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The.ininWed letter' 'fri - JM:Thoreaft' , J.efi;
'stow. to, thelion: Edward Coles, has.
brought`peen te.light-bytthe , agitation in .
IlentuckY, in; reference 'Otte'CoplOrk-,
* don about id beheld in"-that State ofil it'e.
'Prospective Eman'cipatibn questiorit—ti,
PlimAnmetim,-Jtine 5, 1849.''
tiIt,DEAR' SIR : : —Updprthe
siog that its this time. will
,promote your views; be, sgratify,ing to
the:people of Sentuck3r, and. be ' of ge
nerd' utility, I am induced to take the,
liberty to enclose, yea a copy of a letter
from. Mr. Jeffereen to me on the subject
of slavery: .
I avail myself of ; the occasiongp ten
der my respectful compllinents to Mrs.
Clay, and to renew to you assurances of
my high respect and sincere regard.
To pm, HENRY *AY, Lex'gton, Ky.
• MONTICELLO, August 25,1814.
DEAR Sot:—Your favor of July 31st
was 'duly received and was read with.
peculiar pleasure: The sentiments
breathed through the whole do honor, to
both"the iiead anith - eart`of the writer,-..-
Mine on the subject of the slavtiy of ne
groes have tong since been In possession
of the public; arid time 'has only served
to - give them stronger:robt. •
T&, love of 'justice . and the love of
.country plead equally the cause of these
people, and it is a mortal reproach to us
that theyyshoilld have pleaded it so long
in vain, and shonld have produced not a.
_single_effora. 4 ' I fear, not `much se
rious willingness—to relie've them and
ourselves from our-present cortdition_of
moral and political reprobation. From
those of the former generation Tv ho were
in the fulness of age when I came into
public life, which was while our contro
versy with England was on paper only,
I . saw that nothing was to be hoped:—
Nursed and educated in the daily-habit
of seeing the degraded condition, both
bodily and mentally of those unfortunate
beings, not reflecting that that degrada
tion was very much the work of them
seftres and their fathers, feW minds had
yet doubted but that they were as legiti
mate subjects of property as their horses
--or cattle.
• The quiet and monotonous course of
colonial life had beeh — ditturlied - b3r no
alarm and little reflection on the value of
liberty ; and, when alarm was taken at
an enterprise of their own, it was not
easy to carry them the whole -length of
the principles which they invoked for
themselves. In the first or second ses
sion of the Legislature..after I was a
membar, I.drew to this subject tile atten
tion of Colonel Bland, one of the oldest,
ablest, and most respected_members, and
be undertook to move for certain mode
rate extensions.of the , protection of the
laws te ,, these people. I seconded his
motion, and, as• a younger member was
spared more in the debate btit he vjai
deno}inced as an enemy to his country,
and was treated with the greatest inde.
From an early stage of our" Revolu •
tion other and more distant duties wore
assigned me, so that from that time till
my return from Europe in 1789, and I
- may say, till I returned to reside at home.
in 1809,, I . had 'little opportunity of
knowing the progress of public senti
ment here on this subject. I had always
hoped that the younger generation, re
ceiving their early impressions after the
flame of liberty had been kindled in
• every breast, and had become its it were
the vital spirit of every American, that
the generous temperament of youth, a
- nalogous to the motion of their blood,
and above the suggestions of avarice,
'would have sympithized•with oppression
wherever found, and provedtheir love of
' liberty beyond their own share - of it. '
Bute my intercourse with them since.
my return has not been sufficient to as
certain.that_they had.nrideLtew_ards this
potni, ihe progress I lia&.hoped. Your
solitary but welcome voice is the first
• which has brought this sound to my ear_
and! have considered the silt;nceilWhich
prevails on this subjestes irldicating an
apathy unfavorable to our hopes. Yet
the hour of emaneipgtion is advancing in
- the march It ,Will ` come; and,
whethei liought on ' by • t he ,' - generous
. eneriy,ln of Aar , own minds or liy, the
bloody proceis:, of St. aiming?, excited
and the power of our pre
treat enemy;,,if ona.statiOned,•permanefit
. 13r within our ; country, offersig asylum
and arms to the oppressed, is.. a leaf of
ohlhielOrY troll:et tmed'iverii - 1;
.Aite:ttfe.method 'hy , WhiCh this .difficult
work is tee. tfoi,efirretedit ilbrmitted;•
done by ourselyes,'lhave'sderintio ,proposi
tion s o expedientiloa- , the - Athelei"es? that iif
' ernanoatiow. bit, thrise b'ern after 'a: giVOif
day, and af,theit educ ation and expatriation
at a•propei age., ~This- , w uld give time. for
• wgradutd• extmc at species' of labor,'
and substitution , of, another, and` lessen.' he
, rieVerity 'pi thn•sliaok 4 ; Whiqh ar(OpartilipWAO
:?R"' - Nelirridameattil Variant faito . forProilase;;;,Tio,
ideule(ornermpatinguihoovhole at orioe, ,the
- • old es;#.3ll as the, young, and retaining them
herisOs' Of those pnlyA;Whoi have pot the
goide of 'eithet;knOyilSdge or Operteace on
- this Subleet. - •,• - r, .t , •-• , ;;.1 , , , ii , r - - •:''''• •
' '_ For mef4pVehabl'y ; o f any . Color, T but of
this hoick , we know:, brought ' utOrotri , their
4 ' kfaijOk :*iitißt .rteceesityfor thought Or icSe •
' - :,:sCasti'sre,l)ytkoii ; hibihriyendered ,as fßos.
• •• 5 '
••LrOribiti as'children of taking care
of themselves and are wished ptomp extingoish i••
• ' 1 .A t t whe;reverindustry is necessary tor raising,
: :i' e young c , ' In the-meantime they are pests
~., ~i'lltreooiely„hy,their;idlintais,, r ind:the'dep*
!, ,; ,.. . , -;,•:alitions tri.V,rhich this jeada.theim..'' thAir•ar'
's•i- ',.,•.-I,'VErkir)gtirritition‘viithilie,otherbelor rodueesx
‹,?•i',%:.4,,fignul ationto'whioh"holore:'of Ins cOuntry;
I.,•4•MR,ltevter cif eleellende ip-the-hemanditarko- -
, ',';•'4 o tiPail"lntibifidillik•Ofidaht .•''" ',., ''''' ' •i'' '
' ;:,:!i ''SskiLattp,§iislhle,Of: fhe' , Oittlia4a4 $'0,,41:44
Pp,•*ltia lave itiolincl Ativiiirdq Ina, aS 3ho'persoo
f"A,-.:v•(:‘•iltolitibuld undertake this salutarr antLar
, I :',i•tolisous.srork Lblit :,this '
ray , Apar;sirijis like
• •,- -'j:bf; , bidatlTllf r/reiyilb bpokkwito;itymor of
. ; - ::o3.eisto,rdtritnentyqp 4toptierti',o viwirefe.
, -ireatrig . 4;-Ae t Atta,le..eierlivfid'llie'gen:
, ••• • !•yripitifi:',liviilVlVtunlarriiittuet lirlioiquid:petifi
' luor*ollow q 0 aide na 6 . 4 1hdri ` iiiibieneni-
'••: -I. l. , ofitoreptorprixer is - for thefarbring t woot*
'i. ~:ochkeanifollii*lt, up, Aid ivtitiriviktliiiioo,
•-• ('''.- ',44it5 . , ,c0n0mi01140;:,,A;0V1,1ii601.,,tiv,.*
\-' mAPlktitilliktAheite;fro4 o, 44 l iViTolo#
': J . , '''' ' 3' , '' 'PlAge•VP!iln'tht!+lntimultmerlitif:Yeui
'f'•"•: 4 likrbtindontriglkW4proporty.andirrf,
` , '.':'6':',??,,• sea yjyaltit4OttbillitlioC:l-,Po'79.ohilidn'
.c.,,!5.,,,„.1, Itf•evstl).4alliSt,••untifi,fifiore can [ be'direc,
'`..b.';',loos•• , NieMii.rdifehrtshtt' ' fitiTh74lor those
i.,: ) ,;:lw.ligt 4Oftlitifill*P„ TP4 7 f• i fillr ll .4ol - IL
'PL; : it: ' lPilitliritt 'iji ti rtnits C r ler; fatfe t f i sta lP r A • on 9 ry •
~.40, , ,, • 0,,4,,r , ••• , 4v.„ ..•,, , ,44. , !.0,- 1 / 4 )•,-; , .•\•,,:; , -.4 , 4 . ~q, • ,•.,• „
Rs,tkObtiG,,o4 ,L.,4M'Pat.,,MAi'e'l4',N-Vi',!:,,FP,We2,,,,.., -, •,•
43;:.4.-Atz;, , wa60c. ,,, 1,; , ,:
~,, —,, r.z.. ..o•-• 404 , .A.L)- ,:r w..-../.1,,v,,,,,,..",•T
.I,,ie,Per or -• lun , iljr,bvt Hidden a
and Or didies'.tci',fheirritrhit,'l4Watlitetv g abt
l a irmit4S,Mitirn""therriAii&S - ii,)l.ithatqWeritt‘
11Or'th4if tlitintrititeiAhetht , lot'
other tproperty_is , to them•te those
:Whose lisage.te them,4v.e. eantibt control
hepe,-,thitn,,Jrfi'dcar'idgfou recon.
to year conlatiriti&kWiliirortu'.
etoclr'nate:Condtion that ou Will • no.t lessen , Its.
