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    Ot 'Kookier.
imams rox CURING BEEF & POR
_ correspondenta.hming desired. the
editor of the GermantoWn Telegraph to repub
lish.his-receipt fOr curing beef and pork, be
ooMplies with the request, and not only inserts
his oWn Which h• thinks ()enact be surpasseo,
but sevenii' others, comprising altogether the
'try best known.
The Germantown Telegraph Recipe,
To 1 gallon of water, take I pounds of salt,
/ pound of sugar, and /oz. of saltpetre ; also,
it will be better to add / oz. of penriash. 'ln
this ratio tho pickle to be increased to any de
sirable quantity. Let these be boiled together
until the dirt from tho salt and sugar, (which
Will not be a little,) arises to the top, and is
skimmed off. Then throw the pickle into a
large:tub,to cool, and when perfectly cool, tour
over the beef or, pork, to remain the newel
time, say four or five weeks, according to the
size of the pieces. The meat must be woll
covered with the pickle, and should not be put
down for at least two days after slaughtering,
during which time 'it should be slightly sprink
led with powderedialtpetre, to free it from the
blood, &e. This pickle has been tried, with•
out boiling, and proved to be excellent.
T. HI. Ilttanlllton , s Really('
The hams of Marylland and Virginia have
long enjoyed a wide celebrity. The one which
took the first premium at the late exhibition of
the Maryland State Agricultural Society, was
cured by Mr. T. E. Hamilton from the follow
ing recipe:
To every 100 lbs of pork, take 8 lbs of G.
A, salt, 2 oz saltpetre, 2 lbs brown sugar, 11
oz potash. end four gallons of water. Mix the
above, and pour the brine over the meat, after
it has lain in the tub for some two days. Let
the hams remain six weeks in the brine, and
then dry several days before smoking. I have
generally had the meat rubbed with fine salt,
When it is packed down. The meat should be
perfectly cool before packing.
Now York Recipe
, A correspondent of the Albany Cultivator,
oommiinicates .the following recipe, which is
regarded se very tine :
Make a pickle with eight pounds of salt, six
ounces saltpetre, two quarts molasses, and
three gallons of water, to one hundred pounds.
Boil and skim the pickle thus prepared. Then
pack your ham in the barrels, and when the
pickle is cold, pour it on to the meat, and in
four weeks you have excellent ham, very ten
der and sweet.
Vile Newbold Recipe
The following is the famous Newbold receipt,
which has acquired eo much celebrity:
Seven lbs. coarse salt, 5 lbs. brown sugar, 2
oz. pearl ash, 4 gallons of water. Boil all to
gether, and scum the pickle wall when cold.—
Put it on the moat. Hams to remain in 8
weeks—beef 8 weeks. The above is. for 106
lbs. weight.
These recipes all differ—but we think that
though all may be good, tho first will be found
the beet. Boiling the pickle is a decided ad
vantage, as it tends to clear it of all impuri
ties, and adds to' the color and purity of the
meat. If our friends cannot have good moat
from the above, they may depend upon it the
fault is their owe, and dot owing to the recipes.
The ham should not be put down until the an
imal heat is entirely removed.
rauNos WORE.
wE havo this day received from New Yon/
a very large assortment of Worked
Ruffling, Jsconet and Swiss Edging, Inserting
Untlerstoeves and Spencers, Embr'd Hand
kerchiefs, &c., whicn will be - sold at tho lowest
prices. &WEISE & CAMPBELL.
THE subscriber having returned from the
sity would-call the attention of his friends and
the - public 'gnerally to the large and well se
lected assortment of Hardware which he has
just received. consisting in Part of
swill is nails, scrws, hinges, locks, bolts,
. _
glass, putty, paints, oils, &c. TOOLS— .
edge tools. saws zrid planes of every deserip
tion, with ' file, rasps, hammers, invils,
A general assortment of
together with morocco. Tiding and binding
skins, shoe thread, wax, pegs, lasts, ,harness
mounting, saddletrees, j&c.
COACH TRlMMlNG—canvass (plain, en
amelled;-figured and embossed,) patent and en-
Damelled leather, axles, springs, hubs, 'spoke,
felines, ■hafts, &c, &c.
Cabinet Makers will find a large assortnent
of varnishes, mahogany end walnut veneer*,
moulding. rosettes, hair cloth, curled hair, kc.
The stock of IRON is large and:well selcc
ed, comprising all the kinds in general use, as
hammered and rolled tire of calcium flat, bar
and band iron, round, square and Loyal iron,
horse shoe iron and nail rods, with a large lot
of cast and spring steel, English andiAmerican
blister steel, &c.
Housekeepers and 'thetas about commencing
will find it to their advantage to calllond exam
ine our cutlery brittania and plated ware,
pans, kettles, cedar ware, baskets, dsc.
In addition to the above we have received a
splendid assortment of WALL PAPER,!ma
king the stock complete, and at stmh prices as
cannot fail to give satisfuetion. We invite:all
friends to call, knowing it will he to their own
advantage. Remember the old stand, East
High StrestNarrisle, P,
Oct. 12, 1863. }I EN RY. SAXTON.r:
m; s ub J 1
DOCTOR J. S. SEIBERT, Veterinary
Surgeon, has returned to Carlisle, and lo
sated himself permanently far the purpose of
operating upon diseased horses, and pledge*
himself to cure the most of diseases to which
this noble animal is subject. He is able to cure
Ring Bone, Tooth 'Bone and Bog Spavin, and
all weak eyes which are supposed to be affected
by hooks, without cutting the gland of the aye,
and all eyes supposed to be affected with Wolf
'Teeth, without extracting the teeth. He can
eoure a fresh foundered. horse .in forty-eight
hours as sound as ever. He also cures all dis
tempers hoof bound, sprung knees, sli—filder
jams.-stritig,halt, fistulas and pole evil. Hitia,n
remove all callous enlargtnents,andperform all
surgical operations that may be required of him;
Persons haiiing diseased horses who cannot
leave them with him, can be-:supplied with all
the medicines and directions foe use. He char.
ges nothing for-eicamining a horse and locating
their diseases. So, bring on your cripples.
nHe may be found at Henry Glass's Cumber
land and Perry Hotel; Carlisle, where those
wishing to engage his services eves. quested to
[Nov 2,1853.
lIE subscriber has just returned from Phil
adelphia, and is now opening a large and
elegant assortment of cheap
consisting in part of clothe, caseimets,
netts, Flannel,, blankets, jeans &c.
Ladles+ Goode—A beautiful a'ssortmont of
de Riney, French morinoce, aramettae, milks
new style barred, cashmeres, riboneohawlej
Frnoh worked collate. &c. .
Domestics—Bleached and unbt'd
checks, tickinge, canton flannels, &c.
' Boots and iSboasi—A large assortment" of
men and boys winter boots. Also an entire new
stock of ladies'egaitere, morocco boots, bus.
dine and slippers, children'oshoes in great,ra
riety, gum over shoes of all descriptions.
