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    c2Xll~~l~Q15~v~~(~. ~~~0
- ..'',Extriat'from a poem reoieved frokala young
'lady at A bording school, in arnmer to a pros
" Int or baked Shanghai;!—
Ou Shanghai-feathors may you 'roat
- On Shanghai's hen's, eggs tread ; • •
May Stiarighalsroase - youlrom vonr dieim
4ud hover o'er your head:
. . • Nice old Shanghais, •
" Longleggod Shanghais, '
Real kind old Shanghai hens. . •••
And if your'o ever left alone -
By you'r companion true, -- •
Ably 1; or some other handsomer.,
Cook Shanghiti-hens for you';
Wall rod Shanghais, -
• Great fat Shanghais,
Real Shanghai-hens for'you,
We commend the following to monied men
"Maus, bow is your buSinesa now,"
"0, so better ash it was."
"How so?"
do first night I opens der mon); I oounte der
monies, and I find it nix right—vae tollar vas
gone. Pell de next night I oountfaim, and der
betwo tollars gone. Do tird night I count him ,
and tore be tree tollars gone; and vot doosyer
tiuk I does den?"
"I cant say—what?" "
"Vy, I did not count him any more, and ho
tookies out shoest right over sitae "
gm_ "Don't act so, Isaac dear," said Mrs.
Partingeon, as ,Ike was raising partioular djes
sie" about the kitchen, and throwing:every.:
thing into confusion in a vain attempt to find
his ball. "People hy'n by will say you are non
pompus mentis, as they did about popr Mr.
Smith. The doctor says you are of the rebel
lious sanguinary temperature, and Fleavon
knows what you would do if you should have a
tendency to the head ; perhaps you will die of
a suggestion of the brain."
Never judge the disposition of a man
by hie looks. Many a foreboding exterior
bides a kind, true heart.
._Not a Particle of- MerOury,in-it.
4ninf,illible remedy for Scrofula ,
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutanecus .Eruptions,
Pimples or Pustules on the Face, Blotches,
Boils, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or 'Fet
ter, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of the
Bones find Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic
Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal .Complaints awl all
Diseases arising hom an injudicious use of Mer.
.Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of the
This valuable Medicine, which has become I
celebrated for" the number of extraorrfina-v
cures effected through its agthO'y has induced
the proprietors, at the urgent request of their,
_frit:n(l3,Jc_ offer. it _to the-publio r which -they-do
with the utmost confidence. in its virtues an'l
wonderful curative properties. The. following
certificates selected from a large inumber, are
'however. stronger testimony than the mere
word orthe oroprietors ; and are all from gen
tlemen well known in their localities and of the
highest respectability many of them residing in
the city of Richmond, Va.
E. BOYDEN, Esq. of the Exchange Holel,
Richmond, known every where, says he has seen
the Medicine called CARTER'S SPANISH
TREE administered in over a hundred cases, in
nearly all the diseases for which it is recommem
ded with the most astonishingly good 'results.—
He says it is the most extraordinary medicine
lie has ever seen.
AGUE ANOSEVER—Great Cure.—l here
by certify that for three years had Ague and
Fever of the most violent description. I bail
_several Physicians, took large quantities of .Qui
nine. Mercury, and I believe all the Tonics ad
vertised, but all w'thout any permanent relief.
At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two
bottles or which effectually cured. me and I am
happy to say 1 have had neither Chills or fever
since. I consider it the best Tonle in the world
and the only medicine that ever reached my case.
Beaver dam near Richmond Va.
G It LUCK F,sq now in the city of Richmond
and for many years in the Post Office, has such
confidence in the astonishing Efficacy of Carter's
Spanish Mixture, that he has bought imwords of
'5O bottles which hos given away to the afflicted.
Mr Luck says he has never known it to fail when
taken according to tlireetions
Dr MINCE a practising physican and former
ly of the City. Hotel. in the city of .Richmond,
says he has witnessed in a number of instances
.the effects CI Carter's Spanish Mixture which
were most truly surprising. He says in a case
of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the
good' effects were wonderful indeed.
• SAMUEL M DRINKER of the firm Drink..
er '4 Morris, Richmond, waal!Nured- - Of Liver
Complaint of '8 years standing by the use of two
bottles of Carter 's Spanish Mixture.
tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant
employed in their press room cured of violent
Scrofula combined with .Rheumatism, which en.
tirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of
Carter's Spanish Mixture made a perf!ct cure of
him, and the editors in a public notice say they
,!'cheerfully recommend it to all who are afflicted
wit 'any disease of the blood 'V •
.LA—Lhatl a very-valuable boycured of-Scrofula
by pa r tee. Spanish Mixture. 1 consider it truly
a Valuable medicine: James M 7 aylor Conductor
on the R F sb• P R R Co Richmond Va
51r John 'Thompson residing in the city of
Richmond, was cured by three bottles of Carters
Spanish Mixture.of Salt Rheum, which he had
nearly. 20 ye-re. and which all the physicians of
the city would not cure Mr Tlukepson isa well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va.,
and his core is most remarkable.
Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSF. &
CO, No 83, Maiden Lane, New York
T W 'won- bt SONS, 139, North 2d
IiEN•NP, rr & BEERS,No 125 Main street,
Richmond, Va,
And for sale by 8 Elliott, S W Hayeretiok,
Carlisle: ten,Day. Meohnniceburg;. J H Herron,
Newville; d C Altio, Shiplienaburg, and by Oat
lent In ntedirinea evetywhel e. .
Freshet Spring Supply!
-ir lIA VE just received a fresh stock of Med
.'. lehees, Paints, Glass, Oil, &c., which
having been purchased with groat care at the
beet city houses, I can confidently recommend
tO Fitmlies, Physicians, Country Merchants
and• Dealers, as being fresh and prim .•
Patent Medicines, Herheand Extracts,
i •
Fine homi cols, Spices,ground and whole
Instruments; Essences,
Pure Reseal Oils Perfumery, &e. 1
Cod Liver Oil—Warranted Genuine.
Log and Cam Woods,,
I Oil Vitriol • . ;
I INTS. Copperas, .
PA • . . '
I Lac plye• •
I , Wetherill & Brother's Pure Load, Chrome
Green and ,Yellow, Paint and Varnish. Brushes,
Jersey Window Glues, Linseed. Oil, Turpen
tine, Copal ahri roach Varnish, end Red Lead.
All of which will be .sold at the very lowest
market, price, Altio,a freed and Splendid as
'ailment a. - • '
'Confectionary. and innunicrable Other articles
ealculated•for use arid ornament, all of
are reared at-tha lovicat cash' prices; Ai ,Fhe
cheap Ding_ Book and Fancy Store of the bah,
scriber on North Ilanovar street. , 1'
- , S. W. HAVERStiCIC,',
May.2B .1851. • • .-•
ceived .a few Long and Square Broe
B v: a, and for sale by • •
• • •
O .
. .
41rat .5 e561 . e,.,..544.
': - ifiutrawAßZ4Rist ithium.l
~., ...
