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    E. REA.TTV,
The CATULTSLC iCKALO is pablislitsf weakly on a large
sheet, containing rolrrt• COLUMNS, and tarnished to sub
sultana I a the rats of $1.50 If paid strictly in advance;
$1.75 if paid within the year; or $ . 2 in all cases when
:Jaymitnt , is delayed Mail after the expiration of the
year. No suliscriptiena received' for a less period than
six months, and none discontinued until ell arreaMges
- aro paid, unless at the option of the publisher. Papers
sent to subseribors Jiving out of Cumberlalid county
must be irtid,ftw in advance, or the payment assumed
by sonic rosp7;:isibie person living id Cumberland coun
ty. These terms will be rigidly adhered to; in all cases,
Advertkeinunts .charged $l.OO per siltuiro of
twolva-lines for three, : insertiona, anti :15 cents. ford:tell
subsequent laseption. AltrdivortWnients of less than
twelve nixes ornsidered a n sotare. The following rates
will be charged for Quarterly, Half 'Yearly and . Yearly
3 Months. fl Mintlfs. 13 Months.
1 Stinaro, (12 line:o $3.00 $5.00 $B.OO
5.00 8.00 12:00
V., C,cluain, -- • 8.00 12.00 IP.OO
1 i 44 -
•• , 12.00 20.00 , 30.00
f 2 " , -• •
25.00 35 . .00. 45.00
. Advertisements inserted before Marriages and Deaths,
8 emits per line for first insortion, and 4 conk perlino
fifrelubsequont insertions. Communications on subjects
of Amite(' or individual interest will be charged 5 cents
per lino. The Proprietor will not be responsiblo In dam-.
n(hls , rde crturifire ifittieilftionietiti: Obituary; ;Alcoa not
egweding file line:;, will be insortcl without charge.: '
,3011 1 1 13.11711 PIA G.
largest and most complete establishment in the county.
Three good Presses, and a general variety of material
ruited for Plain nod Fancy work of every kind, enables
us to do Job Printing at the shortest notice and on the
most reasonable toms. PerseuS In want of Bills. Blanks'
or any thing in. tiiiv Jobbing line, will find It their In- give us a call. Every variety of BLANKS con
-Wintry ow band.
in - " All letters on business ,must poSt-paid to se
cure attention.
(Kura t toed ',information.
President —FrANKLIN Pcnien.
'Vice rresidNzt--(de nzqto). D. R.
Serrotary of I , tnti...- , -WII. L. MAllciv.
Se rotary of In torior—nonEvr Met‘ELLAND.
Secret ury of Trcnsttry—.l t1122S GUTHRIE.
Secretary Of
,Wur--.11441.1t.....S DAvls.
Socre.tai yof Nary-4 ts. C': llonum
'Post 11: ter (:moral—:LtmiLs
Attorney Ilener3l—eki.m
Chief Justice United States-1L IL T,LNET
Governor-13. Matra.
Socre:tury'"of etato—Co.inis....t W. BLACK-
Surveyor (Ifoleral-4.. P. DI:Awl-Fs. . -
Auditor lieslona—r.:4.tmts.
Troamarop--,-doevu 11.k.u.v.Y. . .
~ -. lth.t.te of the Summon/1 Court—J. S. IttteE., E. LEWIS,
W. 0. 'l,uwitie, (1. W. IVooD)c.uto, J. C. Knrox. - ,
. •
-President 7A:sits ..11:
Associate Judges-11:m: John Rupp, Samuel Wood
Distrilfi"Attortiey—johit Shearer •
Prothonotary—f;eorge Zinn.
Recorder. Sle.--glttnnol Martin.
Register—Alfred L. Sponslur.
.1114 h ..,lherill--Jos9h lieDermond; Deputy, James
County Trensurer—N. W. -- Words.
• 'Chrorier—JoSepit G. Thompson.
County Commissi•mem--.lohnlinbb.Jarnes Armstrong,
George M. Grahatri. Clerk to Commissioners, William
. 'Riley.
Directors of tbo Poor—(;eery e Sheaffer, George ltrin .
die, John O. Brown. 6uperintoutlent of Poor 11.ouscr--
aosepb Lobath. . •
B OROUGII orrramts.
Chief Ihlwass-- , .C01: Anvernowa Non't- ........
Assistant Burgrs.s—Clutect: (rllby.
