Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, January 02, 1850, Image 1

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.1 Card.
'FIR. JAS. McCULLOUGH will givg his
IJ attendance in the various branches of his
prolcssion, in town or country, to all that may
favor hint With a call. OFFI CE opposit'a -the
2d Presbyterian Church and Wert 's Hotel
lately occupied by Dr. Foulke.
• Carlisle, sept 5.
Doctor Ad, Lippe,
1.4 OMOEOPATHIC Physician) Office
" 4 in Main street, in the house formerly Occu
pied by P. B. Lechler. - Op 9 '46.
7 WILL ierform al
operations upon the
Teeth that are requi
red for their prmiervation, such as Scaling, Filing,
Plugging,. &c, or will restore the lose of them,'
by'-thserting Artificial Teeth, from a singlC tooth
to aofull sett. fitr Office on 'Pitt street, a few
doors south of the Railroad Hotel. Or. Li is ab•
sent the last ton days of every month.
~I`~~~~s~c.~ .
.1 Card.
D R. 'hi - HENDEL Surgeon Howls' t
informs s former pates -that he has re
turned to Carlisle, and.will e glad to attend to
all calls in tho lino or his profession. foet3l
John: B. Parker,
in Norh Hanover Street, in the room for.
merly occupied the Hon. F Watts.
'March 21. 1849. •
Carrion C. Zoore,
the room lately occupied by Dr: Foster,
deceased, ntar 31 '47
Wm, Rt. Penrose,
A TTO RN EY AT LAW, will practice in
the several courts of Cumberland ununlY•
OFFICE. in Mein Street, in the room former
ly occupied byL. G. Brandebury, Esq.
James R. Smith,
MOVED hie office to Beetem'e Row, two
doors from Burkholder's Hotel. (Spr.l
Gzio.cizt EGE
J ..
FICE at his once, c • er of in street
and ilut Public Square. oppo ' Bur der's
Hutdl. In udditioartAhe duties ' lee.of
the Peaco—will attend to all kinds of writing,,
such as deeds, bpnds, mortgages, indentures)
articles of agreement, notes, &c.
' Carlisle, ap:B'49.
Plainfield Classical Academy,
THEMITE Seventh Session will commence on
MON DAY, Nov. sth, 1999. The number
of stu louts is limited, and they are carefully pre
pared for College, counting house, &c., &c.
The situation proclUdes the possibility of stu
dents associating with the vicious or depraved,
being remote from town or village, though easily
accessible by State ,Road•or Cumberland Valley
Railroad, both of which pass through,. lands at
ached. totios
Boarding, washing, •&e. (per • •
session.) $50,00
Latin or Greek - • 5,00
Instrumental Music' - .10,00
French or German • • 5,00
Circulars with references, &c. furnished by
Sep. 12. at. , K. BURNS. Principal.
✓'Newville academy.
T is confidently believed that few Institutions
offer' greater .inducements to students than
the above. Located in the midst of a comtitu.
nity proverbial for their intelligence, morality
and regard for the interests of religion, this
Academy can effectually guard its members
from evil and immoral influences. Advantages
are also offered to those desiring to pursue the
study of the physical sciences, surpassing those
of most similar institutions.
Those having eons or wards and wishing to
send them to a 'seminary of learnibg, are re
spectfully solicited to visit Newvillo, mid judge
of the, advantages fot themselves, or, at least,
procure a' circular,' containing full particulars,
by addressing , i , , JAMES HUSTON,
Netvvtlle t avg 22 ly . Principal.
Drug and Variety Store.
THE eubiertber respectfully annotin-
Ceti to the public that ho has taken that
welt known stand lately occupied by James
Fleming, on 'the corner of Pitt and high streets,
didectly..opposite the Mansion House, where lie
will 'ltifort' constantly on hand an assortment of
Drugs,'Mddieines, Paints, Oils, Perfumery and
rancy articles, which he is determined to sell
low: Having engaged the services 'of an Ex
rsdassoso Mossier he flatters himself to ho
able tiilive general satisfaction to all. Plu
sythansland Onuntry Merchants supplied at re
duced prices. H A STURGEON.
G an, , Paiiite; Dye Stuffs, Oil, Isn't; Stial,l4 atle
&c: Would invite the:attention of persons Want
ing winds in their' line ? to the large assortment
thet have just opened, and which they offer at
thtrvery. lowest , cash prices. feb23
John:P. Lyne
WHOLESitOchnd Retail Dealer in
Foreignand Domestic Hardyvare, Paint,
Oil, Glass; Vknish, Bic, at the old stand in N
lienever street °tilde; has just received 'rem
New Zorlt and Philadelphia a large addition to
his former stook, to„whiteh , the attention of buy
-• era is requested ,- as he: is determined to sell
t",s "lower than uns•other house in town. itpriu
, „
• • Look' thiti,...iga:y: ..;,
'FRE sitbactilier would respeetfullylinform
his , friends and the' pablio:generallp that 'he has
just opened a now LUMBER AND COAL
YARD in West Rign street, a few doors east
. °f Me'ssr , J•4;D)Rtradei's Warehouse, where
ool„lias and' Will keep constantly, on
-,hand hrsCrato assortment of 'all kinds of sea.:
sorted pino boards and plank and all other kinds
of stall', ell of Which he will sell low for cash.
- July to . • •- slimuELAgE...
'tlit''CoMmlemetiMile. Of ciiMberlimkeeori(4
deem,it ersmer 'to inform,tbe,rnibifc, that. ;the' oa r
tad' meetinge of Of Commieeiatlere will
be held en :,,the , ,eeepok amt . foey,tb, 4O,ndaye of
each% nienth`; *Nab I.lfile liny,pereoes Having
baOtte B e. , Vvith' f!Riaj B4Oarfl ; alT ,ll, .l:,nret , •Xliebo' et
Orin' • t " ,
Alice' •
e'P'PLIoATION will be'mude 'et the next
Segeion of the Legislature, of ,Penneylve;
- nits; ari.elteration in *a Cl‘anctiiirthelllol.6*
cast.e'D ileostre Biztict'eo' ei to hoofer .the
Institution ga the rights g _ and s privibigee e Bank.'9 ,
tte. By order of tho BoOd oilht , estorty A
W S' COBEAN°UnetnetC.
