Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, October 09, 1850, Image 1

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i nkFFICE on Alain Street, near the Post 0
4... Y Ike. Dr. H. is prepared to use Goicaniito
as a remedial agent inthe treatment of Purely,
sin, Neuralgia .and Rheumatic affections, but
does not guarantee novena from its appLientionto
all ur even any of these diseases. Relief has
been given and cures effected in a number of
instances, and maybe in whoa. ,
March 27, 1850, ly. •
Doctor Ad. Lippe,
Aro EO PATRIC P hysician Office
in MAI street, M. the house formerly occu
pied by P. G. Lechler. up. 9 'cltt„
Dr, L Loomis,
WILL perform al
TiliiiiNriper t s. , operations upon the
'"*" "'"' Teeth that are requi
red for their preservation, such as Scaling, Filing,
&c, or will rpstoro the loss of them
by inserting Artificial 'Peeth r from a single tooth
o a kill sett. Or"Olfice on Pitt street, a few
was south of the [teamed Hotel. Dr. L, is ab•
ent the laSt ten days of every month. '
aff Cerr a.
DTZ. W: HENDEL, Surgeon Dentist
intrms his former patrons that he has re
turlied to Carlisle,, and will be glad to attend to
all c ilk in the line of his profession. leel3l
John Williamson, •
, TTORNNIY AT LAW.—OerreE,•in the
house or Visa 111,0innis, neer the., store of
A & W Bentz, South Hanover street, C'lttlitle.
Vean'a. 1nt.10.50
Carson C. PioOre,
,f 1; T'I'QRNEY AT LAW Office in
"' , l he roorii lutelV occupied b'y 'Dr. Fcipier.
decoased. mar 31 '47
Wm. 11... Penrose,
TTORNEY Al' LAW, will practice it
the several Courts of Cdmberland eounty
FFlC'E.'in o Strew, id the roorßfordler
y Occupied li L. C. Brandebury,-Eart
James R,-Smitit;'- -I v.l
rro R.NE YAT LAW. alas RE
MO V Dshis orrice to neo‘em's RotZ, two
oors from Borltholdor's • (nor I
- - - •
'..FICE at his residence . , corner of Main sit'eer
and the Public -Square; opposite B ark holdel i 's
Hotel. In addition to the dimes of ot
the Pend, will attend to all kindsof
sack as deeds, bands, mortgagee, - indentures,
.noleles of-tgrcernent, notes, R.U.
Carlisle, up 8'49. • '
:0 WOOD'S ZOOM, A 4 6 :4- 11
Railroad Dof Hig epot, Ca h and Pirlisle, n 01, a by llt the it
John, lPood.
Frans-Hotel is heint - cdmpletely changed and
t renovated, end will hereafteroffer increas
ed accommodations to rheAravelling . ruhlie,
which us convenient location is admirably
To chose persons who wish to pas= the warm
season in the country. few places will be (blind'
whioh possess , -superior ntirrif.tions to Cerlioet
beiou.stirroutiao by a beatitiful botintrv, and
haying the' best Sulphur Springs in the Sinn• in
he inintediate Liel9,'os
Plainfield Classical Academy,
' cAnm. 5 .E:
The Ninth Session will commence on .110✓1=
DAY, ✓Vovemher 4 th; 1850.
N eunt.equence• of increasing patronage a
1. largo and commodious brick edifice has
-been-erected, rendering, this one of the Most
desirable institutions in the state
departments ere under the cute of competent
—and-twithfill-instrueloreordil-every - endeavorwit
be made to promote the moral and intellectual
• imPrevement of students. The- surrounding
country is beautiful and healthful, and the its
stitution sufficiently distant from town or village
-to prevent evil associations.
irms—sso . per Session (Five - .ll.lWidlii.Y
For circulars with lull information address
Rli BUN NS,- Principal •
Plainfield P, 0., Cumberland County, Pa. .
lfresirDrugs, Illedicinei, Bcc.
have just, received from Plank'.
phis. clad New York very extensive
JAY . :
additions to my former stock, embrct
cing nearly every article of Medicine
now in use, together with Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soups,
Stationery, Fine... Cutlery, Fishing • Tackle,—
/Bruhes of almost every description, with ail
endless variety of. other articles, which I am de
termined 10 - 8011 at the VERY Le wen. prices. ,
--All-Physiciansi-Conntry - Merchnnts, Pedlars
and others, aro respectfully requested not to pass
the OLD STAND, as they may rest assured
that every article will be sold of a good quality,.
and upon reasonable terms.
Main street. Carlisle.
May 30M3.
Extensive Furniture .Rooms
TAMES' R.AVRA.:y E . wou rd respect 1 Lilly
re call the attention tirtfouse. 'Keepers and the
public to his extensivo-stoek of•• ELEGANT
• FURNITURE. inchnling Sofas, Wardrobeci,
~ Centre and other Tables, Dressing, and Intuit)
Damns and every otlor article in his branch of
—business. Also, now on hand the largest as.
sortntent of CHAIRS in Carlisie,bt the low:test
prices: -(KlrCollins ~node at the shortest
, and n Hoarse pruVided for i fulierals.
its 0 call at' his establisinneitt on North Mini,.
ver street, near Glass's II OTEL:•i
•nittito hired ont by the 'or year:
" Crirli,elo, l lllorch 20; 1850..:—ty
John P. Lyne
W HOLESALE and _Retail Dealer in
Foreignend Domestic. Hardware, Pttint,
Oil, Glass. , Varnish,•ko: at the old stand
ifeadver eiroeworlisloi.hrailust received Irons_
Now Yorlt and Philadelphianlarge addition'to
-1118 former etoelc,to•which th e attention of bey:
era -requeste d, as. ho is - determined to sell
l o amy than env.other house in town. apr is
• - • Luixt:berlf.ard.
TUE dubUeriber Wofifil:rdspeetfully, i 6„
r or ,
-hie friends 'and,tho public deUerally, deo lie' lio's
just ,p_pened a now, LUMBER AND
,_0 OAR
YARD in'Wosr Ilig,lisoroot, a few doors emu
of Messrs 'J & D Rhoade's Warehouse, 'where
he sow lituf.,and, -keop,uonstantly op
ilaod a first raii(Pfitorfrucrit of son
- aoriod 'pine bofirtle an'tkplivilCsrid al IVtlitfillhdo
of afar all of ' which will , sell'' low for bosh
April 3.11350. : .:40HN &.A1 MSTRONG'
•••• ;' •%.31 1 grotice. •.;
.•THE :Ccifamisaiodere •ol . • Cumberland 'cohnt
.dcoralt proper to informtho•priblic; t thO Ma'
cd meenngeof the Binird.ef Comraiesioncre•wil
be i hold'on.*Mo)seC . orbt •end 'fours Ir ' Mondays ti
each MOLltil nowbieh Hine: 80 fidreons • Morin!.
buainees with `eliiir Bonrd,
Weir °Mee in Caltele.;: , ' ' I
ilif DYeing, lini• v
.Seoli.ligt ''. . ...... •
. . ILLIAM'BLAIR,In'LeuTher 'Street;
.. •: near the Colltige . ,ilyesladibs' land Gentle•
um tdipparrol, all.bolork aid wail-tints gll Work
otos satiolactory. .9rdeia in' his lips, respectfully
'hopitadt -•' . • ''‘.• • • • sep V 4 6 ,"
.., r
,stockio g e,
j lottlon:7 White. f
.1.4 d:lii tc. fiero ' t9tlilriforiiiic i4
...L a dies
. e° in.grl / a yaet l T t,t-ar
'..1.',1?: ItB . 4 1 1 ,ttpppfillNiVi*Ited.''„, . .
