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    E, - BEATTY,
The CARLISLE. HERALD is published weekly on a large
containing VdltTi cotuNtss,‘and 'limb:Med to sub
ecilbors at the rate of $1.50 if paid strictly In advance;
$1.75 if paid within the year; or $2 ha all cases when
7symont is delayed until after the expiration of thu
year. No subscriptions received for a less period than
*x months, and none discontinued until till arrearages
ere paid, unless at the option of the phblisher. Papers
sent to subscribers living out of Cumberland county
03ust be paid for I le advance, or the payment assumed
lby some respousilau persm living in Cumberland coun-
TiICSO terms will 'be rigidly adhered to in all cases.
`.a, charged, 0.00 per square of
usertions; and 25 cents fur each
All navortlsomentB of legs than
ts a square. The'following rates
•terly, Half Yearly and Yearly
3 Months. 0 Months. 12 Months.
1 Square, (12 lines,) sii.Ou $5.00 $B.OO
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i " -- - 25.00 ' 35,00 ' 45.00
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8 cents per line for first insertion, and 4 cents per line
for s 01,..eq stout insertions. Communications on Subjects
if limited or Individual interest will be charged 5 cents
per line., The Proprietor will not be responsible in door
orxes for errors in advertisements. Obituary notices not
cording five lines, ~ ' 7ll beliiserted without charge.
The CULLUM: litatAin JOB PRINTING (*rj.icE lo the
Largest and most nomplete establishment in county.
Thre, good Presses, and a general variety of material
Suited fir Plain and Fancy work of every kind, enables
us to do Jolkyrlnting at the shortest notice and on the
most roasenablc s iirnis. Persons in want of Bills. Blanks
Sr any thing in the Jobbing line. will find it their in
terest to :dye us a call. Every variety of BLANKS con
*Kim ly on hand.
4n^ All letters on Mildness 'oust 10 post-paid to se
ow, attention.
()cunt( (1., Cora 3nfortnation.
S. Govmarrransigr.
Prosidont !CHUN PI F.ltlt.
Vice 1 . ..e4,1011t-01A D. D. Arcot:sox.
So , •retary of _titate,—Wm. L. 31.titot.
So:1,11u of I 1
1 terior—Roorier
S..,•retary of Troasury,—.llAmEs Ucrurte
Sorrotary of trar—JEFFl-111.SON DAVIS.
Soorotary of Navy'—.lts. C. DomoN.
C 011.111'.1.1..
At t wney tieneral—C%l.r.n CusoiNo.
Chief justivo of United States—R. B. T %NET
OT , ernor—.lAlit ES P01.1.047fi.
S , ,t-ot:try of State—A Nofttm G. CtrTIN.
Sorvopir General—J. P. 11211. AW LEY.
A initor ttunoral— BANK1:1.
—.lO3Y:Pit H
.1 u f :,(.4 or tho Supreme Court—E. LEWIS, .1. - S. SIAM
%V. B. I,u, to 0, U. W. W,UOUW inn, J. C. liNox.
Pro.i•lsmt Judge—lion. Jiues 11. Gutu.Am.
A Judges-11(m. John Hemp, Samuel Wood
Attorney—Jahn M. Shearer.
Pi (~.omot.try-- - Daniel K. NoeD.
V- • LT. &e.—John Gregg.
It...,•,cer—Willhun Lytle.
Shoehr—Josepti NleDermend; - Deputy, James
('.nut ty Treastirrr—N. W. Woods.
Oyu t ty Coortniissioner.4—John Bubb, James Armstrong
M. tlrahant. Clerk to Commissioners, 1111.11 an
1 1ir •1...r+ of the Poor- 2 1e,rze SllealTer, )rge Bri
'.din 11. Brown. Superlattlident of Pour lions°
L ,Lavli.
B 3noucta OFFICERS.
