Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, January 01, 1854, Image 1

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Caltailittgar ) o A 33 :Ea alitoo tir
CARLISLE linfit 11 lona
eT A %f) tyA,7- Y 1354.
old yclir fare‘‘,ll:--1 nc parting iv:lr
NVI.I , :rtILI .I[lol4 11,3 !ill
Then haste to ray the ho . ttors due
Thy young: bliCet::::9or.--11111f):eview
Beconics thy week, ere thoi: ivu•uru,
lml tiien lilw politicians turn
Ma; iu j . .ot\ cr. Nut to the dead
" :Toils" or Uaily bread;
•I L 11111 Olt pay" Ilk 114111it1.1 di:" Mt
lu r
la‘11::114 Ilattt.l , i m to utter•
iwing us bre.t•l
imy for laud un.l j , olr,
.1,,01 l OiCt care fl pinch or snuff
Cur stack 3 ( eulogistic stuff. ' .
!Lc 11%111
t la. X 1,7
W hat boots to know that snow:{ and sleet
Thy s \‘:tddlings were and winding-sheet;
That :;1p ring paid court to thee with flowers,
Ind 1-zaunner cooled thee with his showcrp,
;Itumn.brought fruit to please thy taste
'l'lll Winter laid his labors waste;
Iluit an the bell tolled twelve last night
" cut' our world and died outright?
, ors thy graver ways to scan
`..ith mighty ., l.itatqowl mighty man.
.5s King or President—gentle pates—
speech or message annual prates
glcry, self, awl all creation,
nd "universal ynnkee
ru We—windy RS they and long—
Burden, with 1111 the world, o song.
l'egio, like charity, at home,
o'er the globe as blindly roam.
• TI of this mundane, sweet Carlisle,
• 0:1 all the mundane deign to smile.
With Iliac what burgh may claim compare •
in whis-kere,l beaus and frizzled fair,
to valor, wisdom, wit and cash,
l'ects' and Editors' balderdash,
'arsons' and pedagog3tc learite.l swell, •
Doctors and lawyers up to "sell;"
i.larbers and merchants(who beside
•• , .o close can shave and spare the hide ?)
' , locket and court-house, cheek by jole,
TaverAnd church—stomach and soul,—
Bars," the bribe of political tools,
tail for rascals,— College and Schools—
That Cumberland all her scamps may send
To moral Carlisle their manners to mend,
'Xnd y neighboring States increase their gains,
Ey needful' barter,—brass
At our stone mart, whern.sage D. D's.
• Vcr musty tomes nod nt their case,
While Freshmen study, "Nst" young blades,
The nrt of wiuninx-love-sick malds,------------
Ind "spooney Juniors" - doff their books,
For novelettes and ogling looks,
tnd bristling So phs o'er " lionor Uright"
Dare all the world, cad die in fight.
Learned our bens h and learned our bar,
With crime and
u losS \ ;.f costs at war,
Yet counsellors stn edges blench
before the tavern , r, d bench ;
Justice and right 11 \ aVe \ ' L ight to fear,
,-- . .C . •
.3 'D
~ ,4 5,..., LT
ED tie Vatrons of t4t
Tut; Iltat. t.O t trt u r tutiN,is cr"nu 111!A
Aud politicians e t the Idues
O'er the ‘• prohibitory" screws ;
o'er " rights and tareling;il;teeste" drivel,
Kick in the traces (least uncivil)
And, as of Ws WO lesser evil.
Consign to the devil.
"C•ive 119 Maine Law !." the people cry,
• Constitutional flaw !” "old fogir:s" reply ;
Gp : 4 te.tut:" at each bar-ikeeper's heel:
•• Ale and I;reak'!:' ,. . 7 .yuar thirsty neck.
Vislt the... spirile. — In niagic glass,
They show the past and coining to pass,
Rap!—"presto! clIAN , ;1::" the spirits cope,
Brandy or (lin, 111,11:ye tn. Rum,
Court lips !-with love the beakers wave '
In sparkling bliss, !et fancy lave,
Then trim her plumage for the skies,
And paradise in dream arise,
Till sense returning breaks the spell,
And, as from glory Satan fell
You, too, like lightning plunge to hell.
