Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, March 13, 1850, Image 1

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.1 Card.
Kip R. JAS. McCUIA.O UGH will give his
.11,11 attendance in the various branches of his
prolession, in town or country, to all that'may
favor him with a call. OFFICE oppositd the
2d Presbyterian Church and NVert's•.Hotel
lately occupied by pr. Feulkef
Carlisle, sept
Doctor Ad. Lippe,
liomozoPATHlC Physician Officq,
A ' hi Main street, in tile house formerly occu
wed by I'. 13. Leahlor. ap 9 '46
Dr. 1, U. Loomis,
_,„ s • _ WILL perform al
• -•-•••• operations upon the
• "
Teeth that are requi
red fur theirpreservation, such as Scaling, Filing,
Plugging, &e, or will restore the loss of, thorn,
by inserting Artificial Teeth; from a single tooth
o a lull sett. ii....7•Pflice on 'Pitt street, a few
t.) rs south of the Railrozul Hotel. Dr. L. isab•
ent the taut ten days of' every month.
.1 Card.
wiR. J: W. II EA 1)1.11, Surgeon Dent.icit
51_,F inlorin3 his former pluons thnt•he has're Carlisle. and will be glad to attend to
a ll ecyl,l4 . in the line of hiA profession.
• John B. Parker, •
in .Northmover Street, in the room for
mpieti lir the lion. F Wntte.
--,lllnrch '2l. 1819 '
Carson C. Moore, .
.• the room lately occupied by Dr. Foster,
ilet , ensed. ninr - 31. '47
Win. M. Penrose,
T r RNEY AT LAW, mill practice in
the vaveral Courts of Cumberland comuy.
OFFICE. in Nttin Strew, in the room former
ly occupied by.L. C. Brandebury. Esq.
James R. Smith,
At 0 V ED his office to [lectern's Row, two
doors from liorithohlor;s Hotel, [spr 1
T FICE at his residence, e'orner oI Main street
and the Public Square, opposite 13itrkholder's
Ifatel. In addition to-the duties of Jt Hoe of
Lan 'cam WI ' utten to a int s O writing,
much as deeds, bands, inortgag e es, indentures,
articles of agreement, tunics, &c.
Carlisle, ap 8'49.
Plainfield Classical Academy,
Iill , : Seventh Session will commence on
MON DAY. Nov. sth. 1849. The number
of stulents is limited, end they aro carefully pre
pared Mr Colkge, counting house, &e.. &c.
The situation precludes the possibility of stu
dents assocrning with the vicious or depraved,
tieing remote from tom' or village, though easily
scoessible by State Road or Cumberland Valley
Railroad, both of which pass through lands at•
ached to the institution.
washing, tuition, &c., (per
session.) $50,00
Latin or Creek 5,00
Instrumental Music 1(1,00
French or German 5,00
Gircul-trs with refer:mom &e. furnished by -
Sep lg.. R. K. 1111 It NS, I'vinciptil.
l' is confidently believed that few Institutions
1. Ain. greater inducements to students than
the above. Im.faidil in the midst of a commu
nity proverbial for their intelligence, morality
and regard for the intervins of religion, this
Academy can effectually guard its members
front evil and immoral influences. Advantages
are also offered to those desiring to pursue the
study of the physical 5e1,111,8, surpassing those
of roost similar institutions.
'!'hose having sons or wards and wishing to
send them to a seminary ol learnitig,.are re.
spectftilly selietted . to visit Newellle, oral judge
of the advantages for themselves, or, at'least,
procure a circular, containing full particulars,
by addressing JAMES iIUSTON,
avg 22 I y Principal.
John P. Lyne
WTI-10LESALE and Retail Dealer in
Foreign:l.nd 19a tic Hardware, Paint,
Oil, Varnish, old stand in N
Its ,yer street, arlisleU,A just received Iron
Now York and Philadelphia a large addition to
his l'oroter stock, to which the attention of Itity•
em is requested, as he is determined to sell
I.) var than any other house in town. aprl9
John Wallower and Son.
(Successors to Funk nrid
•Forwarding and Commission Nlerchants, and
agents for the Central Rail Road, Wholesale
Dealers in Groceries, Produce, Coal, Plaster,
Salt, Fish, Nails, Bacon, Powder, &c,
burg Po.
Jan. 1 1850.
Itl. M. PORTER has just received a
large and elegant assortment • of Bees
and Shoes, suited in the present season, among
whirl t are Men and Boys' fhiek Boots, Kip
and Call do., Gain Shoes, Buffalo Over Shoes,
L idles' Gtiiers, Built ins, Slippers and
Tics, u, fpiather, Morocco and Kid made in
the latest style. Also, a large supply of Misses
and Childrens Gaiters. j.luots.plid Buskins.
Every description of work made to order as
Callru Portrr's Shoe Store, Main street,orrpo
site t h e Mediu(list Church. [c1i3c12,'49
Notice. - -
THE: Commissioners or Cumberland county
doom it proper to inform the public, that the sta
ted meetings of the Board of Commissioners will
tio hold on the second and fourth Mondays of
each month, at which time any persona having
bueiness with said Board, will meet them at
'noir office in Carlisle.
Attest' WM.12.1-LEY,
UMBRELLAS: Primate and Sunstmdes,
made, covered and repaired, by the animal - 16r,
at his Tin i Shop,in East Loather street, CM.
lisle. Tarns cash, bat prices low.
Darnel° January, 29,' 50.
Iron Iron.
)0 Tons Hammers(' and Rolled Irin, just re•
ceivnd at thacheap Hardware 'store of the sub•
scriber in Easi High Street. For sale 10w.,b
Feb..l3, 18,50. • • •, HENRY smcroN.
Dyeing : and. peening!!
, . .
WILLIAM BLAIR,in Lbuther Stieet,
nuar.i he Oullogii,tlyeatadies' and Gentle.
apparrol, all , colors, and warrants allmork
to'aa'sansractory. Orders itrhis line.respeetfullt
rollaited. . • sop - V46 -
. .
