Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, January 09, 1850, Image 3

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n TerMs--^"rwo Dollars a year, or Me Dollar '4ad
Fiftg Genii, if . punctually paid in .44vance.
p 1 , s if paid within the year. ••
1)r - The Executive Committee announces to
'the citizens of Carlisle, that the THIRD
LECTURE_ of the Course be delivered in
Educatiotf'Eall, on Thrtraday..evening, the 10th
of January, inst. by Dr. Wm. it MASSEY, of Bal
timore. Sulnect7—The Triumph of Truth. Ad.
mission for Ladies, Free. Gentlemen's Tick•
ate 12j cents each. The proceeds, after paying
expenses, to ho appropriated to the relief of the
Poor. Lecture to coin:hence at 7 o'clock.
. .
John B Parker, Wm. H
James Hamilton, William Batt,
Samuel Elliott, nail] Skiles,
Dr. Ii Hinckley, ..Irnistrong Noble,
Juson W Eby, E. Beatty,
S. A. Coyle, James Smith,
Executive Committee.
pr - -The pbetical favor of our rkew
correspondent in Papertown.eholl apricot in
our next
Third Lecture.
'II:IbAS twill be soon bylo'the notice of the
committee in to day's paper, tho third "lecture
of the course which has been commenced will
be delivered by Dr. Wm. R. MASSEY, of Balti
more. Bubject:—The niumph of Truth. Dr.
Massey boats a distinguished reputation in
Baltimore as a - lecturer, and in the Lecture to
bo delivered in Carlisle will introduce a sub
ject to which he has paid particular attention,
—that of Biertricity,—in which be will notice
important principles, heretofore almost entire
ly overlooked or neglected, showing the pecu
liar efficacy of electricity in the treatment of
diseases, by which any - required action in the
system can be produced or undue action retar
ded, and depending so entirely on the purlieu
tar modification, that they who suppose the
virtue thereof to consist in the mere operation
of an electrical machine- or galvanic battery,
will immediately - see their'error. On this sub
ject Dr. Massey delivered. a series of Lectures
in Baltimore, in4he early part of the winter,
which were list f enedlo and won the approbation
uwded Attencesr — We trust that ho wrlr
be greeted by 4 full house here.
We shall-nut undertalte to giyit any sketch
or extended notice of the various Lectures
which shall be delivered in the present course
as we could not do so, in the limited space we.
have, with either justice to the lecturers or
benefit to ourreaders. We hope, rather, that
our readers in town will attend them and hear
for themselves. -The two Lectures which have
already, been delivered were of the highest.nhar
actor of excellence. The last Lecture by Rev.
Mr. - Wrmo, on the elements and formation of
Character, was listened to with deep interest,
replete as it was with strong thoughts and
sound instruction on a subject of the highest
importance to the young particularly. While
such lectures are our community it
will be a source of deep mortification indeed,
should there ho any falling off from crowded .
"...Anodic:ices on each occasion. The paltry price
of admission can certainly prove no hindrance
to a large attendance, especially when the fund
so raised is devoted to the roller of our many
suffering fellows, to whose calls wo duonot turn
a deaf car. Wo hope therefore to see a large
turn-out at the luturo lectures.
- The kirt number of the fourth volume of the
Home Journal, published by Morris &
in the city of New Ybrk, ha , ,been received.—
The Journal is chiefly edittrd by N. P. Willis,
and sparkles with the dashing and elegant i re
ductions of his pen. There is nu paper we can
more confidently recommend to our lady
friends, who wish to keep posted up in the say
ings and doings of refined city life, or new
things appealing in the musical or literary
world. Subscription $2 a year, or three copies
for $5. We will take pleasure in forwarding
• ‘Ve have the first number of a new pa.
per culled the Clinton Tribune, published at
Lock Haven, Clinton county, by A. J. GREER .
It makes a creditablo appearance, and deserves
The Reading Journal comes to tie in a new
dress; making an exceedingly neat appearance.
It is one of the best Whig exchanges on. our
Thu Reading Gazette, o well conducted dent
emetic paper, appears in an enlarged and im
proved form.
• HORSE STEALI.NO.—A fellow who came
a passenger in the stage from Baltimore to thin
place on `Saturday night last, called at the 'Liv•
ery Stable of Mr. George W. 111110/1, on Sunday
afternoon, and hired a valuable riding horse,
with saddlifand bridle, which it appeals lie
has made utl with. 1t seemshu. is a dischar
ged soldier of the U.. 8. Army, and when he
came here pretended to have very important
business at the Garrison. The animal he 'kook
is a handsome black mare, about nine or ten
years old and fourteen hands high—a sprightly
and spit iled animal, 'She has a dear on her
right shoulder from the rubbing of 11,0 collar
land another on the heel of the fiuut foot caused
by Oh cork. The nutne * of the thief us it tip
poured on the Siege wny•bill h Henry West,
and under this name ho served at ono lime in
the Army. He has Imweter assumed other
osnames such as Watson and Janet, at various
times. The above descripti in.of the horse is
'given in the hope that it may lead to the detec
tion and Meg of the scamp.
GREAT Portx.—An . immense Hog,
weighing 659 pounds, was slaughtered last
IN ii by David and Abr'm Ditiow, of South
M dleton township. He was raised by them,
an tether goes ahead of anything in the pork
lino that we liar lately hoard of, viler fibre or
id.l.lhe Carlisle Bank property,_ in
thi; berough,, y'eletien4itts been purchased,
the Carlisle Deposit Bank, which institution.
now *occupies its, hpiniougt paid ' o:it:!,vits:
half what it.cost. I- •
• — . •
I:.c - Tht) odttor of the Len . tcasteriii,n, who
pooro to hayoin
uoh' ooliottudo in•relotioo to the:
approaching -
Pfurriohuig,to' hithrfitod that Porn tiotlancl coun.
ly .18 not indi afoot. td 06 matter,- lint: hoe al•
reudy r nlii444:ii:&;:ilOlpeato'bi , t4 tiist:t„p‘oiivon•
ryern ern: ii : tiiblo Siiciet3; iti isfa w
V'"l: , ,lrif;nipl 4 e pitit.th4-'farid;3 ':ut,,tliinir , • diBPcki
owl 4if Ct. l9tidcalmija;t:ii':. , .., - ..e:iii . e': iiiarealiii!g,lii:
''tici ft;r 1 ttiV ili'itl,fift,tir',ell';',:,', 4
,r,iin'r - nib
n rd .
nimicoii , :liwicl: ii.' is. , itutod 1113:.q, fact, ji,,lees:thati
it, ha bp'ottifqr ii. ii,,oti9d .: O r: tWenty 3iiijciiiliti .s ii , ip
a,f,i;ti'u'i ? r no;to ~ fron':,"iiiiii. . , insfitili- . 1 4 ; *ii
, r i ng i I'l'4: #ipiiiii:ii l iF.l . . i . Ayo§ .- ,,.!;;f8 , ,: 0p,89 ~4.:
'F', : dni'kitiUatT,,lA, i ,l,4S",Noitetnt)44'4pth'... , ,ttio,;:it a i
~.cci"tiniiii'l d . io $ 76 , 8 4 -4 i::! , '.i',;' :', 1 .) , ':' , ,t , ';N:.,; +! : ia.i .
,' ',' , ..,' :':.1,,,,
'f,l , 0:77:Afir';(36,14',1; 41 . 10r0ii ;:rififolcitipti„,„ r io ,riot
ti. 6 lY,‘,l o .lThqs.. :
~':' '
,',... v.t.r,,,,‘
--The London United,Snrifiee 9tizetin hail row.
eons for "bOldly, anno uncing that this question
offabandoning Canada, as a Biitislinelcini, hue
Wen the most absorbing , topic, (with - theClibi.
nut,) and we learn from autlibrity in which' we
ore apt to place firm reliance; that - it hee been
all het determined togine up Canada as a da
dependency of the British•Croten." .
