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Borne gently to the arme'of rest
By Bleefee Mysterious band.,
• prayer half - lingering on the lip,
-And meekly folded hands,
How genet to close the weary eye
Upon a world of care,
And lose In calm - forgetfulness - , .
,The chain our spirits wear I •
From brief oblivion, like(the day,
Fresh Into being arms
The soul, walls to sing,„
As hvLite's early morn ; ,
Shakes`OlT the dew-drops from her wing,
Sohrs to liar native air, •
As all unconscious or her doom, ,
The totter still to wear.
Thus gently to tha s arms of Death,
My eoul•to angel. bear. •
Unlink my chaln,,and let my breath
Floy out,4lbw out in-prayer.' •
Thus may I, from lon steep,
-Martlnto being new,'
And onwird to eternity
I r
In a charge to the Grand Jury of Es
sex county, in 1843, Chief Justice Horn
- !of Now York, made use of the
following beautiful and impressive
guage, which does honor to his head and
heart :
"We have in. the Bible a ,wiser and,
holier rule of action than the 'Wisdom of
man ever conceived, and in fewer words
than all the learning of the schools ever
compressed the wisest of their maxims;.
Whatsoever ye would that men should
do unto you, do you even so to them."-
This is emphatically the golden rule.—
It is universal in its application, and e
ternal in its principles. It lies at the
foundation of our jurispradende, lead
and equitable, civil and criminal; and
acted on this would do more to purify
society, and. elevate man to his-true dig
nity as a rational anil 'immortal being,
than all the learning of the schools and
'the vain philosophy of the rid.
"It is a short and simple esson that
all may learn, from the lis inn- child of
civilization to the gray-headed and untu
tored-savage of the wilderness—a lesson
which, if all would inculcate and prac
tice, would smooth down the asperities of
life, mitigate the sorrows incident to hu
manity, sweeten the springs of domestic
enjoyment, strengthen and benatifY the
bonds of-the social compact, dispense
with the officers of justice, demolish our
prisons; and pull down the last scaffold
that should ever be erected for the exe
cution of the convict. •
"But instead of this, we are constant
ly told of the dignity and perfectibility of
human nature, the noble qualities of the
mind i sindihe_elevating influence of. ed
ucation in the illimitable fields of art and
science upon the happiness of man ; and
each lecturer, in hie turn, has just- die-,
covered some new principle in - nature,
which is-to-rectify all ilie ills of life.
• " When the giants: inhuman 'intellect
can tell me whence Moses derived his
science of legislation without -admitting
the supernatural and divine authority of
the ten commandments, I shall . begin. to
listen with more reverence to the teach
ers of human perfectibility. In that
short and comprehensive code, we.find a
rule of action covering the • whole, of
man's existence ;_ n rule not only prescri
bing our external behavior, but reaching
.to the secret thoughts - and feelings of our
hearts, in eveny.p,ossible condition of life,
and in all our - relations to our Maker and
our fellow beings. The wisdom of ages,
the le,arning and philosophy of the
schools, have never discovered a single
defect in that code. Not a virtue which
is not there inculcated. Not a vice in
its most doubtful and shadowy form
Which - is not lot - T - •e prohibited. — Whence
then . ' ask, did the great Jewish law-giv
er derive his spirit of legislatiorit — lf
that cede was written by the finger of
..11.1nughtv,let,,,aslaiwi with _
- holy - rover s
ence, and seek no better rule of life, nor
any wiser principl& of action. But if
they emanated only from the capacious
mind, and were dictated by the fvisdom
of Moses—this Moses was a wiser and
more learned man than any of onr new
teachers; and I had rather be under his
jurisdiction, nnd ke,ep his commandments,
than learn new rules of civil polity and
social intercourse from the most learned
and wise of the present day."
Trust in God.
I could write down twenty cases
when I wished God had done otherwise
than he did:; .but Which I now see, had
I my own will„wonld have led to exten.
.sive mischief. We must lay hold, on
God; we must follow/hard after ,him; he
must determine mot to let him go, And
yet we must learn to let'. GodLalone.--
tauletness before God is ono of the most
difficult of all Christian graces—to sit
where he places .us ; to be what he
would have us be,.and this as long as he
mliE subscriber having just returned from
.1.. the Enst, offers to the public a more am
plo and caniploto assortment of goods in his
line, than ever previously•offored, and respectz
fully solicits dealers and others to give him a
call, when ho will show them goods at aston
ishingly lout Prices,
.r To Builders, Carpenters and Others.
His stock .comprises a full assortmont of
Locks and Latches of every description, Hin
ges and Screws, Windcw Springs and Bolts of
various kinds, Window Glass ) Putty, Paints
of all colors,. Oils, Turpentine, &c., fir..o.=
Also, Mill, Cross.out and Cirqulaf Saws, Hand
Patina., Ripping and BackSiws, Augurs, Chi.
C pping
1:0 1 3 R
nelg, Broad, Hand attd, ' Axes, Hatch
ets, rhinos and Plane tits, Steel and Iron
Squaresr Files' - and . spa/ Nails, Brads and
Spikes of all sizes.
'. • To Salters and ads Makers.
A complete assortment or Saddlery Tools,
Silver, Brassand Jammed mounting, Carriage
trimmings, Broad pasting and seaming Lace,
Plain and figured Canvass, Drab Cloths, Rati.
nett, Serge and Buoram, Moss and Deer Hair
patent an enamelled Loather, Lamps and Da.
shore. ' Also, flubbi, Follows and Spokes,
springs,'lron Axles, Mailable Castings,
To Cabinet and Shoe Xi:Jars
MT stock embraces a complete assortment
of goods in i
your line. Moroccos, liningond
'binding' 'Shins, Lasts, Thread, Pegs 'by the
barrel qr smaller quantity, Tools of everyde
epriptioh, &a. Curled Hair, Hair Cloth, Var
nish, Mahogany and Maple Vaneors, Mould•
lags ania Rosetta, Sofa Springs, - "Glass, Afaliog•
any, Mineral and Vaneored Jellaba of all sizes.
To BlaCksmiths, Farmers, and others, who' may be
in want of good Iron.
He offers full assortment' of . Hammered,
Horse Shoo Scollop, Plough , broad and nar
row Tire Iron.. ANN; Rolled Horse Shoa
Bar, Bap,d,- Rounds Square, Tiro, Hoop anti
Sliest Iron,
,Nail Rode, Russia Sheet Iron,
Cast,, Shear, Spring and Blister Steel, English,
and American Wagew,,and Carriage Boxes,
Anvils Vices, Files - and Rasps, Horse,' , Shoo
Nails, , ' l '
To - Roueekeepers and those about entering the Ora-
Aintonial Suit." '
- '
• .
