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    oilcan ANL' THE 0A1:1 ' SE °FIT.
Every' paper that comes to us contains
its list of Murderi, - assaults,'and attempts
' upon life. rscord is really alarming.
especially asi(gond proportion of, these
offences appears to have.been'committed
by compamtivetr. young nien. in one
„instance, tnat of the htimicide•at_Roches•
ter, the eulprit is u mere 'chibl, and B 9
sells' victim. What shall be done to
put . on end tirtlitsf
turning so abandoned, that these outragev
. _
' to be passed by, without comment ?
_Has all:fear-of-- law-d,epacted Iffitir the
land thrit crime rife among us I We
wish we could assign:A - philosophical
cause for tlfe general prevalence of row-'
dyism, and find ' out where the remedy
ought to be? applied. Is' it not the ease'
that there is a growing disrespect for
law:, aided , perhaps administra-
. ,
-ttitin_of :iron the part of the .. autboritieri;
`btiOict matter for what cause, is not the
• tact apparent?, Does it arise from our
system . .magistrates and ad.
mmistrative officers.,_or from _a want of
efrciii - incy. on. the, part of the electeirt—
have we reason to fear that punishment
is not as certain to follow conviction now
ai formerly, and that conviction As not
' uy certain after arrest ? What is it ? Is
Ahem Ws .morality in the nation ? Is
tome, the great schoolof virtues, no lon
ger a: place where all the virtues are
taught ? Is it because all the solemnity
,of law has departed under our itew sys•
tem of things, and its once dreaded ter
rors.hrive faded away before the familiar
ity of .populnr electionte? What 'is it
owing to, and what is the remedy ?
These are grave questions, and if there
- be any sufficient answer. Are should be
glad to record it.—Buffalo Advertiser.
'Death of Marshal rtasinau.
The - Franklin brings intelligence o
•Ilfe death. at Vienna. on the o
° March, of Baron Haynan. the notorious
Austrian commander in Hungary during
- the recent 'war. Haynati was born! in
1786; at Cassel, and is said to haVe been
a natural son of the Doke of Hesse Cas
sel; by eg,oldemith's ilaughiet. He - was
broughrup a soldier, but was not distin •
guished, during the ureater part of hie
life, for anything exce pt his eccentrici
ties, which at times a mounted to an ap
pearance of insanity. In the revolution
ary. disturbances of 1840, he was consid •
ered a fit instrument for the ex-cution of
the coercive designs of Austria. and his
first service. at.the storming of Brescia,
was so satisfactory that . he was appointed
° in May, 1849, to command the ((Aces
then acting against the Hungarians.—
' ;His military movemprits were successful,
end"his victory at Themes war, followed
-by-a surrender Of Gorgey. led. to the ter
-mination of the war. His subsequent
cruelties to the Hungarians, and his bar-
'barons treatment of helpless women, are
matters of recenthistory that it would be
painful to rehearse 'how. They have
made hii - name execrated -whereverfree
.dam is known ; they were the' eauseof
his ignominious expoliion from England,
and they can never be so far forgotten as
to enti le him td-a decent position in hon
est-history. Since his removal from the
command in Hungary, Ife.has-been a des
pised and unhappy man, and he must
have anticipated death as a happy release
from the reproaches of c his own consci
ence, and the acorn of the human race.
STATE OF ITALY.-A correspondent o
• the Boston Traveller, writing from - Flor
ence, says :
Italy is troubled .to her heart's core.
In Florence we cannot, of couse, learn
the true extent of
. the late revolutionary
movements at Mlla, Rimini, Mantua, and
elsewhere. We only know that blood
has been shed on both sides; and the
scaffolds are again erected•. On the part
of the Italians, the movement was pretna-
Lure, but at pfesent fhl Italy it one volca
no, slumbering, it is true, but acquiring
strength for an eruption, that will even
tually force foreign despotism and civil
papacy from its soil. The deep silent
hatred borne to the Priests•and Austrians
is frightful. It pervades the very atmos
phere. and is drawn in at every breath
by all classes but the few sod to their
rulers by interest or circumstances. .Dis
guise it,,as we may, there is a
uneasiness in Europe. •Monarchs and
, Governmenis distrust each other ; the
"'people distrust both ; peace is main-sin
sid bayonets, end not as Mr. .Cobden
would have us believe, by good rnotivir,s,
Wii.l) CAT CeRRENCY.—Of this re
markable currency in Indiana, the 1,1-
layette Journal thus speaks : "The vig
nette is a nigger shearing a hog, suppos
ed to be stiticaling. The president of the
bank sands near, at sting to hold the
hog. The dem-peon may he *discover
ed a good ways behin . •Th4der and
lightning in the foregrou ~ Pie pit turq
of a seedy lookin_ indivi of ,securer
by stocks,' IhroUgh which 'k feet run,
adorns one ctirner. A man with a.vezy
• blank countenance, supposed to be the
Auditor of the State, and being rode up
on, a rail by a couple of Well street Oar
pers, is seen in another earner. l'he phiz
of Governor Wright, thunder gathering
On'his brow, anu lightning flashing from
his eye, adorns the-centre of the bill.—
On one side of the Governor is a hawk,
on the other side a buzzard. He holds
in one, hand the .scales of justice, one
' aide of which is eyidently very light ;-
- }his'other is holding a document, his last
• rnessage,'lrom 'Which he appears to be
,'reading to n crowd of disconsolate, hll. ,
vidutils below , WO refuse to be comfort
. ,
• PAET,II:6 IN NEW Yorc,-,lnfant par
ties are among the 'meet novelties at
New York: A 'correspondent of the
Newark Advertiser saw a card
of invitation from a lady on the•fith Ave.
ruie lint quite two-years of age to another
-Malts !of a little.pitst'.one, - requestint the
pr74litiiiiof'fio. company 'tit n converia-
Oume in, seven days thereafter, • Thirty
'of .bothrsitseS Were to be invited of about
thu santelltionling . age. Dog parties are.
',also mentioned, by the same correspon
-.4ent;... A Indy, it app• an. admits to her
• society a benuttfulToodle. for, which she
has a high regard. 0/1k day ateresolv.
