Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 21, 1855, Image 5

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Coanty of Cumberland,
Made by - the Commissioners in compliance with the re
quisitions - of the acts of Assembly of this COntmonr
wealth, passed the 15th day of April,lB34, as also with
the 37th section of said act which requires the County
Treasurer once in every year to state his accountrand
produce his vouchers to the Commissioners, which
afterxixamiviiition- by said Commissioners,--shall-be by
them laid before the-County Auditors for settlement,
according to law.
In accordance with which N. W. Woods, Esq., Treasurer
of Cumberland county, submits the following as a
correct exhibit of his receipts and expenditures, for
the past year, ending on the 31st day of December,
A. D. 1564.
N. W. - WOODS, TreiuMrer
Balance In hands of Treasurer at last sot-
. -
tiement, as per Auditors' report, $ 211 03
Amount of outstanding County taxes at last
settlement, 8,178 12
County tax assessed fur year 1864, 29,708 81
Loans obtained from Jacob Coover and others, 23,493 00
Abatement allowed by the State Treasurer on
payment of $25,000,
Flues and verdict fees • received of Samuel'
Martin, Clerk of Courts,
Verdict and arbitration fees received of George
Zinn, Prothonotary, 40 02
Miscellaneous receipts from various persons, 92 26
$63,072 63
Total receipts for 1854,
1848. Samuel Brickor,t Monroe, $350 25
1850—Edward Phillips, West Pennsberough, 131 01
1851. James Ilrlcker;Shippensburg, 14 18
1853. Samuel H. Gould,* Carlisle, 531 71
Joseph A. Woakloy, Dickinson, 565 40
- Henry F. Sells, Mechanicsburg, . 40 02
Christopher Mellinger, Newton, , 271 27
C. W. Dehn, New CuMberland, 49 70
Samuel Glivae,* South Middleton, . 292 80
1854. Henry Darr.* Lower Allen, - 145 31
Jacob L. Zooli,* Upper Allen, 305 49
Joseph C. Thompson, Carlisle, •- • 929 85
Samuel &atom, Dickinson, 6Gtil 60
Adam Eslinger, East Pennsborougll, 185 49
William Clraliam4 Frankford, 131 61
John Elliott,* lforiewell, 99 23
John 11. Perry, Mifflin, _ . 3OB 04
Moses Drickerj Monroe, 164 94
David Iliker,t Newton, 447 48
Lewis Willett, New Cumberland, 26 83
Robert Mclver, Newv_ille, a 110 57
John 11. Spahr,t North Middleton, 1220 24
Henry llickernell,t Silver Spring; 1491 89
a Samuel ltollar,t Shipponsburg Borough, 81 12
Jacob NolTsloger, South Middleton, 776 38
Benj. MeKeoh:tu,t West Pannsborough, 339 07
Those marked thus * bare since first of January paid
In full., Those marked thus t have paid in part.
Grand .Turors for services in 1854,
Traverse Jurors for services in 1854,
Christian Stough and others, for furnishing
urors by order of Court, "
Christian I nhoff, for oil, candles. &e., for use
of county,
James Matter, for services as Court Crier for
W. J. Shearer, Esq., District Attorney, fees
in Commonwealth cases,
Witnesses' fees in Commonwealth Cages,
(embracing 117 bills,)
Justices' fees in Commonwealth cases,
Constables' fees In Commonwealth eases,
County Auditors, for services, auditing ae
k•ounts for 1563,--
William Riley, for services as Clerk to Audi
tors for 1&3,
Philip Quigly, auditing accounts of Proth'y,
Recorder and Register,
0. Zinn, for services per order of Court awl
Protley fees for years 1852-34,
J. Loudon, for appearance docket for Protb'y,
Samuel Martin for fees in.Confth cases, re.
cording roads, Scc., as per act of Assembly,
Jas. Loudon, fur record books fur Itecordor
office, •
Jas. Loudon, fur Duplicate, binding and sta
tionery for county,.
