Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, September 11, 1850, Image 2

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    (tneattis3 Sap'litstasa•
;1.. •
c.aizzorim; WV;
0 imgresa,
Of Chambersburg.
, Assembly,
JAMES KELSO, Southampton tp.
JOHN B. COOVER, Upper Allen tp
Commiaeioner,' , .„
Director of the Poor,
Prosecuting Attorney.
tr AMES R. SMITH, Carltole.
JAMES MACKEY, Shippenob9rg
Whig Standing Committfep
:THE members of th'e•Whig Standing °Porn
mitten appointed'at the last County Convention,
are requested to meet at the at the public house
of John Hannan, in Carlisle, on Saturday, the
tlet of September, last:, for the purpose of or
ganizing, and attending to such matters as may
come before them. •
The Committee is composed of the following
James Bottles, jr.. Upper Allen, : •
Wm 1) Shoop ; -Lower Allen,
lohnll Weaver, E. Ward,- Carlisle--
John B Thompson, W Ward, Carlisle.
John T Green. Dickinson,
Thomas, V Flowers, E. 'Pennsboro',
Jemea.L McDowell, Frankford,
James McGuire. Hampdon,
, Georgti Enettle,
(. • Ephraim Zug, Mechanicsburg,
Thomas McKinney, Newton, '
'Wm H Woodburn, Newville, •
John S. Crist, New Cumberland,
Abr'm, Whitmer, North Middleton,
Thomas Sibbet, Southampton,
. A David -Lesher:Hopewell,
J W Craighead, S Middleton,
Itomberger, Shippensburg,
teyi 'Kapp:Silver Spring,
SPECIAL.-OFr Collector is now out With bills
against subscribers in arrearg.' As we stand
greatly in need.. -
of money, we hope thrit his call
will be promptly , responded to. '
informed that the Whig Senatorial Conferees
of Cumberland and Perry, all of them not be
ing present at the meeting appointed on Monday
last, adjourned to meet again without making
any nomination for Senator. Proceedings in
our next.
Whig Fongressional Nomination.
We have great pleasure in announcing that
ROBERT M. HARD, 'Esq. of Chambersburg,
waryesterdaitmanimously nominated by the
the Conferees, as the-Whig candidate for Con
gremlin thc_district—of_Franirlin,_Cumiaerland_
- tool - Pe - rry; - The proceedings will - Tre given in
our next.
•Mr. Bard is a gentleman of high character
and•.euperiour Intellect, a zealous whig, and
- possessee--great - popularity -and - influence not
only in his own county but throughout the
!Rate. His nomination will be warmly sup
ported by the Whigs of Cumberland county,
and if the proper ezertioin are made we lave
an confidence that hie anti. American compoti-
Jarnes.X. MeLanahan. will be ingloriously
defeated. To work, Whigs !
The Locofoco Senator.
The Carlisle Democrat hoists the name of
--Allot. B. Anderson for the Senate, as agreed
upon y four out of sit of the Conferees, but
thePerunteer does not concur. The Volunteer
is fiery much astonished and indignant that
Perry' woe not allowed the man of her choice,
Mr. Baily. The Volunteer ,hopes that some
_arrangement may be made for the withdrawal
of Anderson, but declares
s eery plainly that in
the event of Baily and Anderson both remain=
lag In the field, it will take
,its stand for the
former and maintain it to tholast. In this in.
terestingetate of things a good many of our
lanofoco friends are in a great quandary neje:
which side of the fence it would be.most advi
sable to fall I „
Whig Orgaiiitittiott.
. The roosting of the Whig County Committee,
which is °ailed in's paper, we hope will
-be fully attended by the' members. It Is - high
time the work of thorough organization in our
mks should be commenced. So little excite.
'altar:lent exists in the political world, that it Is
mach to be feared there will be a very email
,vote Foiled et the coming election. And when
this happens we have generally observed toour
sorrow that Ike falling off on the Whig side is
usually about double that of oar opeonente.- us go to work then In good time to effect a
- party organization which will .ensure the at
tendanCe of every Whig voter at the polls.—
Rouse yeurselvis„ Whigs Victory can- only
be won by exertion
Faint Wastmieercei.--The President has giv
en hie approval to the Texas, California and .
Territorial bills.. A messenger has been de
spatched to Teies. Congress has agreed to ad.;
learn on the 30th Mat. Mr. ' Jenkins, of Geer
, gra,kas deolleed the Department of the Tote
. tier. No now appointment yet ma do. Great
• rejoicings followed the passage of the slavery.
' Pitadongbp. , Texas ~continues' her
treasbnahlo attitude hwitird the government.--.
The last news states that a bill was being pia.
fed raising 3000' men to march , to fdanta 'Fe
and take poiseasion of New /demo.
s jr,*•Goisits I,4lnes Boca for °other: Is
already upon our tablo,'filled with well writ
ion contributions and a, number Of unusually
floe engravings, nittoni which are Which is
the Nother, th'e 'Fortune — Teller,' liloPplness,
810 istain'Aireand pity' Graces. In addition
the garc many other illUstratlons, such as pat
- tern 1s embroidery, needlework; — knitting . ;
model cottage's, ate,, ,
. .
Pattage of the Texas, valifornla
and TertAtatlat 13111 s!
The -long :egoityni length over, and the
bill for the adjustment of the" Texas .Baundary,
the. Admission of ,California; and the forma;
thin of Territorial Governinents rep NOW Mex.!
ico and Utah, without.the Wifinot Provlso;have
all passed the U. S:Representatives-having
previously passed the Senate. - -
The -Texas bctondary bill donning the boun
dary between Texas 'and New Mexico, was
rejected by the House on Wednesday, by the de.;
chive vote of 126 to 80. On. Thursday, 'Mr.
Howard, of Texas, moved. to reconsider the Vote
by which the bill was rejected. - But the Spen•
keidecided thatthe'mor foe to reconsider could .
not be received. From this an appeal was ta
ken; pending which the House-adjourned. On
Friday, thia - Speaker , re-affirmed his decision;
quoting precedents, , and assigning -reasons in;its
suppOrt. ..Afterwards, Mr. Hovjard stated .the
grounds of his appeV,.knil the
~question .being
put, the division resulted yeas 83, nays 193.-
This brought the ill again 'fieforia the - House,
and the question being on ordering the bill to a
third reading it .prevailed ; yeas 108, nays 98.
