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Keeping Winter Apples.
- A great many persons lose their winter
apples, not because they will not keep, but
because they do not know how to keep
them. We commend the following to
the attention of all. Recollect that too
much importance cannot be attached to
keeping apples in a cool place, but where
they will not freeze.
The keeping of apples and other fruits
depends very much upon the care with
which they are gathered, and the place
in which they are deposited ; hence a few
hints on the subject will not be valueless
to the orchardist and gardener.
Late autumn and winter apples belong
to that class of fruits which are gathered
before maturity, and ripened in the fruit
l'ooth or cellar ; and they should be picked
when they have received from the tree all
the valuable elements the season will al
low it to give them. English gardeners
have a rule that no fruit should be suf
fered to remain on the trees after they
cease to vegetate, and this is in general a
good one. The apples above spoken of,
as well as pears of the same class, may .
remain - uOthered until there is
f injurpfrom frost, as the sun and air,
and the still remaining vigor of the tree
seems necessary to their perfection and
A pples designed 'for long preservation
should as far as practicable be picked by
hand, carefully and separated, and when
they are not wet by dew or rain. 'l - hey
should be handled so as not to bruise
thein in the least, as carefully almost as
eggs or glass ware. Lay them gently up
on the floor of a cool dry room, a foot
deep, to sweat and season for two or three
weeks; — and then, — on a clear -- dry day,
sort and pack the apples in clean dry bar
rels, filling them so full that the-al hies
cannot move after being headed in. '1 he
very best, which will keep longest, may
be wrapped up separately in soft paper
before. packing, or they mayle_placed in
layers with dry chaff around and between
Most cellars and ground floors are too
damp for the perfect keeping of apples
through the winter and spring, and also
H of too variable - a temperature—the latter
should not vary much from forty degrees.
If an upper room can be so prepared as
to retain about the same degree of. heat,
dryness, and darkness, it is a very dehira
ide locality for the preservation of ft uit,
not only apples, but pears, grapes, &e.—
To the preservation of the two lest named,
considerable attention has recently been
paid.—Nete Eirkcr.
Bearing years Of Fruit Trees.
'We have ever been strongly inclined
to the belief that, if fruit trees are pro
perly managed, they bear fruit everryear.
• It is strange that it should he'otherwise,
and numerous facts distinctly point to the
difficulty in the way of Securing this re
sult. We accidentally came across a
statament of the Hon. J. W. Proctor, of
Danverse, Mass., on this subject, which
we here transcribe. Mr. P: says : "
will state certain facts, that, have come
within my own observation.—l know a
Baldwin apple tree; that has been in bear
ing condition about thirty years, which
uniformly bears from five to ten barrels
each year. It stands about one ,hundred
feet westerly of a ~,large barn, and about
thirty feet from the road. Directly op- •
posite the tree, is a gutter, that takes the
• wash - of the road. The proximity of the
barn-yard and the highway, affords all the
nutriment to the tree that can be desired.
Whether these are the causes of its eon
-stant-productiveness,-I-will - 'not-sayi but
presume they are. If they are, the fact
has a, Show, that in good po
sitions, with good culture, trees may be
made to be. constant • bearersi and that
their intermission in bearing is to be at
tributed-63-th° exhaustion of their quali
ties and not to any general law that for
bids their bearing every year. I know
another tree that bears .a superior fall
Harvey, that has borne constantly, for
.more than , twenty years. *. * *
by culture and attention trees can be
made to produce every other year, it is a
fact important to be established."'
From published accounts of Mr. R. L.
Pell's orchard management, (and he is .
the owner of the largest and most pro
ductive apple orchard in the country,) he
h4esta' (dished the Act, that apple trees
Gan be made to bear every year, by* sup
+lying,the necessary food for the trees
and fruit. The compost he manures his
orchard lands with, is not made by guess,
but is compounded with reference to the
kinds and quantities of elementary sub
stances composing the wood, bark, leaf
and fruit of the• trees, as deduced from
analysis. A plant can be fed with its ap
propriate food', as well as arr .- animal. ,
Use 'of Lime
Quick lime should never be used in
combination with animal manure. When
in contact with them, it sets the ammonia
free, and impairs, nay, destroys the. eili
eacy of such manure. Mild lime, or lime
that has reabsorbed the carbonic acid,
which has been driven off in the process
burning—marls, shells, marl and shell
sand, being carbonates, do not exert the
baneful influence of quick lime, and there
fore may, very advantageously be used in
connection with organic Manures. Marls,
in every form, may also be used with barn
yard and stable manures, or any other kind
containing anunoniacal compounds, as the
lime in them, being carbonate, cannot ex
ert, any injurious influence-upon Ahem.—
Marl might even be used with, guano, the
most 'concentrated of all animal manures,
and no ill effects would flow from its ap
plication", whereas, if fresh lime were used
all the nitrogenOus parts of the guano
would be driven off and lost to vegeta
tion, while nothing would be left but the
mineral portions.
