Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, November 15, 1854, Image 5

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1 Great American Triumph I
8,, ,, r05, Nov. 13.—The election for Cov
ert,,:', :hate officers, member,: O f the l i ttisla•
titre Congres3ional reprosentati es in
this : , •tate takes irlace to -day. 17p to noon
the ..iher has been very stormy aunt
ceed.n. iv unfavorable for Go.
bero•lt , rial eamlidates are :—For Governor
t Bi 41101), 1101111)Crat,i Emery \Vasil
; Gardner, know-nothing ; 111111
11'ils m, lice-soil. For Liciltenaul Governor
L'aieb Stetsen, democrat, and NV in. C. Plun
kett, whig.
BosvoN, 13.—Returns from nearly
all the chief towns, as Car as received, are of
one complexion—immense Know-Nothing
majorities. Boston elects to the Legislature
forty-fonr Know -Nothing Representatives
six - Senators, being the fill ticket. Lowell
elects ten Know-Nothing Revresentatives.—
Lawrence gives Gardner, for * Governor, 1,135
majority, and all the other candidates ofAhe
same party 312 majority. Daurell, Banks,
Comings and Burlingame, all Know-Noth
ings, itre•undoubtedty elected , to Congress. ,
The general opium is that the party have
swept the State, and that Gardner is elected
13os - rox, -
Nov.. 13,10 cpci• is univeTs•
ally conceded here. that the" Know- Nnthings
have swept the State, In the Ninth. District,
Dewitt ; in Second, Buffington; and in the
Sixth, Davis, all Know-Nothings, are elected
to Congress.
An immense proceAsion of Know-Nothings
is paraling Ilse streets, although his raining
in torrents. Rockets aro being' set off from
the Bee and Traveller offices, and the city is
ttil ~with enthusiasm. Gardner, the Know-
Nothing candidate inrAtuYernor,.has 9.00 y in the towns thus far beard from,
and is undoubtedly elected by the people..
A I.ILtNT, Nov. 13.—Claric, the whir can
didate d'or,Goveruur, is probably elected. The
Argus foots up the returns for to-morrow's
issue as
CI a itk, (whig•,) 129,10 H
Set iii nu•, (dem.,) • -1 9 8,7.5 9
These returns do not include Clark's esti
mated ajori tieS' in Fulton, I ram ikon: S'clutii
ectaiiy and Tompkins counties, which added
to tie above, give Clark a total majority of
VIZ - Evergreen Cemetry, 'at Gettysburg.,
PIL.; W:LS 9pUlled lust Tuesday, with appro
Frstos seems to have had as much to do
with the Late elections as confusion, o Welt hits been so
wola talked about. We do-not know anything about
Ixditio. but Redo know a good deal about clothing, and
we eau Inform our readers that Rockhill & Wilson hate
the 'Most, cheapest and most fashionable assoit
gentlemen's garments to be round anywhere.
:%litaniacturer, Master Mechanic, Frofessikmal Man, in
deed, every class of the community has or ought to have
nywe or Ives to do with the advertisingeolumns of news
papers. Now •Is the time for the trader particularly, to
show his Niels. Everybody Is on the look-tut for in
ter goods. Therefore, take advantage of the engine rea
dy to spead you on to fortune:and advertise.
!lave' you a House or Farm to Let or Sell? Advertise!
Do you want a House or Farm? Advertise? In, you
want Board or Boarders? Advertise! Have you Lost
anything? Advertise! Have you Found ans thing?
Advertise! UM anything gone Astray? Advertise!—
Ito you wantllelp I Advertise! Do you want a Clerk ?
Advertise! Do you Want a Situation? Advertise Dry'
Heads Dealers, Tailors, Vlothiers, Shoe Mater, Fancy
Oomis•Dealera, flatters, IFurnishing-Store Keepers, and
every lady else, desirous of handling the nimble six
pensu—do you want Customers? Advertise!
Liz - - The circulation of the blood is justly esteemed
the greatest ordination of Divine Prot idence: by that
heating engine, the heart, it is tiri's en to all ports u 1• the
system, giving vigor and strength to the complicated
machinery of man. This living flood, whether we sleep
or is Ake sallies briskly through the arteries and ryturns
tently through the veins. lb,w necessary that it should,
be kept free from all impurity, and yet how negligent
many are respecting this great essential to time enjoy
ment of perfect health. Derangement 111 the Liver and
Nerves is generally the mintary eanse: anti ant.ntice,
Indigestion, and .ell the harrassing feelings attending
Dyspepsia, which makes life a burthen result frtm it.—
liulehle would rapidly follow suicide, if there was no
cure. No one would suffer long, if ho is able to obtain
; btittb, of lloolland's celebrated German Bitters, pro
hy Dr. C. SI,. Jaclown, Philadelphia, they rarely
fall to affecting a permanent cure.
DrsPErslA.- 11 has been the study of Phy
icians, to discover some remedy for this most distressing,
e anplaint. Whether they have been successful, remains
for the suffers to say. There are, In this country, hun
dreds of thousands who are suffering from indigestion,
prldahly, in most cases, alined by their own Imprudence
in living. To these we Would say try Myers' Extract of
Rock Rose. It has cured, and will cure, the worst, and
most obstinate cases of Dyspepsia, and all Its concomb '
tants—Costiveness, Slek-headache, Heartburn, Flatulen
cy, 'Acidity, &e. See the following certificates:
flee. ]lams—Dear Sir—ln the winter of 7547-8,
suill.redtheyOnd description with Dyspepsia, and n train
o f e ther.evils dependent on It. 1 11m1 spy!! ed-te Vttrinus;
Doctors, laid a number of nostrums had been recommell
awl to no purpose. I procured and used two bottles of
your V.4:troct of Rock lines and found almost Immediate
relief, so much so, that I have - used no othe medicine
since, and in fact, I ran find no other, which in my deli
berate opinion, can bear comparison to yours.
And In all eases, when I have the opportunity,
counnemiyour Extract, as standing first overldi others.
LA all who are thus afflicted try it, and find what I
have found.
Truly Yours, GEO. B. CONKLIN
West MorWon, Conu.
• •
on filo 211 iuet., by the Roy. A. °won Mr. WILLIAIS
BOCK' to Miss MARY ANN BRANDT, 1.,0th of this co.
TtinEs.—The first of a course of Leeturos f r,tho
• benefit of the wrotoo Co mpauv."
