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Farther 3 ProspeOts for 1855
What aro the prospects of the farmers
for the coming year, as to the probable
crops and prices'? •In, our opinion good ,
in both respects..
First as to crops ; it las always'bea n
fund that a SQ . :1$011 of severe drought hi d
a beneficial effect on the soil, so that
bountiful crops are
_pretty sure to be ob
tained the following year. (Au explana
tion of this Lie cannot attempt now,. but
will in our next.) Besides the drouth
the past year taught some valuable le,-
soas in regard to the importance of deck
er and better tillage, iVhieh most farmers
will put in practice the coining season.—
(We shall say more - about this, also, be
101'0, long.)• Then the hard times have
had die effect to drive men hack to their
favors ant to industry, who before
ined that they were rich enough to live
more genteelly, or smart enough to live
more easily at other employment. This,
ligether with the cheaper cost of labour,
card the contintlal high price of farm pro
dnee,,must ton 4 to secure a large increve
of crop., the present year, sup:la-lin: 4 the
se Hi] proves ordinarily favorable ; and
in - re . , and to the grearsta.ple, wheal, il!-
Te Lily in the ground, its pre , ent appear
aloe° is quite as good, we believe, as in
the average of seasons.
Seeond, as to prices for the coming sea
a ; we think there is but little prospect
of any, denline from present; rates, but
much probability that prices will advance'
especially of such articles as are suited for
exports. Of course it is impossible now
to prediet'what will be the extent of the
war movements in Europe the coming
season, or to what extent this will create
a foreign demand for our products ; but
from all that we can see at present we are
of the opinion that all our surplus bread
stuffs and provisions will be wanted to
feed the armies and suffering people of
other countries ; and - if our crops are a
bundant, the tide of gold and silver that
has for the past year flowed so continu
ously from this country, will reverse, and
with its return will conic a return of pros
perity and the 'redemption of. our public
Such are our hopes and expectations
for the future ; but these results can on
ly be secured by industry and frugality,
klo we must all learn to !aber and to w.iit
for . "gool time cowing, boys.—Ohio Cul
Best Vegatables for Milk Cows
A oorrespondent of the 'Northern Far
mer' says:—The vege!able I wish to
recomend as the best, all things consid
ered, for' milk` cows in winter is white
flat turnips. Sonic perhaps will object
to the turnip, because it will affect the
taste of the milk and butter. So it does
if fed raw. This can be avoided by boil
ing. For each cow boil half a Rishel of
turnips soft; while hot add five or six
quarts of, shorts,
which will swell, and
you get thefull.worth of it. A mess
like this fed to a cow once a day, will
produce more milk of a good quality, than
any other feed at the same cost. Turnips
fed in this way do not taint either the
milk or butter.. One thing that may
be said in -faVor of turnips as feed for
cows, is, they can be sown in August, or
a.s.late as the first of September. 1 sowed
some as late as the first of September last
year, which were very fine.
,Turnips are
also very profitable feed for pigs, when
bailed in the way as for cows.
low 3fuoit lag DmO.SoILS
We have latoly.had occasion to remark
that less lime is needed in soils than
many suppose. Prof. Emmons, in his
report on the Geological survey of .North
Carolina, says--" If we may appeal to
observation and . expOriment,Tt is' estab
lished that a s nail per centage of limo
()Lily is necessary to the highest degree
oV fertility; and yet this 'small per tent
age is necessa) / . If there is present'
one-half of one.per cent, it seems to be
sufficient; for it is rare to find a largo
quantity in productive soils." Prof. E.
is a chemist and a goolo ,, ist of lotix.expe
ricnce: and - Was one of the first .(perhaps
the first) to ascertain that some of the
most productive soils for Wheat in Wes
'tern New York contain comparatively
little Hum—Boston Cultivator. •
" Ile that by the plow would thrive
Himself must either hold or dgive,"
~~~J R
For board. wasking, fuel, and light, per cession
of 4 inontint. $lO 03
'nom.. id Senior class per session, $ 00
,kunlor _•
' 6 00
Primary /A 4 00
drunk. Latin or French, fp 00
31usi, nu Piano and use of Instrument, El 5 09
Oil panting and drawing, 5 00
For further inforsuati in address
.1. KENN EDY, Principal,
January 'l7, 1.955.-3ni Fayettville, Franklin Co. I'a.
111',1'E 11A ACADE3IY, three
• liarrisburg. Thu eighth Session
of this popular and 111/11.IShillg 1 IltititUt31 , 11 qin
On Mnflllay, the .M 1 •,i NOVVIIIIPIT next, ttinlyr the
n .st ftworable auspieei. During the presont year sipti
niprovoments and additions have hum made as Its in
-,tsing patronage demanded. The Principal will be as-
Au 1 by a full corps of competent and UN perielleett
. 32111.1'5, and special attention will he paid to the health
ud conif.rt of the students.
. .
• , 1): DENT:INC; ER, Principal.
Sept. 13, 1 , 131. Harrislnteg, i f a:
(1 1 14.1.N1 1 114141) ('IJAISSE( ' A ACAI )-
1111 itoar l'arlisle, Pa. 'lli, , 'l7th Stisai 'it
OM, 311 )1 Nil/11% Not ember Jl, Iffb t: Number Stu
•,,t, iimitod 31111 1 . 111151.1111 t t 31.11 1131 1 11 for their infiral
,i 1 iatell,t nal improvement. Toms, $11:, per sto , f,ion.
troutand with references :111111\111 information furnish-
It. K. MIK NS,
Principal and Propriotfm,
stipt27-1,55 . .1. Plainfield, Cumberland ,at. Pa.
