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    E. iIIgATTY,
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The 0 iaidM.E 111411A1.11 IS published weekly on a large
sheet. eau Lain ing FaitTY COM: M;SS, and furisl e shed to 'sub
scrili,rs et the rate of $1.50 if paid strictly In advance;
$1.75 it paid within the year; or ''''.'2 In al l, tesng w 1 "" 1
?ayment. is delayed until attar die exp tion of the
year. No s u hseription s • received for it' loss period tha ii
six months. and nuns discontinued until all arrearages
etre paid. unless at the option of the publisher. Papers
si \ I
emit I. ll:scribers Hying Mit of !timberland condi y'
must I , e paid for in advanre, (a. tit payment. 11.0(p, d
t 1
l iy Sllll` I,,pl,llfitide person lie lug id Cumberiamb&u 7...
ly. These terms will be rUhtly adhered to In all 4 coxes.
Ad vertittr•nents will he charged $l.OO per fulmar° uf
lucid t.• lure fix three ittertiuns, and 25 rents fir earl]
'4ults,iuttut ittlition. An advertimanents uf less titan
t with e tines rousidored atkasituare,--Thefidlowitni rates
•trill lie rliart;ed fur Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly
3 Months. 0 'Months. 12 Months,
1 Swum', (12 lines,) 18.00 ' Vi,DO $B.OO
2 5• oU
_.. 8 00
11' 0.111,1111,
Ailvectisentelits inserted before Marriages and Deaths,
tI cent: , to, line for first insertion. :uni rents per line
roognisequotit insertions. Communications on subjects
at litottei or individual interest will be charged 5 rents
punt..., 'rim Proprietor will not be responsible in dam
ases tor error , ' itt otlctutisentnt's. Obituary not-leer, not
va•erdLt:: live 11110 S. Will be inserted wit Is charge.
The c; I•:tiArE Urn %Le JOIt PIiINTIM3 OI•'FICIn.4 the
large.t anti .11110 St rumpleto eht:11 , 161111T1111t, to the county.
Thre.• load Prmmes. :Ina a gemwal ItaAV of material
I ,elted for Plain awl-Valley work of every' iduti, emit des
us im Prit,tio_ at the shortest notlee and Ohl t h e
111 , iSt, Made terms. retwum want of itille. itlauka
sr awn thii:d In the johliimr line, will thud it their in
terest t.,;;lve us a ran. Every variety of .111,AZCli S eon.
800 .11i letters on l'uslitess must he post-pftld to se
rure at I ention.
ljetteraf V,ocar anformatioit.
l're , d I.ld --1:1I1`0.1,1
fro Prodlient--t facto), D. It. Arend - 1;0N.
Sooe.•l:tr, of :•tute--11 3t. L. :14 trice.
,ot.try Interi.,r—lt , Nr.r:r 11 , c(*1,113,‘Np.
Sr-rot to of Tronsury----.l.iiii. , I ill 11111 E.
, i•ev . •l'it'y of Ni Do is,
eer“t to of Nitvy—.l w. C. Doitorti.
Poi t lito.tor l'oteitt
Chief .1 tistive of United States--It. 11. TAN 1..1*
GoVollinr—WM. Blu I.En.
Stuwetary StAto—VIIIIII..F.S IV.
Sur oyt.r I'.•lln..vt.r.Y. • •
Auditvr Zertor•ti-- /) KS.
trfe„:,,, rot' tt
sitlaZo, n , l the suptiond court-3. S. 111.AcN., Lr.wi
W. B. it; E. ii. \V. WooDIA' P. . 11X .
C 017 NT IT orrlcEns.
.1 udge---1
As.4.••• .110,405 -11. m. .101111 liAlpp. : 4 nut uel Wood
Ili,' • let.. Att Q•ller —.l,din Ilhearer.
l'r..t ho:o.t..try--tie•••rpre Zinn.
Ile,. •1• Se.---1- 4 :trnorl ilartht.
Ile rfs ter— A I fred Sprirder.
1041 oseplt Mcl/enn• rol; Deputy, .laules
Widoe v.