`"1 kv2
july 4, 1849- 4 6ne" , ,
Dyeing an 0840 1 1114
'I 1, 13L/Vg.
4n L oath
• • • near
' COIATIS And , WAltrptatfill)Y4r4
mere.a•hpilarKeivAl., : rtion'eatrutly
to bo:oattefottor)t.skArpore, li ne 2 74 . 6
taoliOitedt' , , " ~• ' • • - '
fvßalcir'Aranted.v, tr. i,„l • ,
paid (ifi l ditislli'r 4 iti'
pup 6r) lay vibeerAber for, gooil lc A,91 , 50 The:,
t a g i s vine r,h es' deli Vered` at; the 'Paper;;: five;,
iiiiliitisfrchti:Chrliale: ,at !,ifaal,ratattoust!..pfAlT:
j ac O f rtheent, . . •
''' 4 .0:ite.. , "1 , 0,1, 4 , 9 t , ';'l4l4t MUVI4D'NfU
it BeA prino to s er mec - i o e
k c' 4 i f " .
Oinstootlyon hiod-HAggpAPPiitr
Panzily ,. .7resrspapere
• •
Stores Se Sl)ops.
Foreign and Domestic Hardware.
JACOB SENER Itasjust received, from the
eastern cities, and is now opening at the Cheap
Hardware. do North Hanover street, next door
to Glass'.Hotel, a new assortment in his line,.
such as
Oils,. Glass and Paints,
—Coped, Japan and Black , iratnishes, of extra
Nails and Spikes,
Wale'. best' Bar .Ixon , .•
Cast, Shear, Blie ter and Spring Steele,
Locket, Hinges and Screws;
Planes, Sawe, Chisels, Augurs, Axes,
Knives and Forks, Shoe Findings, &c.
To which he would call the attention of the
public. Persons wishing to buy will do well , to
as we are determined to sell at low rates
or cash. Kr'Phe highest price paid for Scrap
Iron, and for Flax Seed. J SENER.
TS subscribers have just received at their
east High street, opposite Ogiley's Dry Good
Store, a large stock of goods in their line, to
which they would, tall the attention of .purcha
sere, their arrangethent in the city besng such;
ns to enable them to .Bell their goods at the
lowest city prices. •
Their stock comprises a full assortment of
Locks and Latches of every stile and size,—
Hinges, Screws, Bolts, and every article used
for Buildings, Augurs and augur Elite, chisels,
broad and hand axes, hatchets, drawing knives,
'glance, and plane bitts, hand, panel, and Rip.
ping saws, mill, cross-cut and circular saws,
trace and later chains., harries, shovels, spades,
and hoes,.hrty and manure forks. Also, a large
assortment of Pocket and Table Cutlery,—.
spoons, shovel and tongs, Waiters and 'Trays,
Hollow ware, Brass and enameled Preserving
Kettles, Iron Furnaces, Coder Ware, anvils
and vices, Files and Rasps '
of every kind. Bar
Band and Hcop Iron, Cast, Shear Spring and
Blisi er Steel,/ce. Also,
100 Boxes Window Glass.
MO Kegs Wetherill's Pure White Lead
5 Barrels Linseed Oil.
3 Barrels Sp. Turpentine
I'.-200 Kegs Cumberland Nails.
Price of liardicare.
I HAVE just received the largest and C heap
esc stock of HARDWARE, Glass, Paints, Oils
Varnishes,Saddlery, Carpenter's and Cabinet
I _Maker's 'ools; Mahogany Voniers arid all kinds
df Building Materials ever - brought to Carlisle
consisting of Locks, Hinges, Screws, Nails
and Spikes. Persons 'about to buildwvill find i
greatly to their advantage to - look at my stock
before purchasing elsewhere. Come and age
the Goods and hear the price and yon -Will be
convinced that- this is really the Cheap Hard.
were Store. Also, in store anvils,. vice_a;
and rasps, and a complete assortnient - iiiNVattliqi
Best Bar Iron, also Rolled and Hoop Iron oftdit
sites. I have - also the Thermometer Chan'
made by Mr George Spangler, the besuartielii
now in use.
SCYTHES.—I have just received my Spring
stock of Grain and Grass Scythes, manufafitured
expressly for my own sales, and warranted to
be• a superior article. Cradle makers and
others will find these Scythes to be the best ar
ficlo the--market and at the lowest price
wholesale and retail at the old stand in North
Hanover etreet. JOHN P LY NE.
treshDregs, Medicines, Ems
- / I have just, received from Philadell
phia and New York very extensive
4 additions to my former stock, embra
t cing
. nearly every article of Medicine
• now in use, together with Paints,
Oils, Varnisheit; Turpentine, Perfumery, Soaps,
Stationery, Fine Cutlery,, Fishing Tackle,—
Brulies •of almost every description, with an.
endless variety of other articles, which I am de
termined to sell at the VERY LOWEST, prices.
All Physicians, Country Merchants, Pedlars
and others, are respectfully requested not to pass
the OLD STAND, as they may rest assured
that every article will . be sold of a good quality,
and upon reasonable terms.
May 30
Extensive Furniture Rooms.
OULD respectfully call the attention. of
V V House-keepers and the public, to the ea
ensive stock of splendid FURNITURE, incluo
ding Sofas, Wardrobes,-Contra .
3i-t'LLE- A - and - other Tables, Dressing and
. Plain Bureaus, and every vane
ty of Cabinet-ware and Chairs,
which he has nog on hand at his N E W
ROOMS, on Louther street. near the corner of
North Hanover street, in tho roar of Powell &
Co.'s store. '
_ .
