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    ~ , , T lFS4 r flPlrror.o ,w *rotfrivtlwa"c•Avog,
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neat ‘-
Ot.f:TIJESDAY,OteSd day Of Canker next
will , be exposedte Pablo Sale On theptein-
lees, in Mifflin township, about , 7
west,:ef Newifille, tad 4 milestrtan / Newburg,•i .
,Alte !arm lately ,000nipaed , ',by, qteyntison,
containing .177.ACRES,Arst-rate,state ,10,;in
,good state of caltivatinn, abont.pwenty acres
:Covered with , thiiving dilater; a
heath of' Water r ' inirthronish the farm," along
wlilch thereiti atf eitellent natural
• •
The inkiiiiiv&nents are a':tWo
1 1) ' *MT doable LOG HOUSE4 , Don.
• , ble.Log Pant, Wagon shed, .Corn
crib, and other out-buildings, a
. . *Otter spring of water,.
spring kettle. :and an ,apple orchard, chiefly
young fruit.. Also at the same time and_place
sill be offered for sale about. 24 ALItES of,
Timber Land , situated about two miles from the
above farm near the North hloulttain. 'The
• above 'tertiliertY,wlll be sold in pursuance of the •
. last Will and Tetstament of the before-mention-'
.ed decedent, ter which there will be an indlyitu
table title given. Persons wishing. to view these
two, properties can, do so by calling on Mr. S.
Stewart residing on the farm, or,bscriber
t adjoining it. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. on
said Ally, when attendance will he given and
terms made known by
• •Executor of Wm. Stevenson, dec'd.
August S-ta
For__Sale or-Exchange.
Tt - R Subscriber 1189 aFA Int in the county
of Erie, Pa., which le• wishes to sell or
exchange for Real Estate in Cumberlancleoonty.
It contains 299 ACRES,and 97 perches of land;
of first rate quality, about one hundred acres of
which are cleared, well fenced and in good cul
tivation, having a small frame
a• • large Batik Barn thereon crec
'2 I I ted. The residue of the land is
- covered with the finest and most
valett hie TIMBER of all kinds, such as Oak;
Chesnut, Black•ash, Poplar and Hemlock. Thee
t. i
land 's situated within a quarter of a mile of
the Canal which leads from the town of Erie to
Pittsburg, and about 'one mile and a hall from •
the Lake. Timber at this place is becoming
very valuable, and on the farm there is about"
109 Acres of the very best quality. The farm
cost me about four thousand dollar's ten years
ago,_whbe_land was selling, at n.depressed "price,
Attrist 8-tf FR :K. WATTS._
THElabscriber intending to remove to the
West before spring, will offer at private solo
t hp,RO.I.IS.E. AN D L Tito low occupies sit-.
tinted in North Hanover street. nearly oppo
site the residence of George .Metzger, Esq.,
said-House is a now arid himdsoniely finished
budding, linving.attached thereto 'till necessary
outiltilditigs. cistern, &e. Said lot is lifty-two
foot front and one hundred and i lseventy feet in
depth, 'with a' choice collection of young and
thriving fruit trees.
The undersigned also begs leave to inform
his old friends and the public in general that he
hos removed his stock of Hats and Cops to his
present residence, where he still continues to
manufacture and offer for sale et reduced pri
ces, everything in his line of•husiness. ;The
'subscriber would also notify till those indebted
to him to eall'and make payment, as it is his
design to close out his stook and settle up his
busin o Vitis fall. PETER• B LECHLER.
au = . 3t
Valuable Town Property for Sale.
rrom subscriber, intending to remove to the
.1 West, offers at private sale the following
desirable property.
Two two story BRICK HOUSES,
situate in North street, in the borough
a a of Carlisle just newly finished of fhe
g g best material, and pleasantly 'cleated
about, half a square cast of Orth's
Also, a vacant lot of ground adjoining the
above, well calculated for a building lot. Also,
a Two Story STONE HOUSE,
in North Hanover street, it few ~; :c; "
doors north of the Carlisle Bank,
and adjoining the Confectionary •,
store of Peter Monyer. This pro-; --
party is located in. the most business' mt . - of
the borough, and is well adapted for eitherUner
candle or any other business. The front base
ment ie handsomely finished, and is well calcu
lated for a shop for any kind of business.—
There is alsoa large Two Story Back Building
Lof BrirJr,rtearly_tuw,_w ith_anexce I • nt
Wash hook, Smoke house, and a good •etable
and Carriage house.. A variety of the choicest
fruit trees, all in good bearing condition, are
° also on the lbt.'
The above property will be sold low, on ad
' vantageous terms to suit purchasers.
jr4492nt .GEO W RIIEEM.
No. 119 Spruce et. below stll,
CONSTANTLY on hand a large assort
ment of superior
Walnut & Mahogany furniture,
manufactured in the best manner, of modern
style, and at moderato prices, embsacing
Sofas, Parlor Chairs,
Wardrobeb, Rocking Chairs, • •
Dressing Bureaus,. Tote-a-Tetes e 7. - •1
French Bedsteada,. Centre' tind,Plei Tables
High Post Bedstds WasV.Stands,
Extension Tables, &c.
Every article is made of the best material.
and workmanship, and warranted. ,
fleetly • T. & HENKELS.
0:7All goods bought at this establishment
packed under tne immediate superintendence it(
the proprietors, and sent free of charge to any
part of the city.
THE' subscriber continues the manufacture
of CASTINGS, at his Foundryin High street
and having . now on hand a lull assortment of
Patterns, is prepared to furnish' all kinds of
best style and and at the sholtest notice: He
has now on hand a large assortment of Cast
ings, Such as Corn crushers, Mill Gearings and
Gudgeons, Plough castings. Points, Shears and
Cutters, Wpgon and Coach Boxes, cellar grates
Oven 'Doors, cask Weights, &c. Cooking
Ton plate and Coal Stoves. He also builds
and repainiCAßS, Threshing Ma
tr-7.o"—= chines and Horse-Powers, with every
other kind of Machinery. at the shor
test notice- 'Old Iron; Brass and copper taken
in exchange fdll' work. 1X:31-Having purchased
all of Kenny & Co.'s Patterns, persons wishing
to have them will ficd tlietreet• my shop.
nfigAGinos . • .1" GARD NER.
* TREjabscriber lias 'coin menced' Selling off
his entire stock .of DRY - GOODS at greatly
:I. l roduccd price, to make room for a large :stock •
Full and , Winter Ocods. Aa mi, asserinient •
Very largo:and complete, purchasers, Will find
'lt decidedly profitable to' call and invest their.
,Cash at my establishment:. Call one and all re- '
, irsigetlie best bargains ever , had in. Carlisle. Many
~.7,gcids be s old, far bele*. coat, and all at
•. prices'l'eloW low water mark.' haver a large
stock of >ROOTS 'AND SHOEC on; band •
which I Will close nut at low figures . ",Alen, a .
full nseer!me4 all prices;
grid rant, not-.10a54 a prime lot Of, GROCE; , ::
TIES. Sugars;
_'Ctiffees, Teas, Molaises, Rice;;
Sse. Fresh :affd: Cheap Recollect t he:" Old
Stand, East Mein Idtree;., • C OGILBY.
• mag2'49..l- ' 4 7,
and 'Oigara.'-' '*:
received ind . foieWo Wheleriehintad:re.'
: t i,ttP..• Mil ! the ,binit. and Cheapest eeleetion of, C t l-
T,.GARS 'hi be found any where 940' the.oy.
~Th0.00.409n.90.1 19 1 0 3
, • Eritiliaj..
• _
•. • Leon'D'orO.Regalia.'
Principe.... La Grata,
. and; simian - T ' " Maleettetioro,: , !
‘,.:,,4ll : ,prtjip post Cuba and,Bavena Tobaceo.
• dand'pue.up in, the. T neanner,,beeides, I j
I „haws excellent eilsee and the best Melees.,. Also
the beet Congress end CavendirlitVOß A.CCO;':
- 1. - Thoth plain aasyreateiledi'inTroduced prices for
crieh.:;;Cell and esantines,lny mock tieford,pur.'
hTik.haelng.l I stilt bY the. boa se.low as they,
~ b , can be,hed in the'Pity..y_Elon't forget , thp. place,
opposite:the:railroad office. .•
Carlislet'augl,;•!.,T, If ,CRISW ELI;
g - to, 7- •or ale.