Groceries—A fresh lot of sugars, coffee,
teas, molasses, spices, &c.
As my winter assortment is new and full, we
cordially invite all our did friends and'eusto
mem{ And the public in gene'ral. to call and ex
amine our stock before purchasing elsewhere,
as we will take pleasure in showing our goods.
and will sell as cheep if not cheaper than any
other store in the county. Recollect the old
stand—East Main' Street.
Nov 16 1853 4
I TOB7I~ W . BELL a. co.,
Opposite Centre,
- lor.q Bz, ..1),0)30.
to J. KIEFFER has just returned from Phil;
adelphia with an additional supply of Om&
DRUGS,-which-in connection -with his former
stock will make his establishinent complete in
this department.
In addition to-the above-he-has-also‘opened-a
fresh supply of Confectionaries, Fruit, Nuts,
Peseta and Fancy Articles of every descrip
tion. The attention ot•the Ladies is especially
invited to his extensive assortment of Fanny
Aaricics, Ladies Toilets', Fancy Soaps .and
Perfumes of every variety.
Gentlemen are invited to examine his fine
assortment of Fancy Articles-xSegars, Chins
and Porcelain Pipes, Tobacco oti all kinds,
Shaving and Toilets' Soaps. of superior.. quality,
Canes. Riding and Carriage . Whips, and many
other articles which more especially inters.'
gentlemen. A number of superior • Woollen
Maus on hand.
The proprietor will be very happy to have
his friends cal! and examine his goods whether
they may wish . to purchase or not.
July 6 1853 B .1 KIEFFER.
ArIFORGE KELLER respectfully announ.
%NCOs to his old Patrons and the public gen•
orally that he hasjust received the
MEN'S HATS, manufactured at
one of the best establishments in
Philadelphia, to which ho invites
special attention.
Lie has' also constantly on hand a large and
varied assortment of his own manufacture as
,va II as city made
suitable for he senson,comprising every vari
cyl of Russia, Beaver, Moleskin and Silk Hats,
finished in the latest style, together with a full
assortment of Caps of every shape and des.
cription, and at every price. He particularly
invites the public to call and examine his exten
sive assortviont, which in style, material and
finish, cannot be surpassed by any in market,
and which he is able to put at prices lower than
ever. ir:r Remember his old stand on North
lisnover street, between Homer's and Senor's
store. [June 17
The Allen and East Penneborough Mutual
Fire insurance Company of Cumberland coun
ty, incorporated by an Act of Assembly, is
pow fully organized, and in operation under
the management of the following commission
era, viz:
Jacob Shelly, Wm, IL Gorges, Me Intel
Cocklin, Ilielchoir Brenneman, Christ dStay.
man, Christian Titzel, Jacob EL Coov Lewis
llyer, flenry Logan, Benjamin 11. M,enr, Jai
cob Kirk, Samuel Prowoll, Joseph Wicker
The rates of insurance are as low and favor
■blo as any Company of the kind in the Slate.
Persons Wishing to become members are in•
vited to make application to tho agents of the
company, who are willing to wait upon them
at any time.
BENE H. MOSHER, President.
HENRY Loonii, Vice President;
Lewis Llyer, Secretary.
Michael Cocklin, Treasurer.
Cumber/and Courtly.—Rudolph Martin, N.
Cumberland; C. B. Herman. Kingstown ; Hen
ry Zearing, Shircmanatown ; Charles Bell,
-,arliale.; Dr. J. Ahl, Churchtown ; Samuel
Graham, West Penneborough; James McDow
el, Frankford ; Mode Griffith, Smith Middle.
ton; Samuel Coover, Benjamin Haverstick,
Mechanicsburg; John Sherrick, Lisburn; Da
vid Coover, Shopherdetown.
York County.—John Bowman,' Dillsburg
Peter Wolford, Franklin; John Smith, Esq.,
Washington ; W. S. , Picking, Dover ; Daniel )
Raffenaberger, J W. Craft, Paradise.
Ilarrisburg.—Houser & Lochman.
Members of the compjay having policies
*clout to expire can hav7 them renewed by
making application to any ofthe agents.'
Nov. 24, 1 y,
JVew Goods! Xew Goods!
The subscri er has just received a large and
well selected lot of Winter Goode at his Store
m.the corner ofCentre Square. Afine lot of
ust opened, and for sale at the lowest gure
A very ;largo and full assortment of Ladies'
Dress Buttons, embracing a new style.
A great variety of Portmonnaes, (of the latest
patterns. I)
just opened a low Ladies' Work 'Boxes and
Gents' Shaving Cases, suitable forllChristmas.
Just opened a few Lots of Furs, with a lisle
lot of Woollen Comforts, and all for sale by
-- 11 V GEO. W IifTNER.
Carlisle, Nov 31, 1853,
First Arrival of Fall Dry Goods,
At the New-and Cheap Store.
Weise IV Campbell
wo U L D respectfully announce to their
friends and the public that they have
just r4ived from New York and Philadelphia
a large,and handsome assortment of
consisting or the latest styles of Dress Goods,
.Freripti plaids, cashmeres, mous de lames,
all -wool, mous de beges, Persian cloth,
plaid, brocade and black silks,
paces, and Mourning Goods.
Bleached and unbleached Muslin, checka,
Ginghams, tickings, wht and cl'd Canton
Flannels, table linen,table cloths,Napkins
Damask -towels, wool flrinnels, &c., &c. {)
cambric and swiss ruffling, edging and insert
ing, lisle mechlin and florentine laces, collars,
undersloceves. spencers, cull's, &c.
Silk, cashmere and Saxony hose, merino half
hose, white and black silk, hose, black, white
and mixed cotton hose. ladies and gents ,ilk;',
kid, fleecy lined silk and cotton gloves '
A largo assortment of cloths, cassiincres, sati
nets, Lentucky jeans, merino, satin and black
silk vestings, •
A large ass irtmcnt of ladies and gentlomens
shoos, slippers and boots, childrens shoe?, from
the best manufacturers.
Rio and Java Coffees, New Orlean,, Cuba and
refined sugars, Loverin's, Syrup Molasses.
Cuba do., and Spices of g kinds,
Their goods have all been selected with great
care from the best New York and Philadelphia
houses, and eanuot rod to Suit purehasers both
in quality and price. sepl4'
Styles of Hats!!
