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The subject of -ploughing is one 'in
which every farmer should 'be interested,
for it is a business that every,farmer has
t do ; and yet we see a small amount of
~ mod ploughing in proportion to that
which is bad and indifferent. ThiS is
((wino . more to farmers using ploughs of
md construction and make, than to
other causes combined. Hence farnmersc
will tolerate bad plowing, when they
,would "veto" at once bad Moving, poor
cradling, and careless hoeing in -their
fields. Then again, good or -improved
plows will 'cost double, and sometimes
tt chic A first cost, over the ordinary plow.
This fact stands in the way of many far
m rs, and when they are toll! Jay some
•• teachers," that on am ordinary farm of
a hundred nacres they must have from
four to six different si7ed plows, they be
( (ame dis!oisted or disheartened at Once.
N ,w we have found that a good sward
plow as could be brought, into the field
w s also a good plmw for stubble and mel
•w ground, and this too after ten years'
• 1:1 i thful - trial; at: the satne-time we, used
plows., as the case required,
• Of course there eau be no objection to
f .r.ners having as many different plop 4
;Is they have means to buy; but with ma
ny far.ners nnel,mprovedplow is as ma-,
nv as, they they 'Can afford, and have other'
firming tools' to match --a fact by the
w,y vary few -farmers have at
rivet-lilt. .
As to the different modes of plowing,
tla 're are many different ideas among far
mm,ers ;
prefer the lap furrow; and
th flat or level land furrow others pre
fer. Both is good, enough if the work is
w('ll done—that is if the fUrrows are turtl
e I down to cover all the grass, weeds and
f (al stuff. We have found the fiat
. or -
level land furrow, 'after trial, where each
farrow is shut in - after the other, the best
plan to, keep grass and weeds from grow
ing at the edges of the furrows that we
have yet seen naopted. And so we have
practiced the flat or level land furrows
al sward lands.
The manner of laying out lands fur
plowing is worthy of consideration ; as
is often the case when a field has been
pl 'well one way for years, large ridges
will be found on the sides of fences, while
low swales will be left through the fields
"dead furrows." In this ease time
p'owing should be reversed, so that the
s•dl shall be brought back to its original
plaec. We have found when the field was -
t derably level, whether large Or small,
CIA it was best to go around. the whole'
fl 'id at once, making hit one land, and
cottNe having but one "dead furrow„"
fa this ease the better way would be to
have some twenty feet in width at tl o
‘•headlands" and sides of the field- to be
'plowed last, These lands can be plowed
last, by, going.,around the field of course,
tarnin:r- ' to the right, a "gee about" un
til the field is finished. A still better'
plan we think would be to commence in
the middle of the field ; • this could be
easily-found by pacing and staking. Here
plow a furrow, say two rods in length, ,
then turn back another furrow the same I
length. After you have plowed sic or
ci;it ftirrows in this way, you could
counnenee ploWing across the ends of the
-1 tut!. Plowing in . this way, you would of
c mise turn your team to the right, a
4 -gee about," and soon till it was finish
ed. The particular advantages of plow
ing, in. this way, is, that your team is all
t' ie time treading on the sward or unplow:
cd land, while plowing the other way or
"haw about," you are constantly driving
your teams out at the ends on to the
plowed land. If you hate a double team,
tv: is often the case in plowing a Leavy
. sward, then the plowed ground at the
e Ids of the land becomes tread very hard
acid the soil is made almoSt as unfit for
caltivation'tia though it had not been
plowed at all.
Another advantage of the "gee about"
systont. of plowing is, you can pow your
whole field without leaving any middle or
furrrws, which is quite an object of
c msideration ) :espepioally in plowing
sward land. In plowinr , mellow lands
the dead furrows are not so much con
sequence,: as they can be easily drawn.
it - iwn by the harrow in crofts harroviing.
The same system of plowing without lea
ving dead furrows, can be used by the
side.h ill plow, 'by commencing at the side
of the field and plowing forwards aLd
baekWards until the, field is finisfied, lea-
vin;; the head-lands to be plowed last.
As to the depth of plowing, of-course
all farmers must judge for. TtheMSelves - ;
but the depth should be increased at each
plowing, or gO down eight or ten inches
at once, asi you see fit. Subsoiling of
course should attended to, all fare iers
of the right stamp know at present. 'We
notice that new patterns of plows' are be
ing brought out every year. What :the
)articular advantages - of all these "new
naterns" are we cannot say now. We
kink - in ninny cases - that - to mucir "gear ,
ug" is attached to them for practical use.
1 plow with a clevis or draft rod and
.)heels is enough for practical uSe.-211-
ha ny Gatti vator.
NTT ILI, )1 .1.1.1 , 1 SEM I
Niltl",t--This I ostituthn will open on the first
Mdrelty Mareli, in a now an,l_eannoodiotts
erected for Lira parp tin.l.r the direction and super-
I -totem.° of Itev..l. Idennelyittol Samuel Th
I.,eation of the ::entinary in healthy and retired.—
It is the 'lo,lP,of til.. P1111 , :11/.0 that the course of in
struethni tr, t herett , 4ll. and the+ expenses moderate.
'rho host realist,' to 'shots trill i'npits
will ho ni-roi n t,od iu ohissot;a•tentrtlitt4 to the aireotion of
the Priaelpal. There will be three elasr3A—primary,
Junior and Sent .r.
T'raUia:—Si'>l>lli IC SESSION.
board, (U 4 anti light. per session
t month,. $4O 00
Tatlli.,l2 in :-zonl.q• par • . S 01.1
junkr ' "
" Primary
I ;ro,k: Vreito
. .
ti nSia ntl 114 , 3 of Instrument, . El 5 UA
./il pliatiug and dra sing. 5 Oa
Var fart.hor ad•lreqs
.liLnulry 17, 1•;):1.-2ni Yntnislin.oo.l`ll.