1 of -' i diapos L itithr y bkAilthdraWirig your,',
Porttori,froin',..thettriaSti.t That ',otithe:Ohntra'-'
ry, yen' doMei
trine ;bulk,inidlitobleate;
it Softly:bat s i 'efeit'dily. throdgb' the. niedima.of
an` d ,6Ouirerstititirt';' aris'oOlate' whirs
in your;labori i antLithinV,thii.plittliitikis'for=
med, bring on arid preestlio:ProPtitiltleb . per•
severir.gly until its'accoiripliShmeni. , '
an encouraging, : pbservation.ihat2no good
Measure was ever,proPosed which, if daily
pursued, failed topre in:the end.
We have proof of this in.:_the history of
the endeavoreiri the British Parliament to
suppress that very . trade which brought this
evil upon us. And you willbe Supported by
the religions precept—B e not weary in well
doing.' Thatlybur succbss may be as speedy
, and complete as •it will be honorable and im.
:mortal consolation to'yourself, Isbell wrier.
vently and sincerely,pray as t assure- you of
my greatdriendehip and,respecit
E. COLES, Esq.".. 'Tao.- JEFFERSON.
• •, . •
. IVlGAllister's'all'UdalingOintment
OR THE WORLD'S SALVE, contains no
Moroury.,--Mie, following Certificate is
. e regular Physician; of extensive piec..
tine in - Philadelphia : •
.lhatss Mottr-tatatta—Sir: I have for the
last two years, been in the habit of using your
Ointment to cases of. Rheumatis m. Chilblains,
and in 1 . 16111 A. Cerfriss,;(Scald,Acads,), and
thus far *with ,the happiest effect:- I think.
from the experiments I have made, With ite
that it richly deserves to_ be adopted , as an or •
Tfrili — cit every dtvy use by the - professicinnt - liiire
• Yoprs truly , S. BELL, •D. Phila. •
• ' Philadelphia, Dec. 29,1847.
To 'James cAI lister—Dedr Sir: I take
plsasure 'in making known to you the great
benefit I have received by 'tiring your Vegeta.
blo Ointment, or the World's Salve, I had an
ulcer, or running sore, on the ear, of many
years standing; I have applied 'to several
physicians; but all to no purpose; but-hy.mng
your Ointment a few days it was completely
dried up and well. I have used it—for burns,
for which I find it an excellent article; also in
all cases inflantation. ED. 'MORN.
I certify the above statorpont. is trpo.
' No.§olllarket streot.Phila
I do certify that I have; used McAllister's
all Healing Vegetable Ointment for coldness
of my feet; also for Rheumatism in my limbs'
and Corns on my feet, and have been entirely
relieved. Believing it to'be a good Medicine,
I do not hesitate to rgeomenend it in the above
coniplaints. LEONARD' V-AILE,
orris tp. Washington Pa. Aug. 21, D 347.
I certify that I have used cAll istor's till
Healing Vegetable Ointment, or the World's
Salve, for .a beating in my, wife's , breifst,'vvhich
has given her incalculable benefit; also on one
_my children, for sore eyes, whirobi.rgififloW
mediate relief. I, therefore, recommend it as
a good,medicinc.. PARKER kEED,
.Hopmtell tp. Washington Co. Yo.. Aug.. a l, '4l.
Around the box are directions focysing Mc.
Allister's Ointment, for Scrofula. Liver Cori.
plaint, Eyresipelas, Tetter, Chtlb Scald
Head, Sore. eyes, Quincy, Sore thiWßronchi.
tas, Nervous affections, Pains, Head, ache,
Asthma, Deafness,Bar, ache, Burns, __Coins,
all diseases of the lan, Sore'Lipi, Pimples {
Smelling of the Limbs, Sores,, Rheumtitism,
Piles, Cold feet, Craup, Swelled or Broken
Breast, Tooth ache, Agite in the face, 4c.,4-c.
If MOTHERS and NURSES knew its value
in. eases of "swollen" or Sore Breast, they
would - alwaywapply it; suck cases, if free
ly used, and according to the directions around
each box, it gives relief in a very few hours.
BURNS—It is ono of the, bent things in the
:world for Burns. (See . directions for using
it.) '
PlLES—Thousands nre yearly cured by
this Ointment. It never fails in 'giving relief
for the Piles.
igy- This Ointment is good for any part of
the body or limbs when inflamed. In some
easesit should be applied often.
CAUTION—No Ointment .will be genuine
unless the nainelof AMES McALISTER is
.written with a pen on every label.
For , my - agente in all the prineipa
cities and towns in the United States.
Kole Proprietor of the . 'above Medicines.
Principal Office REMOVED to 28 N. TIMED ST
S. Elliott. and S. W. 'Haveretiek,
.1. & L. Reigel, Mechanicsburg.
G. W. Singiear, Church town.
,& Whetry, Newburg. '
iosopli U. Herron,
3. M. Lutz;'& Gen. W. Bell, Harriebyrg.
Harrisburg, Triumiortation Lbw
VI ,
ORWARDING ChnindisionMeichants
r Hearitsavia, Pa. Ship Produie,.Merchan
dize,o,.!lisltimoro, Philadelphia, kic. Bro.
Coal, Plaster. Nails, Salt, Fish, Groceries, ke
constantly for,SalisP
I Heir - debark; rnirch 29;1848 • ,
MlLlST,_.sedeiiiedl4a:npviiest and latest
..,„- „
oplv.p r lo'lirk ; l: invite The , utten•
hen zthelad
call and eitinfirmr; at' the' OtteepiStoreirt , Mrth r
Hanover street.,' ' • CARMONYt .1*
a .. : .- .
. ,
/-..';:iNEVIT= 'AND"HEAP.
• ..,:.cittemaxolwaciiegw;.l4ziactoriciao 1,,, .
NP•W-o JAC OBT SENER,.,who re ''
spect ully calls the attention :of ', his friends
hod, 'the '!.' Olio igederally . and , all dealers in •
HARD- 15, to is new and splendid assortic.
ment.of "bll km .ol'llardifare : , such a s. Sink"
dlOr's"holif" and -"Saddlery Wars el every' , de;
&Apart and etyle; all kinds of Carpitntees tools,
and building !Materials of iall - kindei and , 'new.
etylei' , all" kinds of materiaU used - by Cabinet .
Makersty Also . ,; Shoo I Findings. QC' all- dkinds, i
:good tissdrtment.of Men's morocco, kid,- Frenc4
s traits, ' linihg. `and binding t Skins 'foe:shoe-Ma'
kers; all articles used byshoe makers constantly ,
kept ()RAMO:: 'Blacksmithm:enn cbef supplied' '
Whir the.ieribist•of hamniered iron, Warranted,
tciedi-altioTeli , ki qc
nds, relied; ejit", round band, ,
and litrap . trian,:ettlit,. Shear, spring Englisn 'and
Atrierihatt Miter bteel;:whitanteiVgood; nisei",
lot of 'sheet iron , for thiners,'.' , HousekeoPerif can' .