11 M 131 , ',1; LAN 1) V ALLEN' INS'I'I
'I'I' ^ Nlide and Feantle .operate and
M ECU %. Rey. JON. LOOSE, A. 31.,
assi.ted by five Teachers.
The M'inlor Sessi•nr of this In:AH.110.01 s. open to
t•Ot V(' ,1111b.libti on the IS( NT'. Tll6 which
olf,•red by this I 111.ittIlt kit En Loth sexes • for obtain
a tiiii!=ll , ,l etineatien sire tittsuipaased by any ahniiite
•ininare in the State.
The littlldi niza aro new and COIIIMO,ItiIutt, Mitt the
..mutt. ornamented. The FEMALE lII..:I'.%IITNIENI'
now entirely sepArate,and t'aidueted by New. England
'arbors. It is Ineatod in the bealltiltil s alloy of I'nut•
•rland, nitsurpa , sed fir it. 4
, !t a il miles distant I'r•nu IlarrrlsimrC.
lute hundred and twenty students have Lee❑ in at
litlatll,l during the y ettr.
()1"1-S I'A'I'ENT FAIt M E S '
Ili)! LElts.--The,e passes.: an athanta.a..JVl. all
in boing mad, with an onitshly it .11 whi,ll
a•atly 1 . 1 . 11111111111 , 1• S 111111 :11111 iii . ( 1 11 1 11iS II The )
o neele of social' , siics. from td tok I'2l, gailans They
• partalde and in 1 sot In thi4 Isitohon t
0.1 Ipos. ar ~ . rivaniont. to lII' Istrls, pig
•ils, fa;sl far
E E E L. I'NIIIT, (Successor to
uzu-tiey BEIWIN4i AND C.II:I,ET
0.1:11.)1'SE, Ng). 14': South Street. five doors
sfiaiet.' Philadelphia, he keeps eon.
uttlt on hand a full ass i•treboit of every artielo In Ills
Ile of business. Farther,, Feather l'atent ring
'.ittr:sses, Velvet Tapestry. Tapestry, Itruc,els.
Iv, I it,tralii, Vonetirtn. List.. :ttiii Ileinp earpetings,
Canton Millings,
binti tun] Deiutiits. !kart lbsir
el Piano Corers. To which ho iiivitostho attention of
nreliasers. ('lot 54
!31 H.—The subscribers aro Agents in Philailel•
phia tor the ;diovu fertilke'r. which bats boon fully ti , ded
fir the lest three years. .11arly orders solicited ns the
supply will he limited. Also, for sale best Peruvian
%liniment tiliano ,N - o. 1.
Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store, N. E. corner
Ith and Market streets, Philadelphia. (Joel:3
FAREIIt A, Imp. , rter, Maaufiicturar and Dealei In
oi,ands.of PA NOV FURS. tbr Ladles and Cliildron, nt
2141. MARKET Street. Eighth, Philadelphia.
romph,lted my large and beautiful ass art
meat of all the dilferaiktinds of Fancy Furs, that will
be worn by Ladies and ' (Wren during the present sea
sm: this as,ortment of Ft .Is equal to any to be found
in this City, either PW quality, variety or beauty. Hav
ing bought my Furs In Europe P)r Cash, and have had
010111 manufactured by the most competent workmen
under my own mmervision, with reasonable economy.-
111111 to sell thew at small KORN, and for
Cash only.
61'01tElill.:1WERS (lo well to give too a
call before purchasing. JOIIN FAREIRA,
2sl MARKET Btreet, Above Eighth,
—A full stipply of the above celebrated Churn, now
tin hand of all the different sizes, front 4 kgllons 6%50.
It received the first premium at. the Into Pennsylvania
State Fair, the first premium at the Franklin fin:Mute
and Delaware and Maryland State leaks, and various
others at different places. It trill make more and better
butter from a given amount of scream, and in less time
than any churn in the market. For axle wholesale and
retail by PASCUA LL MOItItIS & CO.,
Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store:corner of i th
and Market, -Ph SAO ppla. Dee. (I, 1854—tf '
f I,A.TILEII.—Yritz & Ilendry, Store,
L,4 '29 North :id st. Philadelphia, Morneeo
ors, Furriers, Imparters, Commission and (lemma. Loath.
or business.
WIIIILESALE AND RETAlL—Manufactory 15 111nt
orotta stmt. Sep. 7-1 y
kJ PERS.—Several 'patterns of the above on hand and
for sale wholesale and retail by
A!!rieultural 'Warehouse and Seed Store, corner of 7th
and Market, Philadelphia.. Dec. 61.11, 1854-a
CI A. SALT.- 4 ,5000 Sacks G. A
N.._A • sAur, for s;:tio by
Flour& Grain Commission Merchants, tipear'i &
whe C
Baltimore, Dec 6
ust . , opeued,
Mack Silk Lacs .a.. 4 s for quality, and diftsrutit
widths. AN.), .111.coK TRIMMINGS, Oinips and
other trtytulugs. r ONO. W.