••• • ,
PrFll:3highest 'price Or in
byrthOeubeeriber Fir good. It..AGS: 'The
.{hay be ,deliverei lit' the Itejr,4r: Mill,livO
me lee frotn•Cailidle, or at, the Ware,,,oueo ollVlro
laeob Ithedny in r
:., 14FurN i 4.1.0,' , 0974.1113...'•
"roacivinlr IV:inners!. aSsortniOnk -- ot,
handsome P ufrsio .13S Combs,:yleo , •imitati on
Buffalo .Psnlbs; ,. ,'sof,beautlyt -, pactprns. And ,)n
liaridslakilibeetings ,. :alsn', , ..l2.4lin',Sh'est,';
frovilol g',l it;gitsn v xdriotyjnpt,iponoo '
vire Cider Yinogar exdplient . 'quality just'
roppivicl ,
,',• . " .'•
A"~ 1
- - -
.Irewspaper, Devoted to Literature, , eigrieulture: Politics. Business and General intelliy ence.
Stores & Sl)ops,
Fresh Drugs, Medicines, Bc!.. gr.e.
/ I have just received from IF.hiladel
phis and New York very e xtensive
additions to my former stock, embra•
r cing nearly every article of Medicine
now in use, together with Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soaps,
Stationery, Fine Cutlery, Fishing liackle,-
1313ihos of almost every description, with an
cillepsariety of other articles, which I am de
efirtialt lemon at the VF.111( LOW EST prices.
..All Physicians, Country Merchants , Pedlars
and others, are respectfully requested, not to posit
the OLD STAND, us they may rust assured
that every article will be sold of a good quality,
and upon reasonable terms.
• May 30 • Main street. Carlisle.
Foreign and ,Domestic Hardware
JACOB SEWER has just received, from the
eastern cities, and is now opening at the Chenp
Hardware, on North ,Ilanover strei it, next door
to Glass' Hotel, a new assortment. in his line,
.such as
this, Glass and Paints,.
Coattapan and Black Venue hen, of extra
Nails and Spikes,
Wets' best Bar Iron,
Cast, Sheer, Blister and Spring Steels, ,r
Locks, Hinges and Screws.
Planes, Saws, Chisels, Augurs.,Vixes,
Knives and Forks, Shoe Findings, &c.
To which he would call the attention of the
public Persona wishing to buy will'do'well to
Dill. as we are determined to se4l at low rates
for cash. in - The highest price paid for Scrap
Iron, and for Flax Seed. .1' SENER.
• Price of Ilardwi ire. •
I HAVE' just receind the larg eat and Cheap
est stock of HARDWARE, Gln se, Paints, Oifs
Vntriislles, Saddlery, Carpenter's and Cabinet
Maker's Toovs, Mahogany Veuiers mien kinds
of Building Materials ever brdt rght to Carlisle
consisting of Locks, Hinges, Screws,. Nails
and Spikes. Persons about to build will find i
greatly to their advantage to look at my stock
before purchasing elsewhere. *Come and see
the Goods attil hear : the price, an d you will be
convinced that this is really the Cheap Hard
ware Store. Also, in store anvils vices, files
and rasps, tinda complete assortment of Watts'
Best Bar-km), also Rolled nod Iroh of all
sires. I have also the Thermon toter Churn
mnde by Mr George Spangler, the best article
now in usi..
SCY . TUF.S.—I hdye just reeeiye4my Spring
stock of Grain and Grass Scythes, m anufnetured
expressly for my own sales, and warranted to
be it superior article. Cradle makers and
others will lind these Scythes to be t he best sr
iticle in the market and at the lowest price
Wholesale and retail ut the old stand in North
Hanover street. JOHN P TYNE.
Extensive Furhiture Rooms.
JACOB psnail'im,
wOULD respectfully cqll the'iit.tention o
House-keepers and the,public, to' the es
ensive stock of splendid FURNITURR, incluo
ding Sofas, Wardrobes, Cchtre
and other Tables, Dressing and
'•= 7 . Plain Bureaus, and eve:ry vatic
ty'oi Gabinot•ware and Chairs,
which' he has now on hand at his Dr E %V
ROOMS, on Louther street, near the co,rner of
North Hanover street ,in the rear of Pow ell &
Co.'s sto:e.
He is confident that the superior finish 0.1 the'
.elegance of style, in which
his articles are got up, together with their
CHEA PNESS, will recommend them to every per
son wanting Furniture. lie has also mails ar
rangements for manufacturing and keeping a
constant supply of every article in his iine , both
plain and ornamental, elegant and use fill, at
prices which cannot Mil to suit purchasers ; no
would earnestly invite persons who arc eh out to
commence house-keeping, to mild and examine
his present elegant stock, to which he wil I con.
stonily make additions of the newest am I most
modern styles.
COFFINS made to order at the short. est no
ice, tar town and"countty.
Carlisle, lone 13, ISIS.
iKrThe lute firm of Jacob Fetter &f Son
having been dissolved, Jacob Fetter, a r., wil
carry or the business as above.
A Word to Itorsemen.
cidedl the 'best preparation that can be
used for the cure of Sprains, Bra
- atz., sus, Cuts, Galls, Splint, Curb,
4,111045.4 Ringbone,'Spnvin' Stiffness of the
&c.'"' • , Joints, It is tut article which
04 •
should be in the bonds of every
Horseman, and no stable should 'be without a
botttle of it. Price only 25 and 50 cents per bat
tles, prepared only by S M Pearson, M D., and
for sale wholesale and retail, nt No. 106 North
Second street, Philadelphin, and, DR. RAW
LIN'S wholesale and 'retail agent, Carlisle, Pe.
Jan. 21.
- • Farmers I Save Your Money.
Wc.) three and four horses, made entirely of
ron, so that you can • leave it in the weather,
without the least danger of injury. Also,
Threshing Machines, Winnowing Mills, Plows
SPlough Mould•boards, cutters, Points do Shears.
constantly on hand. You will save money, by
calling before purchasing elsewhere, at the
Foundry in East Right Street, Carlisle Pa.
augB3mos F GARDNER.
