Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 11, 1850, Image 3

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    - - Toe election in the district composed of tht
borough of Shippensburg. Shippensburg town.'
s himandthat - partof Southampton - township not
th e ln i letl_iii the. Leesburg election district, will'
' be held at the Council Douse, in the borough of
• Shippenshurg . . . .
' • .41d in mid by fie actiofylie General As,sernbjy.
of this Commobwealth Iptiesed the Sd July, 1839,
- .. it is thus provided; 4lint the qualified electors
of parr of Newton and Southampton township,
in the (Monty 'of Cumberland, bounded by the fol
lowing finessed distances, viz: Bc'sitining at the
Adams county line, thence along the' hoe dividing
the townships of Dickinson and Newton to the
turnpike road, thence along said turnpike to Gem ,
tee School Botise,on said turnpike, in Southhamp
ton township, thence to a point on )lie Walnut
Bottom Rood at neylluok's, including Reybock's
Farm, thence it straight direction to the Saw Ntill
belono ' itig - to the beirs of George Clever, thence'
alongKeisher's run to Me Adams c ounty line;
thence along the line of Adams comity to the place
. of beginning, be and the (nine h hereby cleclai•eil
'it new and separate election district, the election
to be held at the public, house of W in.,Alaxiv ell
in Leeslitirg, Soatharnoten township."
INTotico is TlL'esibbv Given,
Thikl eversperson, excepting Justices of the
Pence, who sbeiP bold any office or appointment
of profit or trust meter the United States, or of
thin State; or oily_ city or incerprirmcd district,
' whether a eommiistoned officer rut otherwise, a
- S i tliTtrilrhatti• - ntficer - or•mgentTwhe - 13 - or - shall•be
employeirninley (tie legislative, executive, or ju
' dietary department; of dos Simeon. of the United
States, or of any city or of any incorporated dis
trict; and also that every member of Congress
and oe the Stoic Legislature, and of the Select or
Common Council at :MY city, or commissioner of
any hicoeporated district, is by. law incapable 01
holding or exercising :tithe same time; the office 1
or appoititmoutofjudge,inspecthr,or clerk of any
elections of thisNonimonwealtb, nod that no in
speetor, :judge or \either officer of such election
shall be eligible to be then voted for.
And the said act of Assembly. entitled an act
relating to elections of this Commonwealth,passed
July 2d, 1839, further provides as follows, to wits
"Thattie - inspectors and Judges shall sleet at
the resp chive places appointed for holding the
' election n the district to which they respectively
.belong, before 9 o'clock in the morning of the
Second Tuesday of octolier;rid,Msch of said in
specters shalt ;trioint one clerYr..-,-wito shall be a
qualified voter of such district.
"In case the person who shall have t•eceived the
second highest number of votes fon inspector,
' shall not attend on the day of the election, then
the person who shall have received the second
highest number of votes for judge at the next
preCeding election shall net as inspector in his
place.. And 'in cote the person who shall have
received the highest number of votes for inspec
tor shall not aitend,the person elected judge shall
appoint an inspector in his place; and its ease the
person elected a jutige'shall not attend, then the_
inspector who received the highest timelier of
routs shall uppoint a judge in his place; in• if any
vilealley Shall continue it, the - uoard for thin space
of one hoer alter the time fixed. by law liar the
opening of the election, the qualified soters of the
. township ward ci district for which such sharer
&Mill have bees elected, pre , •mit at the pined of
election, shah elect one of their nomber tefill
• such vacancy
'lt shall b' he duty of the several assessors
Ysteeleprive-t attend at the place or holding
every general special or township electimt, slur
big the who letime said election is kept open, for
the purpose of giving informatiou to the inspectors
and judges when called on in relation to the right
' or any person assessed by them to vote at such
• elt•etion, or.soch othec_mattbrs_in_relation_to the
assasment or voters_ms lm-said _inspectors .01'
either of them shall from time to time require.
'No person shall lie permitted to vote at any
election as aforesaid, than a .white' freeman of the
age of I wetly-one years or more, who shall have
resided in -this ,Slate at least me: year, and ii. the
- . election dim vie; where-he offersitsis vote - at least
ten days immediately receding such election,
mid within two yeat:s paid a State or comity tax,
which shall have been assessed at least ten days
before die election. 'But a citizen or the United
. Staten, who has previously been a rieslinod voter
of this - Stat'e and fteinolt,R r
therefrom and etinsicffi,
and who shall have resided in the election district
mid paid taxes :doves:Ml, shall be entitled to vote
alter residing in this State six months: Provided,
That the vs mite freemen, citizens of the United
States, between the ages of tWeitly One and twenty
two years and have resided in the election distriet
ten days as aforesaid, shall lie emitted to vote al
though they shall pot have paid taxes.
No poem
. shitll tm permitted to y:ite ciliate
• name is noccontained in the list of taxable inhale.
itants furnished by the comittissitaters, ititli.qs I
First, lio.prcoluce a receipt for the payment wilt.-
In hi() years, 01 a stale ("I.:enm i ty l 9 asses eil
agreeably to the constitution, and gi re.vitislitet•--y
-. evidence either on his oath or nffirmatimi,ottilse.
' oath or affirmation of :neither that he 1-eis paid
such a lay On- on failure tg is 'mince a let:s.);ii
shall make oath to the pay teem thereof. Sec
ond, if heelaiin a right to vote, by tieing aii elec
tor between t h e ~g , eft w,,,ty ~,,,, rind hum lily two
Kettre, he shall deposit on 011111 ii eisfli eel acme. t I est .
e lasi resided in the Sttilsal least one year next
' before his application, and make such proof of
redidetiee in the district as is required by this act
and that li e does verily belieic front the account
given hint that he is or the age aforesaid, and
give sash other eviskre as is required by, tilt.
act, nhervitinal the name of the person so admit
ted to vote :dial he inserted hi the alphabetical
list by the itispectors. and a note made opposite
thereto by writing the ii ord 'tax,' if lie shall lie
ad iiitten to vote by reason of his tug paid tax, or
the sent•cl 'age,' irlid shall he lidrifitled Uri afire bit
i • • ; reason -01..•siiiill 'age, shall lie called nut to the
`clerks, who shall make the like notes in tlnglists
. of voters kept by them.
'le all (times where (Ite_tul
- C-lairning-to-vote-143-fOiliiii-oli-the-list . -fifunidied by
the. commissioners Mid assessor, or his right to
' vote Whether fottnil thereon or not, is slreted to
by any qualitiedmilizen, it shall be the duty of the
inspectors to examine such person otttiatit as to
his qualifications and if Ise claims to have resided
within the state 'hie one year or more, Ins oath
- shall. be_sullicietit-peoof thereof.lnit. shah make,
proof hy lit least one competent witness, who
shish lie n qualified elector, dint lie has resided
vs hide the district for more that) tee days next
• immediately preceding, said ,election, a u nt - shall
also himself swear that his bona fide residence,
in pursuance of his lawful editing, is within the
district, and that lie did not remove into said this
- , Het for the purpose of voting therein.
'Every person qualified as aforesaid, and WllO
shall make thie.preof if required, of his residence
and payment of taxes as aforesaid, he shall be ad
mitted to vote in the township, ward ot• district
in which he shalt reside.