MITI: ii ALL :\CI.A.I)I , :i.Y, three
miles wost. 11.irrisl , r 'll Session
of I, hi. popular. and lluitriwhin_ gill eoir
ow e n Ly. llto 1'.1.11 N maul - the
• '4. 1 1 11 , i1 'Oar sueh
. . . ,
ii111)1 . ..,. • 1111PAIS .1 . /4 a Iditi Ins linv.• I 't. macho ;I: , it.: in-
I , 1 , i•14 p1i. , 1.1:.0-41..111111.11tii.d. Th. Vrilldp:tl \ V ill ' i , s a5,.,,,,•.1
,.,,,, •.1 by ,. : . I fil , l c ,:••,, . i •••nnp‘t vnt, 1,1.1 t•Np,rionct• I
1 -k •I, .!•,,. :unt• , :p•l'-ilit ntlz•nii , n -nlll-I,o.paiel cpl.ll,licaltdi
nn I ..,.,tif q.t. ~I t 1 , ,, •.'en , tent,.
It ~, l i [I.". NVA , III n 4 :, nit i•niti ii iii ell° E1,411 , h (Inuit!),
.4. ~,,,i v ii ,i 1 NI u.jr, ref : , t. •Ni In, k:1 111.11ititri1 $::011i
1111 rni..tii):l in ',Min n•nl 111,, , k, rack, • .5.4 kt
•• , l'roneh and tlrni•ln - • roc,
I n strait 1 . 1 M tr-ir, - - 10.Un
Tiro ratontt , m of Tinvents. and ;rwlr)liniv.4 k .s.rm•-ti)
iuclted to this l iiistitution. 01:vial:Ars will bp lorithilleil
outl xnc inform:al .ti o ill 1,, givi•lL on, applktti , n,vither
personal or Lp totter to
1). I)EN hi Ni
Sept. 13, 1.4:',4
I latrihl.43.
pLAIN Pi ELI) CI,ASS'I.(,',II, AC A1)-
Em v. near Car 11,14.. 'Pa. TL,. 1741151 , i •n will
,.....w.c..iu M I,N MY, N,l,•iolpor G. I,A. ..1 z•qu
tlotits limit. 4 .4 its u.w..1 I;.r their - umtal
And lift nlleetnal iini................t. T.... 1..,, : , .1411....1....N5i0n.
Circulars v.lOl rell•roti. - .., :old full ilif... - ....iti..i. furni.4i
...l, 11 , • . 11. K. BUR N:• , ,'
Prirnipal and l'n...ii-i..t , lr.
Plaiiiiit•l4, Cutiti......131.d .....,l'a.
/.11,, NO, ;tn.'. PA. -- The I\ INTER :- , 11:• 1
Tlle3.tvy, the Ith et . Nose - 1111:er
222 , 1caiitiliae live iv :nth,. Careful instra. ti -it 2.:i2 01
competent teacillers: In 010 i i at . .111•11t , ..f
2112theilittle:11- :11111 4.-1111 . Mi ., 1. The 22 - 12::le eic
emses f t t 111:1.:12. and 1,1 22;th :2 r:sini
,Sl3 per term. 1-'‘.r fartle , r partievilari 4 , apply
either at the sulks, ihers at NON, l'a.
it ,liEivr m•GAciit;EN,rrin,lico.
NV. 11.•LISN, .1. 11,
jr.. A. 14., j
(yru • s I).vr ENT FARMERS'
au al., .Iver all
Alitirs in Loin. inado a at, Iron
:rt•atly 13 .1 , 4114 eat•
vo 11 1:00 • of 1,111 Tilf•y
Jr.. portable. :m,l 1111 . , in I'
..iit c. th ,, I :vu. pig
fir f..r far I.y
1 1 .1.4"C11A1.1. 11111111:IS a CO..
Warel,..ll-.. ,'t N. 1:. rWntrr
;111 acid Nlarlo.t, j.loctl3l
) I ! , 7,1! K NlO FIT, (Succe4sor to
, Knight.) DEDDINII AND cAttnT
Av.ilt Et( W:4E. NO. I lii Street. five deers
al. wo Spenee street, l'hil.elelphiaintre he hoop. eon.
scantly ~01 hand a fall ngs otnient of every article in his
line of hu. , lti ess. Feathers, Feather Betts. - POtent
Mottre,sesVelvet Tapestry, Tapestry, TAussolo,'l • hrer-
v. I wgral ' n, l'enetlan, lAst, Ita4 and Ilenip l'arpenngs.
HI Cl...tbs.-Canton 'I at tlivzs. Cocoa and SpAnlsh Nlatthwe.
F1....r and Stair Drugget< IT‘ortli It Di)or Mats:Toth ,
And PI:111 , / Covers. To which heitivites the attenthn of
onreli aHerft. poet'sl
Lusin.--Tho subseribins are Attlintti In rhiladel•
phis lin- Mil above fertilizer, which has boon fully toasted
I.r the last tlarou years. ..Eariv orasts HOlldted mi the'
supply will be Iliulend. for sale best Peruvian Go
vernment (IMMO No. 1. •
Agricultural wara.ithe and Sued Store, N. E. cprnee
7th and Market ',trouts, Pliiladelphia. 14cait54
'IPAREI RA, Imp Prier, 7%lnn ulVturer and Dealer in
FANCY FURS. fir I.ntlie.: and Children, at
M above Eighth. l'hilndulphia.
liaving now eempkted toy large midi beautiful assert
lost of all the different kinds of Fancy Furs, that will
a worn by Ladies and Children during the present sea
m; this assortment of Furs is equal to any to be found
this, City, either for quality, variety or beauty:, linv
ig bowriit toy Furs in Europe for Cash, and have had
emu mantifiwtured by the most competent workmen
..oler my own supurvisiun, with reasonable eeintomy.—
ant thqurminea to sell them' at small rents, and for
kth" STOitEKEEPTiitS would do well to give too n
ill before purchasing. JOHN FAILEIRA,
?iii MARK ET St root,. above Eighth, Philadelphia.
