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    E. „BEATTY
, r
'The CNiti.istg Ill:sun is published weekly en a large
sheet, containing, 'FORTY I'OLVIRNA. WO filTilif FIAT'
Fil0 . 01 • :: at tllO rate of $1.50, if paid strictly I .It;iiiret
it . if paid within t.ho year; 44. Vln :71 /itstis 4len
2 tymunt is delayed until,after the e "iratink offtlie
year.' N., stiliseriptions-rrceired for a .ss 'tigeri.lthan
six mantis, and none discontinued until all err
are paid, unless At tth a l option 111, publisher. l'i pies
tr tl
Font to, subscribers. living out 0f Cllllll , Vrialif con rl}
must be paid ren in advaiwo, or the payment assumed
, qPOIlle Tv:TOß:nth , person living in Cumberland con 4.
. L,y. These terms will be iiiglilly adhered to In all rases. ,
Aklvortisemottts "ill I,r
char Td :ilas) per ' Square of
Ovid), lilies fl , r three ioserthdis. and 25 rents Ili each
subsequent. inpertion. All tolvertlsements of loss than
twell e lines omsidered as a square. The fidlou hut rates
will be ehar4ed Ihr Quarterly. Half Yearly and Yearly
3 Mifitlis. ( Months. 12 110nths.
1 rz.ortrii. (12 lines,) $3.00 $3.1/0 i s ' SMO
. - ).(.(1 h.iH) 12.00
1 / / Cellulnn, - - - S.t ) 12.1 , 0 1(1(10
- - - - 12.00
i ., 20.00 , 30.00
1- " • - - - 25,110 3r5.00 45.00
rikdrurtisotionts insertod before Marriages and Deaths.
-- - - • ' " ' "
p•r lino for first insertion, and 1 cents per lino
tor subs,. hest insortions. Communications on suldects
of limited or individual interest will he charged 5 cents
per lido. The Priprieter will vet be responsible in Mom
a . , e s f.,r °rows In naVertni'lllt'lltS.obituary' notices not
ioccooding; live linos, will he inserted without charge.
The. CARLISLE lignALT , .11i1V I'IIINTINIi ovrlcE is the
largest anti most comp:ete establishment in tilt:county.
Three giod Presses, and a general variety of material
suited t I' l'otin and Fancy work of evrcry laud. enables
LIS to dy. , .lia., Printing it the shortest notice and on the
most roa:onshill terms. Persons in want of Ililis.lllMiks
Or any thing In the Jobbing line, will find it theirin :
terest tngive Os a roll. Every variety of BLANKS con
..Oir All s un buAiness must Lo post-pi,' to lu
ours attimtion.
fjeiteraf tC Coca aitfoniintion
Viot• fad.). 1). il. ATCHCSON.
FOCr..l.3ry )I.I.ItCY. -
S, , rot in ND.
.tt . of Trl,O.llry—.) klfr:, 4; I T
boer , zvy of 11'ar--.11 liiISON I)
Sper, t.uv of Nary-1 v.t. C. nnitln.NL.6
Post. ,choler tieneral—.llmß ,
— tittnrorTlienerrl
.lustioo f linitt,l States 11. TINES
lieevotztry Ftnte--Cnutlr.:t BUCK.
A u7lit,r o neva] —E. 11 V 1 71.;:i.
.liutzv, thO Fuprotno Conrt —.T. S. 111.ArK. E. LEWIS,
IV. B. L.mttie.. 17. IV. ‘VOOLIW.kIID. J. C. KNOX.
COUNTY orric.mts.
Prosil^tt t .1 .I.t3lns 11. 011111 Alf
J,•i it, .1 ulges---11.n. Jahn Hupp, Samuel IVood
Dist.rkt A ttr.'rney—.Tohn . M. Sltuaivr.
Pr •t 11..n.,t10 , -6.- , 1 - 4(• Zinn.
14. ,ndor, 'ANN in.
.•,.kter—.llfrett 1,. I , l)6Tlsier.
