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On tho 10th inut, by the Evnns,-Mr.
both of Mifflin township'Cumberlalid county.
On the pimp ilny by the. snme,, Mr 1 Ronewr
Wimartm HENRY _to MlAs_ MARTHA BlLZE v ilOth
of Mifflin township Cumberland county.
'the afternoon of the 16th Inst.,' J.
daughter of John nud Miry Phillips, nod wife
of SninUel df this borough.
On the 24th inst., after a lingering illness,
Mrs. CATII +JUNE LINE, wife of Win Line, Esti,
of Whitehall Nursery 'near C triode. She bore
her long illness with christian fortitude and
resignntiou and died iu the hope of a blessed
Tribute of Respect
EDUCATIQN lIALL, - Jan. 20, 1854
At a meeting of the Board of School Dirco
tore held this dny, the 'President "COMMllllial,
ted the depth of Col:01:mm SPFEeLY, late a
member of the Board, who died last evening,
and it was unanimously
Resolved, That this Board deplore the loss
they have sustait pd in he death of 001. Gino.
M'FEELY. late them low member, and Sin
cerely sympathize wit IV family under their
hlreavement. They (19s . tre to express their
sense of the services he has rendered to the
public, by . his untiring zeal for twelve years,
as, ilAirootor of the Public Schools of. Car-
Ind°, and the.gratitude due•to his memory, for
so long a devotion to the cause of Education
in this Borough.
Resolved, That we will attend his funeral,
as a Board, to-morrow at two o'clock, and that
the four highest schools with all the teachers,
be invited to do likewise.
Tribute of Respect
Ate meeting of the students of the Gram.'
mar school of Dickinson College, on Tuesday,
19th inst., the depth of Mrs. llniman, consort
of Samuel D. Hillman, Principal of the Gram
mar school, was announced,and the following
preamble and resolutions were unanimously
IVunanas t It has pleased an All-wise Prov:
ideuoo to remove from time to eternity the
wife of our highly esteemed Principal, There
fore, -
Resolved, That with • feelings of the, most
profound sorfow, we reocivn the announce
ment of this solemn event.
Resolved, That we tender Mr. Inm.mati and
relatives our heart-felt sympathies in their
present. afflicting berea l / 4 mment.
Resolved, That a copy . of these resolutions
be handed to Mr. ❑ttt.MAN, and be published
in the papers of this town.
Nctu 2burrtl.9,inents
ivixLi. Fon lIENT
TIIE undersigned ell'erdltis Alerchnnt Al ill,
at the Carlisle Irun Works, fur rent front the
Ist of April next
Jan 25'54]
Great Rush for Bargains
AT the s'le'w and Cheap - Store of IVEISE,' &
CANIPBELL. We are , to lling off a large as
sortment'of Cashmeres and Mous do Lams at
greatlyligid - Ceed prices. Call add see! •
San 25. 1854.
sexklAY Enalr,En
C•ine to the premises of the sub
scriber, on the Ilarrisburg pike,
, about two miles east ul Carlisle.
on or about the 14th lost, TW 0
"'"'• '
ifEIFERS—one of them a dark
brown color, ' , kith a white stripe down the back
The other is of a yellowish colour. with a speck
of white on the head Any person proving
property and paying charges can take thorn a
lan 253
Estatp of Joseph Runsha w, dee'd.
TinTICE_Is hereby given that letters Orhd•
ministration on the estate of Joseph Run
shaw, late of D ckinson township,•Cumbei land
county," deceased, have (been granted by the
Register of said county to tha subscriber, resi
ding in the same township-, All persons know
ing therm.elves indebted to said estrit+M.R - re , -
qm.sted to make immediate payment, and those
buying cltfime to present them tota •
Adm X.
Jan 25
Estate of William Waidloy, dec'd.
ItjuncE is hereby given that letters testae
mentary on the estate of Wm. Waldley,
late of East Pennsboro township, Cumberland
county. deceased, have been granted by the
Register of said county to. the subscriber. resi
ding in Allen township. All persons•indebted
to said estate are required to make immediate
payment, and those having claims to present
them for settlement to
Exec r.
Jan 25 pd
JO otice to Starveyors.
THE undersigned Conitnissioners of Cumber ,
land county hereby give nonce to the several
Surveyors residing within said county, that they.
have, In conformity to the pet of Assembiy,
passed 26th of April, 1850, erected a Meridian
line on the property owned by the county,.
knywn is the Poor House property, and the
measure for - the two or foul pole chain is mark
ed and laid down at the Court House in the
borciugh of Carlisle and by said not it is made
the duty of every land surveyor in said county,
in the month or April in each year, to adjust
and verify his compass by said linos, and asuer
tain'the variation - cif its tiondle - frotn the true
meridian, and his chain by one of the said
measures cif the said standard, two or tour pole
eliains, and, on having adjusted. his. chain and -
compass as aforesaid, shall enter the variations
in a'tib - olt kept for that purpose,in the Commis
sioners 011ie° of said county, us by said net
directed; Herein fail not under the penalty of
said act provided,
JMIN 110138, •
ternrt're. Office, Jan. Q 5, '54-3t.
Dollard, Premium .Artiste in Hair.
Inventor of the Celebrated Gossamer Vent(idling
and Elastic Band Toupaccs.
instructions Meltable Ladies mid Gentlemen
to measave their heads with accuracy ,
Tor Wigs, inches' Toupees & scalps, inches
No 1 The round of I No 1 From forehead to
the head bask as Mr as bald
a From forehead " • 2 Over forehead as tar
over the head to as regnired
the neck 3 Over tile crown of the
'3l From ear to ear I head
over the top
4 From ear to ear - .
round the forehead
It . DOLLARD has 'always read y for sale n
splendid stock of G'ents! W tgs, Ladles'
Wigs,.. half Wige, lortiets, Braids, &o,
beantifully:mmulactur etl, and as cheap, as any
establishment in the , Union ,
Dullards Ilerbanitim eiciritct or Lustrous' Hair'
Tonic, prepared l'roni . South 'American Herbs
and Ito to, the most Successful antkle ever pro
duced' for 'preserving, the' ham froin falling otit
or changing color, restoring and
,preser wing It ib
a healthy and luxuriant state Among other Ken
sons why Dollard's hair cutting
its immense, popubtrity? is the tact that his To tic
is appied to every head of heir cut at este,'
lisliment, consequently it is kppt in better pKes
ervatien than under any known application it
being thus practically tested by thousands, offers'
the greatest guarantee of ita efficacy. • ,
Sold wholesale and retail tit his Old• FAA - Milt
nient 177 Ctiestnut street oppojte,,Alie State
llouse, Philadelphia ,
It Dollard 11(10 at least discovered the, tie This
ultra of HAIR DYE and annbooces it Tor, stile.
with pericut canfidencd In its at&ptisintig: every
thing of the kind now, In use colors
. fite UM•
pithier black or brown, kis may be desired), anti
is itswl without injury to the hair or skin - either
by stain or otherwtscomn hu Washed• off Ili ten
minutes after implicatloni;• without , detracting
from its efllcaey ersens' viailing the pity are,
invited to give 1414 othl ,;. ,;„ .E .
