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    In 3thilj Port'
sn't it a stout man that Fergus Leary was?
broad across the shoulders as a bull, he
,H six feet high •in his stockins— not a
chin' he had though with legs and arms
at done his country honor. Fergus fished
a living as many a fine fellow did before
n. lie worked hard night and uwornin',
a.ry day except one. As that was spachil
reserved for rest, he made it a day of frol-
It happened one day that as Fergus was
tin' in his boat, which was drawn. up 0 1
-s hi ngle, a mendhe his nets, that/he look
up and as he reports, saw a ca4floa
,' on the broad say. Thinks he to . Vin
if that may be a cask of brandy, and wh
. .I have ,it? :So he launched his
at without much difficulty, for the beach
is steep, and sculled toward it. ' Och I it
tk Fergus Leary to send a boat through
e washer. But the fasther the boat we-nt,
e fasther went the cask, and so layin' down
s scull, he seized the oar, and pulled for,
ar life. . After workin' hard as a 'i,y '..
~,.4 .
turned his bead, and there wact _ ' r 6 -.
'kin' cask as far off as ever. '
"Bad luck to ye an' the man'that made
I" said Fergus, "divil fi bit ye're yoqh any
or, an' ye may float to foreign parts for all
irgy Leary cares about ye," and so he turn
! his boat around. To his tr astonish
_cut. he _found lie_ .was...out.of \
sig it-of the ,
tore, and he didn't know exactly wh9ther
was goin! to it or comin' from it while he
as pulite. He worked till his arms ached,
ad then he stopped. In the meanwhile the
inds began to whistle like a country boy on
fair mornite, and the clouds began to black
s the color of your hat. Porgy got frigh
ined, and who would'nt I'd like.,tp know.—
e thought of his wife and . his child, the dar
tit! and he imagined he saw the eyes of
IR gossoon a winkiie at him. Fergus was
stout man, as I said before, and he was a
iraxe man, too, divil a braver, but the tears
based each other down his cheeks, Eatchhe
.tie another's tails, like a nest of young kit
,No shame to - him, for they were the
actin' of honest affection on the altar of do ,
nestii. love. .
Loukin' around Jihn in utther desperation,
le spied a black leokin thing bearin' down
m him, and he knew it was
.ts vessel. On
;he came driving the foam before her blaCk
body ; like some monsther, and when she was
near round she went. They'd spied Forgy
in his bOat, and so they hove to, and he was
stowed aboard.
Upon puttin' the necessary questions, Fer
;A's found himself twinty miles from the
aoaSt, and the vessel he was aboaid of bound
to the South Seas a whalin'. The skipper
was a little man, with one eye and a belly as
big as a kettle dhrum. Svshe to Fergus,
"you'd better, enter, my man 1 I'm a man
short I"
"Couldn't you put me on.shore?" insinua-
ted Fergus.
"Divil a bit of it," . says the captain, "I
couldn't put back if you was a king."
"Well then," says Fergus, "I'll be a sea
man, but sorely against the grain. Betwane
"Ifs now, I'd rather be a lishin'. And so Fer
gus Leary was euered on board of the Thun
derbolt, Captain O'Bangwhaug, of Derry.
The, voyage passed of as dacintly as pos
sible till they got into Southern latitudes.
They'd been in high spirits for some time,
and one Friday they made preparations for
a dand - e aboard. The day commeneed:with
light breezes ani pleasant weather, and all
irawin' sail was set. So one of the men got
its fiddle ready, and, afther he'd rosined up,
,o it they went like so many Welsh goats on
he mountains. • •
Of course a pleasant day they had of it,
,ad it's likely it Would Intvo continued, if
he weather 'would have been asy and not
,layba' its pranks. But about eight o'clock
a the evenin' it came on squally. The cap
ain ordered them to take in to' ga'nt sail
ib, and not satisfied wit that made them
ouble reef the main-aaiY, and take in a reef
a the fourtop-sail. But the, dirty tempest
'•asn't atisfied. The thunder and lightnin'
egan to—rell and to'fltisli, and the squall,
li ne Varper and sharper, till every thing
ad to,be tuck except the fore top sail.