Town Council—John 11. Parker, (President) E:llcatty„
henry Myers, I. : 1 . Egl.U.t, thrill Rhoads, Christian In
' hog, John tiutsbitti, Peter !Hoover, lion. Z. Bretz. • •
Clerk to Coaueil—.lAines Mullin. .
Constable w,—..(cFceh
,r.z.townrt, High Count/Ilan; Roboit
licrazinci;irwiif Connable.
First' Presbyterian Church, wertlrivest tingle of Centre
Square, Rev. CONWAY I' 11 . 1iste, Pastor. T. -Services ovory
Sunday inoralng at 11 o'clock, A. 31, and 7 o'clock,
P.. M.
• Second Presbyterian Cle arch. corner of South lianover
stod Poinfret streets. No pastor at present, but pulpit
tilled by Presbyterial appal le t lucre ts. Services commence
at 11 o'clock. A. 31- and 7 ee'alock, P. N.
St. Ale ni" ,- Cleurch, (Prot. Episcopal) northeast angle of
Centre Square. Rev. JA.C.M It., Rector. Servioes
at 11 o'clock,.A.M., and 3 o'clock. I'. 31.
Lutheran Church;lletlford between Main and
Louther streets. Rev. .I,teoa , Fur, Paster. Services
at 11 o'clock. A. M., and o'clocl.l, P. M.
Gorman Reformed Church - . Lemther, betwoote Iremover
and Pithstreets. Rov. A. 11. Kaman, Paste - it% Services
at 10 1 ,4 o'clock, A. M.
3fethotlist e:Chureli, (first Charge) corner of Shane:ad
Pitt streets. Rov. S. L. M. CoN:sEll Pastor. Servicos at
---11 - o'clock - , -- AL - . - nent - 7 - 3z; o'clock, 16i.
Methodist E. ('hunch, (second Charge) Rev. 31.
*Joins, Pastor. Services in College Chapel, at 11 o'clock.
A. 31,, and 5 o'clock, P. M.
Roman Cath.elie Church, Pomfret, near VaSt street.—
Services by Rev. 31r.. Downed, ovary serum! Sunday.
- • .4. o.44tutill..lnitheran Church - is liilcourso of erection
on the cornieref Pomfret end - Bialferd streets; • Tho con.
gre4ation, his -yet IaCI stated. Laster, hold their
- -services IL! Relocation
When_chMages In the above are necessary the o
persons are requested to notify us.
Rev, Charles Collins, president and Professor of Moral
'•'. Rev: Mbrunui 11. Johnson, Professor of I'llilosephy
and:English Lit'Mature..
James W. 'Marshall, Professor of Ancient languages.
n e e. rAis H. Tiffany, Professor of Ma.thumatirs.
William H. Wilson, Lecturer on Natural Science and
Curator of the Museum.
Alexander Schen), 'Professor of Ifobrew and Modern
4.4eiguages. ,• .
q 'raglan& .Arbogast, Tutor in Languages.
.SsmuolM).' Hillman, Paneipal Of the elraininar School.
William A. Shively, Assistant in the,Grannuar School
c - 6iirolaLA.T.tatqs.
CARtafTtroDEPONIT RANG.—PIeicI(IOIIZ, nrcaarci Parker;
Cashier, 'Wm. 41, Beetem; Clerks, Henry Sturgeon ;" - Jos.
Hoffer. Directors, iticluwd Parker, 31'1111am Herr, John
u,t,' Henry Saxtini, Samuel Wherry, Jacob' Lolify, John
Sterret. Henry Logan, Robert Moore..
—Ounerru ttEr—Hatt: tto.vt CtturattPresidtilit,
Frederick Watts;” Secretary and Treasurer, Alward . M.
!liddlu; Superintendent, A. F:Stnith. Passenger trains
twice a day Eastward. leavin' Carlisle at 10.15 o'clock,
A.M. and 8.40 o'clock, I'. M. Tn - ti trains every day 3Vest
ward, leaving Carlisle nt 9 o'clock, A. M. and 2.20, P. M.
Omittstr. AND WAi+.ll COlVATY.—President, Fred
erick Watts; Secretary, Lemuel Todd; Treasurer, Wm.
M. liceteni Directers, P. 3Vatts, Richard Parkin-, Lemuel
Todd. Wm. 31. Ilecteui„ , Dr. W. IW. bale, Franklin Gard
ner, . . .