County Trear+orer—N. .
oler—. l •q , pll I'. 'I Itolopson,
Cuuntp COIIIIIIISSj , 111..ri: —.I oh n 11, 'lib, James A rnistroitg,
t00t,:,! 31. ( Sya ha tn. I'l Connnissitmem.
Di„ - . Swafrer. LieOrge
.J 11 C. Lli,Wll. Superi,ltond - 04 .t runr-Iluuni—
JcwcpL 1,4,3(41,
or.totram o.rpxcans.
Chief Noma.
Amsistaat Bur:ems—Charles OttillrY.
Towll c,ttr•il —John B. Parker, (President ; E. Beatty,
$. i;hf.ts.
~„htt :;.N.lOll. t 4.0. z. Bretz.
01,1, to C.,tukeil—intnes :%111311111.
Conatable.---,batpli Stewart, 1101 Constable; Hobert
lteCart 1.11•• • ‘ V:wrlf Coft,table..
7! -0 .11 UR C S •
First Pro,bytorian Churith, itorthw,,t nu:jl, k A.,, tro
CU? n+l,' P. WIN . I'y
undity ulor.ling at 11 o'clock, A. NI, and 7 o'clock,
P. NI.
St,pll,l Pre,hy t,brian Church. corner of South Hanover
:out Pomfret streets. NO preseut., but pulpit
1:11,..1 s.vclooscuuuucui e
at II o'cloelt, A. I'd_ and 7 o'clock, p. tl.
.Lonis (Prot. Ept,,-0 1 ,:kt) northeast nith, of
cputre Square. 11uv. 3 Anon 6CrYI(II.
/it I I o'clock. A.M., and :1 o'clock, I'. M.
Lutheran Church, Bedford between Main and,
Loather ',Cruets. Rev. .I.teoli lot, l'ast , ,r. Service:,
at 11 o'eloilt. A. DI., and o'clock. I'. M.
. .
German Itel,rincd Churelt, Lou her, betAreon Ilanover
and Pitt roe ts. lte v. A. U. ra, Pastor. Scrt ices
111!,e; o'clock, A. M.
atckfioilkt Church, (first ('harge) earner of Maitiand
Pitt streets. nov. S. L. 31. CONYER, Pastor. Services at
11 c. rinr6, A. 31., and 7, 1 1j (,'rlock, P. M,
Mahodi,t E. Church, (xec•orl ('harge) Her. M.
l'llStf,r. Services in College Chapel, at 11 o'eloCk.
A. M.. and P.„M;
Roman Catholic Church, Pomfret. near East street.—
florvi,os liy Iz o v, Mr. Do?: Seetilld
A (lemma Lutheran Church IA in course of oreethn
out tho corner of Pomfret and iledf,,rd Strirts, The con
gregation, NV Melt 11110 yet no 'dated Pastor, hold their
sorvleem iu lAtteattop !tall.
sl}•When (deluges In the abort+ are neeessary-the pro
per persons aro requested to notify u:r. '
Rev. Charles Collins, Pri. , siclont and Professor of Moral
I.V. IIIIMI:111 M. .701 IiSC/12. Professor of Philosophy
And English Literature.
'Jalues W. 31arslitill, Profk,s..r of .ti.lont I.3»guages.
Roy. Otis if. Tilt ltfy. Professor of Mo.thoinntios.
B. Wilt:oli, Lecturer on Natural Scienee and
Curator 'of tio. Museum.
Altsxamter Sehom, Professor of Hebrew 211121 271120e1 1 22
Benjamin Arbovtat, 'Tutor in Langingos.
Samuel D. Principal of thoilmunnar School.
A. :Barely, AFMlStant 121 the Grammar School
CAP.I.TALE Dr:l)s'a lim.—Prostiloilt, Richard Parker;
Curibier, Wm. 11. Beetetn; Clerks, Henry A. Sturgeon.
Joseph C;ll4tior. Directors, Richard Parker, floury Sax
ton, Johu S. Sterrett, John Zult, lienry Logan, Robert
Moore, Stumm' 'Wherry, Johu KUnterson,flugh Stuart.
MfiI:III..VSD VALtale HAM Ho OovrAss.—Po•esidont,
Prodoriok Watts; Secretary and Treasnmr, Edward M.
