Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 27, 1853, Image 1

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• ..,._.• ~ . ...,!.:., Z r...... -,- ;J., -1,,, - • --• .7 4 -:...;-., ,, 7,. —*,'' . ~*. ,•••••• , 5 , •;`2•••_•%• , ; ,, -_ :l.: .-5 - s'. . ~..4 " .1 614,4,. "2 7. I - -'s
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~_ a -,' • ~--.- • " ,0... JP .- 4-,1 1, .'9 . 7 , 7;i. ,• , .'•., . , . , .—..' - ': ----- .---..7. r . _._. •• -..•• ...•,.... ______, . --__-__• . ~,..., a-_,.____.-.---4 , .-, -,1 „ g -....•,:f ::: ~, •.!.. „ -,,„„-__,,, , : -.-_,,-_,F.,• , .
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_ •••- ,-- -•••' -.....,- •.,.•. .• -....7___-_----_ ,- -, ~ 7.„ • •'-, T '••• 0 ":••' , ,- 7 '.'t •.- • ' O k •i i. . . , ' ;:-.4.4# . , *&p.,17,r1..t r .., ~ 1 s'%; . , fr. ..,... • - _. :- ..:_=: 1.;..:a... . .. - - _. , 4 . .
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'ffi * ' ~.._ - "S' *••_. ------;7:'-- -- - --''r- V - 17 ,: ; -•=-------„,,._,--_-, , - •••
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*•; • * * * 411 •-•.., .•• t' l 4l' , Z.; -- ... . ,- ... - . , ...::11.0•••; -4 4, 4:44111' g , • 51 -' . ` .; •;--• ' • • ' "2" •• -" • .. .. . ' ` - '7. l• '-'
• z''''''''' '---- -" r., • ------ 7" - " -- ;1::.) up. ..v
• • • - • •.' • " -'; - •- - •••- ' --- • • -." - ' - z ~ •'. • •,i t . . , , ,,i '. 3 , . -r',•• , . . . i , , , y. ,- .. - i....... ,0P.--,,--- ... .
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..... • ... -
E. IFSEA:TTIr, PrePrieliw•
. Dm. x. a. iboraxs,
WILL perform , all
- "" s A' r
........„ iiro -- '°l" operations upon 'the
, `` ' Tooth that aro mot
I' 0 I I A. their preservation, such as Scalhig,Filing.
P iiriug, &c, or will restore the.loshof them,
v iii-i ,riimi, Artificial 'Peeth, from a singlatooth
t , A ' A il se tt, 10-011ico on Pitt street, a few
ours south of the Railroad Ifetel. Dr. L. Mal ,
en t the last ton dais of every month. ~
Dr. 0,1110-Xt-GE-Z733RMITZ,
•- o = -7: WILL-perform all
~ tret- W operations upon the
teeth that may be ra—
re virod for thou. preservation. Artificial teeth
usenet', from a single Moth to enentire set, of
the most soientific principles. Diseases of the
m t rth and irregularities carefully treated. Of.
fi ,e at the residence of hili••brather, on N orth
Pitt street. Carlisle
(IF['[Cl in North Hanover street adjoining
' 1 I lit. Wolf's store. Office hours, more par
ttodl arty from 7 to 9 &clock, A.M., and Irom
5 to 7 o'clock. fiunelB'9i
OFFERS his professional services' to the
people of Dickinson township, and vicinity... -
Residence—on the Walnut Bottom Road,' one
mile east of Contruvilla, fe.b2 ypd
FICS at . his residenee,.corned of Main street
and-the Pulilic Square, opposite Burkholder's
Hotel. In addition to the duties of Justice of
he Peace, will attend to all kinds of writing,
e itch as deeds, bands, mortgages, indentures,
a rticles of agreeinent, notes, &c.
Carlisle, au 8'49.
Fre - ih'' - Drugs, &c. -&c
•. f I have just received from Philadel
phia end New York very extensive
r - OF additions to my former stock, embrst•
mg nearly every article of Medicine
now in use, togetoer with .faints,
Oil s , Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soaps;
Stationery, Fine Cutlery, Fishing Taclde,
Bruhes of almost every description,. with an
endelss variety of other articles, which I am de
termined to sell at the VEP.Y townsuriees.
All Physicians, Country Merchants, Pedlars
and others, are respectfully" requested not to
thit OLD STAND, ha they may rest assured
that diFotST articlo will be liold - ofa goodqi - Wity,
and upon reasonable terms.
Main street. Carlisle.
Mav 30
WILVEXIMS dr. 13.13.0ZUER.,
trlk EALT , ',II.9 IN HARDWARE in all ita
UP variety I'm use and ornament. Also,Shoo
Findings; )rocco, &c. Glass, Oil, 'aints,
R )ele and Ride Powder, &c., Cedar Ware,
Ropes, Brushes, Trunks, Baskets end „poach
Trimmings, &v. They have on hand or will
furnish .everything in the BOOK Dad, STA•
TIONERY line. They havo• an extensive
manufactory of TIN WARE for wholesale
and rated. [louse and Barn Spouting well and
promptly done. They have, an extensive
S PO Val Warehouse, where may be found the
mist approved patterns of Parlor. Coal and
Cook itoves. 'rho public atrention is directed,
particularly to the Lilluttuator Keystono,Gpok.
Stovi, fir ails egelugivolY by them; the benv
ipai '• • , :st stove in the market. 'lt will
le.).,tri • • • iind that their Cook ,Stoves are
the cusa'• • dTcred for sale. All other oode
a) d as ;or cash, as the cheap , cheaper
cheapagi. [ Newville;sept24
HrP UB t t inier, F
r ' a 'va
e r n e aan o t w a 1
next dos4r to Trout's .Hat Store. He will at•
tend.promptly to all. the i'.iave descriptions of
paiittin,r„ at reasonable prices. The various
kin is of grainin; attended to, -such ns mnhog
any. oak, waluut, &c., in the improved styles.