Joseph Cressler, for sor v ices as Commissioner,
(16 days at V 50)'
John Bol), for services as Commissioner,
(1.1.7 days at $1 50)
James Armstrong, for services as Commis
sioner, (303 days at $1 50)
George M. Graham, for services as Commis
sioner from 24th April to 30th December
(93 days at $1 50)
William Riley, for services, 1 year's sal. and
delivery of duplicates, election papers,
Bentz A Brothers, for cloth for cavoringoffin
Prod..oornßtn, for covering table for °Oleo,
A. L. Sponsier, for registering marriages,
births and deaths,
loh ll.Tirutton for public printing for 1854,
E. Commit', for public printing for 1854,
E. Boatty, for public printing for 1854,
EnNtorn Penitentiary, for s pport of convicts
for 1853,
Myers 3. Outtshall on account for erection of
Now Prison,
Thos. Symington, on account of sand-stona
"for Now Prison,
Aldred dc.itielkurde, for extra work on Now
lliohael Lambert, for sand-stone furnishod
Now Prison,
John T. Wilson, Keepor of Dauphin county
prison for support of Prisoners,
Francis ltosaustool, for painting and sanding
Jail wall,
Gawp Wpiso S Wm. (11rall,' for pacing and
materials at Jail,
Peter Itodgeri: for putting up tell-tales and
gong tit prixon,
Jacob - itlierui On account of unl6ading
stono at prison,
Solomon Powers for granite sill for front
4'dOor of prison,
nixtoti Choituworth and Wm. Widnor tim
guarding prisoners In lock-up,
Alexander IdeLeister for services keeping up
tires and labor work,
Jobn Mahan travollingAxpensos to Golds
borough, on county loftiness,
Sheriff Huggins, of ►'crry county, costs and
maintenance of prisoners,
Frederick Oortiman for stables, stools, and
rollers for hammocks,
Win. Lino and Jacob Spangler for regulating
(tomcat prison . pavements,
Win. Miller for taking out purnp,istoelt at
Henry Glass for posts fot well-frame at Jail,
David Smith for book-case for Sheriff's office,
Thomas p. Dwin and others for labor work
'filling and rnvelling jail-yard,
Wm. Randolph fur 100 bushels of charcoal
for prison,
Jhhn ll.llrandt for 30 tons of stunocoal for
Wm. Trough for hauling 30 tons of steno
coal to prison,
Mrs. Margaret Snodgrass for ticking blank
ets, kc., for prison,
A. if. Boyle for Irons for rollers of hammocks,
&mud Ensmlngor fur making hammocks
fur jail,
Jacob Olmsi and John Hays for cleaning out
.1. Squire, 1.14(1.., Treos. of Poor and House of `,
I:toploymont foltr,upt. 18M, $OOO 00
Directors 00o.'Slicaffor, Ow. Brindle and J,
0. Drown Baldrics for 1854,
Dr. Al J. Ibtrnian, 51aj., Jon. Trogoi and C. •
Stayman visitors' pay for 1854, . 80.90
Elizabeth Williams, amount of damages a
warded by Court, 41 00
William Wallace do. ' ' 77 50
Jacob Waggoner do. 20 00
Mary Atchley do. 40 16
George Grattan • Ito. • 46 66
Samuel 'Miller . do. 75 00
John C. Powley do. 75 00
Sundry parsons for services, viewing roads
andbridgesper certificate of clerkof court, 129 50
Christian Wait amount In full of contract
foreroeting bridge near Ege's mill, 1597 60
Valentine Yeoman for 0000 shingles for re
pairs at Rupp's bridge, 94 00
Daniel Lohman for work and materials at
Rupp's bridge, 57 05
Samuel Coorer for hauling shingles to
ltupp's bridge, . 8 00
Alfred Mash fur joist for Bryson's bridge, 1 25
N. 11. Eekels hauling lumber to Bryson's
bridge, 3 51
Joseph Eberly do. 7 95
John Sprout do. 4 86
John Zeamer B'2l
Daniel Lehman for work laying floor at Bry
son's bridge,
Jacob Molloy, for joist and plank for Dry
son's bridge. 120 00
'William Breen for 10,000 eheatunt shingles
for Diller's bridge,
CA 00
Cornelius Kennedy for 8,000 chestnut shin-.
glee and hauling 10,000,
Andrew Kauffman for scantling for Bryson's 84 00
bridge, , 1 49
Jacob Bretz for repairs done at Alexander's
bridge, 5 00
Henry Funk for plank and putting same In
Alexander's bridge, 1 00
Henry Kuntz for repairs done at Alexander's
bridge, : ' 6 51
33 00
Cumberland and Union Fire companies, 00
John iteetein and other assessors, !lir services
rendered for year 185,4,
John filler and other eMcers of the general
and township elections for 1884, 848 83
PUBLIC nun.nrwos.
