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ferns—'llvg Dollars a year, or Me Dalla'r and
Fifty Cents, if punctually pail in ddvance:
$1.75 if paid within the year.
OVA PAPER.AS our advertising Mat
ter will be reduced several columns after
this - week, arfil as_ the election, will be .
---over v we- shall:not - only able- to-give
our usual miscellaneois and literary mat
ter but a greater amount of it, than for
„acme weeks past. ti
With the opening of a new year we
sign important improvements in the
Irak!, such as cannot fail to make it
;e valuable and attractive to its pa-
receiVed an interesting letter for publica l
Lion, written by a young adventurer from
Carlisle to the gold regions. Anxious to
sdevote as much space as possible to polit•
ical articles this week, the letter has with
other articles bean deferred to our next.
Great nail Storm. •
The atmosphere last week" was remark•
ably warm and sultry, and for severe
days there was a regular succession p
storms, accompanied by vivid lightning,
thunder and showers. On Fridlly after
noon, one of the warmest days, the seve
rest storm of all took place, but instead
of heavy rain there was a terrific fall o
hailstones, which descended with a force
and quantity that was in no slight degree
. alarming. The atones were of a prodi
gious size, almost doubling the largest
ever s e en by the "oldest inhabitant."-,--
No other damage Was done by the storm
then 'the breaking or windows, but this
was very considerable in all houses facing
the west. Despatches 'from Pittsburg
speak_ of the_ storm having raged with
great violence there, while it also exten-
deira considerable distance eastward.---
The temperature of the air was affected
but little. The weather has since been
clear and genial.
Local Itemfi,
Our neighbor of the Democrat - notices
some very satisfactory improvements
cvb.ich have
. rqcently been. made in.siiiiets
and pavements. Onr ancient borough
is not one of the most rapidly progres
,,si-ve-plaees in the wtorldi—but—we - fondly
indulge the hope that the day will yet
'come round when rough t-tone sidewalks
shall cease to trouble us in any part:, of
the town. We are. pleased to observe
says the Demo,:Tat, that our Street 'Com
missioners hive filled up and other Wise.
--repairea that unseemly rat an Pitt street,
along side or the Methodist Episcopal
Church. The Trustees of the church
have also performed their part of the
.work, by laying down . a new and bead
'OM brick pavement on Pitt street,
which does credit to the mechanical a
bility of Mr. George l'iteite, the con
tractor. These improvements were
much needed, and will add greatly to
the comfort and convenience of pedes
yians during wet 'and snowy weather.
While speaking, of irliprovenierni, we
will add, that the section of paving on
Lou thar — strectallotted — ta — Ms - , -- Perer
Spahr,, is now nearly completed ; and
the section on South street, al'otted to
Mr. - Jahn O'Neil, is progressing rapidly
to completion. These improvements e
vince a desire on the part of our Town
Council to carry out the wishes of the
public;'and we !eve soon to see every
street in the borough pdved in a sub
-Ist antis{ manner. , •
—A detachment of one hundred
and two men, under the command of .
Lieut. Delano, left the Carlisle Btfracks,
on Saturday week for the Tefas fron
--A. Council of the order of United
. A rnerwan. Ilechanics.was or Lran ized - -in
Carlisle, on the 3d of September. '1 he
officers are us follows, viz : Major flob 7 ,
ert McCartney, C.; Major Christian
Eleffinan, V. C.; George L. , Reighter,
R. S.; James Robinson, A. R.• S.; Ste.
phen Keepers, Esg., P. S.; Peter Mon•
.ytir; T.; Henry J. Kelly, In ; James
/14cIrett,Ei.; George W. Crop, I. Pro.;•
Im McCord, 0, Pro. We• are not
• 'pware of the character or of jects of
this new association.
—The elegant and commodious Ho
im,North Hanover street, kept by our
ertergetiefriend Henry Glass, We,under
stand was purchased by him a day or two
since for. the sum of $6,500.. Real Estate
generally in our borough, howot , q,is at'
rather a low, ebb just now.. • :
• ---'Carlisle is probably one 'of the
healthiest towns in the .State—udistress
ingly so," as our Physicians sometimes'
remark. But for Ithe last two weeks
there has been an in unusual mortality,
particularly among the young, us though
some epidemic was abroad. Several
families have been deepliatilicted, and
allaollgAthers who have painfully suffer
ed by the loss of their loved odes, as will
be been ,by . our obituary department, is
the family of Mr. Charles kleiabrer, whose
bereavements ha . ve been peculiarly try
ing.. We' deeply sympathize with the
afflicted - •
,FINE ne rr.—We have received some
specimens of peaches and Pears of the
quality which the author of the articles
on Horticulture urges the , cultivation of,
and we ore sure if our Farmers who are
now content with inferior kith could have
seen, and tasted them, they Would need
no greater incentives to act piemptly_
the instructions given by
,our correspon‘
We are also indebted to Mr. Jeremiah.
Greiner, of:Mrth :Middleton, for some
splendid seeeitnens of Noun& apples,
enormous in size.. - and ef
,good. qualiLy.
We diiect - public attentioirto - the adver
tisement of this Iristitutiod.• It is de-:
cidedly- one of the: best Academies. in.
the State, and its location and other ucl
.vstwages are such as -to especially rec
okirnend it to parents who have, sons to
educate. WO speak knowingly on the
2 Art EI.OqUENT A PPEAL.— Anannpanying
most oCour papers - to=day will - be - foUnillhe
mirable aedress of the Whig Committee of
L=ncaster county, which no Whig should fail
read. After that let hint hand it to his neigh
bor who takes no Whig newspaper: It sets
forth the issues pending in the coming contest,.
and 'eloquently - enforces• their importance. It
proves too by facts alftl figures, what we 'have
said a buntliedlime.s—that a (tll vote isist cer=;
tain Avhi victory. If vre are lieatcp next
Tuesday 'it vt ill be our fault. The posvcr)to
succeed 18 in our bands. We have undoub - 14-
ly the strength to elect every man on our Stale
ticket—but that strength must be exerted—
every vote must be pulled. See to it that,this
is done; Whigs, and a good report will follow
'cur day's work.
73 X M D
Al At his residence in Chainbersburg, on Friday the
27th 1111..1011.1 F. Dornv, Esq. aged about 52 years.
j On Friday umrtting, tile 27(0111. Eta st A LOUISA, In
lant daughter of Charles and Mary Fleuger, of tills
borough, aged three years, nine months and twenty.,
three days; ibis last being dm tenth' child that bas
beim removed by Alenth Erma that family. Their re
ninths repose nide by side, awaiting the summons of 2
tile great day, while their souls..`realize the proudee
of the Saviour, that "of such is the kingdom of lien-
.1 take these little lambs, said he,
And lay them in my breast:
. Protectinn.they shalt find in inn,
ht sic forever rest."
II At has residence hr this barontrlt, on Faturday, the
inst. of paralysis,) jolts AortaW, hi the Tist
yell, of his ago. The deceased was one of tile oldest
citivens of our borough, having been a resident of
Carlisle for move than forty years. lie was kind,
charitable and umane. The poor never sought his
nid in vaio,-and the wants of the deetilrite:,nlvrays
f ortul hurl a beoevolen nod ready benefactor. Ardent
and sibeere in his friendship, those who have cx
permitted his generous , liberality and enjoyed his
warm and abiding friendship and esteem, trill Wag
remember the.unnstentetions charity and personal
fatalness if their deceased friend.