Elastic Doll Heads.
new and beautiful Article,
noELIEVED to be superior to anything . o
DIP the kind over before manufactured. Hord
Elastic, will not break by falling. Painted in
oil,, when soiled may be washed with soap and
water, and readily restored to their original
beauty. Their durability and cheapness will
be fully demonstrated when duly tested. A
largd lot of the above received by express, at.
Knee Jangle's Ilegd: Quarters, in North Hano
ver street.
P. MONYBR, Proprietor
Carlisle, Decpubor
Latest Xews.
paskages or in bulk —of now crop also a.
new lot of Brown, Whito and CRUSHED SU
GA R S;At the old and usual
together with a selection of the best
and a general variety of pure and fresh spices.
'ground or ungiound, and all the other articles
usually, Icopt in connexion with groceries. have
just been added to the former Stock—to see is
to bo aura—give us a call, and as over we shalt
ho thankfuil, at the old stand—nearly apposite
tho,Post ()Rico. J. ,W. EBY.
Cejj s 7, 1850. . , •
• •Fish, • •Fish,• Fish. ''
JUST receive at th e heap lamily Grocery
-at ,the, subeCriber,a' lot of No. 1, 2 'end: 3
Mackerel; ip , m,h010,." half or atiorter.lairels.
A150,,50 sacsa of Grohnd Alum Salt, whiel, he
is . doterreiried to solr - at ',the lowest.' prides. for
60:11 • '3 D,IIALBERiT. - •
. •
JivntJus r. 12:te IN/Bp .Cll opLbilorse;tl
. var
oiiitY' of - till colors - Wirw44Fdrii,7.
LOng and SrionFo Shawl , frotri'ertVeo,'*cry,
cheap indeed ;;.'ll , lotiti:; LnioOs;'..Ginghams,
Steol.Beads otitl. Tiseals, 'purse; twilit; 'clisps,
suds great iiitriqyOcynOlon'Hote.-. •
'.'001311 & W::B.F.IsiTZ..
A LARGE and general Se lenjinn of thaee tir;'
tidos in every Variety line been fliltieiLt.aour , .ner
sirtment: , • lot of, Cedar -W aro, etnbrac6,
I g,Tubs,Churns Punkas,. Pollee ha, at ant'
l yr prices; at the'Gronery Store •
Marah 14. • 1 , •- EBy. -
V, .s.,4ltri..
OIL A''aask;of:,Laid ,. oili'ohtirel~'
...-tb0 6 , 1 1 0 1 3 q1 j ll O Oti9ncd; (.6plan4it l :orpt•
i fininniftr.usdrjur e anle;ley , hy
A.. i tC . FßPEitit',.ll;iiii . ti!).4 , ;....pod ., biTot p!i.;'
pinr(aritedgeiirµin . ;,..,~et►ecetTod ~ ,
..,..; iovl 4 ' !!..':-..;.: • r!! : , A, , ,iFlj , „ til',.:-.EILIC,/.TIT'S,.'::
,'‘l'.'•:',:::‘:',r":!: . ', 7 .7 - .. , ;;' . ,..::...: , .',. '; ':'•1
Stores sr; Zliops.-
Second Arrival of Fall Goods.
At the /New Score,
Corner of Hanover and Loather Streets, oppo
site Wm. Leonard's old stand
'FITE undersigned respectfully informs his
friends and the public, that he has just returned
from Philadelphia, with a large and carefully
selected assortment of
purchased at the lowest prices, and which he is
determined to sell at small profits. A large as,
sortment of Cloths nt from 75 cents to $6 per
yard, Cassimeres, Cassinetts and Vestings, at
various prices.
Ladies Dress Goods, such as. De!eines, Cash
meres, Coburg. Lionese Twills, 'Tibet cloth
and a splendid assortment ol Silks. An elegan
asset uncut of Calico and Ginghams, suitable for
the approaching season. Checks, Tickingsa
bleached and unbleached Muslins.
A well selected assortment of Men's Womon'e
and Children's Boots and Shoes, good and hand
some.—Eloy's and Men's Cloth and Hungarian
GROCERIES in nll their variety. viz : Su
gar,Coffee, !Molasses, Pekin Ten Company's
celebrated Teas, Spices, &c. an & the best
quality of Carpet Chain.
N. W. WOODS. Agt.
December 20,1820.
N: li All orders front tilt country promptly'
attended to. • Rags, Eggs, Butter, and all kinds
of produce taken at mulct prices. •
1111 HE subscribers have just completed
their purchases of FALL & WINTER
Go ODS. Our stock consists ip port of cloths,
cassimeres, vestings, cassinets, of all colors and
prices ; white,. yellow and red, all wool Fhtn
nels ; Kentucky Jeans velvet cords hed"l3en
velteens, Calicoes by-ther etkload, Ginghams,
Mous de Laines, MerinQkrsl'tlr`niiii~tt's; Co,
Wing Cloths, Alpacas, FaticlytMohnirs,Lustres.
&c., Checks, 'Pickings, Domestic Gin hams,
Canton Flannel t s, white and coloured, Linsey.
Plain, Pink. Biown,. Maroon, Green and 11Pk
de Lantos, for 1:26 cts per yard; Mous de Lain,
Thibot and 'l'ekeri SHAWLS; Long Shawls
at 3, 3,50, 4,5, 6, 7,50, 8 and ro dollars: Silk
and Linen Handkerchiefs, Cotton, Wdolcn and
Cashmere Stockings, Irish Linens, Gloves,
Cloth, Glazed and Fur CAPS, Gimps and
.Fringes, in variety; Combs, Woolnn Yarn; all
colors. from fine, to coarse, Steel ;ends, Twist
not Clasps, Purses, Scarfs. Waist Ribbonp,'
Slides, Green Barege. Blue Barege, 'l'nble Co
vers of Lindn and Cloth. Carpet Chain, Table
Diaper, Crash, Linen Dlaws. Edging, Laces,
GUM SHOES, all sizes and, Umbrel
las, Carpets, Grdceries, Queensware, Hurd
ware, &c. All (he above gnods were bought
for Citsh, gold and silver. and nt n saving of 15
toper cent.. below those who bought on credit.
