Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, August 28, 1850, Image 3

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- - -Y---IN-CUMBERLakttiv-CODTT-1
Perms-7'60 Dollars a yew, or One Dollar and
Fifty Cents, if punctually paid in Advance. ~,.
' $1,75 if paid within'the agar.• -
AUGUST CouTer.-The COUrt of
Quarter Sessions, &c. of this county o
pt•ned 'on Monday .morning, but from
the.unimportant-clutraeter and small a
mount of business before it', will proba
bly bC - able to ajourn this.evening.,
KJ...Mr. T. H. Criswell hai been ap
pointed, Deputy Marshal in place of
Judge Line, who declined serving. An
excellent appointment. His district we
believe is North Middleton and, Monroe
Census of Webitanicsburg.
Mr John F. Spahr, Deputy Marshal,
sends us the following enumeration' of
inhabitants, &c. in Mechanicsburg, ♦izi,:
Total inhabitants 88 2
- The number of families in the place
is (Si—number of dwelling houses 178.
'liters are four Churches, lour common
scho.ols', three public houses, seven dry
gOod stores, two drug stores, one iron
4oundry, three carriage' manufactories,
fOur blacksmith shops, and various other
-manufactories which 'dc; nor - fall — within
the.range of siatistical information requi- .
red in taking the census. The marshal
speaks highly of the general intelligence
of the population and thanks them for
their promptness in answering his ques
i censps of Carlisle is not ye
completed, but we learn that the popu
lation will probably not exceed 4, 500.
The number of louses is about 780. .
Proe.nct of Farms.
We have: -received from Mr. _Craig
head, Deputy Marshal, the following
mat inent of the avual product of thr'ee
Farms in East Perinsboro 'Township, as
rendered to him in taking the census - of
t har-townshirr:
George Renninger's Farm of 30 a
cres—product of last„ye i ar, 123 bUshols
wheat ; bushels, corn ; 4 bushels
rye; 132 bushels oats; 20 tons hay;
1 ushela potatoes.; 45 buz-hels peach
es; 139 poimds-r; 620 dozen eggs;
64 pounds honey, amonting to $823.
Jacob Sadler's Farm . of licri!s—
prOdtet of last y0r,605 bushels wheat;
15:bushels rye ; 400 bushels corn ; 450
.Ahels oats ; 45 1 tons hay ; 120 bushels
vintatnes ; 45 bushels peaches ; 1557
pbunds • butter ; 1467 dozens eggs, a.
mounting to 5 ,2000, 00.
Michael Free's Facin of 160 acres—
proauct of la s t year, 4 - 0 busheli wheat ;
A ; bushels nye ; 1000 ushelstcorn ; 500
bushels oats ; 80 tons ) ay i 100 bushels
potatues ; 520 pomids butter; amount
ing to 912179;60.
For the fatter, Farm we undentlnd
--,102 per acre has been offered. The
result of the first farm shows what in-
Atistry-'and-good- management can reap
from a small,,number of acres, and af
fords an encouragin; example to men of
limited cap •/1.
The School Ma st er b
Our neighbor of Co unteer.gireS:
the foll.)wing as a correct and true 'Copy
of a mahuscript hand-bill which was lefi'
at a hotel, not far from Carlisle, a few
days since, ‘inth the request that the land
lord .sh t it up in a conspicuous
place, so that all might read this "pub
Lick Sale for L •tid." The landlord
complied with the request, - and alter the
neighbors had all read apd lau .4tod over
it, the had-bill was taken down and sent .
to us for pdblication. In sympathy for
the . man who wrote and signed this pa
. per we suppress, his name: •
pub Lic Sale for Land
Cun mining l'4o Acres of Land that
Land Lace in Cum ber Land County in
Dickensan townahip'that Land Lace be
tvren Wits town and hulley furnace near
at grates burger roat .that Land Chins
' Jacob rich Wins Land that Lana LaCe
ner at Myers Saw Mill good Wortur on
' that Land good Matto Crown on that
Land, good orget on•that Land good stm
mer Apals and good Vinter Apals' on
that .Land 'good C hares - and goad biches
o ntbat Land 3 houses on that Land ono
Cuchen Stove to Sale farms to Sale.
9 Saptainber • - -
nine Saptamber.
Notices ;
:pli.T.e have received the first No
v S ic
o t's HOME GAZETTE," a new
ekiy paper commenced.and edited by
_T. S. Awful:in, the popular Temperance
Author. It •hi • a large-and handsome
sheet, filed with choice reading. It is
to be devoted to 14terature,Temperance,
igews, &c . .; and isimblislied in Philadel
phia, at 4.4 per , year:
CODES'S LADY'S Bo ur.—Altvays - en.
:.:_pertaining, always attractive, and never
uninstructive, this favorite monthly is a
welcome !Asher virhereever it goes. The
::.- - eptember number is newbelore us, ricl3
. as I ver in Pictorial beauty • and .literary
merit. It Contains, no less than twenty
engravings, conspicuous among :which
is e charming' colored picture/. entitled
nThell ‘ ase." for which All who have any
taste for female loveliness will find it
"difficult to' withdraw their eyes. The,
contriliutora are i Tuckerrnari, Arthur,.
Sinims,, , ‘The
,Brigither" . Moms, ti er .:
(f i
t; and others. "ilitially
_choice company
' r tho..refined rrnder. Godey 'ray : J . /43,s
does:more than he prornisei, - a rare thing ,
with publishers. / 3 4118.7-L . A. hide);
114 a_year..:,__ Alii-,ffir two copies: ', .Back:
numbers are. always to be had.
At 9ettymbnzg, on . titenday eveninithe. l
the Rev. R.,‘John!ton, Mr. WILLIAM. BORNEO. of,
Dolt iuBn, thMrel SursAN .11;1TAGE, of New - York. ,
•DX El D. fn •
Philadelphia, on INlOnday last, EDN 4 ANDI4.
-rieres4sq. formerly rrt this borough, aged about,
61. years.
eAt his residence In DlcklnsOli - fOienship, on' Tries
, esylp 40th Mr. DAVID ft siest'rsa, egad about
15 rs.
' eon Monday. the ggili of duly, Jsconl HENRY CRO-
Mrn, aged five years and five months.
riTh a L ! rue went down In beauty yet it shtneth
sweetly now.
-In-the-bright-a nd-drizeling-eoronet - that - deelcs - ttfe — l
Saviour's brow;
lle bowed to the destroyer, whose shafts none may
for God tine told be, that lie doeth all
allies well. ,-
'She e'er.forget my sorrow when I stood bselde,,
Ma bed, .
And"my deep and heartfelt anguish whem they told
MC be woe dead 1
Oh, no, the cop le bitter but let not my heart rebel,
God gave, He. took, Ile will restore; He death all
things well."
Heal estate '2tiation
AL 391,01172131 AND LOT
'. • AT . OR' VATE SALE.
THE subscriber offers at private sale a
- .., .114.
. situate nn the north side of Main at.
;;; h
.. J
second house from the square nnd
in era:— lately occupied by Dr. im. Creigh.
I li
-,.. ''`A deed. , in the borough of Ca t ale.
The house is two stories high, of Brick, and
about 32 by 40 feet , square, whit a Dining- om
and' Kitchen, and Cellar underneath the w We
alit, with the necessary out houses, a good
garden with choice fruit .trees. The terms will
be made to suit a purchaser, ns the object As to
efrect a sale immediately. Enquire of Mrs. E.