He is confident that the superior finish of the
workmanship, and elegance of style, in which
his articles are got up, together with their
CII swims, will recornmend them to every per
son wanting Furniture. He has also' made ar
rangements for manufacturing .and keeping a
constant supply of
cyery article in his line, both
plain and 'ornamental, elegant and useful, at
prices which cannot fail to suit purchasers. He
would earnestly invite persons who are abOut to
commence house-keeping, to call and examine
his present elegant stock, to which he will con
stantly make additions Of the newest and most
modern - styles.
COFFINS made to order at the shortset no
ice, for town and:country.
Carlisle. June 19, 1848.
Kr The late firm of Jacob Fetter & Son
baying been dissolved, Jahob Fetter, er., will
carry on the businve as abovo.
A Word to Horsemen.
cidedll the best preparation.;.thafi Can 'be
used for the cure of 'Sprains,' Bru
-3?4,;" , , Sue,Gantt,' Splint;' Curb,
Spavin' StiLlbees of the
sA Sows, &c. It is an article which
Should be in, the hands of 6/cry
N orseman; and no stable should be without a
botttle of it. Trice °illy 25 and'so centaper bot
tles, prod only by S M Pearson, M.D.', and
fereitlewholeutle and retail, at No. 106 North
Second, street, Philadelphia, and Dlt. RAW
LIN'S wholesale and , retail agent, Carlisle, Pa:
San. ,
Fanners t Save Your ifitmeY.
A rea' hence, made entirely of
ron',.twi':•thif'yOU, con kayo in , the weather
Without the least :doom of injury. :Also,
Threshing Machines,' W innowingAttla, Plows;
'dough; Mould4boardriAsuttere, Pointe & Sheared
oti , hitt4; You will 'save 'rnOney;ltif , , l
before, elao*hera at, I'.
Eaunnriin•Eitat High" Efireet,Ztirliale!Pro • ,;)
'A,uirtl3mort • ,; ; 4;,t• - FAIARDNEIL:,
n a b F1,;,1,"4-1,i7.1at;
TUST received at the CheaplEatnilr HrocdrYt
er,-01 the attbearibei; ti 'lot , of No: and '
1' ackerel, in.whole, half aa.
Mao,' ARlsoetta of,Geotiaa'Aiarn Etile t 'iwlilah tie
is da,tarraipial 46' 'air at.. the lOwest:.pricee'• coV
cash. ,h1..1.) HALBERT.
TU.SragOEPTED:44e,tbe,:Cliciap f2lPoto,sa
groat variety :of- all colors , Woolen ,Yarn;
Long and , BouarnahayflarfrOnallf to sloi Nary! ,
aliettp indeed; Moue .de ',Lainee,y..Gingharnek
ttael Betide %end' Tiotiell;Turoa 4 tvirloGtlap#,
or t A a. groat, arketr, of,W oolortrilooe, ,
.1 oet.`3l ,!,, dA,41,-32v,,, BEN TZ,,,
A tiAßdVall!lii,ll o l#l,.lte,liSioirdr,t gee,"44;
'tiOes in eyarv)vilriqi9..tiinsbeciti;addqd,",l9 4 iir'en.'
4orunent; Also, ,a .lot.orzuedar', WhreiemOrad,
ing.TulniChutine, , Bicke , a;:failip3;c4'fitv,ptiva .
loNvr, pricrie, nt, RI:10T Eijpre of, .
1 1 ;41
" 4. 4. Yv,
Q0114'440 sPleAidtl quit- • •
tliilfteltummer,ugie-,—for tiatelolOf
k't 4 . ?it 1 , 4 41:113LL10TT,...4,T?„,.
. i...-
~,,.... ...
~~LORIp :;UF•~4~I1V~LiJulql~~~t~~p°{l~:i:ii~~ti:~
~~,,~~. ~~l`,. 57~~~Il,~S :',-~S7ct0f~?,)x:id'iTl"~st:,`;~,¢.a4:
i'4- .Bus nGeneralhtellf4ence.Derotet'i: tl' s
ou a nrc o p ant 53
THE Allen and East Ponneborough Mutual
Fire Insurance Company of Cumberland county
incorporated by an act of Asserbbly, is now fully
organized, and in operation under the manage
ment of the following commissioners, viz i
Jacob Shelly, Win R Gorges, Michael Cock
lin, Melchoir Brenneman, Christian Staymen,
Simon Oyster, Jacob H kfoover,_Lcwie Flyer,
Henry Logan, 'Benjamin H Musser, Jacob
Kirk, Samuel Prowell, Joeeph•Wickersbam. •
The rates of insurance are as low and favora
ble as any . Company of the kind in the State.—
Persons wishing to become members are invited
to make application to the agents of the compa
ny, who are willing to wait upon them at any
JACOB SHELLY,'Preaident.
HENRY 'LC/GAN, Vice President.
LEwn3 HvEn, Secretary.
Cumberland county .—Rudolph 'Martin, New
Cumberland, C B 'Darman, Kingstown, Eenry
Zearing, Shiremanstown, Robert Moore and
Charles Bell, Carlisle, Isaac Kinsey, Mechan
icsburg. Dr. J. Ahl, Churchtown.
York county—John Shorrick, Lisburn, John
Bowman, Dinsburg, Peter Wolford, Franklin,
John Smith, Esq., Washington, W S Picking,
DoVer, Daniel Raffensberger, J W Craft.
Harrisburg.—Houser & Lochmnn.
Members of the Company having Policies
bout to expire can have them renewed by mak
ng application to any of the agents.
The •Girard Life Insurance Annuity
and Trust Company of Phiila,
Office ..Ilro. 159 Chestnut Street, Capital 8300-
000. Charter Perpetual.
CONTINUE to-make Insurances on Lives
on the most favourable terms, receive and
execute Trusts, and receive Deposits on Inte
Tho Capital being paid 'up and invested, to
gether with accumulated premium lund. affords
a PERFECT SECURITY to the insured. The pro.
attain may be paid in yearly, ball yearly, or
The ompariy add a BONUSAwated pe
riods to the insurances for life. This plan o
insurance is the moat approved of, and is more
generally in, e, than any other in Great Bri
tain, (where the subject is best understood by'
the people. and where they have had the long
est experience,) as appears from the fact, that
out of 117 Life Insurance Companies there, of
all kinds, S 7 aro on this plan.