87ElN]Ei'~. ~3B~TOW,
THE autism:filer. hav i ng APlttriMti from The
city would call the ettention.oltiisAiends and
the public gnerellY to the'lorge. and Well se.
lowed assortment of Ilardwato - 4hich ho has
just received. consisting hi
' •r--- JtIJILD,ING - NIAI'ERIAtS, •
elks. nails,' strim,.. hingei,docke;
g . als,'puttY, paints, oils, &c. TOOLS—
_ edge:tools; tools;' and planes of eiterrdeserip:.'
lion, with file, rasps,. hammerit, . &c.
• • r A general assortment of ,
together; with morocco, • lining and - binding
skins, shoe thread, wax, pegs, lasts, harness
mounting, saddletrees, f&c.
COACH TRlNlMlN.O—cariassiflain, en
amelled, figurettatid emboasedtl. pat nt and mi-
Eamelfed leather, axles , springs, h be, spoke,
felloeti, shafts, &c, &c. ,
Cabinet Makers Will find 'a' !Urge rissorment
of varnishes, mahogany and 'Walnut' 'veneers,
moulding. rosettes, hair cloth, curled hair, &c.
The stock of IRONis large and:Woll sake-,
ed, comprising'all the kitida in general use, as
hammered and rolled tire oft all sizes, flat, bar
and. land iron, round, square and octal' iron,'
_horse shoe iron and nail rods, with a large lot
armlet and spring steel, English and_Arnermairi
blister-steed r &e.
Hotisokeepers and those about commencing
will find i: to their advantao to callrand exam
ine our cutlery, brittania and plated ware
pans, kettles, cedar ware, baskets, &c..
In addition to the above 'we have received
splendid assertment el WALL PAPER, ran
king the stock complete, and at sto.h prices as
cannot fail to give tottiall,etton. We invite all
friends to call, knowing it will be to their owd
advantage. Remember the old stand, East
High Street, Cardsle, P,
Oct. 12, 1853. - HENRY SAXTOIst.
Great attrtzetionf
iritL-3,8 KINGLE'S OLD
,HA LL is now
and will continue to be supplied with the
kreatest novelties up to the close of the season,
comprising in part
of the choicest varieties, such as Fine Candy
Toys, Jolly,Bon Bons, Gum Cordial,
Lemon, Chocolate and Fruit Drops, Rose,
Vanilla and Burnt Almonds, French and ex
ploding Secrete. A leo all the common Varie.
ties, all of which will be sold wholesale and
retail at low rates. We have just received
of the latest importations such as Oranges,
I.Smons. Raisins, Figs, Pimens. Citron, Cur
rants, soft and parer shelled Almonds, Fil
berts, Cocoa, Cream and .Ground Nuts. In
connection with the above the largest assort
ment of
of ()vary kind from all parts of Europe, man
ufactured of wood, glass, L.hina, papier mache,
tin and India robber, zinc, &c., such as Fine
Wax, kid and jointed Dolls, Sowing and Card
. Baskets, Work and Fancy Boxes, Flower
Vases, Moto Cups, Tea Setts, Music Boxes,
Pore Monaies, Battle Doors, Grace Hoops,
Masks, Drums, Gurks, Trumpets, Dominoes;
lotto and other games, &c. Fancy Soaps anti
Hair Oils of every . variety.. In connection
. with the above a largo stock of
such aspulverized, crushed and brown Su
gars, of every grade. Coffee, Molasses. Starch,
Green and Black Teas, Spices, -Butter, soda.
Sugar, Water and mher Crackers, cheese, &c.
The sub Scriber returns hie sincere thanks
to a generous public for the patronage hereto
fore bestowed on him, and hopes, by a,desire
to please, merit.a. continuance..of, the same.
Carlisle. December 7, Lan. .
• Styles of Hats!
EORGE KELLER respectfully- anna'un.
Vices to his old Patrons and the public gen
erally that he has just received the
MEN'S HATS, manufactured at
one of the best establishments' in
Philadelphia, to whiCh he invites
special attention..
Ho has also constantly on hand a large and
laried - asserturient of his. own manufacture as
veil as citymade
; uitable foram season,comprislng every vari
vl of Russia, Beaver, Moleskin and Silk Hate,
Malted in the latest style, together with a lull
ssortment of Cape of every shape and des•
ription, and at every price He particularly
ivites the pbblic to call and examine his eaten-
We assortment, which in style, material and
nish, cannot be surpassed by any in market,
nd which he is ifble to put at prices lower than
vor. 0:1 - Remember his old stand on North
[allover street, between Humer's and Sener's
tore. [June I]
2 ....
CPS' WO' 64
orner of Banover and Loather 8 11., Carlisle,
'1 it undersigned has always on hand a large
IL stock of superior Cabinet Ware, in all the
Ifferent styles, which he is prepared to sell at
to lowest prices. He invites attention panic
!arty to the Patent Spring. Bottom Bedstead, a
lost useful article, which entirely obviates all
bjections. The' ottom can be attached to old
tedsteade. They have given ontire satie ac.
ion to all who have them in use.
oy-COFFINS made to.order attho ahortea
Carlisle Jan'y. 2:2, 1851,—1y.
PHE snbecriber continuesto manutacturefit
1 hit' Foundr# in East High street, having
n hand a great variety of good patterns, andis
refatred to furnish IRON AND BRASS
'ASTIN GS. which will be executed to order
if not on hand,) atthe shortes' notice, such as
'ranks and Mill Gearing, Spur and Bevil
Wheels, Gudgeons for Saw Mills, hie., Plough
Castings. Cutters, Point Shears. Wagon and
Coach Boxes, Spindles, Car Wheels, Car
Chairs, &c. Steam Engines built to order and
ePaired. All kinde - of - machinery In Paper
bills, Grist Mills and', Factories repaired at
port notice. Mill Spindles dressed and turned.
Aso, Horse Powers and Threshing Machines,
uch as Bevel Gear Four Horse power ; Hor
zontal Goer , Four Horse Power' ; Horizontal
;oar Two florae Power, Ploughs Corn She and - Corn Crushers. Threshing machines
nd Horse powers repaired and Job Work done
t the shortest notice. Patterns of different
tinds on band one made to order.
He also has on hand a large supply of Phila.
lelphia and Troy Cooking Stoves, and is con making Cooking Stoves of various irn
roved patterns, for coal or wood. Ten Plate
;trivet', Grates, &c.
! Repairing done to all kinds of Machinery.—
Ul kinds ofild Iron; Brass and Copper taken
l'exchange rof work.
xxTHlCHeurpassea in quantity qualify and
VT' prices any that has ever yell been opened
in Carlisle, consisting of the' greatest - variety
of all kinus of Hardwire, suches.- Shoe Fin
dings, Saddlery, Coach Trimminge, - P ointe
Oils, Varnish, Glass, Nails, Files, r Anvils;
Vices, Bellows, Springs; Male, Bowe, Pollees,
Veneers, .Cedarware, Farming Utensils, Bar
and Rolled Iron, Steel, rStm-, with a thousand
more articles unmenlionable. 0 ~
Having Piirchesed laFgely of Heavy Goods
previous to tiro Vvanee in prices, T am enabled
to sell goods at old prices. Persons in want o
Hardware are invited to call and examine my
goods and hear m prices, and you will be sat ,
iefied where'the.Cheap Hardware is to be had.
