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AT the last meeting of the: WHIG STATE
CENTRAL' COMMITTEE, held at . Harris.
burg, in pursuance of. public was on
motion '
Resolved, That the friends of the National
and Stare Administrations , in„Pentleylvania be.
requested - to - Meg in'the several cities and cciun-
Aiesingie:"Stake,,and select Del6gates equal in
numbir ropmenfation in the State Leg
islature, who i3hail ineet,in•Convention Convention, at ; the
iiiaA:RRISBURG, at It o'clock,
A. M., on THURSD-AY; the 16th day of AU
GUST.NEXT, for the ,purnoW:of selecting a
• Candidate for - 'CANAL C mmlssio NER,
and to do such other business as the interest of
the,country• may require.
By order. of the Committee. ,
GEO ERETY, Cheien., pro tem
•D. W. PATTERSON, Secretary. ,
Merton McMichael,' Alex; Ramsey,
Thoe. E. Cochran,. Robert Roden, .
•• Wash. Townsend. John C. Kunkel. ~•
James Fox, Francis N.-Buck,
' Benj. Matthias, George Lear,
Thos. J. Watson H. fr. Etter,
• S,Preaton E C Darlington,
George F. David Cooper,
• Lot Bdneen, •, Wm. H Seibert,
Joseph P,axton, G. V. Lawrence,
John Fenton" D. A. Finney,
L. D. Wetmore. John Morrison,
H W Patrick, Sam'l W Pearson. •
Alex. W. Taylor,
. .
Whig County Committee.
We are requested tmask the members ot
the Whig standiei Committee, whose names
we : published two weeks ago,t. assemble
at:the Inthtic house of John . Wert, in this
-borough, Om Moriiihf r the 18th of June, at 2
o'clock, to a'dopt-sitch meltsures as the early
Organization of the; Whig party requires.—
W . 43 hope they will all be present.
Death of t,eneral Gallop
A felegraphic_despatchlrom New Orleans,
conveys the melaucholyintellidence of the
death of Major General Gaines, of this U. S.
Army, a venerable . and gallant officer, whose
name is associated with some of the most
brilliant events of Americat history.
The North American, in a brief notice of
him, says, 1, Gen. Gaines was, in tact,"one of
the oldest, as Well . as. one of •the most Meri
torious officers of the United States Army,
which he entered in January, 1799, as a
Lieutenant of infantry, ar.d in which he ser
ved, therefore, somewhat more than half a
century. -Assigned, at the very outsef of his
career, to'the severe and perilous_dutiessit
the wild SouthgWestern frontier, Captain
'Gaines first disfinguislied himself by the ar•
rest of AARON BURR, and, in consequence,
the entire defeat of all the ambitious plans
fiY.Wfiieh the Union was:. threatened With
The next theatre on Which be dr played,
hts gallantry was at ChrYstler's Field, in 18•
13, where, as Colonel of the 25th Inlintry,
covering the retreat of the American Army
to their boats, he repulsed several charges
of a - victoripus British Regiment—the 89th
and, finally, 'compelled it to retire. Rh- his
-- conduct in this battle, tie was made a Briga
, dier General; an honor soon followed up by
the higher appointMunt of Brevet Major
General,won by the" glurious defence of Fort
Erie, in August, 1824. Twenty-two years
afterward, in February, 1836, he fought his
last battle on the Withlacoochte, in Florida,
with the Seminole .Indians.
General Gaines died in New Orleans on
Wednesday, the 6th, and,. it appears, like.
Gen. Worth, his old brother in arms of the
Niagara Frontier, he died of cholera. Both
of them passed through the perils of battle 7
of many battles; fierce and"'deadly—not, in : .
deed, unharmed for peri: Gaines was
-....lwounded-by--altligMtv-shell at
Fort Erie,'anct by an Indian bullet iit F•lorj;
da ; to'fali at fingth, hill of years and hurl.,
ore; beta.) thelthseen: and-unirreilled shalt
of the pestileticEithai *allied' in klarhneso.
• LlYElttrstre.drouthe impetlarim.oi
- • 'life insurance was'neyer More obvious than
', at the preient time when_ every mail bringt4 4
us fresh rePorts of the slew, but certain pro.
gress ot the varienapartri of the
iountri..Thcise.pinsfUti.Who . . arc dependent
On the incotne.arisinghoot ,theirldaily labor
ri9Meana thiellertem and
prompt iiieitie'Cif;:prOvidiiigifor a bereaved •
`' famiily' iiicase "of the sudden death of its
Liarr'eneeliill; a merchant in N.,
Ycitliprip9r,7was insured.itt the Con-,
neoGcut •Ineurance.Compatir,
• ` . 414 -- ,000. payment wrumitie ,four
days previous his'death.; when the Agent!
r `"Called;npon him for
. it, he-Put o ff "for a
4 le*.diqe`;'?''but died Without Cfreeting, the,
t 4 .1 itirievver That idlilit'delay of a “feiV.:days
hilichildrait of A,000. , The ad,,
0104 -0 ,10.0*# (iv iiiB!bot Philadelphia
4 L 4
„•, , ,•refit., , pa
40;'; , .0,c,fi c coryincni;
tii , it,iC.oliiOlitthonMiety , has issued . an appeal to
horitoietkii , teen , 4Ci`-`dci"'
:-.'•• ohjectil•:, has -tispeciallyin. tam,
ri!;etVo : l,B o3 o , 4)i!g
• - and' is theca etith'oesanils'efiiitiviatt''
,- .o47.iithesiouldheitent , thither. now{' at little mete,
:414`11?,;be'4 1 09.4 .- 4 4 #theIPOOt
:;1::: organs'.fstilibaral'eontributidneigath rOd with-;
1!',4*1.c *40'00'460 hut
:01 , •
.p 1 1
. 11 '11 • WA: 1 4 1!#1400 ,: !; 41 40 1 0:# 1 1
• ~;
Jt-'o4.l:;,,tc r . l t ' •
6eor l ie
Tte lee6fcioe Pipets _ate Publisiiieg
ti -great goutlikle.teff'igaVfirggife'
•- , •
porting to ; havezheon ,. .ypitten by-iiicertairt
GeOrge Lippard t 4e 4 V , resident TaylOr;
' , 'Volunteer' and , Dernocrit 3 give it the bene. ,
BtoftheAupgdAircala`f4op.4ipe, letteOr
Neit doeiinot'appitlir tin:4ll
lion fiiii‘,"yery,few have)
the lakoco hies Nov4 i fit leads iti'apy
•IV7 • George,Lippard - • " f 1, •
'qulreewho isNOWftnisi
is exactly what George____w_Lintecl. This,)l,l
exactly' the object he had in view. in writing
this:letter. George wants notoriety. Sen.: ,
rah of his sickening and poisonous novels,
(we never read 'em but so they are retire- .
sented to . us),' have gaitied'hiiitoonsidernbfe
notoriety, but ho pants for more. :Fame, as
distinguished from notoriety, George'd lumi
nous works of ganitis are not likely to give
him: - Notoriety 'therefore is big highest aspi
ration. And notoriety George is determined'
to secure by any means. A fellow in Eng
land a few days since attempteddo shoot the
Queen. His name and wickedness'are now
•of course securing notoriety, all over
world. And this miserable thing of notorie
ty• George tippard'oan of course secure by
beriliming with low abuse the great name of
ZACHARY TAYLOR'. But it will be notoriety
foiloWed by contempt.