Ji:cl,llo;• Snporintoadant, A. F. Eolith. Pasmingur trains
twice a day Enstiviicd, .le:tying earlisib at 103 5 o'cliwk,
A.M. mid 3.40 o'cl , ndc, P. Ti. Two trains ovary day Word
ward, leaving Car lislo at 9 o'clock, A. M. and '2..2A), P. M.
CA1:1.131.1: OAS Cir. WATtlt CoMPNl7.—President, Fred
zatirk Watts: ; &sere:tory, [.unroof Todd; 'fro:wirer, %VIA.
M. !let:tern; Direetws. B, VCattß, It lebara Pnrker, Ltnonel
Vultl. Win. M. !Septum, Dr. W. W. Dztle, Unrd
nec, Uunry Glare.
LENTiIR I'O4TlllE.—Pillitilgil 011 all lOttetii Of (410-bilii
tttuee wol , ,tht, or tinder, 3 wilt% cents un
paid, (except to Califernin not Oregon, which are U cents
pro-pad, or 10 l'olltß
N4W3VAPKIIS.-`-I'OAVO Oil the IlrnAt,n--trithlti the
trlttnty, Irithin the State 13 cents per year. 'To
tOtY part of the flatted States, tte cants.
l'estav on all transient papers under 3 outu'es tit
'Night, 1 cent pre-pahl or 'l. rents, unpaid.
.01.11,TabLIE1 ,
1300 K & JO 13 PRINTING oyti - u - E,
7:lrry ilipi•rintion of linik :tint .I4li Printing eein.l.,,tt
ithurteAt uotice n u(!. on roasonablu terms: .
S,OO 12.00 10.00
12.00 20.00 30.00
25.00 f 15.00 45:1.10
)Ao . ,
4 . , ....,...., ~„ 5
" . 6 ,,,.. ,
it' till" '" ' 4
it. —
. , A,,.
. ~,,, e vi / ,
' - '. ' e / ' --- 21 'T.''' . lll1 - -it l'llnr. •,tii . t. 1%- a ttti 111 Cirt It.
011. LV .
• ,
') Hil -
Meeting of Congregg.-NllRtract of the
The second session of the thi f ffY-tltird Con
gress commenced on Monday last. The
Senate was called to order at 121 o'clock,
M., and thirty-seven Senators answer'•cd to
their names. • The Secretary read a letter
from Mr. Atchison,• of Missouri, stating that
he would be unable to be present for some
weeks •and offering his resignation its Presi
dent or the Began!. On motion, Gen. CA: , .;
was chosen President pro tem. Committees
were then appointed to inform the House and
and the President of the organization.
lii' 'louse organized at 12 o'clock. The
number of members pre n stritt was 197, After
organizing the Presidents' Mess'ago was re
ceived and read. IV't- give the following
synopsis of its contents.
1 Lit Presiii,t fleurs — lfis message will au
allesioo to the past Vicar U.S 00 eventful one
lie hereafter referred to as a
marked epoch in the history uf the world,—
The parval failure or the crops, the wille
spread prevalence of iiist-ttsk. and the sacri
fice of human life through easualities by sea
and land, are - althuled to us interruptions ut
Our domestic happiness, while we have vet
great cause of thankfulness to God for his
protecting care and merciful dealings with us
as a people.
The agitations in Europe are commented
upon, and the : President congratulates ° Con
gress on the Met that "the 11 ise theory a this
governinunt, so curly adopted and steadily
pursued, of avoiding all entangling alliances
"has hitherto exempted it from tenor cortipliett
tions in which it would otherwise have become
involved. - lle adds, llONVisver, that. ultr eX•
emptiou from theM occasions a jealous wnteh-
Iklness on the part of European nations, who
Wive niado attempts to supervise and direct
our forbign policy hr taking us. lido cousid- 1
cration in their arrangement of the inannee
of power iu Europe. Our refusal to take
ground or be rrrogcrized in such arrange
ments has awakened di, trust. and induced on
their part occasional nets ut disturbing effect
upon our foreign relations. The President
‘ poiitts to our limited tirtny and Navy, and
past paeitic policy, as giving ample mss ranee
that our government has no disposition to
encr o a c h on the rights ur endanger the secu
rity of other Slates.