I,gli3XpArprou4-44ionoral nsisortmorit Of , Tpptis• 1
*I try Worsted in yariouseiloura for "Kintfine
Scarfs, Blipprirs, Shawls, &. Also, on sddi•
dons] Supply of Zephyr Wo sted - ,
0 8 1 ,125 4 t. N ......4- P W.IRTNLR.
. _
_l'amity eirevaspaper,-- Devoted to Literatisre 17ii slisess atigt G ."
, •••,, .•• • .
_ 2: eAterq
. .
iCeThe following ode, written for the oceadnn by
Epea Sargent, wad sung noon appropriate Cane by
lb" choir, at the celebration" of the Maesachusetts
Charitable Mechanic . Asericiation
The camp - has had its day of song.
.The Word, Ma bayonet, MO plume
—Haifa crowded out of rhyme too long
The plough, the obeli and the loom! „
0, not upon our touted fields
Arc freedom's heroes bred.alonat
The training of the Wbrk-shop yields
,More.burocs true than War hue known I
Who drives the bolt, who shapes the steel,
May, with tilwart as valiant, smite,
As he who sees a foemen reel
In blood before his blow of might!.
The-skill that - conquers space and time,
That graces Ilf• that lightens toil,
May wring from.courege more sublime
Than that which makes a realm its spoil
Let Labor, then, look tiP and ere
His croft no path of honor Luke;
Tile soldier's rille'yet . shalt be
Lees honored than the woodman's axe I
Let Art his own appointment prize,
Nor deem that geld or outward height
Carr compensate the worth that ilea
In tastes that breed Utah' own delight:,
And May - the time draw nearer still'
When men this sacred truth shall heed,
That from, the thought and from.the will
Aftisrall that Minus man proceed !
Though pride should hold our calling low,
For us shall duty make it good ;
And we from, until to truth shall go,
. life and death are understood.
.Cite' in ktalitoinia.
Dated California, El .Dorado County, ,Middle
Fo'k of the AinctiC7ll Rio .r, July 31st, 1850.
'aving made all preliminary arrangements
on Monday the 14th of April, before nine o'-
clock in trs morning I had everything on board
the steamboat El Dorado hound _tor Sacramen
to city, about nob hundred and seventy miles
distant. I airs now writing from El Dorado
county, but havcsot yet described my journey
hither. Arnine oselock.the.fireulen_led up the
engrilte end soon after we left San Francisco
end roved across the Bay. I think there must
have been about one hundred eases of yellow
freer en board, myself included, all inpatient
to reach the gold mines.
The ha p presented a beautiful appearance;
, ~ .......
the atmosphere was as clear, as crystal, ad that
the horizon drily limited our vision. We went
at the rate of about eight miles an hour, and
could see San Francisco until it seemed to -
hang like a picture in the distanco. On our
way We:Pilawd close to Bird Island, that place
almost fatal to our company, where the old
ship Arkansas was wrecked, and lay beating
on the rock's and groaning under the winds
arid ruin of the bloste'ring 19th of December
- nut we did put go quite amear those
perilous reefs this time, and soon alter passing
them we found ourselves upon the entrance of
another' fine say..lndeed :until six o'clock, P. did nothing but pass through a contin
uous series of bays, sometimes looking upon
the .landscapea which stretched theniselyes out
on either side in native beauty and wlldnesh r
and then again as we, would enter upon' those
broad sheets of water. we would bid adieu for
awhile to the scenerY of the shores. So we went
on until.we come into the largest bay of all,
San Pueblo. In crossing thin hey we could see
no land whatever, except in OM or two direc
tions, and it was visible Only., in dim..oulline,
and loelting like the first faint sketch of a
drawing master's. picture. At length we, ran
in toward the land; when lo the left we saw the
,risk end fast-growing little yankee village of.
Benicia.., At this place we stopped fifteen min
utes, and it Would have Made you laugh, to
have , seen the ,running, and springing out of
doors, to get the papers froni the States ho WO
neared the docks of that-place. There were a
bout tiventOessele lying at anchor around the
eity., , ,,This place, it is supposed will in a few
years he the rival ofSanFranciseo; tt ie hero
that our government has five hundred Well
trained soldiers; under the command of Colonel
Stephens, and this lathe thief Military station
, in California. •
The vaioeh
Thit country titiout hero is not fenced 'in af
ter the manner of that around our towns and
cities at home ; but nature's own Jorge held is
here, just as God made it with the gieen velvet
gross springing up, enriching and adding beau
ty to the scene. But I mist .now, travel on
ward, that I,moy reach Sacramento city. Tha
steamboat is off alain'and we arc moving out
'once more intolhe boy of San Pueblo. We
had not left more than on hour, when we saw
the wreclenf a large sailboat, and as WO
•ed it we saw that it had been upset. There it
'lay bottom upward' with seven pool men luingi ,
jug around it In the /Cold, water.. Iloty heartily
they hailed us, and'how &ad they, were when
they •saw : the. sympathy:felt , on our boat for
them!. As we drew near ~ t han; our Captain
sent otit a small boat-which took -off four - al
limp), leaving- the otherlliiee lot a . second trip.
' . 134c ihno the first party got aboard, the tido
,liar] carried the sailboat with Ito trio to a, con t
'Fidel -able distancofirom . .9o; so that Alio floe
;boson - order to, fetch op - lolliern, bud , to l ' et '.
off considerably, This maven - lent appeared'
lop much like leaving them, and, Ws immortal
Arlobegan hailing and yelling .• like-so
-many Indians ; , its , if they ouSpected that: ' our
riltlltintl . irop . li,y - Watiiilotia great rol t,l,nsminori"7
ty .as for:tho!niak?rity: of themell-diariolied :say:
on. - .''We,sdattdbatC‘d , their ' l feliit Ilett:eto'.'!,'litl
I wiut'q, ; 'pqy6,',.',l!i .. 4qvii F ilq them, aria ~at last
'lavingsaved'thisemall portion • of•the' huinart
i . f ".k. l iv , c '- i T° ee
,401 1 ": 1 0)ir'2'. itil' ' !IP in.°' i'r
.thou,, poiOn.nii estate, in PM,' situp° . of , seven'
1 itiinks.'