.., 1 ' . 4-'". '. f r mile, on terms which ,
;,.:,. iIIUMILL Offer . 1 ::
l oanable Font 61.111.D1N,G,,L0T5.:
"''o lu n a , d P il itt ll sttecti and F ive LOTS situated on - mirth;
h. ?..They; ate-eituateci in a
Istleat'i'l skiktpcirofl i i i, .. rapidly t u lip , iii , ,, ,, pd ,
li: , Pat.Ptf:th,litire'n'y. g ettlii,gl ile,,eainerkjfaot,
':s..-whettA;Pl.9R,,T646Trir ' th e 21ist of, Aug.l l eXt.l :
• solabeforo,-". -. Pei' olied to tnibr:tihle .
; theYW. l ll:O 11114. 4 iti n b iti on f a m e ,thi n e . will bet;
. on • thtitlittimlseel s. ,
,_,........, .
~,...,......131.. ;
...t-ieen ,jetitt,6 .:,-,' , 3 4 tigiNi 1 , ii.., UN 4 11 0 11 . 1
•3s !,-,,-. • q'v,`:+i '".f 2 -“, ,, ,1g01ie: ix: 0:
w t.-
6 '
14 4, ,
h , ii ,
hit , ,
::*.ctick'ef,very-fine HO N EY
.. ., : no
EBIVE3. - ~.
•'' , l * ' .. . -, r sale at '. " - I/0Y ,f l l ' --.7 4 - Ir,, • , i,, , ,ti'4:1; ,
''-'l , ' '{^ . %.,--. '' .'' --, ''..2,1, ,' ' ' :, ..1, 1 ,4;.? , ' , -: ,--:_, , .
:' : I3II:ERIFEN3 i3AtFo3:)..s, •
ny:viitup; of sundry 'write ~ 6 f. -. .yenditioni
AD tipOirea' and Levari Fachic.litieund out of
Hiatt:met 'Of Common. Pleas of Guntherland
County,: and to me directed; I imillmxphse.the
'following Real. Estate • to..Publc ' Stile; ; at ."The
Court'„HOuse"iii,the , Boriiitigh of Carbide, on
SATURDAY,'the'lBth day of Angier., 1849,
'A Lot ',of ',l:3llxitmd, West
West • Ponnehitror taw.oship - ,'.tontaining ONE
ACRE, moni`,ot,lets,:shounded 14*the .road
leading to NevrtilleOrt the ,South, East:l)y road
Diller's Mill; arid ..Weet-!hy Zieghir
having therecirt•hrected a Tyro ator.Y.BRICK
flouts and !Seized aid;taken
in execution as the,PropertyM(Pavitt Preen.
A.lso;. A 'Lot of/I:3011nd* iituate a the
agate township; containing ;TWO "ACRES,
more or less, adjoining lands of,Joha :H. Wen
, ver and John Fiehhurn,•having thereon erected
a Two Story Frame HOUSE , and Kitchen.—
Seized and taken in eicectition ite - the `property
of John Lippert.
• Also, A Tract of Land; situate in S.
Middleton township, known as the Carlisle Iron
Works, containing 10,000 ACRES, more' or,
less, havinehereon erected a large Brick Man
sion HOUSE, n..,Eorge and Furnace, a new
Merchant Mill, with four pair running stones,
three large Bank Barns, and necessary Tenant
Houses, Coal' Houses, Carpenter and Illack
smith-Shope,'Stabling, &c. Seii,ld and taken
in execution as the — prrperty of. Michael Egt,
decanted. • And all to' be sold bylne, •
JAMES HOF,FpR, Sheriff
Sherfff'rolliCe, Carllelec
July 25, 1899.
LAA. VIN G tiete - friiifiQTo teniove to the west
I Will sell the following described Farnitf
at public sald.
No I—ls situate in' West Pennsborn' town
ship, Cumberland • county, Pa., Gi mike west'
from Carlisle. limiles west fToni the turnpike
at John Paul's, and e l Mile from the Alterion
Depot, on The Rail Road.,lt consists 0r125
ACRES of excellent .limestone land, one hun
dred of which is oleared•and in a good state of
cultivation, the balance covered with fincyoung
timber. „The improvements arp Nei good two
Story Brick Farm HOUSE, and a
, 'large Frame Barn, these buildiligs
:iv; are new, having been eyocted With.
j j inrthelasteighteen - monilis - . — Therd'
• is a good well of excellent water,
'with pump convenient to the House. There
is also easy access to Mount Rdck.Spring, dis
tant sine. half,rnile-
This Farm Is located in the centre of ono of
the best portions of this county, convenient to
Mills, Schools, and churches. Thus rendering
it one of the moat desirable Farms in the town •
ship. This Farm I will sell by public outcry
on the premises on FRIDAY the 21st of Sep
tember, 1849.
No 2—ls situate in Dickinson township
miles south west from Carlisle, 2 miles east
from the Stone Tavern, and on the Yellow
Breeches Creek It consists of 125 ACRES of
fire( rate Limestone Land in a high state of
cultivation There is fifteen Acres of good no.
aural meadow The improvements • . .
are a large Double STONE , 1 ••• 7;
HOUSE, a Rood 'Frame Barn .ye;').lll 7
Corn Cribs, Wagon Shed, Car- ;
ridge House; Spring House,
Thereis one of the best springs in t ei county,
rises within n few yorde of the hOtive. This
farm possesses all the advantages desirable in a
Fartn, being convenient to the "Great Drove
Road," where the Former can always find a
good market fokm) prodnctions of the Frm—
I will also °fret. this Farm at public sale on
SATURDAY the 22d olSeptetnber, 1849.
Terms made known on the day of sale Titles
indisputable For further particulars enquire of
the subsariter residing on the last mentioned
property JOHN' G WILLIAMS.
Vatuable Farm at-Private Sale. •
Vrtlig subscriber contemplating a remeltal to
the West, offers at prtvate sale his valuble
FARM, situated two miles west of Carlisle,
Cumberland county, containing 208 acres of first
rate limesrone land, in a good state of cultivation,
adjoining lands with the Poo; House Farm,
Klux's- and others. On the premises is a large
two story'
...,.,,, , having eleven rooms in all, six below
i ~... :., i-b
... ..d-hve-aboveesides - a - large - hall
...t...L' running through the middle of the
honse. The walls of the lower story are hung
with paper. - Attached to the main building is a
small STONE HOUSE with a room and kitch
en. A stone carriage house stands near rho
main building. There are four cellars in all .
two under the dwelling house, one under the
swill stone house, and ono under the carriage
house. A cistern 30 feet deep with a pump in
it, stands Wear the kitchen door. There is also
' a fine large BANK BARN, with wagon sheds .
and corn cribs, and other out buildings. Near
tho house is a spring of excellent limestone
water, which passes thrbugh the barn yard. -. There is also a good-Apple Orahardo'ontaining
about 100 treett,•fifty of which are •young 'and
thriving, a.peach.orchard and Tither choice frdit
tritaa..are about the house.' . Convenient to the
barn is a Two Story DWELLING HOUSE,
with four rooms and a kitchen, calculated for a
tenant house, and now occupied as such. The
Cumberland Valley Railroad ,rucs through the
farm, leaving about 80 acres south, 40 of which
is excellent timber land. This tract would make
a good small farm itself—the whole ,iteinsured to
the amount of $3,500. The above property was
once the residence of
,Capt. Richard Brien; it is
new o ff ered on reasonable . terms—a good part
of thelgurchasa money may remain in the farm
if desired. Further description is deemed un
necessary, as the purchaser is invited to call with
the subscriber residing on the farm, and he con
Iv (or himself.
July 18. 1489.