Persons having marl deposits could not'
make a more profitable disposition of their
marl than by covering their barn-yards
and stable flours with it., to act as an ab
sorbent, and retainer of the liquid uuun
ures• of -their stock.
Preserving Butter.
. The farmers of. Aberdeen, Scotland,
are said to practice the; following method
of curing. their butter, which gives it a
great superiority over that of their neigh
bors: Take two quarts of the best com
mon salt, one ounce of sugar, and one
ounce of common saltpeter : take one
ounce of this composition for one pound
of baiter, work it well into the.massoind
close it up fur use. The butter cured
with this mixture appears of a rich mar
rowy cansisteney - aad fine color, and nev
er acquires a brittle hardness or tastes
salty. Dr. Anderson says : I have eat
en butter cured with the' above composi
tion that has been kept for three. years,
and it was as sweet as at first. It must
be noted, however, that butter thus cured
requires to stand three weeks or a month
before it is used. If it is sooner opened,
the salts are not sufficiently blended with
it, and sometiMes the coolness of the ni
tre will be perceived, which totally disap
pears afterwards.''
Profits of Shade Trees
Let a farmer plant out by the road side
100 trees, at a cost of $5O, (and this is a
liberal estimate, ) in ten years' time that
farm will sell for $5OO more than it would
without them ; and I venture the asser
tion, the owner would not have them re
moved for that sum. Whatever adds to
the value of real estate, and has an in
creasing route, "must be profitable. It
cannot \ be otherwise. Now, if shadetrees
do this; question is settled. Will any
sane man contend that the shade trees in
Cleveland, Rochester and New Haven, or
any other city where numerously planted„
have not done much to add to the value
of real estate in those places? What is
true of the city would be equally true of
the country.
Management of Manure Heaps
One of our foreign exchanges, has a
communication froth Mr. Robert Austin,
Manchester, who says that upwards of a
ton' of horse dung is made in his stable
daily, and the usual offensive odor and
evaporation from it entirely prevented by
sprinkling over :the diing2licap by means
of an ordinary water . can, a solution of a
pound of copperas in a gallon of water.
"The value of this chemical agent im
fixing ammoni, and strengthening; manure
has long_b_e_en known, but Mr. • A.uStin.-„%;
practical application may be considered
simple, elfil'etive'iiiid easily adopted in
similar cases." .
Blgek Knot on Plum Trees.
A writer in the Cultivator says that
Mr. Wm. Smith, of Ballston Centre, this
season " removed all the diseased Aranch
es from his trees, and around atiion of
them set out the tomato plant, leaving a
part uncared for. Those with tomatoes
at the roots have no kit whatever, while
those not treated in thA way, were full of
black bunches the same as last year."
the practice of buying oats vy weight has
prevailed, great frauds have been detect
ed in them. In one lot of 7000 bushels,.
250 bags of chaff and sand were found;
weighing about a ton.---Prop. Jo urnal.
tartisle fjcnitb.
I Frofessiond Turns.
N GREEN, Attorney at ,law, has
settled In I%lerhaniefurg, for the practice of his
profession. All hinds of Legal 'Writing, Collections,
Court business. &c., promptly attended to. Office oppo
site Dr. Long's residence. SURVEYING in all its dlife.
rent brandies promptly attended to.
GB. COLE Attorney at Law, will at
tond promptly to all business outrusted 0 him.
Mitre in the room f i'incrly occupied by William Irvine,
Ksq., North Hanover street. Carlisle. , .
A prlf 20, 1852.
