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ARMS TuE t .Uttiox.- 2 -`eliesubjoin d• :elms
is In ref:ly to the
notice of the jilldione/ of 160;20
Auguet, es follows;;'" ; -4 '',
"•itasorrespondentwrites _to uctha
lately shown the arMsrlal,hearinifs:P °Ours.
Of the W o oshington.famlly, lately broughLover
from England.- Se was so•strtivk
semblatme to the Arrnsmf (he United States as
to infer that the similarity: was 'wended as a
compliment •to , Washington. Our correspon
dent has amiddistinet recollection 01 hearing it
said that the Arms of the'Union were arranged
by Francis Hopkinson. lie suggests that the
mention Of the subject in the National Intelli
pneer might perhaps induce some reader of
that journal to furnish inform:4lollml the histo
ry, of tho Shield
- of Stars and Stripes."
,ruti.anEr.Pitir., Aug. 3d, 1899
Messrs. GALES & Se t.Tou : The history og,
the Arms of the United Stales is, or ought to
be, very well known. Thee were adopted
June 20, 1782, and the resolution which con- ,
Wins the When will be found at page 301 of
She 7th irolume.of the ' Journ..l4 of Congress,'
Crolwell's edition, Phifollelphia, 18U0 ) The.
fallowing account, cut from J newspaper some
years age, will give perhaps all the iniormetton
your correspondent desires to obtain. He
should not, however, any the Shield of ilia
Stare and Stripes,' though nothing is inure =n
inon than to see stars placed on the ' chief
azure,' whore they have nu d'uosins• to bo, and
pales' are not.' stripes
Although the study.of Jieraldy may not be
Very amuslng to our republican readers, yet, as
the eagle, with extended winvograspingf the
arms of war and the olive, of peace, is Constant
ly presented toner eye in . solo Way .•or
it may not be uninteresting to. gitie a history of
and an explanation of the Arms of our country.
In June, 178:2, when Congress. was . about to
form. an. armorial deVice for a seal for the
Union, Cherles Thomson, Esq. the eeererary,
with the Hon. Artlfur Lee and E 13undinot;
Members of Congress, calledun Mr.. Win. Bar
ton, and consulted him on the occasion. .The
great seal, for which Mr. Barton furnished
these gentlemen with devices, was adopted by
congress on the %Wird' June, 1782. The de-
Vice follows: , .
Arms—Paleways of - thirtirn pieces argent ;
gules, - a chief allltNi ; thli rscutelfron on - The
breast of the Amerfean eagle displayed proper.
bolding In his des l ot W talon an olive branch, and
In his sinister a "die of - thirteen arrows, all
proper; and in bita 4-•screll, with the motto,
4 .E Phiribus unitutX. , • __
The Crest—Over thalead of the eagle, which
appears above the escutcheon, a glory, or break
mg through a cloud proper, and surrounding
dtbirteen] stars forming a constellation argent
‘ °wan azureleld. .r
Reverseot pyramid unfinished. - •„ • .
In the zenith an ifiyela a triangle, surroun
ded with .a glory. Oro; .-•the eye these words,
I , Anstalt cogitii. s .- On - the ham of the pyramid
the numerical letters, MDCCLICXVI; and under
neath the following motto, ' , nevus ordo seclorum"
Remarks'and szplanalions—The escutcheon is
. competed of the chief and pale, the two Most
honorable ordinaries. The thirteen pieces pale'
represent the several Slates in. the Union, all
joined in one solid compact entire, supporting a
•-•••• chief, which
_unites' the whole, arid rep resents
. .. ._ .
Coniress. The motto alludes to the~Union.
The pales in the Arms are kept cloarly united
by . the i phief, and the °blot depends on' that
Union, and the strength resulting from; it for its
support to denote the oo d lederacy of the States
end the preservation the Union , through
The colors of the paled are those used in the
. (lag of the United Statei of America. White
signifies purity and innocence ; red, 'tardiness
and valor i and blue, the color of the chief,
signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.—
The olive brunch and arrows denote tile po.:er
of peace and War, which as exclusively vested
In Congress.
The crest or constellation denotes a new State
taking its place among other Pbreign powers.
The escutcheon borne on the breast of an
American eagle, - without any supporters, de
notes that the United States ought to rely on
their own-virtue.
- The pyramid on the reverse signifio-ititrength
end devotion p its untnis •ed elate• 'liters to the
Wine). of the Ametican G.,veroment. The
eye over it end the motto, ...danuil coeptis,' He
sanctities our endeavors,' allude to toe many
signal interpositions of Provide - rice in-favor of
'`the American cause.
The following letter was written by Charles
Thomson, Esquire. to W. B omm, Esq. enclo
sing him a Copy of the device :
"Sut : 1 am much ohliced to you for the pe
rusal of the Elements of Heraldry, which I no
return. I have just dept into it So far as to be
able to be satisfied that it may afierd a fund
entertainment, and may be applied by a State to
useful purposes.
enclose a copy of the device by which you
have displayed your Shill iii heraldic sciet,c , l,
and which meets with general cpp:u , ,ati.m.
Yours, CHARLES IllomsON
I think I out this account from a Pittsburg
riesysimper,because it Contained the most sat,s
factory history of what is been every dsv
out a thimght as' to its oriciti. I whit 1 CUII.d
I obtain as accurate an account of the designer
and adoption of the Arms of Pennsylvania.
Yeryfrespectfully, your ob'l servant,
COPPER MMES.-2'MM the tresotogton Repub
lic.—Mining operations in the United States,
as a general thing, have not proved profitable
investments, and the copper operations have
been particularly unfortunate. There is, how
ever, one work known as the Cliff mine in the
Superior country, and owned by a Boston and
Pittsburg company, which seems a striking ex
ception. Extracts made frhm its books, De
comber 1, 1848, show the following expendi
tures and receipts:
s9 Expended. Recd for sales.
1044 .066 76
1845 0.574 40 $2 968 70
1846 66,128 05 8.870 95
1847 89.509 16 70 977 32
1848 105,278 52 . 02,007, 96
0289,456 89 4,884 03
Among the items which go t eke up the
expenditures* 1848, Mkt the sum paid le 'the'
United StelMilor property on which the
mine; is sittuited; containing 4,300:53 acres,
ininui 'Which, the working--expenses would be
but 884,879 . 79, with a product of spo2 067 06:
The healtscikthe-compAny, January 11, 1849,
made . Biel lago*ing
• ' • • Assets.