Creigh on the premises,
. a;m2l
OnS,ITURDAY, /lie sth of October, 1850
THE subseriuor will offer at public sale on
the' premises. in West Fennsbore township,
the following Real Estate, late the pilMerty of
Samuel Bear, dee'd., situated three and n half
'iniTES - Wligt - 151 - earlialCnearlolm'Halvs' - 1141 I
120 ACRES more or less, of first
rate Limestone Land, bounded :in the north by
Ihe Conodnuinet Creek, also. by , lands of
Boor, Jr, Henry Smith, George Singiser and
others, about 108 Acres of which is first rate
tillable land in a good state of cultivation, the
remainder in coveted with tine young timber.—
The imprrvennotts demist of a
- large two story STONE tIOUSE
f* . Large Stone Bank Earn, Wagon.
; Shed, Corti, Cribs and other con•
4 vement out buildings, n spring of
gooe water near'the door. . Also, an Orchard
of thriving, young- trees Mt the property. Sole
to commence at 10 o'clock, A, M., on said day,
when attendance will be given and terms made
keown,by THOS. GRE.ISON,---_ ---
attyOb Assignee d Sam'! Bear, dec . d.
. A.T pu 13 LIC SALE.
On WEDNESDAY, the 16!6 if October, IS%
TILE shltseribers wish,ng to dissolve part.
nership and remove to the West, Will evil their
Valuable MILL and FARM, situated in West
Pennsboro' townehip, Ctimherlandeounty. The
Farm contains 133 ACRES of Ilist rate Lime—
StoTM Lt d; ilvv -- (oltbrrovir'Lllit- -- Splity'l Miff
along the western margin of the tract, a stream
that never fails or freezes, and is unequalled by
any stream in the United States. The im
provements arc a first rate
. .
three stories high, finished off in the most cern.
plots order, with patent improved Merchant
Bolt, Self Packer, and all the latest Improve
moots in Machinery, Corn Kiln, and bitusted on
the above named Spring, 'Alia affords a full
supply of water at all times to,the Mill. There
•••••••••• • ..;„:„:- is also erected on this property a
„.. N i :large two story 'DWELLING
2 i r t.! , I ',.: ausp,L3an o k . Bar d i o n o tid e Sta s b i l i in g 1
4 ' 1 ' 42 Orchard, dife u . -' The bu p ih r lings are t ,
all ne iii new, and op the beat order, about
two thirds of the tract is cleared—anti the bal•
once covered with thriving timber. :Ids - pro'
perty is 'heat the Cumberland Valley Rail Road
in, the heart of krich country, and offers strong
indueereents to capitalists.; This prolferty will
be sold - separately or together to parches':
ere. Terms made easy to suit pur_gbasers as
we will sell without reserve. Any anlormation
about ,the property can be had by addressing
John Piper. Big Spring Post Offiee, Cumber'
land countt, Pa.
JOH W - P IP-ER ..
Norei A m erican and Lancaster
Union 11161.11 till sale an.l send bill to this
office for collection.
• 1•
On FRIG. Y . iith cloy of October, iint•t.
MEW', subscriber, Assignee of JOHN TRIM•
MER, of Reading township, Adams coun
ty., l'a,, will. sell, at public sale, at 10 o'clock,
ini.the.prernises, tluLvaluabla
of said Trimmer, situate in,Readmg township,
lin rho Mg - 00110M1.0, about one-fourth, - mile
front the Hanover and Carlisle turnpike,- w here
illokii's,bridge crosses said stream, about eight•
miles frtim,Hanover and one from Hampton,
adjoining lands of John Duncan and others.r-
Fite MILL is 'irtltree story building, upper part
frame and lower part brick. It bus four run of
nortes, a Dry 101 n, and - all other necessary ap
paratus in good order add-mostly new. There
is a good SAW MILL attached to the Mer
chant Mill. There ore connected with the pro
i7 4 1 ,1 , -i---fr-r , cd and well improved, , ..with a
1 ',%-ii LOG -HOUSE, a well orwater
tut convenient to t' -e door, a LOG
t-4 - '''';',=-- }BARN, &c. This Mill is our;
rounded by-. 0 rich
. grain-y,roiving country and
commands ajleavy amount of custom.
ALSO, at Me sante time mid place,
The undersigned will exi ose to sale the VAL•
U ARIA!: Ri4l,of eniii Trimmer, in Reading
township, adjoining the Mill Property, and'eon
inkling 107 ACRES, more or less, the -im•
proyernents on which are .
. .R. Two oTonv nOUSE -
(wcatherboariedi a Log Barn and other out
buildings. There is a well of never-failing
water near the dour of the dwelling; also, a
young Orchard of superior fruit trees on the
premises. There is a due proportion of Mea
dow stud Timber land—the whole being under
-godil' fencing aed . in a high state of-cultivation.
On SATURDAY, the 12th day of October; next
. lg . 12 O'clock,
Will be sold on the promises, a tract of •TIM
BLR LAND, the property of the said Trim
mer, sit nate in D iskinson 'township, Cumber
land county. containing TEN ACRES, more
-or-less; ,near-the rood leading-fromWhitestown
to Pine Grove, formerly owned by Conrad All
wine, and adjoining lands of Mr. Sowers and
-Attendance will be given and terms mad.;
known on 'days of sale by the subscriber, to
whom, in Atte meantime, application can bo
made for any desired Inliirmatton. •
' JOHN BROUGII, Assignee.
Valuable Property for Sale.
On SATURDAY, the 14th of September, next,
WILL be sold at public sale on the premises
in South Middleton township, Cumberland co. ;
Pu., the following Renf Estate,late the prop Arty
of BaltzVinikle, dee'd:,• aboot three miles
south of urliale, on the road leading from
Carlisle Shenfer'S Mill, containing 32
ACRES Al 63 PEI2•CITES, of firet.rate
Liniestono Lan , 26;Acrca are cleated and in a
higlr,state of c Itivation, and the remainder is
covort.d' with' tinii young timber. 'There is a
first rate •Sand Bank on the property., • Any
person •wishing io view the alms° property can
do so by , calling' on the subscriber. Salo to
commence ay o'clock'. on said dny; when af--
tendons° will be given and terms made known
by (nug2l) • ,JOAN KUNALE.
• Prop erty fbr Sale.
