Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, June 13, 1849, Image 4

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    « .:r ..: ~ ''sus4gs'` -~ l ~~v.}"`-xcvlkat+.ti~rc ~trex'~:,~~.a ,
'Seeds and plants — are endeared by nst
lum with various 'powers, and- aknong
' theinjare ba found the power or absor
btrgt„cnr6iin . compound materials at all
and of dischatgihg such
',pftiffita may not become necessary to the
new combinations formed.
• ' Among . the most important of the ma
terials so.absorbed may bo enumerated,
Carbonic Acid and Ammonia.
Before degeribing the facts arising out
of the' absorption of these materials, it
may be proper to describe their sources
of production, properties, &c. &c. thus :
Carbonic Acid Gas simply means char
coal or carbon, dissolved in the gas called.
Suppose a load of wood or a ton of
coal, to be burned in an ordinary fire
place* . and let us.trace what becomes of
it durifig - and after the process of com
bustion.: Ninety-five per cent, of dry
wood and coal is carbon, and at high
temperature carbon, is soluble in pxygen
gas, (a (component of water an'd of the
atmosphere,) quid when so dissolved,
ferias—carbonie-aeid-gas,,a -colorless gas;
which at the temperature of the atmos
phere, is much heavier, but when heated
• is expanded one • five-hundredth part of
' its bulk for every degree of heat added,
and in Consequence; when resulting from
, Combustion, is 13pecifically• lighter than
the surroundina b atmosphere, and for the
samereason that,,a piece of.cork rises , in
- water (because it is lighter ihan its bulk
water,) it ascends the chimney, - &I
'reaching the top its heat lesves the-gds,
and front its toss again contracts; becom
heavier than the atmosphere and
sinks to the surface of the earth. Here
we will leave for the present our caibon
• is acid arising from combustion.
All vegetation matters undergoing the
,progress :of fermentation or decay, give
as their principal ultimate result, carbon
ic acid gas. Thus it, may be seen that
the vegetable products of the earth are
all re-converted by - some or all these pro
cesses. into carbonic acid, and are again
sent out on the face of . nature to supply
• the materials for new growth.
To understand clearly the operation of
its absorption by plants, the - peculiar pro
pensities of this gas; the ultimate. parti
cles of this gas are so minute that they
pass with ease through - any substancenot
vitrified like glass.
Thus in a church or- lecture room:.
containing one thousand persons, each
person, •by breathing, renders twelve
gallons of air per minute incapable of
. supporting animal life; and were it not
for the fact that the carbonic atill gas
- thus formed, could pass out between the
ultimate particles of - stone, wood, &c.,
composing the walls, the audience would
- die—for the same reason that a quart of
peas will run through or between the
spaces of a barrel of apples, or a quart
of water betiveen the spaces Of a barrel
of peas, the ultimate particles of carbonic
acid (being siballq.r) will pass bet Ween
the ultimate particles of most other sub.
stances. According to the experiments
of M. de Saussure and others, the atmo
sphere contains one twenty-five hun
dredth of its bulk of•carbonic acid gas,
• and water is capable of receiving under
the ordinary pressure of the atmosphere
one hundred and seven volumes of this
gas for every hundred volumes of its
own bulk.
It is, therefore, easily understood-why
plants grow rapidly immediately after a
shover, for this gas contained in the - rain
drops passes into plants, and by the es
: sistance of ammonia, as will hereafter be
explained, the plant is enabled to appro . -
priate to its use the carbon, passing off
. the oi`ygert at the surface of the leaves
• again to go forth for the 'solution of a
new quantity of carbon ; thus it is 'not
difficult to account for the fact tliat vege
. tables, after being deprived 'of 'water,
are principally composed of carbon.' •
Some idea maybe !brined Of the force
.With which carbonic acid enters the roots'
of plants lrom the fOklowint experiment :
- When the ..sapjarising•• rapidly in a
_grape.vipe,, cut off a main . branch, or the
the-e, (lad place over, this cut
anlndia - rubber battleof great strength,
(say, capable - of sustaining a -pressure of
.----fifteen-poundeperjsouareinch,) compress
the itir from this bottle, and'End ihe neck
firmly around With a flat ligament, so as"
not to compress the' capillary tubes of
Alie s ?rine,) and the result of this will be'
, 'that:the, bag tlill,gradually distend, and
..:_eventually burst ; or if its contents be
analyzed; it, will hefound to'contain wa
ler and 'Carlionia: acid: .Or if a plant be water containing • lime in solu
- tiary the; Wator soon be 'rendered
iniiiid;'.tfia,Orbeinie : acid :not yet appro
. „printed by the ,plant,.but ,resident'
tered its,-ctipillary tithes,
liinegforining`:carbonate of lime,
insoluble tn water except; in a.
;A 4nTiopici. posed of, azote, and
91ydtegenilttittl , ,reetilte:largely:froia„.the
. ' . ..Pcop#eforOlagnal:titatter-,-..ite rustier -'
-the , :atainilttiai?cf , ihe.constitnerts of f
14ns• kt ' in✓:iho Oecii l o 4 oioti4 4
inert f,
)tnetteq:c , ithei • when
`"gas,-gao and
. 1 90 V-4 &Pk* ,fikr.fhni
• p • • r•
c"oiGa;j~9la.~.,~f~~~'Ztii~S:{ii'a`r - ,?tiu't;:r::E'?i
‘, , Alil 11 rilia)' 1
'.:.^ l''' iva're . a , ,
V,4-;.24,rtfp70,4 ,A.,,,, >ll' '4visra4.
!1,.'9, Elv"f''.l%,iflttitlptiPgl4
~:".. i ., i ,,,i .
- - tal‘eri v" '
ii.likeEttie„-Wi i tlibj t,P lloi f - ,, t 1 6 , : ,
, 14,00i,,,dir0w! .
.„),,,t,thervirt i, I^'
' 11,,,irT9-1 teri a'l 4 .IY,
. - ;plied;,fr, N O iiiCh AvP.,r:,,,,,..„iiikey,: . ,jt cz
1.- I)'Ki.`f."--i liP'etinsesi'j''...' ' "o 'oidiiitmoltAf
',oMflq.t.'ll.'7,,,,kveiiielsei; 6 ,Y ' tl l.",,i i , or e
-• , ,-,-, 40,41374,ri; it.;i. oparrin'iTlkfils,woor:
,'• , ':', lkiWk44ll%V.slol6.7,Bl:Volieo:iti
91.54,„0,4,-'pi1idtkc.8,1,1.,.7,,r4;,,t; ll ,'
.., .i44111-''1144.4.4.11,:4:4:ic4:x",-“/J-Voi,'
4,7 , ...Z.1i . , IS, .-,-fig4figeekti4A-pxoldsoill I.aci
0.?-,,tqe, n' 401A419°rtj1""'
• ;' , .:';',..',elti, ~, .-.' I:**lttile. offoiiffp,li:i
4 . -.;•!: ''; 10444.*,-e74'''',-I,:•'<Y•.'/,,,-,,
Ortry , ,i
,1.% . C1L,,2. ____--
~2 j_., , _, , -.-, , , - -- 0 '
-la'-;' r'- '
, ~ ~,„
Trtli'r - IgilEtlittiVirr l n ''''' - rid' ..- Wit t lin t7P ":: to
wiliol4e 7 ,,,shbuld.4,.',U(lderstitnd . :tilk ,, Other,
rdquirenienth,,nf::::',liii4;, fer,,„ncitwith
standiigthat.Curho to . ,ncid and:ambrionie
play 'so, So, mportant:a part ,in i prodticiing
vegetable life, many+ other' constituents:
equally important, but leis id "quantity ,;
must be fur,niSifed..
