Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, January 25, 1854, Image 4

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A little child was playing - with its mother,
stud they. were talking about -Heaven. The
mother had been telling the child of "tho joys
and glories of thetappy world,, the beauty and
glory of the angels with their shining wings,
— the streets of gold, the gatos-of pearl,- the gol
den crowns and the harps, and the song of re
demption. There is no sickness there, no
pain, nor death, nor sorrow nor sighing, for
God shall wipe away all the tears from eve
eye, and there is no sin, which makes all the
trouble here, but perfect holincii. All will ho
holy, just as the Lord Jesus is holy, and all
'will be perfectly happy in him. All good chil
dred will bo there, and ho hinself has said "Siff_
for little children to come unto me, and forbid
theitnot for such is the kingdom of Heaven."
Oh wliat a happy world! There shall we see
God, and love him, and rejoice in him, and God
himself shall be with us, and bo our God.
"There shall we see his face,
And never, never sin,
And from the rivers of his grace
Drink endless pleasure in."
Oh what a happy world ! And how happy
shall We all be when we once get thoro I
"Oh, dear mother," said the liitlo child,
jumping up at the thought of snob a bright
happy phiclo, and such happy company, "Lot us
all go now, Let us start now ! I long to be
there. Let us go right away to night."
"Oh, but we cant
,get ready tonight; we
must waira little, and besides, God is not rea
dy for us to come yet, but when we must come
he wallet us know."
'•But why can't wo get ready now? Oh, I
should like to go now, right up to heaven.—
Dear mother, let us go to-morrow."
"But my dear child, we are not ready yet,
and we must wait God's time, and when he is
ready ho will send for us."
"Well dear mother, let us begin to pack up
now, at any rate."
We hope our readers, who have not already
"packed up" fdr their journey to heaien, will
soon be about it. Get a..l3ible—obey_its com
mandments, and you will be "plickeil up."
far The Chi Noodle Gazette is entitled to
the smile which the following will create:
'ls this. the place where they get bounty
warrants for old soldiers?' inquired Julick,
yesterday, as ho entered the office of one of our
attorneys, who has made himself useful in sc
ouring to that veteran class of our citizens
their rights.
'Yes, my friend, this is one of the places,'
replied Coke, with his blandest smile.
, 'Well, sir, can you do anything for this
'on responded Julick, tossing on the lawyer's
table n half smoked segar. I found the old
soldier on the side walk, and thought if any
body could help him you could.'
Luckily for Mr. Julick, ho was accustomed
to dogging boot-jacks.
XM,It is curi 'us thing sometimes to notice
the effect an word, and the different meanings
given to it by a "Simple - turn of the expres
sion," as Sydney Smith tsrms it. There is a
new anecdote of Charles Lamb, which exem
plifies this very pleasantly:
On a wet miserable, foggy; 'London" day,
in the autumn, he was accosted by a beggar
woronn, with
"Pray, sir bestow a little charity upon a
poor destitikte widow-woman, who is perishing
better days!"
"Sci have I" said Lamb, banding tbo poor
) creature a shilling; "so have I; it is a misera
ble day! Good-bye! good-bye!"
teligeneer quotes the following ancient predic
“Lordlings, all , of you I'll warn
If the day that Christ was born
Full upon a Sunday,
The d wiutor, Omit bo good, I say,
The great winds aloft shall,bo ;
The summer shall be fair and'dry,
By kind skill and without lose,
Through all lands there shall be peace ;
Good times for all things to be done,
But ho that stealeth shall bo found soon
What child that day born may be,
A great lord he shall live to be.”
AN INquiniNo MIND.—The following anee
dote which a friend related to us as nu
actual occureuco, smacks somewhat of tho sto
ries of children related by the Knickerbock et;
A stripling, some eight years of age, was
engaged in the manufacture of astool,
on account of a disparity in the length of the
logs, refused to stand up. After
efforts to make it do so,
'Mother,' inquired ho, 'does the Lord see
'Yes, my son.'
Well,' replied the young hopeful, 'then
I geese he'll laugh when he sees thisetool.'
fierA young lady having been engaged to
get married;-took occasion - to, change lier
mind, and besought the aid of a friend, say
ing, "do help me out of this knot." ,
"0 certainly," replied .her—friend, "that's
easily done, as it is only a beau-knot."
fteit.An old lady, who did not know wheth
er her plantation was in. Virginia or North
llittp,iina, found when the lino was run, that
nhciiltvas a resident of the fornier. "Well,"
said she, "I'm glad I don't live in North Car
olina. It was always a . sickly State!":
At the Store of N. W, WOODS.
Sdcond Arrival of Winter Dry.Gends.
THE subscriber respectfully informs hie
friends and numerous ensiomers. that lie has
returned from Philadelphia with a large nation ,
menvolifull - and -Winter Cuods, -- consichig of
Cloths, ClAb81111e1 . 1:tl, Veatings. Dluslins, tick
ings, checks, flannels, limey, cravats, haven.
dare, gloves, kc,
bombazines, meriamee, cubing cloths,
fig'd plain and changeable poplins, - ginghaine,
calicoes,,nlpacas, shawls, hosiery, &c.
Mon's and Boys —a very large assortment, al.
so Bonnets and Boys,
A largo ussortinons of Men's Womon's and
ifThildreirn [loots and Shoes, Jenny Lind and
Buskin Shone at very low prices.
4. Colored nntl White CA It PET CHAIN,
A'largo assortmenTof GROCERIES, suck i
u Sugar, enfroo, Molasses, Rice, Toss,
'All who visit our establioliment are free to
acknowledge that we are selling Foreign and
Domestic. &ry Goods, Boots, Shoes, &o, at as•
toniahingly low, prices! Our low prices have
already attracted a faro . ° number of people.
• The attention of all v who wish good maintains
hinolicited, as groat inducements can !Maimed
Don't forgot the old stand, Humorich's cor
-11-7-0-Nor.fh Hanover Street, / ,
prices. and . $ ' taken nt market
pec'llFl. 1853. ' "W 0 ODS.
. .
. Fish ,, Fish, 0 Fish!
A wholahu lot of No. 1 MACKEREL, in,
and quaqer Ws, also a lot of
Mau No. 3 Mackerel for sale cheap for cash 'at
the family grocery store of
Jima 22.1853. J. G. WILLIAMS,
" .. tors -,S1)opo
The Allen and ;Emit Perineborough Mutual
Fire Insurance Ctimpany.of Cumberland code . -
!ty„ incorporated' - by' an Act of Atisembly, is
now fully organized; and 'in dperation 'under
the mana'geindOt of the following commission
ers, viz:
Jacob Shelly, Wm, R. Gorges, Me hail
Cock Melehoir Brenneman, Christ, LdStay.
pan, Christiun,Titzel, heal H. Coov Lewis—
flyer. Henry Logan, Benjamin H. M,enr, Jni
cob Kirk, Samuel Prowell, Joseph Wicker
sham.. '
'The rates of insurance are as low and' favor
able as any Crunliany of the kind in the Slate
Persons wishing la become memheis aro in.
vi ted to m!ilie application to the agents oh .th.
company, who Are willing to wait upon thew
at any time.