There i.Vss county, Michigan, a large set
tlement o olored people; moStly from the
Southern States. They have a fine locutton,
woll tilled farms, neat and comfortable cotta.
ges and buildings, and livo an industrious and,
happy - life. •
Setiaie of Ohio succeeded in Er
locting a sorgoarit-at-arms, on the 29th ult., af
ter 138 ballots. The successful candidate was
L. L. Rice, free seller, of Columbus. Though
both branches of the legislature are now organ
ised, and have been, organized and unorgan
ised, a month in session, no message from the
executive has yet boon received.
FROM NEW MEXICO.-001. Monroe, the
new Military Governor of of New Mexico, has
arrivcd-a4Sania-Vo.----lie-hae 7 orderod-all- the
troops in the territory to remainin it, and has
also - expressed his intontion . not to Interfere in
the civil administration of the territory as
found by him upon his entrance, but to give
it nll that support which it may require at his
THE HOMARIANB.—On Monday, Count
Ujhazi,. late Governor of Comoro., attended
by his family, Mdlle,"Jagelli, and fourteen. of
the Hungarian immigrants, fook - the initial
oath in New York of their intentions to be
come citizens of the United , States. They
declared that they could not do a better act
to close the year with, than by 'taking the
oath of allegiance to the people and govern
ment of the United States, who had received
them with such Unbounded hospitality.
SAD DISASTER.—The N. York packet
ship, Caleb Grimshaw, was destroyed by
fire on the 12th of November, on her way to
Liverpool. She had on board lour hundred
passengers, nearly all of whom were saved
bjhlie timely apploach of a British vessel,
which rendered assistance. -Betweenrfifty
nod sixty of the steerage passengers who
were on ono of the rafts, perished in the
catastrophe, nothing having been heard of
them alter they were cut adrift horn the
burning ship.
o:::rThe lion Masters of Matyland hare
bold a meeting for the purpose of applying to
Congress for more protection. The resolutions
are similar to those passed at Pittsburg. A
fixed specific duty, or a sliding scale of duties
is recommended.
Lit» £fn.rkct~.
PHILADELPHIA, Mbnday, Jan. 7.
Flour is . very dull, and without inquiry for export.
Shipping brands arc held at 65 pgr brl. but sales are
only in a small way for home use nt ssas 50 for com
mon and extra brands.
Rye Flour—No sales. ;We quote nt *287 per brl.
Corn Meal is steady, wltbaulee of 300 brle, Penn'a
at .5275
Crain—None arriving, and the only sale we find to
notice iq 2000 bushels old Southern yellow corn at
62c in store.
/On the 20th ult. in Miflin tp., Mrs. LYDIA
JAcon, in the 65th year of her age. She died
of n liligerinu disease, which she bore with
chrunian fortitude through life, and died with
the happy expectation of a joyful resurrection.
New 'Muertisettents,
THE subscriber has •just received a
large and splended assoriment of !Sleigh
loose and on strups,embracing Neck and
Martingale straps, with open and round Bells,
also Body straps, single and double rows.
A lan, on hands, Sleigh, Sulkey, and riding
whips, Ivory, and Whale bone handles.
Jan. 7,1850-3 t. HENRY SAXTON.
• 'Molasses and Syrup.
ciltriAß (louse, Syrup, and Orleans (baking)
OLMolasses of flrliristS4rtrgliria"'-
A small lot of No, 2, in half barrels, and No.
1,-in quarter barrels, also
Jro Salo at
Curlisle Jun. 7, In)
John Walloimer anil Son.
(Successors to Funk and Mitter.)
Forwarding and Commission Merchants, and
agents for the Central Rail Road, Wholesale
Dealers in Groceries, Produce, Coal, Plaster,
Salt, Fish, Nails, Bacon, Powder, &c, Harris
burg Pa.
—Ann. 1 IRgl.
roa . RENT
A TWO story Stone HOUSE, on Ups south
MI corner of High and East streets, oedupied
by Wrn. Reilly. Possession given on the tst
of Aril. RAI HENDERSON, 'I. ,
For Rent.
TIIE Store-room and cellar now
In the occupancy of the subscriber,
in west Main street, is offered for
rent. This is a desirable stand
4 ;::ti.! 1111
. •
_Toi• business. Possession given
runiedistely, or on the let of April neXt. and
the stock of goods now, in the store will be die.
posed of ut tile same time, on reasonable terms
Apply to (jan2) I. .WORMLEY.
among the best,stands in (It bozough,
UP n largd'and commolious HOU E, situate
2 ... on High street, neer thecentro square,
rcitm nearly opposite Burkholder's Hotel
,' , q a formerly occupied by Mr. Carmony
as a Sue; and now in the occupancy of Wm.
'l'. limier. There are thirteen apartments in
the House, undo cellar under cll.
Also, a Frame House with Stone Kitchen, hay
ing ti rooms and two cellars, si mite on Church
Alley. Possession given on the Ist of April
next. For terms apply to.
For Rent.
THE two lower rooms and cellar
8 , of tho house which I now occupy,
in Hanover street, adjoining N W.
Aoki I` Woods' dry good store. Theroome
Would be euttable•for.amoffice and
ehambor, or if thrown. together would make a
' . . 'TOR RENT. • •
.I'o4 11.EN3 , and , poseepelon
Elven on the let .of Ap_rit_noAt_
the two story Brick .Dib ; elling
Aretise'soutli of. the 141.".E.Churolt,
at,preeeni occupied by Dr.. Raw-
'.rorterms apply to
Aige for!Tru,stees.' ;
docl9 •
; • Dye ng .and, Scpuing.
ILLIA.M BLAIR, in Loutherttreet,
Ir . ll noar tho Colloife'dyee'Ladieennd 'Gentle
apliarrol; eli.oolereinnd,werrante-ell,work'
to be sat lefictory. •'hio linp respeotfully.l
eolidited: ' ' • Iteri2.'46
Rags Wanxedl,
"ME hig,heat:. price be paicl;(in or int'.
paileri by the, subscriber.for:gobd 'RAPS. ....The
rage ,may' bo dalivereCat the' Paper five', 1
ini on m o,lrijaje. , orat.t.he.Nttrehoitee of Mr.'
Jtieob "Rheontiln • )
. .
;i . .. 7 :: f ... ,1 :, ,,, .57,...5a014.171anti - ei5:,, , 5 , , , ..,, ,,,,, ./,..1.,
Itisv, , ..i'oo:ucieit.-,:ctk ,, Aoilattiik:ri!cf'..,Ltili',-p
.- ,:',l,ll4•stikk,'Eliliqi3ll3 qt - ,ki,iiii6iii4iOliiiii;'ithohA::
.. 44 . ..06 - iiiiii,.6,..;: - cii•e#)"!;;','Grily_ . , , ' Nitt; .:l - : Blie';'• SkY:ti ,
- IT,:i,- - : , ,:.=:" . • , :..=r': . : , :.Razit'PWanttiti;:',.;? , ,,...i.,,,..,
ri,ll - 111 . :ailiiidirlIcdi:;iViif.iiitOlisi'liltificiatininn'in':i.,
Aly. 4 CAtillrfcie:lt NOS in ti ny 'quantity deli ifind . :
.. f life'sinin'in'Ourliale , ' , :'- , O , IIAWNITZ ' "
•: -, ..•;;;'8. , ),;.';':: . ':'"..::,',', - -
Bells, Bells.
lista 'counts,
"i:,0,,* 49 ,0:00#i4f ;:'. 1 .