Carlisle, July 14, 1852—1 y.
aaLEV:ZAWMI-Mr.. 'UP -i-L-A3VD
THE undersigned 'aro tow prepared
' t °freight
inereliandize front Phi'Wei
n 4O ak lacedlna and Lattimore, at ro
mice, with regularity
and despatch.,,,__..
13a6:y Ez C0:,345 Market Street,Thila. - '
Georgic Small, •'Small's Depo," 72 North
street, Baltimore.
THE undersigned,are now . prepared 'to freight
. morchandizo from
• Ag A ll or. Philadelphia and
'l7 -t" -; ;Vt:7l' • Baltimore, tit ra•
.ed rates, with regularity and despatch.
:',Jed, Ward & Freed, 315 Market Street ,
A. H.,Barnitz' 76 North Street, Baltimore.s
Michael iforr,North Street, Baltimore.
sopf.l2Gm ' J. &D. RHOADS.
THE subscriber • has just returned from
Philadelphia with' a %cry clioice selection of
Pearl Drab, Brown and Marbled cloth for
()vat COATS. Besides a - splendid lot of
he will make up. into coats, .psnts and vests of
,latest styles. He will also keep Shifts,
• Drawers, Under Shirrs, Shirt Collars. Gloves,
Cravats, Hose, indesd, every thing -kept to a
Gentleman's Furnishing. Store, -Having en•
gaged tlicserviees of W. •B. PARKINSON, a
well known cutter, -ho will be able .to_ _make
-.lathes to order in a superior manner. He is
determined,. not : to be excelled by any in the
county, as to . makn; material or price... Our
mkt° .13 not to be undersold by any, Give• us
a call at our store in South Hanover street,
directly ♦,opposite Bentz's store,' and .soo to.
yourselves. CHARLES BARNITZ.
n v 21,18527,0, • .
• TIII3 E sunertor scales. were . invented , by
Thomas Ellicott about 25 years ago ; they have
.bean in constant use, and now after; ,various
improvements are.offored 'b i
,tho subscribers,
and warranted-correct 'an • unsurpassed.for
atheitracy and:durahility t a er, a fair trial, it
not approved, they can .bii returned,
~,• ' •—,.
Sniles for Rail Rpads,.Canals, Hay. .Cattle,
COM, Stores, and tor. :%voighingMll. kinds of
Merchandiso, manufactured at. thp old .esialp,
lished stand, Jrinch: Street-.near ,Coates .Streeti
gsarectoorsto.Eiticoet .46bott.
"Z" ‘t 5n &k. 321Atarkot
FitANirl'orr, Poltiville.. L. •
TTTE markot prize in ,CA.911 paid
for WllEn,T4diiliyo'red at the FAnne.n'a hlrtr.
(formally Good Elope) in ,Weel. Pennaborn
tontinihm. . Af.ARPIiALL JA IVIES.:;
, . '
Waif 91FiN1r.V11 S.
_ 10 4 0.00T2 past
IHAY tr. juot opi3nod 'the largesit aes&tment
o f WALL PispiißS'etror ophmid in Qtr.
11 0 1 0 , _consisting ...of ahnutl 0,000.ia cocci tha
latest Fronell, and American ,designe r ranging
in price from 5 430 to $1 . 750tiso Window pa.
p ark, arkil Piro fictootte,-Plain preoweuni Btu!
3rei . th ,,s z , , Parsons wishing to purclmla any.
r ac - ovo can rear° at toast 25 permant
, 4 It SOHN
a. ...arra Store, Wost Side of North linnoyer
• ; . , Street Carlin...,
2t familtt riftthfurt Etrtttatigtr—Tglitir,q,
_ _ 411.•••••••••••••• , , . r , • ~ • •
, .
DRUG! - DRUGS t= DRUGS !-- '
• Fresh Spring Supply! •
li~Vki just reeeivQd a fresh stock Med•
icines„Paints, Glass, Oil, &c., which
lidiiing . been purchased- with great care at the
best city houses, I can confidently recommend
to Families, Physicians, Country Merchants
and Dealers, as being fresh and pare.
Patent Medicines, Herbsand Extracts,
Fine homi cols, Spices,ground land whole
Instruments, Essences,
Pure Esseu'l Oils 1 Perfumery, 8.7. e. , .
Cod Liver .oil—Warranted Genuine.
Indigoes,i Log and Cam Woods,
Madders, • 1 Oil Vitriol
Smile Copperas,
Alumi ' I Lac Dye' ,
Wetherill & Brother's Pure Lead, Chrome
Green and• Yellow, Paint and Varnish Brushes,
.Ic.f.sey Window" Glass, Linseed Oil, Toupee
.tine,.Copal and coach Varnish, and Red Lend.
All of which will be sold at the very lowest
market price, Also,p fresn and splendid' be
imminent or I
Confectionary, and innumerable other articles
calculated for use and ornament, f all ot -wl.ich
are offered at the lowest cash prices, at the
cheap Drug Book and Fancy Store of the sub
scriber on North Hanover street.
Mny 28 1551.. a
Wititth has just closed its exhibition, was
said to have been visited by forty thousand
persons in one day'; but a looker on estimates
the crowd daily seen buying goods at A..& W.
BEN TVS splendid
little less than that at the fair. By giving
them a call, you wiieoblige them and benefit
yourielves by saving from one two dollars
in every ton expended for goods. They are
now opening .a truly large and AGN I FT—.
CE_NT__S_T_O_ClCol_Eancy_and Staple—Dry
Goods, Groceries, Kee. ,-consisting. of Dress
Silks, and other dress goods, Bonnets, Ribons,
Alpachase Merinos, Ginghams, Flannels,
Prints, Blankets, and a complete assortment
of Hobse furnishing goods, Dress trimmings,
Laces, Mitinary goods. Clothe, Cassimeres,
Vestings, Hosiery,
..Gloves, Table Cloths,
SheetinN, Linens, Jeans,. Cords; &e. &c. The
`obey°, are only n lew - tif the endless viiriety.