--3.P 1 1 . t--. he delivered at MAU 11.11,I„ ot , Um:-
nil Noveml , er
fret', T I t ,
Tieketa, admitting three persons to the eto , o
(of Eix Lek tures) - •- -
Single Ticket for the Colum- - 61 Column
64 " 'to each Lecture - !?;
Tor tie attlvo door on the tu ti evoninvd the I , cc.t
two, Duane open at (1 1 „' i i dock, Lot ore to cortuniliee
at 7. [tow 15
. . . _ _
TAK L N(Yrl(ll;;,—That aIL pprsthls
enlnmmonowr, inid Ulm In
ivant of than', van gtit supplied pith Rolvus and
I..pllus, t.'offoi
liv,•q.itdt , I; '
. .
New Ilhoertisemeitts.,
pt,T B !AC SA 1,143.-1 n purtutricii a the
m ill of .1 oma. Sellers. late of DiehillSell town
ship. Cumberland vonnty, de,rused. 1 ,rill expose. to
mildir sale at cEsTREVILLE on SATURDAY, the 'id
day of DECEMBER, 1N54, A TR Alf 01 , LAND, late
the property of the said .It,shuit Sellers. situate in Dick-
Inson bur !Ishii). about V/. miles south , of Centreville.
bounded by lands of - William .. , nriver, Tien net \\ carer.
Thos. C. Miller and Samuel Cope, containing; ;ll ACRES
more or less. all but :limit 4 acres ( which
. ~..,„ , arc covered with Cul, lag voim timber.)
444 k • being cleared and in a h 4. 1 ., state liflail. -
4 li - i•
. N .,„ , 4 . ‘11.1013.
't ^,, , ''.... Tint improvements conSiSt lir im ex, 7 ,4-
;*-4,....:.4.4 ; .1. , Z.‘1, tr:' lent Two :-;tary 1, a! BOISE, with a
well of water at the door, a FRAME BARN. M mtou
Shed and (10111 Crib. together With a ithirkataith Sialp.
WaSh House, and other out-buildings. all of which UM
nearly new.
There is also a fine ORCUA RD of thris ing young fruit
treed adjoining the house.
Any person desirous of viewing the premises ran hare
an opportunity of doing so by calling on the subscriber
at his residence in Mill Town, fl ou t when! any other in
formation respecting the propel ty Call i.e had. ,
Sale toCalbllaltlVP at 1 Wehlirk, P. ..%I.„ of said day.
when attendance will be . given and terms made known
Nov. 11, ltif,itsn Executor of Joshua totters.
fATE—Under an order of stile fmw the Orphans
Court of Cumberland county. the undersignoi ii ill ex
pose ht public sale on tho premises on Tul'icsDAl, the
th of December nex t. ul 11 oclock, A. M., the following
described property, Lite part of the real estate nil ilenry
Rienaliangh, dor'd.
No. I.—A TRACI' OF LAND In Franitfora township,
centaining TW ENTY-rii.X Et. 3 and eight perches,
strict mearinie. ibounded by John Heiser, Jacob Carl,
Leonard Min tacit end others.
No. 2.—A TRAIT OF sLATE LAND in t h e same
township, beiinded by other land ef Henry IticFabaugh,
Frohabik Zeigler, David Bloser. and the above mention
ed tract, containing Ft litTY-Fl Ai RES. nine or lean.
*lda (met can conveniently be divided into two parts.
one containing alsott 81) mei the Allier about 18 acres,
,and mill be add separaNr together to suit purcha
semi. It is ail under fence; oti about two arms of it Is
in timber. .
'l'vrins mode known on cloy of solo.
Ex.r. of 11. Iticiarl nu h, dec'd
Nov, 15, ISsntent
--- 0 s 111 NEW GOODS un
derdgned is now opening in the store mom of William
lA.onivrd. on the corner of I lanorer and !outlier streets,•
ip the Borough of Carlisle, a large and general assort
ment of siTAVI.E AND FANCY 1/ItY•0001/8., embrac
ing alinest every I:thd and variety of goods adaatod
thls—market; - thgetherwith - ali -assortmont—ottlithi_7ll,_
It I ES. Ills stock having been nearly all purchased within
the last two weAs. hovers will have the advantage of
selecting from a Eft Elifl I"TI ('K. as well as of the late
decline ha the price of many at tidos. Ile will be happy
to exhllit his goods to nil tiltnuty favor loin with a
call, and pledges himself to sell every article as buy, or
lower than they can be purchased elsewhere.
Carlisle, Nov. 15, 1554.'
1)1.11>LIU SA LE.—By virtuo of an
(inter of the Orphans' Court, I win soli at the
Court Homo in Carlisle. ouS the Pith day of
0,,,,mb0r next. at 2 oclocli, M..\ ritANIE
with about (IS ACItI 7 . of grianal iittachod, late
.1:lilt-he property of John ',optima.
This property Iles about for miles west of (!iir
qc, on the State Road. near Plainfield. Audis now in
re occupancy 'Joseph Conner.
'OI.IIIS wishing to porch:not can examine the property
ire the day of sale. Timms N 1 111 bo.neide known by
ACOII It 11l 111,Eit.
IF, 1854 ts,
will Lo di,,,,„ra or at Private sale those two well
tlulolwd MOCK HOUSES Mutated In Louther
street near Ikatford. They are in good repair, and
every way worthy the attention of any person Wish
ing to purchase a home.
Also. a HOUSE to let. M:session given the first t t
January. S. ELLIOTT.
Carlisle, Nov. 13, Igf4-...1t
ESTATE (llrJill' %I Iln—
C - HlSED.—Notlec , Is 'tomb) , given that letters of
administration with the will annexed, on the estate of
Jahn Hale, late of Newton township, Cutulsorland eoun
tv),--fdato of Pennsylvania. deceased, have this day Ismn
sand by the Register In and fur said county, to the rnh.
:enter who ropthles in Newton township all,lllSald. All
persons having claims or demands against the (•state of
the said decedent are requested t.,; make know a the same
Without delay. and tin , se IndWebte ILLI d
AM SM to make payment to
A din'r• a Ith the Will linnexel.