Those wishing to save will find our, goods
cheaper than they can buy them elsewhere.
oct 10 A & W BENTZ.
T HAVE just posed
et. direct front the cit
"J. b eaut if u ly
• a large, and
brilliant assortment of
-1 . 1 m7,74WW. : TLEM EN'S DRESS
' GOODS, for Follnnd
Winter Wear,' to whim, I would invite the
special, attention of old and new triends and
customers. My stock now comprises every
coince)veble colour, style, pattern and figure of
.Drestf, GOOds, from the plainest and cheapest
To , the most brilliant and costly. Call and see
thee. while they aro new and novel, as it al
wile, gives tie pleasure to show our goods at
he Bee Hive. ,vep'2(i) S A COYLE
Now offered at (/e CHEAP STORE of
Charles Ogilby.
you E customers of this large establishment,
and the public in general, are respectfully
inlormed that I am now receiving an Immense
stock of the handsomest , and cheapest goods
ever brought' to Carlisle.
of evertshade at greatly reduced prices.
A largo lot of Long Plaid Shawls from 3 to $ll
do Square do 81 to $6
Also, Brodie, Terkeri, Crape, Thibet end Da
mask Shawls of every style and quality.
A splendid assortment new style Ribbons which
will be sold very low.
A beautiful stock of Cashmeres and De Laines
at-very low figures.
A very large esortinent of Black and Colored
Alpachas;' igAired, Plain and Satin Stripes.
A large lot of Sack Flannels very cheap.
A splendid assortment of Figured, Plain and
Striped Silks, from 37 to 1,25. Black Silks, a
very large and cheap stock.
Very superior large size Twilled,
104-12.4-13-4 ditto Ribbon Bound.
do do do Whitney. at all ,prices.
A large
All colours and prices.
A beautiful assortment of eltangeable.Satine de
• , Chains for dresses and sacks.
A tremendous lot of bleached and unbleached
Aloeline from 3 to 121 cents.
Having purchased largely of this article be
fore the advance, I will continue to sell at old
A full assortment of Imporial,-Ingrain, Voni
tian and Stair Carpets.s Selling very low.
Prints and Ginghains from 3 to 12,1.
A very Large Assortment of
Tickings, Chocks,' Diapers, Floor Oil_Oloth,
Dorking% Velvets, Benverieen% Stockings,
Gloves, Suspenders, Carpet Bags, Cantbricaa'
Laces, Moreens, Linens, Linen and
Cloth Table Covers,Oil Cloth Ditto; Irish Li-
lions, &c., &c,
in th 9, article of Boots and Shoes, wo go far
lLogia,gf_a_ll .competition, both in price and
c7511119': - tk big stock now on hand and cheaper
than over. - •
• ,
Sugar, Coffee,. 'Molasses; Rice,. Tea, &e.,
Fresh, Prime and. Cheap, ' • ' '
Rouellect ..the old stand, East Main Street,'
whore there is a .iargd room,: a: largo stock •to
select front, and decidedly the cheapest' lai;of
Goods out of Philadelphia or New ,York.
Como one and, all, secure hargaino-at,the
cheap store of ' AS. 0 GILBY/:, •
0011 l 49'
enntinues"the - iiidniftiettiiii -
Of,DASTINGS',„aehis Fontairi. in' High street
'and hand'nAull • tisamtment of
Pattorns, , l rs.ltirepared;-. to, furidsli; kinds
IRCN 6, AND- , . -BRASS 'CASTINGS • in. the
hest styla andind nt tho'shortest-Tntitico.
htia-new , on hitod' a larna'assortntetn,..'.4 Cast
'inge;-suph;int Corn•drushers;;Milt,Cparingsktind
Citlgtions,.Plough, OEM ings Pointc,Sliehrs and
Cattere„ , Wagon and Coach tioxesveolkir grate!,
'Oven .DOors,.4tislt'' Weights, &a.. Cooking
Te n , ,nlPin'nnd' Coal Staves:" Ho, idea' Wilda
'')Attaiind';reptiiricC ARS, Threahing - ;Ma 7
andlioree;PoWers, with every'
2 1 - Edther-kind'of - Maohinery:at•ihe shop. ,
test notice- .Old Iron i llrass and copper -taken.
ft;tiiphark I'o ,wprie ;, 1l Having;:'purchased?
. 1 4Y 0 1:14
iy ` •
augeqmae pl aI ) PA.
.ItitACIKA R1 , 114: . :7,41.'. lot ; : v !,l, 2 , do:3
lv„1 .- .1Vtackkral,'Inio onto; I' , . fdr
•sikle , (qat: 3); .
•,•,„7 ;
_3ll Pl)ilabelpliia
Piano Tortes.
riNHE4Vrge' . st, cheapest, best and most
eleghnt assortment of PIANO TORTES'
in the United States, can always be found at the,
warehouse of the subscriber,
171 Chesnut Street, obese Fifth,
At the Old Stand occupied more than a third of
a century by Atr.George Willig, music publish
er. Pianos. Harps, Organs, Seraphines, Aleli
ana, &c., fresh from the\ most celebrated Main
lecturers in New York, Boston, Baltimere,
Philadelphia, and elsewhere. Sold, wholesale
and retail, at the maker's cash prices.
171 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.
Feb. 13, 1850.
to htt
t i iN r n e s as o e f d Cc
cost raAndNiCFliL
itsyidiniiy for
We again r6quest their company to view aim—
large and splendid assoriniont of
China, Glass & Queenswarn, -
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, and mad
pieces, either of Glass, China or Stone Were,
sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for less than
they than be had elsewhere—ln fact at leas
than Wholesale Prices. AMERICAN - AND
in greater variety than ever before offered in
the city. FANCY CHINA in great variety
very cheap.
M." We would invite any person visiting the
city to call and see us—they will at last be
Pleased to walk around our beautiful store, and
to View the finest China and the cheapest the
world produces. Very respectfully,
9N . 21.9 Chesnut.Street4i
Phila. sept26',l9ly
Manufactory ofPocket 800/ri;
Vhestita Street, abcnte - Serond:'
111 HE subscriber respectfully solicits public at
tention to his superior end tasteful stock o
Pocket Books, Banker's Cases, Bill Books,
Dressing Cases, Card Cases, Port \lo.
sales, Purses, Pocket . Knives, and
other fine Cutlery, Gold Pens, and
Pencils, Seger Cass, Chess
Men, Back Gammon,
• Boards,Dominos, tee.