Bills receivable, .1
Copper on band,
Supplies at mines,
6140,982 08
Liabilities: , .•
Debts due as per Treasuries brooks,
Indebtedness at the mines,
_, ° 12 1 161 11
Surplus of personal abets, :I, •-' 111;105749
:or , ,"-
, ~ , . • ; ',.• 1 • e 190.982 08 1
Included 'in the assets is only the personal
end not:the real property of the company-01; 1
mine, the various mills ‘ ferniiees,,even,the viie,
lege in which the miners live, befog exeltided;,
Tne amount of capital paid in was 8110,000 on 1
e6OOO abates, and the Company has; ther ef ore,:
paid ":more . then one hundred per coo. on nal
•-• investment; „but.of the surplus, ton' ,dollars ,a
• Share, or 80,090 was pel on the 21st, • of May
linit,nrio,the operalipQn ulthepresent.year wilt
. shown lei. tiettei_result,.o6 expeeiev. remain-•
, leg•tinehansed,',.iihile a , .yet gloater .utio'unt' iii
. ore has ' ;been extracted...; Up tik.ldne 28.:600
'' tens'of ore, had .lieen„sl , iniied, which; 'Velditik•
- 7• - • - §s,;:per',OetiWleso-lhan'the'- rear4alne,-ivoeld
produce 3*.tpee cif liere":.eepper;' yotth:.inere:
~•:, than:;sll,9ol:l,i.: Xhere ',la, reasnni,.tcp•'nelieyn
• : • ' thOl . ;.y r ie)irf,,ire,` ptirO•'niiital,' b t rliim lea r,e, all*
---.,. ulorki th all'iooo: - ..404,vi0rtit,4264 - ,090:.=- --- not
iltiOqiiklf:fOrfor,ffsh". iiiotiiild. '4l l 4liii*:!iortlf,6l,
• iiiiiisi, l l 'o:eititiiitity?`nr'•• , ;olch ,,, ,tkike geeeiliceii.;
Ariesed:VADUel9k46o inifit•')OliCA . r.Tr)birrol'y
...or ;•lije:',Ornenect"erelfeldetfdEiftrAolleral.lyertk : f,
qiiii*;•!7‘'j•: ,. +'.i'' ,. ••"‘',, • :•„,l' , '?;,• • •:, * ;,• • :: :.+ lf : N ., te!..' , •,.; ,•- :' , . „-„,
?',4l• l Pliefnuolhet••ot.personif••eiiiiileyeil;:iilfl•
,;•,• , ,..•,:e;t•cbeo; hanNetip„one huudiliCand:4l4‘on :
g ' ' ,. .. 0 Y.:O46A*. hant',o6` tnidf.ft:7gronintOtatanic" , ,'
iii 41010,43,- hoirever,been.• noxilk . ".`O:::::,inerinisfr
'•.: this_otAtiflifeissoryi Which' protintifi.tsur . 04'
i'T'., i lll"fi;iiiis4 si t,i)elOghits Teprfnent„;,ljes- supply,,ol
- , a 4 , . , •41 ,, ,,1, ? 1, ~ ,:..,',,
:,..,,,..* iiifilOkiis,llietje3ctliftet;:oilwictuirilisimp
4.l,f,rittaiiktil , popri'olltil) d k ivtjliguiiho. gookligl . itt
,;.r. , io,i'hoittitildi ai : Otrooityoution of : iiitY ‘ `t:iiefiniseilie
'47intii(inhetiiinl;:nt,slCintitiriiikepinitiani • westhe
'7 ,- ,.')o4l4,V,intk ) iti•Atr•P i tlt'l4l)44::,;lll , : l ,, ll
~. '"1- 11 1 0 igilf•itiV4 1 9).1 le n';:n 4 ),,„ •;•• ;;.,4),11,, „P 1 , 1 , , i
, I 'o o .oolo ,4 o, lo :' , Pgiligiflki r ttlifliriw , :;.4'ii4m , ; , .6"k"; , ' ,
t . -.. l )..k , 'fY.:Ki'! l , 4 : i .i, i ' ; ''!•' : ',.. : ' , ;• .lo,, ‘''` . 7,- " , :iiikii•f!'::4ll;:-
` . :?..4k,ogi i ickil„i ....:"Iklei°V.4
~ ;::., O tilt 14i110110,016,g0t:6u,itelf iii . le . '§'lttiil
, 7 11 11
fie , tiglailpir loge, lhatrriii,ny 44 . : , : , 1119'), Ynalli
pAi, ' IhOtilce ttfliko'Suiitirloi.wildkl
.i" , '" , Q 4 : : ' ; ' ,';';,, t i i . ' ::: ' - ' ,. . - '''"''''
- r.i';' , :( , ,'; , .1 . ., ,,, , , i)...7... - 7 - j.; ',.,*.i._ .
'i , ': ,, .. : '' , .' ' o,';-,`;''',tif,.,.:',..:.;;;',;'Fl.c.'-'7,
!.'-f!...b.lo.eirtmity*fittlito* , to Iptf-otittiptitiller fling ,
ihetp; - end, itta(theYnyierrprofitable ' teirteietattld
::. never OnY:a4lividend4if Anerejhatiltie ref cent.
T,bnrfacr is, nofowing.-tolany deficiency; in thet
a rticle,,: tint%So the:el:treet;
'l . leulf,Y of 411614 tnosl hnnorffinfililit
tor" example, a' matflell'itte,,,aoppeinhad been
roe 1./Ing,nearly,:tiventy . , feet below the serf
'thee; Wei*hingSevefal
flb .
'the eirfaee iningesible itt is,. obliged.lo-bk !
34Preted, solo pieces of one or two',hin,.eitchln,
'weight by'the c.ohl daft/
;',titig through the muss of plc •'width ,of, the
;by 'the 'hammer and chiseliand7 then; the'.
pieces eh raised to , f he surface and sent:'sdr.
Tt it. labor makes thwprocess of mining, long
;difficult, and expensive, and destroy! the profits
OS the company.• ' . •
• •
RECEIPTS Fnom Pun Lid ,Wonne.--Tbe no
receipts of tolls upon tbe publiif works of Ohio
durina 'die :first three quarters, ending August
~15, 1849, was '5463.594. being an increase
over the prbvidus year of $56,057.
The revenue from, the Penobylvania iinprove,
meets to first of Au'gust last, from the opening
of navigation, is VJ324333, being an increase
over the mune period last year of, $76,503.
The entire reeeipi, last year, to the Ist of De,
Cernber, were $1,553.544.
The tolls on nil the New York Slate canals,
from the cemml.neenieitti of tmvigulien to the
14th .11i1, unclustve, wet , $1,453,988 93, In
crease In leveret 0110 }ear, 611,975 21.
~ F IltoN Balttinore Ame
rica:l any. that the importation of iroo into that
port on the 19th ult., eras 1500 lons, of which .
901 tons aus railroad bars (lona Wales, said to
cost at Baltimore, including freight and duty,
just 05' per toll. . .
'A contract for railroad iron was made a-few
`days singe ai N 4N_ _Yi.irk*,_a LO7 SU-per-ton,
laid do -in in New Orleans.
WE' have just received an entire new selec
tion of choice and fresh GREEN , AND
BLACK TEAS, embracing Yroung Hlyson,
Imperial and Gunpowder teas, of various quali
ties, ranking front 37i to 81,25 per pound, from
the tea store of the Messrs. Jenkins, of Phila
delphia, neatly, securely and freshly packedln
quarter, hall, and pound metalie and paper pack
ages, as well as in the bulk. The selections
are made by one of the partners, who has had
experience 'melte business, among the Chinese
ttienisilves-forabout-seven-years,-and- this-ad--
vantage, together with our own experience, and
-the encouragemen4xtended to us in
,the selling
of these Teas for \Ynore than two years past,
encourage unconfidently-to reccommend /them
as superior to any other selection of Teas in
this market—for stile at the Grocery store of
July 11-'49 J. W. EBY .
Tobacco and Cigars.
JUST. received and for sale wholesale and re
tail the tiest and cheapest selection of CI
GARS to be found any where Gout of the city.
The selection consists -of
Granaderos, Emilia; '
Castellos, 'La Prymavera,
Plantation, • Leon .D'oro Regalia.
Principe, ' ,La Grata,
Venus•and-Figaros Molessadora, &c.
All of the finest Cuba and Havana Tobacco,
and put up' in the neatest manner, besides I
have excellent sixes and the best Melees. Also
the best Congress and Cavendish TOBACCO
both plain and sweetened, at reduced prices for
cash. -Call and examine my stock before- per.-
chasing. I will sell by the box as low •as they
can be had-in the city. Don't .forget the place
opposite the railroad' office.
Carlisle; aitgl T EIS NV ELL
311 pliilabelptic;
Watches.and_ Jearely !
~ ,----,.4 1 18 1 Wholesale and Retail—At the
\ 7
~" Philadelphia Watch and Jew•
( 4k
. 4, rs , Stoie," No. 3.0 North SE
i.- . ‘..- COND street,corner of Quer
-70.7:.1)Nri:‘ tr rY street.. • •
Gold Levers, 18 k. cases, full jewelled, $3O and
Silver Levers, full jewelled, $l5-trral upwards:
Gold Lepine, 18 k. cases, jewelled, $25 and
upwards ..• -
Silver Lepinee, jewelled,_s,lo and upwards
Silver Quartier Watches,. $4 to 10
Sihizr Spoons, equal to coin, per sett—Tea,
$5, D ertslo, Table $l5, other articles in pro
portion._ All goods warranted tb be what the
are gold for.
Constantly or] hand a large assortment offine
Also, an assortment of M J Tobias & 'Co.,
E Simpson, Samuel & Brothers, E S Yates &
Co, John Harrison, U & It Beesley. and other
superior Patent Lever Movements, which will
be cased in any style cleared
Arrangements hove been made with all the
above named most celebrated manufacturers of
England, td furnish at short notice any required
style of \Vetch, for whieh orders will be taken,
and the name and residence of the person or-.
daring put on if requested.
novBl .importer of Watcher
L. R. 131100711EALt 5 13 1
WHERE Gold and SU
. ver Witches of every .
ri -13 description can be had
rio at twin ten to fifteen
3 . 3 less than any other store
8 7 in New York or Pnita
'- delphia. Persons who
wish to gets gapa watch, perfectly regulated,
would do well to can at the , store of the sub
scriber, and compare the quality and price of hie .
watches with that of other stores.
Low I U.S.
'Gold Levers, full JewePt.,:B caratcases, $2B 00
Silver do do 12 00
Gold- Lepines, jeweled, :8 carat cases 23 00
Silver do do \ 900
Silver Verge 'Watches from $3,00 upwards.
Gold PenciltO:from to $8,00; Gold Pons,
with silver °Vass. and pencils attached, for 75c.
Also, a handsome assortment of new and
fashionable Jewelry, at psleas far below the
usual'store prices. Old Goldtand.silver bought
or taken in exchange,
No 110 North SECOND Street, second 'door
beloW'Rece, p.hitudelphia. rip'B'49:y
01PCut this' adyettisement out, art . dlring it
`along, you will'thien be sure to get int,the right
store.• .