Our Borough Council's bearer 1 "talks"
On dirt end ditches and side walks
Th' Assembly's self of Old keystone,
A thing or two', h;jitrthings were done, 4
Might teach, end our !mw-makers gladly
Might learn—they need example badly.
Too sage our borough ;" sires" for gibes,
Too honest they for trade in bribes,
Too honorable, 119 Pm a sinner,
T'invito all Maryland to dinner,
Blow off their gas in speeches fine,
Run up cool thousands too for wino;
Then leave the bill, as 'twere no matter,
Or payment might raise fuss and clatter.
T'successors, who might do the same,
And in their own hide others' elan*,
Or leave the ;Thole for men to settle
Of prompter mould andibettnr mottle.
Dear people! foot like men the bill
For legislative show and swill,
Trutiga to your plows, wield hard your axes
Dinners and taverns,—double taxes.
Our borough,'too, might teach th ; nation,
And lessons give to alFereation,
Could we our glorious way make kno
Of letting men's affairs alone,
And how we hate with curious eye
To finger everybody's pie ;
HIYW We despise the prying few
Who, restless as the Ird - flaring Jew,
Roam other towns in noisy squads,
With bats behind on ugly wads,
As if the empty house below
Needed no cover but for show.
Our new elected loco king
Will doubtless finish every thing
But, keep the "bards" and . " softs" in order,
And filibusters from thithorder,
Senate from chooging their own printer,
Mouths shut on compromise all winter,
Showing which side the fence he stands
Upon the gift of public lands,
..._ :. A • I - 1...ff
, Q AP„) rc ) \D ~- _:6 , : (: )',`, , -.-X.D - C1:7 71 Q)
nom~ sTi
)" -- 'O"6 - `,,q, 7 - 0 , :)./."....? ,.. 9' - ^ - 12-'90
4- ; '.', ,,, 0 `,.---'
1 ,3
ii i .
.5- 1 j C.,Ammtleet* 1
Highways to open to Pacific,
To States in-trade and gold prolific.
And find no cause for great vexation,
Unless it be that all creation
Won't toss up hats for "annexation." -
Owhyee, Irelavil, Atfghanistan;
Cuba, flreenland and Japan,
Whence he perchance might think it better
To send a fleet to fetch a letter.
The nine lays' wonder's" over, Frank.
Partici; will . play you many a prank.
Hold with Strong hand the guidinerein.
For you will never guide again.
While Congressmen •ivith wordy war
Keep the whole continent ajar,
Railroads cry out how Psi we go."
(Wild geese and pigeons think you slow
And, o'er the awry world's ptogressin..,
(freely & Co. hold many a session.
And t;ermany or Ireland pours
Prison and almshouse on our shore.
Woman to honors thick aspires,
Reverends, Lawyers, Doctors, Squires .
And who but may not live to see
A Presidentess'kfL.L. D." .
"Young America" rules the day,
And hastcs to do obi things away.
OF sires' Republic is no go,
And even Democracy's too slow. •
O'er empires uld hangs ruin red, .
About to tumble on their head.
The round of government is run,
Mankind's ruillenium is begun ;
And man in his own raludity manship
Dissolves for aye oppre;sion's clanship
No niers 'neath Emperor'tnd King,
To skulk a chattel or a thing ;
But without ruler, law or hook,
Patra the universe on his own hook.
.Tohn Bull exults in his domain,
O'er sea and laud extends his reign ;
While "Vic" with heirs supplies his throne,
As bees keep queens for spawn alone.
Russia and Turkey—simple gulls—
Find fun in smashing each others skull.
And while the Danube, Pasha Omar
Bestrides, lock horus withithe Czar,
Austria holds off to' see fair play,
Fearing of fight she may rue the day.
Engla4Artd France's combined fleets
Lie by to crow with the cock that beats.,
Santa Auna still climbs the tree eclat,
Aspire:4 to Nappy's coup d'etat, •
Bargains to swell his glorious reign,
A slice of national domain.
So wags the world, and so our song,
Like a dull homily too long.
Then loud your Carrier "materiel aid,"
Just for the honor of the trade,
And a twelvemonth honed he'll joy to hear
That yeq've had ,what ho wishes, A HAPPY
New Venn.
•c f -- -, ,:;,,, ,
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