I 44 to snow it .by inviting ttven'y•five of
77.,,th - e handsomest and. Ap q n, agreeable fel
lowa of die same race to visit her
eycry one 4 .. ,0at a single eX
cuse,vms sent. Tl4era yo n ere ,crop ears
and 0ne5;,1. 14 4' PIO" 1414 great.
;90 0, as,yrill e ouse at pcit-
• • itairDo not . unhappy, if .yeu 'have het
,Fneened a PrOtessaditsanty. They: Aeneiatly
,SubrOlielbembelves so'tuiroh;'lhey hnseto inch
4eftifor their husbands. 'Besides; itlaight but
been, veryneeenble , to, trou,4o
`.":iiiireiter p
fellow,As you went.into atio 'pia
ktaliiiok at yratt vitte , :as.ll . : ha • Would devour
•`, fit'
,r4tA -
• .
Terms-,Two.Dollara.asear, or .One Dollar and
Fifty Cents. if paid punctually in „Advance.
$1,75 if paid within the year.
XefarThomas Tweedleo's poem shall have a
place next week. . .
EA OF DIRS. ina.monE.
• The entirii nation will sympathize with the
Es-President Ip the ",tneinneholy bereavement
which he bas euetainkd : • t idiles. FlLLmons was
nn amiable lady, and attached-to—the
quiet endenrmeno of her private home, filled
the duties to which she was called ne the hos
tess of the Presidential mansion with graceful
dignity. She _ died _on Wednesday morning
last, nt Hotel, in Washington, hav
ing been laboring for some time under a se
vere attack of Pueumonii, which resulted in
'suffocation. Her remains were taken to her
hems' in Buffalo * for interment. In the United
State's Senate, after the rending of the jour.
nnl, Mr. Seward, in some feeling and imprea
sive remarks, announced the ,event, and "as a
mark of respect to her memory, moved that
the Senate adjourn. '
The Harrisburg Union describes as a "great
farce," the allotting of the State Printing un
der the new law, which came off on Thursday
last, when every,member of the Legislature
who bad any knowledge of the Rut jest, must'
have' been satisfied of the folly of the pro-
Ceeding.' There were twentlyeight bidders for
the work, and the English printing was awar
ded to A. B. Ilmim.rox, at eleven and three
quarter cents per thousand ems for composi
tion, and eleven and three quarter cents per
token for press work. This, the tnion says,
is restricted to all cemponition i there being-no
opportunity 'of oharging double coniposition
on any of the extras, as the law is clear and
explicit against all double composition, which
was not the case under the old law. Mr.
Hamilton also, obtained the. German printing
at tourteen cents anda half per thottsand and
token. Whim the bonds come to be submit
led there was a defect in them, and the Con
vention adjourned over till afternoon, to enable
Mr. Hatnilton to obtain new bonds. When
the. Convention again met, the security wee
not deemed to bo sufficient by the Speakers of
the two Houses, and the Corivention adjourned
to enable him to obtain satisfactory security.
Every practical printer must Bee that this
work has been taken at rates that are entirely
- inadequate ; abl it is not to be expected that
itnprovetnent over the present Mode of
doing the work will be effected.
Tkie Washington correspondent of the' N• Y
Tribune says: ✓
"Some days sine° John Tyler- applied
through - Caleb Cushing to Postmaster Camp
bell for the Virginia Mail Route Agency' for a
friend, and Campbell gave him encouragement.
Soon after, Mr. Hunter applied for the same
place for a friend of his. Mr. Campbell evaded
the application. Hunter left his papers anti
went away. r Yesterday the friend told Mr.
Hunter that there was some difficulty, and the
fatter called on Mi.. Hobbs about it, but
obtained no satisfaction Ile next went to
the President with no better "success ; rdturned
to the department; Mr. Campbell out; told
the messenger fo tell him as Soon as lie (Mr.
C.) came. jn. At length the gentleman
appeared and tried to evade the subject, when
Mr. Hunter exclaimed with an oath, who
commands this concern,' and then went on to
damn the Administration. He sni lit had
renegade Whig for Attorney General, and a
renegade. Virginia Route Agent, and no left in
high dudgeon." '
The Union denies this, but the well informed
believe it to be true.
fierce struggle said to be going on for the
Harrisburg Post Office. Mr. Barret, of the
Keystone,- backed- by Meters. Onmeron and
Brodhead, is " buoy as a be e," and his friends
aro sanguine of hie success. Mr. McKinley,
of the Union, backed by James Huchtinan,
bringing into play all Ms ingenuity, to
his rival and secure his own appointment.
Both nAlientits are confident-of-MfotiiiitiCnini I
their friends and backert' aro betting freely.-
This s ratable for the "spoils" is decidedly
resentatives, has passed a bill appropriating
the sum of $BO,OOO for the endowment of nn
institution in Philadelphia, for the education
of idiots. The bill in the Semite was referred
to a committee. A very interesting exhibi
tion,of idint . ohildren took Once in the Roll of
the-house,on-ThuradaY evening, which was
witnessed by a large nudience of people; and
they were shown to be susoeptable of a re
markable development and improvement.
SUPREME COURT.—The annual May Term of
Supreme Court for the Middle Dlstriot, will
coon:tepee at the State Capitol on the second
Monday of May neat, the.9th. The following
are the return days for the different districts.
Lancaster, May 9; York and Adams, May 16;
Mifflin, Iluudingdon and Blair, May 19; Cen
ter, Clearfield and Clintim, May 25; Cumber
land Perry and Juniata, Mily 80; Bedford
and Franklin, Juno 9 ; Berks, Juno 18.; Dau
phin and Lebetion, Juno 20. The Term con
4itiuss eight weeks.
nomenclature io New York being,very obsbure,
the Tribune says the terms Hard and Soft
Shells'date from the efforts made to reunite
the Cass and Van Buren Democracy , of 1838,
who were known its Hunkerkand,Darriburn 7
'ors., TlMllards embrace tIiCCIII3B Hunkers of
• 1818 of the National School of politics, while
the Softa are composed.of the remnants of the
Van Buren and Adams party of 1898, and
such Hunkoratie Secretary Maroy and ,- Gov.