Letter's addraesed it DOLLARD. , 17r,
Chestnut street', Philadelphia, will reeeive fatten./
thin, r ' ' 'Ja
4tteliMin, Lilnelmirners
,! •
l Atr..2 0 12.1 4:1 ' Q et.
" "
Buy your COAL of
E. 11101)LB
n INT f,v 2'ln nnr Inn for C.'014
• , . ,
I 0 BT, on Monday the 16th inst. on the
A public road between enrliale and the Cave
Al ills, a_pair_ el Glißl.l 8 cTel , ‘CLES, in a
green morocco case. The finder will be suita
bly rewarded by leaving them at this office.
"persons indebted to the edhscrilier nre
. d ro tt to eottl' without delay, so that he
Ho w do likewise to his creditors. Attention'to
tile notice is earnestly solicited.
Jan - 18.1' 0, W .HITNER.
WANTED immediately. n tiOY from 15 to
17 years of age,ns a clerk in a Family Grocery.
One from the country who con epeak Gornto')
t Jan 18
SFIRIVION for the Times, by the Rev.
Alex. J. McGill, 11, P.. received .and for
sale at •
Jan 18]
THE ROOM on Centre Square, (3ectem'e
Row) now occupied by Major Lir:o for the man.
ufacture of Chaim, Cnbinet Were, &c.
Also two OFFICES in the same row. They
arc in the moat public part of the borough; and
the best locatim for besiness. Possession given
on the Ist of April,. 1854.
Phil. Surgeons' Pandage institute
REMOVED to 4 ,
No. 4 Ninth street
sixth store - atilive Market. B C.
FIVER ETTT'S Fluent Grnduating
Pressure TRUSS, for the cure of Rupture;
Sholder Braces, Supporters, Elastic Stockings,
Suspbosary, Hemorrhoidal, and Bandages for
dethrmnies. Jan. 11-19 r.
.17Iardware, Hardware.
THE subscriber wishes to draw" the atten
tion of the public to their own interests,
winch they may consult to good advarituge by
examining• the elegant and complete assort
ment of Hardware of every description, which
he is now receiviug at his uld ,stand on North
Hanover street.
We have a largo supply of springs, hubs,
bands, laces, curtains, und floor oil cloths and
drab cloths, of different qualities, in fact every
thing in your line.
We'otTer complete setts of veneers,hnobs and
mouldings of walnut and mahogany, to sui
both the taste and the purse.
e splendid assortment of tools in your line
as also a complete stuck of building materials,
such as locks, hinges, screws, latches, glass,
paints, oils, varnishes, turpentine, &c: and va
rious carpenters tools cheaper , han ever, as
has been acknowledged by a carpenter who
has seen them.
cannot go wrongla giving us a call for a sup—
ply of hammered, railed, slit and • other iron
generally used, as also cast, shear American
and English blister steel, &c. &c.
will also consult their interests by -looking at
our clasp shovels, forks, trate chains, hornet.,
and every other article from a .cradle to a
plough,to suit them in price and quality.
arc also invited to examine the quantity find
quality now on hand of cedar ware, tubs,
churns, buckets, oils, such as fish, sperm and
flaxseed oils, which will he sold at the lowest
cash prices._ I would also call attention to my
splendid assortment of WALL PAPERS,
presenting a numberless variety of Patterns at
prices I rum 6 cts. upwards. Remember there
is no mistake hero, as all articles will be sold
at the lowest cash prices at the old and well
known stand en North Hanover street. East
sicc, betweee McGlaughlin's Hotel and Roll
er's Hat Store. JACOB SEA ER:
march 16
Prepare for Winter!
subscriber at his old stand' on North
g Hanover Street, Carlisle, ilia - sign of the
"Mammoth Red one l'ot," desires to call
Iho attention of the tmblie to his large assort
ment of .i'l' 0 V E: 8, of,the newest pod most
fashionable styles, trout the best manlitacturins
in the country, and at all prices from to $l5
Among his
are the,Mirror Stove, the Arctic,,Revere, Star,
Persian, Union and iEtna Air Tight, together
with other pattern which he has of all sizes for
Perlin sor Chambers, and calculate for burn
ing either wood or coal. Also the Etna, Globe,
Astor, Albany, Flat-top and Bandbox or Poor
Man's, with other
comprising the latest improvements in kitchen
stoves, anti intended for either wood or coal.—
Also the Dining Room Cooking Stove—u new
and elegant article, to, which he invites theqir
tienbir attention of families. His cooking stoves
range in price from $lO to '25, with all the fix
tures complete. Also Nino Plate Stoves of
various patterns . a inn all prices. Also
for Cooking Stoves, Rrass Kettles, &c. Also,
avery article in the lino of Tin sad Copper
Ware. The public ao r ectlully invited to
call as lie is confident with his large stock, ye. ,
rlety and cheapness, el being able to give entire
satisfaction to every purchaser. Call and see.
Octobr 19, 1853-3 m
fa - lIIE subs riber has just returned from Phil.
adolphia, and is 'now opening a large and
elegant assortment of cheap
consisting in pan of cloths, cassimers, cassi.
',netts, flannels, blarikete, jeans &c.
Ladles' Goods—A beautiful assortment of
tie [sines, French inerinoes, paratnettas, silks
rrrw twigs barred, cashmeres, ribons,lshawlsj
Flr no It worked collars &c. es
Domostlcs—Bleaclicd and unbt'd ,muslins,
chocks, tickings, canton flannels, &c.
Boots and Shoes—A large assortment of
A - nen - and boyswitiror libors. Also finmitirolfew
stock of Indins"gaiters, morocco boots, bus.
dins and slippors, enildren's shoes in greatva
riety, gum over shoes of all descriptions.
Giocerles 7 -9 fresh lot of sugars, coffee,
teas, molasses, spices, &c, •
Aa toy winter assortment is new and full, we
cordially invite all our old friends and oust°•
mere, and the public in general to gulf and ex
amine Mir:stock before purchasing elsewhere,
as we will take pleasure in showing oar goods.,
-and will sell an Cheap if -not cheaper.than any
other store in the county, Rocollect the old
stand—East Main Street. •
Nov 16 1853
Jretv 'Goods &nu , Goods
Hubeca or hasust received a large and
jwoll selected lot of Winter Goods at. his Store
, sti the corner of Centre Square. A fine lot of
eat opo ed,,atid for sale at the lowest g nye.
• thtESS 13UTTONS.
A very !largo and full asiortment of
; Ladies'
Dross Buttons, embCacmg h. new otylo. ;
A great,variety of Portmouumas, Of Alto latest
patterns..:, e '
; • WORK 130XES,•'
just opened a 'few Ladles` -- Work ;Boxes and
Gents' Shaving (Jades; suitable jornehriatmaa:
• F U P UsR S
Just tipeniid a 'NW 'Lois of 'Furs,' with a large
lot ofWoollun Comforts, and all for stile by
; • • " • .GCO. W
Carlisle; Nov 31,' 1 t 153, ' '
auliseriber Itaajual ouom;d another' lot
or ‘Voollen Plaid (Lai - interne, Plaid. Moue
do Lainee, Parinnettas and other Dress .Goode
FUlijnAninhor.utvoieool Victory
OCR, MI Wnelnn Cninor ' is, Sdarrs,
Also an..nher ' Pond Buckskin Gloves, '
Buck Atlas, , n , hli:unires mid' hosiery of every
doecritton. . • ' •
.• •
Join openeit - OrTasSertiathiCot Pnioteil Volvdi
Ribbons with a fresh 1189ortnioni or Drags Trim-
Buttons, Spc.„ „ •
•, II PANE C L'O hasd, a., largo as•
- sortment licavri'r Clbths for Overcoats, Sti•
por.•l3ruid Clinits,Tassimais,;Satiauts, VOly 4/
Cords, Ace, and fall. oak' by
01301L(.4.1 W.
