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'ClONOREssiozitAr. rucoomErnsas.
Two 'Arrive - 1i from Europe.
Pkogress oft the War in the East.
~,D isastrous Fires.
Wednesday, April 25
Vi'ec_have by the Arabia, at Halifax, news a
week later from Europe. The , Spanish, gov
ernment hos made prompt reparation for the
pia& Warrior ; affair, by apology, pecuniary
recompense, and censure of the Captain Gen
eral. - A
riOlation—ofthr-i'Servian territory by
the IVmsions has occurred. Austria appears
to be" acting more in unison with the allies,
while Prussia leans more, to Russia, while
temporizitig with both sides. A protocol guar
anteeing the integrity of the Ottoman empire
has been signed by the four powers at Vienna,
Hanover, and all the minor German powers
except'Bavaria, side with Austria" and the al
lies,and will join" Austria in foreleg Prussia
to declare herself in the Federal Diet, should
the Subjeat come up. Several English grain
weasels on the Danube have been fired on by
the Russians. and oue sunk. Three thousand
French troops have arrived at Constantinople,
where the declaration of war by the allies bad
caused immense rejoicing. St. Petersburg has
been illuminated in honor of the passage of the
passage of the Danube by'the Russians. The
creek insurgents have been repulsed in sever.
al engagements. FrQm India it is reported
that Dust Mohammed has offered an Afighan
alliance against Russia. The Austrian troops
arereported as entering Servia. An English
steamer has been sent in search of three A
merican ships, which were reported in the
Baltic, with stores for the Russians.• The
Turks have made a sally from Kalafat, and
bad a four hours' battle with the Russians,
whom they, routed and pursued, for a consid
erable distance. There is also•a statement of
another battle, in which the Turks assailed
the Russians in the 'rear, and, after a bard
fight, half of the Russian troops were cut to
pieties, and the rest retired across the Dan
ube. The Turks have evacuated the fortress
of Uzarnavoda, in the Dobrudseha, which was
shelled by the Russians. The Russian expe
dition bee announced the intelligence that the
ports of Japan will be opened.
An arrival at New York brings the full de
tails of the California news. The Walker ex
pedition appears to be on its last legs, the
force being reduced to seventy-five men, and
in a starving condition. The Trench' consul
at San Francisco has been attempting to send
French and German recruits for the Meiican
army from that city. Lieut. Whipple's explo
ring expedition has reached California. Fre
mont's party is thought to be. lost. There is
mach trouble with the Indians in Washington
Thursday April 27.
In Congress, yesterday, the Senate passed a
bill appropriating five thousand dollars to pur
chase the portraits of the five first Presidents
of the United States, painted by Gilbert Stu
girt. The Indian appropriation bill was amen
ded and postponed. The Senate also held an
Executive session, in which the nomination of
James C. Vandyke. as United Stales District
Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania, was con
firmed. A motion to remove the injunction of
seoresy from the proceedings on the Gadsden
treaty was lost. • •
In the Rouse, the Appropriation
bill was reported, as also a bill to equalize the
salaries , of the United States Disfridt Judges.
In the State Legislature, yesterday, the
Senate passed finally the bill to permit the -
Cleveland, Painsville and Ashtabula Railroad
Company to extend their road to. Erie, Mauch
a shape that proper running time and other
arrangements are required to be established
for the protection of the Philadelphia and
Erie interests, and the Cleveland Company is
to make en inalienable subscription of half a
million'ollars to' the stook of the Sunbury and
Erie Railroad Company. Thtf Senate also
concurred in the Rouse amendments to the bill
consolidating the Susquehanna lino of rail
roads. The House passed finally the common
school bill as it came from the Senate.
'The Arabia bee arrived at Boston. The
Chien mail confirms the fact of the opening of
the Japanese ports, though a year must elapse
before any treaty will be made. Meantime
vessels may stop there for wood and water.—
The-Turks throw - upon - the allied ficetsllte
blame of the Russian successes on the Danube.
The Emperor of Russia has seized the t proper
ty of the British Ambassador, Sir 11. Seymour,
Relations between Austria and Prussia are
growing cool. Austria, it was thought, had
.. proposed to Prussia a German ultimatum, de
manding the evacuation of the Danubian prin.
civilities by Russia. A report was current at
Constantinople that the Russians had been
driven across the Danube.
An arrival at Now Orleans from Vera Cruz,
reports a battle between' the troops' command
ed by Santa Ana and Alvarez, in which the
latter was defeated, and the victory-hies, - been
celebrated at the capital; but other accounts
represent the official report to be a ridiculous
exaggeration. The prisoners taken on board
the schooner Anita have been sent in chains to
the capital. They were mostly Americans.
-An awful di ester has occurred -at New
York, by the falling of a rear wall of a burn
ing house, killing a number of firemen, and'
desperately. wounding a number of otliers.—
' Peurteen dead bodies have been taken out of
the reins, Flimsy building is said to have
caused the fatality, and the fire department of
that city have joined in a protest against the
present mode of building where fire-proof safes
are higher up'tban the first story,
One of the victims of a railroad accident in
Massachusetts has just recovered, in a suit for
4amages'in a court at Boston, a verdict of fif.
'teen thousand dollars:. The American Scion.
ttßn Aesoolatfon yesterday commenced its an
nualsession In Washington.
We have, the gratifying intelligence from
New York, that a vessel. answering to the de
Sciriptlontif the anxiously looked for steamship
Cliy.ef Glasgow -has been seen near the Ba
hawas. She had her yards squared and bare,
ne,appearance of being disabled, but, was in
an unusual' position, and no person was seen
on board' of her.
, Friday, April 28.
In the State Legislature, "yesterday, the
Senate - coneurred in the. Rouse-.amendments
to the Common School bill, except one striking
out the limit to taxation for &hoot purposes.