RICH :81i EL'EGAN'T' .)300,C,ifikFANdy''GOODS.
4 r r4IAYERSTICK'S4, -
Cat oPereedit this 'file :and kno bin
establishthent; The most'sp endid aesortm%nt, of
richlrembellished and superbly illustrated,An
limits. Gift-Books, and. Poetical Works, toge
ther with an elite - naive Variety of ,CHILD
REN'S PICTORIAL. BOOKS, for children
of all ape, suitable ae presents for the Holy
daya. His assortment in this line is the finest
he has ever presented, and cannot fail to please,
as well in` thetettuty ofirP books as in their
lie has also ju s t opened a splendid
assortment of
which it would be impossible to enumerate in
an advertisement, but which comprise otery
variety of elegant lancy articles, of the newest
styles and latest designs. Ho would call par
ticular attention to his choice supply of PER.
FUMES, from the celebrated establishments
of Roussel, Hanel and others, with 'Fancy
Soaps and every article desired for the toilet.
Also, Musical Instrumdnis, Ladies and Gen
tlemen's Cutlery, in great variety, Gold Pens
and - -Pencils; - Pore Monnais, Walking Canes.
Baskets in great variety, and the moat elegant
assortment of Girandoles, Flower Vases,
either for lard or burning fluid, which has ever
been presented in this borough. Also,
VRD. FRUITS, NUTS and an innumerable
variety of other articles, which it is impossible
to mention, in detail, but which comprise-al—
most every article which can be risked for in
the line of fancy goods, ik.c. Tho public are
especially invited to call and see them during
the Holydays. Remember the Old Stand;
North Hanover Street.
Christmas and New Year Gifts.
NAMELY Card Cases, Velvet Bags, Silk
Purses, Porte Mottnais, Cigar Cases,
Brushes in great variety, .Fancy Inkstands -and
Paper Holders, Fancy Boxes, ColOgne, Ex
tracts, Pomade Divine, Toilet and Pearl Pow
der, Boar's Oil, Puffs and Puff Boxes, Eau
Lustral Shavi m Cream, great variety of Combs
Ivory Rattles, Chess Boards, Note Papers and
Envelopes, Imported Sugars by the Box, Rai
sins and 'Figs by the Box, Candies and Secrets
at 181 cis per lb., citrop at 31 cis. per lb., and
a great vatiety of articles too numerous too
mention, at reduced prices for cash at Dr RAW
LINS' Drug Store... Main Street. (decl3
Ho! Pon THE Hozazimrs - r
Kri : ss Xingle's Head-Quarters, Carlisle, Penn
s the place where Country Merchants and
I the public in general, will find the largest,
and best assortment of
ever'offer offered in this county, manufactured
of the best material expressly for the Holidays,
and will be sold wholesale or.retail at the Old
Stand of the subscriber, North Ilanov-.r street,
a few doors north of the „Bank, where all are
ittvited to call and examine for themselves, as I
it would be impossible to mention all the yeti
tittles. He would also call attention to a large
assortment of Fruits and Nuts, consisting of
Figs, Pruens, Grapes, Citron, Dateti,Almorfds,
English Walnuts, Cream Nuts, Filberts, ?ea
Nuts, Cocoa Nuts, &c. In connecrion with
the above he has'lust received a ,largo assort•
ment of English, French and American
consisting in part of fine French Card and Sew
ing Baskets of entirely new patterns, Fancy
Boxes, of wood, paper and glass, Wax and
other Doll•heads, Kid and Jointed Dolls, Bas
ket, bell, bone and cthet Rattles, Games and
Puzzles of the latest style, Furniture tea sets,
nine in boxes, fiddles, guitars, pianos, accolde
ons, harmonicans, drums, guns, and other arti
cles of war Glass end China toys,fmantle or
nnments, 'l7ols in boxes, woolly dogs, wagons
and wheelbarrows, tubs, cradles, Nouh's Arks
masks, marbles of all kinds, fancy sonpi, Co.
ox marrow, shaving cream,' hair ond
clbthee Brushes, &c. He has also.on haled a
prime lot of
consisting Q f Coffees. Tras, Sugars, Molasses,
Crackers, Cheese, Spices of all kinds and in
fact all articles in tote Grocery line, which will
be disposed of at the lowebr rates.
Orders from a distance thankfully received
and promptly attended to
Carlisle, dee 12,49
THE subscjiber respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally, that he has
just returned from Philadelphia with the largest
and most Wended assort ment.of Watches, Jew
elry, &c., ever be,iore offered to the citizens of
this place.
His stock consists in part of, a splendid lot ol
Gold and Silver Lever Watches, Gold and Sil
ver Lepino do. with a variety ol \Vetches of
lower prices, Gold guard Chains, Gold and
Silver Pencils, a splendid assortment of gold
pens of most approved manufacture, Silver
littler Knives, Silver and plated Spoons, fine
Silver plated Forks, a large and splendid lot of
Gold and Silver Spectacles . ,(he invites particu
lar attention to this article of spectacles, as he
can warrant (hem to be the best on this side of
Philadelphia,) Common Spectacles of all prices
a Irmo and beautiful assortment of Gold, Fin
ger and Ear Rings, all prices; Breastpins, a
great variety, Watch Keys, Fob and Vest
Chains, Silver and shell Cord cases, n very su
perior article, Silver 'thimbl'es, Silver combs,
cake Baskets, with a great variety of other tar
tides in his line, net necessary to meniion,
lie invites all to call and examine his stock
assured that it canna' fail to please, both in
quality and pica T •CONLYN.
Superior Groceries,
TILE subscriber begs leave - to inform his
friends and the public in general, that he has
just returned from the city, with a large and
general assortment of FRESH G ROCE
RIES, all of which ho is prepared to sell at a
very email advance. His stook is composed of
a general assortment of everything in the Gro•
eery lino, embracing in part Teas. Coffees, Su
gars, Molasses, Spices, Tobacco and Cigars,
Queonsware and Glassware, Fish and Salt,
Crackers and Clidese t Fruits, Nuts and Can
dies. Pine and Etherial Oils. Fluid Lamps,
Hams and Dried Beet, Beans, White Corn,
Vinegar, Toys, Matches. Brushes, &c
Persons will find it to their advantage to Wye
me a call, as I ant determined to soli nt very
moderato profits Don't forget the stand, South
Hanover street next door to Hannan's (late Esh
leman's Hotel, and within two doors of the Vo
lunteer Prinnting Office
dead '49 g, IMHOFF, Algt
THE subscriber has just oponed another lot
of Muffs, varying from to $l2, also a
few Childrens'
Just opened a fresh. assortment of Ladies
Green Kid Gloves, of best quality, with n vari
ety of Ladies and Childrons Cashmere Gloves,
of eli sizes.
• Just opened n large assortment of figured silk'
velvet Ribbons for Ladies dresses, Neck Rib
bons, also Jenny Lind and other Gimps, of all
colors, with a variety of other Fancy Goods.
• . W, lIITNER. •
:COU : (.1 . 11S-.7,1.' - OLDS:;
Dr. Wileps.Cough Candy.
W it the season:- for COUGHS and
Ol• COLDS. When public - assemblies are
nu frefluently disturbed by the Couilli of.some
suflbring in We. &emit rather an-act
of Charity to edyert to tiny alleviation, of the
evil, and.would confidently , recommend'DOC.
TOft WILbY'S agreeable remedy as'ertellof
the boat now before .t he public, as 11.1ft:wages
curative powera of a high • order, and', rinity.with
entire safety, be liven to children..., Apply to
decll,ow • S. ELLIOTT, Sole r9gen(.