AL TWO STORY HOUSE, with brick end,
room anti' Kitchen, situated within one
mile of Churchtovsn, on the forge road, and
ene.half a mile from Belts,hooyer's Mill. It
.• would' ha a good location for a
, e, ,;,4 , 1 3 1 fl mechanic. The iMprovendenta
• are as abov with a good Carriage
Ifouse./Stable, flog'pen, and all
other necessary out buildings in
good ordar, The lot ' contains 3. ACRES and
5S Perelloe of land of the best guality,•with a
thriving young orchard of choice fruit, and all
under first rate fence. There is a first rate
wail of water at the door, • For further partie
•llsts roll op the subscriber residing,no the 'pre ,
miees. JACOB NEIBI. O EY sr.^
- 1' THE subscriber. offers'at private sale the fol
lowing property. situate in. North Middleton ,
towiiship„C timberland county, near the Harris
burg, turnpike, about 2 miles from Carlisle;
consisting of upwards of THREE
Ground, adjoining properties or Samuel Kutz,
Beerbrower and the Lcturtjuing on which is
2.lerected a . 2 story Brick-DWELLING
t HOUSE, a two story Log Ihiening
llouse, a. Bank Barn, and other out
hulking% There is also a tine young Orchard
of choice Apple trees. Aleo, a line cool spring
c_onieuienLto_the_houses. property-is-in
good order, and is admirably adapted fora mar
ket farm, being convenient to the borough of
Carlisle, Terms will be Made reasonable.—
For further information apply to the subscriber
agent for the owner. living near the place. •
THE'eubscriber will expose to public.sole,
on , SATURDAY; MO '7th day of September,,
next. the property of 'Henry Heagy, situate in
North Middleton township, Cumberland county
at Middlesex, four miles mat of enchain. A
Lot of Ground containing 50 PERCHES, more
or less. haying thereon erected a two story
FRAME HOUSE and Well of good Water,
.with a now pump at the door and a•variety of
fruit trees, a Stable and Slaughter Shop, Also
a lot of ground, bounded on the north by the
same property containing 61 'Perches, one nine
plate stove "and pipe, a lot of carpet, - one grain
rraille, one side saddle, a lot of earthen ware,"n
lot of ground pepper: Sale .to commence at 10
o'clock, of said. day, when terms will lie made
known by , WM ZEIGLER,
auglA 3t /..Hitsignce.
Ott SATURDAY, the 14th of September, 1650.
• WILL be offered at public Fhi'le on the prein
ises, in Shiremanstown, Cumberland county,
the following property of Jacob Weise, Ittie of
Baia place. deceased, viz:—A HOUSE' :
r i,
a a a in said village, adjoining the public
l ime house of David Brown, containing a
,' ior-,,t.../. bout 70 feet in front and 200 feet in
depth. The house is two diodes high, plaster
ed Oct the outside, and in good reuair. Attach.
ed to the house is a frame Shoemaker's Shop,
for which bitsine,s it is lager.' stand. There is
a first rate well of water on the lot, and a num
11 o'clock, noon, when kitendance will be
.. Er,-,,,trir.
tillgi 9
Chambersburg Female Seminary.
IVES Institution will reopen on Wednesday
11. he llth of September.
'Arrangements have teen made to secure, in
addition to its usual advantames. the serviecs of
two Genflemon of superior for the
departments they %Viil
Mr MARECUALL, a native Frenchman.
and also or sotnetimo a resident in Germany,
will leach the French' and German languages.
IrIieTref7I:KNTIEDV" will give instruc
tions in Latin and Mathematics.
Mr. MARTIN, whose superior abilities_nre
well known, will continue toiake charge (Arlie
MusiL;al.df.parttnent__. • _ .
The inflnences of this Institution have ever
been pre-eminently those of home, and it is
strictly a Family School, and the Teachers co
operate in blurring, no elforts for the improve
ment of each individual entrusted to their care.
The discipline is mild but firm. The boarding
ph la 14415 tit UtP
_mut happy family
This Institution has been eminently success
ful, and was never in a more prosperous condi
tion than at present. The principals are at pre
sent absent, bin applications can be made to
any of the Trustees, and to the Principals after
the third Week in, August. laug7:-3t
,Fratrumnalr DEPOT.
D""r he neceived. Country Mere!tante'
and Defilers who want rind and• cheap
PE-I.FU ERY and . 1 , ANCX SOAPS should
call upon JOHN 'l CLKGG, Perfamer and'
Chemist, 45 Market St., below ed,
who has constantly on hand PERFUNtbR
and FANCY SOAPS of every desetiption,
Powders, Hair 0119, Ox Marrows, Colognes,
Hair Dyes. &c., &c.‘
100,000'peraena have read my advertisement
in the Public. Ledger, hundreds of whom have
called and been convinced of the advantage of
purchasing direct from the munatrelitter;
Agency for Ferran's Circassian Hair Oil,
Curbing Fluid, &c.
Orders from any part of the United States
will be promptly" attendedto.
zingl4'so,ly JOHN T CLEGG.
rpflE Board of Bisectors of Frankford- Die•
triet, Curnherfind county. will meet at the
House of the Mesas. LeckeS , , in said district,
at 1 o'clock, P. %1., on SATURDAY, the 31st
day of August, inst., Mr the purpose of exam.
Ming and selecting SEVEN TEACHERS, to
take charge of the schools of said district fur
the ensiling term. By order of 'the Board.
J C -HR f 0 NV N, Serretazy.
MMITE Board of Directors of Dickinson Dia
-1 triet,' Cumberland county, wil ni , m9 ut the
Image of Mr. V. Shannot, (Stone. T vcrn,) in
said district, at 9 o'n!,cit, A. M., On ATUR.
DAY; the 31st day of August, next. for the pur
pose of examining and selecting FOU r(TEEN
TE/WMERS, Jo take charge of tne'Common
..ichools_ot_stdd distriets; for OM _ensuittverrii.
lly order of the Board,
augT4,3, JACOB LEF4VER, Scc.
LETTERS of Administration on the Es
tate of James Clark, late of Southampton
township, Cumberland county, deceased, have
been granted to the subscriber residing in the
same township. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to paid estate are-tequested to
make immediate p i nyinent and thobe having
clidms will Present them tor settlement ro
cue7,6wpd WM CLARK, -Idedr.
15 hereby qiYen th,t all election will be held
A to elect hirteew Managor., foi the Cumber
land Valley Mat al Pro:ection , jompany on the
First ilottdayal Sejitvmbe•, next., o f the Office
of said company, at the house of Victor Shan
non in'elaid township, to serve one year. Elec
tion mite held between the hours of 9 A. M.,
and 4 o'clock, - E. M., of said day.
aut27,to A G AIILLER, Seet'y.
Ak LL persons indebted --
u.orki - fate - firlWAir
requested to maks immediate payment To either
of t r un)
dersigned surviving partner. We
wou d alto inform the
_public that we ithvo -a
goo assortment of L.UMEEII. & SIIL I NGLES
tor sale ut reduced prig es.'
. ' WM M. KERR.
9T..1850-6w. ',, - •
. .
"gr N ordeied to parade at Mount Rock,
no SATURDAY, the 12th at4o *lock,
A, M.,. cOnaplotely equip(' fiir drill. A getliNl
attendance is requesied. 13y order of the Cap
tain.. [atigl9] PHILIP 'BAKER; 0. S.
flyinen Ibustres.
A new ki of Linen Lustres, yadeuer,pricce
and colors, Irma 6 to. 59 cents a yard. Also,
another simply of Braid. China Pearl, Rough
and Ready„Gimp, and Chip BONNETS.—
Also, Changeable arid Dress SILKS, in vari
ety, with 'winded assortment of Bonnet and
Cap RIBBONS, Drees 4 Primroings, &a. &a
just received antlioponcd by'
may 29 . ING. W. HITNER.
Hoots, Shoes and Glaittit.s.
WM. M. PORTER invitee the attention of
the public to hie large and coinplete as
sortment of BOOTS, SHOES tic 0 ALTERS.
- just received from Philadelphia, - including a va.
rimy el now styles. flue experience in the Shoe
burn - aim enahlea !inn to select workol the heat
materials and wrirkinanship, which will he.anld
at the lowest cash price Onitwarrantel.
Ca' C u qorusr work attended to 'usual:
..,,, %-,]
, Mucrtionninits.