. •
& .1. KELLER desire respectfully to in
'llll' form their customers and friends that they
are now supplied with a great varie.y of
for Fall arid Winter wear. In addition to
a beautiful spring style of Silk Hats and their
Mt:music° assortment of. light and coloured
Hats just received from the cities. Their as
sortinontie large and for beauty of style.excel
lance of finish and lowness of price they ean•
not be surpassed. A large assortment of %Jays.
exclusively for, summer wear, constantly on
hand. Also a earefu:lv selected assortment of
We most respectfully invite the citizens of
Carlisle Our vicinity to call and examine our
assortment at the old stand, opposite to the
Telegraph Office. may 11
Window Shades,• Oarpets and Oil
3. STEW ART inorvir, ,
AAT 223 North 2d Street, above : Wood,
Philadelphia, would moat "impel:4l.ll
- call the attention of his friends and the
public in general, to his large and well se
elected stook of Carpet/ ' Oil Cloths, Mailings,
Window Shades, Door Mats, Stair Rods FT.
onto Covers, able Covers. Cocoa Matanqa, 11'0171
yards wide, for Public Rouses, Counting
Muses, tke, ,
Also—to mylbraneh Store,l3l',Sprhgl Gar
.denStreet, above 9tb
Valuable Foundry For Sale.
, *THE eubscritiereffere for sale his interest
(one half) En the HAGERSTOWN FOUN
DRY. For particulars as to Terms' which will
be made accommodating, huaineas fecihiee
pply to the •übeeribet at Heaeratown,litd. •
bad It. H. LAWRENCE.
THE*Subscribera, in addition to their*exfon.
sive Grace 6 have 'connected therewith an
SEED STORE, 110,_lyarket street, near the
- railrorrit - Hurrisburg. - Ya. - ,- and-are !prepared - 10
fill all - orders', by wholesale and retail, of all
kinds of Agricultural Implem ate, Vegetable
and Flower Seeds, &c. Country merchants
with reasonable discounts ten:sell again.
Horse-powers and threshers, wheat.drillls
and seed -planters, plow's, harrows and cultiVa.
tore,fodder. hay, anfi - Sfraw-entter, grain fans
corn shellers. vegetable .cutters, hand grain
mills, clove! shellors, horse rakes, cburns,grind
stones and improved hangings, hay, straw and
manure forks, farmer's boilers; ox yokes and
bow, patent bow pins, cow chains, spades, hoes
and rakes, post diggers, wheelbarrows, grain
cradles, seythesand acVtliestones, potatoe drags
'post augurs, axes and hatchets, grain bags,
grain measures, garden trowls, pruning and
budding knives, grass and grain sickles, screw'
wrenches, pincers and gimblets, rat and mole
traps, cattle' cards and horse brushes,-curry
combs, garden reels, cow bells, whiffle trees,
plaster, poudrette, bone dust, lime, gar•
den, _field and flower seeds.
A leo, a large and fresh assortment of GR
CERIt:S, TEAS, &c., all cheap for cash.
ittr - Grain and produce of all kinds received
n exchange for implements.
April '1 3,1853.—1 v
Zermans Cele brated Tooth Wash.
Dins valuable preparation has long been need
1 in New York and Philadelphia, where it hall
attained an immense popularity, for cleansing,
preserving and beautifyiss die teeth. It is an
excellent remedy for sorc;soft or bleeding Gums.
It also imparts a delightful freshness to the mouth
and agreeable odor to the breath.
4}Read die following from Dr. Murray.
" I can, with the utmost confidence, recom
mend to the public, Zerman's Anti-Scorbutic
Tooth Wash as the best in use. In my'-practice
as a Dentist; I have used and recommended It for
me last , Me years, and have found it to give sat
isfaction in every nistance li as the Wash does not
contain acid, or anythinkinjurious to the teeth or
gums; but, on the contrary, is the hest antiseptic
n the practice, and therefore, would recommend
he nee of it, not only to those who wish to pre
serve their teeth end gums, and have rt wholesome
ibrcath, but also to those who have diseased gums
tor teeth. The use of the Wash, for a short time,
will insure a return to their healthy slate.
No• 61,5. Eleventh st., below Chestnut Phil's.
lie. Mendel, Carlisle„says Mr. !Ler
man, I am well pleased with, your Tooth Wash :
it not only cleanses and whitens the teeth without
Injuring them ,but it cures sore or bleeding gums.
cheerfupy recommend it to the profession and
public, as the very - hest preparation that ean he
used for cleansing and preserving the teeth,
healing the gums, and giving sweetness to the
JOHN NV, HENDEL, Surgeon Dentist.
Price 25 cents per bottle. Prepared only
Francis Zerman, Druggist and Chemist, corner
of Ninth and Catharine streets, Philadelphia. i
For sale by SAMUEL ELLIOTT, Cat lisle,
octl2 • Iv.l
! ,i ,; r2,- z.'; 4 • 7 :: 4, 7..t, • ‘..^Pl-4-1
enbscribercontinueetp manufacture tit
hie Foundry in East High street, having
on hand a great variety of good patterns, and is
prepared to furnish IRON AND BRASS
CASTINGS, which will be executed to order
(if not on hand,) ntthe shortem notice, such as
Cranks and Mill Gearing, Spur and Bevil
Wheels, Gudgeons for Saw Mills, &c., Plough
Castings., Cutters, Point Shears, Wagon and
Conch Boxes, Spindles, Car Wheels, Car
Chairs, &c. Steam Engines built to order and
repaired. All kinds of machinery in Papcm
Mills, Grist Mills and FaCtories repaired al
short notice. Mill Spindles dressed and turned.
Ilse, Horse Powers and Threshing Machines,
ouch as Bevel Gear Four Horse power ; Hor
izontal Goar Four_ Horse Power ; Horizontal
Gear Two Horse Power, Ploughs Corn Shel.
lers and Corn Crushers. Threshing machines
and Horse powers repaired and Job Work done
at the shortest notice. Patterns of different
kinds on hand ant.: made to order.
He also has on hand a largo supply of Philo
delPhia and Troy Cooking Stoves, and is con
stantly making Cooking Stoves of various im
proved patterns, (or coal or wood. Ten Plato
Stoves, Grates, dt.e.
Repairing done to all kinds of Machinery.—
All kind. ofoid Iron, Brass and Copper taken
in exchange for work.
WHICH surpasses in quantity' onality and
prices any that has ever yet been opened
in Carlisle, consisting of the greatest variety
of all kinds of Hardware, such as, Shoe Fin
dinge, Saddlery, Conch TriMmings, Taints
Oils, Varnish, Glass, Nails, Files, Anvils,
Vices, Bellows, Springs, Axels,'Bows, Felines,
Veneers, Cedarware, Farming Utensils, Bar
and Rolled Iron, Steel, &c., with a thousand
more articles unmentionable.
. .
Having purchased largely! of Heavy Goods
previous to the advance in prices, I am enabled
to sell goods at eld prices. Persons in want o
Hardware are invited to call end examine my
goods and hear my prices, and you will be sat -
asfied where the Cheap Hardware is to be had .
cc).My stock of WALL • PAPER is nnap
proached by any in the Borough.