(1:7•MIt Stook 'of. WALL PAPER is nnap
preached by any in the Borough. . •
' Thankful tor theforinerliberal patronage, a
continuance of the same is solicited by .
, • , JOHN P. LYNE„ •
Vest Side of North Natiover' Street.
L - •
CARLISLE • 201t017011 'OAN
rjik !fonds of the florough . of Carlialci, with
,"'coupon attached for tho payment or Inter
net i half gnarly, on the-Ist,. days :Of July and
'January each year, at the Carlislo Detiosit flank,
In sums of IMMO. $50 1 ) and $lOO, will be (tin
posed Of at present 'to, the ammint of $12,419 to
;apPlidanti at par/. either that whole •
gether4r, sock. sunlit via may' bewntatill'ln.'
aestmOnts in this, loan by not 'of Assembl y will
- not be subject to any borough. action! or comity
tax., .Applbsation: to. be mad° at ,the Carlisle
Dtirtlit 'blank' to WM. M.
Jan 2 OH • • ' Treolountr:
~,~rnr~& ; ~~ho~s,, ; .
First Arriyal dt Fall Dry. Goode -
At the ReiOnd Cheap Store.
IPe i 8 e .
Wu 1. D. respectfully announce to theik,
friendi end the'litildic that 'they'lleie
just received from New, York and I'hiladelpni t t
a large and liandsome',assortenent of • ' •
, -
consisting or the latest styles 01 Dress Goods,,
. French plaids, cashmeres, mous de lames, _.-
all wool, mous - de lieges, Persian cloth,---
plaid, brocade and black silks, ul
. Tack:lB;l'nd Mourning Guodit•
.•DomEsrles , •
Bleached and unbleached imialin,.checks;
Gitighans, tiekings, wht and cl'd Canton ,'
Flannels', table linen,table cloths,Napkins
Damask-.towels, wool flannels,Arc.,..&c.' '
cambric and swiss, milling, edging - and-insert- -
ing, lisle'inechlin Wird florentine laces, collars,
undersleecres. spencers, culls,&c. • , I
Silk, 'cashimre and Saxony ;hose, merino half
hose, white and black silk hose, black, white
and mixed cotton. kose, ladies and gents silk,
kid, fleecy lined silk and cotton' gloires
A large Assortment of cloths, cassiineres, sati
nets, Lientucky jeme, merino,'sathr• and black
_ _
A large ass , rtment 'of ladies and gentlemen'
shoes, slippers and boots, childrens Shoes, from
the best manufacturers.
Rio and lava Coffees; New 'Orlean , Cuba and
refined sugars, Lowlring's, Syrup Molasses.
Cubs do., and Spices of all kind".
'Their goods have all been selected with great
care from the best New York and Philadelphia
houses, and cannot fail to suitaitirchasers both
idnitstlity and price.
South Hanover Street, Near the Court Rouse.
lull J. KIEFFER, druggist, would reepecti•
VIIP • fully inform trio citizens of Carlisle and
vicinity that ho, h!As opened a new
-- •
His stock is entirely now, and has been sales- .
tod with great care. As many of the artieles
in daily use by physicians and families deteri
orate by age and exposure, !mat -care will be
taken not to allow such articles to accumulate
in such quantipics.
Attention isatapecially invited to his stock of
- Medicines, Essential Oils, Oils, Tinctures,
Wines, Extracts, Conlections, Chemicals,
4c. Together with the abovelie has a full
assortment of Paints, Varnishes, Dye—Stuffs,
Paint and Varnish Brushes, and
ile . hae also on hand a Eplen
of every variety,
did assort meat of
Perfumeries, Soaps,Extracts, Fancy, Hair
' Clothes and Fles Brushes, Supporters,
Br, last Exhausters, Nipple Shields,
Toed& Washes and Pastes; also
of the best quality. SEGA RS, from the best
Havana and Spanish houses, of every flavor,
from one cent upwards.
In order to ensure his customers against
mistakes during any temporaray absence of
the proprietor, the services of an experienced
and - competent assistant have been secured,
which will be felt to be important, in view of
theresponsibilities which are known to devolve
upon the druggist.
will be faithfully and promptly attended to.—
Orders from Physicians and Merchants in the
country will be filled with-care, and at prices
which must prove satisfactory.
N B.—All officinal preparations made' in
strict accordance with the directions of the U.
S. Pharmacopoeia.
A libe - ral siiiire of public pntron - a - fle is res
pecttally solicited, Terms Cash.
May H. 1853. , B. J. KIEFFER. •
At the Store of N. W, WOODS.
Second Arrival of Winter Dry—Goods.
THE subscriber respeetiully Intorma his
friends and tiumorous customers. that he has
returned from 'Philadelphia with a large assort•
ment of Fall and Winter Goods, cOnsising . oi
Clotbs, Cassimeres, Vesting's.- Mastitis, [wh
inge, checks, flannels, linsey, cravats, suspen•
dors, gloves, Bcc,
Silks. bombazines, merinoes, coburg cloths
fig'd plain and changeable poplins, gingliatne
calicoes, alpacas, shawls. hosiery. &c.
and Boys, —n very large assortment, al
so Bonnets and Ribbons.
A large assortment of Alen's Weimon's and
Children•s Boole and Shoes, Jenny Lind an]
Buskin Shoes at very low prices.
Colored and White CAR PET CHAIN,
/Marge assortment of GROCERIES, such
as Sugar. Coffee, Aloltpes. Rice, Teas, &c.
. All who visit our establishment are free to
acknowledge that we are selling Foreign and
Domestic &ry Goods, Boots, Shoes, &c, at as•
tonishingly low prices!' Our low prices have
already attracted a large number of people.
The,attention of all who wish good bargains
is solicited. as great inducements can be offered
to purchasers.
Don't forget the old stand, Humerich's cor
ner,North Hanover Street.
Butter, Eggs, Rags and Soap taken at market
prices.- N. W. WOODS.
Der es MR
WOULD inform the public that he has now
on hand at his establishment, on Main
street, next door to Marion flail, the- largest
nd most complete assortment of
to be found in thig,c r uunty, which will be sold
at the,loweet pride for cash or approved credit.