On rriihy the 27r11 kit I , ,owAno TAtnErer, son of
Sit:lowland Mary °fair, of this borough, aged 3 yre,
and 5 months.
in this borough; oh Tuesday'evening last, Mies ANN
111•3tEm, Al a'ver.): advanced age.
/In Otis boron:ls, on the 17111 tilt, MARGARET SVITTI
TA TWA, aged.' year. I. nifStelb and ii days. also, on
the 211th ult.: MARV MATILDA JoHNsoiii, aged 1 near,
!il month and 1.1 days, Irvin daughters al Isaac amt 'Mary Gorgas.
i/At his residence, near ti,il horoitzit, after a linger
lug itinesS., on the 10E111111 , Mr. Groan iironsLEß,
aged blunt( GS „.„ _
D.... Tribute of Respect to g. D. Adair, Esry. crowded
over to next week.
• (I,,VE PRICE 0.1. LY
llarnilton, Easter 64 Co., '
INV! IT the attention of wholesale and retail
A purchasers to their stock of Frei•it Fall
GOODS, tn , ,,tii„ of their own importation,
which will be found meat 1114:largest and most
varied ever offered in Bultimone, and for every
article of which the lowest price is named al
Included will be found—Rich . Bri.cade and
other DresS Silks, splendid incoiunt and low
priced do_, riali black Silks, in plain, wilted,
tigur'd satin strip'd, reels old fashioned
Gros Orain Black figued-ana plain Satin
de Chines; in eliangealdc and Solid celors, very
handsome Fault do Sok:, in solid colon,
g white and light colors, n
a beatitilid variety; floanet and Millinery,,Silks
in crcat variety, Modes, Mareefines, Finrences,
Rich watered and -Plain 'l;blanets, brocade
Cashmeres, rich Kneed Cashmeres and MOU-
Sellaea, neat figur'd De Lainee, for children,
rain MouseMnes, in modes and high colors.
changeable Lye II f, L . 12 Cloths, Coburge, Sylva•
Mee. (entirely new,) cheap Aouselines and
Cashmeres, low and medium -priced Dress
Goods, in every, variety of new designs, many
of whitdi are in styles confined exclusively to
our sales, 300 p'eces Lupin's superior French
Meriitoes, in all colors, 130 pieced .6-4 English
Nterinnes and silk warp Lyonese Cloths, In
this department we hove also a large stork of
Bombazines and Moaning Goods in every Va
riety, embracing the most select shades of
Black and Second Mourning, and choice arti•
cies for ramify Mourning.
INC/ FA 1!I ICS we have more than our usual
leadingstnek,inclinting_llle very linvit
Linens of Richardson's arid Barklie's make,
Pillow Limnie of all widths, Linen Sheetings,
of every description, Cotton Sheetings, sitp'r
13 la k 013. Quilrs , 114111106, Table and Piano
Covers, Floor Baize, and neer Cloths. of all
widths and sizes, Farm Crumb Cloths, Table
Danmaks, Diapers, Napkins, Towelfings, Stair
Linens, rich curtain-Goode, of I/orlon:3 styles,
lace and maslin Curtains, worsted Damasks and
Moreens, anti in fact every article in the Dry
Goods line which may be required by Douse
keepers. Hotels. Steamboats,
I'liEsn - Awr, mam
Contains a most Lxtemive and magnificent
stock of long mid square Cashmere. Camel's
Mir, with Cashmere bordeh,ebtirely new, rich
embroidered and plain Crane, Long and Square
Scotch Woollen Shawln, Sein eh Woollen
Shawls for children. "Bar Some Mills" Shawls
of all tne various styles made by them. and
mostly of patterns Made expres,ly.:for us, and
which cannot be had elsewhere. Black awl
ithrirning Shawls. , in great variety.
Cloaks, Nlnntillas and Saes.
Wide and Narrow SILK VELVETS, in nil
colors —'
In choice styles of puperior French Cloths,
of Rioly's and other best makers. Doeskins,
'English and Domestic Cassimeren. Fancy
Woolen,Sillt and oilier Vestings ' Sergei, Sile.
sins. l'addings,'Cnnvass, Sewing Silk, &.c.
Also, a splendi I stork of Gents Cravats,
Scarfs,• Fancy Neck Ties, Silk and Linen
of new styles, Gloves of all kinds,
Hosiery, "Silk and Merino under shirts and
Drawers, Suspbn Icrs, &c. •
AVe have also' a very choice lot of Enthroid
erica and Laces, (from the most. fashionable
Establishments in l'aris,) including rich Muslin'
and Lace Cape; Ehentizeits, Berthas, Collars,
Sleeves and Culls, real black and .white Laces,
real Lace Capes.and Falls, Valenciennes Laces
Edgings and Ineertings, superior_ lloriery and'
Gloves of every description,emb'd and riviere—
hernmettstitched fintidkerchiefe,, clear LaWri, -
do. mourning L C Ifandlt•fs,.fancy Cashm ere
India Enib'd Scarfs,. fancy Hags, &c., Ghana
zetts, Mints nod white Muslin Goods, , Frene,h
and English Gliintzes, / rieli furniture Prints, in
great variety, Cambric. AIM% Swiss.,Bools and
Jaconet 11usGns, 'beano and Swiss Edgings
and insertings, Banda and Florettees, •
,We have on hand every dcacrip!ion of goods
entering into general consumption, that we
think will-give ismisfaction!to the consumer, all
of which we are enabled from the extent Of .our
of onr - besiness, to buy on the very hest terms
and sell at n moderate profit. Ifavlng for every'
arilcie fixed price, (without aiimentent,) per•
ma net fully acquainted With the.yrilue of goods
have every assurance that in dealing with us
they pay the same price as this most experienced'
An examination of Goode and Prices colicited
Baltimore, Oct 2; 1850-3 m,
ehan to ` Re nt.
rrIIE undersigned offers his MERCJIANT
JA. MILL ut the Carlisle Iron Works, for rent
front the Ist of April, 1851:
repitls f C fT , R r EGE.
Hall and . OPitteer Clot/ inlq
4.l`oney &vale llwee y lfetde "
TOR FA , 8 0 11
street opposite fillliora Drug stom,io the room'
formerly occupied' by Mr.' !Match as a ClOihing
Store- Thalikful to . the ,citizeus of Carlisle.
and vicinity for their increased' cutrom, w o a:
gaitireimost their coutitinny to view our largo
and splendid assortment of Read AladcCloth
ing'lo7..F Arit.. t ..A D__MINTER'IWEAI2.
Ou'i stock consists of all kinds of - COATS,
PANTS, POSTS,•and Gentlemen's Wearing _ 't
Apparel in general, suitable for the season, cut "
and, made in-the moat .vierktrianlifto number tied
of the latest Fall end - Winter Fashions.' All
who wish to lava tts with.ti call can save from
twentyfive to-fifty per cant , 'try buying at oar
'more, and all goodiu.sold warranted tQgivc on
tire satisfaction.-
New '2Zuertisemento
Doors _and- Shoes
man street, hear Malian Road Depot,'
GMPRISING Men's, Boys and taath's
vu Calf, Rip and 'coarso Boots and Brogan's,
winch are Warranted to-be of-the-beet quality
Indies-. Gaiters, Buskins rind French
Misses and Childrens hoots and+shoes in great
variety.. Also, an elegant assortnient of GUM
Silt)EB "and the--lato--ini—
proveMents and, warranted perfoct. -.Having
purchased. these gum shoes Irem the agent of
the matintimturer, I abs authorized to civrt A
Neer rani in place 'of any that prove„ defective
In wedring
BaVing_a large stock of French Calf Skins,
Morocco, laid , itc., and good workmen, every
attention is given io customer work as tisUal..--
sept la „ . WM. M. PORTER.