Aar The salaries of tlia 'various Offices
in the , gift of the President of the: United
Siateenuiount Co upwards of fifty millions of
dollars a year.' •
31r. David Small; of the York Garotte,
Lae been appointed Poshunster 'at. York, in
room, of .. J. Cochran, En., resigned.
7 T.L.3 4 :1 ffitifel7flovTirofffeTTlio nut or, as
bean laminated consul la Liverpool, one of ,the
vn&it'litorntiVe 'offices in' 013,011'9f tlio Govern.
He Wrote his••"life or General Pierce , !
;; , - Seett b is is Frail ; Will lake • up
0114 Will Irn 'days
wilt bu ;461d:
ggrothe ,Nevri Jersey .I.4rit
' WO" 0 1 4440 0 0 v 4 1 414
..,- . • .
Rapid OpOre.tion or the_Gulilotine,:
• The long ago . nr•in the °Bien- hae at teat
. . -
been relieved - by . President -Pierce . ; and the
following appointments 'aro. ennounced for
Philadelphik; Now York and Ihiltimore; •-'
Philadelphia.—Charled Brown, Collector;
John-Miller, Post Master; -N. B. Eldied, Na
val Officer,; Reuben 0. -Hale, °LAID:IIin °run
ty, Surveyor of the-Port: capt. Alfred Day,
Navy Agent; COI. F. N. Wynkoop, Marshal of
iho -Rettert-Diatrict ; --Robert Ewing, sub-
Trenfurer ; Thomas M. Pettit, Superintendent
of . the Mint. . •
_Washin'gten letter-writer says, the ap
. •
pointment of Chnrles Brown
,ns Collector at
Philadelphia is likely to cause a great row in
the camp. The Pennsylvania Democracy are
much incensed. Every membei of•the State
Delegation, save two,. were opposed to it, and
every member of the Cabinet / alio. A large
and respectable delegation firm Philadelphia
formally protesttd'to the Praident, on, Sat
inday, but,it was all unavailing,_, Brown was
in, the mitre Cengress....With President Pierce;
and also was a, member of Lis mess. Penn
_bere'_talk_Nery_excitedly„ they
say it will inevitably split the party.
New York Appointmenti —Daniel S. Dickin
son, (ex-Senator) Collector; Berman J. Red
field, Naval Of ; Conrad Sictickhomer, Na
vy Agent;' John Cochrane, Surveyor; John
A. Dix, (ex-Senator) sub-Treasurer; Charles
O'Connor, District Attorney ; T. V. Fowler,
Port-Master ; Abram T. Ilillyer, Marshal.
The New York appointrilents show another
attempt on the part of President Pierce tore
ward and reconcile tli'6 various factions who
united to elect him President. Ex• Senator
Dickinson, the Collector, is 'n noted, hunker,
while Ex-Senator Dix, who ;is made Sub-
Treasurer, is an equally distinguished Barn
burner, who supported Van Buren in 1848 and
With killed off Gen. Cass, This foot caused a
formidable opposition on the part of 'Southern
Senators to Dix's nomination, when they were
sent into the Senate for confirmation pn
Thursday last. Messrif. Rush, Bright, Btit
ler, of S C. and Mason, of Va : , spoke strong
ly ngiiinst the confirmation, while Houston,'
Douglass, Soule and others advocated it. All
the appointments were confirmed, however.—
The vote on Dix was twenty-eight in favor and
eight against him.- The notorious Capt. Ryn
dus is bitterly disappointed nt not teceniing
the Marshalship. Mike Walsh is also among
the disappointed, and both swear lustily over
their defeat. The amendments of ItickinsOn
and Dix it is said were managed by Secretary
Marcy, who wants them out of the way in
order to clear the ceurse for Lim in the Presi
dential contest of 1850.
On the same day, the following — nominations
were made to the Semite, for Baliintore:—
Philip F. Thomas; Collector; Jacob G. Davis,
Postmastet• ; John Betterly, Naval Officer; J.
IL Biscoe, Navy Agent; James Polk, Survey
or. The latter declines,
Most of the important appointments having
now been made we may look for a, rapid•nrid
bloody decapitation of tl c heads of country
Postmasters. The guillotine will not be stop
ped. We look for the removal of every Whig
from the highest 'to the lowest. None need
expect - to remnin - in place. The language of
Pierce's inaugural was the handwriting on the
wall which could - not be mistaken. Let the
work go On, therefore, and let us hear no7un
manly howlings from the Whigs such as dis
graced our opponents in 1848, who think that
" to the victors belong the spoils" is very good
doctrine until it is -brought to bear- upon
Li the Senate, on Monday of last week, Mr.
Evans introflucela resolution which was adop
ted, directing the Committee on Finance , to
bring in a bill providing for the sale of the
Public Works of the State. The vote on the
adoption of the resolution stood "21 to 10.—
We do not know what the prospect is for the
passage of such'n, bill in the lower Ilouse,
where the influence of the Canal Board is - so
controlling. The impracticabilit?Nof reform
ing :air present system of muungeinent of the
State Improvements is so palpable that the
only way to get rid of the plunderers that live
rind make fortunes nt the expense of the pub
lit treasury, seems to be in a sole of the Pub
lic Works. We helinve thotpublic sentiment
is in favor of the proposition, and we believe
the State would gain much by. its adoption.
On Monday, in the Howie, Mr.. Hoover call
ed up the bill to 'prevent fugitive slaves and
manumitted negroes from settling in this
Commonwealth. He advocated the bill, and I
spoke nt > ante length of the great increase
within the "last few years of our colored pOp- I
uletion, and the causes that have led to it.—
Ile thought it the duty of the Legislature to
interpose a check, end enlarged upon the evils
that might result wert it not checked. Mr.
James and others opposed the bill. The House
refused to proceed to a second reading of the
bill—yeas 28, nays 50. We are grad to see so I
inhuman a bill thus disposed of.