The first BONUS tins aptiropriated in De
cember, 11344. amounting to 10 per cent. on the
sum insured under the oldest polices; to 81 per
cent., 7i per cent., &c, Sic.,on others, in pro
portion to the time of standing, making an ad
dition of $100; $87•50; $75, &c., &c. to every
1,000, originally insured, which is an overage
of more than 50 per cent onlhowrerniums paid,
' and without increasing the an al paynasnt to
ie. Company.
t l'he operation of e B Ong-will tie seen
'by - the , follawing topics frTin - the Life Insu.
ruoindt Register the Compaul, thus
-4 1 Rt
Policy Sum Bonus or Amount of Policy &
Insured Addition Bobus • payable a
the party's decease
o 58. $l,OOO $lOO.OO " 81,100 - 00 •
-- 88 •,. 2,500 250'00 2,750'00
205 4,500 400.00 4,400.90
. 270 2,501) • 179'00 , 2'175.00
-- 933 . 5,000 437.90 • 5497.00
t -Pamphlets containing "the table' of rates,
and explanations •of the subject ; forms of up
plication, and further information can be had at
the office, gratis. in person or by letter, ad
dressed to the President or Actuary.
B W RICBARDS, President.'
JN 0 F JAMES, Actuary.
Are the tongue often white and loaded; the
breath heavy and foetid; a oisugredable
or sweetish taste in the mouth; occasionally
thirst; the appetite extremely variable, some.
Aimee remarkably deficient, and at others vo
racious. There is sometimes a sickish feeling
with vomiting of mucous; flatulence of the
stomach and, intestines; puin in the abdomen;
swell; and hardness . of the abdomen;'the
bowel ro irregular; the tools are slimy; and
there is an occasional appearance of worms
in the evacuations; the urine is often milky
and turbid; there is frequently itchiness of.tho
fundament and 'nose ' which is Mimi swoltdii;
there is occasionally disturbed sleep, with
grinding of thelteeth, and sudden awaking in
a fright. There are, at times, headache or
giddiness, ringing in the oars, or bye's deaf
ness, faintness, convulsions, drowsiness, indo
lence of manner, ill temper. In some cases
epilepsy and cholera, and oven apoplectic and
paralytic symptoms, and several of the signs of
dropsy of the brain and catalepsy appear con.
netted with worms. Frequently there is a
abort dry cough, and pleuritic pains; some
times,. feeble and irregular pulse, palpitations
and an irregular fever ; the countenance is
generally pallid orsallow, and somewhat bloat
ed, and there is occasional flushing of one or
both cheeks. Any one of these signs is Indi
cative of Worms, and the most effectual best
and cheapest remedy is Dr. John J. Myers
Worm Tea , prepared by Dr. J. W. RAW
FANS, at his Wholesale and Retail Drug Store
Carlisle, Pa. i and none genuine without his
written signature. The Proprietor of this
medicine is eo confident of its superiority to
any other Worm Medicine now in use, that lie
wilt' cheerfully RETURN THE MONEY in any
case in which his Preparation fella to give
quill satisfaction. This Worm Tea when
made according to the directions. is pleasant
and will be taken by the most fastidious child.
Each package contemn 'sufficient' medicine for
the cure of the most• obstinate' case. Price .
cnly.2s cents a paper. , Druggists end Store
keepers supplied on the most reasonable
terms. • maq23'49.4.
Main street. Carlisle.
Ir Ir. RATIYE PILLS nave. - been gradually
but surely comoing into favor, among :the fowl-
Pes of fthis Country, for some yearn past., ..'They
have, done this entirely tniough Ahem great wort
as a ' FAMILY MEDICINE: Agencies 'hive
boon appointed but no 'Mang dna humbug 'snob
as is resorted, to by ;quacks wooli thein;modicifie
has been done.; The pills. aro ollorodc,lor sale,
and _ have and willcontinito to , be sold byall
principal storekeepers, ' Theproprieters:elehn
for Medicine the. followinglidibritagii over
Sifi/thois"-Visi Tboy bre' PURELY LIIEGE
RA 111,. , .,TheM4bpertition.,is FREE from all
PAIN.e. They can he used vv,ith EQUAL BFN-
E FIT by the Y O'D NG FST TNFANT and the
S -FRO NOEST Mite &ion cyi
versi:Ague. Roadoehes, costlveness,
vedm on , thousands They. tirb, a /Carol n.O urs
14 " 91. "" , ' - ' ?rheaPr4Matorsipoaiess ceolol
om a .gentleman in,St, Lotimyjrho, wss
flill'APE ORlVrby'`the'fisd'ofitlfe TO OP'
Travelling !went for tho: State o( Ponnollys
nia--Cirermas hire, Wriob'Vlielk
a bintidontaining
rs*lls . l),Vigu!#!ol l 2Jl Pg9)41,0,19,1(1 1 1, 1 071hOd
!For , bale*Dß.RAWLlN i ,S'Chiliidai'
~TopErit; Mtbultriit,l.ewvilb.,.i.l t4.c110,,.
i7I 7 fED igAYEq.7§.I,,iPOPAIIIINC;iIs
S irwbnrg:: . •
:)+ti..l-6fqtAlWgEftS dr . :10o41;i
Prtnristrajittbori4dry,•*is.l3 l :..o4oMßlol4l
January, 24th,' 1849;
po: Wl'4 ii !41 is) o (=NO 511 ,10 z u 0
A Purely Vegetable lllediplrlu, I
ea 'piled
• !Ftli- , =-Rdt.
What main sirnairtairliale• • .40;
• ' - ,,CAt t lit !L l,sx.E4'qrANuAl4y 1850.
Dumb. 'ally Trans — portation House.
Canal and Piiiii4A'LlnirtOr'Phittidel
, Philadel
phia; Bariirnore; Pit4i.ii!ii,*.: .. ~.
i !i t .. , lti,F .. is a fft t : -4. l ,4 9 ;o n t r in m iv re
4 .
friends an - the-public, that from the liberal pat
ronage extended to him during the past year he
hail been encouraged to make more extensive ar
rangenients for the present seiu3dn, end has ad
ded two now, large and splendid. Boats to his..
