk of &tents' Wign, Toupees, Ladies' Wigs. hull 1) igs,
Frizots, Braids, Curls, ST., beautifully manufactured and
as c h ea p as any establishment In the l•nion. -
Doliprds, Ilerbanitun Extratutor Lustrous Flair ' l ronic,
prepared from South American Ilerbs and Beets, the
most successful article ever produced for preserving the
hair from falling out or changing color, restoring and
preserving it lii a healthy and luxuriant state. Among
other reasons why Bollard's hair cutting saloon main
tains It, immense popularity is the fact that his Toniels
applied to every head of hair cut at his-establishment,
consequently it is kept in bettor preservation than un
der tiny known application. • It being thus practically
tested by thousands, offers the greatest guarantee of he
Sold wholesale and retail at his Old Establishment ITT
Chestnut street opposite the State House, Philadelphia.
It. Pollard has at least discovered the ne plus ultra of
11Allt DYE, and announces it for sale with perfect con
fidence imits fiarpassing every thing of the kind now In
use. It cetera the hair either black or brown, (as may
be desired) and is used without injury to the hair er
skin either by stain er otherwhe, can he washed c ii in
tort minutes after application. without detracting fn ta
its efficacy. Persons visiting the city are invited to give
him a call.•
I.etters addressed to Jt. DOLLAiID, 177 Chestnut st.,
Philadelphia, nil' recotve attention. Jan. 2.5-Pf
Fine Vactory filled And Ground Alum Salt, eon
eitantly on baud and fir rain.
Hour, Grain and Lumber Connulssion Merebatita,
spear's Wharf.
Alan, ( I EMENT and CALCINED PLAtil'Elt. Ajellq
of the N. A. and 'Rote:Wale Co..
Daltituvre, Jan, 2:1,154 , 5. •
May 31-7tn]