I. would invite , attontionlo my bountiful as•
s'ottment of waltera,and , 'rrays, plain and Go
rbaestylp, knivek.and forka," Butcher Knives,
Scissors and Shears,-Brittannia,German
and Silver Piave;:Table and Tea Spoons,
Braab and I ,•`' 'Preserving Kettles, emooth•
idg ' .Y•Wit!fl, Tubt!,, Buckets,
Churns ; &o•
Oils, Paints and Ely° Stuffa f Firo and Water
"Proof Paint, ' •
.American 011e-' ,,
JUST received a:freeb euriply of Ameifeen•
Oil. For Kilo by A C FETTER',
Lart23 No 148 North flairov,
Stings &
OBERT B. - SMILEY, 'successor to Wm.
DEIITAKE ft, North Hanover street, Carlisle,
Would respebtfully inform the citizens of Carlisle
riand tha public generally that he now has on
, • • hand a largo assortment of new
',z74.,7 'and olegant FURNITURE,'
.r- , •;‘ , "^" .4 i , ; . `"?=, consisting in part of Sofas,
Wardrobes, Card and other
Tables, Bureaus, Bedsttinds, plain and iancy
Sowing Stands, &c. manufactured of the best
materials and, quality warranted. Also a gone.
ral assortment ofChairs at the -lomat prices.—:
Venitian Blinds, made to order and repairing
promptiy attended to. 'DI - COFFINS made to
order at the shortest notico. and having splon•
did floats° he will attend funerals in town or
country. • Itzi-DOnt forget the old stand of Wm.
C. Gibson, in Worth Hanover street, a few
doors north of Glass's Hotel.
Sept 4-Iy. R. B. SMILEY.
. 1 ,0 us.
WI ; gyp,,
Corner of Hanover and Loather its., Carlisle.
ILIE undersigned has always on hand a large
stock of superior Cabinet Ware. in all the
dilforetit styles, which Ito is prepared to sell at
the lowest prices: -- IfYiii - v - ifas attention partic
ularly to the Patent Spring•Bottotia Bedstead, a
most useful article, which entirely obviates all
objections. The bottom can be attached to old
Bedsteads. They have given entire satisfac
taon to all who have them in use.
_ _ _ _
ttr COFFINS mado to order at the shortest
notice. ? •
Carlisle, hair. 22, 1851 *—lv.
Extensive Furniture Rooms
TAMES R.WEAVER would .rospectlully
_,ejl call the attention of House Keepers and the
public to his 13Ktensive stock of ELEGANT'
FURNITURE. including Sofas, Wardrobes„
Centre and other Tables, Dressing and' plain
Bureaus and every otli erticle in his branch oft
business. Also, now on hand the largest as
sortment of CITA IRS in Carlisle, at the lowest
prices. {);-Collins made at' the shortest notice
and a llcarse provided for funerals. -He solic
its a call at his establishibent on North gnao,
ver street, near Glass's HOTEL. N. B.—Fur
!Inure hired out by the month or year.
Carlisle, March '2O, IMO.-ly
Ta subscriber would respectfully invite
the attention of Tanners to his assortment
- of PLOWS, now manufac
--,44, tared near Crpighoad's Mill
South Middleton township,
four miles south of Carlisle.
-- --- My assortment consists of
I ,Vithrow's, Stuckey's and Ball's patterns.—
The Casings will all he Lirothid:
make GRAIN CIADLES. of the most im
proved patterns. All orders directed to Wm.
L. Craighead. Carlisle, will be attended to
with promptness, and Plows or Cradles deliv
ered:Many part of the county free of charge.
Feb.l9 Gm
116 spra-max• STOCIL!
111 HE undersigned respectfully informs his
IL friends and the !Public generally, that he
",:..1r• , has just returned from
y ..-,,-
... Philadelphia, ha vi n g
„is , ~.- 7 4 - , purchased the most ox
. .en • '....! . i1t-;3' tensive, as .well as the
~N '9 . - ';'".l,< cheapest assortment of
, :'T.:''''''''! 7.a .4/C, Watches, Jewelry,
. -
t , Ste., over hrought_to.Carlisle. His stock • Con
sists in part of ~..4,0
Gold and Silver Patent ,Lever Watches,
Gbld and Silver detatched do. do.
Gold and Sillier Lepine Watches;
in short ovOry variety of Watches nt all prices.
Gold Guard and Vest Chains. Medallions,
Watch Keys, Ear Rings; Finger Rings, Breast
Pins, Gold and Silver Pencils, Gold and Silver
pens and cases and Bracelets in great variety.
A splendid article , of Gold, Sliver, German
Silver, and Blued Steel SPEC
TAMES, which are unsurpnss•
od in qu P lity by any oilier mulch) west ot Phil
adelphin, and witich can be sold at least '2O per
cent cheaper than in any other establishment
in the country, Also a large lot of
comprising Table and Tea Spoons, Butter
Knives, Srlt Spoons, Fruit Knives; Thimbles,
&e. Also, Card Cases: Porto Monnaies, Port,
Folios, Ladies Writing Desks, with a great
variety of other fancy article's unnecessary to
mention.- A- largo-lot-of CLO-CKS,assorted
patterns, which will be sold low, and warranted
to be goo,r.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry Repaired,
Ile invites all to and examine his stock,
assured that none can fail to be suited in qual
ity, q uantity_atul _Trues —1...1-La_articlea..aro_enah
purchases,-consequently, he can afford to sell
lower than tho same articles can be purchase(
elsewhere. Call at the old stand, IT few doors
west_of.j3urkholdoes Hotel.
January 15, 1851-ly T. CONL'YN.
China and Crockery Ware.
White Granite Stone Ware,
such as Dishes, Flares, Tea Sets, covered ad
uncovered dishes, bowls, toilet and cite Aer
sets, pitchers, &e., togetnor with alot o
• Blue Liverpool Wdre,
all of the latest style and shapes, also, all the
various articles of tho best common
While and Edged Ware.
The assortment includes to few plain •
While and Gold Band China Tea Sets,
of the best
,qunlityand style, and also all the
necessary articles of the best Granite, stone
and Blue Liverpool Ware suitable for any sized
Dinner or Tea Sets,
as may be wanted, together with d variety of
Glass Ware, including a fine assortment of
Bar and Table Tumblers,—
dishes, fortied and other botvls, goblets, wine
glasses, lemonades, lamps, &c. The prices
tor all of which are fixed at the lowest cash
prices. We invite our friends who are in want
of articles in our line to give us a call.
mnrs J W EBY..
A Voice from the 4, Burnt District:,
Monyer's Candy Factory, Rebuilt
THE subscriber would respect fully announce
to his friends and the public generally, that his
Factory Which was destroyed by the late fire,
has bean rebuilt, 'and he is now , ' prepared to
furnish them with
manufactured' of tho best material, whirls he
will sell wholesolo. or retail' at the old stand
in North Hanover street, a few doors north of
the bank, where ho has just opened a general
assortment of
donsisting of Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Figs,
Almonds, English Walnuts, Cocoa Nuts,'Pett
Mute; &e. He would alsb call attention to his
largo assortment of ' -
consisting or toys of Glass,Wood, Gum and.