LINE, and will be fully prepared after the Op
ening of the Canal, to forward PRODUCEtind
MERCHANDIZE of all 'kinds An and from
Philadelphia, Baltimore', Pitisbergh, &c., at the
lowest rates of freight end with the utmost des
Agents for Beefs,
' Race street Wharf, Philadelphia.
No. 48 Commerce at. Wharf, Baltimore.
J. McFADDEN'•& CO.S Pitts'g
Agents:for Cars,
No. 272 Market at., 'Philadelphia.
No. 423 Market et., Philadelphia.
Broad street, Philadelphia.
• North street, Baltimore.
Harrisburg, March 29, 1848.—tf.
Harrisburg Transportation Line
".73z0 -
FORWARDING & Commission Merchants,
HARRISBURG, Pa. ship Produce, Merchan•
dize;Stc. to Baltimore, Philadelphia, &c. Fee.—
Coal, Plaster, Nails, Salt, Fish, Groceries, &c.
constantl3r for sale.
fifirrisburg, march 29, 1849
J. 411111C.LER,
General Comay@ion and Forwarding
Merchant, No. 79 Bowly's Wharf,
FOR the sole of Flour, Grain, Gloverseed
Whiskey, Lumber, .&c. &c. 'Also, for
warding Goods, via Tide Water Canal and
.Pennsylvania Improvements. Orders for fish
-Salt, Plaster, &c._&c.-__ Supplied at lowest
Having been engaged in the above - business—
during the last five years, a continuation of the
patronage of his 'Honda and the public is re
spectfully solicited.
Refer to
J EBE L ' Harrisburg
JACOB RMAT, Carlisle, Pa..
A. cAT4ICATIT. SheiThercie.own, Pa.
Game/. SINGISE.a ; Pa.
Nevi's Embrocation fbr 'Horses.
THIS valuable EMBRO
. CATION will cure Sprains,
V-.'0 1 4 0 4 Bruises,. Galls, Swell
ing, Rheumatirri. and all
- . • complaints which require an
external remedy. It,g . ives immediate relief to
the Scratches. and the incident to Horses having
'white feet and noses ,produced ' by the St. John
W.A. It I:video hi ghly useful in relaxing stiff
ness of the Tendons• and Joints and produces
beneficial effects in cracked heels, brought on
by high feeding, splints,sprains. This Enna°
DATION is recomonded to Farmers, Farriers,
Keepers of Livery Stables, and private gentle
men owning Horses, and should be constantly
kept in their stables. 'rho GENUINE arti
cle is prepared only by W. Ms nstia ta.., No 302
Race at. Philadelphia. And for sale wholesale
and retail at D R. RAWLINS' Drug Store W
Main street, Carlisle.
March 14- '.
McAllister's all Healing Ointment.
OR THE WORLD'S SALVE, contains no
Mercury.—The following Certificate is
from a regular Physician, of extensive prac.
Lice in Philadelphia
JAMES MOALLwsTYY—Sir I have for the
last two years'been in the habit of using your
Ointment in cases of Rheumatism Chilblains,
and in. TENJA CAPITIES • (Scald Heads,) and
thus 'far with the happiest . °frost. I think
from .the experiments I have Wade with ito_
that it richly deserves to be adopted as an aro
tiole ofevery day use by the prbfess ion at large
Yours truly, S. BELL, • D. Phila.
Philadelphia, flea. 29, 1847.
To James MoAllister—Dear Sin I take
pleasure in in eking known to you the great
benefit I have received by. tieing lour, Vegeta
ble Ointment, or the World's Salve, I bagl:an
ulcer, or running sore, on the car, of many
years standing; I hue applied to several
physicians, but all to no purpose; but by using
your Ointment a.few daya, r it. was completely
dried up and well. l have used it for burns,
fur Which I find it en excellent article; alsOln
all, caeca Mitaination. .•
. I certify the above statement is true.
N 0.90, Market etree t. Ph ila.
I do certify that I have used McAllister's'
all Healing Vegotahle:clintinetiefot:„Celdneee
of my feet; also for ' 'My limbs
and my feet, and have. been entirely
relieved. Bellevinult to be.a good lYledieine,
I 'AO not heiltateto recommend it In the above
complaints. • • LEONARDWAILE,
'Norris tp. Washington , Pa. Aug. 21; 1847. •
' • I Certify' that ' 'l have' eed MeAlliater'e all
'Healing ;Vegetable Ointment, Or - the' World's
Salvei for A : healing in ; mY.wifee',broast, which ' 1
haa glyeniteT incalculable,beneftt; also on one
of my childretijor mire stige,:yi,hich give im- ,
'mediate relief .- I;:theieriere, Mean - intend' Wits - %
iegood modjoine.;„•- ',:. PARKER REED. , • • „;
Hopewell tp..WeshingtonCo,Pa. Aug. P [.!47 - •
Afost„nd the box ore dfrielto,ils,lok using, W., ,
'Allister'a Ointment, foi",Sgiofiikit' ;Liver, C Oily'
plaint; Ayresipaitso `.Fetter; CMlbittin, , Sealil
Head, Sore eyes, Quincy', Sore' throat, Iti•Onehli..'
tatt,tlVernoubl•:affeetiOns; Pains,.; Head! -ache, . •
' Asthm . g, pp ( ' tuss,• Rev, ,ps/leo.Pitrwc, Corns,
all diseasee „the akin, Sore Lips, Pimples,,,S•s. i
Swelling i O the Litabs, , Soi 'et, Rheutnittiem," "
pil e s, Col • feet, , prong;" , &Wiled , or,. fireless ;
Britititi( Tooth .aehe, •..ti fine ',ititkesftWii, li•e4,lte. •
il f frigTHE;W OndliP,llo;l3)ingweits,yaruk,,,
in caitie of goewollin"' or, Bore jirndt,-.OPY;%
wiiuld'itlW4Xliiiplflt: 'ln'ailiikdatitliiirfiee..'';
:ly";thred‘ and aticoidlnktiothildirectioas around
.each; box, it.gicee relief,irt a verYtfeet.hourso.; 13'
, { 8 .. 11 . 1RN#1,.._1t lit: one of Abo.beet things 19,44 4 ; 3
,witld 'for"Bnihti'•'.(See`ilfretitiOnel for tieing..