BENJ. 11. MOSSER., President.
flerrnY Loci Arr, Vice President;
Lewis flyer, Secretary.
Michael Cocklin, t reasurer.
Cumberlgod County.-'_ftudolph Martin, N
CuMberland ; C. B. Darman. Kingstown , Den
ry Zeuring, Shiremanstown; , Charles Bell
3arlisle ; Dr. J. Ahl, Churchtown ; Samuel
Graham, West Pennsborought Janice I%leDow
el, Franliford ; !Mode Griffith, South Middle-
Jon; Satnuel Conner, Benjamin Ilaverstick,
Mechanicsburg; John Sherrick, Lisburn; Da
vid Coover, Simplierdstopii.
Tonle County.—Jolaii Bowman, Dilishorg
Peter Wolford, Franklin; John • Smith, Esq.,
Washington ; %V. S. Picking, Dover ; Daniel
Raffitnebefger, J W.Crali,Paradise.
Ilarriiburg.—Houser & Locliman.
Members of the company having pnlicies
admit to expire'' - con have them renewed by
malting miplication to any of the agents.
Nov. 2'4, I y.
FRENCH vironn.
WE have this dtM received teem New Ynnt
a very large assortment of Worked
Red Jacunet aid •.ziwiss,Edging, Inserting
Underslerves and Speneors, limbed Ifand
kelt hiers, lec., whien will be sold at the ',meat
prices. WEISE & CAM PBELL.
THE subscriber having returned from the
city would call the attention or his friends and
the public g nervily to the large 4111t1 well :+0 -
heeled assortment of Jlardware which 1 03 has
just received. consisting in part of
such .as nails„serws,—hinges, locksr huhsr.
glass, putty, panes,
.oila, &t. TOOI,S
edge teole; sans and planes of every deserip
nun, waft tile, rasps, hummers, anvils, iL'e
A general assort man 01,
to4ether with morocco. lining and. twain] ,
skills, shoe thread, wax, pegs, lasts, lames.
mounting, saddle! tees, I,&c.
COACH 'f(il)l.N G —canvass (plain, en
antelled, figured and embossed,) patent and en
(;vile lied leather, axles, sprinp, hubs, spoke
knees, shafts, &c, Sze.
Cabinet 'Makers will find a large assorment
of varnishes, mahogany and walnut VC Dee rh,
moulding. rosettes, hair cloth, curled hair, &c.
The stock Of - IRON IS large and well selee
ed, comprising all the kinds in general use, as
hammered and rolled-rite of all sizes, Bat, bar
and band iron,.round, square and oval iron,
horse shoe iron and nail rods, nith n large lot
of cast and spring steel, English End American
blister steel, &c.
Housekeepers .and those about commencing
will find it to Lhoir a ivnlitage to califand exam
ine our cutlery, britiania and plated Wore
pans, kettles, ceder hare, baskets, &c.
In addiaen to the above wChave received a
splendid nesertment-of• WALL PAPER., ma
king the stock complete, and at sm.h prices ns
cannot fail to give sittisti.ction. I , Ve i invite all
friends IS/ call, knowing it will he to their own
advantage. Remeinber the old stand,• East
High Sirect, Cardslc, P ,
Oct. Id , 1853. LIEN ay SAXTON.
Great altractione
will continuo to be swindled with the
greatest novelties up to the closo - of the season,
comprising in part .
1 .- .OI:YDIONAN 111.M3
of the choicest varieties, such as Fine Candy
• Toys, Jody Cakes, Bon Bons, Gum Cordial,
Lemon, Chocolate and Fruit Drops, Rose,
Vanilla and Burnt Almonds, French and ex
ploding Secrets. Also all the common vane•
ties, all of which will he sold wholesale awl
retail at low rates. We have jest received
of the latest importations such as Oranges,
Lemons. Raisins, Figs, Pruens. Citron, Cur
rants, soft and paper shelled Almonds, Fil
berts, Cocoa, Cream and 'Ground Nuts. In
connection with the above th a largest assort
ment of • .
of every kind from all part; 1 - Europe, man
ufuctured of wood, glass, ,hina, papier mache,
tin and India rubber, zinc, &c., such as Fine
Wax, kid and jointed Dolls, Sowing and Card
Baskets, Work and Fancy Boxes, Flower
Motto Cups, Tea Setts, Music Boxes,
For , Mutinies, Battlo Doors, Grace Hoops,
Masks, Drums, Guns, Trumpets, Dominoes,
lotto and other games, &c. Fancy, Soaps Emu
Hair Oils of every variety. In connection
with the above a large,stock of
such as-pulverized, crushed and brown Su
gars, of every grade, Coffee, Molasses, Starch,
Green and Black Teas, Spices, Butter, soda.
Sugar, Water and o.her Crackers, cheese, &e.
Ton subscriber returns his sincere thanks
to a generous public fur the . patronage hereto
fore bestowed on hint, and hopes, by a desire
to please, to merit a continuance of the same.
Carlisle, December 7. 1,853
EORGE KELLER respectfully announ.
_Aces' to his old Patrons and the tile gen.
, . orally .that ho has just Ric ived the
MEN'S FIATS, manufactured at
ono of the bost establishments in
Philadelphia, to which ho invites
special attention.
He has also constantly on hand a• large and
vaned assortment of his own maquineiure as
well as cit . } , muUo
suitable for. he season,comprialng every varl
et.' of Russia, Beaver, Moleskin and Silk Hats,
Welshed in the latest style, together with a full
assortment of Caps of every shape and des.
cription, and ut every price. He particularly
invites the public to call and examine his exten
sive assortment, which in style, material and
tiaish, cannot be sarpassed by any in market,
and which he is Ole to put at prices lower-than
ever, irS - Remember his old stand on North
Hanover street, between humor's and Senor's
spire. (June 1]
. • _
Corner - of Ilanover and Boucher Ids.,
undersigned has always on hand a largo
stock of superior Cabinet NVare, in all the
different styles, which he is prepared to sell at
Ihe lowest prices. invites attention' partic
ularly to the l'ateat Spring. Bottom Bedstead, a
most useful- article,-which entirely obviates all
objections. The bottorin can be hunched to old
Bedsteads.. They have given entire satis ac
tion to all who have them in use.
KruoniTss made to order attho shortest
Cnrliela 22, 1851.-71 y.
MANUFACTURED and for esje' by ELI
KILUPP, No 639; North Third street,
Ph Indelphin,ls warranted to render entire satis
faction, and is beyond doubt the beat and most
wholesome proparatioly Coffee over known.,:—
One package. nt .19.1 cents. WI% 'SAVE four
Minds of
inds of ordinary Co ff ee.. T y It and be con
vinced, A number of Esseqes of Coffee were
deposited at the-Franklin LiAtitute in 1852. nod
the .ludges decided KFtifirils to be TILE REST
in the exhibition.' Friends; it you wish lb enjoy
a good, cheep and healthy Cup of Coffee procure
Kropp's Fescue° , of Ceffee. It is for sale by
fleetly ill the principal Grocers and Druggists
throughout the United States. '
' . April , 2o, 1P5.3.