,And ..thus' coiled In': ri'contedy . viliat;
i '•Liliiii'.t!Wty'l,.loiii l iipp'o,.i'd!P!: ily iini4city`,64o.yl • :
wiiii, epourrenea d9l4lllled 1.19 : 11 ' 0arly , an -.hook.;
lifter' which wo once more got jOitier:,. 451.4—j.
.From, lkill illeitlatit ,You'maY' learn thit'.dianner, '
in which many people go, to•thei l lnined In MAer:
to-save from, live to ten dollara,,. In. theackall
boats it will lake nearly a week.!,6readh Sicrii.J,.
'menu! frorri;pan. yraimiseo;;_w4crv,!,:f:iki,o,'
boat llas-but a triti k and s a`pletisantoniaisci#: ,
46 4iii_ty k liN 6 iitY-tdil i r: l l2o':;,l?, l2 .-00..)0', 1 10,:41 , 1
4669,,AP1PP*4.11P41t to the Ihtto open heats to,
• thrtirrin esqind . I TARIM:pet...6 aitiUlrlsed .4f,tha ..,:,
, 11 ,-, , , ~.. ---- ~ 0, 4 .. s ...4- ..,... .
PY:Fletklkln. l lAvsilllfk:liqYk - 4fintr , mere ; Air. Ap . i l yi.
f r owd i p „tri had•tikiiAtaltlmti. linittglif 41444 '
rtithfiiiio - , l l4 l ,i4dlitilitniifbniih Wol in
'' . l 4,o:tilii. 14 !° ,1 ::1 ilik9l/:4°k4t!3il air: i ' . '''' it' 1
Tie sat"e l to Saorernantols• fifteen dollars In' '
an open asilboat, While that by steam • is only
five more.4whlie the differen9o in pccommoda-'
lions is infinite, and •the danger his-.6fe much'
t retoe - r fti-Thee ono Ilia t — filfer'ot latritra bitUrnk
hour after (Maim:Went we canto iii -Sight •of
the. NOW York city of the west. And 'this 'is
indeed 'S New York for' I believe -the place 'il:
growmbp around it.. Still it is growing. en"
add With.the'rapidity au Washroom Or of Jo
nah's Gourd. "Mere the San -Joaquin and Sac
ramento rivera_meet, and it ia at their junetioq,•
On a fine point of land, that New .Y'cirlt is sati
ated. Around this place lay eight or ten yes;
sell. The first. named river on right Is the
pours() to Stockton, and the Southern mines ;-
the last on the loft leads to a city of the
name and to the Northern minert; which
place I am now bound in the El Dorado,
mg as yet got no further than Now York. So
We turned an angle to the left, and nt last en
tered the mouth of, Rio Sacramento, prlldii
the shades of night come on. 'tut tho' stars
shone out to Perfection as if to illumine with a
Hood of golden light this country in which the
fortunes of millions lie. But the river Sacra-. ,
mento•is one of the rivers. It is scarcely .as
broad as our creek at hetnei and preserves , lts
breadth aimed ton fraction the .whole wny.—
From the instant we struck into this river, no
scenery, no hills. not even the country itself
could be seen, for both aides were planted so
thickly with trees on the !ellel ground os to pre
sent a complete barrier to the vision. The riv
er Wee swollen very much and its wuterit were
almost on a level witplts batiks the whole
in the evening I took a view from the prome
nade deck, and there we were, close to the
shore - , - the - boughs of the - trees hanging over us,
and it seemed that a step would hove landed
any one upon the bank. Sometimes_ on -one
side, soinetimet on the other, ccnrccly crei•
_were we in the middle of the stream. 'Bed limo
had conic, and nvan yankee ettough to secure
among the first, a good location for -my
ing and dreaming annotates. On a fine not
hogany bench I fixed eyerythins for- the night-
And in Mill an hour. after I had retired every
available place was taken up, besidessome that
were not uvailable,-or rather sonic in which the
candidates for the land of Nod had to do an el
ephants do, that is niece standing. All the
Hoer was covered with bunks, and human „be
ings seemed-to lie as thick and closely packed
as mackerel in a berrel. By morning we were
about twenty miles from Sacramento city . At
last at eight o'clock' we saw the masts of ves
sels, but no city on account bf the trees. In
deed 'tin one of the look ingylaces fat
the alto of a city, the town having grown up sb
fast that the banks appear quite fresh ; along
which the trees rear their lofty heads, en,that
it almost seemed like a fairy tale to belie'vt; that
ruck a largo city-Wan ilianted among theM, 4 —
flow singular it was tt see about two hundred
and fifty vessels Strung along the bank ;or near
a mile, With their Marts reaching up, among
the leafy boughs of . the trees. If-a city were to
he built_ up on the shores of the Canodeghitret by,
vir us of- Alladin's tt7onderlul lamp in some
level field whore the stream would run bank
full, you would hove a slight specimen of, Salt ,
rnmento city. It is very fine to talk about sail. 7
_ing_in boats at home, hut hare (tat idea of h00,, g
a bout ride for pleasmc would be ridiculous, for
- some of th'e folks who live in houses alono:tlip
banks have to tali° boat rides to and from their
houses, and if there is an-extra ria-O\ in the river
'they arc reduced Or:rather, efeedleitto the no
enmity of making their exit-from second story
windoivrt, generally jto transact their [Mahler,
but sometimeslo nave their lives. , It is odd c
-sough to see houses standing in Btu water so
'deep as to compel the-inmetedto live the
second floor. .-The Water is nosi ;tiniest entire
ly out of city ; Mit still the streets are very
muddy, end in -many places there arc pools and
liuddleti,''so that 'the crosaings 'nye made by
boards raised by. stakes. I•
The city is now at the capons° Of having
dikes builLammd; the_ _water_ at-level- with
some of the mounds. Should the 'rosin
give way the city would price r rnoirel,bo Hooded,
Daring the ! last great flood, therc,wmis en. im
rneint,nmount:, of property, dusireyed ; as.-yon
have seen before by.. the papere. When the we=
ter, during that flood, drove Ike ,peoplo..but of
their houses, the most' them fed
half a mile distant froin the;cllpso that - in O
Short time it Was Morelli cliT;mtedWitli human
beings, While the angry wittcrp, raged around
Its base. Fiein 06 -fact it
tails called ill.: re
lnnrJ.ofdislr_csa. Theleeuniry
~ absamt the oily
is lemiel and flat like 'PraipilmOd ) , Mand just :a
mile shove the 'city the;,Amirertchmi river pours
itim waters into llic i;CrOtnento;sellmam, it WOul'il
I.e no wonder if the city werallendomi harmony !
the combined watera,ot, thesp,otreates.i
o'clock, A.M., we: hauled
,urr a-
Inngoide an old store ship, andatftergetting my
baggage from the F 1 Pprodo,,i telt as if :I was
once more upon te,rra.:firnia., arttheur.after
landing,_wo ltd selected a place-just-at - the hetnl
of mho, city, and pitched our tent:Under a'simady,
tree. 1 knew that safe .to rtir
mainilossuchla fever and ague place as Sacra . ..!