China of,endless varictios.'f In connection
with the above, ho has on hand a prime lot;of
consisting of Sugars, Coffees, Toes, Molasses,
Spices, Crackers, Matches, Blacking, .4r,c.—
Also, a prime lot of CIGARS, of the best,
.The subscriber returns hie einem:et thanks to
a generous public for the patronagot-hoefetwed
on hint, and hopes by a desire to please to mo•
rit a continuance of tho same. Ho would also
return [hanks to the Firemen and Citizens for
their offtirts to save his property on the night
of the late conflagration
Carlisle, 00. MONYER
on the north east corner,of the public
4!1111 square in the row known ne,"Harper's
itliVl Row." For terms, &c.; inquimof the
Gn-m vo3l RaRIT. 1 , 4 N
Sack Flannels.
JUST received 19, general assortment of Col,
ored Flannels for Ladies Sacks, to wit—Black.
Gray, Blue, Red. Green, Pink and Changges•
ble. Also, 'White Woolen and Cotton . Fran
. imgreat variety. • W
' TIIXT Largo Twol Story HousE,cm
• , . corner of. Main .rind Pitt — stream,
~• ' • and opposite the Rail Road Depot
• .11111 This houee is , largo and roomy•
;• 4 , Li 1 and having ev,ery conuenienoo. Is
- nuked for a boardinghouse.
Poesession, given immediately.• • For terms,
• which are reasonabio, enquire, at jho pretrili3es.
JUST. received new eutiply'of Inteet
'Vie of .ES 0- 4 •,• • "fl. YETTER.
ititottlanta tz
• - . . . .
.• . • r rresh Spring Supply ! •
IHAVE just received a frash.steek of Med-
Wow!, Points, Glass; Oil, &c., which
having been purchased with great car e at the
beet city houses; I can confidently recommend
to. Families, Physicians, Country, Merchants
and Dealers, as being fresh and pare.
. .
Patent Medicines, .Herbsand Extracts,
Fine homi eels, Spices, groundand whol.i
- Instruments, • , Essences,
Pure Essen'l Oils - Perfumery, drc.
' God Liver Oil—Wcrrcinted airtuine.,
•.' DYE.STIJFFS. • . •
Indigoes, II Log and Cam Woods,
Madders, Oil Vitriol
Sumac Copperas,
Alum, Lae Dye• ..'— .
Wetherill— & Brothei's Pure Lead, Chron—
Green and Yellow, Paint and Viii‘nish Brush°.
Jersey Window Glass, Linseed Oil, Turpei •
tine, Copal and coach Varnish, and Red Lead,
All of which will be
,sold at the very lowa,
market price, Also,a fresh and splendid b
soriment of
Confectionary,urict innunterable - other article
calculated for use and ornament, all of
are dffered at the lowest cash prices,
at tl
cheap Drug Book and Fancy Store of the sub
scriber on North Hanover street.
May 22, ISM.
Mr T M
Recently from Philadelphia.
RESPECTFULLY inform the eitizens
Carlisle and its vicinity, that they hav
now at their Marble Yardin South ilanovi
street, slow 'doors south of the 'Court Heusi
and nearly oppoSite A & W Bentz's Store, a
elegant stock of pure
and aro prepared, viexecuto in ❑io:most dnishe•
.111onuments, Tombs,
Grave Stones at all prices, Mantles,. •
Door and Window Sills, Steps,
together with every other article in their line
rind promise that in fineness of finish; chaste
ness of design and quality of Marble, thei
work shall not be surpassed by any,other estab
They are also the authorized agents of :
Robert Wood, of Philadelphia. and 'will fu
nish from his manufactory all varieties of IRO
RAILING for the enclosing of Grave lots an
all other purposes,, at the shortest notice and D
Philadelphia prices. They will also finish o
manufacture all kinds of Building Work, sue
as Sills, Steps and Platforms, &c., at the short
est notice and on the most reasonable terms,
Having had great experience, and being em
ployed in the best shops of Philadelphia, the ,
are therefore enabled to manufacture the mm
fashionable work, and respectfully ask a slier
of the patronage of Carlisle and the surrountlin
'country. [Carlisle, oov6 1850 i
THOUSANDS of bottles of the 'AMER.!
CAN COMPOUND have been sold dui
ing the past year, and was never known - t
fail of curing, inn few days, or a certain del ,
cate disease, Seminal weakness and all disease
of the Urinary organs. Persons afflicted usin
this pleasant and popular remedy, need.fear
exposure, as it lollies no_odar- on the breath
requires no restrictions in diet or business
contains no Mercury or noxious drugs injpriou
to the system, and is adapted to every age, sex
or condition. It is also' the beat remedy know.
for Fluor Albus or Whites, (female complaint.
with which thousands stiffer, without the knee
lodge ofn - rerrietly. -- This celebrated reined_
haelong been used in private practice of a phy
sicisn and with unerring success, radical)
•curing ninety.nine,of tic hundred cases in
few days. Around each bottle pre plain an
full directions.
CAUTION—Ask for the AM ER ICA I'
COMPOUND, and purchase only of the Agent
Pr ice $1 per bottle. For sale by S. BLLIOTI
Carlisle; J. %Vyoth, Harrisburg; R. Williams
Columbia; by A. Miller, Lancaster; E. Morn
Air. Co., York. = • (January, 15, 1851
111 HE subscribers desire to inform theirfriend,
- t andithic - , public that-they - have -removed
MANUFACTORY' to the room nearly oppo
site their old stand on North Hanover street
and mny now be found in their-new and com
modious manufactory on the West side of tho
said-smea r -a...few-doors...allay c-..Louther_atrent,
where they will continue to keep on hand a lull
assortment of every kind of
Mu, Coirper and Sheet-Iron Wee I
whielf - may bo Medal by 'houselebbluirertfird
others. Their articles are manufactured by
themselvcs,of the best materials, and in point
of finish and durability' cannot be surpassed.—
They will also-manufacture and repair at the
shortest notice all kinds of,Disrilling Apparatus.
They will promptly attend to the layinvol
in town and country, and on the most reasona
ble terms. Every branch of their business
will ho carefully attended to with the utmost.
They also keep constantly on hand a large
variety of
comprising every variety of plain ten•plate
STOVES, elegant wood and coal air-tight
PARLOR STOVES, of the latest styles,
COOKING -STOVES of the newest and most
improved inventions, -et various prices. which
cannot fail to please every taste. They re•
spectfufly solicit an examination by the public
of their large and varied assortment of stoves.