Nov. 15, 1f::4-1
J_ hens of Cmlisle and vicinity aro respectfully s
licied to attend Divineservice on Thursday, the 2.:id
inst.. at 11 o'clock. A: M. It beinr tho day deshnitttod
by Ills Excellency. liovernor Ithler, for public. ThanVO
giv ing throughont this l'onitnonweafth. ;zorrices In the
Methodist Episcr pal Church by Rev. Mr. WiNc, and In
the Lutheran I•:eungelioal Church, by Rev. Mr. Comtt.
lty order of the l'it. , ,tors of the Churches In Carils..e.
r r 14.1 AC II F.ll S', NST IT U'l' 31 EET,
_LI NO.—The Connnitteu niqeJluted to make arrange
ments for tho permanent orzanizati rn of n Tettarni"
I nstrinte, is requested t... 1 meet at the put ”IC.
G. Stough. in the borough of Carlisle, on SATURDAY,
the ISth of Nnvetnher, inst. at 10 o'cl,)ek. A. /.1. •
'rho following named pers.ins constitute tho Commit
tee, vim: It. liorgns. J. 0. Hail, T. H. Uri
son. IL 3. Williams, Jatne4 Laverty, J. P. Hummel, U.
Swartz. J. Magi:m.l. V. It. Heber, A. ('athcart, 1). K. No
el, .3: Moore. 11. G. hum,. .1. Maxi, W. MeLau.ll3ln,
Morrett, S. Plank, F., Esq. 3. NIIISOIII3II, E.-Corn
:owl, J. / 0 . Downing, I). Ecltels. A. Sosior. .1. IL ISlt'Cart
ney, A. Lautherton, L. Mordort, It. .W1),..15; (I. 'N. Lot.
dlgh, W. Cavanagh. T. Maurice, It. Boar, intnes, L.
Williams,ll. J, AleCandlish, J. Oillasylo, J. I). Lackey,
Oraeoy, C. Snoko, 0. V. Kelley, 11. Matter, J. M.
Means.,3. P. Rhoads, 3. Kelso, J. P. Itebuck, T. P. Blair,
W. It, P. S. Artz, 0. W. Reynolds, A. 31ellsralu,
S. 3lctinw, S. NV. Sbuloubargor.
ItteTol.lB of thig illgtitution, will lie held on the TII,IR
ItIONDAY, (20t11) NOVI:MBE:14 inst., at the Bankil
[tome, between the hours of 10 A. M., and 2 P. M.
Nov. 8,165 Ito WM. M. BEETEM. Cashier.
_A lilts, )Eci).—Notice is hereby given that letters
of administration oa tho estate of Mary Ann,
into of the borotr4li of Carlisle, Entula3rland county. deed.
have boon granted b.y. the Ite_tister of said county to the
attleteribor, residing tp the lii nth of Ilartisloutv. Dau
phin county. All persons knowing themselves indebted
to s.tid estate are requested to nut!, immediate pay=
moat, and those boing elates to present them Gtr im
mediate settlement to
Nov K (It (IEO. BERGNER, liarrisiturg, Pa., Admr.
_A nEcinz,l.D.—Notice is hereby given that ladders
'estamentary on tho estate of Christian Forrer, bite of
IlpPer"Allen to'rnship,Cumberland county, deed., have
been granted by the Register of said county to the sub
scribers residing In the same township. Verßons indebt
ed to Said Mitittu are requested to make dimaildlate pay
ment and those
. haVing claims to present them for
tlement to
;1(MIN r 'cr/ N IM A ND, )
EXOCUtOrfi. '
TON AS MI 1.1.111., ‘ -
Nov. t, 1555...4-It i o. . , ,
j - ) LAT I) C ASI.I IMEr , .I :*, &t.;.—'flie sub
• h.,1.11 •I' 11+1,, jll !•t 0 1 1, !MA. rt vil..ioty of Plahlt; and
at roluved prlees
iLOAK TICLINININGS.--:-Jurit opened
great variety of Chalk alai Prva:i
Alt*, Ch.vihlogs, with a variety of N\ Inivr iloods
Nov, l . G, V. urrsEn.. •
1 - (l'rs, 13E(11 41S.—Just received
amtltor'lo(uf Cho4l) 1 11egeti. 1).4“1 , :tm and Par
amel I tiovl;,j O. W. WINER.
1)110(11A IA YNtiir SI lAW I,S—Just
,t A.'I"I'.ENTION ALL! 31.1T1'11,0P()L-,
_iv AN til'EN(!lLEs,—Cheap—Spedy---itild
ziatasfaetorv, , utility, rather than novelty, beim( the
standard of excellence among t h e lIIVCIII.4.IIII'S of the day.
I shall he Meased intrtaltam to the Know Nothings.
&DOW lioniethings and Know the Metropolitan
Stencil Plate, for marking Linen, Clothini ' , or Ml
with DaA,is Co's. SuperiorSuperior l iidel:tible Ink, in a' neat.
expeditious and ehettp manner.
sti , ,irtlier will wait upon the eitieetis of Tallish ,
the comitm; week to iiieeivo coders for the above useful
mtielvs, w hidli have revel Vett the universal ;wpm , -
had of of th awl heenine an OM-
Vellig.llev wittainair introduced,
't II orthas tt arranted, and those who feel
to 11,11" orders nt l'arsoit's Monsi in Mouse Mittel, e. ill
meet with prompt attention
Nov h, lsO4
Q I , ', 1 41,1 NI I ()FP ;Vl' ( 1 O 'T. 13 AR-
k:7 (;AINS: I;.IIZGAINS!—The sul,s,ril,or 1110.11(1111 , 4
t.r,llll q ui:ilt business oilers his entire 'st,ek .1 - It, Il ITS,
~. SI itiES ANDIi A IL:NS. .I'l' COST! Ms stock
?' t i is now. made of the best materials. and by the
• ' host werhiti , :ii in the eities. Th ise cle,:initi, nf
;41'euring good bariains hail hotter not let tills
opportunity slip. 8 they 1118 y 1114. again have the eininee
of sec tring sin:ll bargains as m e now laer them.
Nov ti W. Sli %LIMN.
(1(1U ICI' f, E.-W ill
()It Pll A
hy_tlrder of the -Orphans tort. nit
UItIIAY,thn 2/11;tlay of 1a.4.1 -7 17ti11 , r , -. 111.\ . I'S elelnek,
noon of said ttt the ltlattstoti farm of the late Sam
uel Muntina, tit then Pototshora t,4.tvileltip, Cunt
land collitty, Pennsylvania, the fellowing real estate late
the praperty ••f the said Samuel :llttettaa.:
All that plant ttlert or traet of latia, sit alto lu
Pernusltiro l t,nt liship afure.aitl. hatveleil Is: lands of
Philip I.attt - t". heit•s, nkrtin ileititiger's heirs 'NI,VII)IIII..ti
heir:;, Ills Imo' I.eria•zstoit mid , •there rout:timing about
NINETY-P:IPR, tt A It %lA.