A resolution passed the-Senate on Tuesday,
providing for the final adjournment of_the i
Legislature on Tuesday the 12th of April. It I
is doubtful whether the Heusie will concur,, or
whether they will be ready to adjourn en the
ay—named. The most - importmitThill of the,
session (the General Appropriation bill,) has
not only not yet passed the House, but he's not
yet even passed through Committee of the
Judging from the recent tone of the Loco
foco.prese, says the Louisville Journal, there
is nothing for which the I , cofocos so winch
sighed as a Cabinet of the most decided abili
ty. They were prodigiously coateuiptuous
whenever they thought of Mr. Elllmore's Cab
inet, with such dwarfs in mind as ‘rilbSter,
Corwin, Everett, Crittenden, Graham,
They constantly' talked' of,,the imbecility cf
such men, and looked forward to the accession
of Mr. Pierce with the confident hope • that lie
would select a Cabinet•of giants. Well, they
got their giants, and what do they thinli cf
those sons of Anak—such world-renowned
men as McClelland, Cowbell, Dobbin and Da
vie ? If mon of such vast intelleotwl
dons can't satisfy, their relish for transcendent
human,power, let them think °Lille president
himself, and be filled witli the idea of great 7
nese I
Iswisu tUANOIPATION.— , We learn by the
late news from England that the bill io moon
oipaie the Jews passed tho. House of Com-
WM by n 'Majority; of 61, lifts loco of 475.
reported that the Lords in the upper
goose would agree to the measure, provided
thrciiinjorityin the Conamo't!B Was'uver
In theiummtime it has been postponed until
thel2th:Of April, and thou we WTI to hear
,tlM't the , Jewish disability 'clause no longer
hisiheiltdolol62 t I ' t ' •
. ,
067.11,10 Pennsylvania tiolonisation,Brolety
held an Interesting meeting at llarrisburg on
Tuesday.eVening bet. On,. Bigler . p4sided,
and 'made tin address,
an wa followed by the
lki;Pease,'Rev.. Geo. IL" crooks and
,Ber.'Heary Slicer, after which a "Iberia col
lentlan woe taint:Cup to aid in sending to Li- t
eerie e"nittninii of Arm - lately ,imaaelpated
Vas , .. •
ThO,Britislr until steamer, whiCTC j inrrii;ed at
Vera• Cruz on'tho 41114 - March, reports that
Gen. Santa Anna had accepted the Presidency
- of Mexico, eau would return to that country
Ingle mail packet of the Ist of April'. The
Vora Cruz papers contain the ,piirtieilars of
•an interview between Santa Anna' and Dr.
, Manuel M. Escobar, who was dispatched to
Carthagena by the authorities tit Vera Crux
mission to theTeilleireii 7 Preeldent. 7 .The
'details of the conversation Which passed be
tween them are furnished by the papers, and
a translation is given ' by ;the Now Pecans
Picayune.' At the 'latest date from the city of
Mexico, (March 3d) seventeen 'of the States
'and Districts had voted for him as President,
one bad voted against tarp, and the remaining
five had not been hearth from, 'but his almost
unanimous restoration to power Was condilent 7 .
ly anticipated.
The conferences betiveen Escobar and Santa
were continued for several days, Santa Anna
• manilesting great reluctance to return, and
Tecapitulating the marked_unkindaess, he had
experienced from the MOxican nation. He
coquetted with the Commissioner in an amus
iiik style.. lie expressed strong doubts wheth
er he ought to 'return to a country which treats
her great znentrielining himself of course—
so badly. ile talked a great dent about his
sweet repose, undrisking his life for such in
grates, but in the next breath expressed the
strongest sympathy for his unfortunate coun
trymen, declared their sufferings were his
sufferings, and to save the nationality of Mex
ico from the grasping spirit of our neigh
bers,"—tneaning the people of the United
States—he would accept the honor qffered
him. Dy the arrival of the" Crescent City nt
New York on Saturday from Havanna, 'tie
learn that Santa Anna arrivcd there on the
28th alt. and sailed the next day for Vera'
Cruz, necompnnieeby his family and a large
number of Itlexicp-ofkcistls..
Advices from Greytown or San'Juan, to the
16th ult.., represent that the difficulties be
tween the citizens of that place and the Tran
sit Company, have ended in the interference
of the U. S. sloop of war Cyane to protect the
property. of the Company, and the San Juan
authorities have pulled down their flag and
surrendered the government of their city to
the Captain of the Cyan°, who would not nc•
cept it. ' The city government, which is com
posed of Americans and British, wished to
eject the Company from the lands where they
had creme,' their hotel and depot, and the
Mayor sent the carpenters to remove the
building. Just at this juncture, the, Cyane
arrived and drawing up in front of the depot
landed marines, sent 'svortl that the• writ of
ejectment should not be executed, and blocka
ded the harbor by rerming to allow boats to
pass frohf the town to the north side of the
bay. This produced,a great commotion in the
town, and a public indignation meeting has
been held aid a pi:otest adopted. The whole
cause of the dispute between the
of San Juan and Cie Transit Company is, that
the latter furnish the emigrants to California
with their supplies, and 'the emigrants have
no occasion to enter Greytoivn at all.
The giaiiing trade •which has sprung up,
has induced the authorities of Greytown to
wish to transferllA Company to their aide of
the bay, and for this purpose they called upon
tie Cumpdny to vacate, alleging that it was
necessary to establish the quarantine there.
The ordirtifire they adopted to enforce the de
sign; created Arcot excitolient among the em
ployees of the Company, and they applied to
Capt. Ha , ins; of the Cyane, for protection.
Whether Cant. IL. is justified or not in inter
fering with tho domestic government - of - San'
Juan, is a qumstion which must be determined
by the filets. .
News from Liverpool to the 19th ult. has
been received by the steamer Niagara. In
the English Parliament Lord John Russel
spoke of Austrian proceedings towards Sar
dinian subjects in consequence of the Milan
insurrection The Sardinian Government had
requested the British Government to interfere
against sequestration, and Great Britain wrote
a strong letter to Vienna; but, in the mean
time, the Austrian' authorities had stated that
was their intention to remove sequestration
from parties proving themselves innocent.—
Lord John Russel also stated that the Gov
ernment had received notice that the Grand
n'nke of Tuscany had liberated the Medial
family, and allowed them to leave Tuscany,
E. C. Dale, Esq., Treasurer of the United
States Mint, has resigned.
