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PHILADELRIna, Monday, Jail. 29
. Flour—There is little or no demand fur
export, and the market continues very dal',
The only sale made public is 300 bbls.
timore City mills'at $8,75. Standard Penn'o,
brands are offered at the same price, without
finding buyers; some holders ask more, but
there is nothing doing except lots
for home use at from $8,75 to $9,50 per bbl
- Lir common retailing to choice brands and
extra. ltye Flour is also dull, with a small
'tusiness doing at $6,25 Per bbl wh ch is 4
decline. Corn Meal is inquired for but at a
price below the views of holders. Grain
comes forward • slowly, and Wheat, portico.
:arty red, is scarce and 4tvalemiLi today at
Sill rates. About 20001msh., i mostly prime
Southern, brought 20Se.,and 500 a6OO bush.
l'enn'a. white 214 a 217 c., as in nuulity. I'Ve
.s steady, with further small sales at 425 c.
jorn is about statiotiary, and sales of 40410 a
1900 bushels Southern yellow are reported,
part at 91 cents, afloat, and a part at a price
obe fixed. Oats are without Change and
at previous quotatiolis.
Mrcn IxFottM.t•t'tox IN FEW Woans.—As
•m evidenCe of what has led to foreign in
lebtedness and domestic extravagance, we
1•1010 From the Secretary of the Tremor) the
I: 4 -1-1 the popel_ation of
,he Unieo was 1 9,24-1,60 - o — rthe tinportittibitS
:or that year amounted to the sum of $96,-
)50,031) heimr ' 'a trifle over five dollar:0o each
inhabitant. In 1854 the population is CSti
tted (allowing for the increase-since. the
In. censts) at. 25,500,000 ; the importation
mor the year amounted to $279,712,000—be
in,,, nearly -eleven dollars to each man, woman
and child. That is we have inure than doub
led the average portion of ,our importationi
fir each individual in the country. The Se
cretary of the Treasury also tells us that in
our last financial year we inported thirty
three millions worth of silks. These facts
need no comment.
.ditor of the Buffalo Republic has made
iitnself one of the immortals, by the publi-,
ration of a discovery which Ile has made of
great importance to mothers. It is an infal
lible means of keeping babies, from-two to
•en months old, perfectly quiet for hours.
modus operandi is as follows:
"As soon as the - squaller awakes, set the
;:hild up, propped by pillows if it cannot sit
.lure, and smear its•lingers with thick mo-
Li,3ses. Then put half a dozen feathers into
i s hands, and the young one will sit and
pick the feathers from one hand to the other,
until it drops asleep. As, soon as it wakes,
core molasses and more feathers, and in
place of nerve astounding yells, there will be
silence and enjoyment unspeakable.
kir "01. n BULLION" made terrible havoc
in the Haase, the other day, on the French
;pollution Bill. The claims that are set up,
a that "scheme," he characterized as "en.
bunded" and "impudent"—devices only to
dander the federal treasury, and fill the
oekets•of the birds of prey, who hover over
.he Capitol to rob and devour it! The bill
tas passed, however.
Washington had another meeting. A cor
:•espondelt of the Baltimore Sun says, "it is
much doubted whether any strong resolutions
will be passed, there being evidently many
4entlemen, even in the highest places, who,
.whatever the papers may say to the contrary,
ire sitting on the fence."
LNSIEDIATELY.—A large double TWO
STORY 110 USE with Stabling and Bath
Houses. The lot of ground contains a
• . , great variety of choice grafted fruit trees.
11 I This property is situated on East street,
hounded by the Letort Sprha..r. Argo, Two
‘tone anti one Frame DIVELLINO 110U:4:S ' situated
m Bedford street, north of the., Lutheran Church, and
to an improving part of the town. Also, a small FIELD.
For terms apply to
Carlisle, Dee. 165.1
cnnachnis and central STORE ROOM on the corner
Matg and Pat streets, now ,wrupled by Henry Pete, s,
Is offered for rout from the lot of April next- Fur terms
°wink° of [noy29] ROBERT NOBLE.
4 ..OR ' RENT.—The con
, i nor STORE ROOM, now occupied
: tifirj'7 -.--- 1 yW. 'Sheldon UK a shoo store, one of
I" 2j5, c ,t,L,., the beat situations In the borough.
.=• "7 - 7- ''' ' .1 on Uocaue Ego.
Timer 20, 186-1 . •
WE "call the attention of the
,public to
restoring gardens or extinguishing fires. ' An excellent
srticle, neat, cheap and convenient. For sale at
novl-1354 SAXTON'S.
OOTS AND SITOES.--A very large
assortment of Buds and Shoes of every &snip
t on just lecolved and selling very plump.
AT •rjuvATE SALE.-The subscriber will sell
• ' the property he now owns and oven
'sl. i' - .7." - ). 1 pies, owneil by the Rev. T.,V
4t ,
ii,.....: . It at ,d on ,oath Hanover art
Cr ii.trr , '‘ esrlisie, adjoining the property of 31r
.. y es- .. Win. Graham, near the' Walnut not
tom Itottd, consisting of a TOWN LOT Ave A HALF
JO by 240 feet, upon which are erected n good t wo'story
V 11.1311.1 HOUSE, Wood (louse and Stable, together with
,(her out-buildings. There in also a gond brick cemented
Cistern, capable of holding...forty-five hogsheads of water.