4. ..;;;;;. -.. ;.;.,; ~ ;.t.,! ;; , !.. , 11 , il,lll ' , /i , .; ,:."' ,1. , r,.. O''
1; PILES" -T.Thousandil.rerelvearlyp e ured.lby.v;
'title Ointment. It -nevoi:falle'lin• piing
I relief '‘.
•INletia'Si'itj ). 1 i; , ''t. .‘ en ) .1 ,, t''')'f,?.),,t• . '
S K II I O , P h i t a in Ot ig„ gP/R 0 <T 44l lPY.a • P t ir t ., 4 ?r ,
.. C . b . )'.oi'll. Wl' , akh4n, antlaiiitad. „in some
ittiklalt eliiiuld!bovitiipliiiiiiftidni" ''' r
.1 ...: ' 4' bn ?11!
rig iCAPTION4 ,... N i , , Olniiii env:* al be cionoitio, ;
0 ' l b! °Petit° Ili Mit ofE ANOPti -AO! WSW 4. ? il ,:,
'llitten wp a 'pen on ; every label. ,• „
~.:t i
PRICW: WNIVI9IIIP.'tht4TB Alio.v.' ,
; 1 , ,,../ . .dpitilti!, 9',4,, PlfoaliVh9., 4 PliPPlP.P....•
.41uoi lime tisttmettrtnb•unitea estates. , -• ',-• .-.., -
4.,•ag:t.Jit.4 V.t.,1 k ri.)l4AW,illfdAp . ll4ll.Eß. .. oil
ha I
•;:';Sole --1 ,1 1 Oielnostv V'
1 ' rim lt O „ , VA R OPPVI . 28 ,• . *Ff'./t9070
Iliflidtt ti '1,4 ~., .- . , „tit '',,, ' ' ''')' ';
' ''. ' ''‘
4.;•,.:TP . ; , ni ' ,Y! ..:fr)iiitijk,NTop -, f , F, f !, ,, :0r,, , ,; •,,, , ,i,
EliEliltiti.tiiii**4lov.eraiti ~ O atliele...4n
: I ;,Ttiarf . ,s.l, l ,ilitP)., t i Cti#o 6 loonirt, Aqsf. , !i .: .. I s t s, l
U. V4Bliagleuer; cntitaidowil. 4 , - ~I', .' • ~', , ~"
Rhoad di 3Vhirry; Noir/burg: If.. ''''"'". l) 10 "s' •
3tt- Initabrlpl)la
THANEFDL to the citizens of Carlisle
and its vicinity for their increased custom,
we again request their company ,to view our
large and sploridfd assortment of ' '
China, Glass & laueetisurardi,
Dinner' Sets, Tea Sets, Toilet 'Sets, and single
pieces, either of Glass, China or Stone Ware,
sold in quantities to suit ptirchasers, for less than
they than be had elsewhere—ln fact at less
than Wholesale Prices. AMERICAN AND
in greater variety than .ever before offered in
the city. FANCY CHINA in great variety
very cheap. •
0:1 - We would invite any person visifing; !be
city to'call and see us—they will at least be
pleased to walk,arouild our beautiful store, and
to view the finest China and the cheapest the
world produces. Very respectfully,
No. gig Chesnut Street. .
Phila. sept26'49ly
Fancy Furs, Dlufib, Boas Sc Tippets
DAVID H. SOLIS, pitibeesaor to Solis,
Brothers,) Importer and Manufacrurer of
every description of FURS. 'havingjust re•
turned from Europe with a SELECT STOCK
OF FURS, is now manufacturing them in very
superior style, and trimming them in the most
elegant manner, end would invite the attention
of MERCHANTS and OTHERS, to his su
perior and extensive assortment, which as he
is enabled to offer at such prices as few houses
in the United States can compete, with.
86 Arch (Mulberry) Street,6 dnors below 9d at.
1):) - Next to Louden 6z. Co's. Family Medi
cine Store.
• Philadelphia, aug 15 6m.
Store always closed On Saturdays. The
highest. Cash price paid for Shipping Furs. .
Manufactory of Pocket Bd.. w.v, &cr.
No. 52} Chesnut Street, above Serond.
HE subscriber respect fullr solicits public at.
tention to his Si.grerWr iii - lasteful stock of
Pocket Books, Banker's Cases, Bill Books;
Dressing Cases, Card Cases, Port Mo.
naies, Purses, Pocket Knives, and
other fine Cutlery, Gold Pens, and
Pencils, Seger Cases, Chess
Men, Back Gammon,
Boards, Dominos, Ike,
His assortment consists of the most fashiona
ble and modernSskyles, of the finest quality and
excellent workmanship, embracing every desir
be prepared to exhibit and furnish wholesale or
retail on the most ,reasonable terms.
IKYPurehasers who desire to supply them
!=selvesewitk-artjeles-lif-thellestquality wiN=con¢
aidt their own interests by calling at this es
tablishment. F --H SMITH,
Pocket Book Manufacturer,
- Phila., seps 4rp 521 Chesnut Street.
la I
Great induce
ments to per
0f w, 5 71 E , 0 i l
HHVIN G received 'additlitnal —supplies of
Gold and Silver' WATCHES
,of every
description,from London, Liverpool and Swit
zerland importations; is now prepared to turn ;
ish the very best ,artiela at a price far below
any ever offered, of - the same quality, and which
cannot be undersold by any other store in
Philadelphia or elsewhere. Every watch sold
will ho perfectly regulated, and warranted to
be as good as represented.
