Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 26, 1854, Image 3

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    Nctv '3 bmrtiiirincut.s.,
ONSTAN TLY otr hand and for sole very
ILJ low for Gash. Bacon taken in exchange ut
Faintly Grocery.
No. 56. NORTII
• Conntission Merchant,
For the sale of English and American Pig Lead;
Scoter, nod Aim:nem , Pig, Bar and Bloom
Iran, Bence Tin arid metalsgeneralry.
Liberi,, advances made on consignments of
morchandize generally. V...rAgent tor the sale
411 Le Roy & Go's Lead and Tin Pipe, Sheet
Lead, &r. Cast Iron Water and Gas Pipes.
I 1.26 Fm
GALIZtIIER'S ELIXIR has acquired a
lust ce.ebrity for the cure of all diseases
pitsute Irons severe colds, and is iffiracy has
beep attested and -approved by hundreds of our
most respectable citizens. In every instance
iromethitja relief has boon given, as the folio".
ing certificate from those • have tried it bears
testim ;fly. .thniutactuved and for sale by
W e the undertigned do certify that we have
used Ga loher'';eparation for Consumption,
Colds, Diseusee of the Lungs, Liver, &a., and
having experienecd immediate - renalberefr o m
would recomn•.nend it to all afflicted in that way.
Thos H Skilett, Men NI Gould,
12 II McCoy, E L Wolf,
Peter Monyer, II •S Hackett.
Carlisle. April tltrt, 1 154--1 V .
.Tohn N. Armstrong,
Informs the citizens of Carlisle that he has
opened an establishment for the sale of For
eign and D 9n) est c SEGA RS, on West Alain
street, directly opposite th&R. R. Depot. where
he wlll keep constantly on hand
of the- host varieties, His •various brands of
Imported Segaro cannot be surpassed in quality
Thu lovers ot• fragrant segars and chewers al
"the weed" ma invited to give him a call. Also
a largo ti*;soruziout at Canes, Umbrellas, &c.
VC 'He also continues the Lninher Business,
„on the corner of Wesk.iprd - Pomfret streets; may always be found n general variety
of Lumber, ut the lowest market prices.
April 211, 1551,
arANTcn , E.
New Clothing Establishment !
THE tinderiiigned respectfully announcer to
hiy oh: friatl. and the pubic , generally,that - he
has ro-corntnoneed the CLOTHING BUSI
NESS in all its vutiollB branches. and hits Just
opened, fresh trout the city, et "Leonard's Cor
ner " North Hanover street, a well selected
ascp,rttncr q
embracing .very variety, stylr and finish , and n
prices corresponding to the times and qua lity
Ile has also on hand g superior 'eforfic of
CLOTHS, C,‘S*EVIERK,s, v EsTlN(;s,
&c, of evety style suitable for Spring and Sum
mar wear. mid which he will make to order on
terms which cannot fail to please. His sleek
Mao embraces n line :in of Men's .S.birts, Col
are, Cravats, f7l4ves and flosiery in short.
every artlele pertaining to gentlemen's wear.—
He'reapectfulty invites tile public to call 9nd
examine his croode. N. HA NTCH,
,_Apt '26,1854,
rigade Zuspegictr's o;de—rs
- - -
THE uniformed Militia are hereby ordered
to parade for iospet?.tiou :
.Copt Brdodt's company will meet in Chinch
town. on Monday the Nth duty of hut'. 1654, at
I() o'clock A. Al. The Carlisle Licht Infantry
will meet in the borough 01 rot hide, on Sam).
41.iy the 13th of flinty. at 10 o'clock A. M. The
first Regiment will meet in Shippensborg. on
NVednenday the 10th day of May, at 10 o'clock
A M., for review and inspection.
Cottoncpcling„Oilicers of companies-nre here•
by required, on or before the °,l Monday in
May, to furnish a proper jot of all the unifor•
tired members of his company, and also a list
of those who have been exempt hem military
duty, by hartog served the proper time with
said troop or company, and also a list of all the
arms and other pui; : of the State
which may be in possession of said Company.
Any Captain or Comrnsmline---orfLureir--who-ne---
glects or refuses to furnish said list, shall be de.
priced, for that.yea•, the sum nuthor;zed to he
paid to the companies. by the Inds section of
the Act, to which this is n supplement.
16t Itri‘f., 15th Div
rinide Inspeet,'s Oft ?
Carlisle. AT i Cih '54. 5
2:1 OMO VG.II ACC 017147'2,
Ln account with the borough of Ourliole.
,Of former Treasurer:•
MI Collector for '52
or I do '53
Of J If Blair, Chief Burgeon, for
flues and licensee
Of Wu II Miller, for stone
Of Jos Stuart, High Constable, for
water rent and lieenses
For routs of outer stalls at Market
House ;
For rent of inner stalls at Market
o 3
Balance duo the Borough $376 Q 9.
3 Beatty, for printing, lu 1802,
L Todd, Esti,. Agt, interest on
borough bond 9 45
Simon Smith, fur blookamith work
for borough '" Gt)
Jos Collie, Jr, John Thompson and
others eleotion exp's
Jacob Bretz, for idaoltamithMg
J 11 Moir Chf Bur, for having the
pOor children of •the borough
vaccinated 80 00
M Biddle, Esq, for prof. services 10 00
11 liratton for printing 20 76.
,'; 11 Mathews his salary for 'O2 20 00
Kerr, Street Commissioner 895 30
I .Stuart. salary.aa high constable 105 00
I Stuart for removing nuis Lucca 8 70
I K Boyer for printing ' !, ob
Lures Uunbar and Son salary as
Jhnitor to Council
1 S Soaright salary as clerk to •
1 S SCaright for extra services
loorgo Ritinehart for repairs done
Market House, 2 50
McKean for ereoting haysoales 83 00
r& Mateer for paving North street 430 00
Riley for duplicate of '53 10 00
1 Mullen for laying pavement around
Market louse Square, 410 07
' Beatty fort Printing 41 50
oho Hannon{ for supper to patrol 2 00
E Bonham, Esq, for prof services 10 09
totes .London for stational),
S Bitter, tress of Comb Firs Co 40 00
i tobert-MoCartney for serving warrant
anti mavens
Wet Miller for repairing pumps
Monyer, 'lrons of Union Fire. Co
11 W Shearer interest ou bor bOnd
W 11 Miller, Esq fir prof. seriicee
flriluol Elliott tbr Ethereal oil
olin N Armstrong for lumber '
ihief,l .diselnirge_thecosts
of',a orindlial prosecution against
Peter & IYtlt Spahr
. .
inc blue, street regulator •
Itilidtr for sundries for urn of Council 4 76
enry,Class for lumber ,' • - 8 25
mob Spseigler, street regulator • 400
. tinuelLidartin for taxing bill 55
enri toixton, sandries for borough:gee 9.07
Watts for getting bor. bonds printed . 10 00
W Ilaveratiak for stationary 1 , 181
illation Stayman for steno 18 00
in Parks for stone l5 79
/Indy Commissioners two yearsF ; •
' .
room rent and fuel 14 00
,niel Eoltels salary as Treasurer 60 00
n'iMateer for stOvo, • 4 00
:lornman for printing 18 001
.sob Flannel one quarters salary as
Janitor - -
id on borough,Jzotea ledeenilid
$2lBB 88.