I i,), sheriV_,), ME•Dvrtivmd: ,Deputy, James
NY id nor.
C, , tant . .• Tri,,surt. r—N. IV. W..,415.
C4 , L1 , 1 t ii )1. ;limes A rlllstrollg,
th.:11 . 40 Si. dralmtn.- Clerk to Commissioners, William
Ilik.r. •-
.it" the Poor—(irerite SheafTer. neorze Ttrin
die. Job o li. Itrown. Superintendent of Poor House—
J o seph 1, ,harp.
Banovara orrionns.
_chilli Bur Anmsraoso.:coms..,
Arai ant Burgesa—Clutries OgIlby„
Ctamill—Jahn 11. l'arkPr. tPrt•sillwit)E.
nears ‘l3ar, I. S. Eghert, Dat id Ith , •ads, l'hristiatt In
huff. J.,ha 17utehnB, Peter or, Goo. Y.. Bretz.
Clerl: tiUIIIn, -
Cmt,tal,les:—Joseph Stewart, High Coastal - Ito; Robert
Iteeartiwy. Ward ronstabla.
First Presbyterian Church, northwest angle of Centre
Square. lieu. CONWAY. I'. Wasai, Pastor.—Services every
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, A. 31., and 7 o'clock,
I'. M.
See''nd Presbyterian Church, corner of South Hanover
and Pomfret streets. No pastor at present, lint pulpit
filled by Presbyterial app.iintments. Serviceseinumence
a t 11 o' e loek, A. 31., and 7 o'clock, P. 31. '
St:Johns Church, (Prot. Episcopal) northeast angle of
centre Square. Rev. J won It. Mons.(, Rector. Services
at II ti cl o d:, A.M., and 3 o'clock. P. M. .••
English Lutheran Church. Bedford between Main and
Louther streets. Rev. .1 WWI Far, Pastor., Services
nt 11 o'clock. A. 31., and 6! 1 , , 4 o'clock, P. 31.
Gorman Ref winel Church. bonnier. between Hanover
wit Pitt streets. Rev. A. ti. KREMER, Pastor. Services
at IdAjticitek, A. M.
Methoili,CE.Clawch. (first Charge) corner of Main and
Pitt streets. Rev. S. L. M. CoNsca. Pastor, Services eat
11 o'clock. A. M., and 734 o'clock. P. M.
Methodist E. Church, - (second Charge) Rey. J. M.
,Toics. Pastor. Services In College Chapel, at 11 o'clock.
A. 31., and 5 ,'clock. I'. M.
Roman Catholic Church, Pomfret, near East street.—
Services by Rev. Mr. DoNmtoo, every second Sunday.
A Borman Lutheran 'Church is in course of erection
tai the corner of Pomfret and Bedford streets. The con
gred,ation, which has yet no stated Pastor, hold their
serviees in Education hull.
fre.Whon changes in the above are necessary the pro
per perslus are requested to notify us.
Rev. Charles Collins, Prenidont and Professor of Moral
Rev. Horman M. Johnsnn, Professor of Philosophy
and English Literature.
'James W. Marshall, Prof , ss , r of Ancient Languages.
Rev. Otis 11. Tiffany, Professor of Mathematies.
WilliaM M. Wilson, Lecturer on Natural Science and
Curator of the Moseum.
Alexander Schema, Professor of Hebrew and Modern
L-111;; ua gas.
Benjamin Arl ogast, Tutor In Languages.
Samuel IL Hillman, Principal of the tirammer School.
William A. Snlvely, Assistant in the 9 : remuntr School
DARLISI.P. DEPOSIT BANE.—Piesident, ltrelmrd Parker;
Gushier, Win. M. Drama ; Clerks, Henry Sturgeon; Jos.
Hoffer. Directors, Richard Parker, William Kerr, John
Zug, Henry Saxton, Samuel Wherry, Jacob Lethy, John
s..Storret.'ileury Logan, Robert Moore,
. VALLEY ItUL ItoAD Com PAN V.—President,
Frederick Watts •', Secretary and Treasurer, Edward M.