I I 'also i,be. 'supplied' Wiih. teiety"erfiele ' neteesary ,
for housekeeping in'tho'HarciWare Line, '` • '''''.-- •
-Ethereal end Pinot/a:Lents of every desdriti '.
tierilust received', blerfethereat and pipe oil for
Calm' pet • fresh: ill: kind& of - psitits,z ON *are-,
letido,'turtiOntine,"dlrlo;l'firsfrate - arlicield.Piko;
Inove Itiathel: ehtieefi'nndl'keep,' the • feel" dry.;-, ',
I •Look Out and bear in mind. -.‘',"," -''''' - ' :'.';'., ' 2
'i ..rgrgiors, 'Me:Mania and Housekeepers" and '
ll' whet use the-'article'Xof 'HARDWARE"' Call
;Itio,eld' well: known , netv. art:awed 'IlAitD , ;,,
'W RE:,:STAHD., , forMeriVkepts C,, by..?Lawiai.•
Itiarlan,4n,Hertiti 4 - plover,' street , next ' doer:to
low ; Commiti's laviwn-stand, noW "kepi byll,,
Glees, an d !also.' next ',door:, to . George '•_
Taney:Hit and Cap: Store: n.Pall and 'examine '
At Yfihreels'As, xnd ..aavonniney 4 ns ,we ere i de,'
' termined 'to sellall,artioles4t;,llto-iery.smallest
;profit 10:CASH,' and WO,tllWk We shall be able
;to Sell ; at ,flum . a ny other' Hardware.
Storo,in , town, es,"7.,,Yht gpocbt;.are:yell, selected, !
tend tereyffrehifsedit'lt '24f edeyltei.still low at '
tlilistis* *Hansa& fliti2e L vr , f'Stere,:lketll;filtit,
ni'lLeikliMerlan't. bid' itindli*belit44. ma ,
frodl4:wattuifitirintelitsofichoiryf iirtjObillh 'lthe,
Hitidkvar/Prikideli'f;;DonWforget,ttnyii r Stalfd;4le
rick . 8 ,-aPiR linViblonlorerUlPLi 'aeon* at
. a's'4‘: .0 ~ F ; )v .. .1 , 2 ,t". , e‘: ~
, eti,l! 414 *mini+ fef;yoiiiitelfee. ."f'. ,",1C,40f.r
'',,*,':., .':' '.....,;',' , 441;400R1E1i;
li , A r....,:-_ , :7.:,:- . . ..•;, , A. 7-. „ c.... r.t= 1,,, ;;:e', 1 - , ;-.,? - ; , ;',Y .c ,. •:-'
.•,.,.. '..',t': - , '.. , ' - ' , .? , ,:' , ,-.1.-,, 4 .,,,,.
ix,...?7,' '!, —, 1%,':; ,r: " . 1 ,'... Ylei:';:;_'.:' :,`;,..,0'.;.)(
ri, 1 1;7 7--
4',it;•4l 4,-4 it a e
&;, . • .. •
17 ,':''.' ViegifraifiellgVaiiirr r ' ' ''. C' : l:lll:
q• '' .'_ ' ,CHEIAPEII,2Iiiitr-Elrgit
,—''' • Y
. i lt'tlestlraffeßetailtrlhe
4Li."Philadelphia.Wstelf iidleVii
l \ *..s . 43l,Sto're,"l ,l m. 96 North SN
pAD.:eirtet;ipktoy..ol : Quit.
.c , (ON HAI) ry'stp3q, - ,',.: ',...',,-,,,;':, :...,.: ::,:,4, ,:..-.
i /oldileveks, - ;18 I: cases full 031,010,180 ii,tai.
.. , '.upwitrde.:,', -....''-.''' -,''''. ....: ';',''' 'Li- , .. ' '' , :r.' , .
1 i liver 4LeVers ,' full jepielledi . lls, int Upwartle:.
a.%:101d Impincii:lB k., enses,' . .jewelled;l42,s' and
:',..:F; uptkitrda: .' ' - :'-• '- • ---.''' " ' .',''.;;' ••' ': .'1 i
's - ! liver Lepiii4,.jewelledi'elOind.PPWards
. .,i tilver•Quittier"Watehes,' - 114 - td lb ' .. "
Silver Spoons, equal ltreoin; per 'settr-Tea,
- 15, Desert slo,Taßla $l5; 'Other articles in pro
.' ortion..--All geode' warranted , to be.ivhamthe ,-,
.; ;. re sold for. . " • , .....
Constantly , on hand a large assortment of fine
Also,'nn a ssortment of M S Tablas I
l Simpsioe,'Sinfuel & Brothers , ' E E S Yates . Ar.
ilri, John ' Harrison; 0 do'R Bees ley, and other
t uperior ‘Ptitent'Lever MovementsQvhich' will
lie cased in any style desired ,
• ' Arringeinents 'invie been. made wit' all the
Move 'Flamed most celebrated. manufacturers of
lEhgland, to furnish at short notice any'reqpired
)style of Watch, for which orders will be taken,
and the.. name and.residence of the person or
' dering put on if relpieeted :
- , ,1i(
L. a. Baciorainivic •
~ ,
• , •, ), WHERE Gold and Si!-
A . — ver. Watches of every
ct" ua , description can be had
' • i‹
- 2
i at frotn •ten to fifteen
- less than any other store
n New - York or Palle
- delphia. Persons who
wish to' get a good watch, perfectly regulated,
would do well to call at the store of the sub
scriber, and compare the quality and price of his
watches with tiptt of other stores/
LOW manse
Geld Levers, full jewert , ,,:B carat cases, $2B 00
Silver do . do .12 00
Gold Lepines, jeweled, t 8 carat cases 23 00.
Silver do' do • - 9.00
Silver Verge Watchea
Gold Pencils , from 41 to $8,00; Gold Pens,
- Witicsilver - cases - rand peacils - attachedr-for-750, -
Alse,m handsome assortment -of -new--and
fashionable JeWelry, at prices far'below the
usunl store prices. Ild Gold and silver bought
'or takettin exchange, -
No 116 North SECOND'Street, second door
below Race, Philadelphia. ap:B'49,ty
'irrEut - tbis adverusemeM out, Midi - briilk,4
along, you will then be sure to get into the right
sore. . -
, I-
.111egheiili* Monsi.
No. 280. Market Street, above Eighth,
South side.
THIS large and splendid Hotel has been fur
nished with entire .new ferniture. The Bar-
Room is the largest in Philadelphia. The Par-,
lors and Sitting.rooms are entirely separated
from the noise apd bustle, cent:levant to the or
rival and departurerof cars. the portico ek- -
tending the whole front of the house, affords a
Cool retreat 'in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the grer thoroughfare in the City.
The Lodging (toms are well furnished.. The
Table as well p ovided for as atany other Hotel,
with every anent* of the managers to make it
the best Hotel for Merchants and business men,
during their stay in the City. The terms will
be one dollar per day. On the arrival of the
Cars from the west, a Porter will be in attend
_ance to convey baggage, '&c., to -the Hotel,
which is adjoining the depot.
Feb. 7,1849-6 m. -
An entirely new Article for Shower-Ba
thing,_with warm or. cold Water„,
nerfl.lS Bath took the premium at the Fair .of
the Institute, Philadelphia, Oetoker
1848, the only Bath that ever took a ptemmm
at that institute and also took the first premium
at the Fair of the Maryland Institute, Novem
ber Itf4B.
A great and important improvement is made
in this Shower-bath over all others, by throwing
the water immediately on the body, without
wetting the Riad, unless at thefWill 'or p . leasurti
of the bather; but a greater point is gained byy.
being enabled to bathe with Warm water, which
no other Shower-Bath is adapted tottnd most
of all the Bath'can be mpdicated without injury
to the hair,
. .
Many persons cannot take a cold bath—their
case is met in this as they can regulate the tem
perature of the water to suit their wish, and
commence bathing at any season of the year
without any unpleasant result. Ladies can have
the advantage of bathing'withodt wetting the
head orcovering the same.
The arrangements are simple and comploto,
and not liable to• get out of order. 'The Stith
can be adjusted to suit any height, from a small
child toThe tallest person. When the door is
closed, the fixtures are hid and the 'outside ap
pearancejs.that of a neat piece of furniture.
They have received the approbation of seve
ral medical gentlemen—othere aro requested to
call and examine them. .Manufacture by the,
Patentee; EPHRAIM LARK E ,
e d
. --- 24 South. Calvert stria, altimoro._.
BATHING.-,Read what Armstrong says:
Do not omit, ye who would health secure, , a ,
The daily fresh ablution, tharsholl clear/ •
The sluices, ef the - skin,; enough to keep.