PRZT . /'ALT,E E'.-
tifssiknee , s'•Sade,
House and Lotfor Sale
The 111S$1.S PINNEO, Principals
To Teacitersi-
Estate. lf - JAME CLARKE, dee'd
• • -, •
• THE Board of.Direemrs of the CommOD
Schools of Monroe District, will most at the
School House in
• Citurchimyn, on SATUR.
,DAY, the 7th of September, at I o'clock ! Fad.
for the purpose of examining' , and. selecting 9
TEACHERS loito talc& Charge of rho schools
of sahl•distriet for the (limiting term. By order
of the Board. • JOHN. BR4NDT,, , Seet t y.-
ntig2l,3t •• '
Hatrisonis CioltunblEurink' •
11011E'subeet•ther has on, heed a largo supply
k' of= the ehtive.inlr, witteh - , by it, special ar
rengetnent it - it h the propridbr, hifia
nigh to moichente end others, in- the manufee•;
torero- wholeenlo '
S A 'fluilliAnt),.
ILA Tort§ Ilemreeiett Lind Rcilled*.lßON
eui e
fet•redeivei itt the Cheep Store of
er 14eirretreet. SA?C'I ON. ;
augl4 8
gccit.' Ostatt -- : at : '.'ltiutiit.
On TUESDAY, the 24th 'of September,.rieltt,
WILL be .old at public side On the preMises;
in Monroe township, Cumberland comoty, Pa.,
the.following real estate, late, the propert.y . ef
Peter thicker, dee'd., on the Paige 'Road, pile
mile east of Spring Forge: •. ..
of first.rate limestoncland. Theimprovermints'
are a large STONE HO i_ SE, BANK BARN
Spring House,Wagon-Sheda..Corn. Critt.end •
other Miriiiiildings. Also. a. first rate Spring
near the door, and art.Orehard of choice fruit.
970.2.C0NTh1N11 , 10 109 , AIM=
of .Limeatone Land, adjoining the alve. 'The
improveinente arc a one Bier)! ROUSE AND
BA.NK BARN, and other out,buildings, and a
TENANT HOUSE, and several springs near
_the doer. Both farina are in a.higb state of cul
tivation and under good fence. •
NO. 3. CONTAINING 60 Azums
adjoining No. 2, and one-fourth of a mile south
of churchtown, about 12 are cleared, the re
mainder is covered with fiist-rato timber. .
NO. 4. commulsrs 11 ACIIII3.
on the south side of Yellow Breeches Creek.-
- The -improvements are a good LOG HOUSE
AND STABLE, and a geed Spring, and the
hind is.under good cultivation.
.eantze, •
more or less, on the Forge Road, one Mild cost
Of Spring Forge, The improimments are a
large two story HOUSE, part stone. Frame
Stable, Blacksmith Shop, and other out-build
' Mos, with a first rate spring in .the basement
story of the house,
more or less. of unimproved land, on the York
Road, near Churchtown, under good knee:
No. 7. A Largo Two, Story
in Churchtown, about 40 feet in front and 150
feet in depth. Indisputable titles will be given"
for .he above properties. These properties will
110 . 9jlOWll and all necessary information given
to persons wishing to purchase, by, on
either of the subrcribers , or John .Liesi. aing
on lot No. 5. Sale to commence at one o'clock,
when attendance will bo given and terms mado
known by
augris Era-atom
04rlAncaster 'Examiner insert' till sale and
send bill to this office for collection.
Wirriturbie 'Real' Estate,
On FRIDAY. the 6th 'ol September; next, •
TIIE subscriber will o ff er at public sale,'en
the premises, the residence of Mr. George •
Strome, in Frankford township, Cumberland
county, shout half a mile west of Ilays' Mill
the following valuable real esta . o, to wit :
No. I.—A tract of Limestone Land, situate
as above described, bounded by lands of rotor
Minnick, John Wynkoop, and others, 'contain
ing 135 ACRES, morn or leas: About six
Acres - of which :s Omani - "land. el superior
quality, the other being tillable, inn fi,,e st a te
of cultivation and well enclosed with substan
tial fences. Tho firoprovementg
- - eonsatt of n large two story stone
•t• :. 4
,P3A - FILLING 11101T!EdE, large
". 4 .3...,a. stone MAAR. HAIM., %Vagoit
• l•-•-••• '''-'""?' Sheds, Corn - Cribs. Spring House
and other conVernent outbuildings. A well of
good water ism front of the door: Several Or
chards in thriving condition, are also on the pro
perty. Convenient to the above buildings, is an •
- excellmit - TEN - A - NT - llOUSEiwithrgood Ste
ble. Carpenter Shop. and other. convenima
buildings. Altogether, this is 'one of the' best_
and most desirable properties in the county,
being located on the Conodo'uinet Creek, end
well supplied with water by springs and rivu
No. 2,.—A tract of land in the same township;
ndjoining property of William :llusslerann, J.
Kiehl and °lbws, rontainirg 14 ACOES of
good Slate Land. eight Of which are cLared.
and the balance well covered wi;11 thriving tim
b6r. Fences in good condition—without lot.
No 3.—A tract' of first-rate MOUNTAIN
LAND,in the township aforesaid adinitting
lands of Daniel flackwalter, Frederica 141ent
zer and others. containing 14 ACRES. This
tract is well covered with fine Din:Stria and
Oak Timber:.
No. tract of heavy timber lard. in
Tyrone township, Perry ',county, hounded by
the Oak Grove Farms° lands, containing 40
ACRES, more or lens—without improiements.
This tract is one of the best-ot its kind in t his
section of country. Sale to commence nt 1J
o'clock,. A.M., on said day, when attendance_,
will be given and conditions made known by
Assignee of Geo. Strome..
Valuable Town Property. for Sale.
'ArINE of the most - desirable private residences
Ur in the borough situated on Lowlier Street
• The noose is a two story BRICK,
24 feet in front and the some dia.
my- tiuce it: depth. It contains .two
pi rooms and a hall on the ground flier
and-three.good-cliambera_on the
cond floor: The — back building - adjoining it is
also of brick, two et...ries high, containing two
rooins up stairs mid fik'o down. Attached to
this is a fine lurtie Kitt:him, with Snioke house,
Oven, &e. The claire house is well finished
throughout and now in the best order, There is
a spacious Cistern near the Kitchen door; with
a pump in it, and it Bath House convenient.
, Thit house_ aud_back buildings possess. every _
modern couvCnience. The lot on which tho
house stands is 30 feet front by 240 in depth,
and is full cf the choicest selections of fr u it
trees, consisting of Apples, Pears, Peaches.
Prunes, Plume. Gages and two varieties of
Grape. On the rear oldie lot, fronting on nl2
foot alley is erected u franie Statue , built in the
best manlier, 24 by 18 feet in size,- together
with a corn crib, hog pens, feed house, &e., all
of which are arranged in the most convenient
manner. The properly will be sold on reasons
blo terms. :Persons wishing to examine it, or
oesiriog further information, are requested to
call on the Editor of the iferald. tougl4if
Desirable Property For 8910
THE subscriber will sell at private sale the
property on %Odd' he now resides, situate in
West Pentiaboro' township,Cumberland coun
ty, eoutaining about . NI NE ACRES, with a
good two story FRAME HOUSE, good4rame
114 A RN, a good well of Water, 'and all the ne
cessary, out-buildings, together with an orchard
of over thirty TREES or "
enoice varieties of Apple 'fr,.1.4. 0
'd's,lok. in
O full betwing.. A Peach t. 4••
Orchard of about,. sixty
• trees of the most select; • -
rustein varieties, with 'a general asset mem of
rear, Plum, Apr;ent, Nectarine and Cherry
'mesa the hest varibties. The buildings arc
all neW,Ond built iii the most-substantial man
ner, the .whole. properly-- is in good order, and
one of-the most desirable in the county, being
situated in, the village of Plain old, Svc miles
west of Carlisle. close to Church and 'Schools,
and within otte•ltalf mile of peadeny. -
It presents rare inducenients to a mecbanic or
privatotfamily wishing to educate thew children.