4A15t... 4 K
NAY:Y.—This Institution will open on the first
monday of Mardi, in a new and commodious building
erected for that purpose. under the direction and super
int.mtlence of Rev. J. Kennedy and Samuel Thomson.—
The loation of the Seminary is healthy and retired.—
it is tho deeigu of the Principal that the ceius.e of In
struetion be thorough, and the expenses moderate. ,
The lest female to:tellers he employed. Pupils
tel be arranged in classes accoydine; to the direction of
the Principal. There will be three elm :L—Primary ?
Junior and Senior.
i ;11,1k f1..41{114 :111li Tuition in t Bratiehl
. :11141 1'n..81 per Seg4inn; (t) Months)
liistrwtion in Latin and lirook, each, - 5.00
•• and lionnan 6.00
Instrumental M - 10.00
Tho attention of parents and guardians Is earnestly
rite.] to thi. Institution. l'ireidars will be furnished
I any inflrmat I dI .be given, oil aPP:l"allmt, either or by letter to
-;\ will onnuionve Tnostlay. the 7th ;d' Vnctpthor,
.1.• tt tu. , tt oin .14tlig. l'arnful instrn,t
•ui, .t.•lit to. 11 , .r , In Ow th•pArtmont.
a , 1 Eii,lisli The ut at I.X
-4..s bar •1 with a 1U..111
1,1,11041. $:).: pnr tern,. l'or flu th , r apply .
either 01 the •nth , at Newvilie. Pa_
Rim kelt REV, Principal,
W. It. LINN. A .N 1 , 1 ,
It EN, jr„ j r'..l""'"
T I: it NI S:
.ard. nod Ronnt Furnlhhod Se,:slon
of '.!l Weeks - - $.55 00
Flireulars and inform:Won atl.lress
Err. .10S. S, I,OOSE,
sopt 20-1 t Mochanie,) ur g , Co., rl'a.
Warehon , e 11,14 Seel Store, N. K. corner
7th and 11.0 'set ,treek, Phil
"Frofessioitur Turhs
-NA T ILLIA . EHEEM, Attorney
at Lew. Othre in Ileetem'a !tow, Carlisle, I'a.
.4 - 6-11nNinel5a entrusted to him will too promptly at
tended to. ,' Feb, T. '55.
- A N. GIi.E.EN, Attorney at law, has
settled in Mechanicsburg, fin- the practiceor his
prothssion. All kinds of Legal Writing, Collections,
Court business, Rr., promptly attended to. Office opprr
site Dr. Long's residigiee. SU la EYI NO in all its diffe
rent branches promptly nttended to.
cc. B. COLE Attorney at Law, will at
tend promptly to all busillesseldrust, , ,l to him.—
Offire In the room ferinerly orrupleit„by Wlllium Irvine,
nil., North Unilever street, Cndisle.
April 20, 1552._
f .M(EOPATIIIC PHYSICIAN. Office and residence
On Luuther street, ono door east Of the (lemma Me
fl•rined Church. Dr. 'llimnontbat respectfully
pl,feS:41011:0, services to -the citizthis of 'l'arlisle and vi
141-I'ursons from a dlqtance laboring , under chronic
diseases may consult by latter. Office hours, from 7 to
9 A. M., mid . to 4 P. M. sepOyibitt
C. S.,BA,K.E.R respectfully oilers y his professional services to the citizens of Carlisle
aml surrounding country.
..-0111co and residence in South lianovcr street, directly
el , P.4.ite to the `. Volunteer 01111:o."
Curl Fhl t., April 20. 1853.
KI EFFER Mice in North
mooter fitroct two ao,,rs rpm, Weise c:oupfien...;
00 . 11 . 0 hour, 1110r0 Icu•ticularly from 7 to U o'clock,
A.. M., and from :1 to 7 .o'clock. P. M.
111. (1-E(J. IV. N F,11)1(!li
t , j
DENTIST carrfully attends nII
r operminns up,i, the tutu and ntljncrNnt
parts that disease or Irregularity may rcy uiru. Ile will
ids.) insert Artificial Tertll nt esery desig.iption, midi as
Divot. Single and teeth. 111111 ith "
Mil construct Artificial Palates. 01,-
turntors. 14-.1141D:1g Pieces. and curry appliance used in.
the I recital Art. —Ululating mioriC at thr rrsidener or
Sr. Sitinuil Elilott, Ea-t High ,truet, Carlisle.
1':OR011 , ,' Z. BRIETZ, P.
‘A I). S. : 1) li.'l'lST.—l ertfully
Lr i t , " 1:1 " • 1 1 ‘ tr t „:;
single tooth. to an entire set, on the latest 111111 1111/t
ir preyed principles. Such as :•litgle; Illurk. nail -I'oo
-1111.111 1/1141 1 111-es 01'11111 Month and Ir
riii.zitint ill,: carefully treated. I )1 , 11171 . : at the
iit hi.: lin they, on Niirth fill :•treet. Corlislo, jso In
-"` MIS ~; n perform
all , rpr.l t 110111 the
To,th that are required 11. r titer presersat stilt as
Scaling, filing. Plugging. it7e., nr tt is restore tug s, of
them lay itoierting• Artilidid Teeth. from n idoglli to, th
to a Dill tiett. t 111110.1 011 l'llt /11ea.t. n 1".•,v doors
smith of the 1111111 , 1111 110101. Dr. 1,. is au - sent from Car
l ink the litrt ten days lif, , ,o•ry ',mak
,I)1 4 1 N. 11()SENSI'EEL, ilot:`e, k LCi ~
• , ,
F. and Ornamental Painter, Irvin's tforinerlv
I I arpces. ittur, near 'litho's Dry Iloodi `te a r. Ile m 11l
attend promptly to nil the tthove deseriptions et paint,
inv, at reasonaldt•plielc The various winds of g rai,,jh ff
attended to. such as inaltOgany, oak, walnut, &c., in the
Improved stylus.