11111' . .; 1. All-.II,IItONG Nun&
A- Li t Burgess—El/ado;
T It. Parker. (President) E. !Scatty
c u. Ai;ors, - 1.8. EAliert. Iktvid Rhoads, Clari,tlau lu
liutsh3ll, Isctor Monyer, tied. Z. Broti..
t to t3ounell—.4alties Mullin.
Stewart, high Constablo; Bolter
e Ward Constable.
13ii1112.01 1 /ES.
Crdshyterttu Church, northwest Anglo of Centr,
„ it u c. t V I ° . WINO, Pastor.—Services ever . )
1., I utucalug ut .11. o'clock, A. null 7 o'clock
• ,v 1 Presbyterian urelt, corner of South Hanover
.1 .11i:1A streets. N.i ,pastor at present, but pulpit
•.1 i Prod torial app tS. Sl`rlll . ol4 commence
;A, A. 31., anti 7 o ' clock, P. M.
, i.. 1. dais Church, (Prot, 111piseepal) northeast angle of
0. •4 !wire. Itev. Jaeoa 3lonss, Rector. Services
I i , elt, A.M., anil 3 o'clock, P. M.
. 1.4i1 Lutheran Church, Bedford between Main and
11:1•: . streets. ltev. Vat', Ps pr. Service ' s
el A. M., Inni o . oook, 31.
.r a an itef,,rnied Church, Lenther, between Ituumrr
I stroets.- Rev. A. 11. Kilt:Mr:lt, PaStlor.
O'CIoCIC., A. M., and 61,6 P. M.
E,ChUreh, Hirsh charAi9 corner of Nluitl
cods. her. S. 1., AL CUN.iI:II., Pastor. Services at.
. A. NI., ;Ind 7!'clucli, I'. M.
I •cl. led. ('har,.tit) Itgr. .1. 11.
St4l'Va•tin: in Ctollege Chapel, pt 'll o'clock.
1 1. a I,r4mo'cloolt. P. )1.
ri r 1 Clll.o.l.ilje Church, Pomfret, near East. stmet.-
1 by itev. Mr. 1),,:kai1.), °Very SiNA,III.I Sunday.
buthorah Church is 111 course of ere.d.lon
.Jl.• • , rtepr of P 0111 1 .1,4 and Bedford streets. The con
- m. ivhlch has yet no stAttal Pastor, hold their
in Education Ilia'.
Sh,.t eh to 4e; in the tt6we are necessary- the pro
11,9.54118 nr.l re 'nested to notify us.
Clidrlos Codll:th, ,Presideot and Professor of :Shwa
liirrnan 31. Johnson, Professor of Philosophy
I:11,1 W. 31aeshall, Prirdssor of Auciout lALlfigUitgeS.
• 'NAN tuv! Prsd'esiwr of Mathematics.
illi.iuc >l . %illlsom Ipcturer on Natural Science and
ce rr id the Aluminum
cAtider &hem, Professor of Hebrew and Modern
.ikis Ain Awboga4, Tutor in Languages.
null Principal of the tirammar School.
tiharo A. kluibely,' Assistant iu the (lraminar-School
DSPAIIT IttNg.—Pruildout, Richard Parker;
ler, Win. M. Rectum; Clerics, Henry A. Sturgeon,
.11 U. Ili fer. Dlreetws, Richard Parker, Henry Sax
-1 ch i 8. Storratt, Jelin Zug, Henry Logan, Hobert
Samuel Wherry, John Sanderson, Hugh Stuart.
%11113LIAND VALLEY RAIL .Ito Ark Comi , ANs.—Presidont,
ele'a. Watts; Secretary and Treasurer, Jidward M.
Superintendent, A. F. Smith. Passenger trains
a day Eastward. leaving Carlisle at 10.115 o'clock,
3.10 o'clock, P. M. Two trains every day West
, leaving Carcisle•at 9 o'clock, A. itl. and 2.'20, P. 111.
tusi.e. (Its pia WATZIt COUPNY.—IWSideIIt, Fred
' Watts; Secretary, become! Todd; Treasurer, Wu*.