_ •
TlT ° P. j ii B nTe . r, S l i r g v i in'triTe n r a t Y nerl 'i yliar O ti:e n r' a aj n l e l n os t v al
next door to 'Front'is Hat Store. .He will at.
tend oromptly . to all thombove descriptions of
kaiptinr„ at reasonable pricoa. The variant
intla of graining attended to, such as , ipahog,
-- 16,.ortk;rwolnut,'&c.; in the improved styles.
1852—1 y. •
reooiving and for aoletA....,,rr°lB, now
IV, 0 QDWARD..Iit 'Sarth,„„j
' - Jativfelb:lllCollo. -
FQuivrini UAO fN gsHOP.
• .;I'ViOt:-ZrA4_,„,'• ,
FIVE anbscribe'r continueFto: mmnutacture - at
his Foundry in East High street; having
on hand a great variety of good patterns, and is
10 . 01/11r00 to furnisP: 'IRON AND IiRAL-S
CASTINGS,- Which will be executed toorder
(if not on hand,) at the shorteS• 'notice ' ' sueh as
Cranks and Mill 'Gearing, .Spur end Bevil
Wheels, Gudgeons for Suw ills,„&e.„ Plough
Castings. Cutters; Point Shears. Wagon and
,Conch Boxes, Spindles, Cre Wheels, Car
Chtiirs, &c. Steam Engines buililo -order and
repaired. All kinds of machinery in Paper
Mills. Grist Mille and Factories repaired at
' , bort notice. Mill Spindles dressed and turned.
\leo, Hortna Powers and Threshing Machines',
such as Bevel Gear Four !torso power ; .Ilor
izonial Gear Four Horse Power ; Horizontal
.Goar - Two Herne Power, Ploughs Corn Shol
hers and Corn Crushers. Threshing machines
and Horse powers repaired and Job Work iota.
at the shortest' notice. Paderns of" diffbrent
kinds on hand ant: made to orddr.
..11i3 also boson hand a large simply of Phila
delphia and .Troy Cooking Stoves, and is con
stamly making Cooking Stoves of various im
proved mwerns, tor cool or wood. Ten Plato
Stoves, Grates, &c.
Repairing done to all kinds of Machinery.—
All kinds of o'd Iron, Brass and Copper taken
in exchange for work.
WII ICH surpasses-in quantity quality and
prices any t hat has ever yet been opened
in Carlisle, Coneisting ot the males! variety
or all . kinos or Hardware, sm h as. Shoe Fin
dings, Saddlery. Conch Trimmings, Paints.
Oils, Varnish, Class, Nails, Files, Anvils,
Vines, Bellows, Springs, Axels, Bows, Eel Mes,
Veneers, Cedai ware, Farming Utensils, Bar
and Polled Iron, Steel, &e., with a thousand
morn to titles unmentionable.
Having purrlirsed largely of Heavy Goods
previous to the advance in prices,4 am enabled
to sell goods at old prireS. Petsbrisin want o
Hardwate are invited to call sod e:\ amine niy
goods and hear my prices„noti.ytm will be
tsfied where the Cheap Hardware is to be had.
":Irlyjstoelc of IVALL PAPER is nnap
proncheiViy any in the liorough.
Tliank al for the former liberal patronage, a
continuance of the same is solicited by
Waal Side of North Hanover Street,'
Fresh Drugs, ItiedieineF &c. &e
t have just received from Philadel
phia- and New York very extensive
additions ilYiny former stock, mitre
itare ping nearly every article of Medicine
now in use, tope, tee with Paints,
9ils, Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soups,
Stationery . , Fine Cutlery, Fishing 'Prickle,—
Bridles of almost every description, with . n
endelss variety of other articles, which I EMI do
(ermined to sell at the VERY Lower,. mires.
All Physicians, Country Illerchanis, Pedlars
and others, are respectfully requested not to pass
the OLD STA ND, ns they may rest, assured
that every article will lie sold of a good quality,
and upon reasonable terms.
May 30
Window Shades, Carpets and Oil
A T '223 North 2d Street; above Wood,
/IL Philadelphia, would most respectful
ly call the attention of his mends-nod the
public ih general, to his large end well se.
elected stork of Carpet', Oil Clothe, Illattings,
Window Shades, Door ..tllats, Stair Rods, Pi
(MO Covers, 'I able Covers. Cocoa Olattivs, IrOm
eE yards wido, for Public Houses, Counting
Houses. &c.
Also—to my branch Store, 113 e, Spring" Gar
den Street, above 9th.
First-Arrival of' Fall Dry Goods,
At the Nem and Clecap-Slore.
air eise .0" Camptiedd
wO U L 1) respectfully announce to their
friends and the puddle that they have
just received from, New York and Philadelphia
a large and handsome assortment of
consisting of the latest styles of Dress Goods,
„ , ,French plaids, cashmeres, mous'de
all wool, sinus de lieges, Persian cloth,
plaid, brocade and black silks, al
paces, and Mourning Goods.
1) 0 M E S 'l' I C S
Bleached and unbleached muslin, checks,
Ginghams, tickings, wht and cl'd Canton
Flannels, table linen,table cloths,N apkins
Damask _towels, wool flannels, &c., &c.
, •
cambric and swiss ruffling, edgine and insert•
Mg; lisle mechlin and Florentine laces, collars,
undersleeevcs: spencers, culls, &c.
Silk, cashini,re and Saxony hose, merino half
hose, white and black silk hose, black, white
and mixed cotton hose. ladies and gents silk,
kid, fleecy lined silk and cotton gloves
A large assortment of cloths, cnssimeres, sati
nets, Leniucky jeans, merino, Bath' and black
silk vesting% ,
A large ass.wtment of Indies and gentlomens
shoes, slippers and boot h , childrens shoes, from
the best.manufacturms.
Rio and Java Cayes, New Orient) , Cohn and
refined, sugars, Loverinti's, Syrup Molasses.
Cuba do., and Spices of all kinds,
Their goods have all been selected with grout
care from the host New York and Philadelphia
houses, and cannot fail to suit purchasers 'both
in quality and price. sepl4
Styles of Hats!!
1:••;••• •
GdiLA - ELLER — desire respectlVlly to in
Corm their customers end friends that they
are now supplied with a great variely of ,
for Fallk and Wi rater wear. In addition to
a beautiful, spring style of Silk Hats and their
extensive assortment of light nod coloured
Hats just received Prom the cities: Their as
sort tnentis largo and for beauty of stYle.exeel•
lone° of finish and lowness of price they can'
not be surpassed. A large assortment el Gays,
exclusively for summer wear, constantly on
hand. Also a carefully selected assortment of
We most respectfully invite the citizens of
Carlisle and vicinity to call and examine our
assortment at the old stand, opposite to the
Telouraph Office. tray ll
/TIRE subscriber continues to carry on the
above business, in all itsvartous branches,
in North Hanover street, Carlisle, two doors
North of . Leonard's -corner, whore he Miends
keeping on-hand ng.rnieral assortment in hipline
Cohsisting of all kinds, of lash
ionable SADDLES, 'Bridles
martingales, Gfitbs,Circingleti
and Halters, also
TRUNKS,' tray
sling and saddle
bags. He also
manufactures themost approved
Spanish Spring Saddles, ever
used in this cinintly, those
wishing a handsome, durableund pleasant sad
dle will do well to call and see them. "He also
Manufactures Harness ! Bridles, Collars' and
Whips in all their varieties,- and confidently be
lieves froth thu general approbation of his cue. ,
turners, that-Ile make, the neatest and best
gears,ln all their. variety of breadtli,,that is
muds in the country. lie Min makes all kinds
ni Nlatrasses to order, vie r Straw, Husk. Curl.
od Hair nail Spring filatrasses.. All the above
articles, will be made of the hest . material and
Workmanship, and with the utmost despatch.