The body sacred from undecont soil.
Still to be
: Pure, oven if it.did not conduce
As much tee it does) to health, very greatly
Your daily, pains i 'tis this adorns the rich; ••
The want of •thisis . poverty'e worst foe, , •
With this clamant virtue, age maintains.. , ~'l.
A"decent grace i without it, youth and oharma
Are loathsome. ,• . -- ~- ' . , • :k; • : , ;..
J anuary. 3;1849.-Iy., . :- -. , .',--, • , ~,
• Twairice of Usitdixisite. •
llA:VEjust .wiceived the largest and'Cheap.
eat atook_offlAßDWAßE, , Glass, Paints, Oils
Varnishes, Saddlery, Carpentorle
Maker's Timis, Mahogany. Yeniers and'all kinds
of Pudding, Maierialitever.brought,to Carlisle,
Mintisting of Locke,,llingea,, SereWs,. Nails
.and Spikes. Person about to build Will find [it
flreally to Weir' 'advantage to, loolcat my stock
store ,tiurelidaing . eliewhere:- ) Coirnei s and see'
t e OttodiPirid , beartthe,..pridwand..yotiviill' be
condinced`thaeltdit is .veittiftWObettp'Hard.
ware , Store4:Cp Alsoiltu'eitore. anvil* iticec'files
and rasps; and a:complete assortment :of Watts'
'Betoßatlrenoalso• ' Rolled and - oop Iran of all'
slaes,4. I have also the Theirpometen Churn
nut& by Mr George,Spangler r tho best article
uso t _ , . .• , , j •
- SCYTHES:—I have jiistVeceired in) , Sprint
iliocicof grata gritl ,Grass Scythes, l imanufantured
e'xpresely own'ides, and warranted to
bo a ,Superior . article.- Cradle. makers 'arid'
others will find these Seythoe tole the best ar
ticle in' the '.market lowest l price
wholesele,,and!retall at the: old:4tand: , inltTprth
14never,streilt' t , , 394 N
',Hoyt's' Embrocation fbr
. ,T# lt3
IQX,Will , thire 'Sproinß.,
Kuiimi t -icuts;
rkl %Di( " R heurri eivetn: end' tilt
" V. ' eemple!nt#: whieh require au
eiternel reinedsn' elt gyee tromediate'relief
the Soratehelwand theincident to Hbraeil'hevint
whiteleet and-notes, produeedgq..the Ste:John
W. 90, aleeihigitlymeetul telelexieg 'efifi;;,
noes el the e r t eedone :And .iphite , tted: producee•
.benefichiliffeete In„eritettect 1194, .brought on.
by' hlithje d ding,eßhnte,epreine t , Thi s EAineo,
Detioze 11„recothentled rannetti,i:•,Venliere,,
ifeepinf,,otLivito' otablite;,inetotiVete xeethi:
reett'oivelriglltitees; inul • phoiild be 'donetaetli
'kept' itt' Sheflititlpled, o %The ' (IfENUl,NE'lartt ,
dele'Preettied , olilyiby'VTl Mica sn'Avi, WciVott
fotuselei. 'wholesale(
00 , tatitilmi4D4AVN,11/NEVS , DruCklicire.iVV,
..1-Mare Ve'l,!
4:P.ll49Pi r k .:100 0 ,rq1i 3 fAtelittonb_ 6 90 0
oleo in every 'yanety.lies . . oen a d d ed t 0.944
%64rtmerki. ~Also, lot . .of.,Crider Wny4, exabm4l,
4ngiTubaiOjuirn low.prieie, l ikthel,Grooierit,latere , M.w.r , ?:( ,, i
Mairdh:i4gdr" ,WlitirOg
Le k
t 40 .: ild
. i.Y..q.FlNcit
~..;,, , ,U; .
t x.,: . ,,,...,".•: , e): , , ,. . ,, ,i.
,a6 , ,1- ,- ,. - 1 , .-:. , ,x , ;;,.! , : ...:;,......:-..
‘1418904.4104Cri504.99? - ::.,.
. •
Cap dim felt'
Ala ' , Bultunorei Pitts iitg, &o. • '
'inuotint. it
biAnnisnraNi',Fai' f 'informs
Weida 'and :th publiei,that.fmm , the :
renege 'eictended te•hlm`duringlhO past ypar
fine been encouraged' . to: more extenairtf
riftigemente for , the;'preeent and has
ded ti9 , :nbiv,:large and k . eglendidyßoet e
LINE, and - .Nekllz be fully 'prePined' after thi
ening of "the"to forward' PRODUCE and.'
MERCHANDIZE or all'; kinds to .aml'irorii
Plitdelphia, , lfaltimore,'Pittetiergh,
lowest 'ralecitif 'freight ankrrith"thii'mmoet `des
Agents; for tinin, • ' '
lez.Raee street Wharf, Philadelphia.
• ' GEISE & - SON,, '
4, [No. 48.Cornmeree et.' Wharf, Baltinioro,
. 3. MePADDEN& CO.S Pitteg
eigenta:for Mira, , •
p. No. 272 Market at., Philadelphia.
No. 423,Market et:Jhiladelphia.
• . JAMES & CO., .
Broad streer,Phiindelithitt.
grjairm" : • • • North'etreet, Baltimore.
t. Ifarriabing; Mareh,29.
Importei of• Watcher
On the corner. of Main: Market
Square, formerly occupied ' 6:4 Nat/iari Hantch.
THE undrisigned respectfully announces to
the cit izens of Carlisle and surrounding country
that he 'has just arrived from Philadelphia, With
a splendid stock of READY MADE CLOTH;
INg,-for the purpose of conducting . the ready
made clothing business in all its various bran
Ho intends keeping an assort petit of every
article in his -line of business,'and at suchput
tee as will suit every one. -
His stock embraces the most handsome- and
fashionable styles worn, and mado_up in the
The subscriber only'asks a tris l . of his goods
-and-is-sure-they-will give-entire-sThefaction;
---Also ' -"-.a---large --assortment of Hots, Ceps,
Shirts, Cravats, Collars, Bosoms, Suspenders, -
and Hosiery, all , of which_ he will gel! nt very
lovi prices. Boys' clothing
_constantly On hand
April 11. '49.-6m.
§TATHAN HANTCH having removed his
• Cheap Clothing Store to the roomformer-
Toccupied by Mnj. I.,amberrom between Con
lyn's Jewelry Store and Burkholder'S hotel,in
West Main street, would respectfully inform his
friends and the public. that he intends to con
tinue the business - as heretofore He has just
received a large assortment of
Swing and Summer Goods.
which he will have made up at the shortest no
tice and in the most desirable manner He will
constantly have on hand a large selection of
Ready Made Clothing,
cheaper than ever offered to the. public before—
such as black and -blue- drees coats. frock and
sack cents of various colours, tweed coats of al
shapee and colors, summer cloth • coats, linen
cotton and jean coats, find all other kinds of
fashionable coats, black and fancy_cashmere
pants, summer pants of every description. and
color, plain and fancy satin vestsieummer vests
all sorts and colors, shirt bosoms and collars,
neck and pocket handkerchiefs, stocks, suspen
dere of all kinds very cheap Don't forget the
place •
Carlisle, April Lt.-3m
044441 ‘;'
eime ot
tin" tf ,
~,::-.,,-. :‘‘-r-,'!,:,::.:,,,,,,..,,..:0,:.,
4. '
B. doldmanitt Clothing Store,
l'E , Litunes; Oils and Soaps,
AEt.NE and fresh supply from Roussel's and
other. .A the best city houses, among which
are double osztra Sweet Briar, Rose Geranium'
Verbena, .Vet..ihoelv. Heliotrope, Millefleur • and'
Musk, Metals:4 put up and for sale tattle lowest
-prices: .Also, for- the Bair; BandolinevPonv
made aux Fleure, Jenny Lind hair gloss,-Bear's
Maccassar Oil, fine•scented Anttotio Oil,
'Phllo_come. Beers Marrow, fine Myrtle and Vio
let Pommades. Also -Fancy 'Soaps, such ae
Roussel's Shaving Cream, Wright's do, Military
do, Almond and Palm Wash Soap, making an
assortment unsurpassed by any in-the borough.