Och-I then come the war of the elements-
'•eery stitch of canvass was furled, and haul(
use to the spars, while the tnonsthrous yes
heaved and pitched like a Galway car
an on a holiday at twelve o'clock at night.
veryl*fdy began to git alarmßliand Fergus
noriethe rest. All at once tho carpenter
shed up and annournced live feet Water in
o hold.
'Whoop I The pumps were forrgottenitand
every.-body went to work gettin' out the boat.
What water and provisions could be got at
were placed in them, and then just as 'the
ould ship began to heave and
,totther, they
embarked and left her. As they were about
two hundred yards from her, down she went
suckin', and bubblin', and makin more noise
than one of the whales she came to catch—
poor thing I
Here they were all on the desolte ocean,
with nothing, to guide them—a miserable set
of crathurs. Our friend Fergy was in the
jolly-boat with five more, but the stork con
tinuing they soon lost sight of the rest, and
the little fleet was dispersed fully. Still Fer
gus and his companions kept a good heart,
for they.
.had plenty of bread,and wather, and
it might lastlhem till they'd. get some relief.
That didn't SCE m very nigh though.
'lt has been laid down by philosophers,
that all things exceptin' eternity and a wo
man's caprice have an end. Such bein' the
ease, it wasn't to be Wondered at that the
storm should break and the winds put or
their night-Cap and turn into a snooze. AS,
misfortunes of all .kinds must end at some
.ime, it is furthermore not to be Wondered , at
that they should ,be in sight of land whe:n
n 4rnini broke. And such land, och lit was
-the beauty. Covered with trees and shrubs
and flowers, and long grass on the meadows
as far as the eye cou:d reach, while the
sands on the share were as white as the neck
of a Balmogarry beauty. The shipwrecked
sailors landed, and after drawin' their boat
up on the beach, strolled up into the coun
try. Fergus was rather ahead of the rest,
when he turned round a shady lane made
by some palm trees and saw lialf a dozen Of
the natives.
" Good piornin'," Said he, " this bates
Banagher for a fine• day." Those he ad
dressed started at him with eyes and mouth
wide open. " It's,poor shipwrecked. sailors
we are, and as gentlemen and Christians
Heaven protect us! we want a little help
What the the matter Wid Ye, that
ye stand starlit' like stuck pigs? Can't ye
spike, ye dumb bastes r A prolonged
stare was all the reply-,that Fergy got, and
so he turned to his companions who had now
come up to him, and said—" we're in bad
quarters here, I find, bad luck to the vaga
bonds! 'Diva a word they'll say!" His
comrades here tould him that they couldn't
speak English.
"They can't, can't they?" says Fergy.
How their education has been neglected I
The ignOrant savages! I'll tell them we've
got money. Sure that's lauguage that every
oi4 knows." .
Before this could be perfdWmed,Uwe,Ner,
the natives let a yell out of them like a mad
bull, and started for a run, leaving the sail
ors to themselves.
" Whew 1" said Fergy, after a long breath,
that is the queerest thing interely: Cut your
selves sticks, my boys, and let us give chase
to them !"
Mb" whole part. followed his bidding,
and after providiu' themselves with stout
shillelahs, commenced pursuit. They didn't
conic up . with the first party, but they, did
with a second, who immediately followed
the example of their illustrious predecessors.
There was one exception, however, in the
shape of a female. What a beauty she was!
She was stupified by. fear, and had to sur
render at discretion. Some of the party
seized her and were handling her rather rude
ly, when Fergus interfered.
" Git out, ye spalpeenes 1 isn't she a fay
male ? Would ye be after makin' fools of
yourselves. Botheration and bluranotins
Ye needn't look so black I can tell ye ; let
go your hoult, or surround the whole of
you ; let go, I say," and he accompanied
his command with a gentle tap on the arm
of the most prominent offender. A fight
now ensued, 'one only of the party siding
with our hero, but the two were two too
many for the four, and bate them clear out
intirely. The young girl stood watching the
issue of the combat without attempting to
move, seeming as if spell-bound, but when
it was over she made a chum run of it.—
Fergy gave chase and his companions tlmo't
it was'nt *wise to follow. •
Fergy Leary wits said to be a pretty pow
erful runner, but he had work to keep Up
with the girl, however, ho ran and she ran,
till they came to t•
a. kind of town, and as she
plumped bang into the best house in it, our
Fergy plumped right in after - her.