Valuable Farm • at Private-Sale.
THE subscriber intending to remove, to he.
Avestroffera - at — private - sale - rtyvnlimlrlo — farm
Limestone Land, situated - in 'North Middleton
townehip, Cumberland county, abOut 3 miles
east of parlislo near Middlesex and the Har
risburg pike, adjoining the Letart . Spring and
the lands or Jacob Albright, Joseph 'Witmer
and others, containing 120 ACRES of well
unproved land, well fenced with, post nod rail
andin_a_bigh-state-of-cultivation. - Ten acres
of -it are thriving timber land and four in exdel:
lent Meadow. The improvements
'• • 3 ,•
a r g o .T o W 0 nl
SIT3aO nR, Ir o ' fFeeßt
with n well ofgood water,
bear it, and all other necessary
buildings all of which are in , n.gond state of
repair. Also, a thriving ORCHARD of choice
truit. In the convenience of its arrangement
'locality, fertility and improvement, it is scarce
ly equalled by any t arm in the country. A first
rate Lime Kiln has been erected on the place
thelast yeay. It will be sold.on reason.
able terms. Persons wishing to examine it, or
desiring further information, are requested to
call.on the subscriber.
, oa SALE
I WILL' seN the two story
II • • BRICK HOUSE, situate
efola a • on the corner of the square in
this -borough, in-which
WC!: G. f,:ge now resides. The title
is perfect; clear ol alt incumbranco and the
, erms will he made to 'accommodate any put-,
chaser ttqui will secure the-payment 'of the pur
chase motley, • FRrED'K. WATTS.
URGEON P.ENTiST— would respectful
ly inform the public that lie is now prepar
ed to perform all operatiOll S on the 'Feed] that
may be required. Artificial Teeth inserted,
froni a stddlir tooth to an entire set, upon the
latest and most approved principle, The pa.
nonage of the public is respectfullfsitheited.—
fie may be found at the residence of his bra
lber.on Nurth.Titt-street,
Carlisle, .Sept lit, (EU,
To Physicians---A Rare Chance.
OFFIC E. Furniture, and a good supply. of
Medicines for sale, if applied for soon.—
The office also to rent, with an established
practice worth fifteen'hundred n year, which
con be increased. For further information np'=
pIY at hits office. rsept2sedi 111
Valuable-School -Books,
1131.18 S [JED. BY THONI AS, COW rwr
.k WA rrb: k. 25:1 MARK Er vEr
. m,
NII tADELPII , and forsale ltf the book
sellers io - ath - Cll.4lited
An easy ibtrodoct, on to the study of Geogra
phy, desi g ned for children , aml completely il
lustratedby 120 co g r,lvin g s and 14 colored
The test, the exercises the itinstuntions, and the
for* , beamithl maps are printed -Mgerhor in one
(parte eohnne. -
systeM of modern Geography, comprising, a
demi ipti on of the present state al the world and
its ft.; grest divisions. Embellished with un
met ons en„ ravings and illustrated by an excel
lent Atlas - containing 28, handsome and accurate
colored maps. This series 'of Geography by S.
Augustas Mitchell has beeipcwholly or partly
introduced into the ',oldie and private selpnils
of till the principal cities mid towns ht - the 'Uni
ted States ; mul after a full and fair trial of its
merits in these schools, it has received an alniast
universal recommendation.
An ancient, classical and sacred Geography,
endiellished with engravings of reinarkahle
events, views of ancipnt cities, etc., and acconi
paned by ancient Atlas containing 1,2 beanti'id
xplored [naps.
itchell is ii licnitriel Sabbath School Ge o ',
ratiliy, with Alms and embellishments. m ; N S.
ell's Key to to situ)) , of 'lbws. and C srpo rn,
are eYcefient anti
popular books, and tire becoming very exten
sively Used in the best schools of our count r y
CCURZNE r s Fttsr LESSoN tx GIL Mieed
upon the COIISII . IIeIiOII and analysis of sebtenees;
designee fl, as introiluetiop to The “Abalysis."
GREENE'S A Nnt.Ysts— l treat Sc on the strucs
lure of the English language with illustratimitt
and exercises nikipted tp the use oischools, by
Samuel S Green, A. Principal of the
Phelps Grammar School, Boston.
These books brie already in the short time
hey have been published, obi:Loyd a very ..)X.
iensive circulation, having been introduced into
the public schools of Roston, link/inure, Pins.
burg, Cincimiatti, St. Louis, Vicksburg. amt
°Owl' cities mid toWil3, 1111 d renpinmentleel br
those who brace trim! them 13 their RFlloula, its
without (v 1,50011 the hPSI English Grammars
file. PRIMARY SclioaL H rAticit---Palt 1 st is
intended' fun beginners. It contains' a lesson
two] each or the elernelittry sounds of the
geage The Primary School Reader, part 4,1.
001Ithi113 030reiFe9 nrtsenintinn k .ner iinge d t o
connection with easy tending lessons. The
Primary Reader, part 3 , 1, Is designed far the
first class in Primary bchools, and die lowest
class in Grammar Schools.
'1 liE GEAntsrea SCIWOL E:1111:1:, is deSignell
the midole class in Grattiallia. Schools, and
eotdains exercises ill articulatiokarran ge :i iu
conneetiou with mailing lessons
I nn DIsTaIGT - SbilOOL READER, is, designed
fo r , the highest classes in public and private
schools. It contains exercises in articulation.
pauses, SMI inllCalioitS of the voice with s uch
rules Mid suggesstions as are deemed useful.
Tue laaratierlYE READER ; or a Course of
Reading on Natural lilstory ; Science and Lite.
more designed for beliouls.
Consisting of ,words in column - I - and Sentences
for oral- am! written exercises. It is a complete,
avid systeinatio series of in English
orthography.. •
Thishielily popular aerie; of reading books,
and this spelling hook were compil e d
•by Al i . ,
%V of. I).. & S`ty.a . n, of Boston, nod judging from the
rspicl burbling:oos ,into schools winch they have,
obtaimeil,in the . Easterit . and tliddlc Stiitea
in many
. of the %Vt.:stern and Southern Stitch];
-we think they:ht.:4 really better adapted Co the
wants al teachers and scholars -than any other
yet published. The publiskershave a very hirge
number of recommendations froriipuldht School
committees, leachers and otliertariendly to edu
callous. • •
One col , 12 mo'l9e high. schools and acade
mies. The some work oimii_nsed And simplified
for common schools, 1 vol. 18 To. '
of schools awl caniilies, II vol. 12 coo. with
engravings. .
YAIDIARS PIIIBIOLOaIt, by the 3 , 1111 C 711.1110 r,
VOL 18, me.