At this point several tViiacceasful efforts were
made to lay upon the table and to adjourn, but
finally the bill passed, yeas 108, nays 97. '•
' We give the following analysis of the vote
upon the passage of the bill, which we take
from the New York Tribune. It will be valu
able for.reforence for a long time to come. The
names of Whig members are in italic, locofocos
in romadould free sellers in small caps.
Indiana-Albertson, W. J. Brown, Dunham,
Fitch, Gorman, McDonald, Robinson-7.
Alabama-AZ*4, - W. 11 - Cobb,Hilliard=3 - .
Tennessee-Anderson, Ewing, Gentry. 1. G..
Harris, A. Johnson, Jones, Savage, F. P. Stan
ton, Thoinas, Watkins, Williams.ll.
New York-Andrews, Bokee, Briggs, Brooks,
Duer, Afeßissock, Nelson, Phanir, Rose, Shen /
nterhorn; Thurman, Underhi ll , Wal den, White-11
Rhode Island-George G. King-I.
Missouri-:-Bay, Bowlin, Green, Hall-4.
V irginia--Bayly, Beale, E Imunson, Raymond,
McDowell, McMullen, Marlin, Parker-8.
Kentucky;i-Boyd,Dreci,. G.-A. -Caldwell, .1.
L. Johnson, Marshall, Mason, Xtlean, Afore
head, IL H Stalitoti, JohiPß Thompson-10.
Maryland -Bowie; Hammond, Kerr, Marie
Florida-E., C. Cabell-1.
- Delawere-.1 W Houston-1.
'Pennsylvania-Chester, Butler, Casey, .Chand
ler; Dimmick, Gilmore, Levin, Job Mann, Mc-
Lanahan, Pitman, Robbins; Ross, Strong, Jas.
Thompson-13. •
- North Carolina-R C Caldwell, Deberry,'Out
law, Sheppard, Stanty-5.
Ohio- Disney, Hoagland, Potter, Taylor,
Massachusetts-Duncan, Eliot,-GrinneT--3,
Maine-Fuller, Gerry, Littlefield-3.
Illinois-Thos. L. Harris, McClernand, Rich
ardson, Young,-.4.
New Hampshire-Hibbard, Peaslee, Witten
Texas-Howard, Kaufman-2.
Georgia--Owen, Toombs, Welborn-3
New Jersey-Wildrick-1.
Total for the bjll, 108. - -
New York- Akrander, Bennett, Burrows,
Clark, Conger Gott, HolloWay, IV T Jackson,
John A King , PRESTON KING, ,Matteson., Put
nam, Reynolds, Ramsey, Sackett, Scholcrafi, Sit
alassachusetts-Auxu, Fowler. Horace Mann,
North Carolina-Mho, Clinginan,
Virginia-Averett, Bocock, Holliday , Meade,
Millson, Powell-6.
Illinois-Raker, Wentworth-2.
, alichigan-Bringliam, SPRAGUE-2.
• Alabama-Bowdon, S W Harris. Hubbard,
Mississippi-A G Brown, Featherston, Jacob
' South Carolina-Burt,Colcock, Holmes, Orr,
Wallace,' Woodward-6. •
i Connecticut-Thomas 8., Buller, Waldo-2.
Ohio-Cable,, Campbell, Cartier, Corwin, Cro•
well, .Nathan Evans, GIDDINGS, Hunter, Alums,
Olds, ROOT, Schenck, S cetzer, Vinton-15.
Pennsylvania-Calvin, Dickev,,Howo, Jiloore,
Ogle, Reed, Thaddeus Stevens-7.
W isconsiu-Cole, Duty, Duntrote-3.
Rhode Island-Dixon , -1.
Georgia-Haralson, Joseph W lackson-2.
Indiana-Harlin, Nolan, ,McGaughey-2.
i. Vercnon t-Hebard, Henry, .ilfeacham, Peck-4
Arkansas-Robert W Johnson.l.
, New Jersey-James 0 King, Newell, Vari
LousianaLa Sere, Morse-2.
_Main -e.-Olis,Diew_telle,_Stretson3.l.._
New Hampshire-Toex-1.
' Total Nays-98, (one na losing.)
I Absent or not voting: Geo. Ashanti), Mas 4.
W. H. Bissell, 111. Walter Booth, Conn. C. F.
Conn,--Ates, Brans, Md. John
Freedley, Pa. 8.. K. Goodnow, Maine, W. A.
IGormitn, Ind. Herman D. Gould, N. Y. Thos.
iC Hackett, Ga. Wm T Hamilton, Md. Moses
Hampton, Pa. John H Harmanson, Lou. An-
John McQiienit, S. C. 'Hen
ry Nes, Pa.
For the Bill:
Northern Whigs, 24 Northern Locos, 31
Southern do. 24 Southern do. 27
Against the Bill:
Northern Whigs, 99 Northern Locos, 13
Southern do. Southern do. 29
Special Free Boilers--8.
The bill extends Texas up to the parallel of
36 0 30', across the three degrees of longitude
next west of the Indian Territory, thence run
ning down to the 32d parallel and following it
to the Rio Grande., It gives Texas ten• mil
lions: of dollars for waiving her territorial
and'at'the same time gives her more
land• than she was honestly entitled to without
the ten Wilitakiiii•iiiij'payinent tivtiuleior:" ""
On Saturday the California bill was taken
up, carried triumphantly through every stage,
and finally passed by a vote of 150 yeas to 56
nays. Being the same bill that came from the
Senate, it does not, of Course, go back to that
body.l It only needs the President's signature to
become a law. That, it has, doubtless, already
•received ; and California, therefore, the golden,
the glorious, the free California, is now ti new
'star in our national constellation. ,
The Utah territorial bill succeeded; anrw as
passed in the same way, and almost with the
same facility, all amendments being rejected,
the Wilmot proviso as readily as any other,
and very excellent humor seeming to prevail
among memberi—the victors and the defeated
alike—with the exception of Mr. Seddon, of
Virginia, and Mr. Toombs, of Georgia, between
whom there weft a email passage at arms on the
very interresting question whethe the admis
sion of California was or was not an• outrage
upon the South.