monte. .N 11; the "gm;him ot.Ciilitbinia, and
OpliTr iwtothii bargain, ccield dot 'have4mlcinae4
aria t , inmudinAblig 411613. 01 MA. .lamirflond
s Mori pyv mid ! iv - ifid b
•-„Lice, ;
..1:' . 0 ft
• ornibts , rolVnii :
and ;sTe
Af: 1 :f:10.0 1 0!)(.;u0P.C,1!
an to tho,streutdoilenfiwith 'rockers ,and, bdgi
gage. erittirddn,ro hith'er! the
,d`riVe?; ty )l IJ; d:i
asked his
ff?r , infornotf ) ,PoniOnlm To 1; 11 . 0 1' flitii4:l499tion
ho answered 4C,Olonin.nitintitribe.tititit ,tt 41641
toy ttr'lgtl) ,
tfeh.lr4 in 14'shOrt'ilinethid titent„ en,
Isrossid mode,' out ,Lboimoitiplet
titentito hie louti,"witerir
4C.„wtke how sinful -Aralealti Av. , hi; I Aprik
161n,4heWeftertrialiind: tinfnniq'z'OrSirlisi
Allen) ore in a worm fense," s lrdsf,
mud ltelP,l4n.!lioistreets_ wel , 41W) kontirto,lo
bu j i.9 4 l ° a V4 l ,lll? gu i r° MPP °brag° /a l
itt I,..tatijblpittc)4:l l +o4ol4ll4v9
mttdo':you laitgh to.have hoard thes:sleds
tioneering passengers to gp 'ever . .in their boats,•
the halal:slag, only., 01 ,ots. "Hero, this Its;
CARLISLE; ocleppEß -185(0.
, .
ihy , boLit, ,, c 'too ni cdOsi ~ #op. i ,ou come in
-it—it i'all-iry ,— , iiiii-other—felly7te.'s-,-F-till—Wod
...Mint so,'" \ cries i the. -libelled opposition, ''lt
-you Say that again:Tß licit you," 'ttild thus' it !
Went OD: iiiiioriii.siO!of or ,"more . ..young ones ,
all Itecher_thandhe omnibus driverv, of .New
York with their-"havinicab," . lihe a coach
sir;' &c. 'Boeing at bet got`iil - eiir"biidgage
ntroe; the mud; styx;the wagon Unveil . over,
the horses led i and .writcrethr, and irons' freight '
well peeked oni the Wagon,' av& Secured With !*
rupee, we were ready do leave the City . for''lo '•
town of Coloma. It was-at -14 ! , tr:Zrock,..A..! M. ', !
,when wo left the city Jar good, -so ,the, driver
again cracked his; whip and: . oor party put -:
themselves in motion ; to keep iilipWli.h ik-O:virtig
dn; niter ,turning purVeil,.euttidit44 l ,ll4,aii4 fq•
1110/4 describing circles toget, nrourpl some' of
„the muddy plaidee,"we --- got - fairly' Out -Of-the
o.ty,;;Sxtortn we fell upon a fine, and batter. bee-
lenroOdieter road than you will find about Cur---
liSie. 'the eountryis'all as level no a -floor,
,being-proirio land, and we laid- nothing -mere
to-cirri-than-to -vi alit-even - on - ahead. When the
road made -a curve round, t`liio would rut a
straight line' across. and the driver - would a
gadn and agait i t creek his whip, reducing' a
fine trot in Ilitileron in order e h up to us, _
by the , time we shoal; dote tho''-',aid4hus we
-kept tip n brisk walk until a enitri,-,,when Iva
Iced left Sacramento city twenty miles behind
us, being just'hulr.way to - Colorria. On our
way about three miles out of the city, to the
night of us, lay Sutter's largo Fort, which he
had built some yeat'S age to Itecp off' the hes
! tile Indians It would do'andi,ontgeadior see
some of the fine flowers -on Ma- prairie ;- they
grow' es thick and as various as you-Would sea
in any hot botilic. I took notice - of ii'"very sin.
guler fact; that the trees herp, it's ii, general
thing, grow-in rows, and in some places. aro
ahnost: laid out with the nicety of 'orchards
planted by "rough and ready" Itirfneis . You
would here and there soci mon:riding full lilt
to lasso° the horses and cattle ildat are running
free upon the'pruirio. -•-• ' -
'rho whole vieeps=exactly SUCII ' Lis lOU would
have in, some of ourwestcru Slates. there are
~also toot, a mile apart, strung along the road.
fur the adoomodat ion of the public, so thal'lo
us they ens,. or the so me pi.rpose as a;ll9toncs
do wilts you.- Thus . the first ter.t Was called
the one Mile - house, the next the two, and . so
on, when as 1 befora stated, • s
passed_ twenty
five Mile Itirits. , by • sunset=-quite a' good , half
'clay's work I can c-cute - )ou.•Ii itit i rrt long
offer putting 'up at the Ohio flouse hoftire we
took our bedding frorif,, the wago'n•,.when we
spread trout Cil! 'tiyr" host's • floiiii: v " .. l'hiS being
'done, I slept the nit4ht away iti• b w 'lle. The
rising sun summoned up our:refresr .4. 3 2 party,
and Thursday rnot i tilag • saw us onrc a die'under.
headtimy for Coloria.' pio. we'rm,7'rra ti whole
day I)4l'n re u 4 'for .. tI, c ' 1 clnalit i nge!t • . .iiriki s, find
k p
alter theillqii,r Ittrtrhaiik.sseirpp,,t4.t6nm we
set oil' at a slii'vei..„-Ivit than o
n':ffieP receding
day. The country • - nniii ti n e r gan to have those
little hills yoiiiec'tiround Ca list, still "it had
ill•_! ' prairie tirperiirrece ahoUl: 4 ,,, ti ,, f 3 and
there we had the A ii:erfean river pi: :our loft,
giving us n pleasant walk along Its g'rossrbink.
Sometimes it would take an abrupt turn to the
-Isla when alter a walk of six or seven rnifesmi
would again fetch lip to its Ilat'velfoivered boii•
ders. 'Before us Soineiiigilly:roiles ., lttltbOnttp!