. •
he ahoraand foregoing: account of, Defilel
y.ele t Borough Trooeurer,• having been ox .
!tie d
, by. gindloUnd to be correct and
0, t wo kayo ,passed and approved%of the
le, and find a balanoo due tho •borough of
,O 39/r,
A: H. BENTZ, '
'G. B. COLE, ' '
,Borough Auditors.
17, 1854]
H'Big Spring Literitry - Institute" will
hold an Indusmal Fair in Newville, to open.
on the second Tuesday of Juno next, and con
tinue two weeks.. '
It is intended particularly for the encourage.
moot of the mechnnient arts, but contributions
0 0 articles for exhibition I are solicited from:
all classes of persons interested in the progress
of the arts and sciences. A prominent place
will be given to plain and fancy needle werk,
artificial flowers, drawin s g, &o, and the Indies
nro cdrdinlly invited to become contributors to
thiedepartment. No charge will be made for
articles for exhibition, and in addition In thin
the ex hib i t or is furnished with n ticket which
will admit him or her to the Fair at any time
&Ming lie continuance, provided in all canes that
the exhibitor is the manufacturer. Persons
desiring to exhibit any article most npply to
the Secretary or President of the Board 01
Managers on or before "the first of June. The
rooms will be open on Monday, June sth, for
the reception of goods, and every article inten
ded for exhibition must lie received on or be
fore the folloWing Friday. The Judges who
are deride on the respective merits of oriielos on
exhibition will be appointed by the Bonrd of
Managers. The cireumstnnees of the Institute
will not permitthe nwarding of reem i it ma. but
certitientes of excellence with th e sent e l th e
Society will be given to the exhibitors of such
articles as the Judges mny decide upon. .
Enterprising meelmnies, lutsiness memPend
others, from netch boring towns rind counties,
aro invited to sKirl no their contributions.
-O EPFJ H. HERRON, Pres't.'''
TTENtIVS Kr,llN, S . ert'tt.
B oar d o r min-mews—John Waggoner, Geo.
Rlanknev, T,ewis Tf Willinmc. Jacob Zigler
fleruce Brieker..lameS S IreF,lwnin ~ Thomson
Carlisle, Wm R , Z.inn, JohD Randolph. , I
Newvilie, A forii , 1F51.2
China, Glass and Queens*axp.
(ILL) housekeepers and young, with ihose
MY who urn expecting to become housekeep
ers, are invited to coil at
and examine his elegant assortment of Chinn,
Glass and Queensware, and other articles in
the housekeeping line, such as Frentli and
English tea acts, heavy handed and plain,
White Granite, gilded and blue do,
. ,
Dinner sots at every variety and price,
Bowls and pitchers, turret - n - Is, dishes, &c.
Glass-wa•c—centre table andonantel lamps.
Candelabras and other lamps, great variety,
Table and bar tumliPirs. goblets, &c.
F art and press ye dislris, in variety.
Cedar•ware—tabs, backera, churns. bowls,
Hurter prints and Indict, meal buckets, &c.
13 rushes—sweeping to hit It wash. scrubbing,
I land and shoe bru.lies, dusters, brooms, &c.
Market, clothes and travelling baskets.
Alto a choir(' assortment of 'robot co and Ste
uarts. Call ye who are hind of choiee branch of
Seirars try•tho Prineines Regalia:3, Si cf
lantinis tiLvs her Colin varieties. end you will
flog them of imiroprachable qunlitr. Al , . hall
Spanish and Common Snare. with choice
Sou if and chewimunbacco._ n 026
TuE subscriber hnsjust received from Phiii
&lobo ! a InrgeOftillellt of ld IL Y
cot - M6' mid GILOCEItIES, which will b e
sold very elielip at her new store, next door to
Martin's Hotel and nearly opposite Mr. Ogil
by's store. MARi:ARET SNODGRASS.
The. Spring of 18541.
IITILL be a memorable one in the annals of
VV' our Borouall—tor the LAItG E ST
S T 0 C R., handsomest, cheapest and best
CO ttl)S are new selling ll' rapidly at Bentz
lirothers cheap stare. Our stock conetets at
liareges, nestles, Lawns,t Borege de
hams Giughums, De Loges, Alpitehas,,Calt.
c.c.s, usims, Checks, 'Fickings. Diapers. toe.
Bonnets, Ribbon, Parasols, hats tar summer,
Cloves, Hosiery, Laces, lid outgo, .miring
Std.+, French \Varked Collars,. Trimmings,
ke. Cloths., Cassiotors, Vestings and summer
stuffs for .Olen and Boy's 'wear, togothor with
a great many caller C'tettle. not mentioned here,
but no examination our cluck will be found to
be the largest in Cumberland county and 'Will
be sold very Mx-.
April 18,'54. 131 ill N - TZ & ROTIIERS
THE SllbAcribei has now on hand a very o h -
"teiwtive and well seleettal stork of flours
and SllO bIS, which hr, will sell'
nt unusually Ittw prices. Perches- il k
etHroni wholesale realers, at low
rates, he can offer sock inducements to pumea—
ears as will in ales 1t their interest to visit his
establishment. Ile has every article in the
Boot and Shoe !inc—for Ladies' or Gentlemen's
wear—lie therefore deems tt unnecpssary In
particularize. TrPorsons iestring good and
cheap avods are invited to give him' a call.,
April Id • W. S ELDO N.
Spring and Summer Inillinery
41 It S. ItRYA N, MILLINER, announces
IVA to the public that she has just evened
beautiful and extensive assortment of Spring
stud Summer Millinery, rut her stanil opposite
Arnolds store, ill Mechanicsburg. S he la now
.prepared to suit the taste
ofladies who unity laver
A4l4e un
her with their eustoin, as
her sick of Crape Bon
tv.r. nets and cheap 8011110151 01
all kinds, Silk Ribbons,
Flowers, Trimmings, Ste
. cannot be excelled. Sim
will also keep on hands cap . collars, under
sleeves. haul:ere/ mid Mitts. I ler assort
niumr of fancy articles .eons! tail to please her
rvishnuerri. Lilies are invited To tall and see
for themselves helium buying. elsewhere I'llu-es
g 104 85
600 00
158 9 55
73 00
5 00
10 30
132 741
$2565 3
2188 VU
A N ()1:111.11.? :Glilil7Kl L
Al theStiiieAf WOODS.
the Gent Mart for Dry Goods Si, Groceries
$l2 00
THE subscriber respecilully informs his
friends And .111111erOUS elision-A is. dint he line
reinnied 'rein Flidadehan .. willl a larva and va
ried ii4soriinent of Spring unit ..rrmilicr Goods,
coneisdng in nail of
22 00
alai an black and fancy sillts,b lack and clnnge.
able ttlpachs,' burners, bacadede latnes, molls.
de be4e, bombazines. plain, tigitced and (tilting.:
gingloa ns,thliatvls,calicoes,
gloves, hosiery, &v.
such as liau bkack and brawn French Clstbs,
black I)ueskiq and fancy Cassi nieces, satin and
fancy VOStillati, black and I tt.lian fancy Cra
vats, suspenders. glnves. buc.