THE undersigned effete foir - sale the follow ing
property, viz :— TWO ACRES of land situ
ate in North Middleton township, Cumberland
county, on the road leading from Carlisle to
Mechanicsburg, about four miles east of. Gar
lisle: leer Reicherd's Tavern, having thereon
erected a Two Story F R A M-E,
Kitchen, nearly n e w , with ee
thefront House, towher
= 'with n Wagon Maker and Black.
smith•shop.'si a bl e , Wash house andether out
houses." Also, a well of excellent water 'with
rt pump hear the door. There 'ore -tilio,hboui
30 or 35 , theice fruit trees on said premiises.—
Any person wishing to view said .property will
call on the subscriber now living on said pram:
see. Terms of•sale will be made to. suit par+
chasers., •If thenbove: proportris,not
the Gist of OctOlier it will be. rented for , the
term of one year r JACOB RINGWAX,T A ,.:
• • •
parHE enbeeriber hoe in eantomplatien• to
• ~•
remove' to the West,'olibra .for • Wale the
arm "nn which he now red den, situate partly
in Mi ffl in and , Frankford towns hips; 'Cumber4
land county, Pa.,. within three'. miles orthe
Bore'of Newville and;ileCilinherland Valley
Rail Road:: Containing about 200 ACRES of
ottented.laniFef first quality gravel and slate;
about 130• Acres are . cle • and Well aiet , Witii
lloierie•considerable portion of it ••has'-been,
li i nod: , ,:lit• is 'under•lood 'fence and, generally,
set, with kiiiiist stakes: The improvement{, are
.. $ • a• , Tionbli LOG novo ; aod
,'llii ' ,Kitcheri , with dories, a Avila
_ „ 11 Frahm' Bar; With two' threshing
'. _'-, flOorei Core', Crity and Wogo'n
Bit ... Complete Brick Smoke and Wash louse,
with;water tieing in the Wiish, hawse, 'and , a
Tenent.houes "and'.table.' •There'';is•a•never
tailing streentor w ter-running 'past the im/.
pievecnentsJ .•Ther are two orchards , one :of
which is young and ailed fruit: . Thealbove
Farntio well Caleniatedtor raising either grain
or stiiiiicii ' , Vesta' is,/runiiing. water • irt all the
Radi i except "two:':: Tho `~ Faa i,will "suit to be
dividedkand- r ut be , iOitl•, 111` JOU; isi nit 'Or:
chiwere: ,, $, - ''s - , • -., - , ~• „, - , •• ; •
I will also x 611: two pieces :of timberland
sttnato ttiwnehip, one
p a tented..i' POlllOllll wishing' information'will
pliaseeallopiattbe siabieriben;
A N.,l . 3xtfinctive sesprtment
arid'mrices.', and . ofektidb 'at; the
9 10ap
store, #).;Noilkiiiiitibvisfittritettl+
mt. 11.,,,,C;131/VltisY:ll
• kly*lrldid.z,4oloMlloCpc G,ingieme of Nt w i.
Anus patterne.. - Very:lowi l eini' be lied %old
enbecillint' in Werth ;Hanover efreet.' , Cell'
Clf 0 te.
For Sale.
• neat. e
pliiirAc,sAlA OF
• f . : o rder .
of sale': tlptn llie.
011`phatle ..00C14 of •Punilie.
rhitukcifigiity,lllll ;
rtz.ted,Au the sabhoribur, Administratepeicoli
.Cumberlini(l,county;homill offer at PUbite.:
Sale on he.preinise B, Oil S ATUII DAY, the ,
(la y , of ;SEPTEmBER nextiat , " o'clock; itt.'
the following ilesoriblid property,fale the estate
ef, said ilecedeo, to wit Tracfof Land sit •
mite in West lifmnsboro township,' Cumberland '
111 ACIIEB and 118 Perches
strict m'ealture; about ,10 Atireiof ,which is thriv
ing anther, bounded by randi . of Nathan Woods,
• Benjani in Shuk:John ~ i lineker and others. The
Nandtract. is of, the' be et.` quality of limestone
hind and in efate, sic cultivation.: The
irritirovvonia'nono ofll
ivaalchiinie, a large and
;; ' • elnweeleilt%Stone. Bimk Barn, with '
Carriage - 11°u se, Wagon Shed, corn
crib, unlf :all,; other, necessary out buildi
The improvements argall in good repair mill.
the fencirig:dn the (arm ingood order There'
'also a never.railing well of excellent water pn
the place,and a good orchard of grafted fruit.
The-above property, lies about two miles east of
Newvilte and within three quarters of a mile of
the CudiberJand Valley Bail Road. •
Also. at the same time and place a small tract
of laud, also the Property of said decedent, sit
uate in Frankford4ownshimabout 4 miles - Teti%
the , first mentioned tract ',adjoining la,ndsof Wm.
Alter; Ahraliansl'inyinan, ind.others, and Iy.
•Ing-within silieleiglsth• ol the Conodogui-
net Creek, containing about 19 ACRES, five of
which are good meadow land; and the balance,
covered with good timber. . •
The terms of sale arc as follows - , viz—Five
per cent of- the purchase mouey to be plaid
the confirm.tion of the - sale. One-third of the ,
whole to reinain . in the hind, the interest of
which to beintid to the widow (hiring herlife,
and the principal nt her (lentil— of the residue
one-half to tie paid on the .first of Aisrit 1850, I
and the otherkalt- on the Ist of April 1851. • '
Any persen wishing to view the above pro
perty preisions to the sale can do .so by-calling
on Adainn Leaman living, on the first described
tract, or on. the subiuriber, residing in ‘Vest
Pennsboyo' toivushin.
jy2sts &drier of Jacob Lehman, deed.
;k7 Lancaster Union publish till 'tale and send
bill-to-thie offish.
wHE undersigned executors of 'JOSEPH
..K.NEwoostsa, late of West. Hempfield
Lan_paster County, Pennsyliania, nnd former
ly of' Silveispring township, Cu mberland. co.,
deceased, will sell at public sale the real
estate of said deceased, on, the 29th, 90th - and
31st days of AugustPnext, and at the follow
ing places, to wit:
• On WEDNESDAY, August 29, at the pub
lic house of Joseph Black, in the' Borough,of
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland county, two lots
of ground in said borough, whereon is erect
ed a 'one and a half • story
,7I' -•-' LING HOUSE, Wash and
Bake "house, Frame Stable, a
well of water and pump therein,
and a numbef'ef s fruit trees thereon, fronting
Main street on the South, adjoining David
Rocky on the East, and Jacob Rubly on the
West. Persons dosirone:„pf* examining' the
above-property, will please tall , upon,,Jmeph
Black, innkeeper, near the same.
On I'HURSDAY,7A - ugust 30, e s t the.public
house of Henry Snyder, In the village
disburg, Tyrone township, Perry county, 29
Acres-and 4-Perches and ailowancetadjoining
lands of Peter Shaeffer and others, and within
miles of Landisburg. The improvements
are a two story LOG DWELLING HOUSE,
new Frame Barn and other,out-buildings, a
'well of waternear the houseaind a number.
of fruit trees. Sheaffet's' run-passes in front
of the house, which is at present occupied by
William Blanc. At the same -time and place
will bo sold 10 Acres neat measure nf CHM
half a mile from the above, adjoining lands
of the. heirs . of Francis Patterson, Peter
Sheaffer and - others, near Wagoner's Mill.
Persons dosireus of examinierhe above Per
reounty-property,-will-ptelitnrcall upon Wm.
Wane melding thereon.
And on FRIDAY, August 31st, on the
premises that VALUABLE FARM, sheeted
in Silverspring township, Cumberland rcounty;
near T. B. Bryson's Mill, about li"miles from
Hogcstown, about 4 miles from Mechanics
burg,9 mile from Harrisburg, and 9 mile from
Cat lisle, on the road leading from T. B. Bry
son's Mill to Lamb's Gap, adjoining the Con-.
odognlnet - Creek, land of, Benjamin. Eberly
and others, containing „ .
155 ;hares and 43 X'araiiiii;
neat and laid off in tan fields.—
About 20'or 29 Acres thereof is HEAVY
TIMBER LAND. The. improvements are a
fl %MAT ER-B 0 DED
28 -by
. 32 feet, a large Stone Swiesor
Barn, 40 by 80 'feet, with a collar, Corn Crib
and Wagon Shed ' attached, Stone Spring
House over never failing writer, Smoke house
and other out-buildings; two Orchards of
choice fruit trees.. There is running water in
most of the fields, and thp &nese are in good
order. The premises aro well supplied with
fine Locust. trees.
This farm is considlred one of the surest
and' beet fur all kinds of grain in said county.