RootFrttsT iq V.A. Adams,
Ateilitot Jre prim:4l:y Mid COIIIIIIOO BCIIOOIB.
fly the same author. "Part lint—advanced
lessons in mental arithmetic; part seeond—
•ules and examples for practice in written spill.'
octal, for common and, high schools
A Key to examples I•pr prac'ice • in written
tritemetie; fur the use of teachers, by the 411 mu
nit hor.
These nrittaneties Nye secured very high
recommendation's trom , tenchers of -sch o ol s an d
academies, and from prOlessars ih several. of our
colleges, and from others interested in the cause
of education - in various sections of the
T. C. & Co., also ',oldish sunny other - School
Books, which there is ',not r00m...t0 •enumerate
here, besides Law, \lediutli, - '['heofngiunl anal
Miseellatteotorßooks;and they are ,fully prepa•
red to answer orders ter hooks itt'every depart
ment of knowledge, Booksellers, - Bottool Com.'
minces; nod others, snimited on the most favorl
able terms, • (dept.
- Harrisonqi"Ogluth Man Ink:: • '
htis on • brunt n !nig° supply
•1 or the abode which, by a- anonial
rangoriient . j . n ilia: proprietor, ho, is able 1 0. for
niah to ntorolianni and, others, at the,7nntnunio.
turoro wholoatilo prices.
With RIA _ 01 Dor 810 et 11t
(jo'46 4 ` II LI AR D'S
~m ccuaucauL
Select Classical_ Bo.l.rdlifi: Scheel,
.. *4.lphur Springe, Doubling Gap,'Culn.
b.eFland county, .
0 rtocns
'JAMES ITUSTONi A. M., Principal.
3.1. i 0.. ALLEN BROWN, dal. Prof.
- •
RAVING for some timo been desirous of
.1.1 establishing a Seleet-Boarding'Seheol, and
having at-length obtained-suitable-buildings for
that purpose, the subscriber takes pleasure In
announcing tolls patrons and friends, that he
will open the shrive named Institution on the
-Ist of October. . '
• The location is in a small and romantic vale
formed by an tf) shaped bend-s.f tfie'
gountairt, aptly termed " Doubling Gap," end
is not surpassed iii healihfulness of situation
and beauty of scenery. -by any, place in the
country. mbin building is large and cam
modions, - (t00 feet in - length by 44'm-breadth;
and 3 stories high.)4nd is well furnished with
everything,necessafy-to-convenienee-and-com '
fort. The other buildings compose - Bath Hou
saa,&e., to the free, use of which' the pupils
will have access at proper
: hours. The well
known White Sulphur Springs rise,.within a
few rods-of the mom - building.
The qbject of the Institution is to fit young
man for business, or for any of the higher
classes of-Col lege—The -courseTol -instruction
will be thorough and coniplete, more attention
being given to the quality titan to the quantity
in the, performance of the student. All, the
branches talight in the best academies will he
taught in this, rind proper apparatus will ho
used for illustration of the subjects that require
it, Classes in Civil Engineering will enjoy
the advantage 'of operations in the field with
'Transit, Compass, Chain, &c.
Board; tuition, , washin.o fuel and lights
per session, $50,00
Latin and Greek-' .5 00
French or Hebrew 5 Oft
'Civil Engineering with use or Instrum'ts 10 00
Drawing and painting ,5 00
Vocal and Instrumental Music ' - 500
The pupils will board in the Institution un
der the immediate and Constant supervision of
the Principal, who will b'est'ow careful attention
upon their convenience and comfort. Each
student will furnish his:own .towels,and have
Them and his ERTthes flis ' t , ncilk marked. ,
• The academic year will be divided into ses-,,„
sions of trocp./y weeks each, commencing ou the
first of September. The regular vacation will
occur in Julyond August. Owing to delay in
completing the arrangements tiro first session
of the present y ear will commence on TIIES•
DAY the first day of Octriber;ris stated above.
An easy arcess is alliirded to students by
Means of he Cumberland Valley Rail Road to
Newvi le, and thence by Leaches to ilia Acad
emy. The Cettysburg aid Lewistown State
Road passes through the. grounds.
For circulars containing full particulars and
reference, address the Principal through the
Newville P. 0.
-Nowville, Sept. 18; ismizY.,.• --•
.7ttitv airrangentent.
H -undcreignotlwawmoti.toilleirtMebses- .
' travel between, nib above named
; place,d
,and to afford corresponding facilities to ate pub
lie, begs leave to announce 'that he is now run
STAGES between Carlisle and York. His
stock has recently been nufeh improved, and
his conches are new and comfortable. They
leave Carlisle every morning at 6 o'clock, and
arrive nt York at I P. M. n time to take•the
two o'clock train of Cars iin
Returning, will leave York about I 9,:c10.1t,
P. M., or immediately Mier the arrival of the
Cars Irom Baltimore, and reach Carlisle the
same evening.
FAne.—Through tickets from Carlisle to Bal
timore. or vice versa, will be furnished at the
low price 01 ...
_ _ _
Splendid Livery Estalaalunttut.
He would also take this opportunity of in
forming-his friends and the public generally,.
that he has lately made valuable additions to
his extensive Livory, in HORSES,
DIX HORSES, Ste., and that he is
now prepared to accommodate them with any
article in his line of business, at it moment's
notice, and so the most reasonable terms. Per•
sons desirous of riding in fine vehicles, or on
fine horses, -are requested to call at his estab.
lishment bcl.rc ening elsewhere, ns, in all pro
handily they will save a little change by se do
ing,, Persons visiting Carlisle deringihetium
mar season, can at al timesbe furnished with
good conveyances to either of the 'following
watering places in its itnmediate vicinity-Car•
Aisle Springs Doubling Gap Springs; Warm
Springs, Perry county; or York Sprin g s, A.
dams county. Gr:11.
Carlisle. July 3. 1850-3 m.
Extensive Cabinet Ware-Rooms.
140 BERT B. SMILEY, successor to Wm.
D EIITA K Ell, North Hanover street, Carlisle,
would respectfully inform the citizens of Carliblo
and the puldie generally that lie now has on
hand a large assortment of new
',I and elegant FURNITURE,
1 .:914;"7'',...":4417- consisting in' part of Sofas,
Wardrobes, Card and other
Tables, Bureaus, Bodstcnds„ plain and lancy
Sewing Stands, &c. manufactured of the best
materials and quality. arranted. Alto a gene.
ral assortment of Chairs at the lowest prices.-
Venitian Blind l, mule to order and repairing
pronuniy attended to. IeI'"COFPIN . S mnde to
-order nt - the - shoriest - tintitte. and - having splen•
did Hearse he will attend funerals in town or
country: 10 - Dont forget the old stand of Wrti.
C.. Gibson, in North ILinover street, n few
doors north of Glass's Hotel.
Sept (1-ly: R. B. SMILEY.