If' not sold previous to the sth of OCTOBER,
next, it will on that day to offered at public
sale at 10 o'clock on'the premises, and will pea.
itively be sold:, For particulars. address the
subscriber at Pleitifi Id. Cumberland county-,
TAELLUABLII ritozirmarsr
On &lITU . RB.Tfr, the sth of OCTOBER, 1850.
WILL be Bold at public sale or. the premises
in Monroe township, Cumberland county. _ Pa.,_
adjoining Chinelliown,,the feltowing Real Ea.
tote of Frederick Goodyear, dec'd.,
CONT .451.1Zi NG 263 aorcvs
of firs rate limestone 'land, 120 of which is
cleared and ;n a.lugh elate of cultivation, and
,the remainder is covered with line. young timber.
, .The improvementitine a TwO Story
- ins; large STONE—BANK—BARN,
lig with a Threshing Machine and horse
power. A well of nover-laifiog
ter near the house with o'spring house; ind gal
other necessary nut busjdings.. Also, a largo_
ORCHARD .of choice fruit. line above pro—
perty will be Bold either in twp tracts or toga
•ther, as may hest suit the p'urchasers. An
persen,svishing to see the above property will
please call on the subscribers in Churrbtown. ,
Sale to commence of I o'clock; P.M.. when
attendance will brittivanand•terms made known
Ere/liters. •
oug7 to
THE subscriber 'wishes 'toinform - his (Kande
• in town , and .'country
• • , • '" •_ ' that ho ,has commune..
• _ 'OdEthe obovo business
• ' 4 i - und willnttend to sales
. Art v — :7 . town and country an
4 11 i the ITISSi reasonable
terms. Eleven be lound at oho Hardware Store
next door to Soott'sTavern_in North Hanover
, ' • , •• A S EBNER:
"LILII.IIOLDS writint 11.6 id, a very au.
I `,' pnetinr Ink. for at 11,IJIIIIARD'S
1-.;al estae at 'Aut +lt.
id if ILL be sold at public sale on TUES.
W' - .DAY, the 22d of October, next, at 10
o' lock, on t helire mises,the renewing described
re. I estate: . -
A. tract .of excellent land laying on the
so ith side of the Cumberland Valletßail Road
ab air inilesenst or Carlisle', containing about
20 ) ACRES. It is under.good fence and in a
• high state of cultivation. t The
• improvements area large two Sto
ryy BRICK_HD.USE, tilarge brick
2.'4 - Bank Barn, both -recently built,
and all the necessary out•bnildings
T a well of water (with a pump) in the
yt rd. Part of this tract in well timbered: .
L. About , 90 AC R ES,!ono sonth of the
al we tract, of.which,there_are,nhout 20 Acres
el' 'hied, the lialatiVelti excellent timber land.
rhere will also be offered' at public sale on
THURSDAY, the 24th of October next, nt 10
o'clock, on the premises, two very fine limo
at the farms, situated in •T;.boyne township,'
P Try county.' These are adjoining farms, one
mains about 240 ACRES. dm other about
2' 5 ACRES: They are about 8 miles west of
L utishurg, on the main road lending up the
v Iley. One farm has a STONE MANSION
DOUSE anti Bank Barn on it. The other a
Ltg House and Log Barn. There are thriving
C RCHARDS on both of these places. They
a, e situated in the most fertile part of the coun•
iS . and offer many inducements to purchasers.
Persons wishing to see either of the above
acts, can obtain information from the tenants
r aiding on the pretnises, or either of the un,
d ,raigned Executors. Attendanedwill be giv
e t and terms made known on. day of sale by
EXCCutOrs of Thomas Urie, deed
July 247 m; _
Y. the directions of the Will of John Sim.
•31 vely, late of Cumberland county, dee'd
I will expose to public sale on the premises,
ca FRIDAY, the 3Oth of September, 18.0, a
ft o'clinik;'A.M, •
• ith about .50 ACRES of first rate Limestone
I .and thereto attached, situated on the Yetlow
I recches Creek, abnut.4 miles from-its mouth,
-I.3untios of Y o rk and Cumberland. The improve
rmenu ate a two story stone MER.
- CHANT, MILL, with four pair
.t. 1110 of stones, and a SAW MILL
•➢ propelled by" the waters of the
...:a.enure creek, which furnishes one
t f the best poW`ers in the county". There is
. ho-a-LARGE DISI'IL_LERY built and tor
s 'shed in the most modern style, and calculated
t .do a large business. There is also a Two
.arge Batik Rarn. Two Tenant Houses and
I,vo ORCHARDS on the pletniace, and the
inde,is in go od condition.
The title i indivntable end the terms will
e made known on th.) day of sale by
• ..
jy‘24ts E.Preutor of John Snavely, tlee'd.
I will sell at the saute time and place a par
el of Locust Posts, Walnut amt Pine-Litsrber
nd several other articles
JOHN RUPP, Exectr:or.
in- LI-master_ Volksfround and Yolk Rc
tiblb-or.,osert till sole, mark corn, and charge
has office
Iratuabte Iroperty
On FIUDAY the27o, day of Septmhere, next,
vriLL be sold at puLlie sale,-on the, pretn-
V ises, in Monroe torrnahip. Cumberland
• , unty, Pa., the following Real Estate, late.
he pr“pe.-tt of John Morreti. dec'd.,about
.ne. weer Churebtown, the road
- radirg Irom,Churelnow,too the Trindle Spring
- load, eiminning 1215 .ACRES 91 . fist-rate
L; MOS' tine L fld, 100 .Acres ore cleared and in
, high state: of eallivation. lie remainder in en
wered with tine you.ig timber. The improve
meets are a Two Story' L
110 1 E8E0 large KITC. IX lilt,
NEVI a` LOU B AR N , Wagon Shed. Corn
'Crib and otherneeespary out.luti'd
tugs. -Alsci, - -u-never-failitv= 7 ,well-of
water near the door, and an Orebard"of choice
ftuit. 'llia is considered one of the, best farms
pi Monroe township. Any person wishing to
'view the above property previous to the sale
ban do so by calling on the 'subscribers. Sale
to commettee at I o clov,k, op sold day. when
itttendance will be given and terms made known
r.a.Pxta FOB. E6436Tarl.
IXTILL be sold at public Tale on the premises
, } iv' on SATURDAY, the 28th day of Sep
tember next, a valuable tract of slate land, situ
ate in Hopewell township. Cumberland county.
cdjoining ;arida of-Peter Stouffer, Peter Lecher.
Capt. David Duncan, and near IhnAidge„Sime
Road, about 4 miles north of Shippenshurg and
3 smith 4 Newbure , -containing.ls2. ACRES
111111 61 PE R'llE'.. (same being part of a lar
ger tract belorthuig to David Dttnetin, jr., of
said township.) There is about 50 Acres of
-c caret tan . 1.11)(ki - SfYI.... - . to test ue co
vered with thriving timber. The, iiii •
brovements ure ,, a comfortable small
5 HOUSE and STAPLE. There are springs of warm near the house toge
ther with frint trees, Sc.c.