... .
k 4 'f lie improvements rice IV Coed l 'lnv()
, , --,:'''), z-rinty 11 , aiSE. a new 11.1 N li 11.511 N.
b i li . • • 1t.,,, z 0il sho.t, Corn Crib. Cider 31ill
le,. it and Miler rent -Imibliiiirs. This farm
.- ISAR excelent miltil talon. with sub
stantbil ,e—es, nlitc2e Orchard of If rafted fruit, a stream
of oater rues this..l2ll the p' and there Is an exeel
lent Stone Spring House with never failiol sprin4 bo
tween the !pulse and barn. This place is situate a little
over fur milky, Irma liarrlaburtr.
At the ~ 11110 thee rind place, two piers of Ili rITSTA IN
I, s\r). rear the 'lid farm. 1.1 Nast Piwinsle.roivii town
sbip, will i.e 50,1,1 the Otte beimiled be James White's
h e irs, A u rs.l, lirctz..b.liti Brown. Almilmin Miller rind
others 50 .11'll ES and 1311 rercheic The
other by Ends tlemierly I.f Jelin Milt ./.. Wiley„,Lutn:-
necher. Nel.le nut others. null 1 . 10-lining al out '2.5
:if'llES. I , i I ll'A S 5111,1.1., It.
Nor 8,1851 ts Adiu'r, I.f S.liituel 511111111 M, Ikea.
A.t.rf • IT.II-.lSbil 1-4 - 11;.7..rrt - i3ll ---, 1 - 1 , ti1 , 11 , t ,-1,1 . 14 i1 - ir ,111 : 4
hise:t till sale .lunl Selld Lill to tin. office f.r c..llection.
t_I)JOVIINEI).SALE.—WiII lie sold
public sale ab, the piddle house 01-.lolin
in I'nn Ulu i l 10, lilrfansnu tow uship, Ctunlatcland.
ty 111110 miles fr Carlisle. on FRIDAY, the 170 day
of ' November. rout. ell that tal uda,l42 property know it as
the Cumberland Furnace
1. • (T.ltrtunl.AN D FURNACE. - :With near 20110 acres
of 1,1011111.1111 land. tlother with - the Mill. Saw Mill and
a 'mini vr tenant hpoisiw: !Pr if net sold together it
will Is. ilk Med to suit pun tutwors.
"Pill; MANSION FAI \L' cant:111On:: ICO acres of
graN el land. with ST , iN E large 'Stone Mum,
exceliOnt Apple Orehard. neverballing water, Sc.
3. ••TII F. Mit I EA DONV," - a tract of excellent meaPtom
land eoutaibing utsiut 1. m-res.
4. 'VIE PEACti ORCHARD FARNI,' . containing 1711
acres. with 1,4.1 lIEMsu and I and about 30 acres un
ties cultivation
. A Tlticr (IF LAND, west of John Thrush, con
taining 111 zu•ros.
lb A Tam-r OF LAND, cant-as:lid Thrush, contain
ing lira acres.
7. A tract of So acres of excellent' TIMBEiIt LAND,
suitable tier farming purposes.
The af , ove tracts are good tillable gravel land. The
unithproved parts are .:, p dtereil with thriving O ak . Chest
nut and Pine theilPorAi'pe mountain - land has a thick
growth of chestr• 0. and if not sold with the
furnace w El fartuisa and others.
„,, whou :atom
L 7 TATN.—By virtum of an order of tau
he Orphan'
Court of Cumberland county, i will ‘,5 V tl , 11111Ine
wale, ..II the premises, at 12 O'clockonoon. on 'HI l' It S--
DA I% the :midi of November. all that vol m - 0 , 1,1 i•
situate in lii..kinson townsliip, Cumberland rototy.
bounded by lands of Richard Woods, Jacob Sites mod
Samuel Sowei, emit - Ailing 91 1 ACRES, late the pr iporty
of Emanuid ilarnish. dee'd. 'fhe land Ls limestone et
good quality, in an extullevit state of cultivation, well
..—, situatdslter water the Yellow Mycelia ,
Creels running thromth part of it,
• ',l' —" — l, well fenced, and has many :Oran
lEiii.r lic., 132 e-s .
ill `dt. 7i The Improvements aro a timid Two
-- 0 ...„1. 4 ' ....,"-"`.. Story Double STONE HOUSE, with
two Kitchens, well calculated for two familia:, or OEIOOI
the Kitchens can be 1.114)(1 as a Wash !louse. It has a
good d o uble 1.4.111 BARN, with two threshing thiors, an
o'cci'dent It'a•rint Shed. Corn CI lb, carriage lions,, and
other out -buildings. w Ith MI Vsesllent ;',t01141 Spring
Ili•IIS, and a net yr-tailing s'pring. Also a that hug
holm rd.
Attendance will be given anlat'llAttd terms
li ninde known by
WI), iwt,
Attar. of Mitanuel ll:tribal.
Clumty iiuperinUntlant
u. 1Y..I111".t:
411,arti0le Pet-4:
)Tew Iltmertiscilici(t:
ufl R ' ARsigsnoos of T. C. Miller
:C. 11. 'Elio thin of this proporty 4. indisputable.
/ ...v. .
IL , Atom,. 011.15111: OF ti.imnts! tki, and after
MO ' NDAY, Octant . liAlt,lgs.l, Passenger trains will run .
tinily, It.ti ikollOWS (Sh 1)1 - Jars excepted:
Ist Tiaht.
Tklllill Chahlbellibllrg, KW, A. M '
" Sliippensburg, 9.23,
" Newrille; t 1,55,
Carlisle, - 10,33,
" Mechanicsburg, 11.01,' "
At IlArrhibur, . 11.J0, "
FOIL C11.1.311310:3111.11(0.
Ist Train. 2d Tral 71:
Loave Ilarrislmrg, 8.15, A. M. ' 1.45. P. 31:
• " Mtwhanksburs, 8,45, " 2.15,
'•Carlisle, - 0-20, •4 2.49, "
" Nov vi11a.0.59, ‘4 3.25,
.e 44
~Shiprnslitirg, 10,31, 44 3.:,8,
At Chaniburshurg, Moo, 44 4.30, "
Trains lento liarriilairs fur Philadelphia, at 12.30, M.,
and 5.15, I'. M.