Cat:Pale, DeP,?1,053 .•.•
1401ERSO.NS •wisition• to noretniro CHRIST;
AIAS, PRESENTS, each air • • ~ • ••
AnnuniF,•„ -• ;,, • . • . ” .
Rift Books„ ,
Iflosirotoir POOtn,
1 1 3/3i.t e r,'"CA*DlV3, di.c • • ' Sinudard Woika, • •
~FAt A llj.jutritort Saltlt n th.
,Solloolx,ond Pitt • ••'" • • • •Proyir'Brioltry •:.
!tin tiortori in goingcoentg de - Well: .•. , H yn ih p o op , • ,
hy . . 'at 'citoali — Drug Siore'of
telTOr..whore'Altoir ; noll be supplied "'with fir= .• ' .'• Niiscollonecius.
Lich3o 'the loiseit rates and of t h e beat qual• Port Monaioo, Port Folibri;Fatiey Stationery
uy. • CA.NDlFlS—ictait, price, 20 cents per and Fancy Articles 'generally, will find a fine
A general. as'o-ttnent ofPatbilt-Med• assortintnt d t the Clieppook Store ef
Alin; nOnstantly on Itantl, • • jy2o A. M. PIPER.
For the Curl , of Salt rheum, Chilblains, Core
mon Sores, Chapped or_thucked Hands, Borne
or Scalds, Gifts or AVounds, Piles, Inflammaticit
of the Breast, bites of insects s Sure Lipti, Pim.
pies Ott the Face ; and Breaking. Out and Sores
uw Childre / ; and all diseases of the Skin.
This Ointment will, cure the SAltriteum and
Huron, or Chapped hands. quicker and surer
Alm' any other medicines,of the kind, before the
public. . .
'r. substantiate tlie'nhn r ve, I can give hundreds
of certificates. inte3 consider it-no use. as (nnv
person can do the same, if they have friends, for
even a worthless article) 1 rtly solely on the
merits of the Ointment for the public patronage.
N. 11.—A "single box. of this Ointment will
keep any Blacksmith's, Farmer's, Sailor's, or
Nlech aide's hands, let them chap or crack ever
so hail, sound and in gond Working order all
winter , Prepared and sot 11 . by 4
moNROE TrautEL,
Sold clan by the principal Drugginte, and
Country Merchants. Price , 2G cents per bor.
Nov. le), 18.53—1 y
Family Grocory
i oral Hide remedy for Scrofula ,R hies Evil
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutanceus Eruptions',
Pimples or Pustules on the Face, Blotches,
Boils, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Warm or Tet
ley, Scald Head, Euhu•gemeot and Pain of the
Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic
Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Complaints nod all
Diseases arising Ilom un injudicious use of Mer
cury, Imprudence in Life, or Impurity of the
Blood. ,
This valuable Medicine, which has become
celebrated lin , the number of extraordinary
cures effeeted - througltita iv. nay ,Asas Induced
the proprietors, at the urgent request of their
friends, to of it to the public, which they . do
with . the utmost confidence in its virtues and
wonderful curative properties. The following
certificates selected from a large mumber, are
however. stronger testimony than the mere
word of the proprietors ; and are all from gen—
tlemeu well 'known in their local tics and of the
highest respectability many of them residing in
the city of F!iclonond, Va.
P. BOYDEN, Esq. of the Exchange Hotel,
Richmond, known every where, says he has, seen
the Medicine called .1.1 ARTER'fi SPANISH MIX
TURE SlflinitligtePed in over a hundred cases, in
nearly all the diseases for which it is recommen
ded with the most astonishingly good results.—
lie says it is the most extraordinary medicine
he has ever seen.
AGUE AND FEVER—Great Core.—l here
by certify that for three years-I. had Ague End
Fever of the most violent description. I had
several Physicians, took large quantities at Qui
nine. Mermiry, and I believe all the Tonies-ad
vertiscd, bUt all without any permanent relief.
At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two
bottles of which effectually cured me and I am.
lumpy to.say 1 have had neither Chills or hgver
since. I consider it the best Tonic in-the - WM(I
and the 'only medicine that overreached my case.
Beaver dam near Richmond Va.
• ' G 13 LUCK Psq now in the city of Richmond :
aid•for many years in the Post Office, has such .
confidence in the astonishing efficacy of Carters
Spanish Mixture, that he has bought upwards of.
50 bottles which has given away to the afflicted.
Mr Luck says lnrh never,known it to fail when
taken according to directions •
Dr MINCE•it practising physican and form
ly of the City Hotel in the city. of Richmond,
says.he hiss witnessed in n number of instances
the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture'. which
were most truly Surprising. He says in a cali'se
of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the
good effects were wonderful indeed.. •
SAMUEL M DRINKER of the firm Drink-•
er & Morris, Richmond, was cured of Liver
Complaint of-9 years standing by the aloe of two
bottles of Carter's Spanish. Mixture.
tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant
employed in their press room cured of *dent
Scrofula combined with Rheumatism, which en.
tirely disabled him from work. .Two bottles of
Carter's Spanish Mixture mode as perfact cure of
him, and the editors ha as public notice. nor they
"cheerfully 'recommend it to all who are afflicted
with any disease or the !atonal "
LA-1 had a very valuable boy cured oflicrofailai
by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I (mushier it truly
a valuable medicine: James M 1 nylor Conductor
on the It F & P It It Co Rie:mond Vat
Mr John Thompson residing in the city of
Richmond, was cured by three bottles at Carters
Spanish Misture,ol Salt Rheum, which he had
nearly 130 ye-rs. and which ill the physicians at
the city would not cure. Mr Thompson is a well
known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va.,
and his once in most remarkable...* ,
Principal Depots at M. WARD; CLOSF
CO, No 83, Maiden Lane, New York
W Dvorr & SONS, NC, 131; North 2d
street, Philadelphia.
BENNECT & BEERS,No 125 Main street,
Itchniond, Va. •
And for sale by S Elliott, S W Haverstick;
Carlisle: Ira Day, Mechanicsburg; J 'EI Herron,
Newville; .1 C Altic, Shippenshurg, and by dea
lt: is in mediri tits everywhere.
UST'Rocoivod an assortment 0: first quali•y
tY Gum Shoes, also a an assortment of Wil
lis' Ladies' winter Boots and Shoes. Also a
lull assortment of Men's and Boy's water othof
and fine milt skin
Also nn assortment of elegant bar'd and tied
of the rawest styles
and Paramettas, and otnor lashionable colour's.