This ling - and disgusting -letter we say
George wrote for notoriety. It was not disap
pointment in the struggle for 'office' which
moved his wrath. Oh, no, there was more
'capital'—a greater harvest of notoriety—in'
'turning tail' to Gen. Taylor and blowing it
to the world in - a letter. This - was probably
his design from the first. George know that
the !melon° press would seize with avidity a
letter of this kind, and though it might go
- lintlyfreWii - !Wkey they vr \ ofrid - publisli h
as the eflusion of a 'man of diameter and .
distinction. 1 He knew it would ensure nolo
riety,—even if it was a notoriety which high-,
minded and honorable men would revolt, at.
There is. nothing original in George's letter,.
His-epistle is but an echo of the-locofoco'
clamor aban`r‘liroken pledges' in relation to
removals and appointments. George com•
plains that Gen. Taylor has made his-admin
istration entirely Whig. George wanttd him,
to be a 'do-party man' and to form a 'no
party Cabinet.' And we suppose if Oen.
Taylor were as shallow as George Lippard
that peihaps he might have attempted a thing
so absurd and in4racticable. Bet as Geri.
Taylor is a man of wisdom, experience and
honesty, he chose to act as the people ex
pected he,would act after he had
, deelared
re score di letters 'I am a Whig.' But Geo.
Lippard, whose 'profoundest mental efforts
are the concocting of 'silly and mischievous
- fictions,cannotsee'how - Genr Taylor is to be
'the President of die whole People' unless he
has a streak of every kiifd of mongrel poll
itics in.his Cabinet. - It Is' not probable that
George ever ‘V;cullefve discovered the wis
•dern of - havintit:u jted Cabinet, in preler
,ence-ti.a.faugling discordant one of Mike&
materiata /. 4 e did .welt therefore to retire,
ajthortgh 9giiste-Buttthe honest Taylor
deritocrats - ' rally seem to think Old Zach
is doir.g things for the best, and still have all
confidence in the war-worn veteran who so
brilliantly saved the honor and lives of his
countrymen at Buena Vista.
By the way the newspapers have the sub
joined gbod ivory about Geurge going the
rodnds and acquiring 'notoilety'
say at IVashington that Corwin's levee is al
ways as well attended as any in the city, and
that strangers•coming thither always call on
him as one of the 'lions.' Among others,
Lippard the writer of raw-head and bloody
bones stories, and who conducted a kind of
piratical sheet during the Presidential cam
paign, in which he abused Corwm without
Stint, called upon him a month or two since,
and introduced himself with the easy and
confidential air of,a Patron. Said Lippard,
m ailing:
;Gov. Corwin, my name is Lippard, Geo..
Lippard, ot, Plipidelphia, whom you have
probably hoard„of,--vory glad td make yoty
aeepiaintance.• sir. I
. hlholcguarded• , you h
good deal last ynar2-
, • Corwin. (With one of hispeculiar•loOks.)
AAh .1 well, Mr: Lippard, yew took Very 'niuch
likua blackguard!! , • • •
',Lippard was shut up, and left.
T1101.61t SYsTEm.—During a recent
lecture hams the Whittington Club of Lon
'don, delivered by the lammed and .emintint
Professor. Nichol, of Glasgow University, he
used the following extraordinary language
relative ,to the destruction of the solar aye.
eiThe,planets are retained in their orbits
because two opposite forces exactly balance
each other. But modern astronomy has
proved that there is a:power at work destroy
ing-their.balatioe. 3 - Froni - observations made ,
on the retarded teturn of Encke'scordet,and
its gradualnppro/iimetion 'to the sun, we
leardthe existence of 'a Bold, an ether, which
however subtile, tends to'ditninisti the' cen
tritup,al force, and add to the attraction ,
sun. However sloWly it may approach,,we
may . yet con template the day when this Rrea
entayeleth • shall "pass away; pot, however,
intAt.vaSt . ruin, but in its•own' beautiful arid
majestic order, just like a flower hav
iiig,,dorned, the earth, lets drop its leaves
when its' work done;nrid falls back,obe
ilientlpotten its Mother'S bbstim."
. .
x : toaoriari , Lieektio.The Lancaatexln
telligericer one:of the inOst cieviried i‘na .- --did:
n the& (Matrioaratir jaernalit with ith'rit h fob rite t,'
exeharigev does 'riot chooselbil ri;o - titiott to
4hO fiilowideol George'Liiipaid r ti,'Thh` In-
tottigencer; as ;•willi: he lieen 'icir, ! riri l eliitiet
hriairite'vehuritie • *Mids . lare'sribitihilitiiiit-
utes eorge s hitter, s we haved rie solely'
to 4rit inaattepassikrit forllototietY, l :=l,:4_:: -,
[ .4,,perwW4ANi4;44l(e'hasiiiiiottilleoed t
1 the-political iliatritrieerilda eactriririeWdiiid- t .
i salttuidtaS ri SO.ts.g s sidartglko.oitSd
butordsrit:nor tslt oi t i,tv"E f Ault
alter , orr'mtrid hetehiei: Weitrodklyiric•
Po9l l lhat a - YSTlidtho4 . 1 9c•s 1 01StY has
'dtetatidihe'rihoteril; !heat epiatohoLexer
or freely
ol iot o toreti:= 7 ..Latiel.roetukitteer: . 1
i *inlEtt ak,tiMkE IF I i4e , Irish: - aP9 B t l O
, SCrSiAltgrimsd;',',is'thWtili,Aiif,tit:iidri%;ti jii,, ;
'iiititil4:4lk !ii`ti"`k i f - 4 - ,* pilli:4;f 3 :itri?,.il
vt4igg'Ottt - itt'.72,i4llllVA* kormt iit'kori
1004' 00.0 0411( th el le t 4iiiiung'PV 'Ai i /e p r r
*iiit r 'li i, liCo, l(l 4 4 4 4- '‘` o4 l# lidi l d6. l ' ;9 4,' !O
04 , #404 40 1 !:p' , 119 01,19*Iiiihiow 41 10
;,4 9 0/44,19"tiont i oNtccitio3 , ,iiiiiiit4norl,
f itz
An g ; i i,i4akito‘‘' , 6o4l,„i6oriideti , l-7hee'
#il if m 4 o4grO I t ea ;IMF. ; 9 919 94
.0 r.. r 4:11;4 "%.. r (T.'