Armosi)iniatio c Li URNS
3—.1 full supply of the above celebrated Churn, now
halal of all the different sizes, from 4 gallons to 50,
recelN'tal the first premium at the late Pennsylvania
'ato Fair, the first premium at the Franklin Institute
ld Delaware and Maryland State Fairs, and various
'hers at different Ithoes. It will make mnro and•better
niter from a given ammtnt of eream, and in less time
ma any churn in the market. Nor sale wholesale Mut
'tall by PASCH A. Lb S: Co..
.I , 4ritultural IVarebiotvd , and flood 6iore. corlior of
id 31arkot, Doc. ti, P551--tf
E & I lendry, Store,
VI North 3d st. P 10134011111.1, .11oroveo Manta:Let Ili
rs, ihirriors, loipmierh,Cuanuission and ()eller:II lAath
• 1,11.41111'1 , 5.
W I I'ILESALII AND I:>'PrAll—Manulltetory 15 Mot
krPtta street. Sop.. I—ly
FMK—SeveraI patterna of Ow abovo on hand and
lode wholesnlo and retail by'
k.trimiltural Warelionso and Scud Store, corner id' 7th
and Jlaritet, Philadelphia. Dev.
S.' LT.-5000 Sackti a. A.
VA a SALT, for sAle by
emut, oryrsc x co.l.
Flour C61111111%4)11 MOreliAnk, Spear's whoa,
113Itimare, Dee 5
Se - Job Pviuting done at this Aim
IR. S. 13. KIEFFER Ofliec in North
RI - mover street two doors from '%V era S CamplArs
st•np. Office hOurt , . more pat titularly from 7 to t) o'clock,
•A. 31., and front ft to 7 Celeck, I'. M.
1 iy DENTIST carefully attenda to an
operatl out upon the teeth and adjacent
parts that ili , rise irr . egularity may require. lie will
also insert Artificial Te,t it of every description. such as
f 4 ingle and Bieck teeth. and teeth with "Contin
uous (Innis, - and will construct Artificial Palates. tits
turatoys. Ite2ulatingt'lecet% nod every appliamat used In
the Dental Art. —flptirating room At the residence of
Dr, Samuel Fast nigh street. Carlisle.
6 nu
4 00
'Poet!' that are pluirvd t r i,r their presei'VM lo 11, Nuoh s=
&1 . .. eill 1 . ..• t , is ills'
I 1 N. ROSENSTEEIi, 11011::e,
Ornameiltal Paintitr. I m forinerli
th6per . :4) Intnies !try ( als Store: lie win
attend peomptly to MI the als,ve 'ileseeiptimis of paint
ing. at reasonable pikes. The various I; hob: of in.:at/Ur
it tended t enteh as mahogany, oak, walnut, Xi., In the
linprovettst) les.
QT( )VI4:S! STOVES:. '._ STOVES !!:
K . l .1.)11N b would . (1011.11.114 would infirm the public'that
he has now oil hand nt his cstalaishitiont, on '3l:tin : 1 1..,
nest door to Marion Hall. Om largest and most cola
; plete assortment .of COUK. OFFICE t. l'Ali
pf R rIL .AM STOVES to be found in.thie county', ,
• ,- -which will he ::old at the lowo.t prices Mr
:._....;-‘7: MSII or approved credit. His stock consists of
^slFil a large assortment - of new and likaily op.
pi .„,,,,f p ATENT..CLifHiI NO STIn , ,ES, finished
In Om inost,complete inatifier , and ealculated for either
wood or roll, or both. All the old standard pattejais
a hill have 01.01111 flio test of experience, may 110 fOllllll
al his establi•liment. Also, a great variety o f th oni ,t
level and t , , , autifal PAIIIAM OFSIIII smv Es. in
cluding 0 number of new styles, 11 , e:so:sing very supe
rior advantazos of or those heretofore in me. Families
and housekeepers are respectfally his Hod to g ir o hi m n
'OOll I
lire purchasing . elsewhere. Ftoves delivered to
any 1131 A 01 the country and pia up at the shorten no
tice. 11, continues to do nll kinds of TIN AND S'IMET
I 11, IN WARE, and Copper Work. and has emistatitly on
hand or will make to order every mild() required by
housekeepors or others in this line. Ills stark of 'l'l,,
and Copper Ware - embraces every kind of hou s ehow ag o
kitchen utensil. warranted equal to the lic•t mama:ie.-
f Hie & pecsiiits iii want of :tables la, his line may al
ways be slim of ladm.f aecommoditted to thole '6El,4ll:lion
by giving him a eall. (noel-1P44 i
P Alt 1.011 AND Ca 40K INa sTor
i:atbFwriber at his ,hi stand on North ilanov or 14..
Carlisle, the sign of the —:ilaunnoth Red Coffee Pot," de
ices to eall the attention of the public to his large as
'ortutent of STOVE:.i, of the newest and most., fashioua
s hie styles, from the best malluthetwiex in the
eounfry, and at all prices from zf,.,•:t to SIA.
„ r „tho Mirror Stove, the Arctic, Revere, Star.
• 1' slap, Union and :Etna Air Tight, together
with other patterns which ho has of all sines
for parlors or chambers, an d calmain teal for burning either
wood or coal. Also. the .Etna, Globe, Astor, Albany,
Pleat-top and Bandbox or. roof Man's, with other COOK
INO STOV ES, comprising the latest improvements In
kitchen stoves, and intend t 1 fur either wood or coal.—
Also, the Dining Doom Cooking Steele--a new and vie
gant !article, to which.he invites the particular atten
tion of families. Ilk cooking stoves range hi price front
siu to 25, with the fixtures complete.. Also, Niun Plate
Stoves of patterns and different prices.
ing Stoves, Dress Kettles, Ac. Also, every article in the
Duo of Tin and f'opper Ware. The public are respect
fully invited to call as ha Is confident with his large
stock, variety and cheapness, of being able to give em
tire satisfaction to every purchaser. Call and see.