A 'ante assortment; of Men's and Boys'
Hats and Caps, am bracing every style and q nu
lity. Also, a large and varied assortment or
Parasols, Bonnets arid Ribbons.
13 30
80 00
Blanched and+ iniblenehed IVlmilidu. Checks,
'ricking J onus, 1)6118. Tdhle•dinpafi;i3l 6t p - i7 g
Osnahurge, topOing, tubledhone,:gee,
A large sissorttnent of Men's -lVemen's'and
(Andrews Bpots and Shoes, Jenny Lind, sal
Buskin Shoes at very low priers.
" Colored and %Wine CA lIPET CHAIN,
A large assortment of GROCERIES, Such
as Sugar. Coffee, Molasses, Rive, Teas, &c.
All who visit our estoulailnnetit are Trod to
acknowledge tlikit we are selling Foreign and
Domestic Dry Goods, Boots. Shoes, 4c, at as.
tomonitingllow prices! Otir low prices have
ulruitly at tra'ct ed a largo rntinbcv of pitpfe.
'rho Mitiminn of all who wink geud bargains
is solicited, as groat inducements can lm.ollerod
to purchasers.
2 76
p 00
40 00
120 00
6 76
4 80
Don't forget the old stand, Hu mo ric tee cor
ner, North !hoover Street,
Batter, Eggs, Rags and Soap taken at martin
prices. N. W. WOODS,
April 0, 18'4, Agent.
45 15
6 00
rzasizi .kui. rit.a.t . OX'
At elltAlt.LlEs
In East Bigh,Streot,..Parlisle, Pa./
hove just roceiviid a largo and hapd•
99 V someasourtment of Spring and Summer
Goods, conoisting of die lutost etylea of Laditts'•
Barna, moue debego, nett baregn dr - dialle r
luwils, black sod fancy silks of every descriP--
don and quality, black alpacas of high lustre,
bloc: bombazines of it superior quality, and -a
good assortment of Mourning Gonne.
DoNmsups, DOMESTIC S, BIeachod and unbleached musline, shootings
• from. id 3.yds wide, chocks, Glasgow - and line ,
Frond' gingliains, tickinga, damask town's and
rabic cloths, •napaino, red, yolloWn-and white
woollen litinnels, shrouding Buono!, &c. •
• Cambrie and Swiss rufilag, edging and insert.
ngi lisle, tneehlin and florentine tace,'French
worked collars, do - undar•sleoves, dq sponger
end antis, manning edllars,hlack laced veils of
all styles, - A very handsome assortment.of
Bonnets slid Bonnet .Ribbons.
4 GO
17 22
..,Vl,lifta large j and handsome variety of Dry
Gooda and Groherios Ik general. alwoya to be
had' on the lowest thyme dt t*Ogilby'fi Bruhn—
riunx." Mar 22 •
GOODS; Wares and Merchandise, Also,
tut Millors, Distillers,Lumber Men, &0., with
in the county of Cumberland, returned and
classified, in accordance with the several Acts
of Assembly, as follows, viz:
Carlisle. •
Class. $ cts.
S AV Eby
John UrWilliaMs
111111C1 Elliott,
Chalks Ogilby, , . 14 10 00
12 12 50
14 10.50
11 15 01)
George W Hurler 112' 12 50
Bontz & Brothers 10 20 011
Daniel Ecklos,Jiquor-- 14_--10-50
John Faller, liquor . 14 10 50
J & D Rhoads 14 7 CO
WL3 Murray, Agt. 14 •7 00
S W Haverstick, liquor . 13 15 00
Thomas Conlyn 14 7 00
Henry Saxtn 12 .12 50
\V Al Henderson & Son 13 ' 10 0(1
John Hunter. liquor 12 18 75
Peter Alonyer 14 7 00
A- '
Jacob Woll, liquor J 4 - 10 50
J A Lobs 14 17 00
Jacob Seiler 3 '. 10 Ott
C Inhoft, Agt, liquoro I 22 50
S Al Hoover 4 7 00
Wise & Campbell 3 10 00
'l'll Slides 4 7 00
II M Rawlins 4 7 o 0
Wood & Conner 4 - 700
P Arnold I 15 00
John N Armstrong -1 7 011
W,1., Huller 4 7 ell
11 11 Johnston Prof of D College 4 7 00
Henry Peters 4 7 00
Woodward & Schmidt :3 10 00
John I' Lynn 2 12 50
Aim dd ,x, Livingston • .•• 4 7 00
John Keeney 4 7.00
N W \V nods, Act. i 3 10 nu
Simmer ,'e. Brother • •• 3 111 00
\V A Kelso 4 7 00
I' ;Nlessersarlii , 5 - 7 11 0
•NV;;lliain Slieldep 14 7 00
11 J Kieffer i , 4 700
Henry Harkness,' 4 • 7 00
John Cenly ' 4 7 00
JanMs,AUGranalian 4 • 7 00
A :il Piper, Agt. 14 7 00
George Cramer,
•7 00
George Leib) , --,, - 14 7 Ott
Joseph D 'Halbert l4 .7 on
Jonathan Common 14 , 7 001
lletiry • Kaufrinan,, . 14 7on
Jacob Hooter 14 7 (1(1
Jacob Rhermi 14 , 700
David Marlin • 14 . 700
John Frederick. 14 7 00
James Collo 14 7 nit
Clpirles Barnitz 14 10 00
David Coniman 14 7 no
Lauchhirner & Brothers 14 7 00 I
East Pennaborouo,
Jacob Reninger, liquor
Andrew Eshtiger
Kerr & Hummel
Burlier &Son •
I) &. J Ity ard
j,,scoh Banks, liquor
Mc A lin ieht, liquor
Jon Il R Ives, liqurrr
Michael Freeze
,Yelv Cumberland.
John r. 'Atillor, li q uor
John AI I,niu, l i g lor
B II Nlomser & Co.
Charles 0 ioer
Valentino Feenian
John Horn'
Lee t Throgland
Lower Allen
Jenne Barton. liquor
I , ,rnut & Ilnmey
Brower t fllwt hland
leery Kneulig, liquor
\V Loyd
Upper Allen.
Cuswiller & Co. 13 10 Ott
Smart & Liget 7 Diu
- Hampden.
G ktz. \V II Eakolal4 - 700
Heitry Rupp - 14 7 en
.I.let liutz 14 JO 00
Sleet(ler & Brother - 14 7 00
Dr I; ogers 14 7 01.1
Itudolphos White_ _ l4 7 00
Silver Spring.
Clf Whitecomb -' 14 7'oo
.101111 Coyle. .. l3 10 00
Jacob Simmons, liquor 14 10• 50
i 13 Leitlech • 13 10 00
George Singrzer , 14 7 00
6trotne & Haveretielc 13 10 Ou
S'ingizer & Sundereon
Ueorge.,“remiOnlill & Co
Michael Fired
Simon Arnold, liquor _ 13 18 75
Ephraim Zug 13 1 . 0 )5)
.1 111,11alis • ........