'lf any person sled' prevent or attempt to pre
vent any officer of any election under this net
from holding such eh etion ; or use or threaten any
violence to any such officer, oe shall interrept or
improperly hilerfere with him in the execution
' of his duty, or shall block up the window or
avenue to any window where the same may be
holding, or shall riotonslY disturb the peace at .
such election, or shall use or practice any intimi
dating threats, force or violence, with design to
influence tetchily or overawe any 'elector, or to
prevelit him - from voting or - to restrain the free-,
dons of choice, such 'person on conviction shall be
fined in any Sum not exceeding five hundred dol
lars and he imprisoned.for any time not less than
three nor more than twelve months, and if it shall
be shown to Imam:, where the lei's' of such offence
• Minh be had, that the person so °Weeding was not
a resident of ttiecity, ward, district or township
where the offence was committed, and not entitled
••• to vete therein, then on conviction hp - shall be
sentenced to pay a fine of not less than one
deed tit; more than one thousand dollarsoind be
imprisoned not less than six months 'nor . InOre
than two yeaes. ' ' ~
'Many person or persons shall make anybet or
- wagtt• upon the resulttof any election within this
Connnimwealth, or shall offer to make any such
het or wager, either by verbal pi•oclit motion there,
ofoc s by any written or' ;whited advertisement,
iTiallehge or invite any person to mike-such bet
sir wager, upon coutdclion thereoflie or they Anil
forfeit and pay thredritnei die ninoulit so bet or
to' be bet. . ' -
ill any person net bylaw qualified, shall fraud
silently vote at ,any election in this Common
.wealth,rn• bring otherwise qualified shalt vote•out
of his 'limper district, or if' any person knowing
the want at such qualificatiomshall aid or procure
such person to vote, the person offending shall,
• oil conviction, be fined its any sum not exceeding
two hundred dollars, and be imprisoned for any
term not exceeding three months.
1 1f any person shall voteat more than . ' one elec.,
tion district, or otherwise fraudulently vote more
than once on the same day; oe shall fraudulently '
fold and deliver to the inspector two tickets to 1
gellier ; with the intent illegally to vote, or shall !
procure. another so to do, he or they offinuliog
, shall on conviction lie fined iu any son not ica , l
than fifty nor more than fide hundred dollars; atoll
be imprisoned fo an term not less than three
nor more than twelve mouths.
'lf any person not qualified to vole in this Cons-,
• monwealtli, agreeably to law, (except the, sties of
qualified citizens) shall appear at. any play_ of
election kw the purpose of issuing tickets or 'of.
Iflllialeing_thmeitizens qualified,to vole, lie shall
, • On pearls:hoe forfeit and Pay any sums not exceed- 1
ing one hundred &Plass for every such offence,
and he imprisoned foe any term not exceeding
three months." • •' ,
• Agreeable to the provisions of the sixty-first
cotton of said sot, every. General and Special
• ,
Election shall be opened betileen the hours 'of
eight and twain the forenoon, and shall continue
' - astitfitit interruption er adjournment until Seven
• 'o'clock in the-evening, when the :polle shall he
'closed. . .. . . .
• And the• Judges of the respeptive districts afore !
- - 'said, are by the. said act required-to thee( -at -the
• Court house, in the borough of Carlisle Toil the
third day after the said 'day of election, being
Friday the 11th dity of Ootoberisbee and there to
perferm the things required of item by law. - -
' Given touJer my hand; at Carlisle, - (hie 10.1
di.* of September, A. D. 1850.• '' • '• •' -
'' ' DAVID- SMITH, Sheriff.
Sheriff '8 ' Offices, Carliuid,
.' . Septembbr 5,1830, S.
, .
neat at. 'Auction.
- Beal Estate at Pub is Sale..
• . On Tuentay; the 17th of September, newt
In pursuance' of ..zin order of the Orphans'
Court of„Cumberhind county, will be sold of
Publ Sale,•at,the 'reside:re of Jacob Kissing
or; doe'd., al . ono 'o'clock, P . M., the fallowing
RedrEstato late the priaperty ob, said decedent,
to tract of land in West Ponneboro'
township, bounded by lat'uls of Enos B: Ster
rett, George Hefflebower, John 'McCulloch end
•William Kerr; contaMing TEN ACRES, strict
measuret all of which is cleared and in on 'ex=
celtent state of cultivation, having thereon e
• ; rented. a 'two story weatherboard
aj j B ARN, and an exciAlent • Apple
Orehard,of Choice fruit, to be sold
on the following terms—Tive per
cont. at the ' , manse mosey On confirmation of
the sole, one hall of the remainder on the, Isl. of
April next, when possession will he given and
a deed made to the purchtiser, and the residue
in two equal annual payments therenfter" with
out interest. The grain in, the ground to be
reserved. Tho Purchaser to pay the taxes, for
the year 1851. The whole to be secured by
recognizance in the Orphans' Court with ap
proved security. •
- August:26o:3ff DA VII) RINE,
; - Trustee appointed by the Cottt't to make sale:
Orllenits7 court *ate.
On T LiURSI)..I.I", the 3d of October, 1550.
EDY virtue-of nn order of the Orphans' Court
ILD of Cumberland county, and on authority for
the parties in interest who are of age, the sub
scrilrecAvill oifer at public sale, on the premises
the following property; late the. estate of Mi
chael Brand t, of Dickinson townsh' p, deed, viz;
A tract of land situate in liockersville, in said
Dickinson township', containing,loo .ACRES of
first rate Limestone Land, adjoining- Imola lof
Newcomer, Rocker and others, all of 'which is
cicareii inn high state of cultivation excrpt
about , l'Acrea of Woodland. Theinopro - vements -
ore a two shiry I) WELLING
- 4V.-;11'•• LOUSE an Frame HAIM', a good
*.Zej N ROUSE with Stable,
z p? a well of water to each house, In. ,
ether with other out buildings.—
A lso, au Orchard cif 'choice fruit, principally op
plea. Also, at the same time and place a tract
of Timber Land, situate in Dickinson township,
of the South Mountain, containing 26 ACRES 4'
of young nod thriving timber, adjoining landu of
Cen. Miller, Newcomer and others. Terms of '
sale will he made known 'On said day when af•
tendonce will he given by Michael
alian of minor children of Michael Brandt., dec.
and atiornly of Mac w
mi who are of lull age. .
- g•tltt, • DAVID BRANDT
- VA3LIUM:ILP, rAnma
T _
BE subscriber oilers at private sale the fol-
-lowing described Real Estate, situate in
North Middleton township, Cumberland county
containing ISO ACRES, more 'or less, patented
1111141, about In of which are cleared and in a
high state of cultivation, and the residue cover
ed with thriving young timber. The improve
ments. 47
~:.,., • _
iioti s ly , e s
, i i i ,
110110 4 a first rate new DAN if RN:
&,j j P 44; Wagon Sited and Corn Crib.—
~ -...- -. ..-•'-4 . - -. Also, a fine young and thriving
Orchard wilt choice fruit. The farm is well
covered with Ise t, I timber. There is n never
failing spring of water near the dour, with wa
ter enotmh tor milt power. r 'Phis water can be
brought:in-pipes to the house and barn. t
The above mentioned tram is all limestone
land, and is in a healthy neighbourhood, lying
upon ilic - ConodcwiiiM rfeek7 - Willfientilla ---
of Carlisle. and on ly half a-mile troMt he Cum
berland Valley Rail Road. It is of course con
venient to the Carlisle-market and well adapt
ed for supplying said market. The purchaser
can have the whole !arm orlon Acres_and_the___
improvdments. An indisputable title will he
given. For terms apply to the subset fiber, ro- 1
siding on the Walnut -Bottom Road, five mile '
from Carlisle, •
. sem:, JOHN. FISEIBURN, Sr.
Town rilpertri for Sale.
Ott SJITURIMY, the 28th day of September, next,
'll - N pursuance of on order of the' Orphans'
a Court of C11;111/arlalld county, will be oar.'
ed at public sale at the Court (louse in the Bo
rough..uf_Carlialc, at 2 o'clock, P.-1 1 .1..
autstiu North _Hanover street in 'saiebor:,',
- .,t0 props rig of John flnyder, dee'd., ral-
Joming property of Jacob Fetter Lind Elizabeth
Mendel. The house is a -two story STONE
OWEI,LINO, 16-feet wide in front. and built
On a lot extending 2-10 feet in depth to an alley.
Attached to, the house is a two story_. back
liuilding. • brick - Sinokeflouee end other out
Tneie is a first rate well. - 61 water
tit thb fist of the lot with a pump in it. Also,
a small stable, &c. Posgession will be given
(1.1, the let day- of• April next. Terms made
known on day of stile, when attendance will be
Valuable Property for Sale.
'Off SJJT UR D.IY, the 14th of Sei4enibor:
Wll,l, be sold at public sale on the premises
in South Middleton township, Cumbertand co.,
Pa., threfolbrrwitx Real Estate,late-the property
I t ser -(4il lei-deczdTit ttont - thrce - milrm --
smnlT of ErTrln.le, on - the road leading from
Carlisle' to Sheath:es- 11,101, containing 32
\ CBES ND G 3 PEPCHES, of first rate '
Limestone Land, '26 Acres are cleared and in a
high state of cultivation, and the remainder is
covert(' Willl fine young timber. There is a
first rate Sand Bank on the property!. ADE_
person wishing to view tlin - f - Mone property can'
do so by calling on the subscriber. Sale . to
cOmmence at 1 o'clock, on said day, when at
tendance given Mid terms made known
by --- (ing2l)_, JOHN - KUNKLE.-
,m_c_of the
Commissioners of Cumberland county
will receive proposals at their office in
Carlisle. until MONDAY, the 30th of Septem
ber, 1830. for the building 'of n
VTDOTMINT /311.XDq3E1, •
across the Conodogujnet Creek, at a point at or
near Isaac Shollabarger's Mill , in West Penns
borough township, Cumberland county.
l'he Bridge to be of the following dimen
sions, vizt—To contain in length 196 feet in'
the clear from aliutment to the other abutment
on the opposite shore, and 16 feet wide, in the 4 '
clear, with two abutments, and one pier in the
centre between abutments, each abutment to•
be 15 feet thick in the bottom with a battering
wall of one inch to the foot on three' sides of
the abutments, the pier to be of sufficient
thickness and corresponding with abutments.--
The abutments and pier to 14 feet high from
the bottom of the creek to the cord line. Two
sufficient,wooden arches to be started from the
abutment and extended to the pier in centre of
the creek, and from thence two other sufficient
arches to be started' and extended to the abut-'.
inent On the opposite shore. And to ho. double
fleeted with two Melt 'plank, first floor to ho
pine or o,tk, the upper Soar to be oak plank
laid length wise and raised in the centre. 17
Inches. = The aides and gable ends of said
bridge-to-be-of it-13uflictient—heighth—to-admit-a—
'covereA or hay wagon - to Doss - through the same
The bridge is to be_elosely weatlterhoarded
with three-quarter pine boards well lapped and
planed on the outside. 'Plre whole of the
work of said bridge lobe roofed with good and '
sufficient white Time shingles. and said roofing
to extend at each ,end Id feet over the heel of
the arch or the top of the 'abutments, and-ote
edell side of the bridge over the weatherboard
ing two feet. The abutments are to lie built
on a firm foundation, and to be tipprnved by the
Commissioners. The whole of the mason work
to be well built of hard and large Stone; lime,
mortar and.pointed from the back of the; abut-.
moots. The filling shall consist of earth and
stone and to be stipported with wing walls on
cacti side five feet thick at the two abutments,
with a battering of ono,:inalt to the foot to tho
top of the filling, and to extend in that manner
on thect.tyo extreme sides of the bridge ,until
the filling and. wallingshull meet the rood, with.,
an ascent not oi:castling an tingle of four de
grees 'elevation front- the rand to the bridge, -
with curtain walls of sufficient - length and
thickness add coverettWith• broad stone well
secured. The woodwork on the outside to be
painted with white lead- in-linseed- oil,,a,
side of the bridge is to bo 'whitewashed - with
two coats of lime. 'rhe undertaker is to find
all'materials at his own expense, and to give -
such security as the Conmussioners shall re
quire for. the fiitlffulperformande of the work-
Manehtp: and, permanency of said' bridge '-tor
.and during the term of seven yeafiffrom the
time tlto said bridge shall ho finished.
JOHN 1V1E1,14
Cominissionorle - Office, . Cornier's,'
~Corlisle, - eep4,'so "s — * ' • • . .-
..attese-H-Wm; RILEY, Clerk. , . •
1111 OR RENT until tho'lst of April next, the
r Tivo Story DWELLING • HOUSE en.
the property,of Mrs MeCositryoituanYan Main
street, coon tisue to.tife Jail. Apply upon the
premises. iseptUf
.. , .
- • • To Shoemakers. • •
GROSS 'steel elides for Jenny Lind shoes,
- ,4jrist received by ' . CiAr,HITN..EII.
nog. 28,1850..
✓la , ninisirlaor
o Bridge BuiNen
rem RENT.
ificat4.,~state. 'Auction.
tIHOICE• PA11.14/ 4 rOrt SALE.
THR Subscribms offers for , srtle,tt
Farm of choice arable hintl,, situate in , West
Pentashoro!.township,- Cumberland -county, on
.the Conmingninet, Creel:, eight miles west of
Carlisle and within two and a half of the'Cunt•
beldam' Valley floatl,Contatining.,about 13 0
ACRES in a high state of - Cultivation. The itn•
' provementstare si two story Wentherbotirdeal
110t1SE; Smoke House, lee House and Wash
House, anal a good will of-water at:the door..—.
Also, a large Bank Barn, Corn Crib, Wagon
Shed a,ll in good order an d a good Orchard.=
There is 17 Acres of first rate- Meadow and a.
bout 25 Acres of Timber Land on' the opposite
side of the creilk, w hick= will be . sold with the
Farm if desired. There lane been betucen lite
anal six- P thoustanal bushels of lime 'put on this
- Faint lately. The r e is also aiarge Lime Kiln;
capable of - burning from 72 to 1400 bushels at a
blast on . the property.
ntag2Btn ' Wlttl - ANI AL C.F.R.
o::•Liatacaster Volksfreund and send
bill to this office for collection.
Orphans); Court Sale.
--Br.virtue-of-an order-of—the=Orphnhsl-Gotirt
of Cumberland county, the folloWing Real Es.
tate, late the property of Isaac Beidleman, de
ceased, will be sold on the premises, on Satur
day the 28th day of SEPTEMBER next, to
wit A root of land, situate' in Silver Spring
township, near to Kingstown, in said county,
bounded by John Senseinan, George Heller and
others, aontaining TWO ACRES and thirty
ono egrolics, of LiinGstone Land, till of which
is cleared . and under good fence,-,a high
state of cultivation. The improve.
meats arc a LOG DWELLING
: 50 HOUSE, STABLE, and other
A Young Apple
ri:5 4 1r 4 4 . 7 '0 Orchard of grafted fink and other
kinds of fruit •rees on the, premises. Sale to
commence at 2 o'clock on said day, and the
terms made known by
August 23'W Is. JOHN EIREOVID.
Adniiniarator. of' Isaac Biidleinan
31103T0M AND LOT
4.3.1' RI VA TE SA LJI
TRE subscriber offersrat private sole a
situate on the north side of Main Bt.
.Eni4 .second house front the square and
ir; =1 1 : , lately occupied by Dr. Jno. Creigh,
_ dee'd., in the borough of Carlisle.
The house is twb stories high, of Brick, and
about 32 by 40 feel square, with a Dining roo m
and Kitolien, and Cellar underneath the whole
of it, with the necessary out houses, a good
garden with choice fruit trees. The terms will
be made to suit a purchaser, as the °Warn is to
effect a sale immediately. Enquire of Mrs. E
Creigh on the premises. •
--nag2-1 -
IN pursuance of an order of the.„,E,rplums'
Court of Cumberland county, will be sold at
public stae, at the late. residence. of Benjamin
Myers, deceased, on Friday the 11th—day. of
October next, at 10 o'clock A. M., the folkw•
ing described Real Estate, late the property of
said decedent, to wit .—A tract of land situate
in Dickinstm township, bounded by lands of
John Huston, John Yishburn, land of the said
B enjamin.Myers, deceased, and A h'm 'Myers,
containing 55 ACRES clad 100 PERCHES,
strict measure, of islnch about - ,•0 acres arc
cleared and im a grbod - stale - of Cultivation, and
the residue excellent timber land, having there
; on erected a two story weather,
BLE, with a well 6f water near
• •ti; - 'l4l- the door, and a good Apple
and of choice fruit. A Iso, rt Tem
ant. House and Stable. Also at the same time
.and-place, will be sold a small tract offirst-ram
timber laud, situate in the same township, and
bounded by lan& of 'John Fishburn, the heirs
of Michael Ege, deceased, William Lane and
Milk Spangler, containing 10 ACRES and 57
- -
The above deserlbed Real Estate will be sold
on the following terms Scrniue as may hh
necessary to pay the costs and expenses of stile
to be paid on the confirmation of the sole by the
Court, one•third of the halance to terrain in the
hands of the purchaser during the life of Eliza
Myers, widow, the interest to be paid to her
annually, and at her death the principal to be
paid ro the heirs of the aforesaid Benj Myers,
dec'd. one half of the balance of _the purchase
money of the tract first above described to' be
paid on for ram of ApriLnext, when possession
will be given and a deed made to the purchaser
rind the residue in two clual annual payments
theieafterWith - out Tit e rcsidue of the
parch:ls, money of-the tract of timber land, alter
tb‘duetina• the widow's dower. - to be mid on the
first of April nest. •The wholo to be secured by
recognizance in the 0-ohans' Court with ap
proved security. JOHN CAROTHERS,
Aug 28;50 to Administrator.
Ossignee's Sale.
On S.ITURD.TY, the 1211 t of Octobet
WILL be sold at public sale, nt 10 o'clock,
A. M , on the'premises, the !911Awitig described
fed of land, Containing about TWEN TY
VWO AC It ES; situate in Lower Allen town•
ship, Cumberland county, one mile above Ebor
ly's mill, on Cedar Spring, adjoining ' lands of
dliatuTt—Gorg as,llanie 6(oh-end- atlicll3
with a won finished It A
lIO . IISE, Wagon Alaker's Shop,
Barn and other improvements there.
: 11 4 'b •on erected. There is also an melt•
WW,I and of choice fruit. It is a desirable
lochtion for a mechanic and worthy of mien:
---Also, atahe same-timemnd place mill be sold
a Tract of Woodtanct, containing'PEN ACRES
more or less, situate in Fairview township,
York county, adjoining lands of Christian Gar
her, -Wm'. R. Gorgon and- others.--Alsoi a lot
of cord. wood on said•tract.
the sametime and place will be sold
the following personal property, viz: Horses
anti horse gears, mulch cows and other cattle,
Hogs and Sheep, Gitlin by the bushel, Hay by
the ton, Wagons, Ploughs ' Harrows and other
terming utensils. Also a lot of chestnut rails,
n number of quarrying tools, together with
Household and Kitchen gurniture and other ar
ticles too numerous to mention. Attendance
will lie give. , and terms of sale made known by
o Assignee of Daniel Ileck.
• On Saturday the 12th of October.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Cumberland county, will be sold at public
sa'o oft the 'premises in Lisburn,-Cumberland
County, the following property, lute the estate
of Issue Lloyd, deceased viz:
A-House und-thrge iota of ground; situate in
said place, on the rtsi . dio. Jlarrishurg, adjoining
property of John Sherich and Coo. Bar
, -s her. The house i. n wentherboarded two
story dwelling HOUSE, nod attnehrti to
it ore- several outbuildings, including a
large stable shed, &c. Thom is a first rate
well of water near the
,door. Also, :member of
choice fruit trees. On one of the lots is erected
a good frame Cabinet Maker's - she elt may
be considered,a good stand for tha usiness,and
holds_ out strong inducements- t
- 1 5 erSOits wishing to examine It property are
requested to call on the sub criber, living on
the premises:l Sale fa comp rice at 2 o'clock,
in the atternooon of said dn , when terms will
be made known bjc, R Bp1:4,1 STAR,
Aug 22,'5D .11dim.nistratot..
Oat TIRMSD:II; the lOth of .October, next.
IN pure:moue
,of nu order of the Orphans'
I. Court of Ceinhurintul county, the undersigned
Administrator of Abraham Brenneman, deu'd.
will sell, oh the puend see, all the illtel'eg" 111111
131111Triot the in id - decedent; being the undivided
seventh part in a tenet of laud ro Bast Potins•
hero' township in said county, containing
. -
. . .
~ $Ol-,,, di. ORES ' •
more or less, bounded by lands.of Michael Free
Joseph 'Sad ter,.G eorge _ liewman and others, on
which is erected a large Two Story
i, STONE HOUSE, Dal& Mtn, with
a " a Wagon Shed, Corn Cribs, Smoke and
2 . Spring [louse, and a never-liiiling
Spring of water which waters a num
ber of the fields. There is about Ninety Acres.
cleared, and the remainder covered with .thriv•
ing limber: • 4uflicient . Locust growing, on the
premises to furnish poste forever for, fencing.—
Fake it altogether it is one of .the most desira
ble tracts of the 'County. Salo to com
mence at 3 o'clocki P. al „when
'when attendance will,
be givenand terms made known .by '
nug2B '''` ' JOS. MUSSkii.;Aine r; ..
Farm , ' or Sale.
TtHE subscriber intending to move' to the
West o ff ers his mansion larm.fbr sale, the
sa o being situated in Lower, Arced township,
Cumberland county, shoutlour miles 'west of
Harrisburg, the State Road Missing thibtigh the
same, containing 109. ACRES of first rate lime•
atone land, adjoining lands
.Long: and °there.' Thu imProverllenly are
three story LOG HOUSE, plastered, outside inside, a double LOG. BARH,:ii. neyei
failing 'spring el goad
.water under the house;
Also, a Tonant,House and other'ont•haildiege,
&e. _Ant' person &siting to.purehaso a-farm
in thi , - section, of, ebtantry„will do well to 'Call*
and view the same. !. ,„ I•4ACOB:I3Ropp,.
• •:.
- OtrLanonater Uniop pub. to tunount of 0.2.
Jilted '..Qciet , :::'!iiit .- ..213.f.tioje,
Tbrii:S.4TURD.IY,-11l September, nest,- •
WILL be 'sold. at public sale.on the, premises
in-North Middleton township;'Cumberland co., -
Pa.,•two miles soutlrof Middlesex, Mills, end
four miles cast of Carlisle, the following '.lleal
Flitate ' :adjoining - lands Of Miller,,Thomas
Urie'Sheirs and others,containing 140 ACRES,
of firsi-rate Limestone Land in a high
cultivation and wellsupplied' with - all kinds o
fruit, and for pleasantness of situatien'and
vonieime of running water, is surpassed by few
plum; in the county, , The improvements are
- a 'dirge and , -substantial STONE. _
imusE, EARN arid Oilier-nee
-•• e n
esry .I , ouses, $5000,00
the ett
purchase money may, remain
on the property:s3'lllm years at
five per cent. interest, if desired. Also, at the
same time and place a tract of land shuttle in
the same township,l mile froniMiddlesex, and
3 from' Carlisle; adjoining hinds of Joseph ,Wit
mer, Robert Emit] and others, containing SE
VEN ACRES, the, improvemoats are a two'
story frame weatherhoarded ROUSE, Frame
BARN, a good bearing orchard, &c. 'Sale to
coMmence al - 1 - O . To'CRIZI; mil at - ; --
tendance Will be given and terms made known
for the latter tract by
Aug 21.'50 It SOLOMON B YLER.
THE subscriber 13 fibre at private sale the fol
lowing property„ situate in North Middleton
township, Cumberland county, near the Harris
burg turnpike, about 2 miles from :Carlisle?
consisting of upwards of THREE ACRES p
Ground, adjoining properties of Samuel ,
Beerbrower and the LetartV
on , hiciris
erected a 2 story Brick DWELLING
a dank
twoa Barn, stor
Y a!a g ott a lb i t i g
buildings. 'there is also a fine young Orchard
of choice Apple trees. Also. a line cool spring
convenient to the houses. The property is :in
good eider, and, is, admirably adapted for n mar
ket fern), being convenient to the borough of
Carlisle. Terms wilt be made regSonalde.—
For further inioimation apply to the subscriber
agent for the owner. living near the place.
.. - --
THE subscribe offers at private sale, the
Farm on. which ie now lives, situate in West
Pennsborough Ownship. Cumberland county,_
five miles ir tri Carlisle, and one mile from
Plainfield, - e . ntnining . 1'36" ACRES: and 64 -
f , firet rote Limestone Lund; all
of Which - ismle - rerand - in a high "state of mil- -
tiVationexenut •15Mr. f 29 acres of Woodland: , ---
The farm lies on the Conodogumet Creek and
is-but half:a mile from the Goad Hope Mills.
The Whole is under good fence, about' nine
hundred panel of which is post and rail fence.
. The improvements area new
~,4 -0: , Brielf - DWELLING,HMJSE;' ,
Mi.! ti :1 z 'two stories high; With n confine- .
7frlP, 1 , II ':'.,, dious Bank Barn, 94 feet long,
rs - ---.ce-tVo'rg'.+`.- first "rate Wagon Shed, Corn crib
with t treshing floor. and all other necessary
nut-buildings. There is a good well of water
at the door. Also, a large Orchard, with eve
ry variety of choice fruit. The entire place is
in the best order, and" holds out the strongest
inducements to purchasers. .Persm.s desiring
to examine it arc rcqueslcd to call on the sub
scriber. An indisputable title will Be given ,
and terms made reasonable.
tYrlL3smnens .
stmlUnion ropy 3 months and sco t
hill io.this oflicsigt,oollection.
Valuable Farm at Private Sale
TUE subscriber dflbi., for onto a valuabh
form-01 Litnesnme Land, sttuatcrl on the - Yeti •
low Breeches iiiirodi iii Dickinson township ,
Ctunberland roue:,, zbout 7 Illileg• 5011111-WCS t
of Carlisle, and r•ii.lll 2 Anne* of the- Stone
I,s of . Squire 'Woods, John
Torero,N'iliatn djoiunigme
s a , George rvltatia and others contain
in". 161 AC It ES 01 well improved Innd, under
good fence and in n high state of cultivation:-
I'llo . 161 Acres are nil -clear, inn there is 75
Acres of first rate i'iIi)UNTAIN LAND io
it. There is also an excellent meadow rail the
, ...,..
ov a e nd .on so th me coi l , , s o i t s t t on: 4 la a m b l i . g. ' t c " h o e .
..., 6.- story BWELLINC; HOUSE, a brick
l't...Z ,
s i ill II E
0. g - g Bank Barn, and till other isiprove
5.;:,...,, meets that is neeesenty-to- n - tarm.- -
There iS ihrec big running opt rings ott the farm
one in the cellar, and one near the bum, and a
good orchard-el all kinds of fruit. Any person
desiring further information will please , call on
- Jacob Seilzilresiding in West Peens.beroegh-
JowoohiP, ettlinherlatel eountv, one_ntile—ii•om -
N ewvillo.or on Tobinq Seitz; residing on the
I s (vit. Possession and an indisputable title
will lie given cm the first of April; /1151.
Terms made to suit purchasers':
jy2,-,3mospd ~
WILL bo sold at public sale on the premises
on SATURDAY, the 28th day of Sep
tember next, a valuable tract of slate land, situ
ate in Hopewell township, Cumberland county,
adjoining lands of Peter Stouffer, Peter Lesher,
Capt.-David Duncan, and near the Ridge State
Road, about 4 miles north of Shipponsbarg and
.3 _so uth_oLN elvbarg;:contai ning_l32—A C RES
mid.63-PETICHES r (same- being part - ofm tat=
ger tract belongina to David 'Duncan, jr.,- of
:mid township.) There is about 50 Acres of
cleared land, trader good fence, the residue- co-
Invered with thriving timber. The im
provements are a comfortable small
HOUSE and STABLE. •There are
-several-'springs of unto'. near-the-house- toge
ther• with fruit trees, &c.
Any person.wishing to soe the property willcall on a S. Runshaw. residing near, or Ed
ward MoYitty, %vitals living omtlib. property.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock of said day,
when attendance and terms of sale will be made
known by ' D S RUNSHAW,
je26tspd , Agent for David Duncan, jr.
On WEDNESDA the 16th of October, 1850..:.
THE subscribdr wishing to dissolve part•
narthip and remove lre_West, will ( sell their
Valuable MILL and ARM, situated in West
Ponnsboro' township, Cumberland county. The.
Farm contains 113 ACRES Of Brat rate Lime—
stone Land, the celebrated Big Spring .runs
.along the western mar g in of the tract, a stream
that never fails or freezes,-and is unequalled by
any stream in the United States. The int.
prci i Vaments are n first rate
three stories high; fi..ished off in the most cern•
plate order, with patent improved Merchant
Bolt, Self Packer, and all the latest improve•
moats' in Machinery, Corn Kiln; and situated on
the above named Spring, which OffOrds a full
supply of water at all times to the Mill. There
is also erected on this property a
„ in . largo ftwo story DWELLI.X.G.
HOUSE, Bank Barn and Stabling
L 4 41,1; Millers' House, Cooper Shop,
Orchard, &e. The buildings are.'
all nearly new, and an tho,best order,obout
two thirds of the tract is cleared, and the bal•
once cayered with thriving timber. This pro•
perty is' near the. Cumberland Valley Rail Road
in the heart of - a rich country, and offers strong
inducements to capitalists, This property will
be -sold separatel or together to suit pu'reltes•
ers. Ternrs' ma nta—easy Is suit purchasers us—
we/will sell withbut reset ve. Any information
bout. the property can be had by
John Piper. Big Spring Post Office, Cumber. •
land county, Pa.
ir:rWeelcly North American and Lam:rimer
Union insert till Polo end send bill , to .this
Wilco for collation.
.0n SATURDAY, the sth of
THE subserioorwill olFer at public sale on
the promises. in. Went Pennsboru township,
the following Real Estate, late the property of
Samuel Bear, dee'd„ situated three and a half
. .
miles west df Carlisle, near . John.Hays' Mill,
containing 120 ACRES more or less, of first
rate Limestone Land, beuitdod on the north
the ConOdo_guinet 'Creek, also by lands'of.
Bear, Jr., Hoary Smith,•Goritge Singiser mud`' .
others, about 'lOB. Ames of which .is firm rate
tillable land, in" a good slate of. eultivation; the
remainder is covered with fine oung.timber.,—.
The improvem to densist of a
large two gm TONE MOUSE
Large Stone alit[ Earn, Wagon
Shed,'Corn ribs and other eon'
vonient out buildings, a spring of
goon water near the door. Also, an Orchard .1
of thriving young' trees on the prokrty. Salo .1
'to cominence at 10 o'clock, A, M., on said day, •
when attendance will be given end terms made
keovVii by .Imos...GREASON,, I
aug2l"7, ' As si g n e e '0) Samq..ilecir. dec'd.
Ettshos.! Bniehes I
A igidat variety of theao:useful articles le-of
fore(' for e'alei conkiefing of Whitewash, Sweapl
ing,,Scrubbing, Paintoto,loth, Shaving ; Nair,
Teeth and Nail, Flesh' and Graining Brushes -in
great variew,, all of which. pre , ofAle bust lima "
ty and, will be sold at. the ltiwoht 'prices '
June 6. '
1t01110tNeoltit: &11ELORED'S.