1111. C. E. 13 [ATM ENTFIAL,'IIO
-511 El YSICI AN. Office and , residence
on Louther street. ono door rant of the (7erman Ito
funned Chung'. Dr. Ithimen'thal respeetfully offers has
professional services to the citthens of Carlisle and
iltir-Persons from a distance laboring under chrOnlc
diseases may consult by letter. Office hours. from 7 to
A. M., and 2 to 4 P. 3f. septiVailtt
I) B. C. H. BAKER respectfully offers
his prot,ssimatseer leer to the yitizens of Carlisle
:odd surrounding cc:tic:try. -
Office and residence In South Hanover street, directly
ITPl•slte to the "Volunteer Office.'
Carlisle. April 20, 1853.
S. B. KIEFFER Office in North
naniover street two doors from Weise CampLell's
st me. Office hours. more particularly from 7 o n o'clock.
A. M., and front 5 to 7 o'clock, P. M.
G EO., W. N
if DENTIST carefully attends to all
operations upon the teeth and adjacent
parts that disease or ifregularity may require. Ile will
also insert Artificial Teeth Of every deseription. such as
Pivot. Single and Block teeth. and teeth with -Contin
uous (ruins.'' and will construct Artificial Palates, 06-
turators, Regulating Pieces. and every appliance used in
the Dental Art. '—Operathig room at the residence of
Dr. Samuel 1:111 tt, East High street, Carlisle.
14:08 .— a.,
-I) Z. BE ETV. w p •r
-them any operations upon
the teeth that may lie required for their preservation.—
Artificial teeth inserted, from a single tooth hi an entire
set, on the most s.:lentifie principles. Diseases of the
mouth and irregularities carefully treated. offi c e at th'e
residence of Iris 'brother, on North l'itt street, Carlisle.
R. j • LOO-
1 y
t4z-71".1., ' • -
NHS will perform
all operations upon the
I Vali that nre.reanired fur their_preservittion,'such ss
or will restore the loss of
them by inserting Attilielal Teeth. from a single toLth
to n full sett. Atri - Office on lilt street, a few doors
south of the linilrpad Hotel. Dr. 1.. Is absent from Car
lisle the last ten days of every mouth.
FN. ROSENSTEM., House Simri
• Fancy and Ornamental l'aqtter, 1 rvin's (formerly
I larpeeb) how, near Hither's Dry Goodi Store. lie will
attend promptly to all the ahoye descriptions 4,4
lug, at retumnahle prices. 'flee carton. k hods Of graining
attended to. such no male tgany, cak, uttinut. &v., in the
Improved sty le
A ' TV.--From entirely original Surveys. by actual
measurement throughout the whole comity, by 11. F.
The subscriber is nilw engaged In making Surveys
preparatory to publishitig a new and complete Map of
Cumberland County, upon a large scale. Every Public
Road and Stream, with the locations of all Mills: Stores,
Dwellings. and Public Buildings, will be accurately laid
down. All the Public Buildings In the County mill be
distinctl) indicated. a n d the 'mines of ownerB.4 proper
ty gene, inserted In their prouct positions on
the Map. -
A 'nide of distances, Statistics of the County, en
larged plans of the principal Villages, and a few of the
most attractive lows in the County. will be inserted in
the margin ; thus giving every Fat kr:talon, and render
ing the Map valuable to the Owners of Property.
Merchants. Tres okra, Conveyancers, anti the inhabitants
generally, of the region delineated
In as 1111101 (Ls this work is to be rondo up of actual
ours cys made upon the ground. It will require time to
accomplish it; it is net expected. theretbre, that it will
be rettly for publication much tinder the period Of Two
Years. The size of the Wisp will to about. use feet by
four. and will mot five dollars.
11. F. MUM:ENS, Publisher.
N. F: corner of 31arshall and Wood St. Philadelphia.
I"I'ENTMN DYSPE PTI ( ,'S---1 hose
~r -
i you who have been afflicted for years with this
lsdherseno disease, and who have been using almost
et cry Nostrum before the public without relief, we say
to you try 4. Becalms Antidysiieptle" and you will soon
be tam, ineed of Its great superiority over every other
preparatfon. We Muhl gi Ve l yi , tl many certificates comas ,
orating our assertions. but a single trial Is worth more
than all. Th I , remedy Is prepared and sold nt the Drug
Stoie i f It. J. litillitli. South linnot or street, a few
doors south of the Court House, Carlisle. - ~.....,
istiliA NCE COMPANY of Cumberland county, incorpo
rated by an net of Assembly, In now fully organized, and
In operation undue the management of the following
commissioners, viz: ,
Daniel Dailey, William It. Dorgan, Michael Cocklin,
Meichoir Driinneman, Christian Stayman..lebn C. Dun
lap, Jacob 11. Coiner, Lewis Dyer, Ilenry Lotlam Benja
min 11. Musser, Jacob Mumma, Joseph IVickersham.