Teo statement of young Spring that his
fat or wont to the store of Mr. Maroney. some
time ago, after night, and seized n pound
weight with which to kill Mrs. M. while Bile
had• her,back to hint, but was prevented by
the entrance of a stranger, when be pat it in
his pocket, has been confirmed by the finding
"of the weiOtt. and its identification by Mrs.
Maroney. It was dug up in the yard of Mr.
-bore Sprang boarded previous to
aguire, w
his arrest.
The gold stolen from the house
.of Lynch,
and found in the yard of Maguire's ho use, 1119 .-
discovered beneath a pile of oyster shells and
ashes, indicated by Spring, after alleging to
officer Byrne, on Wednesday, that his son hod
committed the murder and robbery ; lie said
he felt confident the gold was buried in the
yard nt the very spot where it was subsequent
ly found. This is looked upon ns n semi con
fession of his guilt. The money, too, when
found, was contained inn port motinnie which
belonged to the. prisoner, - which is another
link in the unbroken chain cf evidence against
him. Me has been removed to the convict
side of the prison, to prevent visits to him.
A. - plan, said to. have been laid bi'Llevettil
femoles, aided by a number of moneyed men,
to effeot the escape of Jack Stevens, (Charged
with the Portsmouth Bank robbery,) from the
county prison, las been discovered and frus
trated.- •
James linwet was convicted of counterfeit
ing, on Wednesday, and sentenced to the peni
tentiary for three years. •
Stick to your trade, boys, and learn to work,
if you would be truly. Independent.- . There is
not a Moro - pitiful sight than a half learned
mechanic 'applying for work. 'lle is alwaYeat
the rucit . Air the bill, and labor as be may, un
less be has 'attained the yeari of bis majority.
ho will never be perfect, and eau calculate op
poverty as bit portion withuti-oad deal of
eitir•liirs.,Bloomer imaginee that the reason
women differ from men, is howls° they ore
schooled and educated differently. • Nothing,
however, could be more unfounded. • Carla
differ from boys'not incidentallibut
The first thing a boy does utter he is weaned,
Is to straddle the bnniaterif end ride doWn
stairs. The first . thing, a girl sets her heart
• , : lidot and a net of ball fledged , alma
. .
• 'and saucers. . Girls are given to, neatness Kul
hate soiled garments of all kinds ;'.boys, on
the coatraryyset a high•valne on dirt, and are
never Ho, happy 'as when sailing a shingle ship,
with a brown paper. soil, in. a mud. puddle.
' Mrs,. Bloomer may reason , as oho may. but
• she will tied In the end that Naidre le etronger
thatieither Philosophy' oreuipendere:
l ei: The Isto foyOlgo oewa tp-ipso tbo (JOAO
of OelierslONyp4y, th 9 bloody Aoqtkis#,Qoii
oril; :1' . , .
The Philidelphia Annual Conference of the
Meth - Wig:Episcopal Church, , assembled at
flarrieburf, adjourned sine die on 'Wednesday
evening last, - atter n session of some ten days.
Thil closing proceediogn 'were 'quite "interest
ing.. The ft:jelling resolutions in regard 'to
the liquor prohibition . ; reported by thq-com
mittee on Temperance, sere pissed by a largo
majority : . ••• .
Resolved,-: That-we-hereby -pledge ourselves__
to-use our influence on all proper occasions to
procure the enactment of a law prohibiting en
tirely the Mann attars and Salo of all iritosi-,
eating liquors as a beverage.°
Resolved, Thatns'ministers of Christ, rec
ognizing the absolute necessity if obeying.
God, ,we most deeply regret the position we
are'foreed to occupy 'by the Ilegislature of
those States which licepso the traffic: in intox..
Muting liquors as a beverage.
-The resolutions offered by the Committee
on Education . ,- - ivere also adapted; th'e aub
stanoo of them wasas follows; _ -
The recent eleotion of the Bey. Dr. Collins
to , the Presidency .dtoickinson College, was
nEuded to, and the Conference congratulatel
upon till choice. The general prosperity of
the Institution was referred to, and the bish
op was urged to re appoint the Rey. J. C.
Thomas, Agent of the College. The 3.1 reso
lution recommends to the Board of Trustees .
of the College, the extension of the time for
the sale of Scholarships, under the proposed
plan, for another year. A resolution was a
dopted requiring that the usual collection for
Educational purposes be made during the
coining year, and pledging the members of the
Conference to make the collection a liberal
v . -
Invitations were received from the citizens
of Reading, Pa., and from the citizens of Wil
mington, Delaware, 'arging•ihe Conference to
hold its next annual session at those cities.—
Afterfa warm struggle between the advocates
of the twrcities, a vote was taken, which re
sulted as follows—ln 'favor of Reading, 70;
for Wilmington, 92 After some unimportant
business, the Bishop read the appointment.--;
The Conference was then declared adjoureed
until March 22, 1854.
ment, b'r the Mint, furnished the Philadelphia
papers by tho treasurer, Mr. E. C. Dalo„..wo
learn that the deposits of California gold for
March reached the very enormous sum of
$7,440,000, and froM nil sources $7,510,000.
The amount of silver bulliondeposited for the
month Is $22,000. The amount of gold.coined
is $5,603,808, all of which, except some
$7117.,000 is in double eagles. No silver was
a fined, in anticipation of action under the f;pw
coin bill. By the middle of the present month
the new halves, quarters, and other fractions
of the dollar, it is expected, will be ready for
delivery. The coinage of three. , cent pieces
reached the immense - number of 5.160,000.
Under the new coinage bill the value of this
little coin will be raised to the same standard
value of the other fractions of the dollar.
CALIFORNIA- —Addces from California have
been received by the' steamer Georgia, which
arrived nt New York on Monday evening. The
intelligence is two weeks later than previous
accounts. The chief point of interest in the
golden State was ,the extensive robberies that
were committed in the interior, by an organ
ized band under th g e Mexican Joaquin. Great
efforts have been made to capture the daring
bandits bitt hitherto without success.
Congress passed an amendment to the Post
Route bill, allowing Postiiiiistcr3 whose corn'.
pens:Mon does not exceed $509 a quarter, one
cent for every ••free" letter delirered from their
respective offices, and two mills - for delivering to
subscriber:, each newspaper not chargeable with
•jiiistage. These hmounts are not to he collec
ted front the public, but arc to be allowed by
the Government to Ine Postmasters in the set.