: Thusi - then, lurniast understand the,
comparative,,value, of !each kind of ma=
'tore, the bust adapted In eacb vEt-,
,rietY o f:la:411 c and: ,the - proper ciniditiOn,
time, and manner of using it. ,';:
'.-. 3ii._pl l itaitelpljia..l±._ -'
Watches and Jewelry
( Wholesale and .Retail—At the
ift\ ' "Philadelpia Watch and Jew•
4 . • dry Store ," No. 96 North SE
::.;.,•••`: 4 ', 0 OND street, corner of Quer
(-071:iNn:\ n ' 67 Street..
Gold Levers, 18 k. cases, full jewellod, $3O and
Silver Levers, full jewelled, $l5 and upwards.
Gold Lepine,lB k. cases, jewelled, 825 and
upwards .
Silver Lepines, jewelled, $lO apd upwards
Silver Quartier Witches, 84 to 10 -
Silver Spoons. equal to coin, per sett. Tea,
$5, Desert. $lO, Table $l5, other articles in pro
, portion. All goods warranted to be what the
nre sold for...
Constantly on hand a large asbortment orfine
- - - - -
Also, an Assortment of M Probias & Co.,
E Simpson , [ Samuel & Brothers, E S Yates &
Co, John Harrison, G &" R Beesley. and other
superior Patent Lever Movements, which will
be cased in any style. desired •
Arrangetrehatte been made with all the
above named most celebrated manufacturers of
England, to furnish at short notice any required
style of Watch, for which orders will be taken,
and. the name and residence of .the person or
dering put on if requested
WHERE Gold end Sit
- ver Watches of ova) ,
description can be had
at from ten to fifteen
less than any othermore
in New .York or Pnila-
1.2 I O
y •
-dolphin. Pdrsons who
wish to get a good watch, perfectly regulated,
Wald - do *Ell - to - Otill at the store of the Rub
scriber, and compare the quality and pipe tit his
watches with that of other stores. •
Gold Lovers, full jewertl,:B , carat cases, $2B on.
Silver do do 12 00
Gola Lepines, jeweled, :8 carat cases 23 00
Silver do do 900
Silier Verge Watches, from $3,00 upwards.
Gold Pencils from $1 to $8,00; Gold Pens,
with silver cases. and pencils - attached, for 75c.
Also, a handsome assortment of new and
fashionable „Jewelry, at prices far below the
usual store prices. Old Gold and silver bought
,or taken in exchange,
No 110 North SECOND Street, second door
below Race, Philadelphia ap,:B'49:,y
itl - Cut this advertisement out, and briny it
'along, yob will then be surd to get into the right
storik. •
EILIL O. —tI-11aUta=o133.6£Z.VIMLIEt u Ei4
7 .illegheity House.
No. 280. Market Street, above .Eighth
South aide.
THIS large and splendid Hotel has been fur
nished with entire pew furniture. The Bar-
Room is dig largest in Philadelphia. The Par
lors and Sitting•rooms are entirely separated
from the noise and bustle, consequent to the ar
rival and departure of cars. 'The portico ex
tending the whole front of the house. affords a
cool retreat in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the zreatest thoroughfare in the-City.
The Lodging Rooms are well furnished. Phe
Table as well provided for as at any other Hotel,
with every attention of the managers to make it
the best Hotel for Merchants and business men,
during their stay in the City. The terms will
be one dollar_ per day. On the arrival of the
Cars from the west, a Porter will be in attend
ance to convey baggage, &c., to the Hotel,
which is adjoining the depot.
Feb. 7,1849-fim.
2000 Pemium.
EP• STREET, Phil , elphia. VENITIAN
awarded the first and h hest Medals at the N.
York, Baltimore and PI , ladelphia Exhibitions,
for the 'superiority of hi, BLINDt, with con
firmed confidence in his manufacture,) asks the
attention of purchaser to his assortment of
2000 BLINDS of narr and wide slats, with
fancy and plain Trimmi .s, of now styles - and
colors. Also, a large and • °floral assortment of
he will sell at the lowest CASI PRICES.
Old Blinds painted and trim ,ed to-look Atte'
to new.
IKIrD E ALERS.. SUPPL • IC on liberal
terms..{ The citizens of Cumberland county
are respectfully invited to call before buying
elsewhere.—confident of pleasing all. Open in
the Evening.
March 21. •
(141EORGE A. WARDER & CO. - N., E.
Philadelphia', respectfully - flack the custom of
HATTERS and others engaged in the TRADE.
They manufacture SILK HATS varying from
24 to 42 dollars per dozen, that will bear a ab
ed examination and compare favorably with
those. of any other mannfncturers. As they are'
largely engaged in this business they can Jill
orders expeditiously.., -
An entirely. new, Article for Shower-Ba
with' Oral . or.'„eold Water.
I:6*TItIS BailvtoOk.tlit(ininnitiirt at the Fair of
the Franklin tnittitate,',Philadeltihia.' October
1848, the only Bath thayevet,fook , a Vietnium
at that inetitute and also took the fitiiipihmiuto
at the Fair of the Marylandinetitute,Novem:
her 1848. • •
A . grent and important improvement is made
in due Shower-bath over ' all othors,,py throwing
the water immediately on titody,,.without
wetting the head, unless at the will or . pleasure
of the bather; but n greater point is gained by
being enabled to bathe with warm water; which
no o tter Sliewer.Bath is, adapted to—and most
of all the Batlt can be mediCated without injury
to, tha:hoiri 1L , r•
Mniiy persona cannot taken cold ,bath—their
. ettee is met in this ns they can regulate the terns
,Perantre of the water to,sun their I wish,. and
commence' bathing,,at city amnion of the year
without any'unplentiant result. ,Ladies can have
the ,ativantage of bathing without Wetting' the
hend or covering thw,samo. • ' - • •
The,arrangementa'prw simple and complete,
and not ,liahle io 'get nut of order. ..The Bath
earilicadrusted to-suit any-height, front a small
child toths,tellost, tho,tallest, person. :+ heri , kho'door le
ClOsed,;tllo;fixtures,arerhid.and.thwroutside gp 7
tpearanetrls.that.of a neat Ploceiof•furniture..: ,
,T ha r. have, 're &gra d.t he nbrob at ion 'ol - 'gleve;•
modicabgorttlenton—othefs.are -requented'to
I ,eolind examine- them, , 111finufacturedithY , ththis, l
Pu BP R'Alk ;)L , NRRABEEi
~,24,Snuth Valvertstreet; Baltimore,
' D O. iicWoniir;;in, yr. h0.,w0 nilenre,
' '
.Thn.shiteeti. of j-lio , Skinv , onetiglitd keop
Pho,tiOdy.tiacred" froM'undecont ,
`Slatio,be;Puriti..ilvetl'if did.not coadticer'
Ae7mnehlas - lvdoesY,te(teiltlii.;.vely,' greatly ,
F V ,Itt(thisiextertnil‘Nirtuei age , mitintains‘LL..^,.
tA49.6#ll'gracolol4od!jti.:jiolo and,eharms
, • A
.:Ih **viol iiiikadfiat
reoetved iO.---'7P'r•irtr.^...
~~.. R~a
5511 Ate,
'.. - 4t4tAllol l 4 , o4 l ltiimitoit.iy4 l .9,tfolo y ,qo:,l
~,,T Oit! , r:!;fit, d, ZlL„ ° MiliPTilailiiit4
‘01:.,.., , ,, ,. .-, : dt, , i , 0it 1 t., , ,,,,,,,i,i0 ;
.. 5414V0 ; iPatiOst . " ' '• 1
, 1-44,4 c, 'r
•110$ THE r-ppc,PpAnwm,ir ROTEGT,OI:I - •05 , 14.1t.i,‘
here in,act and' be l ated .the: opponents of I,ll . itrirea ,
nrishunahniiiiure and'eXpiriamrate,;agniiriC
liia,steCwlthl ; indignant , '
comriaitintte;ol'itiy-Iticerated --
• :•Mistur,SPOrtfret;allOw - mp t - cipintiirto "yoar, ,
, pxeiteikand.deriaded- imaginal* •ernrie:;, - O
the heart'tertdiiig'evils;whii haria from the
want of protociiiiirtrinye — nTrOtistsTWirityy
ninnitY,:• ammie,.-nv Miatur:
Speaker, we, 'Will to hesthe
and melancholy -hour of midnight--elyiatur
hushed in deep teporie,fhe. solemn wind
softly moans through the waving branches
of thelrges, and naught tieered to brlk the
solemn :holy stillness, save an occasional
grunt from the hog pen!" I will now carry
' you in imagination to that devoted hinaroost.
Behold its peaceful and happy inmates ger.-
try declining in balmy slumbers on their el
evated and majestic roost ! Look at the
aged and venerable and highly respectable.
rooster, as he keeps his silent Vigils with
patience and unmitigated wafeLfulnees over
those innocent, helpless and virtuous hens
and pullets! Just let your eyes glance a
round and..behold that dignified and moron
al hen whomtches With tender solitude and
paternal congratulation of those little juvenile
chickens, Who.crowd around their respectful
nrejenitoi, and nestle under her cireumarnbi •
eat wings: Now, I ask, Mistur Speaker, am
there to be found a wretch so lost and aban-
cloned, as will enter that peaceful and hap
py abode, and. tear those - interesting -little
biddies from their agonized and heart-bro
ken parents? Mistur Speaker, I answer in
thunder tones, there am ! Are there any
' thing so mean and sneaking as such a rob
bery? No, there are not. You may search
.the wide iiiiiiterse IttaM Abe natives. who -re
pose. in solitary, grandeur and superlative
majesty,. under the shade of - the tall cedars
that grow upon the .tops of the Himmaleli
mountains in the valley of Joseph - ti down"
to the degraded and barbarous savages who
repose in obscurity in their miserable 'wig
war ms on the rock of Gibraltar in the Gull of
Mexico, and
-then you will be'as much Lnz-,
zled to find anything's; mean, as you would
to see the crib revolve mound the min once
in twenty-four hours without the_aid_Of the
Mister Speaker, - 1. - feel -- that - 1 have said e
nough on this 'subject to convince the most
Obstinate members of the unapproachable
necessity of a law which shall: lore; and
F 6
ever lastingly put a stop to these \
VL pro
ceedings and 1 propose that every convicted
ofienner shall suffer the penalty of the law.
as follows:
Importer of Watcher
For the first offence he shall be obliged to
suck twelve rotten eggs, with no salt or. 'em.
For the second offence, be shall be obliged
to set on twenty rotten eggs, until he hatches
Mister Speaker, all 1 wont is for every
member to act on this subject according to
i his conscientiousness. Let him do this, and
he will be remembered eveilastenly by a
greatehil posterity. Mr. %Taker, I've done.
Where's my hat?
The eloquent gentleman, according to the
Efoston Post's report, here donned his seitl-,
cap, and sat down apparently much exhaus
131;ltictubcalcsCr =Wale EZEtaottoceest
OW opening by JACOB' SENER, who re
spectfully calls the attention of his idol*
and the public generally and all dealere--th
HARDWARE, to his now and splendid assort
ment of all kinds of Hardware, such as Sad
dler's Tools and Saddlery Ware of every de
scription and style, all kinds of Carpenter's mole,
and building materials of all kinds and nes
style, all kinds of material used by Cabinet.
makers. Also, Shoe Findings of all kinds, a
good assortment of Men's morocco, kid, French
straits, lining and, binding skins for shoe-ma
kers, ell articles used by shoe makers constantly
kept on hand. Blacksmiths can be supplied
with the very best of hammered iron, warranted
good, also all kinds of 'rolled, slit, round, band,
and strap iron, cast, shear, spring English and-
American blister. steel, warranted good, also a
lot of„sheet iron for sinners. Honeekeopers can
also be supplied with every article necessary
for housekeeping in the Hardware Line.
'Ethereal and Pine Oil Lamps of every descrip;,
lion just received, also ethereal and pine oil for
sale. just fresh, tdl ltinds.of paints, oils, varn
ishes, turpentine, also, a first rate article to pre-
servo leather shoes, and keep the feet dry.—
Look out and bear in mind.
-- -Farmers, -Mechanica , and_Housekeeperaan•d.
I! • who use the article of HARDWARE, call
at the old well known new • arranged HARD
WARE. STAND. formerly kept by Lewis
Harlan. in North 'Hanover street, next door to
John Cornman's tavern qtand, no*. kept by H.
Glass, add also:rnext door , to Geoige Keller's
Fancy lint and*Cap Store: Call and examine
for yourselves, Lnd; save - thoney; . as we. are de.