To enumerate all wo.ild -- entirelk - monopolize
the columns of the " Herald." Give us a call
and you will'get cheap goads.
Oct. 27, 1952. A. & W. BENTZ.
TIIE subscriber continues to carry, on the
above business, in all itavarions branches,
in North Hanover street, Carlisle, two doors
North of Leonard'S corner, where he intends
keeping on band ageneral assortment in his line,
•Consisting-of all kinds of Irish
i • losable SADDLES, Bridles
\,,L 2 ,,,,. , \\ , martingales . , Girths,Cireingles
11 I .11 ('• - i 1 '1;1 tl i i ,l l l ; 6 ,' t r a n i v " - ..4 r1 .,
11,10 ebmiainnifualtiaadattsld,taplipTveld
• I, Snanish,SpNng Saddles, , eVig
. . ' All' u.eil 'in this, country, those
wishing a handsome, durable and pleasant sad
dle will do well to call and see them. He also
manufactures Harness, Bridles, Collars and
Whips in all their varieties, and confidently be
lieves from the general approbation of his cue
tourers„ that he makea . the 'neatest and best
gears, in alrthcir variety of breadth, that is
muds in the sonntry. 'He also makes all kinds
of Nintrasses to order, viz, Straw, Husk, Curl.
ed- Heir and Sprin g Matrasses. ''All the above
ifrtieles will be mode of the best material and
s‘r,pry,rnanship, and with the utmost despatch.
, rfklanl , l-1v W IVI. OSBORN.
MILE snbscriber codtinuesto manufacture at
„X his Foutulry in East High 'street, having
on hand a great variety of good patterns, and is
prepared to furnish IRON AND BRASS
CASTINGS, which will be executed 'to order
(if not on hand,) at the shortes! notice, such as
Cranks and Mill Gearing, Spur and Bevil
Wheels, Gudgnons Per Saw - Mills, Ike., Plough
Castings. Cutters, Point Shears, Wagon and
Coach Boxes, Spindlee, Car Wheels, Car
Chairs, &c, Steam Engines built to-order and
repaired. All kinds of inaehiffdry in Paper
Mills, Grist Mills and Factories repaired at
abort notice. Mill Spindles dressed and turned.
Also,,Horse Powers and Threshing Machines,
such as Bevel Gear Lour Horse power; Hor
izontal Gear Four. Horse Power I Horizontal
Gear Two Horse Power, Ploughs Corn Shol•
lays and Corn Crushers. Threshing machines
and Horse powers repaired and Job-Work done
at the shortest notice: Pa,terns o f different
kinds on hand and made to order.
He also has on hand a large supply of Phila
delphia and Troy Cooking Stoves, and is eon• making Cooking Stoves of various im
proved patterns, for coal or wood. Ten Plato
Stoves, Grates, &e.,
Repairing done to all kinds Of Machinery.—
All hinds of old Iron, j3rass and Copper taken
in exchange for work. -•-
THE subscribers, in addition to their eaten"
sivo Grocery, have conriected therewith en
SEED STORE, 110, Market street, near the
railroad, Harrisburg, PM, and aro prepared to
. fill all orders, by wholesale and retail, of all
kinds of Agricultural Implements, Vegetable
and Flower Seeds, &c. Country. merchants
with reasonable discounts to sell again.
Horse-powers and 'threshers, wheat•drillle
and seed.-planters„ plows, harrows anti cultiva
. tors, fodder, hay; and straw-catters : grain fans
corn elicitors, vegetable cutters, hand grain
mills, clove' shelters, 'Mrs° rakes,churns,grind.
stones and improved hanginge, ay, straw and
manure forks, termer's boilers; ox yokes and
bow, patent bow pine;. cow chains, spades, hoeir
and rekes, poet diggers, wheelbarrows, grain
, cradles, scythes and Bey thestones, potatoe drags
post augurs,' axes -and hatchets, grain bags,
grain, measures, garden trowls, .pruning and
. budding knives, grass and grain sickle", screw
wrenches.' pincers and gunblets, rat: atid.Mola
traps, cattle cords and horse brushes, curry.
empire,- garden reels, cow bolls , hiffle trees,
guano, plaster, poudrette; bone d w
ust; lime; gar-,
field and'flowei ace&• ',•' '
A leo, a large and fresh assortment of ; ORO ,
CERIES, TEAS, for cash.
40-rER &
Krt.:wain kinds meowed
tifcbange dor implements.
• AOO,l 5; 180,-7;1 y• ,
• m I,onoritra, 'Mania; lABbon,
.Thico, Port ari.Anohor brand
Citatimogno Midas. Boston 11.µtn, Gingor
•Cltorry Brandy._Ealol_Cognino._:und
park , 'llloody, Holland Gin And Wino - Bitters:
Sperm , CANDLES 310 per pound, Syrup
and. guldugtfiNlOLALSS4, Washing , Soda',
oupe:Rot ond Blook TEAS,
PrP l, 9 l P9.t ft t egalia. Cuba b CIGAII~„ For
, sate by Oho O.IC Ot rerat . ring on your moo
, on(ftry (my 26) 'Off BARN 117.- ,
, , :une4:Blick Glovcp. -
• , -altesubaciibur
wPh'Sho.9 suitable fq
;:driving glover. - janl9 W•!1/7,/1,,E,R1'.;
~ 4 WoOttwaiii dr SChngiatis
Nava CIARLISLD, $A.:1,40 ''' ' t
...I^a -
CAftLISVE; PA., WEDNESDAY:', . : APRIL 27, issa.
[From Putnam's Itlonthty - forMarch, 1853.] .
Come thiten, friends, the while I spin
A ditty otmy 'cares ;-
How years like greyhounds, swift and thin,
Are hunting all my hairs,
I could uncover once, 'tie known, '
With quite en easy air _ _
But now my Lead has somehow grown
' A harder thing to bare.