„ Wlil. OSBORN,:
Extensive ,Furniture Aoems
-TAMES R.WEIAVEIft would •roSpoctfully
la call thonttention of Hausa Keepers and the
üblic tt:Otioextonsivo stock of ELEGANT.
. - -
URNlTURE.:inoldding Sofas, Wardrobes,
Centrmantlother,Triblim, Hressing and
'l3areatts and ovorY otlor article in his branch of
business. ,Also, now on hand the largest (le
icirirriont of CHAIRS in Carlisle,.at the lowest
prices. larCOrnita made at the shohest ; retie
and a Hearse provided fer,fuiterSW solic•
itsti calf at his establishment on North
nittire:ldied otit - by . th - 0 month or year, ,
• orlisle.lVlarch 18110.-0
Prepared by
No. 120 Arch Street; Philadelphia.
Their power over the 'above diseases is not
excelled, if equalled, by any other preparation
in the United• States, as the cures attest, in
many cases alter skilful physicians had foiled.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
invalids. Possessing great virtues in the rec
tification of diseases of the Liver afid„ lesser
glands, exercising the most searching powers
in weakness and ulli.ictions of the digestive or
gans, they are withal safe, certain and pleas
Testimony of the highest chdracter ! HON.
GEO, S'I'ROOP, Judge of the District Court in
Perry county, Pii., Nov. 18th, 1852 said: "your
•Hoolland's German Bitters' has been in use in
our place over a your past, end to the astonish
ment of many has performed wonders. We
may notice a few instances that have come
under owe nonce:—almost every
person who has stopped at the hotel of Wm.
Lackey, one year since, predicted amp his o.
mucinted countenance and debility, that he
could not - live much longer. He was unable,
to attend to his buiness, and for the greater
part of the time confined to tile room. We rec
ommended him to by the German Bitters; he
did; and to the sorprise of all his friends he is
now able to attend to his usual business end
perform nianuuLlabor. -_The _nose of Henry
Asper a stone mason, whom no one supposed
would ever recover from the debility of his
system, but was looked upon as fast approach
fog the grave, took eight or nine bottles of the
Titters_ during_theiast_winter,_and _this sum.
mar he has been Ito the surprise of all who
know hie case] following his trade. The case
of William Piltir.,7lv is no less astonishing.-+
no too was so far : reduced es to induce the
general belief thai - . the grave 'alone would be
Ids only remedy. Mr. Lackey recommended
him to try the lloofland's German Bitters; he
is now apparently a well man, and able to do
a hard day's work. We could mention many
other cases of a timilar eliaractcr.ifit - Were
necessary. I myself derived much benefit from
their use. "I Imve given considerable of it a..
way, not for your benefit alone, but to relieve
suffering humanity, and let mu assure you 1
am pleased to see the happy result. . To the
afflicted we say, try them fairly and 1 will
warrant relief."
Ithiin street. —arlisle
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
it.valids, possessing great power in the resto
ration of a healthy action of the liver and the
lesser glands, giVing tone - to - the stomach and
nervous system, and bringing the system gcn
evilly to a %Iligli_state o, health.
.Far sale by S. IV. Haversticic and S. Elliott;
Carlisle; Ira Day, 'Mechanicsburg; J. 11. Her
ron, Newvillc; J. 9". Altic, Shippensburg, and
by dealer's in tnedieimis every where.
South Hanover Street, Near the Court House.
.1) J. ICIEPFER - , druggist, would respect.
. folly inform int, eitizeni'df, Carlisle anti
vicinity that he bas , opened a new
His stoek is entire.. ‘"`•?w, and has been viekm
tod.with great caro-' As many'of Ito articles
in daily use by ph ,
~ i iciane and families deter'
orate , by age and e - liosuee, great cure will h 0
taken not to allow -cacti articles to accumulate
in such quantities.
Attention is especially 'invited to his stock of
Medicines, Esseinial
Wines, Extracts, Conlections, Chemicals,
ace. Together with the above ho has a lull
assortment of Paints, Varnishes, Rye—Stuffs,
Paint and Varnish Brushes, and
df every variety. He has also on hand armlets;
did assortment of
,Perfameries, Soaps, Extracts, Fancy, Hair,
Clothes and Flesh Brushes, Supporters,
Breast li,'xhaus'ers, Nipple Shields,
Toed' Washes and Pastes; also
of the best quality. SEGARS, from ate best
Havana and Spanish houses, of every flavor,
front ono cent upwards.
In order to ensure his customers against
mistakes during any toinporaray absence of
the proprietor, the services of an experienced
and competent assistant have been ser.ured; - .
which will be felt to be important, itt view of
the responsibilities which are known to devolve
upon the druggist.—
will be faithfully acid promptly attended to.—
Orders from Physicians and Merchants in the
country will be filled with care, and at prices
which must prove setislactory.
N officinal preparations mode "iit'
strict accordance with the directions or tii: L p U.
S. Pharmacopoeia.
A liberal share of public patronage is res
pectfully solicited. Terms Cash.
May 11. 1853.
Persons feeling themselves disposed to in
dulge in good shgars. are requested to cull nt
the Drug Store of B. J. KIEFFER, where
they may obtain an article which he hesitates
not to recommend as being the best in Carlisle.
Persons visiting Carlisle should not leave be.
fore.t tking a glance at B.J. Riefler's Drug and
Chemical Store, South Hanover street.
on hand a . variety of fancy articles, such as
hair, hat, clothes, flesh and tooth brushes, co
logne - bottleti, - fitrnituria — dUsters, port folios, note
..paper, worked and cord baskets, visiting cards
and cases, a fine variety of fanS. accordoons,
Sec. The ladies areimvited to call and oxatnine
superior matte. Call soon, as he isdeternutted
to sell bargains. B. J . . KIEFFER.
Tilly 20, 1853. S. Hanover st.
t. PRIME article of Sugar; Raisins at !Ai
cents per pound, Bunch do, a good article,
at 15 cents.
-Citrons. Mace, Spices, Brandies, Lemonsa
Oranges, Preserved Fruits, Dates,
Sugared and Dried Prunes, Figs,
'Tamarinds, Crackers, &c &c,
in connection , with all kipds of Confectiona
ries, all of which will bei 'disposed of on the
most accommodating terms.
June I, 11152 B. J. !CLEF FE R
Sava' and Maracaiha qaffccs, Green and
-- Roasted:do, •-Orleans-and- Clarafied.
Bran Buors.yulyerized, Crashed Onda
Rico, I'ai•ina and Corn Starch., Brotna,
Cocoa, C;woolitto, Vanilla Bea!),
Mneo, Citfon, with Stileee of ovetyitind,;:t:
Saertri, 'Mould, Adamantine Candles,' .