The joint resolutions to amend the Conetitu
, Gen passed second reading in the Senate, and
were laid over; an amendmentlo elect Sena
tors by single districts being rejeoted.
In the Hausa, re-oharterja were
, passeci for
the Maanfooturers' and Mechanics Bank of
Philadelphia, and the Penn Township Baiik,
*On charier was refused to the Donegal Do
posits Bank.
• 'There has beed a great fire in Warrenton.
Qeo., which destroyed nearly the entire town,
lass about .41,160,00. Every, store, the
wart &mu , e, the post office, many of the hest
tlwelling% and a number of offices were burned.
`The British talk of annexing the remainder
• +Of their Indian Emplia.
‘. 'lmmense. guano depositor have been die
povered near Geelong Australia.
. .
Siturdni, Aprll 29,,'
. .
Planate was reit in session s , ester
day. In she Jolene° of Representativeo, the
debate was resumed on the bill 'granting intid
all the' States for internal iMprovemente
:and ' , educational purposes ' and Mr. 'lodgers
.smide spoeoh favor of the Tonsure. The
dotwelhen .went into Committee on the Do
olendy idli; cml is: debate took plane between
4Mosern:filddloge, of Oblocand Smith; of
&reseal hag arrived at New York, in charge
;#),Lieot, Downes, yiasjelted
,a%,a slaver on the',' of 'Africk , by the - 11.
brig Perry.' Dr. Jayne'e mammoth banding
•in ehestriut street,' Philadelphia, Artai en Are
yesterday morolog„hpt not, mupli doen° roe
dope. The dorm of , thuredny oseuse4" the
pinking of the calorie ship. Ericsson in Neer
I TeWebay, while on a trial hip. There' hue
I.'beetra violent gale on •Like Erie, causing the
wreck of several vessels and the loss of life.;
A bill prohibiting the 'oiroulation in Ohlo of
bank notes of other States of a less denomi,
nailon than ten dollars, has poetical the Ohio
;Legislature.' ,
In the State Legislature on Thursday hie
,nlng[the joint resolutions proposing to amend
the State,Constitntion so as to provide a sink
ing fund, to limit the State debt; and to ple'
vent municipal subscriptions to railroads, alio
passed. A resolution
,from the House to ad.
journ on the 2d of May was amended - to read
the 9th of May, and than passed. A bill to
exempt coal and lumber' passing over the
Penusylvania .- Bailrond from":tho.tonnage tax
was passed. "
In the House,l , esterday, the resolution from'
the Senate relative to adjournment wits, again
amended so as to rend the 4th instead of the
9th. The "House concurred in the Senate's
.amendments to the bill to establish n Hoene of
Correi3tion in Philadelphia. The bill repealing
the charter of the Donegal Deposits Dank was
passed. "The supplement to the charter of the
Philadelphia Savings Fund was defeated. The
billtiAttf&dharter the Dank of Penn Township
and the Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Bank,
passed finally. ,„
The Ward murder trial in Kentucky has
resulted in the acquittal of Matt. F. Ward.
It is stated to be the determination of Mr.
Benton to oppose the appropriation for carry
ing out the Gadsden treaty, and to move for a
select committee, with power to send for per
eons and papers.
— Ono of the victims of the Norwalk catastro
phe has recovered, in a Salt at law against the
Company, a verdict of $5,000 The Company
i fil
had previous ) offered to tettlo the same ease
for $7,000, b t the offer was refused. • A men
wyolell intbNn exposed cellar ,way,,,, in Con
gress Square, oaten, and broke his back, has
Just recovered in a law court a verdict of
$12,000 against the city. The small note
conspirators in Pittsburg have been sentenced
to three months imprisonment and pay a Brie
of $lOO each.
A stringent liquor law has been passed by
he Ohio Legislature, which punishes by fine
and imprisonment persons selling liquor to
parties intoxicattd or in the habit of getting
intoxicated, and•also renders the retailers of
liquor liable in civil suits for damages. Snow
fell on Saturday to the depth of two inches
some sixty miles north of Cincinnati.
An arrival at Charleston,S. C., from Nas
sau, brings accounts of serious marine disas
ters on and about the Bahamas. During two
weeks, property estimated at from $OOO,OOO
to $1,000,000 Was wrecked. No mention is
made of the steamer Glasgow, or any craft
resembling her.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, at-Baltimore,
one of the largest and Snort church edifices
in that city, was nearly destroyed by fire on
Saturday morning. It was insured.
A land slide at Brooklyn Heights, L. 1., on
Sunday afternoon, crushed a frame, house in
which were seven or eight personh. At the
latest accounts two of the victims had been
taken out dead. ''','•'. - -.
In the'Pennsylvania Legislature, on Friday
night, a - bill passed finally, inoorporatiag the
Farmers Market Company. The general Ap
propriationfilll was considered and amended,
by raising the salary of the Governor to $4OOO
'per year, giving extra compensation to the
officers of the Legislature, raising the salaries
of the Lancaster law judges to $2,200 per an
giving also the same addition of $2OO to all
the other law judges, including , those of-.the
Supreme Court, and raising the salaries of the
Chief Supervisor and two Dispatchers on the.
Columbia Railroano $2 60 per day.
On Saturday, in the Senate, tie reports
were made from the committee on the bill to
-incorporate the Board of Directors of the
Philadelphia Fire Department, the majority
- report for the - bill, and the minority report
against it, The General, Appropriation Bill
was considered, nad an amendment rejebted
appropriating $3, 00 to erect a monument in
memory of the de eased members of the Penn
sylvania regitifeel in the Mexican war. A
- propositiontoles 9 the public works to Bing
ham, Baker & Dock, in the event of .a failure
to sell, was rejected. In the Iloutee t en Sat
urday, the bill authorising the Cleaveland,
..Painesville and Ashtabula Railroad company
'to - extend their road to Erie, was passed thro'
Committee of the Whole, and put to second
From the north we have accounts of grew
damage done by the recent heavy fall of rain.