',tem ; llituet.nw, F. Wefts, Richard Parker, Lemuel
Win. ht. Itoot ? m, Dr. Ay. W. Dale, Franklin (lard
hairy lass.
Ira PosirAno.- , -Postogo on all lotters of ono-hal.
, weight or under, 3 eta pre-pall, or 5 cents un
lescept to California and Oregon, which are 0 cents
. iii, or 10 cents unpaid.)
WAPAPEIIB.—.PostIigO on the llEPALD—witbin 'the
y; race. Within the State 13 cents per year. To
311 of the United States, 20 cents.
wt., on all translont papers under 3 ounces to,
1,1 cent propaid or 2 cents unpaid. ,
dosuiption of Book and Job Printing ozeuctod
fahlrtost notteo and ou roasonablotorms.
.. -
• , 0
. .
~t . t?:: .
• • , 5
• ,
.-;.. - ' l.
• • -•
,ii . ; - v z r • a , ct
" ,- !-5-. lei
:,„., 4 • • .
. • ...• . •
. ,
VOL. 11/.
Eotun pith toinito Wolters.
LITERARY UNION .-A lecture before
the Young Men's Library Association of this
borough, will be delivered on Monday even
ing next, by Rev. ;lons MCCLINTOCK. An
admission fee of 12i cents will be charged,
in order to raise funds to furnish the Socie
ty's Hall. The "Literary Union" is a new
and highly meritorious' assoiation
.of our
young men, and apart from the attraction of.
the lecture, we hope will meet 'on this occa
sion with liberal encouragement froM the
community. .
stated meeting of the Cumberland Fire Coin
patty, held in the Court House. on SatiirdaY
evening, the, 20th of January, the following
officers were elected „or the ensuing year,viz:
Robert - Mctjartney; 'resident; Quig,
ley, Secretary; Henry S. Ritter, Treasurer;
Peter Spahr, first Director and Thomas P.
f)w•in, second Director.
PAINTI NO.—We are requested by Mr.
C. C. I36Aat, Teacher 'of. Grecian Encaus•
tic Painting: to state that he can receive no
new pupils into hi.q classes after Monday
next, the 12th inst. Those desiring instruc
tion in this beautiful art, are requested to
call on. him before that day at Martin's Ho
tel, East Main stree t -
REOISTER OF SA ES.—Sale bills fur
the following sides have been printed at the
Ile ra ld office.
. Side by Elizabeth Huntsberger, of New•
ton township, on y Monday, the 13th of,Feb
- Sale by Simeon Fisk of Dickinson town
ship, on 'Thursday the 1 - 10 / 11 of February.
Si is by 'administrators of Joseph King
(iee'il. of I:pper Allen townshi,, on Tuesda)
the 20th of February.
^Sale by Jacob Plank, sr. of Monroe town
ship, on Thursday the 15th of February.
Sale by John Ditmore, of MonioeT town
ship, on Monday, the 12tli of February.
Sale by John Brandt, of Monroe township
on Friday and Saturday, the 9th and 10th of
Sale by the adMini trator of Andrew
Sonseman, dec'd., of East Pennsboro town•
ship, on Monday the stft of March.
Sale by L. Mel)cwel, Adrnr. of Martha
Bowman, of Frankford township,on Wednes
day the 7th of .March.
Sale by Jacob Miller in South Middleto
ownship, on Thursday the 22d of Feburar
Salt by Adam Hider in Lower Alle
ownsltip,. On Thursday, March Ist.
Sale Jr'y Joseplol. Suiyman, of Hampde
p.'on Friday, the 2d of March.
Sale by John °reason, of West Pennsbo
tp. on Saturday, the 24th of February.
Sale by John Carmony, of Carlisle, on
Vedoestlay, the 14th of .March.
Sale by Joseph Sadler of Kingstown, of
Wednesday, the-21st of February.