Biddle; Superintendant, A. V. Smith. Passenger trains
twice a day Eastward, leaving Carlisle at 10.19 o'clock,
A.M. and ;3.10 o'clock, P. M. Two trains every day West
ward. leaving Carlisle at 9 o'clock, A. M: and 2..19), P. M.
Clituse.s lice ANTI WATER' COMP NY.—Presldent, Fred
wick Watts; Secretary, Lemuel Todd; Treasurer,
H. Deelem; Directors, F. Watts; Richard Parker, Lemuel
Todd, Wm. M. Beduin, Dr. W. W, Dale, Franklin Gard
ner, Henry Glass.
IiETTGIL 1 O3TAGE.—Post3go on nil letters of one-half
•tture weight or under, 3 runts pre-paid. or 5 cents un
paid, (except to California and Oregon, which are 6 cents
pre-pald, er la cents unpaid.)
NEWSPAPESS.—Postage on thu 11611iLn—within the
•Wnty, race. Within the State 1:1 rents per year. To
part of the United States, 26 cents.
Postage on all transient papers' under 3 ounces In
*might, I cent pre-paid u 2 cents unpaid. '
ery .10.40.11ition of [Poi< Printing oxeueted
not '•o ati.l - on l - 0:1',111110e LOVIIIS. •
-1 -
HERE.:2;i) A i\`f } P
_ - 1
(For tilt. Herald:l
This association has been organized in
Dickinson township, by the narno of the
"Savannah Debating Society," and its meet
ings held in the Savannah school house.,
It has for its sole object the free discussion
of any subject that may be brought before It
in the proper manner, and which shall be
agreed upon by the participating members
as a suitable , subject for open debate.
This society held its first 'meting, October
11filo.and was permanently organized by the
election of the following officers : SAMUEL
MYERS, President ; Geo. W. Leidigh, Score
tttry ; James White, Treasurer.
A Constitution and Ity-laws, drawn up by
Samuel Myers. Jas. Lee and John Leo, who
ha I been appointed a committee forthat pur
pose was also submitted and adopted.
The present flourishing condition of the
soriety,- 2 mimbering - thirtydive rerttlar- infun :
hers, shows that notch interest lots been man
ifested its prosperity by the cummunit,.
TeEqn.ty EvEsiNc, Nov: 21st. 1851
Society met according to appointim nt, mid
'was called to order by the President. The
proceedings of the last meeting well; reudiiv
the secretary and adopted. In pursuance
with the requirements of the constitution, th e
treasurer made the first monthly report, which
showed the flourishing, condition of this de
partment'of the society.
On motion of (leo. \V. Lcidigh, Win. P.
Stuart, Walter S. l'effcr, SeariLdu,
Tames W. Petrel., were ad mitted to member
ship. -
The President now proeeeded to the ap
pointment of judges, to decide upon lie
merits of die agreements produced in debate ,
this evoning, 111141 Thomas Lee, jr., Alfred F.
Leo and John W. Huston, wore appointed to
that duty.
The subject adopted by the society at its
last meeting, viz:
fieso/reil. That character influencessoeiety
more-than wealth, was now brought up and
discussed with much warnith by John Lee;
and Dr. Win. G. Myers, up the affirmative
James Lee, (ie.irge W. Leidigh, on the nega
tive. The decision of th , 9 .l .4,tulges was given
in favor of the ntlirmatiYe.'
On motion of John Lee, the following was
adopted as the subject for discussion at the
next meeting of the society.:
lie:foleed, That war has caused more mis
ery than intemffrance.
On motion of 0. W. Leidigh, Pe.volred,
That a general invitation Ile extended to the
ladies to attend the future meetings of
society, Adopted.
On motion of James Lee, Remdred, That
the proceedings of this society be published
in the "Hoy/id - and -Democrat" newspapers
of this county.
On tootioU, the Society adjourned to meet
Tuesday,evening, NoveMlier 2tith.
SAMUEL M YR ES, President.
PA,—Condelins Herren, of Fulton township,
Lancaster county, Pa., was arrested on Sat
urday last, on the charge of killing a colored
woman, and his own child, and nearly killing
his wife. The Lancaster Inland says - :
It is 'stated that 'Herron was in the habit
of getting - intoxicated ocensionally, when he
became a furious monster, and that he was
on a "spree" of this kind when he commit
ted this murder. Ile first attacked his wife;
'a colored woman ,of the neighborhood pass
ing by, came to her assistance, when he 11111
upon and killed her, then retrning to the
work of murdering his wife and children.—
His wife was living at the last accounts,.but
it was Expected she would not survive her
Herren lives about one mile from Peach
Bottom, and , is supposed to have been in a
fit of mania a potu, when ,he committed the
murders. The name of the colored woman
killed is Chloe Stout. Ilis child died on Sa
turday evening. Ile says that he also killed
Sampson Beneton, and threw hitalnto a cel
lar or well.
In a postscript the same paper states that
Beneton has been found - severely, but ,not
Ilerren, since his
Committal, bap become a raving maniac.
Post Mee Robberies have been detected
at Baltimore and New York. At the former
place,,W. H. Martin, principal distributing
clerk in the City post office 'fiw twenty rears
past, has
. been detected 'in- robbing a letter,
.means of one of the usual decoy letters.
'.l he letter and money were found in his house,
which was extravagantly furnished. At, New
York, James Fitzgibbon, a night clerk, has
been arrested on a charge of
. purloining va
rious honey packages' passing through the
put of
pilfer fur flit
The steamship Canadian arrived at Port
land, Maine, yesterday. The 'report from the
seat of war is that the fire from the allied
batteries had raged' Po'rts Quarantine and
Constantine, while several other forts were
stated to be demolished and the town of Se
bastopol on fire in several places.' A shock•
ing railroad catastrophe occurred yesterday
on the Harlem railroad at 58th- street, New
York. A passenger train front White Plains
come in collision with a freight tra,in belong.
ing to the New !Laren company, and fifteen
persons were injured, several of them fatal
ly. The Rev. Horatio Potter was ordained as
Provisional Bishop of the Him;ese of Now
York yesterday. with solemn . mid imposim ,
ceremonieS. The U. S.. sloop of war Allmny
it is Itarc,l is lost, no nowshaving been heard
of licr since sle• lift Aspinv.all fir home, two
months since. 7i. W. Johnson lots been elee•
ted U. S. Senatorl . rion Ark:ins:is
trash thr •1111 of NNI*CII 111•Nt. A snow s to rm
took place yesterday in parts of New Yuri.,
and Nov England.
Yetsterdav was Thanlotgivin , dav in Penn
svlvaitia, New Jersey.. Delaware, Maryland
and several of the southern States, and was
very generally observed with great propriety.
A despatch yesterdity from New York says
that a Mr. Candoe, the paying teller of the
American Exchange Bank in that city, has
been detected in embez,tling titl:ts,ooo of its
funds, or in other words certifying cheeks to
that amount for irre.iponsihle parties. Can
dee is said to Le a wed known —lThst
and was a largtr spee,dator iii rea l
The Bank it is said have Inuit's. Mortgß,ros,
:ld other property placed in tin hands by
Candee, which are worth $161,000, so
that their loss may not be very hea:Ay. Yes
terday manning also a Post. (Mice clerk in
the same city was caught in the act of rid'
Ling the letters passing through his hands.
One of the deputies-had previously suspected
.him RIO
. I*.plaus to, catch, inm.ttecorti
i,ne:y. rlis name n4..Fitzgiblions, and he was
placed in the' custody of the U. S. Marshal.
The steamship Canada arrived at Boston
yesterday. The news from the seat of war is
that Sebastopol holds out stoutly, that the
allies had met with an iMportant check, and
that they had not made much progress in the
bombardment. Yesterday the steamship Can
itda in going to Boston while "below - came in
collision with the steamer Ocean, striking
her midships. The latter Cook fire and her
boiler exploded, doing great damage to the
ship and causing the loss of a numlier of
lives. Another attempted abduction has oc
curred at Boston. The victim, a young Irish
girl who had renounced the Romitdi faith
7 -
and resided with a Protestant family, was in
veigled away by the aid of her sister and de
tained in Charlestown, but was subsequently
discovered and rescued. In the ease of Dr:
Beale in Philadelphia, a 11(4 trial was yes
terday refused in the Court. lie will be sen
fenced in a few dayii. The steamship George
Law, arrived at New York, from California
yesterday, , with $1,568,000 in gold. The
news is unimportant. The gold millers were
getting along prosperously.
The steamship Baltic arrived at New York
on Saturday night, with tour days later loud.
ligence of the most interesting eharact;l. from
Europe,,the details of which will be found in
another column. David S. Reid, Democgt,
has been elected U. S. Senator from North
Carolina, to succeed Mr. Badger, whose term
expires with the present Congress - A man
named Gray has been arrested in New York
charged with throwing vitriol on lady's dresses
in the streets. He confesses the crime and
says he did it to punish evil-doers. He is
thought to he insane. The Pottsville Water
Works are completed, and the water Whs in
troduced into the borough, on Saturda:i'.' A
despatch from Cincinnati reports the money
market as quiet.
Mr. Piatt, Secretary of Legation at Pciris i
arrived in Washington yesterday, with des
patches. Intelligence by him states at the
date of the sailing of the Baltic, the British
government had later, atdvices from the }Alt
of vat., and Of a Much more disastrous tenor
than What has been Made public. Another
defalcation by one of the 'tellers of the Na:
clonal Bank of New Yorh, was reported yes
terday, to the amount of $70,000." 'The bills
of the Merchants Bank of Bridgeport, New
Jersey, we're refused by the New ork brok
ers yesterday. The Cotnmercial Branch
Batik of Ohio, at Toledo, cloSed its doors
TuuRsDAY Nov. 23
FRII) \v, N)v. 21
SATußn.ty, Nov. 25
Mc N DAY,27. -T
TUESDAY, Nov. 28
The Bombardment of Sebastopol !
Terrible and most Sanguinary
NEW YonK, Nov. 26.--LThe American
steamer Baltic Arrived at Sandy Hook last
night at twelve o'clock, having Towle another
splendid voyage. t•;lic rekhud th e c ity thi s
morning at nine bringing Livcrpoid
dates to the - 15th instant, 6riue four days
lAiter than the advises reel ived per steamer
Tile 111'WS arrival is extremely in
The report of Iho mr,ssacre of the -Eng
lish Light Cavalry - 111)1er Loral Canligan is
mainly confirmed. Thor ehar , e(l liussian
hillier)' of :in gulls awl lost .100 oily
.200 ruttirill,l!
Since this alrilf there luts 17)een inces:ant
and most sanguicfinry fighting. The allied
armies are almost overmatched and most nr
.gl.:llt requests have been sent home for in- .
stunt relief mid fresh ruinforcements. Fifty
thousa-d Frenchmen aro to be instantly sent,
and every aynilable stommir is taken up at
...n.rland, including- the Europa', Alps, dinli
amt, York and .others, to hurry for , ,kard
tine much nee led relief to th.e Crimea.
On the - -Ith of >ls,vember there was a most
sanguinary engagement, and on the .sth a
terrtble combat, including a s or ti e an d frp- ne .
rad assault upon the allied army by thel'us
..ians, under Mensehikoll. Thu bat
tle lasted from darhre:.k till. -I o'clock, P. M.
Bath sides claimed the victory'. The, I:tis.
shuts stormed several batteries and silenced
ile guns.
The loss of the allies is set down at 5,000
n en, and the loss of the Russians at 5,000.
The Cznr's-two sons were in the battle.
On the following day the liattl • vies re
sumed by the itussians, the res , of which
W 041.110 JSUQWI4, ,
The 'allies were preparing to storm the
torts before the RtiSsinms should have time
to recover their kisses. A practicable breach
has been effeeted in their line.
Russia with a view of complicating the
negotiations, notifies that she will treat di
rectly with Austria and Prussia on the foto.
The war news •is exciting the most pro
found attention and anxiety in England and
France. •
Lord Raglan and Marshal Caurobert had
sent the most urgent demands for reinforce
ments, and great haste was manifested to
meet them.
Seven first class steamers had been taken
up fur instant and others were wanted.
The steamer Alps sailed on the 11th for
Toulon to embark French troops, and the
stellate'. Europa would go to Kingston on the
18th. Various other steamers were also un
der orders.
The disastrous result of the battle of the
20th at Balaltlava to the English, is eon
firmed, though it is not quite so bad as at
first represented. It was all owing to the
misconstruction of an order front the com
mander-in-chief. Lords Luban and Cardigan
rode the light horse over a plain a mile and
a half in length, and exposed to the cross
fire, full at a Russian battery of 3,0 guns.—
The attempt was irtadness and the result de-
Of tlf`r men only 198 returned,
and these must also have been destroyed but
for the magnificent charge to their rescue . by
the heavy dragoons, and the brave stand of
the Hishlanders, which redeemed the day.
Vienna the prevalent opinion was that
aclew 'ore such victories as these claimed
by the allies on the 4th and sth will compel
them to raise the seige. ap
pears to
_be of the same opinion, tier in his
despatch to Prince Paskiewich he 'says; "It
will be impossible for the allies to continue
the seige—and I will continue to harrass
them without intermission "
Clanrobert had assured the French govern
ment that the RussiansVero so weakened in
the atlitir of the sth, that for days to come
they would not be in a condition to resist an
assault upon the town, and that ho means to
make the attempt.
It appears; according to the English ac
counts, that the Russians went forth and at
tacked the English position before Sebasto
pol on the sth of Nov. A terrible battle
ensued, which lasted a whole day. The
lighting was intense. A • constant roar of
cannon was kept up' froni"varlfmernitig un
til night. The Russians are ruorted to have
lost eight thousand in killed and wounded,
and• the allies, by their own. statements, live
thousand. The field was _literally covered
with heaps of dead and eying, presenting a
derrible,siOt. Several prothiaent officers on
both sides were slain. The krt. - , Whig of the
innw ,, lintotv alter. The
French, howeer, repulsed the enemy with a
lass of 1,000 wounded.
- The Russian accounts say that. ‘thev.erip
tared one of the enennies',halTeries and spik
ed their guns, and Chat in the last engage
thent the French were repulsed with tremen
dous slaughter. •
Soliostopol still held nut manfally, and was
gradually i, re-Qitiorced.
The iievounts altogether shale at the
in the engagement's nliove men-
Coned, had decidedly the advantage and
rano . Best, and that. the allies are much
-weri!“.ned, and in an extruthely perilous C6ll
The allies are 'undoubtedly in an unenvia
ble and dangerous position. So ranch so
that they see the r eeeshity of immediate re•
inf , .rcetnents. Despatches have been ser.t
to England and France for supplies of troop.:.
for which purpose all available means of
transport have been called into requisition.
Every ship that could be had, including the
Cunard steamer Europa, has been chartered
to convey troops to the Crimea.
NO. 13.
n tenje, Niety Prevails throng.hnut Eng
land and France in reft:renve to the uncer
tain and critical condition of their armies at
S,l.astbrol. It is ex ident that tl.cre ar e ti•ar
fal apprili.-n,itiris as to their ultimate fate.
There are many who, think the allies arc in
a v e iJ .• c riti n al position, and that a seriou s r e : -
puls e or tottil deti:at mavdo them.