Oct. In, 1' 4 54. ' Jul. MODEM.
YANKEE EEED currEns, manufaetured for
A LE/UCH A SA MI NSF, No. 110 .11arkot street., Philada
cutter is superior to any now In 'two, for strength
dunddlity. and simpli.dty of construrthin; It ruts fast
er. and Is tho only selfsharpoulng (fay, Straw and Corn
~tallt( evel:' made. 'it has but ONE STE A WWI'
KNIFE, which any person can grind and sat with ease.
In In ordinary cans. is ground in. the machine. 'Mott
sands hare already Lour 1401 a, tort rho thiltitlild is daily
increasing. • 111 most cases nu nsandnation in sufficient
to mnyince one of its superiority. No ono after a'sluot
trial would part,with it for any other. All shop of the
•ibuve constantly on hand and fia• sale by
DUMPS.—Just received a large agsort
mm4 of PUMPS of every vorl,)ty in gonent
nnlonelng Iron and limas Clbtorn and Cistern Nilo
Pumps: Also, outrtloor rumps, so regulated as nut to
ho subject to freezing in winter. 'those pumps aro got
up In the ',tory hest style in point of quality and work
manship. The nilmuiltoturers having had premiums
awarded for their pumps at soveral State Fairs, where
they imvo boon on oxidbition. Also, constantly on band
a full avortmont of Iron Well Curbs and Chain Puma'.
For sale low at
tarlistc ijcxalb.
Vrofessioull , TorD§
:Iv-ILL-umINEIII,. • Atterney
V y tftw. Oftlee in llootem's Row, CiirliPle,.Ptt.‘--
-44/-11usluess ontrnaoll , to lam will Lo. promptly at
tunded to. Fob, T.
A N. GREEN, Attorney at law, has
. settwa in It•ellaillenlvarg, for.the practli.e , of Ms
pr.;N•ssion. All kinds of Legal
. ‘Vrltlog, ColleeticMs.
Court bIISIIICSR, .;;.. promptly; attended to. Office oppo
site Or. Long's residone. ;'.I.IRVEVINU In pll. Its dilie•
rent Maudlin; promptly atyuded to. : ;
• •
Gl3. , COLE Attorney at Law, will at
tend prranptly to all business en t r psi ed tn him.
011ke in the room formerly orAmpiuti by William...lrvine
Esq., 'Korth Ifailevor street., Carlisle..
April 20, 11rl2.
TAIL. C. E. Blitlllll4',NTll AL, IT 0-
31(1:0PATIIIC PHYSICIAN. Mice and residence
on Louther street. one dour east, of the Homan He
turmoil Chureh. Dr, illumouthal.resportfullv ollois his
profossional "seri-Ices to the citizens of Carlisle and vi
, Persons from a distance laboring under chronic
diseases, may consult by letter. Office hours, front 7 to
9 A. 31., and 2 to 1 P. M, soptiVfoltf
sp c i t t e t fe
Carlisleo f s
o of t e li
1 , 10 surrounding country. ' .
and reAienve in South IlanoTer street, aireetly
opp“site to the Volunteer Office."
Carlisle, April '2O, 1863.
]). s., DENT I ..... Unity
touiters his ins.lessiontil. svio ict, to the
pui•lic. Artificial tectli ii.sertett, faint
toot ti, to an entire set, on the fittest :Ilia 1110 A
uu pus uni 'l',•eth. - Di-eases of the >louth and Jr
ealefully tt•eat:(l. 14FFICE nt the ri,hionce
hi:ihrother, un,North 'inn In
1 1,
Nsir, )11:4 ‘s ill pevn.rin
ttival tLc
'OM by inertia;; .%rtibrial 'Perth. from a p.itt;2le
a full 15.) - tutiro an Pitt t..treel.❑ f.•W
.tit Ole II:011,1.1 11.4,1. 1)r. 1.. is absent fil , lll l'er.
sle the lest ten days of every 'mouth.
Stores mi Stjoys.
:::' 4.1' •:.:14.1111;11
.. to
, 0 xy , „ 4 .0.5--,, , a
tir 't4 0
1 , .!. ,
l-i " \
- l k „:1.- .4.- , :,;-.
st . ' 4
,_,...k....--..- , 71.7..„1- -s - 1:---;')....„ .._.
~:-...,: .----:--:-..,.-- ~ ...!"Pl • ' 4 „,_,
;417-„-; , ,--
-. " 4.T..., , ' "' V— ''
J. P."l.tiNr,,
Solo A:lmA (ol Cumberland ounty.