Thankful to the public for favors heretofore
extended, and being, determined to relax no
exertions to give satisfaction to their custom
ers they hope
.to merit a continuance of pa
I)::rThe highest cash price will be paid for'
old Copper and Pewter.
momnis & HERSHEY.
Carlisle, March 19, 1851-1 y
Fresh Arrival of Hardware.
EniTAYING just returned. front Now York &
DH Philadelphia with the boat and Cheapest
brought' to Carlisle, I would rose ectfully requee!
dealers and consumers and all others' to give
mo a call and sea whether they cannot got more
and bettor goods for the same money than at
.any other place*in town. My stock of Lucite,
Latches, Bolts, Hinges, Screws, Nails, Spikes,
Glass; PaintsiSlc., is cumpleto and vary cheap.
Carpenters' Tools, I have a splendid assort.
inent. Also, Cabinet Maker's Tools and Ma•
terials ' wiz :—Yrineors, Mahogany, Mil - lora! and
Glass Bureau Knobs and• Varnish.
can have everything in their line cheaper than
I have n &tit rate stock of Morocco and Lining
Skins, Bindings, Pegs, Thread and Wax, and
a superb assortment of Shoot alters Tools. I
haveulso a Complete assortment:call:lll's Lasts,
made in Harrisburg, which atm he had at no
other place in town, and at BON Prices. To
gether with an assortment of all kinds of Hain-
Meted and Rolled Iron and Steel. Of lloutte
keeping Articles, I have Knives. Forks, Spoone r
Waiters, Snuffers and Trays, Tara, Buckets,
I have the largoet, llnntlininniet and Cheapest
Assortment in [own.. And to all who want
emod-nntl-filp—in- TT NRDWARE,--I would say
Goma and bl);.1 'Jr yuta.oth,,s.
oet3o P LYNE.
171VIEBRZILLAS & rAxtasoris.
RAYING thioidecl to quit the business, I
ell mrefock et very low un
tldd.`'Pgrara to
B cosi the newest and most desira
ble styles. You arelnvited to call and extim •
ntr6.2nt Ho 104 Market at. Philnds.
To Milliners.
'7 US T received another, lot 'of Bonne'
Fremos of the latestetylo., Also; Bonnet silket
Silk and Satin Linings of various colors. °
deoll • • , W. lIITNER.
FULIt ussorttne4 of ROPES just received
by the subscriber. Also, Gloat'Tubes Tor
. Rods tbr soths chenp by
.nuD 2 s ... • . SAXTON
(Eitv Staitrtionnento.
Grand and Square PIANOS.
071 / a ltufacti4tere, .7.1113. 4, , 6, 8,0 and 11. 'Eutaw
Street; 414Ittutore,
'p EA N 0 FORTES, from 4 to 7 octaies, in
IL — in -Rosewood, Mahogany and:Walnut cases
'of various styles, with and without iron frames,
combining all the improvements requisite to a
superior instrument:
-" IC. & G: have received from the Maryleind
Institute the jyrer premium for their Pianos, in
three successive years, 1848, 1849,1850. They
have also been honored with numerous testimo•
nials from all the, most celebrated artists who
have used their instruments. Pianos from their
establishment have been used at the concerts
os Lind, Herz, Hohnstock, Bishop, Laborde,
Knoop, and other eminent performers. They
. guarantee durability for five years; under-good
caro.'and others all which
mar not eat
give satisfaction, if appliton be made
tldthin , six Months-after delivery. nita , TX'
-Their Unnufactory being conducted on the
most extensive scale enables tlfem to turdish
institunents- at the very lowest , prices, whole
sale and retail., Constantly on hand; A. P.
Hughes' Melodeons, ranging from $45 to $2OO,
for which theY•are solo agents for this city.
Ferf'unkety, Fancy Soap & A'aper Box
48 Market sired, below Second, Philadelphia.
jrl LEGG & - CROMPTON, Manufacturers
NU of Perfumery. Fancy Sofipq and Fancy
Paper Boxes, respectfully call the attention of
the Druggists and Dealers in Carlisle and the
Cumberland Valley; to their extensive stock of
Goods, comprising Perfumery; , Fancy Soaps,
Powders for the complexion, Pellet, &c. &c
of every variety. Also, a full and Complete as
sortment of Fancy Paper Boxes, of every de
scription, large or small, round or square, made
to order at the shortest notice.
_ .
- Don't forget the place, 48 Market street,
Philadelphia. All orders will meet with prompt,
attention. janls
THE OLD 'STAND, occupied for ,7110 re than
ate-third of a century by G. 1171lig, Esq.
%VIE undersigned would most respectfully
- .L . announce to the Public that he is AGENT
for more than twenty' of tile most
celebrated manufacturers of 13 OS
# ~1 # iToN, NEW YORK, P MLA
DELPHIA, and elsewhere ; and
s censtantly,receiving from them PIANOS. o
the richest and most varied Styles, of supetior
tone, and of the most superb finish, of 6. 6.1, 6ii
61-, and rOttaves, - tvhielt 'are warranted equal
to any manufactured either in this country or
in Europe:
Just received, also, olfurther supply. of Church
and Parlor Orgasm,, of bountiful patterns and
fine tones.
Ills WAREROOM is constantly supplied
with a choice selection of SERAPHINES and
MELODEONS, from the oldest and most ex
tensive manulactories in the United States ; 'a
mong whicn is a now style of REED ORGAN
having Carhari's patent improvements, with
gilt ppes in Wont, pad case elegantly carved,
and highly-ornamental.
Tuning and• Repairing--Sig. Salvador La
Grassa, a distinguished Piano Forte 'Manufactu
rer and Organ Builder, will attend to all orders.
sept4,'so OSCAR C 13 CARTER.
AON'T be deceived. Country Merchants
and Dealers who want good and cheap
call upon JOHN T . CLEGG, Perfumer and
Chenuat, 48.01arket St., helms 2d, Philadelphia.
who has constantly on hand PERFUMERY
and FANCY SOAPS of every description,
Powders, flair Oils, Oi Marrows, Colognes,
llnir Dyes, &c„ &c.'
100,000 persons have read my advertisement
in the Public Ledger, hundreds of whom have
called and been convinced of-the advantage of
purchasing direct from the manafacturer,
Agency for Ferran's Circassian Hair Oil,
Otders from any part of the United States
promptly attended to.
, ;attg4'so,ly - JOHN T• CLEGG.
-Efight Light!