'.orlonna and' Sugar s
H..Syru 'Molasses,
' ILovering' fineat quality Syrup..
' D Y A fresh assortinont of all the above
ples, .'and . a . general supply' of other articles
usually kept' by us, all just opened and for sale
at our. now store rooms.
Jtm0 , 8.11353".. • '
rirlHE 'tindehigned having been the agent e,
the Keystone Idle Insiircieeo Company,
of Harrisburg. Pa., continues to act in,that ra
pacity, by authority of Said, Company. . Iftt
would respectfully inform the community,thet.
be will ettendto such persons as may Rignify
their desire to insure their lives, and thus give,
Some protection to their berenitcd'farniliis and:
friends, in case of death. Office in West PerM
frorStrobt, Carlisle. ' . •
May2s tf • , J, WORTHINGON,„
ECEI.V.Dp. this Ofyi'dirpet rpm Cineinna.
,ti, a full - supply, of ilitfollowing ealebra
led' bronchi: • " • ;1 ; •
I,oo'9li!rar Cured Davis & Co's 'Beef Harus.•
TOO. • thirdiier;p h ipp 41:, Co's llama,
100 " " „rn
Daell° Westphalia ' do: •
l'his loci bread'gained'ilie Prize Medal nt the
bondon World's Fair. ;'Also ri largriatibaly of
Country Ilams;*Babon,7 , slOuldefs stud Sides . all .
01whiell will be sold very low for cash.
.WILLT Ayf ..f
i .►~in~ nj , i °MI3
- -
• D'YSPg Pzi A; /AWN DICE,
DlSott.,DEltol) LIVI lt.. Oti..
Such as Oonelipotioni inward pden, fulness
of blood'tollio head, acidiiy ol the stomach,
.nanseu, lieurfliern,Taiiigust for food, fulness„or
.Weight in the stomach, sour modalions:sink
ing or .fltittering"utYthe; pit M the•Stonnich,
'swimming of ilie head, hurried 3111 i) dial putt
breathing, fluttering a t . the heart, chokfilg.
eufronstlng eensatittna when in a lying posture,
'diiinicim Of vision,' dots or nubs before the
sight, fever and dull pain in the head, defic
iency of persPiration, yellowness of the , skin
and eyes, auto in the side, back, chest, liinbs,
&e., sudden flushes of heat, burning in:the
fles, constant imaginings of evil, and gran
depression - of spirits,
Segars and Tobacco.
Loaf!o,Sott Crunird (pfosoryinv do.
pun - 'Aolueritscintniv.
-, Various Sires, to suit Families; hoarding
• houses and Iloicts.r.' _
OSE,in wunt'of a superior Cooking
'•paratas 'are - invited to call at mn %Vara -
liouse add ermine this liana°. Ivor'dutnbility
economy.and simplicity in operation it stands
;unrivaled: It hasa perfect het nir ventilation
—and meal:Stalked in this (Wail will rota in-heir
juice and flavor equal to that roasted core on
',titian .Meats and pastry cooked at the
'same time wit Mutt onemlfecting the other. It
will supply sallicient halted air to heat addi
tional rooms hir the coldest weather. It has
,no descending - or return flues, and is equally
well adapted to b.tumitious or common hard
coal. Tee steam valve aver the boiling part of
the Range carries o the steam mid ;cent of
ns well nalinat in slimmer.
Every Range sold wavratned to give satisfac
tion, or no expense id the purchaser,
nifetited Octoby,r, 1848,
For Public flails, Factorars. Railroad Cars,
Clananes, flues, Slaps, Steams; s,
Pure Air is a subject elaimine. the attention
of every individual. and all nuildiags should he
provided with the proper means of ventilation.
Also, a powerful
Warming and Ventilating Furnate,
For Mediu+ zs, Schou! 'Awes, Churches, Halls,
'Stores, Factories,
A large atsortment of (Pee, Ilan and Conk
inis, Stoves, Parlor Grinds, Registers, &e.—
Wholesale and Retail. )
4VOrth Sixth street, Phila.
ri-PeNnual aiten'tion given to warming an
cvntilming bulb public-and privatll
-Christmas Goods --A T W
Dealers will find it to their advantage to call.
German Goods—toys dolls drums, baskets,
Games—All the new games, building blocks,
boxes, tools, dominoes,
Very beautiful new style of embrohlJred and
other Fancy Baskets, Children's Baskets
French Goods—Paper weights of Gins, the
latest styles, viz—the Crystal Palace, &c. Al
abaster Goods—New Styles, a largo assortment..
Pearl Goods, Pin cushions, Yard measures,
and other notions. Together with French
Toys rind Fancy Articles, as exhibited in the
London tind New York World exhil.dtions. In
fact, our assortment it wou d imueSsiblet to
Importer and Manulecturor, 312 . Alurket Si,,
above Ninth, Philadelphia. [deel4lm
Deniers in
Lamps, La. .terns and Chandeliers,
N E Corner Fourth and Cherry, sts., PUN,
TEN - AVING enlarged and improved their store
Rand having the largest assortment of lamp.
a Philadelphia, they are now prepared to tur
nish Camphine, Pine Oil,
Ethereal Oil,
. Gast rind Lard Oil.—
Lamps. Lanterns of all patents, Funny Hotel
and 11011 Lamps, Chandeliros, Gwandoles and
Candelabras, and Brittanin Lampson the man
ufacturers lowest prices. Glass PIIIIIIEI by the
package, at a small advance over auction H
aas. Being largo MA N UF.V..:111 ERS of
Pine Oil, Burning Fluid, Ethereal Oil, Alco
hol and (tll6 only true) Phosgene Gas, they can
furnish these articles at such prices that Mer
chants will find it to their advantage to buy.—
Call botore going elsewhere, it you want bar
gains. Also the Safety Fluid Lamp for sale.
October 5,1853-1 y
Cheap Watches eV Jewelry
at the '. Philadelphia Watch
: ::7 7 ,.,.1 and Jewelry Stoic," Number
: 1 00 North Second Street, corner
~ Atkii
..; of Quarry, Phtladelphia.
'-.7.....- 1 4 4 . .4 - Gold L'ever Watches, lull
, 4 . •ndi) jewelled, IR carat eases, 520,00
- Gold Lepv,e, IS carat case; 824 00
Silver do jew e l s . 0 00
Silver Lever, full j welled, 12 00
Superior guarder° --- 7 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
Tine SilVer'Speetacles, 1 50
Geld Bracelets, 3.00
i.adiceo, Gold Pencils,
411ver 'Pea Spoons, set, 5 00
Gold P r ins with Pencil and Sailer Holder, 1 00
• Gold Purger Rings 373 cents to 08 ; Watch
Glanscs, plain, 120 cents t Patent, 181 ; Lunet,
35 ; other articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to he what they are sold for.
sept7ly Succrsooro to 0. Conrad.
On hand. soma Gerd and Silver Levers and
Lepinea,still lower than the above priees.
i 4&
Located No 127 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, I 11&
The ostensible object of this institution is to
place in the reach of individuals proper lacili
lies ler obtaining a thorough and prvetical
Mercantile Education. , Nothing indeed has
been omitted that is calculated to produce the
desired result.