We Laugh at •Competitiqn -and Defy the Worlill
FIVE THOESAND DOLLARS will be placed in the hands of any responsible person
to be forfeited, if any Equestrian 'Manager in America, can produce a list of Artists, all
equal in point of talent to that which we now have the hpriOr to present to the Ladies and
Gentleman of , Carlislei • . • •
11:4 - Z...MULIXEIEM a
Madam Load4l3 Iflpower, unequalled anywhere
_ . •
I:l<stEarlllcs . o. ,,, icsosa L2lialtrlczamiknetleozava3 e littcDza
, Who has no Equal In the World!
LAVA'FER LEE, the renowned'of every clime, and his four agile and graceful sone.
FRANK. BRbWER, America's ()On CLOWN:
" A fellow of infinite jest," . .
___-.------ - "7: Is this most wonderful Frank Brower,
. .
" . And he swears he'll do his best
To keep the circle in a roar, [AND 05 WILL 'l'o%
MR. JOHN ROBINSON, the most during Four Horse Equestrian v known. °
MR G. N• ELDRED, the Great Dramatic and Equestrian Negro eli Ftor,
"—. •- tiiGNOR - CASTILLO.- - : - - - - —.--,... ._.._...•
, SAM LONG, the great Baltimore Clown and Comic Singer, several times the successful
competitor for, the prize, for Fun and Humor, against the.well known DAN RICE, heating
him-upon several , occasions, carrying off the applause and approbation of the audience.
MR. RUGGLEO, the wonderful performer on the Cord Volante.
Currying the best BRASS BAND that ever discoursed sweet music, and Fe& by Mr. It.
WILLIE, the Apollo of sweet sounds, and Me best Bugle Player in America. The chariOt -
is driven by the calibrated-chariotter, Mr. Douglas Bonham.
A Host of Auxiliary Turrblrs,-Vaulters, &c.
PARTICULAR NOTIM —Robinson & Eldred piesent (lick compliments to the Ladies
end Gentlemen of Carlisle, and hag to state that they have added• to their old company a list
of Celebrated „`.:;_ernes, and confidently assert thot Cher company, as now constituted, surpasses
in'ttilent, style and numbers, any other that has ever visited C - Ortisie. In confirmaTion of
which:we have only to refer the . public to the of THE $1 ARS that are now Connected—
Madam:LOUISE BROWER, Madlle Henrietta Robinson, Madlle Virginia Lee; Mnster
' - ?.IAM-ES-ROBINSON, the Equestrian fitiampion of - the-World ; --- Lavnier-Lee-and--hia-four
agile and graceful sons; Prank Brower. John RobinsoWatid G. N. Eldred.
This 6tupebdous and Magnificent Circus, will Exhibit,
At Chrlisle on Thursday, September 19, 1850.
(t7Doors open at o'clock. Performance to commence at 2 o'clock, Evening per: comtncrice at r o'clock.
September 12,-1850
(13:-.itilte at 34.uctiott,
- EC UTORS SALE OE Camp-illeeting. .
IrESAEe a'swAter. camiatooi., will be held for Carlisle
sold Circuit en the land of Mr...lohn Dunlap,about
Y, '2:2:1 of 0et , 0 ,, r, next, h
t to lour toilet; soulh o f modipnicactitg, to com
o'clm It, on the Prenti , e4, l be following described mem° on the (oh of September, 1830. Preach.
real estate: • cre•and, people from the neighboring statioria
1. A trrii.t. of excellent land l a yi of. , on t h e and cccaite al e respeet fully 'invited to attend.—
south sitic•of the Guinhi'ilkind Valley . Rail Road PersonA desiring to tent en the ground, will
altar niilcsea3t of Curli-1. , , contemn , ' about ideloo-bralg-their•tent frames along with th em .
9 00 ..ACIIES. It is under good fence. and in a aug2B2t. JAS. SANICS,P. II.
hirh state of cultivation.
reiielticiits are a large two Ste' . Ledger-and News.
7.v`'s P ll MCI' HOUSE, a large TTlfg undersigned ITerebv gives -- notice - tltat.
p. l ' d r ank — Dar '- n, bath recently both, • on and Mier the first of SepteMber the daily
and alTflie,pecessary out-Inuldiugs Ledger, News,. bee., will not be served by a
There is a well of water (with a pumain thei carrier at the residence of subscribers. The
yard. Part of this tract is welLtimberek / subscribers to these papers aro therefore rogues.
2. About 90 ACRES, one mile south of the ted to call at the book store for their papers.
above tram, of Which there are shoat 9.0 Acres Aug 22,'50 fm. DAVID MARTIN.
! cleared, the balance is excellent timber land. •
There will also be offered at public sole on York and. Gamberland Rail Road Co. •
THURSDAY, the 24th of October next, at 10 ,
o'clock, on the premises, two very fine lime- T"E.
_stockholders in this Company are here
stonebY notified that an election will be hold on
farms, situated ill T..hoyne township,
th r e r 23 of September next, between the hours
Perry county, These ere thijoining farms', one
o ff, u o'clock A. M. and 2 o'clock P. M., nt the
contains about 240 ACRES. the other about
%the Company in York, for choosing a
275 ACRES:: They arc about 8 miles went of office
- Landisburg - , - on - the - main - rond -- lending• - un - the r ide. i and six -Directors for - the - onsutnr:
yilliTy• - - o - n - o - friiirilihili - ST 0 NE' MA NSION • Yea
~r,• '
be - ,,, ne--.that II meeting of the stockholders will
no USE and Bank Barn on it. The . other a
held at Brown's Lyre Building, in Balti-.
Lee House and Log Rarn. There are thriving
o RCHARDS on both of these places.
.mcr, to receivethe annual report.. Dy order,ore, me Monday cuening. the 16th of Si:mem
are situated in the most fertile part of the coml.
ty, and offer many inducements to purchasers. Aug. 21, to.
Persons wishing to see either of fi le shove • Secretary.
rea - ats, - eab -Olitifiii-foliTriontioriffOrif-tholetiamen Estate of,Thos. - 0 R Beet,
residing on the premises, of either of the nn- . , . neme,
dersi,,uned Executors. Attendance will be giv- Letters of - administration 'oh the es ate of
on and terms made known on day of sale by Thomas C. 'teem° late of ShiremanstoWn,
—' RICHARD PARKER, Cituiberlatnicounty, deceased, havebeen gran•
R. C. STERRE 17, ted by the register of said county, to the sub-
Exweetnrs of Thomas Uric, dec'el. scriber, residing in 19auphin county. He will
July 24-,As. attend on Mondity the 2d. of Smitember - , and.
ovifiy - ollier•MOndity for two months thereafter
VALUABLE MALL PROPERTY at tho residence of the deceased, where all per.
• -FOR SALE. , , sons indebted are requested to ninke immediate
payment, and thnso baying claims to present
HAY the directions of the Will of Joint Sim- them for adttlement to- DANIEL SHELL,
ILJ) vely, lute of Cumberland county, deed. Ildministrator.
I will expose to . public sale on, tho premises, _ Aug 22,'50 65.
on FRIDAY, the 20th of September, 1850, at Estate ti. c i
Or a Alitßk GLARKE, deed.
t t o'clock, A. rr, -
- F ETTERS of Administration on-rint• E5r.a.111177E1170"
r.a.111177E1170" WILLS, - •
'• X,/ tate of,Vames Clark, late of SoyiliaMpton
with about 50 ACRES of first rate Limestone t wnship, 'Cumberland county, deciensed, have
Land thereto attached, situated on the Yellow'
Breeches Creek, about 4 miles from its inbuibeen granted to the subscriber resninig jo the
lt,. ..
sante towns hip. All persons knowing them
the land lying on each side of the creek in, the selves indebted to said estate oire requested to
counties of York
ws antiare Cumberlandtor.y . Th stonemeat e improve
„„,,,, matte mime tato payment -an - those, having
me a two ', eI:IMM will-present them for-settlement to -
- ~-,,,fr.,_ ''.v.i! . - CHANT MILL; with.leur pair nug7,6wpd WM. CLARK,✓ ..Bdrier.