Extensive land slides have occurred along the
New York and Erie, Hudson River and Har:
lam Railroads, and in one ease some soiree
laborers were' drowned. The most serious
disaster. however, is the breaking away of the
Croton darn ' and the consequent cutting short
of the supply of water to New York city. It
is feared, too, that it will take some time to
repair the damage.
By the arrival at New York of the steamship '
-Pacifim -- we - have - news from Europe four days
later, but things aro still in skits quo. The
Pacific brings us-intelligence of the commence
ment of operations by the British fleet in the
"Baltic upon the Russian merchantmen. Five
of. the latter have fallen into the handset" the
British. Admiral-NaMer was slowly pushing
up the Baltic. There was no immediate indi
cation of active hostilities, though the British
will no doubt seize the first favorable oppor
tunity to try the Russian strength In that
quarter. On the Danube there is much skir
mishing. The Turks fight bravely, but they
seem to lack military skill, for the Russians
constantly advance, in spite of the Turkish
fortresses. The, encounters between the:per.
ties are decisive in nothing, howeveri more
than the destruction of battalions, in which
the Turks suffer nearly as much as the Rus
sians. The Turk's still hold their defences
along the line from Remove to Kusteuje, but
the Russians are pressing them severely, and
it is probable that the next encounter will see
them in the Russians' hands. The British
troops bad been landed at Varna, so that it
will not be long before they will ho engaged
in putting a stop to the further advatiiiii - of the
In open eession of the Senate, yesterday,
Mr. Slidell altered a resolution directing the
Committee on Foreign Relations to inquire
into the expediency of authorizing the Presi
dent, at any tints during the recess of Con
gress, to suspend the acts preventing expedi
tions leaving the United States against foreign
countries. __Mr...Slidell_aocompanied-his-reito .
Intim with a speech on the subject of our
present reinlens with Spain in reference to
Cuba, which hi of some importance.
- In the Ho se e'bili - watipassed for the eon
struetion of military roads in New Mexico,
and also resolutions asking of the President
information relative to the rights - of neutrals
In lae,Suropeari war, and the instructions to
du rePrOtientativea abroad on that subject, as
wilah in relation to Cuba. i , •
Both branches of our State Legislature have
Ogieed to adjourn on the 9th instant. The
Rodeo spent the whole day on the Ohio Rail
road bill and made rapid progress with it.
The Ward case had caused a public indigna
tion meeting at Louisville,- at which resolu
tions were posted requesting Mr. Crittenden '
to resign his seat in the U.' S. Senate, and
Mr.'Wolfe, another of Wazd's counsel, to re
sign his seat in the State Senate. The Ward
family. •were also requested to leave the State.
A large mob, wont to the house of It. J. Ward,
the father of the murderer, and there burnt
in effigy his two sons. The house caught fire
during thee° proceedings, but not, much dam
age was done, • -
There is'a . serious freshet In the Delaware
river; and considerablfillimage has been done
to the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania
Canal, so that it is feared there will not be any
boating for toixte time to come. .
Philadelphia Bulletin announces that all the
obstacles to the prosecution of the Sunbury
and Erie railroad are removed. Tho city sub
scription of $1,000,000, being the first half
of the' conditional subscription of two million
authorised by tile ordinance, is mode; the
certificates are signed, and the first-install
ment 61'41 0 0,0 00 ' ban bepn paid,in. If 'the
bill that has passed the, ,,, Perineylvanlo • Sere
in referenee'M the Like Shore road also nee
through the'llousei another' half million trill
Wilecureo.'the'other 'subscriptions of eritry
.kind amoimb fp sibtitte :throe Millions; .110 that
'the company have an Minable fund to begin'
Pork siiltlf nbent fire million and a half.%
gert 4 ourtiand 0; Yohn6ouiree-doirelete4 if)
riuriler Si 'the Ara, 'degrie, Tharid4,
Harrisburg, for die mirder of NiVtolysi.'
Terms—Two Dollars a year, or One Dollar and
Fifik Cents, if paid punctually in Advance.
75 if paid within the year.
Monday May 1.,
In pursuance of the directions of thelate
Whig State Convention, I have selected the
following gentlemen to compose the State' Cen
tral Committee for the present year.
Col. And, 0. Curtin. of Centre Co., Chairman,
Oen. William Lorimer, Allegheny
Col CO, Loomis,
Fredrick loning, Philadelphia.
Joseph B. Myers, "
Bon. Wm. B. Reed, •
Stephen Miller,:-Doophin
John Covodo, Westmoreland
Tho,. N. Franklin. Lancaster
Bon. H. M. Fuller, Luzerne
H. D. Maxwell, Northampton
L. A. Mackey, Clinton
David Taggart, Northumberland Co.
'Our thanks are due to the HMI. James
Cooper, of the U. S. Senate, and to the Hon.
Wm. H. Hurts, of the House, for publio doou-
The Supreme Court has commenced its
Sessions at Harrisburg. The bearing °lases
for the judicial district of Cumberland, Perry
and Juniata, is appointed for the 22d inst.
We present oar readers to-day with a bean
tiful and accurate map, giving the entire area
of the United States in its relations to slavery
at one glance. The part left in white repre
sents the Free Stated, that in deep black the
Slave States, and that part which the authors
and supporters of the N ebraska bill mean to
make slave territory, if they can, is shaded as
doubtful. . -
The boundaries of Nebraska and Kansas
tire — given, not with absolute exactness, but
near enough to show the :vast magnitude of
the territory endangehd by Douglas's bill. It
extends from Texas to Canada, and from lowa
to the Rocky Mountains, comprising an area
oC eliAir - 480,1:100 - square miles, more than toil'
times the extent of Pennsylvania, and sixty
that of Massachusetts.