Alexander Cat,heart.
"The rates of insurance areas low and favorable as any
Company of the kind in the State. Persons wishiug to
become members are imited to Make application tai the
agents of the company, who are willing to wait upon
them at any time.
TIEN.Y. 11. •310SSE11, PreAdent.
HENRY LIMA'S, Vire President.
LEWIS lIYEIt, Secretary
CUMBERLAND et - RlNlV.—Rudolph Martin. N.Cum
berland; C. 11. Herman, Kingstown; Henry Z.a•ing,
Shiremanktown ; Charles Bell, Carlisle ; Dr. J. Ahl,
Churchtown ; Samuel Ciraham. West , Pennsborcmgla ;
Jues. Me-Dowel. Frankford: 3lode Drlffith, South Mid
dleton: Samuel Coover, Benjamin Ilas erstiek, s,-iu
; :Joint Fherriek, Lisburn; David Coovur, Shen
YORK COUNTY.—John Bowman, DUlfinirtr; Puter
Wolford,'Frankiln; John Smith, Esq., W11111110.01'; W.
S. Picking. Dover; J. W. Craft, Paradisii.
1141tit1S11111{0.—Ilonser k !Richman
Mombers of the company bating policies about to ex
pire can havo them ronewcd by making application to
any of the agents. ,
subscriber offers at private sate the stock and
tures of a Drug Store, Into the property of. Michael Fis
doe'd, in Churchtowu, Cumberland county. There
Is no other Drug Store In the place, and a fine opportu
nity Is now presented to any„,young man uishing to
commence this business. For terms enquire of
C E R TrEAs, oFFEE- - ---
l'ho sub o scriber has just
added to his forma stock a gonerul selection of CHOICE
01,ROCERIES, as well as all the other 'variety of articles
i nat , y
i•=todlnimant S
green—a im a t 1 , 71(. 11 11
A,per lb_ Orleans. Clarified, Cruslosf and l'ulverlzod
'Sngart, of film ;nullities; Chocolates, Spices, Dairy
Salt. and a varloty of Fancy articles, all of with h aro of
fvoil at the lowest cash prieos. Wo aro thankful for the
(brow support given us, and invite a further call from
our friends and customers. . W.
Marlon Hall, Carlisle. /
," STORROf the subscriber, in Ma-
Hun nail,
A now supply of fresh Water Cluehem
Soda, Butter. Pie rCte and Sugar Itulsenit,
Patina, corn Stareh, Tapioca, Situ, Pearl Matey.
Extract of Collet, Mee Flour, Baking Powt4r,
A new lot of auperior Table OH,
Pickles,- Tomato lietehup, French Mustard. Bay
Ituut..te. • ' J. W.
1 ; ,. rapertown, Cumberland county: 7 —
r HASKELL it SEYMOUR continue ta sup
till4l I
„„A , ply Lumber of all,lthnis, at the, shortest
—notice. and on terms lower than ran lie
had elsewhere. All orders directed to E. HASKELL, Pa
pertnwn; or WM. 36. SETMOVII., Jr.,Carlisle, will be prompt,
ly attended to.
Feb. 22—ly ,
•ii I NO.--1 lie undersigned would inform the
citizens of Carlisle that he. has sonde arrange-
Hien ts to do (IA S F ITTI NO and i•l.ll>iltlNfi at shoot no
tice, and on reasonable terms. Ile line emtaged the ser
vices of. a first rate band flub' Philadelphia. and has sup ,
lolled himself with an extensile assortment of Ft XT•
Ult ES. abide will enal.le to fill all orders promptly.
All cork will I.e warranted. Ilis stock of 1; as Fixture',
will his found In the romp exact]) opposite his Timsinil
'eStahlishment on North Hamner street, a here he iti% itch
a cull.
TINNING, SPOUTING. is also prepaied to
furnish. i r make to order. every article of TIN WARE
used by housekeepers and .dheis. Ile will also attend
and PLI'M 11l NO.
Thant; ful for the,patronnge ith which be linsnlready
been l h s ored. he respectfully Solicits a contlnunnee of
the Faille.