John Ifalbert for repairs of cornice of Court
room, 40 00
Franeis Resensteel for painting Courtroom, 41 00
Monroo Morris for stove, stove pipe, hc., 47 83%
Jacob yiennrd 1 year's salary, as keeper of
public building, 65 00
Lydia Weirich and M. L' Dunbar for eleam
ing Court room, 13 50
Wm. Breeze for blacksmith's work done at
lock-up, 6 00
Jefferson Worthington for 08 done at
Court Douse, 2 50
Charles Weirich and J. Flenard for shaking
$9,6743 57
carpet of Court room, 1 09
Frederick Bentz for mending locks at Court
l 4 313
Andrew lleelier for mending lock of lock- . up, 1 50
A. S. Lyno for repairs of spimthig, ke., -`..' 673::
Barney Carney for whitewashing look-up, 1 ta)
Peter Gutshall for repairs done at Court
$ 437 50
2,183 093,:.;
John Ilobb,Esq., and thyrs, amount of their '
respective county bonds, 4,380 00
Carlisle Deposito Bank, amount of loans oh
tAned, 8,000 00
CanTsio Deposit° Dank, amount of discount
02 00
16 48
48 09
or renewal, . • 31 o
Adzim Peffer, Win. Kerr and others, amount
of interest on bonds, 722 24
83 50
632 5P4
44 35 %
32 55
floury Saxton, for 114:rdware, Sze., 4 63,3 1
S. M. Hoover, for stone coal for Court nous°, 34 25
Joseph May, fur shovelling snow, 3 00
Joseph Murphy, hauling coal ashes, 1 00
John 11. Bretton, 'postage for county 0 50
James Martin, for boxing trees arGourt
House, . 75
Joseph May, for trimming trees, 1 00
IVni. Line, for Linden trees and planting, 1 50
J. E. Fuller, for computing scale, 0 00
I. Ring's'sit and J. Gregg, assisting to. pre
pare duplicates, 83 75
Mrs. Mary 'sloudy, for cleaning Court at
House,' 8 00
John Woods, for stationery, 4 50
George Craighead, for services as assessor, 4 04
John M. Gregg. for services and expenses
going to Baltimere on„county business, 12 45
James Armstrong, expenses to Goldsboro'
and Philadelphia on county business,
20 20
Goo. W. Hitner, for 30 yds. cotton duck,, for
hammocks, 12 50
A. S. Lynn; for repairs of door, shutters, and
latch, and 10 wash basins, 7 12
Joseph May and ThomasJILMCS, for cleaning -
well at Jail, 10 00
Wm. Randolph, for 100 bushels of charcoal,
112 10
15 00
10 50
123 70
10 00
517 66
10 00
45 LS%
24 00
175 50
for Court 11011S0 ,. 7 70
Pee. W. IMO'', for horse and carriage hire, 13 00
:Adam Senseman, for horses Ild carriage hire, 85 50
Samuel Martin, for screening and putting
in coal, 2 50
Win. S. Coboan, Esq., amount of advance
ment by him to County Treasury, 555 25
Mrs. Md:Leister, cleaning out Jell, 10 00
(lamb/friend Valley lt. It., freight pn coal, 2i 50
John Harder, furnishing.grass seed for Jell
454 50
130 30
475 00
0 189•
yard; 75
Samuel Taylor, and other collectors amount
of abatements allowed tax payers, 1,406 60
Sundry persons, premiums col fox and other
scalps. . , 77 123,6
Constables, for making returns to Court, &c. 70 OS
30 70
168 60
161 85
165 00
Josopli C. Thompson, :rustle° Longnocker,
and jostle° 'Middleton, foes and Jurors
pay, for holding inquostsmn dead bodies, 11i1 0134
310 •10
W n. S. Cobean, Esq., and otheri, amount of
taxes erroneously assessed, 10 00
13,090 00
869 20
441 00
fly amount on Commissioners' orders, $43,734 203/ 4 '
County Treasurer's commission at 134 per
cent., 650 01
Outstanding taxes unpaid by Collectors, 0,070 57
Collectors' fees, 5 per Cont., 1,081 47
Exonorations, , 250 87
Balance in hands and duo county , by Treas. 7,584 00.