Hie assortment consists or the most fashiona
ble and modern styles, of the finest quality and
excellent Nvorktnenship, embracing every desir
able fancy pattern. which he will at all times
be prepared to exhibit and furnish wholesale of
retail on the most -reasonable terms.
Kr [ c urt:Misers s to a supply them
selves with articles t e . I)est quality will con
sult their own interests by falling at this es
tablishment. F H SiurrH,
Pocket Book Manslabturer,
Phila., sep3 4m 52 Chesnut Street.
Professor C W Roback,
Office, No. '7l Locust St., above Sth, op
posite theilitualb - al Fund Hall; Phil'a.
$25,000 4,14 1 -ING BEEN WON. 6
BY toy •ritimerbusTriends on,the late Presiden
tint eleetion, should convince those .skepti
cal persons who talk of FAILURES, that no such
thing as FAIL is or has been known by the call
inert and disiingui shed Astronomer and Astrol
oger, C. W. 110BACK,'Auring his :experience
01 °veva quarter of a century. Do you' doubt
predestination 1 Then why pot every man gain
a celebrity of General Taylor, a Daniel Webster
or a Henry Clay ? And yet there are some who
are foolish enough to doubt Lot a man may be
born with the power to see into future events.
plow can it be possible,that the destiny of ono
should be governed by the mere shuttling of a
pack of cards ? and yet there are thousands who
allow themselves, with open moutlis,„tosswallow
the greasy words of some old woman, whose true
skill consists in filling them with- wonders that
are most difficult for the digestion of others, who
are mirebreilulons, yet more scientific: It is
such that bring discredit on n profession diet has
been acknowledged to be a science of the highest ;
order,from time immemorialmitil is the duly pA5l *-
fession that has any authority to sustain it. The
high respect which General Taylor, and Charles
Bet undone, late King of Sweden hail tor Astrol
ogy, is shown by their letters_ for their Nativi
ties to the subsdriber, which it will give him
great pleasure in showing to those who favor
I him with a c.,11.
In addition to his power to forciee future e
vents, lie has the power togive suck information
RS will effectually redeem such as are' given to
the too free use of the bottle. He. ii also cepa
bleof curing diseased heretofore considered in
curable in ti is country •by the ordinal's- medi
cines,and wishes all to give him a call Who have
heed given uR, by physicians and wish to be cur- t ,
ed• He will warrant a cure in all casea,and will
make no charge except for the conjurations lie
shall Make use din his office. Ile is often asked
whale Nativity is I Ile answers accenting to
Geomaney, one of the seven points in the science
of Astrology, that it is a,Horroscope of the future
events of a person's life, carefully calculated and
transcribed on paper, containing an account of
all the lucky and unlucky days, in the months and
years of the persons life ton whom it is east t by
which means thousands in this country and else
where have been prevented prom misfortunes that
had been hiddeii ui the wuMb of futurity , by re
ferring to their Nativity belbre entering on any
speculatier, of business or pleasure. H should
be in the hands of every one as their .almanac for .
Isle. A Nativity of ati individual can only fore
warn the possessor of troubles that are in future
for him; those who areinvolved in present diffi
culties of any kind must wait on the subscriber in
person or by letter, who is prepared to exertkis
secret influence fur thelt• immediate benefit. He
is ready to use his lanoline to' forestal the results
of lawsuits and all Miderfakings w bleb therein ,
a risk involved,lienlso makes use of 'his miwer
Mr the restoration , Of, stolen or lost liropertyi
which ho beamed for the tidy:mine of.tliousands
in this city Mid elsewhere. Who Can doubt 'a
gentleman's abilities, who has had the honor to
by l
be called oti and consulted withll tle . crowp.
cd.hiefflkot Europe; mid enjoys wigglier "re - Puta
Lion ae an iistrologer.than,any one living 1
`4o7lleiltlit be consulted with at hisellice, Or by
'letter, it pre paid, and. kali prepared to mike
use of his power on any of.thelollowing to ;•,
Odeliiese ofall desnriptioiisitrdvellidg us hind' or
Beni courtships; litiViOS.glYSTaor_their2SUCatißrUl
accotnplishment; speculating in steels, meridian,
disco* real estatetjhe. recovering. of legseles
ilisputm;the putrclinsipidl,fifflints; and thelsidcty
Of sliiplat'lea?"Hii alpo offere his ietvinitir rdspeo
ting health wealth and AduarFingo,',.love. affairs, .
journeys, lawsuits;ffliliquitv its 4usnless,
.Ersud, '
and all thdetincereabflife, r anif
call who ar,o afflicted; corPorcalli!ornaelitilly'i
Ladles; 50 :Gehtlenten ; Netiiithis
,calculated and read ldjulloecordingl,to the Orr.
soled oflgaschliiiin'Signstidios4l; Genkleinen?'
131Alhqslativltici ealtudidiid according to GccimaW
ey,ter Wady",
"firi''' '''Criii '.
' -
, ' 'r' - '"'" ag' -,: ' , ''
' • '.'