Carlisk..7une 14. '5-I
. lIEILEN respectfully Informs the citizens of Car
>l,,t lisle and vii initv, that he has just return
„...--- ed from Califin ilia, and is prepared toes is.
• . . mite all kinds of work ismnortrd with his
Ilhe of Lusiorss. lie has always on hand
''''• a large assortment of roqy-made It Kies,
Guns. Pistols, Locks, Keys. (Jun Trimmings. &e...a1l of
Which he will sell w holesalc or retail. lie also attends
to repairing lions, clocks. locks, it• c: engraves on brass.
copper ard iron. Ile hopes that by strict attention to
business, and a desire to please, he will merit and ieceive
public patronage.
- -Area • All kinds r.f. Fire Arum made to order.
Carlisle, April 26,1564.-1 y
Q 1) LEN 1)1 D
/ EL,1:1"! lio,lidttv Pres
, 0 :WA S CON
Ix 2 LYN, West !Ugh street. few
9 3ilOurs west of Durkholtier's
8 ' 11.140, Carlisle, has gustre
-7 6 . ecived the largest and most
elegant lISSOI tment of supe
rior Jewelry In err offered 'in Carlisle.. consisting In part
t4' 061 d and Silver Watches of every variety. and at all
prices. CLOCKS, SIAN er table ar , l tea 1 , 1101.n0.
silver table f o rks and butter knives. cold and er
spectacles. ladies' and goolemetis . I.en and pencil.
gold chains of ct ery description, ear and finger i ipgs.
breast (61S, Sr.. at all prices. Also A eeerdeeus and Mu
sical NI MI II c reat variety of limey Articles, se-
Meted es r.ressly f r the Holidays. Pm sons desiring to
!um hale are Ins ited to call and examine the assortment.
c are prepared to sell at very rensemtlile pi Ices. qual
ity of gocalls warranted to be as fi ue ns sold h r.
West thigh st.
A-1 A RION HA 1,1, REA N
Rooms.—A. G. K 471 having taken the Vaguer
rean rooms to Marion hail. knoW - fi'lls A. It.
Jere. desires to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Car
lise that he Is prepared to take LikenesSes in the most
superior sty Ic of the art. such as n ill fully sustain the
reputation of this popular estal moms
are large.,pleasantly Situated and comfintably furnish
ed. Ile is provided a ith the most Inwcrfni null perfect
Instrument for taking pictures and warrants satisfac
thin In cases. A full supply of cases of every variety
of style and slue,plain and ornamental, kept co nstantly
nit Engravings, Paintings, kr., avenrately copied
and duplicates taken of original likenescs. Liken roes
trait en of sick or deceased persons. Prices mederate and
satisfaction given in all eases. The public Is imt {led to
call at the 31ari.n Ihail Daguervenn 'towns and examine
the numerous specimens.
ly • Daguerreotypes inserted in Lockets, lireaSt Plus,
FingenlLings, Pencil Ileads,
Carlisle, June 14, '54.
ANTCIFS',New Clothing Establish
llENT—The Undersigned rvotiiertfully announces
to his old friends and the public generally that he has
ro.commenced the CLOTHING BUSINESS imall its va
rleus branches, and has just opened, fresh from the city,
at "Leonard's Corner, - North ilanever street• a well se
lected assortment of REAM' MADE CLOTHING, em
bracing every nriety, style and linish.:ibd at pliers cur
resoodlng to the times and quality.
Ile has also on hand a superior sb , ck of Cloths. Cassi
mores, Vestings, S:•.. of el cry style sultni le for 'Spring
and Summer wear. and which he si ill make to order on
terms which cannot fall to please.
Ills ~L el, also embraces n tine let of lien's Shirts. Col•
Cravats, (I los es and lll.ldery ; in short every article
pertaining to gentleman's wear. Ile respectfully invites
the public to call and CX MIAMI his goods.