What a beautiful place it was too. There
was gold and diamonds and
~other little tri
fles, and a great throne, and a top of it sat
a huge gentleman savage, and around hint
a lot of as tight dark-skinned. boys as Fer
gus' trio eyes ever was laid on. They dp•
peared mightily astonished at his - entrance,
but the girl said something in hier langthige
to the ould man on the throne, and then they
all surrounded him and pulled him up.
d Mister Fergus Leati'l" said the king.
,tirltste peralb
. "H Lilo!" said Fergy, "that's me. And
how did you know it?"
"That's by a way I have," said the king,
"you see the law of our laud is that a stran
ger who saves one of our daughters from in
sult limy marry her if he likes. So you may
he son-in-law to a king, Fergus Leary. Will
you marry ?"
.' Sure I won't plase your majesty's riv:
erencc, in a i • ate, but I've got a wife at
home and a 'wee gossoOn."
" You can be divorced, Mr. Leary," said
the king.
"I can, can I?" said Fergus. "And to
marry this darlint. Look at the eyes of the
crattur. Whillieln I I'm a lost man I Sind
for the prastel I'd always be to t be
divorced from Norah if I can marry such an
angel born as this !"
You would, would you ?" exclaimed a
shrill voice, like that of his wife, at his elbow.
"I'll learn 31311 to think of other ladies; you
dirty spalpeen and a sound blow in the
face wak'ning Fergus ,onvinced hiAn that all
his happiness- was a dream—and that his
long voyage had been made within the
bounds of his own boat, where he had, slum
bered over his torn nets.
Stores; nob ,Sitotts.
'," r 11,Y OROCEItY STORE'of the subscriber, n Ma
rion 11201.
A new supply of fresh Water Crackers,
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Extract of Coffee, nice Flour, Baking Powder, Se.,
A now lot of superior Table till,
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will contain Thirty-two or more Super Royal Octavo
pages, printed on superior paper, with new type, and
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original and selected, that can be produced. The Editor
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The Journal .will hereafter, in every ease, be discon
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scription be previously renewed.
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All orders addressed to the subscribers will be prompt
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J. lit1(111:11.EDIT rt. CO., • .
'Jan.10.1855: West Chester, Pa,
The Annntensr ARTISTS' UNION, would respectfully
announce to the citizens „of the United States and the
tlanadas, that for the purpose of cultivating a taste foi
the fine arts throughout the country, and with a view
of enabling every family to become possks'ed of a gallery
they have determlncd,,in prdcr to create an extensive
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A copy of the Catalogue, together with a specimen el
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For each Dollar sent, an Engraving actually worth that
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The Committee believing that the snecees of this
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raring Agents, have resolved to,treat with such on the
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Any person wishing to become an Agent. by sending
(post paid.] $l, will receive by retorn of mall, a One Dol
lar Engraving, a"-0111".1 . 1Cli ur," a Prospectus, a Cat•
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On the final completion of the Sale, the (lifts will Is•
placed In the hands of a Co3lhllll LE of the, 118 to
ho IhISTRITICTED, due notice of which will be'given thro%
out the United States and the Canadas.
100 Marble bust of AV ashlm,ton - at
100 " " Clay. -
100 '• " Webster • -
100 " " Calhoun - - -
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Iteferenoe In regard to the Real Estate, F.. 7. Ycecnei
k Co. Heal Estate Brokers, New York. Orders, (posi
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J. W. lIOI.IIItOoK E. Secretary,
505 Broadway,
t...q.The Engravings In the Catalogue are now ready
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The Ffitbseriber has just returned front the cities of N.
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Sept. 27—ilm, • ARNOLD & LIVINGSTON.
Elements of Character, by Miss Chandler.
Cloverneek, by Alice Carey
Cranford, by author of Mary Barton.