Erne and lofty h , f the Eterri,..,/!EpYtila:,-,'
their.,sunimtts-cappedWjtreu -rnuntje,of
the heat etis, ac if.'to show, that'ifod had made
them. But,tha re was not vnueh , ounce Io
keeping our pegs nint;ing that d:tx
gOod 25 wiles }troll the day . prcvious. Indeed
some or our pai'ty , , "were'Pi s etty tteortied,"
and ling..triP limp:along, to doubleoril i k time. I
well as :riny, cad before
stnisetwe were on tile rirrirnit:til:fe high hill
at the fuel of Which toy, the ,toWn of goluma!,
bubt on the ttenits.o ., l,.the North Brauck.of ,the
American river.. M.the shades of evening
were draw itierin, Pageage and
at the Coloins House."' This town is bulit os' it
were irta r basin; high dills , fenaidg it, in so
alOse on all side 4 that it hue' jpst abhut found' a be [milt Stitphtir Springs near
!Carlisle, are as ice linew;.•-tiftiiited among; it
.group.of small 'Old, UPC' thesd 2 s,Vo (tie
time's as high unil 'four time;*•iirkrettP'. - "fiels
!Capi.!Suttarlregan: hit "vie'-stare"''Ubbut the'
;last:oflJuntv•,l4Bi!of no' "relidble: - osSti
"'lc° si'6 . •tltitilitirilthol;ltativi uhVrthenneuing,
:summer. "' in e'3 enlfliiN}ilada Irai 'grown' hp
rather histihritfik,Cl.ik.4e , ttouvtiditt t ube to two
T end Sr.' ettgagedle4Prihris , 4iiiploStn6nts' - htt,
carry On
wines virauritr?hrtriditeci:•7Thelie6-idC'teed•ittthei
thil les4wltn'Werillatienl'werkinit' . .iir 9i; lonia',
werii'seurcc4T4Oiri , Viitlytkind,-"lW:tiviS'••U•lace;
since ther,, , t , tAcO;qY,T, - ,has of scourso been worked
its la AP.l,,Y•e?#, t '4 . d
119,!3m. 1 P. , ! SY.bCP •JP
7i'''' 2 .4 f rflo u i!,;. * 4.. l "q; e jt V I P.) t .1 1 . ! , 319!9P ki,°q f.,6°'•
"Lini:'irt.;klcprg e ntoWn - qn riauth the
• .11 ...!4•-t. , !,: 1 • - •";
opt se fipple:of trnreuroparrl.riuil i „m , 11eo, mode
111 . 1%4 'itly"l4.l,
Ife I 49 . t i; Tia4' ite &RAI int n • bning',la.
ken all
old Par kb r ! lad
i>4lc4n ._mild /14.ft for. ,V... 1 44 71)1'),
9Pnyl:, We. tit,ere,
, 10 ;:p Q. 911 0 054 tit4tet ,ty,ftsg,t3tvell,,the trettiiii?
foi•agfi 3 V.,the Ineitee..,kettetket . ..
as ttie previous 504nilos; malting it,
LP' u .c d eP a o llqtAkhetkilik , ,4) o oP4
ra l etiTe untiLtkednettkly,'„wmp AY; , .vvßy,l
be right lay evehing l pot olsculy we idled (4
Tilos The, aitute .Jll', freightage) kto West tbith
ilasiAlsatistrits e'
~,ocooto4 Ql Ole liillyoough . .audirtigted'codhi
UT la for ,Coloitia, ie feihmilts osiisiorat, a tt 4
Jr. hpldriVairi eo thatiitik boblig4lod4ltieYentiiiii•
ing,part of the journey is paskedlbtOtpoilai
of mules. We bid-already goneAlity miles
pnil 'list ad-'ai4ill6Vititited
lltig;dayinheidlikPouit eargoVeltbiii
.4edhisniteddiniontriattaArii Ois 1'0164
• me frOm paying two dollars iigiifileyvketiti
but it encumbered mo with twenty lbs., nor
nirdupois. 13%having got all things in read:.
inesii, our party started at °boa, 111,,o'Olocir,
Priylay mo.rniroihaving tpe..wbolo.claill)e••go-flhe—eifttcerf , rmiles --- of
,tramp. First Of all we crossed the- Amer
ican Rivor on . a bridge, buiit, by, a Capt. Lit•
tie wilmat one time ,tvasa . poor. :We.
were no sooner -
bang tip a hill. I can tell you, we rested
tn'o or three times with our baggage before
we 'lambed, the.summit. As we made pro
,gress, two of our company told' es that' we
would have , one - Of !belling "'as was a
'teed down - before'we eitnfel.a our destination.
- With' this soothing information we. ,went up
hill hat not with the rapidity of Jack end
.Jill, lean assure' ~ Youf'. 'We artiick into
_ . Gredua Mid I Ni ;
natnejl; fora, most lovely, green woody 'al.
ley tt:‘,66. noCimogitie a more
romantic spot, nor a_fitter.ineart-Tor-the-ln ,
:than with 'his bow and arrow. Tall trees
with their - rich foliage waving to and fro over
a long and narrow valley, .bounded by high
hills on either side,
-gave a 'decisive tone. to
its beauty, and - all around seeined-.t0 . -snY• -
," This is the home of the Indian, the fed:rrian
of the , lorest ; hero let him take, up his
abode." All this is now changed however .
to " this was the home of the Indian:"' 'Last .
year hundreds of India - ha liyedinthis
and it as a their:spoiting, ground ; • but the
whitherian, the gold hunter, the, Indian's en
emy. came along, and the red man fled before
him. it is said that they were hostile to the
white man, and that overatboasand red men
were killed last-year itt;the.coille, the valley ;
and the Middle Fork. _The Indians fled be
fore anon civiliiation an fire arms and bowie
knives. —And no' only a few, of their ouip . .
free will, remain .in the valley. At one
time we thought that the white rnan
carry civilization so far west as to drive
back the Indian, until, as a last resort, he
Would be compelled to plunge, headlong - into
the Pacific. Hut the. white man has depri
ved hinieveti.of this-means of escape •from '
his grasping ovvhy and 'szlerminating_pres,
once. Having- come - -round - west, and laid
there the.foundations of cities, the Indian is
now betwixt him, and as civilization advert-.
ces, the East pushing towards: the West and
"the 'West towards:the East,titoo very distant
time all the tribes will be crushed Together,
and the poor Indian will be.placed in a most
pitiable State 9fie l . But I must leatro the
Indian 'where and walk along... Alter
having rtiiick into the deep,valley the roads
became once more level..for abouttwo.miles.
Hero we passed miners at work in what are
celled the dry
. diggins. It is these places
thee-people -when :thdy happen to.,strike, a
hialfy,a l pot make,tlapic,,loyttines in a abort
time, but it.ia,a hit and , mils. business alto•
gether, and; maths' mien to' - foffe; thitt
'.rr." , 4 la vett bere 4 tig '46w it . tfifOl"poo''..ictov v . to
'the bottom to-It' which is doMetimea oyer
aizteeufeet,before you can determine wheth•
erfyou are a,,lucky chai - oi•noti; 'for it is 'at
This 'depth Ihdgold makes its - rich deposits.
Very many there are who sink these holed
and after weeks,of labor. never realize any
thing whateveri,w . hile.righv along. side of
Ahem perhaps-thei o will-be-persons who - ta he
out their pounds aday. A tleal...:beford 'sun
set we, found ourealveS on the surnfilitAf, the
- greirchilt;7arthemet of .which.the American
river glides along.' . i.'He're, were - landsdaPes
and scenery enough 'f'dr:fift'y artists. The f6f. ,
, ty chain' of the . . Sierra Nevada was now some
-whailk9.4l---e4-atid..f.rona_gutc.elevateil--posit hin x
toade its liold'peaks wrapped mantle of
enow,'end tiaoirer.look,theintermediate hills
and vallies with the rough country, altaround
was a scene more picturesque end sublime
than I can .cleserthe. ball just such, yell might expect ; to
. see by as
eendding, up . in a balloon,. so flue and corn
-maiming was our position. : The promised,
land at length lay 'spread out helot dlis from
this elevated Vet there was thiSidif
ference between ofir's;and ;that Of the Je,ws.