THMAdniihisitiatc re of Ginnici; LINE deed
httiie'pleced,,the,:noloadzo.;ofeeirl .eaettiArtAlie
iiiii,,d..lustleb EGE,',of Cailiele, for 'collection
with cg ere to bring, write 'on' all hot paid befcire
Ilin:l i et, Fml4 - ckaut, without' ; respect .to per
sona. 1 ''' ..,i': :- .lthotift•- , -*'71.,....:;, , :[ 1 : 06
. ~ , , . ,
Stores aui Sliop 6.
rifillE Cheap Family Grocery Store of Jo
t seplj D. Halbert, ‘Vest Mnin street, Car
lisle, has just received a large and fresh supply
of the best FAMILY GROCERIES that the
Philadelphia markets can afford. The subscri
ber has just returned from the city, and would
respectfully invite his friends and the public
generally, both in town and country, to call
and examine for themselves his large and in
creased stock, which embraces all the article , '
usually kept in his line of business. Such as
Rio, Java and St Domingo and Lagutra Coffee ;
Imperial, Young Hyson and Black Teas, of
Very superior quality and flavor; Lavering's
crushed, loaf, falling loaf; and loaf sugars, or
ange grove, elarifilld New Orleans and brown
Sugars of every, grade and quality, with price to
salt. Honey, sugar house, Orleans and syrup
Molasses. Spices of all kinds, which he will
'warm") pure and . fresh_ gramitti..A.recoms,_._Ce,-
ifar, -and painted buckets, •ehurns, tubs, hal
bushel measures, butter bowls, butter prints,
„ladles, wash rubbers, &e Clothes,
fancy sewing, traveling and market baskets of
all kinds. Castile, fancy, rosin and country
SOAPS. Also, a general assortment of chewing
and. smoking TOBACCO, spanish half spanish
and common CIGARS: Ropes twines, and
Brushes of all kinds. Prime CHEESE always
•on hand. Sperm, Winter, strained Elephant
and Common OILS.
• GLASS, QUEENSWARE.—I have also
added-to my.alrendy large stock, a number of
sew patterns of White Granite and fancy lea
sets. with CROCKERY wAnr, of every do
fcription, which I will sell at the lowest prices
nor cash.
Feelinggrateful for the liberaldidtionage here
tofore bestowed upon him by a generous
the slibscriber tenders them his hearty & sincere
.thanks, atuLhopes_thaLimhis .efibrts-to--please
end particular attention to business, to
. 1 - Tivit, s a
c - ontinuanut of - tlietrstippatT.77 - ' -`
Oct 3, 1849. JOS. D. HALBERT.
)%"E I3'' GOOD,S.
THE. subscribers, have just returned frOm
Philadelphia with a splendid assortment or
goods for gentlemens wear, with which they
intend offering groat inducements to the eiti•
zees of Carlisle and the surrounding country.
They have on hand an assortment of -
CCP Ca) UCC Lt ►a. c•
such as dress coats, cloaks,.over coats, vests,
pants, shirts, bosoms, collars, under shirts,
drawers,-gloves,. stookings,siikand other era•
vain, pocket handkerchiefs, suspenders, hats
and Caps, trunks, traveling bags and umbrellas
al ef, which articles thny intend selling at a
veFy small advance on city cost, having for
ti.etrmotto "small profits and'quick sales."—
They wish it in be unnerstood that their cloth
ins, isn't inattutactured under their own .super
intendence, and not in the city, hence they are
enabled to warrant every article they sell.
Having an experienced cutter engaged — in
their establishment, thee are prepared to make
order nny article of clothing in n neat, fash
ionable and substantial minima and at short no
'North Hanover street directly opposite P.
Menyer's Confectionery Store. [oct3 3m
A Purely Vegetable Medicine.
RATIVE PILLS nave been gradually
but surely coming into favor, among the faun
lies of this Country for some years past. They
have Jone this entirely inrough their greatworth
as a FAMILY MEDICINE. Agencies have
been appointed but no puffing and humbug such
as is resorted to by quacks to sell their medicine
has liceirdone.. , The pills are offered . fur sale
and have and willeontinue to be sold byall t
principal storekeepers. The proprietors claim
for their Medicine the following advantages over
all others—viz; They are PURELY NIEOE••
RA l'E. Their operation is FR EE Iron, all
PAIN. They can be useti with EQU A L BEN
'EFI;I' by the YOUNtaosT INFANT and the
S FRO N OEST MAN—Their efficiency in Fe
vers, Ague. Headaches. Habitual Costiveness,
Dyspepsia, Cholera Morbus, &c. has been pro
ved upon thousands. They are a Certain Cure
for Worms. The proprietors possess a certifi
cate from n gentleman in St. Loniswho was cu
red of a TAPE WORM by the use of them,
Travelling agent for the State of Penneylva
nia—Cunni.Ea P. Aurr. For sale, price 25cts
a box containing FIFTY PILLS, with fell di
rections by the following agents in Cumberland
For sale by DR RAWLIN'S Carlisle, Pa.
\V D F. HAvts,—Shippensbnrg.
S L SENTMAN,—Nowburg.
Proprietors. I.4borntory. No 141 Ehest.nutoreel
IW - 4 0 24th, 1849.
.711 Ore Mete Goods.
A GENERAL assortment of Bonnet Rib.
L - 1. bons, Neck Ribbons, also Belt Ribbons,
Silver and Steel Belt. Slides, Scarfs, &c. just
Just received Lace Capes and Collars of dif
ferent styles. Also, Linen Cumbria Handker.
chiefs, of various qualities.
Green and Black Tens of a superior quality
jut t opened by nov2l GW pe
exander AlcKetisteg, William McKeusteg.
• Blind Manufactory.
ET CLARK, Venitian Blind MenulUcturer.
KA sign of the GOLDEN EAGL E, No.
139 and 143, Sonth Second Street, below Dock,
Street. PH ILADELPHIA. Keeps always'on
hand it largo and fashionable assortment of
BLINDS, manfactured in tho hest manner, of
the best materials, and at the lowest cash prices
Having refitted and enlarged his establishment
Ike is prepared to complete orders to any amount
at the shortest notice. Constantly .on hand an
of every variety manufactured expressly for his
own sales, and purchasers may therefore rely
on a good article.
.*Ordors from n distance pocked carefully
and * sont froe of porterage 'to nay part of the
tiy.. [aug 15 14,, _ H. CLARK.
2 -!,CiQU::O4 - 71-S , * .OLDS?:
Dr: Wiley% CouglrOtiridsr. ;8
NOW is the season for' COUGHS and
COLDS. When public assemblies are
so frequently disturbed by , the•Cotigh of some
suffering individuel we deem it, rather an act
Of charity to advert tir any•allevintion of.the
'evil, and would confidently , recommend DOC.