,tOOTSI,4I. — ND — SHOtrt; . "' -7-
Itt. M, 'OOII.IIER. :has just received a
large and elegant 'assortment of fleets
gind Shope t 'euited to the present season, among
whklt.tire Men and Boye- Thick :Boots, Kip,
and Calf do., Gum Shoes, Buffalo Over Shoes,
&0.. •Ladies' Gaiters,. Buskine, Elippars - laati
oi Leather, Morocco And .Kid.nindeAn
the latest style. Also, :a largo supply of Melia')
and Childreus Gaitory, Boots and.Ouskins;"
Every dfsacription•of work'•made to order as
4 ‘ .
Call arfierter' s Shoe StOre; Main street,oppo
eV°, the:Methodist,Chureh,
.% [doel2,q9
. .
43135114"' 'OF:, ;gr.. OVE It SEE)?
solo. A 11.F.IGLE. •
,Mee an tesbu rg n ovl' tF. . :
• ,I.vkr,o VII7I',I3I)TEAMS, ituotrek,
lotirt.yetivoldoi!onit lo suit:' - ' z'Appl at:
!Mount Hol)7,,Oflouth Nidaotoo
• - .:J,i,v I :IIROWN &; GIVE
JANS?.Drud &• Irmot'SjOrit, Afollv:Strepi
. ,
eIIGrARS.z.i•IA prima Icieof ,
on)ltattd;..'U'A: STURGEON;
, • Wi t t; Iv •
. .
~.V. l r,viz";:Prasident, . Judge Of the . several:
Courts of Com mon..Pleali Ihe..:conntios of
,Cllllll3O Hand; Parry and - julilata,'ln'Penokilira-!
rile and Justice'dl"-Ahd.severalDenitis of-.oYer :
and Terminer:and General lan Delivery' in'
said counties.scied"Hom JOhn' *nen and 'John;.
Clendenin, Judies'of 'court of,Oienv hint
Terminer and General Jail
,-Eelivery fbr , the ,
trial of all capital and other offenders, inlhe
said county of Cumberland, by their precepts td
me directed, dated the 19th day of N0v...1849,
have ordered the Courrof Oyer and Terminer.
and GenoralJail Delivery, to be holden alCitr",
lisle.on the 2d Mtinday of January, next,
(being the 14th day)'ert 0 o'clock in thefore;
noon, to continue two weeks.
NOTICE is therefore hereby given, team
Coroner, Justices of the Peace and Cobstablcs
ofthe said county ofCumberland, that they are
by the said precept commanded to be thedend
there in.their. proper parsons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions,-examinations, and all
other remembrances, todo those things which
traheiroffices apportaln to be done,and all those
that' arebound by recognizanc's, to prosecute
(against the prisonersthat are or then shall be
in the Jail of said county,'are to be there to
prosecute them as shall be j Mkt,
Df VID SMITH, Sheriff.
, -
lil t
, • • a 4, 4 4 : n' , sl
---Appr A 1850.•
_r_ 11±M_gqinirpiltioj_ig mherlind,County
-1 - have - 1116U uporith fellosehig,lime and pla
ces, for holding the Appeals on the;lnsole!.
Assessmeht for yeurs 1850-51-52—for he sev
eral ToWnships and Boroughs in said County,:
to Witt
For Nowvillo, 28th of January at the public
house of Sr. Rupley, Newvillo.
• For Newton, 28th or January, 1850, at tho
public house of S. Rupley, Nowvillo.
For Mifflin, 29th olJanuary, 1860, at tilt pub
lic house of S. Ruploy, Newville.
For Franktord, 29th of January, 1850, at the
public house of S. Rupley Newville.
For Hopewell, 30th Januapy, 1850, at the
public house of D. Mowry, Newburg.
For Shippensburg Bor. 31st January, 1850, at
the public house•of Zuck,. Shipptlnsburg.
For Shippensburg Tp. 31st January, 1850 at
the public house of C. Zuck, Shippensburg.
Southampton, Ist February, 1850, at the pUb.-
lio house of C. Zak - Sluppensburg.
West Pennsborough, 2d February, 1650, at
the public house of J.. Hoover, Mt. Rook.
—Par_Monroo,-4ilt_February, 1850, at the public
house ofJ, Paul, Cpurchtown.
For Silver Spring, sth February, 1850, at tho
public house of G. - Duey, Hoguesiown.
For East Pennsboiough, Gth February, 1850,
et the public house of 'S. Renninger. Bridge
For New Cumberland, Gth February, 1850,fit
the public house of S. Ronninger, Bridgeport.
For HampdeP,Gth February, 1850, at the pub
lic house of J. Reeser; Sporting Hill.
ForMechanicsburg, Bth February, 1850, at
the public house of J. Black, Mlchanicsburg .
For Allen 9th February, 1850, at the putilio
house of D. Sheafibr, Shepherdstowrh
For Dickensbn, II th February, 1850 nt -tho
public'house C. Hoffman, Stone Tavern.
For North Middleton, 12th February, 1850,
at the Commissioners Office, Carlisle.
For South Middleton, 13th February, 1950,
at the Commissioners Office,Carlisle.
For Nast-Ward, Carlisle,l t h February, 1850
at .he Comathsioners Office, Carlisle. .
For West Waid,..Carhsle, 15th February, „
1850, at the Commis4ioners Office, Carlisle:l
County Rates, Dollar Rate—St mills.
State Rates—Dollar Rate, 3 mills.
The return to be Made by the respective As—
sessors, at the times and places, determined.
upon for holding Appeals- for their respective
respective Township or Borough, at which time
the assessors will return the names of two res—
pectable citizens of their Borough or Township •
for the appointment of n Csdlector.
By order of the Commissioners,
Attest, WM. RILEY, Clk.
Commissioners Office.
Carlisle, 24th Dec. BRA°. S
Estate of John Snavely, Deed,
iETTEI?:S Testamentary on the Estate of
I John Snavely, deed. Into of Hampden
township, Cumberland County, have issued •in
due form of law to the subscriber residing in
said township. All persons indebted to said es
tate will make immediate payment, and those
having claims against it will present die same 'f
for settlement to JOHN RIJPP. t:
Executor of John Snively, decd ,t
Dee. 21.-6 t
Estate of James Irvin, dec'd.
LETTERS of Administration on the Estate
James Irvin, late of East Ponneborough
township, Cumberland county, deceased, have
been granted to tho subscriber, residing in the
same township. All persons having claims or
demands against the estate of said decedent
are requested to make known the same ssithont
Bolny, and those indebted to make payment im
mediately. s lABIt'III. COBLE,
An2.6wpd r.
Estate of Fied'k Goodyear, dec'd.
ETTERS Testamentary on the estate of'k Geodyear,late of Monroe township,
Cumberland county, deceased, have been grant
ed to the subscribers, residing in the same town
ship. All persons knowing themselves indebt•
ed to the said estate are required to make imme
diate payment, and Those having claims- to pre
sent them for settlement to
Estate of . Peter 'Witmer, deerd,
I,ETTERS Testamentary on the Estate of
4 Peter Whitmer, late of South kliddleton
township, Cumberland county, deceased, have
been graved to tho subscriber, residing in
Huntington township, Adams county. All
persons indebted to said estate are hereby no
tified to make immediate payment, and those
having claims to present them for settlempnt to
' dealt- WM R SADLER, Ear..
Estate of Nary Harlan,e , d.
LErTERS Testamentary on the Estate of
Mary Harlan, late of Stoughstown, Oum
berland county, dee'd., have been granted to
the subscriber, residing in the same place. All
persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims:to present them for settlement to
d0e12,6t Executor.
Estate of Isaac Lloyd, deeld.
LETTERS of Administration on the Estate
Isaac Lloyd, lute of Allentownship, dec'd.
have been granted to the subscriber residing in
same township. All persons !chewing them
selves indebted•to said estate to make payment
Immediately; and, those having claims to pre
sent them for settlement to
nov2B REUBEN STAR, 4h/I'r.