14 7 00
1 II & A Singlser 14 7 on
Ira Day 14 7 05
J F Spahr 14 7 00
\ lelheiiii & Zacariali ll 7 11.1
llvorge,Singiber 14 7 Ott
Jacob Dorf-fit:oller 14 7 iio
J Blizzard ii . 14 7 00
John Swisher 11 7 50
1 . ,; co rge Webber . t 14 7 00
Levi Snell II 7 Chi
George Attick' 14 s, 7 1 0
John Mesh, liiihor '"- 14 10 50
F A Mareer & Co. 14 - 7 00 -
John T Ayres 14 7 00
Ening/el' & Ratak & Co. 14 7 00
Oqwaid & lirtuffninn
Bale & Co
Henry Luuoo
J fl iferr'on 14 '7 o
M'Candish /3 10 01
Baur & Cobaugh
.1 \V Sharp
Thomas Stough
Joseph Laughlin
.7 3 _
John Al Davidson
WBI Marten •
.1 II tiaras
W Benton, liquor
.ni , tvr,& Dial'',
V , ..erry & Gshonl our s
deol,) Au, liq.urs:
F. FI IViely, •
Woods 2.: Grucoy.
McCoy & Cu,
West Permsborough
John Hood,
Thomas G-ensen.
Woodward & Schmidt,
J. NV, IJAiillelsod, liquors,
Joseph Smith,
V. & J. Green, liquors.
South Illiddleton
A. W. [ddle'',
S. N. Dien, •
Robert Givn & Co., )-
Samuel Wolf,
' North Middleton
Elias Light,
Hepry Snyder,
Samuel Swanzey,
Jolla Gish,
C. F. Kunkle,
Kunkle &•Stevielc,
Jolla Stambaugh,
Peter S Ariz, agent,
1. C. Allick,
J7Moh Pogue, liquors,
Arnold & Son,
Joseph Williams,
J• B, Duncan. agent',
Nevin & Itidinge,
Wunderlich. ..,
Mary Miller,
N. A. Cornelius,
Jelin Bridges,
Medintrer 4-B rot hors, t'
J. U. t;riswell, •
W. D. A Nagle, ••
Beek, Hil'4ley & Co„
Philip Deilrieh, liquors,
Samuel Sugars;
Christian Shade,
;• 14 7 i 0
12 .1; 1 1
34 7 (.41
1 4 • 700
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
141 -10-50
14 10 09.1
• • Southqmpton
Conrad Foostnaeght,
J F., Bangtenon
John W. Clever,
Williunt Hauck,
!Wesel & Dice,
I). L. licalman,
F. - Williamson,
Weakly Sc Shriver,
Benjamin Plank,
Joseph L.Stiner, .
Joseph Hoyle. liquors,
Hays Sc Palm, •
Barnhart Gardener, - liquors,
T. B. Bryson, (Silver Spring,) 11
John Shaffner, do .• •14
George H. Buclior k do 13
John Hallacher, do 14
David Hoover, do 14
D. Swiler, 14
C. Eberly, • (Lower Allen) II
Sarnuel.Bitner. • do• 13'
JolinCauffnian, J .do' • r 16
C. Rupp,.. do 14
Aaron McClure. do 13
IVI. Haldeman. do
J acob'Coover, jr., Wpm' Allpn.)l4-
14 - 700
13 10 00
~1 4 7 00
./3 10 00
14 700
S 14 700
14 7 00
14 10 00
14 - 7 00
14 10 50
George Mahe
'id° 14 NO 14 7 oci
John nowmand, •, 7 00
S. 1). Sheallbr,(South Middletosn)l4 ,„. 7
Hessler '& son, do 14 7 00
W.L.84 T. B. Graighood,do 14 7 , on
David Sterrett,' (Mifflin) 14: 7 Ou
David Voglesong, (Monroe) . 13 10 mr
• A. & U. W. Abl, 13 10 on'
Benjamin Gibler, do • 13 10 00
J. W. Leidiel,. -do 14 7 00
North Atiddleton.
W. M. Henderson k Son,
Gabriel Natchor,
John Hays,
. - .
John Moore, ' . '. •
J. 1j• Barnitz, . .
Mat Pennsborough.-
Marshall James,
John Laughlin,
Jaboh Shellabarger,
Dillon & Crider/ • .
Samuel Riper,
John Diller,
Henry Riipp,
Inane Alorkward,
Christinn Au,
John Eckert,
Gook° Cleve•.
Rant Peunaborough,
J. 9. Flnldemtin,
John licck;
Shipponshurg Township.
J. B. RlnSr , 14 700
Edward Showers,
C. Inlinfr, alma,
I,VilHam Alexander,
IlarnitX •
John Hannon,
J. Iv. Brook,
Henry Glass,
Uppgr Allen,
John Bowman,
( Nor th Middleton
Henderson & Sont ,
John Hays,
South Middleton
Robert Given & Co.
Doss!er & Son,
Heory Glass,
G, Beltzhoover,
.1. A. & C. Ahl,.
M:u•lin COMM',
• Ilopewell
Robert goigley,
Jutenb Romp,
Jobe! Ferguson,
Newt° O.
P. A &J. A. All
Samuel rißillgor, 500
10 50
7 OU
7 00
7 no
7 nu
10 5,
10 50
10 50
7 NI
7 00
Jaenli Low.
lnseph Thrkel,
Jacino Siratrm,
Gorky!) S‘vitur,
John Lee,
Moreover Miller,
lieery Wormer,
.V err Cumberland.
IVilliam. Whiresel,
Gordon Smith,
JO 5o
10 :)0
15 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
1" 50
Lower Allen,
Samunl R. Grove, •
N B V 4 llTiYun Lloyd, lBhi
. :;,,,,,,,.,,,,glin.
rint:,:,: / 1, 1•:,:st PennBborough.
te:t.....' ..8 5 00
IVilliato Phillips 8 5 00
Joseph Banks, 8 5 00
Silver Spring.
. 10 'm IV )lercie, 8 500
8 5 00
Ivaar. Furehanel), 8 5 0 )
Upper Allen.
David 11. Ithrie r k eee ht, - - -8 • 501
Mosel 13argu6 8 5 01)
14 10 50
14 7 00
14 111 50
14 7 00
Junius Sponsler, p 5 00
Samuel Jpeise, • 7 ]OllO
Grorze Num',l3,,__' 8 5 00
Juun - Kershaw, 8 5 00
li - Pentßborough
W illiltu 'Winlioliz,
Harriet Wn•son, 8 500
8 - 5 00
Jamb IliKler,
8 5 00
Jacob Golden,
8 , 5 00
Jacob I kflillibger,
John llinic. 8 5 08
8 5 00
13 10 Oil
13 . 10 00
14 7 00
George Miller, 8 5 00
Peter Baker, 8 5 00
James Dixon, 30:00
inrob Low., (Iwo - -
Jacob Ddlenderfor,
if erhanie.rhu
David Ldog,
Wirth Middleton
Jacob lienemno,
Norton & Owen,
SCOLL Coyle,
Manhew llnore .
,3n no
Nilircinint., and all nth - en; concerned in the
14 7
• •
above elro:Aliewitkh, :ire hereby muffled
they ein have nu oppoergei.y of making apimai
by ralltn7, WI Illy :II Carlisle, Oil he •.:Tt or 2 , 4111
of A;wil, lit - miffed they consider themtotivcs
egg] ieved by the above rlaseilication.
'Mercantile Appraiser.
AWI 5'54-St
12 5U
7.0 U
10 00
7 00
7 OU
10 50
Spring' Style ofiffats L Caps
• '-' Z ~ ...z....m., . . tS::'-g.f- -
i 'r iA' :,-., . ---,__ 4 -p.