It is coven lent to mills, schools and churches,
and will be sold together or in two parts to suit
mirchssers. -
Terms cash on the Buller,when•
possession will be given for the whole of the
real estate of said Leceased. Persons desirous.
of viewing the above farm previous to the day
of sale, vill please call on Abraham Rehart,
the tenant thereon and examine for themselves.
A further description is deemed uniiecuaeary.
. Ede to commence at o'clock on each day
in the.allerneen, - tv hen attendance wilt be giv•
eri_a nd-conditions-of. sale-made -knowsi- by the
undersigned executors of said deceased.
Persons, having claims against the above
estate are requested to,. present tbetri 'to the
undersigned on either ni.the above named days
Monroe township, Cumberland co,
East Hempfield tp., Lancaster co.
_July 11—Is. , ' . •
Valuable rum for Sale.
:HE , subscriber intending to remove to the
Went, offers at private' safe the follewing'de.
likable Farmesituated• in 'Hampden township,
Cumberland , county, one mile' North W t
c \
of, Shiremanstown, near the Trindle road, c n.
taming 103 Acres, nine of which' is good timb ,
and the balance in the highest state of cultivatio
and well fenced. Tlie' improve- ,
gEt t rnents;nici'a good,Two'llitory
, ~.. _,_ --_ . with a Kitchariati ached so it ;Stone
Ban Men , nBOun'Shitl hnd,corkErms, and
a r rriatint House, , tuid'a Well 'of ;never•failing
water; with a pump' ;in it., Alsoien,Orchtird of
Chace fruit. This property,will'hd offered fin'
sale on the moat ream:nibble terms. For, further
'information please eall'on iheundersigned living
on the farm ~ ~., l'., ,v.,, ISAAC' NEIbIGI" ,
. July 18, 1 849 ,! 1,,i',,. ~' ' ~,), , , ~, :,,, ~, ,; ~ .
ON Saturday the 29 ay o September n?xt,.:
.1 will offer at - Publterrtale `on the m
,the Fairy now. occupied by Samna! 'Bear,.; Sr. ,- Wastriennaborought:tminshlM''Ourn.
berland 'county,- 3 miles .Weet , of 'Carlisle '1
mile, from Plamlield, bounded by tffe - Oittibdo.: .
guinnet crook, Simnel Bear, Signitter, Smith
and. others, :containing iso,acresi More or less, •
of good LI M EST ONE , •L There is - ,a
'Rood • meadOw of. , 'weft, - 20 acre* of Wood
Land",, the' bolance are anderefence.' Thu int.;
OtoremMita-ure ' - " •
• Stone Dwelling,
11-1 OrnneViinle7i3iiiii - idern Crib and
u ~Wagon" Shed. with all tho.peoaril
piwy out buildings:: ',There tenn3
• of choico and ,
I .l3prtagortMer near the door. •ThikaboVlOT 6 '.i
petty will bcsold in, wholc, ttr i ttrauit Abe
minchasers. A part of Oa pnraiMi,
.remain in' the farm ! for,otti- l ies4 ipins
Any. person wishing . to yleett.,the farm opis' 4°lo
by calling on Stigmbengikrepidi9g 0n',140
farm,, or,,the .3 .: 4
%ii 44 .49 '.GIMASON,:i • • :
o,k tAfirs,N, 12, •
_ UMW.
--L ~, f
:* tOtei atttOtte
-... A 4-;"„...,i;.-..,..,,...,..:--,
Eitensive~'F urnitur ßooms
ILlVOTAD:iespetitfully. : calf the Wender' of
House=keepers and the publie; to the.ex;
terutive:etook.of splendid FURN ITUREt Mean
ding Sofas, Wardrobes,.Centre
and - other Tables, Dreiaing and
Plain Bereaus, .and 'eve rYVerit.
. of Cabinet ware and C h airs' ,
'WhiCh'-'W ct has now on han at;'hia Isl E .I k V
ROOMS,:on Louther street;near the ,cerner . of
'Nerili;flantiver street,
,ht the rear Of,Po,vollii
Co.'s,atiire.‘ . '. • '
„ is confident that the superior finish'el the„
workradnship; and elegance of stylo, in which
his 'articles' are got up,. foto:Aber with their
cuserrisss~ will recemmend them to every ger-
Son wanting Furniture. He hits elso'ritatle,,ar•
rangements for madufacturing and keeping - a
constant supply of everyvihicle in his line; both
plain and ornamental, .elegont and useful, at
prices' Which cannot fail to suit purchasere., Ho
would earnestly invite persons who are about to
commence house-keeping, to call' and examine
his present elegant stock, to which he will con.
stonily make additions of the newest and moat
modern styles. , ' •
COFFINS made to ordermt the shortest no•
Ice, 'for town and:country.
Carlisle, June 13, Mg: •
£t 'The late firm of Jacob Fetter CO Son
having been dissolved, Jacob Fetter; sr., will
carry on the_business aa'abota.
Price of Iladtvare.
I HAVE just received the largest tkuA.Eheap
est stock of.HARDWA RE, Glass, Paints, Oils
Varnishes, Saddlery, Carpenter's and Cabinet
Maker's Tools, Mahogany Vottiers and all kinds
if Building Materials ever brought to Carlieie
consisting of Locks, Hinges, Screws, Nails
and Spikes. Persons about lo build will find [i
grattly to their advantage to look at my qtooc
before purchasing elsewhere. Come and see
the Goods and hear! the price and you will be
convinced that - this is really the Cheap Hardt`
ware Store. Also, in store anvils, vices, like
and rasps, and a complete assortment of Watts'
Best Bar Iron, also Rolled and Hoop Iron of all
sizes.„. I have also the. Thermometer Churn
mide by Mr George Spangler, the best article
now in use..
• SCYTHES.—I have just received my Spring
• stock of Grain and Grass Scythes, manufactured_
-entree - sly:I& my-own - sales - and — warranted-to •
be a superior article. Cradle makers and
ethers will find these Scytheeto be the best at'.
ticle is the market and at the lowbst price
whi&sakumd_retail atjhe oldl,stand in North
Hanover street. - JOHN P LYNE.
ap18%19 •
Elegant New Goods.
AGLEY'S New York Gold Pens, the best
article of the day, and whiCh no business
man should be without.
An elegant assortment of fine Cutlery, in
cluding Itarmis, Pen Knives, Scissors of the
best English and American Manufacture.
A large variety of ornamental Window Blinds
and "'ire Screens of every style and at low pri
Musitisl InifiUments, such as Violins, Accor
deons, Flutes. Fifes, Flageolets, Tuning• Forks
with Violin strings, bridges. &c., at all prices.
A large variety of Baskets, travelling bags,
Whine, cartes, door units, Brushes of all kinds
at every price.
Hayne's Magic Adimantine Powder, a now
article for Razor Strops, warranted superior to
anything in use, for setting a ken smooth edge
to razors, &e. 2,5 cis. a box. .
Combs, Seelig. Perfumes, Extracts, Dyes
for the hair,'a rich and ben tiful assortment
from the celebrated manufact ries of Roussel,
Jules Hanel and others.
Tooth Itrushes, Tooth paste and POwder,
Nail.Brushos, Hair and Hat Brushes, with an
innumerable variety of Fancy and sunlitl arti
• cies of all kinds and - prices; lately opened and till Cheap Drug and Book-Store of
iu2o ' 9 W HAVERSTICK.
New and Cheap Spring Good%
CORNER of Hanover and Lowther Streets,
opposite Leonard's Old Stand, Carlisle.—
The undersigned respectfully inform thei
friends and the public that they have just re
turned from Philadelphia with a large and well
selected assortment of new SPRING GOODS
purchased at the verylowest prices, and which
they are determined to sell at small
.si profits.—_
- .cmong them marbe - faliiitrehiihi, -- Casmerei3 -
VestiOgs, Tweeds, Pantaloon Stuffs in great
variety, best American and Ipdia Nankeens.—
Also, LADIES' DRESS GOODS, consisting
in part of Silks, •Bareges, Silk Tissues,. Alps
chas, &e.,
NETS, a fine tot, Nairn Leaf-Hats, Ribbon
and Loco Goods. An elegant assortment of
Calicoes and fine Chintzes, suitable for the ap
proaching season, at our usual low prices—
Cheeks, Drillings, Linens and the usual variety
of bleached and unbleached muslin& BOOTS
AND SHOES—a well selected tissortmetit of
men's, women's and children's good nod
handsome. GROCERIES—in all their varie
ty, Sugar. Coffee, Molasses, Pekin COmpany's
rolebrated TEAS, &c. All the above goods
have been purchased right, and will be sold low
Please give us a call.