Any person wishing to see the property will
cull on D. S. Renshaw, residing near, or Ed
ward McYitty, who is living on the properly.
Sias to commence at — IA o'clock of Said day;
when attendance and terms of sale will be made
known by D S 'RUNSRAW,
jeNtspd Agent for David Duncan, jr.
~TII.L be sold at Public
a b
:„ o n
n t A ' o r n u
promises, a valuable tract of LIMESTONE
LAND, situated to South Middleton township,
Cumberland county, adjoining lands of James
Ilan lon. Esq ,Jat oh Lehman and others, and
and ab mt 4 miles from Carlisle, on the road
leading to Ego's Forge,containing 42 ACRES
"mid 111. PERCHES of land, about 39 Acres of
which, are under cultivation. and the balance is
. . well covered with timber. The
improvements are, p new LOG
. HOUSE, and well of water.—
Tbe land is of excellent quality,
:•14.15• L *0..• and is Well worthy the attention
of person& drsiring a smalffarm in an excellent
neighborhood. It will be sold together or in
lots as may be,t suit purchasers. 'Perms ream
, onabldand title indisputable. Attendance will
lie giV.eo„94,lhe.daY•oo.le- by •
Valaable Farm at Private Sale.
Tfll initscriber offers for sale a yaluablo
farm or .Ljufestotto Land, situutt d on,fhe
low Breeches Cie.:krill - Tit:kit - see ttiwnship,
Cumberland county, about 7. miles south-west
a•f Carlisle, and Within 2 miles of the Stone
Triyhrn,-anjoiding lands of •Sguire Woods, John
winierru, George Martin and others contain
ing ltil ACM.Es of well improved land, under
good fence and in a high state of cultivation.—
Thu 161 Antes urn all clear, Mit there is 75
Acres of first ram ,itOUN'i•AIN LAND to
it. .'Pha•re is also an excellent meadow on the
farm and some bottom land. The
improiements consist of a big two
; a. story D %YELLING. 110 USE, a brick
►0 a al .Dunk Barn, and all. other ixtprove
,z, monis that is necessary to a terra,—
There is throe big, running springs on the farm
ono in the collar, and one near the bunt, and a
good orchard of all kinds of fruit. Any person
desiring farther information will please call on
Jacob_ Seitz. residing in_ West Penesborough
township, Cninberland county, one utile from
•N ywville, or on Tobias Seitz, residing on the
iarm. Yessession - and an indisputable title
will be given on the 'first of April, 1851.
. ferma.made to suit purchasers.
FOB- SALE: - •
THE enbicriber - offers at 'private salo, the
Farm on which he now lives, situate in West
Pentishorough township, Cumberland county,
miles from Carlisle, and ono mile - from
laintield. containing 496 RES and. 64
PERCHES, : of first rate 'Limestone Land, all
of which is cleared and' in a high-state of cal- .
tivation except 'Mar '2O aerea'of
Tlielarin lies oh the Conodoguina Creek and
ie hut half a mile' from iho:Good 'tope Mills,
The whole under good fence, almuc , liirm
hundred panel of whichle poet and rail fence:,
. • . Ihe • improvements are a new
Brick DWELLING Hitr,ll,BE,
1;1, • • ~. Iwo stories high;,With
llank Barn, 94 feet'lim#,.
first iiitl,Witgon Shed, Corn crib
wit .1111'841mi floor: ' arid alforithorneeessery
out-Mildipgir., There is n geedw_olLef_water
at thefrionr.....:44o. a largo,,Orchard,•with eve-
Ty variety of choice fruit. • Theentiro place is
in the best order,'audliolds out tho strangest
inducements to v purchasere. Persons &laming
to examine it aft tall on the sub.
'Scriber. An radisputabletitle will - be - givcrii
and terms madiPrenconable. ,
jy24.3rnos , . • „ E.NECKEB..;
."bancasterl'Uriion co py
Jted soo t
bill to this office for collection,
Aviv arrangenie,itti
L. \,
THE iintrersigned,'ovving to the increases.
travel between ma above named placc,d
rind to afford corresyonding . locilities to the &b-
lic, begs leave to announce that he is now-run
STAG.EB , between Carlisle and York., His
stock kas„ recently been much improved, and
his coaches are new and- comfortable. They
leave Carlisle every morning at 6 o'clock, and
arrive at .York at 1 P. M., tin time to take the
twoo'clock train of Cars for Baltimore.
' Returning, will leave York about I 'o'clock,
P. M.:, or 'immediately after the arrival of the
Cars front Baltimore, and rei:ft-Carlisle the
same evening. •
FARE.—Through.tickots from Carlisle to Ral
timore, or vice versa, will be furnished at the
IoW price of $3,00.
Splendid Livery Establishment.
He would also take this opportunity of in
forming his friends and the public generally,
that 'he has lately made valuable additions to
' • his extensive Livery, in HORSES,
DLE HORSES, bzc.,and that he is
now prepared to accommodate them with any
artiele in his line of business, at a' moment's
notic, and on the - mosi - reasoniihte — tersur• -
eons desirous of riding in fine vehicles, or on
fine, horses, are requested at his estab
lishment before going elsewhere,•as, instil pro-.
banilitv they will - save littla - change by so do
ing. • Persons visiting Carlisle during the Sum
mer season, can at all limes be furnished with ,
good conveyances to Miller of the lollowing
tvatering plasm in its immediate vicinity—Car
lisle, Springs ; Doubling Gap Springss Warm
Springs,, Perry county; or York Springs, A•
dams county. . G. H.
• Carlisle: July 3,1850-3 m.
The--Uidted -States-- Life---hu3urance
Annuity and Trust Company.
Charter Perpetual—Capital V 250,000 Cash
Fll constant, unsoliciteds application for
LL Life Insurance, furnish the most abundant
and gramying proof that the public mind is
deeply-impressed with the vast importance of
This subject. The great object, however, of
Insurance should be sopiy, otherwise the whole,
motive to insure may nu dtsappomted. 'Foci
Much care cannot be praetised in the selection
of an oflice r ‘vith which to effect the contract.—
The choice should be regulated not by present
and constant large inducements, as this, is
tainly incompatihte With fhTtire boiefis ~ The
premiums on life are calculated ler the future,
it picsent, and prospective benefits therefore are
given, the_r_esult ultiinately, must terminate in
dtsappoiniment and ruin. The object
aimed at,Lty Mis_institution is stability and per.
pemity. The rates of premium have been care
fully- prepared reference to (Mount ions.—
The cash sysmni of payments has also been
adopted. Unpaid premium notes constitute no
purl of the assets of this company, and every
contingency being fortified with , an ample cap•
Mil, security e,tainpe me whole sy,ueni. This
fenture,-paramount to all other considerations,
commends the compaey'to public favor. Ex
planatory-pamphlets, - blanks, application papers
information, and every farilit v will he cheerfully
furnished by,,NVM M PENitOSE, Esq., who
has been duly appointed agent of I lIIF company
fir Cumberland county: Dr. 11 HIN IC LEY
has oleo been appointed Medical Extunin.,..
. :........:....-a ! ephea
It• Crawford, Ambroae
W Tlionmvon, Benno - Ma W Tint-41'ov, Jacob
Florence, William 'IVI Godwin. Pmil it Goddard
DeVATII , John 1.14nt6n.