Stores. nab Shops.
TOVE'S ! STOVES 1 1 : STO V ES'.!!
k, JOHN D. WHMAS would Worm tho publie tha
ho Ilex n o w 011 110111 nt . 1111 e,tabllshment, on Morn st.
next door to MIIIiOIII !1011, the largest nod most txdo
ploto :assortment of COOK, OFFII,'F,
~_ LIM STOVES to be Round. in this con tit v,
' which will be solii itt. the lowest prices for
,; -cash or a ppmved credit. Ills stock consists of
;Int a large assortment of new and highly tip
-„ proved PATENT VOOK INO STOVES: finished
in the most complete manner. fund calculated fitr either
wood or coal, or both. All the old standard patterns
a Itioll bare stood the test of experience, may be fimiol
at Ids establishment. Also, a great variety of the nest
approved and Is-intifill PARLOR OFFICE STOVES,'Im 4
eluding a number of new styles, p,ss e sslng very suk,-
rior advantages over those herehlrere in use. rsmilies
/Anil housekeepers are respect fully MI Rea' to gii e him SI
Mil before purchasing ehen'llere. Stoves deliierell to
any part . 1 . t h,, e ,, lllil,ry and put up at the short , st 11. ,
lice. li,, continues to do all kinds of TI N AND HI iwr
IRON 11 . kII E. and Copper Mnric,fi a l lnis ~,T,Lnoly on
111141 or still limbo to order viers lirtivly required by
housekeepers or others In this line. Ilis st,s, Of TI d
;Liutopper Ware embraces os cry kind of household am ,“
I, when utensil. uarra,uted ,rililil to the best nuanufait ,
Lured. Persons In want of articles In his line may al
ways be sure of being accommodated to their sa‘thrliedi,n
by giving him a rail. I iMII--.15;,-1,
I)11. l' AI t /It It' I Nl'l , l It I
The subscriber at his old stoud on North Ilanover st„
Carlisle, the sign of the -Mammoth Red Coff e e p i ,t," ‘ 1,..
Ives to call tin, attention of the priblie to Iris largo as
sortment of STOVES, of the newest and no St tlishionre
s btu styles, from the best manufactories in the
country, and at all prices from .;; ; .t to SKr.
Among his BAR Loll A Cil A MitElt STOVES
: ,, a.r aro the Mirror Stove. the Aretle. Revere, star,
-.;..,,, Persian, 111.11011 and .Irltiin Air TOO. together
'' with other patterns II bleb he has of all sires
for parlors or rhambers..andf•alcuiated fbr burning either
wood or coal. Also, the "Etna, globe, Aster. Albany,
Flat-hp and Bandbox or Poor Man's, with ether CI II )K
-INO 6Tol'Es, comprisin g the latest Improvements in
kitchen st. Ives, and intend,d fur either wood or coal.—
Also, the Dining Boren Cooking Stove—A Ill' %V and ele
gant :article, to a filch he invites the letrtieular atten
tion of families. Ills cooking stoves range in price from
Sln to 25 with the fixtures complete. AIR,. Niue Plate,
Stoves 4.1 2 various patterns and different prices.
-ing S toveS. IjI'LlSB Kettles, Ac. Also. every article in the
line of Tin and Copper Wore. The public are respect
fully Invited to call as he Is confident with his large
stork, variety and cheapness. of being able to glyeen
tire satisfaction to every purchaser. Call and see.
Oct. 25, ISIA. ' M. MORRIS.
YANKEE FEED CUTTERS, manufactured fbr
ALDRICH it . . SARGENT, No. 416 Market street, Philada
'nth cutter is suporior to any now In use. for strongth
durability, and simpliolty of construction; it cuts fast
er, and is the only selisharpening Ilay, Straw and Corn
Stalk Cuttor over made. It has but ONE STRAIGHT
KNIFE, which any parson can grind and sot with ease,
hut fir ordinary easo, is ground In the machino. Thou
sands hero already boon sold, and the demand is daily
increasing. In most VOWS an examination is sufficient
to convin ono o Thr-enperiority. No ono after a shag t
trial won d part with it for any other. All sires of the
above constantly on hand and for sale by
Solo Agont Tor Cuml,ol•lnud amity
DUMPS.—Just received a large assort
moot or PUMPS' of every variety in gonorlir use,
embracing ism and Brass Cistern aneelstern Side
Pumps.. Also, out-door Pumps, so regulated es not to
bo subject to freezing In winter. These pumps are get
'up In the very host style in point of quality and WOrlo
nmuNIIIII. The" manufacturers having hadpremiums
awarded for their pumps at several State Fairs, where
they 11laYO boon on exhibition. Also, constantly on hand
n full assortment of Iron Woll Curbs and Chain Pumps,
For sale low at
novl-185.1 HENRI' SAXTON'S.
it•- "-•- ‘,ZTEA,III..SAW MlLL,,,near
... omb , t...." l'apertown, Cumberland county.—
• , :,........,. .", g , 1A51it..1..1.&. SEYMOUR con tin no to aup-
MZ: ply' umber/4f all klnda, at the short( st
~ ..., - •-m.tie.S, and on terms lower than can l'e
had eleea here. All orders direeteo to,ll. 'intim. Lt., Pa•
prrtawn. or \ N. 1). Si.y.mout, .1 r., Carlible, will be prompt.
ly attended to.