An entirely 'hew Article for Shower-Ba
• • thing, with warm or cold Water.
IttrTHIS Bath took the premium at the .Fair of
the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. October
. 1848, the only Bath that ever took apremium
at that institute and also took the first premium
.at.the fair of the Maryland lustituee,isioyern
' ber.18,48. . .
847 681 58
75,260 96
AgA rest and, important improvem'ent is Made'
in thiaAShowerlbath over all otliWik'hi file - Ovine
the Mier irnMediatelY on the bodi,'‘Withebt
wetting the head, unless at ,thewilLor . pleasure
of'th'e hut a krkaiteepdinfis gained by
beinmAnabled to bathe ,withvarna water,' whidlt
I:no othbf Shower:Bath Widapted:tcp—and Mont
of all the Bath ion be medicated ' without injury
' te•thetair,'-:'%' •
Many portions cannot tak'e a cold bath-their.
cuse.ia met inlhie US they , can regulate the ,tetn
perature of.the,water to Buit,t,heir wiah, and
commence bathing 'att.any, Beason ortheYear
without any upplermancreault. 'Ladice ktirthave
the advantage 'of bathing.withouti wetting the
[N 4
ed or covcg,theliame..., ;
The.arrangeknenta are. apd complete,
an4,tr,. ,liolpAo:,,got out of order, The - Bath,adjualtid to suit Any height, frOnt,',a emelt
chigto 'periton..; Whlt'i door. in
1 '4013,4, the fixturee O:41, the. Onittide,'ip
I pearance,in,tket,Of rient.Pleonctlf ftirni,too,.!
Thek . heve.reenived he.approbatioti,or,leie
rAI, medical gentlemen-46therh OrA'Ynnuested . to
:•MitinufaChtiedi:bY,- . the
!* PAtenteew,..: ;;'
24-84th"Calytirt . street,'Etal
1'"-BATILINGITTRea,d.What Armationgoo
acoliero - inif;WWhWritild - lfealthure, -
r the mtrocekof the keep to - 4 „•,
I,%inhody'.eacred.fitim undocent,Boo. ,
f,'Still.telhe Pure: even if it d id. not comince, , t ,
t2AI it„ does ) to, health, ( very ; - greatly
'...Y:,intr.Oltili,-poiinit'.?,.fia .thia. , edOrna din rich ';•
Thrt A./AA; ei Airs ;la 'paver 'y! morel 'foe; '
With Altittaltternal mine, age maintains,::
l'-kdehent i lentett t'.,'Witho,ut;riti'youth:AnCaltaima
• ijuir ,W;
71g,t , CCARONIErinivkitiatiptiAla 604 ,
oi MaWimOttia *tort' tflpih
and , ghoulno ,- (wqr ois74-141,14
pon s '..t-0
4 ' 4' n "f ' '
,111,..Tt.',fi,Yd io a , iyy•P' , k Math s 'Stregoi;
, d Rine:
~,,,o 4 higt erli
lgjiiii.'o,43lv74 i,
,a~r‘,„l eet
KI '
roc:: _
"y.... . .
- ~-. -141"4:Ctat
~c;~' 1,
dokitiluison 4
..lbie6;veir ihe 'seneri, aa4'#oriis: Repre..
,irOittitivAil'of,tki . G7eMmenivers/th`of .Paana9/oania .
lit - i'ci!WeitrAiiisnirtit, , ,rriit,' That - the Conetittt.'
tjon:Uf.ihe COMMlrilth antiiridedln the'
seisetidNatitioii: . °ds4. l fi fth thitt:it‘
.shall The' Judgek - Of . the!Su:
preine ifeferel CoOrts of - Comniari
Pleas; ihd.;teetiiih tithe biurte' L oP Recrirde as •
are or Olin* tietabliatiqd beoleit;:
ed ulectors Ihe:Coriniton':,
wealth - la the" manner follOisiingi' to wit i-The
Judges of:the Supreme COurt, by the'qualided
electors at large. The' President Judges of the
several Courts of Cominen Pleail and or such'
other ColirtiOltecor_d as are or ' estab
liehed by other Judgee'regoired , to'
belearned. in the law, by_the, gatilified eledtufe
of theeesketive distrietaNiVer theyere,
to preside or e actnaltidgesAnhe AssoCi
ate Judges of the df-
Courts t d
tommon Pleas by
the qualified electori °ether:. counties respoo
lively. the Judges of the Supreme Court
shall hold thdir• offices for the term of fifteen•
years, if they shall so long behave
well : (subject to the allotment hereinafter pro.'
aided for, subsequent to the first - .election :)
The President Judges of the, several Courts of
Common Pleas, and of 'such other Courts of
Record as are or,sliall be established by law,
and all other Judges reqhired to be ledrned in
the law, shall hold their offices for the term of
ten years, if they-shall so long behave them.
_helves well t—The Associate Judges of- the-
Courts of o:Amon Pleas shall hold their Uffines
for the term of five years, if they shall so, long
behave themselves went all of. whom shall be
commissioned by the Governor, but for any
reasonable cause which shall not be sufficient
'grounds of impeachment, the Governor shall
remove any of thorn on the address of two.
thirds °fetich branch of the begielature. The
first election shall take place at the general
election of, this Commonwealth 'next a ft er the
adoption of this amendment. and the commis
alone of all the jUdges who maybe then in office
shall expire on the first Monday of December
following, when .the terms of thejudges shall
commence. The persons who shall then ho
elected Judges of the Supreme Court shall hold
their offices as . folloivs • one of them forthree_
years, one for six years, one for nine yettert, on,
for twelve years, and one for fifteen years; the'
term of each to be decided by lot by the said
judges, as soon after the election as convenient
and he result certified by them to . the Gover
nor, that the commissions may lie issued in
accordance thereto*. The judge 'whose conn.
Mission will first expire shall be h ief Justice
ring_ hit: term,' add thereafter each judge
Whose. commission 'shall first expire shall in
turn be the Chief Justice, and if two Or more
commissions shall:expire on the same day, the
'udges holding them shall &wide by lot which'
shall be the Chief Justice. Any vacancies
happening by death, resignation, or otherwise,
in any of the said courts, shall be filled by ap
pointment by the Governor; to continue till the
first Monday of December suee'aeding the next
general election. The Judges of the Supreme
'Court and the Presidents of the several Coutto
of Common Plent shall, at stated times; receive,
for their services an adequate compensation,
to be fixed by law, which shall not be diminish
ed during their continuance in office, but they
ihall receive no fees or perquisites of office,
nor hold ally ether office of profit under this
Commonwealthrof under the government of
the United States, or any other State of this
Union. The Judges — of, the Supreme Court
during their continuance in office Mall reside
within this Commonwealth, and the other
Judges during their continuance in. radar shall
reside within the district or county for which
they were respectively elected.
Speaker ofthe House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.'
IN THE SEEATE, !Much 'l, 1849,
Received, That thin resolution pass.—Yeas
21, Nays 8.
Extract from the Journal.
. • SAKI.. W. PEAT SON, Clerk.
IN TFIE HOUSE OF REPB., April 2,1819.
Resolved, That this resolution pass.—Yeas
Nays 26.
Extract from ,4 ho Journal.
W. JACK, Clerk.
Filed April .5, 1849.
A. L. RUSSELL, Dep Soc. of the Com'th
I do certify that the above and foregoing is
a true eopy,of the Original Resolution of the
Geueial Assiiinhi3e, entitled Resolution re.
lative to sa Amendment of the Constitution,"
as the same remains on filo m this office.
ivy In \ testimony whereof I haves
hereunto set my hand, and caused
li l t ~, to be affixed the eeal of the Sec
-1 L '" j( 0 rotary ' s Office at Harrisburg, this
\ ;'"r: eleventh duy of Jurie, A. D. one
thousand eight hundred and
Secretary of the Commonwealth
" Resolution, No. 18d e entitled Resolution
relative to an amendment of the constitution,'
was road athird time. On the question; will
the Senate agrel W. the resolution? The
Yeas and Nays vvte taken agreeably to the
Constitution, and wovii•ati follow, viz:
" YEAS—Messrs. Aims, Brawloy, Crabb,
Cunningham, Forsyth, Hugus,lohnsen. Law.
relict), Levis, Mason, 'lL'...atthias, M'Caelin
Sterrett and Stine-21. -
"Nmrs,—Mossre. Bost, Drum, Frick, Ives,
King, Konigmaoher,' Potteker end Darsie,
Speaker—,-8. . .
So the question was detetmined in the affir
"Shall the revolution pass? The yeawand
nays were taken agreeably to the provision of
the tenth article of the Constitution; and ate
as follow, viz!'