Like Alexander's is my fate—'
.Nay worse, for, ere I'm down,
My hairs, not wise enough to wait,
Fall qui about my crown..
"I strive any. stormy soul to calm
With all Abe oils I seo ,
Alas, not all Columbia's,Balm.
Brings any balm to me!
Galvanic remedies , in vain
I've used to ease my care;
They gave me dreadful shocks of pain,
But no'er a shack of hair.
Tricopheroue and Macassar ft-WIT
' Each nostrum only tends
To point anew that ancient , tale,
The hair with niany_friends.
Though orthodoxy I've professed
Since Neulit bend a knee,
Yet now I wish myself possessed
Of every hair I see.
Nay, I have stranger things than that
- -To make your eyes grow- big,— - -
:Thoughtoplanelrunting Democrat .
Dai turning to a wig.
•On science once I used to spout •
With zeal and satisfaction
But now my top-place makes_mo doubt—
Capillarx attraction.
Why, Why resist', since time the foe,
At all precautions mocks,
And,..iverel Hobbs himself,' would go
And pick my strongest locks ?
-Yen 'whet avails-it to retire, - -
And shrink from sight appalled,
When, like n•lost child by the crier,
Where'er 1 go I'm bald ?•
Besides, although my bend looks odd,
. The aocgs of many as bald aro
About a Scandinavian god
Who.certainlitivas Bandar.
BY J. M. errata!
We heard' a very gtiod story the ether day,
about the reforming-4-a drunkard; which . tre
must tell. It was related to-'us by our old
friend Col. P., who resides:at-a pleasant little
village in the interior of. our State, where the
incident occnrred. '
The tippler, whom we &helical] John Tromp,
was a, blacksmith; 'lie had married, when a.
young man, a very interesting vitiman,'wbio
bore him several children. When first wedded,
he led an exemplary life; but wild'company,
together 'with the establishment of - two -- or
three extfn grog shops about him, eventually
1 1 made of him a complete beast. •He was, in
deed, a disgusting drunkard, and his family, •
which included an old mother, wore rendered
quite destitute. Our friend Col. P., at these
arkest hours of distress was called in, but
all to no purpose; John Tromp persiiited in
his excesses, despite all his old employer could
say to dissuade lihn therefrom.
At last the Colonel hit upon an expedient,
which he thought would cure him. Before
calling at his gloomy house one day, - ho pur
chased a strong cord, and put it into his pock-
"Where ie your husband 4". said he to his
wife; on entering the garden fronting the
blooksmith'a house.
"Oh," replied the Unhappy 'woman, "he
is in the garret." .
- "Miserably 'drunk, rpresuine, of course,"
quoth the Cu'.
A nod of assent from the . wife, was all the
reply which her broken, Wounded spirit would
permit her to make. u ,
Up stairs went:,tte Colonel, and down eat
he by the side of the - sot, who was brightening.
up 'a little after an unusual debauch. The
Colonel saw this, and thought him oil such
account all the better fitted for his purpose.
We give the intorvievi - as it-took niece: .
"Well, John,"-said the Colonel, "you have
had another frolic I"
"Yes," replied John, "if you call taking
a glass with one's friends a frolic." •
"I do .call it suoh,":rojoinod tho' . COlottoi ;
" I 'call it more, a• verY • disgrattoftii, criminal
act on your part, thus to negiera" , oui faithful
'wife, your poor old tnothor, tad those darling,
children. But,'' ho added, "I sob there.le
no hopo for you; all your friends despair of
your ever being, a decent -man again ; no ono
expects to seq,e9u . the' active, industrious.
workman you once were ; no one expects to
seethe smoke rising again from the chimney
of your little smithey,_ where you earned so
many honest dollars,- before you gave yourself
up for rum; no one expects again to bear the ,
merry ring of.yrair hammer on the anvil.":
-Dere, John rose up on,hie arniouid with
looli•of distress inquired 7 :-,;.: ' ••
• . 4 f Why, not, Colonel ? have only takett'a
little too much lately—„perhaps." • : . • •
-"Stop, John,,r ,cald.the Colonel, !"bear me
through; themis no hopo for you.; I had an;
object coming, b _your 4 wifo . and mother
love you, John ;
, those, dear little ohildren,love.:l
you ; but they, would rather yott.:
were dead? yes, a corpse,. pad; laid.
burying. ground, than „ you • continue r
your present 'earecr.,;•Nowi.l. have- brought
- the moans whereby you can .relieve, them . of !
this etornalsorrowingAnd mortification: :They
will mourn your loss for a few dap, and thew.:
rejoice? Join:N.6ra yotkare . gotiCJE: ,, l
".Wby, Colonel, in the name. of beaven what
do ' , ratios= TV,asked..;John, leaning-toward
the oldflentleseanrair-hraspoke, nod revery
stunt talking more:and :nioro It 'sober
ritaan," 'replica The-Colonel ? ilait you
id - ere - elf in rind
li(3"Coloabf ibiieed'ilia'ebra' at john i e - ibet P On'
ail ire ho D
1 *(1 . do
o i t • .1.. - `!t;"'elioil'fecY `. ° ~o&u;° .
uui lug" .
: 74 . 6 1 ) I;( 10 411,6 0 1 , 1 1;erdd the Col o nel,
4, you Must do it, 'I will hi o carp - foryour
pbof old , mother,' dedently_ the side'of:your faller;-that
John, was se bright , end - al6log e:ample
for you, but whose memory , b , ou have by your
conduct spit upon: Twill o'foihe and feed the
widow, aye, John, hid gets v ti-iood hus
band; one who Will'talre'ettie of her. T will
be a father to tessie,land*ary, and Jany,
and Johnny. Nobody thinte'you fit to live,
eo goiibout - the isidrk - of denfit — nt 01190 . ; throw
themord over the team'tlie4;'nfter you haVe
tied ono end of it to'your btpk, you.know the
rest, John."'