Feb. '...t1-ly
..A.kI- I NU.—The undid signed would inform the
. ‘3
citizens of Carlisle that he hue made arrange
inents to do li AS FITTIN9 and PLUMM NO at short no
tice, and on reasonable Mims. Ile has engaged the ser
vices of a first !into hand from Philadelphia, and has sup.
plied hireFelf with an extensile assortment of FIXT
URES. which will until In him to fill all orders promptly.
All work:will lie warranted. His stork of Gas Fixturss
will be found in the mono exactly opposite his Tinning
estaLl Nunes' t ...ii oath Italie - vier street, w hero he invites
is call.
TINNING, SPOCTING, &e.—Tlo Ss nlso prepared to
furnish. or Iloilo to ardor, every article of TIN WARE
used by housekeepers unit others. Ile Hill also attend
Thumleful f•r the patnntmge With 'while), be hnq already
been flt‘ (wed. he respectfully solicits it I:milli:twice (,)
the Fame.
Carlisle, Jun e 1.1,
11 El LEN reNpectfnllS , informs tin. citizens of Cnr
-,. -
,„...lislo and s iefu ity, that he Int.:: ju,t, rettirie
..,,-- ed from California, 871(1 in prepared teems
? '
cute till hinds of work conneeted with his
-11 ---. line .of•businesm. Ile has always On lianti
. ' a large assortment of ready-made Rifles,
iiilllg, Pistols. Looks. lieys. Gun Trimmings, kr., all of
which he mill sell 'ti holesale or retail. 'lle also attends
to repairing ()nuts, eloeits, looks, &e: ergot es on toms~.
e,•pper :int] hon. Ile hopes that Ily st,lll. 110.011t101/ 1,
Imsines,.. and a desire h, please. he will merit and tut:rive
plildie pat 1.1 , 1111.gP. ,
110 All hinds of Fire Arms made to of der.
Carlisle, April 11i, 11-5-1-1 y
leiTs , Q P IeEN 1) . 1 - 1).JEN\ r -
L:7 EL1l), ! I h.litlay l'res•
efter. , -- . T's
',, la a ~„.' ruts, .le.--T 110 id A, ::, l't):` , ,-
..... l '"‘,..T.,.......-; s: LY :C. West I ; igh btree t. a few
, --,, r a 3 >4 .. '''-... 11111 S W 1 , i. .f i orldothlet l s
..*, hotel. Cantle, has Just ref
1t5. , !;,: -
Ti.t..,,,,....., 7 6 .5 ~ , if,l ' • 2l' .riled the Iftrgef,t hid] oast
... ft''' , ' • ' -- 4,,,,,::•-';:2 - ,..W. - l'i• r1; - ma assorttheot of sui , e•
ri-r Jew elry et tr envied in Carlisle, eonsistiog it; twit
of Vold evil Filver IVatelies'ef every I twit. ty. and at all
pri..e. elght-day I Lf WKS, llil ver t:,l It and ten ,1.,, , ,t,
sitter Inl , ll. I rlo: and Lotter Loives, geld ard silt; r
1,f , ;-tarleg. ladies' hod geLtlenTelts' gold Iwo need pelt, it
h• 1 , 1 ehttioe el el ery 11,4 riptl,ll, ear nrd tiftefer tit gs,
I;:ehst Li_n!., Sc., at ;di prices. Sirs Ar,,,rtleom. ard Mti -
sked 1 1:. , .. es is MI a great variety of Faory Arti.les. Se:
10. led t`',lo:i ...13 f' r the 11 , ,lithly if. Persons desiring tee
Ito, lee :in. batted L'. I and l`y.atuiLe thertss.rttLent
11 r , Rl,' pri1.514 d to sell at very reasonable pi ires. Tl.ual
ity of g.. dg warranted to Le as floe as sold It r.
T 11031.15 Ctil\ LYN.
• . West High et.
11 - .1111()N lIALL 1)AG1'1:111tE/1N
itooms.—A. i. Kl{F.Thatlugtaken the Dag tier.
an TOllll , in 70arion 14111. 1.11(.1T11 as A, 11. Tubb's t hit
ler) • desires to inform the I.:111k. nod I
that he Is ptlllll.l-1.1.1 to take Likenesses in the ill Ft
.1' at.) IP Um art, suite as 11 /II fully sustain the
reptitatimt lids popular rr tmtlishment.
are largo. pleasantly situated atol comfort:ll ly furnish
ed. Ile is 111.4,V Wed it ith the most' pose' ful and perfect
in,ttittitent for taking pictures and - surrants satisfac
tion it all rases. A full supply of cases of every Nariety
of styli; and size, plain and ornamental, kept constantly
on hand. EngratiVWS, nceuriitely celled
:I.lld duplicates taken of original 111.eneyes. Liheueses
taken of sick or tIPVIUMI.I persons. In ices tot derate and
Fat IsraPti..ll glrru ht all cases. The public is invited to
call at the Itarion Ilnil Daguerrean Rooms and extunlvie
the numerous 1 , 14. , 11110115.