The occasion of the present war has been
seized by the Administration to obtain a re
cognition of the Anierican doctrine, that
" free slyfps make free nods,'" a doctrine
which from the very commencement of our
national being, has been a cherished idea of
the statesmen of this country. England and.
14'rahee both took steps in the beginning of
the present war to recognize this doctrine,
not, l9weyer, as an, international right, but
as a temporary concession. Other Towers
have also readily acquiesced. Russia has
promptly responded—the King of the Two
Sicilies hits signified his willingness to ac
cede—Prussia is willing to adopt the measure
upon condition that a clause renouncing Pri
vateering be introduced: To this the Presi•
deft objects on the ground that a country
like ours, , of great .commerce and compara
tively small Navy, would he unable to protect
itself. But when the leading powers of Eu
rope concur in exempting private property;
mt the ocean Irma seizure by public arnica ;
cruisers as ire!l as by privateers, the United!
States will readily meet them on that broad
The treaty with England concerning the
Coast fisheries and lite reciprocal trade with
the British N. American provinces, has been
ratified and some of its anticipated advanta
ges alrcadl enjoyed. A demand on the part
of British fishermen to admit. free of duty fish
caught in waters when by the treaty ciur cit
izens are entitled to operate, is considered
just, but for want
,of authority not granted.
The President recommends the necessary
The President recommends that provision
be made for a commission to locate the boun
dary line of the territory of Washington ad
joining the British possessions.
The.dilliculty with France growing out of
the arrest of the French Consul at San Fran.,
eisco, and the recent difficulty between Mr.
Soule and the French Government, are both
said to . be ,satisfactorily settled, the French
government having uneilnivocally disavowed
any design to, deny the right df transit. to the
U. S. Minister:
The unsettled condition of Spain has pre,
,tbe adjustment 61 the difficulties with
that govrnmout, : The new government there
is believed to he inure fitvorahte to' us than
(inwor. •
Coovrc;;;4'ti . s . l6. , :e(.l to take measures to ob-
vitae the necessity of paying to Denmark
tolls for passing through their Sound.
The President ssys our expedition to Ja
pan has bepti' ably and cond sited
to n succettsful termination, and a treaty 'or
opening certain ports having been negotit
ted trit exchange of ratifications is recom
The late treaty with Mexico has settled
many of our difficulties with that government,
but the claims of our citizens have not 1
met as promptly as could he desired' and in
structions:hare been_sent to Our Consul's and
agents to call the attention of that govern
inu'ut to them. The President says he - has
exerted 'all hPs poWers to break - fly fililunder
hug exp e diti o ns and bring thole. engaged in
them to ptinislinn sit.
'Afrairsia Central A tneriea are alluded to,
anti the Pre'sident dertnnls the boutharainent
of Greytown by a knig statement of th e his•
tory-of the affair. He takes the ground that
there was in filet no legal governatetit in the
but, a set of Ina.r.illding tlttsisvrad( , (!s
intent 11 po9 dystroAing the property 0f A tiler
jeans and insultt,„t the A tneritsut gm ern
ment. Orvat st-pss i.s laid ilium the iii•evan
lions that were jalten to Treventdestruction
The Message then reverts to domestic af
fairs. The revenue of the government for
the year is $73,549,705, expenditures $51,-
01,219, exclusive of payment of public debt,
amounts to $24,3311,308. The, receipts
of the current fiscal year will exceed the ex
penditures $15,000,000, which will be applied
to the reduction of the public debt, which is
As the receipts exceed the expenditures,
the President recommends at reduction of the
duties on import:. He also suggests legal
enactments, which will prevent officers ofthe
customs carrying oil% their books .as private
property, as frauds have been discovered to
the injury of the Government, when such
hooks have been examined,
An adequate increase of the army for the
protection of the frontiers is urged. It is
thought that four new regiments, two of in
fantry; and two of tnomited met., will be suf
ficient to meet the present exigency. Reform
in'tbe orgattic arrangement andadministra
tion of the set:ice is alsitsuggested
ly .in relation to promotions, and the creation
of a retired list. A n increase of our naval
force is also advised, the President remark
ing that the augmentation of the navy has
not kept pace with the duties pioperly and
profitably . assigned to it in time of 'wave,
and that tt. is 11110[1110 C for the large held of
its operations, not merely in the present . , but
still more in the progressively increasing exi•
genvies of the wealth and commerce of the
United States: The apprentice system, as
proposed. by the Secrikary of the Navy, is
The. Post:office expenses have been, during
the year, $8,710,907, the receipts $6,955,5t 4 G,
or, a cost to the Treasury, to sustain the pre
sent inadequate rates of postage of nearly
two millions of dollars. — This cost will be
greater now, for the compensation of Post
masters hap, been increased.