. terminod to sell all articles at the vets' smallest
profit for CASH and wo, think we,sball be,able
to sell a little lo • than tiny other 'Hardware
'Store to town, les, tr f-aods.are , well-Selected
, and are-purchased r g.. ot o-der to Ail Iv" at
tho new arranged Harr r.. 0 Storm - well-knowu
as 'Lewis Harlan's' old stand, ,, wliere 'you rifey
find a good nanortment of eyery' tinkle.' in the
Hardware Trade. Didn't forget - the'-Stand, as
quick sales and small profits is the order of the
Call and examine'for ytinierolves.•
. „
''''-r,r04041,1101ii 1 441"1 0 1 6 ,
:. - . ...,i , ; .^,Cio‘h4'ofiliffettniLcolore • for , Clen - tletkitip)" .
, cckte*KUr.anta lo o . nl4.‘:tKA - Aw -1111 74. ,
. r 4 '
ritairOVO ~ o lf 40 0.01 S
7 Aget 5,W3 ,1 1 00 k
• ' B obto - 04) . Shgiukluevre,l , dlsitilt sollinnip at t
- _•
, ,
Stars & 5i)0139,
"A IP,. 011741LER,
General Coati - melon agtl' Forwarding
Merchant, NO: 76_ tio
, • B.A.L'riMmtv,: .rz `
.: •
• - 11
TN OR the • solo :of Fl'our,,Grain; . ClOvOriced,
r NV 141714'0i: ace. Also; for
warditili•-,Stoode,; via Titlg. titer finnal , :ittal
~Orders 'for,
Salt, ~ Flaacer, Ae'r - 46 - 47 , ref
„&c.? - }Supplied Aativiiiit
prioacn2.• ' ••• "'
te'ithe'aboye., busitfetia
cl aril) atiffive:•ya arti,;it.norit intuition; of. the .
patronage liitt;;frattid,a:cukiihe
'. • '
~ Ritfor
.Funi fk M1f4.1210 , re; ,
- AlirO!,, , i t s Utrg7- -; •
Bairciti;& , Zarnietw
, i.'[.;,,,,,..lo,C,A,..iiiceity t . ',lBhaeheidiohiseh;Pli:. l ,J'' ,-
—',: • ;:qiclipir t :rl'fiTsll4olo,4o4bilrg, Pa.
•,, • .
''‘. 4
izmosporitio , 00 4 0.
n 0 _
, .
fl:i::cti?;tirirptiltiyili?iiii'-'PipB):lo:ig;',C.,.:•,• •
ima - q - ominypeto:ik
HARRIBBORC6. Pa.cmforms. hie
friends fend the , Pablii4 - tbaiSrMit the' liberal Pat
eittended. tekim during the past, year he
has betto„encourti,ged to make more extensive at-.
ratigenumts for,.the,preeent sintionvend. hi' ad
- and: , splendid Beats to hie
NINE, end'. will , he' fully.prepared after the op
ening,of the , Cenaloo forward , PlßO,DU , CEand -
MERCHANDIZE:.of •all. kinds- to , . and from
PhiltidelphiaTltaltiniorei.:.Pittsbarghi-&ci,. at the
,loweekrates: of freight and..with the utmost'des.
patch., ; r -
Agente,;(ooicatiii„ r,
Race street. harf, Philadelphia.
No. 48 Commerce at. Wharf, Baltimore.
.j .
~ M cFADDEN & C 0.5 Pitts'g
Agents for Care,
I No. 272 Market at., Philadelphia.
N0..423R, JA M E S &C O st., Pladelphia.
Broad street, Philadelphia.
, North street, Baltimore.
. Harrisburg, March 29. 1848.—tf.
• S. Goldman% Clothing Store,
Pis the corner, of Main street and ' Market
Squait,formeily.occypied by Nathan Hantch,
• THE undersigned respectfully announces to
the citizens of Carlisle and surrounding country
that he has just arrived Irons Philadelphia, with
a splendid stock of READY MADE CLOTH
ING, for the purpose of conducting the ready
shade-clothing-'business in all its various bran
Ho intends keeping an assortment of every
article in his line of business, and tit such pri
ces as will Bait every one.
His stock embraces the most handsome and
tashionable styles worn, and made up in the
best manner.
'Ph° sublicriber only
. asks a trial of his geode
and is sure they will give entire'satiefaction.
Also, a largo assortment of• Hats, Caps,
-Shirts, Cravats, Collars, Bosoms,•Suspgaers,
and Hosiery, nil nf..which he will sell at very
low prices. Bois' clothing _constantly on hand
April 11. '49.-Grn.
Harrisburg Transportation Line,
IMORWARDING Sr Commission Merehanni,
1-lAnntsnona,-Pa..-.ship Produce, Morahan
dice, Rte. to Baltimore, -Philadelphia, bte.
'Coal, Plaster, Nails, Salt, Fish, Groceries,
constantly for sale.
Harrisburg; March 29, 1848
Dalleirga Magical Pain Extractor.
A positive cure for Burns 'and Scalds, .
Rheumatism, Salt Rho
-!Sprain, Scald Head, Sore and in
flamed Eyes, Fever Sores, Soie -
Nipples-Broken BreaSt,Cuts
and Wounds, Chapped
Lips and Fluids,
and all cases of
where the
parts affected can be reached; by, Burns
No motte4ow :severe, arc perfect and
harmless, if the "Pain Extractor" is,at
` hand to bo applieiL.,But mark; It
must:be-the genuine Dailey.
, It may with truth be. said, that piers is
scarcely a rattily of small Oltiltiren to
found, but where accidents sometimes do oc
cur, such as Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Wounds and
Bruises. Children are subject moreover to
Week and Inflamed Eyes, RheumatisrU, E.
melons, Sures, swellings, and Inflamma.
tiuns. j
Dallosos Magical Pain Extractor.
That ie to say, the Genuine article,, (not the
iipuriiiiis and connteribit extrac
tars, that appear under various forms, names
and disguises,) and which may be had ut the
Proprietor's only Depot in New York, end or
his authiirized - agents, (whose names are .in
the papers and on my Pamphlets,) never fails
in any of the above oases, no matter how soo
Tore they may be, not alone to extract • tn
pain forthwith, and effect a speedy and cor•
lain cure—and thus save a vast deal of suffer
ing. But, what is of the least importance,
especially to Girls-Land it is to this that the
attention of Mothers is particularly requested
Dalleys Genuine Extractor, in the worst case
of Burns and finaldr, leaveii no scar, or un
sightly mark behind, to remain, in after year
a monument of sorrow and . regret, to erre°
tionato parents. It has, moreover, and no
unfrequently, brthe means, in extreme
cases, of preserving life itself, •
No. Farriily ought therefore to be
without the Extractor for a-day.
Printed Pamphlets containing certificates
oficarta, and for the truth of which I hold
mien' aasfoxstaxa, may be obtained, at my
Depot,4ls Brordway, New York, and on ap
plication to my authorised agents.'