Bement of their accounts. Between subscribers
and Postmasters the law remains as before. It
is only between the Postmasters and the Gov
ernment; that a °bongo has beon made.
A SraAttar: CASE.-A yoing girl, a recent
convert from Cwholicism, has been doing pert
once for pine days and nights, residing in the
woods near Cincinnati, before joining the
Protestant church. The tedium of her pen
ance was removed by the pieseeme of several.
thouenn t persons who visited her, attracted to
the spot by her insane conduct.
llortnximc StnclDE.Tho Germantown Tele
graph says, that on Friday last tIM Coroner or
Philadelphia county held an inquest on the
body of one of the inmates of the Insane
Asylum near Firkford, who committed sui
cide on ThursdSy by tin utiting I is head into a
hot oven and holding it there until ho had
roasted hit - itself, to denth„.
SALARIES or U. S. Attrisvens.—Tho gener
al impression appears to be that of the late
session of Congress, the salaries of the U. S..
'Ministers to many of the Courts of Europe,
were increased to $20,000. This; however, is
erroneous, the proposition faded through e
disagreement of the two houses.
A 31oncme licacta.r.s.—Tlic Bernick Citi
zen tells the story of a man fifty-six years old,
-residing in Nescopeck, who has fifilr.sir chil
dren! This is almost equal to the story of
Hercule; and the Amazons, •
cair-The Buffalo Commercial lins ascertain
ed that ilio whole number of api fictitious 'for
the twelve Government offices in that city is
our hundred 64 fifty eight !
Xle'The. disgraceful practice of- chicken
fighting prevails in York. The papers very
justly colulimu it as dutrortliy the age in which
we live.
xrarThe stenmerNiagars arrived on Thura
-day, with Liverpool dated to the Wilt of
March. - There Was n slight improvement in
Cotton and Breadstuffs. There is very little
else of interest.
Ala' A. resolution has passed dar Logielaturo
inviting the Governor,. Heads of Departments,
and Legislature of the State of Maryland, to
visit Harrisburg, during_ the session, as the
guest of the State. ,A similes 'invitation has
been extended to the Mayor and City Councils
of Baltimore.
41onniti - ts NEW Yonx.—A Frenchman by
the name of Mulveen, called on one DeCon,
nnother Frenchman, in Greenwich street,
New Fork, with a bill, when DeCoa drew a
pitiful end shot him,dend on the spot. DeCon
escaped. -
iterThe U. S. Senate is Mill in session,
noting upon the nominations of-the President.
41 number of the Senators have gone home,
amongst whom we notice the name of Mr.
Cooper. IVe - preaume.the session will-termi
nate very shortly, . _
QBinck snow is reported to have fallen
at Walpole, N. on the 30th ult,-A letter
written with .it had the appearance of having
A traveller In one of the western etcaniboats
recently, was landed near his home, and as
the boat was about to leave, he bawled out—.
Cgptaiu, there's something missing
bare.' ' - ~ • :
What Is It If inked the ceptain.
.-!lung merit I can recollect now,' said the
traveller ; let me see, hore's all ley Intake,
boxes, two . .dogs, and—oh, thunder! it's my .
wife end little gal, that are asleep h the cab
-I.lualow that It**, no.iiittWeg 401
/ -
'sotun tinb Countq Blatiefe.
Destructive Fires. lo
We regret to learn that the wayelicius'o be
longing to Mr. Benjamin Ebersole, in Mechan
icsburg, together with n tiny press and sous
ral tons of hay was destroyed by fire in few,
days since: The fire was caused by n spark
from a loComotive..We have not learned
abetber 31r. E:wria'secured, by itisurnoce.- 7
Dem. - - '• • " ' -
On Thursday night lngt, we lesit'n't , hat a
Grist M a
ill and FUlling Mill, about holt mile
from Newcille, the propetty of the Messrs.
,McPArtr.A.NE,.were entirely consumed by fire.
The.grist mill contained n large quaintity of
grain on storage, all of which seas lost. We
hare not learned how the fire originated.
There was an insurance of about -84000 on
hoth .r. properties, in bickingon Mutual
Insurance 'Company.-
Dickinson College
The Rec. C. Collins, President of Dickinson
College, mnde a report of die condition of that
institntinn to the Methodist Episcopal Confer
ence, An session at Harrisburg last week.—
From it we learn that the, whole number Af
impils,in :he College during the year ending
July, 2,1852, was 156.
The expenses for the same period ,
were, .$9,135 65i
7,504 571
This deficit Las been provided for by tern
pornry loans. Of ibis sum $l,OOO was paid
voluntarily by Mr. Fry, it citizen of,Baltimore.
Death of Mr. M. P. Ege
Mr. NiICIIAEL P. FGE, late chief clerk in the
office of the Surveyor of the Port of Philadel
phia, died in that city on Tuesday morning the
29th ult. Mi.. Ege was a native and long
resident of Cumberland county, where he was
warmly and universally esteemed for his many
'sterling 'polities. His loss is not only a sad
bereavement to his family, but is deeply felt
by a large circle of acquaintances. his re
mains were brought to his native county on
Wednesday, and interred in the graveyard of
the Brick Church nt Newville.
We leant from the Philadelphia papers that
on. Tuesdaya meeting of the officers of the
Customs was hell, when W3l. B. Nortuts was
called to the Chair, and C. 111. PREVOST, Dep.
my Collector, appointed Secretary. The fol.
lowing preamble and resolutions were submit
ted by P. C..Ellmaker, and finattitnouslyndop
WitEnsAs e ffe have been informed of the
decense, at his lodgings in this city, this
morning, of Michael P. Ege, late Chief elm It
in the S .eveyor's Department of this Dis
trict ; and whereas, we consider an expression
of opinion on the part of those who- were
closely connected with him for nearly four
years last past, as eminently proper: There
Resolved, That in the death of Michnel P.
