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g.l '4 19\714: ` ; !'
:14,14; r
' WrI)NtSDAI, ICOVIAW31:11 112, 1854.
IN CU.if [Mt 1..AN1) COVNTY
Terms—Two Dollars a.year, or One Dollar and
Tiffs, Cenls. if p a id punctually il.Advatice.
$1 75 if paid within, the
telLThe publication of &44ress of
Prof. TIFFANY bavinf , been solloitadly:
a number of his audience on ThinitiaY :
evening last, it will be given in our nest
RECMCIAN ZINI 1.-Mr. Bonham an
uounces himself ready fur action again,.
in a call, which' is
,published in the Pcnn
sylvanian of Saturday, for .a meeting of
the Pennsylvania State Central Commit
tee, on the 26th pros. "for the purpose"
as the call says, " of organizing the dem
ocratic party on a more perminent basis,
cansolidating it against the secret and
insidious assaults that have fur a time,
impaired its usefulness and efficiency in
carrying out our cherished principlcr,
and to render it impregnable in the future
against the approaches of the various and
dangerons-isins and delusions of the day."
Mr. P. has changed his tune. The.
days of bombastic " defiance" of the
Know Nothings are over now, and as Mr.
Bonham looks hack at the awful wreck
of the second Tuesday in ()etcher,
imploring cry chines up from th''
depths of humiliation in an appeal to tl
"friends of the rights of man," the od
and ends of all nations, to come forwat: 7
in general "fusion" and save the Loco
loco party from utter extinction ! But
"Babylon is fallen" to rise no mote !
DEN - We deeply regret to learn the
death of Mr. Henri Schumacher the
young.and gifted Violinist who was for
several years a resident of our borough,
and whose Concerts and exquisite playing;
will long be remembered by all who eve•.•
heard him. Mr. S. has fallen in hi.l
youth, at the very threshhold of a dis,
tinguished professional career. He died
last week, of consumptioryt the residence
of Bishop McCoskrey in -I)*Troit.
‘l The President's Message which
for some years past has been sent to thu
Postmasters in advance, to be delivered
to the newspaper offices as soon as read
at Washington, will, it is said; be with,
held this yearliutll it is.sent tv Congress,
Qnr foreign relatious , i.,,it is hinted, wake
this course necessary, ,as it is advisabll
the President shall receive the laths)
European intelligo' nee before.,l4is inessaggi
is submitted. It makes but Alight differ
anco, as there is very little anxiety W
see the documek.
-.1.t is new generally understood - thai
Col. Andrew G. Curtin, of Centre count)
has been tendered the office of Secretor)
of the Commonwealth by Gov. Pone*,
and has accepted it. Col. Curtin is d
gentleman of populartnanntiKenjoyS
high and well deserved personal, pope,
larity in the section of the State in which!
ho resides, and, we doubt not, will mak
an efficient and popular officer..
members — of Congress are beginning,
congregate, and it is supposed that with.
in a yelcnearly the whole of both bodit
mill Wpresent. Congyess meets on Mon.
day next.
imprisonment and escape a jiinu is
'from the Catholic SisterhoOd E min itt,
burg, 31d. an account of which
found on the seventh page of to:44ayspa-
1). 1)1'12KIIK, of York,
t. od!:o or the ,
fer The Iron
It . •is worth' while to compare the votes
in ,the thaf,.,hava 'told- elections
Within ,they'ea-twith the votes cast by
them, at the I'repidentaretpctioa. of 1852.
Such a comparisbii - we make up, iii the
folhmlng tateinent; and it will be seen
that for the sake of showinwall possibie
fairness to Pierce.we haVe only.' given
his majorities 0f.1852 over Scott and Rale
combined: r•
in 's2:Tierce in '34. in 2 yearA
Maine, 1,036 . • 24,900. 27,036
.N.l - 4ThipAirtt, 7,153 1 6,560 13,655
VettiiiSur: 13,800 4;t771
Rhodeqsland, 465 • 2,500 2,965
Connecticut, 5,600 4,730
lowa, 403 3,000 3,400
Wiana, 7,464 14,597 • 2:2,061
;-V4oliva, 10,922 37,007 ' • 47,920
'., MO, , ..---- • 85,000 70,000
Illis;Sonri, 3,369 33,108 • 41,549
Now York, 1,872 90,000 . 91,872
New Jersey, 5,399 6,975 ' 13,374
Illinois, 5,697 20.000 20,697
Ai ichig - no, 743 15 ; 000 15,745
Wisconsin, 2,604 .8,000 10,604
The annexed table shows the result of
the congressional elections in these States.