Estate of Michael Sear, :dec'd
estate of Michael Bear, Into of West Pennebo
rough township, Cumberland county; deceased,
have been issued in duo form of law to the Sub-
scriber, residing in the said township. All per
sore indebted to said ammo will make immedi
ate payment, and those having claimst against
thksame will present them' for
HENRY BEAR, Executor.
of Michael 'Bear, cd
Jan. 2 1850,-6t, ' "
ANIE to ilia promises 'of the:subscriber, in.
DiCkinson township, Curnbcrland county,'
on the,l9th,of December, 2849,
3omo of them ,hrwe marks and
GNU oothere`none:' 'One has died eiirel
' - rWerolaken un leayit g Tour'
liowiii . the:tieeso e'en of .tho subscriber.' ' 7.`het
owner is reeitestcd to"como `forward,proire pro.'
'peity,,pay Charges and take theM away, or they;
,will be:disposedacciiiding
,`-• :EMANUEL LINE. !'
4. - pgication. for Tavern,' likens - 6;k'
Iwo TI hereby , given : theft intend sap .•
.111: plying at ihe'eniming i'Terin of the: armory'
Court +' of • Quarter Sessimusys of :Cumberland;
comity, fore libense ,tayktierya base Of; Public
'pntertairiment-init heone": now; occupied'
in' the-Borough:of:
•;; ifit;N NA N'.; :
; • 1 1 "
Wer, : the- brideisignild; eitiiens; , octhe
War&in'the 13ckongtboriCarlIale3 noun.;
fy-Of Cumberland?,deiertifOhitsfwe are well; •
acquainted :with; the flan:we: pained •d; .14
HANNAN, •that';; of:good' ireniite'' Tor
:honesty and ; temOrance; ;and :is well; provided!
with house room and-Conveniences 'for: the'. ac-;
commodatinn9hfilitrobgetii:fmidiltravelers, and' .
that suchlen,Orytivern, is nueessarY; to; •nceo-i •
m4date:: thordb,ol4;Crifiiirtakk,.strangers' ands'
flughiGaullaghetia.hNehle; Geo. ( . 1
1 , 1T0b1eh1 , J0hn". 111 6141.11114,k-AwyNoblei'llimj
3iottl:yory'Suliori9i' rf4f.lhjSalad Oiljuse
°calved a!ia fot;ettio
. ir..i.' ,. .1• . ; - .5 ,,,,, , , i ,,.., =-3‘ . '?..! , . q1: ,1- ! , -
... . -,
4,,,....;, , :Zit0te6 , .; , :& , ;%;1540p.5 . :,,fi.-i
Oriat •Parga6lBl.
(lAN be expected frdm the suheitriber, as he
basjust reeeived (.new '
and uitlendid'as
sortmerW ofqIVINTER GOODS, which he
offers, to ,his customers and others whn may
favor him with a call at great Bargains!
satinets; velvet cords. Ky. jeans, .searlet,
low, White and Canton Flannels, tickings. mus
line, calico, cashmeres, de lanes, alpacas, Co
Inirg.cloths, gloves; hosiery, Irish,linen, corn
forts, dcc,
A large and splendid assortment of 'Long
and Square Shawls,. at all prices to suit the
times. •
_ - -
Also; Boots and Shoes, which he is determ
ined to sell low, at his stand, in North Deno- -
first store'bolow Haverstick's Drug Store.
ver street, Carlisle. J. G. CARMONY.
✓Vow offered at the CHEAP STORE of
Charles OgiEby.'
rinHE customers of this large establishmerii,
and the public in general, are respectfully
' informed that I am now receiving an immense
stock of the handsomest and - cheapest goods
ever brought to Carlisle.
, of every shade at greatly reclaim] prices.
A large lot. of Long Plaid Shawls from 3 to $ll
do. Squart
-- iVia - o - , --- RMETOTT - 6 -- ikbil, Crape, 'nib& and Elk;
mask Shawls of every style and quality.
A splendid assortment new style Ribbons which
will be sold very few.
A. beautiful stock of Cashmeres and Do Laines
at very low figures.
A very large assortment of Black and Colored
Alpachas, Figured, Plain end Satin Stripes.
A largo lot of Sack Flannels, very cheap.
A splendid .assortment of Figured, Plain and
Striped Silks, hem 374 to 1,25. Black Silks, a
very large and cheap stock.
Nery-superior large - size Twilltal,
10-4-124-13-4 ditjo Ribbon Bound.
do do • de Whitney. at all prices.
A largo assortment of very superior French.
Merinoes. All colours and prices.
A beautiful assortment of changeable Satins do
Chains for dresses and sacks.
A tremendous lot of bleached and unbleached
Muslim from 3 to 12} cents.
Having purchased In i gely of this article be
fore the advance, I will continue to sell at old
prides. _ _
A full assortment of Imperial, Ingrain, Veni•
tian and Stair Carpets. Selling. very low.
Prints and Gingham from 3 to 121. '
JI very Large assortment of
Tickings, Checks, Diapers, Floor Oil Cloth,
Borkings, Velvets, Beaverteens, Stockings,
Glovei, Suspenders, Carpet Bags, CambricKt.'
Dimitys, Laces, Moreens, Linens, Liii j eg end
Cloth Table Covers , Oil Cloth Ditto, Ins Li•
nens, &c., &c,
. In the ankle of Boots and Shoes, w 4 go far
ahead of all corapetition, both- in price and
quality. A big stock new on hand and' cheaper
titan ever. ,
Sugar, Coffee, Molessee, Rico, Tea, &e., &e.
Fresh, Prime and Cheep.
Recollect the old stand, East Main Strout,
where there is a large room, a large stock to
select from, and decidedly the cheapest lot of
Goods our of Philadelphia or New .York.
Come ono and alli ‘ secure bargains, at tho
cheap store of OGILBY.
oet:lF 4 9
F ,
Clgtltiatg •Stot•e.
AT'l !
THE subsaithor would respectfully inform
his friends and the public in general, that
ho-has removed his large antLextensive assort
the room recently occupied as a store by Geo.
?X l , !thrum. 9n Flust Maio street. directly oppo
lie Drug Store, and within two doors
Of Ogilby's store, whore he will keep constant•
Cly on hand, all kinds of Ready JlEnte' Clothinw,
and everything pertaining to gentlemen's war -
rsolree. The clothing he offers for sale is mode
up in his own shop, by experienced workmen,
and under his own supervision. He feels pre-t
par el to offer great bargains in he Clothing
line , and to test this fact lie rould earnestly in
vite the citizens of this county to give him a
call and examine the quality of his stock and
his r.rices, before purchasing elsewhere.
He will also, as heretofore, continuo to make
up all kinds of Clothing according to order,
and ihose who prefer it can have their measures
taker, , and their garments made lip to their
pietist nent. Always on hands large assortment
of Cl, Cassimereu, Satinets, Vestings, &e.
Dot t't forget the place directly opposite El
liott's store, and within two doors of Ogilby's.
deb 12,3 m NA'I'HAN HANTCH.