Also an a.sortment of
.clegant nocdlo worked
Collars, Chemizetts, Uner.loevrs and Cull's
Some prime Carpets still on hand. intending
to relinquish tltiv branch of my business I will
sell off the stock uncommonly low.
D,eo 21, 1853.-
.Tllll subscriber is now having mgdo•up a lot
of Fashionable and Substantial Clothing which
he will sell as cheap if not cheaper than any es
tabli-ihtaient in the borough.. The stock will
consist of
' • :STINGS, &c.
The Clothing be malle out Ohioan - but
the best quality'of goods; Cut out by an expe
ripmed and gond cutter; and tau work got up
in %holiest mainor and by the-best of hands—
We on hand a Infra choice Clothing,
arid all we ask is for purchasers • tolgive us n
call and they will be-pleased with the' work and
prices ! • A't.the old stand on East Main Street,
• •-' WALL. PAPERS; ,
HG subscriber is just now ,, rocsiving and
opening an unparalleled assortment, of
WAL PAPERS.. Those desirous of trona
forming ,the interiors of_ their old 'dwellings
into now once, and giving . additional embol
isitments •to their 'new oxies,.at e'ontparative
ly trilling cost, will do well to catkin(' oxamitto
forl can soil them `fromcts litpwards:
m e mbre the old stand, East Main St - opposite
Ogiilty's• Store: By tho wily. I would say - to
those who also want to intprove the oxtorior of
their houses, that 1 coulomb:tit them with
Wethoril"a pure andfrosh ground .W kite Lgpdi
togothet twill various tither colones; blue, or
ahge, yellow, 'various , shades of itreen,'&o:', in
short e'veiYthirtv,- calculated to titian and dee
oruie yOur mansions.
Jitter 2
A-lot of tan col'd French
Better testimony than wai'esyr Offered in Fa
vor of airs other Vertnibige 1!
We, the 'subseribere, Medical, Pr,aotioiMrs,
having been made ucquv i uted the composi
tion of 0 ,Sliritter's Indian :Vermifile," take
'pleasuin recoinniending it to the public), as-.a
valuable remedy for, the exPulsion.of Worms,
it being boili , spie and effectual.
Samuel Swope, M. I). ? Taneytown,•
'Joliii Swope, D, 5 Carrot no., Md.
• J. J. Weaver, Al. D. • , 11> idlllobur
Jim. IL. It Liggel, • •g .
•-•_ •
Liberty, F re d er i c k, 00,, Sim,
M. 0". 'O. 11, ow; . 1 . 1 )0 q; - 0: 1 boa: Sappingtoh,
MSappington, . „ .
James 111,Giltse. Slt 0 Woodsharo, Md.
G it Sappington, M.%
Win' /u Mathias; D, Weitminitur, Md
Blakiculai , to ask lot for SII itIN P.R.'s IN.
AIWYPE,, and take no othar,
Pelee '45 CelllB IiVIIIOIIIO .
i Prepared by iW L Shriner, ,Drtiggisltiod Che-,
finial, Westminster, Md. '
Aad 'sold by all steirekei:pers,
The 'ehh'se.:iiii.4 'pi} , Cosh ,- (eV STR
of any kind delivered er.
Hilt Lind it to their ihtereet . tp sell .their etraw
and perehase other tgiiituroa. • • ,
' -
1.1 0 1 09'0) ::" • , • . •Ageet.
. .
1000 ;TONS' Liniebni.nbr's Coat of the boat
!tunlityjust receiving nod Tor sal ce by . E. El D•
DLO, r. 'Only $2,40 per ion,
Ladish); It birth 16; 4453. . •
Shrlner'i Balsamic Soup Syrup.
Four years', nitirrimicein filmon every form
of l'Orrmeary:lhsease;:_haslii_oved _to_the.un.
doubted mitialeetion of all who have become 74C
qoaintecl with this great remedy, that.' it is far
auperidr to any other remedy in the world far
all diseaserot the . • • •
This syrup is pur-ly Vegetable Compound.
It it pleasant to 'talto,_and never does injure. But owing to its purifying qualitles, must do good
unilor any circumstances. Its effects are truly
wonderful, soothing, calming, and allaying the
most violent coughs; purifying, strengthening
awl invigorating the whole system, calming anti
soothing the nerves, aiding-and facilitating, ex
pectorutian, and heal Mg the
Thus striking-1d the root of diseeiand driving
it trona the system.
If properly and perseveringly used, it never
fails to cure •
Coughs . mul.Colds. Consumption, Bronchitis
Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Bleeding it the
• Lungs ' Difficulty of Breathing Pain
and Weakness of the Breve,
nese, Whooping Cough, fsi.c.
LIBERTY, Frederick Co. Md.
Oct 16,1840.
Mn. Sumatra—At your request 1 haveexam.
ineildhe composition of your "Balsamic Cough
Sy;ip," and from my knowledge of the ingre
dients, and having witnessed its geod.effects,l
e on recommend it t the public as a laluzible
compound for Coughs, Colds, and 'all chronic
pulmonary affections.
TflOS SIM, 111 D
Read the following lettertrom Roy H P Jorden.
Umentowri , Deo g 9, 1852
Mr W g Si/RINER—Dear Sir—l have given
your "Balsamic G'ou„llt Syrup" a fair trial and•
am happy to say that I. hove never tried anything
that relieved 100 80 8000 1 have also given. it
iniany familywith.the same good effect in every
in Lance. It is ceriainlya.most excellent reme
dy. and ought to he in el,. iy 'family The ex
ceeding low price ut which it is sold places it
within reach of all.
'Pardon the liberty I have taken in thus giv
ing me experience in the use of the Syrup un
solicited by you. Respectfully yours
LIBERTY, Frederick Co Md.,
' • . Nov 6th 1849.
. -
Mr SHIIINER—Dear Sir-1 have been afflicted
with a disein.e of the throat thr, a number of
.years, and for eighteen mouths past have been
much troubled .with a cough, during, which tune
1 have tried many of the maim. remedies for
Weird iseasetcwithuut lilhi iy tusTing bene
fit. At your suggestion 1 was induced to try
your "BAISRMIC Cough Syrup," nod "rani hap
py to inform you that 1 find it to be superior to
any I have taken. From my knowled n e of Ps
invedi,cutt, and my eiper7afiree of its efficacy, 1
take pleasure in recommending it to to the pub•
lie for the purposes specified - in You'r circular.
4V'IIOII.Y, Pastor
- ,
Methodist Pro testant Church.
LOUDEN Co, Ya,.lune 10th, 1850
Mr -Sumas-I)2er Sir —I. received your
communication in due time after it. was mailed
and now take up any pen to reply to your en
quiries in regard to the 'effects of your "Bal
samic Cough Syrup."
' For fifteen months previous to last March, .1
- was troubled with an affection of the throat,
andeh originated from seviire cold and COUgh,
trio caused me much difficulty its speaking. 1 '
died several preparations professing to be reme
dies, btu they-all failed to produce the gootl
sired. My throat grew worse and worse, no
much so that My friends, became alarmed, and 1
became fearful lest it should terminate in Brun- .
chitin. While home last Spring. in 'rriailelpnia,'
1 heard of many astonishing cures performed by
the use of your , tHalsiimie .Cough Syrup" and
having overcome, my - prejudices against patent!
medicine, resolved to try it, and, used two bet.'
ties; I found myself entirely.cure:d.- I !bet pre
pared to say that 1 belieye it to. be.a superior:
remedy to any before discovered: - certain it hi,
superioeto any I have over coed. y•
Yours respectfully
• Minister of Me Pt °tenant Church
• For the Cart #llllll.