LETTLR I . o.3r.to2.—Postitgo on all, letters of ono-half
ounce 'weight or nailer, 8 cents prepaid, or 5 cents tin
' paid, (except to Calithrnia and Oregon, 'which are 6 cents
Dro-paid, or 10 cents unpaid.)
linwsrAeltas.—l'ostage on the iixttatn--wlthin the
optinty, ram_ Within the State 13 cents per year. To
any Part of the United Watts, 26 cents.
Postage on all transient, papers under 3 ounces In
wol,,cht, 1 cent provild nr 2,eents unpaid.
marcrasim. arixtAxa? .•
IN T 11 1 7; REAP, Or THE COURT 11011s1I.
13vory TlPtlon ~ f Book and .11A) Prhiting ex° uted
on mid on re immahln turmx.
, .
r • r
A. •
'Pursuant to a . notice given, th' 7 ' Teachers
of West Pennsboro township met, in special
Meeting:, in the Plainfield School louse, on
Saturday the inst., and' were called to
order by the nomination of Ex-Governor Jo
seph Ritner, Presaient, and Jas. McKeehan,
The minates of last meeting were read
and adopted. Mr,Thos. W. Marice, Chair
man of the Select Committee to prepare a
Constitution The report after some
discussion was adopted.' The "Institute" then
proceeded tit elect permanent officers.,
After balloting, the following officers were
deela.ed unanimously elected.
PV6itielti---.1 ()SEMI RITN - EIL
rire Presidolt—Phitip Zeigler
Secretary—James McKeehan.
Treasurer—Henry Bear.
By a constitutional provision, the follow
ing persons constitute on Executive Corn
mittee, vizi Philip Zeigler, Jas McKeehan,-
and Henry• Bear.
Upon taking the chair, the President
briefly but ably addressed the meeting. He
rongly - urged - the - importance of Teacher's'
organizathms, and the necessity of punctual
attendance to secure any benefit. He tho't
it incumbent upon each teacher present, to
manifest an interest by giving his experience
and opinion on educational subjects, at each
• • e &C.
Mr. Edwin James rend an interesting and
instructive Essay on '"Teaching the Alpha
Mr. Thos. W. Maurice tbllowed by reading
a very alhe and useful Essay on "School Dis
cipline," which was prefhced by some very
handsome introductory remarks, stating that
he merely gave his own method and experi
ence. He strongly urged the abolition - of
tie ."Red Discipline," and the adoption of
the "Monitor's. System" by book.. This Es
say was well received.
Mr: James McKeehan addressed the meet,
ing on the advantages arising from Teaebers'
Institutes, showing the.relative benefits to
teachers and parents; coifing upon the pub
lic for their upprobation and generous co
. motion of Mr. James—
Resolved. That every teacher in the town
ship read an Essay on some' Educational
subject at nest meeting. Adopted.
On motion
Resoleob That a subject be selected for
discussion at nest meeting. Whereupon the
following w:ts unanimously adopted..
"Shook! the 'roil discipline' be abolished
front our sehoolsr
The'Executive Committeetben announced
that Mr. F. M. L. Ginelen was selected to de
liver a Lecture at the next meeting.
On motion by .11r. Maurice,
„Bewared; That the minutes of this meet
ing be published by request in the "Carlisle
Herald'and "American Democrat."
The Institute then adjourned to meet at
-18, at IP. AI. (Signed by the officers.)
. For thojlorald
We we - re not a little; amused a few ilays
ago in reading 41i1, article in a certain paper
published in Mechanicsburg, whose head is
"engraysed with a hoe," headed "Military,"
in which the. Editor gives vent to his morti
fied sensibilities in reference to the Quitman
Guards, by saying they aa not leave him'
in a very military style," &c.
Now we do think that talking of style
comes with most decided poor grace from an
Editor,who prints his news oa paper made
of ropefandlstraw, and so completely_daubed
with ink, tluit nine-tenths of the artits can
not: be read at all.. It was with the greatest
difficulty that we read the one to . whiCh we
refer. But taking advdntag6 of a cle ar d a y,
we were succes`sful..
~._ : He says a "little more drill gentlemen."—
We say a little `more goOd eenwe, and rie, are
surd the Editor will quit a business, the du
ties ef.whieh he is no more qualified to dis
chargr-than tbo b awlink urchin on the pub
lic squares of Pfiladt.:lphia, wilt) cry out
Legeol Legeel 1
Churchtown, Nov, 1-45,1
BARNUM. OUTOONE—The•CardinaLVietir of
Rome has issued an edict in which, idler :at.
tributing the Cholera to the sins 'of the'Ro,
mans, he directs that the finger of St. Peter,.
the arm of St. Roe, the heart of St. Merles,
and other relics, Aral be exposed to the ado:
ration.of the faithful, in,order to advert the
wrath of the Almighty.