1. - ge and Splendid Arrival of
,C 1, 0 T 1 a7P G
THfil undersigned respectftilly announces to
the citiz ens of 'Carlisle and vicinity, that he has
just laid in a stock of Fashionable Clothing, cut
and mado in excellent style, which for cheap
ness and quality was never ,befere equalled in
this places- Such as—splendid new style black
French cloth dress Coats, largo and handsome
circle cloth Cloaks, black and brawn sack
Coats. buoiness coats in the latest styles, Mon
key coats, tweed sack coats, superior ffne bl'k
French await:nem Pants, new style of fitney
cassimere Pants, 'over 200 pairs or striped and
plain fall and winter pants, 250 Elegant new
vests, excellent Black satin vests, also, an as
sortment of fine Willie Litton, rod flannel and
• striped Shirts, collars, boson's, storks, suspan
.ders, cravats, handkerchiefs and other articles
in his line. Boys? Clothing and oil clothing
suitable for fishermen and others constantly on
hand: Fine cloth caps from 25 to 87 cents.—
Glazed-Cap' 123- cents. In fact the above is
the.hirgest acid best assortmencever offered in
thlitlstaee, mud as eticap as can be pachased in
the city of Philadellphia. Persons who prefer
having their clothing 'natio to order can be se
commodate# at the shortest notice.
lle therefore respectfully, invites his custom
ers and the 'public generally to call and see him
at the Clod:Eng Store, corner of Main Street
and the Centre Square. • [deol2
Reeling for the Brillion.
A LARGE and woll selected assortment o
BOORS of all kinds constantly kept on
hand to suit the times, the following have just
been rooolvadl.
Elumo'sAistory of England, two first Nos
Shakspeeme's Works, 4 different editions.
Byron s Works, Burns' Works..
Scott'o. [Poetical Works.
LytlelN Expedition to the Jordan and Dead
Sen. Ifontegue's ditto.
:acmes Military Tacties,:a vols. , .
Women of the Revolution, by Mrs. Eliot.
rhilosophy of Religion, by Morrell.
Earnest Ministry,,by mos.
lirayo!s_Patighter,•by Duganno.'.'
Tieweger,or New School for Scandal, by Mrs
'The 6ixton's, by • '
,The Queen of Gipsios.' . • •
Cruise in a Whalo•Bortt. • '
Amtall,tho now novels received Cs soon as
pnblished All orders ftellooke tittended'with
dispatch. ''After all bout' , disputes• atiohtEheep
• ookg — balllirourldlintlrikittilltiolar ' ourselves,
octii ,i!; I T. W, MARTIN.
..Wore Atm GOOdec''''
GENERAL n`eaorfinent'of Bonnet Rib-
MI. bona, N,ook =Ribbooe, dIAo ` Belt Ribbons"
Silver and 5W61'13,11 - 1 - Slid. - 09; - - Scarfs,' it( 3 %ldOr
;.., •
' 4- A ilproot.LAue •
14'4 .crappi iind - 13 - 011ari 3 O - 1.
reitontet - yloa. 4,lB9olfien,Canbrio krandker :i
obiofe OfiyarioOs„94ol4loO. • '
Green and , , ll lookOnan•of , taperioiqiialiii
jut tAienlid nov2l'l-11TNE ,
loonogrophimy o o opal •
' y 'diet
IbillYO,i'iimatiwi(6,ifli;li''SOgpcbr F.
Baird, of rockinop youpgai now in" the
'iioiir'ssol, l .okibiliistion'. -4 It is te,lie cpmplutad'in
/10entkr ive'aiontbiy JVieribera;'l4/nstreted 'by
Five, • ,S,ket,.4;kirapitio..._
IkTufnikor - den' be seen;';sClVlnflin'e 111Sqi:
wher , enbsoilptions , . Wilrb6 , t'aCeW,o4 , , rat' Ihe
ri ff ACICA lot- . qt , op; I 2 , . .5z.,9
111.111aoltnr91, laio Vogt .Iii111(1i:flop
'WO Qt (utii" 9) J W:ABrtit,
, .
ripHE 1 subscribers htifiejust 'corn plet6d
'their ptireliatititizif •FALL' - & WINTER
GOODS. , •!Our•stock consists in part of cloth's,
cassimeres, vesting; cassinets,.oLail colors nod
prices ; white, yellow and red, all wool .Flan
nels ; Kentucky Jeans velvet cords and Bea.
verteons, Calicoes by the cart load, Gingham:,
Mous do Lemnos, Merinoes,. • Paramathes, Co
burg, Cloths, Alpacas, Fancy Mohairs,lustres,
&c., Checks, Tickings,• Domestic Ginghams.
Canton Flannels, white and coloured, Linsey,
Plain,'Pink, Brown, Maroon, Green and BPls.
do Lames ' for'l2i'ets per yard; Mous de Leine
Thibet and Tekeri SHAWLS; Long Shawls
at 3, 3,50, 4,5; 6, 7,50, 8 and. 10 dollars: Silk
and Linen Handkerchiefs, Cotton, Woolen and
Cashmere Stockings, Irish Linens, Gloves,
"Cloth, Glazed and Fur CAPS, Gimps and
Fringes, in variety, Combs,
Woolen Yarn, all
colors, from She to coarse, Steel Beads, Twist
and Clasps, Purses, Scarfs. Waist Ribbons,
Slides, Green Barege. Woe Barege, Table Co
veroof Linen and Cloth, Carpet Chain, 'fable
Crash, Linen, Diapers, Edging, Laces,
GUM SHOES, all sizes and prices, Umbrel
las, Carpets, Groceries, Queensware, Hard
ware, &c. All the above. goods were bought
for Cash, gold and silver, and at.a saving of 15
to per cent. below those who bought on credit.
Those wishing,, to save will find our_,goods
cheaper then they can buy them elsewhere.
oct 10 A & \V BENTZ.
1 . HAVE just opened
,".6 1 7j. , rArkr.•, 7 7,;,;:':1".4 4 1,4 direct.from.the city,
net a large, beautiful and
" brilliant assortment of
•:•PwwgituommoF TLEMEN'S DRESS
ti"' GOODS, for Fall and
Winter Wear, to whicn I would invite the
special attention of old and new friends and
customers. My stock now comprises every
conceivable colour, ;style, pattern and figure of
Dress Goods, from the plainest and cheapest
to the most brilliant and costly. Call and see
them while they aro new and novel, as it al
ways gives as pleasure to show our goods at
he Bee Hive. sop%) S A COYLE
rtHARLES OGIL I BY respectfully' informs
'kJ the public that lie,,bas commenced, end
be opening for several days, hitt second par:
chases of
which comprise a very extensive and splendid
assortment of all Ic.nds of
a very large assortment of Shawls, French Me
rinoes, Coburgs, Alpachas, and 5000 other arti
cles in the line of Ladies' IVear. a full
and complete assortment of
together with a heavy stock of BOOTS AND
SHOES, of all the various prices and quali
ties. Also, a Large stock of GROCERIES.—
Come one, come all, and look for yourselves
befoie purchasing elsewhere, as the order of
the day is, "live by trade and small profits."
n0v14, ;1
r/IHE subscriber has just opened a:general
assortment of Plaid Long Shawls, Buy
State Long Shawls, of superior quality. Also,
Splendid Brodie Shawls,. (all wool), Black
Thibet Long Shawls, together with 'l'erkeri,
Cashmere, and other Shawls, 'at moderate
Just received a variety of Lynx Muffs, of
different 'ntialities, also an, assortment of low
ptired - Mufklt, for sale low.
The tinbscrifier is now opening a beautiful
assortment of Dress Goods, among which may
be found Cashmeres, Mous. Dc Laines„Mohair.
Lustres, Alpachns, Meritmes, •and Col
°red Silks, and other varieties of Dress Goods.