Pine 011, Camphine gc lYledal Fluid,
ArIF acknowletfied superiority and nurity,
V/ manufactured and for sale at the lowest
Wholesale prices, ,by DAVIS & HATCH,
at the old established stand of the late Bova
min T. Davis, CAMDEN, NEW ,JERSEY,
where orders by mail or otherwise arc solicited,
-- .and - promptuttemitm - griven.--The voice-of--the
public for fifteen years, and the award of a
Silver Medal, and complimentary notice by
the Franklin Institute over all competitors, is
—sufficient-evidence of the - excellence-of our Oil.
alcohol, Pitch, Turpentine, Rosin, and Spit
its of Turpentine, for sale Wholesale and Re
tail, at the lowest,pricos. Eoct3o
J. .717.
nur AN UFACtURMRS . and wholesale deaI
WOOD WARE, have removed to the largo
store lately occapteli by Messrs. Sellers &
vt`i where they have opened an extensive stock
of Eastern and City made BROOMS and
IA COD WANE, which they are now soiling
ta the lowest manufacturers prices.
. - -
A full assortment of Aidlea, Prudes, Mat
Cordage, &c.. constantly on hand No
North Third Street, 3 doors below Race, Ph
dolphin j[yl7,'3U P.
Simla Iron Railing.
Corner of.nidge'Boad and Broad Street,
WOULD Call the attentjon of purchasers to
their elegant assoftment of Wrought
and Cast Iron Railing for
Railing' for- Churches, Public and Private
Buildings, Public Squares, &c., together with
all kinds of Plain and Ornamental Iron Work.
, Mire & Gallagher's Book of ORIGINAL
DESIGNS, containing the best selection
designs that has ever been issued, will be sent
loony person who may wish to make a select
lion. (1eb19.51_
, No. 78Noth street, Baltimore.
Fr HE Ondersigned, Agent for the
, Ponnsplvanin and Ohio Line, being cen
trally locate on the Baltimore and Susque
hanna Railr ad, klitts made arrangements for
transacting a•
General Produce ComMision Busineea,,
n. connection avit •
and respectfilly . solicits consignments of Whis
key, Flour, Dram,-and Country Produce . gatio.
rally. Respbetfully, - .
, Baltimore, April 2-31055.
N. B. Orders for Grocories, Salt, &c.; will
be promptly executed.'
Messrs. John Sullivan & Sons, W. Starr &
Banal Thomas J. Carson & Co., John M'Cul•
logh & C0....Wy1i0 & Wilson, David Hays &
Co., Duvall, Keighler & Dorsey, Miller - end
Mayhow,. Turnbull, Dalt & Slade, Robert
Garrott Sous,is James George, Baltimore.
Messrs. Cyanglo & Co., Wheeling, Va.
Messrs.fruit & Thaw, H Grail; Pittsburg.
Mr. J. 1 Kerr, Harrisburg.
James Cowden, Esq., Columbia. •
Messrs. Mulhollan & Ray, Blairsville.
Messrs. P. A& S Small, York. • •
Messrs./James Steel & Co., Lewis & Butler
Philadelphia. ' . , .
. . , . ...,.,
, avuntszir,Co.,.
. • !,..„ MERCHANT&
3fisßaltimore St., opposite Eutaw House,
' '. BALTIMORE. ' • .
xi, EVITE their whole attention to the sale
up Fia r, Grain and Seeds, ,IPhiskcy, Bacon,
lard, Bi :kr, Wool. Dried Fruit, C4F., fjc. on
the most , reasonable terms., Purposing e soon
to remove ,where they, willhave the use of Rail
Road track connecting
_with the Suismehanna
Road; they, now respectfully ,solicit consign 7
meats ovim that road, and will •themselves,pay
drayage n , produco to their Wathh,ouse, when
received a Woof alarm! , car load or more at a
Siciwart &. Co. „
Mr. Johq . Early, • S o
Mr. Upton Waallabaugh, Chumbei•sburg.
iy2-1111pd ,
Jusnranct 4gontpcmieo.
Tho 'United States Life Insurance
• •
. Annuity and Tina Company. • .
crier Per:pet:tell—Capital ( sr,ss L alit
Suet, tn.
THE constant, unsolicited .application for
Life' Insurance, gives the - most abundant
and gratifying proof that the public mind is
deeply impressed with the Nast importance of
this subject. The great, object, howev . er, of
Insurance should be gaiety, otherwise the whole
motive to insure may be disappointed. Too
much care cannot be practised in the selection
Of an office with which to effect the contract.—
The choice should be regulated not by present
and constant large inducements, as this, id cer
tainly. Incompatible with future benelts. The
premiums on life are calculated for thefitture,
tl present and prospective benefits therefore are
given, the result ultimately, must terminate in
litigation, disappointment and ruin. The object
aimed at by this institution is stability
. pnd pee
whitty. The rates of premium have been care
fully prepared witlrreference - to fluctuatiOns.—
, Tfie cash system of
.payments has also been
adopted. Unpaid premium rotes constitute no
part of the assets of this company, and every
contingency being fortified with an ample cap•
ital, security stamps tne whole system. This
feature, paramount to all other considerations,
commends the. company to public favor. Ex
planatory pamphlets ;- lilanksr application papers
information and every facility will be cheerlully
furnished the public by Mr. E. BEATTY,,who
has heeniduly appointed agent of this company
for Cdrfiberland county. Dr. H
has also been appointed Medical Examiner.
Directors.—Stephen R. Crawford, Ambrose
\V Thompson, BeniaMin . lV Tingley, Jacob L
Florence, 'William M Godwin, Paul 13 Goddard
Lawrence Johnson, George Wllenry, James
Devereux, John L Linton.
Prestdent.—Stephen R. Crawford.
rice- Pres ident —Ambrose IV. Thompson .t
S'ecrenuy Fir '!'ensurer.—Charles G Imlay
Actuary.—Manuel Eyre.
Cowiset Ef".thiornry.—Thomns Balolo •
.34 'dicta E.',ranziner . s. Pauliß Goddard, M.D.
William Pepper, M. D. faug7 ly
rIRE xwsun.a.riscz
THE Allen and Bost Pennsborough Mutual
Fire Insurance Company of Cumberland county
ncorporatcd by an act of Assembly, is now fully
organized, and in operation" under the manage
ment or the following commissioners, viz:
Jacob Shelly, Win R Gorges, Michael Cock
in, Molchoir Brenneman, Christian Staymnn,
Simon pySter, Jacob Ii Conver, Lewis Byer,
Henry Logan, Bonjam& II Musser, Jacob
Kirk, Samuel Prowell, Joseph Wickersham.
Tho rates of insuranco mesas low and favora
bln as any Company of the kind in the Strite;--
Persons wishing to become members are invitedF
to make application to the agents of the comPa
ny, who are willing to wait upon them at any
HENRY LOGAN, Vice President.
LEWIS LIVER, Secretary
Cumbrrienri rountli.:—Rudolph Martin, New
Cumberland, C B Herman, litngstown, Henry
Zcaring, Shiremanstown, Robert Mow and
Charles Bell, Carlisle, Isaac Kinsey, McAllen
icsbnrg. Dr. J. Ahl, Churchtown.
York county.—John Sherrick, Lisburn, John
Bowman, Dillsburg, Peter Wolford, Franklin
John Smith, Esq., Washington, ♦V S Picking,
Dover, Danielltaffensberger, J W Craft.
Harrisburg.—Houser & Lochman. '
Members iof the company having policies a
bout to expire can have them renewed by mak
ing application to any of the agents..
—FOR 2 5 CENTS !!
—By means of the - pocket
. lsculapius, or, Every one
is own Physician ! Twen
r-fonrth edition, vith
cords of a hundred engra
logs, showing private dis
.ase ever) shape and
wrrr, and malformations
r the generative system.
tY -
The time, has now Ar
,ripg from secret disease
„is contained' in this hook any
one - may 'Cure himself, - without hindrance to bu,
slums, or the knowledge of the Most intimate
friend, and with one tenth the usual expense. In
addition to the general routine of private disease
'it fully explains the cause of manhood's early da
cline, wttli observations on marriage—besidee
many other derangements which it would not by
proper to enumerate in the public priets.
fa'Altyperson sending TWENTY-Fltr. CENTS,
- Miclos - ed iu a lettei; - ail! receive one copy adds
book, by mail, or five copies will be sent for one
Millar. Address, "DR. \V. YOUNG, No. 152
YOUNG can be consulted on any 01
the DiSeases prescribed in his different publioa
..ions,.aLhis_olliees.,.l.32__S_PßU_CE_streel, el/O).
day between 9 and 3 o'clock, (Sunday s excepted.
May I, Ibso.
Call and See before Purchasing, elsewhere"!
raIHE subscriber is just receiving and oenp-
II e.t his Cheap Family Grocbry and
Quecnsware Store in West Main street, Car-
lisle, a very large assortment of all the arti
cles in his line of business.
Rio Coffee from 12 to 14 cents per pound,
for good, to a strictly prime article. - Also,
Brown Sugars of the best quality, from 7 to 9
cents per pound, Lovering!s best crushed and
pulverized Sugars from 10 to 12 1,2 cents per
pound, N. 0. Sugar House 'and Syrup Moles.
see of all grades from 32 to 624 per gallon.—,
Also, a supply of fresh ground SPICES of all
kinds, warranted pure. SOAPS, Fancy, Cas
tile, Rozin and Country Soaps, Chocolate, pul
verized Salaratus, Indigo, Mould and Dipped
Candles, Common and AVinter Strained Whale
Oils. Also, a supply of fresh Hominy, cheese
from the best Dairies always on hand. Fancy
sewing, traveling, clothes and market Baskets,
together with a general assminient of Chew
ing and smoking Tobaccos,
Spanish tinclitalf
-SpaniSli - Cigars, Common do., ropes, twines,
and Brushes of all kinds.
- - -
CEDAR W A R E.--Housekcepeis, and
others expecting soon to embark in the same
business, please call and examine my stack-of
Wash tubs, Wash Rubbers,, Churns, Cedar
Buckets, fancy, painted and varnished Buckets,
Brooms, &c.,
subscriber has just added to his already large
stock a number of tyliite - Granne, Gold Figur
ed, Blue, Marble, Flowing Blue and Mulber
ry 'Pea Sets, of 48 pieces. Also. Plates and
Dishes, Tumblers, Preserve Dishes, Syrup
Bottles, &c. of every description and price so
that he will he able to meet the wants and
means of all i he community-who-may-favor
htm with a calf.
A NEW supply of fresh Coffees, White and
Brclyn Sugars, Spices of all hinds, ground and
'unground, with all the other varieties of a Gro
coryiStore, Including also a new supply 0116/-
kin's 11'0. 1 Quality of
in metallic packs of quarter, half and pound
packages from 5O to 51,50 per pound, as also
n the bulk. All just opened and for salout the
store of [ml2] a J W EBY.
' Patent Starch Polish. •
1161011. giving a beautiful gloss to Linens, Mus.
.112 lins, Eollars, &c., and prevents. dust from
sticking to Linens, &c. It contains, nothing
injurious. Just received by
JUST received a largo, assortmerda Men
Women and Children's Boots and Shoes, WO,
is' Double Soled Buskins and 'Jenny, Lind
Shoes, which I can sell very cheap.
10ct23 - N\V WOODS, Ae.t.'
' • SALT.
/2m, SAcics OF SALT receiving and
e_P for sale cheap at the ware house of
deci 8 -. W 13 MURRAY, Ag't.
ilk. 8. SIVITILMR,
k : No. 8 Market Street, dear the Bridge,
.rrom the most celebrated Eastern
Manufactories. I Furnished at Menai-new
• e • - [haars-3m
. • • Ohildrepit Stockings, •
A.FULL asi m emont 'of White and. Mixed
Morino Hose of all sizes for Children.—
.Also, Ladiee Hose in gloat variety just opened
Brushes! Brushes!
•• ,
A great- variety of these useful articles lie
feied for sale,'donsisting of Whitewash, Swett's'
ing,Scrubbing, Paiiiters, loth, Shaving, Hair,
Tooth and ; Nail Flesh and Grainingltruithes in
great variety , all of which are of the host qua
ty . and will be sold at the lowest prices
Juno. G.. • - s ELT I err'P
TAT NE 9 S s
For the Cure of
rcoAßpEisrmss, BRON
In offering to the community this Ostly cele
brated remedy- for diseases of - the throat- and lmmo, it is not our wish to trifle with the 'Jive
or Cealth of the a flrcted, but frankly to lay be
fore them the opinions oh distinguished men and
some of the evidences of its success, from which
they can judge for themselves. We sincerely
pledge our selves to make no wild assertions or
(id se statements of its efficacy, nor will. we hold
out any hope mincing humanity which facts_will
toot warrant.
Many proofs are here given, and we solicit an
inquiry from the publib into all, we publish,feel.
ing assured they will find them perfectly reliable
and the medicine worthy their best confidence,
and patronage.
FROM patronage.
SILLIMAN. Mv..D.,1” L. D. Eee
Professor of Chemistry, ineraology,&e., Yale
College, Member Off-the Lit., Ifist.,Med. l'h.lo.
and Seism. Societict of America and Europe.
"1 - diem the CHERRY. PECTORAL an ad
mirable composition from some of the best ar
ieles in he Materia Modica, add a very effect
ive remedy for the class of diseases it is intend
ed to core."
New Haven, Ct., Nov. 1,1849.
Prof CLEVELAND, of Bowdoin College, Me.
Writes—" I have witnessed the enacts of your
'CHERRY PECTORAL' in my own faintly and
that of my friends, and it gives me satisfaction for
state in its faVor that no medicine I have ever
known has proved so fill/inently successful of
curing diseasei - of the threat and lungs."
Writes —"That he considers 'CHERRY PEC
TORAL' the best medicine for Pulmonary affec
tions ever given todhe public," and states that
"his daughter being obliged to keep the room
four Months with a severe settled cough, accom
.ponied by raising of blood „night Sweats, and the
attendant symptoms of consumption, commenoed
the use of the 'CHERRY PECTORAL' and
bad completely recovered."
Dr. Ayer—Denr Sir: Foe two years I was
afflicted with a very severe cough, accompanied
ho spitting of•'blood and profuse night sWeats',,, T .-
By the advice of my attending .physician I„was
induced to use your CHERRY PECTORAL,
and continued to do so till I consideyed myself
cured, and ascribe t h e etli et to your preparation.
Ilamtv'en as. Springfield, Nov. 27..1848.
This day appeared the above named James
Randall, and pronounced the above statemens
true_in every respect.
• — LORENZO NORTON, Justice.
PORTLAND, MC. Jail. 10,1847.
Dr. Ayer I have been long afflicted with
Asthma which grew yearly worse until -last au
tumn, it,brought on a cough it loch confined me
in my chamber, and began to assume the alarm
ing symptoms of consumption. I had tried the
best advice and the best medicine to nopurpose,
until I used your CHERRY 'PECTORAL, which
has cured me, and you . may well believe me.—
Cratefully yours. _
• 3. D ; PHELPS.
If there, is any value in the jpalgmest of the
wise, who speak from experience, here is 11 med
icine worthy of the public confidence. • •
Sold by 1)r. Rawlins, S. A. Hubbard & Dr. S.
Elliott, Carlisle; 1)r. Ira Day, Mcielutniesburg; .1
11. Herron, Newyille; .1. C. &V. B. Altick Ship
pposburg; and druggists generally.
Celebrated Farnily Medicines.
It concerns every one. Cholera' can be cured
Dr. Keeler's Sarsaparilla Panacea- For
, the removal and permanent cure of al
Diseikses ariaing- from an impUre—
staff of the Blood andleabit ' •
of body.
The All-wise Creator has implanted in all
organized bodies tin_inrinie disposition to self
preservation. The •ital powers possess the
property of resisting the influence of external
Call.* but as the' BLOOD is the common par
bulum from which all parts of living matte
derives its renovating elements, and consequent
ly, upon which the life of organized beings de,
pend,•it is probable that in cases of accident,
or where artificial means have been employed
o epffve"Trorifn essenfilirproperty, The viteT
effects of theArhole system will be directed to.
ward restori4 to it that property. In all con
stitutional and hereditary affections, this- field
has undergone some primary alteration, which
is-the cause of the special disease, or which ea
sentiallreontributed to its production. Resta
• ration to health can only be obtained by a re
. moial of the morbific cause through the medi
urn of the 'circulation, and Dr. Keeler's Sarsa
parilla, is the most powerful modifier of agent
effecting this fluid koown.• See pamphlets.
• Blackwoodlown, N. J.. June 6,1848.
Dr. Keeler—Dear Sir: I am eillirely . out of
your Panacea. I was called upon day before
yesterday for half a doon. Your medicine is
becoming very popular where ll,have introduced
it, and I think the more it is used the more pop
ular it will get. Respectfully yours', •,•
'•-=•For details, certificates, &c., see circus
lars, Sec. Price $1 per bottle, largo size, 6 bot
tles 65
Among all the remedies. before the public ,
this stands pre-eminent in incipient consump
tion, Bronchitis, Catarrhs, Coughs, Hoarseness,
Whooping Cough, Pleurisy, Asthma, Spitting
or Blood, and for all affections of the pulmonai y
organs occasioned by cold. Too much praise ,
cannot be bestowed upon this remedy, and the
proprietor urges everyone afflicted with any of
the above complaints to secure it at once. It
,is warranted to cure or no pay. Price only 50
Every family:whether rich or poor, who val
ues health and all its blessings, should have this
invaluable remedy at hand. It is infinitely the
best remedy_ known for Diarrheea,.Dysentery,.
Cholera Illorbus, Cholera. Infantum, Cholic,
Flatulency, griping pains, cramp, etc., and, for
all diseases of the stomachl and bowels caused
by Teething., The numerous testimonlala from
Physicians and others unsolicited has given it
• reputation as firm as adamant. g' - Price
25 cents per bottle. •
• This remedy is pleasant to the taste, harm.
less to the patient end all powerful in removing
all kinds of worms, from the body:. It is with
out doubt, the cheapesit and best worm destroy
ing medicine before the public, and will if ad
ministered according to directions, remo4
them within five or six hours after taken. Tim
dose is small, and each bottle sontainstwice as
much as'similarremedies.• • Price only 25 cents
per bottle. ,
- -•, "
Although not:recommended os . a name
yet they are the mildest and best ririned,o to re.
Move Constipation, Jaundice, Dpmepsia,
icasneti's, Nervoinness, Foul Stomach, • Hpad•
ache, Indigestion, etc. Ulike other Purgative
medicines they leave the boivelsalways relaxed
and consequently ere the prnper medicine- for
for females and persona • leading u solitary life.
Price 25 . emits. • • •
A justly celebrated external application for
Pains °film Chest, Neuralgia, Headache, Spr'ne
Bruises, Tic Doloreux, Swellings of the Joints,
Rlieumntisin, Gout, sciatica and for all diner
. ders wherein a sedative and rubefacient
sly Is applicable. Pries twenty-five cents pet
bottle. •
-All of the above' celebrated and extensively
tiled medicines, are prepared and 1- 4 / 4 Whole,.
• sale and Retail, at 294 MARICET bTßEETPhiladelphia.
' For sale by S. ELLIOTT, Carlisle • 4. G.
Miller,Dieliinsom• Measre. Altick, Slappena
bmgJ. F. Spahr, Mechaniasbiwg, M. 131 trier,
Shiaemanstown. and . In every town throughout
the county and'State. (January 14,1851
ll able and mild refrigerant and laxative,
or aalo by 111.IBBAR • (1)1[11"
&. WATER prom
LAKWS Fire and Water Proof NAINT,
111 :which has boon So.,extensively used for,
the last six years'with thb 'utmost &unease on
the' roofs of ITml=rs, .c-, . n
.1.,• I. . t,
For t.:110 . 1 . 11.
Price Reduced !
Largo Bottles—Only One Dollar.
The Proprietor of the Greet American Remedy " Venom('
argent milcitations orbit A g ent., throughout the Unita .
Otataa and Canadi, has now
Reduced the Price
of kin minuter and well known article; and from We date
weefortb, he will put up but oni Mae only,—ltle you
;Mlles : —the rata Pricw will be
The public tnny rest word that the character of the Midi
.atrenarth, and euratire properties' -wit'. Ramat
/NCUARGIND, and the acme litre will be bestowed in pm
tering it lie lienetofenr.
midleine, under its reduced price, will be purchase
ty those who have not hitherto made themselves ■onrsainte
with its virtues, the proprietor would beg to intimate, that hi
article is not to be clawed with the vast amount of " Remodir
of the day ;" it claim. for itself a greater Are/in power,
ell diseerau, than any slier preparation ' Ella before to
trld; and has ousteinso `twit for eight yews by its outwit
•edical virtue., and, until tiax reduction, commanded doubt
ho Price of any other article in this line.
NOTICE PARTICOLA.I.Ly, tide article ,asts with great hoa,
at power and certainty, upon the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Lunge,end
all other organs, upon the promi agion of which lila an
lealth depend.
This medicine has a .iestly high repels u a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
wad all dieerwee of that nature. It may be Yelled now whe
:he intelligent phyeletan has abandoned hie patient, and fi
Immo dietrewing dimmed, more especially DROPIST, the props
.(or would earneetly and honestly recommend It. At t
*resent price Ms eerily obtained by all, and the trial will pro,
the article to be the
Cheapest Medicine in the 'World
sZirr Flame aeli forpamphlets-- the agouti give them awl) ,
they oontain over eixteen.Pagee of receipts,. (in addition to to
medical matter) valuable for houeehold purposes, and:wlite
will save many doller per year to practical lioneekapen.
Thew receipts aro introdudei to make die book of grm
value, snide from its character man advertising medium ft
ikto medicine, thetcetiinony in favor of which, in the form
'lnters from all parte of the eountry, - may be relied upon.
Vanghn's Vegetable Lithontriptic Mixture
Great. American Remedy, now for elle in quart bunion as •
each, small bottles at 50 ots each. No small hada will
Issued alter tfl6 meant klock is dimposed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. V., 207 Main Street,
Sold Wholesale and Retail by OLCOTT McKESSON I
CO.. 10 Maiden Leen, New York City.
N. 11.—All letters (excepting from agents and dealers wit
whom he tnineacle beelines) mast be poet Pahl, or no atlantic
nil be given to them.
S W flavarstlck, Carlisle,
J C Gl3 Altick, ShippenslitTi'g,
Russel & Dice, Dickinson,
J h Spahr. hiechaniesqurg,
A H Zager, Kingstown. •
Valuable School Books,
PHIAL/U.I 3 MA, and for sale by all the book
sellers in the United Stales :
An easy introduction to the study of I;eogra
phy, designed for children, and completely il
lustrated by 120 engravings and lb colored
map 9.
! The text, the exercises the illustrations, and the
forty beautiful maps are printed together in one
quarto volume.
a system of modern Geography, comprising a
dem iption of the present state at the world and
its'five great divisions. Embellished with nu
merous ervavingx and illustrated by an excel
lent Atlas containing 28 handsome and accurate
colored mapi. This series of Geography by S.
Augustus Mitchell has been. wholly or partly
introduced into the public and pritale schools.
of all the principal, cities and towns of the Utii
ted States ; had after n full and fair trial of its
merits in these schools, it has received an almost
universal recommendation.
An ancient, classical and sacred CeograPhy,
embellished - with engravings of remarkable
events, views of. (ine}t cities, etc., and accom
patied Ify' anchmt: Atlas cantmining 1.2. beautiful
colored maps.
Mitchell's Biblical and Sabbath School Ger,-
raPhy, with Maps and embellishments. Alkali
Ps Key to the Biddy of Mims. and Catcalls
Key'to Mitchell's Geography, are excellent and
popular books, and are becoming very exten
sively used in the best schobflof our country.
GIMENE'S Flan. LassoNft N GRAMMAR, batrea
upon the construction and analysis of sentences;
designed as ea introduction to the." Analysis." -
GREENE'S ANALT9§—A u the (trues
turn of the English language, with inustradont
nnd ex'creises adapted to the use of schools, by
Samuel S. Green, A. M., Principal of the
Phelps Grammar School, Boston.
These books Inve already in the short time
the}'have-beerrimblisbed 7 obtaifird-a-very-irc..
tensive eirculatien, having been introduced into
the, public schools of Boston,' Baltimore, Pills.
burg, Cincinnatti, St. Louis, Vicksburg. and
otlafe - cititasi aiartoWtia, and •reeommeiiiltal by
those who have tried' them is their schools, as
witbout question the best English Grammars
in existence.
NIE PRIMARY SCHOOL Re:torn—Part Ist is
intended for beginners. R contains a lesson
upol each of the elementary sounds of die lan
guage The Primary School Reader, part .2d,
contains exercises in articulation, arranged in
connection with easy rending lessons. The
Primary Reader, part 3d; is de3igned for the
first class in Primary Schools, and the lowest
OA in - Grammar Schools. • - '
tiE GRAMMAR SCHOOL REIDT.H., is designed
for the middle chin in Grammar Schools, and
Sustains exercises in nrtieulation arranged in
'connection With reading lessons
for the highost classes in
. public private
Schools. It contains exercises hf artictilation,
pauses, and inflections of the voice with ouch
rules and suggesstions as arc deemed useful.
Reading on Natural h istory; Science and Lite
rantre designed for schools. -
Consisting of words in columns and sentences
for oral and written exercises. It is a complete
and systemntlu series of in English
This highly popular.series of rending books,
and this spelling book Lucre compiled by 11Ir.
”drh.D. Swan, of Boston, and judging from did
mind introduction into schools which they have
obtained in the Eastern and Middle States and
in many of . the 'Western' and Southern States,
we think they are really better adapted to the
wants 'Of teachers rind scholars
_than any other
yet published. The publishers have a very large
number of recommendatiOns from public school
.committees, teachers and-others friehely-to-edu
One vol., 12. no for high schools mid acade
mies. The same-Aral: cond.msed and simplified
ov common schools, .1 vol. 18 mo.
of schools - mid families, 1 vol. 11 mu. with
PRIMARY l'HisroT,oov i same author, 1
vol. 18 100., '
F/ttsr tioo:t na Antnuaritc,liy F.A..Adams,
intended .fer primary and common schools. •
By the same author. Part-first—advanced
lessons' in mental' arithmetic ; part BUCQIIII—
rules and examples for practice in written nritlr
metie; for common and high schools
• .A...lCcy,to examples for practicp in written
mritemetic, for the use 'of teachers, by the male
These nrithmeties halo scoured very itighi .
recommendations from teachers of schools and
academies; and fecal professors in-several of one
colleges, and from-others interested in the cause
'of education in various sedtiono of the Union. ,
T. C. & lso publish many other, School "
flasks, which Co.,jl tere is riot room to enumerate
here, besides Law., Medici!, .Theological and
i scellaneous Books, and they are fully preps•
red to answer orders for books-in every depart-'
moot of knowledge. 'Booksellers, School Con.
.mittees, and otherSisupplfed on the '.moit. , fitvor..
able thyme . (sept 25, '5O-Iy.)
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