Thankful for the former liberal patronage, a
continuance of the same is solicited by
Wait Side of North Hanover Street,
Fresh Drugs, Medicines &c, &c
/ I have just received from
phia and New York very extensive
• ;$ additions to my former stock, embra
i cing nearly every article of Medicine
now in use, togetner with Paints,
Tile, Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soaps,
Stationery, Fine Cutlery, Fishing Tackle,—
Bruhes of almost every description, with
endelss variety of other articles, which I am de
termined to sell at the vxuv LOWE'''. prices.
All Physicians, Country Merchants, Pedlars
and others, are respectfully requested not to pass
the OLD STAND, as they may rent assured
that every article will be sold of a good quality,
and upon reasonable terms.
Minn street.
May 30
HE subscriber is just now receiving and
1. opening an unparalleled tuisortment of
WALL PAPERS. Those desirous v of traria
forming the interiors of their aid dwellihge
into now ones, and giving additional embel
iehments to their new ones, at a comparative
ly trifling coat, will do well to call and examine
for I can sell them from cta upwards. Re
membre the old stand, East Wu et opposite
Ogilby's Store. By the way, I would say to
those who also want to improve the exterior of
their houses, that I can furnish them with
Wetherilre pure and fresh ground. White Lead,
together with various other colours, blue. or, yellow. varioua shades of green, dm, in
ohort everything . calculated to adorn and dee
orate,, , yoer mansi ons. rriWl •
pHIE subscriber continues to carry on the
above business, in all itsvartous branches,
in North Hanover street, Carlisle, two doors
North of Leonard's corner, where ho intends
keeping on hand ageneral assortment in his line,
Consisting of all kinds of (silt
ionable SADDLES, Bridles
martingales . , Girths,Circingles
and Halters, also
TRUNKS, trav--
cling and saddle'
bags.. Ho also
manufactures themost approved
Spanish Spring Saddles, ever
used in this country, those
wishing a handsome, durable and pleasant sad
dle will do well to call end seo,them. He also
manufdeturee Harness, Bridles, Collars and
Whips in all their varieties, and 'confidently be
lieves from tho general approbation of his cus
tomato, that .he makes the neatest and best
gears,in all their variety of breadth, that is
muds in the sountry. - 1 - fe also makes all kind's
et_ Matrassas to order, via: Straw, Husk, Curl
ad' flair and Spring lilatrasses. All the above
articles will be made of the best .material and.
woikmanahip, and with the utmost 'despatch.
lanl4-Iv , ' • WM. OSBORN,
. .. 0 . , ,,%,.\.,
~ i!•
. .ik
Bonnet Feathers.
THE subscriber lutetium opened . an invoice
Ot Ostrich and other Bonnet keathere at one.
half the usual nriee.f.sAlso 'v,r' *top lot of
Fairy Dres Sag.
100 GEO IA
". itiMciitc;
. S T 0 - M AC 11 .
S na Constipation,' inward piles, fulness
of boo to the head, acidiiy of the stomatli,
nausea, }ldes - lburn, disgust for food. fulness or
weight in the stomach, sour eructations, sink
ing . or fluttering at the pit of the stomach,
swimming of the head, hurried and difficult
breathing, fluttering at the heart, choking or.
suffoCeting sensations when in a lying posture;
dimness of vision, dots or webs before the
sight, fever and dull pain in the head, defic
iency ofv perspiration, yellowness of the skin
and eyes, pain in the • side, back, chest, limbs,
&e.. sudden flushes of-heat, burning in the
rflesh, constant imaginings of evil, and
depression of spirits, ,
DR. 730orzauttra
Prepared by
• No. 120 Arch Street, -Philadelphia.
Their power ever the above diseases is not
excelled, if equalled, by any other preparation
in the United States, as ,the cures attest, in
many cases alter skilful physicians had failed.
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
invalids. Possessing great virtues in the rec
tification of diseases of the Liver and lesser
glands, exercising the most searching powers
its weakness and affections of the digestive or
gans, they arc withal safe, cerlain and pleas
ant. .
Testimony of the highest character! HON.
GEO. STROOP, Judge of the District Court in
Perry county, Pa., Nov. 18th, 1852 said: "your
•Hoofland's German Bitters' has been in use in
our place over 11'year past, and to the astonish
ment of many has performed wonders. We
may notice a few instances that have come
under own immediate notice:—almost every
person who has stopped at the hotel of Win.
Lackey, one year since, predicted ,rom his o.
maciated countenance and debility; that lie
could nut live much longer, He was unable
to attend to his buinese, and for the greater
part of the time confined to his room. We rec
ommended him to..try the German Bitters; he
did; and to the surprise of all his friends he is
now able to attend to his usual business and
perform manual labor. The case of Henry
Asper a stone mason ' whom no ono supposed
would ever recover from• the debility of his
system, bp was looked upon as fast approach
rug the grave, took eight or nine bottles of the
Bitters during the last winter, and this sum.
mar be has been fto the surprise of all who
knew his case] following his trade. The case
of William Murphy is no less astonishing.—
He too was so far reduced as to induce the
general belief that the grave alone would be
his only remedy. Mr. Lackey recommended
him to try the Hoofland'e German Bittersi he
is now apparently a well man, and -able to do
a hard day's work. Wo could mention many
other cases of a similar character: if it were
necessary.. I myaelfderived much benefit from
their use. I hsve given considerable of it a
way, not for your benefit alone, but to relieve
suffering humanity, and let me assure you 1
am pleased to see the happy result. To the
afflicted we say, try them fairly and I will
warrant relief."
These Bitters are worthy the attention of
invalids, possessing great power in the resto
ration of a healthrnetion of the liver and the
leaser glands;"giving tone to the stomach and
nervous ayatem, and bringing the system gen
erally to a high state o, health.
Far sale by S. W. Ilaverstick and Elliott;
Carlisle; Ira Day, MeChanicabmg; J. If. Der
ret, Newville; J. S. Attic, Shippensburg, and
by dealers in medicimis every 'where.
South Hanover Street, Near the Court Horde.
1011 J. KIEFFER, 'druggist, winild respect.
. folly inform Me citizens of Carlisle and
vicinity that he has opened a new
His stock is entirely now, and has boon selec
ted With great taro. As many of the articles
in daily use by, physicians and families deteri
orate by age-and - exposure t - arem -care will , be
taken not to allow such articles to accumulate
in such quantities.
Attention is especially invited to his stock of
Medicines, Essential Oils, Oils, Tinctures,
Winos, Extracts, Confections, Chemicals,
, &o. Together with the above ho has a full
assortment of Paints, Varnishes, Dye—Stulla,
Paint and Varnish Brushes, and •
of every variety. He has.also on hand a splen
did assortment of
Perfumeries, Soaps,Extracts, • Fancy, Hair,
Clothes and Flash Brushes, Supporters,
Breast Exhauster°, Nipple Shields,
Tooth Washes and Pastes ; also
of the best quality. SEGA RS. from the best
Havana and Spanishhouses, el every flavor,
from one cent upwards.