Fur Ilaltinniru, at 1.15, P. M.• .
Fur Pithibuty, at 12.50 NOWI 7 and 5 P.M.
For Platt:NMl', Rivaling, and •poltiti; an the Dauphin,
and nusquohanna Hail Road at 12.30, 31.
Ail 'At all Stations when! 'Mei:AY...aro wild, Faros are
Tus CIINT.i LESS than %Olen paid lit thu 0' irs.
A. F.' SMITH, Stiperititeinient..
nail 8440 Wilco, Chaniburshurg,}
October 10, 1854.--4)Vt.18 „
EW 1300K.5!
itbr!;!‘!" - . - , • • LATE PUBLICATIONS.
Elottiouts of Character, by 1111, , f; Clumillor." •
no% ernoolc. by ".tliro Carey.
Cranford, by author of Mary Barton:
Pas,ton and Prejadiro, by Mr, Mr.).
Ileorlotta Tempb., Ip Ir(sr;u•Il.
obi P...d.t0m , , or 1111, , ball'II HM , •lies 01.1Vestcrn Prehl,y
trorianiim, 1;y Josapb.Swilb, ().
by Rev. Buraer, vont:titling one
hawlrod and ow , plain ,IlbwoUrsi. , : nn the p r j net
-1,11 a,,toues u 1 tha (;,,:pojpst, publlslwd by I.lmrin
' colt, 6rambo & Co., or phiimmoo.
Funny 'Memories of Foreign I.ands, by 31riL,I1, B. fitoSve.
Spb..nald (lift BofAcsimd Annuals for 18M.',
Barnor's, Putnam's, thalmi's told Oodey's Magazlno
fur October
WA .I'll'E I).—Ni N E :PEA(!t. :- E]Z S .
,re w nntot to tllcv .:111tr'4'e of tlus p,tl , li , : elo oN
in 1.,...11t tmioship, Juniata , ' , ln:ly, f"; 1. ga: ..,1, , • •• !lion
Twonifwor.ty I , lvp Doli.:r. , p'..r month .., iil 'v. )'tat
f r xtm,o , nt T.: , 11 ,, T...., jr.. rl4 Ll/11' ilkr (.:Ii I 'll enn
.0, P.:11 ' , Uri,. "I ...1.i . ! l •
Stores . ant blions.
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Q'rovii:s ! srr()ArFc I , c.,T )Nr - rq ,,, _ ; ''t MEllti' %N.; xiwi'l'l''" l'Nftyll- 1-
' -1_ ~ :Of ..:ftr t • .4',. it >E UNioN, SfIll . .(1 resrplytelll:y
K .. , '3;),IN P. 4.1 , 31tG.ts would inform
- tiro public. tiro 1. _
ha has note on hand at hls i.stalilishinc.itt, ou Main : 1 1 a.o. mr..r t.• tit . o lh, United Stales tool rho
next door to Madan H a w t h e 1,,,,.. 0 4 and no st e,.h. 1 Catm.bts that fur the pip. ,t, •10 I • ti:t1 sa t i :ty. a hots I. r
- . Plato assort:omit of Car bK. OFFICE 6. PA lb the fivn• art: thrmi,li ot, the / ao ll w ith a ,i a ,
.t." , - 1.111 FT )\ Lo ho ii niiii l i n Thi s r y,.aa, ty I ..1 et.-il .in., crew todi'y tu . l2 , t; r eonr ,i n i. r 4 ... r 1. ... 4 55 , ..i . r e t i t i ttay:?-
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, % . s , - , l , t , i:;l , l ,r t;;: i l ‘ l pr l:;: t
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, .t . i f t... l: ' " ift; :,s l i . *:l ' t .' •l t :. r l . 0 1 i . i i!..1 . ta t '. l '. .ribir . t .. f tO_,;t , ; :111 Ottfl3P; V . e . .
.. ..„, 'I large as... , irtment of lIMV and 111 . 111% ap ' Kik; id" their. I.lrign, tags. arid tints flit only Oro en,
1 , ...__., droved PAI`BIsIT (IN)KINti S - r,IVI , t, fi l lb.hed . p tat aunt 1..1 Lir_e mailer of It: tists and .•thers. tut
in Alt on st complete manner. antk,ealate,at,l 1, 4 - sith,•:- , i,..s,dro a-li n.. 7 ,or c•oti.trymen a tdt.b. L. ;1.1...v, rld, or art.
wood or enal.-or lidtli. All the ff fl standard tatter', I • i.foS:ffi t. f!, pan Etch f .1' tildr migravllno4 011 , • I
W Melt hat fl- I,tof Id the tett Of experienen. may Is. (mom • . 1 .... •I^` , hi Is am 15-4 239,006 tEr I', of the act o A
at his ~5t31,114.114.1:t. Also a great ‘aristy ~ .r. t h.. ‘,.....t ' c, >:. c .-..•:., .. ~. .
...ppm ved mil lioNotffull PA Piellt. OFFler: SINIVES. h.- ' 11.-, li imr 1 3,-o-of to One Dollar Erse, ing. theref r ..
flaclifig, a number of new 5t;.1...5• it,.tisu-si...ig very sop, i v.,. iv,. ~ .: ..,, .I.;ll,:r.tViLig , •l th Oa Ilion, ,
ri ,, r Illtahtfe,ips over timso hernt.o o:i• ill tae. raniii,•. I tat Aa. A ti is •, whkh rarities him tO one 01 the oi, t,
and lousw.( respectfully to‘ . ited t.-) AN a him a a h , -a tit.. a.. •
call before pond g altos here. mes 'loll 1,r,..1 1.. . i" 'a I 1... Ii I ...m.: a hbilly thlistivi raigraN iwr, I 0-1-
any part of the a Puntry and pnt up at the Abort,4 re , - 1 tifu , :y p-u,t.• i i o Ili!. am' Ft VE GIFT 'l'll'h".l,l'S ,i I
t 1.,. ill CJlltilltliOf to 110 all kinds of TIN IND:MEET i Is. ss. d ...- eI., 1).r...., ~•rtli of Sp'foilif , i Elaf ra• in_ s
1110 N WARE. and Copper Work. and has tin ovary MI . raff I. ; s• " t , ..1 1 . ...0.1 tit, ( ft:fllogUlf mil he sent 1 : ....-
hand or .will make to order mrry article mspaired ty ! turn. mail ...... 1 ,„.,,,,. ..