Jt i now stated that Russia has signified
her.sillimfness to heat with Austria on the
basis of the four condition:4. This, however,
it is I clicved, i only int,:miod to sever Aus
tria fr ,, ta tic Western
A IfuirN la•twa .Instria and lies' is r, main
a a, / at previous accounts. The Czar
has made no euneessions and will not n u n e
In On II friar position. No movement of
active Lt;<ti'itics, however, hats taheu plate.
Affair, 4.‘ in Asia, Ivor,'
‘rithoot Total) ilayrvat. Ornor l'a , ;!!a
la• v rai ing to
,V,"j tIAL unamy
iirst upportuiii!).
a1 . 1 . 1.111W, 11'1 )1/1 Iltuezary r'eprusent ti ti
iwople there ai ripe and :.uxion< for rk.bel
li(m. "l h. v are impatient t,) join the
Poland, AN as also mach agitated and arkx
ions to unite vrith the allies:
It is I)eli4 tsol that Austria will eventiitilly
join Russia. Her lin.teineiits are,vitnred
Avith wakeCtil hy England awl
lin in Spain wert ninth agittol—and
a rupture of the Spanish Callinet was likely
to take place. Indeed slant. repo:tell that
it hafl alr(ady_oecurred.
BreadAhrs were duller. Flour declined
(;(1 per barrel. Corn declined Gil per ( , lartc.r.
and. Wheat declined 2d per bushel.
UNeunnENT Nosey.—For the information
of our readers we present below a list of
bunk:: recently hrohen, discredited or sus
pended. In aildition we may add the
Stock Hanlis of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan
and Wisconsin money generally do nut pas: ,
as currency:
Lewis County Bank of New Ydrk.
Carthage do • do
Milh•ose N't do
Drovers do do ,
Bank of Dome do do
Irk c f Carincl do do --
Ogdi•usburg da do •
Exchange Bunk, Buffalo, N. Y.
Farmers' Joint stook Bank, Buffalo, N.
Patchin Bank, Butlhlo-
Eighth _\ venue Bank, N. Y.
Knickerbocker Bank. N. Y.
Farmers' Mechanics' Bank, Oswego.
hank of Canntulaigurt.
and :‘terchantS' 11 . k, Maryland
" Memph is.
Merchants' Bank of Nlat•on, Georgia.
Milford Bank, - Delawure.
Merchants' Bank, Burlington Vermont.
River Bank, Connecticut.
Cumberland Batik, Maine.
Kentucky Trust. Co. Bank, Covington, K:.
Newport Safety Fund.
Commercial Bank, Paducah, Ky.
Trans•Allogliony Bank, Virginia.
Kanawha Bank.
Massillon Bank, Ohio.
Ohio Savincs lnstitute, Tiffin.
Cochituate Rank, Boston.
Bunk or West f(illingly, Connecticut.
Bank of Ellsworth, Maine,
Bank of Circleville, Ohio.
Clinton Bank of Columbus, Ohio.
City Bank
Canal Bank of Cleveland, - Ohio.
Mipni Ilank,llayton, Ohio.
W-bodbury Bank, Conn.
Shipbuilders' Bank,
Novem b. 2 , l.—The National
Xnow Nothing Convention which has been
.1 session in this city for the lust two weeks,
;ill adjourn to morrow. Every State in the
Juion was fully represented. Among the.
;.Iore prominent delegates who have been in
ttendanee. are Messrs. Clayton, of Delaware;
of New York; Broom and Conrad, of
'hiladelphia, and Ltunsden, of New Orledhs.
The utmost harmony has prevailed in the
'onvention. It is understood that important
ha nges have been made in the constitution,
new ritual adopted, and a thorough change
lade in -the passwords. The Presidential
• nestion has not been before the Convention
MA unit:D.—Miss Narcissa, E. Mudge, the
Outig lady of whose ravishment while under
..te'intluenee, of ether t Stephen T. Beale, a
'lentist, stands convicted, was married 'on
Tednesdav Grace Chureh. PhilaW
hie, to Mr-Chtirk•S TOuchi,loiThn„
cUE JNUflE—.cc.c