TOR' WILLVS agreeable rembdy as oesses
Abe best now Were the publie; , as it pose with
curative powers of .a ltigh• order, unit may with.
entire safety be given tti children. Apply to ,
de012,6 w. 'S,EL IA Agt. •
• & cbA., : xpress.
. ,THFc eublicribei ia' *agora: for thieCompany,,
and all packaged •thafarciely at ` storehie wil l
be attended to with 'caret/ and' diepatch.'-'rhe'
Expreesleavee - everyinornintlit 4 - o'clockt-and
arrives at-4 - '
LT, iki,,MARTI
AN, OrtitYoh',
Philosophical 'Soda
lege, Pl3iiiigylvirsia; tlf,r4 849i' at :; a
citizen oI oließorcingh;should be vitli'ouit'a_cop,*
crlieri it con' be had for ^12.1r-'aents hrtalling - at
rr. TIN' S NW:MAR Cheap Adak Storo -, . • root
• '
111 S- ' , itooortrnent of La r
"'diei•Secikle . dr ietioue'ecilcirs;e LICh
thierlet,.Cherty, , Gthy,' Naz," Blue, Sky
•Ble,e :Bleak; &o. Ilep50) I.G• HITN
OntkBUSHEI,.43 , OF ,‘ CLO
ell/17 1 7 for , oft,lo; r
noir'r -
(.A., S.—A fine lotjti.t• z - 4 and for
1.7 mile; by bort or,rotail at - ItUBBARDII,
Thvg:4-Vdriaty Store
' :
Y a. COB,
I told my wife a secret—
" And did she keep iti" say you.
Ahi therein lies the moral, man,
To which give heed, I pray you
She kept it but an hour or two—
She then put on her bonnet,
And called upon her Cousin Sue,
— That - bottfmighttomment on it
Aloe 1 era half the day was o'er,
Most dearly did I rue it-t
She told it to a dozen more,
And theV to others talked it o'er ;
I Mend an coming from my store
That all ;he village knew It.
Holiness of Heaven.
How vain meal-be our hope of entering
into Heaven, if we have no present delight
in what are said to be its joys. A Christian
- iTt . liThTs -- hapirmtirils in holintlisa. • When he
looks forward to Heaven, it is the hoboes oil
the scene and association, on which he faa.
1 tens as affording its happiness. He is not in
love with an Arcadian paradise, with the
green pastures, the flowing waters and dirt
minstrelsy of many harpers., He is no!
I dreaming of a bright island, where he shall
meat Iris buried kindred, renew demand
charities, and again live human Itle, in all
but its cares, and, tears and partings. "Be,l
ye holy, for I am holy"—thia le the pikepl
attempted-contormity_to which_ is the, bOsif
ness of a Christian's life on earth—perfec
conformity to which shall be the blessednerel
Hof - Heavem - -Let - urtickerheed that - We de4
ceive not ourselves. • The apostle speaks of
"tasting the powers of the world to come,' ,
as though Heaven were to begin on this 810
the grave. We may be enamored of Hear
von, because we think that "there the wick-,
ed cease from troubling, and the weary ern
ate at rest." We may be enchanted with ,
,the poetry of its descriptions and faseinuterf
by the brilliancy of its colorings, as the even,
gelist John, relates his visions, and sketelie.l
the scenery, on which he was privileged ttt
gaze. But all this does not prove' lista . ' that
high road to Heaven. if it, be Heaven
ward' which we journey, it will be harms,'
in which we delight; for if we cannot nowt,
rejoice in having God for our portion, wherm
is our rneetness fur the world, in which Goci
is to be all in all, forever rind forever?—Melp
rifle's Bible Thoughts.
01::FA gelatine Arkansas patriot, MI
the high ptessuroMrder s has bpen to Wirshi
ington City, and writes home to. the For , l
Smith (Ark.) Herald. His views ot personu
and thingi,are thus expressed :
" Clay, Webster, Cathode and others, min .
gled with and received the warm-hearted
congratulations of the multitude.—Clay, calm,
dignified, affable to all, surroUticied by a halt.
of intellectudl grandeur and statemariship 4
towering high to the imagination like soMet
gigantic light house, while the waves ot the;
a orld broke at its feet. Webster, to dui
mind's eye, is like the Irowning battlement'
and bulwarks of a nation's strong hold, o!
like some dark old engine- of a thousanti
horse power, which stands ready to rush lik4
a whirlwind into collision with any power
earth that dare lilt a finger on this republic,.
'Calhoun is like a fiery comet that come]
blazing fiontthe south, and wheeling alolj
leaves undying coruscations in its pathway,
lighting up the past and beaconing th.)
future. 11 there is a greater ten miler
square upon the habitable globe, and even ni
remote, and yet. undiscovered, tha,
this, upon which stands the federal city 01l
these United States, it is not laid down oil
the chart of Ihe,,nritverse, or do papers at all
speak ot it."
Cominervitil observed that the Spaniards, iu
the first settlement of America, governed b! ,
a spirit of rapacious avarice, seized upon
unoflending natives, 6ObjeClOa them to alai
very, and compelled them to perform labo'
in gold and silver mines, to which their he,
bits and constitutions were unsuited. Thil
suffering caused by this treatment is said til
have exceeded that of any system of slaVery
which ever existed; and many of :he phils
anthropists of that time engaged themseivet
in plans for Its amelioration. Among them,
LAB CAPAS was particularly distinguished fol
his zealous eflorts. Prompted by the moss
benevolent motives, lie proposed the plan of
purchasing persons already enslaved in AM,
ca, who ware better fitted, by constitution, Itl
endure the' labor of mining. His plan Jval
adopted, and, 'for the 'object in view, wal
found successful, but it fastened upon thiq
country the greatest evil of modem times.
KrTito expreSsion of Mi. Calhoun ilia:
we aro now_ living under a despotism an
absolute as that of the Autociat of Russia, re
mintlaos of a story we once - heard. A yan.t.
lieu was conversing with un Englishman, and
anavvermg the vat ious questions put 'to -- hint'
about tlijs country. Vitally the Ettglishinaii :
4clainied, attar obtaining all the infol:ma•C
non, he could about our goVeinmenty
,"Well I
you Yankees, unisibe a very miserable pet-,1
plis." This - was a new ides to the Yankee,).