.46.1 1 10'0. 0 1140t, t 1 ~54 , P • akAkeia , i'
4 , 3'4 T141 1 ; , ' ,:4A` , i'.240 , 4t olli*l'etkoip.ittl, 10, ,
• .' , ;;Erii ,". (4l 4,ol,,l'iliP' .1'
, . .'C.11 03 4 , ERA,1:''',7.1. , • , ,,:f-i... ,- ':)&"';f;
'`. ! ,idi tor o f t he N;..ii.i.4adfcial , 'and.s.usificjil,
I VOilifialiqifing . forth. , theremarliableo3o4
!,e - eigp`ropoleia„ . The ) e redit pf , ' , di scoxeriii,
.litiDA.3 ;41. Bird, a cherniat;..•faiii4ila f fa ,
.Ittnelnently successful. Dr: liitti',Attiiing‘
eu'rifiii influenza was aseribedibi,44nan
!,c) Ihe'iireserice 'oreionifiCkli;
atniephere, was led. to the conclusion that'
eackand, nought for 7 .'en agent-to -, counteract;
to searching lot:facts to , support thisineh 7 ;
alusitm; it was foundd• that the •cholera
had prevailed in the ;vicinity ; 'cifsur t itiur,
-springs, or in B3f iiorie where
abounds :.hiance the conclusion `that aulphur
might be, andsprobably was, theantidole for
. cholera'.'
The editor says experiments were made
which proved the presence or ozone in the
atmosphere at thts'time, and that the amount
is in proportion to the aevaiity of the disease
from time to time. • • . .
About a week since, Dr. Bird .determined
to try the effects of sulphur upon hirostill and
others troubled as nearly.all have been more
or less of late, with uneasy sensations, - slight
pains, &0., in the digestive organs. The re
sult was entirely satiilactory, so much so;
that Dt. Bird came 'irnine'diately to my ofi
fine and. requested me as-a friend to test its ,
efficacy in my practice,. but to say nothing
to others with regard to the ingredient used
until facts should justify its public announce-
Mont as a discovery. The beneficial effects
resulting-from its 'use in my practice was
such as to convince me at once of "its utility
... .
in the class of gags described above. Du-,
! ring the i iiist levy "d - a3 , 8 ile -- 3 -- .i.Bird,Blaney, and.
myself hhve,continued to usath is apparentlY
simple_rentedy,do_the_exclusion.of nearly all*
in all cases with choleric syriiptoins. The
result kits peen wonderful. All premonitory
symptoms, such pain, a sense of fulness,
unnatural ovements, slight diatrhcea, &0.,
have Uniformly yielded at once to a single
dose of three to'four grains of sulphur.
In cases. where' either cramps, diarrhoea
' or vomiting haw Ve - diffpfeitifilt,'./iriClll,lffact'
where all therie symptoms have .existed in
conjunction, the use of sulphur, in the above
named doses, every three or four hours, has
had the effect to ameliorate the patient's con
dition at once, and when used in a few hours
to dissipate entirely choleric symptoms. So far
• as its efficacy . has .been tested in the e,orst'
stages of collapse, most satisfactory results
have been obtained. In two or three cases
of the kind the effect 'of the remedy has
--been to bring back pulse to the wrist, restore
• Warmth to the surlace, and stop the profuse
diarrhdea and vomiting.. In truth,.the results
obtained so far have been such as . to con
vince all—of us, who have' administered it,
and witnessed its efiec:s, that if any remedy
deserves the, appellation, this is a specific for
Choleri. • .
. .Sirde its mere extended publieteiniteine
of the laculty handle Dr. Bird's Cholera Spe,-.
cific without remorse, and it seems a wise
precaution, as far as health is concerned ; for
people to wait and see whether this proles.
sed cure is the certain remedy that Same en
thusiastic physicians in the West repreient
it to be. A communication in the Baltimore
Patriot from a respectable physician, treats
of the new remedy in this style: _
The statement.of Dr. Herrick is liable to'
sevefe :animadversion: According to his
account, he and Dr. Bird were led to infer
from the suggestion of a German chemist, as
to the agency of Ozone in the production of
influenza, that it also might be the cause. of
Cholera, Having arrived at the novel and
logical cor.clusion by the mere force of ge
nius, the next step was to find an antidote,
and this "the accurate chemical knowledge"
'of Dr. Bird'enabled him to "suggest'' in su/.
phttr. How 'can any medical man believe
that Dr. Herrick, editor of a medical journal,
was so ignorant of foreign medical literature
as net to know that this "inference" ,as to
the' Ozonic" origin of cholera, was 'so fa
miliar as to have been already abundantly
tested and found to be idle 1- And can any
body believe that Dr. Bird drew upon , his
"accurate chemical knowledge for the augt,
• gestion of sulphur as the antidote, when-the
same 'page the periodical .on which he
probably, read the article 1r0m. , ,a German
`,ohemist, , ,(page 532, April humber,of the A=
merictin '',lournalot the Medical Sciences.)
contained also the identicaLiCsiilPhurous" .
suggestion?, I :ionfess that my inferences
from conduct such as this do not incline me
' to plebe much confidence in the report of
the experiments itiith sulphur, which, follow
the narration of the primary steps in' this af
' , Reports of Cholera
. From our exchanges andthe telegraphic
reports, we glean the following statistics of
the cholera at the various points where it is
kndwri to prevail. On the plantation of Col.,
Bibb, Louisiana, 70 slaves, and — on that of
Bishdp Polk, in the same State, 23 slaves
bad bate swept away by the epidemic. - It
is a'eurions fact, that no deaths by cholera ,
have occurred at any of the cotton mills as
yet. At Laredo, in Texas, the whole town_
is in mourning, so great,have bilen
,the , rav,
ages, of the disease. Among,its victims are.
200 Mexicans ;and soldiers of the, let regi
,Mentilli S. infantry. ' Five . Merabera:Leflhe_
, Boston:and Essex MiningPompatidied:of
iiheleta at (ho earne , ,plioefizi , 'Ekt. Pefemburg
Ya„ . the , Boara . of.Health..haveriblilaroil tt , '
grunst salt and shell, fish,,,and-,the, MaYiir tMe
made Aie selling of them,a pentil;effence.-:,.
On board the steamer. ; Josiah Lawrence (lit:
ris , ,Me la=t .trip . from, Near,..o . de'Alo, , te,..St.
,risers were iOO cases of ciMlera among'
,Bbopitssengeral; only,three died, however',
At,Kingston,,,,carrada,ep,to:the 3d•lnst. there
had heen,l4: deaths of eholerai.allin , :ohe JP.'