In sixteen 'States 137 members to the
next Congress have bemi chosen. One
hundred and eight, of these are nvtwcd,
opponents of the administration, and twen
ty-nine only are committed to its support.
The', following table will exhibit the
relative changes which have already taken
place. .
33d Congress. 34th Congress
Adm'n: Opp. Adm'n. Opp
Maine, 3' 3 1 5
V erlnont, 3 3
Pennsylvania, 1G 9 • 6 20
(Air:, 12 9 . 21
Lelinna, . 10 1 - 2 9
1 own, • 1 1 ' -,. 1
; , 'loridn, ' 1 1
South Carolina, 6 6
Arkansas, 2
Missouri, - 3 4 • 1 '')6
Now York, 23 10 5 28
New Jersey, 4 1 .1 4 -
Illinois, ' .5 4 *1 6
Michigan, ro • 4 - . 4
Wisconsin, 3 *1 1
Total, 95 45 29 108
In the above States the AdminiStra=
tion elected two - years - ago a majority of
50 members. In the same States-now-1/w , y
are in the min.)rittof 79, a change of
129 in less than two-thirds of the whole
The Detioit Free l'ress intimates that
there will be no election of Senator at
the coining sessions, either in Illinois or
Wisconsin.. This opinion is based upon
the supposition that the democrats have
a majority in the Senate of each State
and will tale advantage of this to prevent
the wishes of the people from being re
garded. This shows how much that
party of demagogues values popular sov
ereignty !
SENATORS To E LECT. —A t the ap
proaching session of the respective Le
gislatures, there will be Senators of the
United States to elect in Illinois, lowa
IVisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisi
ana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New
York, Maine, aid California. New
liainpshire will elect-two in May
qtre-The Lancaster Inaeligrnerr (Loco)
seems to be anxious to defer a sale of the
Public Works by having the question
submitted ti) a vute of the people. It
was submitted once, and a sale ordered
by 20,000 majority. No sane man can
doubt the will of the people on the
„The election of a United States
Senator by our Legislature wilinot take
place until the second Tuesday of Febru
ary. The law formerly appointed the
second Tuesdhy of Jiat i m6 as the time,
but as this did not allow time fur the
s ettle,: tat of contescd eh et 1(;lif; to the
Lt isl t et,d,
'.‘l.tirr NONE BUT AmEaro vs ON
UAR 1.) TO-N r l G I IT.' Boston this
califs atttontion to the fact that our coun
try is represented abroad by *Frenchman
iu Spain, by an Italian in Italy; by
Germ:l4,7m the t liagne, by a Se6teh-
For Pierce gaihst Pierce loss
oganigle Arralb.
( . •
The fee iiig whiCh has Owe birth to
this new, order of politics, has-41
with such rapidity over the country as
has no . parallel. The key touched a chord
which responded over the .whole country.
Other parties have planted their standard
and risen up in a comparatively short
period,' and have carried township, bor
ough, and in eourse f time, even county
and State elections. (Such were the Anti-
Masonic, Abolition, Anti-Renywd—sinne
other parties'; but they were local or sec
tional in their operations; they lacked
breadth and scope—they were restricted
by sectional lines. They caused great
agitation without accorplishing any grand
resuly — Where shall \Vt.!" find another par
ty that has been horn and attained the full
stature of manhood, in a day, as it were—
in a single campaign—a party confined to
no party, no locality ; which is bounded
by no sectional lines; 'which knows " no
north, no south, no east, no west;" which
has swept over states and tumbled down
all' the old and eatablished dynasties ;
1 which baS taken possession 'of Whole
states, big and little,----of the mighty
"Keystone!' and of the " little sister"
Delaware; which yesterday ',conquered in
the Bay State, to-morrow will triumph in
the Old Dominion, and next day . will plant
its standards upon the Capitol at Wash
:inpiton ? Where before---has- -been- esta—
blished a party not less popular at the
east than in- the west, and that seems
destined to be as strong milting slave
holders of the South as among the free
soilers of the North—which assimilat
with all political elements and. finds a
responSive feeling in men of all political
parties. and persuasions ?_-. Whit is this
new star that has risen upon us—ascend
ing so suddenly from the horizon to the
Zenitb—that commands the adoration of
i our cbuntrymen'; which unite all hearts
and hands—which brings together politi
cal antipodes—which tames. the fiery
democrat and the chavalrous Whig, and
which unites in fond embrace the sons of
the frigid north and' - the Sunny south ?