The number of acres of public lands sold
during the yetir is 7,035,735, for which over
$9,00,0,000 was received. The aggregate
amount of lands sold, located under military
scrip and land warrants, selected as swamp
lands by States, and by locating under grants
for roads, is upwards of twenty-three millions
of acres. The increase of lands sold, over
the previous year, is about 81 X. millions of
acres; and the sales during the first twO
quarters of the current year present the ex
traordinary result ,of five and a halt' millions
sold, exceeding by nearly four millions of
acres the bales of corresponding quarters of
the last year, thus increasing to an extent, un
paralleled during any like period in our past
history the amount of revenue provided from
this source for the Federal Treasury.
The policy of the government, in relation
to settling apart public domain for those who
hAve served their country in time of war,-is
illustrated by the fact, that since 1790, no
less than thirty millions of acres have been
applied to this object.
Respecting' the donation of public lands
in aid of the, construction of railroads, the
President expresses no definite views of poli
cy, but says he recurs with satisfaction to the
experience and action of the last session of
Congress, as furnishing assurance that the
subject, will not- tail, to elicit a'careful
amination and rigid scrutiny.
The discussion of - the question regarding
internal itnprovements by the goVernment, is
reserved for a special message, which will be
submitted to Congress at an early day.
The President renews previous recom
mendations of reforms in the Federal judi
ciary, and of provisions concerning the in
terests of the District of Columbia. .
The inssage. concludes with some general
rellection,on the duties of the government,
and an invocation of the blessiti.g•of. God on .
the deliberations of Congress
. .
:, •-• .
.• - . ~.... . .________
'..:. ~.,. ...
.., '
10 ,
.. )
.• 0 ' -
' . • )it: 4.1 \.-..
r..........."-' .
The steamship Africa arrived at New rUlk
last evening, with three dayslater news from
Europe. There is nothing more of impor
tance, however, from Sehastopol. A grand
ICon• Nothing festival took place in Boston
yesterday over the Massachasetwvictorv. lii
the C. S. Circuit Court at Boston, Yesterday,
the Bey. Theodore Parker was arraigned
the charge of inciting to riot,,and aiding the
attempt to rescue the fugitive Burns, some
time since. He gave bail to appear at the
March term. Two 11100 were froze!) to death
in ~iubilc nay 1:18t shuns ex
trethe cold in the South.
Thanksgiving was observed Yesterday in
all the New England States, Now York, Ohio,
Michigan, Indiana, Illinois. lowa . Kentucky,
told North Carolina, by the recomminniation
or the-Governors of those States. There
tens snow to the dcbth of ten inches at Con
cord, New Hampshire. yesterday, and sleigh
ing__ was _ataive..,__The_. Eloritin Logislattire_
:net on Monday last. There is eight L mo
untie majority Ott joint•bailot, and 6, united
states Senator to be elected to succeed Mr.
Morton, Whig. Another stock fraud has
cone to light in New York. The police have
arrested a man tbr obtaining $15, min
huh bonds, stock, &e, trout a Broadway firm
ht fraudulent representations. Due
iratid guns were tired yesterarty, froth on
board a Bteatuer, at Philadelphia, in honor
of the American victories.
SATuan'ar, Dec. 2.
The Stark Rank at Pennington, Vermont,
has suspended payment, and -its notes aloe
selling in Boston at fifty cents on the (dollar.