In order to ensure hie customers against
mistakes during any temporaray absonconf
the proprietor, the services of an experienced
and competent assistant have been secured,
which will be felt to be important, in view of
the'responsibilities which are known to devolve
upon the druggist.
will be faithfully and promptly attendpasto.—
Orders from Physicians and Merchan t the
country will be fitted with care, and at prices
which must prove satisfactory.
N 13.—A1l officinal preparations made in
strict accordance with the directions of the U.
S. Pharmacopoeia. •
A liberal share of public patronage is Teen
pecttully solicited. Terms Cash.
May 11. 1853. 11. J.,,ICIEFFER.
Segars and Tobacco.
Persons feeling themselves disported to in
dulge in good angora are requested to call at
the Drug Store of B J. KIEFFER, where
they may- obtain an article which he hesitates
not to recommend as being the best in Carlisle.
Persons visiting Carlisle should not lea Vie be
fore taking a glance at B.J. Kieffer's Drug and
Chemical Store, South Hanover street. Be has
on hand a variety of fancy articles, such as
hair, hat, clothes, florb and tooth-brushes, co
logne bottles, furniture dusters, portfolios, note
paper, worked and card baskets, visitingicards
and cases, a fine variety of fans, ticcordeons,
ar.c. The ladies are invited to call and examine
superior, matte. Call soon, as he isdaterminod
to soil bargains. B. J. KIEFFER,
July 20, 1853. S. Hanover at.
A PRIME article of Sugars Raisins . nt
23 cents per pound, Bunch do, d . good article,
at 15 cents,
Citrons, Mace, Spices, Brandies, Lemone,ll
Oranges, Preserved Fruits, Dates,
Sugared and Dried Prunes, Figs,
Tamarinds, Crackers, ks &c,
in connection ..ith all kinds of Confectiona
ries, all of which will be disposed of on the
most Secommodating terms.
June I, 1852 • • 13. • 3. KIEFFER
Java and MartiniOa Coffees, Green and
Roasted do., Orleans and Clarafied
Brown Sugars. Pulverized, Crushed and 2
k, Loaf do, Solt Crushed (preserving) do.
Rice,Farina and Corn Starch. (preserving )
Cocoa, Chocolate, - Vanilla Bean;
Mace, Citron, with Silicas of 'every kitidoi
• Sperm, Mould, Adamantine Candles,
Orleans and Sugar H. Syrup Molasses,
ILovoring's finest quality Syrup. st 9
il4r'A fresh assortment of all the above arti
cles, and a. general supply of other articles
usually kept by us; all just °Mead and for sole.
et our now„store rooms.
June 8, 1853: SAW. EB
7CHE undersigned having been the agent o
the Keystone Life insurance Company,
arrisburg. Pa , continues to actin that ca.
',city, by authority of said Company. Ito'
would respectfully inform the community that
he will attend to such persons its may signify
their desire to insure their lives, and thus give
some protection to their bereaved (*make+ and
'friends, in case of disiith. Office in West Pont
'fret Street, Carlisle.
Mavtts tf J. •W,ORT,HINGON.
ECEIVED tine day, direct from Cincinna
ti ti, a full supply of tho;following eclobra.
ted brander
100 Sugar Cured Davie do Co'e Beef Runic, -
100 • • " :Gardner,Phipp & Co's Harm
100 "•• " • Dullialle . Westphalia • do.
This last brand gained the Prize Medal it the
Ltindon.World'e Fair. Alsofa lm supply of
Country llama, Bacon, Shoulders and 'Stflas4lll
of which will be 'Mid very low for cash.
~. S,'
' Jon. 21,1859. Family Grocer. .
tlnn) r
.rziou critormenT
Various Sizes, to suit Families, Boarding
_.l.louses and , Hotels. . ,
nrCIOSE,in want or a superior Cooking Ap
i: permits aro invited to call-at out 'Ware
heuse and examine fltin•Range. For durability
economy - and simplicity in. - operation - it-stands
unrivaled. It has Is perfect hot air ventilation
—and meats baked in thin oven will retain their
juice and flavor equal to that roasted helore an
open lire. Meats and pastry cooked at the
same time without ono ;dice:trig the other. It
"will supply sufficient heated air to heat addi
tional rooms fur the coldest' weather. It has
no descending or return flues, and is equally
welt adapted to bdatnitious or common hard.
coal. The steam valve over the boihng part of
the Range carries off the steam and ',cent of
cooking, as well as heat in summer.
Every Range sold warranted to give sattsfac
tion,,or no expense to the purchaser.
Patented Octobor, 1818,
For Public Balls Faclortes, Raih•oarl Cars,
Chin - Lies, Flues; Ships, Slecimas,
Pure air is a subject claiming the attention
of every individual, end all buildiags should be
provided with the proper means of•ventilation.
Also, a powerful
Warming. and Ventilating Furnace,
For Dwellings, School Houses, Churches", Halls,
►Slores, Factories,
A Ingo assortment of Office, Hall and Cook
ing Stoves, Parlor Grates, Registers, Ste.—
Wholesale and Retail.
82 North Sixth street, Phila.
Personal attention given to warming an
evgliinting both public and private buildings.
Christmas Goods , -AT WIIOLESALH.
Dealers will find it to their advantage to call.
German Goods—toys dolls drums, baskets,
Games—All the new, games, building blocks,
boxes, tools, dominoes, &.c.
Very beautiful new style of embroid.tred and
other Fancy Baskets, Children's Baskets
French Goods—Paver weighteoP Clan, the
latest styles, viz—the Crystal Palace, &c. Al.
abaster Goods—Now Styles, a largo assortment.
Pearl Goods, Pin cushions, Yard measures,
and other notions. Together with French
Toys and Fancy Articles, as exhibited in the
London find New York World exhe , itions. In
fact, our assortment it wou.d be impossible to
enumerate. .
Importer and Mantilacturor, 314 Market St.,
above Ninth, Philadelphia. Idecl4lrn
DAVIS 8t curxm,
peaky. in
Lamps, Lai terns and Chandeliers„
NL Corner Fourth and Cherry sts.,
UrJIVING enlarged and improved their store,
and having the largest assortment of lamps
in Philadelphia, they are now prepared to tar
nish Camphinc, Pine Oil,
Ethereal Oil, Phosgene Gas and Lard Oil.—
Lamps. Lanterns of all paterns, Fancy Hotel
and Hall Lamps, Chandeliros, Girandoles and
Candelabras, and Brittania Lampe,at the man.
ulacturers lowest prices. Glass Lamps by the
package, at a small advance over auction pti
cos. Being large MA ly UPAWFURERS of
Pine Oil, Burning Fluid, Ethereal Oil, Alco
hol and (the only true) Phosgene Gas, they can
furnish these articles at such prices that Mer
chants will find it to their advantage to buy.—
Call betore going elsewhere, if you want bar
gains. Also the Safety Fluid Lainp for sale.