14litt fur tie httuilti Cult.
Another Terrible Rail Road Accident—
Destritetire Pires-11InTess ofllirsalant
A large fire broke out at Lockport, N. Y..
yesterday. A despatch from New Orleans
says the fever still exists there, and advises
strangers to stay away from the city until
the di ease is dispelled. The Coroner is in
vestigating into the circumstances connected
with the late terrible accident on the Great
Western Railway in Canada. The evidence
is very contradictory as, to the Causes. The
citizens of - Washington have subscribed a
handsome amountAor the erection of a mon :
ument to Stewart:Holland, who died-so-brave
ly while tiring the signal 'gun on board the
lost Arctic.
The steamship Arabia arrived at Ness
York yesterday, with Liverpool advices to
the 21st ult. the detailS of which are given
in another column. Another vessel has re
turned to NeW Foundland from an unsuc
cessful search of the bOuvus coMalling stir.
vivers ‘7ll 4 tie Arctic. A despatch from Chi
cago:saysi-the-passenger traitr-for—Rock - Isy
land; which left. Chicago at 11 o'clock, on
Wednesday night, met Nritli a most frightful,
,accident from the .breaking of an axle of an
engine, the result of ruining over a horse up
on the track. 'The engine and a portion of
all the ears were thrown with great viOlenee
from the track; breaking the ribs of the en
giaeer, and killing or wounding and se_alding
sonic to torte passengers. It -appears
that when the engine was thrown off the
track the two forcward passenger eats were
lauded on top of it, and the steam escaping
wasdrivipg with tretnendcous force through
the dense mass of human beings packed
cloSely amongst the wrecks of the cars. The
citizens of Juliet, the nearest town, rendered
all the assistance in their poWer to the wow]:
ded. A great fire broke out on the evening
of the 2d at Lockport, N. Y. in the Jennings
Hotel, and consinned property to the amount
of $200,000. Among the buildings burned
were . the Methodist and Congregational chur
Capt. Gibson, whose imprisonment in
Dutch India has occasioned ho much difficulty
with Holland, arrived in Washington on Sat
urday. Eight more deaths by the shocking
disaster on the Rock Island Railroad and
twenty-five others dangerously wounded. A
mong the dead are the wife and two children
of W. C.Ltmghlin, of. Gettysburg. A horri
ble murder was vommitted - in the lower sec
tion of Philadelphia yesterday. a mother hav
ing killed her two children. She was arres
ted end lodged in prison. Others are im-
Aicated who have not vet been arrested.—
Baltimore on 'Saturday„ night, the manti
lla:wring department Kual?, (Inchle & co s
nano este) ishment in Eutaw street, was
destroyed by fire With an immense stock of
tinfiaished work estimated at $60,000. The
Eutaw House was in great danger but was
A desinach - from' 'Washington yesterday
sa34 that the venerable, widow• of Alexandria
Hamilton is seriously ill and not expected to_
recover. She is ninety six years old. Gov.
Seymour, of N.,..1% has authorised the Alba-
uy Atlas to pronounce the story that he a
gred to pardon Pr. Orl;ham,:recently con
,victed for the murder- of Col..Loring, false.
Edward D. Ingraham, commissioner under
under' the fugitive sieve law;,died in Phila
delphia on Sunday. The offerings of Beef
Cattle in the Baltimore market on Monday,
was 2500 head, of which one thousand were
driven north, and the balance sold front $2-
75 to $400.0n the hoof, and averaging $3,23
gross. Hogs sold at from 5,50 to 6,25. The
Canadian Government has appointed a corn-
Mision to in - quire-WAYthe recent acciAent on
the Great Western ItailrOad.
A STARTLINSI givcrnsitmr.-4.,ast Sabbath
evening. the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. de
livered a sermon On the recent .disaster to
the steamship Arctic, and in the course • of
his remarks he stated on the authority of in
dividuals deeply interested, that during the
past tivelvemonth more than
,tour thousand
American vessels, including those out the
lakes and rivers, have been lost. During the
same length-of time, the number-of-vessels
losi throughout the worid,was ten,thousand!