Passion and Prejudice, by Mrs. Clore.
Henrietta Temple, by Wlsraell.
Old Redstone, or istorical Sketches of Western Thresh) ,
terianistn, &e., by Joseph Smith, I), 1),.
Village Sermons, by Rev. Cleo. Murder, containing one
hundred and one plain short discourses on the prim+
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oct4 '64 CHARLES 001LIIYA.F.
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.001 d ISrarelot,., - . :l (0
Ladies' Gold Pencils. - . - - 1 (00
- Filvm Tea Spoons, set, . - - BTO
hold Pens, 0 ith Pencil and Silver li• (der, - l (il
Hold Finger Rings :174 cents to $8; Writ•ll Chesser_
Mein. 12 1 a, rents, Patent P 9 f', Lunct 25: ether artiCIEN
In prop, It - ion. All goods wart anted to be what the( me
sold for.
$lOO $70,00'
100 10,00 f
100 10.00
100 ' 10,00
100 6,00 ,
50 5,00,
(ln hand, wino tiold and Sihur Levers arld
still loW. , rAhan the al 01 c
10 6,00 l
4 _ _ 40:00
. DONN ELIA', ulticturel• and inventor of SA FE
No. 106 North FOURTH. Street (ahove Baru) I'll I LADE&
NH A. latches having hemp.; an indispebsablenrlicle
In I,usekol•ping, the sul.t,Tiher utter n great sarrikee3l
Lillie and lion is en - nth:if to olre . F . Eirthe an
tide at once combining Utility and Cheapness. The in
ventor knowing the danger Opp, the Mind an aeccuUt (f
Ilue fiiinsay manner-in which Matehes -are generally
packed in paper, has by the aid of New Steam Machinery
of ids own Invention. :Met...Odell in getting up a SA FE!IY
far preferable. in as mu-h flout it mompies no ; mure nvm
than the old round wood box, and contall.s at lea t , t,
TWO IVO narOd per relit more Matches, which to-Shippeix
is eonsiderable advantage; It Is entirely new. and secure
against moisture and xpontanerms combustion, dispe/e.
all danger on transportation by means of Railroad, Rena
boat or any other mode of eraiseyanee.
1000 '22,004
500 50,001
o 4)(
Them. Ifatehes fire parked o that one STY - FT re woe
may be shipped to any part Cl' the World e ith perfe< t
saft:ty. They are the must desirable art Ho for lime.
And the Southern and western markt la
that has e eeqr been invented.
DEALERS and Sill PPEItS, will do Well to call Ltd
examine for themselves.
c.v?..TheNe twitches. are IVA RBA NTED to be supe;
to anything heretofore offered to the Public.
-106 North 10tilil II Li. l'hilad:A,
Doe'r 4, 18'64.
than ounces, for the cure of Ilernin or It uptinc
acknowledged by the highest medical authorities of I'h i 6
ridelphis.,incompm ably superior to any other in Ur,—
ufferrrs -will be gratified to learn that the (1,11,11 a 111 St
oltel9 to rrOCUr9 not only . the high. st and most easy, Ltd
"as durable a Truss as any other. in Ileu of the entia ri us
and uncomfortable article usually told. Thcrp Is ro dif
lenity attending the fitting, and whoa the pad is I«at
ed it will rrtain its position with.ut change.
Persons at a distance unable to call on the sul seriter.
ran 113, the TlllOO sent to any addri.S.S. by remitting
e &liars for the single Trutt, or ten fir the double—
t, ill, measure round the hips, nod stating side affected.
It will lie exchanged to suit If not fitting. by returning
at once, unrolled. 'For sale only by the Importer,
CALEB It. yr.Enus,
[ ' Corner Twelfth and Face streets. Philadelthln.
Jram- Idioms, requiring the be:relit of Neehar.ical r im
porters. owing to the derangement of the• Internnr(
gans, inditeing falling of the Womb. Vocal. Pulmcnary.
llyspeptie, Nemons and Spinal IVerikness, are informed
that a competent 'and experienced I....ktec will le in idb
tendidico at the Rooms, (set apart for their exclut
use) No. 114 TWELFTH St., Ist door below Rare.