Late Arrival •
.die the new and cheap 11411LIMME STORE,
Ease IRV, street, opposite- Ogilhys _Dry Good
V HE subscriber has just' opened a
large assortment of goods in his line to
which he would call- the attention of billets,
es he is datermined,to sell at prices to suit this
times. His stock compri es.o full assortment
of Locks and Latches of every description,
Hinges and Scrows,__Window Springs and
Bolts; Mill Cross -cut and circular Saws, Hand,
panne!, ripping and Neck Saws, bread ; hand &
chopping Axes, Hatchets ' Chisels, Augurs,
Planes and' Plane. Bitts, Braces and Brace
flute, steel and iron Squares, Plumb & Levels,
Withers and Troys,-Table and Pocket Cutlery
Table and Tea Spoons, brass, bell-metal and
enameled preserving Kettles, Hollow Ware,
&e. Also, a full assortment of Saddlery and
Carriage Trimmings, Patent Leather, Mortice°
and binding Skins, Saddletrees Carriages and
Wagon Whips . ; Curled 'Hair, does, Dee* Hair,
-Eliptie BPrings.: Shovels and Spades,. Garden
and Corn Hoes,: Grain alit Grass Scythes,
Smiths and-'ficythe Stones, Hay and Manure
-Forks, Window Glass, Patty, Paints and Dyer -
Stuffs, - Oil, Trapontine and Varnish,- Mahogany.
'anti insole Veneers and 'mouldings, Sofe.Spra'a
Also, Bar, Bond, Hoop and Sheet Iron, Cast,
Shear, Spring and Blister SiOdl, Till Plate;
Zinc, Speltro, Bar Load, Bar Tin, Iron, Bliss,.
and Copper Wire, &c.
5 Barrels Patent Fire and Water Proof Paint,
assorted colors. HENRY pAXTON.
• tnytte6o
Coal! 'Coat:
'TIE subscriberis now prepared ,to furnish
FAMILIES witli the .best quality CLEAN
STONE COAL at the lowest rates. Orders
left at 11.Saxtora's Hardware Store. or at tho
yard opposite fkover'e Lumber Yard; will-be
promptly filled. Also, just received .from the
mines 100 'PONS NUT COAL for Limo.
burners, 150(1 bushels Bitutitittous .Coal for
Uleeketitith's: sell " WR TG; fl T..
Linen riorstres.
' A notv , lot of Linen Lustros, various prices,
and colors, from 6 to .50 cents a ytird.
another supply of Braid, China Pearl, Rough
and Ready, -flimpi
Changeable antl.l3ress SILICS;' itt vari—
ety, with. a %varied aesortinent of Bonnet and'.
Can RIBBONS,' Dress Trimmings.' tg.t.a. &*,
just received und.opo»odt.j.
• may 29, W.' liITDIEtt.
To Shoemakers.' I
(-1,, GROSS eteiit eliana i f9r Jenny.Lind - eboea,
Xijnst roreivod by - , 2 '"G lIINN4R.,
- nug 28.18n0. - - •
-.- •
--'. ' • - •••BlaoJE 'Silk, La ces; lic;
A • VARIETY of Illtick Silkjincec Throtat
tit and-Cotton Likce:o„ l / a tellitlC,lllEllgings ,
Linos Bobbin: Edgittge, just ofo , nod by
801)125 1 G. M. lIITNER •
neat. totiite at 'Auctitiu.
.. •
THE: , Sub Soribee ' oilers foe' 'sale a re ldabld
Fsrm of choice arable land; situate in West
Pcnutiboro' township, Cumberland county, oo
the Conodoguinet Creek, eight miles • west of
Carlisle and within two and a hall of the Cum-
Leyland Valley Rail Road, containing about 130
ACRES in a.high state of cultivation. ,rite im
provements are (co Story Weatherborirded
110USE,Smoke Muse,. lee noose and Wash
* House, and a good well of water St
lie doo .
Also, a large Hank Barn, Corn-Crib, IViigon
Shed:ll-in good order and n good Orchard:-
11)nm is 17 Acres of first rate Meadow and a.
bout 25 Akres of Timber Land on the opposite
side of the creek, which- will be sold with the
Farm if (leaked. There has been between five
and six thousand of lime put on this
Perin' latelY,TThere is -also n• large•Lime•Kiln,
capable of burning from 12 to 1 , 100 bushels at a
blast on the - property'.
i•lbstsicaster Volksfreund copy, tf. and• and
bill to-this-office- for•eollection.,
pursuancelN, 0f.411 order -- of the Orphan's'
Court'of Cumberland county, will be 'sold at
public kale, at the late residence of 'Benjamin
Myers, deceased, on Friday • the 1 th day of
'October next, at 10 o'clock A. M., the folfew.
ing described Real Estate, late the property-o.f
said decedent, to wit .—A tractol - land — situate
in Dickinson township, bounded by lands o•
John Huston,- John Fishburn, land of the ;said
Benjamin Myers, deceased, and Ab'm Myers,
containing 85 ACRES and 130 PERCHES,
strict measure,, of which • about 70 acres are
cleared and in a good state of cultivation, and
the residue excellent timber land, having there
. on-orected a two story weather.
boarded,ouse., LOG STA•
ff inlva well _of water. near.
't'• the door, and a goo&Apple
and of choice fruit. Also, a Tent
ant Houso.and Stable, Also at the same time
and place, will he sold a small tract of first rate.
timber lund,situate in the same township, and
hounded by kinds of .John Fishburn, the heirs
of lyttel Ege, deceased, William Line and
Spangler, containin 0 ACRES and 57
'l'he above described cal Estate will be sold
On the following terms So - tattch as may be
necessary to pap the c sts and expenses of sale
to be paid on the to rmationef the sale by the,
Court, - onelliird of to balance to remain in the
hands of the paw aser during the life of Eliza
Myers, widothe interest to be paid to her
annually, and at her (loath dmprincipal to be
paid to the heirs of the aforesaid Benj. Myers,
doe'd. one Italia the balance of the purchase
money of the tract first above detieribed to be
paid on the first of April next. when possession
will he given and a deed mode to the purchaser;
and the residue in two equal annual. payments
thegenfter without interest. The residue of the
purbbase money of the tract of timber land. after
deducting. fhe widow's dower, to be plid en the
first of April next. The whole to be secured by
recognizance in the 0-phans' Court with ap
proved security. -JOHN CAROTHERS,
Aug 29;50 is administrator,
.11s,siarn eols' Sal.
1 1 / 4.
az SATURIMY, the 12th of C2ober.
WILL be sold at public sale, at 0 o'clock,
A. Itf , on the promises, the followin described
tract of land, containing about T VEN'I'Y
TWO ACRES, situate to Lower Allen town.
Edup4.4mberland county, one mile above Eber
ly's mill, on Cedar Spring, adjoining lands of
William R. Cergas, Daniel Mich, and others,
~, with a well finished_
..V.R &ALE
-- 4 1 ,--- lIOLISE', Wagon Maker's Shop,
.• , 3' 44 4.: , : Barn and other impr o vements there.
.111114 V ,:',,,,
, I V , t , " ,on erected. There is also an °felt.
:.....'• 4 - . and of choice fruit. It is a desirable
location for a mechanic and worthy of amen'
Also, at rho same time and place will be sold
n.Tract of Iroorliana, containing TEN ACRES
more or less, situate in Fairview township,
York county, adjoining lands of Christian Gar;
bar, Wm: IL Gorgon and others. Also, a ipt
of cord wood on said tract.