.nod 1 1 on
(..! A 1) - Di, V, .A '_ D' 11 A I:,N I, F 8 I‘l AK -
1,,, - 1 INt:. Ihe vul;seriber tamilidies do -carry on the
alset e busitte-, in all its salient. hrain In s, in N rth Ilan
over street, Cal 11: le ts o deofs Not tit of LCUI:ItIirS rot art
where lie lotel.ds keeping on hand a gel:er2ll assofpnent
in his line, consisting of all Linda of ft:shift:all,' SAP
; 1/1.1;:t.', ilridleit, Martins ales, flit tits
;;;;.- - 1
t, ,
... l'irelind, nod Halter.. Alia. 'I 1:1.::"; Kt
1 timi elitiv ni:(I saddle -. , .... :_1 ---- -;,-, 11 7 ;
.., ~ .) ,\ !\\U\V, 1 a!,. 11;; tits. untie ~,.., I . 7 111,
' ~..., . .11 ‘ ". u feet tt . rt
i s
, t , 1 . 1 , ti
, n i u . s i t i ',,,, t ; )
I\ l ' \, i ts 'i' iri r t ' i N N ' t n
. t.; t i.e s t.f.s ' et vr ti,..ti in llit
et , uptry. +ii.l tlit,l, uhdling It 11111.11
Stl-1110, (lurid le mid uleastint tattl,ll;
will do ti 111 l ti , rail 111.11 see them. II;
• ill also manufactures Ilariletts. Bridles
-- Celia, atlti ‘I Lips' in :di [heir V:111. 0
I kit. :lad ~I 1( dell tt I;elteres 11,m the trenertli lirrrt.llll
Ilan of his ett,t, inets, that he nialtes tint neatest and
1,,,t ;tears, in ail their rrirlet) nt twelfth. that is made It
the enuntry. 11e also null Cc all hinds of )littlitsses t.
ardor. tic: .."1.1 as, 1111Ak. Culled flair nod t-prinif - Nlat
rasses. All the ithove a; titles sill I. nook of the 1 eat
tiaterial . and werianunsidp, mid with the ili F.-
gitell. IVIII, 081101tN.
c) "
LOTIIN(.N AT COST—The subscrib
s „ 8,.,-tm ent fiishionaldo ai.d VI) nlttli•
C NO, Ni hlt h n ill he sold oif ut cost kw cash'
' 'Tito stock consist, of Cli lit and Cashmarett l'oats,
en and I:lngliitin Coats, 'l'weed and Jean Coats: \l urnefll•
Nitk and Satin Vesting; Ow:liners .Icati's and food pan
taloans. Linen and Gottunado hantaltuns,m ith MI hind :
of Cl..thing usually foUnd in a clothing stOre,
intending to relinggirtt this -branch of lily lathilorrs
groat Ittrgailos ow I r had by soon at the anal
store nf (11A h
CA it PET! N .--A pieces just received kepi ;metro]
and selling I cry tutu
Julie 21,
ItA C 4 rM N runilvrlrtnil rnulity.
rated by nu net of ,tei n dly, Is now fully erg:mired. an.
in nin‘rntion under Ow nutnn6ndnunt of the 1;41(1%
Pnniel Willipa 91. °omits, Michael Ceeklim
Melehoir ihennennun, Christian Staynnin, Jelin C. lime
Ja c ob IL Coevei-, Leuls flyer, Henry Logan, With:-
min H. Musver, dacoV"Muututn, dnneida `l% ickettdurni,
Alexander Cathcart.
'rho - rates of Ilfg - tll'Arled arc AS low and thvoraide as an,
`milli:thy of the hind In the State. Persona wishing , t.
ineinbers are Invited to 1110:4 , application to.tlo
Igents of the company, who. ore. willing to x‘alt .tipm
heut at any time.
CLIMBGIiLAND COVNTV.--Itudolph Martin, N. Cum
herlatl; 0. 11. Herman, Ii ingstorni; Henry 7.earlidv :
Shiremanstown ' • Charles re Carlisle ;- Pr. J: Aid
t•ltrehlown ; S amuel Oralimn, 'West Prinistorourh
James Jlc Dowel. Frankfortl;"Moilit Griffith. South Mid
dleton; :7 4 auntel Coover, Benjamin I toverstlrk,
h•rlairg ; John Flierrieb. Lisburn; Parid Coover;
YORK COUNTY.--.lblin Moorman, Pthitturg; Peter
WoKorth Fratiltlin; .111111 Smith, Iph,lVuehing.ton; W.
B. Melting, Dover; .1. W. Craft, PartilFe.
TJARRIMir wt.t‘r 1 L
!Stene6i•ii; of the eouipttny Io policies about to ex-
TAO can have them renewed IT making application to
any of the a ',unto.
naSerilwr offers at private Fitra tint OM: and fix
tures of a Drog Store, tote , the 'property of Mantel Sta.
'sal, deed, in cintrelttown, Cumber . county. . Thera
Is no other Mug Store In the Om, and a lino opportu
nity is now presented to-any young titan wishing to
commence this business. For iPl4lllf , enquire of
mosyS M9ItitETT, AnArt.
12 —
11,M1K SILK LACES.—Just opeiT4.
Itlook biCIN of superior quality, and tUtT ; rout
widths. • Also, BLACK 81G1i TRIM MI t;hops and
other trlntruiuge. (MO. W. 11.1TNES.
Aug. IA&
•' •kJ
l'apertowm Cumberland county.—
ai r ,e nrrro ply ',umber of all hinds, at the .ehortest
' -.••-mit notice, and on terms lower than OM be
lthd elsewhere. All orders directed to Th
pertoWn or Wm. 1). SEntoult,.lr., Carlisle ; will be prompt•
ly attenhed to.
, •
INO,--The undersigned would inform the
4cr dt,,ZOI/S that ha latfi made arrange- -
manta todritiAN PITTING and 1'1.1331111N(1twt short no
tiee, and on reasetial.le terms. Ile has engaged the ser.
vices of II first rate hand from Philadelphia, and has sup.
plied himself with an ex t engine arsi.rtmrntnl El
UR Mt whit!) will enable hitn to MI nil orders promptly.
All work mill 110 warranted. 11 instoek of Una Fixtut es
will be faund in the room exactly oppesito his Tinning
estaldishment on Mirth Unilever street, where ho Invites
a tail.
TINNING, SPOUTING, .4e.—lto is also prepared to
furnish, er malie to order. every art 1e1e.4,f TIN WA BF.
mud by bousek,jepers and others. lle gill also attend
Thankful for the patron:ne with vrbieh bealrendy
heon favored, he respectfully solicits a col.tyi'ititnee Of
the same.