'The latter flowed tvitii'reilk and himey,
the Strezatis of the . fernier were laden with
'We now•began to . descend this 'Steep hill,
at the foot of which was the terminatio' of
cair overland journey of about seventy M
I: , forgarto mention that therels dothing hut
naval) , oitfoot path :froth CelonniqoAtie
die Fork, so that having Old : benefit' of this
, pathiwi , Intide Considerable lirOgresi down
hilL But in many plaCes We wet e compelled
to,oheerve wfiera and how we raced Otiefeet,
with.the same nicety and , precision tine' Weald
have,to da in a dancing minuses echooh—
Had vve,aWmight ilyl restated,' the attraction
that'dreiv i ins doi,vn Or had we? iiri) the
lqkt - giNen,way to a progreasivo:tootion;: or
hainve, onCe.saken a fairolip, we-would-IMo
gone down hill with a vengeance,' and,most
of us shared the sammfate_as that of the re
.nowncti ~ Trick4:', . .v.ho„wene:After. the paittciflal3:.
ter ! At last niter a' steep! descent of more
thaodworniles we safely arrived in the Mina
0 3 1 FrOay oV,enlpgs,Aprjlthe 18th,1850vand
. I.,hitve..yrp,oiriod.hcro.uptodliepresent time.
, §tcy,Foll,:9 N i
,I,!'PtV ing : ilk 6 P,: throtigli . with; ~My . .o ver land
.i94rW4 , ,,v0 11 PPY.vt•give Ynn,ri•akatchmf the
jninesdny,,in itiatiokinto, them i andrthermen,.
ncr, "If l ivlPAdll Ihe..W9Palt t 411 P i:.wh is I , i lisi ;
ltlOevee) FMl°( l '.'`.l , eeiiig lite- glepliont4P-,
Abfk)ni? AM . ' l'lTi?glit• u..V _o,(t,trdayliniat 'lingo i
I ;ritT i k r ,./., 1 M 'ol ) ..t.,.ti'P..tgre , i l, 4s,t..Pilft,•Qf MY I
I . .oi'inP.?„9 ll* .paill ; ,gaqins, - . 1 .".P ilgllxl Pa ,I,c?k i
i fty?Up!.tipt,l l 90 tbii side o,thp river,. h ero i
Livere some Min Rr Eve , Ovate, while 0n 1 440 1
, ,T othe i r t .th i eft we re,not more than to o of thug, i
1 tlesi YvtirP situated from 2..ii_t0.80 feet above I
', 1 _, 1 4' IY.llterti°! l ,' OP iiir.'ll') l ,4ce;ie leallid i
I,flielf.pol t iow,as,there . .itta q great., many. of
be.Autch in tlids, Yieiniiy and asAh y et
1 AM. °l li;th° 11 ! 1 ';' i,e clullP,•. 1 19.! 0 - , Alere areAYY.O.
i t.)Rtab yArrys t tit's ; boats heingpuljed_eurose I
by ropes and etrjitga id: tiiw,lajdes twhitqd;to , -
gether, which are fastened on. - either sidetci 1.
Tacks Ceii , ttees; , d,TtiereV'ir til'giei,fiiiiiiif - .of I
traveling:done:here. hy 'the p&eltotivandidn-1
;ring :BORIC dayapthanil are. lioinusevority 36 ~
ljghtYrtlVASe 'faltep,tiesOss t te'l,heriVeCitillOt
tf4.3)rgilit4 , o !thtt' Stic,rcuribatq L esod.preservei c
its breadth without auyiv - atiatiolh salmi: de4
have seen :it. lehould not think it was more I
tlintuterrreetfUmsderltliadillieYait iiiiiik,ria i .
Cortildbeis,re4settill;iti , MilfriY"Orkge r :# iti'l
veriiildilip; &Ind title , In ill'ili 'bed 'ilf 4,0 i ' ifs' ° l it
that ibelrliatd'OrtufteeolgOliElMi'i ,raill ' il ' i' l l
p;tditlyil,.varbi One ittik6tiey%:it 4 tlietkitleiie I
handily , To give yoU.iliottfeitolklLVBi e the i
mines • here, you • 'ust imagine yourself ,
among : the highestind,of hills, that elope
1 r
steeply down and 1310 built tan.,the prin..
L.ciple, Of)).sugar : roar, betWeen - =Whieli=the
- Aine - tlieen,River,tvinds and terns liken snake.
Along these bank)) there are what are called
the " djggins" and as the water
,is still too
high-to work to advantage, you may'be.sure .
--that-the-rockrbanlis - havelteen we - their - up
,pretty • well. !Sometimes tint is earried from
: the. height)] of-twenty feet down to the rock
er; but the .1 - 6054 one goes the .finer, the
• gold becomes, and alse,in less.quankities -•
till it is altpgether lost. Nowalongthe riv
ers the gold is, [mind fine particles, and
scales, which are termed ditst, although. I
- hive found there several pieces to ; weigh' a
' and one of. my cL ens weighed •
.t,wo clot lats. I send yeti in this letter 1-fiat
,piece, of. gold which weighs jest aboethelf a ..,
flollar.. You can. have a i ring made, of
- than have a riot; of the pure.
fornin'gold taken frost the banks of the Mid-dle
ViarkL.of the.' , American River. ,alsoyetta 'specimen of the dust, folded , up
inp.iiper,iathe_ shape of a Tloneecipathicpow
der; Which' IS 'abeut the rtniging; standard, as
' to 'the size of the particles taken front the
' banks of rivers. It is in the dry eggind, as
. 1 before stated„'dthat the large lumps are
''found, ant.llo the }vet digg,inatbe,dust. The •
former have their loatilittes sometimes on, a
hill; but most :generally' in what
.aracalled ,
ravines, "gulches, and, canons; The latter
are always situated 'or found along the'banks
of some river or creek. Here: the- 'gold is
most generously distributed, end One i'n'sure
of milting, sernething_ifflie_tvottke._ In_the
dry diggins, hoWever, is. concentra
-at certain points, and- in certain , places
below the ground, as if those spots were the
special resort] or nests of the descendants of
the famous old fowl that laid.the golden eggs.