4. , I won't do it," slid Jo ht; ""do you think
I'mmad, Col l hang inyeeli •
. -
" You'll make a, had looltil)g corpse,"cooly
responded ' the'Ool.; '" but 'itobody. - wants to
look into ridrUnkard'S cold i nobody wants to
attend a 'drunkard's funeral we skill 'bait!
have.yoU nailed up and buried 'as quickly no
possible, Your poor widow and children, and
mother, will'prefer this."
John was now-wrought uplo a most dread
ful I:itch.."P won't hangMryself!" wildly
exclaimed' he, "I won't WA drunkard! no,.
I'll work-my hands to the -hnne, for Mother;
and wife, and children." - • ' .
• Haying this bet•an' down stairs into his little
'e,olithey, lighted tip his firs; and from that
time the merry ring of the hemmer has been
heard from early in the moriing until late in
the, afternoon, Ho never kits time to visit
grog shope, o for when he is net at work, which
is - on - Sundays and duringlhe - eveningthe
passes his hours. happily ;the bosom of his
- What a- wretched, :iiiisguating,-)aly
John he once was! What ti merry-hearted,
The year 1799 was -• in f ils last month ;
Washington had nearly completed his sixty
eighth:year_;. the century w# fast drawing to
- a olose, -- andWith - it - this - gretit intin's-life.--Yet
the "winter" of his age - had, snows
shed its
"So kindly" upon him as t o nellew without
impairing his fatlities, both' physical , and
mental, andto giire fair promlowof additional
length of days. . '
Nor wee Washington unmi n dful of the sure
progress of time; and, of hit; liability to be
called at: . any moment 'to ..aat. benine from
which-'no traveller returns!" He bad for.
years kepfd'wilf by Mid, add, after : reatare
reflection, had so displosed c4iiii Lirgo_proper
ty as to be satisfactory to hi self and to the
many who . were so Tortunote.'iiihappy'as to
share in his testimeatkry real mbranee., -
The last days; like ' Was ..t.that 'Preceded
them:in the coarse ef.),...:1n well:4ll4i
life, were' devoted to teinttan add useful em
. .
ployment. "After the" deem, l eieroises of the
morning in attention to agrioidture, and rural
affairs, in the eieriing oaineibe' post-bag ;
loaded with lette'rs; paPere:andl Pamphlets.-- ,
His correspdndence, both at }levee and abroad
was immense ; yet was It promptly and fully
replied to; No letter was unnitiwored. One
of the best bred 'men of his time,, Washington
cleaned it a grave (offence agaiant the rules of
good manners and propriety tiii.„'leave lettere
unanswered. Ife wrote withjgrtat facility,
and it would be a difficult matter to find an;
other, who had. writto'n' se much,;. who hen
written so well. His epistolary; writings will
descend 'to posterity as models Aigood taste;
as well as developing sirporier,P6vers of mind.
General Henry TAD onceobservedt3 the chief
"We are amazed,' sir, at the relit amount of
work that you accomplish." Washington re
plied,' "Sir, I riseat four o'clopir,, and a great
deal of my work is done whil& others are
. • _ .
' 'So punctual a mat (elighted in always hay
.IEIW about him a good'timekeeper. In Phila.
ddelphia_the first President .regularly walked
up to his watolimalser's • (Clarke.':iiit Second
street,) to compare hie watch' WitUthe . regulal
ter.. - At MounVTornon :the nettle; _Yet
ways punctual: farmer, invOoMi consulted
the dial' when ,:returning 'frourAls morning
ride, and beforo.ontering his house.
The affairsof the household tool order from
the. master's accurate and methodical "''art
rangement of time. rhea the fishermen on
the river watched , fOr the coidee,
topullM shore, se as to deliverikkiicali pro ;
duets in time for 'illation,:
The AstablislUnent. of htount, - yernon em
ployed a perfect army of. ,erlkofte„; lett?
each one'was assigned certain specialdottae,
and these were regidiedto he : .steletly, per.:
formed. . Upon tite , extensivesstagtillnema
rigid disolfdine,, ,without., arferti. There
could be no confusion 'where plt . ,,Fas . order ;
and the affairs of this : vast ooseesp,': orahrao 7
fug thousands of nerds, and hundreds of de
pendants vreroOonduoted:witia tuOnaoh case,
method and regularitrnei the iiiriltivt an or:;
dimity hoMestead: •
Wrishingten,,. anaegoioPlfshild:VlNia.
io housewife ' Of the 'olden - Alma. pro her eon
itarit atteatlon;;O. all,saatters'of,hrii domestiO
leasehold, ri'dd,: !Hu 'shill arip'erliii:
mariogement, `Rioatly ooutiliiitetr.;tt the eom
foitable' reeeptleit' had'ebtertaii4e the
crowds of guests always to hol'fotitici , is 'the
hospitable tnanslen,efl%lpupt
Invariably yiqatand ;clean ' iphi9 person; wYth
clothes'of the old.foshioned outcto4,.triride
the 'best - materiels;'.:Weeriingtoo‘fequired !gas
Watling upon thon:any man ot:hia: , ajol,aml con:
_ditlea,la theivok:ld rit.`,
teride'd hs. rocria:4R . hfash, hii,plolhov, :0 0 0
and lie MS hair,(whleh , ,beestinel thiu hvbie
If);Ital 'eldifoshlririe'd. !peed, and
RPYfflOrt) 4 4 4 (9 011ing0!ItiP;# 1 11iai
vials of .thhiLloilet:::;T toiletliilelev,hicale him ?
aid; ifiot
Per, VeJet.. lll ° JP!'"
preciouv : thiteeto.anithifig„relutivetiihispgreon,
00 1 03 3 9; '
to ivoilr without ,diaturbiog:tioislumhers 0f. , h111
numeroushouseholtl •
;In th'e' last dpys of Mgtinl err°rlY4llelrle of
slaps, , rdepsarilly; iholaopFral .. prO9FOII,. fro!)