NEW Yoga Tmetain.—The 10th 'MUM
of this able and fearless Wht Journal corn.
Dimmed on the 7th inst.,•presonting a favorable
period for subscribing by those who with -to
posses themselves of the best conducted' polifi
cal jeurnaftif, the 'day: The 711bune possesses
a reputation rio wide spread and undisputed
for 6b0117 , arid sthaity - to 'tho "greiit principles
'of Freedom and Humanity, that it is hardly
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though it is but ten years since the first • No.
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\loader.° candi
date 'for "CanaUoinnelsslorier, J. PORTER,
, BRAWLEY; booboo candidate. for Surveyor
General, and 'Mew& SCOULER St CHURCH,
ititididtitei".for the Legislature in ,Cumberland
county, were all inembera of the last: State
What was the ohm : Miter, and what were
some of the acts of this last. Legislature r The
Chambersburg, Whig thee Speaks of them
'Remember that the last Legislature,cost the
DOLLARS more than aess ' ons of the Legisla
ture should, or ordinarily do.
Remember that this Legislature Paiised an
act authorizing the Reading Railroad Compa
TING TO MILLIONS—and that the conse
quence of-this partiality to a monopoly falls-al
together upon POOR MEN, WIDOWS and
Remember that this Legislature voted to its
members EXTRA PAY; over and'abOve what
tho law 'authorized them, for their criminal
.waste of time.
Remember, that. this Legislature RAISED
THE SALARIES, or all heads of 'Depart
ments, except the Governor.
• Remember that this Legislature perpetrated
this piece of a istionest and .extravagant PAR
TIALITY because all the heads of 'Depart
Remeniber that this Legislature RAISED
THE PAY of the Locofoco Canal Commiss-*
loners from THREE TO FOUR DOLLARS, ,
PER, DAY, when it was well known that these
offiMers are not engaged in the business of t their
office more then oneOurth of their time or three
hours per day:
Above all Things, remember that this Legis
lature was a LOCOFOCO BODY, and that
'when the Whigs are in 'power such EXTRAV
AGANCE ,and DISHONESTY are never
heard oft '
111eLaitaban Renominated!
As was expected, the locefoce Congressional
Conferees have renominated the Hon. James
XdlicLanahan for Congress. Let the honest
voters—the Farmers, Mechanics and Laboring
-Men of Cumberland, Franklin and Perry,—
now- remember thati on the 24th of August
James X. McLanehan voted against an ameod
mont of the Present ruinous Tariff, by which
the home valuation and a specific duty would
have boon substituted, instead of the present
mode of regulating the duty by the cost of the
article in Europe. The effect
_cf this would
have been to raise the the duties on most ar-
tides of American Manufacture—iron partic
ularly—tea or fifteen per cent. over present
rates, which would have afforded some degree
of protection to our suffering manufacturtng
_ Yet this small boon to the suffering "sons of
toilq.or-the.United -States, Jantes_X—llfeLtina;_ ,
han—himself rolling in wealth and faxury—vo
ted to refuse ! Remember it, friends of Alper
man Industry, on the second Tuesday of, 00-.
Perry County Items:
Walleye pleasure in publishing, according
to their request, the proceedings of the indom
itable Whip of Perry. They have adopted
the right course in nominating a. ticket: -. Tho
-Perry Democrat denounces• -the action- of the
Conferees who throw on' Bailey as tire - Stine
tonal candidate and nominated Anderson.
The Democrat declares its intention to Stand
- by Bailey through thick and thin, and- coliaine
the. proceedings of a large- meeting .of the
friends of Bulloy, at which Gen. Fetter pre
sided. Tho resolutions say of the conference
that nominated -Anderson--,..they attempted
to perpetrate a gross fraud on the - Democratic
party, by manufacturing a conferee from Per
ry county, in the parson of John\ Topley,
who was admitted to their conference with
out the shadow of right, in the robin of James
B. Cooper, who was prevented by sickness from
attending. Mr. Bailey s ivas• then duly nomi
I nomination is backeirbi the nomination of our
County Convention, and it le heartily respon
ded to by the Democracy of the district. There
Resolved; That the wishes of the Democracy
of Pcry rind Cumberland counties are not to
he defeated by James F. 'Lumberton, Jacob 'IL
Bo:.k, or even hy John .Woodburn. That
Joseph Daily is
- the Democratic candidate for
&mor, and as each is entitled to the support
of the Democratic party of this district. '
The Triumph of Texas.
Tho North American remarks, with g real
truth, upon the passer, of the Texan boundary
bill by Congress, that there aro many of the
truest of our country who will never
cease to regret the circumstances under which
this bill was carried through Congress. It was
clearly the result, net of changed convictions,
but of fear and coercion. The South has tri
umphed ; the majority has yielded to the mi. -
nority ; Northern men have laid down. their
wishes—end even their •principhr and pledges
-on the altar of conciliation. But thews is no
merit of magnanimity. All was done under
duress. It was because the South hectored that
it surdebded. It was because Texas threatened
rebellion and civil war, and the disloyal citt
"Biates prooinimeil;4leir intention
to ninke.cammum cause witli'her, that a meas
ure received the votes of se many who did not
approve it. It may be regretted that they did
not, for their own lake}, and the eountry'slake,
demand the honors or the decencies of a capit
ulation. Treason should have talked a little
patriotically, and rebellion should have sainted
the national flag, when this ball was about to
Jenny Lind's First Concert.
Jenny Lied Will give her first Concert at .
Castle Garden, Wednladay, Sept.„,llth. The
price has been fixed et Otte dollars a ticket,
and the choice of seats to be sold at auction.—'
The sale of tleketit took place on Saturday, at
Castle Gaylen. Although one shilling • was
chaiged as the price of admission to the auction
teem, 3000 peleons were present. The first
ticket, which-commands What is Considered the
most choice mitt ha the house, was "knocked
down," as the phrase Is, to Mr. Genin, the Plat
ter, at the enorm'sus price of $225: • , The- -very
next ticket ions sold to 'e Mr. Roblneon,fors2s."
Twelve were sold at $l5. Six et 1113, and the
balance were disposed of, in large numbers, at
from $lO to $l2.