Watches at the following low prices
, -
Gold Lovers, full jewal'd, 18 carat cases, $2B 00
Silver do do . 12 00
Gold Lepinee, jeweled, 18 carat cases 22 00
Silver do do 800
'f he L. R. Bromall Gold . Pon, a superior
article in silver case, with pencil,and warranted
81,50 ; Gold Pencils for $l, and upwards, Gold
Medallions, and Locket for Dagurrreotype Like
nesses, Gold Chains and Hair bracelets Breast
Pins, Ear Rings, Finger Rings, nod a general
assortment of every description of Jewelry
at unusual low prices.
110 North 2d street, 2d door betow Race
street, Philadelphia.
0ct31,1849,6m (Pierce, Agent.)
Watches and Sew()ly I
is.' CHEAPER mast EVER
- 1 Wholesale and Retail—At the
4 i at, "Philadelphia , Watch and Jew
elry Storo, ' N0..96 North SE
•;.*=. , ~: COED street, corner of Quer
0 r ()% ii.% n cy street..
GOld Levers; 18 k. cases, full jewellod, $3O and
Silver Levers, full jewelled, $l5 and upwards.
Gold Lepine, 18 k. eases, jewelled, $25 and
Silver Lepinee, jewelled, $lO and upwards
Silver Quartier Watches, $4 to 10
Silver Spoons, equal to coin, per sett—Tea,
$5, Desert $lO, Table $l5, other articles in pro.
portion. All goods warranted what the
are sold for.
Constantly on hand a large assortment offine
Also, an assortment of M J Tobias & Co.
E Simpson, Samuel & Brothers, ES Yates &
Co, Ran Harrison, ; G & R Beesley. and other
superior Patent Lever MoveMents, which will
be eased in any-style desired
Arrangements have been made with all -the
above named most celebrated Mantifactuters,ol
England, to fuinfsh at short. notice any required`
style of Watch, for.which orders will-be .taken,
and the name and residence of ths person br
daring put on if requested. •
re. 0. CONRAD,
') ;1 importer of Watcher
• e7anufaittiry.-4"
Er CLARK, Venitian Bind 'M'anufacterer.
sign of the,..GOLDEN I BAGLE,
139 and ;149'Sonth Second Strs_ct,,bclmy Dock
Stied.. PH ILADELPHIA. Keeps always an
hand' a' largo end !fashionable assortment •of
BLINDS, 'menfactured in the best manner; of
the beat materials , and 'at the' lOwesvcalth pried;
Having, fitted-end enlarged his.establlshment
he• is. prepared to complete orders to'anyhmdont.
at the sherbet' mitietv.i.!Constartily 'an 'hind an'
assortment of .MAHOGANY FURNITURE•
of everyy , variety, manufactured
. 9 Ypressly,for his
and 'may therefore, rely
on a good.article:P - 5. , '"
; • "'„ 'Orders from q . diem* pocked. carefully'
and - mare° 'Of:Perim& to y. part of the
Nog 1510 1 .';!" i IL ke CILARK..P.
• /ll*. 208 ; dinfp4l:,
• I.;isltp vivboß;&, , co ,k 1)
AVE A mr.r.,qn . ,hand, recely,e4 ; Aireei
thkinanufaiiturers, 4 full trimtalent
'SELICSpo:,n,i ^iSt' CASHMEREFtp
*1 SitAWLSi.& 6 9
,The,colds 'end deiiini, , yiriOff own
,serodfltiM.,ritidlibtii.ily theirs: *! , .•ti- • , •
WIENS;;HOSIERY 4tAßEgoisar,ity,
**to:the;differed =titbit d ,Doniesti&Goods .
constanl• L. deviate;fr6M 'first' Oriaii:
11*Vire aro from
RE)subsoriberhiaelust ricelvod veriet Cashmere, Moue. d0,1, 4 0.i1e5,,,Me„
rknoes, Alplioes, and:. other Pell:Drell] Goode
itoxlltioh sho..e.t,teu,d,o . " of, O lo I.andieeatinvited
i ' : 6 1 3 t 26 • "- G . W '
1 , .
,WARRANI'Fb,4?wre,,, eqetkilr, 16 cipt,..4,4
'quart; Ut.Dr.'Rtikyliria Diugiperd.„ ,
potober 24; ,
sir ammo) Twortson
Full knee•deep-liee the winter snow,
And the winter winds are wearily sighing
Toll yo the chuich•nells sad and slow
And tread softly and speak low
For the old year lies e-dying.
Old year, you'must not die ; . .
You came to readily,
Old year, you shall not die,
He Heat still ; he doth not move,
-He - will not see the dawnlof day,
He hatttno o trlife above.
Ho 'gave ri friend, and a true, true love,
And t new year will take 'em away.
..Qld ear,'. you mumpot go :
lo gas you have been with us,
Sue joy as you have seen with us,
Old year, you shall not go.
lie frothed hie buinpers to the' brim ;
A jollier year we shall not see.
But though hie eyes are waxing dim,
And though his foes speak ill of him,
He was a friend toline.
Old year, pia shall not die:
We did ew laugh and cry with you,
I've half a mind to die with you,
Old year, if you mnet'die.
He was full of joke and jest,
But all his merry quips are o'er:
To see him die, across the waste,
His son and heir doth ride post-haste,
But he'll be dead before.
Eve!) , one for his
. own.
The night is starry ald - cOld, myJrHend,
And the new-loaf; rdithe and bold my friend,
Domes up to take his own. -
How hard he breathes ! over the snow ,
I heard just now the crowing cock.
The shadows and-fro:
The cricketsbirps ; the light burns low:
I Tirnenity — tvvelvu — o • nlock:
• Shake hands, before you die.
Old year. we'll dearly rue for you
4110. is it we can do for you?
ik oat before ion die.
His lace is growing sharp and thin.
Alack ! our friend is gone.
Close up his eyeli !tie up his chin:
Step from the corpse, and lot him in
That standeth there:alone,
And waiteth at the door.
There's a new foot on the floor, my Merl&
And a new face at the door, my friend,
A now face at the door..
rom ra am a.' agamne.