"Irsse—Messrs. Gideon J Ball, David. J
Bent. Craig Biddle, Peter D Bloom; David M
Bole, Thomas K Bull, Jacob 691.4.
..36111i: TI :
Diehl, Nathaniel A. Eliott; i losePlf&eery.
David G Eshlenian, William Evans, John
FanaolB; Simnel •Fogley, Joseph .IN , Fisher;
Diary, , M Fuller Thomas Grove, Robert
irla"Oiincin,DeikrgO . P flauszey, Themas 4 Her
'ring; Jeseph• Higgins, Charles Hartz, Joseph , B
Mower; Robert •, Kloti;'; Harrison P i .Laird,
Abraham Larribeito.n, James, J Lovvls,Jeteles
W Lop g;JaoebilVPCiirtiiey,J Ohn•glirCillldch,
-Hug h '.sl?Kee; John. IiVL mug lilin; Ada nit. Mer:"
tiny Samuel ',Marx, John... Co.Nlyorei.EdVrard
Nicklestw. Stewart' Pearce., .:Jainue
Meniy.lo'Pratt; Alonzo Robb , George Ruploy,
Theodore Rym an, '' .Berri tad ..B„,Scheonoyer,
Samuel Seibert, John Sharp;.Chilstian Onivoly,
ThomatiLD Steel. , Joi,emiah.ill : Stubbs, lostyJ
Stutziodh,- ,fliarshall . Swartsviolder,-, _Stimuli)
TagiiirtwGeorge 7 - ,Thorti,.iNlehelai-Thoro.
Ar nod' , Wattles;:Sitm uol ~ Wei rlelist A lettzo.,l•
Wilcox,. Daniel Zerboyo.and, Woe: Fi Picker,
Speaker, - r5 B. -:,; . -,-:- ; , ,-;. :1' !.:. to ~. '.:l • ~:.;,,, '
. .
;"01CtireMesertr. Augustus K Domini Deihl
IV CoUrtnity; ll DaviLEvans, Ilinty4lB4Evanit;
- 4 Oliii.Fenliim'Johnl:Wibleorge, , Tllo4lllllPGllo- ,
eriiiii,'John El ,G4ordon, Willitim.Henryilarnes ,
j2Kirkiijoitiph" Ifittubiteli,'Rebert a- Little,
JOhnl•4',llVCalmont, John" 14 , Kee, William;
1111 1 18lier4;JOilaih Miller, Williem 7 Morriloiti
jOhit'' , A 046; 1 1 , 11111SM: gr,B.ObOrtel,follu,K.
osiib'et6;46hif ,2 ll l .-IRtitherfdidi , '-14 Ri
hnitli, Volin ,,, Sniyik John. - ISoudei; GeiSige,
Walleye and. David F Williams.26,t 'I, ~ ;I ' -7..;•;.
•'+t Eiti the itteitimittvaif;ileterhided :in the '4....
iiiiiioVe.i'-' , 4 ,. '" 11 l' , ',l'( , '- , ' ~,h ..;,.,.' : , :.k . ' q, t ;ti,,.ii,.
t : - ,plf-ttit:t vttl ., t't.4l. - 1 . •-...:
I.. , :.•;' l `7lVkit:; , ' ,1,, i I SiOrlirillit i e .1:414011T t e.. 1)
~ ' !Harrisburg June 15 '1849, ,1•.11 , " ,- .i
rPilSesii.valiA;Snii' • '' ''', . ' :', " ' ,l :' ' , '... 1, ' ,, .",
1- '''' r .. i
. i; l. 4o,cortift thiiihti iitiO4V-a4
l' • ,)• 'Orogeini to ti".:troe" and ,coriatit
I " .0
4 . Y:64 . the ii Yeas" and " NOye , ,!!,
1•,.. taken up the ."11seolution.talitikv4.
''r ..,,,,, : , t&iin , tnienrieltent*khe Constliti•
406: 1 '56 1 ,ilib"iiiaitil'aSPP8erteon , r_tht0MA r titi * *
Ith,O.i4o,ollUseiltit•the,Generitl Assembly 41'
irl . ft i ficqiir • RlOO,O o'o4 for •, the tie a 4inn' tir? I 84Si;
'' .ittliiiia telY'llatta"iitiOhe Beet of,-Seltlieflitie".!
1 1. i.,0 1 0 6 40. 4 441W1,410; - Aiitiligtiiiiiyififigh, i
4094000 TRtYf O.IIM, A.;1„-V; I T44T,11 , ,1 , .4 . c„Vitr , ;-;,
net 4lnitNp,s, aptioll - 4 R.; ; r e 4144 51 , 1 4,
lli !I olV;vrPrWilg2i-ifital * uir tor'.
viorto ,
A., !'",.." :
.; ,
' aro I•Znit ;St ' •
d ' atonfectionew, prat t' ?an .Td - Store
•UNTRY MERCHATS aneths pub-
Vii,*o;* , general...are ilespectfully
'1 hifioltf Stand Of the , inibscriber,;(well.
• • aWKriss•Ringles - Heed-clutirters)iiit
B n andoexamine' , .his .largiOissertment
facture4 of the: b est, materit leVery
and w4tranted :not to ;Int suipassed:bie any in
•:f the Sipmti,` which -, be. , eold reasonable
Ho'has_ just received a larmassortment
of. 'Mite, consisting in , !parrof , Olt.
, • A.N GES;JiE ONS;'' RAISINS, 'Figsi, Pru
ens,' Bordeaux; and , Palter-shelled 7 .•Almonde,
,Filbetis,.croarn•muts,. peanuts, cocoa-nuts, dm.
' Which: will be; sold at . the lowesu rates: He
w~uld'•also, invite attention :to a - .large of
•TO Y AN,D. FANCY G 0 ODS,: consisting
partly. , offfino +sfaney, , boxesdolle,t.doll, heady !
F'trniture inibbxes; woodeW, tea Seta, braettartd:
:tin; fiumpetti; tniiket'and . bell:rat tlea::*at
'gone and wheelbarrows,cglass%and-Chiatt:,l4.l:l;
. - actiordeond,
oil, hair oil, hair': end' tclothi r broshei, shaving.
cream. and hundreds of: other knicknackw . an
connection with , the above' he has :on-hand
good assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES,
^ consisting in part, of leaf, lump` and bruwn su
gars, coffee, chot olatm , cheese and crackers.--
imperial, Young Hysemend.Black Ten. Splcos
of all kinds, blacking; Matches, brushes, &c,: ,
The subscriber returns his sincere thanks io
the public for the liberal. patronage heretofore
bestowed on him, and hopes ‘by a desire to
please, to merit a continuance of the same.
49 . P. MONYER.
PHYSICIANS, Country Mofchants
` acid
Pedlars, are invited tonsil - mid examine my
stock of Medicines„ Paints, &lass, Oil,' Var
Patent Medicines, Herb's and Extracts,
Roe Chemicals, I
Spices, ground and vyhble
Inltruments, Essences,
Pute Essen". Oils Perfumery, &c. •
. Log and Cam Woods,
Oil Vitriol
„ Lab - . DiPe'
--,--._ PAINTS
. .
Wotherill & Brother's' Pure Lead, Chsome
Green and t ellow, - Paint and Varnish Brushes,
Jersey Window Glass, Linseed Oil, Turpen
tine, Copal atid - COTtehiVarniah; and Rid Lead.
All of which will be •'sold .at the very lowest
market piled, at the dheap Drug and Book Store
Nov 29th, 184
To. all whom it. may Concern !
.` . THANKFUL in the public ge norally for pas
favors and their liberal patronage, stilleen
lin'uos to carry on the SADDLE, TRUNK,
and HARNESS . making business, at his old
stand in Nanover street, two doors north of the
Carlisle Bank, at the sign of the Mammoth
Collar. HOB now better.prePared than ever to
accommodate his customers, having • recently
made great alterations in his.establishment, so
as to enable him to - keep a much better assort
ment than heretofore, consisting of Spanish,
Dragoon, scoop, tub, quilto and plain 'SAD
DLES. CARRIAGE ESS, plated and
common ; Farmers' . G re, of all kinds, Tra
veiling Trunks of all des riptions and prices,
Veleases and Carpet Bags, Bridles, Martingale
Dollars, Stock, Leather and Raw Hide Whips,
Leather, cotton and worsted Fly-nets; and all
other articles in hie line=all of which he is de
termined to sell at, the very lowest cash prices.
Making and repairing Matrasses of hair,,husk
and straw, and all kinds of Upholste•ing will be
punctualluittendad to. •
ap2s'49ly .