$03,072 53
50 00
771 :30341
100 00
367 00
To amount of receipts for A. D.18:4,
191 2.5
200 00
-----'C..... We, the Commisslimers of Cumberland
-- county, do certify and submit the foregoing
'SEAL as a correct statement of the receipts and
. - -- 6" -- • expenditures of the county athresaid, from
the Ist day of January to the alat day of December, A.
D. 185.1, inclusive, as RlBO a schedule Drill° outstanding
County taxes In the boroughs and townships therein
stated; together with a statement of expenditures under
each head of appropriation made by the Commissioners,
In compliance with the requisitions contained in the
22d and 28d sections of all act ~if Assembly of this COM
moovealth, passed the 15th day of April, A.D. 1831.
Witness our hands and seal at Carlisle, this Rost day
of January, A. D. 1855.
JOHN 5101111,
' Commissioners' of Cumberland CO.
Test—Wm. IttLici, Cleric.,
17 00
28 00
88 25
3 65
13 60
1 00
8 00
76 18
7 00
We, the undersigned, Auditors of Cumberland county,
met according to law, and having been sworn, proceeded
to examine the accounts and vouchers of N. W. Woods,
Esq., Treasurer of said county, from theist day of Janu
ary to the 81st day of December, A. D. 1854, inclusive,
do certify that WO tied the sum of seven thousanli six
hundred and eighty-ibur dollars and three-fourths cents
duo r by said Treasurer to the county aforesaid, as will
lippear by the foregoing exildt of said account.
In testimony *hereof. we have _hereunto set our hands
at Carlisle, this twentieth day of January, A. D. coo
thousand eight hundred and, fifty-five..
Auditors'of Cumberland Countyo
120 00
G 0231',
29 72
8 00
8 02%
1 GO
$43,734 204
Total amount,
$63,072 63
dartiole iljeralb.
N. W. WOODS, Esq., TrMrmur, In conformity with tho 10th ?Scotian of an Act of Aasembly, entitled "An Act to,
revise the Militia System, Sc.," placed the 30th day of April, 1853, exiblts the following account:
To amount of outstanding 311litia tines f 0.1863 and previous years, as per last annual seettlenient
by County A uditors,
To ainount of Militia fines returned for 1854, as per duplicates to wit,
Folioduio of Mil
tia Fines, exhibiting the amount of duplicates, amount received, amount exonerated, amount
of C.rilectors' fees and amountibutstanding, as par annexed table :
Township. Cale - Oars' Names.. V 'rs I ATiiitordiipTh.Tate.i Ain't reeeived i dlelErs h•es Biir.E
xoner's Ain't outstd`g
I . .
Dickinson, John IlOuston," 1847 69 60 - 28 03 147 40 00
N.Cumberland, Joseph Musser, . 13 00 13 00
IN. Middleton ) Samuel Allen, I 30 00 , 215 285 26 00
I Allen, Jacob Coover, 1848 11'2 00 26 -15 5 75 79 50
E. l'ennsboof Jacob Longnecker, 108 60 31 95 3 55 73 00
N. Cumberland, JoSeph ,Musser, 1849 21 50 21 51'
Newville, John Moore, 13 50 " 5 68
tA. 82 ' 700 .
W. Pentisboro7 Edward Dhillpa, 1850 78 50 , 7S 50
Shippenshurg, James Bricker, 840 840
Monme, Jacob Morrott, 1852 38 00 27 45 - °3 55 100
'N. Cumberland, Owen James, 19 00 10 93 -57 750
Lower Allen, John G. Heck, 1853 24 50 lO 08 242 12 00
I Carlisle, Satre' IL Gould,* - fa) (5) - 110 00
Dickinson, .Tos. A. Woakley, ' 84 50 84 50
E. l'ennsboro', William Saddler, 4 ,-- 53 50 30 88 372 19 00
Frankford, William Strohm, r• 26 00 - ° 18 70 230 500 •
Hampden, Anderson C. Orr, 30 50 2 2,5 28 25
llopewell, ' David Hoover, 24 00 15 15 185 700 '
Mechanicsburg, Henry F. Fells, / 56 50 • 262 400 •49 88
Islonme, John Struck, 41 00, - 2tl 48 402 10 50
Newton, Chi'. MClllnger, 40 00 10 87 163 • 27 50 '
N.Cumerland, Charles W. Dean, - 15 50 15 50
Newville, John Glvier,jr., 23'00 19 48 1 02 1. 50
N. Middleton, • David Williams, 55 00 30 68 382 20 50
Silver Spring, Charles Shriner, 50 50 25 25 3 75 21 50 .