10 TIO
Eli! no
FRi 11d, IS. TROUT,
1 '.'31 . 11,ES to inform his old friends that he
jlrate removed to hie new esialilisliment on
High street, near the grail gond Depot, tad is
now open og a large and elegant assortineot of
the .
JO .:)0
14 7
14 7
11 7
7 Ou
just received from Philadelphia,whlelithe gen ;
tlemea of tjarlish,aie rmiaesied to Aall and ex•
amino. Igo his of u, a large assortinunt of Silk,
Fur and Slouch 'fats of his own manufacture,
got up in the best' style anti n't various prices,
the oxeelleaue and finish of which he will war•
rant Ills ho is confident only needs to
be examipeldio be approved. Ki''Also a large
gea,ly of Men's, Boys' and Children's CAPS,
of Cloth sad Fur mid of every variety of style
and price. just' rneeivad Irina Philadelphia. Let
all who wtun a Hat or Cap' glee hint call, as
they may be sure boing suited to their urn
satisfactionl - , ll Mar 83,1A51,
13 10 0
13 10 01
13 15 II
14 7 01
13 15 41
13 10 0
14 7 0
13 7 0(
14, 7 0:
14' 7 0
Classical and Ltterag High Schoo
7 00
Itig skimmerthislnstittition will
commune° 0.11 1 11E,:;1:DA y the 2tl day of
May. The course - ol education pursued in this
Institution is thlrough in its character, e.,tuhru
cing.eAreftil instruclion in the ancient langua
ges; and in all branches of scien.te, %%kelt are
requisite to qualify students well for College,
and practical liwnnece in life.
14 700
P 2 12 30
14 ,7 00
14 06
' l3 10 00
--IA 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14: 10 30
12 - 12311
14• '- -7 00
• Tornis—For Boarding and
Lodging, (per Sas.don ktnonihs,) $5001)
Ono Mao( whi.ilt is to he paid in advmico end
the remainder nt the clone of the &Beim). For
further particulars, application can be made to
the subscriber nt
April 12-4 w Principal.
Three mile. Ir'esl of Ilarrisburg, Pa.
_ll_ • 'lilting Instituden u ill- commenee 'on
MONI)AY, the Ist day Of MAY next, The ad
vantages which it affords, it is believed, aro ors
supertor clutter:ter, mid parents and guardious
are snlicitcd in. inquire into its merits before
sending their Rolls or wards elsewhere, It is
lavoiablt, situated; the instructors are all corn
'pe'ent nnd experienced men; the course of in
au tuition is extensive mid thorough, and special
attention. is paid to' the comfort and health of
'the students.
14 7 00
14 7 0(1
14 1.. 700
14 7 00
' , •
Boarding, Wnahing, Lodging, and
Tuition in Brin n disi' and Vocal M.
sic, per session (s'montlno,
'lnatruction` in Ancient or Modern
Languages. each. ' 5 00
Instrumental Mimic, 10 00
For Circulars and other information address
fiarrishurg, Pa.
15 09
7 00
10 00
7 00
A Prilsi arrival of Sugar Cored 'HAMS
and DRIED BEEF, jeat received Boni
olnonnati uifd for Baia at WILLIAMS' Family
Grocery Store,' n ylreat. Main Street,
7 00
7 no
15 00
10 00
7 CQ
7 00
10 00
15 00
7 00
- .
• • DiEIIIV . - GOODS. .._.%,
THE subscriltor' lion just opened an apart,
i rant of SPRING SHAWLS, and a vatic.
ti of SPRING 'GO 01)s. : 1
t t p'l, 6't4 HEO, t IV. HITNER
/2 12 30
13 30 00
14 ' 700
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
14' , 700
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 • 700
13 , luoo
19 700
14 7 00
14 7 0.
14 7 00
14 700
1a 700
14 7 00
8 - 12 50
9 800
10 5 09
9 800
10 5 00
10 500
14 7 ou
9 800
7 f.'n nn
9 800
7 20 00
8 B un
10 ,s. 00
8 12 50
8. 12 50
10 '5
9 B 00
'9 81(11
14 -70,
i' 8 12. 50
8 X 5500
5 00
8 5 00
8 .:Zl, 5 00
8 60
5 on
....,d 500
10 00
:n 00
30 on
South .7lhhlletou
e 55 00
lotto ducrnocinentv.
pt- Shade & Fruit Trees •
Flowering Shrubs, Plants, ' Vines,
, Roses, &d.,
in'gretit vaidetrand size, suitable for planting
the present season: , Cultivated and for sale nt
the Nursery and Gar:den of the subscriber and
at his stun& in the City,'
- In the Market,' below sixth St.,
A(1, Orders carefully attentled_to and for..
i6er et ?frith despatch. Catalogues to niched
ou applioation.
FL MAP enly . ,
' Mining Sur, P. 0 , Phila
Household Glasswarar"
From the
,Principal Factories and late
Comprising a full and desirable assortment at
25 per cent below usual rotes,
Dealers and tiller's will do well to call before
purchasing, elsewhere. 1000 paelcartes on hand.
152 South Second street ,sbove Spruce,)
apl 17 9m Philadelphia.
Sohn Stone 84 Sons,
No. 45 South Second Street Philadelphia,
liare now in Store, of their own importation, a
large and handsome assortment of
and evcry 'article suitable to tier Millinery
Trade. to which constant addition will be made
throughout the season, thereby' enabling them
to ofl ,, t't he largost,and most desirable selection
of articles in their Into lo he found in the City.
Phila. Month 13, 18154-2 m
Corner. of 4th and Arch Streets, Phila.
'Have this season enlarged their establishment,
which enables .them to offer n much larger
stock of DR Y GOODS for the inspetion el
Cot ry Buyers. In the assortment aiways he
found a Mil line of .
. . ,
Meek 8111:4, I Staple Linea Goods,
Faney do f do Cotton do
Ini.iiii do Ido Al uslin do
Black Goods., mresa Goods.
Crape Shawls. Shawls, all kinds.
Scares nod dosirablb Goods eau always be
obtained be applying to Byres Fsr. Laudell.
Terms, Nett cash, nod prices low according
ly.a 1)1-Iloiirt country mosey received.
iThreh 13, 1 ti3.l-3m
Agricultural Implement & Seed Store
IWillE subscribers offer for sale a large variety
of Agricultural Implements, bong Wjlieh
are ilie eelettrated EAGLE PLOW Proittv
Plow, liodeer's Subset! Plow, Corn Sheller",
s'er s w awl Lily Cutters, Corn Fodder Ctttters
and G eiders, Vartners' fkilors, approved Cul
anJad Scrapers.
110 Y HAI 1,
Agricultural Implement and Seed Store,
Mar I) liarrishurg, Pa.
l'IlE sitbQiiriliera aro prepared to rI3CI3IVI, or
der, for FIELD, Olk.11.1)EN and FLU VEIt
SEED'S, of tho choicest varieties and warran
ted to tut porn and gamine. lmoeg which are
t)r,,,en Corn, Stowell Evegr,een Cern,
Itwmulie :11 minim!) Cunt. Adams Early and
lVinte hliut, flreliiird Herd. Timothy and Clo•
ver Send, and every vamp or Flower and Oar
den4* .eds. Candogue.,,ln•niahed when re•
pieH:ed. Ii,CY,V ER & HA 1.1.,
Agrieultural Implement and Sear] Store,
Harrisburg, Pa.