Who can tell whence it cometh or whith
er It goeth ? May its homes Slied a radi
ance of holy light upon our social system,
rendering immortal republican institu
tions,— and germinating. an American
feeling in eternal - hostility to . all that is
alien to religious liberty or national inde
~InsSACHusETTS.—The whole country
has heard of the election of the single
democratic member of the Massachusetts
Legislature. The press, ever since the
election, has been declaring that the dem
ocratic party in the nest Legislature of
that State would be " a unit," but, lo and
behold, Mr. Brown (that's the name of
the member) is said now to be a Know
Nothing, having defeated the democratic
VIRGINIA Er j EClloN.—This event
does not come off until the Thurs.-
day fourth . of next May, when will be elected a
Governor, a Lieut. Governor, and an At.
torney General, to servo four years, meth
hers of Congres and the Legislature.
The Kanzns Conspiracy, to which we
reli , rrud a few days ago, as now in process of
incubation iu Missouri, under the intspices of
1 >avid It. Atchison., U. S. Senator, is also con
firmed by the St.' Louis Democrat, which pa
per directly says that "Scnator Atchison is at
present engaged in the upper country, organ
izing a secret society, to> consist of five thoti
sand persons, pledged fo repair into Kanzas,
im the first day of the election held there, to
to slavery into that territory," The Demo
crat declares drat it has authentic and relia
ble information alum the subject, and that in
a few days it will expoSe the whole scheme.
reiy-l'iromAs P. Corti, for the last half cep
fury oue of the lettiliti! , merchants ofThila
(lelphia, (lied in ant city on IVednosilay. in
1 1 0 ; 1,1; 11,; orir.inaictl the tir , t
p:o het Cho 1-or “f
\vas hl
or many lllltairlam ente,-In i P 9 ti s Pli;nftri inl
vanee the commercial iinctests Ui 1'hil:L(1(1-
'IMo. - -
(.ty Flizm.—The very en
torprizing firm of 'Peeves,. Sr CO., iron
fin ittititettnvi.,; in Philadelphia, it is aunbun-
WediMstlay'stdppeil payments, their
I:aidlitirs tieing varito.ndy ...1;11, - .11 at II•oin ititm
immiri'd lu fomleen tiMnsiind
(olotoit nub (Ennio allatters.
The first lecture of the course was dclivered
on Thursday eveninglaSt,by Prof. TIFFANY.
Absence from town prevented our being pre
sent, but we understand that a crowded audi
once of ladies and gentlemen,graced the oc
casion. The lecture was an elegant produc
lion on a popular subject and was liStened
to with great interest and sathilaction. The
Carlisle Quartette Club also enlivened the oc
tasion by singir g several appropriate songs.
The second lecture_of the course will be
delivered on Thursday: evening, Dec'r ith,
by Rev. J. W. :s;Evix, f t Tmerly President of
Marshall College, who has recently become a
resident of our borough. Subject—" Self
A correspondent has furnished us a more
particular notice of Prof. Tiffany's lecture,
which we 'subjoin:
On, Thursday evening, the 23d inst., the
Union Fire ompany gave 118 the first of
their I
,series-o levtiaes for the season. The C
lecturer - was Prof, W. H. TtreANY, of Pickin
son - Colleg,d. His subject, "-America . and
American Institutions:.