Southampton,Samuel Taylor, 61 00 5117 2 73 6 50
Shippensb'g . Jeremiah Allen, 850 CI 18 • 32 200 . .
S. Middleton. Samuel Glime, - 85 77 61 45 482 19 60
W. Dennillx)ro', Henry Dear, 28 (10 -11 55 245 14 00
Lower Allen, Henry Darr, 1854, 52 50 42 28 '2 22 8 00
Upper Allen, Jarob L. Zook,* 88 00 13 86 44.14
Carlisle, J. C. Thompson,* 92 50 ' 25 75 267 . 39 00 - 25 08
Dickinson, • ~ a itittel !lectern, 88 00 58 43 - 3 07' 26 60
E. l'enusboro', Adam Esliiiger, 80 40 ' 40 00 4O 50
Frankford, William Graham, - 40 00 36 10 , ---1 00 200
Iliunpden, Daniel Delta, 66 50 49 88 2 62 14 00
Hopewell, Jtihn Elliott,* 46 00 29 00 17 00
Mifflin, John Ferry, 37 50 2,1 93 1 57 6 00
Mechanicsburg, George Webbert, - 59 50 49 40 260 750
Monroe, Morns Wicker, 71 50 61 75 3 25 • 6 50
Newton. David Baker, 65,00 ' ,' - 52 00 -
N. Cumberland, Lewis Willett, . 18 00 14 60 90 , 250.
Newville, Hobert Mclver, ' 28 00 - 10 00 13 00
N. Middleton, I John 11. Spahr, • 75 50 45 11 30 39
Sliver Spring, Henry Illekernell. 95 60 71 25 3 75 20 00
Southampton, henry It. ;forth, 86 50 30 40 160 450 ,
Shippensburg, - . I Samuel liollar, .. • - 63 00 36 10 - 26 Mr ,
Siiippenslig tp. Wiliam Snedgms.s. 350 333 17 -
S. Middleton, Jacob Nolisinger,' ,
~ ~215 50 106 88 5 62 ~3 30 •
1 ' • - '
W. l'emislx)ro', Benj. McKeehan,
6%00 57 00 3 00 7 00
1 $2,515 17 I $1,262 41 $93 22 I SSS 4 25 I $575 29
42 6234
4O 95.3,
Those marked thtts s have since
By amount outstanding Militia Fines, for 1854, and previons years sub je
Fxonerations allowed Collectors fOr 1854, and previous years,
Collectors' commissions for 1854, and previous years,
Printing Military statement of 1853,
.Brigade inspector, Samuel Crop, salary. &c.,
Ringgold Artillery Company, appropriation duo for years 185.1-4,
Union (boards, appropriation duo fur years 1852-3-4,
Springfield Light Infantry, appropriation duo for years 1853-4,
CarliSio Light Infantry, appropriation due for year 1854,
Adamantine Guards, appropriation duo for year 1854,
County Commissioners, on military business;
James Burnett, assessor of Monroe township,
Jacob Long, assessor of Lower Allen township,
Samuel Albright. assessor of Hampden township,
John Erford, assessor of East Ponnshorough township,
Joseph Eichelberger, assessor of Silver Spring township, •
James Graham. assessor of Fninkford township,
Andrew Frasier, assessor of Shippensburg township,
Henry A. Thrush, assessor of Shippohaburg borough, '
Michael Zeigler, assessor of Noweille,
William Duncan, assessor of Southampton, for 1549,
John Wenthenheiffer, assessor of Newton township,
David Mimiller, assessor Southampton township,
Cyrus Beinard, assessor of West Pennshoro' township,
John Corson, assessor of Hopewell township,
Frederick Common, assessor of Carlisle,
.1. S. Hostetter. assessor of Mechanicsburg,
/Jae.o Swoitzcr, assessor of New Cumberland,
Jacob Urich, assessor of Upper Allen township, '
George 1). Craighead, assessor of South Middleton township,
John Beetein, assessor pf Dickinson township,
Jacob Gutshall, assessor of North Middleton township,
Balance duo Military Fund, In hands of County Treasurer,
Comity Treasurer's commission on payment of $1,262 40,
1 00
Cumberland County, FS.