The number of tickets sold aria 11429, bring.
ing a total of 091lai, the average price paid.
being 06 38 per ticket. •
The grist; Song intended for ,Med'lle Lind
has been selected by the committee. Bayard
Taylor wee the lucky candidate. , ;
OLD MOHO ANTIXASIDIoN.--The 1000i0005.
of Berhe'county nominated their county ticket
on Saturday lost, I.l.'l3lloncy Jones was noud.
nand for Congreen. The Convehiton instruc
ted tho t3enstoni and Rentenentatlito of 'Berke
county net to vote foi..Blmon Ctionironi for U
8. Senator ,
a. The Whig z ac .that never- Sets
The unconquerable Whiga 'of Vermont have
again 'achieved a:glerious triumph. Tha non ,
charle's L Williams, the Whig' candidate for
Governer, is elect4by a majority over. all others
of from 1200 to 2000! The Senitte is largely.
Whir as it has been for several years past, To
the - House la towns have chosen 85 MAO to
60 • of all sorts of opponents. - Messrs. James
Meacham and William Hebard, Whigs, are re
elected to Congress." In the first district two
Whigs• were dividing the vote and there is no,
In the' fourth , Bartlett,•the -Free Soil
candidate is elected. All honor to the Whig
star, that never sets!
. .
' ST. Louis, Thursday, Aug. 28.
All doubts as to the 'limit of the. Congres
sionalElvetion In this State are now removed .
The Delegation in the next ~,, - . .'ongross will stand: '
Ist District—F. Darby, (Whig.) •
lid District , - - Gilchrist Porter, (Whig) -
Hid District—John G Miller, (Whig.) •
lVtb Disttiet—.W;P:•Hall, (Antt:Dtntun.)
Vth District—John S Phelps. (Benton.)
Tim' Legislature will, stand : Senate, 12'
Whigs, 13 Bentonites, 8 Anti-Dentonites:—
The House : 56 Whigs, 41 Bentonites, 34 4.n
BALTIMORE, Sept: 7. C.
Returns from the entire State have come to
hand, and the Reform Convention will stand,
Whigs, 55 ; Democrats, 48.
Great Freshet and 'Voss of Life.
Th - e'Siorm - of Sunday and Monday week has
proved very destructive of 'life and property to
thu - East of this as far as the. Lakes. The Siv z
ere and streams in all directions were swollen
to an unusual heightl-carrying off bridges,'
dwellings, fences, &a., • innumerable: "The
greatest damigo done by the storm hes been
along the Schuylkill river and its tributaries.
The Reading and Pottsville payers 'aro
, filled
with the
. melancholy- details- of the- loss _of
property and lite. ,The.Journa/ says that op
posite Reading the Schuylkill rose to the soar
'.mous height of from teoenty=three to twenty
jive feet above its ordinary level ! It is said
to have been 5 feet 10 inches higher than at
the celebrated pumpkin freshetin .1780, ascer
tained by Comparison with a m in an old
mill opposite Ord city. Other a counts make
it from three to four feet only, t e 'oldest in.
habitants,' it seems, not exactly agreeing in
regard to the actual height of the water at
that time. Tic Seen° 'on the river - from B'A. -
M., to about 3 P. M.,‘ when the flood reaged
its highest point, was truly awful. The wire%
lower part of 'the city was Inundated.—Many
of the houses were covered to dhe' -second and
third stories, in a number of litlifish could - be
seen Men, stamen, and children calling for
help, and expecting every moment' o watery
graver—Substantial-one—and- two-Mory -brie k
houses whose foundations were sapped by the'
current, were falling to pieces in every direc
:troll' Witlfalfirtniiiiiiiiirighairie ifi "frightfril - con- -
trust to the roaring of the waters. Frame
houses, barns, sheds, sialper and .roofs, por
tions of bridges, canal boats,. - lumber,' - wood,'
anda thousand other things were floating down
in one, general wreck., Although there were
many hair breadth escapes, the loss. of life in
Reading and its immediate vicinity was con-.
fined We single family— that of" Mr. William
Sands, a puddler employed in the Rolling
Mill. Certainly not lees than fifty, families
were rendered homeless in , and aboht Read
ing—losing every veetige of furniture. cloth
ing, property, &o. except such valuables as they
could secure and the clothes on their backs-
POTTEIVIM.X., Pa. Sop. 5.
. The waters having receded, the extent of the
damage is mode almost apparent. It presents
a sickening and melancholy sight. *Several
dead bodies have beau recovered. I aut_essu
red that it will take from two to three rnoia'S'
to repair the damages along the Schuylkill
canal. The Readiarßallroad will be ready to
send Coal down in the course of. a week or ton
daye-at-farthest. It hi almost 7 impossible-to-esti
mate the loss, The loss, however, iii this place,
and twenty nines around, is variously estima
ted at from half a million to ,one million dol
- - The destruction-of- life end - property-- in- the
.Coal Regions seems to have' been infinitely
mote' terrible than at any other point: The
freshet came upon them at night, or
.early in
the moining before the people were out of their
beds, and so suddenly in many instances as to
preclude all meant; of escape.
At Tamaqua between SO and 60 houses ware
swept away and many 'persons drowned. The
destruction,of property iii immenee. 'The Reil.
Mr. Oberfelt was drowned—and it is supposed
that whole families were carried or. At ; this
point alone it is suppiised that from 40 to 50
lives wore lost. Wo learn from Timaqua that
twonty-five persons wore buried on Wednes
day, and that many more bodies have not been
fdund. Sixtoon lives, were lost at Port Olin.'
ton, other places. along_ the Schuylkill
similar losses are reported At York, on Mon.
day, therOdorus was so high that the water
ran across the Main street, told° the bridge,
ono foot deep, inundating most of the proper-,
ty along the stream. The Railroads, and. Ca
nada In the Eastern part of the State have
eafieioil severely : %;.' 1
From Europe.