April Ul, WA. N. HA NTCH.
k 7 IND. Thu subscriber continues to tarry .tot the
abio e business, in all its Eariour brandies, in North Ha ii..
orer street, Cal lisle. two tiers North of Leonard's corner
where he intends keeping on hand a general assortment
in his line, consisting of all kinds of fashionable SAD
DLES, Bridles, Martingales, Girths.
firelngles and Betters, also TRUNKS,
N.,......4 0 I
l itl. traveling and saddle
. " , 11 1 •';, \1 A 'age. no also man
c,. , i ;
n u i fiA , c ro t x ‘ i .t. re ,dt a s t p h t e
a il; rt. JIM IRO
((( i 1
ilil \ W , ti P It 1 Ii a -
S.lobl-Es ever used in this
f i ' i u n i e l tr.) ll . E;r i s i Tlo t I :E . n s t e l l ' l ' l i e s a i . t s i a l iTt a Lau d -l e
Mill Ito well to call and see them Ho
a also manufactures Harness, Bridles,
Cella, I, and \\hips in all their carte,
ties. and contdently believes from the general appreba
tion of his customers, that he makes the neatest and
best gears, In all their rarlety of bredth. that is made lie
the country. Ile also makes all bands of Matrasses to
order. vii: Straw, Ilusk. Curled Ilair and Spring Mat
misses. All the !thole articles will be made of the'best
material and workmanship, and with the 'utmost dee
watch.. WM. OSBORN.
) or has an assortment of thahlunable and well made
CLOTIiI NO, which will he sold oil at post forrash.
The Stock consists of ('loth and
,Cash waren Coat's. Lin
en and tlinghatu Coats, Tweed and Jean ('oats; Morsellls
Silk and Satin Vesting; Cassimers, Jean's and Cord pan
taloons, Linen and Cottonade pantaloons. with all kinds
of Clothing usually found inn clothing store.
Intending to relinquish flits branch of any businem,
great, bargains ran be had by caning soon at the cheap
store of Cif AII LES Oa I,IIY.
-CAIIPETINH.—'A few pieces just received from nuctien
and selling very Imo.
Juno 21,'51. CHAS. OCIILIIY.
4 1. E4 S I :1 1: 0 I II G I-h rr a lC'
v ) 11; g t a ken lOiT tl il e I —C "
W - r
ton peteh" lately kept by.. Mr. 11. h. Ihirkhol prepared to accommodate his friends and the pub
lie generally. livery circa will l made to give full sat
isfaction to such as may Timmer him with tlieirpatronagt.
Terms moderate. • [Carlisle, May 10, 1,514./
Q,,AFE---SI ) I4:IEDY--SURE!—S o e-
Ly TinNo "PA YOUR OWN 111:NEFIT11! A 'Medi.
vine adapted to general - Awe, kreatly: - pinperlor to other,
and within the means of every individual.
100 PILLS for twenty-five cents!' No extortion Li
"price -no CaliiucI — no mineral poison whatever.
Tolvxsssn's.lluvrii PILLS fully merit the - great
'reputation they have acquired. -They Are called for from
all parts of the land, because TIIIA ALL aIiAT THEY
IVII AVTHEY WILL AO—Thee purify the blood, tlooy
clense the System of Humors, they cute DyspePile and
Indigestion, they mato an Appetite, they are Sick
Ifeadache, Dizziness and Low Spirits, they arrest Fevers,
,they promote a healthy action of the Liver, they are a
sure cure for Costiveness and Habitual Constipation,
they are highly Mikado s In Female Complaints, they'
strengthen and give tote to the System. They are the
best Family Medicine kn wn. .. 1 •
It is an obvious Inquiry, how one medicine can cures()
many different complaints. ; however, ire so
compounded of curatfyo materials that persons have on
ly to Th1"111131 and the answer Ns ill be found In a re
stored body and an'lnvlgorated constitution.
Each Box contains 100 fills, at the astonishingly low
price of :IS cents. Every 'lndividual should have them-
For sale by the Druggh.ts and l4threheepers genoTally •
•. F. A., l'Atmta, general..Ager.t ; Stonington, Ct.
WAIU and FANCY GOODS:—A fine Nola
nient of the finest quality, for wile at the lowest rash
prices, at Win. ELTON HEAD'S, No. 184 South See( nel
Street, between Meant, Union, west side.Philndelphia.
The assortment embraces a. large and I•Cif Et Si. k of
Fine Watches,Jeu clry., Silver Ware, AlLata Ware, plated
with fine silver, in Spoons, Forks. Ladles, ke.—.lct garde,
Funs and fane3 articles of a superior quality. deserving
the examination 01 those who desire to procure the best
....,: i .s4 „ ...„; 1 1 1 . goods
a, a h t ,
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, "ties for Impot tine' and Mauldin Lur
ing, the subscriber conliidently Invites purchasers. 1 Y-
Ile%ing that be can supply them on terms IN fm orable
as any other establishment in either of the Atlantic
All kinds of Ithimonds and Pearl Jewelry and Silver
Mare manufactured to order, within a reasonalle time.