liouselienpers 0, others iu this late. Ms Tin; At' 9•'s ' 4 11l 1 ''''..!..,! 1 .0 t '••;ell/' r In 111 l 33 1 n. haw' ' l.
and Cupper 'Ware embraces every hind of lroisnh.'.ld nod t. nna •'l- the ... 3 .1r 3, l las .34 I.ln soon at;the dike ut' this
kitelion utensil. erarratitod equal ti rho best matinfrrTh---1. 3 1 33 •••
turgid. Pers ms in want of articles in his lire ma , a '. I Fm-edeh DMlar all Pmg :I, i I;actual!} - wurtli thAt
, he sore of lining aeccouniodatrd V. their satistri• ti. it ' 1; ,.. and a liin Ticket, v ill inninaliatoly lie boron:shah
by giving him a gall. • i row I—: ...lq ' AklEr.'l7: :
W. 1).1\-1:).
_ —
. ~, . Tie` t - ,•: - ..tait tee lsfii.tting that the success of this
I'l • Eft 1 (beat p It. E l'Xit E FOlt WTI\ 1 . . ~..);:tti nal thidertal:i or nl'l to aerially promntszd
PARLOR AND Csnifil•s(; srovEs. , by the e,..orze and e•st trprize of I italizteet and .pc:••e
-j 'ilin stil,sscriher at.shi4Atfill stand or. \• rah Hanover st.. , verisst Agents have is. IN el to Is •tat e ith such 03 the
i'Arlisid.'i.lie skis of the "Mammoth Vest CMlcse l's t: •11- . ett,t IiI•e7.1I terms.
sires le call the attention of the tinl.lic to his lar•_•-... as- ! A ~y p,s.n , i , ),ity.:r t- ) e. - • me an Agent. hy 5.,,,,,5,,, g
sortmeut of STs sV ES. of the newest and 111,4 Itsiliora : il.'“ Lint I SI- will /"."'is.- I. 1 . 1 .,, 1 a of Mail. II Due fls I
ble styles, from the lea - 4 lIIIIMIttart.” - ie , : in the i lar i.sigrat j'it: a • (:rts TI, k ...L . a Pr. spect us a Cat
...l. . counter. and at v all pri:eo from Al t.. , itl!li. al.s_m•,aa 13 t t.thet• ins ess try Mr •rot.:ti oh
'Among his DAltr,stlt & ClIAMBEI: : , TOVE.' ttn th.• Mat' ezoineortion ~r 0,.. st i r , the ,iill., wil ia•
c....., k,.. , : . . iks . t. , t i li t s:
t. M i i , r „ r i o , 1 . . 3, 5 . t , c , t a .... i t .t h5 , 5 ,, A r t :
. c r . , h h e t , e t re i.. . , S t f , a , r ., : • 1.: 5 .t• ; , ,, - ... .1 „ . ...n ,, the ,. .: a d ^±... •: -. : i s i ..` , , 7.7 1 , 13 t:
-' I
t 0 1 , ., t i .l , l i e
l e s t IO iv o . 1`::. , ::' t.
- 1 ,
xith alter Kitten , . which he has of all sites oat. tit, t. .t.' i: t. tt , t and the t'airol.ts.
f r parlors sir chanthers.onslesfindatest thrtsttrniutz eithet; I."ST Id,' 6irr.-..
trued . 1 ' roll. A's.., the .Etna. thole Astor, AII•311V. . , L *"
AI ..3•, .
••••:13.15:. ••: lla %in tt ti at
Flat-ton and lias•dit , v or p oo r y;.,,:'.. ~ M I ~11; 4 .: 01 , 11 -
I 21 - l %ay, - -
IND ttiTol - HS, onnisrising the httcst imie - sarment , ii ; i,,„it •lot-r - -
kitchen stoves. and intended for either Woe.ll or' e•ai-- I j - ' ...
Also:tits, Dining, Doom Cooking F 1.1113-3 13,e std eh,' ... ••• • •• • ; . le .
Irani, article. to which he invites the part:sat:4r :Wen- , •"'-' i ''`' it . ' l..- ` .3 .•i'i" -l'l it '•:ti'••liiill gilt
tine of families. His csiOlsing stars vs te.l. in p rim from ! 1, ,, , , '''' ...i. ,' ~...-",'‘. f ' i-i- , li , ~
iln to 25,,0 ith the fi xtures csnaphste. Also, :tine Plate i - „ ' -i.-: ',` - ,'','.''' "',' - ;`',., i :' i eaii ,
• .c... 1 st c. •• ts • ..s•grt s ,-, EU - O.:Alit, t. o•
Stoves of various patterns and dilfs rent 1.1-I,ses_
Also. ENAMELLED AND TINNED M. AUK flee Cook- I .4,1 to oil, ri h ;:i t tram o 2tx.its in
lug stows, Brass Kettles, A.e. Also. every article in the : , :', " 4 6 4 11 e, -., . ij , I ,-
lIIIe •.;f Tin and Copper Ware. Ti, e public. ai•,, restr-vt.- l ... --- i - ' • ,'''' ''," r,' 't . lan-.8 ` ..- ' ''.„".''-
. or., tn,aos, too St as.m.i.:Co. aiolo
fully invited to rail s at he is con fi dent, With' his latcgt;) ,
StoCII, entc and ciscapnee•l. of being aide to giro en- t ~,- ii ',"' . i ' ."..-"' ra tt le.. i. ' i li v- -
v s ' / _:,„,-. c: ..t: tst pam sm.. rat im.s, from 1,19
tire satisfactison to every purchater. Call artd ~ee.
I/Ct. 2.7., 1 tics I. .31.: 3.l.,lltitliz: .-- di 1., i' , •!.l. r ... , ; . , i,, p ~,,,j II
4 . t . r..1 ~ .4 . i 1., 0: • Arli ., l , t . / . .i ..‘,
........-..,--.----__ _ ___ . Of th : , og.rlNet v ,i. a.-.. ::. an ;JO cts.