The waning year e ls to most minds, a
season of reflection. And it is good- io
pause and think, occasionally; to glance
along the receding vista of months, and
review our actions ere too great a dis
tance makes their memory indistinct.—
Time seems to linger on his journey, to
pantie by the crumbling ruineof earthly
things,' and' point us to the past, that we
may gather therefrom lessons of wisdom
for the future. _
110 North
Second St.
And now,:us we stand on the verge of
the Tatting year—as the last line in its
record of events is about being . written.
it is but to obey the dictates of reason to
let our thoughts run back. Time we
cannot recall, nor change the past.—
W hat we have done is done forever.—
Then, why, it may be asked, turn our
thoughts thitherward? Why not look
in hope to the future ? It is that we may
look to the future with brighter hopes.
made more certain through repentance
and good resolutions.
What we are is of more, far more
importance to usthan what we seem to
others, or what we have gained in world
ly goods. Our thoughts, then, as we
review the days and weeks in the closing
circle of months, should linger rather
upon the purpose and acts'of oar moral
life, than upon the.impreasion we have
made upon others, or the amount, of
earthly treasure we have gathered 'in
from the harvest-fields of the world. A
good reputation may be lost through
slander; riches may take to themselves
• • !•• and fly'iway bat of the heart's'
conscious ,rectitude no event eternal to
ourseiveS can' rob us. It is tide' gold.'
which neither moth rtor rut can . cortupt,
siad,of .which not even .death itself can
rib Imo •
In turning back our thoughts upon the
past, then, let us examine all our acts in
the; light of their promptnsg end. A. sel
fish and bad end makes , an , act evil ,
which might be innocent if ,done with a
good• end. A man may pursue his
worldly business with the same energy
and success' that marks the course of his
neighbor, and be all the•while laying up
oteasures above, , while the latter gains
nothing but the treasure on earth, iyhicb
in te tevi years, pesnes into the coffers of
anotker , Te4itii 4 .b.e; :naked and Pam, as
he came into ,the world, recrosses the
mortal, bourne., and 'is seen no more +
among his fellows. great disareiog
nod , in the'' end with 'winch each
cu ed ; his flatly , calling. g94,1;:1111',1
*kat j Uili % 44ole7 P ei g ht
Itl°rOihi/e,a/SelfiAbLethiCAUSell a, Man
dlsregerd Mid &fen. trainple other's
DoCnii his firylitikpi fingerta
• the 404; - 1 - eteillithe; d tlieii,
F? °i,eW 9 1 .._thqiYeari go fats lag
Pelet 3 ol . ‘o , e9neernedt and,
in leak earnestly: at the 'PuTcced which:
have s governed ,, hit; various;: :talons:—
These, in their -accumulations, are ,to
Millie Ides feline 'hlipicSidininetsif6lhl-
poldgnined e ilti ) tClel
er's is
never 'vriliWng happiness ; for, in the
ecquislt the-mind!lairil4c oil Term'
iivaCaardareci l asitli' it4altlxaskiki sa°h"
forai preoli,ides the possibility or im
pineis. Holier : and fa* acquired in
, ,
like - manner , will as.certainly bring pain
and disappointment.
tu ts—
The great question then I . Ho* .fair
bava I advanced in the. ye " torfard,that
humanity which is built np into a beau
tiful form, through good purposes comieg
forth into good deeds? Just so far as
this true humanity , har; beau attained,
and no further, has the waning year
been a
year. --__._,--
Is your mird not satisfied with the re
view measured by this standards?' Let
the fact be wisely imp - ivied by a better
life in the future. ,Begin the nest year:
with this higheratandard in your mind,
and resolve to hve up to it as Tar as it is
in your power.
There is one reflection connected with
this theme that should produce a. strong
impression. It is our present that makes
our future. What we purpose and do •
to-day throws forward its effect upon our
comingyears. And this- is the result of
every day's life. What would not some •
of us give if we could change the rebu
king ,past ? But, - alas I — what - is - done
done forever. The present with its
deeds flits by and becomes the unchang
able past. We may repent of our wrong, .
doings, but repentence cannot extract the
sting from memory. With this thought
_which shodtlLaloneptompLWright_Liit___
ving in the future, we close our brief
sermon; commending its teachings to the
wise and ! pimple, the rich and poor, the
old and young, the learned and the un
learned, with the'..bope that it may be
like a nail in a sure place, or like apples
of gold on pictures of silver.
The Testimony of a Deist.
We always recur with greut deli
it:alimony of a deist, who - alter publicly
boring ,to disprove Christianity, and to bring
found instructing his child from the pages of
the New Testament. When taxed with the
flagrant inconsistency, his only reply was
that it was necessary to teaoh the. child mo
rality, and nowhere was there to be found
,such morality as in the Bible. We thank "
the deist for the confession. Whatever our
scorn of the man who could be guilty of so
fopl a dishonesty, seeking to sweep Ikon the
earth a volume to which all the while he
recnrred for the principles 'of education; we
thank him for his testimony, that the moral
ity 01. Scripture is a morality not elsewhere •
to be found; so that, if there were no Bible,
there Would be comparatively DO source of ,
instruction in duties and virtues, 'whose ne
glect and decline would dislocate the nappr
ness of 'human society, If it be certain—
certain on tho confession of its enemies--
that a pure and high morality is to be gath
ered only from the pages of the Bible, what
an advantage is there in the possession of
the scriptoria, even it death were the termi
nation of human existence. Take away the
Bible from a nation, so that there should no
longer be the exhibition , and inculcation of
its precepts, and there would be a • gradual,
yea, and, a rapid introduction of false princi
ples and spurious theories; which would
pave the way for a total degeneracy of man
ners. We should' quickly find that honesty,
and integrity were, not held io their former
repute, but had given place to fraud and ex
tortion; that there was an universal setting
up of Ai, idol of selfishness, before which
all that is generous, and disinterested, and
philanthrophic, would bit forced to do hom
age. We should lose fl to our'institutions
all that is glorious in liberty, and from our
firesides all that gives them attractiveness.—
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henry Melville..' • _ • • - " •.‘ •
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