.P 4 limmerii-otypeit Inserted In Lockets, Breast Pins.
Pincer Itings. Pencil Heads, &e.
Carlisle. Juno 14, '&4.
4.1..1.1)1)1,E AND JIAIIN.EFS
1.1 I NO. The suhscritor rout in ui s to carry n the
I.llsini,s, in nil its arinus Loan, Iles, in North lhur
vo, tAI lli:NlrS Urtil c:nfn•r
hoc:• 110 illtaadS k.a . 11111;1 haad a ger.eral gissori no r 1
ill his lino, consisting' 'of nil kinds of fashionable ;•A I/
Ii1.1.:: 4 , lii idles, Nal tinnialcs, t,irth..
Cireinglesnaid Ilalters,nlso • I I; i • NI: - .'
i i'1f,....„ . I.lllS'eli nag and saddle ~.,:, 7-- . 17-- )
4 ,11.
~.„ ~,,,,,.„.,)4..„,,,. ~.....,,„ ii:an.
.\,.,,.,,,. unmet tires the nmit I% • 1 1'. 1
.a ,
, a . y :, , ,%.i SI . A N I S . II -
• . I. \ 1 1 1 \1\\ 'S 'i l l lt I :. G SAI.NL.4 ni - er used in this
i,,i 1 ek unary. and those v. - hiding a Inatd
' ' I ''' some, durable :and pleasant saddle
v , ill do well to call nod sea , them. 11,
.11 also indnufactures Harness, lirialles.
- Collars Mid NI hips ill all their a :,rie•
tie.. and confidently le-liea a , . cram the general appra.l a
t ion of his customers. that Ito males the neatest and
host 1.• - ears, in all the it N a riPty a,! brealt It. that is made in
the country. He also ionises
,nll kinds of Mat rm.,: to
order, in: i'draw, llusis, Curled flair and Spring. 71i.1
ins:- es. All the ut.oxe :HIM,. 1, ill he made of the hest
tau tea ial and wort:mai:ship. and with the nom st ales.
patch. IV:51.0:41101tN.
1,01111 NO AT COST—The subscrib
has au assortment of fashionalle and w,ll mode
Well will ht , sold off at (,At f r eas t,.
The stock consists of Ckth and Cayhmarett Cents, Li e
PI, and Gingham Oats, Tweed and Jean Coats: Mart:dills
Silk and : 4 actite Vefdlng: Cassltners, Jean's and Cord ' , an'
cdoons, Linen and Ceth mole pantaleons, with all klnds
of Clothing usually haunt in a ch thing ftrre.
Intending to relinqui , b this branch of toy LUSiTICFS.
;Ural 1411).f:dos can I.e bad 11 calling soon at the Cheap
store of ('NA LES 61111.11 Y.
CARPETINtI.--A few pieces just received fromanetiot
and selling very low.
Juno 91..
1 IE. 1.: INS RAN C.E. Tit E. 'ALLEN
I . AND I , ,AsT DENNsnotto MUTUAL ylltli IN
;4IItANCE 013IPANY emoborlamt county, Income,
tilted I,y an net o•AsEembly, Is now fully ~ rgunizeti, nut!
In operation under the manngement of the thllowing
connulssionere, ; hs:
Daniel Balky. WI111:tm B. Ciorgas, Michael eocklin,
Melehoir Brenneman, Christian Stayman, Johu C'. Dun
lap. Jacob 11. Coiner, LIM Is Byer, Henry Logan, Benja
min 11. Musser, Jacob Mumma, Joseph 'Wickersham,
Alexander cat -heart.
The rates - of insurance are as low and favorable as any
Company of tho kind In the Rata. Persons wishing to
become members aro invited to make application to the
agents of the company, who aro willing to Whit upon
them at any thno.
BENJ. 11. MOSSEII, President.
HENRY LOGAN, Vice President.
LEWIS• lIYI R, Secretary.
CUMTIEDLAND COUNTY.—lludolph Mirth], N. Cum
berland; C. H. Herman, Kingstown: Henry Zoarliir,
Shiremanstown ' • Charles Dell, Carlisle ; Dr. J. Alll,
Churelitown ; Sainuel Draliam. West Pennsbomneli ;
Jantes Me Dowel, Franliford; Mode tiriffith, South Mid
dleton; Samuel Con Var, Ileulamin Haverstich, Meehan
lesburit ; John Sherriek, Lisburn; David Coover,
YOl11( COUNTY--John Bowman, Plllsbnrg; Peter
Wplf.rtl, Franklin; John' Smith, Ftal., Wa.Fltington; W,
S. Pieklnv, Dover; .1./W,Crnft, Ptuadisu.
II A II It Loclinntn.
Monthern of •the romp:my bur hil poilden about to ex
plro can' linvo,•tbern renowod by making appltration to
nny ofthe ngentn. •
Hulks,ribey offers nt private sole the stork and tlx
tiues of ii'll/rug Store, Into the property of Michael tin
sel, deed, In Cnurelitown, Cum'wino(' comity. There
In no other Drug Store' In the phie, and n line opportu
nity Is now Preiiouted to any young man wi.hing to
COIIIIIIOIICO thin business. For terms enquire of
J. greAt "virility of Clonic.tind Dresii,Trltutoings.
Alo, Cloth Cloakillgs,Arith a variety or Whiter (Buds,
Nov.ll. G. W. I.I.ITNEN.