The Hibernia aiiiiitat Halifax on Wednes
day with .news from Europe to the 24th. The
crops in Ireland are very Rbundant. , Them is
but little potato rot. In France matters looked
rather stormy. The President had been turn.
ed out of a ballroom at Biacon, and the room
had to be cleared et the point of the bayoncit.—
The liolsteiners kad asiodged the Danish otft
posts at Kropp, and their whole army had left
'Rensburg, and advanced in the direction e? the
Danieb position., In Giernany affairs o re
corning more and more complicated. Severe
heavy failuMe arc reported at Hambitrgh.- Cot
ton had slightly advanced on ipadtdation, but
flour and grain continue low. -
PICE, was killed in a ' drunken broil on Monday
last, at the public house of Geor g e H. Hor
ning, in theloWei end of Dauphin county, Pa.
It appears that,Soppice was very..drunk—nini
abusive, when Vie landlord ettempledio • put
him out of the bar room. In the struggle
Coppice seized a chair to defend himself, when
a Mr. George Gweigert , entered and interfered,
wrested the chair from 'Coppice and ,-struck
him over the head.. The blow broke his SOull
and killed him. .
Tee SMALL No Law.-4. eating svas
held in' Pittston, 'Pa, on Thursilay , last;.
whldh resolutions werb paned , to filo eject,
that Abe cithiees of that place will hie all hen=
arable means to effect an inimetilato. repeat at
the small
:$1:1?'"*Iloo.. %yid . Wilmot, tom tOoo again
nominated foiCiiiigreas bible friends in Brad
eoinityivtip ear he will-be, re.elooyd iu
apite,of all nppooitioni . *.r 7 • ,
For . the Herald." \..
Election_ofJudges by the
Mr. ,Beatty :—A proposition to amend
State Constitution sorui tcgive,the 'election a'
the judges to' the .Pcoplo is note open for die
mission and we must soon pass juright,eitt on it.
The question demands lull and' imptiktial con- ,
sidoration. It hid the utmost importancti . to,
onder"stand that the proposed Chung° imthilu
dietary syStoni is great and of doubtful proprio
• - That government is most Capable of produ.
ciug.happiness to the governed. which is foun•
dad on tho willpf the people. This turidamen-
Lai principle was attended to by our forefathers,
3"when they by their united wisdom formed the •
Federal Constitution. But nothing is clearer
than ,that Choy did not think it best to subject
.every department of the government directly
to caprice of the people. In proof of which,
it may ho said that the Supreme Court-of the
Culled States, so which the people have up
' bounded confidence, is entirely independent of
.their action. Designed to secure the. ends or
justice they wisely gtiorded it from 'political
contrivances and the passiona,el men. .jAnd so ,
was the Judiciary of every State in the Union,,
modelled-on the same principle. Now a htlii
we affect to extol the wisdom and matchless
productions of those men; we are abort to die.
card an element which they not only regarded
ms of purainount importance, but which is well
attested by hi story and experience: Thus are
admired wisdom and long experience being o
clipsed by the bright sine in our political firma
ment, which [nave with majestic grandeur in
their eccentric orbits, subject to no law but
that of change ! , •
Change our present system, and the election
of Judges will bo made a party question. Can.
didates will be fiercely assailed and tilt the bit
ter animosity. inseparable from a party strife
will be excited, till the.ende fur which a - Judge
iliould be elected will be lust sight of. The ye.:
tars test will not be, is he qualified Will hit
make an impartial officer ? Butts h 6 n Whig or
Democrat 7 A strict party' vote will in most
cases elect. Then we shall 'have party judges,
and will most likely, get party decisions. At
least reasonable to suppose that a' Judge
will most favor the party which -elected
He who can militant exempt from the feelings
of hfipe, fear, gratitude or those
who may have exerted an influence in favor of
of or Ogainst Iris electron, must be endued with
qualities superior to those with which mon,havo
'yet been blessed. While he remains a liftman
being he will partake of the frailties - of human
nature. Ho would necessarily he to some ex
tent a partial judge. Hence haw wise aro
thesoconstitutional provisions, which mindful
of the weakness of man and his proneness to.
err, no matter how exalted in station, seek to
preserve his integrity - by placing him beyond
the reach of temptation. They have in the
niain answered these important - elidif and th
alone should cause men to ponder well before
they decide to change them.
-But-what would-be -gained-by—the—proposed
altertition over the workings of the present-sys
tem 7 One of two things must be true. Either
tho Go : venni. and Senate in the exercise of the
appointing power act in an enlightened man
ner, not on the narrow ground of party spirit,'
looking more to capacity and qualification than
to mere party service, or they are not cen
patent to discharge all the duties which apper
tain to their office. Igo they not appoint good
Judges*? If not it evidences an inexcusable
want of attention in selecting our rulers. By
whom were MeV chosen 7 The answer is ob•
vious, and argtles strongly against the people::
In - fact it evinces a ge'and defect in their jorlEr
mont, am! demonstrates that they ere not ea-
Rable of giving us impartial men for any office.
If the civil officers whom they elect are heated
politicians, who trifle with right and justice.
should it not warn us that their Judicial off'.
spring will be no better I Sot irwe have good
Judges, the thing•wa want, and all we can ex
pect in• this imperfect tate, it acts the Exe.sii.
live and Senatorial departments of the govern
mont in a proper light, as well as the people
who,elocted them—speaks laudlyin favor of
the retention of the'preAent system, and proves.
That nothing is to be gained, and that nothing
will be satisfied but a rage for constitutional
Those who shape the legitilutien of their
country-, hokvever -- wise and - sagnelourcarona - ot
always aware whore the impulses they give to
he popular feeling will terminate. - The red•
'cal tendencies of th
_o present day_ will _not
lose their momentum, until every independent
department of the government shall have been
brought into peril. Who supposes th at the thirst
for organic changes will be satisfied With the
election of State Judges? Innovation once be.
gun never stops in bounder Wiff'tiet the else.'
tion of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the
United States be demanded in this reckless ago
for the sake of progress, just to ,brcak the dell,.
monotony of polities? And enorno 1, yyi)bo
discovered by such as_aro_at itisette.
bovoexperionce, that the Senate is entirely -too -
independent of the sovreign will and pleasure
of the people, and many of_thom will bo aeon;
ished to think they a uf'ored themselves to bo
so long cheated out of their just rights., Con..
cede that which ts j ivrow claimed, and whitt wo
have represented will be so vociferously &mart.