His stock consists of a large assortment:anew
and highly approved
Finished in the most complete manner, and
calculated for eitherlwood or coal, or-both. All
the old standard patterns, which halve,steed the
test of experience, may be found at hie estab•
lishment. •Altto a groat variety of the most ap
proved and beautiful
-Including a number of new styles, posseesing
very superior advantages over those heretofore
in use. Families and housekeepersare respect.
fully invited to give him a call before purcha.
sing'elsewhere. Stoves delivered to any part
of the-county - and put up at the shortest notice.
continues to do al, kinds of
and Copper work, and has constantly on hand
or will maku to order every article required by
housekeepers or other sin this line. lifs stock
of Timand Copper-ware embraces every kind
of household and kittheu utensil, warranted
equal to the best manufactured. - Persons in
vt ant of articles in- his-line-may always be sure
of being accomodated to their satistactia by
.giving him a call. • [OOll9
risHE subscriber continues to carry on the
above business, in all itsvarious branches,
in North, Hanover street, Carlisle, two doors
Worth of Loonard'o coney, where he 'intends
keeping on hand sgeneral assortment in hipline,
Consisting of all kinds of fasll
ionuble SAUDLhS, Bridles,
martingales, Girths,Cir ciugles'
and Halters, also
TRUNKS, tray- I!•1i01311111.
eling and 'saddle 14747ti51
tinge."' He also
manufactures themotit approved
' Spanish Spilt's. Elad4lss, ever
_ used in this country, those
wishing a lt7indsome, - durableand_ pleugant,sed
die will do won't° call and see them'. He diso
inanufactures 'Harness; Bridlee, Coffers' and'
Whips in all their varieties; and confidently be
lieves from the general approbetion of his ens
(comers, that he make., the neatest and best
gears,in all their variety of 'breadth, that is
muds in the country. He also makes all kinds
of Matrasoes to order, viz: Straw, Husk, Curl.
ad Hate and Spring Matranes. the above
artiales will be made of the beat material and
workmanship, and with the utmost despatch.
innl4-ly WM. OSBORN.=
ciao° and 'Maracaibo' Coffeeti, Green ands ßoosted do., Orleans and Clarafied
Brown Sugars. Crushed:end
• ' Loaf do, Soli Crushed (presorvingido.
Rice, Farina and' Corn Starch; Bromo.
• Cocoa, • Chocolate, Vanilla ..Bear, - ,_.
- Mace; Ci(ron, with Spices. of every
• Sperm, Mould; AdamOntine Candles,
Orleans and :Sugar H. Syrup ' 1110 10seett;
Lovering'a - finest quality Syrup, • ;
WrA fresh assortment of all the eliovi arti,
Mee:and. o general supply of other artielei
'windily kept by'utt.'ell'just opened and for sale
et our newstoro room'. • - •
, J4nto• ti t IBM . • '• I:, W. BB Val
• ,
ittOteinci: .- • ,
) 1 , 1 , 1 ItER , 'C OM P LAIN ,
Dy5eEP.7:1A,0.1:1..4 DICE,
-• • ' '""STOAIAC II.
Buall ttfl Constipotion, inward pulse; ftilness
• Of, blood to Ihri'head;'aciiliiy of the strinutelii
beetles, Neat:thorn, diegust for food. tininess. or
- weight in the'titinnnelc . sabr eructutiens, *sink
ing or fluttering, ut the pit of the' stoMuch,
swimming of thehcad, hurried and.ditlieelt
breathing s flutterfog at the heart, choking or
:auffbesting sansatiodii when in a lying posture,
'dintnega of voion, data or Webs before' the.
sight,Teeeriond dull pain in the head, defic
iency. of perspiration, yellowness or the; skin
• and oyes; pain in. the .sitio, buck, chest, flint's,
4te.. sudden thlshes of heat, burning in the
flesh, constant. imaginings of evil, and gran
depression of spirits, •
Prepared, by "
• DR,
Theirpower over the above diseases is not
eteelled, dogmaticl, by any other preparation
in the United States, as the cures attest, iii
many cases alter skilful physicians had failed.
These . Bitters are worthy the attention of
Poss*king great virtues in the rec.
lification of diseases of the Liver and lesser .
glands, exercising the most searching powers
in weakness and,uffections of the digestive or.
guns, they are withal safe, certain and pleas-
ant. I
• Testimony of the highest character I HON.
GEO STROOP, Judgo of the District Court in
Perry county, Pa., Nov. 18th, 1862 said: "your
'Huoflond's German Bitters' has been in use in
our place over a year past, and to the astonish
ment of many line performed wonders. Ve
may notice a few instances that have come
under own homediate nonce:—almost every
person whO has stooped at the hotel of ,Wni.
Lackey, ono year nines, predicted ,rom his e.
maaiated countenance and debility; 'that ha
could hot live much longer. Ile was unable
lb attend to his buiness, and for the grouter
part of the time Confined to his room. Wo roe-
ommended him to try-the German Bitters.. he
did; and to the surprise of all his friends
now able to attend to his usual business and
perform manual labor. The case of Henry
-Asper a atone mason ' whoa] no ono supposed
would ever recover from the debility of his
system, but was looked upon as fastapproach
ing the Olive, took eight or nine bottles of the
Bitters during the last winter, and this sum.
mer lie has been fto the surprise of all who
knew his ease] following his trade. The Case
of William Murphy is no less astonishing.—
ihrloo was so far reduced as to induce the
general belief that the grave alone would be
hls only remedy: Mr. Lackey recommended
him to try the Hoofland's German Bitters; ho
is now apparently a well man, and_ able to do
a hard day's work. We could mention many
other cases of a similar character. if it, were
necessary. I myself derived much benefit from
their use. - I heve given considerable of it a
way, not Air your benefit alone,.but to relieve
suffering humanity, and let me assure you I
am pleased to see the happy result.. To the
afflicted we say, try them fairly and 1 will
warrant relief:"
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
paassesing great power in the resto
ration of a healthy action of the liver and the
lesser glands, giving tone to the stomach and
nervous eye tam, and bringing the system gen
- orally to a high-state e, health.
Far sale by S. ;IV.:..Haverstick and S. Elliott;
Carlisle; Ira Hay,Attshaniceburg;.-1. H. Her-
ron, Nevvville;Shippensburg, and
by- dealers ih.roOdieirOlf-everY where.
THE subscribers, in addition to their eaten.
f.iye "Groc:rry;''have connected. therewith am
(SEED S. YORE, 110, Market street, near the
.- ailroad, Harrisburg, Fa., and are prepared to
ill all orders, by wholesale and retail; •eall
:finds of Agricultural Implcm nts, Vegetable
I,nd Flower Seeds, &c. Country merchants
.vith reasonable discounts to sell again.
Horse-powers and threshers, wheat-drillls
, pnd seed-planters, plows, harrows and cultiva-
I ors, fodder, hay, arid straw-cutter . grain tans
'urn shelters, vegetable cutters, hand grain
'alibi, clover shelters, horse rakes, churns,grind
1 tones and.improved hangings, bay, straw and
loaner .forks, farmer's boilereox yokes and
,ow, patent bow pins, cow chains, spades, hoes
1 nd rakes, post diggers, wheelbarrows, orain
1 rattles, seythesand scythestones, potatoe thins
1 ost augurs, axes and hatchets, grain bags,
rain measures, garden trowls, pruning and
adding knives, grass' and grain sickles, screw
wrenches, pincers and gindets, rut and mole
traps, cattle cards and horse brushes, curry
-1 ombs, gaiden reels, cow bells, whiffle trees,
i tone, plaster, poudrette, bone dust, lime, gu
t en, field and flower seeds.
. . .
A lan. a large and fresh assortment of GR 0
I;E,RJES, TEAS, Stc., all cheap for cash.
titrßrain and produce of all kinda received
li exchange for implements.
l'erraans Celebrated Tooth Wash
ri HIS valuable preparation has long been used
;IL 'in New York and Philadelphia, where it has
twined an immense popularity; for eltinsing,
I reserving and beautifyinh the teeth. It is an
t seellent remedy for sore.soft or bleeding Gums.
t also imparts a delightful freshness to the mouth
ad agreeable odor to the breath.