Sale hy'' lltichael Latshaw, of Dickinson tp
on Tuesday, the 27th of February.
Side by Rudolph Heberlig, of Vest Penns
born tp. on Wednesday, the 7th of March.
Sale by Andrew Colliery, of Dickinson tp
n Friday, the 23d of February.
Sale by Jacob Miller, of South Middletot
p. on Thuroday, the 22(1 of Febrbary. .
SPECIAL. Count —A: special Court is
ordered, to commence .on Monday the 19th
of February. The list of jurors is as fol
Car/isk.- 7 Earnest Brady, John Mell, Eph.
Steel, John Irvine, David Grier, William
Line, William Barnitz, John MeCartney,sr.
Dickinson.—William Johns, Samuel' Corn-
man. • . •
East.Pennsborough.--David Deitz.
Franlybrd.—John Doner.
Ilipewell.—Robert Boyd, William Brown.
Miniptlen.:—,Levi How, Peter Basehore.
Lower Ai/ea.—Daniel Drawbaugh.. •
11/0/iii,--Robert MiddletonAGeorge,,Hotin.
Mechaniesburg:—George Bubb, Henry' H.
' ;Ebel'lf.
Monroe.—Samuel Algeir, John - Glenn. .
Netatott..---Daniel Kindig, Josiah Lindsey.
New amberlawl.—George Chapman.
Nora, Middlelon.—John 11. Spahr.
Siloville.—John , Duncee, John M. Davidson.
Sitiiir ,s'prilig.—Adam Bishop, Jacob Leidy,
Soloman P. GorAas.
. 1 - .
South Middleton.—J in Anthony, Jonas Ru
dy, William Moore.
Soldhampon.—John, tough,GeorgeC.Haw
thorue, William K. Wealdey. : •
I:rpper At/cm—Simon Dean. .
West Pcnalorottyh.- s -- - Aohn Elliott.
:. tou g
1. l'-mItIL.
. t
• ,
2, pont fur tly
EXCESSIVE COLD.—AnOther fall of
snow took place on Sunday night, which as
the roads were previously smoth and icy
very much improved the sleighing. The
weather however is so iftensely cold as to
make it we suspect rather an uncomfortable
enjoyment. - Yesterday was probably, the col
dest day we have yet had this winter. Sev
eral accidents happened last weQk to sleigh
ing parties, such as running-off ofhorses and
the over turning ofsleighs with their fair oc- .
.but in no case attended with vevy
serious personal injur.
, ther great snow storm commen
VALENTINE'S Day iS again near
id elegant s varieties of appropriate
missives may be found at Haverstiek's and
Mr. Piper's.
(INF:S.—W . O are not in the•haffit of' reeoMen
ding Quack medicines, nor do we propose to
begin now. Most of the nostrums trlvertised
.are made by ignorant pretenders to medical
skill; they generally profess to cure all di
seases, or nearly all that flesh is heir to.—
but the ease is widely different, when a phy
sician .of high standing, whose knowledge
and shill in his proffssion arc beyond dis
pute, offers remedies for precise ailments for
general use. Such is the case with Dr.
Clintorks Miqirines, it list of which
will be found in our columns. • Pr. MeClin
tuck was for many years a Professor in one
of the Medical Colleges upon the various
branches of medical science. In Morbid
Anatomy he is perhaps unrivalled, as no
physician of the age has dissected the-human
body more frequently than he. The remedies T
which he offers artthe resnit Of thirty yehrs'
of practice, :tbservatim,, and study- ; and
eaeh is prpared for the disease to which
it is specially adapted. In especialy those'
parts of the country where it is difficult to
obtain promptly the aid of a physician in ca
ses of disease, we should, think it wise and
prudent to have on hand Dr. Meelintocks
remedies. A timely use of them might ward
off dangerous disease, or be the means of
saving life.
evening, Jan. 29th, I):(ss.—Society met• and
the President appointed as. Judges for this
evening, Messrs. Capt. SaMuel Stuart, Chas.