ded on the same grounds that none for fear of
the sovreogn' displeasure can stand bet Ween
them and the Constitution, and say it-shall not
be so. Eiperimontaliste, inflatedmith success,
will march onward under the banner,..ef,pto
gross till all that is worthy of preservation in
our.tbonstitittions shall have boon stricken,froin
&Mi. • Let us then beware that the safeguards
of justice and liberty thrown around our insti
tutions by the-mental labors of our forefathers
ho not destroyed, and if there is one ainong,
theruthat has assumed precedence it Is an In-
dependag Judiciary. Tito changes. in the
State Constitution presage groat elitism in
the National Constitution, which if Wit arrested
will impair and weaken, if not totally annild
-laeonth.opendent strength of our .glorious
Nxwlrit.i.e, September, 1850.
have reliable information that the
GpVetnOr of Texas, before convening the Tex
as )Legislature , corresponded with , the &cola
fivani, certain Southern States, soliciting aid
against the General Government, and that it
waseecretly guatipntied by the Goiernors of
South dateline, Georgia and Flor
ida. Those of Virginia, Alahama, Louisiana,
and other States, refused, by letter, to counte
nance the iroject,
jtl'The LocateWe of. Un'ion county, are
in a beautiful "mass" as appeare, by their" own
papers. Al 4te late county contention which
nominated Gen.Panimings for Cengress,thir
ty•seven• "014 Hunker" delegates withdrew
and published a protest, against
, the proceedings
of tithe Cameron ellgue, ,, as they denominated
the majorityr • „_.
_ „
7 PINZNNY 130 alto:10511cl) ,
sweet, that is said,) whiin fluitlipooiniiiiiiios,
tier it is -to Aistiquisiiiit
instrument. - • • • , •.• -
From the Perry Freemen.
-At a nrating.of the %Whigs or Perr county,'u
held at the Court Wow in.43loumfichl, ou the
3d . or Srpleinber; ,JOBEPH.SHOLER,
Eq. was called to
-the chair; and Gen. ,losrit
. oppoin . lo Secretpry:
'The following norned,poi'sons or peorcd and
junk their seals as delegittes :
Saritte,-Robert Clark.
Tyrone—Henry Keck, fl. Lightner. • -
Lanclisburg—Dr. Wm. G: , N,block,
SpringH. H. Etter; F. Gibson, jr.
Juniota-W. Bossermon, W. Keogh.
Centre—Daniel (flyers.
Bloondield—k. R:Gtithrid, Francis Br Clou ,
Carroll—Ah'ra. Bruner, John Louck.
Penn—jt. Sheri L Khknatrielc, Jr.
Pelersbuyg—Gen. Joseph 1). Simpson i , John
Buffolo,—Oliver Burkina, L. Pollee.
Liverpool ,B.—Joseptti' : Shuler, ;Michael B.
.11Hilersloton—Wm. Bollinger, W. Goodman
Oiitor 7 -Abiaam Zeigler.
Xeicporr—E. W. Barns, A. Lolyaugli.
. _The following ticket was unanimously nom
nate, .
assembly, • ;
eommipioner, •
Director of lire Poor,
Senatorial Cooferees—Johri Charters, Henry
. Etter and Daniel Gantt.
- Congressional Conferees—(instructed to sup
port Robert M. Bard, E,q., of Franklin c 0.,)
Samuel Black, (Raccoon,) Muj. Henry B.
Ramsey and Gen. Joseph D. Simpson.
On motion, it was resolved that each of the
above named Conferees have power to appoint
an alternate
The following resolutions were then read
and unanimously adopted:
Resolved, Thai we feel deeply the sudden
demise of our late - excellent and worthy Chief
Magistrate,-Gen. ZACHARY TAYLOR. Hui
administration was in character with his, whole'
life, and while the people reposed Confidence
in his firmeeps and ohilily, they, were_ equally
certain that the Constitution would not be via,
lated or his country brought into disrepute by
any act of his.
Resolved, 'hot we have full confidenre in
the honesty and rapacay of Pres't FILLNIQ.RE.
lulus past acts we have a sure guaranty and
index to his future conduct. -His constitutional
advisers ore men of tried wisdom and patriot
ism, and deeply imbued with Whig principles.
To his and their counsel the honor nad welfare
of the country may be committed with entire
safety. •
Resolved, That We are in favor of Prolee-
Lion to American Industry, and that the wants
of the country calliondly for the modifications
of the present Tariff, which have been recom
mended by our late president-, Gen. Taylor.
Resolved, That we have entlre,eockAenec-iim
Governor JOHNSTON.' His achninistecition .is
fast elevating the good old CornmonweaPh to
the rank from which it had been degraded by a
long continuance of misrule. He has made a
good beginning in reducing the State Debt;
- and-we- express - the - unantmous - sentiment - of
ihe Whig party of Perry county in declaring
all the acts of his official life worthy of a high
minded statesman and patriot.
- Itesolved,--That-JOshha 'Dungan,- Henry
'Snyder and Joseph Henderson, the Whig Can
didates for the offices of Canal Commisstoner,
Auditor General and Surveyor .General, are
men well qualified, for the discharge of the du.
ties of the offices for which they have been
nominated, and we feel assured that they will;
if elected, make faithful, efficient and obliging
- Resolved, That the course of the Hon. Jast
X.'MeLanahan, the Representative in Congress
trout this District, has been Characterized by a
disregard of the wishes of .a majority of his
constituents, who always hove been, and
are ..pposed to the Free Trade Tariff of 1846":
The rallying cry of the' Democrats, in this, as
in other districts, runs "Polk, Dallas, Shook &
thu Tariff of 1742—We dare the Whigs to re
veal it l' .I\ir: McLanaltan's grand oratorical
flourish (in nix Opinion) at the the Mass meet
-mg held - in 1848 that "General Taylor and
Millard Fillmore Were a Jersey mateli-8 black
t•tutl horse and a gray mate—a southern slave
holJer and a norpern abolitionist—travelling
ap a steep hiirtvitli both wheels lucked," dues
rut impress us favorably with either his liber
ality of sentiment or his courtesy as a gentle
' man. His speech 'of frothy declamation in
Congress. in which be purposely showered abu
t-ive epithets upon his political opponents,
I ought not to be lototten, if forgiven, by them
when they coma to the polls on the 2tl Taos
day of October.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this Con
vention be published in the Perry Freeinal
' and-Carlisle-Herald.
a needed-,
Get Yourself Assessed.