The rooms °filly College are well fitted up,
conveniently arranged, and, situated in the
most desirable part of the City.. Connected
thereto is a Commercial Library, and this, in
connection with familiar Lectures on Commer
cial Law and Mercantile Science, is a matter.
of the highest importance to all who desire to
become Accountants of the first order, and oc
cupy stations of profit and responsibility. A
young man can here obtain a more cop eel
knowledge of general Misiness mutters in a
low weeks than can be Immured in as ninny
years in any one Counting Room.
The course of study embraces Double Entry
Book keeping, and its adaptation to viii ions
departments of Commerce rind Trade, Mexcau•
tile calculations taught according to the most
approved methods. Practical Pen einnship, com
bining rapidity of execution with beauty of
- construction. Lectures on Mercantile Law,
upon various important Mercantile subject's
beside many other points necessary for a book
keeper or business man to understand. The
time necessary for an industrious student td
complete the course varies horn 5 to 8 weeks.
There being , no vacation, applicants can enter
nt any time and attend both day and evening.
Examinations are held nt mated periods and
Diplomas awarded to those who g
For terms, &e. write told IlltYc_a_Circularibr—
warded by mai l.
March. 23. 1853. ly. ,
a „
)11itr t
ISucr.Esson TO A. FIOT,)
Xs. 161 Chestnut Swaint's Building, Phila.
WII'NENSIVE Music Publisher, and Deal
or in Musical Instrunsents of every de.
Exclusive agent fort so sale of Ballet, Davis
E./ Co's Patent Suspension Bridge ./Eoliairand
L. Gilbert'sßoudoir Planes, Melodeons, Mar.
Guithrs, Harps, Violins, Sheet Music,
Music Books, &c.
:,Residents of the country will ho supplied' by
Mail or otherwise with music they may wish,
as low as if purchased in person. Haying one
of the largest stocks in the United States, II
feel confident Of. satisfying all who maypevor
mo with a Gall or order.
Dealers in Musk supplied on'the most libers
terms., Pianos joint. Second-hand Pianos for
sale: .tnns 20 P31)3 ly)
A S'iore, 29, N. ,3(1 at., ,Phila.
MereCc° Al. , ‘nulaqturera, Cuiriere, Importers,
Commission an I General Leatper 13usiness,
Manufactory 15 Margaretta street. sep7ty
' To Builders & flouskeepers.
vosE who are Witting, or about cam.
mencing."lmuseitaoping 'will be sure .ta
Grid at all times all assortment to select from.
Looks of oil sorts and then. with brass,'
lit:mineral and white knobs, pith japanned or
plated furlniture. butt flinger:toast and wrought,,
window glues from SAO to f.lox2B:bolts,serows
&c. &a. You who are about-to ha married and
'going to housekeeping, we havo everything to
,plense. such as fancy . waiters and trays; ivory
handled- knives anti furlia; in setts or by•the
dozen, common knives mid forks, butter knives
with plated and l‘itny handles frying and brand
pane, smoothing- irons, tubs. churns, t.S.c,
' • . • HENRY SAXTON. •
, , I
4'4 (nod Meade Remedy for all Scrofulous Dis
eases, Im-ligation, 'Salt Rheum, Sick Head
ache, Cancer; ..Nursiny Sore Mouth;
and General Peldlify, and as a
. Purifier of the Blood - il is
The Rock Rose hu gained a reputation at
lionte and abroad. which no other medicine
has ever done in the same length of time.
Acimrding to the opinions of emindnt Physi
cians, the Rock Rose Pima is Unequalled in
,Curing Scrofula in Its Various Forms!
(Pastor of Ills 2d f)a ptist Chcrrh,Ncw London
Ct. ) relatila to' Eiiraet Rose.
To The American Public.
As my name has been tised in connection
with recommendations of Mr. Myere' leek
Rose Spop, in various advertisements by the
manufacturer, I beg leave to rake the follow
ing statement' with reffrence to my
ilet: with the remedy and tests to which -I trove
subjected it, and the reasons for having intro
duced it to the notice
.of private friends in the
community in which I reside, long before the
medicine was advertised. 1 n•uke this state
ment freely, because I trace, as a principle,
withheld my name from all ;intent medicines,
and sedulously uhstamed from recommending
them to the public, believing them frequently
the spawn rf quackery and hunthube, and as
tending to Increase, instead . et leseening human
- disease and suffering. Such, leer, is the
character of a large portion of the patent pans-
Coos of this medicine making age. "Their
name is le; - ;.ion," and trom their influence, so
froM the demoniacal spirits, we have reason
to pray for Ekes fe deliverance.
The First nst.—l find myself suffered oc
casionally with sudden attacks of Sickilead
eche, and Bilitous Diarrhea, and I had sought
a great variety of curative agents to but little
purpose; and suffering from this disease (diar
rhea) at this time, I determined to test the new,
Syrup first upon myself. The results were be
yond my expectations. It was a powerful
alterative, and the morbid action of the stem
was changed, arid the functions. of secretion
were restored to a healthy state. It gave tone
rind elasticity to any system, and corrected the
derangement of !he digestive organs; and gave
me that inestimable blessing—health. Thin
test was not determined in a week, n month;
but I took four or five bottles in perhaps-as
many months. Since that lime I hove suffer
ed but slightly from these derangements. My
- Sickileochichels eiltirely Cured.
Other Tests.—Finding this medicine so lin
t-id to myself, lat once gave it to several inva
lid triends. About this time, I was earnestly
solicited to give advice in reference to a child,
some eight years of age. This child was
severely afflicted with a Scrofula humor, of a
v,.ry severe type, the humor showing itself on
all parts of the surface, and then suddenly dis
appearing. The child was --very sick, and it
was thougitt doubtful Whether she would live,
The humor resembled black specks or mortified
flesh. ,In additien to some other remedies, a
gave the child this Syrup for about six weeks,
whop she had sufficient strength to go DIA to
school occasionally. The swelling of her limbs
ceased, and she was restored to health. The
family feel that they owe her life, with GAl's
hlbssing, to my remedies.
This test satisfied trio that the Rock ROSe
pnsscssed specific powers fur Scrofulous hu
morn. I then tested it in eases of Cutanetbis
Eruptions, in Measles, Chicken Pox, Curie)?,,
Sure Mouth, Erysipelas,Salt Rheum, Pilch, Niel,
In all these Cadell with perfect success. Allot
testing this Syrup for- more than a year, I
wrote Mr. Myers (October 7th, 1850) entbusi•
astically, not expecting my letter would be
finhlisned, that his Syrup was n " Pankorite,"
all.laWing, and I gave him the result of its
operations in several instances. 1 stated in
that letter that it was invaluable as a remedy
in Cutaneous Eruptions, Erysipelas, Salt
Rheum, and ether disorders, included in the
varied family of diseases known as Scrofula,
&e.: that in Dyspepsia it acted with wonder
ful efficacy." My opinion of its value for the
above named diseases, remain unchanged, end
the same as vi her I wrote Mr Myers in Oct.
1850. Ido not recommend it for all the ills
of our suffering humanity ; but I unhesitating
ly say, that as a remedy fin Scrofulous affec
tions I believe it superior to any Itnown'eitru
live agent.