Readihe following from Dr. 211urray,
4. I can, with the 'utmost confidence, recom•
s tend to the public , . Zerman's Anti-Soorbotic
:Comb Wash as the best in use. In my ,pisietice
tea Dentist, I have used and recommended it for
lie last five years, and have found it to gibe (sat
,sfaction in every instance, as the' Wash dues not
;entail] acid, or anything injurious to the teeth or
urns viutt, on the contrary, is the best antiseptic
I' the practice,und therefore, would recommend
e role of it, not only to those who wish to . pre
terve t heir teeth and puns, and have a Wholesome
breath, but also to those who have diseased gums
; The use of the Wash, fora short time,
Pillinsure a return to their-healthy-slate,
lo' ,S. Eleventh et.; below Chestnut Phil's,.
lie. Heedeli ot Carlisle, 'says ;--.• Mr. Zer
-1110, I am well pleased with your Tooth Wash :
t not only cleanses and whitens the teeth without
*ring thein,but it cures sore or bleeding gums.
cheerfully recommend it to the professmn and
mblic„ as the very best preparation that can be
sed for, cleansing , mid preserving the teeth,
eating tbe gurriNavl giving Sweetness to the
• JOHN-W. 1 - IF I NDEL, Surgeon Dent Pet.
Price 25 centif per bottle. Prepiirdil
Pranuis Zerman, Druggist and Chemist, corner
f Ninth and Catharine streets, Philadelphia.
• For elle by SAMUEL ELLIOTT Vutlisl
octl3 •
For the Cure of Sa!talcum, Chilblains, Com
mon Soros, Chapped or Cracked .Hands, Earns
or Scalds, Cots or Wounds, Piles; Infla minnt ion
oLtlid_Breist,bitba of 'inflects - I Sore Lips, Mm
ples on. the /lice, and, Breaking- Out and Sores
on. Children ; and all diSeseOS ol,tho Skin.
This Ointment will cure the &In-Ileum and
Burns, or Chapped hoods. quicker and , surer
than any.other n3ediailies of the' kind. hefore.the
public. •
To substantiate the above, i can give,hundreda
of certificate's, but I consider. itrno use, as (any
person can do the same. it they have friends, lirr
eyes' a ?roithless article) I rtly solely on the
merint.of the Ointment for the public patronage.
• N. 13.—k single box of 'this - Ointment - will
keep anY Blacksmith's, Farmer's, Sailor's, or
Meclinnle's hands, let theni chap or crack ever
so bad, Sound and in gond working order all
whiter , Prepared and sold by - r • .
• , . MONROE TERIt EL, •••
Sold also by the prinsipal,Droggistr,, and
Country !Merchants.., Price 26 cents per Nos.
NOY. 16..1859;--ly
I ,
L , ' . ISegars and Tobacco. " : "
ril 00 Illt -feeling- thetneelvos disposed to_in
ding intooti,segorer - are Miaowed to call at
.the, rug, titers of B. J. ICIEFFER, where
they, ny , cpbtaln /In article whildFliii hesitates
not.' .reconimend as being the best in Carflele.
Be one visitinrcsrlisle shoubt not leave be
, fore tilting a gitinettat B.S. Kieffer's Drug.and
.Chem al-Store:Neuth-flunover stieef.' Ite hes,
on he d ii 'Variety el :fancy articles. each as
'heir, . i, elethea,.fierit,and truth'; brushes, co
logne ottles; furniture dusters' portfolios; noie
:piper. worked and card baikets t visiting. cards
and 't see, 4 fine
.vailetr.,of fine,. accerdeone,
&e. ; he ledicsare invited tit unffpnd etantitte
BHpa ii . a nus. Col,aopii, as he tadeterronied
to sell arguing. H. J: HIEF.FKR..
• July 0,1 en.. ., - , 8. fdanovei et. •
!MM. `..4l:ll)C:Clloilljet6.
Vatious &tit, to "alai:Reif/lilies: Boarding •
Rouses and Holds.
rilllOSEin want of a iupericir Cooking Ap
1. gamuts aro invited to volt ut. out Ware
• houile exornino-this Ratige. Fordurebility
economy anal' siiiiplieity in operation it stands
'earl +/tiled. It has purfeci but stir vomily lion
—and meats baked in•this oven will retain th e i r
juice and .flavor equal to that . roaStett before an
open fire. Meats and pastry 'cooked at the
sonie:ttino-without 'one affecting the other. It
will supply sufficient heated air to heat addl...
tienal roolits fur the coldest weather. It,haa
uo descrnding or return flues, and is equally
well adapted to bituminous or cutummenard
coal. The steam valve over the boiling pall of
the Range carries - off the , steam and nook of
cooking, us well as heat in summer.
Every Range sold warranted to give satisfac
tion, or no expense to the purchaser.
• • Piiietited Octobor, 1848, •
For Public Halls; Factories, Railroad cars
Clumnies, Flues,Ships, Steamers, §•e.l
Polo air is a subject claiming the attention
of every individealOirid be
provided with the preper ineane of ventilation.
Also, a powerfut---------
Warming and Ventilating Furnace,
For Dwelltngs : School Houses, Churches, Halls,
'Stores, Factories, 15v
A large assortment of Office, Hall.and Cook.
ing Stoves, Parlor Grates, Registers, &e.—
Wholesale and Retail.
82 North Eizth street, Phila.
rrPer4onal attention given to warming an
evntilating both' public anti private buildingf.
DAVIS di. cuLnv,
Dealers iu
Lamps, Lai .terns and Chandeliers,
N E Corner Pone!). and Clit es., Phila.
HAVING enlarged and, imp oved their store,
and having the largest assortment of lamps
tit' Philadelphia, they are now prepared to fur
nish Cam pine, Pine Oil,.
Ethereal Oil, Phosgene Gas and Lard Oil.—
Lamps, Lanterns of all paternp, Fancy Hotel
and Hall Lamps, Cliandeliros Girandoles and
,Candelabras, and Brittania Latpps,at the man.
ulacturers lowest prices. Glssi Lamps by the
paaage, at a small advance o er auction pri
ces. Being ldrge MAN UF. !::TUREILS of
Pine Oil, Burning Fluid, Ethereal Oil, Alco
hol and (the only true), Phosgene Gas, they can
furnish these articles at such prices that Mer
chants will find it to their advantage to buy.—
Call Wore going elsewhere, if you want bar
gains. Also the Safety Fluid La - np for sale.
October 5,1853-1 y
Cheap IPa'cites 45 ..
....k . k . \ at the " Philadelphia Watch
ok and Jewelry Store,'' Number
96 North Second Street, coiner
tlk, of Quarry, Pluladelphia.