. SPRING 11.11.83d10NS
-gill--- TitE -- subscriber-has-just received
another lot of the new style of spring
HATS, is prepared to accommodate
both his old and new friends with an
elegant article, besides every other
articlefin his line. His stock is large and va
rious, comprising,-fine Mole Skin and Beaver
Hats' with Nutria, Fur, Summer and eyery
variety of Slouch Hats. While he Cheerfully
records his acknowledgement of past favor, he
would respectfully solicit a continuance of pub.
lie patronage, at the Old Stand ip North Han
lover street. " GEORGE KELLER.
_ .
Fresh Dugs,. Medicines, Ste: • have -Just received from Philadel
phis' an d Now York very extensive
additions to my former stock, embrti
•. sing nearly every article of Medicine
• •
now in use, together with Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Turpentine, Perfumery, Soaps,
Stationery, Fine. Cutlery, Fishing • Tackle, 7 -.
Sruhes of almost every description, with an
endless variety of otherarticles, amde
termined•ro sell at the VERY LOWEST prices.
All Physicians, Country Merchants, Pedlars
and others, are respec tfully ' requested not to pass
the OLD STAN D, as they-may: rest- assured
that every article will.beeold of a godkquality r.
and upon'reasonable ternls, • •• • "
May 80 ,• %Main street. , Carlisle.
Are the tongue often 'wlple and loirded;' the
breath. heavy Arid ?redid; a dleagreeablw
or sweetish taste • in the 'mouth; occasionally
thirst; the appetibp extremely , verlable, some.
times remerkablyidefloiant, and:at ollicis vo- •
racioue. - There is' oMatimes a alokleh foaling .
with vomiting ern:summit flatulence of the'
stomach and. intestines; pain in the abdomen;
- swelling - arid -- hardriess-rof-the-abdolircni the--
bowels are irregular; the 'stools 'are slimy; and
there is an - occasional al:operatic° of worm
the ; evacuations; the: urine is often 'milky
Mid turbid; there ie freqiierdly,itehlnese of the
fondament and nose, %chichi' °flaw pwollon; .
there is occasionally 'disturbed sleep.. with .. , :
grinding of the teeth,. and sudddencwaking
in a flight. There are, at times,' headrtehtcr
giddiness, ringing . in', the eare; . .or oven'ldeapa„,
mese; falntneds;eonvulsbenkdroweitiesei n ied
lenee Of reanrior, ill,lorriper: : sores oases;. '
CplloPsy end'ebolera, end iven apOldoirtio and` '
parelytio symptOrps p and covered of the 'Ape
of ilropey cf•lhe ,and ,catalepsy appear.
Connected With worthi,- kl'requently there le , a • •
short dry cough; and ploullitio pains; sour&
•tinies.feeble and irregular , publev•itipitelions •
and' en.,.irregular 'fever: the 'countenance le'
generally pallid "or'•''ialloiv, and ..somewhat
,bloaied,-and' there' is 'homislonal flushing of,
one or both.cheeks. An);, one ,Of. these signs
indicative of' Waime; aandlhe Meal effectual.,
beet and eheapeet2mody -
Dn. Jonir 'Mrca 'NORM WEA, prepared
by Dr...rW RAW 'Ns; at his Wholesale and
gated- j ohde f 'l:!aifind7none . :
genuine without hie Nrittin , t i lignature.
The Proprietor of this Me qittriAe - po pottc. a •I
fidget of ; its superiority tO,,ohy other",lW.orm , , , .
Medicine' now In bit
acTuarr lac mon!: in ;Mycelia- irt,whiok
preparation failsje give equal eathifaiillort..),• - •
• Erbil WORICTEA' when inaddraisoordinkm
tivf.he Direction.; id pitterand and Willbir biked
by.thajrioht . fastidious phild.'•
contains idliquinkilliidicinC.fOr
irked bibstfulitti;"em . fe; Rtletiflobl.T.l ls 4o43o4 l '
„ jr l
iOlDruggista. 'end
the moat' llborallerineY' L'" 849TY''
. . _
'y= GURU q,
iiteeji;oli'' 4,ClPoll t irgß'S
tultsti_rtineito;yof,' , NtrOMEAls — opig
Onis, ll .m - pnk4 and t•outhe each bctfitcs ; at,#ke
coptp,a p4irie•
umforY -, ,M49 , A, , ‘
' r ad ditgritiv i r, •
r)III34P4WX *
o%*' ,ll oi*tiii ifetiiit;
:ffubSerl! . cOtphis:?tiol9
4 1 4'"V,.5 C .rt s t i ra l lbletriatiif;
, . •
• _ .' •
• -
•••••Tie Proprietors trade spent much dine•
'.•-• • in bringing this preparation of Sairsia.taritr. • 'l4.
• •to its present state of perfection r• 'end the experience. ••• 71111 1 —
• „ . ••• • of fourteen years has l'umished•them the most ample op
: • Tertunity to - study, in their various forms, the diseases for which it
• •fa recommended, and to adapt it exactly to their relief .and-cure. Pa. .
-Rents who'wish a nitwor,,ceop Medicine are invited to give it a dial, and satisfy
• therriativei..Of Its auPeriority; anirthe invaluable property it possesses of arresting
and curing disease. The bottle has been enlarged to hold ONE QUART, and in ,its
Present improved form may safelyulaiin'to be the BEST and CHEAPEST Medicine of
the age. Its progress to the tame it him attained may be traced by a long line of facts
' and'eures;Vdd stand as landmarks end bea6ons for the invalid, pointing the way to
the haven of health. • "
The following is
. from Col. 8. G. Taylor a gentleman of high standing and extensive
ozquaintencti tripe Southern stateskand!lately appointed Consul to Nersrranadnr
Mesas: 11..8; D. ••
New York, January 7 1848. •
Gzszmnies, , --Having used; andwithessed the effects otyourexcellent preparation
of Sarsaparilla on different persons' in various ' arts of the Southern cottntry, viz.,
Louislana;gexas, and Mexico, I feel much pleasure. in, stating the high
opinion entertained of its great medicinal value. In my own case it actird'almost.
like a charm, removing speedily the enervated state of .the: system,•andllnithigi iii
the most agreeable manner, a tonic and Invigorating influence. - ,
Your Sarsaparilla is highly approved and. extensively' usetl%by the IL States army
In Mexico, and my cousin,.GEN. ZAOIIARY ,TAYLOR, has for the past five years
been in the habit of using itod recommends the same ; he mid myself adopted the
article at the same time, Sand Itis now considered an almost indispensable reqeisite
in the army. In conclusion I would say that the better it is knbwn the more highly
It will be prized, and I trust that its health-restoring virtues will make it generally
known throughout the length and breadth of our widely-extended country.
„ Yours varyyespectfully, . S. G. TAYLOR,
U. S. Consul to New, Granada.
.•Soufitport, Cann., January 1, 1648.
Messrs. Soaps :—Gentlemen—Syrnpathy for the afflicted induces me to inform you
of the remarkable Mire effected by your Sarsaparilla in the ciao of my wife. She
was severely afflicted with the S crofula on different parts of tha body; the glands Of
the neck were greatly enlarged, and her limbs much swollen. After suffering ovet a
year, and finding no relief froth the remedies used, thedisease attacked one_leg,.and..
belw-thirkneeauppurated. , lier physician advised ikshould be laid open othieh was
done, but withoutany permanent betirdit - lir this - situation rwe - heard - ofi and-tvere
induced-tdtse SANDe Sarsaparilla,—Tho-first-bottle_producecLa decidedJuuLfavor,_
able effect, relieving her more than any prescription she had ever taken ; and before
she had used six bottles, to the astonishment and delight other friends, she found her
health quite restored. , It is now over a year since the cure was ell - acted, and her
health remains good, Showing the disease was thoroughly eradicated from the system.
Our meighbors are all knowing to these faott, and think. SANDIP Sarsatiarilla a great
blessing to the age. • •Yours with respect, ' JULIUS PIKE.
Extract from a letter receited,lrent„MraLkHMlll4AßllntleMan_W_elin in
'Louisa cured.a Degrcrboy of mintrwith.yout - Rarsaparilla7:
who was attacked with' Scrofula, and of a scrofulous badly." Yours truly.
Fredericks Hall, Va., July 17, 1848." " N. W. HARRI6. I9
The following testimony from Rev. John Grigg, late 'Rector of the Church of the
Crucifixion in this city, commends itself to the attention of the 'afflicted. Numerous
certificates of cures of Various diseases effected by this medicine are almost daily
received :
Messrs. SANDS :•.••:A. member of my family has takefyour valuribli Sarsaparilla for
a ,severe scrofulous affection, &c. with the most beneficial effect resulting from its
use. It gives me very great pleasure to record my testimony in behalf of its virtue
and efficacy, hoping that others may be induced to make a trial of it.