We, the undersigned Auditors of Cumberland county, eleited and sworn atrnarding to lasi; in 116:53rd/ince with the
Art of Assembly of the 30th of April, A. D. 1853, having examined the above account 6f N. W. Woods, Ea . ri., Trea
surer fur the county aforesaid in the matter of Militia taxes, do find the same correct as above stated.
Witness our hands at Carlisle this 18th day of January, A. D.,1855. .. .
PROPERTY BY W:11. C. HOUSER, Auctioneer.
January 25—Elizabeth Aughinlaugh,
'• 241 • Do. Do.
" 31—Samuel Etter.
February 6—Peter Miller.
" 9—John Kinpots.
" 10—Samuel Smith.
" 12—Jo11n Ditmer.
" 13—Elizabeth Huncbarre, r.
" 14—Michael Dawson.
" 15—Jacob Plank,
" 16—George Rupp.
" 17—Christian Olimo.
• " 19—John F. numb.
" 20—Samuel King, Deceased.
" 21—William Porter.'
22—Jacob Longenecker.
" 23—Tobias Millar. '
" 24—John L. Sadler.
" •20-ocorge L. Lichtenbarger.
(1 ' " 27—John Earhart.
44 28--Ja cob Shelly.
March I—Adam Oibler.
‘• 2—Joseph Stayman.
" 3—Darld Williams.
" 6—Andrew Sonseinan.
" 6—JohtbDuffee.
" 7.---Abraham Sulenbargor.
" S—KllOrable. •
" 9—John Brandt. -
- " 10— Do. '• Do
" 12—Henry Wilt.
" 13—Dr. It. O. Young.
" _l4—James Mehuro.
" lb—John Houser.
" 10—Samuel Slu jp. . •
" 17—Williams Brownewoll.
" • 19—David Martin. .
" 20—Michael Landes.
" 21—Samuel Albright
" 22—,Jacob Erfurt.
" 23—Daniel Kaufman. •
" 24—J. 11. Kiem.
" 20—Benjamin Shue.
" 27—Henry Landes.
.28 -- Joseph Black.
" 29—John F. Sphr.
, 30 41 IC [Jan 77. 185 S
scriber intending to chtuigo his business; has corn=
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Carlisle, Tier. 20;185;1
st of January, 1855, paid in full
It stands pro eminent for Its
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mended, usually 'called FE
these. aro Prolapsur Uteri, or
Falling of the Womh , i Finer
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tbumnattou and, Ulceration of
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Suppressed, A Irregular 3len
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accompanying evils, (Cancer
excepted,) no matter how se
vere or of how long standing.
This medicine has never
been introduced by empty puffs, and misrepresentations,
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In this miserable Condition, Dr. F. P. Newland recom
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all my sox, alike unfortunate, may find sure relief front
this Incstimablo medicine.
No. 19 Went-et., Utica, N. T.
The above statement I know to lx.) true.
N. I'. NEWLAND, 111. I)., Utica, N. Y.
I have no hesitation In raying, Dr. 31archlars Uterine
Catlinlkon la invaluable in uterine diseases generally
1 have used it in Fluor Allms, Amenerrlnea, Prolapses
Uteri, and in cases of extensive ulceration of the vagina
and'os uteri. •It Is worthy of the notice of the Faculty.
JOHN C. 'ORRICK, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
Let all interested call and obtain a pamphle“free)
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sources, of the : beneficial 'results of its use.; together
with letters from highly experienced Physfelans, who
have used. It In their practice, and speak from their own
.4x-11. J. Kimsti, Druggist, South Hanover otreet,
sole Agent forCarlislo, Pa. ' •
• J. B. MARCH - IST & CO., Proprietors,
Central Depot, 304 Broadway, N. Y.
January 21, 1855-eau
ItfOUS'..DE 11PCFs
X J.. • - 7lTust reeei Ved
IT 11110010 r 1)1 . of Cheap Du Lieges, Pebilnrs
=tot 6 - Clothe. [novls) 0. Wl. 111a'NnUt!tr.