The election 'takes place on Tuesday the
Bih of October. Persons who do not get as
sessed lee days beloro•the election, and have
not paid their taxes within two years, cannot
vote. Gel assessed r
_ 11.T_Judge the Whig candidate
for Governor of Ohio, is prosecuting a vig•
prone campaign, and winning golden opinions
in a licArters. His speeches are spoken of
DS eminently logical, eloquent and convincing;
and his open, candid, fervent manner is gain.
leg for him thousands of votes and the admi
ration of all who hear him. Ho would make
a fitting match for our Bill Johnslen._We
hope he will bo,electeif..
, ,St&VEB4II2 . 4NING (1011 E AGAIIsh—TLS Dela
war.l; _Gazette -states .that—seven - Slaves- -- who
some , iiite since ran away - from Mr. Calvert,
7 cf.• Prince George's county, applied at the
wetelf.house_for-Wgings, in-that city, a few
nights since, stating that they had been to
Pennsylvania, were tired of freedom, and were
trying to get ba4 to their . master.
the Supremo Court of this State, has decideoj
,that an Administrixtoi to an - estalo who "fri.kie
a Milt' instituted by himself, is persoiially liablo
for, the - coets:"
important should be generally known.. • •
4;gfl flla kcti
PHILADELPHIA, tifonday,Sept. 0, 1950
FLOUR—remains withoutdemand for export, and
the market very dull; tho'Only soles ore sonm
lot. takep by the retailers at 05411 . 5,18 for (eternized.
andbitier brands i .tind 65,50 for extra.
CORN MEAL and Rye Flour; no salmi, and holders
ask $3 per hrl.
AVIIEAT hut little . arriving or selling. and the
Market versidell; ,the only transaction is a small
isle of good southern red at 105 c.
CORN—in steadidemend, with moderate receipt;
and 3000 bushels southern yellow sold at 65c..
' QATIS--wlthout much demand, and alrut 2500 bu
southern sold at 37a38e. us In quality.
• aact.go.t:r4muulaub
/On the 9d Inst. by the Rev. A Babb, of Mechantcs
burg, Mr. Levi Reath:, to Miss PATIIAIkINE RUPP.
On the sth Inst. by the sante, Mr. EtIAS Demme
to Milli 8.6.11•111 LING.. . ' '
An the Bth Inst. by the game, Mr. DAVID MORN, to
05•TrIbuto of respect to James Addams, deceased
in type but crowded over to next week: -
Officers and Managers of the Cumber
Valley - Rail Road Company. will. he hold
at the Hotel of John S. Wood, in Carhslo be
tween the hours of 10 A. M„ and 4.. P. al., of
MONDAY, the 7th day of Octobeencti.. ,
R. R.-01liee,.Clirliehl, :
' eept.ll,'s63t. .y 5 • .
SHAD, CODFISH, :' •.' •C'
SALMON.• ••,,. • , ..consiOntlk ., •ori lAnd
HFAH.RINDS,'' .. • nod for•Oale
Co., •
PORIC,'' • ' 'PALMER & Co.,
HAMS ANDDIDESi , Market,Sreet Whurt,
,LXRD ' ,•
~~tlillc ~~salc.
77 .
4.4" L 7 1 . , D L I-
4 ,
I: t. . , Y "I:
story o B t b h o l e l : a : 2 i t ,t l ,
R P ,
ground,r' 1 0 ,c i ah l : i t i igh O s e : Euet e S aa t
blit o: Ilil l l i ce ; e t.
ni t ,;i : l ni it . 1 31
::: rt iltt o g . :
lr wi t h` a - rent varlet • . 1 -- -' '
'd, ±: "•! .44 - 2 rr . uit treet • 1 °cilm "
buildings thereon: This property is situated in
Weed stfe6t in the village nt Plainfield, Om.'
berland county, houbded on the north by a lot
Of Frederick Zeigler. on - the-south by a lot'of
Samuel Grenson, on, the east by n lot of Thos.
Greason::,Snle to commence at 2 o'clock, on
.said day, svhen terms of sale will be mudo
known by THOS--GREASON,.
b'ciAll , Ant:Lake V Jacob Stover.
• • Coal! Cool
TEE subscriber ie now prepared to furnish
'FAMILIES with the best quality,. CLEAN
STONE . :COAL nt the lowest rates. Orders
left nt IL'Saxton's Hardware Store or nt the
yard opposite, Hoover's Lumber Ynrd, will he
'promptly filled Also, jus't roc, ived from the
mines-'lOO 'IONS NUT 'COAL Liine.
burners, 1500 bushels Biluntinons Cent for
sell H. WRICHIT.
Dissolution - of Partnership;
THE•partnership heretofore existing between
the undersi.ned in the Boat mid Shoe 'Manu
factory; is this day dissolved 113; inward eon , "
sent. The business wi'l be carried on by Geo.
Er. 80/Ise/Ina.% who will sell Boots and Shoes
lower lOr Lath than ever.
English and German Journals.
TUE English and German Journals of the
Senate and Ilona° of Reprilsentatives for the
year 1850, have been received at the 'Commis
sioners Office, ut Carlisle, and are ready for
dtstribution io those entitled to receive them..—
By order of the Cometisitioners,
Attest—WM RE I LLY, Clerk.
Carlisle, sepal ~'.50.
HE. Itampillet laws passed at, the late sea
eion'bf the Legislature have been received
and are ready for distribution to those.entitted
to receive them.
Carlisle, scps.ll,'so. . Prot/'y
WIIERMAS, in nod by an act of the General
Assembly of the Commonweal:lt or Pent.-
sylvania,entitled "An Act relating to the elections
of -passed the 1d day of
July,,A. 1).1889, it is made the duty of the She
riff of every county whiff:: this Commoti:wealth.
to give public notice of the General Elect.otts, nod
in such notices to enomerate:
1. l'he officers to be elected.
Y. Designate the place at which the election is
to be held.