President .—titopheri R. Crowford.
Vice. President . -Anibrose W. Thompson
xgr.rezary - Glmlay.
.I.ll,ary —Manuel Eyre. ..
Is 4 &.litoilieq.—Thaman Balch.
MediNit-.E.ranrineis.—Paul - B GUddard, M.D.
William Pep p er, M I). faug7 I y
20P1.7L.0.T.4. IVIELODIr.
Dear Gentlemen, take our advice,
To every one wn maete our call,
If you,would have a Pout that's nice,
Look at Troutman & May's . Cheim Cle
Here nre Dresses of all kinds,
Fine and coarse, and also Clieap•.
Please examine and you'll find,
Fur your money quite a heap,
Here ere goods for ever . ) , season,
Thick nod oout, neat and thin;
AlVilna you ran vrio.ll in reason,
II you doubt it just drop in.
Here are Frock and - Brdy - Coats,' -
Both with
. lew and standing collars;
Some that.bution round the throat, -
To be had for a few dollars. •
Here is every style of Vest, -
And all' sorts of ^Pantaloons,
You can choose what suits you best,
Eve, or morn, or afternoon.
Here are sacks and Roundabouts,
Overalls and Jackets Green,
Please to look and you will find,
Here the cheapest ever seen.
Here nre light coats for the Spring,
Fancy goods for Summer wear,
You will find themjust , the thine.
Nothing better nyw here.
Shirts and Bosoms may bc fnund,
Pocket liandkerelAitia sad Gloves,
Scarfs to tie your nelic around,
When you'neek'Yeiti lady loves.
Here are Caps, Suspenders, Stocks,
Colima, very nice indeed,
Clean mid nice, in paper liver,
Just tha.thiog that you will need.
If we "talked a day about them,
We could s,arcely tell you all,
Gentlemen can't do watliout them
Then, dear friends dive us a call.
Late Arrival
di the new and cheap EAR 11 SPARE STORE,
East WWI street, opposite (kitty's Dry Good
P HE SubseiiVer has just opened a
g large assortment of goods in his line to
winch he would call the attention of Milers,
us he is determined to sell at prices to suit the'
times, His stock'comPri es 1,1 fall nasortmCnt
r,f Locks and Latches Of every description,
Hinges and Screw,, Window Springs and
Bolts, Mill Cross cut mid cut War Saws, Hand,
panne!, ripping and back Saws, broad. lined &
chopping Ascs, Hatchets, Chisel:4 , Augurs,
Planes and Ptibe Hilts, Braces and Brace
Butts, steel and iron Squares, Plumb '& Levels,
Waiters und Trays, Table and Pricket Cutlery
Table mid Tea Spoons, brass, bell.niettil and
enameled" preserving Kettles, Hollow Ware,
&c. Alan; a hill.aaJortinent of Saddlery and
Carriage 'Trimmings, Patent Leather, Morocco
and binding Skins, Saddletrees, Carriages and
Wagon Witips,,Curled Hair, Moss, Deer Hair,
Eliptic Springs. Shovels and Spades,-Gardon
and Corn Hoes ' Grain ant. Grass Scythes,
Smiths and Scyt he .Stones,.litiv.and Manure
Forks, Window Gla'ss. Putty, Paints and Dye
Staffs, Oil, Turpentine and Varnish:Mahogany
anti maple Veneers and mouldings, Sofa Sprg'e
Also, Bar, Band, Hoop and Sheet Iron, Cast,
Shear, Spring nod Blister Steel, Tin Plate,
Zinc, Speltre, Bar Lead, Bar Tin, Iron, Breed'
and Copper Wire, &c. - • .
5 Barrels Patent Fire and Water Proof Paint,
sisorted colors. - HENRY .SAXTON..
"rnyls'6o . - .
Webb Washing P,owder,
A great anoint of labor, wart and tinte ' .with
out any-RIJABING.Ity washing boards, Ma.+
chines, or wuh the haadCattd titivveiiiiiik
Wear and tear' of clothes. Warranted• not to
injure the finest fabrica. Price, 12} cents.
-Sold-wholettate and retail at Dr. Rawlins'
DrUg and Variety Store, Main at.*Corliale,-and
at his Medical Hall,, North Queen et: Lunen..
ler. • .
N.. 8. All ordors filled at Manufacturer's
Juno 5-Iy.
MUM' INGS be received at: the
,pter 4 ,,ef.4.110, anbscriber this wock; from one Of
the 'largest eastern manufacturing. estnbliehc
- Monts; Papers wilE - be sold at 8;10,1206.
40, 25; n 7 and 50 per piece. They are:good ;
y beautiful and uncommonly clasp. ' Call and see
them at the - cheap store 'of.-{
, .
1351,11.TX1 72141,2 h ..
, • ,•
atul 5 bmre.le Li 51SED OIL just: ke.
&deed by tholsobooribei to be mold cbeep• _ _ • :
augl4 , 1. • H SAXTON.
i ~ .y i
donotituttou of Pcnifa.
Amendment ef the Constitution.
. .
ZSOLVED, .hfr • the , Senate kind House of .
', Representatives of the Commonwealth oy
eonsylvania, in General assembly met, That
- it
die Constitution . of this Comthonwealth , be a. '
mended in the - second section of the fifth article ,
so that it shall read as follows: The Judges -of
the Supreme Court, of the several Ceuta of
Common Pleas, L and ' of. such other Courts of
Rectird as are or shall be established by law, .
shall be tilected 4 the qualified electors of the
Commonwealftr;in the manner follow ng to wit:
The Judges of the Supeeme Priori, bv the goal- '
ified electors of the. Commonwealth at large;
the President Judges of the several Courts. of ;
Pleas, and -of such other' Conks or
Itecotil as are or abaft be established bylaw, •
and alt- oilier Judges Tequirett to be learned in
the law, by the qualified electors of the respec-,; .
five districts over,-which they are to' preside or '
act as Judges; hind the Associate 'Judges of the
Courts of Common Pleas by the qualified elect
ors' of the counties respectively. 'Ulm Judges
of the Supireme Court shalt hold their officesfo
the term of fifteen years .if they shill so long
ment bereitnittee provided for, subsequent to tit
first election ;),the , President 1 Judges &f the so a p •
ral Courts of Common Pleas, and of such °thee
Courts of Record as are or shall be t staldislia
by law; and all other Judges required to he
learned in the law; shall hold' their offices for
the tern' of tell yirars t if thev z shall so long be
have themselves well; the Ansrieiate Judges of
the Courts of Common Pleas shall hold their
offices for the teem of five years it' they shall so
mug behave themselves well; a ll of whom shall
be commissioned by the Governor, but for any
remittent/0 cause, which shall not lie' stiflieliiiit
zroonds of impeachntent, the /7,overopt: Ethan re"-
move ithiriirthein oil theMfilieiii - Of twoibliifif —r
of each branch of the Legislature. Tim first e
shall take place at the general election of
this Commonwealth next after the adoption of
this atnriniment, and the commissions or all the
.lodges wlicrmay he then in office shut) expire on
the first Monday of December following; %thee
the terms of the new Judges shall comnience..- - - , . -
The persons who shall then he elected Judges of
the Supreme Court shall hold their offices as tbl.