Also, at the same time and place will be sold
the following personal property, viz:, Horses
and horse gears, milch cows and other cattle,
Hogs and Sheep, Grain by the bushel, Hay by
the ton, Wagons, Ploughs, Harrows and other
laming utensils. Also a lot of chestnut 'rails,
it number of quarrying tools, together with
household and Kitchen Furniture and other ar
ticles too numerous 'mentlon: Attbadmice
will he given and terms of sale made known by
assignee of Daniel fleck
VAL17A1,1 4 13 FARM
rrf HE subscriber oilers at private sale the fol
i lowing described Real Estate, situate in
North Middleton township, Cumberland county
containing 150 ACRES, more or less, patented
land, about 125 of which are cleared and in ar
high state of cultivation, and the residue cover
ed with thriving young timber. The improve
• menu are n Two Story LOG
4'4 611111 1 . e a first rate new BANK BARN,
Wagon—Shed—end Corn
Also, a fine young nod rhriving
Orchard with choice trim The farm is well
covered with locust timber. There is a never
failing sluing of water near the door, with wa
ter enough tor mill power. This wilier can be
biought in pipes to the house and barn.
The above mentioned tract is all limestone
land, and is inn healthy neighbourhood, lying
upon the Conodogumet Creek, within 2 mile,.
of Carlisle. and only half' a mile from the Cum
berland Valle) Rail Head. It is of C01.1)13Q con
venient to the Carlisle market and - well adapt
ed for supplyinb, said market. Time purchaser
Call have the whole farmvir 100 Acres and the
improvements. An indisputable title will be
given. For terms imply to the subscriber, re
siding on the Walnut Bottom Reid, five miles
from Cordele,
Orphans' Court .Sale.
On 7'HURSD4Y, the 3d of October, 1850.
tup Y virtue of an order of the Orphinis' Court
Of Cumberland county, and an authority for
the parties - in -- interest - who are orage,Th e sth.
Miller will oiler at puhlic sale, on the premises
the following property, late the estate of
nomult, of Dickinson townsh'p, deed , crz;
A tract of laud aitutde in Dockersville, said
Dickinson township, containing 100 ACRES 61
first rate Limestone Land, adjoining lands of
Newcomer, (locker and others, all of Whit:lris
clearen and in a high state of.cidtivation except
about d Acres ot IVonilland. The improvements
• me a two story DWELLING
HOUSEntid Frank BARN, agnod
:kfv• A
IF TENNT ROUSE with Stable,
a well of Water tb each bonsai°.
gethi;r with other out buihlings.,—
A Ise, an thtliard of choice fruit, principally ap
ples. .Also, at thasame time.and place is tract
ut Timber Laud, situate in Dickinson ,tOwnship, -
at the Sandi .Mountniii i containing 20 ACRES .
of young and thriving timber, adjoining /nada is
Gen. Miller, Newcomer and others.: Terme o
sale will lie -made known on said day when at_
trinlancc will be given Lii — the — sidnirilier
than of minor children of Michael Brandt deo'd
and attorney of those who are of full age. _ . .
Ott SJITURD4I, the sth of OCTOBER; 1850;
W be sold at Public sale on the premises
in Monroe township, Cumberland county, Pa..
adjoining Clntrahttiwn, the following Real Es
tate of rroilerick Goodyear, dec'd.,
•CONTILUITING 163 - 41011E3
of first rate limestone hind,. 120 of which is
cleared and in a high state. of eultivatton,• and.
'the reminder is covered with fine'yeung timber.
The improvemontoare . a*Two Story
3,:5!,1 largo STONE BANK BARN.,
;1 ; .• with a Thrashing Machine and hems
power, A wei—of never.faiting wa
ter near the house with a rpring house, and all
other- necessary oat buildings... Also, a large
ORCHARD of choice flint. Alto above pro
perty will be.sold either in two.trople or togs
ther, as may beie suit the purchasers. Any
person wishing to see the above. property, will
please call on the subscribers in Cherclitolvn.
Solo to continence at I o'clock, when
attendance will be gives and terms thado kno;vo
aug7 is
1.44b1ic Sale,
Itri-LI, be sold-at Ru i blie ?ale an.S TV R.
D AY, , the.l2th of OetAer,, next i a two
• ettiry'PTCAW. HOUSE and lot
..pkirn groundi. ,th latter. containing
about threa.Oartere of an Acre,
widt a groat variety , of - choice
" frail traeai a Stable and other out
building's:ool;6ot), This propertr . ie situated in
Wood street in, the village of, Platnfiold;Uunt.
berland'ehitnlY, bininded an the north by Blot
of :Frederick, Zdigier, on. the sant lot; of
Snantel'Greason; on tbo.oar,r by elot.ef Thos,
..oreation. 4 Salo, to annanotictr at it o'clock. on
said day, when teeina of anle will be made
Itn'own by 'THOS. GREASON., '
Sept l t Heri n ee of arac o ls Stover.. ,
kR . NOUDS wilting fluid , n • very
. 1711 . imprint ink. ior 001 nt- fIUBPARD'S
neat Ootat.c. at 'Auction,
VALuABLE r ' 7 '
, .
THE eubScriber Were at private sale, the '
Farm on which he now lives, situate in West .
Pennsborough township, Cumberland 'county,
five Miles !rem , Cariialo, and. one:mile from
Plainfield, containing` /36 ' Acnr.B and 64
' PERCHES, of first rate Limestone - Land; all I
of which is cleared and• hilt high State:of cul...t
tivation excepfls or 20 acres of . WOodland.i---
The 'farm lies on the Conodeguniet Creek and 1
is but half a mild` from the Good hope Mills. I
The whole is under good fence, about 'nine
hundred panel of which is
.post and rail fence." !
Iho improvements are a new
I two stories high, with a commo
, IF:: di
rst ratd. cius' BaWagoa S nk Baru ixd, 94 f
C orn
eet long,
1 with threshing floor. and till other necessary
out-buildings.- There is a good well of water
I at the door. Also, a large (;:traliard, with eve.
ry variety of choice fruit. The entire place is
in the best order, and holds out the strongest
itidticemeafs to purchiteers.." Perscw.s desiring
scriber. An Indisputable title-will -be - given, -
and terms made reasonable;
. . .. .. ,
. .
104 3inos ,
eLancasterlUnion copy t 3 months and send
bill to this dike for collection.
-Valuable. Farm : at-Private. Sale.-
THE subscriber offers for pale a valuable
farm of Limestone Land, situated on the Yel
low Breeches Creek in Dickinson township,
Cumberland county, abdut 7 miles southwest.
of Carlisle, and within 2 miles of the Stone
Tavern, adjoining lands of Squire Woods, John
Williams, George Martin and others contain.
ing 161 ACRES of _well improved land, under
good fence and inn high state of cultivation.—..
The Al Acres are all clear, but-there-is- 75, _
Acres of first rate 111OUNTAIN LAND to
it. There is also an excellent - meadow on the
farm. and some bottom land. The
improvements consist of a big two
1 I Btory DWELLING HOUSE, brick
a y a Bank Barn, and all other improve.
mdtds that is neliessarY to a farm.—.
There" - is three, big running springs on the farm
one in the cellar, and one near the barn, and a
good orchard-of all kinds of fruit. Any person
desiring further information will please call on.
Jacob Seitz, residing. in West Pennsborougli
township, Cumberland county, one mile from
Newville, or on Tobias Seitz, residing on the
;arm. Possession and ati indisputable title
will be given on the first of April, 1831,--
Terms - made to suit purchasers.