March 28 S . D POWELL & CO.
Dry 'Goods and Groceries.
G. CARIVIONY desires to inform his
tv • friends and the public that he has remo •
red to the stand on North Hanover street lately
occupied by has Barnitx. and next door. to
Reverstick's Drug ,and Book Store, where he
ie determined to sell goods as low tut any other
establishment in Citrlisle or in the cOutuy. His
stock consisis,of Cloths, Cassimerea, Satinetts;
satin, cachmere. merino and silk Vestings; Me
rinoes, Alpachas, Molts de Lanes, Cachmeres,
French worked collars, kid gloves, silk fringe*,
gifting' flowers ; thread laces, .&c.' TICK
INGS at 6* ere,. calicoes 3 to 61 cts,Very c,hes,
mUslins, hosiery, Berlin and Gachmere gloves.
A large assortment of BONNET RIBBONS,
very low,eatiit plain and figured Mantua. plain,
bared, striped and figured' Also GROCERIES
and QUEENS W.ARE, such as Coffee, Tea,
Sugar, Spice's Of all kinds, tobacco, .segars,
crockery, glass and 'queensware; rice, chocolate,
starch, together with natiferons other articles—
Give him a all, . te..r .
Assignee's sate. •
IWILL expose to public Silo on the Tat day
:043eiptember nett:., new
" •• • • Brick House • • • .
4 AND LOT, situated in' lhe'town
-. • . 41 1 1ainfield,Cufnberland county,
_ . adjoining lots' of-Jnes-111111es,
Thos.' Gra asen, and others„.corner of Wood and
Leonia et. .Pciaseision g iven on
,the lig. of
April next, at which time the purchase money
Will be. required. . • '
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock ot. said day,
Whenlerms of sale will be made known by
. • •
Aakignee of D. Deed.
• July 18,1849.
'Selling of at Cost,
THE; subscriber is now .selling his .entire
'stock: of . Dry; Goods at cost far n'aeh. Persona
wishing to.lay Cue' their cash to 'at adVantage
will please call:and.."exataind my stock, ail; I
have a ' iirge and general assortment :o f , , dry
goods ,w hich lam desirous of selling for Cash..
impossiblell ie :-:
to:entmerate all the.;gOode
buf I have t 'Nu - assortment of ,glotlie;',Cifesi;,
Caere, Twnede, 'Summer Drillings ! gingham*
- CaliCeet, L and Mesa Goode for.Ladica,
pats: Dlovee,'Hoeiery, Sc* Purchasers are in.,
vited to call et'the Bee, Hivo in North Hanciyar .
sheet and tuition for themselves. ,
: ,A;rbOYLV,
T" partnemhip horetoforo,exiating between
the undersigned. trading; pndei the fwm'of .
S. ,D.: , C 0..1ie • theo, 'die diss olved by
- mutual augment,: :'Alflabt;lementa to, be made
with •N. WOode; at the old,Stand,:l4.whem,
.the,buainesa Will atill•ba,ecinducted:•
; • r, D:ROWELL;i:
er,..w,WOODS,•TtnOser &'o*
• CarlialO,JulrlB:lB49. :4: . •
.T.2;wouj.d ! :. t!pec,tfully: 0111 tlket,'l4tentioo
of;Mitjfigclitrig to a large meortrelint-pf Me - M;
icinaanfid:OnstotoALs:Vvhiolt•l have.jost•reeehr
,ndileid:wPfieh:l -will sall,fialow lt-,not a little ,
aeinalhato thajaine.qoalify eon be purchased
out or tha:4lty,,,, the Old Stand'.
• Junii 6 ",. ‘• •"4 • .I.S.
''''..-..-::/:::'::-.'.' 00 Le 1 ' 00 L. 'Too ~ 1L . , „ .,, , ;;....,,.,-
;.4(10', 1 P Atl,Nos ;of; half ; :,inaiiitO ~ ,IVoia' hi.
o wlp ~. ,the gokfiltiet i roceiVed . 4o.afor, isle ;i
'o,"'kCiiiliti;i,Nortkilentrler . Atreet. , , ,, ,.;:,3 , ..:i,': ~.';,
:,.; . ,‘,',',„..' ,. ,ll4tAkelOksitiilllPliskefolll ,,,,,- ,: , !'.:' , :::...
iigilfil) . .fulg.9 IF:4,iist.l34:s'o" . tV.:`,,ltiiiif,:tiikiAl:
POP4II' '' ' . ‘:''''- 1 :. , ;•:: - :..';:' ,..- ,.."''' . i'.;:: ,2. .. , ,,;,_. -i
„.., . ....
... ,
ON TUESDAY, the.2d ,
of October next,'SVM
bb sold at Public Sale on the proinises in Mon-''
roes tovinship,Cumberland county, Pa.. the fol- •
lowing Real Estatedsti the pinperty of -Peter
Bricker, deceithed. on theForge,llead, t mile .
east' of Spring Forge. -'" • •• • '
No. I—Contains 130 ACRES ef Best-rate
Limestone .Land. The improvements are a
tarp Stone, House, Hanle Barn, Wagon •
Corn. Orib.and . other out-buildings. ,Alito;• a
first-rate Spring near the , dootlttnif an orchard
of Choice fruit. ' 8 '
.Nd."'9Containing 109 ACRE,S,' Limestone
adioius the above. The improvements
are a one story, House, a Bank Barn, and other
eut.bitildingii, and a Tenant House,and several
sprinenearthe•house.. Both Farms are in a
high state of cultivation. . '
"No. 3—Containing 60 ACRES, adjoining No.
2, acid one-fourth of a mile south.olChurchtowns •
about ten Acres are ()Mated, the remainder is
covered with fine timber.
No. 4—Contains 11 ACMES, on the. south
side of Yellow, Breeches Creek. * The improve.
micas are a good Logo House and Stable, and
good Spring fiol the laud is wider.good culti.'
vaeon. •
No. s—Contains ab T
out WO ACRES on the.
Forge Road, one mile east of Spring Forge.—
The improvements are a large two-story House,
part stole, Fraine Stable ' Dlacksmith Shop,'and
other outhouses, with a first-rate Spring in the
basenient story of the house.
No. 6—Contains about. ,111.1= 7 .441/ES
unimproved land, on thn York Road near
Churclitown under good fence.
No. 7-A large and well finished two.story .
HOUSE Anti lot of ground in •Churchtown, •
about44,feet_in front und depth.—
Imdisputable titles will be given for the above
properties. The above properties shown and
all necessary information given to persons wish.
ing to purchase, by calling on either of the
subscribers, or on John Lutz, livingfon lots No.
5. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, when atten
dance, will be even and terms made known by
August 1-Is . Executors.
Patuable Real Estate
ON THURSDAY the 4th of October next, the
SuliacribWWlll expose.sit_publii-sale on- the
premises in Southmiddleton township, Clamber.
berland county Pa.,the'farm lately occupied by
Jacob Lehman, deceased, 4 miles soutb of Car
lisle and one mile north of Craighead's Mill,
containing about 105 ACRES of good limestone
Land, in a high state of cultivation anti under
• 'good fence. The inipovements are a
two story
a large Kitchen, plastered beide and
outside, a large Log Barn, Wagon Shed, Corn
Cribs, mid other necessary out•-houses, together
with a well ofrailing water near the door,
and an °relief With every variety of choice
fruit. Also at he same Mete and place will be
otTereita tract of 20 ACRES of Chesnut Timber,
near the I-folly Iron. Works, on the East side of
. the Turnpike. .Also, the one undivided half of
Eight Acres of Chesnut Timber, about 4 miles
from Holly, on the east side of the Gettysburg
road. Also,
On FItI OAY, the sth of • October,, next, on
the premises in Monroe township, Cumberland
county, Pa.,the Farm late properly of Jacob
kehmne, deceased, on the!toad leading troth
Chumflown to Middlesex, 2 :miles ,north of
Churelitown, containing 85 ACRE S of good
Limestone Land, in a high state of cultivation
'aiiitunder good fence, about 12 Acres of which
is covered with' first-rate timber: . Theim
provements are a two story STONE HOUSE,
a one story Kitchen, a Log Barn, Wagon Shed,
Corn Crib ,Cider Press and other necessary out.
buildings. Alpo a nevet-failing well near the
door. There is also an excellent Orchard of
choice fruit on the premises. The above Farms
ore in every respect excellent ones. Indispu
table titles will be given. Persons wishing to
see the above properties can do so by calling on
Samuel South Middleton township,
or on the subscriber in Monroe-townsbip. Sale
to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., on both (Lys
when attendance will be given and terms made
known by GEORGE,' BRINDLE.