'owl,: One of them 'tor three seers, one foe six
years, one fir nine years, one for twelve years,
801 l one fir fiffienyears:the ter - -of each to be
decithnl by lot by the said Judges, as soon - , after'
the election as convenient, and the 'remit certi. '
fled by . them to the Governor, that the commis, .
- shins nitiY - lie is moil in accordancethereto. The
Judge whose commission will first expire shall
be Chief Justice during his term, and thereafter
each Judge whose commiligion shall first expire
eh'l nw turn be the.C-Ifiet ins, ice:ail if two or
mane commissions shall expire on the, .._
the Judges holding them skill decide by lint which
shall be the Chief Justice. Any vacancies, bap._
pelting by death, resignation or otherwise, in
any of the said Courts, shall lie tilled by ap
poitamoot by the Governor, to continue till the
first Monday of D.:cember succeeding the next
general election. The. Judges.of the. Supreme-
- iiii - Peeihkaits - ortli - e — airveval - t;tums ---
of Common Pions shall, at stated times, receive
tor , th,dr services nu n.tegits hi cont pew In mit,-to -
be fixed by low, which shall, sot he diniiithilted
during their 9,lolm:ince inn ollice ; but they shall
receive no ceett or rt..ittittisitetrof &Tice, nor hold
une other nave' of profic under this tintrtm.wn
...,tw, or stmt., the Government of the Unlivti
, maul, 01 Only olltf, ;fume of this Union. The
Jetig-is of the Sop ee i. n .., C,,,,,, , „1„,.;„,. ~,,,t ,
tintrome in office : shall• reside altliiii this.Covn- -
nmliwealtln; and the otLei: Judges. timing their
.....ntittottlice in oilier shad reside with'in the di 9 "
tt tefor COMA) For which they were respectively
elected. '
_SF caker of the House of_Rt fi ß i ze s tc4
Speaker ej the Senate.
Jrpuary 28, 1850. 5
I, Samuel W. Pearson, Chief Clerk of the
Senste of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify that
the toreping resolUtion, (No. 10 on the Senate
file allot present session.) entitled "Resolution
relative to an amendment of the Consptuttbn,"—
it being the saute resolution which was agreed
to by a nutiority of the members elected to each
I of the last Legislature—after having been
duly consider ed and discussed, was *ibis day a.
greed to by a majority of the members elected
to and serving in the Senate of Pennsylvania, at
Its present session, an will appear by their votes
given on the final passage of the resolution as
follows, vin
Those voting in favor of the resolution were,
Ii • Jones lirooke, J. Porter Brawley, William
A Crabh, f lo nt
nhan J Cunningham ' Thomas S.
Robert::llein•fFilltiird oho W Guerlri
sey, Wlimn Ilaslett, Isaac Dugn, Timothy
tees, Joshila .1( .longs, Joseph Konigmacher,
George V. Lawrencii, Marivell McCaslin, Ben.
jarain _Malone, Benjamin Matthias. Henry A
Millilenberg, William P. Packer, Win R. Sad.
ler, David Sankey,fele 13 Savet•v, Conrad Shi•
flier, Robert C Sterrett, Daniel- Stine, Farris B.
Sireeter, John 11 Walker and 'Valentine Best,
Speaker—Y eau 'O.
Time voting against the passage of the rose'
lotion were. George Darsie, Augustus Drum no.l
Alexander King—Nays 3.
Eitract from the Journal. • • • •
llarrisburg, JVarch, - 15,1830
William. Jack, Chief Clerk of the House of
Representatives of Pennsylvania, do hereby cer , '
tifyr that the,foi e„noing resolution, (NO. in on the'
Senate fife, and No. 211 on the House Journal of
the present session,) entitled " Resolution vela•
tire to the amendment of the Constitution,"—
it bemg the same resolution which was agreed td
by' a majority of the members elected to each
House of the last Legislature—after having' been
duly considered and discussed, was • this • ay a•
greed to by . a majority of the-merry r aced
to and serving in Alm House of Represen dyes
of P e nnsylvania, sit its present sessioni a will
appear by their votes, given on the final passage
of the resolotion, as folliivs,viz:
Those voting in favor of the passage of the
resolution .were, John. Acker, John Allison, Win
Baker, Robert Baldwin, David' J Bent, Craig ••'
Biddle,Jereminli Black, John S Bowen, Willinut
Brindle, Daniel II B Brower, Jesse It Burden.
• John Cet.siiii, Henry Church,John N. Conyng•
ham, Sylvester Criithintl, Benjamin •G. Hasid,
William 3. Dobbins, James P• Downer:Climes
Hinman, Dunn, William Espey, John C
Evans, 'Witticism EVal,4 - 41;--Scoti Ewing; Alex
ander S. Feather; James Flowers, Benjamin
'l'. Fortner, Alexander Gibbuney. Thorium E
Grier Joseph L Griffin, Joseph Gaffer, Jneob
S Geot;geH Hurt, Letfert Hart, John -
H as ti n gs, yilliatn J. Hemphill„ John tinge, H
Huplrt Lewis Herfoi d. Washington .1 Jai itioTn -
Nicholas Jones; John W Killinger, Charles' E•
Kitikesd,ltoliert Klotz, Harrison P ,
Leech J emotion 13 Leet, Austin Leonard, James A
3 Lewis, Henry. Liitle, mimes R
John F McCullough, Alexander C
John-McLaughlin. John Mcl,, Samuel Marx,„
John It Meek, Michael .Meyers. JOllll Millet,. •
Joseph MollosiJohn J Morris s - William T
Slorrison. ExekiiT Mowry. Edward Ninklestm,
Jacob Nissly.,,Cliarles'O'Neill,' John ,13. Packer;
Joseph C Powell,James 0 Reid, John
,S (they,
Lewis Bolan ts. Seamed Roblostin. John P Ruth.
primal; Gleimi &amid, Thomas C:Seouller . ,
William Shaffner, Richard Simpson, Eli Slifer,
William Smith; William A Smith, Outlet M.
Snmyser, William H -_Souder, Thomas C Steel
David Steward, Charles Stockwell: -
Trace. Andrew, Wade, Robert Thri.
nuns Watson, SidneY B Wells, Hiram A Wil•
lianis;. Daniel Zerbey o nad Joan S• M'eCalmont
Speaker—Yeas 87. a .
' against the paisage of the , reed ,
baton were. Augustus K. •Cokityti, Pdyid •
and James M Porter—Nays 3.
Extract Teem the 3 ournal;
WILLIAM 'JACK, Clerk. 1„
; • 4
Filed March 15, 1850: ' •
Fey. of Co,ipmanwealtk,
rentssylvattid as: .:'r- • .•-• • • .•
. ,
-• I do eorfify 044 andfoedgollitOws
trur unit cureeet-oOPi'ol,-the'orikittal . regoluticitt.
o.tht,Geotpul -Astetuhly,: entitled 'Resolution'
relatiye to lei snotelieent of 'the Conitilettlettpl .
as the., sante ieat nu file In 4WD 'Offipet
Me . testirnonreberent•lL bnve leteettitto
L,s, ,et toy booty/eel; ettueetJ to ,be offixed
the seal of tit,/ Setretftry!kOirlie:,iit Eflqrt
risburg tliiifilleenthAity -June ; ktied".l.lOteteli
tete thoutaiel eight littodred *ed. fifty: ~ . 1 t•- At:
llMS,Stitlf.l • 4'
Bit qt . ' tke Coni.tiotiteMth`-
146, 1 50,5 m
r 3