'. 1 . 1 4111.. of stones, and a -SAW MILL
1p r . propelled by the waters of the . . NOTECt. •
••••• - V-'''' . ' I?if-- entire creek, which furnishes ono '
of best powers in the county. There is A" persOns indebted to the late firm of
also a LARGE DISTILLERY, built-and fur- .HUMMEL LEBKICHER & KERR are
niched in the most modern style, and calculated requented to make immediate payment to either.
to - du a large business. There is-also a Two of the undersigned suryiving partners. We
. HOUSE, a ,Would .also inform the public that we have a
Largo Bank Barn, Two Tenant Houses and good assortment of LUMBER. &-SfiINGLBS
nye ORCHARDS on the premises, and the for sale at reduced prices. - ,-
whole is in good condition. VALENTINE HUMMEL,
- - •
'rho title is indisputable- and the terms will WM M KERR.
be made known on the day of sole by Titly,3L'.lBso-Gw. I- • •
'J OHN RUPP,. • . -.-.
- -jy24ts •E.i-ecuter of John Snavely, dee'd. !Linen . Irmstreg.. ,
I will sal at the same hate and place a par• A nets; of of. Linem.Lustres, yarieus mines
and colors, from 6 to '5O cents n yard. Also,
eel of Luctia! Posts, Walliut and _Pine Lumber,
and several other articles. another supply of Braid, Chinn Pearl. Rough
_ •
JOHN RUPP, Executor. and Ready, Gimp, and Chip BONNETS.- .
fr.t7 I,,rucaster Volksfreund and York Re.
o A t lso , , , • R: C i liangenhie . and Dress &IL_ K . ,,..5 . ,, : in earl-
, I ,e a varient obi tan
publican insert. till sale, mark cost, 'and L
id charge -, Y'
ap BBONS, ed
Dasso rtm ress Trtmnonf on
& no ge, -e. d.
this office.'
--- • -
,itist received unalopenud by •
I.' may 29 , IG.-.:W: 11I'l'N ER.
House and Lot-at Puelle Sale.
On SATURDAY, thei4th of September next.' . Boots, Shoes and Gaitoi.s.
WILL be -sold et public sale on the premises WEeT It STRELT OPPOSITE ME METUODIeT
in Frani:Surd township, Cumberland cranky, cum: cg. . .
Pa., about two and a half miles nerfli of Fricies 11, - Ar.:ll. M. PORTER invites the attention of
Mill, and , one ; mile north-Test of Rloservillo,. VV., , the public , to hie large and complete as
and 1 mile west 01 Dowelt's Tavern,' a let con- mil' nowt (-BOOTS, SHOES It GAITERS
taming SIX ACRES,: more or less, of good:just 'e _-d-from philedolphia, inclu ding n vs.
kind-well fenced. 'l'llo riiiifirovements are a riety "Ora 'styles. 11:a experience in the Shoe
ja.„,,,... Two sToity; DWELLING, Mil:meas. na,blcs him to select work pf the best
o,Wii . 110 US q, wontliciijoarded, with a Materials and workmanship, which will be sahl
,TcP ,- rti iii Stone Kitchen attached ono' ued 'at the lowest cash 'price and warranted. '
i #
.!.. a half stories high, and a largo , 0 - Custonter work nitended to meal.
, t'' shop.. - A good little BARN,ono`7 -- - ------- : - --
end log and the other frame.:_,.:Also, a well of----.. - 7 , , - .TO T.E.1.4,075E11.5.' '
never failing water at the door of the house and ... ',, l ,- . '" ' ---
a variety: , or choice fruit trace. Salo 'to corn- - THE Board 'of Directors of the ',Common
]Hence m one o'clock, P;111:.; when attendance' Schools of Monroe District, will, meet' at the
will be given and-terms Made known by ',
School House in Churelnown,.'en sATun
+August 28 th. - BENJAMIN RICE, Jr. DAY; the - Ith of September; at 1 o'clock, sm.,
' ' ' • ' ' for the purpose of examining • and: selecting 9'
21711L1C SALIL --' .. TEACHERS for to take charge of the abliSols
. ,
On TUESBAY, tire. of OCTOBER, ital. of said district for the entitling term.
.13y order
'of the Beard. 'JOHN 'BRAIDT.•Nict'
NITILL be sold at public sale on theMerniseti , aug2i,3t ..-. ': ' , • '
T' in Shiremanstown, the following prop- .
city; viz---A- lot of ground, shut:Min said place;: _,, ---- Namibia, — ----- 7
on the north side of aka Maiir street on: which - . -
VrOTICE is be r e t, given that nn application
is erected a two story. - - •,,- - " . .., . : , - .IN wl,ll 'be made to,. the Legislature of this
DIRTEVELNO HOUSE.. •, :' ' • Commonwealth at its next -session, for a chr-
FRAME -SHOP end STABLE., The pro ter for a bank 'with general banking privileges,
B r ay is-in good etindition,'the buildings are 110*, 'to be located:in Cailisle, Cumberland colinty,
and the stand is a geed.ery f a i-- s Ineehenical- Pa:, with a capital of One :Hundred "I boricand
business: Sale to commenceit Pe'elock.When' ' Dollars, and to be called the-Carlisle Dank. ;
attbudance will he given by jy4. 50-6 m .
.. • . - ' ' ' ' JOHN ;RUPP,' : ‘"
Assignee of Jacob Pates.
Harrison's Columbian Ink..
.- . .
, IRON! IRO I 1 1 1 1 1 HE subserther has on hand .a large comply
- .. N
- i of the abOve ink, which, by a. special ar'
1 Ari TONS Hammered and,Rolled IRON rangement with the proprietor, he le, able to turf
I. l ll,just received at the Cheap Store of the nish to merchants and others, of the' manatee:
subscriber in Main street. • H SAXTON. • turers wholesale prices; --;:,-., : - .„:"_ z I
atto4 • , ,-, . ,aug2l :'' - . ' ,,tr,4l . liiukipaliD•
.1.... .
T. TIDM.WH, Aftnt
No t CO.
ift.c_4;:i6fki'..iii .- liTifil6C .
Real Estate
On TUESDIY;IIre 24th o . raeptamber,
WI;LL 56 sold at public sale eifthir premises, -
in Monroe township, Cumberland c,ounty, Pa.,
the / following real estate, late 'the -piopel l iy.: of
Peter Bricker, dec'd.,on' the Forge Road, ' one
mile east of Spring orge ;.:
coppr A xnum 100, AciAms
.ffizet-rato limestone land. The iritProvernenta
re a large STONE HOt SE, BANK BARN
ipriag Hpusio, Wagon , Sheds, Corn Crib and.
Thor out buildings. Also, a. first rate Spring •
oar the doo'r, and'on Orchard of choke fruit.
r0.,2,_ oprrALININ4I,IO9,
f-L'imeatonc Land, adjoining the above.' The
nprovenrents-dre a one story HOUSE AND
'AMC BARN; and other nuttbnildinge,.and a
'EN AN T. HOUSE, and several spanks near,
Le door. Eoth farms are in a high state anal... ,
vation - and under good fence. •
TO. 3: coismantsisill, 60. AGUES
!joining No. it and one-fourth of a mile south
Churchtown, about-I0 'are oloarod, tho ro
t airideM is covered with first-rate timber.
e t the south - Fide of- Yellow Breeches Creek
't he iniprovements' are a good , LOG , HOUSE
ND STABLE, and: a good Spring, and the
I. ad la under good cultivation. .
n oro or leas, on the Forgo Road, ono,inile east'
of Spring Forgo. The improvements. are a
Itirge two story ROUSE, part atone, Frame
Slable, Blacksmith Shop, and cither•
ir go, With a first rate spring in the kat:lenient
at try of the house,
rrlorcs or less, of unimproved land, on the York
Road, near Churchtown, under good fence.