The fillowlng from George ,E Pomeroy,
Esq. the well known proprietor of the Express
speaks for itself of the _importance of the
Pain Exttactor 'every Parent.
.Eipress Office, Albany, Sept. 1.
MR. Dailey. Dear Sir—With feelings of no
ordinary pleasure I address you in relation to
the benefit Lhave.recelved from your invelti.
able Pain Extractor. Lately, my little dough
tor, 6 yearit old, had a pitcher of boi!ing wa
ter turned into her bosom, liar screams wore
dreadful, .wciittet_a crowd inskeptly_gethered,
before the houselo learn the cause of the tor.
nub screams. I..tore her clothes asunder,
and aeon spread' pit:your salve, and she was
carried and , laid , upon d bed. She Was soon
relieved from Mir pains, and said, "Ma,t toll
as if I could ' laugh," and was soon In sweet
sloop. She was scalded to a blister • Etom the
top of ,her. shoulder over..Moro,.than ., half her
chem and' rotintrunder'; her," Urine. • On the
.. shoulder 'and breast! it was very deep, yet
from the fait hour; she cemplained only when .
it Waidressed, sore healed rapidly,.and
there is' no contraction of the,mu'soles.. ,-
'with many wiehos ,my.door eir, for your
"success the. sale oethis Mighty, ankle: •
I am yourr!, , :,withireeriect
Cobnterfeitili7,Bituiare' or. Counterfeits?-
They aboendt artfeogriizant of their
positively AttigereUilaiikileistertmits effete, I
diatiectlyj•deelare; that. will .not
iiithiniyeell'ltospOMittile4or the effects °rimy
Eitmetof;',U n t, it- be -fir ac ed .My own
DepidS;44fs' B r aid tifaY, ',New York; and 235
Chestnut;stieet, , Phtlidelphiaiai ? Dotnpy :Au
litied.,•coolsuitdaffordaaireeet::illitea tAnitil)
.relief,;whereas tlloStiunterielt 'At and 'Our tom,
EitraeldraYritata:mid-iiicrease the:palo.
Dr: Dailey is,tite luv.cafor , offthis truly won.
.tiorthlMModiiferidp.fiertater,! , bits,Uoe , ;Uatrer
whl :cOMMuiiicatit to R oy,,li4pg Min:the eo6rch,
401; ,
~.Alt Extractors, tbepafoie , jurporti • ng; to lie
Vie - getiedrior - piillaythliCare ., :dput „.,made,mid
ifidl3s,obeitiOtietreet,Thi ladelphial,` AM . ES,'FLEMlNG,':;Carlisle, Agent for
, Hee
ictOkeDAPI 8- ' "LE • D
l'fj44. e%
:,4,;, 4 'w11,1,,,tie11. r at a
~,' "'"4 474 , 1: hee'14 1 4 14 q1-tith,ll3ll{
e•r t t ltr;l l :4Fan• •
i: , S E XEX!+' .I.
, •
, . " ,
„,,` • ' • *
Scrofula or King's Evil, Rheumatism, Ob.
stinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or _Pus
tules on the Face, Blotches, Biles, Chronic
Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or TetteroSeald Hoed'
. Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
Dints, Stulibern'Ulcers, Syphilitic Symptoms
Sciatica or Liinltingo, and. Diseases arisiug
Irdm an injudicious use of Mercury, Aseites
or. Dropsy, Exposure or Inifiruclenee in Life.
...Also, Chronic Conetitutionnl . Disorders.
In this preparettim are strongli , concentrat
led all the Medicin i nl properties of SARSAPARIL
LA, combined with the Most effectual aids, the
most sanitary productiOni, the moat potent
.riniles'of the vegetable kingdom.; _ npd_it has
been so fully tested not ouiy by patients thent
selves, but also by Physiciann, that it has
. received their unqualified recommendations
and the approbation of the public; and has
established ini its own merits a reputation
for VA. 'SE and EFFICACY far superior to
tl l
ilariiiali 19 compounds bearing the demo of
Sarsapa illa, Discases`hirvo been cured, such
us are nut furnished in the - rocords of time
Past; and what it has shandy done for the
Plousands who Wave used it, it is, capable 0.1
doing forthe inillioneitill — iit iedrinkliU 9 rug.
- gling with disease.. It puffifies, cleanses, and
strengthens the follow n springs of lite,• and
infuses-now--vigor throughout the whole ani
mal frame. . , . . . . .
• •
The.daseases for which this art}rle is recom
mended are those to which it is known Earn,
personal experience to ha adopted; and thoe
apparently removed beyond the sphere of its
action halm yielded to its i nflues.ce, The cat
alogue of complaints might be greatly
tondo,' to which the sarsaparilla is adapted,
but experiences Droves, its value, and every
suoceeding - day is adding new trophies to its
firma •
The following striking and, as will be seen
permanent cure of an inveterate case pf Sere.
fulu, commends itself to all, similarly, affected
SotyurciaT,Conitb, Jan. I, 1848.
Messrs. SANDS gentlemen—Sympathy for
the afflicted induces mu to inform you of the
rerharkable cure elketed by your Sarsaparilla
in the case or my, wife. She was severely
affliCted wit! , the scrofula on different peels of
the body ; the glands of the neck were greatly
enlarged and her limbs "much swollen. After
suffering over a-year and finding no relief from
the remedies used, the dise - aso attacked, and
below the knee suppurated,_ .physician
advised it should he laid open, which Was,
done, but without any, permanent benefit. In
this satiation wo buiikd of, and were induced
to uge SANDS' Sarsadarilia. The_ first, heti'.
tie produced ediSeided and favourable m . ffetit,
her more than any prescription she
haever taken, and below) ilia had used sir
to the astonishment and delight of
her friends, she found her health quite rester.
ed. It is now over a year since the Cure wit
effected, and her health remains good, show,
ing the disease) was thuroughly eradicated
from the system. Our • neighbors aro all
knowing to.these facts, and think very highly
of Sands' Sarsaparilla.
Yours with respect, •
Extract from a letter from Mr. Ingt ahem, a
gentleman well known in Delaware county.—
•It commends itself to all similarly affilieted.
Gentlemen :-11Iv wife has used several bot
tles cf your Sarsaparilla, which I obtained
of your agents in this place, from which en
has received such pedal benefil,.that I am io•
dueed ti add mine to the abu, dant testimony
now before the public in favor of its Indica
nal virtues. Her lather, mother, and man
other relatives, have fallen victims to Cense
lion, and it was supposed'that she too was ra
clined the same way. Sho had several tu mo
of raising blood, &0., and at length Inca
so reduced that her life . .was despaired of from
day to day. We were induced to try your ears
ap.drilla. as before - mentioned, from the use of
which her health hae been restored i• so that
for the past year she has been able to attehd
to her domestic duties.
'lttspecifully yours
The following shows the virtue of the sars
aparilla in removing Bronchitis, a disease
which, if not speedily arregted, leads to con
sumption. It allays spasmodic action, changes
the secretions; and by its tonic and alterative
properties, removes the unhealthy action, and
the ',Mien: is restored to health.
NANTUCKET, MUSS., Nov. 11 th,- 1848
Messrs.S.Asss—.Gentlemett : I wish to make
public, for the good of those effitcted
the-the-healing properties of your
Sarsaparilla.. My wife suffered for twenty,
months in such a manner as is not easily de
scribed ; at times she was not able to speak
-above-a-MI is per,e aud the.cold
air. it .occasioned something like spasms in
the ihrriat, the effect of which 'was felt in. the
ears and eyeS, causing tears to flow. The
complaint -was aitentled' with a dry cough,
produced by the constant irritation, and in
flammation of the throat. By the; use of your
SARSAPARILLA she was perfectly cured,
it being now more than three months since .
she felt any symptoms of the disease.
Yours, with respect, -
Extract from a letter received from Mr.' N'
W.Harris a well !mown in Louisa county;
Gentlerrien,,÷l have cured a.. negro hay of
mine with your saisaparillo who was attacked
with Scrofula. and of a scra fulous
Yours truly. • ,
• N. V. HARRIS..
' Fre.dealehe Hall, Va., July 17, 1848..
St4l)! PATOPORILI II . - I. seems almost .un.,
, . kireat attention to an Lurticle ' sn'
welt known ; tied,ao, deservedly ,populuic us time:
Treparation, but patients` often, who. Wish td
`use the extract of:saiVspirilla are Aridutied to .
, t r y, v orthioilv comliouade.hearing: the , nitame
but containing littte.nt-, , none of the virtue of.
this valuable:. rent ; we thifilt•Weitcittnak
con fit,a greater benefit. readori thamiti!
.directing;thelr attentioh. to the
Of - Mesorri SandsAii The
bettleyhas„. 4 6Mintiy-bamilerilarted,triliMie-a
guard/and Above mho 'V iiiiCumnifty; 'grind
4nd cencentratedjnillyall the Medi:
, nal value,of the',rootoi.Tho . ,;experientso s er
thoUsande hap-proved' itsaffler:l'3ln curing; the,
: xerieUirdieetieel - tor , which' Wis
ttnd!tit',ibit.pritaanf ti tit et.inatai t flea . any .
perhaps, is:tilts' mad iel air,useral; 'prepkittil
theoysterri,efe r'.i*'slialiee" - setisott.'44lasta ,
' Joantlitt.; Sept.:
Pre:pa , a . .. .re:4 ~
nd sold, wholesale' andje4.
ti . tililay , 44.,8,? ; 86,4 - Y.ISANR§ ,. 4:),OOOt.I,
, [la ' ClUfiiiBl9, 199 T,Misit:stre*, corner,
.... oT:-WilligtakNiw.lo;r1i0 . 6:614if also b.Y
1 , Druggj . 4i:,,g 6 o9lillY ',,ihk?fihcliiL thal U'•
1 jihates and: eanadaTt.KOTinp At pe,.i , bottlf
s, t iisk aottlies ft;r111"1•! , : , ' , T( !;,!,• I 'l‘'.'q . • '',.`..;
i d Iv* P-stilOtt,: s 4 ftB 4 :tie. for
I ,. caiii ia c. • -' ' - '.,::,;''''',..-'-' ' It.:, -.,;,-'
• i . 7;;, : sixrp,xurstrquilvetl.l•
TheAtitatiLLife Ainuiff
Treat Company. of: libiladelL
: • •
•• Cligiee No. 159 CA Sitnitt Striset; Capital. . S3OO.
000. ChorterTerpetual. •
CONTINUEtwMake InSiminees on Lives
on the most favourable terms. receive and
execute Trusts; and receive Deposit's on . Into- -
rest. . . -
The Capital being paid 4 'and initiated, 4o
gether with accumulated premium fund:A(fords
a PERFECT SECURITY io the insured. 'The' pre.
mint - may be paid in yearly, halt yearly, or
quarterly payments. • •
The Company add a BONUS
insurances. at stated pe
riods to the • for life. -Thin plan ,o,
insurance is the most tipproiteldf,.tino is more
generally in um,. thin" any otheidinDreeut Br:-
tainwhere - tiro- Object - lb besi - understood-by
the e a. and where they lieve he'd - 311e long
oet xporience,) ae "appears from the fact, that
out of 117 Life Insurance C e mpanies . thero, of
all kinds;.B7 are nn ibis plan. .
The first BONUS Was appropriated- in De
cember, 1944. amounting to 10 per cent, on the
sum insured under the oldest Polices.: to 81 per
cent., 7} per cent., &c, &c., on others, in pro
portion to the time of standing, melting an ad
dition of $100; $87•50; $75, &c., &c. to every
$l,OOO, originnlly insured, which is an average
of more than 50 per cent on the premiums paid,
and without increasing the annual payment id'
the Company.
The operation of the BONUS will be seen
by the following-examples from the Life Iran.
rnnce Register of !he Company, thus :
- 205
-27 C
- 333
Pamphlets containing the_ table of` rates
and eitplanations of the subject ; forms of op
plication, and further information can be had a
the gratis,, ih person 'or by letter, ad
dressed to the President or Actuary.
W It IC I.lAftl)S, President.
JNO F JAMBS, Actuary.
Fire Insurance. •
j Mutual Fire insurance Company of Cum
cand county, incorporated' by nn act of Assem
bly, is now fully organized and in operation, un
der the Management of the following commis
sioners, viz:
Cht. &Etymon, Jacob Shelly, Wm, 11.4orgas,
Lewis- fryer, Christian Robert Sterrett..
Henry Logan, Michael Coeklin, Benjamin H.
Musser, Levi Merkel, Jacob Kirk, Sand. Prow
ell, sr, liielchoir Brenernan; who respectfully
call ilwattention of citizeks of ,Cumberland and
York counties to _the_advanlageswhich _the_eorn
pony hold out.
The rates of insurance ore ns low and favorable
as any company of the kind'in the State. Per
sons wishing •to become metitbera
_are invited to
make application to the agents of the company,
who are willing to wait upon them at any time.
• JACOB SHELLY, President
Lr.w,ts liven • Secretary
MICHAEL COM:11.1N, Treasurer .
AnENTs—Rtiaclph Marlin, New Curnberlani
Chi istian Titzel and—John G. Dunlap, Allen;
R. Harmon, Kingstown ; Henry Zearing, Shire
numstown : Stilton OysterelYminlvysbuig ; Ito
Bert Moore. Charles Bell, Carlisle.
- Agents for York County—Jacob Kirk. gent
ral agent; John Shcrriek, John Rankin, J. Bow
man, Peter Wolfgrd.