-. 4 M._ • -1-. - i:s Gold Lever Watches lull
v.-• ONTIi - . • jewelled, 18 carat cases, $ ' 20,00
- Gold . Lepine, 18 carat cases, - $24 00
Silver do jewels, 9 00
Silver Lever, full j welled, 12 60
Superior QU a rtiera 7 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
. Fine Silver Spectacles, 1 50 ,
Gold Bracelets, 3 00
Ladies' Gold Pencils, . 1 00
Silver Tea Spoons, set, 5 00
Gold Pens with Pencil and• Silver Holder, 1 00
Gold Finger-Rings-37i cents to $8; Watch
Glasses, plain, 12f cents t Patent, 181 ; Luger,
25 ; other articles in . proportion. All 'goods
, warranteid to he what they are sold for. .-
,sept7/v • Successors to Q. Conrail.
On blind, some Gold and Silver ;Levers and
Lepines, still lower than the above prices..
Located No 127 Bath :lore Street, Itoltimor e , Md.
The ostensible object of this Institution is to
place in the reach of inditiduals proper facili
ties for obtaining a thorough - Mid "PrieTietil
Mercantile Education. Is.othing indeed has
been omitted that is calculated to produce the
desired ret.ult.
The rooms of the College are well fitted up,
conveniently arranged, and situated in the
most desirable part of the City. Connected
thereto is a Commercial Library, and this, in
connection with familiar Lectures on Contract-.
call - Law and Mercantile Science, is a matter
of the highest importance to all who desire to
become Accountants of the first order, and oc
cupy stations of profit and responsibilit.y. A
young man can here obtain a more con ect
knowledge ut
business matters in a
few weeks than can be acquired in as many
years in any one Counting 'Room.
The course of study embraces Double Entry
Bookkeeping, and its adaptation to valleys
departments of Commerce and Trade, Mercam
tile calcultahms taught according to the most
approved methods. Practical Penmanship, com
bining rapidity 'of execution 'with beauty of
construction. Lectures on Mercantile Law,
upon various important Mercantile subjects
baside many other points necessary for a book.
keeper or business man to understand. The
time necessary for an industrious student to
complete the course varies from A° 8 weeks.
'There being no vacation, applicantrcan enter
at any time and attend both day and evening..
Examinations aro held at stated 'periods and
Diplomas awarded to those who g - aduate.—
For terms, &e:, write and'havc a Circular for.
warded by mail.
March, 23. 1853. ly. •
.. /Successors TO A. FIOT,]
Na: 164 Chestnut St., Stvaitn's Building, Phila
EXNENSI V E Music Publisher, end Deal
er in Musical • Instruments of every de
Exclusive agent for t to sale of 'Ballet. Davis
CI Co's Patent Suspension Bridge /Eolian and
L. Gilbert'sßoudoir Pianos, Melodeons, Mar-
tin's Guitars, Harps, Violins, Sheet Music,
Music Books, &c. -
Residents of the country will be supplied by
mail or otherwise with music they may wish,
as low as if purchased in person. Having one
of the largest stocks in the United States, It leel,confident of satisfying all-who mayilavor
me with a call or order.
Dealers in Music supplied on the most libers
terms. Pianos to let. - Second-hand Pianos for
,may 20 1853 1.10
North *mom,' S'ircet L and next door to Glom' a.
THE 'undersigned would respectfully inform
the citizens of Carlisle and the public gener
ally, that he now has on hand a large and ele
gant assortment of FURNITURE, consisting
in part of Wardrobes, Card and other _Tablet,
Sofas, Bureaus, - Bedsteads. plain. and fancy
Sowing Stands, &o. manufactured of the best
materiarand quality warranted.
Also a general assoriment of CHAIRS 'at
the lowest prices:- Venitian Blind', made to
order, and repairing promptly attended to.
Ill'Cotfins made at the shorteit notice, and
having a' splendid hearse he will attend fuehr
als in town or country.
Xr Remember the stand— next door H.
Glass' c. Hotel, n 0144 .24R. B. SMILE. Y. _
Beecher s Matchless Cordial.
rr medicine has ne -1
vet known to fail in
.11. curing Chblera Morbue, in from 10 to 15
minutes• ' Cholera Infantum, or summer cont.
plaitits of , children, Dysentery, Diarrhea, &c.
in from JP to 24 hours. It is certain and safe
under all eircunnstan?es, having been fairly'
tested in upwords;of four hundred cases,willt
out a einsle failure. Let every familrprovide
itself with at least one bottle of this invaluable
remedy. Terit, and it wilt recommend- 08Q11
It Is
:p repared upon purely scientifiittrineiti . les,
and cannot beJtistly•termed o 'quark midiettlet
unlivis atones ho quachorv, For sale by ';."
Q. J.KlEFPER,•Debitstet,
Sonde-Hemmer Street; '
'• A few - doore south, cf the Court-Ho gie,.
June 32, 1833,• •
. IT Z . 11E NUR Y,•
Store, 29. N. 8d at., Phila.'
Morose . ° M•nufariurers; Currigrs, Tinanitars,
Cuiniiiission and GenerafdLeathar Business.
Nihau Fa Jto ri_ls streot
; Qn Invaivalde Ilemady for all Scrofulous Di;
ease), Adigostion,'Salt. Rheum, Sick
ache; :Cancer, ..11 1 ursing Sore
• .and Oeneral . Lability, and as a
• Purifier of the . .1.1104, io
- Unegnalkd. -
. • •
The Reek Rosa ,has 'gained o reputatinn ai
honle. and abroad. which no' other iikedieike
beef ever done in. the same length of tune.
Actording to the opinions of eminent Physi
entnti, t,he Reek Ruse PI nit is unequalled in
burittg Sdrefula lit its Various Forms?
Pastor of theild Baptist Churcl•,New London;
Ct..) relativo to Myers' Extract Rose.
i To The Aniedean Public': ' 1
As my ; name has, been used in connection
With recommendations of Mr. Myers' R, c,
psi Syrup; in various adverVsements by tlie
i anufacterer, I beg leave to make the folio*-
i tg statement vy_llll.4.eference-to-nty-veginrint.7
el ce with the remedy and-tests to which I hake- sejected it, and the reasons for having into
d eed it to the notice,of private friends in the
coMmunity in which 4 reside, long before the
me mine was adverting. I wake this state-,
'`met freely, because 7 have, as, a principle,
• wit 'held toy name fro iti all patent medicines,
and sedulously abstained, from recommending
the to the public, believing tlieM frequently
the spawn of quackery and humbug, and is
landing to increase, instead of lessening human
disease and suffering. Such, I tear, is time
character of a largo pation of the patent pans r
cous of this medicine malting age. "Their
name is legion,' and from their influenceom
. from the demoniacal spirits, we have reused
to pray for a safe deliverance.
The First Test.—l had inyselfsufferedoc
casionally with sudden attacks of Sick Head
ache, and Billions Diarrhea, and I had sought
a great variety of curative agents to but little
purpose; and suffering from this disease (diar.„
rheri) at this time, I determined to test the new
Syrup first upon myself. Tho results were be
yond my expectations. It was a powerful
alterative, and the morbir„' action of the aystem i
was changed, •and the functions of secretion
were restored to a Ifealthy state. It gave tone
and elasticity to my system, and corrected the
derangement of the digestive organs, and gave
me that inestimable blessing—health. This
test was not determined in a Week, nr a month;
but I took four or five bottles in perhaps as
many months. Since that time I hove suffer
ed but slightly from these derangements. My
Sick Headache is entirely Cured.