Carlislo, June 14, '54
E., 11 0 M VON
IIfALEN rospertfully Inf.:rats the citizens of Car
, lihie and vicinity, that he has just return-
Cad itlwnizt. and is prepared tnexu
, cute all kinds of work eennected with hit ,
line of business. lie has :away son hand
a, Jorge assortment of ready-made Itifies,
Duns, Pistols. Locks, Heys, tin Trimad ago. 4 0., all 01
which ill, Mill Sell wholostde or retail. Ile also attcnat
to repairing (inns, 001104, locks, he; engravrs ou brass.
topper and hon. 'lie hopes that by strict attention try
business. and a 'desire t, please. he a ill merit and reeCive
diktic pat rra.sge. •
/1 .011hoh , of l'ire - Arnie made to of der.
Q PLEN ti I () ,11,"‘ V -
' e , .
..,-., ' •CI ELLS! 11011ttsy Prep
-- of la I ..,..... ents, A ~.-1 II 11 !A A S CON
' ''',3 2 ..". - '5.... 4 t•-•,,,..„. LY N, IN est 111,1, •t, , el It I'l'l,
3 ~ '''' ,. : 7 , , ,, doors w, st of Purl , holdor s
r • • • • •. -, :V- I; . i 9 • .7. 11 .5* - ', • •. - - - •
‹, 2 -
~... k,
~.„. titdel. (Inhale./ !ii just !,..-
, 5 4,' , ... - - 5.,.. 7 is .1 ~ : el i i, ' r 4Alk.s: icia vil the lang,st and /12 , ..51
-'"'"•`••, • 14 ...: 7, • -• .;•••71. 104 ' , IS:.'" elc.;•ant ass , L110,•1 t or , dui ,-
rior .lee eirl. ~ ,, ,, r Idlert 1.1 in Larlisle„ consisting in 1 al t
of Gold ad . : - Ils CT IV olc Les .1' c, cry variety, mid at all
Niro, cd.:111-da1 4'LOCIIS,. :Tor Cr fa', I,• and L a Npl.l -, i,s,
silver tulle 1- rte and butter hut iN c,', Vold and sneer
9 ,,, taeles. lath : .' and ~ :entletvens• gcld pen aid iterb 11,
..,.! , 111 , -lain,of l.%cry desnripth o p, ear and tinge' I ii/s,
hrmal pins, A...., at • a IT jai, r , :. - .41 • ,,, A, - ,..t i ch.6,i,; A - lA . l'3lu= 11f,a,. s' ith a sail, ty of In, cy .k, thins, se
lected Lxpres..iv ii r the liclida,s. Pernoda 11C,11ing t.,
pun l a ne are in ,iled to ,all and nxan.ll.e the IISFoI tin ent
ll'e ari. Irk elo3l - ..,i Ili an ti n t eery ri.z.,.,•06. p. Iron. • Qual
ity ~4 f go. , Als is :11 ranted U. 1,13 as flue as sold S r.
T11(01AS I'l ..:,, LYN.
l't est 11101 at.
‘ III( ) . N HALL - DA Gl - 1:1111F,A N
i . I . O I IIMS.—A. O. lilll.ll' Inn, ing tat en the Pagyter
rean rooms In Minion 11a11.1kIltiNC11 alt A. IL Tuld,',.. (:Til
lery. deli n•, tie Inlla ni the_ .L. , ldies aidi llefitienien of Car
lile that he ia pro paned to take Lil , eileaes in the nu al
Stlllel io.r style ot the art. such as Mill fully sustain flu
reputatiun i.rt his popular establishment. Ills re - , ins
are Jaen,. plessantly situated and conisortaiL) flu 1,1,1, ,
ed. 11, , is pros hied with
,tite most powelfUl and perk•ct
instrunuoit for 1 aLlog , pictures and unrvants sstisfac
tion-in all eases. A full supply of casns if el Cry larield
of at: In and size, plain 1111.1 01'11:1111VIA:11 kept ...+115t11.1.1.1
On h. ,,,,1 . Engrto , lugs, l'aintions, Ae., aceuratel} c. pit d
ant duplicates , tal,en of hiladiesss. Lllsoltrans
taken of :del, or deceased persol.s. Pi I,a•s in, &late and
sat I..nutiun nit vil ill all ,{l.`S. The pnline 6 int Ititl V.
i•-ill at Ilif.',ilnti4 , n 11,111 Daf.,.....w.aa.ean Ito,•ins and es t auk,,
fi, , 11111,1,1, Sj C. in.i.ns. J
4i; I , : - .:2 ner, , pi, Inserted in Lee! its, Ereto. Pins
Finger Pile.... P, tell liVads, Ae,
l'at lisle ; Ow e 14. 'ti-I. ~
310: 4 SEH, President.
HENRY LOGAN, Vice Preslkla.
LIMAS 111:Elt, Secretary
• -WARE mid- FANCY COUllti,--A fine errort-
Inrnt of the tinet quality, for sale at the It NN eat
pities, at Wm. C: tyo:\ r 'muff:, I\ 11. 11.4
1 4 t met Leto tam l'lne mud Unic,n, west side, Fbilativit
tusorttoont euArnees a large PO t sN ck tf
Floe Ir a tebes, Jewelry Filler Ware, All dial\ tae. Flat.l
with foe sill or. in Finpur,Forkiel.tolles. p 4 dr,
Fans mid fancy articles of a superior quality, des•en it g
the examinath n of those who desire to pro( ore the Lust
* . goods at the lowest, cash pill es.
4:4 " fr o
liming a pratileal know ledge cf
... 40 the bushte:-.s,au LI al) avail:thin lilclii
-, ties for Importing and Man uIP-tur.
lag, the tilltcerit er cootiidei,tly itn lies you lase u.
that he can supply them on, teul,s as talle
as limy othey eel lb.hinet. t in either et the A ilet.thr
t flies:
All lauds (t Dinntomltt uud Peorl Jewelry Dyer
'Ware tinurrfact tired to trilt r, %lain at ream I. trite.