Lee and James Coyle. The subject adopted
at the last meeting thr debate this. evening,
was pow taken up and warmly diseusssed.
The question was, "that the present wants
of our Country require a Protective Tariff"
Joseph Ritner, jr., James Lee and William
Miirrison, supported the - Affirmative, and
.John Lee, Samuel M. Kenyon, Esq., and-
Geo. W. Leidigh the Negative. The Judges
d..cided itt fitvor of the Negative. James
Lee offered the following, which was adopted
fur discussion at. the next meeting:
Tlist tie principh , s involved in
the Nebraska Bill, With reghrd to slavery, are
just. ()n motion, adj - riffrned to meet Monday
evening, Feb. stli-185f)..
NEW HAMI'SIIIILE.—The Rev. JObll Moore
not "being eligible for Governor, another
Know Nothing Convention was held. An•
other ballot was held for Governor. Whole
number of votes cast, 372 ; Ralph Afedealf ,
of NCwport, 356; Scattering, 16. .Mr. Met
calf is an old Democratic politician, who was
for several years State Secretary, and now is
is understood to belong to the "Old Guard,"
of which ex-Commissioner Burke is the lea
der, and which is now in violent and open
war 'with the administration.
A iu DEAD The illustrious
Kamllama 111, of the 'Sandwich Islands, is
: no more. This piece of royalty was aged
about 40. He was chiefly distinguished for
get thig drutkwhether.on those-French bran
dies introduced at the canon's mouth by. the
French or no less refined liquors, made little
difference. He .was of medium size and dull
phYsiognomy. His predecessors King / Kam.
ehamcha 11, and his Queen, both 44.31,in
ondon, while on a ,visit. Under his reign
ui Sandwich Islands were near being• an
exed to the United Str' I,iholiho,
is son, who traveled in •y and in
urope Pour years since, be unf•t•
vorable to the measure
- 2 .1 6
Congress.—Yesterday, the Senate passed
a resolution of inquiry as to the receipts of
the Collins line of steamers up to this date,
for freight and passengers. The Army Ap
propriation bill was taken up and discussed.
Iu the House, Mr Houston gave notice of his
intention to move, ou Thursday next, that
the house go in to committee on the bill to
modify the tariff, and to make that a test
vote. A resolution was adopted calling for
the correspondence beiWeett the United States'
and Spain touching the disturbance"of frien
dly relations, the instructions of the U. S.
department to its envoy, and the correspon
dence between this government and France
and Oreat Britain respectin. , Cuba. The
House then took up territorial business in
Committee of the Whole.
Pennvylrunia Leyislature.—Yesterday, the
[louse passed, among other private bills, one
to close finally the trust of the:late:United
States Bank. The act to reduce the num
ber of prison it in Philadelphia to
ni n e was considered.CO
The barque Argyle has been wrecked. at
S911:1111 Beach, and is going to pieces'. Four
of the crew and one of the passengers were
drowned, and at the last dates five others
ware clinging t th•• v r2elc. .".ds•icce fro a.
Texas mention a battle near Pecos between
the Texan Rangers and the Camanehe In:
dians, in which the former were vietorions,
seven of ihe Indians being killed and a large
number captured.
Congrese.—Yesterday, the French SPolia
tion bill passed second reading in the Senate•
Mr. Pearce gave notice of his purpose to in
troduce a bill to provide for the erection of a
building for the Post Ottiee and United States
Courts at Baltimore. Mr. Summer presen
!ed, a resolution of inquiry as to the expedi
enc•y of erecting a new building for the U. S.
Marine Hospital at Boston. A communica
tion was received from the Secretary Of War,
containing the, militia statistics of the Union.