By a glance at the map the reader will see
that by far the greater part of the settled
lands of the U. S. are now in the hands of
slaveholders. The free population of 4he
North is about fourteen millions; the free pop
ulation of the Slave States about six and a half
millions; while the number of slaveholdors is
only about four hundred thousand. Yet they
have already the giant's share of the land,
and .11r. Douglas end the Democratic party of
the North propose to open to them all the re.
malodor! Imiigine Alm shaded parts of the
:above map to be deep black, and then consider
the relative positions, of the Free and the
Sieve States. Can auy free white man, north
or south, not a slaveholder, hesitate for a mo
ment as to his duty in the present crisis?
There 'is one thing further to be considered
'by the farmers and working men of Pennsyl
vania. Shedd these territories become Slave
i States, as Douglas's bill is intended to make
Ithem, they will be represented in Congress as
the Southern States sow are, that Is to say
Tuesday, May 5
the sksuspro . 'perty will ibe represented, Thus,
five inpidred slaveholders, °soh owning ten
slaves, nreequal to three thousand five hundred
froo white citizens of Pennsylvania) And
this is the Dotimciacy which our: neighbor of
the Volunteer, and the Looofooo party gener
ally, are trying to crowd down the throats of
free northern men 1
The most sagacious portion of the pubis
soarcelylooked for the conviction of Matt. F.
Ward, who was tried last week in KantoAry
for the murder of Prof. Butler, and they have
not been disappointed. 'He has been acquit.
tod. 4 This verdict was not, of course, rendered
in accordance with law 'and evidence. It will
be regarded-as-bold ellrontery - the - part, of
the jury if they assert it was. Other influen- ,
cos mug have•provalled. May ,be the wealth
of tint accused—the high social portion of his
family—the imposing presence of distinguished
witnesses; stich as tile. Secretary of the Treas
ury, and there-- the dragooning,, brow.benting
course of his connect—the low . estimation In
which human life is held in the Bouth—thse '
probably formed the combination of influences
which secured this verdict. The jury may
endeavor to justify their verdict on the ground
that Ward killed Butierin self-defence. But
that is preposterous and the public will be
llevo that the acquittal is the result of other
influences. The verdict' will recall to ninny
the Conviction of Prot. Webster, wlio throUgh
out his trial bad the warm but mistaken sym
pathies of almost the whole country with him,
but whom 8 atom Maasaohusetts jury, faithful
to its own intogrlty - and tho mnjesty of law
and justice, coudemn:ed to death, and' the jus
tice of whose verdict was afterwards vindicated
by his own'eonfessiort.
nerCol. BINTON his published a notice to
his constituents and friends that hereafter be
will not, receive frotn,,nor send' through, the
St.•tiouis , poet office, any letters or papers;
and further, that the, aloe of Adagio, .!z
in Si. Lotils, will be, after this, his post office
in that city. ?closers. AdatimSt Co., he states,
have offered to convey to and from Washing.:
'ton and St. Louis, all his correspondence.
The reason [Leaped foi this singular notice
is, that the recent 'appointment _ poetmaster
tan 2 antl43iintoiilte) At St. Louis, has put it
out of hie power to oommunicate through that
Ace with hie friends there.' •
8011001, BILL.PAsenn, , --The bill re-organis
ing'. the*.Odunnee -,@ohool desk passed the
liouserOnaliy on Wednesday, precisely, , ea, It
bad previeuely , passe& the ,Senate, by , a vote ,of,
yeas 42,fnaya , il!g., only neede theliovern
hit's' , 400,1 beooriel a ,, lowe width It Irlll‘
of course reaelve. • :,t • -
oAs.reza3L33, p.a.
of Northumbeilaud
of Allegheny
of Montgomery
- -
Chairman Whig State Convention
:f everything 'is true of which they are ac
cused dui, Legislature of Pennsylvania bas
become a most shamefully corrupt body.. One
of our exchanges-seys,that corruption has be
coMe ad open that it is a common boast of
_borers tlint they -have Purchased -votes and
laws, and of members that offers are made to
them for their votes and influence. The Har
riebnig Item, in in article on this subject.
" I says:
"That ; legislation has been obtained 'by
other tharCdireet means; and rights and privi-,
leges purchased with MONEY, is no longer a
disputed fact. Those who takaan interest in
what is going on, arena regularly notified,that
importhnt Legislittlonds projected, by' the re
appearadce in our town of certain persons
from othett counties, and the regular visits to
thirrct4 - T3f members or
of certain of ,our own-citizens; as they
they are of sowing and planting time, in the
ppring, by the cawing and whistling of the
crows and black-birds which rob the cornfields
of the farmer.
The Harrisburg correspondent of the North
American,' under date of Friday last, makes
the following coniments on recent transectione,
which certainly gotar to confirm the worst
" To-day another new bank bill passed the
House of Representatives. It had previously
passed the Senate, and will be presented to
the Governor for his approval.' It is the bill
to incorpprate the Donegal Deposits Dank, at
Marietta, Lancaster county, Yesterday it was
defeated by a vote of
. 28 to 48. To-day it
was re-considered by a veto of 46 to 31, again
pineed before the Renee on final patsage,
tipare4 from all amendment, end, passed finally,
bjr a vote of 40 to 88. Yesterday the majority
against it was twenty; 10-day the majority in
favor of it was two votes, and that in a Rouse
containing a clear Democratic majority of
forty, in the face of the opposition of ono of
the Lancaster county members, and in spite
of the fact that Lancaster county already con
tains four banks-of issue, and two savings in
Comment upon this change of front is use.
beau. Men tit a distance can know, as•cvell as
those here, how Representatives votes are so
cured ; but they cannot imagine the extent to
which corruption is now prevailing, If the
secret history of successful bills could be ex
posed, not one third of the members would
ever again be permitted to fill an office of hon
or or profit.