Mr' EAditov -- Tito .uktplrW . rd success which
h a il a ttemiedni t e rise of "S liscr's.Cough Spr
ee 10 all Cases that.have come-under my ob.
nervation, and the very gr4tilying efleom of its
uie, in my own thmily induces me to offer tins
testimony in ititimur.
About three months since Mrs Evans was
taken with n very severe cold, winch in a short
lime settled on her breast, causing the most dis•
tressing cots 01, pain in the breast, Ste. The
usual remedies were triode use of, but she eon.
tinned to grow worse, until it was deemed, pru••
dent to call in the family physician, who attended
her for Some time without and apparent benetit•
Finally through the persuasion of friends, we
Were Induced to make a trial of "Sir liner's
Cough Syrup." I procured tr bottle, and site
cenumenzed taking t, on Sunday, and by Thurs.
Ala!, was entirely relioyed.
TIIJ obstinacy of the ease, and the prorimtness,
.of the relief afforded, causes me to - think this
one of the greatest remedies tif - the kind in use.,
Yours, ate„
Wesitninster Jot 10, 1859-
rl'ater —37 I :e cents per Battle, or three ltot•
Iles for st. Sold by all Druggists and 'Country
Ho ! Ye upon whose - alnking frimes
lligedse bin hand haO placed ;
.Upon whose . stniken, care worn cheeks
. Consumptions roan, is traced
' Cthne, freely quali,.from out the fount,
. Where health doth overflow;
ristaSlirinees find this glorious gift—
Then say,:will . not you go ?
suffer 'math 'the racking pain \
With which you are oppressed,
Wity;why_ complain.of .weurineas .3 7 191
• 'And admires, of the breast ?
When SitamsOs SYRUP heals nil pain.
AridAtt Thee health will bring;
*Will•eause disease to disappear
• • ' Like snow drops in [hearing.
Ncitrntgue can speak thewretclialness,
No' language can convey
The'g•eat.amount .of suffering
' Occasioned by 'delay :
A little cold or trifling cough.
May lead one to thegrave, , . • .
But Shriner's Syrup laktm in time,
Possesses power to save. .
Yes, his BALSAMIC Sinbe rare
Contains this miglity .. power
And nuilliers sties& in tones of ptiiiio
And bless it every hour,
For when their little ones are racked
With Whoopiiig Cough severe,
They fly at ranee to Shinners Fount,
Nam And find a solace there.
It is a solereign, speedy cure r
For Quinsy; want of-breath
For Asthma, and Throat Diseases,
Which often en.; hi:death; -
Wheil' others fail, this will effect
A permanent relief, .
Will bring the sufferer bank to health,
And nheavold Death- - -the
Jen: '25 ftw.
liimeburners Coal.
Ural (Estate Salts.
THEl,Larga and Captibious STORE, ROO5l
on East High - street, lately ooeupiod by Jur:
Carothers as a Grocery Store. „ It is vory. ells
gibly situatedlor business --PosseShiomwill be
given at any limo. Fur terms enquire of
;an 11, 1854 . I
. TlM : large ROOM on the corner
of Hi,h and Pttt streets, now occu
pied by Win. 11. Bretz. as a Drug
I" ';•" Store, Also the Sinasinith Swop.
~Pitt Street,. now occupied .by
Wm; Brume. ' Apply to
dec7.lo ROBERT N •
POE. . .
A , ' , Two Story BRICK HOUSE„
situate on this north ens. corner of „,„,:,, Eit
Louther and Pitt Streets, and n ,
Two Story Stone Ilutise on Lou-
. ;:i ,4 2 1 ;..
titer Street, nod occupied by the -
Rev Mr Kramer. Also several anialler dwel
lings foe rent. Enquire of
nov U's3] JACOB SrIDIER.
and Lot of Ground in South Hano.
var street, now, occupied e Wharlas
Darnitz, immediately,opposite Bentz . ft
Store, is offered at private sale. For
terms enquite of the subscriber,
,AitorheY rot
the .owner.
nev9's3tfi ' R. M. HENDERSON.
Valuable Town Property
ir WILL sell at private sale a
11_ Two Story Brick HOUSE ••
mid Lot of Ground, situated on ".t7.Af' I
North Hanover.strt extended,
in this borough . ' ‘his house is
doublejwith back uilding, all in good condition.
The Lot is GO inet in front by 170 111 0010111 lid
.the premises is a stable, and the whole proper
ty is eligible and convenient.
Also, a small Two Story BRICK HOUSE
and Lot of Ground, 15 feet front by 119 deep,
on North street near to Hanover,
It those Prope:ties are not sold by the let of
January next, they will be ranted fur the ensu
jag year.
Catlisle, Nov 119,1053.
rAILIVZ - -.1704 SALE. -
Tho subscriber offers M private sale llio
FALtM, situate about two milts north of C, r•
lisle, lying between the Collodi:Igo-lout' C.ree'c
and the Solid - Mr Spring road. It is joined by
farms of Wfso and Natiier, and
all cleared Itind,lthirty of which .are meadow.
ft is well tidied and in a high state of cultiva
tion. The improvements are , a 'l'wo Story
• ' FRAME HOUSE, a well of wa
, ..;.-f.'c: 1 ter WWI pump at the door, frame
E.T.ti ' if Bank Barn, &c. There is also a
1"--'-'; 1 ZI young orchard of choice fruit
r+ ;- , 1
''' - trees.
Also, will be sold with the same if desired,
ti tract of MOUNTAIN - LAND. Persons
wishing to purchase can learn terms. by calling
upon It Al Henderson, Esq.; iii Carlisle.
Novorn4Yer4. I 853—tf
rataable Real Est ate
The,undersigned execatorsof the estate of R.
B. Stevenson, dee'd, offer at private sale,
the lollowing real estate, in West Pennshoro
twp; Cumberland county, laje the property of
Richard B. Stevenson, late of the borough of
Carlisle, deed, viz:
All th ' at.FA RM. situate in West Perinsborii
township, aforesaid, about one mild from the
boro gh of • Nei'vville, bounded by lands of J.
MeCniltich. W Laughlin and others, and
more m less, The land is first rate limestone
land, in good. cultivation and :well fenced, 95
acres of which are clear and the rest in timber.
The improvements are a large,doublc stone and
brick 'Dwelling HOUSE, two
stories high, a large and substan- ,
tial sTONERAIIN;,a good svelltr..if, .
of Limestone Water,-and cisterns
foi rain wider. There is oii the
Premise's atforchrird•rit well' sofedtecTlmitTre - 63.
Also, a lot of • WOODLAND that has been
used with this farm, situate about one-fourth of
a mile fromlthe Doubling Gap Springs, and ad
joining that property, containing about 22 acres. .