Agents for Habsburg—Houser & Lochman.
feh 9
Equitable . Life insurance, nuity
and Trust Oompan
AFFICE 74 Walnut street,„Phiadelphis. —
1., Capital s2so,ooo.—Charter, perpetual.—
Make Insurance on lives at their office in Phila
delphia, and at their. Agencies throughout the
States, at the lowest rates of premium. .
Rates for insuring at $lOO-on a single Life.
Age. Fur 1 year. 1 For 2 years. 1 • Life
20 81 1 60
30 99 1,30 1,04
40 1,29 -1,64 2,07
50 1,86 2,07 3,94
..59 3,48 2,97 . 603
EXASTPLE.—A person aged 30 years next birth
day, by paying the cOmpaity 95 cents would se
cure to his family or heirs $lO O should he die iu
one year;'
or far $9,90 he secures to them $1000;
orfl , r . sl3 annually for seven years he secures
to them $ 1 oop should he die in seven years; or
for $20.40 paid annually during life, he secures
,$lOOO to be paid when ho dies. The insurer
securing his own bonus, by the difference in
amount of premiums from those charged by
other offices. For $19,50 the heirs would re
ceive $5OOO should he die in one year. •
Forms of nitpliention and all particulars may
,tie -lind • at the office of FitED'IL WATTS, Este
',Carlisle, Pa
~Vrr I LAGHOR N, Pree't
TVCW.ETT,I.S.Ce ' y..
Dr. D. N. NAUON, Medical Examiner.
-r nug2B
The Franklin Fire Insurance Com
' pany of philadelphia.
e i FFIC Chesnut street, near Fib
Is," street.
Charles N. Mocker George W. Richards •
Thomas - Hart •, Mordecai D. Lewis
Tobias \Vague, Adolphe E. Borie
Samuel Grunt David S. Blown
Jacoh It. Smith Morris Patterson
Continue to make insurance peretual, or limi
ted, on eyery description pf property in 4own.and
country, at. rates as low as are consistent wiih
security. The company have reserved a large
contingent fund, which with their capital and pre
miums, safely invested, alfor'd ample protection
tc the insured.
oiTtit assets of the company on Sanitary Ist,
1848, as published agreeably to an act of Assam ,
kly, were as follows, viz :
Mortgages $890,558 65
Real 'Estate 1 08,358 90
Temporary Loans 124,459 00
Stocks . 51,563 25
Cash on hand.and in hands of •
61,220,097 67 ,
Since their incorporation, a period of eighteen
yearn, they have paid upwards of ONE MILLI() ,
thereby nflording evidence of 'the ndvn of
insurance, as well es the ability and disposition
to meet with promptnese, all liabilities.
Cults. G. BANi:KirC See'. fob 2
The solvieriber is tigeot for the above company
or Carlisle nad All applications for
flamenco eiihorThytiroail or personally. - will be
[ iromptly nttendedito: W. D. SEYMOUR.
. . ,
Anti DyspeOtin:l_Ontinilicon,
For Dyspepsia, .plervoue*liesdiehe, and Liver
Fri HIS is roVagoiribik.cdnip'obrid, warranted a
1.. safe and effectual'rernedy, not only for Dys-
PeristtiA.hut for thoSC,disetties resulting from and
,connected with a disordered,condit ton, of , the
stomach and liVeri ,derangement,tof the diges
tive. inactions, Such as.. debility or. weakness,
flatulency .hose appetite, sour eructations and
timidity of the stomach, ,costiveness,:hendache;
'flatulent" and` billions. eciliw • If lipart lc ularl y
lernii Mended to those...-Who. iire :aulteritig under,
;debility, and depression_ of :spirit's, its Soothing
tuidl , renovating powers •boing partictilarly adap,
tedF?tr to, S W uClucases!:.' -t ••••
e: by•
rlf.7-: • •
High sic. ),Carliale.
I'a, oflera ' for Buie on the most reasonable
,' gakoved
nines, Paint* Oll 7 ;mobt L 4ofnl,ratiitfpnpoind wls4ii7aiwooi,
6 iiii ° ' - nr ClP e 9 aC' S v h a a rt i cy ng t- P it i n il i in e.,7.tii.otk,-It en o t "! 4 ; z lf i n t l y , i lf u tk .
4,43)toth'lftistiee,=.l2llV6l,lo:';Comboi: &;
61611a°. ' ean ' e A -
Ink; Standiq"
.IKinitnt Note papper ' ienvetotied,_:Raiora
.A4 '" te! '"' ?3- na l ir ''-f•••/ . ;'•••" , '? .. ..
8-414"'T?' ißliO
rs, for rT;f;j°
E a ,on -;
Amount of Policy. St
Bonus • pnyable at
the party's decedsc.
Sum 1
Insured I
o , ols 01
i dditian
2,750 CO
5'137 00
00, I ,ogo ,': 100 , 00
2.5010 250.00
4,:)00 401•(31)
2,50. 175 . 00
5,000 . 4'37'50
-- - 35;373 28--
s. ;y".
Oubkoribor.has rceiy.ed E l nd is now open
i)eit''Obiticii selection of Wintde Goos, conOst
ng.,igrathei Omit - nom •ana ireinngs, newest
sqle,ntjlie lowest Fatee,iwhigii,lie willitnalco up
luta coting,.Over Cpete, sacks,
cloaks; Pantaidd :Yest KO...ass midi...rack coats
of cloth from sit'dollars upwards, Pants trim
$l5O to s6,Yesjer fr0m'79 , 001.! to $9;00, cloaks
from Bto $2O. 113, .alaO, kelps ,sliirt r a,liosores.
• 'eollnrs;'neck piickeiJiatidliereliiefs, corn -
forts,cops, and Hosidil, in ghat ev:..ry 7
thing appertaining ton geritiorpan's'wardrebe
A'a he lq agent for an extenaive, housc•he will be
enabled' to e - .'freshgoads alt"lea Et 0n,5 ti‘
month; . Ile win 'receive' reguittily , theN York
.and Philatlelpidn Fashions ,
and awe no
Pane in,getting.up his work in the most durable
andlitaltionable.otanifer. He will olio makeup
work purohasea 'tit other storesin thwmost care
-ul manne He, Will pay. parti cu I lir attention to
Children's Clothßig He reepectfully solicits a
share of public pnli•oringe - • • %
Dee 13, 1848 ". Agent for the PrOprietor
moo 120.4Q..ury..kt - Ltvua
Rlion, of the public to his
Drug and Fancy Store, '
in West Main street, Carlisle, whetp.'he has
just received a fresh assortment of lugs Me
&eines, Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Jewelry and
Fancy Goode.
Amongst his extensive variety may be found
all the most .