?ALP. >3Sda.ClKrr3alli:9
RESPECTFULLY invites the
lion of the public to his
Meg and - re - 10 Store,
n West Main street, Carlisle, whore he has
, oat received a fresh assortment of Drugs'Me
,decines, Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Jewelry . and
Fancy Goods. -
Amongst his extensive variety may be found
the most. • ,
. r Y•APproved Patent Medicines,
-• All kinds of Salo, Dye Stuffs, '
~Quinine; Opium, Castor and Slireet Oils 4 1,
kVhito Lead, Indigo, Spices, fresh ground.
Glass, Putty, Chloroform,
Shandeliers, Lamps Wicks, Sperm Candles,
Shaving and Toilet'Soaps,
Cologne, 14.-ro, Lavender and Oran‘flq t wer
Wat rt.
Bears 0,1 ')x Marrow and Hair-llyt,
Nail, Too ' is liair, - tld Shaving Brushes,
Fine ivors• orn, and Shell Combs,
Finger Rinse, Bracelets, and Breast Pins,
Bead Bags and Purses,
Porte Monnairs,
Silver Spectacles and Pencils,
Gold Pens, Ink andlokstends,"rtm
Fine Writing . E
and'Note Paper nvelopes, '
Motto Wafers, Seals and Paper Weights;
Mirrors and Fancy - Boxes, •
Musical and Surgical Instruments,
Fine Knives and Scissors ?
Carriage and Rjcllng Whips,
Umbrollat qu;:rre,'Clooks, Tlunks, &c., &c.
Country Physicians, Merchants, Pedlars and
others may hoar something to their advantage
by calling
irrEthereal and Pine Oil received fresh
every week,
0:7 - Medical aid and advice gratis to4ho poor
-January 17. 1848.
'TIRE subscribers have just received at their
1 New and Cheap HARDWARE STORE
east High street; opposite Ogiley's Dry Good
Store, a large stock of goods in their line, to
which they would'catl the attention of purcha
sers, their arrangement in the city besng such;
as to enable .them to sell their goods at.the
lowest city prices. -
Their stock comprisesa Ain Assortment of
Locks-and Latches ofdalritile and size,-A-
Hinges, Screws, Bolts, and every article used
for Buildin , Augurs and-tutor Bitts, chisels,
broad and and axes; hatchets,ldettwing knives,
planes, and plane hilts, hand, panel, end Rip.
ping , saWa l mill, eross-cut and circular paws,
trace and - Water chains, hurtles, shovels, spades,
end hoes, hay and manure forks. Also, a large
assortment of Pocket 'and Table Cutleryr.-:
spoons, shovel and tongs, Walters and. Trays,
Hollow ware, Mass and . enameled Preserving
Kettles, Iron ..Furnaces, Cedar Ware, anvils
and vices, Files and Rasps of every kind. Bar
Band and Hoop Iron, Cast, Shear Spring and
Blister Steel, &,e. '
100 Bokes Window Glass.'
' 100 Kegs WellierillysTure White Lead:
5 Barrels LinstituNOiV •
. • 3 narrate ; Sp. Tel
200 Kegs Cumber andNads. '
Mtiv9l9 •, PAXTON
• ,1 •'Netv and laniiotanti
EORGE W. RI-1p m' having recently
Ulf purchalatheedunty right'of HAtYwowrn a
attention 0.4 mft - .11'44 to, hat 4 important
;invention.. It is certainly, one of ..the greatest
. .
.'improvernente of. th,e)tgo. Tlne rnachtnalemffe
—t ho collar crookeditround blook,'lMitill;olth'
hair "wii6l,''M other' Materials, J:MaketiffitllWitn'
ti et raw, :end einakee - collate of tit& UMW
, lessctharr IWO the labor'end-tireb of thePold
f, way 'of tauging.', ; This ' machine wiltiiiifff%all;
!mid cyerY, kind.ol Morel) collars, from, ,th9,ltesk
patant loather down, to, the crimmonesirittnile,
use; and withlnt ona,,rpith , ifetailk Pt• .Y 16 115: NVin
stuff and'abaW fifty:collard per, flay in, a 'ne ater
- an&better style way k n own.
Stidolere in
the ; cohnty,int invited 'to' calkat
the - aubeerlberte initabliehment on North Hanti=
ver street, "'Carliele, anikenarnieo the maettine:sz
~. Township - or .ehoplights• will .be told: i ,To
those who do not. ;.buy, a right the sub-,
' 7 scriberoffere:Ratmv;MADE POTALATlAatimrhole
" nl '4 'P•lienPßK.; le Y;Pfillr
tura4; l 9 . 4 9Y ;DrActf.' tSor ogl!ars in
an* Plnittv#rArP- 8 P, 0 0 . 0 1 ;Y , nhcit'jit - •
• •' net 5 , IN)
D E ,
4 : l [r .‘;',e; e s r, kesirrAl24, 2 r . ,0: 0 ilt
Ares, doore,south . cy therOld Bridge, Front ,sti
". ,RAKRISBURG.; 'f Uls
for thel,aocputmodatior , „of
e).:;,olunds. and Others int , DauPhio,,CfßOPro
Xrariklinr and nbighhoring countied,,haa
°P°n,Ati,V ,L eAtenC9Yß'', , Niftw i P Blo 9. , b, 8 4014 10 1(R04.
for I tho,sake t of Iltitrapoleea and,Lpqn . ora: abovo,
Wtth .tho co•COrtitiii":6k,a large;' idtkirting
hothitiln`ftalthnoin; h'e will laffiß,gtoodirbOrif at
ilteetdrie•Oriceit they Can to ii'parphadbd'
; in lb& cit9:wrierislifiedtfullya6liCito: thc fivar
I of , a call from 'thoiri'wiattinghto; purohari,r,tb
eatiorpthqm or idi•Ontlrir ability ~ ro:''aell,serbo
promising-, trheCtterition'of landlord& la invited,
to & hit ,iof , ohoiCo liquors •in - storo, and t for,qoe•
at honor torg); ;; ipticaty,. l ,Orders , front cn
• - At9i9; frmluktlY,J ll l94i . ,,p4d
•pr (sea. , • , •- • •orgloptl2-rf
' "
Hifokittlteriiittmr "9
AND Y:EAl'lTlelr':llol.ll3Vl4:', ll 4: ) niiiier
Mittr`Or E 10461 4 1dtirCtrioliont4pipmitii.
titt,ra i ti d etY , a,
141;f4CCIICOICOlta''' "
Harrisburg .Transpogiation
• '
• • & 0'
,CIORWAR.DING, CommiseiangerChantwo 4
• ishio,,.Produce,,Kerclin
dizadlic. to 11aliimoro, •Philaderphia
Solt,'Flah c Gr;:toiisH" . , „ • 2
march 29; 1848 • ', - •
It 4..#:&1-11,
General Comnusian and ForiiiirdThg
rchant; No. 79 BoNirly's Wharf,
,110IOR the sole .of Flour, Grain, Cloverseed
I:Whiskey, Lumber. &c. &c. Also, for.
warding Goods, via Tide Water Canal and
'l"tineiylvania Improiemontn. Orders, for fish
Salt; j''laster, &c: &c., Bupplied at lowest
Hnvmg been engaged in the nbotte bebiness
- during the last five yearn, n contieuetiop of the
patronage of his friends" and the pablic is re
gpectlelly solicited.
Refer to
f,`]'Fbsug &
J & E EBY, Harrisburg'
/WNW & ZE101;Ell, _
A. CATiremek„.BhepherdstoWn, Pa.
Dumb. Willy 'Transportation. House.
z -- ,,,„ . " i;" 7 :er -7 0 7, -- -
'!"..-''. ..;'..t:. - - -- 4E - iP 4 ' , 1ii<4,6 - ....
IF, It
()anal and Rail Road Line, for Philadel
phia, Baltimore, Pittsburg, &c.
W. KERR, Forwarding and Commissione
Merchant, thanisauito, Pa, informs his
friends and the public, rhat from the liberal pat
ronage extended , to him during the past year lie
has been encouraged to make more extensive ar
rangements for the present season, and has ad
ded two now, large and splendid Boats to his
LINE; and will be fully prepared after the op
ening of the Canal, to forward PRODUCE end
MEItCHANDIZE of all `kinds to and _from
Philadelphia, Baltimore; Pittsburgh, &c., at the
lowest rates of freight and with the utmost des
patch _
Agent/I. foil - fat - IW, - .
Race street 1.• rf, Philadelphia.
_.. - GEISE & SON, •
.4 1„.\
BNo. 48 Commerce et. Wh rf, Baltimore.
-- CLARV&''SIIAW, .?
• ' • J. McFADDEN & GO..Pitteg
Agents:for Cars, r---.- • in OS
gffrA , ; „.„ 4 ,,, WUNDERLICH & GRIER,III'4
, . No. 272 Market st., Philadelphia,
,_:.,..,-_ ' CRALORER & REYNOLDS,
ozZif ' . No. 423 Market st., Philadelphia.
SITER, JAM ES & C 0,,;
•=a • Broad street, Phiiadelphia.