The Virginia Democratic State ConYention
met at Richmond, yesterday, and had rather
a storMY session. The indications are that
the Don. Henry A. \Vise, will be nominated
as' candidate for Governor. 'William Darry'
was FlXt•elltOd gutlitle,- tor 'the murder of
his wife. A train of,ireight cars, under fall
headway, came in collision yesterday with a
passenger train which Imilbeen off the track
on the Orotind Trunk railway at Thompson's
milk, Maine. The eari of both the trailis
were smashed and eight or ten persons hurt,
besides two passenger cars catching /ire lioni
the ursettin! , of the states and L e h, cwt .
stoned. A little girl, daughter at 'Major
Pierson, of West Bloomfield, New Jersey,
died on Wednesday,. from injuries ree6yed
by the explosion of a camplieue lamp. An
other daughter it is feared also will die.
A special messenger left Washington on
Saturday with copies of the President's Mes-
Asage L to be deposited with the Post•ntnsters
of the various cities, and furnished to pub
lishers simultaneously with its delivery in
Congress. Hen y\ A. Rise was nominated
on Saturday as the Democratic candidate fur
Governor of Virginia. The Convention was
very disorderly and tumultuons. • The New
York-canals are frozen up. A singular riot
occurred at Cairo, Illinois, on Friday. A
negro keeper of a floating tavern on the
river, having armed himself and threatened
to shoot a magistrate if he persisted in reins
ing to let hint A' from a judgment given
against hint, a, crowd collected at his boat
and attempted to arrest hint. He then fired
into The mob, wounding fora• persons._ The
mob in return fired his boat and cut it loose.
it floated into the stream When the negro tied
a weight round his neck, tunped overboard
and was drowned. The Frontier flour mills
at Buffalo wore destroyed by firoyesterday,
Congress met in Washington yesterday to
continue in Session until the 4th of March.
A great snow storm occurred yesterday all
through New York 'and New England. All
-the northern and eastern rail roads'were very
much 'obstructed. A terriftic storm broke
main the Hudson river on Sunday,- sinking
a numherg steamers, barges, &e. The same
gale caused numerous disasters among the
:shipping nt Boston. A street Preacher was
badly beaten by a party of Irishmen in , New
York, on Sunday. The rin leader was ar
rested. Standard brands Flour were held
yesterday in Philadelph a at $8.50. The
market was -dull. Sales of 4000 bushels
Wheat were reported at 206 cents for Strict•
ly prime, and 187 and 1110 cents for inferior.
Pearson, ofi liarrisburg, I'a., in a recent
charge to the grand pry, decided that an
imliroloat who visits from tavern to tavern,
drinking five or six times daily, is emphnti•
eatlyt a roan of intemperate habits, and that
tavern-keepers who sell to such are liable to
prosecution under the, at prohibiting the silo
of liquors to "11101 of known intemperate
THritsoAv 'Nov. 30
Vim )Ay, Doe. I
NOSDAY, Dee'r. 1
TuEsDAY, Dee, 5
The Bombardment of Sebastopol
The st , mm,hip .Ifl.ieft arrived at New
I ogle--
on Wednesday evening, bringing news from
.Iflur , fpe three days later. There is nothing
r ritny item• or intim/ 1 / I ra from Sebastopol,
her • a p'ause had occurred in the field ope
rations, thon:!li both the Husitin and British
thmerals s try in their despatche3" that the
sie ge as progressing with regularity, and
that preparations were being made for an
at4ult. 130. th parties were in want of rein
foreements,but the besiegers most, while the
• Hos:thins were beginning to feel the want
'ammunition, The allied army was reduced
by battle and disease to 50,000 men, which
.causes much alarm in England and France,
and the utmost clitirts Ivere being made to
send immediate reinforcement s f for that pur
pose, all the British mail dleamers are being
used, and the Vivi] eh troops withdrawn from
Italy. Two Turkish frigates have been
W0u1.a , ,1 in the Rlacic see, one having, on
board the Admiral and 700 men. Tire great -
hospital in Sebastopol, Containing, 2000
men, has been destroyed by the ,
allied army. A• large French loan was
spoken of. Since the last -accounts the firint:
b e d been slack on both sides to Sebastopol.