In the House the subject of the Minnesota
Railroad charter was taken up again, and
the delegate from Minnesota, Mr. Rice, said
that the people of that territory would cor
rect whatever errors they may have commit
Pemisylrmaio Legislahrte.—Yesterdny, the
Senate adopted a resolution of inquiry as to
the amount 0' uncurreiit funds in the trea
sury, and , the disposition thereof. Also, a
resolution of inquiry as to the defalcation of
Jacob al. Struckler, late collector at'Coltun•
his. Bills were passed relative to Orphans'
Courts, and 'to the safe transmission of real
and personal estate. Lt the [louse, a mo
tion to refer the tavern license bill excited
touch debate. The bill to abolish the Canal
139ard was reported with amendments. A liill
was also reported to punish frauds in the use
of trade marks, labels, stamps, efe.
The Massachusetts 'Senate has agreed
with the lower house of that Legislature in
electing Gen. Henry Wilson, Free Spi,let, to
the U. Senate. The Central American
expedition, if it sail, will be prevented by the
British squadron in,the Caribean Sea from
landing at Mosquita, such being the orders
of the commanding 'officer, - it is said'.
Congress.--Yesterday the House took up
the hill antherizing the construction of a sub.
terranean line of telegraph to the Paeifie.--
The report of the committee of the Whole,
strikbfg , out the enacting clause, was nega
tived, anti a substitute tbr the bill offered by
Mr. Richardson, was adopted and passed
finally. - It omits the grant of two -millions
of acres of land,. but grants the right of war,
'and extends the penal law of the United
States over the line for its protection. Two
unimportant territorial bills were; passed.--
The bill establishing the office of Surveyor
General in Utah, and granting land to actu
al sellers in the territory was taken up. A
motion 'to lay the bill on the table was rejee.
ted. The enacting clause was stricken out
in effect rejecting the bill, but the - vote was
reconsidered, and a substitute adopted which
r„....ta'ne.l the Provisions relative to the Sur.
veyor General and granting lands for school
and university purposes.
liwasylvanin lAwisialure.--:=Yesterday,the
•Senate passed the bill relative to telegraph
companies, and the transmission of messages.
A bill passed second rending to fix the sn'a •
ries of members of' Legislature at $5OO per
annum, and the mileage at 10 ets, per mile
for every Mile traveled. In the House an an-
imated debate took place on the bill relative
to building associations, mid legalizing their
past operations.
SATURDAY, Feb: . 3 k ,
Cmig" ress.—Yester!las' the Senate• passed
various private bills, and also a bill from the
Mu DIY, Feb. 2
aval Committee t!.. 'a retired list
r naval officers incapable of service. In
.0 House thirty six privnte bills were con
ddered in comunittee'of the Whole, and re
nted to the House favorably,
Pennsylvania Legialature , —Yesterdah'the
mate passed a supplement to the
wn Railroad charter. A supplement to the
echanies• Lien Law passed second reading:.
he bill to increase the pay of members of
is Legislature passed filially. In the House,
suppliment to the Mecluktiies' Lien Law
assed Committee of the Whole, as did also
te bill to reduce the expense and secure the
itliful 1 ayment of taxes, and a bill to ex
lid the jurisdiction of the Courts in divorce
ises. The bill from the Senate to define
id punish bribery, was debated at length.
NO. 23.
Mom)Ay, Feb: 5:
Congres.---The upper branch of, Congress
vas not, in session on Saturday. 'ln the House
the thirty six private bills considerethon the
previous day, were passed. The House then
went into Committee or the Whole on the
private Calendar, and a bill to extend the
Cult Patent was taken up on which a dis•
cussion owned.
Poinsyleania Leyislature.—On Saturday,
the Senate passed a hill to nathorise the
Philadelphia and Baltimore Rail cad Com
panv to declare dividends in certain eases.—
A bill to incorporate the Bhilmielphia Lite
rary Institute was rejected. In the House
the hill - - nso idate the ward. 4 of the city
of Pitisharg, for educational purposes,. pas
sed finally.