05,--" North street, Baltimore.
Harrisburg, March 29, 1848.—tf.
A Word to Etorsernen.
cidedl the best preparation that can be
used for the cure of Sprains, 13r0-
<4 : sus, Cuts, Galls, Splint, Curb,
4` l o•V', Ringbone, Spnvin' Stiffness at the
&c. It is nn article which
• ' - should be in the hands of every
Horseman, and no stable should be withoSt
botttle,,pf it.. -,Price only 25 and 50 cents per bot
tles, prepared S M Pearson, D., end!
for stdo wholesale end retail, at No. 10G Nor th, „
Second street, Philadelphia, and DR. HAW
LIN'S wholesale and retail agent, Cariisle,-Pn-
Freshipigi'lledibineB; &6. - Bcc.
hag Just- received from Philadel- ,
and New York, very extensive
1 additions to my former stock, embra-
I cipg nearly every article of Medicine
—. now in use, together with Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Turpentine, PerfumerY, Soaps,
Statitmqr,y; Fine Cutlery, Fishinff Tackle,—
Brnhes of almost every description, With an
endless variety of otherarticles, which I am de
terminekto sell at the VERY LOWEST prices.
All Physicians, Country MerchTs, Pedlars
and °them are remectfully request d not to pass
tho obq.sTA - m, as they may oat assured
that everyllinicle will be sold of a good quality,
and upon reasonable teems.
May, 30 Main street..Curlisle.
Dry Goods and Groceries.
G. CARMONY desires' to inform his
• friends and the public that he hos remo
ved to the stand on North Hanover street lately
occupied by Chas Barnitz. and next door to
Haverstick's Drug and Book Store, whore he
is determined to sell goods as lqw as any. olho
establishment in.Carlisleor-in.the county., His
'Stock consists of Cloths, Cassimeres, Satietts;
sirti n , cachmere. merino and silk Vestings ; Me. 4
rinoost Alpachas, Mous do Latinos, Cachmeres,
French waked. collars, kid gloves, silk fringes,•
gimps, flowere,' thread laces, &c. TICK.
INGS, at 6.1. cts, calicoes 3 to 6i cis, voty cheap
musfins, hosiery, Berlin and Cochin - ereloves,
A large assortment of BONNET RIBBONS,
very low, satin plain and figured Mantua. plain,
bared, striped and figured Also GROCERIES
and QUEENSWARE, such as Coffee, Teo,
Sugar, Spices of all kinds, tobacco, segars,
crockery, glass and queensware, rice, chocolate,
starch, together with numerous other articles—
Give him a call, • [apr
Farmers I, Save Year Money, -
three and fopr horses, made entirely of
Yon, so that ybu can leave- it in the weather
without the least danger of injury. Also,
Threshing Machines, Winnowing Mills, Plows
Plough Mouldboards, cutters, & Shears
constantly on band. You will save money, by
calling before purchasing elsewhere, tit the
Foundry in East High Street, Carlisle Pa.
auf4B3m os • F . GARDNER.
A Purely Vegetable Medicine..
RATIVE PILLS nave been gradually
but surely comeing into favor, among the fami
lies of Country for some years past. They
have done this entirely tnrough their groat worth
as a FAMILY MEDICINE. Agencies have
been appointed but no puffing and humbug such •
as is resorted to by quacks to sell their medicine •
:has boon done. The pills are oflerod fur sale
and have and will continue to be sold, by all t cre
principal storekeepers. The proprietors claim
• for their Medicine the following advantages over
all others—vizi They are PURELY :VEGE
RA PE. Their operation is FREE from ell
PAIN: , They can be use&with EQUAL BFN
STAION.GEST M A N-,-Their efficiencriti.Fe
vers, Ague, Headaches. Habitual 'CoitivenesS,
DYspepAitt Cholera Marlins, &c. his been pro
4ed.uperi thousands. They aro, a !Certain C,ure
for Wormo., , ,The proprietors possess a ,eertia-.
cate Wrn
o, a gentleinan in St: LohisyWho'wiii, 4ti
retVnfli,TAPEWORM by•the use of
Thiyelltbd'aigent,for the State ' - oP,Pennitylvii"
eia- , -.Citinzise P. Amex: . l'orialtf, price' 25ettf'' - omits in neF IF PYT ILI,S , with' full '•
rattions by the fqllowing agoras in CUMberlarie
For sale by DR RAWLlN'S'.Carlisle;*Pir. •
Joscru H. Hitrinott,-=Nqwvile:: .
WD II HAYESs -- Shiriponabfirg.' •
S L Ssrursio,--Newburg. •
. ; A:WEEKS & CO; "-
'proprietors, Laboritory; No 14Echestnutsireet
Pniladelphia, . ", '
lanuery; 24th," 1849:-.^:'
Linen • re' O‘
i-pitnit of widol,inenSheetingss , 4
Table +Linoniii.Pillow;COsir.tineits drid.Muslinv
Towel i rtie 'of .11 ith trevinie tic oft )trt.:4 ,
oloworiportaihink, Houileiceiopinire;;
. :11e27. • •,
..,' DAILY' E•II 4 RDSI3. it.,.1 . P , ,
i THE undersigned would•respeetfollyAnfoito ,
the; citizeiritrOf - Ciiiiiiiliruirid — thrT - ,i'mttovitiaing
icbuntry•that their, ; , ; , :,,i•, ,'t
EXPfl , q3S` Oi1f1:7`11:1 Bt t FROM PRlLApEkeliik;
A ' ' ' ',
l ' ` ' " ' p)1813 d aily throi)ih Carlls4 i %
, `_....°l' ---
1.. :and tal.-Ibexes, r bqlettf, Ind ) 1
, "..t." peekiagrie loft et,,ThestiSej i lv
bridge's, N0:278 Plltirket stOetyllhilit4Olght% I
intended loriCarlislo grid adiheetit e ‘ oultry i _willg :
do delivered atlieeeitr. Jt& De fihirXd, s N.ere- ,
house. Goode for exprotot ,to, r.p i i.auVtin . glitt ,
.Rhead's WoreAouse.,,,,wl ,i t", •e & 'nun
d t tet r 'llh PrilmPt attePirOto ,1 i i ° ,91. 4 9, 7 . ,e -10;717TV
, t 11141° scl' 'l n 'l i t i o r t e ihrbridgii', 278 Market .8t '',. o
Agents, id. & D. D.heads, Ctirltele. ,
1 PRIOEL—r eillreighW;ryhon•otil! 410 lbo.
150ctttper l itiVIOP 'ttoi'rikt'§il! 25 t nl9,°,ountlr
l'A ii fi l it i l l i kil t i t: l 4tv7niinapAiKp4iiiili6hZ",;
2' . n Ili' n:i, aild den* odation Of
. tho tttfteinr,'
Fl 4 . l 3 untsrliild, ous t W i t i haP"344lesil l i t 'n il lt l l,
*Oh fhp'encouregtint" ' A LlT2Essok,-,,r;;:inl
; 1 j; 4 ' tf:' B , lr e V ‘ ,M "4 l3 T A r P ogri diiiMbigviieribtirgq*l ^:
t , 1 ',A. a' ask of I vory ftrie If 8 .4 Y a i( ,, r w or E 'o ti ne y iyiiif o,
pi If Id'at' r , ' , -i 4 (Jtilr , ll ] ' ' 1. , ,
r , a ) , k
4' .. , 14.•-41,!5. , „fi5 . 4 , tr r, , ~ ' . 17%.-`
, •
i• .• .. " Flit.lnsurance.
'f4l. :: .. ..
...,. .. ... . ....
„THE' ALL7.(ivit .:E. ',PENNEHOEOUG H.
Mutual.,Pira l cimiturantr
~Campartrof Cum=
eiland:eiiiihty;dueurporated•lik.uu uct of Asa em
liry',, is"'ifoW•fulli!,,iarganized'' operatiun,iin7.
.fae the 'managetviCut,' qPilie,,followtai couimie.; .
iiibneis 'vii . :` •' ' '-', ' i,;.• • • ,
"°Cht. 'S Mint an , Jacob Shelly, W,m,,E..Gorgas,
Ltttivie; flyer, Chrietiiii Tifzel, :DeWitt Sterrett,.
•Heary.,Lagan,. Micitaal,Cocklin,lteujiimin .H.
'Musser,' Levi Meikel; ; Jacqb.Kirk,•Saml, Pro*.
ell. sr,•and. Melohoir Bieneftian, Wile respectfully Anti the attention Of, citiiens/f Cumberland and
Vark'couilues to the adirantages Which the corn
party hold out... :
..The rates' of irlaurancii are oi low an favorableas any,' company of the kind iti the State. Per-
Ages wishing to become mantliers are irivited. to
make application to , thii. ageifttfof the company,
who are willing to' Wait upon them at any time.