Tlo),lVatches jeuelry and tiller ware faithfully te..
pain d. NI M. F. I.I.TONIIEAD,
N 0.184 South 2d St. a few doors above the 2.1 St. Mar
ket, West Fide.
111 1 )-19 Ow south window of the Store. may I.e semi
the Gimmes 11h•d Clock, which commands the admiration
of the seluntille and curious. (Sept. 28, 'l4-Iyr.
OF LIME.—From City Chernleal & Vniou Works,
made after the most improved ai•tieltrand verpsUperior.
Prepared Anhydrite 3latiure, made after the alglish ar
tide. and most superior, being mu,ll lower t nm Guano,
'Ant fully equal. The attention of Peale . abd Fat MCI
is, particularly ca lied here for trial. • A.1f,0, rerll lanGu
ano, in large or small quat.titles 7 for sale by
MONROE 3101t1tIS
• :JOHN L. lOMP:1101%
22 South Wharves, :Id door taut e Chestnut 1-:t. Phila.
Kept. 27, 1+ , : 1 , „
TtNu I , III:NACE.--ne styl(scriter would cull the
attention of all parties requying desirable Furoar
to (liiit.uolc•u CEI.I.IIIIATLD I%4oa:if; AND VENTILtI IM, At.
The reputation of this furnace is now known, having
been hat-mimed during the past fivo.,yeius into al.t ut
1500 public buildings and more than 0000 mil ate
togs; this together with the imniellSe Inca CAM, of sales
every year is the best evidence that ran Le adduced of
its superiority oi Cr afl taller furnaces. Ily the use .of
Cbilson's Fu ri of a )ou set ure the following advantages-.
Fart; VI.N111..11111N:
Pros heating surfaces Lying at a ttinpera
tore that will et t desiccate the air.
Ei. ,, N0311i Al. Ut.t: et Ft
61Zr..a DeIIAUILII matte entirely of Cast Iron,
not liable to rust. mill require no repairs (luring a lift
time—it Is easily namaged.anil m ill tott expo', the ',did.
log In mhirh it ie placed to dlangei• fn m toe, iihe the
other furinnes.
He h a te the testimonials of humiveds of the nu st
scientific men to attest to t truth ;acne...state,_
meld. all of is Man pronouns e it to lie decniedl:, the I est
furnace yet invented f produeing it put e and healthy .
uUm ,phere. lierewitlx annex the mimes" of a few
well known anii=eminent pri fssors, who basis. used thew
and kindly turn fished us their twines and references:
Jelin S. Hart. Prof. Parker., Pi of. \u: ton. Pies.
\V in. 11. Allen. Prnf Patheus, hof. lianulds, Pref. 11. SU-
Pnl. Illpley.
We have introduced this seusou fit e time sizes. SI , that
all um ties wily it‘ nil Menisci% 01 this ( rent improve
/Relit at a Nei y inetierlite ale I,OtV pi ei :acid to
furulah ~n walla a :Angle n ota, it the big
cat building in the muntry.
No. - 1 Portnliie. ni e,
Platk , )
• This No. l 0 Js the largest and most powerful4veri arc
wade in this country. and Is admital ad k alit - 0.4.1 for
Churches And other large Oars buildings.
\ti, continue to sell the apparatus at the saibi piirio
as alien first, introduced. five years ago. Altbraigralik ,
present high price of iron has ince easi d their rest 21, per
owing to their great w eight, still we are-enabledi
the great increase of sales to furnish the article at the
lowest possible price. One foundry alone, Messrs. ar
hick S Leibrandt, have mutt acted to forhish us with:CO
tons of Furnaces this SOnSOII, so that we are raw prepar
ed to furnish them wholesale or retail. We Rigel intend
the erection of all Furnaces, when required, :RA war
rant twin in all cages.
the most complete Caning Range that has
.) et I eon in
trodneed. to Sc hit we 'call the attention a ail ache icily
wish tic secure the most Verfect and desirable etching ap
pal at us ever Invented.
only Agents in Penusyls cola for tlw ninnufacture ar el
sale of this Ventilator. w 'Mb is itekuowledged to be the
only perfe:t Ventilator mer made for our re. Ong the
draught in smoky chimnies, and for vent Rath g 1 Mid-
Rigs of all kinds. As there are a great many in hatless
of thi• valuable article now , ffered for sale. 1 al ties will
be careful to examine that it has the Inn rson I ridge at
have the largest and ttnait`i4ouplete riat,rtalet. ts of Hit
Air Registers and Ventilators to be found in the 121,ited
States. Parties who wish to porch:lsis-either for prit ate
UtC or wholesale, will find it grtatlyltu their advautaim
to examine their stork.