Callon. At plyeek,,f,tockland;courttyoL.; :,,,
'riiiiiing,k:Week 'theta were 12 ,. Icaees,and 7
~deatbss::i . ,44 t i).thany l .l4o,' 'A no n0A.04 'Ar
' i , :dfmndlireported;'.bntdia'iy#enieg ~Jo`ornal
says, that seVeral:Juid,opouired , Mieret mbich;
,was ritY severer,f, ik§tl , 4o l3, a t tlli I :tout-'.
ni : ti ; OiPi'lii o ', oll9, PU.9 lll3 oo.Ni e :i ; i 4 :N"i f
'l' iiit t liiii(ll;l ' ()Gl '. llYlr4: . i;:Al** ito4e ottnit
`,:t ~S,, ,1 m ,•:,,.) 1 •-',.,..-, --,. ,r 1
~! ''' -,
, oases and ,ip-,- deaths:— ClantrynpluttslWA 3
; 0,, Itsint jr ,„4'."o„e,adoi.,., A jobErtondajtbl,lb*.i . n,
.. , ,q,_, (1 . 0 0!! deillt.4 fsk.:, 2 ,.'9 4 l,Pfli t tli l l a M i l 44 0 :
,45K:4404 3 #11.9 6 ,a40.1k1frNtV , ! A P*5 " ;
:2,l.,ittl,jo4.9Alo4,oo9l l ,4!Oki!iniiji l itn: ll4 9,f#:,
4 .i,..4f11 1 519%R'ti /116 : 7 P 9 # 0(094 * 4110 r ,
• - •villej,ii.y:'',B calms ,I f. der* , .§ittem -4 4 .Kassat
nP1091 4 .9) olt4dq.P.A,4l4.l9oMYol;X;6‘44;etb, i,
44(tagij'.0 111 )',i 9.0# 13 ,,t?: cfkelftitigliOgi4oll;l'
, :llitii4ititi , $4.000 ,- ,04 1 M-4 , 1 1 ) ,4 010 11 ;44.
~ ;41,,I,Oid,i,'90fit' ,Ist A . PRIT. B .l' 2- , q. , ,, ° 11.0.3 1 . , : ,, 4!
, ! :#,lgi, l ol l ,lt Tti.w., , K40 1 ,k..i At B ordeaux, AA.
-iYll,lloe.A.4ll(44ii:;:i';s;it-ft—tft ,1,9t1 114 t i:ioi ,c ;
'.". ..'' ~ . '?i•'.', ' , , ~"• 1 7".'"": „. 7rin.l., : d":•i ~ 61;f:, • ,
- - gk o . o, 4 iiiiotOir, l l4 q "‘titillhiAtTcioo 4 it,'
''!"4.'li)o# l l:l44'iio ittitoo,i 9;4;1+,4
iild i taq9/** 4 L,i,,,,,4 1 , 1 4 , . ;,,t
~,,......,,,,,!,,,,,, ~, - Nc,..q.. - 1 ,.,
14,,5, , .4, 0 1407,:mi0iv,,,i0,0„4, ,„ .r.
o . l4*.unizi . Ne;--June73; 1849•:
tivq, , Alate* . here lo:day. frora . Fort
frit)oo44ye)4th :Ult.', which` state that the
0101 k :hi that region to ttD great
accounts from , Corpus
ot the • Indians
loletvpien , l4o..NueoelAt e d,rthe Rio Grande.—
Vief,eateind ttieNtitat:Of Legan
.of horses, and
laigalgnitrilitiespt stock. la the
!itffrifileCofF.-KintiaoiiiiFiribtfier - mer -*ere
' • , •
..,,Anuraber of Mexican . Indians eroseed.the r etitered , the
,townZtil. Camargo, killed
several 1` persons .and carried .off a:number, of
terseti da.d•eattle.-
"•• . . ,
DitteArg lune 6.
MhjOi4eneral Gaines; coinmiaider of the
Somilik,Vgeritern , Division -of • the Army; , clieci ,
to. 0 1 the cholera .Ho
vas sick, ten days.
"sisko;iuithei:tirogriasstoviwds stopping the
.water is rising slowly in-tte
ST. Louts, Juno 8.
. .
fiy an arrival from the Plains, we have
intelligenceirom a largeparty of California ,
emigrants; who, the .18th of May, had teachd
ef.4 point, 858 miles•frOm our western Iron
tier, , and 'were getting'„elong well, without
furthei'lnolestation,,by: the _lndians. -The
heallteoLlhe pally Wari improving:
have •advareif. by express from Salt
Lake to the 15th of April. -•-
Igew - ,and extraordinary discoveries of gold
:had been mid° in the mountains near Salt
'Lake: There'seems to be no limits to the
deposites of precious metal in our far-west
An`expediticiia* from Salt Lake had been
fallen in with, whose object It was to hurry
forciard the Mormon emigrants, in order that
they might take advantage of the recent and
wonderful discoveries of gold in that region.
This inforrnation induced many of the emi
igrants•to abandon their wagons and other
cumbersome property, including rirovrsioni,
and phish a t head-with molds.
The people settled in.the Great basin are
very anxious for the ebtablishment of a ter
ritorial GoVernment, and intend to send
IVlt.'Burnbyson as a delegate to Viashington,
in order that 'their necessities and wishes
may be pressed 'upon the attention of Con-
lie littliiirient • (Of Mor-nons) at Salt
Lake is represented to be very prosperous.
The U. S. ship Lexington, from San Fran.
cisco; is now comkig up the harbor, with
twelve hundred and elgareenjounds of grain
gold, from California, 61r - board, naving left
958 pounds at Valparaiso.
The United States store ship Lexington
has arrived at the Naval. anchorage oft
off Brooklyn Officers and crew all well.--.
Her arrival created much-excitement during
the afternoon. The, California fever has
broken out afresh.
New Orleans papers of the 8d inst. have
been received this evening, from which we
glean the following particulars :
A nv crevasse, as - Sauve's has
been farmed tan miles below the - city. •
Miss Elise Clement; or rather Madam
Elise Gallot, whose name figured in the pa
pers a short time ago, in connection with a
romantic love and forgery case, at New Or
leans, has been arrested and bail in
the surn.of _82,500, to answer the charge of
forging the name of Ant..Pirchoud, to a note ,
foE ten thousand dollars.,
The North Carolina papers state that the
small pox is extending throughout the South. '
At Gieensboropgh there had been no deaths,
and rraignil cases were !opened in Chester- -
fiellou CaTlina.
f -
a y recently occurred near Raleigh, ,
between .man named Stroud and Melton.
Stroud - 1i his bowels out - but. - , , I
- An':ex a liorn the office of the Apalachi
cola Ardvertiser, mentions the Wowing up of
the steamer Emily, while leaving the wharf
on the 28th ult. Seven persons were killed
and missing, and nine scalded. The boat is
almost a complete wreck, and the cargo'
much damaged: 1
The. Hon. William A. Graham, of North
Ciroline, has declined the acceptance of the
Mission to Spain., Messrs. Stanley and Bar
ringer are the net most prominent appli
cants. k
• The death of Gen Gaines was announced
yesterday, by an official telekraplit c despatch
war,dlepartment; dated' New-Orleans,.
6th ;init. He.idied after an. illness of ,;one
hew and sixteen reunites as it is,aupppeed
from an ' attackiif the cholera..
..Gen. G. was born in the State of Virginia,
'on the.2oth of March, 1777, and was-there
fore in the 7ad year, of his age, at the time
Of his death, ,__
The Secretary of 'War has issued the ne
cessary orders for - the military obsequies to
the. memory of the htmented Gen. Gaines. •
But nine towis have been' heard frorn'of the
elections held to-day 'for. Congressman in the
fourth . The accounts received are va
rious and eonflicting; one says that Benjamin
ThompsonfolCharleition, the Whig candidate,
has a nett gain 0f..16fl votes over Palfrey, the
Free Soillantlidatei anether; that Palfrey had
.a , small gain; oier , hia.Competitor: and another,
that the „contest , on eccount of 'the close run,
will not` o deci ded at this election.