thotleith two hortiooof llarNarrattataiitthreett;
4adip ! i , ;
,hutwkro,wwir hf twkth4Fe!rocof unfit fen
in his tl e i d kt ° 14Pect-hisiimProiliPteAnWl,o*
'.7::*iit,4lf. - tti' : it i ..:'-: . s:iiiitt - h:;o:.,'lie.il4-,, : ,;.;.,
one of these horses-the Geneeal sustained a hest=
.vy fall, probably the only fall how;er - had from
_a borseln his life - . 1-11 was in November,.late in
the evening. The General, accompanied 'by
Major, Lewis, Penke, (a gentleman residing
in the neighborhood,) the author of the " Rec
ollections," and a groom, were returning from
;Alexandria to, Mount. Vernon. Having
. halted
fora few moments; the General dismounted, and
upon rising in his tirrup again, the Narragan
aett, „alarrned at tlie.glare.from.a_fire__near the
road-side, sprang from under his rider,' who
Came heavily to the grOund. Our saddles were
empty in an instant, and we rushed up to
give our 'assistance, fearing lie was hurt; it was
unnecessary.. The , vigorous old man was uptin
his feet again, brushing the dust from his clothes;
and, after thanking us for our prompt assiatance,,
observed that he was not hurt; that- he had had
'o very complete tumble, and , that it was owing
to a cause that no horseman could well avoid or
control r that-he was only-poised in his stirrup,
and had.notiet gained his saddle when the -sca
ry animal sprang from under him. Meantime
all of our horses had gone off at full speed. It
was night, , and over four miles were to be won
ere we.could reach our destination, The chief
observed that, as our horses had disappeat:ed, it
only remained for us to take it on foot, and,
with manly strides led the way. AVe had Oro
ceededibut a short distance on ourmarch,.ns
dismounted cavaliers, when, our horses hove 'in
sight. Happily for ns; some of the servants of
_Mr._P_ealte,_whosejdantation _was hard by, in
returning home from their labor, encountered
our flying steeds, captured them, and brought
them to us. 'We were - speedily remounted; and
Wunt seen
soon lb
glimmering in the distance
It pleased Providence to permit the beloved
Washington to live to witness the fruition of his
Mighty labors in the cause of his country and
mankind, while his suceesi in 'the caini and
honored Pursuits of - agriculture and rural affairs
was grateful to his , heart, and shed the most
benign and happylnfluences upon the last days
at , Meant Vernon,—Custis's Recollections and
Prioate..ilfem . oirs of the Life and Character of
Man is 'ever satisfied with his lot. The
- heart , demands something more, 'something
higher, something better, :whateverblessingeit•
may already enjoy. Tho scriptural Adam and
Eve are typical of the human race, The Gar
den of Eden is ours: we bask in its sunshine';
its fragrant goistexamre elf around us :
fuliruics invite, us to-partake,of- their riches.
I Well were' it for - the physical framti,•lf:`'we
knew of no fruit forbiden us to. taste. But
what is beyond our reaoh,tempts us more than
anything else ; and in obtaining it, we, exile
ourselves,from Paradise: Remcirselbe our
transgression, is the flaming sword that pre
, •
vents our return.
Children are not contented with their young
feet, which failed to overtake their four 7 footed
pets in the chase. They wish to scale the'.
like birds. Every boy has at 'some time at
tempted to fly from agate post. We remember
when; a mere child, we foorsook all our toys,
to look out of our window at night. and weep
because we could not grasp. the stars in our
baby fist. Men ere always trying to fly, and ,
reaching to lay 'hold of the girdle of Orion,
and the mane of the Bull. • -
.. Realities never content us. The present hi
probably as fine a valley es there is in the
whole region of life. • But the woods are noth
ing but woods; shady, it is true, and gretm,
but quite ordinary. -The streams are moll
-lont,-but-we would-have beds ofpearl - in place_
of those deceitful pebbles. Ah i there must
be. better woods . end sweeter„ streams beyond .
the blue hill yowler. So wetravel; bet
soft and ,dreamy Altura beau:lmes plain and herd
reality ns we proceed. Those very rockswo
tread once looked lovely under the warm haze
Of hope; so shall the charm' of the goodly
heights' before us melt away, and show us, as .
we , climb,Aust such ledges, gnarled oaks,
chasms, • morassel,•-•wild 'pines, and barren
slopes as We hare passed; ; •
' It is not without design that nature cheats
us with these illusions. Continually striving
for more exquisite beauty and higher hoppl,
ness, ire fulfil a law. It is well that no mate
rial paradise is a etifficient paradise for us.—
In this eironutetance of hls being, the-man Alf
iers'frota the'initual.: The lion in the desert;
anutilatttger in the jangle, the ape in hie na
tive!woods, no=-aspirations chime his State;
Bathe tendency of the soul he upward, up
ward forever. What a mockery .would this
life be, if the grave were the end of all things;
if, after chasing the golden butterflies of Mu:
shin through ell our eummer dais, Death on
4, Met our embrace; if the actors in thie
ma emerged 'not 'from. behind the scenes in
their true oharacters,after thefunctral curtain
falls upon 911),lillt not. . •
What !dearth, - eexten—A pine() to dig graves;
What Ist earth; rich ,inati•A ; place to.mork
slaves ; •
What Is earth, grey beard-4 place to prow
4ith ? misei4 - 4 plane to.:(114 . 40141';'•
yhrititrearike9hoofboi-7.ipliioo for key play;
!Lit place'to be gay;
What' le earth, pettaiatiose—A place I
t troop;' , •
WhatAft' earth, sluggard—:-k good .plaoo' to .
Whatia earth, Boldier4. play° for u, battle;
Walt is earth,.hordstaan—A place , te.raloo
eattlfi l l , , ; 14 , 17.
Fbat corgi. wiplr . .- r-A pinto of true BOttlln
!hat. :Atlllib t t,tWiePlllllll,-- 7 411._30ii Eton to-
!hat to etirth, eiglt man-4-'ila:nothitt#:tto me;.