SLATE AND WON MANTLES.—We have always on
hand an extensive assortment of these Leatitiful tnaiitV
les. in exact inanition of Egyptian, Spanish,Galway alyd
other Tare marbles.
OPEN GIiATES.—For Anthracite and I:ituminms
mat. Also nn entire new path Fit of the low down (hate.
made from the Englibh -Patterns, and entirely new in
this country.
SOLE At; EN TS fir the Engli,h Encaustic Flaring
Tile.Oarnkirk l Winne) ps, and Tvrra Cottn Orman nts,
such as Darden YaFcs. Ac.
Perron* , about building would do well to examine cur
stock before purchasing elsewhere. Visitors, whether
purchasing 4,r not. are cordially welc , rued to our exten
sive Warw.), Ins, and where we should be.bappy to fur
nish any Information respecting any of our goods that
maw be desired. A bock on Warming and Ventilating
ran be had gratuitously at our store. either p,rsenally
by letter. ti. A.
Warming and Ventilating Warehouse,
1.1!3 Walnut st., below 'Sixth,
Slny 31-7 ml
POLLARD, Premium Artiste in Ilair
Inventor cif the relet rated Gossamer Yentilatibg
kc and Elastic Hand Tout CS. I ustrtktions to enable
Ladies and tientlenien to uieasure their heads with OC.
curacy. •
Vol indies.—No. 1. The round of the head; No.
2. From forehead over the head to the neck No. 8.
From ear to ear. over the top; No. 4. From ear to ear
round the forehead.
Toupee!, and scalps, Inches.—No. 1. From fl , rebead to
hack as far as laid; No. 2. Over forehead as far as rtqulrr
ed: No. a. Over the crown of the head.
B. IliltiLAltll has always reedy for sale a splendid
stock of (lents Wigs, Toupees, Ladies' Wigs. half Wigs,
Frizots, Braids, Curls, Acs, beautifully manufacturedand
as cheap us any establishment in the Union.
Bollards Herbanium Extractor Lustrorii4 Hair Torte,
prepared frank Saab American Hait , and Boots—the
most sucheS - sful 'article ever Produced for preserving iha
hair from falling rut or changing color. restoring and
preserving it in a healthy and luxuriant slate. Amon;
other reasons why Bollard's hair cutting saloon main.
tains its liemense popularity Is the fact that - his Tonic Is
applied to every head of hair cut at his establiFlament,
consequentlY it is kept In better preservation than un
der any known application.. It being thus practically,
tested by. thousands, offers the greatest guarantee of it 4
Sold wholesale and retail at his Old Establishment
Chestnut street opposite thelF tato I louse, Philadelphia.
li. Bollard has nt least' diseo%ered the no plus ultra of
HAIR BYE, and announces it !hr sole m lib perfect con
fidence In its surnaming every thing of the kind noWlei
use., It colors the hair either-black, or trrown, fax May
be desired) and is 'liked without injury to the hair (le
skin either by stairs or otherwise, can be washe'd off'
ten minutes eller application, without detracting how
Its efficacy. Persons visiting the city are invited to Ova
him a
Lettera addressed to It. DOLLAIIII, 177 Chestnut Ft,
Philadelphia, trill receive attention. Jan. 2:-ly
T I:ATI - TER.—Fritz & 'Hendry, 'Store,
2t) North 3d st, Philadelphia, 31oroeco Nianttracttre•
era, Ctirriers,ltnik.rters, 6)1111'11s:don and General Leath
er business. .. •
WHOLESALE' AND RET.III--)bnmfitctory 15 Mar•
garetta stnet. Sop. 7-ly
best make eonfdantly on band find for stile at the
Onrilsle Foundry and iklnchine Shop.
(1,1111)S1111 4&
. 111101 V NA"'
NINE 1,,17.1.S
for hi irk ork
4 do
3 Extra Itadhavr. (with Thus ai.d French'
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