1 .
.. • -•. HENRY LOGAN, V. Pres't
' •Limns lilita Secretary.
Christian Tim' and John C. Dunlap, Allen
.1 , Harmon, Kingstown ; Henry . Zearing,
rganstown ; Simon Oyster, Wormleysburg; Ro
bert Moore. Charles Bell, Carlisle.
. Agents for York County—Jacob Kirk, gone
gal agent; ,Tohn Sherrick, John Rankin, J. Bow
man, Peter Wo lford.
, f tfe r s fat Harrisburg—Houser & LoOman
The Girard Life Insurance Annuity
and Trust Company of Philadel
O f fice No. 159 Cheitnut. Street, Capital $3119.
I • 000. Charter Perpetual.
CONTINUE to make Insurancbs on Lives
on the most favourable terms, reecive'and
extent° Trusts, and receive Deposits on Inte
The Capital being paid up and invested, to
gether With accumulated premium fund, affords
lETERFECT SECURITY to the insured. The pre
mium may be paid in yehrly, hall yearly, or
quarterly paymente.
The Company add a BONUS at 'suited pe
riods to 'the insurances for life. This plan o
insurance is the moat approved of, and is. more
generally is use, than any other in Great gri•
tam, (where the subject is 'hest understood by
the people. and,whero they have hod the long
est experience,) as appears from the fact,.lliat
out of_ 117_Life Insurance Companies_there,. of
all kinds, 87 are on this plan.
The first BONUS was appropriated in De•
cember, 1844. amounting to 10 per cent. on the'
sum insured under the oh:Mil - polices; to 8f per
cent., 7i per cent., &c, Sze., on others, in pro,
portion to the time of standing, making an ad
dition of $100; 887.50; $75, &e.,
&c. to every
81,000, originally insured, which. is an 'overage
of more than 50 per cent on the premiums paid,
and without indeosing the annual Payment to
the Company.
The operation of the BONUS will be seen
by the following examples from the Life Inst.'.
ranee Register of, thus
Sum Bonus or Amount of Policy tt
Insured Addition Bonus payable n
theme arty's decease
2,750 . 00
2'175 , 00
No 58
$l,OOO 810U0
2,500 250 , 00
4,500 400.00
2,50.1 175.00
5,000 437.501
-- 205
-- 276
Pamphlets containing tto table of rates,
and explanations of tlfe subject ; forms of pp;
plication, and lerther,inlermdtion can be had at
the office, gratis, in person or by letter, ad
dressed to the President or Actuary.
B W RlCHARDS,President.
JNO P JAMES, Actuary. ,
The Franklin Fire Insurance Corn
pany of philadelphia.
OFFICE, No. 1 63 1 Chesnut street; near Fill
Charles N. Banker George W. Rteha'rds.
Thomas Hart • Mordecai D. Lewis/
Tobias Wagner Adolphe E. Boric
_ .
-David S. Brown II
Morris Patterson
Samuel Grant
Jacob R. Smith
Continue to make insurance peretual, Or limi
ted, on eyery description of property in town and
country, at .rates as low as are consistent with
security. ,The company have reserved .a large
contingent fund, which wills their capital and pre
miums, safely invested, afford ample protection
te the insured.
biThe assets of the company on January lst,
1848, as published agreeably to an act of 'Assem
bly, were as follows, viz :, '
Mortgages t 1890,558 65
Real Eatato 108,358 - 90
Temporary Loans 124,459 00
Stocks 51,563 25
Cash on hand and in hands of
Since their incorporation, a period of eighteen
years,* . they have paid upwards of °Rs miLLIoN,
thereby aflording evidence or the advantages of
insurance, as well as the ability and disposition
to meet with promptness, all liabilities.
CHAS. G. BANCKER, Sec'. fob Si
The subscriber is agent for
for Carlisle and its vicinity.
nsurance either by mail or
r omptly attended to. W.
Heyl's Hmbrooatlon for Horses.
• THIS volqft. EMBKO.
CATION twill cure Sprains.
" , .ql}9 4 Bruises, Cuts, Galls, Swell
ing, Rheumatism. and all
• • 'complaint, which require an
external ro •dy. It gives immediate relief to
the Scratches, and the incident to Horses having
white feet and noses, produced by the St. John
Wort. it is alio highly useful in relaxing stiff
ness of the Tendons arid Joints'and. produces
beneficial effects in cracked heels, brought on
by high: feeding, splints,sprains. This Kminto-
DATION ie recomended to Paw:taro, Farriers,
Keepers of Livery Stables, and •••private gentle
then owning Horses, and should 'he constantly
kept in .their stables. The GENUINE arti
cle Is prepared only by W. MArtsnew., No 302•
Race at. Philadelphia. And for sale wholesale
and retail at DR.: RAWLINS' Drug Store W
Main street,
March 14-Iy..
Extensive Furniture-Rooms. •
3.&0011 PEIT.Trii,
IiNTOULD respectfully call the attention of
r V House-keepers and the public - Co - the ex.,
' L enitive stock o&ipplondid FURNIT URE, incluo
- ding Befits, Wardrobes,..C.entre
and other Tables, Dressing and
Plain Bureaus, and every vane
• 4 : ty of Cabinet-ware.and Chairs,
whir. e - hoe now on band at his NE W
11. 0 , on Louther street; near the corner of
Nort . never street, inthe roar of Powell &
Co.'s di 'e. . • •
. - He id confident that the superior finish of the
‘ vverkmanshipoand elegance of style, in which'
his i afticles, are got up, .together. mith their )
:CHEAPNESS, will recommend them to every per
son wantiogiTurejture: -He has also made an.'
rangernents.for o rriantifadtating. and keeping
constant stipply of every nithilein his. line, both
plain , rind ornamental, elegant and •übeful, at
pricerc which cannot' fail to 'suit purchasere. lie
,woald feartfestly4ettife.persons who are abOut to
riOodPitruicel hownt , keepfrig; to call. and examine
hisipriikent eleganrstocki - to which she .will von ; .
staptty.iimke'addlticinit 'of the, neivest and:Most
•modern styles. . ~...,',,,' ti.:. , ; ?:-_: ,:i•
COFFINS made t crcirderi at Ike , short est , no•
ice, for town and:coentry:! , • :. i .
Juno 19; 1848:;
KrThe ' late , trin ior . Jacob Fend & Son
having been diasolvod, Jacob Fetter, sr., will
Peont , "
lio 1(1'1 , th b
ThAaiL :TS. t ens ! 9 es
article,of! the,day, and which! no business
!man should be, without.' • , 5 ;
An elegant assottment of flu eObiler,i,
laltuling,Razors, tran,Knives, -Sensors 9f the
pest !English andiAtneristingtur?.! •
A'large veriety,of-OrnantentalWindOw
sled•Nre Screens 01 0 Yell'etY,41 1 11 1 d,ta; pri.
; 5 A ,I;s; j f . `, ; ; ; 0 /.4
Muslatil instrumentrjostlehlePiviolins. Accost
with' Vidlio , strings, bridges . dob.., at all prints: ;
A l largo.,,9ariotpof , Vtiskets, travelling 'bitga,,
at' every,prlced,.o! -.1%, •• • - nrwro, ,
i tt i u l iyni t ta 5 , 400, , A4qmanthi0pP0.44,,m,4,
Rozor , i)EltrOPtielsarr,rle,o'Ltiprp..9L-`9 O
ianything in, agog or : g se a ting Aeon own,
ito razors, &o. • PO °tails box.-
Eltiabs,l.SdaPC !Perfuraes, xlMtoblf., ?.Yee
for the , hair, a , rich; and ; beim ;fit ; A ssortment
irojn thtt'oelebrated ii.lnanurnsleriolli!Qrruallel
i uitatlianolaufoth L ts, Ja•Alci
Toollti!tirtja elf mrtoinvOsesttNiol:
Broihiteplitur, and ilet,r,isPlllr- l b
InnuniZrableituriaty,A glul.l 3 7oandeVA t " l e" 1.
%les of all Muds onkprie t es, lately operied,ond
I ,for eak w t i t to c* rs ,p e o l m il b r it kai o rei c o ,,z
• S! w n
fiNtt - train • , the
f oo n', ? b Store of
.14 , LOAN rA , ISTIIRGEOr4t ,, ..
' '
3n -pbtravitoial
/11111ANKFUL,t o thi:'citizans. of. Carlisle, ; ,
I ; and its vicinity for illicit Increased custom,
we again reatiestbtheir , company to view our
large and solondid issortniont of
China; Glass& Queen.sware, CM'
Dinner Sets, Ted:Sets, Toilet. Sets, and, single
pieties, either of Glass,
China or Stone Ware,.
sold in quantities to snit purchasers, for leis than
'they •chan be had • elsewhere—ln fact at less•
than W. holesale Prices. , AMERICAN AND
in greater' than , ever before offered in
the day. FANG Y CHINA in great variety
Very cheap.