•;No case'd Cholera has been reported to-day.
, . • CINCINNATI, June H.
Nnelivilta (Tenn.) papers say that the Hon. J.
K. Polk, Ex.:president of the United States,
was.lyitig dariagouslY ill with Cholera.
„ .
Pirrsamtp t ,Tune 11.
000 fatal case of Cholera is reported to have
occurred in,this Mtxycsterday: rho victim was
'MM. llftiiy P. Glrisso , vvlio'died ttftel* liTeW , houte
illness. 4-7' }no.;;.=:'7 , •
Tlieremaa antinnalt dcdng,in Flour,,
ntid abOut q2i ftir'standard,
rtrulitglor asti•brigidit:: Cornultterd'iriliniady,
with4uttbitir:saleelit: 801 Adds Parma: ai..2 , 75.
Rye„inur—lsT i n ati)let. totdull, and .we
are only:ad weed of sortie:ROlLF:llaq Of.Papra.;
reds lit sl,'62aSl 03e- 1./itFA was
rmtdct ati 57'; crinta;lcorn ~ ncntintlea !lin • "good
,dentaridi litjticonodetate ' t tapoipta. andolo,ooo
bniaritsi,lnalirdiniSouttinrn and .
sold at aoix ate: ofkOite t ''
• .",,
~ a 4 l 3 e .i:ritA: o o:,;bb a l ir r rTool,ra ,j'ox E4wlitr:imprNp.. 1
auinr ir,,A6.1
bas: „ 46:4rtO fi rinnefa in 0
four inurket to: , ;
p 'o4 6B .Wfd,"F At e 6o, lo9 ot Whifeltlo
inta on;llleoaY'flour of; 1011i41 1 4
.alp* ct'#63;end
I.„'otAViit'eViiilthe National Inteilibencei.
is ggesie tiiitllnlivery a 1 Mid toe* m 111.4
liiiftin ) Wii the'dth''o r J4l 'a' oolitic' on obi
Inicen uP r 0 pope ,o completing I, el
Washingt n Monome Lin t Gaily oC yiify#lJ
-. „ ~,, , ~1. ~ .c i v , ,t.t i - ''.- ‘ ,r,
.ii4io:iii.t. - r i: t t' ~1.1”, t) eau t,..'"..,: ri ,r,i, ... • ,t,
. 1; ~,.; ," .. .f.. !, ,1 4
44 , 1 1'noiteewe Oompoond Syrup Of Tar ' and.
Wood Ne 14bi- 1 1/111% ticellatt mildlelhe as 11,1
3Y,elltabge VulAoP)ltiltlfilllihroughout in, gauntry
'a meittor ik . 'Awe ia nonautatalrin,Obbllpale couiho
Orman 4 a '. PratOitlailloaroslia; 4 4 ol3 of V 0 1 136 ,
Taln'lli; t iiPlireguit, In obort, al 'dlseales of the
fßlreurcirketi.Liineczitniimoustol dittidtiali /of tho
first , ireargrAlkbVit,ellftille.lo, Ail .MA 1 444 1 4 Itri , f4 B
whim ilothlaransa 'maind imieva. - "Y '-', •"' ' '' _,
~R.flnelnat laftlaa‘4o} l l,,, akfirliorn , and , sPxtuo • u
atrelitso•Pidiadolphla., , %, ~. '... • ; • .' ',: '_
tl RrePRIA gall'ibY,taganatik Dinagoir, relniew..
pet.or Fifth and Spruce 'Aosta;Pldiadelnala.,'(:`6 ,
JA,„*.801,4 In Carlisle air'3l/adOW'r/StoSttieq 'Albin Tor
M l o l,l ;tta tl A , 5 . Tt510 , 11 .4 , 1 1 1 1 11- 0. rs ~ ,,,All- 4a 4w
• • .',:) ~.% ,—; r ' '
I 110 ab 1 ,i ( 14 1 , 414 * .P.401114'4 if ' ' etilo 4 7 f
' ~. ,-,...".''''
• • ; • • • • --; •
, .. •
• fly Eteams4ll9l3utbpp
The Hungariiins
• 'By the arrtvaf; tn
01, the Steaere;Eurciin and
Hermann;Herman, at ikatbn ? wit,haylz . dne t vr,eeks
to of stirring, imiiortanee: The gallant Pip
larians, it ie reported; hiiie totally dehiated
the Russians in a pitched battle, and forced
them to : fall back upon .Cracow. A procla-;
.mation from Kossuth, the Hungarian General . ,
says thatthe battle took place in -the- defile
of Rothenthailm, and that 36,000 ausstans
surrendered ! The' Austrians, becoming
alarmed for the safety of their CapitalOvete
fortifying Vienna:
The tonstitutionelle •Zeituig publishes a
proclamation which IV Kossuth issued at
Debreczen on the 12th 61 May, in which he
asserts that ihe Russians have been defeated
by the Hungarians under General Bern-, Six
thousand Russians are asserted to have sUr
rendered at Keener on the 7th ultimo, arid
about thirty thousand followed their example
three days later at Arva. Their arms, cannon,
horses arid amunition fell into• the hands of
There - has been no further discussion of
i, Canadian affairs in Parliament, and it, is
doubtful if' any will take place, as the Im
pression seems generally to prevail, it having
e a free constitutional Parliament, the Canadi
ans are quite capable of settling their own af
fairs. There does not appear to be any rea
son to doubt but that the English Goireinmect
I—will - sustain every - act - of — Lord - Elgin's. ad=
ministratien. - -
.In the House f Lords .on Monday, Lord
j Stanley made an laborate, speech in opposi
tion to the bill to he repeal of the naviga
tion laws, and se ral amendments were of
lured, which . were rejected by decisive
majorities. The final vote in-committee of
I_2_iniriisters - majority-majority of tee
to thirteen. ,
1 Another pistol has been fired at Queen
Victoria, without, however, any injurious
consequences. The criminal ill the present
instance, is a stupid Irishman, who, as the
pistol contained only powder, seems to have
had no other object in view than to obtain
, notoriety.
Political affairs on the continent exhibit no
, improvement:' . Indeed, the danger and pro•
bability of a generaV'European war appears
to be more imminent now than at any pie
viols time during the past year. 1
Father Matthew sailed in the Ashburton
bn the 26th ultimo, for New York.
The'recent elections in Franco have resul
ted in favor of the Socialists and Red Re
publicans, to a far greater extent than was
antielpated. They will muster about 210
strong, - against twice, this number, who,
though composed of patties and sections of
parties, entertaining opinions the very oppo
site-to each ether, are considered friends of
order. ' The
,effect of the elections upon
banks- and lauds is unfavorable, from the
highest to the 16west point. The funds fell
13 per cent. At the latest dates they had
slightly recovered.