It has been sufficiently tested by domestic
practice to establish its othiption to extensive
usefulness in mitigating human suffering and
renim ing diseases
But What is the Pock Rose ?
The following history of the reek Rose
plant and its medicinal properties, we take
from the New Raven Palladium, March 1852,
The increased interest manifested in the
Reek Rose plant, in consequence of the many
wonderful cures ef f ected by Myers' Compound
Extract of Rock Rose,' calls for a brief history
of it, in order to correct any errotio , ent opin
ion that may have been entertained' , encern
ing it; and also to set in a true light the na
ture of a plant which promises to by univcr,
sally beneficial.
"I'Va ere indebted In the United States Pie
pensetory of 1847, for the following descrip
tion of rt
It is entirely different triim the cominnn
Rose. It is a red•stemmed, oblong feat plant,
having a bitter taste. In addition to remark
able peculiarity of the plant, of bearing two
crops of flowers in one season, it also has OHO.
ther interesting and beautiful properly.
Eaton says, that in the months of Nos
vember and December, he has Seen hundred
ot these plants, sending nut near their roots,
broad, thin, cuivoel Jee-crystals, about an inch
in breadth: which melted during the day, and
were renewed in the morning. For a more'
minute and win:Mica! description nf it, the
reader is referred to Toney and (;ray's Botan
ical works.
Its -DiediEat-Hi story-and - Properties -
Aro fur the most important, since upon thus',
dependsits.value to the community. Dr, Lou.
don says that in 1790, It was so- valuable in
England, that it was cultivated (torn seeds.
Ever since 1806, Professor Ives of Yule Col
lege, has habitually used it with great success
n Scrofula and Chronic diseases, nod throne!)
biro its virtues were made Immtin, until, 1111 Dr.
Tyler says, " it is now in this section (New
Haven) a common article in domestic practice
for the curd of Scrofula, and Cutaneous Ms..
• Dr. Whitlow, a Scotch Botanist of notoriety,
while travolling In America in .11314; - learned
its uno in Canada.. Returning to England, ho
employed it in medicating his baths, which
became greatly celebrated for the curd of simi
lar diseases.
Dr. J. H. Thompson, of the same place,'pre
scribed it in bud eases of Scrofulous patients
et Wills' HoSpital: His success ottrseted the
ottorition of senior physicians, Htl reports the
- following - romnykshlesase..ofwlilte-swelling of
•the hip,TriFebruaryi 1814 The lad was
seven years old, end Juid three
,years. The hone was dislocated both upWard
end outward. There was a liage,operiing in
the hip loading to the lhone: into which I could
thrust my finger. I counted three ulcers. He
lied been under sellersl physicians, who had
given him up, I ordered'a decoction of Reck
-Rose. In two days, his - night sweets ceased.
I then ordered a teaspoonful of Rock Rose three
times 'day. Thirtraine days after lie was
entirely. well.
Dr: Webb, of .lifadison, Gt.',,testifies to the
value of Iteek.Rose, as evinced- in the cure of
numerous cases ef. the Serofula4espocially in.
children. 4
Mantifncturod by Win 'Franh & Co.; New
Haven; Ct.
11r. Warron, 004 , 1) if minister. of the GOR.
pel:lias for a period of 15 yearti, gi‘Mn nttom
lion to tlio subject of medical science, to miol-
Ify him to, administer to the. eidk, in omitjaction
with his pouto!al4l!)tjee.. r
Neio London. April - 2,1853. • •
Agents•sn Cumberland County...—S. W. Hay-.
ermicit, 'S. Ellt,ut. Dud W.;.A.Aclsu; : arlisle;
linvorstick 8z Strolitii,
KiUgslown; J. Swisher,
Mechanicsburg; M. 13itimr; Shiremanstown;
Epprey & Ernst., POO' I . )iing - ;,—J.
Sterrett's Gap; Thomas Girenbrin, PluinOolti
'Heron,' Nowvl4;,•'.l. 11. Wilick,:Ore.oll
i S y ; II r ti,. &
.Eyitp I 10v r wburg W.
p...4.16)4 siqopti r our - k ; up. 4.1 ' D i c e ;
,t • Mu)len.yonrrlown.
Lake's Vegetable
FOR 7110 CURE Op
EPIttEPsY on Prrs:
Is performing mbra wooderfai ewes' that any
War inedunne'kci Irnawn or Wore , the }Odic.
The priiprktor hos 111 Ills 1/09:C11601111UIller9U3
1 1 / 1 1 . 11itiirg the .
Adonis4ng and Miraculous Cures!
eireetedby this medicine, find di, ents nurniinn to
the ictsissuiv those tilos 111 e so iiti-
Wl:it:sate to be 011h:tell stills the Merit 11 disease
heretofore regarded iticitrable, that LA E'F. pre
From Mrs. Brorks, oidoC..f Maj. Jae. ISt ook - it,
late of Conneubt,
CONNEAUT, Feb. 3,1853.
Mr. Z. CARE—Ski Please Feed lee imoilivr
battle of Fit Aledicine, as .1 do not like in ke
without it On ben 1 cutuntencsd gh lug
the medicine to my son Ell; ,he had Il viii one
to ihreellin per day. lie has now litho, the me
dicine over live months, and has hod. I
think, but
two tits in that t me, and those Ot ry light.
hotly and mind 111., lOU ninth improved; rind by
the ulessingud Gird, I reel that the medicine will
restore his body mid mind 10 their :touted activi
ty.: Ile is '2/1 3 earn old, and has had fits over 12'
years, w hich have been very frequent, and tecy , ,
destruciiic to his constitution and mind Iltin- 1
dreds of dollars have heel, expended for medicine
tti "CURE rrrs,”int malt . .gluts ;dieted IMO.UII
- lie used 3 our medicine. Itesprolullv terms,
From Judson I melon, efitint o
the Ashtabula Como.)
1< 114 0811t.m., Pcb. 18)3.
Mr Z. (UM' 11a0l,
bottles of 3 - 0111: Flt Alt:divine f'l may Ire(
it, hilt Ibi ilk S:11 . 0r to keep it no hand. V Our me
ilieine hat 011,1e1.S• I gate it to Al his lane
Delano-s she has Lod tits for 211 t eat s, I/1111.011 It
hi having the measles when hid 10111 . teals old,
which could not be brought out to the surl;iee ,_
A Ilex taking the medicine a tew flat s, silo un u n
rill: own : e 1 3100.1.1:t, 111.11 illiS Innl lilt ',lite,
;he Ind lilt or op mptions altomit daily. SLt and
her robe, eat cur Willi ill sill ing that Nre lie -
Here the meth •iite lots or s, v,rk fa l rteet cure.
I also gave the medicine to Miss Jane 11 , :niter -
son 111.1 Avis (',illy, who hare lad fits almost
tinily, for a knottier 01 years Their fits haive
reksed, and I liclic%e ilw medicine m ill have the
blued ehect. 111.111 Cy hat beet, expended
In the friends of thealio, Intik:ids for dm:tot:ll , g,
all to 114/ purpose. ' lite cure wins left for tour
medicine to perform, and I viol cheerfully roeum
mend .it as a uttutilde diseoies y. Respectfully
t 4 uperintentlunt Ashtabula Co. Ittlit•nlact..