Igr.We would invite any person visiting site
city to call and see us—they will,at least be
pleased to'walk'eround our beautiful store, and
to view ..tlie finest China and the' cheapest the—
world produces. 'Very respectfully,
• ' 'W.O. 219 Chesnut Street.
PUS. sept26' , •
PterERSONS who wish to kot good bargains
t wholesale or retail, will do well to call orti!"
the.,, subscriber, as his expenses 'in his present.'
location are very light, ho is enabled and do.
tertnined to sell at the lowest prices in the city:
1-19 offers for this season nn excellent emery , "
mdnt of
jSplenclid Imperial, three ply - )
' Belluliful Superior Ingrain
, Fine and Medium do
- Entry mid Stair of nit kif‘ds,
And List, Cotton and Rog.
And OIL CLOTHS Trom, 2 to 14 feet Ngide,-
fof Rooms, Halls, &c. with- a great vat My of
low priced Ingrain Carp'ets from 20 to 50 cent°,
and Stair and Entry, arpets from 10 to 50 ate.
per yard. Also, Mattings, Rugs Floor Cloth,
Sink Rods.,.&e. H H ELDRIGE',.
No. 41 STRAWBERRY Slit:et, one door
Mimic Chesnut, near Second, Philndel
• phin. (atiaV9.3m
No 110 Spruee , st. below sth,
CONSTANTLY on htind Olorge assort
ment of superior . '..
Walnut eft Mahogany Furniture,
manbfactured in the best- Manner, of nicrifern
OtylO, and - itt - infiderafe prices,ern - bracing
Solar, Parlor-Chairs
Wardrobes, Rocking Chairs,
Dressing Bureaus, Tete.ii-Tetes.
French Bedsteads, Centre and Pier Tables
High Post Bedstds W ash Stands,
Bat Racks, Secretaries-,
• Extension Tables, &c. &c. -
Every article is made of the best material
and workmanship, and witfratiled.
angElly. , T, & 1 . 1 HENEELS.
Kr All goods bought at this establishment
packed under tile immediate superintendence of
the proprietors, arid sent free [of charge to any
part of the city;..,
DAVID RA NHEN,IN or 73 Chestnut street,
cornet of Wink street. PHILADELPHIA
has for sole the following IEAS, to vt hich he
invites the attention of the trade:—
.200 half chests Young Hyson Tea.
100. do . Gunpowder do.. i z
10Imperial do -
c7 f .,trl do.
20 do nest Company Hyson Tea.
20 sea, each c taining 4 131 b boxes finest.
Curious Yo ng Hyson.
f 2 rises finest Curious Gunpowder..l
.1 ' do ' do, Imperial,
200 ha chests finest Chulatrowehong.
100 t o
.Ningyong wchong.
30 do ' very finest along.
100 do, , second quality:
100 do. . Ningyong do.
50 chests Englisli CoOgon.
100 hf. do do ' do,- i '
25 chests Padre Souchong.
25 do fine Mohea do.
1500 pounds prime-Company -Nutmegs.
These Teas hove been selected by, D. It. •
with great care from the various late cargoet, •
and will be found to fully sustain the higkend
unrivalled reputaifon which this estahlishnient
has enjoyed, for ,the last forty years,'and his i•
prices, as heretofore, will be.found as low is at
tiny house i i the United States. tang 22 3m
Fancy Furs, NW 13aas A Tippets •
DAVID fl. SOLIS, (successor to Solis,
Brothers;) Importerand-ManufaBrurer of
every description or FURS, haying just TC•
turned from Europe with a SELECT STOCK.
OF - FURS, is now manufacturinglhem in very
superior style, and trimming them in the most ,
elegant manner and would invita.the attention
of MERCHANTS and OTHERS, to his so-,
periclr and extensive assortment, which as ho
Is enabled to offer at such prices as few houses
in the Ur.ffed States can compete with.
86 Arch (Mulberry) Street, 6 doors below 3d st.
igTNext to Louden & Co's. Family Medi
cine Store.
Philadelphia, aug 6m.
- Store always closed on Saturdays.
highest Cash price paid, for Shippjnu Furs
$1,220,097 67
' Blind &Manufactory.
Xl , CLARK&Menitian• Bl,nd Manufacturer.
sign orAktia.GODDEN EAGL E, No:
I 139 and 143 ','Sonth'SecOnd Street, below Dock
Street. PH ILADEL4PHIA., Keeps always on.
hand a largo fashionabla_misortment of
BLINDS, manfaMured-in the best manner, of
the hest materials,-and at the lowest cash prices
Having refitted and'erilarghd his establishrnept
ho is prepared to 'complete orders to any amount
at the shorust notice.' Constreutly on hand an
of every variety manufactured expressly for his
own sales, and purchasers may therefore rely
on a good article.
iKrOpen in the evening • •
"'„,*Order's from a distandri packed carefully
and sent free of porterage It o . any. part of the
city. [nag . 15 ly ] ' CLARK.
the above company
All applications for
personally, will be
• N. S. LAwarrocr,
Agent for the sale of SouthwortOkinuilleturimg
Co's Writing l'apers. Warehintie, No. 3
Minor St.,. Philadelphia.
1 00 41 i
CASES of the aboveperior Pa
pers now in stor e, .yrid , for sale to the
trade at the lowest market prices;,conststing in
Fine thick Flat Caps, 12, and 16 lbs.,
blue and white.
Superfine Medium and DetriiiWritings blue
and white.
Extra super and superfine Pelle:Posts, blue ^
and while, plain and, ruled.- • • ,. •
Superfine Counneicitil2Posis, bluo and yhito
plain and ruled, ' • '2' - " , -
Extra super
,Nola, Papers,'plain and,
I Superfine and .fine lting;amk,Bres -
Superfine and fina:cpuritings liousegaps,and I.
.Posts, blue and whittr .
Extra surer Congress CaPsand Letters, plain
"and ruled,, blue. and ,whit O. -
' Extra super Cohgress Caps anii Littera, gilt. ,
Superfine Sormon,Caps end :.„
Superfine,blue Linek..thinitetteirc . ,
Extra super Bhth pests; blue and„WiMit",,plain
'and ,
Embroidered; oVe L, "Pariere.ll44ooPie...
Superfine,and fintrrCsps.anairet,leo'llikeu:kurn,,
plain, blue• and..Whitei.variottetocialitien't.un4`,
prices. -
Also, 1600' ream'' yihitCarar.atitkitlShoe.
Papers, Bonnet , Boards, , *Wu" 'orted -
Tissue, Tea, Wrapplu.''Einelette,,hsabr .6t.
blue Med.„ ll ,!!!‘t. , PAP;.Y,F!.llP,P9. 3 ,s l ,oiler e ; 4 Pf tj, i , ',
pera,'An. . ' •
THE.subEteri6er eortiinues the;thalMfaalure.t;!
'of. CASTY/V . oB;dt his Foundrringeetilreet ?if •
and now .oti-hand lull"
Patterns,' is'!prepar'est ;le furniskanll 4 kimis
best at3ilti,ind and 'av , the:sheriest
ett'eh as
l S ltiartiG6dgeona, , Plotigh esslihgel° t iettai hndol
Oven . Doors, ' paste vt ,Cookiret
amp, wan oree. o er , with every, : ,
'Oper kinder Machinery. at'.the.sho&o's , '
~ cut H rot i rtirose and'eoriper talteri'.'
iet 1 411,14 6 ' 7 .4es ;(107114v ing • purehaied,'.:l. •
, a of, Patterns, persons; wishing
ti Arid them -a. -me
(01M+.e'tbe!4'. F..GARONER4-`,,
41:157e ppimed,nn.vissortniiiit,•VEI - 44 / 0
~ ;-q!oq,,t-fnfi- D - -p ht . ,, ...,,. 4 . f ,
r . F....,—tp-no, r t h e ;Lidreizi.invitey n. ?,.
,ta *Ptckt4 C '-at C‘?-- 4 ' '7. cl,:w 111 T 141F S' - '.),=. 6 4
inepts6).ilm Its l'• '' ' 1 - 'kePiii 0 4 ',!"- 4
„...138T r`qceived a fatti!!!:4l,,tP;„YA4vo,if,‘.l.,
elviiluiil‘toit,'p!!t!,f ~,,dioliril,kAt't.eid,,,,4v,
;:j26-.,,,'...--,- -,-.-.7-,,,,,-",,,74-"-f4:4,#-1-
„ , 7 , ;'''l ", ' ", , i,4::".-!..i444.Y.:''''' '''4'''''''
' ',' ~ ': '.,•,.,'
~;a~; .'!
''~`lr; .