11.0,1Vattelles, jolt Ory attid Aver watt. tititl,tuliy au.
Faired: WM. F. LLEA
No. 2YI Stntth '2(l, fit. u few dour al ot e hit, tf,t att. 'Mar
l:et, tt est Side.
1 ). ) 11- 111 the ti , dlth st , h dne of the 1 4 tore, nth
. ) 1 e seen
the ()mums 111 rd (loci:, u hirh et Inn - -Inds the litindintii
of the scientific itutt curia us. iZB, 'IA-13 r.
fP1101'1,1) . SUPER "BOSH.' T
lAN n City CI" mb t & Union 11"( tits,
.wade after the most in., rued atl , leY and verptupet
Prepared Anliphlte )lat.rre.'mt de aft of the lint_ lish ar
tiele, ;tad mth-t t•oper. kr. 1 viol; in nob I. 'tier than 1.1111U1'(•,
and fully equal. The :kttout.on lhalt...ra and Farmers
Is partien lady called here for trial. Also. let tat inn Out
ono, in lari4l , or en all oLat.tith a. for Fale US
21! South Al har-es, 3d door al vie Cheetl, 1•101 a.
Ser.t.27. l s:.l.
Tim) 1. t . 1( sul Nur!) M I 41 Ca)) ITO
attuntion of nll Ditties tequiriug rt desintlie orr II(
to l tut eos's ll AIMING ANL LN111.A11: , 1,
The reputati.•p of this furnace is now kiu r, haling
L. en init., do, ett timing the 1 list 1 years lute nl r lit
no rublle 1 gildiu,n and mere than FAKIO ivate derht
imps; Lhis ti eet her , u ith the itninense int rile, el ran g
cvty year is the I,t evidence that rag 1 e r.ttluetU f
its 1.11)441 , ity t , tcr all Other furrnees. • ity 1 lie use .f
L hilst it's 1. to I :lee. au secure the fulliAt ing
heating surfaces 1 Ong at a. tetrrem.
ttaet.hat .1H nr t de, v. I.le the nip.
.1.t0m , 3•1. AL 1 • , p 1 t,l t.
tir,r..vr Pt l'uititt made entirely of ("iit Tarr,
i.t m ill require 116 during it 111•
lira:— it in tritritipect.alitt IS ill Int eNp(it. be I n.llO.
6g to danger item fat!, like thu
Iher furnm., N.
tie lIIIN I` laiildruls (.1 . the n:t ,t
I , al II to. IL.. t nit II ,4 the :11,14 , ,tat,
went. LII I I 1•I,.11, it ti, I l• 41i,v111(1.11) lilt' 1.1! t.
1111111 . 111,..1,,t t. 01,t112eil 1.1.11,e
h, V. II 11 . 1.1.1,•X 1,111:1!, (•r it it Iv
,wirerit rf4.f.,.., rr. L r 11111 p 1,1110 In
ttml kindly furnished us ftwir names and referenci.s:
Intl. Ji hit 11,1. .Ni r tlt., /
in. 11. het l'ait,ti4.Prot. Lau:lads, Fri r. 11. ; •
. .
We have I'd. thiii Sl`f.S4 n fiVl` 111 . W !.1
1 41 /11 ,, ,.1? , 11 . 1 ill ail lb. t•I this Llthl iu lir% 8-
molt 8% 8 YOT3 1111 di mite ei Ft. N e ale rew re) :it ed to
flirt kicati ll:rural us to m mu a liii4tht 111 , 11, (.1 the
oil I uthili.g ut the et
:se. 1
tio du
3 I:y.tralltll:tcr, (with Toro- ro.d 14renclil
(11.' 41)
i 1 11 , ‘l6 .In 11.7,
6 161 (10. ! (16 ' 1 . ..3
VMS NO. 7 is the lalry.l,l anal n . 4 it 1.4 \A el lel t 1111 see
ti site in this 4. 4.ut4tr), atil b. 4,1111110,1 y 44441414teil It r
I 14 mil ehei , nt.4l 4 t 144 t laige 41,s I wilolii as.
%1 e i t.iCiPSOI, sell Ole (11 4 1411111M1 ta tbe telike I eke
:I, 11111:11 11. (116 vit, tte — 2, 4 iiii4 11,44 i. A ;though the
14reteh i rliigh 1414 e 4 t iron has ILl . l•enlvii their i i ,4.r, oi T ri
rcpt ow lrig . ti.r hire great V inig ht..still w 4 4 41 I 0 1. 4; 11.1(- 111.y
the glint (t, lute i 1::J. s to 14.4 hi: li the ii: 'hit lit the
low . rst ti, i 511,14 144 i. e. I•Je ri Uelle) 41\ Le. ... 1 ;, ,t.. 1,.. 1 1 :11 ,
Het\ . k Let' tu ,.. it, 1, Z ,,,,,, - .l .t.Mit ti l ,. .fliiilb-h Us willifttl .
LOT,: of I Ley:e es this tenti IL Si tl.nt w 44 me now i lei or
int ti: filrithli 044 le 1\ 1.1.1 t ,(ile Sit! ; rtail. \t e itavel it lewd
the eteit 101 l 4 I 44t1 rurt.n4 es, ti hi II ii:4,itiltil, alld 1 , :lr.
ilti.l 111 . 111, il, all 1.:,....
111 '110;11 1.11 (VA' Iv. C A:\ o bat e itino
i re tLal La, [lvo. it:-
tr, ‘lth m h t ILI, 414 anv
taw ll' 111. ,t l e!f. u d dcti:111.1: ap
parat el It iv, rnlt ff.