• Already five bills have passed to re-charter
Banks, and about no many more to establish
Deposits Banks—two in Lehigh county. but
four miles apart, I am informed—one to be
located in Allentown and another at Catasau
qua. Several. others remain to ho passed,
which, I presume, will be as favorably treated.
Those facts suggest.two,thoughts: the change
in Democratic doctrine on this subject, and the
powerlessness of Gov. Bigler."
This is a disgraceful state of affairs, and
the people ore in good part to blame for it
Let them send honorable and high-minded men
to the Legislature, instead of the party tools
and pensioners, and the evil will be at once
remedied. Or a better remedy perhaps would
be to have the Legislature meet only Once in
two yeore. Let the People move for'I3IENNIAL
SESSIONS of the Legislature!
DO -Notwithstanding a bill has passed both
branches of the Legislature for tho Sale of.the
Main Line, the Loco offlce-holding plunderers
are'determined to defeat the object of the law,
The Demooratio Union, a Loco 'paper, hut
which seems honestly to favor the sale, has a
long article exposing the action of the Canal
.Commissioners. W"roulte the fellowing.ex
tracts from it. Thd:Julon says ;
Truly, truly, whim the gods will destroy
they first make mad. We assert, unhesita:
tingly, as the most charitable conclusion we
can come to, that the Canal Commissioners
are demented and unfit to exercise that author
ity which the law lins•placed in their hands.
We say this t' more in sorrow than in anger,"
because the imperious sense of duty to the
people of this commonwealth will not permit
us to remain silent.
In the 'net for the sale of the main, lino' of
the public works, passed with great unanimity,
(or rather by strong mejorities,) in both hous
es of the legislature, it is stipulated that the
company who shall purchase, In their tariff of
prices "shall not exceed the--reites of toll now
charged upon boots cars tonnage and passenger.,
by the commonwealth , " The meaning of the
legislature is obvious. It cannot be mistaken,.
The purchaser was allowed by the not to
1: charge the same rate of tolls Charged by the
commonwealth nt the tinie the bill received
the legislative sanction. This -was the inten
tion of the legislature. There lives not a man
in or out of the legislative body, who dare
deny it. And - yet, look at the bold, rough
hewn-piece of rascality by which that Board,
in the face of day, in defiance of the Legisla
ture and the people, seek to defeat the con
summation of an not which was passed by the
representatives of the people after long and
mature deliberation! Look at it, members of
the Legislaturui look at it, citizens of Penn
sylvania ; and say what should be the punish
ment for such n flagrant violation of duty and
the public will ! The fast will scarcely be
credited, and yet it is "true as holy writ,"
that the Board of Canal Commissioners, on
Saturday, reduced thei tolls' on the 'Wadi line—
for no other reason that can be conceived of
than to defeat dishonestly and by - an abuse of
power, the sale of the public worke."
The people can thus see how their interests
nre . trified with by the plunderers in power.
The annual\ appropriation bill, covering the
mammoth summt SIX MILLIONS OF DOL
LALS passed thti Legislature on Nonday,
The Ledger remarks upon this monster bill—
"We shall went to examine this bill. Six
millions of dollars Is u very large sum, end.
the people ought to be informed what aro the
_purposes to which it Is to he applied. Among
proviaione we understand - is authority to
make temporary Ipa,ns. The Whole revenues
of the Commonwealth last year, including
$4,205,233 of loans, and $164,662 of public
property sold Were only $9,486,770. We in
fer from thesefigures that the temporary loans
this year will be larger than they were last
year; other .sources of revenue being equal."
ESNTOCICT MOJIALBe—W O con make many
allowances . for legal figures of armed* in de.
fonoo of a client, but We moat any Kentucky
practice is too sharp for us. The Pkzabeth.
town eorrespondentof the Louisville Courier
says that Ea-Gov. Helm, in his address to the
jury in the Ward ease, "avowed his belief that
Matt. Ward wan discharging a solemn social
duty when ho shot Prof. Butler."
DAMAGIiI DY VIA LATE Svontt.--The storm
of Thursday !net was very, severe in Adams
opunty, prostrating houses, , barns, .fenoes and
trees. Among , the eufferers were Col. Neely,
Jnoob King, David Herman, John F. Felti,
and S.. Neely, whoeo barna were blown demi,
or . dwellings unroofed. At Cambridge,
the' hail stone's, it is said, were as largette pig.
,00n's'eggs, and broke considerable ghee.
. .
figg..Tbo Stonintob prepares the' elententa of
the blip and tile blood; and If it does'tbe wprlt
feebly and iniperfeetly, tier disease Is 0e
oeriain ioeult; 4siMon tberefotoi,,as any af
fectitin Ciftha liv#r IS perceived,' la limy,,be
aura that:ttio digestive organs'are out ofOrder.
'The fired tbing . to'be done,' le' to ,adiilniater i . a
c t
"epeoltio which .itill , act directly upon'tbe stem..
aoh—the mainspring of, tbe animal machincr .
;-Fops pimposs, we pen recomend rfanfien, 'a
, German Bittern, prepared by Di. C. N. Jae -
. son,' Vhilidelphla; - tiotiti'g se dei"altettiatiye,
'mad iatonle, , it etrangthensCho , digestion' and
; .o henget, tlie, eondltiou of the,bloo4o.44.thertiby
10,voitirti6glfiritletil ,010- P i T , O L, ; - :;
- gten
The Water Works
An instalment of $5 per share on the stook
is called for by the . Carlisle Gas and Water
Company,' The stockholder.s _ought ~to he
prompt in, their payments as thooffieurs of the
Company are actively pushing the' work, and
the completion of the Water works is expected
in a few months from this . time. The' work
on the ,Gas.ostablishmentiveleatm will also bo
vigorously commenced at an arly,.day.
New pFtvontnts.
. . .