11...5.1-1114w 1.,,, 1 4._;,,At ref limed term the :es
111111 IS 111,W lip, ill': at 111 , Stoll 2 . r,.111. 1)e‘l. •140 r L. , AP' i
null & i•ivimstoo's clothing ctorel a ver lan:, , t , ,k .11
•_ ..BOOT. AND SII,ES, Ithich cannot I.c. -cur
It i t: : :. s i " n ' :•i i t ' :::[l. l (! .. .i ' t i t t . L t ' l l it7in a' j& r . l .7Xi• l •- 1 ' l . li l ; j a r ... l' :
_ sortmvnt tYII ,t
1 1 1t1, , in part all ~, 11l ti r. f . 0
I.4;dl,Titil Midas SEINE (S. I:.IITEDS ar! :-111)E 4 :
of the late4t itylk,S, and of snperlor nualit::: Gent],
men'kealf Kip and t'oar,, I;• , ' 1 , ~f the Lest c• •ri,aan
,•hil,• an'l ft tito iosco , t prim o, l't,ntii' , . Dos' and Met,
ilungarian itoot,-; I,l‘lll', 111111 iietalt,llll'll . , 1 ,111:11 t - ii.,,,
2 i. 1, it , .11,.. a I.t. of ( . 111,01 1%1,- .114 Trnnk.. '
This extonsho stork of net, ant fishionaLle <l,lO,
has 6.4.11 solect,l Stilt great care. and tare , ; ,:iii:. is
o. r raot.A. lit , al•r, mllllllllll's t , tnanuf•vt.ry oil kiva!,
of work 11:Z )1061,.. 1111 ~ , li.. its a . 1 toll lii patr,n-
be'r.ns• in relac-1 t , Ili- Esti Estate. F. d. Vi--
..ti t'o. {led f.stlt•• Brke,. New York. Ortb,rs. , i, ~ s.
I t-aid. l with el.tue.... eurb.sed. to de addressed.
dctIINATIItItT.OII:VIIAN. ? .1. Si'. II iLIIIIOIIkE, Secr.•tarv.
- -. I/ ~., . .
-•-..- , (003 lirtodway.:\ .V.
pIi:NIPS.--IT uillt reCei yeti :tilt ft't...l zi, ,,, ort- ' t ` ) _The En' r.iviags in the Catalogue are 'i.e.- r,.01v
r- -
moot ~f 1 , 1 , 111 , s of erers iariety in ,:en-ral :1,.. ; I ''' .I ' .liS erv- [nets-cm
embracing lmo 11,111 Brass t 'stern and l' i,tern Side 1 ilillw
Pumps. Also, out-doer Pump., ~, regir l ,,te-i ,-,,, 0. I to .
1.. c sut.jort to freezing. in winter. Theso pumps a,- .Z. , t I
up in the very best style in of quality and isorls- : `-- . - _
maitship. The itiantiEtcturers has in.: had pnet.iale. . - „ -
awarded for their pampa at several State Fairs, where i A 1 1 N 11ET111': A T I?AR3I AT
they have !wen tu exhihition. Alen, cerst-mtli on hard •, IFIILIA' SA I.E.—Tlie sriloeril;er, Executor ef the
a full assortment of Iron Well Curls and Chain Pumps ' r--1-ate ..1 Vat: id Dint el, late of-South 311.1dieten t•ovn-
Fer sale low at . I ship. Cumberland county,.deed, will offer at public sale
noon-IsA4 lIENRY SANTi4N - S. i at the IN.urt lions." in the Ilert.ugit of eurliole, on
7111.71:Siiii V. the Itlth day of November next, a It ESIE-
I AI:LE FARA!. tuown for many Penni by the name of
_ 060. _ _ -
15.__ OM , nappy I:etreat. situate about-half a mile West of hick
lARGAINS F, XI Li A l.t irt i e ! ........- . -.
i T: n r i ti e gi t k q e . v ,
. . .., N kiNV 110)01): , ! NEV tit.elll:. - . at •
.i.... it -' -- ......,:-t. ta' r, . 4 ,......._.,,,....,.....
'flie subscriber has just returned frt-u. the eities of N. ! ,cot e a good 'LAWS also, a carriage and . t •
York and l'hilatlelphLw with the cheapest and m.t t o a .a.n b u ns,. with a variety of neves- ..i, Ear ,,, ,
splendid assortment. of PALL AND 1i INTE-1: titroin: ! wiry ont-bultdimas a largo ORCHARD
..,.. Afira
In er ltoutglit tot:aril:4e. 11.1, log purchased from sevcra: ''r 11
of --,i,e fruit trees, als t a never fail , 4 Oise.. ff. • _
of tho laexest importing trms , s in New York for Cash. I, welt ...f L-... 0.1 water. is ith pinup, at the deelniti,—
it will enable me to offer great..r inducements and ;ire . y his farm ishomstone land, in a good state of cultiva
letter bargains to my old customers and . tall who 1 --".7' I tint- c••/..L.i.it1:: about !Al acres, and will lat sold in the
fa,r itrtsltit-ti, call, than ciw i.e had at any other s.t.i.". ! 0:11 , 10 , or in tin.. parts. to suit per, leasers.
In the two or rountY.' - • - I ilia.. at the same time and place will be otTered a tract
1 have the Cheapest Hall:101S. SEttillettS. Cloths... Ke- . of R,. - . lTitlltEit I.ANI), situate in Frankford township.
tuck} Jeans, Le' I.ains. De lieges, M uslios, Ticl;d1:11;6, 1 ." I in county. containing about twenty six acres. :ale
Ac.. is er offered In the horough. I,t scouutieuee at 2 tit-11...k, I'. 31., on said day. Terms
It is litip,ssitie Li enumerate one-half the ar . tiatts-- ! evade known at ,cile by
Come ' and all in want of cheap ;:oods . anti judge e 4, : rig 11011E11T. lIICIIEY, Executor.
Iy. urseives. :so trouble to show our gu - sts. Itccoaect 1
the old scold, East Main 1-...treet. _
oat I 'lst ^,,
or t?.' . ICn4
: VA 111 AT Plt IV AT E s_l4l:.—The
i -a: stit,..:ril.ervffrrs Ids FARM fur sale, situated in
__- __ . Liaanslon township. Cumberland county, on the turn-
I . k.. 2 r- % „11 _N ENV FAL 1, GI 00 1) ....S.--• 1 •i* e It-3M0. , from liarrbchu. % to(' •l' 4 il • • front
1 i i :' • E rut r '',
1 1 1- f tli tTt. . ''''''"; N IP ' Al": (
A c, e _ . BENTZ & !MOTHERS hear retain:a-3 t ,i.t,"- -1 1a 1-" " .1 - J '' S r• I ''!' 1 1 I[ll4' latter
place, ").