'What is' eartiq hotoe•le,the pet . r,p
7hAtl is: 4 4 1111,,,atateautaa r . 7 4, , :p1att0; to
iyhtit:la earth, author—l'll write therm ray:
I .9 • 11, ' ,11 .
*htie, 18 7 eililhi_Ollii6iirgitit24/o?Aat 9 ,l'fiiY • ti
' The New York Thriee, in an ankle . on Steam
and liont,-givea thtifollOwing,graphte piOuro :
'And VrhO' Write: 'the 'biography of
Steam ,itself,,that giant of the nineteenth con. ;
tury—and the only full-grown giluit the 'world'
has seen ; for tho giant that is to be, is yet
a babe, its bones still in the gristle, and rook
ing in its cradle of the grave scarcely, yet con- •
scions of existence denied by many credulous,
The old'giant will die slowly. Ho will not
willingly surrender the eoeptro of porier. It
will be' no easy thing - tolvueh'him from the,
stage. His grasp on the sources of vitality
is not to be relaxed• without a struggle that
will startle the nation. His claims upon our
gratitude will summon us to,his
.resoue. He
has borne us through storm.. Insensible to •
cold, wo lfve seen him all night (Mattering
the snow that blockaded our With his
mouth full of 'fiN, aid his nostrils expanded_
with smoke, we 'have heard him laugh dellant-;
ly at the solistio rays that would have • melted
any. other laborer. He has ploughed hih, way
through the billowy brine for millions of miles,
and interchanged for' us the products of the
globe. lie has spanned:thevarth with bridges.
He has entered the feotory,'• and, seizing the
central crank, has plied its complicated 'ma
chinery with inconceivable velooity anclpower.
He has multiplied our thoughts in newspapers
and books; and shot them through tho world.
Ile has bored his way through rook and moun
tain, and left an avenue for the passage of
commerce. He has ground. the grain of con
tinents and oarried it to meet the 'necessities
of Man. He has clenched the tough quartz,
and crushed it in . his.iron Set, has compelled
it to surrender_ the golden treasure it so tight
ly held, He has lifted and excavated, planed.
sawed, and hammered, and yet with infinite
and etherial delicacy, he has pointed the finest
needle and drawn the metallic lhreadB.
No labor -was too undignified for_him to per
form—no task too heavy for him to accomplish,
Ho delights in ~noise, and dirt, and soot. and
smoke. -He is not afraid of hie dainty fingers.
Whatever wa&to'be done, there was his home.
Whenever a difficult job was placed before him
his iron muscles fairly' thrilled with joy. A
rare old Titan was lie, and well might our eyes ..
bedew with tears to see him stripped of his
authority and Tower, and sepulchred in the
past. Letit be our consolation that an ex
pensive ally has gone. and &cheaper one has
'come.- In the few years of •his wonderful ac-'
tivity he has devoured our forests ; not merely
grated upon their leafy. boughs, but masticated
trunks and all. Such provender.we could af
ford his multiplyingjaws but little longer.—
Holnte, - indeed, 'began . to eat Ws way,inte,
thee& treasures - Comlnnition which Proyi;
donce has stored under oni hills. Let us re
member, too, that he was ,a most destructive
agent., lie oared little for Minton life. One
o'f Lis boilers be . sometimes' thenght.worth,a
hun3r4lives. tie has s trewn our rivers
tiones='idnt many' a in . tin to the home of thi
whale and the shark, and sometimes shaken,
a.boildiog into' ciin Opon . its hapless tenants.
The following'whieh we copy from BreCh's
Bobk of Flowere," ie 'soiled to the sedeoii;ritid
we, therefore, commend it to our lady react.
. 4 To raise your sowol3, variong arts combine;
Study these well, and fancy's' tight decline;
If you would have a vivid, vigorous breed,
Of . every kind,^examine the" seed ;.
I.earn to what elements your plants belong,
What is their ornantitutian, weak-or strong;
•Be their physician, careful of their lives,
Aid see that every species daily thrives.;
TIAI2 , love much, air, 'those on much earth
rely,.- - •
These, without Impotent warmth, decay and
Ain; •
SuPpry the. vvante - of 'each; and they will pay,
; For eiolt.auchtee4lng
44 1% select the most - desirable plants, and
to arrange thenrivith:
extensive knotaledge: of the 7 floral ,Merlons:
The: of•flovroring taiiiit be knOivn, the
height, hardiness; habits, odors; 'SM.; also the
effect of thaeiambination of:different
sd tlibt the plants . may be arititigedin still a
"manner tie to: produce thelappieet'effect. '
'Soma perionianalone for a'great variety,
erawd•tem Many plants in a small'itrnee eon- .
sciquently haiO othing in' parieetlmi.. This
is, ton (often the - .Mum - with 'young 'beginners,
and it itilnot iineetrinion to See the small patch"
devoted to flowereras unsightly as if it were'
filled with weeds; -'lt • iti• mkt' better toe:
. b
confined te'it'feif fine varieties and 'cultivate
them well, than 'to parent) the. eiateiess -style
which is frequently seen in thellower garden;
or. what is denominated atituch." '
• Tnon.—A riter in an exchange' etrikes, at
the.p.rofligaoy and etlhaitziao.Y.of tho tltnea as •
' "There are thonennds of young moo going, spending:their:oMo hi oheW.
bug :ordrinking, or other pureulte ai Profanes,
while their heads areas - empty 'as! puff
end their mind, have ecaroilkstriiigth
to count nlinndrod' without fassietanoeintid
yet; after awhile; these same young gentlenien
will be complaining that they lied' never thin
shidy.l: • ,f;
Tire re many Young 'idle's, ivbeeit mind "
our:draur ng rooms.end parlomend laugh iind
oliat;`akul dance add and,erY Mad tall In. ' 1
Icive;i(ividle their po'or mdbere •'ero I .i/oohing
,diehlmi t hd Oorubbing,) - and. fall' oat Bliult6r 4.