1,4/AVID SMITU,LIigh Sheriff of the county
Cumberland, do hereby make . known and give
this'utdilie notice to the electors of the county of
Cumberland,tlint on theSECOND TUESDAY
OF OCT013E1? JV'EXT, (being the Bth day
of the mom ila General Election will be held at
the several leetiou districts established by law
in said mum•,.,
_lit which time they will vote by
ballot for the bC7Orrl officers hereinafter named,
for Canal Commissioner of the State of Fenn.
Sylvania. •
or A t4#or General of the-State. of Poonaylvatiia
. , ONE PERSON-_ .
tor Survey or General of the Stateo PeilAt.
to represenftlie counties of Cumberland, Frank
_lin ittul..Y..erry in the Congress °file U. States.
to reiwesent the counties of Cumberland and
Perry in the Senate of Pennsylvania.
o retiresent the county or Cumberland in tho
House at' Representatives al Pennsylvania
for District Attorney of the counly ofCunlberrd
or County Surveyor, of the county of Curribernl
PERSON = • -
or conintilsioner of the county of Cutnberland
. _
firr Direcior or_thc.Poor and of the noose of Eni- -
ployment of the county of etenheehoel.
or Auditor, to settle the public accounts of the
Dully of Cumberland.
Whereas a joint resolution to 111111:M1,i the Clan
stitution of this Commonweal(lON. the second
section of the fifth article thereof, by . pre,A Jing
for the electiutt of the Judges of this Common
wealth by the people, has been agreed to by a
majority of the members elected to each Beebe
of the Legislature, at two seceessiv,. sessions el
the Mlle. Anil whereas it is presided in the
tenth article of the Constitutiott,dr,t any amend.
meta so agreed upon, shall be sunetitted to the
people in such 111,11111 Cr and at such tillleot least
three months ;after being so agreed to by the
!louses, as the Legislature shall pre,cribe.
And whereas by au act attic General Assent
' bly of the Stull pa'Ssed the 9th day of April A.
.1).18.50._it is_provided"..!that_tue_ttie_purpose_of, _
aseertaining-t he—sense-ot—the-citiliens - of this
Commonwealth in regard to the adoption or re ,
jeetion of the said amendment an election will
be held in each of the townships wards and dis
tricts therein, on the scouted Tuesday in Oct°. .
bee in the year of our Lord ono ihousaml eight•
hundred and fitly, for the purpOse of deciding
op - on - the inloptimroe rcjettiedor the saidamend
-1 meat; which said election shall be held at the
1 places, and , be opened'and closed at the time at
and within which the General rilections of this
_Commottwealth_are .held, opened and closed ;
and it shall be the duty of the J tidges, Inspectors
1 and Clerks, of each of said townships, wards
and districts, to receive at ihe'said eleetion tick
eta either written or prifited, or partly a ritten
and partly.printed ,from su It eititens duly goal.
ified to vote for members'of the General Assem
bly to deposit them in a box or boxes to be for
that ;impose vevided by the proper officers,
which tickets sledl be labelled on qhe outside
"amendment,"and those wi.o are favorable to
the amendment may express their desire by ve
ting-eaeh a Written or printed tieket, or partly
written or partly printed ballot, containing on
the inside thereof the words for the amend
meut,".and those who are opposed to such a
mendment, may exprese their opposition bg vo
ting each a sindiar, ballot, containing on the in
side thereof the words "against the amend
it.ent," "and "that The election on -the said pro
posed amendment shall in all respects be- con
ducted as the general elections of this Common
weaith are note conducted ; and it shall be the
duty of the return judges -of the respective
counties and districts-therepOirst having pare-
Ail ly ascertained the number of votes given for
or agai Ist ties said amendment in the manner
afore dto make out duplicate returue thereof,
ex it ssly in wordafit length, and not in figures
out , one of' which returns shiill be lodged in the
Prothonotary's ofilce or- the proper county, and
_the "thee sealed and directed to the Secretary of
the COMMonwealth, and by One of the said pd•
gee forthwith deposited in the mast' convenient
Post Office.
__The sold-election will be - hpfl-throughout-the,
county, as follows
The eintction in the election district composed
Of the horough.of Carlisle and the tow nships' or
North Middleton, South Middleton ,Lower Dick
inson, Lower Frankthrd And Lower WestiPenns
horough;swill be held nt the Clitirt (louse, in the
hot ought of Carlisle.
l'he election in - the election district cotnt os'ed
of Silver Spring t ownship,be held st the
puMie house of George Duey, to Dogueston n in
said township.
The electhm, li, the election district composed
of Hampden township, will be held tit the house
formerly occupied, by H: Bressler m said town
The election in the election district =noosed
of the township of Upper Allen will be kild nt
the public house of David Sheffer in SlR:herds...-
- . . ~.
• . The electionin the election district composed
of the township of Lower Allen willhe held at
the wagon-maker shop of Jonakilunclibarger,
on Slate Hill.
• The_elertioti iii the election district composed
of East Vennsborough township, will be held at now occupied. by'S ltenninger;'at' the.,
West end.of the llarrisinngliritige.. '' ' _
The election in . the distriet 'composed.ol New
Cumberland, will be held at the ptildie houte of.,
W IL Holll,ln' the borough of New Cumber.
I Mid. ~ .•
The election in the district elltmposed of the
hOrough of bleolumicslitirg, , will he held 'at the
public house of John Hoover; in suitt borough.
The election in the district compos d. of Mon.
roe townehip, will be held at the public house of
Geo'. Goodyear in Churelitownilit said township.
.1 he B'wei tun holm district coMpuseall Upper
1)„ ..
, loyinson township,, wilt he held at the house
fo erl,y,oacupied by l'hi:,ip Wearer. in daid -
town hip.
TI e election in tho':tlistrled.comilesid of iiiii,
Bor ugh of Newville, and -toi.vilellipa of Mifflin,
Upp ItYrankford;Xplier West . -Pennshorougli,
and hat parr tif , Ndiston,lownibin, not' included
in li o Leet!lntrg: edeetiott district 'tereititifler •
men honed, Willibe held ~ at, the . Brick, Sheol
House, in the borough of Newville.
Tlie election in, the,ilistrict compesed, of IHOpe ~
well 'tOwnstily, will s be. held at the .S Ol O l Ho u se
in:Newberg, in•said townshlp...'