1U era tiT.Are747ll3D.
g) Et NG extensively engaged in the manu -
J), I .ettu e tol paper, we %%di p:iv 10 roan! ry
Alat'ellants and ushers baying Raga for sale,
MON 01011 the lqebel.l pure—C A Sil.
ilisSIT & mooltE. •
Paper Malin fa•anrens,
Philarielphin—Nos. 24 and 25 'Nerill St, [I
,dreet below Are.h, between Sth and f;t11. rn22
'CI' , al, 1L 'l' I !
Just Published—A new Discovery in Medicine;
4.& FENV words on the Rational Treatment,
ilk_ without 9lodictne., ..;perilinlorrhea, or local
weakness, nervous debility, lOW iSpirlig,
1100, WelkrlCSB 01 the limbs and brick, 1111119:10-
stlioll and incapacity lor study and.hiboh dull:
nef.s et appreliensoti, loss oi inetn.a.v, aversion
ter socie•y, Inve of selidas
trust. dizziness. Ilea' hr, nivolliwary
pains. in 111 e Side. affection of CV('9, pimples
onthe have, sexual and other 1111;1.111 . 111es in mail
From the French; ill Dr. 11. De Laneey.
Thu 1111! , 01 . 111111 fact that these-alarming, coins
pinuna nine easily be removed wcriimiT MEDI
eiNE, is in this am ill irhet, clearly demon.tra
ic,l, a n e l the entirety new (1/1,1 highly Bileuessllll
it - eminent. us adapted by the Author, lully ex
plained, by inicins whi,hl,ory one IS enabled
to sure himself pericetly and at Ow
1,10 east, avonline. thereby all 'the advertized
nostritnis 01 the ilay.
30 (ro
10 01
Sent to any nddross, gratis and post Ben, in
s :waled °nyelope, by remit!' ou mosl nab]) two
Pnstaee Sun pa 10 Dr, B. Dr hooey, or B oa 109
Broadway Bon; ()Bice, New York. poor! ty
AI. Surgeons' Bandage Institute
REM 0 V ED to N 9. 4 Ninilt street,
store ntiovc Market. B C.
E V E ft ErPT'S Pn en t Grodnoting
Pcesstire - qTRUSS:for; the curd or Ito pinre ;
Sholder Braces. Supporters, Klasiie Stockings.
sti.pern,ary, Hemorrhoidal, nod IS:99lages for
ticforniitles. Inn. I,l—l yr.
The Largest and Cheapest Clothing
,Siore in Carlisle!
ItisfOLD & LIVINGSTON have now a;
their store the largest and hest ipsortment
a road, made Cloint4lg to be found in Ca; lisle,
which they are nate to ve.l at less thameity pri
ces, and lower than the goods van be bought at
ally other store is the pluee. The. clothing we
Cell to all oar own manufacture nod not bought
ready-Ydade. We never have to deal in dama•
ged goods We bey good. sound material and
eat being. We warrant everything we sell
to be well aide and to give entire satisfaction.
We have now on hand
of nil stiino nod qualities, and nt prices to suit,
embracing bloc, black and' fancy broadcloth
antPlinen d i ceo, frock and slick COATS. cloth
coAntere nipd linen patina - mins, cloth, satin and
fancy v,est.;t Of all sizes and descriptions, togeth
with.a large ro , artment of Cravats,Ttes Storks,
Shirts I I andlterehic fa, Gloves. Suspenders.
&c., alfording ti variety such as to seldom or
feted. Measures taken and clothing made to
order. ,
Don't forget the stand tII NiiCtli Hanover at.,
n-xt door to Lysti's Hardward store, and di
rectly opposite Maglatighlic's hotel.
AR OLD ,k r.rriNcis To Iv.
Carlisle, April 19 1854.-3 m.
&Vete Grocery tznd Pariety
rinHE'subscriber would, respeetlully inform
iL his friends and the . Italie generally that Ile
has lust returned front the' eltie, with
-a 1A.6, and varied assortment Of
G C LE 5, G A s a nd
1 I 111 •
whielChe offers Mr sale on the most
venal - maul° terms, at his NEW .STOR.E. -kor
ner of Nor th Hanover st, aunt the
Public Square, directly - opposite ti•
the Carlisle Depont Bunk. is .0 ,
v.,, FA.
stock embraces everything usu -
ally item in a Grocery and Vu..
rimy store.'
• The public 'aro invited to call- and examine
before purchasing els.vhere,as he tools
canfident he can sell the best - goods itt - the low.
eel prices.
. April 5,'54,
SPRING AND Strranann
18511 Styles of Hats! ' [1854
ItIORGE KELLER respectfully' announ.
giNces to his old Patrons and the public gom
orally that he has just received the
-74,1V MEN'S HATS, manufactured at
ono of the boat establishments in
A.> Philadelpitia, to which, ho invitee
special attention.. •
Ho has also constantly on hand a large and
varied assortmcint of his own manulketure as
well us city made
suitable for. he .tscason,comprising every vat+.
eyt of Husain, Beaver, 'Moleskin, mid Silk'ata:
finished . in the 'moat mile, together lull
asSortariont of Caps of every; shape and dos.
oription, and at every Prico Ho particularly,
.invitee the public to coal - trio:le/ramble his exten
sive .assortment, which in style;. inntorial and
finilM,natinet be surpassed by any in I,uarket,
add which ha la able, put at prices fower than
ever. 0 -, Romember his old stand on North
Hanover street, bot Ween Hunter's and Setter's
store. . " (March 22, 1854.,
Calf, Ilk') and Coarse Boots of diderent 'qualities
and prices; black and drub Congress Gaiters
patent leather. Sultan Walking Shoes/ Mi.nto•
icy Ties ,ond Pumps, patent lea,her oind cloth
fancy Toilet Slippers, &e• A lull ussurtmeot
of the above styles isf Boys' wear. Also a
general assortment of Calf ICip and coarse
Monrees and Shoes at all prices.
This extensive stoat of new and fashionable
styles line been seleutod with great care and the
quality is warranted. They only need to be
examined to be approved. lie also continues
to manufacture all kinds of work as before,
. .. . _
W'rtips will he rnpairod gratis. Feeling
chifideeri his li
sortment will give entire .atis•
faction, Innll,, s regards quality and price, ho
reEkeifulls elicits public hitrennee.
J., 11. VI. K. OAMP111 , 11;14
MI Weise and Campbell's
New and Cheap Stare, S. IV. corner of Ilano-
Wl's now feel a pleasure in min ouncidg !hot
1111VH hat received n splendid and cfloico . as.
sortinent 3d• Spring. rind Summer Goods, which
we will oiler at such prices as cannot fail to
nlense. The stork consists of
Black Fancy Dress Silks, Foulards, Organdies,
Brilliants. Law us, Jaconetks, Bareges, &c.