In tile French -*Assembly, the affairs of
Rome and Hungary being under considera
lion, a debate arose which is described as
. the most exciting and violent.whieh has ever
been witnessed: Propositions of an iMMO
diate• declaration of WO against' Itrissia and
Austria, were urged. by several Apeakers,
which were subsequently modified by the
adoption of a resolution proposed by, Gen.
Cavaignao, reccommending government to
adopt energetic measures to protect the in
ternal and external interests of the Republic.
The resolution, though violently opposed by
the ministry, was carried by a majority of
436 to 184.
Nothing has been arranged in regard to
the change of ministry; but it was supposed
that immediately alter the new Assembly
comes together; that, Marshal M. Bugeaud
would be called upoem term a new Cabinet.
The war between the Danes and Prussians
continued without any decisive result or
prospect of an early issle.
In the Roman States there has been no
material change since the date of previous
vidvices. Neither the French nor. the Nea
-pelitans have as yet entered Ronie, and the
gepublicah government . maintained its
' ground at every point against the combined
'Mies of France, Naples and Spaim
The Emperor .of • Russia has recognized
the French Republic, and has sitinultuneous
ty issued a manifesto, announcinihis deter
mination to interfere in the Austrian and
Hungdrian quarrel, in which he speaks of
the ,mission of his God-preserved nation, and
in the name of the Almighty leader of Bat
tles and Lord of Victories,-commands his
armies to move forward for the extinction of
rebellion, and , destruction of 'audacious and
evil-intended men.
The Emperor of Austria has gone to meet
the Czar of Russia at Warsaw. -
Dates have been received from Calcutta,
through to the sth, and Bombay to the 17th
of April, from which we learn that the war
of the Punjauti, is entirely over, and the last
phantom of Sikh sovereignty has signed
away his title, by which act.thfs vast extent
of country, some one hundred , thousand
Mile r s has becorne, , p,ait and, parcel of the
British empire in India.
The intelli„,oence , from Hong Kong is recei-,
.ved.,to April let., Great excitement prevails
at,Canton, ru!rhe time approaches for opening
Nig - gates to , fOreigners, and the merchants
' are - afraid' olthe popular fury . which that
errant •seems likely to occasion. They,
thereforei, from prudential motives, atop the
trade in cotton yarns, foreign woollens, and
all, piece geode,.until the act shall. have,been
- Oonsilinated: .. - '' ' ' • ' ,
_.-.:Considerable quantities`of gold had cirri-
• .ved from, Califoroia, and semeral.•vessels --at
,Hong Kiang were betngfitted out, Inden , with
t - goods for San Francioce.. - I V ' ,
- ' liArrotre-ron'TriEFT: ".' ;negre'inan
.- , at Piedmont, Na 4 hes beefesentenced to, be
, hung fcr.ctealind bacon - from it meat . boase.
-We.didaintknew .that , such
: , ..stAl , ) . ,prevailed' iii , Vireinia. - 'They are how.,
;,everlihariietratatid of he. :aristocratic derno.'
l '0),qoro1 , , that,
~ Stateib,uVare•shookinglc every
;4fieling ;of -himanity. .r , :.,: ",' , 'ilii , ,t;;;e ':= o
' r l
;.?..i ;Chor_ llei-77""*"7"7,":"""*".,,
• 'o:tWriie.iv ' does net increase in
.-,lhitail.elp_hia. ':”' gut two or three •criaes:lutvet
- . - headietiOrted th'tire sinte owitist4sfier•: •
': -.r" ' ' ' ' atiirtkiato, OLEO . demii ....04eitais:-,!•;1# titer
''latitst be adapted •to*thi nature ' et, ihti 4 fieh'i
,of tads
•:•ivatAko no propoOttlopsc4,thesipecialt• pig SOO tuust
be tidejadd to the seed, or there,*lll , ba,po increase.
• ; !r„aeciitnoto.toust,,•artve , . those',matieri in which
,-,wllkuelta and keep alive 'eoldeatteal pr eaatagjoos
t'; ; tiottidie,'azill Aebonte Jeatlnguielted,'llke a
' tr I P'IAMV IO rii4,0 1 1 , , :09 it is, likewise
- Ith the um roads it depot be materikityjo:
pv.kto, ottoy,ttokitoproprtote:./olir ,: BYI OUrifying: Our
wares 'wtortris:BUlNlMETit, P,ILLS, wt t lett have: -
~ rittr , „.witW Malta lattoarillelimpori , whieh , -coafati a kid
feeds. vya i may;;Etlysitylei.teat,rkeourst,WliatevesOnitee t
. ailkr rage'srolladls4 'Mae': wcrahlfrifrosi it, but „lie
WM toan.khbltotilkfai'ttlo,ll,ftr.,ther Anwar,
a day or ttro,:yrki le these, Iso)s !is o pn top ,w sqto
. - ie, this eltroWand'lrltitlrataSullYlsither Ast4,os%
have weekl, 04'11110,pr ttig.**.nalll•Z:LVt , -';..u . '
1 -1161dirr COSltalts;at'wa ontotor•otneorumkitholi
nertNlTz-rbyallatatOotuaoot.ealgooalbOrae-t; 1 14, ,
, rWitrshiletrisn', suoar^Atinemartsalis..ste . nhoei.;,:th
aatiitaarattoWAkl,, , fvf?/ /il i'" Ci "tVo'', o !i n s
. .I'j' tit ' l,;:- ,i i i4
~, , i , ,;,1',, , , P ,,,,,r ., ,,,„'.‘,,..,, i iiii.,0,, k 4v . t4);:,,4 t ,
, ,
New YORK, June 10
BOSTON, Jun" 11.
the Hungarians.
The 11Averpool Journal of. May 26th, the
day of sailing, nder the head of latest r.ewsi
says :—"A great battle has been fought be
tween the Russians and Hungarians, and
although precise intelligence is wanted, there
is but little douot - that the Russians have
been defeated. . .
ex.;s4:k.loarteptir.has recently' uttucd lrom
fiittictrettiti:Kingston, , lamaicai an elabofate.
;of-tci,o , octavo pageii ; ;:tci --
thfi:accuOliopt,9r:trOion,'. roakesbui,
,:tho,recent war
were fruhlOs, oiOngtri the siiah(oT'Co•Opi
,iition tin 2 theitirt . pf the iovnitirriont; he hick
of ftindto, circumstarieet °Yoe whit!' he ,had
: no - control, 'enteniiiito an tiutabio
'graphical account of all his exploite r hard
ship and reverses.
PROLIFIC.—The FredeFiclExarniner
states theta cow belonging to Mr. John Cow
aid,. of Urbana district, Frederick county,
Mil has had within the.past twelve months
*six calves producing three at each time.
Mr. .John C. McAllister, res'i,pg a lemi
miles above Harrisburg, has a y0if,"4..0w
which recently brought forth a call with but
two legs; and these in the usual place of the
'hind legs. The tail is on the top of the back.
says that Mr. NI. [ham, grocer, at the.corrier
of Poydras and Circus streets, supplies his
customers in the submerged district, every
morning, at their own houses. He gets into
a canoe, takes his "sundries" in along with
him, rind paddles his craft froni house to
house, leaving a paper of tea tere, some
soap and candles there 7 -a niackarel at one
place, and some Goshen butter at another.
pr:PSorrtq,e4he Locofoco papers pre
tend that :their oftee-holding triends care
nothing about being removed. The truth is,
a good many of. them are insane enough to
cling desperately to their offices, even after
ihay_receive netir , e ot_ejectmeat—The_Na—
tional Whig says that the .. . Postmaster Gener-
al has been under the necessity of ordering a
mandamus , some !pH a dozen cases.