October 5,1853—1 y
Cheap Watches IP Jewelry.
d li AL .. "l, \ at the " Philadelphia Watch
and Jewelry Store," Number
96 North Second Street, corner
Ak 4 of Quarry, Philadelphia.
Gold Lever Watches, lull
10.efiFattiC:. jewelled, 18 carat cases, 620,00
Gold Lepi..,e, 18 carat cases, 624 00
Silver do jewels, 9 00
Silver Lever, full welled, 12 00
Superior Quartiers 7 00
Gold Spectacles, 7 00
Fine Silver Spectacles, I 90
Gold Bracelets,3 00
Undies' Gold encils, 1 00
Sikier Tea Spoons, set, 5 00
Gold Pens with Pencil and Silver fielder, 1 00
Gold Finger Rings 373 cents to $8 ; Watch
Glasses, plain, 121 cents t Patent, 181 ;'Lunet,
25 . ;_other. articles in proportion. All goods
warranted to be what they are sold for:
sept77l• Successors to 0. Conrail.
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers and
Lepines,still lower than the above prices.
Located No 127 , Baltimore Stied, Baltimore, Md.
The ostensible object of this Institution is to
place in the reach of individuals proper facili
ties for obtaining a thorough and prsctical
Atercentile Education. Lathing indeed has
been omitted that is calculated to produce the
desired result.
The rooms of the College are well fitted up,
conveniently arranged, and situated in the
most desirable part of the City. Connected
thereto is a Commercial Library, and this, in
connection with familiar Lectures on Commer.
cial Law and Mercantile Science, is a matter
of the highest importance to all who desire to
become Accountants of the first order, and oc
cupy stations of profit and responsibility. A
young man can here obtain a more correct
knowledge of general business matters_in a
few weeks than can be acquired in as mtiny
years in any one Counting Room.
The course of study embraces Double Entry
Book keeping, and its adaptation to vedette
departments of Commerce and Trade, Moreau
tile-calculations taught according to the most
approved methods. Practical Penmanship, com
bining rapidity' of execution with beauty of
construction. Lectures on Mercantile Law,
upon various important Mercantile subjects
beside many other points necessary for a book
keeper or business man, to- understand. , The
time necessary for an industrious student to
complete the course varies from 5 to 8 weeks.
There being no vacation, applicants can enter
at any . lime and attend both day and evening.
Examinations are held nt stated periods, and
Diplomas awarded to those who g• aduate.—
For terms, &c., write and have a Circular for
warded by mail:
March, 23. 1853. ly.
- •
•a. E. GOULD,
[SUCCESAOR TO A. F.1.07`,)
No. 164 Chestnut St., Stuaint's Building, Phila.
EIXN EN SIV E Music Publisher, and Deal
er in Musical Instruments of every
Exclusive agent for t to sale of Millet, Davis
Ed Co's Patent Suspension Bridge /Eolian And
L. GilbertEalloudoiO Pianos ',Helotloons, Mar
tin's Guitars, Harps, Violins, Shoot Music,
Music Hooks, &c.
Rosh:lento of the country will be supplied by
mail or otherwise ,wlth music. they may wish,
as low as if purchased in person. Having one
of the largest stocks in the United States, I
feel confident of satisfying all who mayilfavov
mo with a call or order. -
Heelers in Music supplied on the most 'fibers
terms.- Pianos to let: Second-hand Pianos to
sale. .ma, 20 1899 ly)
- Store, 20, &lat.; Phila.
Morocco Msnulaetttrers, Carriers, Importers
Commission and General Loather Business,
Plllandamory. 15 Margaretha streot.
To Builders & Houskeepers.
THOSE who are building, or about corn
manning himsekeeping will be sure
find at all times an assortment to ardent from.
Locks of oil sorts and sizes, with brass, argi'
10, mineral and white knobs, aith japanned
plated fudniture. butt hingps; east and wrong!,
window glues from Bxlo to 20x16,bolta,serev
&c. Sac. You who aro about to be marriod a,
going to housekeeping, we have, everything'
please. each as fancy waiters and . troys ' War '
handled knives and forks; in setts or by tl ,
dozen, common ,kmves and forks, butler knlv
with plated and ivory handles frying and bro,,,J
pane, smoothing irons, tubs, churns, Zfe,
. ;41arch 9.1e53.
Atiinvaluable , Ronedy for all
,Scrofulou: Lis
eases, Adigestion, Salt Rheum, Sick head
'ache, Cancer, Nursing Sore -Mouth,
and General Debility, and as a •
Purifier of the Blood it is
The Rock Roan has gained a reputation at
borne and abroad, which no oilier medicine
bps CVQr_ done in the enure-iength of time.
According to the opinions of eminent Physi
cians, the Rock Rose Plant is unequalled 'in
Curing Scrofula in its Various i'Orinsl
(Pastor of the 2d Ruptist Chureh,New London
Ct..) relative to Myers' Extract Rose.
• To The American Public.
As my name Ins been used in connection
with recommendations of Mr. Myers' Ruck
Rase Syrup, in various advertisements'by the
manufacturer, I beg leave to make the follow
ing statement with reference to my acquaint.
mice with the remedy and tests to which 1 have
subjected it, and the reasons for having intro.
duccd it to the notice:of private friends in the
community hi which I reside, long before the
medicine was advertised. I wake this state
ment freely, because I have, as a principle,
withheld my name from all patent medicines,
and sedulouslyAbitTiined from recommending
them to the public, believing them frequently
the spawn of quackery and humbug, and as
tending to increase, instead of lesbening human
disease and suffering. Such, I fear, is the
character of a large portion of the patent pana
ceas of this medicine making age. "Their
name is legion," and from ,their influence, sa
from the demoniacal spirits, we have reason
to pray for a safe deliverance. •
The First Ttuf.l had myself suffered oc
casionally with sudden attacks of Sick Head
•ehc, and Billions Diarrhea, and I hod sought
a great variety of curative agents to but little
purpose; and suffering from this disease (diar
rhea) at this time, I determined to test the new
Syrup first upon myself. The results were be
yond my expectatiend. it was a powerful
alterative, and the morbi,' action of the s , stem
was changed, and the functions of secretion
were restored to a healthy state. it gave tone
and elasticity to my system, and corrected the
derangement of the digestive organs, and gave
me that inestimable blessing—health. This
test was not determined in a week, or a month;
but I took four or five bottles in perhaps as
many months. Since that time l'have suffer—
ed but slightly from these derangements. My
Sick Headache is entirely Cut ed.
Other Tests.—Fiailing this medicine so use
ful to myself, I at once gave it to several inva
lid friends. About this time, I was earnestly
solicited to give advice in reference to a child,
some eight years of age. This child was
severely afflicted with a Scrofula humor, of a
very severe typo, the humor showing itself on
all parte of the surface, and then suddenly dis
appearing. The child was very sick, and it
was thought doubtful whether she would live,
The humor resembled black specks of mortified
flesh. In addition to some other remedies, a
gave the child ties Syrup for about six weeks,
whan she had sufficient strength to go out to
school occasionally. The swelling of her limbs
ceased, and she was restored to health. The
family feel that they owe her life, with G...d's
blessing, to my remedies.