' August 1-ts Executor.
lassignees Sale.
SHE Farm on which Atbraham Nisley now
— Wert lid — sildVat - Palk Sala on the
premises, on WEDNESDAY the 19th day of
September next. It is situated. in North, Mid.
dleton township, on the Conodoguinet Creek
about three miles east of Carlisle, and about a
half mile north of the Harrisburg and Chem
bersburg turnpike containing about MI ACRES
and 140 l'erches, more or less. The improve-
ments consist of a FARM lIOIJSE, a Bank
This property will be Blown by the subscri
ber, or by Abraham Nisley, who resides on the
farm. The termttlJALmade known on the
day of sale by
1927'49ts , Assignee of Ab'm. Nisley.
WILL be sold at. Public Sale a , the Court
House in the Borobgh of Carlisle ton
next, the following described property, to wits
No. I—MILL SEAT and FARM contain
ing about 200 ACRES of firs! rate black slate
land, situated au Frankford township abo u
three miles west of-Carlisle, on t h e Conodogu
net Creek. This tract is well im•
proved, having thereon erected a
MANSION - HOUSE, Bank. all
Barn, Corn Crib, &e., together
with a Clover Mill," Saw Mill and
Plaster Mill, and threo Tenant Houses.-
property will be sold in ono or two tracts to suit
purchasers. , - . '
No. 2—About 70 ACRES Limes.ono Land,
situated on the Walnut Bottom Road, about
one-half mile west of Carlisle. The -improve
maks are a BARN and a well of hexer failing
No. 3.—The one undivided half of about ft)
ACRES of Limestone land, immediately south
of the above tract. Th 9 hinprovements are a
STONE HOUSE, the lower story oT a Barn,
&c. •
No. 4.—About 85 ACRES of Limestones
Laiod;Thittintel - ort - the - Withie - Bas tom Road . ,
about 2i miles .west of Carlisle. There .is a
Barn and Well of Water on this tract.
-No. 5.-:-About 5 ACRES 121 PERCHES
of Chestnut Timber, near the road leading'
from Carlisle to Getty p urg,abbut 10 miles front'
Carlisle. .
No. 6.—About 5 ACRES and 27 perched of
" ' MEADOW LAND, near
day's Mill, in the Borough of
• ," In Carlisle. There is a'building.foi
a Distillery With water right and
a BRICK HOUSE, die.. on this
N 007. -„ A
the .Second Presßyterian•Church in the Boro'
of Carlisle, um 'Lot islo feet in front and 120
The above Property:Wilt.
,;ehowit and all
necessary information given to.yersons'wishing
to purchase, by coning on either 'Atha subset'.
.bers, or, on. Mr. John Hays, .living; on. the. Mill
terms, will be Made known. on , tho day
l ie27 - '4ote . 1 19 11 4: 1 417 Pogi l H'i
FARM — 8 ;
NSATURDA. `,::the • Isto'dav ,of
SMiterniier.nait',l will at 'Public sale
on,the prorghies„limi . FARM, now: occupied .ky.
George .Wolf,, situate: in :Dickinson; township, 4,
Cinnbeiland 'county,.,on, the Pine Road ; ; two; .
Mike from the -Stole Tavernv.containiag 17 .
acres of good land;.under'good cultivation and
#ell.feticed . ; adjoining lands of David Shea ff er'
and Frede ri ck Fisher.. .. , About six acres Ofll , ia
ip,fine Chesnut, Timber.`;The
;movement are a gooa. ,' •
,‘.. , 4),W,ELL0: II O U ,•
71 tl • ,
Bern,with email
well,,of ; Water
There is ',a variety or etuticis I frolticoniisting of.
&poe n ', pheioe;';gyii..,,6n 'the
Bele to commence at . l'on. said'
day Whedlittendanso will be aivekTiflrnotAkti
scriber"- ' JOI3EPH
24tis! •
ilitiCe • ' ONI.-.-I bay° juin PPened,ll. l 3ase?'
IV.. of Italian .:Maccaroni. .nrarrantan Inn*,
and gnauina. ,
: 'Table ?OIL, -
•.& Lot of .iary,Sntioilor,
~ , :jII IY le 2.,•••
e • .
14 1 `3,N 3 D,tulUfE. , •FONI'lloiii.W. Main :.PUticit;
--.. ,"-.;.;,-:;„--., .•
Nottreti -
logrHEßEAs : :4,the Honorable Faxymtlot,
V V 'Wm, rreiddeitit : Judge otitis several;
Courts,f Cciimition•'lleas °t> tte conPilos of
Cumberlaiti, r eiryind Juniata:in Penrisylva-,
nia, and Justice of the eaveraMourts:of Oyer
and Ton:ether' and :General! . Jail, Delivery in !
said 'Counties: nod Hoe. John Stuart and' 'John
Clendenin c • Judieji.of the Court olOyar and
Teftniner and Gdaitral Jail Delivery.* lbw
trial of all capital and . other' Offenders, in the!
said county of Cumberland,by their; piecf B l24 t°'
me directed, dated the 9th day of Jan., 1849,
hove ordered the Court of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery, to be holden at Car
lisle on the' 4th Monday;, - of August next,
(being the 27th day) at 10 o'clock in thefore
noon, to continue one week.
NOTICE; to therefore hereby given, tothe
Corolier,,Justiaes of the - Peace and Comitable,
ofthe eaid county.of Cumberland i ethnttkoyerit
by the said preCept commanded to be that' and
there in their proper persons, with their rolls,
records, inquisitions, examinations, and all
other remembrances, to do those tltinss which
to theiroffices appertain to be done,tiodAntlipsit
that are bound by recogni ponces, to preset*
(against the prisoners GO are orthen shell bq
in the Jail of said are to be there to
prosecute them as shall be just,
. JAMRS,FIOrrER, Sheriff.
Id the Court 'Of Common Redd'
Cumberland county:
No. 65. Aug. Term, 1899 I Sci. Fii.l"A et D
WHEREAS, George Oyster, in the Court
of Conimon"Pleas, to wit—Of the term
of April, 1845 , before Samu.l Hepbatill,sq.,
and his Associate Judges of the same Court;
did by consideration of the same'Court, reco
•ver against John Boon, late of year county,
yeoman, a certain sum of three hundred'and
fifteen dollars,
lawful money of Pennsylvania,
debt, as also, 1,41 i, which to the said George
Oyster, in said court were likewise adjudged
for his damages which he sustained by occasion
of the detention of that Debt, wherebf the said
John Hoon is convict, as appears of record,&e.
And, whereas, the said' John has since
died, and letters of Administration' haven„
regularly issued by tile Register of said county
to Benjamin Hoon and Abrabauk_Haton.
Notice ie hereby given to Benjamin Hoon &
Abraham Hoon, Executors of John Boon, dec'd
with notice to Mary Hoon (widow), John Boon.
Henry Boon, Benjamin Boon, Ab'm Hoon,
Polly .BlessingAind Julia Ann-McDonald,-.heira
of J Boon, dec'd. that they be and appear before
our Judges at Carlisle, at. our Court of Com
mon Pleas, there to be held the fourth MON
DAY of August neat, to show cause if any
they have, why the 'said George Oyster ought
not to have his said judgment revived, erd why
he ought not to have execution against them for
his debt and damages aforesaid, according to the
force, form, and effect .of the recovery afore
said, if he think Ht. Witness the Hon. Fred'k
Watts, at Carlisle, the 19th day of May, 1849.
Audl'493t JAMES HOFFER, Sh'ff.
In the Court of Common Pleas of
Cumberland County.
Ann Smith, Into Anh McKipney, by her - if:xi
friend Philip Meseerernith,
Thomas Smith, • .
No. 27 April Torm; 1849: - Subficeria Di
vorce, 10th April, 1849. On motion of Mr..
Biddle, proof having been made - that the said
Thomas Smith cou d not be !fly Wall
wick,: •
Notice is hereby given to the 'said Thomas
Smith to appear on the 27th day of August,•
1849. to answer the co:hi:faint of said Ann
Smith. JAMES. HOFFER, Sh'fr.
jy25'494t. .
In the Court. of Common Pleas of
Cumberland county.
until next triond Benjamin Ebersole, •
James ' Donnelly. •
No. 9, November Term, 1848. Subpcene
eur Divorce, tOth April, 1849. On motion of
Mr. Adair proof having been made that thesaid
James Donnelly could not be found in my bail.
..Votiee is hereby given to the raid James
Donnelly appear on the 27th day of August,_
itt49;TisartsOrifureomplrunTat the sa i d
aboth Donnelly
• JAMES lIOFFER, Sheriff.
Jule 25. '49, di •
In the Court of Common Pleas of Cum
, berland County, No. 111 August
Term, 1849.
Adam Bishop in his own right, and alienee
of Conrad Bishop and John Ditto and Catha
rine his wife, late Catharine Bishop
Jacob Bishop, Adam Bishop, -Spang
ler and Susan his wife, late Susan Bishop, and
Catharine Bishop, Hotly Bishop, Margaret
Bishop and Alfred Bishop, with notice to their
mother ;and nest friend Hotly Bishop, and
Hetty Bishop in her own wrong, (the eight
parties last named being the widow and chil
dren of John Bishop doe'd.) Joseph Bishop,
Christopher , Fred'k. Cromligh and
Elizabeth wife, late Elizabeth Bishop,
Margiirot Bower (widow,) Abraham Bollinger
and Magdalena his wife ; late Magdalena Bish
op, Catharine 'Ann Sidle with notice io her
father and next friend' Peter Sidle, and Peter
Sidle in his own wrong, Lewis Bollinger, Sem
uel Bollinger and David Bollinger with notice
to their father and next friend John liallingeri
and'"John Bollinger in his own wrong, and
Daniel Freesinger and Susan his wife; late
Sheen Bishop... . r ,
Thi - Difendante. are hereby summoned An
appear ale Court of Common Pleas of Cum ,
borland county on ' Monday the 27tbcday
•August, 1849,,• to show cause why partition
should not be made of a lot of "groundisitua
ted hi •Monroe township, Cumberland County,.
containing.Lf acres more nr lees.
, . ..
Niro slated Orphans Court began on Tues.
day the 24th day . of April.lB49 and holden at
Carlisle in and for the county of Cumberland,
before the Hon. Fred'k. Wane, President
Judge, and John Stuart and John Clendenin,
Esqutres, Associate • Judgek Stc,`• thefolloving
I Preoeedings•were had, to wit t.v... •,. • ;! .. ;,,,-,-• •
In the case of the petition of Conrad. Clever `:
That he and his brother ..Peorge:,Clevet were
the administrators With . the will annexed ,of
Barnhart „Clever then—father—and that they
settled - their administration account,-, 7 -that :the
balance of account•wes.,paid over to the heirs ,
and legatees entitled; dedet,,the will, and' their
release Won for the ;sanity except'the , amount
which was to be paid to his brother Barney,
which was settled in his - brother George's Es
tate, who had since died, and; his, estate admin
iatered --noon and settled. • Whereupon 124th
AprillB49, on motion tot Mr. Miller, :Rule. , ,on
the heirs and legateati of-Barnhart Meyer, de
ceased, to he, and ittppear at the next stated
Orphans Court be held at Carlisle, od Tues.,
day the;INI day of September; next, to, show
'cause. why Conrad. Clever,'administrator of
Barnhart Clatter deceased, shall not be diseher f
ged from his office na.adminietrator. ' 1 : - .' -'' .
. • - °JAMES HOFFER, Sherifl:•::
July• **;t; • :;- - - r' • •
Estat2 of.lsage.Shellabarger, - dec'd.
jrAi.._ETTElita Testamental, On. the last'.ill
and.. Testament Of ISAAC •RH -
EER.,late of West - PittinstoOto' toweshap
"dee'd;; livhig , isaned to the underidgritid,,Exe
entori of paid estite.Alllierions Indebted to
said. Eettits; are, requested to inalieliyudiedbita
payment, and • these. haelogelalma atadatt th.o.
game to present then?, to eit4ar." 61,4 tinder
plgned . euly.trithentiestad for settlement. i ~.
;,, JiiCo6 - BAELLAIIAN.GER; ~;.,
c' :: Milillk townshl
.. ; .:„).•::, : , ,,,-. c . :I'DMiti'IIHtLIABARGEft,,,,.•.:.
.. ~',•,;'. y••0.41.AC fittIE4I:AIIARGEII, .:i• i
:.,: .jy2;6t":" , • ',. ' ' . : Wed' PionstioYo`,tio, ,
Queensware Ir., (Hasse , :
aild 'general lielettkon of, these ar.
thiles in ever, Variety has been added to our, as
bottniaat•-, ,41,100, a-lot of Cedar- Ware, embrao-
ing,Tahe f2histos,;Bneke.s.' ke., at istata,'
low prmia at theill;ir 6 ° 4 . El
7 t",e of ' '
Ma eh Ai , . • J
fr , •AR,P cask o Lard ,Oil t , eo ,
'1,4 colorless, just opened; ,it esplaadid
:Ole for l summer use 7- for Ogdo ;low by.
TbaOirta Ed SHOREI t 7— noskier big et ,
,Booto and 43 Itt#3us(re4o a y
, 4rinj*
ItOluceitpyl* i 1093 ,
. DAZAWIErgrannL .
THE imdersigned.vesul4vspectfully infordi
the .citixens:'ef'.o4lieleilidAhri enosandingr
cetintry:thaftheir'i' .-, „:"..:C;C: , •.•Z:-.';ii, ~i, . . .:4,..
..,41pass daily.throsilgeaglisle,
• r„. - L'arid,all'A boxes:o4oNi nd
packer:l,l9feet TlittiO r•
b •.geik, , T.140:278 Markistfitree6l'llilittild II
be deliiedid'lh'RhSitiFifWarei
house. . Crobdti;, for , exprieiijii Thilaidelphis, IS
left at Rhoad's Warehouee will. meet with
meet with prompt attention.:.' ()cede fore:,?ress
ehoUld• be So marked. --• 'AL '' o' ''' • ' r;', '' ' '
A' ..., • L Thos . dorbridger 278 Market all -
egeq.' , :I .4 - 11..Rheede A • Carilslof.- .t. - -2,
' Paicia:-- eavy freights when over ` iop.Ve.
50 eta ner hiaidred. , 'Patikagel;2s•iindiecinds
in proportion to size:, .• i'.:47', :e;;;:-Ji; •;.;7. 7 . , , 7,, , 1 ivZ
As thileis a new, enterprise, ',expressly PIA,
'convenience and accommodation ofthe,mtteens
of Cumberland 'County; it is heYed Wird, nieie
with the encouragement it...deserver o': . ".1 , .., , . in
.? •••• .STDIdBADDH iSs u ldoEklilEDltivi -
jy4tl . :Proprietors, Chanihereburg, •
N. 8.4 1 N e rs:
4- li'{if, Agentfiriksil y Soillfivorl Illiliffceiing
CO; Witit4.Aspert. jceho4se: t
4 ' Minoi St.Plitadil
f kia: R —-
CASES ethtcabore'sapertr•ra .
'l u k
pen now m;otore,sndfornale to.the
trade at.the lowest sparket prices, constvinkip .
pail of , ,
1 Fine thick Flat Caps, 12, 14,16 . and' 16: lbsi,
blue and White: _.
Superfine. Medium and Demi Writinge, b lue
l and white. •. . - •- ••
Extra super and superfine Folio Fosjii•bluis
and, while, plain. nd ruled,— • . _.' ~.... -
Sittierfine Commercial Poets, blue, and wildst
plain and ruled. .