Our Borough Council resolved at 14M - eking
last Thursday evening to . haVe the sidewalks
round the Presbyterian and Episcopal Church
esln-tlia-aqtraro-both pnved with - briek. - Pro-
POIIOII will soon be Invited by the proper com
mittee for doing the work. Ti was also ro- ‘
qolved to have" one square of South street,
from Hanover to Pitt, graded and macadetnized:
There is no necessity of longer delaying these
improvements, as the finances of the borough
are in a healthy condition, and the community
is almost unanimous in its desire for good
• Canine Taste.
, .
Tho Volunteer tells a story, which it'avows
to be true, of one of our German citizens who
in regularbutcher style slaughtered a dog last
week, with which he not only intended to treat
hie own household to a good dinner, but was
kind enough to otter to sell a !teak or roast to
some of Lis neighbors! In his opinion it was
”reicht goot," and he manifelted no little sur
prise that the article did not prove saleable
Extraordlirketry Birth
On the morning of Thursday the 20th inst.,
Mr. Jout; SARVER, of Southampton township,
in this county, was presented by the Partner
of his boeom wiih four hearty boys, at a birth,
as additional pledges of mutual affection.. We
have on record remarkable cases of prolificineh
but this is the first having come so near our
own door—only two miles from where we are
now writing. The attending physician, Dr.
Wat. 4 loiNicix, of this plate, informs us that
the mother and boys are healthy and tieing
well, with a prospect of the latter growing up
as living monuments of extraordinary fecundi
ty. To our citizens this little group is a great.
curiosity, being now the object of attraction
and general talk. We learn that on Sabbath
last, the gild inst., they wore visited by fifty
seven persons._ They_ have been
~visited by
one-half of our female, population, and the
remaining half are in readiness. Many gifts
I and , resents are carried to them by those.
who call and we think no one should go with
out some little expression of"kindnees and
regard. Their several names are as follows,
Charles M. Burnett, William Rtinkin, George
Washington, and William IL Harrison. We
purpose to see them soon and will then say
more.—Shit'. News.
Serions.Acm 'dent
Just ne we were going to press we learned
that Mr. AIATI GIyLEII, of Southampton town
ship, in this county, while watering hie horse
near the house on the 27th inst., was thrown
from the saddle and, his foot having stuck fast
the stirrup, dragged some eix. hundred
yards, injuring him so seriously that his life
is despaired of. The horse was frightened by
a euddch flash of lightning, followed by a loud
peal of thunder.— . Shippeneburg Noma.
Police Uniform
Our very efficient Marshal of Police has
adopted the uniform of the Philadelphia po-
lice. lYe have' fleet.' and examine.' it, and con•
eider it decidedly handsome. It consists of a
blue cloth cap and coat; the buttons are brass
with the coat of arms of the State on them,
giving the wearer quite a military look.—Dem.
tOrnmitted for Triol
A boy apprenticed to Mr. Phillip Frederick,
shoemaker of Lou cher street, was arrested last
week, and -for want of bail committed to take
his trial at the August Court, charged with
having appropriated to his' own use some gold
coin, the property a his .
The New York Crystal Palace, now,under
the management of P. T. Barnum, as Presi
dent of the board of direction, will be formal.
ly re : opened on TlMrsday, the 4th of May.—'
We have not room for Barnum's circular in
full, and can only give a brief and general
statement of the plan for 're-organizing the
exhibition. There is no longer any danger'of
the Crystal Palace prqving 'a failure. The
effect of Barnum's connection with it has been
In fact, be was the only man
who could have saved it from the rqin to which
it w i l es hastening. He is adding several new
feathres to the exhibition of last year; new
spoon:newt of all kinds are, we understand, at
this moment on their way from most countries
in Europe. The picture gallery Is to have
valuable additions—there is to be a horticul
tural deplrtment—bands of musio aro to be in
regular f attendance—on the whole, there is
every reason to expect that whatever may be
said of j ibe past, the future of the exhibition
will be such as to afford gratification and
-pleasure ta - those - who - visitit. - The opening
ofLt , be Crystal Palace, on the 4th of May, is
to be equal to the grand reception of Jenny
jenny Lind at Castle Garden. The Palace is
. .to,be opened with a grand concert, in which
all the principal artists are to sing. The tick
etti are to be sold at auction, and, of course,
ilkere will' be ' , great competition for them
from'varlous quarters,,and among all . persona
Barnum's administration of the Crystal Palace
affairs will be a curious and philosophic ex
Val — Ks-President Fillmore and tho Hon.
.iolfri - P. Kennedy arrived at Clairlesion, S. C.,
on Tuesday, from Savannah, and were received
with dietinotion and warmly welcothed by the
authorities, no they had previously been at
.Savannah. ' •
Tun anzsircaT DiscovanlrbET tic •cig•—,Farmer
Families and others, can purchase tin Remedy mon
to 1.1 r; TOMAS' Venation Liniment, for Dynentery,
Collo, Croup; CIIMDIC Rheumatism, Quhirey, Sore
Throat, Toothache, Sea Sichners,Cutoillurne, Swat
linen, Did form., Mosquito Milos, Idseet Stings, Pains
fu the Limbs, Chest, Book, ace. If it does not give
re 'lel, the money will be refunded—all ihot is noked.
lie trial, nod use It according to directions. The nr.
title is an English,retnedy, and way used by Wm, IV
King of England, and certified to by him, an n cure
for Rheumatism, when everything else recnmtnended
by hip physicians hod felled. i
Over 1 0000 , 000 of Nutlet have been 'void In the U.
Staten, without a single failure, and ,firmllles have
stoted.inet It woe worth $lO per , bottle, they never
would be without It, In cave of Croup, no it is as coo.
nsin it Is aplied, cures Toothache in three
ee Ileridac p he In h a lf an !leer, oudrOtiolera, when
first take a, In a few hours,. It la perfdctlyriittecentrit
take Internally, and hue the recommerdatien ni many
Of the moat eminent Physicians In the United Stales
Price, 05 and 50 cents.