The first half of the lecture showed - that
the dcictrines of our Constitution and the
genius of our government are derived from
the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. The
Professor gave bold relief to Christianity—
Pcolestend Christianity—as the very life of
our institutions—as the spirit that moved our
forefathers, and the light in which their great
deeds were wrought. Regarding this as the
great source of our stability and the great
reliance of the people fur future welfare, he
thought it a question of serious moment
_whether---the-vast---immigration and rapid - nn=
fitralizalinn et fiwei fpwrs, and especially of
Human Catholics, floes not endanger the
safety of Our institutions. The lecturer was
very careful to as-ow that lie had no hostility
to immigration and none to naturalizMion.
provided it he notioo speedy. He would have
foreigners become Americans inwardly lie
fifre they are made so ordwardly. He alluded
to seine recent revelations of — Startling im
port. But as the lecture is to be published I
forbear to speak further. - „. .The Union Fire
Cfanpany may be congratulated not only
upon so large an audience and large re
ceipts, but especially npOil SQ happy a begin
' •••• fr their series of lectures. We thank
that 'they arc helping themgelves to
money but that while doing•this th 4 extend
a real benefit to the community.
Nov. 27, 164
-REAL ESTATE SALES.—The store and
dwelling house of Mr. Jacob Senor, on North.
'Hanover street, in this borough, was recent
ly sold at public sale at a fraction less than
$3.000, to Mr. George Grossman.
On Saturday last the Washington Hotel
property, now in the occupancy of C. G,
Stough*, and owned by Mr. Charles Ogilby,
was sold to Mr. J. S. Steiner fur $:.•1-00.
These are regarded as good sales considering
the state of the times.•
The fitrm of David Martin in Hampden
township, comprising 12S acres, recently ad
vertised in our paper, has been sold at pri
vate sale to Mr. Satimel Eberly, of the same
township, for $1.1,000 cash, being at the rate
of about $lO9 per'acre.
The farm of Henry Baker, deceased, in
Newton township, copiising 170 acres of
limestone land, was recently sold by. Mr.
Thomas A. McKinney, Executor, at $5l an
mail named James Stewart; was arrested by
Sheriff M*Dermond, on Saturday laht, charged
with entering the house of - Samuel Westhcf.
fer, of Mifflin township, and taking from a
drawer a sum of money amounting to :200.
The burglary was committed lust Monday
two weeks, while the fattniJy was absent at
churn. Stewart was suspected at once, but
no proof. being at Laud he was not. arrested.
Subsequent developements however, point«l
him out as the supposed perpetrator of the
theft, and he has been committed to our
county jail for trial.
JonN.CLENDEimg, the newly
.elected Director of the Poor, has been sworn
into office, and entered upon the discharge of
the duties appertaining thereto. Col. C. gill
make a faithful and efficient Director. The
Board of Directors now consist of Messrs.
George Brindle, of North Middleton ; John
C. Brown, of Frankford; and John Clenden
in, of Silver,=,ls.d.
THE INA1:111;rtA1 : 1(1N.--1Ve lenril flint
tio• " Na;i, - ;nal C;:t!, ;.:,1,:p; ; ;,:.}„,, ;11 ,6
Coo ..N:,C;o:•;.1 of i‘ vino. are ma
king arraol!Yolont. , . to join in tie liti!itary es
cort of Gov. Pollock's inauguration. The
Cutlets will be 11,Fconipatiiet1 by the Valley
Saxe Mail. TlYe Carllslr Torant r . r ;
Capt, Crop, will also' probably be-pre:Tat..