A handsome lot of tiocouors, Undoraleevas
Collars, it utflinvs, Edgiggs, tosertings, mourn•
ing collars and anderso.toiws.embronlored Intern
munbric, hankorchnls &c,
gingaains, cheelcq, aelcings, Alaslila, jeans,
drills, ban-slidl: a,nd flannl;le. '
C I.o'l' IFS . , '&e., &c. \ .
a handsome lot ol cloths, eassimers and H eating
a largo a4sart went of Ladies and Theses French
posaamers, helgrade, tripnb. lrrnid anl
straw Bonnets, NI issos handsome Flats -all or
which be sold at unusually low prices;
Alen's am! Boy's, canton, leghorn, china pearl,
senate awl palm loaf !lois. Parasol 6, um—
brellas mul Conking-gIISS,3 very cheap.,
Ve nre selling a large Int of I lilies.' shoes and
gaiters at greatly induced prices, as we intend
discontinuing this branch our liminess.
GROCERIES. &c., &c.
Rio and Java Collie, roasted enWee, brown and
while. Sugar, Luverings Syrup Molasses, Teas,
Salves, tv.e.
Our stork, for variety and cheapness, is cer
tainly not surpassed by any in the coot
Bnyers who wish to pticibise articles of tirie
nor quality, at reasonable prices, should net
fail io nine us a call: (April 5, '51.1
Java and Marne:Oh(' Coffees, Green and
Roasted do., Orleans and Cfaratied
Brown Sugars. Pulverized. Crushed and
Loaf do, Solt Cran.hed (preserving) tin,
1i re Farina and Corn Starch. Broma.'
Cocoa, Chin . ..late, Vlllllllll Bean,
Marie, Citron, with Spices of every Itindit,ig
Sperm, Mould, Adamantine Candles,
Orleans and Sugar 11. Syrup Molasses,
e . .
Lovering s nie , n quality Syrup.
Kr.l fresh rissortment of all the oboeo arti
cles, and a general supply of oilier articles
usually kept by us, all Just opened and for sale
at our new score rooms.
June 8.
Great attraction.
WHAVE just received my Spring stock of
PA Ph; It HANGINGS, which surpass in
Style, Qullity rind Price any
- that has ever
bean exhibited in Earlisle. I rrispectlitliv so
licit a call from persons in want of Paper Hang
ings of any description, us I art; confident my
assortmen. far surpasses any in• the borough;
and in style and price has but few rivals in the
mtv. I only asktel the public to call and ex•
amine my assortment before purchasing. asH
am confident lily chaste designs cannot fail to
please the most fistidiens. _
West Side ,of North Uanever Street,
lliar22 Cur isle.. Pa.
. . .
Holiday Presents,
"iv; Tilt/MA: CONLYN
West High street, a few
• is doors west of Btu - kilo!-
, 6 <2
• - -
hasjust received the
.largest and most elegant
.7 ,4 " -assortment of
ever °tiered in Carlisle, consisting in part
Gold and Silver Watches of evety variety, and,
at ail prices, eight-stay CLOCI‘S. Silver table
'and tea ooas, silver' table faints null butter
kinse.;, gold and silver spectacle's, ladies' and
gentlemen's gold.pen and pencil, gold chains of
, verydeseripoon, ear and linger rings, breast
pins, &e. at all prices. Also Accurdeons and
,Qusical Boxes, with a great variety of Fancy
Articles, selected expressly Mr' the Holidays.
Persons desiring to purchase are invited to all
and examine the assortment. We are prepared
to sell nt very reasonable prices, Quality of
11l goods warranted to be no line its sold for.,
West High Street•
Dec, 28, 1953
TAMES 12,1,V1IA.VER would respectfully
a call the attention (Arrange Keepers and the
public to his extensive, stocic of ELEGANT'
FURNITURR. I -ineluding Sofas, Warorobes,
Comm and other Tablas, Dressing and plain
Bureaus and eve ry othlr article in his branch of
liminess. Also, now on hand the largest as
sortment of CII A MS - in:Carlisle, at the lowest
prices. VrCofrilis rondo ar the shortest notie
and a !retiree provided for funerals. lie golje•
its roll at' his establishment on North Ham a
tier street, near Glass's I.OTEL. N. .13.-Fur
nitnre hired out by the month or year
Carlisle, VI grch - 40. 1850.-1 y
ALL that valuable property situat e on t h e
north west corner of Centre Square, ,
in tl4 buretighl.if Carlisle, known as " V
.Beatem's Row ' The Main builds tinil
i r_
in is nbwoecttpied by H. L. Burst..:_ II a • c'''"
holders a hotel. The heli "r.
m° of "- - ''''
the property is rented for offices, shops, '&c.=
This is one of the very best properties for !it'll . .
floss in the'.borough, and to capitalists offers
great inducements for investment. The pay
moat if dcsired will be made very easy.
Also, a very comfortable two atery DWEL•
LING 110 USE. on the east find of Main St.,
adjoining property of Andrew Ilelmcs,Esti.and
now occupied by Mr. David Greer. The lot to
42 feet front by 240 (in doptil,i and contains a
Aumber of choice fruit trees. The:property is ,
in g'ood order, and has a cistern, amok's- house
bake oven; stable, &c. on:the ,le). For portic
ularo'coquirc of
lob 8) CIIA liLtS °GILD Y.
THE two Story FitAME HOUSE
nal Lot of Grotto& in South Hano• 4 * --
or street, now ttocupied by Charles tt s ■
Buena, hnmetliately opposito'Bont's '/Nto
Store, is OiTOl . O at privitte sale. For
terms °noune of the subscriber, Attornoy for
the owner. '
CTO. 1,2& .9 MACKEREL, in whole, half
j and quarter Ithls, Lake White Fish, also a
fine aaticile of SALNION Tlio UT from
rho Lakes and for the-first time brought to ',th s
market, in store atid for solo by the subscriber.
Corner Market Square, Carlisle,
• , U, IiALBEST•i
14 111 , coived o tow Lofig and Square Broeho
Shows, and. fur auk by
.torri 8L Ohcip.
12134 1 :07,412. a
AI 3E O 11:x INT G JE' A S M - 01.
rriflE subscribor cosiroc to inform hiculd cos.
totnersiand the pubtio that he has tellaloia'
hit roitiovoil Ids ocumisbuiciit lour doors south
Lit his uld stand, on North lienever Street i wltera
he homiest (wooed a large -assortment of
Boars, SEIOES. GAVI'ERS, &o.
which cannot be surpassed in style, quality and
prise, tied to , which ho invites the 'attention of
the public.
For Ladino and- Misses his stocicis wet sh y
I , k:it'd and complets. comprising the most iash•
killable stylus of Congress. Silk-Gaiters, color.
ed French (;niters, Mortice° 1300 ts. foxed wish
palish 'ilier, of all colors and qualities, -to.
her with Misses Gaiters, and a full supply of
-every description of Boots Shoes and Goners
for Ladies, Misses and Childrens' Wear, at all
ver Louthar streets
Extensive Fyrniture Rooms
risk. Pish,
fegal alto . Notices.
42,P.ArkEeLENS 15154.
lifiE Commie - 41°110ra- or Cumberland county
will hold the Appartla for tho real:motive
borough and tewneldp, at the Commisolonata
Offloo, in Caillelo, ae .followa
blur LOWOP Allen, /that Ponnaboro, itatrindatt
and New Cumberland, OH 'Friday, April 28th,
For Upper Allen, Monroe and ItWnda
burg, on Saturday, April 29th.