The property is in good repair. ..
. Also, for sah., n full-TOWN LOT adjoining the above,
.50 by '2lO ithei.• Any ono wanting curb property, will do
well call and examine
nos - 22--t h e
xt - AcurrN Ern- err,.—Avery super,_
Ltior Ikrticle bf 011 for grqusiog ron,hiens. just re
.-dred anddbr sale , henp at
~,,,, . •IL F iNTONS,
11'31. 11. TROUT, desires to Inform his old friends
imt he has removed to his new establishment on High
treat, Hoar the Railroad Depot, and is 4. a
/ large :tad elegant assortment of t 1 Lld
just received from Phi el)
the gentlemen of Carlisle are rep nd
••amine. Ile has also a large assortm
and Slouch Hats se his own tutunfitetu the
test style and at various prices, tiro exc.: . sh
.o which he will' warrant. Ills stock Ile IR Colliidellt on
ly needs to be elamined to lit) approved. Also, a large
supply of Men's, Iley's and Children's CAPS, 'of Cloth
ln.l Fur, and of every variety of sty le and price jUst re
ceived from Philadelphia. het all aho want a Hat or
:11) give him a call, as they may he sure of being suit
: I to t heir own satisfaction.
WAR E—cild housekeepers and young, with thus
also who are ezperting t beet §me 'housekeepers. are ill Tit
0.1 to call at HALBERT'S FAMILY But EliV and ex
amine his leg it 3SSI .rtUle t :1 China.Ulitssand Queens
ware and other articles, in the housekeeping Hue, s u c h
as Frosich mid English tea sots, heavy banyilediand plain,
White 17 vault°. gilded and blue plain, liintier sets of ev
ery variety and price, bowls and pitchers, tureens, dish
es, Ac. Blass-ware--rentre table and mantel lamps,
Candelabras and other lamps. great N'arlty, table and bar
tumblers, giddets, Ac. Fruit and preserve dishes, in va
riety. • Cedar-ware—tubs, buckets, churns, bowls, butter
prints and ladles. meal buckets. Ac. Brushes—sweeping,
white wash, scrubbing, hand and shoe brushes. dusters,
brooms, Ar. Market, clothes and travelling baskets.
Also a cla , hv ms..rtusont of Tobacco and Segars. Call
q ve who are bmil of choke brands of Sugars and try the
Principes,:ltegalias. Stelfanon is and other tuba varieties,
And vets will li ud them of unimpeachable quality, Also
MIT Spanish :tail Common Segars, with choke Snuff and
- -
.1 am just rereiving my Mall
••VNANGINCS 5:; - '•;;,. 1. sock of PAPER 11AN4.11NOS,
• a •• which surpass in styk, 4putlity
and prim any that have ever
been es hiladed in Carlisle. I respectfully solicit a call
from petons in want of Paper ilangings of any deserips
ties, as I nut confident by assortment far surpasses any
in the Borough; and in style and mires has lint few ri
vals in the city. I only ask of lb...public to call unit ex
amino my assmtmant before purchasing, as I am confi
dent my chaste designs cannot fail to please the most
fitsthliotts. .14/11N P. ll\ N
West side of North Hanover 6treet,
LO 0 K '0 IJ TIN TIME !—Cholera
morbus, Dysentery, Dinr'rholt, ..te., are making
their.apponranc. You know the remedy. If you have
say retntrd for the %venue of yourself. Your wife, or your
children-supply yourselves with BEECHER'S MATCH
LESS CORDlAL,,otherwise abide the consequence re
sulting from a bigoted adherence to old quackery. This
•' Matchless Remedy" eau be had at the-Drug Store of
11. .1. KIEFFER.
South Hanover street, a few doors south of the Court
I louse, Carlisle. •
I)DOTS ANI) SHOES. The subscrib-
I er loss now on hand a very extensive and ;roll se.
ected stock of it OOPS and 811 0 8,
which he will sell at unusually low pric
es. Purchased from wholesale dealers,
at io' rates; he can offer such induce
ments to purchasers as will make it their interest to vis
it his establishment. lie has every article in the Hoot
and Shoe lino—fot Ladies' or Oentiomens' wear—he
theref re dooms It unnecessary to particularize.
tri}' Persons desiring good and cheap goods arc invit
ed Lo give him a call. . .
North Ilanover street, next door to tile 4:., ",
lilass•s Motel.
Ile would respoct run:, Inform the
eitixeus of Carlisle and the public generally, that ho
lots 'tow on hand a large and elegant assortment of FUR-
E, consisting in part of 11.introbes.Card and oth
er Tables, Sofas, Itureans. limb:tends. plain and fancy'
rlew lug Stands. fir., manufactured of the Lunt material
nud quality warranted.