• This test satisfied me that the Rock Rare
possessed specific powers for 'Scrofulous hu
mors. • 1 then tested it in cases of Cutancols
Eruptions, in Measles, Chicken .Pox. Cancar,
Sure Mouth, Erysipelas,Salt Rheum,
In all these ruses with perfect success. .elflal
testing this Syrup for more than a year, I
wrote Mr. Myers (October 7th, 1850) cnthusi.
saliently, not expecting my letter would he
published, that his Syrup was a " Pankorite,"
all.healing, and 1 gave 'him the result of its
operations in several instances. 1 stated in
that letter that "it was invaluable as a remedy
in Cutaneous Eruptions, Erysipelas, Salt
Rheum, end etherdisorders', included in the
varied family of diseases known ae Scrofula,
Sr.e.: that in Dyspepsia it acted with wonder—
ful efficacy." My opinion of its value tor the
above named diseases, remain unchanged, and
the same as when I wrote Mr Myers in Oct.
1850. 1 do not recommend it for all the ills
of our suffering humanity ; but !unhesitating
ly say, that as a remedy for Scrofulous affec
tions I believe it superior to any known cura
tive agent.
it has been, sufficiently tested by domestic
practice to establish its adoption to extensive
usefulness in mitigating bunion suffering:and
rental ing diseases.
But What is the Rock Rose?
'The following history of the . Rock Rose
plant and its medicinal properties, we lake
from the New Haven Palladium, March 1852.
The increased interest manifeked in the
Rock Rose plant, in consequence of the m a ny
wonderful cures effected by Myers' Compound
Extract of Rock Rose,' calls for d brief history
of it, in order to correct any errono r Is opin
ion that may have been entertainodr camera
ing it ; and also to set in a true light the na
ture of a plant which promisee to be univer
sally beneficial.
"We are indebted to the United States Die
peneatory of 1847, for the following deserip
lion of it :
", It is entirely different from the common
Rosa. It is a red-stemmed, oblong leaf plant,
having a bitter taste. In addition to remark
able peculiarity of the plant, of hearing two,
crops of flowers in one season, it also has ano
ther interesting and beautiful properly. ,;,
4Pr. Eaton says, that in the months of Nris
vember and December, he has seen hundred
ot these plAnts, sending out near their roots,
broad, thid;curvod ice-crystals, about an inch
in breadth: which melted during the day, and
were renewed in the morning. For a more
minute and aulhentical description of it, the
reader is referred to Torrey and Gray's Botan
ical works.
Its Medical History and Properties
Are. far the most important, since upon those
depends its value to the community. Dr, Lou.
don says that in 1799, it was so valuable in
England, that it was cultivated from seeds.
Ever since 1806, Professor Ives of Yale Col
lege, has habitually used it with_great success
n Scrofula and Chronic diseases, anti through
him its virtues were maild known, until, as Dr.
Tyler says, i! it is now Im this section (New
Haven) a common article in domeetic practice.
for the cure of Scrofula and Cutancoual - dis.
eases." "
Dr. Whitlaw.o Scotch Botanist of notoriety,
while travelling in America in 1814, learned
its use in Canada. Rctuining to England. he
employed it in medicating "his bathe, which
became greatly celebrated for the cure of simi
Dr. J. H. Thompson, of the same place, pre
scribed it in bud spies of Scrofnlous patients
at Willa' Hospital. His success Attracted the
attention of senior physicians, He reports the
• following remarkable cane of white swelling of
the hip, in February, 1814:—The lad' was
seven years old, and had the disease three
years. The bone was dislocated both Upward
end outward. There was a large opening in
the hip leading to the hone; into which I could
thrust my finger. I counted Him ulcers. Ile
had been under several physicians, who had
given him up, I ordered a decoction of Reck
Rose.• In two days his night sweats ceased
I then ordered a teaspoonful of Rock Rose three
times a" day. Thirty.aine days after he wan
entirely well.
Dr. Welsh, of Madison, Ct., jestifiee•to the
value„of Rock Rose, as evinced in the euro of
numerous, eases of the Scrofula, cap:daily in
ManucActured by.lV'm Fronfilin & Co.. New
Ilavem Ct.
* Mr. Warren, though a minister of the Pos.
pet, hoe for a period 'of IS yours, given atten.
Lion to the subject of medical science, to qual
ify him to administer to the sick, in connection
with his pastoral duties. , -
Ner London. April 2, 1853.
Agents rn Cumber/and County.:—.S. W. Ma
rwick.. S. Elliot and W. A. Kelso, orlislci
Haverstick & Strohm, Kingstown; J. Swisher.,
Mechanicsburg ; M. Sillier, Shiremanstown;
Eppley ,& Ernst, Cedar Spring; J. Dighem
Sterrott'a Gap; Thomas ,Greason, Plainfield
3. U. Heron, Newville ; J. 11. Wiley, Green
Spring ; Wherry & Eisenhower, Newburg ; W.
D. E. Nays, Shipponsburg ; Russel & Dice;
Dickinson ; Alexandra & (Stunt's, Papertown.
Dr. L. 11; Lenher, Churohiown.
hake's Vegetable Compound,
volt TIIC cunr. OF
Is performing more tooliderAl ewes than any
other medicine yet known or Befo re the piddle,
The prcprintor has in his possession numerous
certificates., narratiog the
21.stonishing and Miraculous Caves! .„
effected by this medicine,nod Ail erts :mewl(
the 'following only, to assole those n for are so un
fortunate to he afflicted %%jib the terrine lisease
heretofore regarded incurable, that LAXE's pre
From Mrs, Brooks, witlotf Itlaj. Jas. Brooks,
late of Conneaut, ft.
CONNEAVT, Feb. 3,1853.
Mr. Z. Letts:—Sir: Please send MC alibi her
bottle of Fit Aledichie, as 1 ito not like to Le
without it on band. hen 1 commeticigil git ing
the medicine to my son Edgar, he bad from our
to three fits per day. He has now taken the me
dicine over five months, and bus bad, I think, but
two litsjA; that t me, and those very light.' His
body-dud mind arc very much improved; and by
the blessing of God, I feel, that the medicine will
restore his body and mind to their touted activi
ty. Ile is 2.8 years old, and has had fits over 12
years, which have been very frequent, and very
destructive to Isis constitution and mind. Hun
dreds of dollars have Vemaexpended for medicine
to "CUILE rrrs," but nothing has relieved him un
til he used your medicine. Respectfully yours,
From Judson Landon, County Superintendent a
the Ashtabula County Infirmarv.