Dr. Totting hos nron put up a Lintinent for Hornet.
In plot betties, wtticit 1. warranted—cheapet and bet
ter than nny ntitiii, for the cure of Collo. Calls. Swell.
Inge old fibres, Cuts, Britian, Scratches, Cracked
!tea, fire. . Price. 50 cynic.
Dr. TIMMS could fill a dozen newepaperarvith the
certificates and letters received, reaming tot,the won
aldersc w arr an t i ng by his Liniment, but con
that lt le, eittlicient, as 'any per,ion
,who does norehttdin relief, need not pay for It. There
hale heqn so mildh wort dogs Medlcide geld to thepub
lie, that Dr. TOlllBlO4O Ol dils article to reet on.los
earn Moths,' sad If ha gives tha value of the homey,
received, then he alike the petroinige of the publief not
TODIAh! Oboe, 240 011EENWICII St., New,
• • For ssiii,by d; Sidith, Seventh and Chesnehatrecisf,
Plyrittdc Sens,l3l N. Second street ;T. R. Callender,
138 S. Third ,ettiret, land kip the Druggists throughout
e United Duties., ,• novhly , • i
_,-~ = _,
t - =1
1 - . Z-14,
ri - ±---
i IS. ° ' i 0
0 I
I I. .
:--- • . ' La z -
I ' 1: -- --- - --='- - T ----- --- - -- ---
;01 ----- :-.7-----„-=' r_ t+-
0----:---.;--------_:__--:.--r-:-4.------,-sz-' ~,,, , ..
: c f ,..Liv ----- -r-__ ' 1 •
1 i
The - editor of the Cincinnati Gazette makes
the follAing,notice of the testimony in the
Ward trial: •
"We have read it with attention, and the
weight of testimony is clearly, in our 4udgment,
against the prisoner. We do not know what
the verdict may be, but a more deliberate case
of murder was never made out than is made
out by the published evidence. We have no
.acquaintance with the Ward's, and bad none
with Mr. Butler. We therefore have no bias
one way•or the other. More than* half a doz
en witnesses, young men, students of Mr.
Butler, swear -unequivocally" that the Wards
came to the school, and after a few angry
words Matt. Ward, who called Butler a d—d
liar, drew a pistol and shot him. The wound
.ivas in the breast, and of which wound Mr.
Butler, alter being carried horne,,died. The
attempt to prove that Mi. Butler struck Ward
or struck at him, after Ward called him a d—d
liar, is not mode out "satisfactorily: The
weight of testiniony is that he did not strike
or attempt to strike Ward.'
Twn COMING Crtors.—lt appears.from en ex
amination of items in (elation to.the crop
contained in papers from nearly all the agri
cultural States. that the prospect of en abun-•
dance is more promising than usual at this
season of tho year. The season is backward,
but the winter grains appear to have wintered
well as a general thing.
Old Sores, Uloers, and all eruptions and di
senses arising from an impure or depraved
state of blood. See the extraordinary core of
Nlr. Wm. G. Harwood, a highly respectable
citizen of Richmond, Va , by Carter's Spanish
Mixture. Ile had ulcers and sores of the
worst description, and finally got so bad, ho
was unable to walk except -on crutches. A
few Imitles_of. Cariees-Spanish Mixture,-the
great blood purifier, cured him as it has cured
hundreds of others viho have suffered - with
rheumatism, bad effects of mercury, and pains
and ulcers of the bones and.joints. '
*. x .*Seo advertisement.
MONDAY, May 1. 1451
The Flour market is firmer under the for
eign Salelf 11@,1500 bbls extra wero
made early in the day, mostly for export, at
$8,75®8,87/- for common, and $0 1.1 bbl for
good -brands, but $8,75 was afterwards gen
erally asked for, standard brands; without
finding buyers, except in a small way, for
home use, the demand for which Is also limit
ed. Rye Flour and Corn Meal hro quiet. and
nominally held at farmer quoted rates. Grain
—The receipts of Wheat • continue very lignt.
Small lots were sold early in the day at '2ose
for rode, and 2010 for white of goad quality in
store, but these rates were afterwards refused.
Rye is sonr..te, and a.small sale of Penna. woe
made at 1000, which Is an advance. Corn Is
about stationary, and 10,000 bushels southern
and Penna. yelloW sold before the receipt ,of
the news at 05e afloat. Oats continue dull:
MoffnAv, May 1-, 194.
FLOUR AND MEAL—A solo this 'morning of
800 bbls Howard Street and- pity Mills Flour,
before the 'news, at - $8.25. We nine note a
settlement of the difference on about 8000 bhls
superfine Flour at $8,35 bbl. After the
Pacific's udvices became known, showing an
advance on the other sides our Market was
unsettled, and on second 'change holders ,gcn•
orally contended for $8,60, but no sales and
not,lnuelt disposition to operate. Before the
elo4e, hotvever, there , were sellers disposed, to
take lees. Wo quote Rye Fltiur nt $5 50 ay
5.62; country Corn Meal $8,87, city do, $4
v izir tve (plate PEWEE° ,fferrings at $6..
and Shad slo,sooll,ll'hbl. Mackerel un
changed. •
GRAIN AND firmos—Apout 7000 bushels of
Wheat offered, and sales before the stentner's
news of rod at $202,03' ~white at $2,050
2'oB. Inferior lots 2to 15 cents less.' Corn
steady—About .13,000 bushels 'offered, and
sales of white at 70 cents bushel., • Oats
-8000 buttlitils-affered.' end salon of Maryland at
'5O cents 'l3 hoshel.,e' Rye—No
seed $4,5004,58,, and Timothy '5303,25
bushel: '
On the 27th ult., by dui Rey. T. Evans, Mr.