Also a general its:ortment n( CHAIRS at the loweast
prices. V ENITI kN BLINDS made to order, and repairing
promptly attended to.
COFFINS made at the shortest notice: and bar
hi g a splendid hearse ho wilt attend funerals in town or
coun try.
eh- Remember the stand—next door to 11. Glasa's
Hotel. It. B. SMILEY:
—T.\MIS It, IV EA VER would resnecfeully Cali
.?,; the attention of llouso.keepers and the public
to his extensive stock of elegant FURN ITURE,
including dans, Wardrobes, Centre and Tables,
Dressing and Plain Bureaus ' and every other
article in his branch of business- Also now on hand,
the largest assortment of CHAIRS In Carlisle, at
the lowest prices. AOFFINS made at the short
est notice and a Hearse provided for funerals. lie
solicits a call at his establishment, on North-Han
over stroll, near Olasse's Hotel.
Alb-Furniture hired out by the mouth or year.
e l m - "a - C - -- 4 1 / 4 6uIcORNER , of Han
,,,mo wm: G S: • --- v - over and Leather sts
C C. RLISI,E.--Theundersign . -
ed 1138 always en hand a large stock of superior Cabinet
'Ware, in all the different styles, Which he is prepared to
sell at the loweA.priees. lie Invites attention particu
larly •to the PATENT Srnlvn BOITOII BLDhTEAD. a IlloSt
useful article, which entirely obviates all ohjections.—
The bottom can be attached to old Bedsteads. They have
given entire satisfaction to all who.have them In use.
CiFFINS made to order at the shortest notice.
—A convenient siert , room I'm rent. There Is net
a bettei situation in *town tbir business. Enquire at
this office. Jan
FOR RENT.—The 1318ek
.= smith Shop on the corner of Pitt street
_;.. . and Dickinson Ailey in this borough,
wilhln bnllu 14flunto of the Hull ikent Hotel, tbrmerly (w
-mpled by Mr Hope, to otTereil for rent from the Ist tiny
If April utxt. ler terms enquire of
: 4 1 01t RE NT.—The two sto
&. . '... .ryF E DO
RA3IUAI , . Minute on West
tits - 1 '.'7,' , ::,, , la 1
in street, opposite the itall Road Depot,
I I I .'q ' ',' now in iflue weaponry of .1. N Artastrong,av
' t •.- .. a Toll:tee. stork% It is suitable le' a store
or shop, being, ono of the best business lorationa in the
town, ' ...., .
Also, for
.sale,'a first veto FAMILY CAR.. ? 1
RIAD 11, for ono or two horses. The carriage
Is built strong and of the boat materials. it. w I I be HO I
!OW fir rash{. Apply to
, nov '2O WM. I). SEYMOUR.
51r.. 14 RENT.
11. 1 , ; That desiroblo private reshlones
, situated on Moll) street In tho
t .1:: of Carlisle, irtiolnlng property of Mitehel
;McClellan and others, and now In the
oecupanny of 11. 1,. Burkholder, Possession given on
tho•lst, of April, 1855, for termsapplyto
Deer.. 21, W. M. PENROSE.
AIN — STYLEOI 7 IIATS for i , 864.- 3 - - -
1.11::01101il IikILLP,It respectfully announces to his
mid Patrons and the public generally that he has just re
HATS, manufactured at one of the Lest establish
ments in Philadelphia, to which ho. invites special
Ile has also constantly on hand a large and varied as
sortment of his own manufliet.ure as wcli nn city made
flats and Caps, suitable for the season. comprising every
variety of Russia, heaver, Moleskin and Silk lints, fin
ished inp.iiitiatalst_style, together with a full assortment
of CAP:. life% cry Shape and description, and at every
price. Ile particularly invites the public to call anti
mulue his exeensive assortment, Ni bleb, in style, mate
ritl and finish, camint lie surpassed by any In market,
,nd a hich he is able to put at prices lower than over.
Remember his old stand on North Hamper street, be
:1,0011 /turner's and Server's stores.
,fat Safe nub :Rent.
VI Published by FOWLER $ WELLS, Now York.
in older to accommodate "The People" residing. ih all
parts of the United States, the Publishers will forward
by return cu the first , Mall any book named In the fOl
lowing list. The postage will be prepaid by them at the
New Veit Office. • Ity this arntugement of prepaying
postage in advance, fifty per cent is saved to the pur
cynser. All letters containing orders should be post
paid and directed us follows—
Constitution of Mau. By George Cooti). The only au
thorized American Edition. Witit twenty engravings,
qind a Portrait of the Author. co, niuslin,B" cents.
liet;:nce of Phrenology. Containing an Essay on the
Nature mind Value or Phrenological Evidence; also, an
able Vindication of Phrenology. By Boarding. Price
gi cents.
Domestic Life. Thoughts on its Concord and Discord,
4rith valuable Hints and SuggeAlons. By N. Sizer.-
1. cents.
Educ ti: its Elementary Principles founded on the
Nature`of Man. By .1. U. gpurzhelm, 31. D. With an
A ppludix, containing a description of the Tempera
ments, and an Analysis of the Phrenological Faculties.
87 cents. Wu regard this volume as ono of the' most
important that has been offered to the public Jim many
years.—BosToN Mrn. ANII SUR. JOURNAL.
Lectures on Phrenology. Ily (leo. Cembe. With Notes,
an Essay on the Phrenological 3lotle of Investigation,
nod an ',Historical `ketch. Ily Dr. Boardman. Illus
trated, $1 25 ct:nts.
:Martilige: its Ilisti'vy and Philosophy. A Phrenological
anti i'lp•siologleal Exposition of the Functions anti
Qualifications, necessary Cur Happy Marriages. Illus
trated. 75 cents.
Memory and Intellectual Improvement; applied to Self-
Education and Juvenile Instruction. Twentieth
illustrated, H 7 rents.
Matrimony: or. Phrenology and Physiology apldled to
the selection of Congenial Companions for ;
eluding Directions to the !Untried for living t gether
Affectionately and Happily. Su rents.
Phrenology Proved, Illustrated, and Applied; necompa
nied by Chart. embraeing an Analysis of the Primary
Mental Powers in their various Degrees of Develop
ment, the Phenomena produced by their combined
Activity, and the Location of We Phrenological Organs.
Together with a View of the Metal And Theological
Bearing of the Science. Price $1 20.
Phrenological Alm:ode. With Portraits. 6 cents.
'hrenology and the itcriptures. An nide, though small
Nrc•rk. By Rev. John Pierpont. 1 eenta..
lirenelegleal Guide. Designed fur Students of their
own Characters. Price 15 cents.
Of-Culture. and Pot:tot-Um) of Clutrart ore; Invhiding
tlie Edui•atiou 'and Ala age neat of-Youth. Trio. tq.
'Sur-SLIDE. or NEVEII MADE, IS the motto, No imp
vidual can read a page of it without being improved
thereby.—Common School Advocate.
cif-liistructor hi Phrenology and Physiology. Dins.
trate.' with One Hundred Engravings; including a
Chart for rechrding the various -Degrees of Develop.
ment. by 0. S. and 1.. N. Fowler. Price hi paper, au
rents. Muslin SO cents.
Accidents and Emetgeneles: A Guide. containing Di
rertbms for Treatment in Bleeding, Cuts, Bruises,
Sprains. Broken-Bones, Dislocations, Railway and
Steamboat'Accidents, Burns and Scalds, Bites of Mad
Dogs, Cholera, Injured Eyes, Choking, Poisun, Fits,
Sun-Stroke, Lightning, Drowning, &c., &c.. Appendix
by Dr. Trail. IS cents,
Bulwer, Forbes. rind
Houghton on the Water Treatment,
Compilation of Papers and L....tures on the Subject 14
Hygiene and Hydn)pathy. Edited by Houghton.—
CensUniptiont its Preventlon and Cure by the Water
Treatment. With Adviro concerning Hemorrhage of
the Lungs, Coughs, Colds, Asthrua, Bronchitis, and
Sore Threat. By br. Show. 87 cents. o 4.
Domestic Practice of Hydnipathy, with a Form Of it re
port for the Assistance of Patients in consulting their
Physicians by Correspondence. By Ed. Johnson, M.
' D. 0,50.
Errors of Physicians and others in the Practice of the
Water-Cure. By .1. 11. Bausse. From the German.—
.30 cents.
Ilydropathic Family Physician. A Ready Prescriber
and Hygienic Adviser, with reference to the Nature
Cause, Prevention, and Treatment of Diseases, Acct:.
dents, and Casualties of - every kind; with n Glossary
Table of Contents, and Index. Illustreted with
nearly Three Hundred Engraings. By Joel Show,
M. D. One large volume of 820 pages, substnuthilly
bound. Price psepaid by mail. $2,50.
Hydropathic Ducyclopirdia ; a System of ilydropathy
and Hygiene. Colitnlning Outlines of Anatomy;
Physiology of the Human Body ; Ifygteitir Agencies
and the Preservation of Health; Dietetics, and Ily
droputhic Cookery •'
Theory and Practice of Writer-
Treatment; Special Pathology, and Hydro-That -optic
tics. including the Nature. COll5Oll, Symptoms, and
Treatment of all known Diseases; Application of Hy
dropathy to Midwifery and the Nursery. Designed
as a Guide to Families and Students, 111111 /1 Text-
Book for Physicians. Ity it. T. Troll, M. D. thus
. tratod with upwards of /Timm Ilundred Engt as It. gs
- and Colored Plates. Substantially bound. Prepaid
by moil, $3,00
This is the most comrehensive and popular work yet
published on the subject of Hydropathy. Of all the
publieatiens which have attained such a wide popular
ity, rue issued by Fowlers and NVell, perhaps none are
'More adapted to general utility than this rich, compre
hensive, and well arranged Enclepardia.—.N. V. Tribue.
Practice of IVater-Cure. Containing n detailed account
of the various processes used in the Water-Treatment,
Ac. By Wilson and Gully. 30 cents.
Philosophy of Water-Cure. A Development of the true
Principles of Health and Longevity. By Thilhirnie.-
20 cents.
Now Hydropathic Cook Book. By It. T. Trail, M. D. A
System of Cooking 011 Hydropathie PrinciPlcs, con
taining, an Exmailtiop of the Truo Relations of all
• Alimentary Substaneesto Health, withl ain Receipts
for preparing alf appropriate Dishes Pm Hydropathic
....)Establishments, Vegetarian Boarding ouses, Pritate
Families, Ac. X.c. It is the Cook's Complete Guide for
all who "eat to live." Paper, 02 cts.; muslin, 07 cts.
&donee of Swimming. With fristructlons to Learners.
Illustrated. 16 cents.
Wnter-Cure in America. Over Three Hundred Cases of
Various Diseases treated with Water. With Casesof
Iktinestie Practice. $1 26.
Water Cure applied - to every known Disease. A Now
Thoory. A complete Demonstnition of the Advan
tages of the ilydmpathic System of Curing Diseases;
—showing also the fallacy of the Allopathic Method.
and its utter inability to effect a Perananent Cur...—
With Appendix, containing, the Ilydropathic Diet. and
Butes Mr Bathing,. By Itausre, 07 ets.
Water-Curo Manual. A Popular Work. embracing De
scriptions of the Various Modes of Bathing. the Ily
glettle and Curative Effects of Air, I:Xveellie, Clothing,
Occupation, Diet, \Voter, rAlcing, Ice. Together
with Deseript ions of Diseases; anal the Hydropattile
'Remedies. By Dr, Show. 87 eepts. • I
Water-Cum Almanac. Illustrated. 0 cents.
Comb's l'ysiology. Applied to the Preservation of Ilea] th
and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Ed
unstion. With Notes by 0. S. lowler. 07 cents.
Chronic Diseases: especially the Nervous Diseases of
Women. By D. Resell. From the Gorman. 80 cents.
Digestion, Physiology of. Considered with Relation to
the Principles of Dietetics. By Combe. Illustrated.
Price 80 cents.
Food and Diet. With Observations on the Dietetic Reg
imen suited to Disordered States of the Digestive Or
gans; and an-Account of the Dietaries of some of the
Prlncipal Metropolitan and other Establishments fir
Paupers, Lunatics, Criminals, Children, the Sick; Sze.
By Portent. Price $1.26:
Kansans: embracing the descriptions of Scenery,Climate
Productions. Soil, and Ilesources of the Territory, in-'
terspersed with incidents of Adventure anti Anec
dotes of Travel. By Max Green. .80 emits.
Hereditary Descent: Its Laws runt Facts applied to Hu
man Imyrovement. By 0. S., Fowler. 8, cents.
Maternity : or the Bearing and Nursing of Childre.i. In
cluding Female Education. liy O. S. Fowler. With
Illustrations, 07 cents.
Natural LAWS Of Man. Iv J. G. Spiushelm, M. D. An
important work. Price 80 cents. '
Physiology, Animal and Mental. Applied to the Pr.. ,
servalholl and Restoration of Health of Body and
Power of Mind. illustrated. 07 routs.
Sober and Temperate Life Discourses mid Letters and
Biography. of Louts Cornam. 80 cents.,,
Tobaeco, Three Prize Essays' by Drs. Trail, Show, and
Baldwin. 18 courts.
Teeth: their Structure, Disease and Treatunent„with
nuntemns ill tistra t lens. 15 cents.
Future of Natitns; in what consists its Security. A
lecturb. By Kossuth. With a likeness. 12 cents:
What the Sister Arts Teach as to'Farming. An Address..
lly 114 ace Greeley. 19 cents.
True Basis of American Independence. An Address.—
By Wm, W. 11. Steward. 12 eblits.
Labor: its II istoey and Prospects. By Robert Dale Ow
en. t5l eents.
Hints toward Reforms. Comdstim of Lectures, Essays,
Addresses. and other Writings, record 1:1111101 1 , 11,...
lan:ed. By ilorsee Greeley. $1 .25 0
li,,p, and. mops ahr the Young of Hot II Sexes. Relat
ing tootle Fortaidion Of Character, Choice of Avoca-
808 Bmidwny, Now York
- - • -
t 1,,, Health, Amusement, Music, Conversation, en].
tivation of intellect, Moral Sentiments, Social
tlen, Courtship and Marriage, fly ltov. Cl. S. Weaver.
87 rents.
itunian Rights and their Political 0 naranties. By
Judge liurlburt. With Notee . , by Ocergb Combo. h 7
Ihnne for All.' A Now, Cheap, Convenient and Superior
unAle of Building., containing full Directions for con
structing (travel Walks. With Views, Plans, and En
graved Illustrations, ' ;Now Edition, Itevhed and En
larged. 87 cent s.
Theory of Population. Deduced from the General Law
er Animal Fertility. Introduram by Dr. Trail. 15
Woman: her Education and Influence. Hy M rm. Hug.
heed. With nu .li - dr - Auction by Ira. C. M. Hicklam
With Portraih:. hi cent,,,.
Either of these works may be ordered and received by
return of the first Mail, postage prepaid by the Pub
lishers. Please enclose the amount hi bank notes or
postage stamps, Alla address all orders, post paid, to
:34% Broadway. Now York.
N. B. NaMe your Post Office, County and state.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Cum-
located at Cumberland Hall, in Dickinson township.
n 1 county', will make application to the Ile:. t
Legislature of the Counnonwcalth l'enogylvania for
an act of Incorporation, with a capital of tot less than
T e n no r more thou Thirty TWA:sand Dollars, tor the pur
pose of receiving deposits of money both tr:nisitory scut
on interest, and of making loans and discounts, with
tutu other prim lieges as are usually' granted to : , :tvings
institutions.. 11y order of tho Directors..
11 M. GALBREATH, Treas.
D. L. DEF:ot.AN, Sce'3
NOTICE, is hereby given that al-Tilt:a
-1 thin will be made to the next Legislature, agrees
hly to the constitution. and laws of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, for an alterathm In the charter of the
Carlisle lieposit Bank. so as to confer upon Said Bank'the
rights and pH, il e ges of n bank of Issue, and to change
the name to that of the CAnusi.v. BANK: also to increase
the capital stock One hundred and fifty thousand dol
lars, if praetienble.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Lune 2:3, 185.1-13m1
DECEASE:D.—N(4kt; is heroby given that letters
testamentary on - the estate of George Whitler, late - of
Diekinson township, Cumberlrnd county, deed., have
been granted by the Register of salt county to the sub
-0.1-11.rrN residing in the same township eountv ar.resaid.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to saidestate
are required to make finmediate payment, and those
having claims to present them for
,settlement to
DA VII/ IJI;M 1711,
Jrinunry 17, israi-ctra
CEA§EI).----Noticei Is numby given that lettere
testamentary on the estate of John Miller. late of Mon
me township, ('timberland county . , deceased, have been
granted by the Register of said county, to the subscri
ber, residing in the same township. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are required to make
immediate payment, and those having claims to ',resent
them fiar settlement to
1654.-(4101 PETER MILLER, Executor.
_A bereased.—Notice Is hereby given that letters of
:tuniiiilstration on the estate of John Rhoads, sr. late of
Wes,t l'ennsboro township, Cumberland• county, deceas
ed, have been granted by the Register of said county to
the subscriber, residing In the borough of Carlisle, All
persons knowing themselves Indebted to said estate are
required to make immediate payment, arid guise haying
claims to present them for'settlement to
nor.22—thv DAVID RHOADS, Adm'e.
CE.ASED.--Nutice Is hereby given that letters m
nutamthdration with the will annexed, on the estate of
John Ilale, late of Newton township, Cumberland coun
ty, State of Pennsylvania, deceased, have this day been
Issued by the Register in and for said county, to the sub
scriber who resides in Newton township aforesaid. All
persons having claims or demands against the estate of
the said decedent are requested to make known the same
without delay, and those Indebted to make payment to
Nov 15,1851-ft Adtu'r with the IN ill annexed.
DEC'D.—Notire Is hereby given that letters
ui administration on the estate of Mary Ann Keepers,
late of the lado,ugh of Carlisle, Cumberland county, deed_
hare been grunted by the Register of old (-minty to the,
snbseriber, residing ha the borough of Carlisle, Cumber
lalol miify. All persons knowing themselves Indebted
to Nihl estate are requested. to untie immediate pay
ment. and those ha' hug claims to present them for hu
mediate settlement to
Nor 8 (t STEPHEN KEEPERS, Atlna'r.
DECEASotIee ishereby given that Letters
I estamentary on the estate of Christian Ferrer, late t f
Upper Allen tow. nship,Cumberland county, dec'd., have
Teen granted by the Register of said county to the sub
scribers residing in the seine township. Persons-indebt
ed to said estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment and those having claims to present them fur set
tienient to
TOBIAS 311 Lay ecutors.
Nov. g, 1554-644
OCLA MAIO N.Wherens the
non. Joiner 11,. "Graham, President Judge or th;?
several Courts of COMMOU Pleas to the emetics of CUM
berland. Perry and Juniata, and Samuel Woodburn and
John Hupp, Associate Judges or the said Court, in the
said county of Cumberland, by their precept to we di
rected. dated the of Der'r., 1551. have ordered an
adjourned Court of 0 , 11111)011 Picas to be holden at Cur
lisle, on the 111th day of Februavy, at It) o'clock in
the forenoon, to continue one week.
Notice is, therefore, hereby given to nit porsons
terested to be then and Clime in attendance.
JOSEPH MeliAlt3l(lND, Sheriff.
Carlisle, January 3. ISt-l.
. grrawrs intending to dissolve partnership on the Ist
of February next, •resrootfully mitirst those indebted
to them to call and pay up, and tiln:io having claims a
gainst us are requested to present them immedlateli for
la u_Still on hand, a very largo and splendid stock 01
000h3, Iv hirh 'wo will dispose of at prices "cheaper than
the cheapest."
jan3 .11ENTZ 6: 11ROTILE11S.
AUCTIONEER I NG .--The subscriber
respectfully informs tho citizens Zit Cumberland
0 moil. that ho will attend to tho busi BOSS of AUC—
Th ) NCERING and CRY !NU 01? SALES in any part of
said county on the most reasonable terms. Having a
large / 411110mA of sales on hand, it will he fur the advan
tage of those hosing business'of this kind to apply im
mediately. His residence is at Bridgeport, in this coun
ty, where he will always be found when not otherwise
January 10th, 1851,
10ITILA. Surgeons' Bandage
street, sixth, sta. above Market, I. 'C.,
Elt Errs ' , scent GraltithittrressuromUSS, for the
cure of Rupture; Shoulder Miters, Supporters, Elastic
Steeklutts, Suspensory, flontorrholdal, nod itandages for
defortult Jan. 1.1-Iy.
11.1\V 000DS.—The subscriber is just
(Toning ;t fresh amortanont ; very CHEAP GOODS
bought at redtworl prteoi. Call and 1 , 011
Au•x. •23. OF,O. -
ronßtantly on timid ttud for WO id the
flarlisle Foundry rind Machine Slop.
A V 14; N' OIJ It OLD 31 ETA L=.. Cash
paid fol. OLD METAL, such nx Copper, ihuss and
nt.d,ho Curllsle Foundry and Mullin(' Shp,
10.kltDNER S.-. BROWN.
. •
FOR THE 1101,IDAys
W. HAN' EIOiTICK has just received from the city
and is now opening a splendid display of FANCY GOoDS,
suitable for the approaching. Holiday 54.111 , 011, to a hich
he desires to call the attention of his friends and the
public. Ills assortment in this line cannot be surpassed
in novelty and elegance, and both in quality awl priee
of the articles, cannot Evil to please purchasers. It would
be inqsissibleln enumerate his
which comprise every variety of fancy article of the most
exquisite shape such as
Pallier Mat he Goods,
Elegant alabaster and porcelain ink-stands and, trays,
Fancy ivory, pearl and shell card cases,
Ladies' Fancy Baskets,
Fancy Work Boxes, with sewing instruments,
l'urt Nlonnaies, of every variety,
Gold pens and peneels, Fancy viper weights,
l'apeteries, and a large variety of ladies' Fancy station
Motto seals and wafers, Silk and Semi purses,
I.;atiles' riding whips, elegantly finished, Ladies fine
Peifume baskets and bags„
Brushes of every kind for the toilet,
Roussers Perfumes of the various hinds,
Musical instruments, of all_kinds and at all prices,
together with en innumerable variety of artieleselegant
ly finished and suitable for holliday pimento, to {I bleb
he invites Special attention.
Also, an extensive and elegant collection of
comprising the various English nod American ANNUALS
fur 1h to, richly embelished anti ilustrated POETICAL
children of all ages, than which nothing can Ito more
appropriate or pleasing as holiday gifts. His assortment
of School lbsths and School Statlonry is also complete,
and comprises every thing used in College and the
khools. lie also desires to call thit particular attention
of Families to his elegant display of
front the ext•nsive establishments of Cornelius. Archer
and others o ' Philadelphia, comprising every sty le of
Parlor, Chamber and Study L.nmps, for-burning either
lard sperm or thereal oil, together with. Flower \ sues,
Fancy Screens, .1• c. is assortment in this line is un
equaled in the borough. Also,
In every variety and at all prices, all of which are pure
and fresh, such as can be confidently recommended to
his friends and . the little folks. His stock end rases
every thing in the line of Fancy Goods, with many other
articles useful AO housekeepets which. the public are
especially invited to call and see during the l,lidays.
Remember the Old Stand, nearly opposite the Rank on
North Hanover street.
dee 13 Wel
Is now nod will continue to le supplied with the gi eat
est novelties up to the close of the season, comprising in
part COM , Ecr ws: ARIES of the choicest varieties, stub
as Fine Candy Toys. Jelly Cakes, Bon lli,ns, tlum Cordial,
Lemon, Chocolate and Fruit Drops, hose, Vanilla, and
Burnt Almonds, French and exploding Secrets. Also
all the (1111111)1,11 varieties, all of which will be sold whole
sale and retail at low rates. We have just received
FRUITS ANDNUTS of the latest !wpm lotions such as
lining,. 5, Lemons, linisins. Figs. Fruens, Citron, Currants,
soft, and paper shelled Almonds, Fill erts, Cocoa, Cream
and Ground Nuts, In conneetion with the above the
largest assortment of TOW AND FANCY COON: of VI cry
kind.from all parts of Europe, manufactured of wot'd,
glass. china,papier macho, tin and India rubber, rink,
&e.. such as Fine IVaic, kid and jointed Dolls, sew log
and Card Baskets, Work and Fancy Box e s, FIOVVI4III , CF,
Motto Cups, Tea Setts. Mush-Boxes. l'ort Monales, battle
Boors, Unice !loops, Masks, (hums, Guns Trumpets,
Dominoes, Lotto and other games, &e. Fancy Scups and
Hair Oils of every variety. In connection with the
above a large stock of FAMILY GROCEIGES, such as
pulverised. crushed • anti brown Sugars, of every grade,
Coffee, Moldsseri, Starch, Green and black Neas..Sldeen,
butter, soda, Sugar,. Water and other erackoirs; cheese,
The subscriber returns his sincere thanks ton gener
ous public for the piitronage heretofore bestowed on him,
nod hoes, by a desire to please, to merit a continuance
of the Mono,
Carlisle, Tme,r 7,18&1
Ai We have just received from Philadelphia, a large
assortment of now and,SPLENDIP ANNUALS, and 0111
HOOKS for the Holidays, which having lamit pun haft,.
below the usual wholesale rates, wo are enabled ti
sell at greatly reduced prices. They have now in Ftc: g
it splendid stock of
(lift Books, . •
Illustrated Poets, .
Standard Works,
, • Bibles, all sizes,
Prayer Peeks,
Hymn Books, -
titmday School Books,
Tract Books,
:hiveAles he., &c.
All of which are NEW 800 KtOresh frt - in the pWl,l6lter ,
pplqntlidly liculal and end Milted and got up vsPte , s l
for the Css hristma Ilolitia, a A lim, FANCY STA TioNti
and Fancy articles genera ly. to great variety. The pal
He are invited to call nod) examine samples•now read
for in spect lon. -, •r
We - 11esnember. the place to buy looolisolonp, is * _
Pl PEWS, :thin street. ..
Deo'r '2O, -I iis-k
IL W. 1)133111AVOU
CLOAK TIUM:11 ING S.—just (Tone
) a areat catiets of Chad: hod Imo-t: Trlmadog
Also, Ch - dh clottkingg, with a rarloty of Wilitor (ioce
Nov. 15 G. W. 111T2i.ER,___
Al ES 111.'CLI N TOOK, N. D.,—Lato
ey Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the Philadel
phia CoHem of Medicine, and Acting Professor of Mid.
ifery ; one of the Consulting Physicians of the Phil
adelphia Hospital, Blockley; late member of the Ka.
Holm' Medical Association; member of the Philade'.
phia Medical liveletY; member of the Medico-ChirurgY
.eat College oT Philadelphia; formerly President-OM
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in CastletoniMialb ,
cal College '
Vermont; and also, late . Professor of An.
6tmay and Physiology In 'Berkshire Medical institu
tion Pittsfield, Mom. &c.
' alas lately introduced In a popular form, several of hit
inorite prescriptions for the primipal diseases of this
climate. The name of each article will imply the dir
ease n.; which It is intended to be used.
Int. !Iltifl.lNTM CoC I'LC7 ORAL SMUT, $l,
Coughs, &e., Price 25 cis.
DY. Price 50 ets.
rl(*) Mg 1.111 , 1A100d. Price S.
lilt. NluCtmot lI'S Dyspeptic Elixir—For giving tone
to the stranach, relieving pains after eating, heartburn,
and all disagreeable syniptunis arising horn indigestion,
MeCtiNvoca's linarmaite filLvvror—A Purely Ve
getable Remedy Mr internal use. 11 he Mi cts.
1111, McCLlVlOcit's Ittmuk;A:t,te Llama NT—For itherama
than. Sprains, Swellings. &e° Price 5n els,
Dm 31 uCttaroca'S'A xonvai: Thal - ear—For Pains, Tooth.
ache. Headache, Neuralgia, 8:e. Price 50 eta.
McCuaTotg's Filvra axn AGUE. SPICII IC—A certain
cure for all Intermittmits. Price $l.
Dn. MiCtta'rocK's InaltallmA C 01114.11. AND CIIOI,EItA
VENT, vr—A Safe Remedy:
et.SIiVeID4A, lINDIDeIIO. &e. Price 25 eta.
Da. 31rettwrm It's A almaLiava Pitts—For Irregularity
in the Function,, of the Liverand Bowels—the best Liv
er PHI made. Price 25 eta. a box.
For sale by Dr. J. McCLINTOCK, at his'Medfral Depot,
N. Corner NINTH and FILBEWP Streets. Philadel
phia, and all Druggists: Druggists and Dealers In Med
icines who wish to be Agents. will please address Dr.
McClintock, furnishing referi,nce, RAMC of 1.% at Office,
county and State.
iltri.,For sale by W. A. Kelso, Samuel Elliott, Carlisle;
.1. 11. Criswell, Shippensburg; Enuninger & Co.. L. Kauff
man, Mechanicsburg; Joseph Herron. NeWs
Zimmerman, Andersonburg; Haines & Fertig. Sutlers
town; A. C. Klink. New Blrsonfield; Harriet M. Singer,
Newport; 11. F. ILardner, York Springs; A. J. Miller and
.1. S. Nixon. Chamhersburg; B. Mentzer, Way;
George Bergner and D. It. Junes & Co.. Ilarrislatrg.
DR. MeCLINTa'K can T.e consulted. without charge,
daily. from 10 to 12 o'clock. A. M., at his Depot.
- December k 104-1 y.