For Frnnkford, Mifflin and Savoy Spying.
•n- on ay, May
For Ilopowoll, Nowvillo, Shipponsburg bo.
rough and Shipponsburg township, on TUO2.
day, May ~d,
For Ne'w ton, Southampton and Wont POOPS.
bore, on Wednesday, May Bd.
For Dickinson and South Middloton, OD
TIOD'OdIty. May Bth.'
For Carlisle and North Middleton, on Friday;
May Lth.
r JOHN 1.311, Comma's,
Toot, WM. lt LLE V, Oa.
Commissianers Ogico,(7arlials, Ap,l, 6 '64
Estate pf Juhn Buser 'dee
RQ - OTLGE is hereby given that letters of ad.
1..111 ministration on the estate of John 13user,
late of Silver Spring oi), dee, have been grant
ed to the sunuerilier, residing in the same twp.
All persons having claims against said estate are
required to. present them for settlement, and
those.indebted to make immediate payment to
npl .9 7t
asszaremvs 11102 1 .T.CE1.
ITOTICE is hereby given that George Kees.
ainariland \Vtfeeuf l Churehtuwn, Monroe
rurrinship,Cumb. county, tracing on the Bth day
of April, 1851, made a cortmtary assignment of
their prbperty to the undersigned. ler the bene.
fit of their creditors, all persons tracing claimer
or demands against stud George Neesernon are
requested to make them known without delay,
and those indebted to make payment immedi•
ately to the subscriber.
Apl 19 3t
Estate of Elizabeth Shenk, dee'd.
- worms is hereby gislen that letters of nil
-11 ministration on the eatate of Elizabeth
Shenk, lime of Dickinson township, Cumber•
land county, dee'd, hove been granted 'by the
Register of said county, to the eubscriber.resi•
t'ding in the same townshlp. All personshaving
lanna against-said estate are requested to pre
ent them for settlement, and those indebted to
make immediate payment to
ap'l.l2—Gtpd HEN R SHENK, Adm'O
;state. of Dorothey Fritchey, dee'd.
m - OTI:CE is ht3reby..,given that letters tests
tnentary en the estate of Dorothov
laze of South tddleton taw,nship, Cumber
land.coonty, dec'd. have been granted by the
R.:sister ,it said county, to the subscriber, resi
ding in Tanoytown, Carrot county, Md. All
persons having claims against 'sant estate are re
unested to present ihi.uti lor settlement, and
thoseindebled to make immediat pnytnente to
. april td—Utpd] .11' G. FRITCH - EY, Ex'r.
Estate of John Paul, dec'd.
vraTt CE liet . eby given that letters of ad.
£' ministration on the estaie id Joh n 1 5 t ul,
late of 'West l'ennshero township, dee'd., have
been granted by the Register of said county, to
the subscriber residing it: the same township.
All persons having claims against said estate
ate requested to present them for settlement.
tad th indghted to make immediate pay
ment to HENRY PAUL,
April 12-6 t Adm r.
riE Board of School Directors of South
•rt Middleton District, will meet (It the Cen
ral Selmol llouse,; on SATURDAY, April
!till', to receive proposals for the erectioh of a
SC ItOOE'HOUSE, oiror near the farm of Mr
-tamael Goode ur, of the following materials
old dimensiott.:, viz: either Brick. or Frame
Weather-hoarded and filed in with brick, to be
covered oith white pine shingles, celled and
plastered. and supplied with desks and benches
ready far school; 22 by 24 feet long, and ceiling
?3.lret high, By order of the Board.
Estate al Jas. Carothers, clee'd. -
wo I:10E is hereSy given that letters of ad. •
ministrainlil on the estate of Jam en Cam
-rotlier.slaie of Shippenaharg, Chinlierlend,co.
deceased, have butt granted bv the Regiiter
I -aid eounty, to the allbseri . ber, reaiding in
in Newvide. All persons knowing themselves
indebted to &aid estate are required to make im
mediate and those having claims to
present them tar settlement to
April 5, 's4—ht Adm'r.
J. W. EB i
, Estate of IVm. Woods, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration On the estate of William Woods,
late o`f Dickinson townallip,Cumherland county
deceased, have been granted by the Registeiof
said county to the subsdriliers, residing in. the
same towundi p. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to, said estate - are required to
make immediate intytnent, and those having
claims to pre,ent them for settlement to
I:Ett. D. WOODS, Adm'r.
April 5, '54-61-pd.
Estate of. - Daniel Leelcey,
ATOTICE is hereby given that letters testa.
mentary po the - estate or Daniel Lackey,
Ito of Frankford township, Cumberland coon.
EY. deceased, have Ueen granted by the Regis.
ter of said county to the subscriber, residir . in
the same township. All persons kno 'mg
themselves indebted to said estate ate requited
to make irn Mediate payment, and those having
claims to present them,for settlement to
Estate of Mary A. Bitner, dec'd,
.IVOTIOE is hereby given that Letters Testa
mentary on the estate of Mary A. Bitner,
late of Lower Allen township, Cumberland co.
dee,d., have been granted by the Register of
said county, to the subscriber, residing in the
same township. Al'l , persons knowing them
selves indebted to hid estate are required to
make inimenium paymert and those having
claims to present them for settlenieficti)
March 8.-6 w • Exec r.
Esfahe of Peter— .1 ecohy , dec'd.
ivroTicE i N hereby given tharLetters Testa-
Mentor:, to the estate of Peter Jacoby,
to Of Mifflin township, Comberland county,
deceased, hove been granted by the Register of . ,
sold county to the subscriber, residing' in the
Fiona township. All persons knowing tirerh
delves indebted to said estate ere required to,
make immediate pepthent and those having
claims to present them for settlement fto
111aroli 8-6 w...
Estate of Christian Wisler, sr., dad.
NOTICI is hereby given that letters el ad
ministration on the estate of Christian
Wider; late of Ilampddri township, Cumber.
land county. dec., have-been ibsued by the
Register of said county Th — the - stihscriber, resi•
ding in the samcKtownship. \ All persons buy-
Mg claims against Said estate Me requested to
present them for settlement, and those indebod
to make immediate payment to
mnr22fit Adm'r
Estate of Jacob Spangler, dee
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testa.
mentary on the estate of !tomb Spangler.lato
of SoutirMiddleton township, dee , have been
granted to the sithheriber,,reslding in the same
township; All persons indebted to sold estate
are required to make* immediate payment, and
those having claims to present them for settle
ment to • 44C011 RITNER ,
Estate of Henry Baker, deo'd
NOTICE is hereby giv,en that lettere testa--•
•metitary on the estste, „ of Henry Baker, late of,
'Newton township, Cumberland county, dec'd, •
have been granted by the Register of said
county to the subscriber, residing in Islewville •
itruoid county, All persons knowing 'them-
selves indebted to
_said estate are required to
make . .iinmed•itte payment, and those having
claims to presdtit them
,loesettlement to
mar22fitell • • , Ser.
Thn'sutie6her will pay' Cnah fOi STRAW " 4-4 "^'
of nny kind delivered at Middlesex. Fanners ""'"
will find it to their interest' to sell their etre*. 4.
and pneehnee other owners,.
81 - 11WOCK: