Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, December 11, 1850, Image 4

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when fired thellove lifer and,wide,
Skimmed, the darlewaterso v er;
•Ta Beek -beyond the heaving tide.
A green and peneetal shore.
No tenfY bough, nor Ills-lika.thJg, •
nose 'mid the %welding main— •
The lone bird.shughtf whit faltering wing,' -
The hallowed ark again.'
'Add ever thus man'adiaart "bath traced
-- A lone and weary round;
Eat never ye„l, 'mid earth's dark waste,
A reeling place has round.
Theinnace for tvhich his spirit yearns,
Is ever sought in vain,
'Till likothn•dove it homeward turns •
And tindi its God again:
"...cur_Depeudnuce upon f,i d.
-The economy of the •-human; fratrte
when seriously contemplated, has n ten- •
dency, to excite admiration and astonish
ment, and to impress us with a sense of
--our continual dependence on a Superior
POwer. What an immense multiplicity,
of machinery must be in action to enable breathe, to feel and to walk Hun
dreds. of 'bones of diversified forms, con
nected together by various modes of ar
ticulation ; hundreds of muscles to pro
• duce motion, each of them acting in at
least ten different capacities t hundreds
of tendonitand ligaments to connect the
bones and muscles ; ' hundreds of arteries
to convey the blood to the remotest part
of the system ; hundreds of veins to
bring it back to its reservoir,
,the heart ;
thousands of glands secreting. humours
•• of various --kinds from the blood ; thou
sands of lacteal and lymphatic t ,tubes, ab
sorbing and conveying nutriment to , the
-circulating fluid.; millions of pores,
through which the perspiration is con
tinually issuing ; 'an infinity of ramifica- i
: Lions of nerves, diffusing- sensation
throughout all the parts of this exquisite
machine; and the heart at every pulsa
tion exerting a force of a hundred thou
sand—pouids, in girder to preserve , all
this complicated machinery in constant
operation ! 'The whole of thiS vast sys- -
tem of'mechanism must be in action be
in action before we can- walk across our
apartments We admire the operation_
of a steam-engine, and the force it ex
erts. Bucthougfi it is' constructed of
_materials which the mines can suply, in
a feiv months some a its_essential parts
are worn and deranged, even although
its action should be frequently discontin
ued. But the animal machine, though
constructed, for - the most part, of the soft
• est and most flabby substances, can go
on without- intermission in all its diversi
fied movements, by night and 'by day,
for the -space of eighty or a hundred ,
yeare! the heart giving ninety six thou
sand strokes 'every twenty-four hours, and
the whole mass of blood rushing through
a thousand pipes of all sizes every four
-minutes ! And is it man that governs
these nice -and complicated movements?
Did he set the heart in motion,, or endow
it with the muscular force it exerts? Man
knows neither the. secret springs of the
Machinery within him, nor the half of
the purposes for which they serve, or of
the movements they perform. Can any
- thing more strikingly demonstrate our
dependence every moment on a Superi- •
- or Agent, and that it is, -"in, God-we live
and move, and have ourbeing, f" Were
a single pin of the machinery within us,
•and over which we have no ,conirol. ei
ther broken or deranged, a thousand
movements might-instantly be interrup,
ted, and-our bodies left to crumble into
the dust.
It was considerations of this kind that
led the celebrated physician Galen, who
-was a sceptic in his youth, publicly to
acknowledge that a Supreme Intelligence •
must have operated in ordaining the laws
by which living beings are constructed.
And he wrote his excellent' treatise "On
the-uses of-the-parts of-the human-frame," -
as a solemn hymn to the Creator of the .
world. "I first endeaver frotn His works,"
know 'myself, and after
-Tie means to show him
arm them, how great is
goodness, his power."—
[Dick's Christian Philosopher.]
'We always fail when we judge of the
fate of others. Life is double—an inter•
' lull and external life ; the latter often o-
pen to the eyes of all, the former only
-seen by the eye-of God. Nor is it alone
those material t'hings which we conceal
from the eyes of others, which . often
make the apparently splendid lot in real.
,ity 'a dark one, or that which seems sad
ore solitary, cheerful and light within..
Our characters, our spirits operate upon
all that fate or accidentsubjects to them.
We transform the events of life to our
• own uses - , be those uses bitter or sweet;
and as a piece of gold loses its form and
solidity when d,ropped. into an acid, so
the hard things of life are resolved by the
operations of our minds-into things leasl.
%resembling themselves. True, a life ,of
study and of thought may seem to most
;men'a calm and tranquil state of exis
tence. Such pursuits gently excite,
-.and exercise softly and peacefully the
highest`faculties of the intellectual soul, -
but age brings with it indifference even
to those - enjoyments—nay, it does more,
it teaches us the vanity and emptiness of
a man's knowledge. - We reach the
bounds and barriers which God haspla- ,
ced across our path, with bitter (limp
I ;
po'ntment, atllife's extreme close that
ien we know-all, we know nothing.
This' I Intve learned and it is all that I .
have learned in eighty years, that the
- nne knowledge really worth -pursuing is
the knowledge of . God in -his word and
in his Iverks=the only practical applica
tiori- Of that sciende, to do good to all
God's creatures. . .
The' Sabbath
1 .
have -found,"-says the great Lord
Chief Justice. Hale, ~b y a strict and
igent observation, ihat a due observance
of theduties •of Suuday has ever had
joined to it a blessing upon the rest pf
my . time ; and the week that has
so begun has been blessed and prosper
ous to me:—And, on the other side,
when I: have been negligent of the du-.
tietv-V4his -day; the rest of '; : the- week.
lid`.kle~ unhappy to my own secular em-
Ployianto. So that I could - easily make •
an estimate of. success the week fol
lowing, by the manner of my: passing
this day. • And do not write this light- ,
ly., but by lorig.tind sound experience,"
Tinist.s.—A Christian without trials
would be like a mill without.wind or wa
ter-; the'contrivance 'and design of the.
wheel-work. inside would be unnoticed
and unknown; without something to,',..ib u t
ii in motion without. Mir would.:' our
graces grow, unlese 'they were callt"3o' in
to exercise; the trials and difficulties we
meet with riot only prove, but' also
strengthen thegraces of the Spirit. V
a person were to sitatill, withbut making,
use of his legs .'arms, 'he would
probably soon MS& the . power of moving
at all; but by walking and 'working, , he
becomes strong and active.—Rev. J.
d licc [ lnucou~.
1 : ------- A:WATCRATIL - R.B11.E.151rt
Riacured from a lire in Allegheny fcdanty, Pa.,
4000 feet below the rarlh's surface.
The healthful balm from Nature's secret spring,
The bloom of health ' und life, to man will bring,
As from , her lepths t he magic liquid flows,
. To caltwour sufferings, and assuage our woes. •
rHIS great remedy of Nature,sfe.pented
and fair trials has %versed its wato Popu
ler Bivur. We need'hardly repent the dact . ,tha
this is a pure, unadulterated NATURAL,MED
IMNE, and is put up as it flows from the bosom
of the earth, Without admiaiture. In these days-
Of Nostrum vending; we do not wonder at the in
ceeduaity evinced by the community, upon the
introiltiction of a Xery Remeay , but that incredu
lity shalt not suppress ti medic i ne, whose power—
ful influence has mitigated—and cured so many
diseases incidenit to our race; were we to will,-
Ir,id a remedy like this front public notice, we
should consider ourselves at guilty of •keeping
back something, that Was - intended -to relieve
mucligiuman suffering, and dispel the gloom and
pain of many a one, whose system has for years
Imi-wracked And tortured by the fell engines of
Disease. Nay, do not wonder, gentle render,
and join with others in the cry ;That it cures too
many diseases; for, if you will take the trouble
to run over the list of diseases for which it is re
commended, you will find that they are diseases
affecting thesatne kind of tissuos,and consequent
But the hest evidence in favor or is medicine
arc the cures themselves. \Viten these stand out
in hot it relief, and when he who-for years has suf
fermi the tortures and pangs 131 an immedicattle
lesion, which Isis been hastening him to the mar
row % , :ause, speaks out in its praise,what 'better
evide ce need be wanted I We have the cvi•
deice in our possession; of many anonishing
cures, w hich will be furnished to any one whore•
ally doubta the efficacy of this wonderful remedy.
The Earth, frotti which man wail created,lmars
in her bosom remedies which if known,are ca
-liable of restoring him to health and vigor, when
prostrated by-sickness and disease ? It was qr. .
opinion-ofthe-cele:arated Dr.—ltush,.tlint- there
existed in Nature all antidote to every malady
to which 'Man is liable. Every one is aware of
the relief frequently obtaineilfrart Mineral Wa:
ter.s., in - most chronic complaints. These singular
medicaments, flowing out from clic earth, satura
ted with so stances varied In their -character,
and holding them in complete solution, bear am
ple testimony to the litet,that they were emir
pounded by the master hand of Nature, to repair
the shattered vessels of our physical being, and
'set them with sails unfurled, prosperously upon
lie sea of life.
The Petroleum is one of this kind of remedies,-
antl is endued with powegs,to relieve more ha-
Mall suffering than any other ineditrine extant.—
Whet, taken perseveringly and according to the
direction s ,jt will cure—Diarrhoea, Piles, Rheu•
statism, Gont, Neuralgia. Obstinate Eruptions
of the Skin, Erysipelas, Pimples on the Face
Blotches, Piles, Chronic ,Sore Eyes, Ring Worm
fetter, -Scald Head, Pains in- the -Bones, and
.16i rats, nno all that -class of Diseases, in which
alterative, or purifying Medicines are indicated.
Sold,by S. W. Havt . wstiek and S.A. Hubbard,
Carlisle ; J. C. & G. H. Altick, Shippenshurg-
Ifood & Son, ii•pringfield ; Gilmore t•;.
Sto igh, Newville ; Thomas Greason, Plainfield,
Cuntheallind county.
September 4,'50-Iy.
Jusltrance tompanies.
The United States Life Insurance
Annuity and Tiust Company.
Charter Perpetual—Capital $2.50,000 Cash
Sysh rrs4
TIIE constant, unsolicited application for
Life Insurance, gives the most abundant
-and gratifying proof that the public mind is
deeply impressed with the Last importance of
this subject. • The great object, however, of
Insurance should be safety, otherwise the whole
motive to -insure may be disappointed. Too
much care cannot be practised in the selection
of an office with which to effect the contract.—
The choice should be regulated not,by present
and constant largo inducements, as this, is cer
tainly incompatible with future benefits. The
premiums on life are calculated for the future,
if present and prospective benefits therefore aro
given, the result ultimately, must terminate in
litigation, disappointment and ruin. The objet
aimed at by this institution is stability and per
petudy. The, rates of premium have been care
fully prepared with reference to fluctuations.—
The cash system of payments has also been
adopted. Unpaid premium notes constitute no
part of the assets of this company, and every
contingencylming_fortified. with . au ample _caw_
ital, security stumps tae whole system. This
feature, paramount-to all other considerations,
commends the company to public favor, Ex
planatory pamphlets, blanks. application papers
information, and' very facility will be cheerfully
urnished_by WM M. PENROSE, ,Esq., who
has been duly appointed i agent ofthtseopany
for Cumberland county. .11r. FUNKLE'ir
has also been appointed Medical Examiner,
Directors.—Stephen R. Crawford, Ambrose
W Thompson, Benjamin W Tingley, Jacob L
Florence, William M Godwin,'Faul B Goddard
Lawrence Johnson, George M'Henry, James
Pevereux, John L Linton..
President.—Stopheil R. Crawford.
Vice-President.—Ambrose W. Thompson.
Secreirrry & Treturtrer. , ---Charles G Imlay.
.depiary.—Montiel Eyre.
Corozset Attorney.—Thomas
Examiners.—Paullß Goddard, M.D.
William Popper, M: D. roue ly
VIE Allen and East .Pennsborough Mutual
Fire Insurance Company of Cumberland county
ncorporated'by nti act of Assembly, is now fully
organized, and its operation under the manage
ment of the following commissioners, viz:
• Jacob Shelly, Win R Gorgas, Michael Coch
in, INlalchoir Brenneman; Christian Staynian,
Simon Oyster, Jacob 1-1 Coover, Lewis flyer,
Henry Logan, Benjamin II Musser, Jacob
kirk, Samuel Prowell, Joseph Wickersham.
The rates of insurance are eslest , and favora
bl° ad any Company of the kind in the State.—
Persons wishing to become members ate inviied
to malts application to the agents of the compa
ny, who are willing to wait upon them at any
time. '
• JACOB SHELLY, President
lIENRY,ILOGAN, Vice President.
LEWIS Ilyrn, Secretary.
CoculaN, Treasurer.
Cumberland county.—Rudolph Martin, New
Cumberland.,C B Herman, kingslown, Henry
Zoaring, Shiremanstown, Robert Moore and
Charles Bell, Carlisle, Isaac Kinsey, Meehan
tosburgi3r. I. Ahl, Churchtown.
York county. -4-John Sherrick; Lisburn, John
Bowman, Dillsburg,Pater Wolford, Franklin
John Smith, Esq.; Washington, W S Picking,•
Dover, Driniel . Baffensberger, J W Craft.
Harrisburg.—Hduser & Loclimam
.Membersmf the company haling policies a
bdut to expro can have them renewed by rhnk
ng application, to any of tho agents.
Iran and: Winter Clothing
Money- Saved is Money Made.
street opposite Elliot's Drug Store, in the room
formerly occupied by Mr. Unwell aan Clothing
Store. Thankful to the citizens., of Carlisle
and vicinity for their increased custom,-we a
gain request their company to view our large
and splendid assortment of Ready:M
' ade Cloth
Our stock consists of all kinds of COATS,
PANTS, VESTS, and Gentlemene Wearing
Apparel in . general, suitable for the seasno, cut
and made In the most workmanlike manner and
of the. latest Fall and Winter Fashions. All
who wish to fey& us with o call can save from
two - ivy-five 'Co fifty par cont. by buying at our
store, and all goods sold warranted to give en
tire satisfaction. [sepl2s.
Brushes ! "Brushes !
A' groat variety of these (adiil articles is
ferod for sale; consisting of Whitewash, Swes3l'
ing, Sembbing, Painters, loth,' Shaving, Hair,
Teat uartt Nail, 'Flesh and Graining Brushes in 4
great. variety, all of Which are of the best gulf
ty and' Will be eold at the lowest prices
lune. 6. • . • • S ELLIOTT •
' To Shoemakers. • -
Gi l GROSS died elidee JennyiLindehoee,
,)jeet received by G W LITTNER.
Bug 28, 1850.'•' •
and 5 toenail LINSEED' OIL just re
ocivpd by' the eubserlber to be cold cheep. .
:angl4 • . ■ :11•811.XTON. • .
ttarto St,• Stpws.
--- (Wear _Bargains! wetted from' the Subscriber, as ho
hasjust received t. new and-splendid as
sortment Of WINTER 'GOODS, which. he
offers to his. customers =and others , who may
favor him with exalt at,great Baigains ! •
satinetavvelvet cords. Ky. jeans,' scarlet, yel
-1 !low, white_and.Canton Flannels, tickings. - mus-
I Ains, tashmOres, de lanes, alpacas, Co
birg cloths, gloves; .hOsiery, Irish linen, com
forts, &c,
- - - -
A large and splendid -assortment of Long
and -Square Shawls, 'at all prices to suit the
Also f .Boots and Shoos, which he is deform
ined to sell low, at his stand, in North Hano
first store below Haverstick's Drug Store.
vet- street,' Carlisle. J. G. CARMONY.
Latest arrival.
?TIRE cheap Family Grocery Store of Jo
t seph D. Halbert, West Main street, Car
lisle, has just received a large and fresh supply
of the best FAMILY GROCERIES that the
Philadelphia markets can afford. The subscri
ber hap just returned from the city, and • would
respectfully - invite his friends and the public
generally, botii in , town and country, to call
and examine for themselves his large and •in
creased stock, which embraces all the articles
usually kept in his lute of business. Such as
Rio, Java and St Domingo and Lagtura Coffee ;
Imperial, Young Hyson and . Black Teas, of
very superior quality and Sever; Lavering's
crushed, loaf, falling loaf, and loaf sugars, or
ange grove, clarified New Orleans and breivit
Sugars of every grade and quality, with, price to
suit. Honey, sugar house, Orleans and syrup
Molasses. Spices of all kinds, which lie will
.warrant time and .frell ground. Brooms, Ce
dar and- painted buckets, churns, tubs, half
bushel measurecusbutter‘bowls, butter prints
butter ladles, . wash rubbers, &c Clothe4°
fancy sewing, traveling' and market baskets of
all kinds.. Castile, fancy, rosin and. country
SOAPS:AIso,•a general assortment of chewing
and smoking TOI3ACCO, spaniel) Miff spanish
and common CIGARS. Ropes twines, and
Brushes of all kinds. Prime CHEESE always
on hand. Sperm, Winter, 'strained Elephant
and Common OILS.
added to my already large Bieck, a number of
sew patterns of White Granite and fancy tea
sets. with CROCKERY WARE of-every . de-,
fcription,lwhich sell the lowest prices
••• . • .
Feelinggratefulifor the liberal patronage here
tofore bestowed upon him by a generous public,
the subscriber tenders them his hearty & sincere
thanks, and hopes that in his efforts to plena°
and particular attention to business, to merit a
continuance of their support.
March 20, 18.50. JOS. D. HALBERT.
Gpitten Horse Motet,
THE subscriber having lewd the above
'large and commodioni HOTEL, situated on the
corner of the Public Square and Stiuth Hano
ver street, and lately occupied:li) Ben!. GEsh
ileinti, begs leave—to announce to his friends
and the public that he is prepared to entertain
I them in a manner which cannot fail to meet
their approbation.
THE HOUSE has the most pleasant loca
tion in the borough—has been .newly furnished
and otherwise improved, and no pains will be
ePared to make •those who may. sojourn with
him, comfortable during their stay. His par
lors are large and well furnished, and his cham
hers supplied with new and comfortable bed
ding. •
HIS TABLE will be supplied wi h the best
the market can afford, and all who are connect
ed with his house will be foundiattentive care-,
lid and oliliging.
LITHE BAR will contain the best liquors the
city can produce.
HIS STABLING is entirely new and exten
sive, capable el accommodating from 50 to - GO
horses--making it a desirable stopping place
for DROVERS, and will be attended by a skil
ful Ostler. in short, nothing will be wanting
calculated to add to the comfort and conveni
ence of those who - may favor him with their
patronage. BOARDERS taken by the week,
month, or year
feb6', . JOHN HANNAN
Webb's Washing Powder,
A great saving of labor. soap and time, with
out any RUBBING by washing 'beards, Ma•
chines, or with the hands, and preventing all
wear and tear of clothes. Warranted not to
injure the finest fabrics. Price, 123 cents.
Sold wholesale and retail .at Dr. Rawlins'
Drug and Variety Store, Main et. Carlisle, and
at his Medical Rail ; North _Queen at. Lancas-
N. B. All orders filled at 141anufactureee
June 5-Iy.
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters.
Ai N .PORTER invites ilia attention of
thepoblie to his large and complete as•
sortmqnt of BOOTS, SHOES & GAITERS,
just received from Philadelphia, including a v
netv of "His experience in the Slt
business, enables him to select work of the b
'Materials and workmanship, which will beso
at the loweq(c:tish price and watnintel.
igremstomer work attended to a usual.
Coal! Coal:
THE subscriber is now prepared to furnish
FAMILIES with the best quality CLEAN
STONE COAL at the lowest rates. Orders
left at 11. Saston's Hardware Store or nt the
yard opposite Hoover's Lumber. .Yard, will be
promptly filled. A Iso._Just received from the
mines 100 TONS NUT COAL lor Limo,
burners, 1500 bushels Bituminous Coal for
Blacksmith's. sell H. WRI G lIT.
THE subscriber has just received at his Coal
Yard, at the West and of Iligh street, a supe
rior/ quality of Willtesharr Pinegrove,Lylien's,
Valley, Lime burners' at d ' lllacksmiths' COAL
which he is prepared t sell at recltned ,prices.
He,lxesPectfully Folic' s the patronage of the
.peciple of Carlisle an vicinity.
oct9 • W B MURIC 6 V, Alit'.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Legislature of this
Commonwealth at its next sessicin, ler a char
ter for a bank with general banking privileges,
to be located in Carlisle, Cumberland county,
Pa., with a capital of One Iluntfred ' Thousand
Dollars, and to bpi-ailed the Carlisle Bank.
Black Silk Laces; &c. •
A VARIETY of• Black Silk Laces, T hro a
- and Cotton Laces, Valenciennes Ed gngp
Linen Bobbin. Edgings,.just opened by
sept2s - G. W. HITNER
Tare Satins and Silks.
THE subscriber has just opened 'olgenertil
assortment of Turn Satins of 'voriouti coloure.
Also; Changeable Silks in variety, to which he
invites the attention of the Ladies of Carlisle
and vicinity [nova] G W. HITHER. •
Children's Stockings,
AFULL assortmen t itisortmen: of White
, Merino Hose of nil siies for Children.--
Also, Ladies Hose in groat variety just opened
Lead Colored Bonnets. .
ANEW supply of Lead Colored Bonnets
just received at the store or
ect23 " G W lIITNER.
American Oil.. .
JUST received a fresh supply of American
Oil. For solo by' A C FETTER,
oct23„ No 148 • North Llanovcr. at.
Long Shawls":
A(p2 EAT 'voriety of Long howls from the
celebrated Bay State Mills. Also, Square
Shawls of 'various kinds just received. •
.octtO , • G %V HITNPR.
A. GENERAL' assortinent of Ladies mird
Childrons', Stockings, cons'stkg of Ingrain and
Spun 811,k Cashmere, Merino, Lambs Wool &
Cotton just 'opened by
. .nov6 . ' ' G
AFULR assortment of ROPES'just. received
_ by the subscriber. ' Also ,Gines Tubes for
ightmng Roqs,for sole abet+ ,
augn ' • ' ' H. 'SAXTON.. '
-Ribbons. Ribbons.
THE subscriber is now opening 'the chea p-',
eat lot of Bonnet and Cap Ribbon,. over offered !
in . Carlisle,,and,Wevld advise the ladies to call
soon and get eom- .f tho bargains, ,
' oct3o ~. ..• -:• H: IV-HITHER... 4
. _ .
. .
q•--.oa c ‘ ',' '''
s. ~ -
4: '''',4-,%-t:g
...4-• I' l. , 11 f.,;...,,.r;:' ` 7 4 3 :•=jr-,., _ •"' tAie.4.-1 '''
V,.- i -, ...- n . .•
,i'..:".tiy, 'Lt.: . j..-, i t '..• w.: I,• ;: nsa
r, .1-- ,, 7,1 frill' -.f : 0...:•!--:-z-..;.,.14.,_ •
..--1- Am, •-:: •.'...- -
i... ', f.:ISI • '
the Coro of
In offering to the community this justly cele
brated remedy for ditiCtise# of the threat and
lungs, it is not one wish to trifle with the live
or health of thenfff cted, but frankly tO;lny
fore 'hem tlfe Opinions of distil, oldie& men and
some of the evidences of its success, h o in which
they can judge for themselves. We sincerely
pledge out sclvewto make t‘b wild 'assertions or
Wee statements or its efficacy, iron Will we hold
out any hope suffering humanity'ivhich facts will
not warrant: •
• Many proofs are here F i ven dud w e•sol felt an
inquiry from the public into all we publi sh , feel
log assured they will find them perfectly reliabe
mid the medicine worthy their , hest
and patronage.
Professor of Chemistry, Minei•aology,6lc , Yafir
- College, Member of the Lit. Hist. Med. Pll.l.
anal Srlen. Societies of Ameri-a anal Europe.
"I cloilis the CHERRY PECTORAL an ad
mirable'composhion from some of the best tar
tides in the Materin Medica l nail a very effect•
ice remedy for the class of diseases it is intend
ed to care "
New Haven, Ct., Nov. 1, 1849.
Prof CLEVELAND, of Bowdoin College, Mc
Writcs—" I . have witnessed the effects of y Our
'CHERRY PECTORAL' in my own family nod
that Of my friends, and it gives me satisfaction toe
stide, in its favor that no medicine I have even
konwsk. luis. proved no, tatnitiently successful • i
curfg diseases of ttrk thloat and lungs"
Writes—" That he considers 'CHERRY PEC..
TORAL' the best medicine For Pulmonary affec
tions Over given to the public," and suites that,
"his daughter being , ' obliged to keep the room
_feur months with a severe settled cough,accom
panied by-raising of lilood,dat sweats, and the
attendant symptoms of consumption, coin menacal
the use of the 'CHERRY PECTORAL.' and
had completely recovered."
Dr. Ayer—Dear Sir: For two years I was
afflicted with a very Severe cottgli,necomPpanied
Too spitting of blood and profuse night sw eats .
By the advice of my attending physician I was
induced to use you , . tIiERRY PECTORAL,
and continued to dirt so till I considered myself
cured, and ascribe the eißct to your preparadon.
Ilaron - len se. Springfield, Nov. 27. 1848.
This day appeared the above named Jame
Rniulalt,nod pronounced the above ;statemen
true in every respect..
PortTL. , krni,.l4llc,_,lrtn : 19,1547
. _
Dr. Ayer; I have been long afilieted with
Asthma which - grew yearly worse until lastra
mmi, it brought on a cough v loch confined me .
n my chamber, and began to assume the alarm
ng symptoms of consumption. I had tried the
best advice and the best medicine to no put-pose,
until I used your CHERRY I'EcToRAL, which
has cured me, and you may well believe me.—
If there it any value in the judgment of the
vise, who speak from experience, here is a med.
eine worthy of the public confidence.
Sold by Dr. Rawlins, S. A.-Hubbard & Dr. S.
EIHOU, Carlisle; Dr. Ira Day, Meebaniesbdrg;
H. Herron, Newville;J.q. &..J.l3.,Altick Ship
pensburg; Enid druggists generally.
coNsu mai
ha all Christ mixed nod civilized c'euntries, has caused
larger proportion of dea th s than any telLerlll.ln , o dint af
tlilan the buzitu family;, and, until within a fiev years,
there has not leen any certain remedy to stop the dev
UOll of thatdeer° cr. But now—
vases very warty of the most stemyly marked and drvrlved
ohm PUL,IO.IIV CONSUMPTION— , eTti, ..11 , ted emue
of accreted and diseased MINUS--such /1011.1.Ess essen no
were never before cured by any other ineilletee. So utter.
ly hGpritn were some of the afflicted persons, as to have
Leers prenouaeed by Physicians nod friends to be ACTUAL
LY DYINL. Sowletwho had their Ifflrial-cluthea tunde,linya
been eured. trio! vet live; others, who if 'Wm said would
not live another day, are now m.well and hearty m they
eyes yrre.
It possessive all the cleansing and purifying virtues nearly
as powerful and active na the preparation which we call
The Balsam differs from the Extenct, because it possesses
jmijaltions which are p_ouliasiv arplfited trf.
men tiallym.oUsoryjrne if .
.udly pru eo fatal under ordinary trenmuuq whoa thou
Bretist, Tlitont, LIIUg and Wart
IIn,TIALSAM llr.aLs AND CUREPULc It 3 in the I.UNGS,„:
nndelke_Nvlle;ro internally, no eertisiuly rasity - ot_fher Pu.
I:11,111C ESTICACT corn and heals nicer. externalisf. This
Ital.:int cure. NINE eases of Cough. and Consumption out of
EN, niter all other remedies have failed to do good.
Thousands of Consumptions
and Chrmtie Coughs abundantly prove its oufaiting elms,
sncl, diseases, and Its undonbted curative power, and
roothing, be.ding properties, in 1110 following complaint"
'ilo.iinsoz, viz.: .vz.ining of Mood, Bloriling at the Lonfr
Pain io MTV: og Sole, Niyoft.Stronis, Norm. 00*-
pliliefir. Pet:pitallo."ll7" Rear:, Choler tz Illant on:, Dyson,
and Sugurler, Complunite ['bin:too oral, and an
Nu remedy ulranssi to the . public has ever been fusif au
rertain and c ff ecttusi in restor i ng ALL the Incidental ncediralesi
ses soul irreipdaritiee of tine aer, tttBRA:T'S PULMONARY
BALSAM. It Innkes no ditierence '
be suppression, room, or other Inenhnness—it REGULATES
ALL, by ft,,,fithereinra the OVATINA, &Arian:ring file CIRCE:LA.
TioN, era /notfvo• — •-,.... olieweiv NERVOUS IeIuTARILJTY
We Cote this Mire to prove the TN.,. TO SAVE moo
when this PALSAM in used, even infer line Person is von.
sidsoned hp idnysielaris tandfriends to be In t h e toot stages of
disuses—lletually UTIN,I-6114, In this ease, so FAR ninny.,
Vent Use ring On and BULUAIeCLOTHES were bought! Vet
the partieeWs of tads eolith nutl the respectable arid tanifinebtr
eel proof of ail the circumstances soul facto, we ref, to out
. .
cure wan ofrOttad 'on 111 no. %IBA. DYKIIMAN, of
&Ham, C p n , Mrptoga 0..4,, N. I'. Wo can !wove, be •
yowl n doubt, MInVAiLTIO, abxo;t rqugiip liopetovs, no d
oxtruhlt r"os of' Canyht 'and Conrumplienr C UREA
e$ wore pronounced incurable by SKILFUL P111.101•NS.
Messrs. J. K. LIPPINCOMT S SON, respectable raen
natlymrt,.Wicesn county, Pennayfranto, wrote yy
us. Met 12.1249. etutiuy, among other net...ems whlcli . bnO
beets derived foist Ibis tottt'd BRANT'S PULMONARY
BALSAM, that ono of bole customers bad Mat informed
11, that hcr eldld, which Lad been subject to FITSIV
weal V.l 1., was cured by the Imo of iluANT's lIALS
Srr uur ramplOols fur Wu curea enctell by lIRANTS
to I SuAltir.s. CoNII.I,INTS, ill children or groan pereena
nrcti pithruf any failure to/Winer. Aleo—
01-10L.E.RA -IN FA NTU '
Nu 111011”, need evrr mourn the death or bur child by
thatc,,tl.l.,leotroyln,.: complaint, when Lathrop In vurm
s v,ohcr—Ondera lufitotton, what is •calltal SUMMER
a,tlll.llll,ed ullllO Child. „IL •11011111, 111/WeVer, mini
rnzeu,ho 11,N1 in nuke in large potions as the dire ctions on
mach bottle moperibe, until tho coropiniul ht chocked
"For stile byl.T. ,
HAVERSTICK; Carlialo, J„C Gl3 Altick
and W D E Kam Shipponabuyg—rWm Lloyd,
Lisburn—J F Spahr, Mechanicsburg—lL 11er
ren, Nowville—A C Klink, 13loci-afield—Bea
ver and Hahne, Milleratown—J 'A Linn &- Co
Ickosburg 7 -S Low,
Nowport—J NrEouglass, Chaniberaburgr-.1 L
Shearer. Dillsburg7—J Martin Lutz, Harnsbcrg
All letterer and orders mat be addressed to
Wialaco& Cot, 106 Broadway, New York.
TUST.recoived- a large lot. of Men'fi, Water
WV Proof Doom of superior finally, which will
be sold cheap. , N W WOODS, Ag't. -*
ABALE of No, I Potomac Bagging, suite
do for bags for farmers, jot received
whicb Twill sell cheap.
oct23 ' W :WOODS, Ag't.
JUST roceived a largo assortment of Mon
Women and "Childron's Boots and Shoes, Wil
lis! Doublo 'Soled nilualcins and Jenny Lind
Shoes, which I can soll vory.ehonp, -
•. 0 - N9W WOODS, Ag't.
300 B e.o U i S v :i d E
a L n S d o f ib C r 0 . 12
a i t n e
thel i v ir ar r e e:
use of • 3 ,1 1;13 ,MURRAY, Ag't.
ARNOLDS writing fluid,'s ve - au
Tinorihr !vik. for sale of 111131 4 4 ry R D
1 / 116 TONS Hampered and Railed IRON
11.• V jaet.reeeheed at, the Cheep Store of the
übseriher in Main etreet. H .SAXTQ N.
augl4 . ;
lT plyilabelpijia
. B,
THESE celebrated and justly acknowledged
superior goods,,in the. latest colorings
and most ,improved styes, will be furnished by
the subscribers in' soy quantity, at the very
lowest prices. Purehasers will, please notice
that the genuine Bay State fabrics bear tickets
corresponding wall the above cut, and they
will also be distinguished from all other Wool
en Shawls by their superior finish, fineness of
texture and brilliancy of colors. Orders so
licited from all sections of the country ; and the
same Will be promptly attended Purcha
sers wib also find in 'our Shawl department - a
large assortment of all the other most improved
mattes, and newcm designs of American,
French and Seritch Woolen Shawls, embraCing
a great variety of plain ang medmin styles for
Also, Superior Long and Square Shawls in
latest styles and-lrest manolnewre, Illgh lustre
black and colored silk Shawls, ',twins Black
and Mode Colorod Thibet SShnwls, writ silk
and woolen frintirs, Paris Primed Cashmere
'and Terkerri Shawls, Plain and Embroidered
Crape Shawls, New Style printed Palm Shawls
Neat Figured Paris Brochn Shawls, Lupins,
Black and Mode Colored Tbibet Long Shawls,
Plain ~Bound Seal Skin Shawls, Plnin Mode
Colored French Terkcrri' Shawls, fringed and
bound, Plight•quartsr French Mode Colored
Thibet Cloth, measuring full two yards wide
for Shawls, binding to match, White and Col.
ored Barcelona and Genoese Shawls; &c.
Fall allillineryGoods.
../n4 or/o.s and Defriero
JV 45 South 2(lStreet!4Philtultlithia. . •
AVE meowed by Ince arrivals Irom'Prance
IZ n large and very desirable assortment of
which will be found
Bonnet Velvets of all colors in variety of pete
, Satins
Corded Velvets . "
Figured,-Watered nod Coto - NI Bonnet Good s
Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, a large assort men t
French and American Floiurs. _ --_ ._ _ ._
Laces, Bonnet Tabs ? Crowns, Ifuctrtime,
&c., together with a splendid assortment of
Paris Fancy Feathers. rat---
The above goods were selected by 'one of the
firm in France, and will be sold at the very
lowest prices. [septlB;so
THE OLD STAND, ocqupird for more than
oar.-!bird of a century, by G. Haug, ER,.
TFIE undersigned would inns( respectfully
announce to the public Clint lie is AGENT
for more than twenty of the most
-4. , ...„••=,7FrivA Celebrated . nTimitlact:urcie of 130 -
DELPIIIA, and elsewhere; and
is constantly receiving front them PIANOS 0
the richest and most varied styles, of superior
tone, and of ihe most superb finish, of 6. 61, 61,
61, and 7 , , Octaves, which are warranted 'equal
to any manufaCtured either in this country or
in Europe. '
Just received, also, afurther supply of Church
and Parlor Organs, of heantiful. patterns and
fine tones.
His WARERO OMis constanilT stipplied
with a choice selection of SERAPHINES and
MELODEONS, front the oldest and most ex•
tensive manufactories in the United States; ri•
mong whien is a new style of REED ORGAN
having Carhart's patent improvements, with
gilt plies in front, and case elegantly carved,
and 'highly ornamental.
Tan ing and Repa Salyndor La
Grassa, a distinizmished Piano Forte Manufadte•
rer and Organ Builder, will attend to all orders.
sept4,'so OSCAR C B ARTER.
DON'T be, “reeived. Country Merchants
and - Da - 52[3 who \vont god and cheap
call upon JOHN T CLEGG . , Perfumer and
Chemist, 4.8 .1/o, &et St., below 2d, Philadelphia,
who has coinun tly on hund P.ERFCMLRY
and FANCY SOAPS. of every description,
Powders, Hair Oils, Ox Marrows, Colognes,
Hair Dyes, &c., &c.
100,000 persot's have read my adiertisemeh t
in the Public Lrdger, hundreds of whom have
called and been convinced of the advantage an
purchasing direct from the matinfacturer,
Agency for Ferran's Circassian Hair Oil
Orders from any part of the United State.4'
I be promptly attended to.
ang.Pso,ly JOHN 7-CLEGG..
Light ! Light !\ Light! !
Pine 011, Camphine & Hiedal Fluid,
d - I F acknowledged superiority and purity,
1J manufactured. and for sale at the lowest
Wholesale prim„ by DAVIS & HATCH,
at the old establi,hed.m:and of the late Bodo
where orders by Mail or otherwise are solicited,
and prompt attention given. The voice of the
public for fifteen years, ani the sword of a
Silver Medal, and complimentary notice by
the Franklin Institute over all competitors, is
sufficient evidence of the mkellence of oar Oil.
Turpentine, Rosin, and Spir
its of Turpentine, fur sale Wholesale and Re
tail, at the lowest prices. - [oct3o
0)11. & Jul Rowe,
air A N UVACTUR ERS and wholesale deal
-119 eft itBROO S, BASk I; 'l' S nnd
WOOD WARE, have retrieved to the large
store lately occupied by Messrs. Sellers & Da
vi, where they have opened an extensive stock
of, Eratern and City made
01)0 WARE,Ewhieh - they are now selling
ut lie lowest manufacturers prices.
WI assortment of Bristles, Brmaes, Mats
Cordage, fir... constantly on hand No
North Third Street, 3 doors below Race, Ph
dolphin j 7;'50 P .
. . . .
SALMON. Constantly on hand
HERRINGS, . and for sale by
HAMS ND SIDES, . Market Sreet Wharf,
' Dear Gentlemen, take our advice,
To,cvcry one we make our call,
If you would have a coat that's nice.
. Look at Troutman & May's Cheap Clo
Here arc Dresses of all kinds,
Fine and coarse, and also Cheap— ,
Ploaso oxamMO and you'll find, •
For your money quite a heap.
' Fronk aro goods for everyisenson,
'Thick and stout, neat and thin ;
All that you can wish in reason, •
If you doubt it just drop int
Mrs ere.Frecic and Borly:Conts, '
Both With low and standing collars;
SomeWint Mutton round tho throat,
To he had for a few dollars.
Fiore is every style of Vest;
And all sorts of Pantaloons,
You can choose what suits you beet,
'Eve, or morn, or afternoon.
Here are Hacks and Roundabouts,
Overalls and Jackets Green,
Please to look and you will find,
. Here We cheapest over, aorta
Here are light °ono for the Sprina
Fancy donde for &miner wear,
You.will find thenijust the thing.
Nothing butter anywhere. •
. .
Shirts and Bosorna may be found,
-Poelcat,liandkerehieth nod Glover.
Scarfs to Lie your neck mound,
When you seek your lady loves.
. • e
Hero are . Crape, Sunpondere, htoilta,
Collura, very nice indeed,' .
Clean andinice, in paper box,
Jnat the thing that_you will heed.
If we ialk )d a day about them,
We could scarcely tell you all, •••••• ••.;„''
Gentlemen can't do without them—) .
-Then.'dear frirl!Els,liim on a call. •
Price Reduced !
Largo Botlloac—Only Ono Dollar.
rho Proprietor of the Greot Aleut= Remedy Vanuatu's ,
urgeasluolicitations of his - Agents;:tliroughout -the-Uniter.
States and Canada, bus now
Reduced the.,Price.
ofhis popular and well known article; and from this dale
henceforth, he will pot' tip but ono size only,—lda attar
bottles:—the retail poke will .be
The public nifty rest assured that the character of the llfedi
eine, its strength„ and curative mopertics 'WILL ROHM!
UNCIIAMOSiI; and the same Cate will be bestowed in pm
paring . it as heretofore.
ads this Medicine, under reduced price, will be purchased
by those who have not hitherto made themselves acquainted
with its virtues, the proprietor wolifd beg to intimate that Id/
article is not to be classed witlethe veld amount of "Remedies
of the day ;" it claims for itself a greater healing Power, iv
all diseases, than any other preparation now before the
world rind has sustainer •iself for eight years by its superior
medical virtues, and, until this reduction,commanded double
the price of any other article in this line.
NOTICMPARTICULARLY, this article acts with great - heal
Ing power and certainty, upon the
Blood, Liver, ladneyv,. Lunge,
and all other organs, upon the proper lotion of tvllichiiie cuts
henith depend.
has a justly high repute no a remedy for
Dropsy and Gravel,
and 'all diseases of that nature. It may do relied upon whey
Ate intelligent physician has abandoned his patient,—and fo'
these distreeling diseases, more especially DROPSY, the propel
!tor would earnestly and honestly recommend it. At it,
nreFent price it is easily obtained by all, and the triagi&jll prove
the articht to ho the
Cheapest Medicine in the World:
CH" Please ask for pamphlets— the agents give them away
they contain over sixteen pages of receipts, (in addition to fol
medical matter) valuable for household purposes; and NOIIO
will nave many dollars per year to practical housekeepers.
These receipts ere introduced to make the book of grew
value, aside from Its character as an advertising medium for
the medicine, the testimony .in favor of which, in the form of
letters from all parts of the country, may be relied upon.,
IV" " Vaughn's Vegetable Lithentriptio Mixture " the
Great American Remedy, now for retain quart bottles at $1
each, small bottles at 60 ets each. No small bottles will br
Issued oiler the present stock is disposed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo; N. Y., 207 Main Street,
- sold va - olesale - arid Retail by-OLCOT'
CO., 127 Maiden Lam Now York City.
N. 13.—A1l letter" (excepting from og.
whom ho tmemets business) must be poet
ill be given to them,
S W El uverstlck,
.T C & G IS Ahick,:hhpensburg,
Rusk. 4 & Dice, Dickinson,
J I• Spahr, Meeharii-,gurg
A H Znger, Kingstuwn.
Hamilton, Easter eko.,
- NOS grrI3:CLTIM-011.E-STREET.---
INVITE the attention of wholesale and retail
purchascis to their stock of Freth hall
GOODS, fnostly of their own impartation,
which will be fontid tuna the largest and most
varied ever offered in Baltimore, and for every
article of whiclrthe lowest price is named at
once. -
Included will be found—Rich Brrcade, and
other Dress Silks, splendid meoium arid low
priced do., ri-di black Silks, in plain;
tigur'd ar.d F.:1611 strip'd, real old fashioned
Gros.Giain Black .Silks '
figur'd and plain Satin
de Chines; in changeable and solid colors, very
handsome Prink do Soie, in solid color;, even
ing 'Dross Silks. in white and light rolt4s,iti
a Beautilul variety, Bonnet and Millinery Sillts
in great variety. Modes,'Mareclines, Eforences,
Rich watered and plain Tabbinets, brocade
Cashmeres, rich priced Cashmeres and Mon
selinos, neat figued De Laines, for children,
plain Mouselines, 1;1 modes and high colors,
changeable Lyrnese Cloths, Coli'iirgs, Sylva
men, (entirely. new,l dleap Mouselines and
Cashthercs, low and Wiedium priced •Dress
Goods, in every variety of new designs, ninny
of whisk are in styles confined exclusively to
Our sales, 300 pieces Lupin's superior French
Merinoes, in all colors, 130 pieces 6-I English
Merinses and .silk warp Lyonese Cloths, In
this department we have also a large slot k ol
Bombazines and Mourning Goods in every va
riety, embracirig the most select shades of
Black and Second Mourning, and choice arti
cles for Family Mourning. `-
ING FABRICS we have more than our usual
leading stock. including the very best Shirting
Linens of Richardson's and Barklie's 'make,
Pillow Linens of all widths, Linen Shectings,
of every description, Cotton Sheeting:, sup'r
Blankets, Quilts, Flannels, 'fable and Piano
Covers, Floor Baize and Floor Cloths, of all
widths and sizes. listen Crrumb Cloths, Tattle
Damasks, Diapers, Napkins, Towellings, Stair
Linens, rich curtain Goods, of vartops styles.
lace an d muslin Curtains, worsted Damagks and
Moreens, and in fact every article rin the Dry
Goods line which may be required by House
keepers, Hotels, Steamboats, &c.
stock of lone. and- square-Cashmere - Camel's
Aair, with Clishmere border, entirely new, rich
embroidered and plain Crape, Long and Square
Sewell Woollen Shawls, Sewell Woollen
Shawls for children, "I3ny Slate Mills" Shawls
of -MI Inn -varions-m-yles- made-by-them,and- I
mostly of patterns made expressly for us, nod
which Minton be had elsewhere. Black and
- fawning Shawls. iii great vartery.
Cloaks, Mantillas :old Saes.
Wide and Nnrrow SILK VELVETS, in ail
colors. ,
In choice styles of superior French Cloths,
of BMWs and other best makers. Doeskins,
English and Domestic Cassimeres. Ftniey
Woolen, Silk and other Vestings, f-3erges, Silo
sins, Pathlings, ClllmVass, Sewing Silk, &c.
Also, a splendil stock of Gents Crayons,
Scarfs, Fancy Neck Ties, Silk rind Linen
of new styles, Gloves of nll kinds,
Hosiery, Silk and Merino under shirts and
Drawers, Suspen Mrs, &c.
havo also a very: choice lot of .Embruid ,
eries and Laves, (from the most fashionable
Establishments in Paris,) Melt:ding rich Muslin.
and Lace Caps, Chemizetts, Berdics, Collars,
Sleeve,: and Culla, real black and whim Laces,
real Lace Capes sad Falls, Valenciennes Limes
Edgings pad 4usertings„superior Hosiery. and
Gloves of every description ' emb'd and mien.
hemmed-stitched dlntldlterchicfs, clear Lawn
do.. mourning L C IRuctllt'ls, fancy Cashmere
India Emb'et Scarfs, fussy Bags, &.e., Chemi•
zetts, Prints and white Muslin Goods. French
and Ens!. Chintzeit, rich furniture Prints,•M
great variety, Cambric, Mull, Swiss. Book and
Jaconet Muslins,.Jaconct and Skies Edgings
and Insertings, Bands and blorences.
A N D — SER N Ts.
Wp 4ve on hand dvcry description of goods
entering into general, consumption, flint v , e
think will give antinfnation:w the consumer, all
of which we-are enabled from the extent of cu, o
of our business, to buy on the very best terms
and sell at a moderato profit. Having for every
article a fixed pricO, (without, nlintemont,) per•
slits not fully acquainted with the value of goods,
have every assurance ;that in dealing with us,
they pay the snmp price as the most experienced '
-purchasers. - •
An examination of Goods and Prices solicited
Baltimore, Oct 2, 1850-3 m
111 ' ti I I ),
0 A MUEL A. DUB BARD, having purchas
od of Mr. Murk A , Sturgeon, his stock of
Drugs, - Medieines .&c.. would respectfully so
licit a share attic public. patronage, at the old
Oland, 'corner of Pitt and RiglkStrects, - opposito
tho Rail Road depot. '
Ile will keep constantly , on. hand, an assort
ment of fresh Drugs, Medicines, Piiints; Oils,
Dye.Stulfs, Perfumery, and n variety of fancy
tirtielda; which he is determined to sell
He will give hip personal attention to the busi
ness, and particularly to putting up prescriptions,
A liberal deduction made for Physicians coon
trY MerehatilKAiid•Ndias. •
Feb.l:3, 1850.' • • .
Roots and Shoes
latain street , near. the Rail Road Dopol,
CMPRISING 1 11en'a, - ..Boy's:and Youth's
Calf% Kip and, aonrso Boots 'and Brogans,
whmh nrc - warranted to ho.-of the best quality,
undies Gaiters, Buskins ' and French Tics,
MisScs and Chiliirens home' and shoes in great
variety: Also. an eltionnt assortment of - GUM
SHOES and BOOTS, with, 611 tho lute
provcments and warranted Perfect.. Having
purchased those gum shoos trorn the - agenton.
ilia manutlioturor,4 am authorised to GIVE
NEW PAIR iri place of any that prove defective
in wenring. •
flnving n large stock of ,FrOncli. Calf Skim.,
Morocco;- , Kidl'.&c:, and gdoiLworlinien,.o/ory
attention is given lei, customer ivorlcnk Omit
neptitli ..' • r WM. M. POR'BER.,
311 ipoeibeiki
Valuable School Books, --
and for. rale by all the
ÜBLI Slim) By TRomAK,t2owi'lLTll
. WAITE br.00.,253.11,1ARKET STREET;
aellers 111 the-United Sties
4 n easy WOEIIIEIIOII to the dtu,dy,nt Geogra
phy, tleignetl,for children, and complettl it;
Instratcd by 'NO engravings 4; co l ored
The text , the exercises the.iliostrations, abd the
forty-beatttilid_alls:lfe_ptlge_lLag e th cr
gnarto volume. •
a syStem of moderd Geography, compriting
deset iption of the present state of the world and
its fire great. division's. Embeihsbed u iii, mi
me; Otis cri,raviegs and illustrated by as excel
lent Alias cotitainiuN; t 2.3 handsome and accurate
colored maps. This series of Geogrliphy by S.
Augustus Mitchell has been wholly or partly
introduced into the - public and private schools
of all the principal cities n o d fawns a the Vitt
led States; anti after a full and fair (itched ;is
merits in these schools, it has received t i n alinopt
uni‘crsal recomntentlation.
rroliELL'El AIWIENT Gs:nen/an r. l
Au ancient, Classical and sacred ("cop aphy,
itit s., sAgt :wings of remarkable
events, views cr. ;tee teo Cities, etc., and accom
paned by ant•ieits A its containing 12 IA
colored maps.
Mitchell's Biblical and Stiblialli
mphy, with Mom and embellislitmMts. I%lnd-h
-ell's Key to the study of Ma Rs. nod earrhhlrs
Key to Mitchell's Geography, sea excellent and
popular bucks, 'mil are becoming very I sh, th
sively used in the List schools of our CGlllllr3 .
iliMe the construction mid minty sis 1.1 Sellll eVi 0;
designed ns 0.1 introduction to tile "A tittlysis." -
Cumin:F.'s A NALYSIL— N it Se 011 Ilse hieeCti
Wee of the Et.glish Itingtinge, tt ith it ridiont
tudheYere ices Co the lice 01 rillook hy
Stirrittel S. Green, A. Al., l'i of the
Sqhmil, Boston.
•I'llese. hooks li.tve slruuh iu the 1.1171 I • tin,
ley hone been r,bitt, d -
Insi VC cieculation, heving bean int rock., .1 into
hr imblic,schools or 1306i011, 131111.111.1 . 1,,
Cincedettti, St, leans, N'ickshurg. en.d
Thee cAtiot";lldl towna, ttittl iecotnine; deo •11
hose who - muse tried thuto i,i their Fchools, ins
*dhow. qup..tiott the beat Eitglish (;ilinate.Cs
Ti existence•
rItIMA School /
intentivi for begiones s It eortaists a 1..0,
opf, I eael or the elemental.) rousoltt of the lan._
gouge The Ps'ininey School It Ca
CU nla Ills eXCI•Ci•US 111 :11.lICIIIIIIi011. a.1 . 1:11 , gt.11 ill
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first class 111 l'rintstr3 Schools, awl the km est
class in Cc:mull:lr Schu,ls.
lIE SCHOOL .1Z EA I: LE, is lII' sig11“1
I'm; the midgle class, in Cr:mini:le Schools, and
aohlains exercises in articalation strrnaged in
ent - netairin with reading It
THE DisTnicT Seitoni. READER, Is designed
roe the highest classes in Wild., and pH, Plc
milionls. II COIOI6IIB eXereiSt S iu arlICIllitIi611„.
imul.11.1112C1 . 1(1115 of the sine siith sorb
rules and suggii-sstions as are deemed
'bile F. II EA IIFIL; tti• a ft:,
Nattirlil ; Science midi Lite.
ratitre designed for schools.
Consisting of words in columns and sentences
for oral and a rim, exercises. It is a complete_
and systematic series (St t.xerci.t. s in English
orthography. .
Ills Itujily popular series or reading ltoohy,
and this spilling...hook were cempiled tit Mr.
AA m. U. Swan, of itostoo,.zooi jortgi tug from the
rapid introduction into set - inch which the, hate
obtained in the Eastern rod Middle States and
in many of the Western and Southern States,
we think they tie really better adapted to the
wants of teachers and scholars than any uthu•
yet publislied.r<rhepublishei s bate a very large
nun. her of recommendations from public tebool
committoes, teachers and others fricmtly to edo
_One vol , for high seldilds nail fiends
odes. The woe work cond-nsed and simplified
or coin mon schools, 1 - VOI. 18 too.
JARYIS'S PRACTICAL Pritstocony, for flue due
of schools and families, I vol. 1'.2 too. ;r ich
Pn MAUI' Pm noLocv, by the , . ame author, I
vtll. 18 mo.
FIRST Bocci IN by F. A. Adam's,
utendc.l Icy primary nod common schools.
By the same author
, ssons in mental a itlimulic ; pail second—
roles anal examples for practice in w ritten:trith
emetic, for eoormsp and high schools
A Key to exaTirpkl , for 1111 Ciel: in sax itten
aritcmetle, for the Ilse of,teachers, by the tone
Thcse seithmeties Mire secured very high
recommendations from teachers of scliools sad
academies, and from professors is acs oral of our
colleges, and from others interested is The easy
of education in variousncedirms of the Union.
C. & CO., also molly other School
BookS, u hich there is not, room to enumerate
here, besides Law ,
Miscellaneous Books, nod they are folly propit • .
roil to RIO" , Cr ordci s for books in every deport
ment of knmeleilge. Booksellers, School Con,'
mittees, mot (idlers, supplied on the most fasor
able terms. • (sept '25, 'so—:y.)
Pure Fresh Clad ,Liver Oil,
used by the medical profession wily
such astonishing efficacy, in the cure of Pul
monary Consumption, Scrofula, Chronic Ellice
matism Gout, General Debility, Complaints
of the liidneys &c. dirt., isße epared flow the
liver — th e C,01) TISCr for medicinal tne,
expressly for our sales.
(Extract - from - the -London - Medical Journal.) -
"C% .1. B. Williams; M. D., F. R. S., Pruies
sor.of Illt.theinc in University College, Lon
don, Consulting Physician to the hospital for
consumption, &e., nays :" I have prescribed
the Oil in above four hundred cases of tuber
cilium, disease Of the Lungs, in different stages,
which have been under my care the last two
years and a half. In the large number of
cases, 206 out of 234, Its use was followed by
marked and uneqUivocul improvement, vaty
ing in degree in different cases, from a tempo
rary retardation of the the disease
and a tultigation of distressing symptOinF, up
to r. more-or less ,coiuracte reiteration to apps
rent health. •
"The efluel of the Cod Liver Oil in most o
these eases was very remarkable. Even in
few dale the cough was mitigated, the expo°
toration diminished in (panty and opacity,
the night sweats ' , ceased, the, pulse became
slower, end of better volume, and the appetite,
flesh and strength were gradually improved:
"In conclusion I repent that the pure fresh
from the liver of the Cod is more beneficial
in the treatment of Pelmonery. Consumption
than coy agent, medicinal, dietetic or regime
ns], that has yet been empleyed,"
As we have made arrangements to recurs
the Cod Liver Oil, fresh Iron') head quirtera; it
- can-new be had chemically pure by the single
bottle, or in boxes of one dozen each.
Its wonderful efficacy has . indue'ed mllllol'oll
spurious imitations. As its success depends
entirely On its purity, too much card cannot be
used in,procurAng it genuine.
Every bottle having on it our written signa
ture, mcy,be depended upon as genuine,
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the
Oil, with notices of it from Medical Journals.
will be sent to those;wlin address us. Iron of
postage. JOHN C. BA ICER & CO.,
Wholesale Druggists and Chemists,.
octlf.)—ly 100 North Third at., Phila . . -
—POIt 25 CENTS ri
—Sy means oldie Pocket
' , lsoulapius, or, Every . ' ono
own Physician !
r-fotirth edition, with up,.
of a hundred engra
ings, shoWingprlvate
mccsin-every shape 'and
ion, :nod , malformations
the generntire' system.
The time fins now cc
ring from secrettlisunse,
to .VlenSt or qtrAotitnY,
contained in this bode:My .
en,. Any, Without 'hindrance to Mn.!
siness, or the 'lolmi/tette of tile most intimate ;
friend, and with one, tenth the usual expense. - In'
nildition to the general routine of private disease,.
it fully'explitins the cause of unatilinotPs enrl3 de
dine, wtth observations .on 'marriage—besides'
many other derangements which it would i,0 1 1 , , q
proper to enumerate to public Prints
o:7:Any: person sending . rivENTI?..FIY.r. Ciacma r
enclosed jn ii letter, will receive one copy of thin
book. by mail, or"live copies will be• sent forstanc
dollar. Address, ,oIII2.IV—YOUNC,No, 152
SPRUCE Street, PIMADLEPIIIA" Post. paid.
' Vf1311., YOUN G be consultCd nny of
the - Diseases prescribed 111 his different; publion:
ions, nt his Offices, 152 SPRUCE street, every ,
day between 0' anti So'olook,(Stindays ckeeptcil.
• May 1, M 0.., .%1
. • • ....TOPWArY. VJ:er6ted.
AUST opsned general assort tneffrol 'Yapes
try Worsted . in various colours for grtillini -
Saes, ,Slippors, Shawls, ,&e..,• Aleo,,an
tionnl supply of Zephyr Worsted • • •
soru2s• G