'Who.after rioitaideting the natittiiri'sh'ort‘titnefil.
kaotr) it" ',So it.iswiiitb.US poor :oniUtilsni./. 1 -!ill
, ,
we are living unuer a' , itespotism,, , we,
.umbellilerous.plaint;to Persia . The , root re
of ti
'ki transversely - tliit
.aialastide:,vixtufint;;in.."iho, form ot ,white
':'Ot . “BOy .why .;don't you go
.'.Bekaee, eir, daddy'ts
thing, now, Lehatet:.hztvi3lAn,ilitY,)l(,jc,4aPq .
when yearned In gel
F 'd . F r '
Otr:WhP r i , a . : lna ttirO a rq l t°,li'e.9ollcent F.
what ho ha ~;thetq lOttio*,iih
O N . leep
;', •
tri3:432,p:'44 ,
except when , pleases (n aright torrh.ep
Adinfssiois of St ates.
The moeit by which States have been
,admitted into the Union have been so vari•
otis, says the Saltniore American, that there
seems to be no specific rule upon the sub-.
ject. The Constitution prescribes no formu
la. It simply says that "new States may
he admitted by the Congress into this Union,
but no new State shall be - formed or erected
within the jurisdiction of any -other State ;
nor any state be formed by the junction of
two or more States ur parts of States without
the consent of the Legislatures of the States
concerned as well as of the Congress."—
Thertls an implied condition that , the form
of government of every State shalthe'repub
lican—animplication which grovis out of
the provision of the fourth section of Article
Fourth, which. declares that "The United
States shall guarantee to every State in this
Union a republican form of government."
• .
We find in the New Orleans Picayune a
particular account of the admission of each
new State, since the establishMent of our
national independence. -- Vormorit was --- the
first. She was received in 1791. NO con
stitution was submitted
. to Congress or in
quired for by that body. In fact the 'pertna
cent constitution of the new State was not
made until 1793. Kentucky come aext
fler territory once belonged to Virginia, but
web detached 133 act of the Legislatu e of
Virginia in 1789. In 1791 an act of 'on-
items directed that Kentucky should o
first day of June, 1792, "be received a
milted into the Union as a new and
member of the United States of Ammii
The State constitution was not framed hen
the act ef admission was passed. '
The third State was Tennessee, formed
out of territory ceded by North Carolina to .
the United States on condition that it should
l?ecenie a State. The people of the Territo
ry framed a Constitution in 1796, submitted
it to Congress,and the State was admitted.—
This was the first State Constitution ever
submitted to Congress with an application for
Ohio- was/the lohrth of the new States—
"the first" says the Picayune, "formed of
ten itory to which boundaries were affixed
and previous governments assigned by the
`exclusive authority of the Unitid State's." If
constituted the Eastern District of the North
%Western Territory, to all of which the ordi
nance of 1787 applied. The act of admis
sion, which was passed in 1803', recited that
the people of the Eastern District of the
North West Territory had formed for them
selves a Constitution and State GoVernment,
"whereby the said State has become one of
the United States." The phraseology is no
ted as peculiar.
Louisiana, Indiana, Missiisippi, Illinois,
and Alabama were admitted severally in the
order named, and in the case of each Mare
was a previous act of Congress authorizing
the calling 01 a convention to organize a
State government.
, Maine, originally a part of Massachusetts,'
came in as the tenth New State. It appears
that there mas no action of Congress
previointly in her case; but the Legislature of
Massachusetts gave consent in 1819 that the
people of the District of Maine should an m
a State Constitution. This was done and the
State of Maine was admitted in 1820.
Misseuri;•the eleventh in order, formed
out of the Louisiana territory, applied for
leave to form a State Constitution; and it
was upon this application that the restrictive
clause &morning slavery was attempted to
be applied. This gavb rise to the Missouri
comprbmise, and upon the adjustment of all
conflicting matters the State was declared a
State of the Union in 1821 by the President's
Arkansas and Michigan were admitted by
one act of Congress in 1836—the former
without condition, the latter prospectively—
there being some questions of boundary in
volved. • The constitutions of both Status
were made by conventions of the people
without any previous action of Congress.—
The same was the case with Florida, which,
was a condition relative to boundary applied
o lowa which she did not comply with in
form, but did sbbstanthilly. by presenting a
new Constitution, which being accepted by
Congress she cattle into the Union in 1846.
The mode of the admission of Texas is fa
miliarly known. Wisconsin, the last of the
new States, went through the regular form
of Tsrrhorial organization - and formed its
State Constitution under authority of an act
of Congress.
We taco conden'sed these particulars from
the Picayune and doubt of their hc.
Curacy. It will be seen that the. application
of California, under the Circumstances other
Cape, is not without' precedents. Congress
has generally been,, very,.jiherally, disposed
towards new States;applying lot admission.,
showing'illingness le recognize and rat
deings:oi lhe . !people in the 'territM,
EXPENBIVE Georgia - paper
makes the,iblioiing , extrind'and comment:-
- the KenitiokyiCintiantieri one man
spoke .;op ;tirrois another,,lBo, and another
There 'were, a few members in the
Georgia Legislature who beat the above
1)0°4. 7 :it ie estiMatiiiihaVene gentleman
made on, an average ifteo . en.spepolkeiinik,cirtir
for eightyaven days, ,being „six. hundred and
nine speeches-daring the einnilon . l:,' : =The . coat
01, these istieintei'te . ',iiipeisery,;ehnld . not
dollars.:, :7 4!".
girlanly nine: years of age,
inA- ' ••
explain i th 9 .13 1 C , 4 9, 1 ,9 4 9 t 4 1 ,' A Y4 4 #4. 1 . 1 .• i n l j jß .
,Vartiv—mA soft ' answer tarnatli'away
and'altar a Milo hasilation; made.,lntr.follovr
' IP/1 en ii* . dr:
plaiire'rnalaiii, when bady well jaws a
w. body EitlT'yoiLitotisn'frining ai )ern