WANE and FANCY t100115.-LA fine a
aunt of the finest quality, for sale j ut—the Icv, est
prices, at Wan. C: ELTON II LAY.', No. ISt South
Street between Pine and Utdeu, west side, Ihilad.
The assortment embraces a large and Hd t .ct„ ct
Fine Watches, Jewelry 'Sift er 11 arc, Altata R are.]
with flue silver, in Spoom4,Forks, Ladles,/e.—dot
Fan tilted fancy articles of u super for duality, des.
the examinatirar of those win, desire to procure Iht
P rro
oils at the lowest cash prices'
flaying a practical Lion let.
the business, and all avallalte
''" :"- ak ties for importing and Man uta
bug, the subscriber contildently un it es purchaser
Ilei tog that he enn 'supply tht m on terms as fat
as any other estat lishment iu ti oilarof the All
All kinds (11M:won& anti Pee l Jewelry, nit
W are many facture order. wit It In a rya sor Iv
atches, jewelry and sliver ware Mithfull
paired: WM. F. .11:1;ft ll\ II LA
Se. 204 South St. a few dot ro at of e the 2.11-t.
Let, W est side.
Irs.k.ln the south window of the Store, nifty 1 e
theMmons Bird Clock, Nvhirli commands the adm h
of the scientific and curious. (Sept, 28, 'ft—i.
(iF LIME. ---From City themb & Miiou
made after the most improved arth les.and yerp sup
Prepared A uhydlll e Manure, made aft or the }log hs
tick, and most so pericr, Icing olto h lower (hal. Gi
and fully equal. The attention of Dcalms and I'm
pa. Ocularly rolled here for OW. Also, U' lan
anu f ill large or quaLtities, for sale by '
.101 IN L. PCMEItoY.
Seuth Wharves, 3tl door alovo ChtstO at 6t. I hi
I''UltNACE.—'lLe nuLeriber w, tint cal
attention ol all ptu Lies requiring a desirable kin
to Lllll./1):,b CLL.k.ll.ltA7'l3O VIM:MIMI AND \ . 11711.111;o
'1 he reputation of this furnace is new to now e. 1.1.
hen ictri (lured during the psi.' fiN I) years ii to IL
1:.01J public buildings' and 11101 t, than blalo Kit at, d.
ings; this together With the ituteewe
1.5 of y ear is the hest el hienee that can Ie
it, superiority fiver all ether fume( es. It . ) the t.
( Ltisou s F ill Lace, you secure the following ail\ aw l
}Les. ) i."•111-t1ifeN
II El. An;-1 he heating surflices being at it tee
Lille Lint will not tiesi.ecate the air.
La eNoslie.ti. hen or Pui
111 FAI Lt 1 -113eili1 made cr. tirvly t t t.. 1 I
hal It 1.11 ito•t. trill require uo reptiiir. .t
tiwc—it is c:«;It II 1111111.10.1,11111.i11 ill tiOt ;• Iti 1
i; g 111 tilll it in . pluced to tiaoget (11-111 1i.111,t
lAA r 11111.arl n.
e ho u the tekitt.otiiills of hundreds II IP
iet lil. t. im to ;:tt(sl. to the truth of the :pl.„
ent. till of 1% loan picnic untie it to he derni. P;;3
Fut na, I' 3et intehtt d IP r profinch.Fn vult at 0 hp::
,pl.llere. e 1101 01 itls 111.111 x he I nit I t
d is. m lit Li.%
and hindl3 furltished us their 11111111.$ 011(1 icf n I us
Ind. li c it_ 111. f. I I • f , I .
S‘ in. 11. Allen, Pr, ,Pl.l s.l - rn f. 1 ti•t.
inian. Pref. hiple3.
NINE 81%.1.5.
11 u hate intrnduteti 1116 SeUrOlt new Ki7l.t , t
all Tart Ile. Ilott.N. at uii tII 11l llc rt of thin pt at in.; n
Inent ta a oft nit tltw.te ctrl. \l p ate nt A , pit 111..
furz.b.tran - tiftpurzst tit to wlll-.ln ft Fit gle I, i fo : l I ;
t.,,t I uilaln tl:e c, nutty
No. 1
3 Extra r adiatur, (It ilh 1a s Ft et, II
3 do do do
5 du . do , do
0 do do do
' 1
:No. 7 is the laigest and must poitircul Nut
mode In this coot:tr . ), at (1 is admit auLpt 1
huich'es and other lingo class I oiltings.
11 a ctisnioue to sill the MN al:Ann St. 0,
an N‘heu introduced. tie airs alio. Mil., o:1,
csent high Price ot non has lot uttt ti tin t. tt ,
. ,
vent tug lv their Freut Nt eight rtitl tt I are
the great in CreaFC et N 1111: to ftllnith the at Itt
let, est pt price. um.
&Leil ritinit., hate clai:trat teti tt it',
toils el I urittites this ti-ttsttit, no tlult we are
ed to turn isle them 'We 111rvii,.1‘
iiiv tilt all 1.11"1111CeS. V.11( . 11 1T1411,11 . 1A.
Milt lilt 11, in !ill t lir, S.