New York, Hay 10,4848. JOHN GRIG G. -
Means. A. B. &U. Sues • Norwich, N. Y., Oct, 0, 1847.
Genrussiss:—Feelings of gratitude induce me to make a public acknowledgment
of the benefit I have derived from thq use of your Sarsaparilla, I have for several
years been afflicted with scrofulous swellings in my head - . Which at times would
gather and discharge at my throat, nose, and ears; and at others would break out in
. _different parte of my, face and head. These continued. until my ,throat, face, and
heid were almost one complete sore, and for a long time' I was so hoarse that it was
with the utmost difficulty that 'could 'speak above a whisper. During this time I had
several attacks of pleurisy and other diseases..l consulted different physicians,- and
tried various remedies, but received no benefit until I commenced using your Sarsa
parilla. lam now well r the sores are all'healed, and I attribute the result entirely
•to the effects of your valuable medicine. •
Yours, with rqspectand gratitude, PUEDE CAHOON,
Being personally acquainted with the person above named, I believe her statement
So be correct. . • JAMES M D. CARR Justice of the Peace.
Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the United States and Canada..
Price $1 per Bottle; six Bottles for $5.
in Carlisle by S. ELLIOTT, sole Agent
lnourance ecurt
Tire'lnsUrance. Eluitable Life Insurance, Annuity
_L. Mutual Piro Insurance - Company of Cum- 4.. and•Tomt Company. •
borland'county, incorporated act of Assam. cIiFFIGE 74 -Walnut-- street, Phiadelphia.--- , --
bly, is now fully organized and in operation, un• ILY Capital s2so,o4—Gharter perpetual.—'
dor tho nianagement of the following commis. Make Insurance on lives at their office - in Phila. •
sionors,.viz :. dolphin, and 'at their Agencies throughout the
Cht. Staymtm, Jacob Shelly, Wm. R. Gorges, States, at the lowest rates of premium.
Lewis 'flyer, Christian Titzel, Robert Sterrett, Rates for insuring at $lOO on a single Life.
Henry Logan, Michael Cocklin, Benjamin H. Ago. For 1 year. For 2 years. Life
Musser, Levi Merkel, Jacob Kirk, Semi. Prow- 20 81 91 ,60 •
elk sr, and Melchoir Breneman, who respectfully 30 99 1,90 1,04
call the attention of citizens of Cumberland and 40 1,29, . 1,64 2,07
York counties to the advantages which the com. 50 -' 1,86 2,07 ~ T 3,9"4
pany hold out. , 59 -3,48 2,97 :'6 03 -
The rates of insurance are aslpw anTfavorable Exwstrt.E.—A person aged 30 years next birth
tie any company of the.kind in the State. Per. day, by paying the company 95 cents would se.
sons wishing to become members aro invited to cure to his 'amity or heirs 8100 should he die in
mike application 'to the agents of the company, one year ; or for $9,90 he secures to them $1000;
who are willing to wait upon them nt any time. error $l3 annually for seven years ho secures
JACOB SHELLY, President , to them 81000 should he die in 'Seven years; or
'HENRY LOGAN, Y. Pres% for $20,40 paid annually during life, he secures
LEWIS HYER Secretary • $lOOO to be paid-when he died. The insurer
MICTIAEL COONLIN, Treasurer - ‘ securing his, own bonus, by the differencet in
AGENTS—Rudolph 'Martin, New Cumberland amount of Premiums from these charged by
.Christian Titzerand John C.bunlap, Allen • C other races. For $49,p0 the heirs would re.
ft Harrnan, Kingstown.; Henry Zearing, Shire. celp.ssooo2oould he die in one year.
r orms of aPplication and all particulars may
manstown f'Siiffeilf:Oysteri -- Wormleysburgi..Ro.
bait Moore. Charles Bell;:Carlisle. , ' :'•-•'- Wired - at the office -of-;•Fiturt's., W-ATTs, .Esg r
iCarlisle, .P.0.1' -. • ;: •. , -
'Agents for York County—Jacob -Kirk, germ . -
ral agent; John Merrick) John napkin,' J.80w.• ~_,. , .:
S., W'. LA:OHOR N, Pres' t
men, Peter Wolford.. • • . i':' ,, t . • H. v. Tut:NETT; Siney.
-, ,
- Agents for, Harrisbari—Houser do Lockman. FitED'IC.,IVATTer, Aft: 7. -
- .. . . , :Dr. D. N. MikoN,Medical Examiner. '
fob 9 o •. ' . ~,
• - aug23-- • - - ,
• 1. sarn ritcs'unalloz. '
The. Girard Life Insurance Annuity
and-yrust Company of Philadel
phia. • .
O ff ic; No. 159 Chain . ut Street;_ Capital $3OO
- Charter Perpetual..: Make Insurances on ,Lives,
,on the most favourable.tartns. receive arid,
eiecute Tr,usts, and .feeeive DepOsits on„lnte-,
The Capital-being-paid...up ..atuLitivested,_to,
gather with accumulated premiim fund. affords,
a vanvaili *atm= to the insured: ' 'The pre.
miuittu'inay be paid in xearly, hall 'Yearly, or
quaitarly paymbfits. ' • ."
;The Company add .a 80NU.9 at stated be.'
rinds to -the insurances, foi life., This plan
insurance is the. most bPproved-Of, more
gilmerally in use, du:many „other in Grenicltri ,
Lain; (where;the , nubjeovis.,beat. noderstood,,lty,
the people, ond,wheto they:hove mrl , tbo long
est exporionce,), as appears 'froM,filb Tent,litat
out of 117 Life Insurance Companies:there,
'all kinds, 87 ore unillis
;The first 110. N pp, was;:apprmiated De.:'
comber, 1844, umenntmon 10'per cent. op„the
sum it:aura:of:deed:6 oldest polices ; ,to B r pcn."
cent:; pei.cept., , ;sto, 5404 on others, in pro.
portion to the time: standing, making
dpion of $ . 100;187.50; . $75;84c..5.k. to . eyerY
$l,OOO, originally insured, whicgois dm average
of more than 50 per cent on the premiurrepold, ,
and•withonrircFeasing,the annual payment'td
the Company "
Theo peratiop.of the,I3ISI4TIS be eon,
bq the' following 'eidtinples from'the Life Inn ,
ranee Register of the Compgny , U:Os
-: Sunf:. Bonne or
Insured Addition
_4O.Ss iOOO /Q 0 .09 Uoo'oo •
Bl' ' 4 0.00 200 , 00
,c.:4;300 — ;400 ; 00 cf ; r - -, ;';'4,4 00 ' 0 0'
"'"".i 270 - 2 904 0 110'0 0 , ;':t .2.'. 75:00
',Er 00Q " (437'50 54p7•00,'',
.Painph)ets,' containing ;; the , nt z fe e
tind,,;explantitions,oC.the qttbjinakt' r tinttnit oteit l ,
'rdication,4nd•ihrther information eatibit ittyl~et
the.offine,.:griithi, _in , person or,Lbyjelter,..,.tul•
dreisod: to, 'the Pronideni or, ActuarY; - ' • ,'
,RIONMI,EPiii, - preeluent?
3 ` 1 4 0 .4‘14AMFi5.: 45 k 0 0 , !1TY14;. „ ' . 4 ,,
102491,w;:;;',:.N, r41:41,.-.4:i;•A`t"
1 .11: 4.7 .41 4 f 6 9'..,. 79 110 3 - .9 t , i.,.1,1:41.i.i , -
, ' . .o.lE , Oxkon',ttreioai„,cotiliurt , 7o'ne: ,
iiirepaiod,txdelivur_ll, A. 1 4 .0 1 1441 oft TAY "J' it .k ,
nocanjiit theletter46ol.lllotabViVP . ph 15Pott:,
1 1 9m16100.,tifii p Aat, tAW.beint.xiLt/}0;;.. 4k517,51,
04,P0vIs,M1100 frn,qlKl,s7A all'o..y.