Rous FOR EXPORTATION . ..—. Large
numbers of uses, ready to be put together
,with . little..trouble,liave..been., sent ta.Cali-
Jamie,' and ittipdteds are still exported. One
vessel whioh cleared .at Boston on 11 , loriday
took Cut fifty of them. California will soon
,be richly supplied with everything of value
that caq'add to the comfort of the settlers,
notwithstanding the great numbers of per
sons who-have gone thither. •
The locofocos of the' county of
Philadelphia . are getting up a (!eninnstration
in favor of Gen. Beim for Governor, very
malt to the annoyance of some few who
would like lb make Mr. Buchanan a , 'candi
date, and thus place him again upon the
track for a higher station.
WHITE PARASOLS.—The daintiest and
most aristocratic novelty ol the season, says
the Neto - Tork Metropolis, is thity white para
sol, or summer sun shade, hoed with a pink
or rose color, and 'supported, like a delicate
flower, upon a spotless stem ol ivory. These'
are yet but rare.
DISCOVERIES.—M. Lechaire, of Paris,
has discovered that the white of zinc is a sub•
stitute int white lead in oil painting. It
saves health, lite and money. M. de Ruoltz
has also discovered a paint which when
applied to the dampest and most saltpetred
walls, renders the surfitr firm and dry.
AssoctkrioN.:—The N: Ybrk Tribune
establishment is now' aloint stock concern,
diyided into "1610 shares ol • 51000 din;
which is owned as well by the employees of
the oltfirm as by the principals, Messrs.
Greely & McElrath.
kin (Dl.) Miner, of the 26th ult , states• that
during that .weelc three ladies of that town
gave birth to seven children—two of them,
two each, and the third, three!
New 'Mucttispncithi,
P:010 Air ER 7 S .
Confectionery, Fruit an Toy Store,
lic in general are respectfully invited. to
call at the Old Stand of the subscriber, (well ,
known as " Miss Kingles Head-Quarters) in '
North Hanover street, a few - doors north of the
Bank, and examine his largo. assortment of
factured of the best material, fresh every day,
and warranted not to be surpassed by any to
the States which will be sold at. reasonable
prices. He has jest received a large assortment
of Fruits and uts, consisting in part of OR
ens, Bordeaui and Pnper-shelled Almonds,
Filberts, cream-nuts, pen-nuts,.pocon-flute, &c.
which will be sold nt the lowest rates. He
vvuuld also invite ,attention to n large lot of.
Toy s. AND FANCY GOODS, consisting
partly . of finefancy boibs, dolls, doll-heads,
Furniture in boxes, wooden tea sets, brass and
tin trumpets, bone; basket and bell rattles, wa
gons and wheelbarrows, glass and China toys,
accordeons, harmonicans, fancy soap', Hair
oil, hair oil, hair .and tooth; Washes, shaving
cream and hundreds of other knicknneks. Lt
connection with , the. , alove be has on hand a
goad -, assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES,
consisting in part of loaf, lump and brown su
gars, Malice, • hoi elate, cheese and crackers.—
Imperial; Young Hyison and Black Tea. Spices
of all kinds, •blacking, matches, brushes„ &c•
^' The stibectiber returns hisinticurd thanks to
the public for the liberal' liitfrteinge heretofore
bestowed • on'hipit , and hopes by a desire to
please, to Merit a 'continuance of the atone. •
juil2'49 P. MONYER.tT
Estate of Niostouss HO , NrAIID,
is hereby ,given that Leh.
'tern of Administration on'the - Esinte of
Nieholits;Howard,lani of tbs 13orongli,of New
vine, dee'd, have been grantedlo - the enbscri
.ber residing. in - Mifflin . tovneip, Gurnb. co.
All persons indebted,tO,inld Mai() to make inn•
medino payment; and , those baying eleims , :to
presentAbern forneitleniont to_
' , ;GEO., KNETTLE, Adner,
- - -
au13 1 4%6 1
Estate,,of . GEQ. F I iWINO; deed..
.. :,,ternof .Adtninistratton 41,10 Estate of
.•EWIN,Ur,' late ofl 'Newton,' township
heen 'granted, to the
ittlidaribers. • All - p oisons indcibte,d to said es
tiite..,td mice 'lmmediate -payment' and those
hOing - elnitps to present-them .-
' ....•
3ut3;4pao'd " ,
Valuable . ~,•-•'
FM EL P EISPIX. embracing all the . himm.
clftie 'of,ganorat klinsyle,dge neeesaarttit canal.
flittzt a well=hefoimetti,ittatt-roonthining . able tree.
tine oil the tineatlmgOrtant. branches of ecienc•
iihYsicalitfilqhfiollicalltrid inoral;Paturat
itorzt Geography and. General ,
;LiferfUltro. Writ .hoIgSTO
and lb': elegontli Mined For
jcald V6Ak42ltoref f0r , 113i2,5440:fff
t n o,ll,NE ; *,:77..kfaih:fo;*fhionnbie‘
LIP ': , l3criner . c,Flowers anti Ribboh n o w opening
' , O ot '
jyr,,re m catit,ltTri"lta,:wlinf pfultßtoify,,
, : , :t . i;:x**tAo)iettioi . littiltt- - 3.
Extenpive •Furniture Room
• •
arActoz- ritivram .
respectfully call the•attention'of
eopers and the public, to the ex
stock &Splendid FURNITURE, inclu.
„,rd : ding Sofas, Vl , rardrobek Centro• ' and other Tables, Dressing and
`:• , ;• - :••' : • - •;'"'T.-,' Plain Burenua; and every vatic
" • ty orCabinet.ware and Chairs,
yhich,he on hand at his N E W
% ROOMS, on Leuthewstreet. near. the corner of
North Hanover street, in the rear of Powell &
Co.'s store.
lie is confident that the superior finish of the
workmanship, and elegance.of style; in- which
hie articles ..are . got .up,. together' with their
OTIiiIiNESS, : will recommend•them to every per.
sen ;wanting Furniture. Ho has also made ar
rangements for manufacturing and keeping a
.constant supply of every article in his line, both
'Plain and ornamental, elegant and useful, at
prices which cannot fail to suit purchasers. He
would earnestly invite persons who are about to
commence house-keeping, to call and examine
his present elegant stock, to which he, will con
stantly Make additions of the newest and most
Modern styles.
CO.FFINS made to order at the shortest no
ice, for town and:country.
- Carlisle. June 13, 1848.