Ege, the government has lost the services of
an effilient, Intelligent, null faithful officer :
his-friends and associates the companiondiip
of one whose gentle, manly soil affable de
portment was evid‘meed in his daily walk and
-convene dion ; and Ids - family tiche'ad, who mks'
'Crer mindful of his duties as husband and'
Ilescdred, Thnt, although aware that no net
of ours can assuage the grief of his widow
end children, we - cannot withhold from them
our sincere sympathy ; that in condoling with
them upon the occasion of their sudden Mid
sad bereavement, we rejoice in being able to
hear testimony to the amiable and virtuous
character of the deceased, and to know that
his death was as serene and tranquil as his
life had been gentle and calm'.
Resolved, That these proceedings be pub
lished, and that a committee, consisting of
Charles M. Prevost, Dr. J. G. Murphy, and
J. C. McCoy, be appointed to transmit a copy
to the family of our deceased friend.
),The assertions of store keepers, law
yers, (.ad even editors ire sometimes anchar
itablv included in the same category!) it is
said - tire always lobe taken with some grains
of allowance,'? especially when they speak of
things in which they are deeply interested.—
Bat the deelitration in Mr. Woon's advertise •
meet of his splendid stcck of new Spring
Goods, that all who visit that cstablishmeat
are free to nekno %fledge that he is selling For
eign and Domestic Dry Goods, &e. at aston
ishingly low prices," is a fact not to be hastily
disputed, for every one can readily test its
truth by examining his stock and prices for
themselves. Like honest politicians when
their reputati ie assailed, sn with respect to
his stock_we presume be boldly " courts in
Erit-is said "there is nothing new under
the sun," but every individual who visi:s
•• 0G11.817 . 8 EMPORIUM" on Est Main street,
will find such tall pile-) of ntto things in the
shape of new Spring,Goods, of new and fash
ionable styles, displayed in such enticing - nud
brilliant variety, that ho will be constrained
to acknowledge that if every day does not
bring something new, Ogilby has at least the
tact of finding a host of splentli I new Dry
Gooda every spring to excite the admiration of
his fair customers. Long experience enables
Ogilby to knew. exactly bow to cater success
fully to the varied tastes of, the throng that
may be generally,found at his-counter.
Itta..The opening of a new Rrz_ Goods
Store seldom _ fails to make n sensation. The
ladies particularly hear such an annouucetnent
with delight and enthusiasm. Their fades are
wreathed in smiles as they glance along the
-elielves-lined - xtitlrfreslrtfew — g - oT - ols, just rom
the manufacturer's hands, and certain to be
of the very latest styles and prevailing fash
ion. ..11ow beatiti'ul I" they exclaim, as piece
after piece is pulled down and the excited new
merchant successively unrolls time siktractims
of his new stock. Ouryouog friends. Messrs.
Wise S: CA3IPBELL, who have just opened n
large and entire , ,y new stock of Spring Goods
may look out for a rush of the fair portion of
creation, and must expect to hove their ra
tieuce severely exercised, though the trial we
hope will not he without liberal pecuniary
consolations to them.
...... •
"New Goods '.", " New Spring.Gooids !"
is the burden of our advertising columns this
week,:and among the rich and rare nssort
ments n-sue present a morn truly attnictive
stock'than our miller frmnds, the •Alemrs.
Bstaz, on South Hanover street. These gen
tlemen never allow themselves to fall behind
in business, and the public mny•therefore al
ways rely on finding at their extensive estab
lishment a complete nssortment of every de
scription of Spring Goods.
11* -- There is •in the library belonging to the
academy at Germantown, Pa., the identical tel
escope used by General Washingtoo at the bat
tle of Germantown, Geuther 5, 1777. It Is a
cumbrous Instrument, and must 'hare *reckred
considerable muscular power for its INC. There
is, in the same,Jibrary, a Copy of the Bible.—
Geneva edition, 1610. -• .
Locomotive Engine Factory, on the
joint stock principle, is to be. established at
Lancas!cr, if the requisite capital can" he raised.
A similar' prejed i 3 in progress . at Pittsburg
with a capital of 13150,0C10, in shores of e5OOO
Prrtsaunc, April 4.—Another accident oc
curred on the Pennsylvania-railroad -to-day at
GreensbOrg. A Air. Rodebaugh was standing
on the road when the locomotive came up,strik
big him and throwing him eix feet Mr the road.
nil back - was broken and he was instant!
killed. • • " •
ItZeit is reported that President Pierce hal
requested HAM Elisha Whittlesej to withdraw
his resignation, and, remain as Comptroller.
alt is said that lion. John P. Flak interdo
to go into the practice of inw in New York
apairlAlrs. Foriost IA , perforndok at , Now
• ---
The application by his counsel, .Mr. Doran,
Air - a now trial for Arthur Spring, on tho
wound that Charles McQuillan, one-of the ju
rors who tried him, was - nOidrawn as a juror,
but 'represented, as a substitute, Bernard
C.-rr.oitho Was driller', was fully 'argued on
Tuesday Week. On Saturday,' in the Court
o f Oyer and Terminer, Judge .oswald
truunced the decision of the Court granting tt
new trial to Spring, on account of-31eQuillan
sorting on the juryjnetend of Corr: The new,
IruirOommeneed on Monday, , „ •
McQuillan and -Corr admitted the deception
that' bad been practised but said it was done
ignorantly. McQuillan was very properly nen
trnced -to sixty days imps lsonment and Corr
tined $BO for`non-attendanee as a juror.
fifikr - Arelthishoit Hughes, it is said, will Soon
leave for Rome, there to receive the cardinal's
Let. The Rt. Rev. Bishop of Philndelphia are
to officiate in. his stead during his absence,
which maybe prolonged to a twelvemonth.
wire. Markets.
FLOUR and MEAL.—Tha inclement wea
ther to-day operated ngninst out-door busi
ness. Flour in dull. Sale of some 400 bbls.
Howard street brands at $4 75 'l3 bbl. - No
thing done in City Mills. Rye Four $l, and
Corn Meal $3 12i ` , lll Uhl.
GRAIN.—The supply is light. Smell sales
of red Wheat at $1 03(3,51 -00 ; white Wheat
$1 08 e$1 12, and very 'choice do, at $1 18
3 bushel: Rye 75Q80c tit bushel. White
Corn 51053 c. and yellow do sGes7c 11 bush
el. Oats 341137 e.