and the allied arms was preparing, to storni
the !own. Four litissian ships in the harbor
had been sunk by the lire of the allies.—
Water was
,exec. , cflinglv scarce in the tolr.
conflagrations are freqnently caused by tic
r e d hot shot of the allies, and the tyltht.-
feker had broken out in consequence of th•
number of the unburied dead. The Itmr
sians were Preparing fott,• street fighting : pis:
int'', cannon to swoop the streets, fortliilr7r
dm? hmtscs, ete. (fliicialativices state dm
• threo British tienorals were killed in the bat
tle of the rift. among them being the bray
_old_3,.eteran Sir..thforgif-Catheartr
fish lose Was 2000 men killed and wounde,
the, French 1500,. and the Itmssian 4500.
The steamer Star of the West has arrive'.
at New York, with news from California
days later. Tice steamer brings $737,000 it
specie. An election in San Francisco f.
City Comptroller, has resulted in a large nn.
jority 'for the Nnow Nothing candidatt%—
Nineteen convicts in the State Prison ha.:
revolfed, and attempted to escape, but- wen
overpowered by. the keepers. One of tb,
prisetterB Was killed in the conflict. A rr
liter had been brought'to San Francisco flirt
a nava l ung:igoincat 112441 taken place het wee.
the French brig of war Obligado and a Ha—
sian frigate, o ff the coast of Lower f:4l.ifornie.
fait:TlTWas not credited,
Thrt*Nt r xits - F.sritestxam t RttastlC—Tl
Washington Intelugencer publisli the foi
lowing extract of a letter from a respc•etnlr'e
and well-informed citizen of the 'Unite
States to a frictid in Washing,ton, dated
ST. I'ETEaSatlll:. Rrsun. Sept. 18, 1854.
1)E.1 F.: The war is scarcely begun.--
There is no elianee for any Power, be it ev,
so great, to coupler Russia. The Empei
is only preparing for war. Next :lent. he 1%
have in the field, ready for active battle, ore•
and a half million of soldiers, well drilled.
The people are all her the war, and la, h as 1 “,
trouble in getting soldiers. for it js with them
a religious war. They Want the Christia ) ,
faith to be sauc•tioned over the world. • The.
are the most devout people on earth, and the
last crucifix will go fur the war beore they
give up,
THE 1301tY OF Slit Joro: FICA NTLIN : F¢CNp
RY Pn. KAxc.—The Lake Superior 'Mining
News, of Nsiyetuber 9, contains the follcm•
"By private letters we learn that thabodieS'
of Sir Jelin Franklin and his men have been
found by Dr. Kane's party, frozen, perfectly
"In oar last number we gave the report of
the intelligence derived from some of-the Fs
()ilia MIN Indians, of the discovery of s eine
of the silver used by Franklin's expedition,
and marked with his initials. The' later re
port' is of the discovery of the bodies, and
from our authority we have the right to
lieve it to be true.''
The editor makes no mention of the sourc e
of his information, nor orate directions Whence
it came.
Suocsaini SuteinK.—N young girl named
Sehade, living in Bethlehem township, North
ampton county, committed suicide last l'ue.;-
day a week, by taking a dose of "rat's,bane,"
which she had purchased at a drn store in
Bethlehem. While at dinner, the medicine
took effect—she was seized with violrnt pain,
and vomiting, and •io her agony rim out of
the house, and by an almost superhuman ef
fort forced herself through a pale-fenembrent
ing it into splinters. Aper xunning about
in the barn-yard for sometime, she fell and
expired. She was elide/de, and doubtless
'the victim of some villainous seducer:
A G ow) TAKE-ts.,--The playgoers of Har
risburg were very handsomely , taken, in one
night lost week. A fellow came there and
put out his bills professing to do agreat many
wonderful slight-ollinnd tricks, and other
wonderful things. The hall ho obtained for
his exhibition was well filled at, tut early
hour. his first wonderful trick was Co be n
"mysterious disappearance,"and sure enough
ha did "mysteriously disappear,"
. not show
iug himself after ho had obtained the quar
ters of his patrutiv.
tEr The report of tho dimeovery of Sir
lohu Frank body is not gnernlly. eN. di