Prepa-ed awl sold at wholes:llc b 3 Z. LAKE,
Conneaut, Ohio.
E \V' ELLER, traveling agent.
Sold by S \V Ile \ erstick, Carlisle ' • E II
Thomas, Mechanicsburg, ; .1)W Gross , 1 I arils
burg • Oct 5-1,1 •
1-100 TOR YOUR
. 4, --- SELF—PIIIVA Tr,-
, t . 1 LY, for '25 ceril. by menus
7 4 ,
.2 .1, of the POCK l'i'l . ' A.:,` 4 ( l'-
i p`j • ,O, LAPIUS, in: s i:veil Use
ift,, -.. „ t . IT, Ills U\\ N ' I'IIYSIAN !
I, pi if .., '4 l , . A —The thirt) ...sixth Lili.
r ! 4 i flout, Nu MI one }Manila! ele
li", ,11, 4!• 44 mat illgS, shun iIIK I ' lltlife
f ' f,\ . ' lf,lll .
...i . I)isenses nod I1lollornitt
.0...:4;• yr, .
: 4
f' lions of the (eneroti, e
-fr S)stern, in ever, shape
..,..,,, ..f.....^ nod !neat : to uldeli is ad
ded a . 1 . 1 , 2}1115e all the DISCaSeS of rellialt S, )11-
Mallen lor the use 01 leimiles only (see page P.M,
being of the Itigliei-t iroportrotee to married peo
file, or those contemplating marriage. fly 11 AI.
YOUNC, Al. D., Gratitude °fate University ef
Penns)lvania, :goober of the Royal College or
Surgeons, Lontionoutilllonornry Mstober 01 the
Illtilndelphit, Ale diets BOCIAny. The various
forms ot Secret Diseases, SeMinal Weakness,
Diseases of the Prostrate Gland, Impotency, soli
tary habits of youth, are faithfully described, and
all the recipes given in plain language. The
chapter on selfsalotsc and Seminal Weakness is
wort by of iirrticular attention, end should be - resd
ei cry ono. Young. men who have been unfor
tunate in contracting disease, Ares ions to rlacing
yourselves under the care of any doctor, DO mat
ter what his pretensions may be, get a copy of
of this truly valuable %nark.
Sea Captains and persons going to sea, should
possess I).. Yomues Trcatiie on liitsrriage, the
Pocket iTisculapius, or Every one ills own Phy
Kr Let no father be ashamed to present 'n
copy of the AF.seulapi`us to Ills el ild. It may
save him Irons an early grave. Let no young
11 , 91 , or woman enter into the sect et olineatinus
of married life, witbout readoic the pocket ,This
culapins. Let no one suffering hoot a liackilid
cough, pain in the stile, resift as nights. tiers ous
feelings, and the Si 1101 i, tr:IPO 01 Its Speptie sensa
tions, gives up by their plissition, be an.
other , mommit without consulting the Aisenlas
dins. Ilas el he merrieil or :hosc about to be
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arrii d ..ny impediment lead this !rely use ful
Hook, as it has been the mums Of Easing thou
sands of unfortunate creatures from the stry
j,, ter , of death. Upwards of a 'MILLION copuss
of - this celebrated work has been sold in this
count' p And Europe since 1838, when the first
edition was issued.
co - Any person sending TIVENTY-FIVR
cents enclosed in a letter. will receive nap rimy
of this hook by mail ; or fists copies will be sent
Mr St. Address Dr. N 1 ILLIAM YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, — Post
Twenty years practice in the city of Philudot
phio cectoinly entitle, Dr. Voting to the coal
mice of the afflicted, Mud he may be emipheil
on any of I he diseases described in his dillu eat
thiblications, at his office 152 Sproce Street,
every day,licus eon 9 and 3 o'clock, (SUlldn' ex.
rented) and pet sons at any distance can coosult
Dr. Young by letter, POST PA
Beecher's Matchless Cordial.
mills medicine tins never !intim n to fail in
curing Cholera illorbus, in Irem 10 to 13
minutes; Choletn Inintituni, nr rummer t ent.
plaints of children, Dybenti ry,
in from ll' to 24 hems. It is cc, tam two vale
under all cil`cunistanns, haying been fairly
tented in upu arils ior four hundred nave,. si Jib
aut. a shigle_ladure. Let every lamily provide
itself with at least one bottle of ibis invaluable
remedy. Try it, and it Will recommend wilt.
I,t is prepared upon purely scientific principles,
and cannot ho justly tel in 7 varl, triMethe,
unless science lie qunclterv. For sale by
B. 3. I EFPER, Druggist,
South Hanover Street,
---. A. -- fOw'tinoralotllll of the Gouri Dribse,
Juno 32, 1833,
RoarnT B. SIMILLE3r,
North !Mauve,' Street, and next door to Glass's
THE undersigned would respectfully inform
the citizens of Carlisle and the public tilt t
ally, that he now has on hard a large, and ele
gant assortment of FURNITURE, convisting
in part of Wardrobes, Card and othe,r Tables,
Sofas, Bureaus, itedstenils, fancy
Sowing Stands, &c. manufactured of the, best
material and quality warranted. . _
Also a general ossortment of CHAIRS o t
the lowest prices. reniii(2ll Blinds made to
order, and repairing promptly attended to.
'node at the shortest notice, and
Inwing'a splendid henna lie will nut nti funer
als in tows or country.
Remembei the stanti— next door to H.
Glass' Ilote I. nov24 li. 13. SMILEY.
Freshet Spring Supply!
r 'HA V I just received a fresh stuck of Med
icines, Paints, Glass, Oil, &e.,' which
having been purchased with groat care at the
hest city houses, I can confidently, recommend
to. Famlics, Physicians, Country Alerchanie
and Dealers, as being fresh and pare. , . _ •
• . • D 1 UGS.
Patent Medicines, Iferbeand Extracts, '
' Film hami anis, i
Spices.ground and whole
• Instruments,' Essey4es,
Ptir'e Essen". Gila Perfumery, &o.
'Cod Liner Oa—Warranted Genuine.
Indtgoes',. Log and Cam Woods, ,
• Mad d ers, I 'Oil Vitriol
Sumac Copperas, • •
' Alum, • I Lac'Dye•
P A-IN 'PS. 'C't
' Writheiill 4 Brother's .Piire , Lend, Chrome
Green and Yellow% Paint rind Varnish Brushes,
Jersey Window Glass, Linseed . Oil, Turpen- .'
tine, Copal and conch Varnish, and Red Leath
All Of which will be sold' at the very lowest
In a rlt et price, Alop,a 'liven and - splendid as
iortipeitt. or .
Confectionary, and. innumerable other articles
colealitied for yea and ornament, ell of vilich
are Offered at the lowest cash prices, at the
cheap Dreg Both and. ancy Store• of the sub, • '''
shriber on North Hanover street..
i• • . • , S.. W. HAVERSTICK.
May 28 1651. • . , .
Bonnet Peethers.
subenriber has just opened. nn,inVni. , s
'ell Ostrich and nthor.tlonnot 14entliers-'ntl'e,
hzttf tho ustiat v4ino. Also n ve-y Olen)) Too