THE subscriber offers at privates* the fol
lowing, property, situate in North Middleton
township, Cumberland county, near the Harris
burg unnpike, nbodt 2 mi,ea from Carlisle
consisting of upWards of THREE ACRES o
Ground, adjoining properties of Samuel 'Rutz
Beerbrov,'er nod the Loan Silting, on which is
eted a 2 story Brick DWELLING
(! , . - iIIYI m OUSE, a two story Log Dwellingl-21P
tauloings. There is also a fine young Orchard
of choice •Apple trees. Also, a fine cool spring
convenient to the houses. The property
good older, and is admirably adapted for a mar
ket farm, being convenient to the borough of
Carlisle. .Terms will, be made reasonable.—
For further information the subscribnr
agent for the owner, living near the place,
307.13,MCC SALE.
On TUESDAY, the 15th pf OCTOBER, next.
I,IrILL he sold at public saloon the premises
VV — in ShirCrnttrgitf , Wll, the following prop
erty, lot aground, situate in said place,
on the north side of tho .N nin street on which
is erected a two story
FRAME SHOP and — STABLE: 'rho prop
erty is in good condition, the buildings are new,
and the stand is a•foi a' mechanical
business. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock. when
attendance will be given by •
JOHN ItUri s ,
sepl.l assignee or Jacob _Bates.
On IVEDNES/).41; file 16th of October, 1850.
THE subscribers wishing to dissolve part'
nership and remove to the West, will sell their
Valuable MILL and FARM, situated in West
Pentisboro' township Ciftnborland county. The
Farm contains 133 ACRES of first rate Lime
stone Land, the celebrated Big Spring runs'
Along the western Margin of the tract, a stream
that never fails or freezes, and is unequalled by
soy stream in the United States. The ha•
provements are a first rate
three stories high, fi..ished off in the most cem•
oleo; order, with ,patent improved Merchant
Bolt, Self Packer, and all the latest improve'
wants in,Machinery, Corn Kiln, and situated on
the above named Spring, which affords a full
'apply of'water at all times to the Mtl,i. There
.ifio - oreeted - on — rhittrprepenrti
A T . s largd two story DWELLING
t, HOUSE, Bank Barn and Siebling
Millers' House, Cooper Shop,
4,--4 t-gr'r - Orchard, &c. The buildings are
aft nearly new, and sn the best Airder,_about
twti tbifds of . the tract is cleared and the hal•
ante cove,tred with thriving timber. Tide pro
petty isnear the Cumberland Valley Rail Road
in.the heart of a rich country, and offers strong
inducements to - capitalists. . This property will
be sold separately or together to auit perches.
crs. Terms made easy to suit purchasers as
we will soil without reserve. Any information
about oho property can be had by addressing
John Piper. Big Spring Post Office; Cumber'
laud county, Pa. ^ .
o:7 : Weekly North American and Lanciader
Union Insert till sale ani send bill to this
office for collection.
Oit.MTURD.9Y, the Sth of October, 1850.
THE - subscrieor will offer at public sales on
the neerniee9. in West Ponnsboro. township,
the following Real Estate, late the property of
Samuel fidar, deed., situated three and a half
- Miles - west of Carlisle. near Jtihn Hays' Mill,
cqntaining 180 ACRES more or less, of first
ray) Limestone Land, boutidnd an the north by
llle Coned%minet Creek, also by lands of
Bear,-Jr., Henry Smith, George Singiser and
others, talent, 108 Aeras-of which is first rata
tillable land , in a good state of cultivation, the
remainder is'covrcd with fine young timber. -
(The improvements donsist of a
;large two story STONE HOUSE
Largo Stone. Bank Earn, Wagon
IFt P. Shed, Corn Cribs and other con•
"'4....voniont out buildings, a spring of
goes water near the doer. Also, an Orchard
of , thriving-young tress on the - property. Sdld
to commence nt o'cieck, A, M., on said dal;
when attenthince will begivon tind•torMs made
keown by TILOS. (=REASON, '
aug2l Assignee Bear. deed.
VALtraliral 10 1 ,11.01 , 33117r2 4
0/i THURSDAY, the 1014 of OCtober, next. '
IN wars/twice of an order — of the Ortilmns'
Court or Cumberland oounty, the undersigned
Administrator of Abraham Breni3CIININ deed.,
will sell,, on the premises, all the interest mid
claim of the cant decedent, being dm, undivided
seventh part in n tract .of land in East Penns.
hero' township in said county, containing
' 101 .a.tihrs
, •
more or less, hounded by lands of Michael Free
Joseph Sadler, George bowman and others, on
which is erected a large Two. Story
-% STONE HOUSE, Bank flarn, with
Wagon Shed, Corn OHM', Smoko and
te t t Sprang' House, and a never-litiling
Spring of water, which waters a nom
bee of the fields. There ts about Ninety Acres
cleared; and the remainder coverod with thriv.
big timber. Sufficient Locust' ratting on the
premises to furnish posts: forev,er . for feiting:*
Poke it, oltogetherit,, is one of tbe•mosf desire- .
ble tracts 'or land,in &Minty. ; Sale to cont
inence at h o'elooli, V, 4., when Attendinoia will
be given and terms inade knowii byy, r .
aug9B i . JOS. ..ft; ESSEIt, Alm` r. ,
.! •••• :rams- •
Iffil subscriber intending te . ,triovo' to the; T!West offeee.'hie mansion (nein for sale, 'the
same•buingaitiutted in Lower Allen township, •
,Ournberiand counttiobout four, miles, •,w,est of
Harrisburg; the . State fiend rinesing.thfough;the
same. containing 109 ACRES of first rate Ame• ,
'etone.landi adjoining' lands of levilylerklo;
Long and, others; The improvements area •
three story LOG HOUSE,.plaiterod,odtriide,
ond";insidc, a double LOG.JMRN; "a 'nefie:
failidg 'spring good. water under the houitc, - ;.
Also, a.Tonnnt House dhd other out:buildings,
.&e._ Any patron desiring,to jrueelinse a _farm
in this section of , country,'will dO'woll,to, call'
rind view the same. •••
ller•Ltiliceater - Unienputi:te inioune AM.
A forgo lot of the most pproved bloods just
eived ti MODIYERS, DT, flonoyer
• -
Iftrat 115,citate
Nr.a.ritrAßLZl REAL ' ESTATE.
11',L be ecild at public Aiald on TUES."
Ay, the 22(1 Of Detober, next, at 10
o'clock, on the premises,the following described
real emote: ,
, .
1. A tract. olexcellent land laying on the
south side of the OlatheHand Va lleyßail Road
abour 4 , ltnileseast of Carlisleteontaining about -
200 ACRES: It is under goodTence, and in a
' high ,state of cultivation. fA rrhe 7 •
2.A. • improvements area large two Ste.
. dlYd •
ry BRICK HOUSE, a Jorge brick -
Sank Barn, both recently built,
and all the necessary out-buildings
There is a well' of water (with a
,puntid in the
yard. Part Of this tract is well timbered.
2. About 90 ACRES, one mile south of the "
above tract, of which there are about ,20 Acres -
bleared, the balance is excellent timber land.'
Theie will also 'ho''Cifihred'af - pablic hide en'
THURSDAY, the 24th of October next, at 10
oiclock, on the premises, two very fine lime. ,
keno farms, situated in Toboyne township,
Perry county. These are adjoining farms, one
contains about - 240 ACRES. the other about.