July :213, '54.
I-I- --
ES' Patent Tubular . Oven I'l
AIR MANOR, variou!sl_es, to suit D
hnr nrve. and I toteds.
Tlins44 In unlit of n superior Centring Apparatus at
ited to call at our U'arc•housc and elamine this la t
For durability, economy and simplicity In vperati
stands unrivaled. It has a perfect ha t air ventilati
and meats baked in this ore,, will retain theirjuio
flavor equal to that n listed before an open tiro.
and pastry cooked at the same time witiMut one a
lug the other. It will supply sufficient heated
heat additional rooms for the aldest wrath( r. It b•
descending or return flues. and is equally well nth
to bituminous or common hard real. The steam
over the iqdling part of the Range carries MT the st
and scent of cooking, as well as heat In summer.
Se ery Range sold warranted to give satisfaction,
expense to the purchaser.
MACES' VENTILATOR, Patented (hinter,
Public Halls, Factories, Railroad Cars, thininles, 1c .•4
Ships, Steamers,
l'ure air is a subject claiming the attention of •
individual, and an ; buildings should tar'prox hied xi
the proper means of ventilation.
Also, a powerful WARMING AND VV.:MATING
for Dwellings, Schtxd Houses, Churches, Halls, EtcLi
Factories, 4c.
A lame aFt•ertment of Office, Hall and Oroklng Et..Nt
Parlor Grates, Leglate's, B c. WholeFalo and rtitall.
$2 North Sixth street, th la.
/Yr. Personnl attentirm given to warming and Irr.n
toting I , 4„tit public end pirate t uildingn
- 11, 1 N '' ',.. 3 ); 1 .1 ( ,, ) ,:a r , 1 a 4-3 ti l fu ) i . r — o l jt . l N
lAN) E i N u N N 7 -
I t?
~ . , n i 1 :
L N A D , 8 tC D O r :
e S .
TUBE FRAM ti -MAN ['FACTORY, No. 126 A RCH street,
opposits the Theater, Philitdc;lphia. '
L. N.-& Co. received the only Prize Modal. awarded at
' the Crystal Palace exhibition, N. Y., 1853, inrthe - Unitod
States, for (lilt, Decorated, Mantel and Flor 0 lasett.
GRATIS!—Just Published—A xv w
Dit;COVEIIY IN MEDICINE.—A few words or the
national Treatment, without 'Medicine, Fpernantora hem'
or, local weakness,pervous debility. low spirits, lass', tide,
weakness of the limbs and I ark, ,indlsposition and lens-,
parity for study and labor, duliress of apprehension,
loss of memory, aversion to society, love of solitudt ti
midity, self distrust, dizslas, headache, involuulati
discharges, rains In the side, affect lon'of the eyes, Om
plea on the thee, sexual and other infirmities In wan.
From the French of Dr. D. DoLancey :
Thu important (het that these alarming oomph MO
may easily he removed WITHOUT is in thissmna
tract - clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new at
highly successful ttilatment, as adopted by the Author,
fully explained,by means of which e‘ ery one is entaltd
to cure himself peribctly and at the least possible cet
avoiding thereby all the adver tised nostrums of 1 .
Fent to any address; gratis and - post fret), In &seabed
,envelope, by remitting -(pi . st paid) two postage s4twips
to Dr. 11. DeLancey, 17 Lisme - erd street, York.
March i-ly , ,
WOOLLEN YAIIN.- 7 -A lot of very , '
received, mucL i Z r etle i rt v li;t a n n tto l cl - t e y n ya ll r:n i ll n e< Y, ln n fl u nl "
tang . . ' ' Cuss.. OGILBY.
IaIWBROMERIES.7--Tfie 'largest and
-i •
o w n i i.e. nesortment of Needle Worked COllll2ll
ndlicrebiefe,Thiinltette, Under iileerra, Edgings, In
sertingr, Laces, &c., now opening at the cheap atone rf
oct4 't4 ' . CHARLES otilLl4.
3%1 ny 20, F6:l-1: