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Seasonable Hints
As you are now entering upon a new year
ta few remarks with regard to your field
operations, your farm economy, and the
general management of your affairs, may
not be amiss.
Should the field you intend for corn
next spring be tenacious clay land, and
opportunity should offer through the wi
to do so, have it ploughed, so that its
texture may be meliorated by the fro.-t;
if such land is sound, that is, not wet;
plough it at least S inches deep, lay your
furrows at an angle of about -15 0 in or
der that they may lap, and thus expose
the greatest possible surface to ,the action
of the weather. ln the spring, as soon
as the ground is sufficiently dry to per
mit your team to go on it . vithout (Lin
or ,po.tehing by the horses, have it
rolleLt hen apply- your manure, and cro.-
p1 0 tt. 2 ,11 it in about I inch-s in depth„ - then
rn'l it, and harrow until you have a fine
1 ill :1 Iteepileet.h;wever, that clay soils
never be ploughed while in a vo.t
,t,lte, or when very dry, but when in a
Pcrore sprit, you should stnily, out the
zip!, at you mean to pursue throughout
the; be careful in forming that sys
tem ; let it be formed in accordance with
your resources, and having, after mature
reflection adopted it, be careful to carry
it out with energy and particularity.—
The work of each 'week should be laid
down a week beforehand, and except
when prevented by A i ther, should be
adhered to.
Let us now turn to things claiming at
tention on the farm.
Let careful hands go through your
grain fields, every few weeks, and remove
from the water-furrows every thing that
that could possibly obstruct the free pass
age of the water, as there is nothing more
injurious to winter grain than the accu
mulation of water around and upon the
plants. It should be considered a posi
tive duty to keep them as dry as possible.
A field, which has been ploughed deep,
with water-furrows judiciously laid out
and kept open through , the winter, will
rarely show any eviden`ce. of. winter-kill-
There is DO greater error in the raisin! ,
of young animals, than that which is
oiie(hueses practiced, of f.ciiity ilicin
To stint them in their food
vitt, as- a necessary consequence, stunt
them• itr- they Broth. Nothing can be
truer than this : to build up a horse or
an ox, in the wholeness of his proportions
you must give him the materials—the
proper food to fabricate his structure with.
A finely developed, full sized, muscular
animal, never was yet, and never_;,vill he
raised upon the half starvation system.
If you wish to raise an animal that will
do credit to you, and= prove profitable
withal - , you must so feed him from the
beginning, as will keep him at all times
in good condition, moderately fat, and
in high spirits. While you.. should ab
stain/from making him fat as .Falstaff,
you should be sure to guard him against
that other extreme, of being able to count.
the number of his rib-bones ,just as readi
ly as you can the .number of rails in a
fence. Avaid - ektrenies, and yon wabi!
'very near the right point. •
Let us enjoin upon you as a matter
alike of duty and of interest to collect
all the rough material on your farm, and
form them into compost heaps. Marsh,
river, creek and pond paid, woods mould
and leaves, ditch and road scrapings,
pine scrapings, weeds, sea . weeds, when
mixed with one-third their quantity of
stable or cowLyard manure, will all be
persuaded into a state of decomposition,
and will all form exeelent manure, and
add to the mould of your soil, And you
Should recollect that mould changed with
organie and inorganic matter is the , very
soul and life-blood of every fertile soil.
As everything connected with poult
now-n-days has a peculiar interest, we
give the following remarks from an En
glish paper:
1.4, - of the roost and nest house. The
floor should ba sprinkler' wifb a.4ltes, loam
pulverized peat, or tine charcoal, and the
floor should be cleaned every week. The
yard should contain a grass plot, some fine
gravel, slacked limo, dry ashes and pure
water. The, nests should be lined with
moss, heath and straw. Evidently the
dorkings are the best breed; they will
lay an average of 185 eggs per annum:
Fowls with black legs are best for roast
ing, while those with white legs are best
fol. boiling. If you want them to sit ear
ly, leave the eggs under them. Fowls
in their native habits never lay more
than they can hatch. Remember that
11,) success can he expected - Frain poultry
keepinff, if
,their houses be • damp, cold,
unclean, or badly ventilated ; if their
food does not approximate to that which
they get in a state of mauve, viz.: a mix
ture of animal and vegittble food ; if the
water they drink be stagnant; the drain
age of the manure heap, &c., or if the
strongest- and hand6omest are not bred
Being a practical farmer and a subscri
ber for some years to the Baltimore Sun,
and having noticed with sonic interest
the different modes there presented for
preserving the luxury, ice, I here over
you the very simple.mode which I use,
and by which I keep 'ice in plenty from
year to year. Ido this as it might bene
fit some one, viz: My ice house is dug
eight by eleven feet, and fourteen deep,
with a hole in the centre fora• or five feet
doep, and the bottom made draining to it.
This well or hole I cover with plank. I
stra \N- at•xt the earth at the
—hottmtrand-•sitles—by-shoutitt!t—frotti- tin
e:trts, aild never—pm ntl, ;Alien -full I
eiiver with chaff and straw. • oil the edge
:110 pit is raiscil one story of logs
the ered tivor and roofed. - The entrance
i•; On the south side, which !renerally
enn.ri open d tiringwarnrweanter, Wit le
iowt;tl years experience, 1 'find toy ice
keeps much better than we used to keep
it, in a house tonateen feet, sentare, with
lobs next the earth, or 'lined with logs:
.The earth, in my ()pinion, acts as a dry
and good non-conductor, "while the damp
ness is evaporated iu the commodious
vacuum above the ice. Confined air
appears to evaporate ice much faster than
free circulation.
NARY.—This 'lnstitution will open un the first
Monday of March, in. a new and commodious building
erected for that purpose. under the direction and stilton
intentlenee of Rev. J. Kennedy and Samuel Thomson.—
The location of the Seminary is healthy and retired.—
It is the design of the Principal that the course Of in
struction he thorough, and the extpeuses moderate.
The best female teachers will Ito employed. Pupils
wilt Ito arranged iu classes accenting to the din eetion of
the Priutipal. There will be three closes—Primary,
Junior and Senior.
For Isiard, washing, fuel and light, per session WA
of i months, Slo 1.1)
Tuition In Senior class per acsslon,
•• Junior ••
Greek. Latin or French,
(nn Piano and use of instrtunent,
011 paintiug and drawing,
For further informal inn adarete3
January 17, 1555.-2.111 Fa:Jett vine, Franklin Co. Pa.
NIT il IT l': 11A 1414 A C .1.1 )E' NI l', dace
iniks ,vet of imnistarg. Tho oolti, Sessi.i
of the: p pular 'and lletickliing will is ea
in.uice en Menday, the Cth ~ ,1 N.,veitilior next. under the
in •,-t is erable auspirc.4. ll tiring; All,' prOM•lit year such
inipne,e7llelltr, 3114 additiffilS tins e bel.ll 1113.10 as it • I is
ereasinu patronage demanded. The Principal will be as
sisted by a full corps of ennipetent and eXptlrlelleOd
t,.adlers, :ilia special attention will Le paid to the health
aml canifert of the Stivlents.
(loarding, Washing 1111 A . 1 . 1.110011 111010 1:11411S11 Branch
ea. and Vocal Mash% per Seasion, to months) $55 no
lustruellon iu Imtla and 44 rcol:, each, - 6.00
French and llerman - - 1.1)11
Instrumental - - 10.10
The .attention 1)1 parents and gu irdlang Is earnestly
le.:ilea to this lustllutinn. Circulars will he furnished
aud any inf win:III a ill be given, on apidleat ion, either
pers.oual lir by letter to
D. MIN LINI111:1, Principal,
Sept. 13, ISM. I larrishurg, l'a.
I:D1Y, tiear Carll,le. l'Lf: , l . lw, 17th Se,sku will eillp
ut..nee ou MoNoav, November CC, Number of
(louts Hittiteldand VoitAatit Mb its used for their moral
and intellectual iniprovmueut. Term 111 per tie It ti.
Circulars with references and Coll Information furnish
ed. by I:. K. 11UltNS,
Pri:telpal and Proprietor,
twpC2,7-ISi4. Plikhdleld, Cuißheiland
Vi ;II Selhl.M., New v Ille, Pa.—The W INTER. SE.:-
a 1 ON will conummee on Tursday, the 7th of November.
sad emtinne five months. Careful Instrwt i.ot is given
by competent teachers in the &Figments hf - Clusleal,
M Aionnit:eal :Ma Englbit cdusttfon. Thu whole es
ponaes e)r tmltlm, tavail* and 10,1:::Ing, with :t room
urnlshed. $53 per term. For further particulars, apply
to either of the subscribers at Newdile. Pa.
Roma MeCACIIIt Prinelpal,
'W.'ll. LINN, A. M.,
et it. MeCACIIItEN, jr., A. 8.,} Pc°"s°"'
Turf:. 'Maio and Female, noperate and distinct.—
At tYleallUllti, PA. Po:. JOS. S. LOOSE; A. M.,
Principal, assisted by 'lvo 're:toilers.
The %V hit or Session of this Institution will upon to
reeolve sludonts nn this, lst Not'. 'rho facilities w blob
tiro olierod by this Inslitutbn to both sews, Ibr o.dd:till
ing a tlnbdied education aro tinsurp.tsv...l by any_ Idaillar
SOIlli11:11'S ht the Stato,-
Tho Buildings aro now and connwallotts, and the
nritatnented. 'rho FEMALE or I.Awrm ENl'
is now until ely sep.trato, and e.dititu.ted by Now England
Tetohot a. it lit located in the beautiful valley ~f eunt•
holland. iinsurp:v.sed lie its ir. , althililness—aceessible
by Ball Road-8 adios distant from Harrisburg.
Ono hundred and Comity andonto have boon hi at
milanco this Collo;Ltto year.
T 19 IL Al 3:
111. 'r it i lan, and Room Furalidled per Session
or 21 - . - - 00
14,r Circulars and intlrmation address
1t0v..10,4. S. ILOOSE, •
1 , ,ret211-it 31...eltanie•hurg, Cund.. Co., Pa.,
01"1"S PAT M
tVlll.EltS.—Theqo 11 . 1.9,111 1 ,1 311 IM% lllltOgo OVIII . , 1111
'Mors in boing ininto With on outside iron ralomg, \O&M
, oAtly oceounnitirs ftml mot prorooti, Ms:: of heat, Thoy
ro mado of vorbotO, from . 10 to 1'29 galloon. Thry
I),)rtublo, mul may bo sot hi tho L'ito,hou for house
or out of doors conroolont to tho balm, pig
Cro 1) ding fi.oct for st-rk. For mite by
• PASCHALL .N1(1111:IS
A:. , ;rieultur.d Wartilmuse Scod Store, N. E. Corner
71,4 and Market stroottl, L4oet's4
tarlisle peralb.
Frofessiond (Clubs
AN. GREEN, Attorney at law, has
• settled In 'Mechanicsburg, for the practireofLis
prOktiBioll. All kinds of Legal NVriting, Colteethe*,
Court business, Ac., promptly attended to. Mire oppir
site Dr. Longs residence. SURVLY Ml' in all its diffe
rent branches promptly attended to.
(11 13. COLE Attorney at Law, will at
k_A 'tend promptly to all busitm; , sentrmitl to him.—
°Mee in the room fmmerly crezipled by William Irvine,
Esq., North Hanover street, Carlisle. _
April 2(1. 1822.
It. C. E. 131,17.1)1 ENTIIAL, 110-
/ maior.vrtitc I'IIVSICI AN. 01lire and residence
slt ',outlier street. ono door east of the German Re
formed Church. Pr. Blumenthal respectfully utters his
prore, , sionl services to the citizens of Carlisle and vi
.tko - -POCROnti from a distance labwing umbir chronic
disensom may consult by letter. q 1.
9 A. M., end 2 to 4.1'. M.
1114, C. S. 13AKER respectfully offers
j , his professional services tv the citizens of Carlisle
!" 01 surroundiug country.
Ofnee and'reslence In Snnth IlanOver street, directly
oPnosito to the Volunteer Office."
Carlisle, April '2O, 1553.
I,AR. S. B. KiIIiTFER Oflice in North
_ j'llauover street two doors from Wvise & Campbell's
stoil , . Ullico hours, more particularly from 7 to U o'clock,
A. M.. and from sto 7 o'clock. P. M. ' ,
CYO W v1411),ICIE
e arw E(►. . ,
DENTIST carefully 11t0.1111S ttl nil
-- operation:4 upon the teeth and adjacent
parts that disease or irregularity may munlie. lie will
also insert Artilleial Tooth of every de•aliption, such as
Pivot. l , ingle and illicit teeth, and teeth with "Contin
uous (lams," and will construct Artificial Palates,
tant. ors, llepilating I•ieces, and every :1)1111121nm used in
the Dental Art. —Operating mom nt the residtmce of
Dr. F.:unuel 1:11lott, East nigh street, Caellshv.
ii I'.()P,G E Z. B',{l , ,TZ, D.
" , ' 7 ;;ZZ-4:. k i
~ D. s.. DENTIST. --I:e•ps , lltillr
~. t,
- nnlnrs his prnfoss er
ional s,L es to Ili. ,
_LLII Artlin•inl teeth io , t•rietl,
n - sim:ll - -t— , th — t,, ntr colt iro - 1,0n• t ho-10;....1-on.l -Most... !
II pr_ove4 pri• ,11,1(s. ',wit a , : Si 1:01t. Ith.A. and "C.'',
titl , l .11 , t :ktin Tel th. " Itisunst. , (.1 the liouthThool - Ir- -
1,011,1!”... , nrefully t6ntoll. I )1•' FWE at the n$6100“.
01 hi , 10,t , 0..- on NWril, Vitt Stroet.l'aviislo. !jou lo
11(..1. ('. I MO
_A NHS porforth
all ~perali,iis
tlisit are requirkd fur ilieir pri•si•r, stlrli
Plugging, v. ill rest ...• tin! t.l
thorn I.y Ins.•rt,lng from 1..14
to a full t.rtt. (nitro nn Pitt ,tie.q a fe.. -
',nab ..f the ilailroad Rutnl. Dr. L. 1 ,, 111,eilt fryqi Car
lisle the last ton days or rf ery month.
1 4 1 N. 110 S I , ',N ST 1 , ',1,, 11.)11se, Sign.
Fancy fold Ornamental fainter, .fertherl‘
Ilarpn's) Row, near llitner's Dri o”eds St , ,re. lio %yin
:spend promptly to all the IliONe descriptions 01' paint
ing, nt reasonable prices. The various hind! , i.f ifyaining
attended to. such-to mahogany, calk, walnuts, Sr., in the
Improved styles. •
Stores nob Stjoits
„ITol,'Esl_sic.ivEs sTo N' ES !!!---,-
k JOIIN 11. (lORIIAS would inforni the 'addle that
he has non* on hand nt his establishment, on Main St..
next tt..or to Marion HMI, the - largest amt most COlll
- assortment of ('((OK. OFFICE A l'Alt
1,41 Lilt STONES to be found In this county.
which will be sold at tire lowest prices for
p . jars cash oritpproved credit. His stock consists - of
a large assortment of new and highly ap.
proved PATENT COOK !NO STOVES, finished
In the nit cotnplete manner, and calculated for either
wood or coal. ..c lot li. All the old standard patterns
which hitv stand the test of oviierience. may Is. found
at his establishment. Also. n great variety of the most
approved and beautiful PARLOR OFFIVE STOVES. In
eluding a number of POSY styles, possessing very supe=
'dor WIN an tages over those heretofore In use. Families
and housekeepers are respectfully Inlited gi‘e him a
call before purehasing elsewhere. Stores delivered t o
any part of the eountry and put up et the shortest Me
Eke. lie ..on hot, to do all kinds of TIN AN S I MET
IRON WARE, and Copper Work, and has constantly on
hand or w ill make to order every aracle required by
housekeepers Or others In this line. Ills stock of Tin
and Popper Ware embraces every kind .if houseboi l and
kitchen utensll. warranted equal to the best manufac ,
Lured. Perseus in want of articles In his line may al
wvys he sure of being rie,,mmindated to their sat Isfac
by giving him a call. nov I -1
4 t)(1
1: 09
I )11 E l'A HE 1.1 ) H IV 1 N 'l' Mt '.
PAllholt AND C410K.11 , .i; ST&)VEg.
The sul,,iher at his old stand on North Hamner st.,
Cat lihlo, Ow sign 1.1 tho ••314Iniut , t,ii 11.1 Oat, PIA, - de--
~Ires to call the attention of the public 1., hls large as
,,ertnient of STOVES, of the newest and tnest fa,hiena
ble styles, from (Inc host than ufict' - ‘tl;, in the
, t
'l._ country, and at all prlees from 53 to $l5.
4 - Among his PARIA iii it' ellA3llthlt STOVES
-t ':`.7l re the Mirror . tiros e, the Arctic. Revere. Star.
•-rl,„,s; Persian, Union anti ..Ettut Air Tight, together,
with other patterns witi.ll Le has of all sizes
ft o. parlors or chambers.and eel uinted for burning either
wood or coal. Also, the ,'Etna. 111-be. Astor. Allany.
Flat-top and Pandbox or Poor Man's, with other Ct OK
INII sToV ES, comprising the latest inipm.vements in
kitchen stoves. and Intend , d for either wood or ma i,—
Alt, t, the Dining !teem ('coding Stove—a new and Ile
pant artlele. to which he Inv It cc I tin, particular atten
tion of families. Ills cooking staves ranpo in pi ice from
$lO to tr,, with the fixtures oanplete. Also, Nine Plate
Stoves of various patterns and diin.roit prices.
lug Stovits, Brass Kettles. &c. Also," every artist' in the
line of Tin and Copper Ware. The public aro resp,ct
fully Invited to call as he Is confident witil his lin,N.
steel:, variety and cheapness. of being able to pie ,• en
tire satislitet ion to every purchaser. Call and CVO.
Oct. 25, 1551. 31. 310It)t IS.
1144 `. h*.er"i-
YASKER FEED CUTTER:, manufactured for
ALDRICH & 13Altilli7a, N 0.410 .haricot street, Naiads
Thb cutter is superior to any now iu use, for strength
durability. and simplialty of construction: It cuts fast
er, and-is the only tel thy, :+traw and Corn
Stsli: Cutter ever made. it lass but 1/NE 1 4 '1'11.11(MT
KNIFE, which any parson ran grind and set NOtit ease,
but in ordinary rase, Is ground in the Thou
sands 11110 already been sold, and the demand is dolly
increm4Mg, In most . C:ltik'S nu ON:l11111111t lon Is tjulnelont
to convince 0110 of its superiority. NV °Peddler a short
trial would'part -With It for any other. All sizes of the
above constantly un hand and Mr sale by
" .1. P. IN
Sole Agent for Cunt) perland c,.un ty.
8e.:4 1110, Mooha and Itoazted Coffees, •
.ertndied, Pulverized und Loaf Sw • -ar,
PorL, Rim. New Orleans and Cuba do,
Imperlal, II unirowdor, I(nttn:t . I lyson an d B1:Irk TKILF.,
Bost. Syrups, N. 0. and Suyar Ilou e )lolus,es,
Que-nsware, Cedar; :out Stonowuro,
Owes°, Fish, Salt, 5.1.1 p and Starch, •
Cavendish, Nut oral Loaf. Fig and Congrtss 'fobaeco,
Pickles, Pine Apple an.l Tooetto proserros, ,
liete,tinn and Spleen of overt' varloty;
"My stork Ints boon 5e100t.4,1. NO! h strict ref...renee to
family use, for Halo very JOACI . OI' INtA I NV 11,
hy. . WI LLI AM::,
ea 1 Family Orecer.
'ours, from 7 to
septa; t t
• - TEAM SAW MILL, near
• . Papertown; buntherland
11 ASK & SEY Mot; continue te suit
-I:mot-ma ply lonnher of all kinds, at the shortest
- endive, and on Lerma lower than can be
had elsewhere. All orders directed to
pertoiyil, or Wm. L. StAtioutt, Jr. , Carlisle, will be prompt
ly' attended to.
Feb. 22-ly
• INtl:—The undersigned would infirm the
, k..i%
onions of Carlisle that he has made in range
ments todoll Al.; FITTING and PLUMBI NU at shoat nu
tter, and on reasonable terms. lie has engaged the ser
vices of a first rate hand from Philadelphia, and luts sup
plied himself with an extensile assca talent of .11NT
IIIIES, which will enable him to fill all orders promptly.
All nark will he wart anted. Ilia stock of. tins I ixtures
will be found In the room exactly opposite his Tinning
establishment on Ilbrthllanover street, a here he hi% Iles
a cell.
TINNING, FrOUTIMI, is nth() prepared to
furnoh, or make to order, every article of TIN WARE
used by houpeUerpers nod others. lie Will nb..o attend
to FPOUTIN(I, 1101.;;FE-11001 , 1NO . , 111,1.1. lIANO I NU,
Thankful far the patronage Is ith,whlch he has already
been favored, he respectfully solicits a continuance of
the same.
Carlisle, June 14, 'r,4
11E1 LEN nopect fully informs the citizens of Cnr-
„lisle and vicinity. that he has just ret urn
j ed. fium California, and 'is pi reared toes 0-
s7rair cute all Lititis of work eenneeted a ith bis
3, line of business. lie has ale s 4.11 lituld
a large assortment of ready-made It ills s,
t. nits. Pistols, Locks. Keys, thin Trimmings, &e.. all of
which he will sell N, Iltdo 4 lllC retail. Ile also attekds
to repairing limo, to o ls, e: migra, es on brass.
copper nod hut, lie hopes that by strict attention to
business. and a desire to plear3e, he W. ill merit and reccite
public patron:lgo.
Lty) - All binds of Fire Arms made to order.
Carlisle. April '26, IK,l—ly
Q 1 'LEN .1)11) .11:11'-
.- L - 1 EI,ItY I I klitlay I'l vs
..g' 'AT ' ' 2 I 2.,. ..,,.. 1.1115. &C.- TII 1$ 'NI A S 1.1,N
-:IP ',O 2 'l - ,
.."` - 5,.... I. N . .). •N% , sst I I 1!_ li st la el.:. li. 'IN
-' ; ',..'.,5.---- — 3
:Z '-`, 1 1 1,1, r5 - W( 1,11-, 1 -- Iiiiri7litilden. -
.1 . •5',.,,T.,;',4,,S ._ _. 4_ "iii i .,...itti,„::- . . ip tel, Carii , ..le : lin. jui.t. re
sit..,-,.-.:.•,.. 7 ‘,; 4 * :'el. ..: 4 "..... ,eh etl iite - lar,l`.l.t 111:(1 110 ,t..
...k.,,,t - ek...‘,..k.:Z.,,,Ajy."-sitt .„ :.: 's ele,:,i,t, :,:lf rtiiiiint il i..upi
i ier Jewell, el el. ~itend in (',labile.. ,', , l".t.b.litiL ill 1:111
.r thild anti Siltri•r Watelie , ui et ery viiilvty. end et all
['rive , . eklit day I 1,11110 4 . :liver liit le and I,:1 •p , . ,, 11.-
silver tally f rigs and butter liiii'ves. t.:1.111 art sib. 1
,I , ‘ , 1:111.1 Intlit.S . 1111,1 gi.iltletnevis' geld pen awl pi ni il,
arvild-rhain,r7fur - very-tlesririptirim-ettr-tiral-ndrigiiti-1-inaP-i
Irma, pins. &r.. at till prices. .Usii Arra Nil ells .11.11 Ilti
siral I :WO, ~ ith It ). real variety of l'iliey Ai tie!,.. Fe ,
1( . 11,11 ii,pres , ly f r the Iliiliday 4. I's rani. /I, siring t.s
'purl 111100 ar, li,i. lied tn rail and e_xiiiiiii etliii - in.e4 t tn - ert
%Ve :ere preparial tf• 1 , 41 at N cry' reasainalite pi lett•. Qual
ity i.t . vontls NA:tn.:tilted Li be, as flue tl , 1.111 It M.
i Tlll/711AS"CliNLYN.
'West 11 kb st.
A 1110 N II A Li. PA Gl' 14: ERE A N
IT ROI a3IS.—A. 11. REET having ta'ken the liagiter
reap Loans in Mallon Hall. known , as A. B. Tubb's Gal
lery. desires to harem the Ladies and Oen denten of Car
lisle that he is prepared to take Likenesses in the u., st
superi , c sty Mot the art,_suett as will fully'sustain the
reputation of this Popular establishMent. ills mans
are large. pleasantly situated and comfottaLly furnish
ed. Ito iA provided - with the most pow erftal and pet let t
intdrument for taking pictures and warrants satisfite
tion in all cases. A full supply of cases of every variety
of sty le and aloe, plain and ornamental. kept constantly
on hand. Engravings, Paintings, tke., accurately copied
and duplicates taken of original likenescs. Likeneses
taken of sick or deceased persons. Prices moderate and
satisfaction given In all cases. The public Itl my Iced to
call at tale Marion BallDaguerrean Rooms - and examine
the n umerous specimens.
J2:ir Daguerreotypes inserted In Lockets, Breast Pins,
Finger Lingo. Pencil Heads, Le.
C4lrli le. June 14. '54.
A1)1)LE AN I) 11ARNE - SS MA K
-1..,) INC:. The subscriber continues to carry nit the
above business. in all its various branches-in North Itall-
ON Or street. Carlisle. too doors North of Leona rd . ! , corner
where he Intends knoping on hand a general assortment
In his line, consisting of till kinds of fashionable I.t li
111.ES,,..1.1ridles. Martingales ' irths,
Circingles mi Halterhalters,al i s Th
tray cling and saddle
,4 , 3\41 . 1. bags. Ile also man-
11' 11 '' o:alums the tioNt
• ••••4
• a
t B 3 l- , ; 11 1: 1 17 :11 . • ' 7) 1d" ISlP;l"A'ltS4l;:t':ti.:vtitl.slTtt:%l In liar
o ill 1111 dell to 11111 111111 ,12t them. lie
a also manufactures harness,
Collars atnl tl hips in all thefr lark ,
ties, and confidently believe!: front the gei,ontl
pfi lA , mint , mera, that he lli uratrnt tun (1
1114 gears, In all their vt:riety of built h. that It made
the e,mitty. Ife also mates 311 Muds of \tatrnnsds to
order. viz: Straw. Busk, Curled Hair oral `pelt;; Malt
rasses. All (tie Illint o art ivies will I r ninth. of the lest
material and workmanship, and ofth the uttorrt des
-1/>4ell. It 31. ont qtN.
( - ILOTHINC; Al' COST—The subFerib
k_/ or inn. an aksortinent of fashion:llle and well made
in hit Mall It at IA it rt.'. f`,ol.
The 141,1?), cuus i stsOf Cloth and t'avlin.alett
en and flingliant l'onts.'rweeti and .leant'ints;
Silk and Satin Vesting; Cassiineis..lealCB and lout rifiri.
Linon and Ccttoinali, pantaloons. N 5 ILE all timid.'
of Clething usually found in a clothing store.
Into; ding to relinquish thin Wand; of My k t isii i e ss ,
great hari.rains t un I thy ridn.i,
stmt.. of 1•11 A oil i 11.11 Y. •
few jc:trccchcdfr. In auction
and soiling vi.r) low.
4 1111174 [MA NUE.—Tor. ALLEN
NI l'irkll*.tN YOf Culla erland county. inctrpo-
I:11 , qt by tin n. 4 of Is now fitlly ortmiti7od. raid
in operation 11/1110r the umt:tv,entutil 02 the lullue lug
, .
Daniel Bailey. tlorfras, Michael Coeirlin,
:11elchoir Brenneman, ChriAlan St al xnan, John C. l`un
la 11. Cooler, Lewis llyer, Ifonry Logan, Benja
min 11. )lusser, jaetd, Alumina, Jt sq,it % la ersltata,
Alexander Cathcart..
The rides of insurance are as low and r.s any
Company of the kind in the unto. Persons wishing to
menthers are invited to mate application to the
tozents of the vorunny, who are Is Wing to wait 'upon
them at any tine."-
RNNJ. Ti. MOSSEIt, President.
111 NIfY LOGIN, Vire PreMeivia.
LEWIS RYER ; Secretary
CM1111:1ILAN1) covyrir.—Rudolph Martin, N. Cunt
berlami: B. Herman, liingt , town; Ileury . 7.earing,
Shiromunstown ; Churies ; Pr. .1. Ahl,
Churchtown ; Graham, iVest Peousterough ;
.htmos 31e Dowel, Fro11104d; Mode Griffith, South 311.1-
Mom : ; Samuel o,over, Benjamin Ilmerstioh,
I. 4 herrich, Lisburn; Pseld Coover,
h s t n.
coUNTV.--.1(.1 , 11 Itmvntnn, • ltillhl.nrg; 'Peter
IVolfm.l. Pian Jilin Swift. Waslilngto);
1 , 1,.1.1 1 1. ! „ It,vlll J. W.Craft. I•.trndLc.
II A It lIISIIU !ousel. A Loclitunn.
Monbers or the romp: my litrving polides s3l+nut to . ex
pire e:111 linvo them renewed. by npililug applient ion to
wily of the a:,etits. •
1112. ,
IT 0 Sl' 0I? E FO ILS ALE L—'ll) c
sttlsel iter offer 4 at private FM() thr r.t..01; nm i it,
tures of It Prwg - ;lore, late Olt property or Niteltnel Ns:
col: (4 , 4.'4. in Churclitown, tointerhunt eounty. Tiler()
is no other Drif:r : , tore ln the phtee, mut it tine ..pp. rtu
nity Is lIIAT PIV , 4`III,NI to pay young luau v. Witt% to
roinuteneo thls bushte.;:s. 1 , ..r trunk,
n 6 .341SES MOI I uII ' T, Anull.
D rzotl F•mare llroelm ShawNP Also, Itlauket Shawls
iti:4t reerive , l from New York andselling A‘e:ry low at the
clteito store of . .
. novS 7.1A8. WHIST.
WARE and FANCY GOODS.—A fine assort•
moot of the finest quality, for sale at the low est cash
prices. al NV 111. C: ELTON lIEA WS, No. led Si uth Fecund
Street between line and Union, west side, PLitedelphia.,
The assortment embraces a • large oral' select tits .1, of
Fine 'Watches, Jewelry tither IN nre, A 'luta NI are. plated
with fine silver, hi S.poons, Furls. barn, s. Ac.—Jet gctds,
Fans and fancy all hies of a superior quality', deserting
the exaniinntlon of the se who dclsire to pun me the I, st
(... • ) . goods at the lowest cash prices.
flaying a practical know ledge of
—.-...., • ~,, , ,J., . the business and all a vailalle fact li•
.'" " '"' . 4 `-'" ties for lmporting and Ilan utactur •
1..... tut' sui scriber contidentl) int ices pt.r, LP:, rn. le,
liming that ho out supply them on tel ms as fill 4 ratio
as tiny other estaldishntent in either of the Allan lia
.A II kinds of Diamonds, afill Jon elry and EIF er
Ware mancfnetured to order, 'Ninth! a ream.nal le time.
c9..N1 niches, Jewell y and Hirer N%nre,gnitlifully re
paired: .V I. F. u r Al),
:e.N4 South 2d St. a few dot re fit o. a the Mar
het. Went
ID the SOUtil tt Indow of the 5t ore. may Le Feen
the ittluouF Bird Cloth, which ecitinifinds the
of the s: ientlfic old exit 1. .us. (Fej't. ,
1 HWY ED SUPER 11108111 A T
P.--brum City Chem'. a 1.6 Union I% , rbs i
mnde after the must in mood at tielesand vet psuperier.
Prepared Al , lO d) its 'l snare made otter the hnglish or.
title. and most nuperier, being much inner than Guano,
find fully Nitta. attent:ct nf lb alms and l , atnlet d
Ia partleularly (Idled 11)re Pa) ti lab Also, letulian
am). in large or small quantiti. s. for salt; by
1.1.0N11013 MORRIS
J(.IIN 1,. I 401.1.P.0Y.
Sottth Wharves, :1(11 door al ON e Chest L tit
;zept.'27. r,-I.
:HMI IL liNACE.—'llle Hil.criter the • •
tittriltioh 4,1 all pat ttee , requil ing It debitulle I tu 1 - aice
UHL:A/N . 16 CE.1..1.1.11:A/lir al,mmd note %I.:VI/IA:i:. I-
PAP-111 r.
The reputation cif this lut tine ' r is 116 u htem it, La( i(tg
CCII (]recd tturitia the purl hae Sets isle al cut
Jail( putilii 1,101.11(4s alai tuarrt that, ;Alm prilste dtt eat
tepitlier illt tl:1• vl `tilt a
tiler) is Ihe Lest el (deuce that clan le Val , i tll r
its raped: city of er all other li3 the use el
( Misr a s to 1.111.,..31 , 11,1.eruze the :ensuing ad( aiitsp b•
l'l.l I. 1 1 N'lll..l'i
I I r. AJE-1131 - hco.irg sui tares teing. at a tt ra
that et t iiessi I he air.
61{1..1) . .)111.11:11,1'41,—LVIL4:. Illlate Chihli} 111 tJron,
not hul 1., In t l 11l 14 I,lls. Ill:1 1: ;111 11.0
till —it I , Pill-H . \ II “1.1,,11 .1.11 SN 11;lt I 1,1 , 11 ILO I lAA
lIIL 111 v.llll 11. Ds 1•11', liht ILO
ii.• I 11111.11 S.
N 0 hunt tiu• trstitiii,i , inh'i t I I ILe c st
• 14 V :0.11,1.• !obi: LI i • s •
11.4 I.t. 1111 4..1 M 11 , LI. It 1.. i ti 11 t• I. `t
1.1111. 1 ,1.111 . 11`. 11r hrtrwillt :41.1,X lit, 1 11 1 1 0 ,
ell pr. is. i• 1,1 1 11 11.4
I 111.1.111iildly ftiri.islied :
.Itllll alp r. I u t.
w. 11. Mien. l'rt,f. Uni
NINE 517.F.1. 1
e hare intreduced this 1 , 1'11144s lire new sloes. ii that
all parties may lit nil Itemselets of this Et rat in
intuit at a tors nu ilet ate cc st. i• are now pi el art u to
largish all Clll . llllillB to It at Li rei !met the Istlj-
Vat I uilding us the et onto . •
No. 1 Fort able Is teplete,
do do
du do
4 du - for brick tank
do do
3. Extra Isadiater, (N 1 ith Foci, ai.d French',
Plates,) 70
3 t do do do Fll
5 do • do do lts7
6 do do do 113
'V his No. 7 is the largest and most jsou erful Eitronee
made in this ta h untu, and is admit ally' isdal , stt d ler
(hutches and other large class 1
Me continue to sell the apparatus nt the Sluice 1.111 . 0
as is hen tut reduced. fit e utrs ago. A Ithism.h the
present high price of film has ii.erenscel their is st r
centess ing to their great iieig,ht, still we art es,al l l,l hy -
the grer.t 'tierces° of salts to 'furnish the al tido at 11,0
low eat itostsll.4e - lirice. Oise f011l:dry alone, 3tessts. 11r
oink cI Leilsritiolt•. lint t• s tusti tit tc d to fureish us is ills
WV:: tit FilfllllleS thin 1.1..1151 , 1t. MP thirst VI arc LIN'. 1,1,1
ed to furnish them ilht lesale mut retail. NN c superint red
the erection id nll Furnaces. is hen required, and I,t ar•
rant them in all cases. _ •
1.:1111.1111,1TA N llAMl.ll.—\\"c have alio ,
the meld. Vi.a.phLeCCOLILV Lai p. that has iii I .eu in
troduced, tow Weil IVe call the attention of all tt ho piny
to secure the twist jetti, t arid desiralfecork iut•np
paratus ever invented.
I:111:; },I•F I'.l .'l'.,VENTlLicron.-11'e are tie
only Agi4ht, it, Penns. lama for the macula. tutr nod
dale id this entilittor, Mhurl is - achnum ledged to le 11,0
!vet entrilziti•r vier wade for , Vlle , tit p the
dr:fin:lit in owl:, liinivies, and tic NVlLihttill: 1 cull
trigs of all kinds. As there ale a great many i-s
f this valuable article Loss' ( (find r init., lait hp si ill
he careful to examine that it has the l-ne.ii.nn 1 ?d l ., :it
horse largl . o. tilt]. UP n t en letilete assi i I mint -i t
.11: Registers and Ventihit, r: to l e :I uu,l it, ILt I d
tales. l'ai tics Vi lei a ish to In:r, 1111..0 eithei to
i• or is will I.nd It fl eat 13 . to Ili( ir t+.o/
to oxittuble their flock.
5L.11.1. -12 , , Ls% e
hand nit extensive its::v.rttnent these I,:kiditto n
ill cling, linitatitn 14;) rt t , i , :tuisti.
other rzire•tartles.
t.3IIATE:. , .—For A ntlirseite and I iti.n i 01.5
C, al. Alto, air ,entire Lew pattern 0 th e nct ,f 4 v
Giztt,4 made front the En t2llOl Patterns.. to d ci Iti,:y
new iti this
Ull At. INTS . 11 r thoOM. Env:am!le I I g
Tile, (la' ul.irkt 111. , itittl Terra( otter I.n tin t
t- Ita• Catt . tlett Vlll.l,`S. &a.
uilklitnr uctild do %%t , ll e r or
sthels Iveti,re pturliw.itg 4.o:q.tvlale. L-itors, 0I t flee
itur, latedop: 4.r utt. at trdially ttrlttnud totesl4
hiVe ‘t art rot rat, and whet olio t litadd It' laq4p3 (4.
any any 01 11 . a. t j
(any It (Whirl:lt A 1 tot, of) NI using Mid 1
van I.e had grid ultuutly at our e ttro. ritLt fat 0 1.. 1:y
or I4)' letter. ;44. A. 11A1.1:1:4s,
WA( ming aud Von t •ling 11 at. hot!! (4.
1411 \Valuta Et., I Mott tlt
1'1111,11.1 I cute.
ell A 14. QT/11.111
---- ----
N1.10i./LAiti), Prelnimil Arti:, , te iii I!:tir
y I u venter of the Celel,niti it 11, t..,:ant•r Vtii.t II:, t 11. 1 :
; ii• lu,tl Ellt,!•1 le Bond lourtrs. Is,tru( liotin to ,1"1 Iu
I,:taies nbd 6vutlemor to ttiecoqtre Illkir hinds II it i. ;,..t.-
I IltlteV. .. ,
roll Wive. inehes.—\o..l. The conhd of the Lead; e.
2. trout ferehend to or the bend to the bee);; ;;.
..1:11tu- ear to ear oNer the top; for
r,tintl the forehead.
'l'i•lliteeS and scalps, inches.—fie. 1. Prim ft reheati t..)
lack as far as laid; No, 2, tfP er fort bead as far as telitlie.
ell: No. a, Over the crown of the bead.
IL DoLLARD has alsi•ays ready fur sale a Eplr
stork of (lents' Wigs, Tulip:es, Ladles' 'Mat:. hall W i e.
Frivots, Braids, beautifully fonnufeetuicil itt.d
as eheap as any enfablishment in the I'filon.
Dullards Ilerbanium .Lxtrito tar Lustrous. Ilair ,
prepared from South American heels and Eel Is, the
most nueeessful article el er pt educed pret el t lug the
hair from falling out er chatigiug 'euit ietteriug and
preserving it in,a healthy and luxuriant state. Alneng
other reatous 'why Dollard's 'hair tut tug sal« frsin•
talus its immense popularity is the fact that lilt Toi le is
appiit d to every bout of hair cut at Lin i•tablitlitct t t,
consequently it is kept lit Letter pretert ation\thati fir•
der any known application, It teiug thus prat tit ally
tested by thousands, fifers the greatest gtiarattee of it.t
Sold . whelesale and retail r.t his (lid Establishment 177
Chestnut street opp,sito the tqate lil .11F I', I'ifil3ddi , lll3.
_ ii. Dollard has at least dista,vereti the tie plus ;flits of
II Alit DYF., and anut.n tires it fc.r sale '3 It It perliwt et ti-,..
faience in Its surpassing . every thing of the.l,lNi li(.v,. In
nset, lt'istilt - Fs the hair either I,lte Ii cr brown' Iss,runy ~
in deldriWnial is tired IN itheut irjitry ttAlit hair cr
shin either 1;!, - or ntherst Ise. ean I e washed tIT in
ten minutes after appileat P . m, witheut tictiaeting fr, in
its efficacy. l'ersonsvisiting the city are InVittal to git e
11113 3 1'3 . 11.
Lett I', Illitirt•SF(3l-42 11. POLLAtiII, 11'7 Chestnut FL,
Philadelphia, 'will reetave latent it•u. ,inn. '2r-i1
..... _,
ciiLOAK r .lll 1)1 iNIING S.—J mt , oteiled
:it VO - enl s ariety or Float: and Dret•s l'rina,:inFs:—
A ,sl. Chdh Cha:tugs, tvillt a 'variety or N 1 holey t;ertill ,
Nov. 15 (I. Iv. 111TNElt.
ft:LACK SI lali: LACE q;.-=—,ltist operyd,
Jul , marl; hilt: !.:,, , c . F, Of vnput I.r quality, thilTeteut
.w hlths, ...1,., BLACK fq LK Tle1113!1`:0 F. Gimps and
other ti ilowitigs. (IEO. W. IIITNI:14.
/ . .
E 3