40 1 ,44- .Dictif.RAtifix' , livell'wololl l ll
LilcoTO. ,t 4,! _.,°"•• -, ',',.-
..`,. A . : l6' ~,
7i)iiitei r a,iia l i4iiia'ac*ti', 4- Wat,!. l .lVei ‘ ;
Litlilt3ibpratereilniicOdp4j , 4,L,..413 , 41,.P , 1Y... -
A i.:4„ ,, :l ..W144419 4, L - P1..1i Altell
,-.`:' Xprii 11, Piiii:4o,- - - - ..... - . - -4:;2.-,.." ,!' , , F ',..1 , :'
V;;1', - .1h • : „" 44 .: ,.. 4: 4 0. , (~ Zr:-.',:`,`C`•'',..'0,1.-',,l',af'Afi
;''4..,''''k6 '' +4!! ',„ ': , ',' , -'1,• ,, `` , ', 0 ,, ,'i, ' .a.'
The Franklin Fire Insurance Qom
pally of philadelphia. •
O FPICE I W0.'163i • Cheenut street , near Fiit
Charles N. Bencker .. George W. Richards
Thomas Hart - Mordecai D. „Lewis
Tobias Wagner,. lAdolphe E. Boric
Samuel. Grant , Davidl64 Brown i
Jacoh R. Smith - Moiris Patterson .'
• ;:,,Contlnue - toiroake-ins,urance-perettialTnr-limi
ted, on eyary description of property hl: town Land
country, at rates as low an arc consistent' wah
security. The company hove reserved a,large
contingent`fund ;whieh with their capital and Tore
miumar safely invested,'. afford amplet protection
to' the imaged. , 4 "'
eiTher assets:of the 'Company on January. tat,
,1848, as - ptibliehild4Oceablv to.,en act of.A nem.
bly vatorp at'follews;,,vis ,
Mortgages $1190,558. 65 -
;Roal'E ate' '108,353 90
Temrr,tirr Ir a ns , • 124,459 00
*," ash on .Itatiditid' in bnials '
'ngentri, " " ;; 4,5 , 373 '; 4 8
~ Since '
their'. incorporation ,: a piried;`of,piglit-4, 1
yeare; they 'have' paid.'upwards ',Porta stinmort,
awe nuirsaap TgopS,o(nn imit.sile,losles by fire,
thereby Warding' evidence Of the,edvantoges of
instiranee,:ao - wi3Witi fite'libility and dispositimi
to meet with'prominness,' all '
•;.. 1 4" CHA RIX .9 CICERVPrete t. i.
41914'418.; CV:IBANO/EgitiSeCt."- fob
The eiib fer , thenbovi Company,
Carlisle applications for
IttaiiratiCeXcrlfillit :by rnitil-erllj3reonally, , will. be
'l4olabili apandinl SEYMpUR;
Amount of froliay.k
the perty'e , degeope.:
•4ak ••• •
C4ir4is;p4nel2 .rorwArding
:_lle cli .Noroykryr* Wharf
, I , i
11M 0 IL. thoWsla of IF.toure.Grom ~ u nnrennie,d.
''...M.libitee)l# Lumber. &a. rAlso t : for'4
'wtiraink GOOdEi,";iyio.'2.TiqonNynter , Canal and.
P e nnaylianiaqmpiiivinnorio 2 . 3,l otaOra for fish.
spy, trjOionkit , &o,- , ,&cwyd. , f ‘ Ouppl,ied - ,ntSgoyleat
A tietio;',; . ; , ; -
n.ifov inn bltitai" , oneabd.ini.tho,abovelbusineliti:
'Ofitinig)hOlast five yeire(, ro conthitanion,ouihe
p!Atifti fi r 4 4 , iofrion 4fid p4b
ti Ilir de 1
aped 0,9 t•.i. I
tioAtife Lit0`. 4 .. 1 14‘. 1, •
• "i•
Va 4 46 . t.l.4 6 s l Eivattr! , k
Z,l4 , 44 : ll4oo;44yfrfi . PßTllPlOTtl47 , xlii -
44wA)..4 AL7k;g 1 htit10 4 ,14. 1 .,. : ., 21.
it:! . Wi` ii .44l*.,,,Nir i ktt;Tlk!rmgre %qv,
f:~ ,~'.
L'. 4-
V,Constait'OP Notigujlitairiia: inn — LournEn
It. ErauxSeCsaratms,
;',":111:4-atibscribee'hile received and is now open:
ng a chole'selection of , Winter Goodsi.consist
%.',llgl of. Cloths; Casainiere anOrestings`, newest •
at3le at th'eloweßlTalesv which he'will:Mak"e up
Into Dross atiC.Fibok coats, Over Coate, sacks,
, cloaks,Pants and Vest s, Dress and Fr o ck coats
clot from six dollars upwards, Pants from
*l5O to $6., V e atti ifront 75 eta. to ss,oo; cloaks
trtim to f. 20. %le alsp,keeps shirts, bosoms.
collars, 'tack _and pocket' haAketiShiela, corn
torts, caps, gloves and Hosier), in abort every
thing a gentleman's wartlrebe.--
. ,As he lb agent for an extenslse house he will be
;'enabled'to 'offer fresh 'goods'at least °Peen
month.' lie will receive regularly the N York
and Philadelphia Fashions and will slime no
pains in getting up his work . in the most durable
acid fashionable manner. He will alca make up
'work purchased Al other storesin the most care-
Ul‘manne-. He will pay particular attention to
children's, Clothing He respectfully solicits a '
share of public patronage
Dee 13, 1848 Agent for the Proprietor
-.11.. 123:AwQxsPtcatztlir en
• R ESPECTFULLY invites the '.
1.11. tionnf the public to his li
-Dreg . and 'Fancy St re„ • • •
n " West Main street, Carlisle, where lie hai
aat received a fresh assortment of Drugs Me
decirios, Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Jewelry 'and
• Fancy Goods. •"'" -- •
Amongst his extensive 'variety may be found '
I the most t.
-; pproVed Patent.Medinines,. , - s• • •
II kinds of 'Salts, Dye'Stuffi, • - 4',••
'. Q inine, Opium, Castor and Sweet Oils
- -.W ite lead, Indigo, Spices, fresh ground.
Glass,-Putty, Chloroform,
Shatideliers, Lamps', :Wicks, Sperm Candles,
Shaving , and Toilet Soaps,
Cologne, li. - iso, Lavender and 'Orangtx-flower
Wet i'T. • -
• Bears o%f "/), Marrow and Hair• Dye,
• . Nail, Tea h, Hair, and Shaving Brushes,
Fine Ivor' torn, and Shell Combs,
t, Finger R? age, Bracelets, and Breast Pins,
Bead Bags and yurses,
Porte Monnairs,
Silver.Spectscles and'Pencils,
Gold Pens, Ink and Inkstands,'"' , "
—Fine-W-riting-and-Noto Ppper-Enielopes, %
--:=Motto-Wrifert,--Seals-and-Paper Weights, 1
-Mirrors and Fancy Boxes, . t
Musical and Surgical Instruments,
FinetKniYes and Scissors :
Carriage and - Riding Whips,
Umbrellas., ^a: sr, Clocks, Trunks, &c., &c.
• o Ce,untry Physicillis, Merchants, Pedlars and
_ . there -maytr_.l3tine mg. to their advantage
by calling - • .
frrEthereal and Pine Oil received fresh
every week.
frrMedical aid and advice'gratislto the poor
January 17.1848.-
A T the Cheap Family Grocery Store of JO
ti SEPH D. HALBERT, West Na,, tweet,
Carlisle, you will always find the best sa,.,:ply of
,Family Groceries that the Philadelphia markets
can afford. The subscriber -h lust..returned
/from the city, and would 1-cspeetferff47:lte,...the
public in general and lii.§ friends in particular, to
call and examine his stock, which embraces all
the articles usually kept in.his Imp of business,
such as Rio, Jay.a and SrDemingo Coffee : Im
perial, Young Hyson and Binc.k Tins, of the
beat quality & flavor; loaf, falling loaf, crushed,
clarihed and brobvn Sugars of every grade, with
' price to suit.' Honey, sugar house, Orleans and
. syrup Molasses. Spices of all kinds, which ho
will warrant pure and fresh ground. Brpoms,
. buckets, baskets. butter bowels, wash rubbers,
i clothes pins and brushes of every variety.—
. Castile, faney,.rosin and country :OAP*. Al.
, so, a general assortment of chewing and' MO
. king TOBACCO, fipanish litilfspanish and corn
and CROCKERY of every description which
1 he will sell at tltie lowest possible prices.
Feeling grateful for the liberal patronage bere
t toforo bestowed upon him, py p generous pub
lic, the subscriber tenders them his hearty
I thanks+, and hopes that in his efforts to please ;
and particular attention to business to merit a
continuance of their support.
)4. Nov`r 22 1848. . JOS; D. 'HALBERT
THEiiilbedribets have ,julat received at 'their
east High street, opposite .Qgiley's Dry Good.
Store, a-large -stock . goods in their. line,. to.' -
; which they would call the attention of penile
leers, their arrangement in the city besng such;
as to enable them to sell their gdods -at the
lowest city prices.
Their stock comprises a full assortment of \
Locks and Latches ,of every stile and size,— •
Hinges, Screws, Bolts, and every article used
for Buildings, Augurs and - 'augur Bitts, chisels,
broad and hand akeii, hatchets,ldrawing knives,
'pralies, and plane bitty, hand, panel, and Rip
ping saw's, mill, crosscut and circular saws,
trace and halter chains, Names, shovels, spades,
and hoes, hay,uriOnitnure forks. Also; a large
assortment of Pocket and Table.. Cutlery,—.
moons, shovel and tongs, Winton, and Trays,
'Hollow ware-, Brass end fonemeled . P:retterving
Kettles, Iron Furnaces, Cedar Ware,'; envila
and vices, Files and Rasps of every kind: 'Bar
Band- and Hoop Iron, Cast, Shear Spring and ,
Blister Steel,•&c. Also.
100 Boxe,s.Window Glass.
100 Keg's WetherilPs'Pure White Lead.
. 5 Barrels Linseed Oil.
3 'Barrels Sp. Turpentine.
. 200 Kegs CuMberlandNalls.
MaY9'49 "-:'"--W-RIGHT-&-SAXTON
To. all whow it may Concern
' THANKFUL tattle putAic genertilly-for past
favors and their liberal patronage, still con
' tinnes to carry on •the SADDLE, TRUNK
and HARNESS , making ` business , at his old:
stand in Nanover street, two doors north of the 't
Carnal° • 'RAZ' itt ' the sign 'of , tho. Mammoth,: .."
Collar. He is now better prepared' than ever to'
accommodate his, customers, having recently '
maTegreaCtilterations -in enable hint , to:keep,a L gnach,batter , assort
men, than ,herotorer , consisting of Spanish,
Dragoon, scot* t o 'oinked; and' plain . 'SAD ' ,
4 /
LILES. CARRI 4.: HARNESS; plated'andl.
..commonLF_armers!..:,o:.eafe,Sll 011tlit
yelling Trunks of,all,descrtptions A 4 ai1d0 1 3,:,• , ,,,.
Veleases and,Carpet Sega, Bridles , + stain al ?.V , r'
Dollars, Stocic;,Lhather andaitiv lilit Vh ' O.,
a k
Leather; colon and iv o rsk it ; ...rwiffet li , pil rd ,1 h 4 % ~:
. othbr artiolotiTiniiilloall of , Wlifeli he is'de 1:• '
tertnln ed'to'sell at , t Nevem lowest , cash . price O , ; "
Making and repairing Matiasaes of hair,' liyaltc '
end straw, and all, kinds_of .Upholsteing will he.*
•: punctuallysitendeditt:..v , > ~,,, .. ~.;,..!:;.: . ~.,,
~. , ringt!.. , .l,9lyig :•'..- , 1:• , . : 1 'i ., :i .?t , 7 , to
=lll;llllol:Dittrafilt'BßUG.Bl - ..'
~.; ''
; ~ r
..., ' • JUST ..,ItIECEIyED, ,-; P , ;:fvi4o, ,
TiYSICIANS, Country. ;,;11terchithtti ,`..,:tind i •
Pedlare, are, invited to,call andexamial my
stock of 'Medicimilt,' gninte, . Glue y` 'Oil, ,Ser-,.
hieheei &el .?';''.'‘ ';,,-;;-' ,` l ': , li , • , - 1 ;,.;:,-; c;:., :1 - 0'4 ,, ,,: ?. •
.._; .- -- --,...,__, , : - ...i,,kIDRAJQS. ' ''[f'' - ','' , .l - :,;;;''.-, ;
Pateat,Minlioinee • Barka an,l,Extracte, • . ...;,‘ -..',.
' Fine„Ohernieala, ....• Spieetygr.94 ll € l - I .4 o 4 l vhoie'; '''
'"; Zeitericee,. ;.; ;'e „ ,•, - ;2,
Pure EteterN dile': PerfuerY,'&e. - t;'
• ; DYEATUFFS..• „.," ' ;,;',';';',•:::..2,,
. 'lntligiiiii,', ...:,,,''',--."'", ;Log end Gam 'Wpirtle,'" 4 , - ,„:1,, , ,',
• Madders, -•• '• ^ Oil Vitkel,,. ';- •:•• 'i ;.., , f; , ;!,;
7 c SaMaiM,i, I.' ;,,, '''',,, 'Copperas,. ; . ,r - ,•,' ; ;
:Altun,', - ;,,' fk, - ; , f Lao D.1! 0 : .',-,, .; ; Fi .. 7 4, - . lilt, l'• ;
t';‘,Ylithili'ilerar;Bnitherli:PAtre tLead ,. ;ChatiTie, ';''
Green and Itip)loni :Paint 0114 Xaraish BrtieheftV `.
;JeraerNintioty,eciloeli ka rnileelf; Ali], TllTY'afin.'',
tine, ENOPIIIPid ~.C oach Miell, - and Red Icad;;;;,
All of o y , hp*, will:'be".',.ste d At, the very. loweet,.-s
utarkel, l nme ? fit;tlie ehee.p_Drng and Book' Store, -
of ';• „,. • .- S. 1 1 K.41A:17,f4,RSI'c ; :-('
.'11 1 9V,"29114'.113(8,',', - '' ' ' ''';';' ,l i ';•• k `,..'f. ', '
arreniSh . Siilllll46i 4 'Clotho f, •
subsvribeV l has opened) Fron 9 h avr •
Clothwai'dlflbpont loAvaggr• 0 Men 84
co ;!!.,Pd x',0,t03,610.';'-'-;',:.
, ~.,•,.,,,.;, • •:,..„-,•,-,,,• - i I pot 1 - 1' -"
0011 ,' r 004 , 1: - - -, ":,"' 't- '- '
; .900 it ' tUiDS ' ' . 01, h41, - 'looo*Ye , 1 4 ; -:
1 , ,
~ , ,i11 9, ;f1604 'duet 113ceivipi. 0r#,PF(, , , 1 ,, 1 . - l ir ---
P:4:{o4PrP,',49rthLPlnrk.Nrl°ll •°•A' l : ,- ,• „, r •
~••;•,‘,••• ' • -•••••.. • , : i r i s '', 4,140,10.. , .
~ ,- , ; 1 , .
'',, AN e tentlive atecirtment Oid•qr all,qufilitits :, . '
„F:i nd
,p r i c x ,,„,,,„,Q a moilid,.9x.Orniti4 "rA')!heLoke , lg. • ,
„1, Fitore An' Nrl.W,X4WAYßFAl r P et Veiii r i ur - ,, , i0v ,
..:,=.3r,22,1 ,, ,, ,, 0,p,- ,3, 1 31, i -.,.,,,,„, ~v„ ..
,777,723We1itA11itr1P..-vel.'l.,),lti,'"q. •
1 I: 4 7iViiiieldilir iiiii*tfftiOP T PC:9 l nOtrt f i e;. 3 7 l l. t t ,
1 04°411. 1r e r t ill ° 117:11 o :Nt a rlittel dill gikik r / :
t., 1ttfr11`44r.,,,, ,',,' -1, :4',0410101Vi-P' ' .
,f-sriVi4C - -:,s ''', Y , ' , - , • • -- - ',,.•,i:"'ltc s ` „ ...,7•• ...;;,,,,,,,,•
' '"•,*- 'lv ' 'o' , ' 2 - ~• - :, '', ~ .., : ,,,..*\, . .7,', ,,;
~,„ „
~. 7 . , .,
+4,1,, , , , i . ,?- ; , -r,..:,,,,........ _ ; , •,', • , , , i , ,-,• , ,,,i„:1-,,4 - : ~,,,, d ':, ) •'.. - ' •