and...broalc,their little , hearts, 'yet amid never..
get litap, to road or study—save to .shed tears
pter eonab love, etory-4and who searoal:v kilo* `'
ullether the moon goewround the earth or ibuy,
4rt.lx.round,l6 irebop 'whether
1i fore or after *the llood,lir whether Graegi is j
in Europe or:AmertelV,;'S"7
Dar, 4049.1 1 erA VkI;?noPWAVO -14 a, i plig l ; ! .
ai9kaktigktis 0.4'0:.a 0 0 0,deel ;Mt Veetly-rnedu, ,
ocideg, 010y,feidgre Ilt;ilicce yrbe Rot,littuu..: l ,
PO ZAtiPS: D . 19,1 A g en F- 43' ' inligTit , 111 U/' " D V' ',
14 44 A 95,49901104 MOD , to, AO boirite'p 11
4101.9ffitrit*Ie.M.0PYI!bVIODIo olct
fag 0 ,
Iho.wou!d , muoh prefer the more producible'
fm ea t s oraisionier cutteetilird; Riches are
etilbutawlth,4erflittli , diliolitiliiiiileg-a
o'ePeut mbee:r4 lAtiperir tiequireiKeetintioii 111
Ireirlieei tr beifuire lei tlid yetlirtiJ 434'1464 i:.I
ininiotbriiine,teloesi lioliitirolVihir t ii' l l
iinsitiuin. of•Orduete-Veoebeiiiiieriaiddiri ' : .` l ,
pieta troika hilitell' ed ' ) : 1 ilirq ,4""42,'41
,o= - ;v..4*..**.ii:..*:,_,N,:'.**:
'-. • r • tioltitvit' iltek644 ,:
• . •;, • 1:11...!—•••;+ ;.11.t
'A ciorreepandent of the If..iokerbocken4k .
'widtbs , 061.30fiiiir
little alai& Vie
sad hits prattle fat' o hchisetto4
With joy. • . Whenlha:andtkes pail)
of day,' and imprints kisses bailhisTarente
dips, titer fragrauee„ is eweetpr,o4ll: that of
.ttio morn. The masio of Ids voice by ! liiterP4
song of birds ni',the approach, of lig14;: . hi*
smile Mei° eunny4haa the`
sunbeami into' the room.''' tlobdtt r
on•high.stilts itsoriiptdouslrPlaridd
fast is broken, .aod t he is no unimpertariti
member at the -family board. Doing thO'daY
how pleasant i4epatteripg, hisfeat Ow tba
Staircase, his voice , in the. conrblatd,Thls Ikea
,qoent bursting.into the ire= mit& some ,as*
tame 'night:he kneels downimbitely clad;
19,s before eeme -holy aliar,iat
knees, - aid his little prayer , pies , StraigliCt4ii
Ilo'aien , from a , child'scheart.: 11 , Out
Moutlitl of!babos rind sucklinga''Thod.lllBll
Ordained, praise. • Not unfrequent, whoa. h 0
sleeps, are . : 4 the ,, mother's! , pilgrittige . a.lte. hist
; pouch,. while:under his longleshes and sealed
up lids, tlieopirit Of a ohimuhobems:to'dwelb'
But O, if Goili-in"Hitiwise:prOviiiimoo,- should'
Change 'that' :repoie ' late -the: oletip of 'death,
and . the ;whitb , flowers- are "plabjed ' 'ripen
breasti ;Id clasped • hands Vie tears
'which ;sparklo"on' his - brOtt are la-igh r i; but
perhaps: iliellitterest Over - iihe4' Dear littler
C. is dead •I T.' remember -the laCt time I saw'
him wag' oniri r boautifui_evoilingT;irLaittint.- 1
NO all sat the thiraMer.lionie.„ . The moon?
arose; and the eters twinkled,!and
tedin the waves Whi..h beat below' the,
The ohild looked up_ to_the-brightest.--stat-ot-%.---
all, and 'said: . 1,, •••
'Twinkle, twinkle,. little star,
How I wonder what. you atv,
Uiabove`the World so high;
Like-a diamond in the skyl'
Hie seemed aiiophetio Voles. Bat a .
few meontiliaie ii . ow a
star in Heaven.' Before he dick he sang the
Very strains' whieh'had delighted hini, and. he t
now eleqie) 13itot) near the rippes,Walti [
wherein springtime the flowere.:eball bloom:
above him Which he:so much loVo4and.wherBd
tIMY will !not be iwatered: by a parenea:
team" How many a. bereaved beast
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Pworoaitamir.—The followin4 '.character'
was supplied to a housemaid, in .am, Emsll4
city, by her mistress •• • ...,
“Theitrer, Mrs.—, is of grate riapekta•
hillti, and is, a most ezient dmnystiolt: ia•tra
confident cdpacity.,_She has .nte. years:
in liar last pleat,/ (tug has a hattiminutchable;
carrei4r,,-)Bhe is,-porkeetly•eohyri and neter_i
drinks nothinklnititrhat !does-her:good:. I Will”
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or would Onto iiiwidilower: The lady)mbere
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years he expects tense tenpenny nails take '
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ry that a fashionable; ledy . . will :tolorate;'vrill
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be a ding, • and: in 'a 'Century 416ni
only be titled Tor coal- Belittled
forks: Bingiltai'
will yet pioUner); • :
BRZ"The ;ITYlugilrritf,on .ffi.f . tomb of the
Emperor Napoleon la the hivalidea; which hat, •
beta co long in .ptocceis of couctructlow, will' •
PYctigibifiako_ place on the -fith , of Eisj, the
anniversary, of hie ,death..!
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Sti*t.TOr whatcould • tbo i triedtest epicure,
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ty The members of the bar ussant OW t
lir answered, so ho knows no law."
' jr,CrA distinguished ivritee viz—There
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.+ 11614 ~, - •;• • : •. .•)•
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