Approved Patent Medicines,
HAll kinds of Salts, Dye Stuffs,
Quinine, Opium, Castor and Sweet Oils
, 'Wlifte Lead, Indigo, Spices, fresh ground :
• Glass,Putty, Chldroform,t"
Shandelims, Lamps, Wicks, Sperm Candles,
Shaving and Toilet Soaps,
Cologne.,'‘ s•c, Lavender and Orange flower
Watrr. •
Bears h Morrow and Hair-Dye,
Nail, 'Pea '1; llair, and Slia‘ing, Brushes,
Fine Pam: torn, and Shell-Combs ;
• Finger It.a-z• , , Bracelets, and Breast Pins,
rßead Begs cud Pursel4,
Porte %unwire, .
Silver Spectacles and Pencils,
Gold Pens, Ink and Inkstands,
Fine Writing end Note Paper Envelopes,' •
Motto Wafers; Seals and Peper Weights,
'Alirrars and Fancy Boxes, .
• Musical and Surgical Instruments,
• Fine Knives and Sciesols,
Carriage and Riding Whips,
Umbrellas (Jocks, m
ocks, Tuks. &r., &r.
o Country PhysiciaUs, Alrrche ns, Pedlors'iind
.thersilmy hear something "tb their •advantagd
ir7 Etherenl and, Find Oil received fresh
livery week.
KJ—Medical nid'and advice gratis to the poor.
3nnunry 17. 18.18. •
A T the Cheap Fami ly Grocery Stoic of 30-
Elk SEPII D. II A I,IIERT , Ma. street,
Carlisle, yo n ill tilwi4s find the hest sn,l4y of
Family ( roc 'Fes that the Philadelphia awakens
aim tillbrd. 1 to subsertbei has ju , t rent: rt. d
frpm. the city, 'would respectfuliv invite the
public in gene, land his ft lends in piroculor, to
call and exan to his stock, which embraces all
the articles u. unlly kept in his lute of business,
suck as Rio, Jove arid St Domingo ('afire': Im
perial, Young Hyson and Fleck Tens, of the ~
best quality. 0, flavor; loaf, falling loaf, crushed,.
clarified and brown Sugars of evely etade,.kith
price to suit. lloney..sugar house, Orlenns and
syrup Molasses. Spices ot Ins
. Warrant pure and flesh ground. Brooms,
buckets,'lmskats. butter: bowels, wnsli_rubliers,
clothes pins end Ifnisites every
Castile, fancr,;rosiff and neuntry f. DA PS. Al
so, a-general assortment of chewing_ and rme.
king TOBACCO, swish Intlfspanish and com
and CROGEKRY of every description Nvhich
he will sell at the lowest possible' p-ices.
Feeling grateful for the liberriPpatronnge here
tofore bestowed upon hinnc - py 'n generous pub
lic, or subscriber hefulers them his hearty
tlinnks, and hopes that in his dhotis to plena.,
and pnrticular attention to business to merit a
continunnce of their.supeort.
21 - OS. ALPER T.
Nov'r i 2 1848.
"Iraiety , s the Spice of Life."
FriIANKFUL lor the favors heretofore
. -a• bestowed upon us, in our line of business,
we again would "11E11 ALD" to our numerous
customers, thnr we are in constant set ply of
general assortment, which we are receiving
alinost weekly front the city) of all articles per
taining to the business of a
Grocery and Tea Store,
embracing Brown Sugars of good qualities at 5,
6,7, and 0 el per pound, Rio Coffee's at 8, 9,
and IC eta, Crushed, Pulverized and Broken
Loaf Sugars, at 9 and 10 cis per pound, Java
a •4, Mocha Coffees, also BLACK and GREEN
TEAS of choice selections, either in bulk or in
'metallic packages, always fresh, at from 37i to
$1.50 per pound, together with every variety of
Spices, such as CINNAMON, MACE, CIT
RON, Pepper, Cloves. Ging'er, Nutmegs, mus
together with Fine Salt. either in sacks or smal
ler quantities. SPERM AND WAX CAN
DLES, together \Vial Mould and Dipt qualities,
Sperm and Whale blenched Oils, of pure quali
ty, as also SALMON ANI) ACRAREL,
Molasses, Syrup, Vinegar, Cheese, Crackers
. mid numerous other articles, till of V,1111.11 lob
quality and prices we feel confident on insi ectiOn
will prove equally us good and as rebonshle
as Call be sold any where else. But a call from
our friends can satisfy t hem best and us too.
Remember the "010 Stand," nearly oppo.ite
Burkholder's (forinerly Bb.nem's) Tavern 1M nin
street. .1 N. EB Y.
Carlisle, Silt Dec. OS:
l'inuraes. Oils, and Scars, •
ALF and fresh supply from Roussel's and
other f the best city houses, among which
are double •••..?.... Briar, Rose Geranium'
Verbena, ,hoiple. heliotrope, Millelleur end
Musk. tastcr....iy put up and for sale at the lowest
prices.. Also, for the Hair, littidoline, Tom
made aux Fleure, Jenny Lind hair gloss, Bear's
Oil, Maccassnr Oil, fine.seented Antique Oil,'
BeePs Marrow, fine Myrtle and Vio
let Pommndes. Also .14nney Soaps, such as
Roussel's Shaving Cream Wrighl's'ido, Military
do, Almond and Palm Wash Soap; noticing nn
-assortment-uusurpnesed:bw any : in-the-borough.
;Ms thuds FDAtreis
pHYSTCIANS, Country Merchants and
Pedlars, are invited to call and examine my
stook of Medicines, Paints, 'Glass, Oil, Var
nishes, &c.
Fine Chemicals,
Pure Essen': Oils
iNtelfierol & - Brot
Green and Yellowrj'aint"and: - Vareish Brushes,
Jersey':Window, Glese,, Linseed , OW-Tureen
-tine, ecinnl and Conch Varnielt,,and 11,esi , Lead.
.411, of, whioh, will • be .sold: at the • very lowest
- iniiikot o price,nt the cheap Drug and Boolt - Sieire
lof • :•S. W. HAVERSTIPF.
Nov 29114.1548 ; •. • •
.- Queens3Pare.'kGlass.
.A'LA,RGE antivaneral , saleethin•Of thas4ar•
ticks in', every , yariety hidicadda4),o °arms
sortmsnt: Alen, alot of Podar Wirar,ernbrac-
ing TUGSCharni r ilacha x i„,Paile.i kat, At' /iStla
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' M arch , 1,4, , ,j,„„NrpX:'
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- TO N SAinifisireo_:akid Rolled Iron, ,
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opened's itdrieti o
,Blue,' ihk.` , and Figured,' 13 promos f
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queStiee: tni)2sl •IG ffIT,NERI
ores an. W./Made,
t.:. ground and whole
Perfumery, &c.'
Log and Cam Woods,
Oil Vitriol '
. Lae •Dye•' ' • •
INTS. • • ' ' , '
on's Pure Ilend, Chrome