910 LET.—The property situate on
Main Street, near the Railroad bridge, late the
property of . 'Jamey Thompson, dee'd., , ls offered FUR.
ILENT front the let , of April next. For Levine enquire of
Carlisle, Jan. 17, 1854—at 11. SAXTON.
.t to cotomlsslone, &c.,
Auditors of Cumberland county
jtetb Ithuertisetnents
• - BATE—As it is late in the season it
4 rt: irr requires particular attention to draw
V! it , purchasers
,Look here, then Farmers
and Capitalbas. a great inducement
fir a safe Investment is offered. No humbug, but real
stilistaiitial value. So be up and doing, as now Is the
time for those who speed the plow, for we Farmers hare
1:1 the drag long enough. So wake, np and den't
I.l.lncil to Invest your money_ in some Ihncy hum
ik.: stocks t..) be rich to-day and poor to-morrow, lut go
to this sole and, make a safe and suro investment as
1 1 Farmers are the chief bone and einew of our coun
$1273 67
1241 50
The undersigned, one of the late firm of Plebs, Furring
1111 , 1 Thlldllllll, former owners, will offer at public sale at
the Court House in the borough of- Carlisle, on TOES
DAY the lath day of March, that valuable FARM. sVn
. ate on the Letart Spring, about half a mile South
E at (if the borough of Carlisle, containing TWO liUN•
220 of DAM) 'EIGHTY ACRES cf Limestone Land about
which are cleared - and the residue covered with
the best of timber. Eighty acres are now in whiter
grain which will bo Included in the sale. Tho improve
ments are a largo double two story STONE HOUSE.
Barn end other out buildings. There is a never falling
goring of very line water under the house. Also an 0 , 1-
C3Altl) of choice Ault. Cm third of the cleared land id
now land. as It has been lately cleared, while the oln
!cared land has been heavily manured from stables Is
?di le. 'The whole Is In a high state of cultivation and
greet crops, as can be ascertained from the
' e , now living on It. Resider; that it actually pro
tiMA a ouble crop If well worked from under ground
a ell- is tho top, as the whole farm abimmis ilr vei l ,
of • fs,beet Pipe Ore, end my former partners years ago
pi it tO .harlem McClure drc'd. as high as vim per year
fr ore, tem. So this is a rare chadce not often to be met
with. Any persons wishing to examine the farm may
do so by calling on Peter Albright now living on it,
Terms 'of Salo--five per cent, of the whole purehas loon
ey to be paid on day of rale. One third of the whr le
purchase money-to be paid on the lst of April, when
possession will be given. The residue iu three equal an
nual payments, without interest. A deduction of ton
'per Cent. 'Mille made for as much more money as the
purchaser chases to offer.
ALSO AT MUTATE SALE—A Farm of .."20 acres and
P.rst rate MERCHANT MlLL.sltunto In Parry t'ouuty.
near Landisburg. For particulars enquire at Oak Forge
Furoare. CHRISTIAN TilLTlllum.
Feb. 21
*Lattensteraurcr, York IloPublican, and Perry
Advocate ropy, ice and send bill•to this office.
ki Whereas. the honorable JAMES 11.
- dent Judge of the several Courts of Common Pleas of
the counties of Cumberland, Perry and Juniata, in
Pennsylvania, and Justice of the several Courts of Oyer
and Terminer and General Jail DeliverY in said colia ,
ties, and llow. Jouwlturl /aid - FA - kW:I WOODBURN JUdgeM
of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail
Delivery for the trial of all capital and other offenders
in the said county of Cumberland, by their precepts to:
me directed, bearing date the Sth day of January, 1855,
bare ordered the Court of Oyer andVerminer and
Jail Delivery, to be holden at Carlisle, on the 2,1
MONDAY of April, 1805, kbeing the oth day) at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, to continue two weeks.
'NOTICE is therefore hereby given to the Coroner.
Justices of the Pence and ConstabloS - of the said County
of Cumberland, that they are by the said precept com
mended to be then and there in their proper persons,
with their rolls, records, ingitlsitions, examinations and
all other remembrances, to do those things which 'to
their offices appertain to be done, and all those that arc
bound by recogoleances, to prosecute mminst . the pris
oners that are or then shall be in the Jail of said county,
are to be there to prosecute them as Shall be just.