,30UN CARBON, to Mips ELIZAUUTIL Mon&x, both
of Newburg, Cumberland no.
On the 27th ult., by the RA v. H. Kremer,
NAN,' both this County.
On' the 20th ult., by thO Rev. J. Fry, Mr.
ILOR, both of Ole county.,
On Saturday, the 29th of April,llr. Jotuc
11Ave, of Frankford townehip, aged about 60
On the 18th 'ult., in Silver Spring 0'4.1104. 1 ;
tide county, after a lingering illness; 11:1r:,. PA`t
Vii, BICSII . sosn; agedo4 Years. •' •'
, • •, •
rlOUreil 0110 • Cfardpn
G_ARDEN' aria Flower Oit'eai Of 'OdiShalbest
' kindle,. Tramithiec'etrAtie meat •teelebratea
Beadsmen' and 'Florists of ',the eountry, jusk
,TeeelrOil,apd Ar: sale ak tbe,ebeep mare of , •
• W. 41.A.vanwrgic..
Apra'l2,lBs4. •
l'cctu 2013cvti5onents
In account with the borough of Cdr
Of former Treasurer
OT Collector for '59
Of do '53
Of J H Blair, Chief Burgess, for
fines and licenses
Of Wm Miller,.Esq„ for stone
Of Jos Stuart; High Constable, for
'water rent and Demises
For rents of outer stalls at Market
For rent of inner stalls at Market
Brahma) due the Borough $376 39i
E Beatty, for, printing, in 1352,
L Todd, Esq. Agt, interest oh
a borough bond
Simon Smith; for blacksmith work
for borough
JAB Gain; jr; John Thompson and
._others.Alootion.exp's for '63
Jacob Bretz, for blaeksmithing
J II Blair Cbf Bur, for having the
poor children of the borough
Wm M Biddle, Eery, for prof. services 10
J B Billiton for printing 20
W It MatheiVs his.salary for '52 20
A Kerr, Street Comillissioner 895
J Stuart. salary as high constable 105
Stuart for removing nuis-inces 8 75
J K Boyer fos printing 1 00
James Dunbar and Son salary as
Janitor to Council'
• G S Searigbt salary as clerk to
--- - Council
S Searight for eitraabrvioos
George Ithinehart,for tepaire done
,Market Ilouso
J McKean for erecting hayscales 85
W & .1 Mnteer for paving - North street 480.
W Riley for duplicate of '53 10
Mullion for laying pavement ar'o'und
Market House Square 410
E Beatty for printing 41
John Hannon, for supper to patrol 2
J B Bonham, Esq, for prof services 10
James Loudon for•stationary 2
S Ritter. troas of Cumb Fire Co
- Robert McCartney for serving warrant
and subluena '
Wm Miller for repairing pumps
P slonyer, Treas of Union Fire Co
G Sheafer interest on her bond
W H Miller, Esq for prof. services
Samuel Elliott for Ethereal oil
John N ArmstrPng; for lumber
Chief Burgess ito discharge the costs
of EV-criminal prosecution against
Peter &Wm Spahr
Win Lino, street regulator
C Inhoff for sundries for use of Council
Henry Glass for lumber
Jacob Spa .filer, street regulator
Samuel Martin for taxing bill '
Henry Saxton, sundries for borough use 9
F Watts for getting her. bondaprinted 10
S W llaveratiolt fur stationary , 1
Christian Stnyinan for stone 13
Win Parks for stone, 15
-County Commissionere - two years
room rent anil.fuel, 14
DaniSl Eekels salary lie Trousurer. 50
Wm Mrifeer for, stovo
B Common for printing
Jacob Planner one quarcers salary ae
Paid on borough notes redeemed
The above and foregoing account of Daniel
Dubois, Borough' Treasurer, having -been ex
amined by no, end found to be correct and
true, we hove passed and nivravod of the
Prime, and tind - a bitlanco-duErVicbefeughT3r
s37B 89.
G.ll. COLE, •
Mil 17, 18541
VILOIVL caxaronratzA,
• 1, .
CVON lIEILEN respectfully informs the
s citiZODS of Carlisle and vicinity. that he
has pat retbriied from California, and is prepa
red to execute' all kinds of work connected:with
lute of business. Ile has always on hand a
largo assortment dr ready made. •
Rifles. Guns. Pistols, Lochs,' •
Keys. Gtio.Tritomings. Sze, all of winch he will
self wholesalworretuil. lie also attends to ru.
pairing Guns, clocks
,locker &til engraves on
Prase, copper mid iron. Elehopeethnt by strict
attention tit business, and n desire to please,-ho
will' merit and receive public patronage.
Residence-=West Alain street,•oppoSlM.Cro
zier's lintel.,;• ••'' '
IP -All kinds of Fire Arms made to order.
: Carlisle, Apl 26, 1854-1 y , •
Rare Ohance
r e 11 -
ro l lh b l e t r t e ‘ 1170 5 % 1 4 '1 7 ut ECo 6r ull e ty Ke o e ff s e n r
'ar.priv,attk - snle.thir nNE ! HALF of nn excellei
stock`or,..: - Siore floods; - oilier will dispose
them oiilier 'whoielesalo'or retail, cheap ft
OPEth. arid oxnrhin, voursPlC
opt e6im,
ATPW cmcops.' •
aubscrihar :half.inat' ripened an ap
'lnoln`nr.t3P4lND SfiAWLS, and a vt,
ty,of SP ft 140„.:(4 E
01M)F 2 .: •
"—• '- O W
$ 104 85
600 00
1682 55
73 00
6 00
66 61
132 74
2566 3
2)88 96}
$l2 00
9 45
8 69
22 00
13 60
sO - 00
5 00
2 76
5 00
90 00
126 00
5 00
6 , 70
45 15
'2 76
3 21
4 00
$2lBB 96