I.'l :•• 7 T 1 .1 7s'l , lU'..—\\e me the
.trept, tin f r the d
tidy a \ 0:1 t. V IV, I. k a o'o lul}'rd ta tr (Le
anal i•r::,t tottah.ta' ttrl la D.., Gr (a ala, tit• gLI 0
altatuL LI . 10 a- I, It r It:I tiro :n o d La I- Va..l.l.lltatla j.! I LAI
in k 'h r t nl/ 1.1. .1.. .1. tl 1. It s
.1 tli. \ rolled It , Lia la a• 0 a I a 1,-(1 la - L. 1 , 111ta.„1111 tia V ill
I ta tatra.rtai Li, a u.ulil.v LI :al it Ira. the I:114'1F, It rilelp-C LA.
P.‘ Tr vr I.‘ id:7l 1 - 1 4 VENTILATOI;e,—ce
Lino Ihr kr, i II 4 u pit te /u-s. rt ur t t
.11:1.,•,. • I. thr t , IS t. lrf.uudlntO.iuttrd
;taium. I
AI tit, \ 1, , c, 1,1 1 , I ,, rdir,t. rltltt) t r to
uFc uk %, I , It ]... %. ill Itdlt rt ratty to their tdinuttihe
t( , oNtutiii.t tin ii el. k.
. . .
1..1'1 I: .A*. , I. 11.4 :., NI ANI I.l'S.—We liar. , 1 , 1 , ny1. 6rt:
liniid cm eNt el Si% e :qrs. riplet,t. of t heEo tealltiful 79aV•
Lies, in e) t il‘ II:COI I lq .1).:011111,Synni$1.), Galwiy arc!
~ , . theninn. aI., i It 1-. .l
OPh.N (11:X11.1" -:-For Anthracite and Pitutulnrua
'sal. A nru pattern of the low drun
milde cr. u. the English. Patterns, tai.d en Only
Jew 'lll 1111 r row try.
r the English Encaustic Fllorsog
kite. (;:k Ti us and Tent Cotta ()matt:cuts,
nett Cs Gol dl n nark. A c.•
ot oibih•g ”uld ilo well to v:cazoloe vor
a 1 vit.rr yuitltating .e4-tiu here. s, 11 , a, r
lm?•iup 4 , r ur t, arc wv dintly n MN IL d t 0,.( Or CA tl,ll.
Wt 1. 1 .100 0 ,5, 00(1 a here mu plu mitt 1 , 0 harpy to far-
MI 8 infruratir a rrtl'reting. tiny of our grotto tLnt
nay b kti,irt d, A 1.“ k ounittg luul Yentilatit•g Lr lind huntuitr,unlu . at't or t. tote, Other lerm otiLy:
r by totter. S. A. HARRISON,
A Waintiug and Wutilliting Waretu,nor,
146 Walnut st., 1 elute
lorn.AN LrriA.
Cll AS. CG11.IIA:
Any M-7m]
LIOLLA RD, I'rentimit Artiste in Pair
/ lutert rdt theColebrated ticssatner 'Ventilating
ig and Hardie rand Toupees. it stew th.o4 to tool to
mites and Gel Herten to measure their Leads 't‘ lUt ac
feu Wtos, lorbes.—No. 1. '1 he round of the heed; No.
Frtro forehead oter tho head to the rech: No: 3.
ere ear to ear over the ton; No. 4. Fun] tar to car
•r,nod the fr relived.
Toupees and oriljni, Inchen.—Ne. 1. Frew f tarn(' to
twit no far no 1 ahl ; No. 2. - Over forehead ate far :S 1 eqtar .
dd No. 3. Over tho crown of the bend.
11)01.11.,,41(1) has niw s ready fd , r sale 9 , 1e3 did
p 4.4 44; br Igs, I.ndies' IVlps. bull \i lEx,
rriv,4.ts. Pratils. Curls, he., hnutifully u'auufileturt - .4 fa:4
tts ebenvitft any o.tutlisbuinnt In the Unitas.
Itolhords Ilmhanitrui Extroe ter tut tix UN Thar Tunic,
Ilrepared frem Truth American Harts Mid het ti, the
most successful artiele 'ever pt.! dined fir j' inning the
hair hum out or changing co:cr. rertt ring nrd
iwesercing It iu n henlthy.m.d luxuriant state. Ann rg
other reasons wily Pcliartra. hair. tutting mice I, mph:
tail* Its illatlelltfe 1.10.1)11 lily la the Ina that his 'Vide hi
. :irrated to (icry head of hair cut at his estatlithmert t it is held hr.icttcr presert itth.ti than un
der any known applfration. It I dna. thus •Frneth ally
tested by thou. aids, Oriels the grentett gunrahtee of l ita
Sold whelemle mind retail nt his Ohl Estill 141 UK nt:l77
C'hestrut street 4 - npchlte the State Reuse. him
It. It lined has at lilt dhc.neretl the ne plus ultra of
lIAIJI lIVE, allli announces it Sir tale it ith pofeet ton..
Viler:co in its suti id ug overt' thing of the kird now In
11Ftt. It colors the hair either Hack cr bona, (as may
le desired) 81111 is tuned without, Injury to the hair f r
either by stain or etherw Ise. can le natio d g
ten Minutes after ;motivation, without (Winn tiny. for m
Ittilenigary, Persons visiting the City afro invited to Ore:
him a call. '
LAW,: addressed to H. 1101.1. A lib, 377 Chestnut
Philndelphln, will twelve tab:nth:lh' '
2 End .1k lACK
, new crop Just received and far Fnle n t the Pemily
rocerY of ' J. O. W 11,1,113618,
'July '64. West 61fil» Myra. ,
LAID CA 811,1tERES, &c.—The sub-
R4ll , er has Just opened a Turluty of Plaids std
0 Wixom at reduced prices.
noT 15
O.W. nvoiji4
NINE sly) s
Cut plow,
do Lb:
r i; k