In the dry diggins.therefore,. one stands ,
ny chances - of - making oalrenctughTto livnett, - LLT
or to pay. for bis daily bread, while a few of
fortunes favorites are crowned with such suc
cesethatLit almost amounts to excess. These
- - wit frpoekets wet 1 - lined - githorne,iintrin grcinr:r
ing measures relate the richness of glorious
California, and the great inducentents . for
ydung men to go and get their fOitimes ready
I 'made in the land of gold and ideritY, While
many there are;-and many there'itvill" be,
who will go home more, destitute than they
came. Some - Witi 'etinin'wor,k their passage
to get back, and'will be Well enough Satisfi
s'ed after lealiing California to get once more
safely-among their 'families and friends. I
' write the more for the future-than the
present; for' ei_retid of the immense mass of
people'Who are emigrating' over the - plains,„
- across the Isthmus, through lifekicidTand—
.. 'a
reund the Horn, is, enough
, fotatifn'tie who
has been here, safely te•predint a few
yearn, at Iniist; misery and gotdwill be about
on a par with' each other s . Maay there-are .
who marrygust. before leaving hoina,.on the
strength ortheir visiOnary fortunes in„tal . i. •
fornia. I . .ndeed,l.,know of several, rne
out in our vessel, and who got married on .
suspicion of maliingtheiLfortunes here. In
fact this California fever is worse than the
Mexican war; produces as =A - anxiety, and
eventuaily will produce as , much misery, -if
not as man). broken hearts. •:
, _ ASIINDAy AT 111.1E.MINES• •-.
!I 'Will now give you adeseript ion of a Sun
day at the mines. After getting up from my •
bed on the ground, for „which and tb.a..board
together _L pay_nearty_double_ Astor Neese
prices; with -ten times lead ticeciii l iniodations,
I • went down to. the-American •River; and
'there took &cool and refre'shing bath ; after
Which iel - t; like a' morning•-lark in early
spring. I the , caine.back, when.oh the table
was.kread our•breakfastovinchiconsisted of •
fresh beef, (as 'anion is every
Saturday) potatoes, pickled, coifed; iSie.;
The sun then about 9 o'clock' or ))'little alter,
comes peering up from bebind•the high hills, •
and lights up -this deep shady Dutch Holland.
There are very few, I have observed, since
baire been in the mines ? , who . worken-Sure.
day, which so far is so good. But;instead of '
that, you see ))bent-forty or fifty, !nest, of
them . Dutchmen, leitering round the stare,
spreeing away the greatest part of the money
they have made, during the week. There
they' are ing,iria snags, playing cards, and
each one • lieshrslittle bag of dist; and tosee
some payjn.eir dAte out of a good
bag of buckskin,ifinte rne ofthatwo
ruiliand ivifhtkeir hevy.pp,mlirV i rg,i , injed
Picture Book of t'lief:4ildren. in the : Wood."
Thus"StindnY i¢ kept at "Stie
On Sunday Air -oth of,,May, 1, took a walk
down 'in whatisealleti the-Spanish Bar.-' It
" here they ; lisn'''qulikedlver inaehines in col
lecting "die finer liartieles of gold that
' , 'lorit'byitliettriethalls of Whaling. The plice
l'qs:all-'etwieid anddiall , iitifirrhs'orked over neve-
, •••rel••tiftlee . ,••+Tileie ti imite rin 'encatinfirrient
tiround.:thetplaei; and the most Of the minors
aro Irish.- ..The eivnera of the thathirleihtave
•;', these !nehmen tolworklerqbetaitiving each
dollars •.periCatirand board 4 There'idas
- , -One man who :-Jiad•-abotit Jortylineti to)Work
i. for him,and owed each foendadly two months
bor, , ,het , w9on :$2OO and 's39o uPikei:lYhen
he, one_ fine -- bright Stmdey oorliy, while -
'Welia*vorlciii. , Arird 4 fOr 'hini•rftitf doing
the Very beet„ got thiciroceeds lid - their la
''"•boVtogether; and' Witlitibee'Veri f blilding them
gee's bye . ; niadeettiektiL Itirtl6)"Stiiciit The
''''Heir did tioClitid):nite!he PieNch
leave of them, untiFeiiinihkOv6Y i ehid ,
,cflYSTNll.h,7l"tTAt'lit.Ffir,44ii: *arititigik this .•
AiT•9l ( .O " 0 0 itlgE Pr nalillY , Toriikhei.XibtAirri.
t:1 11 4 0 01 1 1 l'll 4l l°it 4 oifitediCtit 9 g. 9 09 . nlq.istill 40s;
Pt4rW.di .i9i9.4oLißtlrP9 :of
•: Win( ilpt l lo, l •9)4l;4l!.egtiOntlidnritlA i 34 ,stye?
who had last come-from-Sacramento
hod' - .
been a dead man, as each ono said HOMiritild
:$ ; 4L,hQ,1 1 100.14.1
. .pTiu4,t34lo ity,i l bPPvt 119/ 49,Ties 9 1 !451 1 orbitliS
11.4 1 1 1 /Yl4Y'+7•`rr So anti, §ocseetling•ttilotbaalk`e
li,PAktuNOtti,7l) , itig,tici;e, a'fw not getikintlaegain L : .
when, they wish, on. account of flfnilsi,cidi
- rather on accotmt - ofiraVl4llo , funds._Thui
1 1 die 'l4i%* Eib l icl6tOP4 . 4*
raiihag; l 4lci l ,tiii ‘
Illation; gambles it away.. in a-short time) y•
- ' MODE OF -1 7 :E0A A ANENT.
the 10th, we went.about a mile up'
{ / fy
~, ..
• (
the r!yeri tifid 'forty_ feeVabovem deshin
of falls, Nye, levelled a :•place,..where we
built its a•fine bush-tent, large enough to an
coin moilate fon' , ,persons,in about! as ,many
hours:, We_ then got some soft leafy twigs
aintrb.usties,ll9. th-Caa
douhled'my omfOrt t upon which Ilested and
slept much better than at any ,tiMe in. the
.Blue tent.
,The nights are,varY pleasantand
agreeable, and , in the Morning, or, at any olher
time, you.cannot, find the .least dampness or
moisture on,the , ground. , ladeed,,were,l to
sleep et home as I de here, I would baye heen
~.."tiead long ago, and very few 'of the,,miliers
would have been able to . stand it; which
Proves the healthinessef the mincp, iitj”st
in this vicinity.
~.; • , ,
There wOert notice stuck up, an act of, our
gislature here, requiring all foreign'ers to
y $29 a month as. license for digging, and
stattpg . that.atax-getherer would , go round
and collect itfranthem every term. Any
one who was I..''foreigner m although.he - malght -
be a naturalized one, and. could not produce
papers or proof to thateffect, mtist.also pay,
until he can get the.same forwarded-on to'
him, when his money will,be,refundad. So
on Saturday morning, whileel.rwea
away, -forgetful of the notice, J. sa a- man
coming towards me with a ! ricat,:pa r j of sad
dle-base on his arm.. Be wat.dre ed, for all ,
the world, just like ; a dandy, an Aya-indeed
a. first rate looking New York Br tulway Yan
kee. I could not ct first-understand wbetsuch ... „,,
a.r:rfuter. cut could' want among. thras'erangh
rocks, and how such a clean and expensive
suit could stand the wear and tear, bvsides '
the .dirt,_cf the mines. „As_he approached
too, lie - pet gOad'h'biloored
face, wheb Jliegtip to think Perhaps be Wa s
a'arettelling MethotlisePrea'aber r :firstonic--
count of his saddle jtags,ried sepontlly on ac
count of his profesSionat appearance. Bitt
did not think mys'elf warranlea'in ceiningto
this conchisioni-Os could Mot believe-that
were enough of .miners in this vicinity
Who Wouldn'gree toauppert the ministry. 1,
however, writ soon 'Undeceived.' He came tip
to me, shOOk binds as' good naturedly # a
Frenchman, and-in'-the-'politest manner
it ti
mated that he was tifter - money. - I snw"tina
drift at onte r when J responded, fir 4
ing at him, and thewmarely saying, 'are 'yen? ,
he, 'what country are you froth?'