Persons wishing to examine the farm 'can do so
by_tialling on Mr. Lon, the tenant on the place:
Terms made easy to purchasers,. Possession
and a good title will be given on the let of A.
Ex're era.. B Stevenson.
December 7, 1854.
Ds J. KIEFFER has Met returned from Phil;
HD adelphia with an additional supply oiliest]
DRUGS, which in connection with - his homier
stock will make his establishment complete in
this department.
In addition to the above he has also opened a
fresh supply Confectionaries, Fruit, . Nuts,
Panels and Fancy Articles of every descrip
tion. The attention of the Ladies is especially
invited to his extensive assortment of Folic)
Attricles, Ladies Toilets', ' , alley Soaps ,and
.Perfumes of every variety.-
Gentlotnen are invited to examine his fine
assortment of Fancy Articles—Sogars, China
and Porcelain Pipes., - .Tobacco of all kinds,
Shaving and 'finleat Soaps r of superior quality,
Canes. Riding and Carriage Whips and many
other articles which more especially iritere r
gentlemen. A. number of superior •Woulleti
Matte on hand. .
The proprietor will ho very . happy to have
his friends cal , and examine his goods whether
they may wish to purchase or not.
Jule 6 103 13 .1 K. NW le 1. , : It .
` , Saxton Leads tho Column."
1-I , TEIL days and itigut..4 of unceasing toil
and trouble I have succeeded in marking
and arranging my now stock of H A.R D-
W A R. E , and altuough Ahern has been a tre•
montlous rush of customer& who know whore
to deal onreasonable terms, and who appro.
Mater my old habit of selling cheap without
making much fuss - Admit this Mallen I am
constantly making room for now customers
drop in'and examine what is undoubtedly the
LARGEST AN 1) B EST assortment:Of giieds
over offered west of Philadelphia, atirrerillira
clog everything usually found in a'Harilitiitirc
Store, from a noodle to an anchor, all of which.
aro of the beat quality and will be sold nt pricos
which cannot fail to - give satisfaction.
1 would say that my stock of cross cut. hand,
panel ripping and back saws, bright, black and
blue augurs, - chisels, planes, - locks, hatchets,
hinges, screws, straight necked and bar ~alts
broad, pointing and chopping axes ; iron and
steel squares, ruins, tape measures,, levels, &c'.
cannot fail to please the most fastidious.
Can bo accommodated on the most reasonable
terms with Durkee's celebrated York 'plows at
85 37. Also Plank's, Craighead's and others'
at manutecturwe' prices; spades, rakes; forks,
shovels, grass and grain scythes., (DuimirDar
ling anfflirillins make.) Patent and common
snatha.s2TAialf a dozen different kinds.. Urajp
Cratiles,(Grogoes, Plank's, Craighead's and
Crawbach's make,) at ,reduced rates. Also
grindstones. cutting bozos, chain cistern and
forca pumps, halter, breast and log chains, sin
gle and double truces and-spreads. Cedar .waro
such as tubs,' buckets, bawls. water to.
'gather With an everlasting assortment of .table
and, pocket milloryi-spoons, shears nod sciv
sore, candlesticks, snuffers, shovels and tongs.
kettles, pans. sad irons, waiters, brivihoe; &c,
which will be sold by thu wagon load, ton,yard
bushol'or in the ordinary way,' - •
Than come. friends, give us a call and see
lot yourselves.: We'll wait on yen with pleas:
tire, and give .you bargains of which vqn can't
complain. .Romembor the. placo,:Dast High
Street, opposite Ogilby's
JONKINS' Bost Brand; of Tigio, greint rind
Kink, piteltrigesh oleo in bulk and
in orig,intil prielta&e. A: lore and geneinl
ointment or the best WTI er b. IRON STONE
AND. GRANITri . WARE,;witIi a yariety of
;Glass Ware, rind Common Wore ofliiery ile
sorbition,to setts or otherwise to dolt the pur
eloper. together with „; , ; ,;•
. , ,
add'a''varioty of Fancy WrOn aiway!
arni 14 sale al the "ramO, (liackpil,'
'Jana 8.1853'. w,
oiikr %V. DALLY
1/17. 0 1 / 1 1r4 1 44'. 0 04:
• Opposite - Cetaro,
IT B. A , L T WI 0 . E
~ ii cclLnnwuw.
Otiiao npnr Slxiremanntown.
. ,
Select School fot. Y oung Ladies..._
-NA DOWNING' begs to inform
those who may wish to secure her set - -
vita:a:that she intends, to commence. the in
struction or a select class of young ladies, tit her
rooms at Mr. McCartney's Hotel, on MOV
DA Y February .6.
instruction will he given in the various bran
ches of a thorough Engl sh educat.on; also; in
French, Drawing, Fancy Need levvork, &e.
• Carlisle, Jan 4 1853—Si
Lake White Fish,
I'v•lt led Herring
• Mackerel, No. 1,2, 3, •
Thclabove has been selected with Strict tell
ermine to family use and stile,low. Ale
Lou —inild and agreeable
Yellow Bank Fine .Cut,
Cavenclibli—of fine quality,
Congress, Grant's and Raco Horse.
Smoking, Twist, &c.
• y lira bulken brands (imp'd)
La Yoseffitia and Plantation
Sixes, Hall Spanish and Common,
All the above articles on hand at the,Family
Grocery. J. G. WILLIAMS.
Holiday Presents, Ste.
West High street, a few
a, doors west of Burkliol
<2 der's Hotel, Carlisle.
9 3 lies just received the
8 4 .1:•
• 7 .-0 largest and most elegant
"-assortment of
ever °flexed in Carlisle, consisting in part
Gold and Silver Watches of every variety, and
at all prices, eight-day CLOCKS, Silver table
mid tea spoons, silver table larks and hitter
knives, gold and silver spectacles, ladies' and
gentlemen's gold pen and pencil, gold chains of
everydescription, ear and finger rings, breast
pins, & all prices. A Isn A ecurdeops and
lqusical Boxes, wtili a great variety of Fancy
Articles, selected expressly Mr the Holidays.
Persons desiring to purchase are invited to call
and_e,xamine_the assortment. We are prepared
to sell nt very reasonable prices, Quality of
all goods warranted to be as fine as sold for.
West High Street• '
Doe 28, 1853
No. 4, North Eighth Street,
y DEP Y retorts his thanks to his nu.
merons customers Pi Cumberland county
tor their liberal patronage during: the Is,
son. and is now ',relined to supply them at
reasonasle prices, vviih every description of
Fancy Dt'y Goods. His stock comprises a full
assortment of
Rich Plaid Silks Fine French Merinoes
Biocade do Rich Plaid Cashmeres
Plain do Paris Mons do Lathes
Changeable do Plain, all Wool do
Satins and Flo ren c Cheap de Lollies
Paris do Beges ' Imported Ginghnms
Embroidered Collarti Chintzes Muslims Flan-
Sleeves Chomizettes llls and Sackings.
Also,'alull lino of all widths of the REST
BLACK SILKS, with Shawls, Mantillas, R ib•
bons, Cloaks, Velvets, Cloaking Cloths, &c.,
in great variety.
His goods are bought low, in largo lots, from
first hands.