KIiCiGSVILLE, Feb. 4, 1853.
Mr Z• LANE—Sir: I'lease send a few more
bottles of your t'Ftt Medicine ;'' I mny not need
it, but think safer to keep it on hand. Your me
dicine has done wonders. I gate it to Miss Jane
Delano ; she has had fits for 26 years, brought rn
by having the measles tt hen but four }cars old,
which could not be brought out to the surface.—
After taking the medibine it few days, stir nen A
runt CROP OF 31Eiti.Liti, soil has had no fits since.
She hail fits or symptoms almost daily. She and
her father concur with me in saying that we he -
lieve the medicine hos °lrwin work a perfect core,
I also gave the medicine to Miss Jane ll•mtler
son and Ails Corby, who have had fits almost
doily, for a number of years. Their fits hove
ceased, and I believe the medicine will have the
desired effect. Much money has been expended
by the friends of the above patients for doctoring,
all to no purpose. The cure was left for your
medicine to perform, and I can cheerfully recom
mend it as n valuable discovm y. Respectfully
Superintendent Ashtabula Co. lnfirniev. ,
Prepared and sold at wholesale b.) Z. LArE,
Conneaut, Ohio.
E F WELLER, traveling ageM.
Sold by S W fraverstick' '
Carlisle • E H
Thomas, Mechanicsburg ; D
W Gross, Harris
burg. Oct 5-1 r
Beecher's matchless Cordial.
THIS medicine has never known to fail in
Y. curing Cholera Norbus, in from 10 to 15
minutes• ' Cholera Infanturm or summer COM.
plaints of children, Dysentery, Diarrhea, do c.,
in from IC to 24 hours. It is certain and sufe
under all circumstances, having Leon fairly
tested in upwards [of four hundred ores with
out a single failure. Let every family provide
itself with at' least' one bottle of this invaluable
remedy. Try it, and it will recommend hell
It is prepared upon purely scientific principles,
and cannot be justly termed s evasA nit dieise,
unless science. be quackery. For Fain by
B. J.K I EFFER, Druggist,
South annoyer Street,
A few doors south of the Court House,
June 32, 1833. • Carlisle.
, for 25 cents, by means
PIUS, or, Every One
'he thirty.sixth Edi
with one hundred en
rings, showing Private
eases and 'Atalforma
ks of the Generative
tern, in every shape
form : to which is ad-
teases of Females, lu
tes. only (see page IN),
being of the highest importmiee to married peo
ple, or those contemplating marriage. By N%'
YOUNG, M. D., Graduate of the University of
Pennsylvania, Member of the Royal College or
Surgeons, London ' rind Honorary Itlember 01 the
flhiladelphia Aledicas society. The various
orint, of Secret Diseases, Seminal Weakness,
Diseases of the Prostrate Gland, Impotency, soli
tary habits of youth, are faithfully described, and
all the recipes given'in plain language. The
chapter on selfsabuse and Seminal Weakness is
worthy of prrticular attention, and should be read
by every one. Young men who have been unfor
tunate in contracting disease, pre% ions to placing
yourselves under the care of any doctor, no mat
ter what his pretensions may be, get a copy of
of this truly valuable work.
Sea Captains and persons going to sen,.should
possess Dr. Yoiing's Treatise on Marriage, the
Pocket .lEsculutlius, or Every one His own.Phy
1)7- Let no father . be ashamed to present a
copy of the Lsculapius to his cl ild. It may
save him from an early grave. Let no young
man or woman enter into the sect et oblications
of married life, witl.ont reading the pocket Los
culapius. Let no one suffering from a hocknied
cough, pain in the side ; tintless nights. nervous
feelings, and the whole train of Dyspeptic sensa
tions, and given' up by their physician, be an.
other moment without consulting the JEscnla
dius. Have the , merried or those about to he
married any impediment, read ibis trily useful
Book, as it has been the means of saving thou
sands of unfortunate creatures from the very
jaws of death. Upwards of a MILLION copies
of this celebrated work has been sold in this
country and Europe since 1898, when the first
edition was issued. . _
• Any person sending TWENTY,-FIVE
cents enclosed in n letter, will receive one copy
adds book by mail; or five copies will be sent
for $l. Address Dr. W11.11A91 YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce Street, Philadelphia," Post
. years practice in the city of Philadel
phia eeriatnly_entitles Dr. Young to the confi
dence of i 1 0 nfilicted, and he may be consulted
on any of t Ile diseases described in his (fillet Out
dublications, at his office 152 Spruce Sheet,
every day t,efusgn 9 and 9 o'clock, (Sunday': ex,
cepted) and - persons nt any distance can consult
Dr. Young 14 letter, POST PAID,
North HanoverStrcet,'andnest door to Glass's
THE undersigned would respectfully inform
the citizens of Carlisle and the public gercr.
ally, that he now has on hand a large and ele
gant asaortment of FUR N TUR E, consisting
in part of Wardrobes, Card and other Tables,
Sofas, Bureaus, Bedsteads. plain and fancy
awing Stands, dr.c. manufactured of the best
material and quality warranted.
Also a general assortment of CHAIRS 'at
the lowest. prices. l'enitian Blinds made to
order, and rerNtiring promptly attended to.
litrEoffins made at the shortest horice, and
having - a splendid hearse he will attend' funer
als in town or country.-0
Wrßememfier the stand— next door to 1 - 1.
Glass' s Hefei. . nov24 R. B. SMILEY.
rreshet Spring Supply!
17 HAVE just received a fresh stock of Med
ieines, Paints, Glass" Oil, &c., which
having been purchased with 'groat earn at the
best city houses, I can confidently recommend
Famlies, Physicians, Country Merchants
and Dealers,.aa being fresh and pore.
• DltU
Patent Medicines, Herhsand Extracts,
Fine homi mile, Spicmground and whole
Instruments,... Essences, ' .
Pure Essen". Oils Perfumery, &c.
God Liver Oil—Warranted Genuine.
Log and Cain Woods,
Oil Vitkial '
I Cdpperaa,
I Lac Dye'
Wetherill & Brother's Pure Lead, Chrome
Green and Yellow, Paint and Varnish Brushes,
Jersey Window Glass, Linseed ,Oil, Turpen
tine, Copal and coach Varnish, and Red Load.
All of which will be sold at the very lowest
market price, Alpo,a fresh and splendid as
sortmont of
Confectionary, and, innumerable other articles
calculated for use andornament, all 01 wl.ich
are offered at the lowest cash prices, at the
cheap Drug Book and Fancy-Store of the sub
scriber on North Hanover street.
May 28 1851. S. W. HAVERSTION;
' • Fish, FitiN 0 Fish !
A CuoIC4 to of N. I MACkgREL, in
EX whole, half and quarter bbla, also a lot of
new No. 3 Mackerel for sato cheap for cash 'at
the family grocery atoro of
Jnne 22.1858. , G. WILLIAMS,