Other Tests.—Finding this medicine so use
ful-to myself, lat once gave it to several inva
lid friends'. About this time, I was earnestly
- solicited to give advice in - rcierencit to a child,
some 'eight years of ago. •This child was
severely afflicted with a Scrofula humor, of a
very severe typo, the humor showing itself on
all parte of the surface, and then suddenly dis
appearing., The child was very sick, and it
was thought doubtful whether site would live,
The humor resembled black specks of mortified
flesh. In addition to some other remedies, a
gave the child this - Syrup for about six weeks,
when she had sufficient strength to go out to
school occasionally. The swelling of her limbs
ceased, and she was restored to health. The
family feel that they owe her life, with GA's
blessing, to my remedies.
'this test satisfied me that the Rock Ruse
possessed specific powers for Scrofulous hu
mors. I then tested it in.-eases of Cutaneous
Eruptions, in Meaeles, Chicken Pox, Caner,
Sure Mouth, Erysipelas,Salt Rheum, Pile - S, ride
In all these cases with perfect success. A flat
testing this Syrup for more than o year, I
wrote lir. this,
(October 7th, 1850) entbusi•
asticallyi not expecting toy letter would be
. published, that his Syrup was a o Pankorite,"
all-healing, and I gave him the result of its
operations in ifeverul instances. I. stated in
that letter that "it was invaluable as a remedy
in Cutaneous Eruptions, Erysipelas, Salt
Rheum, and ether disorders, included in the
varied family of diseased known as Scrofula,
&e.: that in Dyspepsia it acted with wonder , .
MI efficacy." My °pinto of its value for the
ribrwe named diseases, rei ain unchanged, until
the same as when I. wrut Mr Myers in Oct. l
1850. Ido riot rm.:entitle id it for all the ills
of our suffering humunit y ; but I unhesitating
ly say, that as a remedy for Seroculous affec
tions I- believe it superto to any known cilia
tive agent. -,,
• if
It has been sufficiently tmte by domestic
PractiCe to establish its daption to extensive
usefulness in mitigating umun suffering and
removing diseases.
But What is thi
The following history of the Rock Rose
plant and its medicine properties, we lake
from the• New Haven P lladium, March 1852.
" The increased into cot manifested in tlie
Rock Rose plant, in eon •equence of the many
wonderful cures effected by Myers' Compound
Extract of Rock Rose,' c Its for a brief history
of it, in order to correct any mune . is opin.
ion that may have -been entertainerir encern
ing it ; and also to'set in l a true ligh the na
ture of a plant which pro Mises Act bu.runiver
sally beneficial. _ ' i ..
"We are indebted to the United States Dia
pensotory of 1847, for the Tollow,ing, descrip
ticin of it :
" ' It is entirely different from the common
Rose. It is a red-stenimed, oblong leaf plant,
having a bitter taste. In addition tt remark
able peculiarity of the plant,nf bearing two
crops of flowers in one season, It also has ano
ther interesting and benntiful *petty.
Dr. Eaton says, that in the Months of Nos
vembor end December, he has seen hundred
ot thebe plants, sending out near their route,
broad, thin, curved icc-crystals, about an inch
in breadth: which melted during the day, and
were renewed in the morning. For a more
minute and authentical description of it, the
reader is referred to Toney and Gray's Butan.
ical works.
Its medical Histoi t y and Properties
Are far the most important, since upon these
depends Its valitcrto the community. -- Dr, Lou.
don says that in 1799, it was so valuable in
England, Ott it 'was cultivated from seeds.
Ever since 1806, Professor Ives of Yule Col
lege, has habitually used it with greafsuccess
n Scrofula and Chronic diseases, iind.through
hint its virtues were made knoW,h, until, as Dr.
Tyler says, " it is now in that section (New
Haven) a common article in domestic practice
for the cure of_Burctfula and Cutaneous die.
eases." . ,
Dr. Whitlow, a Sco'cb Dulaniat of notoriety,
while-travelling in America in 1814, learned
its use in Canada. Returning to England, he
employed it in medicating hie bathe, which
became greatly celebrated for the cure of simi
lar discaeoa.
Dr. J. H. Thompson. of the same place, pro
se:l.lllrd it in, bud eases of Scrofulous patients
' at Wills' Hospital. His success attracted the
ettention of senior physicians, Ile reports the
following remarkable cane awhile swelling of
"the 'hip, in February, 1814:—The lad was
seven years old, and had the disease three
yearp. The . Rine was dislocated both upward
end outward. There was a large opening in
the hip leading to the bone; into which I could
thrust my finger. I counted three ulcers. Ile
had ,been under several physicians, Wlio had
given him up, ordered a'decnction nf.Reck
Rage. In two days his night sweats ceased
I ordered a teaspoonful of Rock Rose three
tirriewa day. „Thirty : wine - days after 140 was
Wchh, of Madison, Cl.,' testifies fe the
value of Rork Rose, as evinced in tire Cure of
numerous eases of the &refold,' esFocially in
Manufactured by IV'm & Co., Now
Hoven, Ci.
o. Mr. Warren, though nminlst# of the Gos
pel, has for a period of 15 yesrs,"Elven. Won.
Lion tirthe subject of medical seioneO,tolual
ify binito adininhter to the sick, in'contieelion
with duties. . ' .
New London. April 2, 1853.
:rigenre An Cumberland County,—S. W. U 417.
erstick; S. Elliott-sod helm; soritsle;
Haverstick & Strohm ' Kingstown; wisher.
Mechanicsburg; Dither, Shiremtinstowd;
Eppley, & Cruet, ..Ceriur Spring; J., Bigham
litgriett's 'Thomas" Gressoo,
J. 11.. Nevrvitle ;. J. H. Wiley, Green
'Spring; Wherry & Eisenhower, Newburg ; W.
D. Shirmotoshurg Rust.el &• .Dice;
Dickinson; Alesontlet .& Pspertoull.
Dr. L. H Lenlicr, Churcht own.
Rock Rose
Lake's egetablo Coznppund,
• L ' h.l ) 6 . i ' 'OR' FITS !
Is perform, more wonderful cures than any
' other medallic yet known or befor e the lublu:.
The pircprieton has in Ills possession numerous
certificates, narratitik the.
• An i ons:shiny and .11firizeulous Cure.,
effected I, this medicine, and (liege's attention to
,the following only, 10 assuie those a 51 on
lorttinste to be afilieterl xith the territlo diseate
heretofore regarded incurable, that Lint;'s, pee.
From Mrs. Brooks; widow cif M n j . Jas.
late or Conneaut, O.
0 rme1363.