RAJ 1.•,1 . R t• 1 11,11•
the tut . 6t el.Ditht.te rt , hl.itig I , .ttnge that lifts I ,
in der, d. to tt hi.h we toll (.11 , II tI 1j
5'1 , 11 tv wenre the 1111(tt rerteet and 4104110.1 r jj
I , IIIIII.I.ISCAer ill\ eLted:
enly Arei,tt• in Pout sy IN nt to 1r r ILO II at :
dale '.l Ills ehtilr.t, r. m Is; ,
r. 1,1) rtr,t r rtsr ; r , ,
ttran. lit 111 ruu,6y•, tl I. r 'AA I:I lit ;, lit
114 S A I all 1.11'11:-. I 115111 11 1 / 1 5)
I Oiln lall11.1•It. ail 5 A I, 5 t 1.1 i d h.r tale. lartu>
, 1101 It 11,1' f lout. II I
i..tTENT I!! s ND YEA 1..1 . 11 11 .
1111 t e Int it: p Itttl 11 pli ttt ille. t t st I
Iteiiisteii at ci \ of 1 , rs to 1 e tunuil in ti t• 1 11
tqlltll , . tit • Nt I • %.1111 to I t
II o r %%1,, 11,kle. N 1 iit Id it peatiy It. tlaii ,:, i.l
1, , es.:in it , 111 . , , it . 1 , . 6.
N Lt S.— Ile latee
habil nu eieissit I nt, I (11.t . 1.1 Of tilt re I VA1.1111.. 11
t'oe, Ili exat.t itt ilLt,tLol t
tiler tare tearl It
.IL,lLrctilc ard 1 i.t n it
(. al, 11147. an ehthe tcty Fall I u I 1 th, 1;.
(;111.1, 111111:0 Shut the 1.1.g1101 l'Uttl.lll. :11 d i.t
a....xv hi this ry.
A( I:\'l rt ii: S the Frglhh Eltiree,tie'4l. r
'1 htualley Ti ps rind Terra of t/I alk.4
tqueh a, (I 1.111 , 11 &SO. A. C.
Pet t ors aLcut with' tlo leeil to (9,:th
eti,re pat c lirtslrk; eltem here. 1 isit, is, et , t
',writ:l4.lm! Wall) I , CM 11,11 t , t 111 - • t
tit r \\ :Irv, orris, aril \Otero tit e Fli, ul,l 1 1. Lnlln 1,
ish leity itiletrattlier reskeetirg 111,1 t,l ,
11,a) Lr dcsitt ti p A 1,, , \1 touting told \ eel t
ear I , r Irtil gratuitously at our st, ie. either !At., 1,
or liy letter. S. A. 11A111t1SitN.
Warming awl \\ art 1, Ur
146 IV:ii)lUt Nt...31 , 11 , 1) Sixth,
MI I I:1.1
3Tny 31-7 ml
J I OLLARD, Pronium Artiste iii I;
i Inventor of the Celebratt d (t, V. LI iln
ii..; and Hest le Pam! Toupees. 'non ut tit ns to .t.
Ladles and Gentlemen to imamate their Lends )1 111
Ton Wien, Inches.—No. 1. The routed of the la ad„
2. From forehead over the head' to the Ilea: N
From ear to ear over the top; No. 4. kuo; en. C.
round the fen/Ole:1d.
Toupees wolf Straps, inches.—No. 1. Frt ni ii rat n
lark an far an laid; No. 2. Over forehead as far no ; u
ed; Nu. S. Over the crown of the head.
h. DULLARD has alwa3 a ready fer. sale a FPI,.
stoel; of Rents' Wigs, Toupees, ladies' VI ips. Lair \
Frizets. 1115111 s, Curlt4.l:c., beautifully inanufneturel
as cheap. as any establiSlinient In the Union.
Pollards Herb:intim Extra,. ter Lustrous flair '1
', re pair e d fnnir. South American Berta, and Ili i it,
st successful article ever 'induced ter per ori it,
Lair from falling out or changing color, testatinc
preserving it In a healthy anti luxuriant stale, Ai
tither rtasint i why Dollard's cutting 1 , 111(wIl
toils its iffltueut.o popularity is the tact that his 'l,
applied to el ery head of hair cut at his estriLlirl,
risequently It Is kept In 'better ' , reser , . alio' Ilia •
tier all' known appliestion. It Icing thins prai t
tested by thousands, olio's the greatest guarantee
Sold wholesale and retail at his 01d rstalth.buol
Chestnut street opposite the State Ifemv, 1 Mind.
It. Dollard has at least dhcoveled the ue plus u;
DAM DYE, and 10:1111,1111CC$4 It sale with pert,
t!deuce in its surpassing every thing of the Isiml
nail. It COlors thu hair either Mack or hrkiw
be desired) mid is used without injury to the I
skin either by stain or otherwise. can he Washc d
ten minutes after application. wllhc•ut dean( tier
its efficacy. Person& vitating the city as Invited t
him it rail.
Letters nthlref.sed to R. DO LLA RD, 177.01 tst
gabutel ph la. IN in evolve attention. Jan.
NO.'S 3 and 8 NACKERI43I,,oI
now crop 'just rocolvod and for sale at tho ,
iimccry of J. U. WILLIA3
July 24 'ft. Wect 3lnin si
11l ) I , A 1 1) CA S Hit,lllllES, &c:—']'h:.
secit , or has just cito cd a variety of Plai
telaineti at reduced prices. ',' k- , -.-
, lii 0. W. IIITX;
l'r.rtaLio coLoplCte,
du do
tho do
do for Ii 1,6 HU Ic
' do do