CLOVERSEED $8 00Cit$8 25 TI bushel.
WIIISKEY.—We quote in I.lols. at 23 cents,
and in bbls, at 24 cents
In York,. on Sunday evening last, f
at the
residence of Rev. Michael P. Martin, Zffr•
CONRAD C. LEIREN to Miss SARAH, eldest
daughter of A. Dohuff, Esq., all of York.
On the 23d alt , by the Rev. J. N. Roffman,
both of this place.
On Monday last, by the same, Mr. IlExtrr
of this borough.
On the 24th ult., bye the Roy. A,. n. Kremer,
BEAR, both of Perry Co. '
On the 81 inst., by the some,,Mr. WILLIAM
NARDIIOFF, of 1111,44110 Fe, to Miss MARY KIX,-
MAN, of Connote.
• On Thursday last, by the Rev. Dr, WidICS,
lIYER, Esq., To Miss EvELiso TODD,
both of Carlisle.
On the 10th ult., by tho Rev. I. F. Mesick,
Rev. JOSEPH S Loose, or Mechnnicsburg, to
Miss :2.t.nAu Grtosm, of llnrrisbutg.
At her residence, he Carlisle, on Wednesdny
the 23d ult., Mrs. MAnuAnur JAcrcsosi; aged
76 years .d,, The deceased was probably one of
the iew iemaining ref the early settlers of Car
lisle. She was the'doughter of James Ram
' icy, a soldier of the Revolution, nod of Mrs.
Ramsey ♦'hose name and history is connected
with the first settlement of our town, nod who
gained n high reputation by her unflinching
courage nod conduct in those times that tried
men'♦ souls. Mrs. Jnekson ended her long
mid eventeunife in theltlessed - hope of ever
lasting hnppiness beyond the grave.
On the 23d inst., Mrs MARY GILDER; wife
of John Gilbert, end daughter of Capt. James
Racket, of this borough, raged about 20 years.
ctu" 2auttrtio,:ificats
WANTED to borrow for ono yenr or more,
$lOOO or VOW, to be Formed by judg
ment and mortgage on valuable Real Esta:e.
Apply to THE' EDITOR.
slooo—Wanted to borrow on the
Lost rent agate security
the above sum for One year or more. Enquire
at the Herald Office.
Carlisle, Mafeh 30, 1853' tn
Carlisle Female Seminary,
mitssEs PkTNE will commence the
SI‘MM ER SEStiION of their Sr
on the second Monday in April, n
commodious school room, next door t •
Leonard's, No•th Hanover street.
lastru,tion in the languages and drawing, no
extra charge.
.4 MUSIC'. I ight by an experienced teach(' at
an extra charge. (sept3tl)
di T' . .IP UftlL I C S.IL E.
THE subs4riber, Assignee of John Plank, will
offer ni public sale, on Alonday tie 19 , 11 clay
of April, 1853. nt the Colirt*Muse in Carlisle,
ilia following properly, viz : 'hat .valuabie
sitllnte in South Middleton tWp,'adtoMing lands
of Mary Greeson and others. containing 59 acres
of first rate limestone land, nil cleared and in
a good state of cultivation, having thelinon a
Dwelling House. Well of water, &c. Poses,
Edon given immediately if desired by the pin
chit er, and a considerable portion of the per
ch e money will not be required for fOlllO
tint ... Sale to continence at i o'cluelk, P. M.
, i ‘
whet terms will he made known by
ap ti JACOB ARRIMS, Assignee.
Estate of Dr. S. H. Long. clee'd.
ETTERS of Adininistration on the estate
1_,4 of Dr. Samuel 11. Long. late of the bor
ough of Mechanicsburg, deceased, I
issued to the subseriben, residing inAnia
ough. All persot.s indeMed to said'estair '
make immediate payment, and those has ,
claims against it will present them for set ,
ment to the subscriber, in whose hands •
_Hooks_of-the—fi rm-of—ll s.
have been placed for settlement.
THE Store of the subscriber. etuhritci4
Queensware, sod all the V arielies . usr y
by him, is removed in hie ew .•
& 3, MARION lIALL L West Main St ,
Carlisle. '
March 30, 18C d.
• ..
surpasses in quantity quality and
VI , prices any that has ever yet been operied
in Carlisle, consisting or do greatest variety
ui all•kinus of Ilardwiiro, such no, Shoe Vircr
dings, Saddlery. Cotwir 'Trimmings, Paints,
Oils, Varnish, Glass. °Nails, Piles, Anvils,
Vices, Bellows, Springs, Axels, Bows, FeHoes,
Voseers, Cedorware, Farming Utensils, Bar
and Rolled Iron, Steel, &c., with a thousand
.more articles unmentionable.
Having purche.sed lowly of Heavy Goode
previous to the evance in prices, I not enabled
to sell goods at old prices. Persona in want of
Hardware aro invited to cull and evntnine toy
goods slid hear my prices, and you will be sat
isfied where the Cheap Hardware is to bo lied.
1:0•My stock of WALL PAPER it, !nap.,
Von, lied by any in the Borough.
Thankful for the former liberal patElge, a
continuance of the same is solicited
West Side o.Nprth j-lanovor.Stre . at..
ANOTHER lot of the celebrated YORK
PLOUGHS, just received at manufactu•
core prides, horn $5 37 to $6. Also, on hand
Craighead's and Plank's Ploughs at 'their nri.
March 36, IW.
A Word to the 'HunirP!!
111 fiCEIVED this day, direct fiOnt Cincin•
I,Vnati, 100 plain and Ancy S”Rar Cured
Horne, 50 pieces Sugar Cur, d Beet, in store
ai — siehrehonrim — ritslnTril ;m1 v gro•
eery- 4 JOHN p. -WILMA NIS. •
March 30 185 a, Oath Halbert's). ,
• ;
) HiLD & CO -‘A • cote ratoil'-':Sugne Cured
Hams tor' cite' hv •.
,& ,SMITIf.•
'2OO bble,ll . n Whole and flail barrels, now
• recoil/mg and for sale by •
wp,,op,w ARD .wsierri7
1., W. EI3Y