• in - The late firm nf Jacob Fetter ce Son
having been dissolved, Jacob Fetter, sr., will
• carry on.the business as above.
next, the subscribers will expose to public
saloon the premises, in Frankforcr township,
Cumberland. county, - Pa, the 'farm lately oc
cupied by Daniel Gayinan, deceased, situate
in said township, on the road lending frOm
Mount Rock to Landisbtirg, about •three miles
distant from the line of the Cumberland Val
ley Rail Road. containing 130 ACRES of gore
land, all under cultivation but about twenty acres
of woodland, and in good' order with good
fences., About, - twenty acres of it is fine mea
dow, There i g running stream through the
. , place. The improvements arc a
Spa Two Story DWELLING
HOUSE, Log Barn and other
' necessary out houses. Also,. a
well aPnever•failinAyxater at the
door, and an
_ore hard _dev ering_thneiMfeh,-w
every frifielyof choice fruit. The place is' in
every respect an excellent lnrm. Possession
'will he given in• the fall if desired. Persons
desiring . to see it can do so by calling on Abra
ham Gayman, living: near Alter's or Frean's
Mill. Sale to comdtence ate o'clock, P.
when attendance will b'e given and terms made
• known by ABRAHAM GA YNI AN .
jai:Vats . Executors.
2:77Lnneaster 'Examiner publish till sale and
send bill to this office:
Corner of Chesnut & Seventh Street 3,
"For this has science sought, on weary wing. -
By shore and sea, each mule and liVing thing."
THE Proprietor of the American Museum,
New York, having immense facilities at his
command. has opened this Magnificent Eolith- •
lishinent in order to furnish a pleasant _chaste'
and instructive place of arnusetnent tor,l''A\ll-
Ll ES.
C I lILDR EN and others, end espeenilly
to persons from the neighboring towns, when
visiting the city. The edifice is large, airy and
comfortable. and has been fitted up with a de.,
gree Orc'ostly elegance unsurpassed in the world.
He has also filled it with the selection of curios
ities that could be ghthered from all sections of
the globe; and his facilities for adding to ihis
mammoth collection are greater than limy , oilier
individual enjoys. He has a correspondence
with Naturalists and agents travelling in all
parts of the world, whose sole business is to
procure every thing curious and Wonderful, and
let the expense be, great or small, ho will con
stantly add to thisgunequalled cabinet, as singu
lar and. ituerresting developentents are made in
the kingdom of tisane.
In addition to this, the splendid L.ECTUIIFS
ROOM will be the scene of most instructive,
musical, entertaining and agreeable periorman-
Ces. This apartment will accomodute from two
to three thousand. It is finished in a style supe
rior to the best British.Or Amefican Museums,
and is well adapted to the comfort of visitors.
Among the permanent attractions of the Mu
seum, and to he seen arall hours, are LIVING
GIANTS AND DWARFS, the largest and
smallest in the world. LIVING ORANG
seturorußE STATUARY. Groupe, size
of -life, representing THE INTEMPERATE
FAMILY. The Great French Scriptural
TON WRI MR, being the most aotouishing
piece of mechanism in the world. Grand
ING, Statues, Portraits and - '
The Inquiring millicin come net here In vain,
They letirit, they laugh, approve, and come again.
The Exhibitions and Performances in the
LECTURE Rouu, consist of Panoramas. Yankee
Stories, and Imitations by that comic genius
GREAT WESTERN, Comic Songs, Legerdemain
and Ventriloquism, Nem Delineation, Ej.etri
cal Experiments, &c. .§,e. The lilanagled
ges himself, that no profane word or vulgar ges
lure is ever intrdduZea-here, at'd that nothing
is ever seen or heard Which could bo objected to
by the moral and religious portion of the com
munity. In fact he intends this to be the FAM
ILY resort, where all may attend with pleasure
and profit, accompanied by their' Brothers, Sla
ters, Wiverr and Children. The Chickering
GRAND PIANO FORTE used here is from
the Wareroom of Edward L. Walker, No. 160,
under the Museum.
The Museum. is open every day in the year,
except the• Sabbath, from 7 o'clock A. M. till
10 , P. M. Such regulations are established and
enforced, as render it perfectly safe and pleasant
for LADIES and CHILDREN to visit the Museum
in the DAY.TEME; though unaccompanied by
gentlemen. Exhibitions and Perfutmanees
the Lecture-Room twice every day and oftener
on Holidays. , ON TILE POURTH OF) ULY, N ew
and extraordinary Attractions,will be introduced
and Perfornmeces ,take place at jittery*
throughout the day and evening..
June d.
THE PEOPLE, in Two Imperial Octavo
Volumes of. 040 pages each; elegantly bound.—
,This Popular Encyclopaedia contains ,p series of
articles qty the most important Wenches of Sci
ence; History, Geography and GOnerul Litera
ture, illustrated by - tipWaids'ef zelo,Zfi g ravin g e
and is sold at D R..RAWLINS'•• Drag and
Bonk Store for $3,00 ' (June 6)
TILE Subscriber as Agent for Andrew Hare
offers at private sale the tollowing descri
bed property situated on romfret st. cast of Bed.
ford street in thie Borough :
1. A Lot'of ground 35 . feet in front by 240 ft.
in depth, having erected-thereon in trent en
Pomfret 'street, a TWO.STORY FRAME
HOLISM, with n Brick: Kitchen; and in the rear
on Chapel Alley a one story LOG HOUSE.
2.'A Lot of .grotind adjoining thefabove 25 ft.
in front by 240 feet in'depth, witha it story
FRAME HOUSE'and'Kliehen, and a conve
nient Stable thereon erected.?''
The whole. of Alm abovdproperry is in good
contlitioh,:.and will be sold on, moderate and
atny;forms. • et. IL PARKER.
-Bidding Lots
.1 - I WILL otfer for.stileoif tdrme whiOb will b 6
modo • ronsonablo,. - Four BUILDING. LOTS,
on' Pitt stre - otnnd.Five - LOTS•situated on north.
. . . . . _
, streetin this biOreugh . :' , They. are Mumle.d in a
part'ofi the taWn . Which is rapidly filling AN and
f A
''''where f 'Y proper ly;ie.:Lee:tensing; irr,valilel .If not
sold be ore,SPAY; the 21st oug...nest,
'they Will. en,th't , dity be:eiaeeed'to'p'ublie WO
on the Aifemi 1: , -IndisputSble 'titles . will- , be
given june.6, • : ''..MIIN'A 11.1141R1C1 - T. •.
ElE l) ,fl l4 r l m S°- o lli f. t H i° art ° St f fp alte e bas e . t ti3hi hts d P a;Tb ' e - en "-
mutual' conaelit t iond all, the
books and pappre.will.remain in dm banda , of S.
c° 11(3 9. 110 9t .1.. :1,1V:;.,1141/11Ni - f:k
'.'q u " 1493111
l'im.,bitemeas will be continneal by,SAlll:Ublli'
Si Pp; , ontl , holt.Opes!tiy a j triot. , et tennon' to , buii.
nkaa to receive a seti Publio. , palronage.7 -
Hui stock •,of beat.' lie.
_OQATiV coneiatinak'df,ccalleeksinithei
Lirnoburnera, and MOM .will'hbe kept constantly '
on bant__
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