Just received a fell pieces of arenas Cossi
mores, finest style. Also, Blue and Mack
Cloths, Merino Cassimeressnd Sattinetts, for
sse cheap: _
The Milliners throughout the .county are
informed that a general assortment of Millinery
Goods, embracing Bonnet Frtunce, Crowns,
sill 'l'abs, Artificial Flowers, Face Tnbs, Ru
ches, lllt.sionsofinll colors, Bonnet Wires, &c.
have just been Opened by ...
novl4 -
IUST received and now opening at the
Jat de New Store, Corner of Hanover and
Loather streets, •bpposite Wm. Lemutrds old
stand. The undersi3ned respectfully informs
hid friends and the public, that ho has just re
turned. from Philadeiphiti, with a large and
carefully selected assort:llohr a NEW F-ALL
GOODS, consisting of an extensive variety.—
Every article—will - be soill.e.t the very lowest
prices. ",,Toes na LAINEs!AII the m Jet desir•
able styles of neat figured, and the best shades
of plain blue, mode, scarlet, pink, blue, green,
crimson, &c. Rica Flucitim CAsmacas !—A
complete smelt of elegant styles 'Which will be
sold at very small profits. DRESS St Les !••=,-
13rocade figured, plain, changeable, striped
glass 6; and the most superior qualities of glossy
blans. Changeable Green, and Black Alan
dila Satin, the looat fashionable article for the
fall. Silk Fringes., , Lanes, Gimps, Settings.
Collars, Gloves, Hosiery, &c.
Full and Winter Ribbons, of every quality,
n dnt all prices. Also a large stock of elegant
STAPLE GOCDS, which have been selected
with much care, rind will be sold at very great
,bargains. Our assortment of Cloths, Cassi
mores, Vestings, heavy pantaloon stuffs, flan
nels, elteetings, tickings giughams, cheeks, cal
icoes, .muslins, table covers, napkins, drillings,
linens, bleached and unbleached Muslins, &e.
is very large varied and. coMplete. Also, on
hand, a well selected assortment, i pf SOOTS
& SHOES, for pies, women and childsen. at
lower prices than ever. GROCERIES in all
their variety, viz r—Sugar, Coffee, Molasses,
Pekin Tea Company's celebrated Teas, Spices
&c.,add the best quality Carpet Chain.
Al the above goods have been purchased
right and will be sold low.
oct3 ' N W WOODS, Ag't.
wE have just received*on entire new selec
tion of choice and fresh GREEN AND
.BLACK TEAS, embracing Young Hyso'n,
b.q.ierial and Gunpowder teas, of various quail
tics, ranking from 37 , 1 to 51,25 per pound, from
the tea store-of the Messrs. Jenkins, of Philo
.ifelPhia, neatly, securely and freshly pocked in
quarter, hall, and pound meiotic and paper pack
ages, as well as in the , bulk. Tho selections
are made by-one of the itartiters,. who has had
experience in the-business, among the Chinese
themselves for about seven years, and this ad
vantage, together with our it) w n experience, and
the encouragement extended to us in the selling
of those Tens for more than two years past,
encourage us confidently to reccommend them
-us superior to any other selection of Teas in
Ibid. market—for sale- at the Grocery store of
July 11—'49 J. W. EB Y
Tobacco and Cigars,
JUST received and forsalo wholesale and re
tail the bast and cheapest selection of CI
GARS to be foUnd any where out of the 'city.
-The selection consists of
Granatleros,;. - , Emilie, ,
Castollbs, t. LkPrymavera,
Plantation, Leim.D'ah Regalia
Principe; La Grata,
Venus and Figaros -llMolessadora, &o.
All of the finest Cuba and Havana Tobacco,'
and put up , in the neatest manner, besides I
havo excellent sixos and the bostiMelees. Also
the' beit.gongross and Cavendish ToßAccot
both,plain'end sweetened, at.radttood:piceee foil &OlL.' gall intlaitthninO: nir,fore
"chasitim I will iielf,by thetiO"x asi,Tow,as Ahoy.
ban'tio'had'ibthe DoqfPrgUl,,,OW,Plac9:
opPe'siteAS railroad
DRUGS I. . .. ,
~, DRUGS 1",:: D. 197 . 0, 0, i 1 ,., ',..,
1 , ., F : "REitlK:i-ottLeLd '41,,Rai1i,,89.„(.04„4,11(5,4',1,4'''''.',"::.
Hvyr.ll. B t d. ,,, w isp
,-, oili•lir,a..,-,IC ,
i,'. .) o ine i l; , ` sa' tl t T'' ' 4 , i v i t ' l i' , . pi.j-i t) !:' caToj.rit 3b 0 ,
haCiing.,4ritV,l,PAll:oPl.l°•• c i l ino'tjy . -, ie co rn m en . d, ,
.1) aoColtyli 3 O!ios,./.ca
ibiarifi' - - Count ry:' 'lllor..oyipt q.l
Pa'milicßk Tirlier4o):# l, o: l) ",re.! , '., !
, !tr!.4ipir , , , ,* . ?pv...„?,4, 00 ; b:68 ,. : :
~,, ~ ~
-,:!,.‘41.:1,1-'.•,, 'II 'Ali ithdtEx tx nein, :.,
' - ' 'Atebt ` MGdrinTB ' ' S'‘
es routuktind Whole-
Finik•Gh9rnmais,!• ,, Ma , g
'Essences,. ~ , „ . .
' ' ''.l-1 t 7 r 41 1 11 1" 11 " r Oile . ; PorlismilrY;l4o.l' - i .
'''P ' : 6 . o.z., e i n `v; . : Ciii- , 7,Frcirrat . teed .
, 0 ,. /sts . l7e , . „ .
.i" ...2 ';
:.`... •'DY.t•5tUFF.....,,,..,? . o'.s,
' 2 . -. .1,14 ltit'py*qili4,
': Oir Vitrio.,-; -
0 1PeraPti
, • 11 0 , 0 1;1".
• . PA I N1',8.! 4.!'
Wo!horill 4:lltotherio.:,Pore4lithdClhrOyod,
Green and YeltOw, IF,!pkirandWar,niiih,BrdokOtq'
3er,oy Windgw
All 'Of .svkjoji,
inarker'price, itikiii.'aloirkyk:,Ditig - and Book Storiti ,
'or'' ; , 1 - 14.vEdis7191ti; •
;so' 1 - 4ilimf.f49'.. •
Owl Sak e , :.:
On BAT URDAY, the 26tIrefJanual*:'1 8 4 0 .
11N pursuance of on order - Of, .16.. Orphans'
I Court' of Cumberland County, - will be sold
at public salepat 12 o'clock. M: on the pcemisos,
tie fella:Vint! property
. of Daniel Young, late
of New Cumbertandon said county, decd. viz :
A LOT OF GR QUND. Eithate ori Main SCroot
in the village of New Cumberland, and number.'
od in the plan 108, having thereon erected a log
& Frame 'Weatherboarded House.,
F.slHTTerms' of Sale—Ten per cent
of the purehaie.iiioney;to ho paid
on confirmation Grille sale, and the
residue on the firstof April next,
when possession willOtio givep. To be secured
by judgetnent and diet purchaser to•pay the tax
es assessed for the year 11150. Alsoral the nine
time and place the following personal property,
viz :—Tables, Chairs, Beds and Bedding, Desk,
,Stpve and Pipe, Kitchen' Purtillure, &.e. i At-•
tendanee will be given by '
JACOB KUM, Jr.-Executor.
Dec. 19, 1849.
Br fr ery for. sate
. .
fTHE subscriber... Oars for sale
I.p. g the. Brewery propertli. no iv seen.
• g 3 !, . @' pied by himself,Situate on South'
-"'4 3 •• r ,,,,. 1 •Hai everstreet, C et o
is attached i
nrmut a Fiv s e'A c. •
res of ground, of the best quality and the weld
er part of which is now worked as a.,xogettlblo
garden. The Brewery is a large Stet* buil
ding, about 40 feet by 26 deep, and contains all
the necessary apparatus in complete order for
-brewing Malt Liquors. 'There is _ a well of nev
er failing water inside of the building. There
is also n stream of water running through the
property. 'rite other improvements are n good
Stable, &c.,n variety of Fruit trees; and n well
- of water 'eat the door of thb dwelling house..