No. 7. A Largo Two Story
1101:7Sh & LOT OF GROUND
in Gliarchjown, about 40 feet in front and 150
felit-in depth.: -Indisputable-titles Will-be-given
.4_,he above properties. _ These properties.will
MI shown and all necessary information given
to.persons wishing to purchase, by calling on
°liter of the subscribers, or John Lu.z. living
oil lot No. 5. Sale
_to commence at one o'doele,
w( en attendance Will be given and terms made
kn)wn by , . -
tig7 ts . . .. ;.Executors.
(r Lancaster Examiner insert till sale and
so }d bill io this office for collection.
AT .1' il MAC- SA-LE:
. .. .
dp3 PRIDAY the ‘2"lth day of Sefitmbert, nest,
CSTILT, be sold lit public sale, on:the nron - i
V V ises, in Monroe township, Cumberland.
co•nty, Pa., the folloWing Real Estate, late
the property of John Morketi: deed., about
-halt mile west of Churchtown, on the road
Ridding from Churchtown to the Trindle Spring
Road, containing 125 ACRES. of first-rate
Lituesione Land, 100 Acres are cleared and in
a WO state of cultivation, the remainder is Co.
ye ted with fine young timber.. The improve-
meats are a Two ,Story L 0 G-
..1-:, - 14:, 11.0US0E large KIT CHEIE,
.11:1 ; a LOG BARN ,Wagon Shed, Corn
1 i l e.4;, Crib. and other necessary•
'gyp-" - - ings. Also, a never-Wing weil of
wry er - netir the - door, and an Orchard of choice
frtdt.. This is considered one of the best.larms
in Nlnnroe township. Any person_wisitmg, to
viow the above property previous to the side
eat do so lir calling on the subscribers. Stile
10-t-outtnettee at 1 Wel°. k, on -said day„ when
all t edance will be oiven and terms made known
Ea'ecro, rg.
llouse_and Lot for Sale.
On SATURDAY, lhc 14th of &Igo& LT; 1 850.
1V*14.,L be offered at public sale on the prem
jai., in Shiremanstown, Cumberland ccualy,
tli folluwing prsiperty of Jacob Weise. la•c of
, -` said glade. decetesed,•vin— A HOUSE
hr.Vs, AND. Lt )T OF GRU UN D, situate
t c c glin said village, adjoining tl. public
.• 3 I DI house of ljavid Brown, containing a.
. 4.r...—.4 bent 70 leer in front and ?.00 feet in
t 1
dealt. The hoiisc i' , 3 two stories high, plaster
ed tin the outside, and in- good repair. Attach
ed to the house is a frame Shoemaker'e Simp,
tor which businc it is a good stand. There is
a ftrat rate welYsf wateroifTlie lot, and aum.
bed of choice fruit trees. Sale to commence at
12 o'clock, noon, wlion attendance, will be
Excentri r :.
Valuable Town Property for Sale.
most desirables i tuated
drsiiaralddegin Lout
riva,oteriwosr Street idenced
Ct 0 NinEtre them
- The house is a two story BRICK,
1 1.1,, ' , 24 feet in front and the same dia
ass .. t. bunt° in c,
ilepih. It contains tw
Illgi .tli,. rooms and 'a hall on the ground floor
-,... and three good cfiambets on the se
cot d floor. The back building adjoining it is
alto of brick, two st,..ries high, containing tw0,,,,,
rooms up . Stairs and two - down.' Attnehed to:i .
thio is a fine large Kitchen, with Smoke house
Ooen, &c. 'rite entire house is.well finishe d
ths oughout and now in the best order, There is
it....nacious-Cistern-riesr-the-lcitehen-door ;whir—
a pump - in - it;and - n Bath lPouse convenient.—
Tile house and back buildings. possess every
modern convenience. The lot on which the
house stands is 30 feet front by 240 in depth,
and is full of the choicest selections of fruit
treos, consisting of Apples, Pears, Peaches,
Primes, Plums. Gages and two varieties of
Gvape__On. the-rear of-tholot, fronting on a 12
Rot alley is erected a frame Stable, builtin the
bet.t. instiller, 24 by ld feet in aim_ together
with a corn crib, hog pens, feed house, &c., all .
of which are arranged in the• most convenient
m ;neer. The property will be sold on reasons
,bl t terms. Persond wishing to examine it, or
de: firing further information, are requested to
call on the Editor of the Herald: [augltti
' —.
• Desirable Property For Sale.
',FHE subscriber will sell at private sale the
priperty on which he now resides, situate in
West Pennsboro' township, Cumberland coun
ty, containing about NINE ACRES, with a
good two story FRAME HOUSE, good keine--
13 fißN,.aigood well titf water, and all the ne
ceirsaTy out.ibuildings, logether with an orchard
A 5.. . ~ Ri i , ,,, •of over thirty TREES of
r. ...b choice varieties of Apple : r•yi5,;...,,,
in full herring. A P -- - '‘... )
each t! ,.,, -..,..,
Orchard of about sixty 'set 14- '
trees of the most select
eeinern 'varieties, with a general Assortnient of
Par, Plum, Apricot, Nectarine and Cherry
tr es of the best varieties. The buildings are
al new and built in the miiist substantial man- •
nth., the whole property Is in good order; and •
olio of the most desirable in the county, being
situated in the village of Plaintield, five miles
vciat of Carlisle, close to Church and Schools,
at td within one•half mile of Burnie Academy.
It presents rare inducements to a mechanic or
pg.vnte family wishing to educate their children.
If not sold previous to the.fith of OCTOBER,
n.txr, it will on that day Le offered at 'public
sr hi at 10 o'cloct on the premises, and will'pos
ityelp be sold.. For particulars address. the
st .t i t t i sc u r l ilrr at P -A la N in i fi 3T l t tl E ,
SATURDAY, the. 51h. of OCTOBER,
WI-LL be sold nt public sale, or..4llo.premtseit
h Monroe township, Cumberland' county, Pn.,
n joining Churchttyko, tha following Real Es
.l. mof Frederick Goodyear, deed., •
o • first rate limestone land,' Dile 'of 'which is
high kale' of 'cultivation, And . '
t e remainder ieeivered with fine young timber.
The impforements aro a Two StOry,
,J,44 Double DWELLING 1101ISE,
v;lit . 1r rgo Jtii'rorti.E'TlANK BARN,
I o t 4 with a Threshing Machine -- -
c poiVer. A well of
r near the Iniuse with a spring homit
- Ur necessary out buildings. Alai',
RCIIA RD of choice 'fruit. PIM al
arty will be sold either, in two tracts
or ns may best suit-the purchase!
I croon wishing to see the above prop!
1 leaso cell on ihe suliscribers in Church
Salo to continence at I o'clock, P. when
tittondance will be given and terms mudo Itiroom
aug7 to
• siltictioneeringl
THE subscriher wishes to inform his friends
• in town 'and country
- that'he - has - Commons
. 74;, edl the above business
~z•k,'. ,. .7;f 2* . l c and will attend to sales
• town and country o n
414 the Toot' .reasonable
terms. Ho can be otind tit the Hardware Store
next door to Scott's Tavern, ih North Hanover
FULR assortment of ROPES just received
• .by the subscriber. AivoiGlaas "Fubc,:fi for
Lig atibigHods for salo cheap by.., •
„. H. 841fT0'N.'
A RNOLDS writing fluid, ti very su
-4.w'pnetinulnlE. tor Ade at. ' HUI3IIII.RD'S