27.9 - ACRES: -7 Theyittre - ../.lbuutEcrnietrivvi 7 T47•sl —
on the main road leading up-the
valley. One farm has a STONE MANSION
HOUSE 'Mid Bank ljern on it. The other a
Log House and Log Barn. ' There are thriving
ORCHARDS on both of these places. They
are situated in the most fertile part of the coun
Pereons,wishiug to see either of the above
tracts, can obtain information from -the tenants
residing on the premises, or either of tire-un
dersigned Executors. Attendance will be giv
eaand terms made known on day of solely'
1"4. - c• sTErenoTT;
• Eihcators of Thomas tinie;' deed.
July 24-ti.
.Desirable Property For , Sale,
THE subscriber will sell at -private sale the
,property on'which he now resides, situate in
West Pennsboro' township Cumberland coun
ty, containing about NINE ACRES, with a
good two story FRAME HOUSE, good frame
BARN, a good well - of water, and all the ne
cessary out-buildings, together with an orchard
, of over thirty TREES of
!theice varieties of Apple
,17 . 1 . :, in full berme. A Peach'—'
-Orchard of about sixty
trees of the most select
eastern Varieties, With a general _assortment , of
Pear, Phim, Apricot, Nectarine and, Cherry
trees of the best varieties. • The buildings are
all new and built in the most substantial man
ner, the whole property fain good order, and
ono of the niest desirable in the county; being
situated in the village of Plain. eld, five Miles
west of Carlisle, close to Church and. School?.
and within one-half mile of Burns' Academy.
It presents rare inducement's to a mechanic er
private family wishing to educate their children.
If not sold previous to the sth of OCTOBER,
next, it will on-that day to offered at public
sale nt 10 o'clock. on the , premises, and will pos. -
itively ho sold. For particulars address the
subscriber at Plninfi.ld. Cumberland county.el
On Sniurday, the 12th of October.
BY 'Amin of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Cumberland county, will be sold at public
sale on. the premises in Lisburn, Cumberland
County, the following property, late the estate
of Isnac-Lloyd, deceased viz:
A House and three lots of ground, situate in
saidplace, on the road to Harrjsburg, adjoining
trproperty of John SlMrich and Geo. Bar
ber.. Irr •Th at e house a Weetherboarded two
watery-dwelling- HO Ifs,E,-andattached- to
tt are several outbuildings, including a
largo stable shed, Sr...e. There is a first 'rate
Well of water !Tar the door. Also, anumber of
choice fruit trees. On one of the lot is erected
a good frame Cabinet Maker's I shots. It may
be considered a good stand for that . business,and
bolds out strong Inducements to parchment.—
Persons wishing to examine the property are
requested to call on the eulnicriber, living on
the premises. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock,
in the alternooon of said day, when terms will
be made known by REUBE3I 'STAR,
Aug 22,'50 Annniatrator.
'wHEREAS the floritzablo FIdDERICH
Mimi's, President Judge of the several
Courts. f Common 'Pleas -of the counties of
Cumber land, Perry and Juniata, in Pennsylva
and Justice of the several Courts of Oyer
and Terminer and General Jail Delivery in
said counties,ard Don. John Stuart and John
Clendenin, Judges of the Court of Oyer and
Terminer and Gcncrul , Jail Delivery for: the
trial of all capital and Either offenders, in the
said county of Cumberland, by theirpreeepts to
me directed, dated the 26th of August, 1850,
have ordered the Court of Oyer arid Terminer
and General Jail Delivery, to be holden at Car
lisle on the 2d Monday_ of Iklovenribee next,
(being the lith day) at 10 o'clock in the tlire
noon,-to-contirinc-two-svcoke- '
NOTICE is Allen:fore hereby given, to the
Coroner, Justices of the Peirce and Constables
of the said county ofeumberland, that they are
by the said precept commanded to be then and
there in their-proper persons, with their-rolls,-
records, inquisitions, examinations, and all
other remembrances, to do those things which
to theirotlicee appertain to be done,und all those
that are hound . by recognixamme, to pro - secute
(against the prisoners that are'or then Shall be •
,in the Jail of said county, ate to be thoreArt___
prosecute them as shall be just, .'
Carlisle, September 25, 1850.
Estate of DAvie,WOßSTjdec'd.
of Administration on ; she estate
of David .Worst, late of the borough of
.Mechanicsburg, .Cumberland county,'. dec'd-,
have been issued by the Register of the county
aforesaid, to the subscriber residing in the bo
rough and county aforesaid., All persons hav
ing claims against said estate willpresentrhom
properly authenticated for settlement and those
indebted will make immediate payment•to
Estate of Thos. 0, Boerne, Decd.
Letters of administration on the es ate of
Thanes C. Remo, Into of. Shiremanstown,
Cumberland county, deceased, have been grant
ted by the register of said county, to the sub
scriber, residing in Dauphin county. He will
attend on. Monday the 2d of September, and
ovary oilier Monday for two months thereafter
at the residence.ot the deceased, whore all per
sons indebted are rociuceted to make immediate.
payment, and these :having claims to present
them for aettlement.tO DAIVIEL SHELL,
Aug 22,'50 61. .9dministrator.
Auditor's Notice.
NOTICE isliereby given lo all persons in
terested that the undersigned has been arr.
pointed Auditor to report'on exceptions filed to
tha,neconnt of .Tliontaa Greason, Assi.gnee of'.
David Reed. I will attend oh MONDAY, the
7th of October next, af'rny office in the I3dro'
of Carbide
R M llENDERSON,fiuditors
. DissolutioO of. Taxtuership. ..
TI E partner*horetelore existing between
the undersigned 11 the Boat and Shea Menu.
factory, is this day distokiid by mutual eon'.
sent. The bus& a will he carried on by Geo.
W. B ossernum , it A will sell Boots and Shoos
lowerfor cosh than ever. .. , . ..
English and German lournals,
THE English and German Journals' of tho
Senate and Houao of Itupresentaticres for the
year 1850, "'two boon received at the Commis
wooers 0111 cc,
at Carlisle, and '.arc ready for
dtstribution.tothoso entitled to.reeoive
By ()Mar of the Commissioners, •
.Attest--WM REILLY,s Clerk,
Carlisle, supli „%501 . , _ , •
rriHE Pamphlet laws passed at the late see.
shin of the Legislature have been received
and are readyfor distribution to thoso..entitled
to receive thorn. _
undid°, ear.] I PirothPy.'7l
• ~NOTtOL". - •
Officers and Managers of the Cdnihoi.
lam Valley Rail—Road Company will be hold
ht Wood's tiotel, in Carlisle; betWoonthe Uinta
of 10 'A. M., and , CP .M,; of MON,PAY,
, qi !d ay .of. Octet: riAs ,
12, IL- Office, Corlielo,Z r 7 • •
, sopt.ll,'so-3t. 5
NOTICE is harbilytiViia that4trt
all will Ito made rto , thm:LogislaturO of. thq
Commonwealth at ite noxi'aeastaii:' fait,
Aar fora hafik'With. general banking privileges;
to )3o located in Carlisle,. Comlierlatal comity,
I'n, with a enpital or One Manfred 7 legman ( '
Dollars, and to
by called the. CfiClittle Pont. • '