1) ISSOLUTION.----The partnesrh i p
beretothre existing between the subscribers, tra
ding under the firm of BENTZ gr. 11110TIFERS, wee die.
solved on the first Inst., by mutual consent, all pow t e i
Indebted to the firm are • requested to make an early'
settlement of the same to either of the undersigned.
\S ,1. BENTZ
The undersigned having purchased the Interest of W.
llentz in the above business, InTortn their friends that
they will continue the business as Iteretof,reat the old
stand under the name of Bents Q brother.—They hare
just received a large supply of NEWCOOI..i. such as Cal
icos, illngliauss, Muslim., Cheeks, Flannell, Setinettr.
Needle worked Collars, Spencers, Sleeves, Ate. also one
case Irish Linens, containing 49 pieces of their own Wl
pnrtation some of It very fine which they cnn sell much
lower than the usual prices. They respectfully request
the public to give them a call as they are determined to
sell cheap. ABNEIt W. BF.Z.VT.Z.
Feb. 15, '55 .IA.M.ES . BENTZ.
2 32
3 30
3 to
472 37
$2.°15 17
..1 OROII G El 0 RDINANC E .—Be it
Yenacted by the Town Council of the Borough cf
'arlisle, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by au
tdority of the same: That the tire plugs placed, or here
after to be placed, In any of the streets, lanes or alleys
of the borough of Carlisle, are to be used or opened oply
for the purpose of extinguishing fires; and If any per
son or persons shall open any fire plug or draw water
from the same, or abuse or injure it, or any part of it, In
any Manner, he, she or they shall boilable to a penalty
of Twmirr DOLLALB . Provided, however, that it shall
not be, considered a violation of this Ordinance if the
fire plug and,water be used by regularly organized Time
or Fire eompanies, they having first obtained the ipe
dal authority o. the Carlisle Gas and Water Company
fur that purpose. A. NOBLE, Chief Burgess.
Feb; 14,'55. Attest—JAuss Mount, Soc. '
offices In the rear of the Court house, south of the
Herald office, will be rented from the Ist of April next
For terms apply to JACOB
- Feb. 14. Sequestrator.
;v 4 ii •
'FOR SA.LE . OR liENT.—The spackus
as a IV? , town mansion, with two adjoining FULL
. 111 LOTS, on Main street, Carlisle, huh/ fining
to the estate of George A. Lyon, Esq. deed.
Apply to W3I. If. MILLER, Esq., Carlisle.
t. 9, .A. large variety of llousehold and 'Litclien FUR
NITURE, the property of the said deceased, will be sold
at public sale at his late residence, on FRIDAY, the 23d
of Eubruary, at 10 o'cloch, A. M.
Feb. it, '55
V nits O AND FORTY ACRES,.more er'less. at prl
vafe,sale.—The subscriber intending to go west the en
suing spring, will sell his farm on or before the first of
April next, ou favorable terms. The farm is situated
one mile limn the town of Newville and three quarters
of a fußo from the C. V. If. R. depot. The improvements
consist of a BRICK HOUSE, a trine° barn, together
with other auf buildings, all of which are entirely new.
Then; Is a fine well of never failing water at the door
and a spring near the harm. Yor further information
address the subscriber at Newaille. ,
Feb. 14„15. W.. R. MeFA RUNE.
Fine Factory tilled and Ground Alum Salt, con
stantly on hand and fur sale.
Flour, Grain and Lumber Commission merchants.
Spear's Wharf.
of the N. A. and itosendale Co.
Baltimore, Jan. 22,1855. •
2i in sacks for family Also. Also, Cranberries, Howl
my. Waits, ho just rCCIAVOIi at tlio Family Grocery of
Jim 10 " J. D. HALBERT.'
ARTILY COAL.-500 Tons Lykon'o
valli)y , Coal, broken and Screened, proparod oz.
pressly fur family use, rocelving and for sale by
Jan. 17 :lux w. B. MURRAY, Agt:
FOlt RE N T.-A STO.RI4I Itool%,
DWELLING 1101/811, ht East High "street, a'foar
dools below the corner of Market Square. The Moss
room is lam) and will hear .dividing into two If
Barn and Is one of the best stands for business in OW-
January 17, 1655