• Mr. 7.', LARE—SM: C Ple ienvr,
ase sen F b.d
noe 3, anntlier
bottle of Fit Mediehoe, as 1 ro not like to Le
without it on hand. It ben I cornmenesil gil hog
the medicine to firy son Edgar, he hood freLa_moe—
ta_limee-fds-petc-day. -- ffirtiai now mkt to the Me
dicine miim, love months, and loss fuoll.l think, but
• two fits in hint t Me, and (hose co ry light. Ilia
body and mind are coy mud' improved; and by
. the blessing of Coil, I )eel that die nu. (Heim, will
restore Isis body and mind to their vonted'action
ty. Ile is '26 Jeers old, mod has bail fits trier 12
years. which have been very frequent, sod ;cry
destructive to lim constitution and mind lion
dreils of dollars have been expended lire medicine
to "CURE FlTs,'!bot nothing loss ieliesed him un
til he used your inediLine.P Respectfully yours,
From Judson Landon, Could,. Stoperitotendu n t o
the A slotalotola County Infirimicy.
hlncosvoLLE, Feb. d, 18a3. -
Mr Z. LAJE— Sip: Please send a few more
bottles of yon i• ". Fit Medicine ; ' *oily mot toed
it, but think so fir to keep it on hand. Your me
dicine loss dote'lvoloilers• I game if to Miss Jane
Delano / she- I 1
Rebind fits for 26 years, brought i to
by having the measles when but four 3 est s old,
which enuld trot be brought out to doe surface. -
A ft e r taking the ineilicioe it Moe days, OHS 11An A
`PINE CROP OF'AtEnii.Es, and has haul oo fits since.
She hail fits or syMploms alusestMa ly._ She and
her father coucur with me in trafilic that we b e -
lime the medicine has or will work: perfecc cure.
I gave Elle medicine to Miss Jirme Hendee
son moil Aria Cathy, wino lotiVe had fits slinest
daily. for a inomber of years TlMie. fits fosse
' ceased, and Idielieve the medicine till have the
desired ehecti Much money Inosbeen ex petaled _
by the frienilsvd - ilie lobos, patients ft r•' doemoi ng ,
all to no purpose. The cure was left tor 3 our
medicine to perform; and I can cheerlully recom
mend it as a valuable discovery. If especifully:
Superintendent Ashtabula Co. Infortnscv.
Prepared limb sold at wholesale by Z. LAKE,
COnneatit, Ohio.
te, F WELLER, traveling agent.
Sold by S W flaverstick, Carlisle • E
Thomas, Mechanicsburg ; 1) W Gross, 'Harris
burg. net 5-13*
-I..X . rkir 25 cents, by means
of the POCKET JESC Li-
LA PIUS, or,
Every One
—The thirty-sixth r.itt -
lion, with one hundred eit
aravings, showing Private
Diseases and Mafforma-
Dons of -the Generatiie
System, in every shape
and form : to which is ad-
Diseases of Females, in
_..,inalest only (sec page 190),
being of the highest inTortance to married pup-
Ple or those contemplittilig marriage. By N% M.
YOUNG, M. 1)., Graduate of the Universiis'ef
Pennsylvania, filemlier of the Royal College of
Surgeons, London,and Honorary iNten.ber ot the
flbiladelphia- Me dices society. The serious
forms of Sect et Diseases, Seininal Weakness,
Diseases ot the Prostrate Gland, Impotency, soli
tary habits of youth, are liaitbfully described, and
all the realises given in plain language. The
chapter on selesalitise and Seminal Weakness is
worthy isf prrtieplar attention, nuiTsbould be read
by every one. Young men who have beescunfor
Innate in contracting disease, previous to placing
yourselves under the core of any'doctor, no mat
ter what his pretensions may be, get a copy of
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Sea Captains and Persons going to Ben, slioulti'
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rocket .lEseulupius, or Every one Dia own Phy
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cough, pain in, the side restless nights. venous
feelings, nod the whole train of D 3 speptic it ova
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other moment without consulting the .7Escula
dius. 'Have the rill:riled or those about to he
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sands of unfortunate creatures from the very
jaws of death. Ulm sods of a 111ILLION copies
of this celebrated work has been sold in this
country and Europe slime 'lB3B, a hen the first
edition was issued.
(0 .- An) person sending TWENTY-FIVE
cents enclosed in a letter, will receive one copy
of this bunk by mail; or five copies will be si it
for $l. Address I)i. WILLIAM YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce Street, _Philadelphia, — Post
Twenty years practice in the city of Philadel
phia certainly entitles Dr. Young to the emir,
dence of the afflicted, and he may be consulted
on any of t he diseases described in his (Mkt eta
dublientions, at his office 15'2 Spruce Sti
every day between 0 and 3 o'clock , (Sunday - ex.
cepted) and persons ut any distance can consult
Dr. Young by letter. r• et PAID.
Ho ! Ye upon whose sinking frames
Disease_ his hand has placed
Upon whose sunken, care worn checks
Cousumplion's two in traced;
Come, lively iMaff, from out thC fount,
Where health, loth overflow;
At Shriner's find this glorious gift--
Then say, will not you go ?
IVIly suffer 'nenth the rucking ;loin
'With w kWh you ure opin eased,
Why; yhy - complitin of Ivearinegi s
And aorenees of the breast?
When Surtinen's Syßur beide all pain,
And to thee henith will bring;
Will cause IG
T/Se. to dkappear
Like.anow drops in thu:epring;------
No tongue can speak the wretchedness,
No language can convey
The g •eat amount of suffering
Occasioned by delay:
A little cold or trifling cough
?d;iv lead one to the grave,
But Shriner's Syrup taken in - time,
Possesses power to save.
Yes, gis BALSAMIC SYnor rare
Contains :Inv mighty nowep :
And mothers speak in toles of piaise
And hli•ss It every hour, , -
For when then• little ones are racked
With Whooping dough severe, ;
They fly at once to - Shriners Fount,
And Enid a solace there,
It is a sovereign, speedy cure
.For Quinsy; want of breath e••
• For Asthma, and 'Throat Diseases,
'Which often en' in death; '
• When others tail; this, will effect
A permanent relief,
Win bring the sufferer back to health,
And Obeid old Death—the thief.
Jan. 25,.2w,
Better.testiniony than wart cirri. 'altered in Fa-
vor uf any,ether .Vermiftige - -•-
We, the subscribm'a, Medical Practioneri,
having been made acquainted with the composii
lino of Shriner's Indian Vermilitge," take '
pleasure in recommending it to the, publiCan
valuable remedy for the,expulsion of, Wdrina,
it being both cafe and ellheititil. t.
Samuel bwope, M.l),
'John Swope, - M I), 5 Carrot co„ Md. ,
J., J. IVeavrr,Al,U,
;Inn. E. IL Ligget. Middleburg.
Liberty;"Frederick co., Md —.—Thontas. Situ,
M. O. (l. It, (Iwings, M 1) Thos. Sappington,
M I) Shine, Sappington, 111 • -
Jaines,Ml'Geyer, M D VVoodsbnCo,
,G R Sappington, M D, Union% ille,.Mil
Wel A Mathias, M I), Westminster,' 'Ma
-11.11 I
to adc fin for SHE? IN RR 'S
VP; ItMlrucE, and take no other .
Prieto Y,5 Cents per Bottle '' •
. • Prepared by W E Shrlier, DiugesCand . clie. -
mist..Weatinincier; Muff
And soul by till 'storekeeper's. . : •
Jan 2.5, 4m. • •
SttiftMON for .thd Times, by the Rey.
,Alex..:J. McGill, 1), received nod fur
sale at , WII.I.IA!vIS'
104181 • • Family Grocery.