41, N. Bth at., Ph:la
Importers and ManufacitnrerEr of every kind of
86 Arab street (below Third BO Philadelphia,
mid at 178 Water street, -- N - OVYcirk.
aour Goods have all been selected in Ett
rope by ono of the' firm, and manufactured
be .3..1r...4,n. in them um
bin manner, we can otter them at a price(taking
their superior quality into consideration) , that
will defy, compation.
Silver Medals awarded for superiority by the
Institutes of 'Pennsylvania and Maryland.
avLius STERN.
No. 171 North 2d street, opposite the Camel
hotel„ Philadelphia.
HAVING in Store a full and''extensive as
sortment of Millinery articles, Triton ings,
and Fahey Goods, such ns Rthhonds, !Ames,
Blond, (=i.e.., Silks, Florenecs, Bonnet Frames,
and a 'digt, as ort mem of Needie•werked !Idle,
Collars, Cops, Flounces, Insertings, Edgings,
&c., together r, ith a groat variety, of oilier ar
ticles in our line too numerous to mention, at
N. B. I request all Buell us are about innkinu
their purchases to give me a call. 1%1,28 nt2,
SEED Srd'orm
THE subscribers, in addition to their:extem.
give Graven, Imre ponmeted thin ewnli uo
ENI/ ST Olt E, list, Market street, near the
railroad, Harrisburg, ond - are-Ipropaird to
fill all orders, by whologule and retail,. of all
kinds of Agricultural Implem sus, Vegetable
and Flower Seeds: &.e. Country metchantit
with reasonable discounts to sell again.
II ores, powei a and threshers, wheni•drillls
•and seed-plaht ere, p10w,., harrows and cultiva
tors, fodder, hay, and straw-cutter grain funs
corn shelters, vegetable cutters, hand grain
mills. clove' shellers, horse rakes, churne,grind
stenos and improved hangings, hay, straw and
manure Mika, farmer's boilers, ox 'yokes suit
bow,_pateut how pins, cow chains; spadex, hoes
and rakes, -post diggers, wheelbarrows, grain
cradles, scythes anti seytheatones, pelmet. , drugs
post augurs, axes and hatchets, grain bags,
grain measures, garden trowls, pruning and
budding knives. gross and' grain sickles, screw
wrenches, pincers and gimblots, rut and mole
Ira m, cattle cards and 1101 , 10 Irrnshes curry•
combs, garden reel-, - cow hells,%Odle trees,
guano, plaster, poudrette, - bone . &Ist. lime, gar•
don, field and (loner serifs.
-' lan. a large and fresh assortment of GRO
CER I ES, TEAS, &c.; all cheap for cash.'
130YER & HALL.
1,7-I;rain anti- produce of all kinds received
n exchunge - Inv implements.
April I 3, 1'353.-1v
ermans Celebrated Tosilih Wash.
Tvalttahlw preparation has long been lased
I. in New York nail Philadelphia, where it has
atinieled an immense 1)1pol:wily, for eleantiing,
preserving and lientitifyitil, the teeth. it is an
excellent remedy-for sorc,soft or bleeding Gtims.
It also imparts R delightful freshness to the mouth
mid agreeable odor to tliehriiath.
Read the following from Dr. „Murray.
g' 1 call,. with the utmost confidence. recom:
mend to the . public, Zeeman's , Anti-St:m.lmm
youth Windi as dm best in tine, In my practice
as a Dentist, I hove its-d and recommended it for
me last five years, and have Mond it to give sut
istlictlon in evert' instance, as the Wash does tint
-contain acid, or anythiug injurious to the teeth or
gums; but, on the Contrary, is the hest antisePtie
ti the practice, and therefore; would recommend
hi wit: of it, not only to those who wish to Pre
serve t heir anti gums, and haven wholesome
'breath, but iOno to those who hure diseased gums
for teeth. ,T4e use of Ann ! f Vniiii, for a short time,
will insure to return to their healthy state. .-
, GEORGE J MUlt RAY, Dentist,
No• fit, S. Eleventh Ft., below Chestnut Phirte.
Ilendel, ol Carlisle, say, ;--** Mr. Zer
;man, 1 nm well pleased with your Tdoth Wash 2
II not only eleakeirsiid whitens the: teeth without
injuring them It cures sore or bleedingunnis..
I•elieerfully recommend At to the profeision 10111
I/UW . 113,10 i lie very hest preparation .that can lie
used hoe cleansing nod preserving the - teeth,
healing the gums, and giving sweetness to the
JOIIN W. HENI)EL4 Surgeon DeAust.
Price,2s cents' per bottle. l'roparrld ' only •
Praneis,Zernitni, Druggist Limner
of Ninth and CHM:Mine strects,l'hiludelphin.
wile by SANIUMI. ELLIOTT, CM lisle
nctl3 • •
iiia.Anrsron — T .
TEIE undaretgaet'initiaowloTpared to freight
4%--,-VI4 Baltimore, at' ie.
'thieed rates,- with regalarity ondtloapiteh..• ,
mirci Ar:Fipcia, 314 -4arliat Slrooi.
Philadolhhih 4,
liatakvz, 76, N'arlh Stro . nl it = ie "7
t . -"'
IVltelotel Iletr, North
.. trg^l-, itHoADs. . ,
cooled a few Long and' Square Broeha
6 iav: B,and for sale by •
fegal (tub etijer Noticcs.
BOOICS and Accounts of William
[lmage, iransio-red t., Henry Wass, are in
the hauds-of-Waitis & - Parker.l4r.eoilection• -
Jim 11, IFt 5 4
.Fstate,of Jos. B. Stevenson, dec. •
OTIICE is h iroty'given that.l6tiers of ati.
:LA ministration on the estatemf .ioseph B Ste.
Ronson, late of the herdugh of Carlisle, Cumb.
county, Pn., have this day been issued by the
Register in and for .su id enmity, to the subscri
ber, retliting in said borough. All persons.
having claims agains , said estate are required
present them for settlement, and"these indebted%,
to melte immediate payment to
Jan 11,1 1854 Adner.
4 state of Jacob Creamer, deseased..
/ 'state
is hereby Riven that letters,testa
.l.ll mentary „ ,on the estate of Jacob. Creamer,'
Into of Southampton township, Camb• county, '
decease*. have been greeted by ;the Register of
said. county to the•subserther, residing in the
the camel township • All persons indebted too
said estate are required to make immediate
mcnt; and — those havz,n„.. claims to present them
to .17tC013 CREAMER,
raoroaliLs .voa araticen,
ri) ROPOSALS will be received until the '2oth,,
Jean I 851 , for furilialiinu to the Carlisle
Gas & Company S'ou,ooo BRICK, well
burned end shaped. To be iu size '4 by 4.3. by.
9-255,000 of ano io lte delivered at the
reservoir—one mile nosh of Carlisle,qmtbthe
resider: within the boronah. nod the Whole on
or be'ore the let day of e-e next.