Up to the year 1850, the average mumber of
Vessels lost all over the World, averaged 3,000
a year. The amount of insurance paid. 'by
.the , Marine Insurance .lomptinies' of New
York, last year arrunted . to twelve millions,
The oss on land, by railroads-and otherwise,
amonoted to eighteen - Inillions making the
total loss bv-twa and land, to be thirty mil: ,
FRIDAY, Nov. 3
MosDAY, Nov.
k .
. .
I; •
The Beale Case—Shocking Dlnrdcrs
Hlonotary Crisis, &c.
The conviction of Dr. Beal was noticed
last week and the main features of the trial
detailed, but the end thereof is not Yet. Nu
case tried in this city for years has excited
an equal, degree of interest. The finding of
the jury / lit the case ltag been 'quite freely
animadverted upon, - and several of tbe•
newspapers have made it the subject of their
"leaders," some of them approving,, while the
Bulletin and ether papers severely denounce
it. The community is warmly interested and
people are taking sides for and against the
accused with great earnestness. It is said
that the lady friends of Miss Mudge are pre
paring a suitable testimonial as a demonstra
tion of their regard for the moral courage she
has displayed)ia the affair. The public inter
est in the matter has also been greatly en
chanecid by the rather startling tiicts since
brought to light relating to the cominet ul
the jury. tin Friday the hearing of the ar
gument. ini favour of a new trial, when David
Paul Brown. counsel of Dr. Reale, presented
an.erray of testimony which excited no little
ble change of opinion on the part of the
public. A number of the affidavit's were
presented by Mr. Brown making very serious)
allegations against the jury. Benj.l4 Brew
ster and Henry .1. Born, 'members of the
Bar,, who it appears were occupying a room
adjoining the jury room while the jury were
deliberating upon the verifier, testified that
they heard muse and singing in the jury
rounl y such as the Star Spangled Banner,
laughing, telling of anecdotes, and a noise
like that of a menagerie, something between
that.made by a jackass and it lion, and other,
conduct unbeckuning a jury. The landlord
-of the house testified that liquors of various
binds were called for and receii-ed by the
jurors. Another person-testified to a conyer
sation had with one of the jurors, since the
trial, in which he said that Re ) ale was a d—d
rascal and deserved all lie ; oand that they
j would 'not have recomended him to mer
cy only that he had a large family and one
of the jurors would not have agreed without
it, &c. The recital of this testimony made a l
deep impression on the crowded. audience at
heist if not upon the court, and Mr. Brown '
dwelt upon it with great force and eloquence.
Mr. Reed, District Attorney, is to follow, of
ter which the decision of the Judges will be
The city police are engaged in endeavor
ing to investigate a series of mysterious m or
dersghat have been committed in the tippet
Section of the city. A woman has , been air
rested, charged with the murder of two of Let
own illegitimate children,•and an Irishman
has' also been arrested, implicated in the
same affair, which occured some time since.
.The bodies of the victims have not yet been
found. The name of the miserable woman
is Pamelia Myers•alias Snyder. She confes
sed •her unnatural crimes to Mayor Conrad,
aml-saidshe-hatl-k-illed in suciessionitirrettl —
drew as soon as they were .born. no were, '
by one father and three by another. *The
last child was born five days since, and she
made. wity , ,wit)irkt - tiiktet - lie, j ;-;othet:s l by throw
ing it information
of these most revolting crimes was communi
cated to the Mayor in an anonymous letter,
when steps were immediately taken to bring
the woman to justice. The murders were
committed in Nicetown, in the upper section
,of the ,„eonsolidated city. The
,Vonnin has
never been married.
Saturday was an important day to the com
mercial and money alien in this city, for the j
reason a large anumnUlZ eight months' pa-
per fell due. The crisis, however was brave-
ly and successfully met, and about $4,000,000
were paid into the banks. The money mar
will no doubt become Much easier.
TARn THE NEwsrArrat.—No family in this
free 'land of intelligence and progression
should be without a newspaper, and no fam
ily in Cumberinnd county should be withont,
the Carl Ole Herald. The family that reads_
the newspaperS, is an ago in advance of
the onolhat.does not, and its, memberEi are
far better fitted tbr the duties of lite: The
excuse that is generally offered bY,those . who
have no paper, is, that it " costs too' nuch to
take one." Costs too much indeed 1 What
,other luxury and necessity can be bought, so
cheaply I Thred cents a week, %vitt supply
a family with a good paper, and what fam
ily,„ is there that does not unnecessarily spend
much Ithali than that sum I- Such an apol
ogy is a poor one, and does no credit to the
one advancing it.' It should never. be
bored ;by a parent, • after reflecting for a
nionteut on the immense value of a paper
to•a•-fitthily:of children. If there is -a ,
ily in Cunlierland who do not, get a newspa
per, let thenrinuadiately eOrnkt the mista
ken policy.
Bombordnient of debastopol Opened
NEW YORK, Nov. 3.—The steamer Ar'abia
arrived at her warf at 8 o'clock this Morning,
bringing dates from Liverpbol to the 21sC of
NO. 10.
There is no news of a decisive character
from the scat of war that can be relied upon.,
though rumors of the fall of of Sebastopol
were again abundant.
The advance in breadstuffs will - generally
astonish operators in this country who have
been confidently anticipating a decline.
The greatest, anxiety prevails throughout
England and France, especially with regard
to the progress of operations at Sebastopol.
Fuom THti StiAT OF WAR.
The bombardment of Sebastopol was com
menced on the 13th ult. from two pieces of
heavy artillery at lung range.
Omer Pasha had gone to the Crimea to
attend a council of war, and it - was believed
that his forces would go there also.
Idendliikotr had been partially reiuforeed,
and still mantains his positiondo the !lath of
the city.'
In the absence of news of active.opera4ens
the papers are mainly filled with accounts of
The positions and projected uperalions of the
various forces.
Odessa accounts to the Bth say that Ciort
schalcolf was at that place, and Menschikoff,
who admitted that he could not maintain Lis
Bakshigra has sent his army to Sebasto
The Russian coos of 15,614), posted near
Sebastopol f had opened lire en the besiegers,
and great operations , were daily expected.
General Canrobert had 1106110 the French
Government that the allies' position
Tregnable - , -- being d'efTnßiT,ll7TiTi it} thousand
men 111141 tivo hundred guns, and eeuld he
held against 200,000 Itassimi.
Constantinople letters to the 12th ult. say
that 3,000 of the foreign legion and 4,000
Turks had just left fur Crimea.
In Consequence of the corresponden.Ce
foimd_in ;Ifenschlkotrs effects, captured. at
Alma, several
,important arrests haye Lim
made at Varna.
Two British steamers have been ordered
to the sea of Azol to bombard the town,M
The British Parliment wilt be prorwed
on the- 16th -of November.
The English papeirS — publish a list , _,Eipri
vate soldiers killed and wounded at Alds.„
A national subscription for the sink and
wounded had reached £6,ooo,and a regiptent
of women had been organized as nursea!tc
be immediately sent to Sebastopol.
The British steamers Ganges and Persia,
with troops on board , came in colision in
the Sea of Mannora, and were badly dam
aged. An, officer was crushed to death la
Accounts. trom the 'United States of a sap:
posed short supply and the'uncertain •conei
Lions of affairs in regard to the war, had con
sOred to produce the advance in breadst.uffs
'1 he market closed firm.
There is nothing new of intirest; fron
France- The accounts of the battle of Al
ma had aroused the old war spirit, and fur
ther tidings from Sebastopol are watched f 0 /
with an anxiety unprecedented.
T El MARV, ms:
Breadstuff have larp.ely tulvanced durinf
the week. The ativar cc in f1...1.1ar is is. to Ts
n Co
iro 214_und_in.--- -Wheat la;- --- Tire - rtataa
tations of Flonr are : Western canal 395. ;
Ohio 425. Corn, - white' and. 39v.
Ilichardson and Brothers. quote Western ca
nal at 30s. and 40s. Baltimore and. Phi/a
, delphia 41s. anti 425. l'aeat, white, Ils. Cd
a 12s.
PRIEIIiTLY USURPATtox..—In'San Francisco
lately, an Irishman named James Mulqueen
was arrested on charge: of bigamy, Upot
the hearing of the ease. a,certiftcate was pro
(Weed ; showi l ng that hc.and Sarah U. Sum,
nie were married in Aim parish church o
Streatham, S urry, England, April 10th, 1 4S
and the fitet of the marriage, accordinG. : tc:
the &Nommen and civil laws of Ektlt4id..unkt:. •
also proved by corroborativetestimony r :.
t vas also shown that :the Roman. Casibulii,
Tiear General of San.. Francisco
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