' ' '
-_, . 1 -Is 3n . • , r. st. ... striet measure, of first
fo.m i•liiladelphia and are now unparkinc a cm:l , lA. t
3,tortilletit .4 FALL AND NVINTEtt t...001,--$: r.:_te Liatestone and Mark Slate land, inferior to none in
i t 1.! ..• , L1:,t2.. Adjoining the Catietlogninet creek nod
Afull ass.irtaient .4 Cloths. i ii....,,,t, of Dr. R.l;. Young. John Sherlahmilleit.:Zheri atm
A run lei , eto tor Casttitneeer, I ..,..t1 others. 'Cher. are about 12 acres of Wo. dlatid ar.d
A full assortment of 1'a.,i.,et,.. et.. rotu,..lnder cleared and under good fence and in a
A. fit!! as,ortment of Vest logs.
((zit state of eultic a ti..n. There are a great many !Al
.( full ass runotit .d Ladies Inc.. , C. cds.
. , rt:st tn. , -Ewa ti... Linn rota. t lw cut into posts, .11F•u,
A lull 3-sort:vent of It
t: ~ ~t.:.
I a;-orirt-_ , •!ttt-is it itrehard ',Rh different hinds of fruit-
A lull as:Al-Wilt it Sinte and Alplcz.s.
A full aoi linen tof Silt., Ththe: a C.....tninme Flmul, . -1-11 - 1 1. 111 M 1.1.1,1 " ,,ts an' a'l WO STt 'RV Li al . .
, 1 II re•...._ v....ti11er , . inlet m ith a Eitelom ~.-,....5jtat~e,.
A full z oo,rtment of I:rwerie,
. at':.v.itest and cellar tilitier ti u litst •a•t ..-
A full assortaim it of Qui.t• ett•• rki.A . ;.K It.tllN and other out ; .; : t, .
With 3 full assortment of Misrelllne.nsitrti.-1,-: :mt..- '
rally kept in Stores. Pureitaserg will ftud it ;Amity t-• i ...ith a n .. er, tailing troll with pump near .
the kitchen .1 ...r. A further description is -
tintir int:west to cull and examine Mir ' , LT.:: 1...-3-Pc put'. ,
chasing, as oxhis have materially depree:.•ted, and ,Mill ; .1 .eir..: 1 uaneces-ary. as th so who ate desirous to Ton.
be sold accordingly. Come one, nuns. all. and Jud_nt.for /. ehase a: ill s ;ow the property. Terms will he made
yourselves. _ „,. r .ryi . ...teterlt by the sul scriber living on the prenilses.
__:__ I ,lugsl2A. . 1/ AV ID 31A lITIN.
_ _ ..._ _
tt:VMANT El S 1. : k i t- 7 - 1 . 31 P - 1 3 i-sT PLEC EIVED ! .-..0
BELL 11,0.0 Just re. ,
, __.,.._' -•• ,- ' 'FRESH (1119f111111.S I
I•eiveti'at their Stom, in N. Hanover Carlisle_ a Ektst Rio, 3toclia and Roasted Coffers,
larm. hattilsome and cheap stork of FAL.l....ol..s_iichizh i
• Crushed, Pulverized and Loaf Stwar, •
we will sell CHEAPER THAN EVitt. gran its a call.
•Carlisle, Sept. 13, laM. - 1.1 - trtt,l4ico. New Ramon. and Cubit do,
• . imperial:ll tinponder. Young llyson and Black Tons,
'- - .=--.......-. - -, i Pct Syrup.._tt. ~ 0 and Sugar House l• , •
BriAcK SILK 1, ACES.—Just openea. I Qu - e,mstctn ii:uda . :e and Stoneware,' Al'
"s '
MIA Stith Laces of mperior quality. and dLierent I Claok‘e. dish * . Sall, Soup and Starch.
widths. Alit, BLACK 51.1. K I'illltiMlNG:,(.llimps and Cavendish. Natural Leaf. Fig and Congress Tobacco,
other trimmings. 6,E,1:. ty_ itcr:(ElL,, Pieldes. line .tpplo and Tomato Preserves,
~ i lietchirt aml Staves of every variety. de,
Aug. 23.
My stc;A: has loon selected with stria referen..e. t'.
. 1 ALL AND WI NT Ell (71.01'11ING. '
The largest stork I,f l'll.thiwz et,. I.r ii.. - .1:1. I... Ca r -
- ham rec. , ' volt yA it Ni.t.,,( Lib 1 9 7.:( ; sic, -",.. l
f i a ,:c ndly me., fa' c.d.+ very low for cash w holesale or
ot t 1 '.-,t ... • W I LLIAM S,
le. li Fanilly Oraaer.
at their cheap and extensile CU 'l'!!l\t. littUSL, in I iL; ST it Et !.E.LAT El) AT TILE 1T? A.,X1..
North lieltiAer Street. c iLb tillOCE111( STORE of the aub- f ekiter, in „Ma-
The priers of clothing at thishouce Lave been int-lac.l ..,. 0,,,,, ti„li . ,
t • such a N err: low standard th.ttit.i ,ll, ` , il ll OA' 1 1 -. 1. .er ; t nett supply of fresh Water Cruelsers,
of all wha wish. to wear tropirelot hes. :• I •Aa. Rutter, Pic Nit' and Suior Buisrult.
The ass rtmont emsirts of Overc...uts of 4 , vi,ty (1.- , 34Thi - t Parina. Corn Shard), Toph.ra, ga. , ...t. Pena. Harley, ,
Hon, Press. Truck and Sack O.:As, a greet varktv 4 i11.+3. Extract a Coffee, tutee nottr, Belting Nutter, Ste„
coats, dlottki4 coats. Sc, Superfine Ca , -imere I.Avr.s.! A r.ew let of superior Table Oil.
Marl: mail fancy. Sill: and Satin YKSTS. at , tl a hile vr, Pickles. Tomato Ketchup, F TA Muutar.l, Bay
riety of 'Valencia and other vestg. Also , dint.. collars i
„,._. Rum. •te. 3, W. _EBY.
stneki.l. v.e.:kut li:thtilsenbJefg,en.petid,ri.,o6ve-s..lutAery. ;.
tic- and all ot tor articles generally kept, in this line of t
busitieSS. ' --
Al articles sold at this etztaLlitb• ment war- I i "
N t „....r.,.,,,....„,.. 'cc -
tt l_rtit / t n.—rhe subscriber is just
ratitcd what hey are represented. tube- , opeuidg a, fresh assortment of v tary CHEAP GOODS
AlsO. it mplondlchgortmout of goods in' the pb.....n...- I, how...iht at reduced prices. Cali and sett them.
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