In I.'ong.ress, yesterday. a bill vas passed
bv the S'Ne.:inte to change the buitnderies of a
land dimripi in A 4, Mr. Broadhead's
bounty land bill 1%118 tries passed, In the
House a bill lvas passel/ to minim tne (miles
on Railroad-iron paid ht lie \ rt.lieiana
and I , ieorg.ia Railroad Companies. 'fhe bill
from the Senate %vas also passed, making an
appropriation fir the erection of a Post Of
fice &e at ?Mil \sanliie.
In the State Legislature. yesterday, the
supplement to the act oilS3t, relative to the
commencement auctions, was passed final
ly. In committee of the whole the-bill to e ;.
tend and continue in force the land gradua
tion bill, was passed. In - the Douse, a special
committee was ordered to be appointed to
vestigate the charges against the Northern
Liberties Bank. The select committee on
the Northampton contested eleetit;ease re
ported in favor of the sitting me iber, Mr.
Bush, and submitted a resolution, w rich was
adopted, dismissing the petition of tfiVeoc
testant. A resolution was, however, adopted
allowing him his iy_ty,and mileage since the
commencetnent ot - tlie session. The bill to
encorporam the" - Point Breeze Park Associn
tion was passed finally.
The Legislature of Illinois has rejected
resolutions endorsing the Cornitromisc meas
ures of leso, and others have passed the
House censuring Senators Douglas and
Shields for their course in favor of the re•
peal of the Missouri Compromise. Booth Az
Ryceroff, who were convicted at Milwankie,
for aiding the rescue of a fugitive slave from
the United States officers, have been dis•
charged from at•rest by the -Supreme Court
of that State, on the ground that the indict
ment was illegal, the fugitive slave law I: ,
ing. unconstitutional. The first Legislnti
of Nebraska territory has met and organiza.
The choice of officers is - said to be ffivorable
to the administration. The Pennsylvania
Railroad bridge, over the Juniata river at
Lewistown was destroyed by fire on Sate -
dad• night
learn from Washington thatiLicut.
0. Hunter. the hero of the capture of Alvar
ado during the Mexican war, and lately in
command of the brig Bainbridge, has Leen
dismissed from the Navy for illsubordination•
His ship lately formed a part of the squad.
rou stationed on the Brazilian and Buenos
Ayrean coasts . , and when the difficulty lie
, tween Consul Hopkins and the Paraguayan
-Government was,reported to the Comodore,
at. Hunter asked permission to proceed
with his ship to the scene of difficulty, •find
give protection to the Consul and such other
American citizens as were residing in Pain
guay. The C. mmodore refused this request
probably fearing that the hero of Alvarado
would re enact the Greytdi\'n exploit Asun.
acion and the Lieutenant, professing to be
disgusted with his superioi's pusillanimity.
brought home his ship, determined to appial
to his government and his country. 11l is
dismissal is his government's respoilc e to
his appeal, and public opinion. says "served
him right." It is stated as a remarkable
Ihet that during Ifunter's naval career he
. previously been twice dismissed the ser •
vice, once dismissed the squadron, six times
court martialed, and once before a Court of
"Advices from Chicago say that all the
railroads in the that locality are heavily
blockaded with snow. On the Rock Island
Road, live locomotives, : with one train,
were frozen up solid. On the Chicago
and Mississippi 'Railroad the snow drifts
were tremendous. One, reaching front Lea.
iugton a distance of eighteen miles, is said
to be from three to eight feet deep. In th:s
hank a number of locomotives have got stuck
last and frozen up in their attempts to iriva
through it. The Illinois Central -Railroad
is utterly impassible, as are also the Calena,
ttal Aurora and Dixon roads.
Da- Bisnoc REzP., recently ti Rotnan
Catholic prelate of Detroit, Mi chigan, having
been reported as imprisoned at Rome, the
Louisville Journal:denies theqstatment,
says that ho was at the last accounts, living
With his friends in Germany.
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