Extra Super Linen Note 7 Pspers, plain .a
gilt. . . • • • - ;
r Superfine and fine Bill Papers, long and Broad
Superfine and fine Counting House Caps and.
Posts, blue and white,' ft
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters ',
and ruled, blue and white.
Extra super COngrees Caps and Letters, gilt. ,
Superfine getnib'n Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue Linen; thin Letters. • .1"
Extra super Bath Posts, blue and white, plain
and ruled. -
---Etitbroidered - Note4ePertrand - Envolope
"Lawyer's" Brief. Papers.
. Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled, and -
pNin, blue and white, various wallies and
lec:1000 reams white •and assorted
Papers, Bonnet •Boards white and assorted
'Tissue, Tea, Wrapping:Envelope, asiorted"'ik. '
blue Mediums, Cap Wrappers, Hardware Pei
pars, dcc., • tiy!,
• P JP" 0 X E R S
Confectionery, Fruit and Toy Store,
lie in • general are respectfully invited to
ca at the Old Stand of the subscriber, (well 0
known as " Krim Kinglet' Heed-Quarters) in
North Hanover street, a few doors north of the
Bank, andexamine his.large 'assortment of
factured of the best Material, fresh every day,
and warranted not to be surpassed by any in
the-States, which will be sold at reasonable
prices.. He has just reeeived p large assortment
of-Fruits and Nuts. consisting in part of OR,
ens, Bordeaux and Paper-shelled Almonds.
Filberts, cream-nuts, pea-nuts, cocoa -nuts, &c.
which will be sold at the loWest "rates.. He
would: also invite attention to a large lot of
partly of fine fancy boxes, dolls, doll-heads,
Furniture in boxes, wooden tea sate, brass and
tin trumpets,.bone, basket and bell rattles,
gone and wheelbarrows , glass and China toy!,
accordsons, IMirmonicans,lTancy soaps,' Hair
oil, hair oil, hair and tooth brushes, shaving
cream and hundreds of other knicknacke. In
connection with the above,.he has -on hand 4,
good assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES,
consisting in part of loaf, lump and brown an
gers, coffee,' click-elate, cheese and crackers...."
Imperial, Young Hyson-and Black Tea; Spices
of all kinds, blacking, matches, brushes, Ste.
The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to
the-public for the liberal, patronage herelore
',avowed on him, and hopes by _a, desire 40
please, to merit a continuance of thfi Same.
--ju12;49------L- . P. Mfi-N-YEW -- ' --
164 Chesnut .Stred,Corner of:Seventh ) Stormer
Building:, Philadelphia. . .
KNOWING the wales rof .the community,
the Proprietor of this Establishment has
fitted up a Store in the most elegant manner,
btving due regard to the comfort °Phis cut* ,
tomere, BO thet every Stranger visitingbis Book
Store, may , feel entirely at hot
'HIS IMMENSE STOCK, oeßooks iir chit.
sified according to the variotut Departmentwof
Literature, so - that visitors can find the Books
they are in .search of for themselves. , Buying
his stock for the et -part at the Ancrton
Sums, and baTh cr nectod` with one of fhb
Largest Publishing , Houses in .this country,
besides publishing largely himself, enables bins
to soli ALL noose at LOWER PRICES' than
env other hone - of a similar 'character on-thie
continent. His facilities for the InrosnAviort
OP Bodca from Europe, are tunsurpaseed, hav
ing a Branch of hie establishment in London',
where orders of private gentlemen are direfully
executed and forwarded to this Country by
every Stormier and packet. , ,
A - CATALOGUE of Books with' the prices
attached is issued quarterly. containing Lists of
New Additions made to his „large collection,
arein all cases for sate at the LOWEST
PRICES, or 'from .25 to per cent.' below
'Publisiers' prices.Thas in buying even `a .
few Booko,..,quife a considerable amount - xis
saved. As a still•further Inducement to stran
gars visiting the city, every one who purch a ses
One Dollar wdrth of Books, will receive - a
elegant 16mo. volunier the : price of which is Y 5
cents. -.. .
'MTh , * 'Edits of an adveithiement are
confined to enumerate the- prices of 'any of•the
Books, oe fo give even " s faint idea of thiCiiiy - - -
menae. advantages to be derived from 'purchas
ing at the great Central Cheat , ' Book Store; but
let all who are in search of Books send. foe*
Catalogue., add bpylhe."hooks-they are ki.Want
' of, and •:yrhen visiting the ; city,. give -,ApPleto#
one'call'; and you' tim begun to call *gain;
- STATIONERY' ineWittrbrineberfainiall.
ad at. the Lowest, Prices*. The, Initials of ihasss- •
°purchasing Loiter,, and Note Paper, • neatly' .
stamped in the corner; Witkont *charge; •
--Orders for any article • !inky*. sent , bpiinall.
addrenied to the PropriOicir mid the, directions
in - ail cases will be fully carried out. with great
punctuality arid' despatch.
Oordeie for Catalogues should bcprepaid:.:l l •
GE0,.13 4 , APP,LETONI..
Bookseller, ,Publieher Importer ;, and Stn.
- 'tioner,:l64' Chesnut ''Street, Ammer of Se
• itenlh'.' Eisiuitres Minding 4 • [rny9'493lno
.:41rani and • lan_pbtantt `,.' ,
gcIEORGE:M. RHEEM ',having reeently
_LS . purchased the county right Of HAYWORTn.7I
PATENT cOLLAD. STI:tYPER, would respectfully
call the attention cl o the tra d e, to that importent
intention.. It is certainly one of the greatest -
improvements:of the age. This machine antffs
the Collar crooked around the.bloelt,,faced with
hair, wool, or other materiall,haek stuffs irrrith
long etre*, and also makes colliers of theist:air
a ith•lessAban half the labor, And timnotthe old
way of . stuffing.. This m a chine Wfillstiff. l ai
and'every kind of hbratt collars; films' the beet'
patent leather down torhecommOrieril ' hipdlin
use,' and With but one,manete stlily , at work will
!stuff and shape fifty collars per day in. nuestir
and better style than any other way knOwn:
•••• -Saddlers in the count ' iiie•laritedltilillitt
the,enbeeriber'e ;establis hment on North Hann*
irerstreet,.Cerliship and examine , hit teach '...
Township or 'ahop.righta • will: be'all:
those‘Who do not , wish to, buy. a rightlha
mid tench ebeepee than- uiereekt hwit)liti .:'
,tared' in any other Toby. Orden:foet.l4l "lo :
any.quantity am raaPaagta!fela l la4‘;' , l , o , il''''.
' p„,, 'l9 • ' . _ , ',, ,".....,....•,'” ''J' . ... : i;'..'.. ~,,, ',
,„„, • , emeanif ,
:..z.„...,;.;,_,.„„, nad a
...1 1.1 ., m 4,„, _ _ -,-,
wnEARBERM -F'"°r4isolii;;;lblit' m,' ;11100, ,,,'
LI clacath_.,'re, oreptataireaSkot ' ,
c „, Iv
1 • , 1.03 , , , v' , ,..7- , -- :. 1 1 .intiklY v... •:'
„- . ,m, Cuti,• 4 - b ,,,
lbone‘ar iirtidii7
.„,,,h-,A ,J oints. . e "'''''' h ' . F ,- ' 4 4rY•, • .' s
~f % r.. 4 w. . .I„„ v id i be” 'JO t...r...,,.___....,
rtibt,..4o. ).„......„,,,,,
,i,..„‘„,, , ....,„ ,
..„„..,........„....,...„,,, . 114 4 § 48111 ',.:* ,
t1010.1219P"`"' ' 1)- "": ' . 11 Idtt":34* lOC.- ortil, 4;,,
for,ilieultde. r i 1. tr' , , :',Dl!tiltlltrxi%
'Seamid :Ai ti,.,,,,1T ',.- - ttil t "''' , ' ' utt '-0:1r.
,INV* . 11 77 , t ' 1.:, i , . " ''' t ''., o ' 4l ' - ' -, '1i`,;71144 , 6,
.4,4 4 . i 11' , 0,1,,4...t.,.....:'',i;iig',`',,N1.1Tf.111dtYP.,
, o' - '.--io•• ''. ' ~:v,k•;;"•,ts:oi, giflr•Jf ~.,..,"..--. 0