Jnn . 2 18.,1
CARLISLE Eol. 4 lo = taSll LOAN
Bond:, of the Ilurungh ci Carlisle, with
e tattoo attached for I he pAytmenl ol' inter
est half yearly, on the 1.4 dove of July. and
January each year, at ;h.! 12 Insle Deposit Bank,
in sums of $lOOO, $OlO ;nod :- . 3100. will be ale
posed of at present to the amount Or $12.500 to
applicadts at par: either that tt bole amount to
gether-or such 0111155 ;.n. not). Iteirnineti. In •
vestments in this luau by act of Th Assetribly will
not be subj ern to nay ONaol or county
tax. Appli,eation to he intrie at the Cerlasio
Deposit Flunk to 111.
Jan 2 1851 l'renearer.
Estate of Sohn Baker,
‘T, O'ricy; is hereby 7ivrostharletters-of-ad
miaisoratien, with It. %Noll annexes, (mike
estate of Jolla Baker., laic of Monroe twp, dee.
have hen granted to Hot sol,eriber, residing
in the sates towteditp. A'i persons indebted to
said estate are ierpored to make tallnediate pay
men, and those litivop„; to present them
X - rol'reti: is Iteriiiiv en that application
1 will boi.inoulti to can next Legislature,
agreeably w the einistit 101 l :mil laws of this
lan' nti in the charter
of the ns to confer
upon said ilniilt the rights a rl privileges of a
bank of issue, and tit (11 Inge the nettle to-t4at
of tho'" Carlisle
By order of tha 13 our! of Direciors.
June 29. 185:3—Cm
NQTICE is herby gireil that the "Cumber.
land Valley Savoigs liistioirion," located in
Dickinson township, Cumlierland county, will
make app;ication to the next Legii•lature of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fur an Adt of
Incorporation, with it eeintal of not fees than
Ten nor more than Thirty Thousand Dollars,
for the purpose of receiving oepolisits of money
both tran,itury and on interest, and of making
loans and discounts, niri such other privileges
as are usually granted to Savings Institutions.
By order oldie Directors.
' IV%I . (IX LIIREATI - I,'Treas.
D. L BEEL\IAN Seer 0c,226m)
rt ECEIVED thts day, direct from.Cinciona.
TIM zui•pty tr: .0v tbilvntlig CCIODI7I. ,
ted brands:
100 Sugar Cured Davis.& Co's Beef llama, --
100 " clarrltier, 11;pp & Co's Mus,
100 o llnllielle Westphn lis do.
I'h is last tumid unwed the Prize Medal at the
London World's Fair. a largo supply of
C•sintry !lams, Illeon, Sh.olliiers sad Sides all
of which will he said very low I t cash.
June 21,1853
or;To Ft .1. S. SPt Veterinary
SLR Surgeon, has tetortied to Carlisle, nod In
cited hinisell permanently toe the purpose of
operating upon diseased horses, and pledges
himself to sure the Most or di-cases to which
this nettle anionif satjeet. lie isable to cure
Ring llooe, Tooth lone nod Hog Spitvin, nod
till weak eyes wine', ate ttoppoied to be affected
by ho, bo, without canine Lill. f 4 h,oci of the eye,
and all eyes supposed to Ise ail t , erred with Wolf
Teeth, without extract:nit the teeth. lie can
come a futnitleiLd h .Nol in
hours as smind n, met.. also cures all dis
tempers hoof bird rite," r knees, sh ulder
jams. siring ludt, tie tilts p tvil. Ile can
remove all calk e, telat getvet-, tied perform all
nu Meal operation, that :env he requirtd of him.
Persons haviog diseased horses who cannot
leave them with him, cot he supplied with all
the melieines and dit ee , ;.ot . ;or Il se Tie c h ar .
gee nothing or examining a horse and locating
their diseases. So, bring on your eriPPles•
lie tatty, lot found at Henry IlldssfS Cumber
land anti Perry Hotel, rarilSlV, Wrier(' Thoi.e
wilthitm to engage his helNiCae are requested to
coil. r (Nov 2,1853.
v r r ! i I t e e , t i u: i h il i
i.c that
hi ; :.i he has
Main ilaoili
Street, next door to Ai nrtui, ilea, the largest
ntl most complete 11S101.1111ell cf
to-bc-found : in_tlhs_cuunty___wlachl_willrbe-eold
at the lowestiwices for ca,li or approved credit.
lbs stock consists of a large.assuerstiont of new
and highly appved . '
Finished in the moat complete matinee, .nod
calculated lot either wood or coal or both. Alt
Ito old standaidii:ttleite, l ,, ivhieh have stood the
teat 0 1' 0 perlimcc,'lnay Ito found at his estab. -
lishment. Al-u a great tety of the most ap.
proved, and !manilla!
PA It LOPIL 120, 0 Vl' hi STOVES,
Including a number' of now steten, possessing
very superio: advantages over those heretofore.
ill use. Families a n d hoes% keepers ure respect.
fully invited to give him a call bel:pre paroles,
sing elie'where. • Stoves delivered to any part
or the comity and pot 'op at the shortest notice.•
Ile continues to do al, hi lihe 1.11
and Copper work, mid has constantly on hand
or will =lce to order every article required by'
'hetisekeepe'is Otis line. Hi*vociek
of Tin junl Copper•wure embruces.evory kind
of ilthlSCil old. and kilt bra utensil, warranted
equal to the Lm a inumillielured. Persons in.
wont of articles in his line truly: ulwaye bo sore
of being necominlatvil to their satisfaction by
giving him a eall: l'Octl9 .
Al the Storeqf 117 11; VOOPS.
SOcohd' Aroirqr ncli'intco Dry. Goods.
FIN auhsorihor. resneoindly informs his
:tripods and ouniori,no that ho has.
roinoned fr. , rrol'hihitdphin with a largn,o'srfort.
mom or Vali rn.d
,%V. inter lends, consisting 01
Cl.nhs, Cassiinekdo,Y;lsrings. tick.
jogs, chocks,. flannels, Ihn,ey,'ernrins,ouspen%
dors, gloves,Nc.
bonthurtian4'. inviaops, colmrg o , ithe,
figld tuplMa.
•oiliooes, alpacas, .I) . llWtEr, eraii•
MOn'n find flny,,, you' largo assortment, air
so Bonnet's and all)lnn,s.
• - •
' 13001'8
A Ii rga alt3utinteat,,pl, Meo's ‘Vonion's and
;:;• , sl;liildrno•q . ,¢ggta„ynt~louv,•yJunny bind. ani
linhWiti'Sli 9 9l3 nt yer.y„,tow.prlcce• • •
„unit' Wltiti, CA It I'Va CHAIN ,
_ .
R.. 1.; S
A large assertnteni
ne Sugar, Coffee, , 1110 . 1 70=4.e0,...Rinfornro free to -tif
• All wbo,.vi6t •Olir,fireir ceiling'. Foreign and
ticknowle4o,t l tl.:teds, Dome. Shoes; Ar,c, at
priees!„ Our Jew prices havii
;trendy attracted ittargo ntinitter of people.
Thp uttofilimi'of•all who wielt good . bargains ,tt,
is itelteited, as grant inducements can be utterer
tourebneere , , • , • , • •
°li ft f o rget the old stand, Humerich's coin
net, Nondt.llantifier Street.
II after, , Eggs;nags and gatni tatter' at market
prices. . .•_ N. W. WOODS.
Dee c 3 Itikt -
: , :cf
W. ?a. 1 EETEM,
. .