nfl.k n - Ales )!AnA71:11: tIzQ seal
IFor OKI Ileralitl:
The December number opens with a fine
Engraving of "The Oath at Valley Forge"
illustrative of a memorable event, in our rev
olutionary history, to accompany Headley's
admirable Iteminisknees of Washington,
which are contintOrivith unflagging jar' ,
est,. A g-raphie4ood-cut of "Mull Pitcher
at Monmouth," and other well-executed wood
engravings, are also given ; and the literary
contents embrace a pleasing variety of poe
try, tales, biography, c'ssays, ttc., by some o'
,first writers. The •16th Volume will
commence with the January number, when
the publisUrs promise additional attractions
that will Rxceed those of any former year, and
maintain the - welbearneereputatiat of this
favorite Magazine. Pltiladelphia: H. H. See
& Co. $3 a year, including- a premiant en
graving to every subscriber who nniits the
The Pictorial Brother Jonathan, for
IChristmas and New Year, 1855, has been
kreeeived at. Mr., Piper's. It. is filled with el-
egant and amusing pictures, and contains fl
variety of seasonable reading—all fo• only
121 cts. Also, Graham's, Godey's and other
magazines, for December, with a large num
ber of new publications.
ceived this amusing advertisement; and if
any of our readers'sliould visit Boston, and
wish to purchase clothing, we would guise
them to call at Oak Hall, 32 and North
street. If some of our business men were
as energetic in advertising they would do
I'EC CO URT.'= - AIT trdiCRITITCII , Court
of Common Pleas will commence on ..lotulay
the 11th of Deceinimr, to ountioile or:y week:
Judge Fisitmt, of York, will preside. The
list of jurors is as follows, viz:
eariisle.—tinninel Holliday, David Rhorida.,
James Waggoner, Joseph W. Patton, Juhu
Pirk 60.0 n
David A. Willinno , on. John
King, Henry Line, Sterrett W. Weeds,
Samuel Coel:
Repcicell.—John - Itelimek, James Sharp, Ro
bert Elliott, W. W. Frazer.
Ifueipdcu.—John Wise.
Lower Al tem —J ac ob Comfort, Wili , am
Ctorgas . John Kaufman, sem, JytWiLoiT :
oh n I)a v i son .
lftdta n ic.y4rg.—George Bobb.
Mitt' Cumber/a Willet.
Nu/Hon.—Christopher - Au, Abraham Grove,
William McClure.
Xi/Di/He: 7 -Jan J. Diller, Peter A. Ahl.
Cornmaii, Solo-,
mon ARPOgl4t, Joseph Wetzel.
Shippensty4'—:-Samuel Dewalt, Samuel Ne
vin, C. K. Hinkle, Win. Hubley.
Si!er Spring.—Williams Parker.
Soulleanipton.—George Walters, Christopher
• Bomberger.
Upper Allen.—James Eckels, jr.
We s t t'ennsbr,rough.—Williain G. Davidson,
John Crider.
lirirtfitettirer, Master Meetanic, Profe.s.,l•lnal Mari,
3N d, every class of theeommunity has or ought have,
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FUSION seems to-have had as much to do
with tin- late elections as confusion, which has been so
much talked about. Wu de not knew anything about
polities. but we do ktinw a g. et deal about Vl. , thing, and
we can Wenn our readers that Itnekhill Love
the finest, cheapest and fashionable tti, , ertuniat or
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The circulation of the Flee d Is justly esteemed
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Many are respecting this g t essential to the enjoy
ment of perfect, health. Derangement in tio. 1.1%er and
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iVe can only mfor tho roalw ti the certll.lo.ltes: a feNt•
of ichieli oily 1 , 0 fund 111 another column, mot all of
whlrh ;try detallo,l lit full around do It I, Hit)
Hpritiv anti Fall I,k.sse!•st!,i
an influence over the 1,1,,,,(1 ten!). ivniarhal:kt,
17Ilk IZov. A. 11. Kr..tnor.
!! i.. - r •.0 ,-
ott l.v H
of r•irlide. flA1:1. , t t'VN, 41 iti liter of No.
Stiow , lleetr,
th0...r. , ( 1 inqtaid, Lyihc • 31. w 11:; 4 111 - : r;aliN t
of Nett)] 7tli4Lllttott b..., to :NIL ANN
1'0m.40 0 ,, u „h top., thir.
On 010 &not: ti4e solve Ter .1;,;',41 1,114141,:ttp,
0fP.L.14414•141. to Slits I;t:Sili•llAN,ofiltitterDie!:-.
i•o•or,. 1,411)41 !hi, •,tmiy.
Le ;th„fxs•tititt. v 1=1:4/It(II!
I.!Ni4. to I N Certt I