' I Said, "'Penn - one of IMO° Sam's boyd; Pm
from-thallnitatiatali.' - '"illihplacal What
State?' "Carlitfe, Pennsilian 'air."Al
right,' said he; 4 l. -can 'always detect a . Tor:
eigner - by - seeingand'converaingovithhim for
a few minutes;' 'and after' thfking hands
off he went. 'lcoulitai be Mimi telt
patriotic at that tiene;ike' lcaie of my . emit).
try was never to strong;•an t Qt .
like an American all over ; espebialti - Wh'en
I thought of ~ t _oh spo ; prr rpppo 7 7bjc4 /vane
year oC a
ld mount-tar. passage money home,
:was the first time I found rhysefrifilk- •
ingly benelitied 'by being an 'AmbridirClti.
zen. The tax - collector bt one iiiiie%t , ,vrbint
the ferry, is reported. to have askedra mast if
Ire was an American? to which he answered
in the affirmative. The collehtbr then Inter.
rogalethim, wishing Jo know to winli_State_
he belonged, .when the intelligent foreigner
triumphantly answered to the State of
More! `Phis was sufficient, and 'Hie
be American was.compelled to fork over his
wenty. ,
' . I eon now live on little over a dollar .per
, •r di3:y, but when I brat commenced boarding
myself,il could not live' cinder tWo. BefOre
I go farther; I will give:YOUtlie: PrkdCi; for
some articles
.when •1 camnietiCcdi onrydbe
prices of the same things atithe Preient
'rrestilieef 'was then 50 cents per pound;,tidilt
Prirk 80 cents, popioei; 9.5 cents per pound,
llotir .35 Cents, butter $3, crackers on bard
.1 teal 75 cents, malaitich:sl,'so•per bog10;;—,
IsTo w.lreah fresh b e itt.,33.,c • ero,_ purlc_
at • so coins, potatoes at 35 and 411, Anatn-at
20; butter $1,50,-ornekers at 371, and molas
ses $1 00.• '• • .` •••
. .
On Oh 'day. I arrived 'bere, it- rained and
rizzled a little, since which timeit haeonly.
rained twice, on the' 18th and 80th 'Of May
' last. The first rain was juii.ahOut :enough
S . - - .
to.demp or sprinkle a- good'Alay's .washing,
befoie - ironing it. Irerylirirely. , 'p•q ',3l.l' . Aee,',
the sight . ef,a clonda't' . arii point in he7a.
y ens, ,bu t . the. sky. is ‘blue all the -time, and
nevei overcast by the fleecy triediengeri'Vve
see so often at home. The Ainerican River
Aassit's Vend away up, i n,t ho chain of, the .Sier
.ra .1 ev a f t, and when I'dr i tit,, l iamei here; Qie
,river would rise every night, and fall during
-the'dir. , 'This , Waa'oWink i to :the, antiim
'' O'g'li' , " nit; melting jiWai,thiouglii i ill'e r coe7 ( of
the hot:dpy,when it wouktileceituntil igbt,
to come down alyout-hRy miles; then in the
tisk ilinti the fiVer l iketilit fall, while th'espn .
Was , melting..sornhirhate;, i'O' ; he'ieitdy`anda,/-
: rive hero by the'pext fligitt,OnAis accinint,
I;al.witys had to set, my.roeker and-tools four
, or five feet hrgiiee",upen"the' . brijiyhise.thity
Might nor \he taken I WeibY a `sudden nee,
„, ...... ... ___
In Valet . ~t,iO4!, ,i!..ll(iit li,,e, , v i ity..epd t y of.
ten; ill - di the • higli.hlifs.. having their altitude
alinost_ar, that of a sugar loaf; the
Irived rjses , Sornetimewlii one night ed high, as
, ditjoletitlfoit,the Mteria9opte:aed'pluegina
: I '.iio . dPYo4 l3 htl_tiN4Xl l. ol;"o l, 4 3 f..P l iiiitAlie. ,i n
;O_rie .night , it . carrietb a wait deliiiy;evrery 0n,4,11
toe ker's 'an il. tool d; and; fa Odle, bed; ref, tiortint t
''or t h ei . r. - ! ;e g 4 , 2 4o * 4, ' .. t itf!: i Yil'A i t*!l . k. ' Yl4i i r
:was Fisiiii,4 op° or Not:feet, every i minute. .
/t,was useless totbinlrofettVing ankttbinglit '
thartirrieiretl'n:q . A4 : tilint, futir eiiOtigh',4lo.
il, 4 4 sl4 Pi ri iq ' Y e .l: , 01 11 4 0 104 In 4W:9 4 414.6' :
;move ind-graseistlelting.bigh upon-the limbs
Aof simeitieetii,WhithYriaribiliftereni t irtliVe
"g? th9'ibiliii;".'l'Ll;;/if,ii'i'4i , ".4 l ,ll.;:i l fi ; ,# . ,4iti,Zy
4 is stkR9Y.`l4.P. Pik lt h,ity e Jteftt, kinga 1rki,31,,Y at
;:the: Mines. 11utldtdivev esenfromithe ritdfer
an& e I irriatilitif §ari Wityietider.#ll'gKr4rioo
j - i ' n ' f' i:.!o;,i"lrll'*',4r;iiike I,ihim,OL-StitiOs..arnnilt.P.
`t7PPP.le;nre..:dyingteverykday Orthe- diarrhea
routd,sisaeritiq , iii..: , '. lu ::.':;' , .:L... vi-d...,, i'... , .!,.. -
c - , —,-t---
- , --.0
------- ;.r-:;-sacs e
--r--alv--7.,-rf -la -
Afor; tie SPENDING , 11(12; DAV t I '''l ll
,o; T 11! Vi a .1 8 ,1 4 Tk ar iiii n g, t t . k .S l A i tt RIR ill g b -
I i
‘-. 1 31 ill. , lt o
.Kti At,ihaet,mt9 ihriAmetbple
: 4 'o; t t7 e, M c P,.,.f r rAk;i l ?if l l...s ° l#ofi d
l? il:
~,o 1 ?':111 16 ~lititßaibi.i. . Pir 9PYiliSt!:
" blue ch ic 'dress you ever, saw. If you r tent
wearied already, I will give. you a short de
scription of a day in this tinines;and the man.
ner of life here. L ...Well,the sun is apt yet up ,
and I am collelLing,.o3ittle dry wood twit'