It affords a fine opportunity for •any ono desir
ous of going into the brewing business, or for a.
gardener, as it is advantageously situated and
convenient to a good market.Tlf not sold
before Saturday, the 2d of March,lBso, it will
on that day.lie.offered at rublic Salo on the.
pretnfee'i, When attendance will be-given by •
Dec. 26.
Small Farm For Sale
THE subscriber being desirous to remove td
the West, will offer at Public ale, on SAT
URDAY, the 29th of December, 1849, on the
. ...premises in Monroe, township; Cumberland
'county, on the road .lending from Carlisle Iron
Wurks to Bricker's Mill, the following pro
wrry, viz 1 A7R - M. contaima g
ACRES and 68 PERCHES, situate in said
township. adjoining In-ds of John Beltklioover,.
Hugh Maloy, Isaac•Vnnarsdale and the above
public road. Four acres of it is in timber; and
the remainder in the F itighest Mate of cultiva
tion. The improvements aro a
• two story" and a half DWELL-
L.Jrtt ING HOUSE, Frame Ban, and
' other necessary out-buildings, alf
of which are new and in the best
order, having, every desirable convenience.—
There is also a small Orchard of Apple aid
Peach Trees, all of which are the•chotcest va
rieties and in good bearing order. The place
is adiniriolly calculated for a Market Farm,
being in n gad neighborhood, and within an
easy distance of Carlisle. Tern s whiCh will
be reasonable, made 'known on application to
the subscriber, living on the premises.
Decs,4l HUGH WF.L.511, Sr.
Valuable Property For Sale.
TE subscriber has a FARM which he
wishes to sell. The property is situated in
West Pcnitsboro township, Cumberland coun
ty, Penna. five and a half miles West . of
Carlisle, on the , turnpike road leadir ' r from
H r
Harrisburg to Pitsbur containing 128 Acres
of first rate Limestone Land, in a high state of
cultivation. About 100 Acres of liars cleared,
and the balance of it is in thriving TinTher.-- •
There i 9 a large amount of Locust timber
growing on the place, the soil being perfectly.
, congenial to the growth of Locust.
_The improvements are a two story
Is 22 by 28._feet,
_two strry Back
Building, 18 by 22 feet and.dwo •
stories high, with n double Log Barn, Corn
Crib and Wagon Shed, a young Orchard •of
very superior_trukt...and choice fruit of diflerent
kinds. There iwell of water in the yard
near the dwelling. This property has many
advantages—only five and a hall miles from
Carlisle—a market always on the road. Per
son.; wishing .to,purchase Real Estate.would do ,
well to eall and' see it.
To all whom it may Concern 1
' THANKFUL to the public ienerally for pea
favors and their Liberal patronage, stillcen
tinnes to carry on the SADDLE, TRUNK,
and HARNESS making business, at his old
stand in Nanover street, two doors north of .the
Carlisle Bank, at the sign of the Mammoth
Collar. He is now better prepared than oder to
accommodate his cuotomers, having recently
made great alterations in his establishment,. so
as ill c milde him to keep a much better assort
ment than herembpre, consisting of Spanish,, tali, quilted and plain SAD
DLES, • R IA( ; lIAR N ESS; plated and
common ; Farmers' Gears, of all kinds, Tra
velling Trunks of nil descriptions and prices,
Velenses and Carpet Bags, Bridles, Alartingals
Dollars; Stock, Leather and Raw Hide Whips,
Leather, cotton and worstcd Fly -nets, and all
other articles in his line—all of which he is de
termined to sell at the very loWest cash prices.
'Making and repairing Matra,ses of hair_ husk
end straw, and all kinds of Upholstering mill be
.punotually attended to.
The Horne Journal--Series for 1350.
ANEW VOLUME of this brilliantly origi
nal and pectiliar Family Xcumpaper, will be
iiisued on the First of January next. New sub
scribers can be supplied with the work from.
that date, by forwarding two dollars to the of
fice of publication.
During the past four years Thc home Journal
has met with universal favor at the hands of
all classes of the community, and the proprie
ttni will spare neither exertion nor expense to
give such increased value, interest and attract
_lVelleSS to the forthcoming year, as will render.
it - superior in every respect to all the volumes ,
that have preceded it. Besides the original pro-.
ducAions of 'the Editors, the Foreign and .Do•.
mestiererrespondonce of a large liar of con
ributors, the spice of the European and Amer.'
can Magazines, selections from the most in
teresting publications of the day will frequently
bo given. SucH features as have been found
to be attractive will be retained and new ones .
added. "The Belles of our Time," by N..P.
Nypis ;• " Brief A ovels;" " Piquant Stories;“'
the sparkling wit and amusing anecdote, news..
ant gossip of the Parisian papers; 'Personal?
idialtlipn...of Public oh erecters ; the stirring.-
seeneifbf the city wo live in; a chronicle of '
the news for ladies ;, the fushione and fashions-.
' ble gossip • the - facts and dutlines of news t.the
pick of English information and brilliancy ;
the wit, humor and pathos of the times ; essays
on life, literature, society and morel s , and.the
usual Jariety of careful choosinge freffilber•Ail.
dermas of English periodical literature, criti.
cisni, poetry, will still continue to 'enriall these.
columns. . .
irrA s no mare copies of_the first,nutnber”
will be printed than the •demand absolutely re-.
quires, and' 'as new subscribers generally de-.
sire to begin With the ' beginning,•it` is'advisa
ble to ~.subseribet without ••delay, tco.avoia any . ,
[Haft pointtnent'in,tho earlyi and. prompt receipt
of t le papal..
~,,,, anms.4-The Hemet, ,fOurnoi ~ is „published
•evoiy'Sattirday, at:- NO.,llQ7,Firli,onAtreet, Now
‘iYOrk, at ilie'very . lOW'prlao;of TWO; ,1)0,1 : 114 t
4 yoartorthree tOploW for'FiveTidlrtiKpayltle
' invariably iri•advantto,- , - --,, . 4 , •
~:,All lettem.rainittanceS-andlcontinunkalion%
.(pOE s t,paid) to he addressed to ~i..,--!j .r: . ! 'v".: • 4
- • ' • • n'UORILIS Ili -, WlLltig''New leatri,',
cleiiiiiiic'.. - lia111 : 14#.0.:::: i ~.
• :-, • ...a.iieu;, i!nil,..6ailiijuOrp'ck,;. ' -.,
InIELIRV-ED to bo:oupenor to , lanythitig of
JUR! tbo.ltind oiror before Manufactured: 11 - ping
Fainted in
oll',wItoo;pollbil maybe and
ivattif,: and . idadily 'ritqtbto:d to . titir,di original
Ibanuty . "Pholir' duibbility'nnA''ebeovvois
, will
. be fully' demontorrated ' A
lorgcl lot of:ilia anotro'ttopived ditpeekei
Kriss Xingles,LfeacliQuOirsi.infbl'ortt.ifono.;
ver street., .:,,,:. ', • .i
'; • -
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„rr,(IE - hubsoriu,...._..agc.. . 4nittitity...:,.
~,,an tu di priduiges that:arc left,nt - bis ''bioro wall' ',
.bo'.attodded. try with .care, and, - diapatchi_,'' 'l'li,e, , ' -, ,'
ii, 'Vtxpreas leaves every morning ei . 4.&nliiolgititist':'
: , r_errtype'tn , 4.l . : M. ..+ ', .' , - ,
," .-•...: ‘,,.;;',`.•,. ~?,..._ ..
. r .' :.'; - .'ectil.. - ,', —-, :.. T..W.-:MAltrlsti- ~ .