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athe:gieech deliVe;ed; in the United
Statea Senattkon last
.Thursday week, by
. .
the .146 n. WartsrEit, that emi
nent Statesman thus expressed himself
in 'reference. :to the true value of New
Mexico, - otin;of:the Mexican States which
is to be purchased by out
. Government
under the• Treaty orPeace : • .
*rNew of-New
'Mexico. Of that, forty- •
nin4. fiftiet!:s. at least is :a mere barren
Waste Of desert plain or mountain. There
• is no 'wood, no timber--little faggots to
• light a fire 'carried tbirty,er forty miles
. .no natural fall of
„reins, as 'in . temperate climates. The
place and scene:ate Asiatic enormously
..high Mountains, running up some to the
height of ten ,thousand feet, With very.
narrow valleys, at their bases, through
• which' streams sometimes trickle along;
• a garter-winds along, throtigh Ihe - thread
of inns. Grande : from afar
in the Rocky MOUntains down to the lati
tude-ef-about thirty-three degrees, some
• three er:Teur. hundred miles. There
these sixty thousand. persons an.. In the
mountains, on the-right arid the left, are
streams whose natural - tendencies wou ld
be as lateral streams to . 116 w into the Rio
Grander:n(l% . in certain seasons ofthe
year,•When the rains have been abundant
inltim,rnetiritains,-some of them do actu
ally reach the Rio Grande, but the great
er part of them always, and all of them
• Tor/ar' greater part of the year, never
reach •an outlet of the sea. They are
absorbed in the sandy and - desert plains
of the country. There is no culture any
where, save that which can be obtained
by artificial watering or irrigation. You
can have this along the narrow valley of
the Rio Grande, in the gorges of the
mountains, where - the streams are; but
you cannot have it down along the course
of th6se streams that lose themselves in
the sands.,
- "Now, sir, there is no public 'domain
'in New Mexico; there is not a iota of
land to be sold by the Government;
there is not an, acre that will become-ours
when the 'country becomes ours—not an
• acre. But, more than this, the country.
is full bf-people,.such as !hey are,..-Therei
is no. I • cr •• tho
settlement of our planters at fanners.—
There will go, I. dare say, 'speculators,
traders, some of them adventurers, tired .
of the good country in the valley of the
Mississippi, who desire to wander; but I
undertake to say there will not be two
hundred farmers - or planters from the U.
States in New Mexico in the next fifty
years. . They cannot live there. Do
0-01.04t0 'hey nrot nipg in inial.a..o
lands-Which cannot be made productive
in the slightest degree without irrigation ?
The- people that are there produce little
and live'npon little. I believe the cha
racteristic of our farmers throughout this
'country is to produce a good deal and
consume a good deal. Again, New Mex
ico is not like Texts: I had hoped and
• still hope that Texas is to he filled up by
A population like ourselves— the
Spanish race, not by peons, not by coarse,
ignorant, vulgar landlords, with tribes
of slaves around them, predial and other
[Mr. Rusic. Will the honorable Sena
tor allow .ine one word? I did,not like
to interrupt the Senator when he was
• reading an account of the country lying
in the valley of the Nueces. When that
country, comes to be known, it will be
found as valuable as any portion of Texas.
From its source to its mouth, the Valley
of the Rio Grande will be found to be the
same thing: I did not choose to iterrupt
the honorable Senatowbut we do not
claim it as an indemnity, believing it to
be our just and equitable right. , So far
as 'Mexican population is concerned,
thereis a.gobd deal of it now in Texas,
• highly' respectable, and amongst them
those_who.have distinguished themselves
as patriots, men of intelligence and of
worth. These are coming over and_set
, ding in Tins, oncoumged by the pros
pect ot peke.] . •
Mr..,WEnsrEtt.' I take what I say in
regard, the. valley of the Rio Grande
„trent .the:.staiement of INlaj.. Gaines. I
ant - glattto hear that there is a part of it
'lit' for, the fort, civilized man. I am.
. glaiCto hear, alio;:iliat there are some of
thtkiiithithitanta'of.-Neiv Mexico whb 'are
..notso besotted.with their miserable condi
tion as not To Make .tiome effort to ge
-.out,of the country, and'come into a bet
Ter ”
Sir, I,would, ifj hadrtime, call the
tention.of. 00,Seruttg:te4 - veryinstructivo
i'titia'ah;*e . ,Was made in die.other House
by ConnectiCut. He
dnd,.Corieslionded:o:iltik.all our agents.-
- '`o.o".o*,,e,COh' - doatOinii.'4ll: their communi-,
~;c4tioria,, l tiiii;l'ciimmend' it io . evely Man,
who Wishes to know
- 7 ---- . --- jWhae,wi - _ -- are - aliout -, M - acquiro - by:th e au=
N e.km9xiqe
___ is secluded iiolatc;&—vphice.britself—'
:lii'ilifitMiddleitthizi mountains; fiViihun•
triii4,4: believe; fropti , Texas '
.. ---r- ies fiorn,
wi,i, t , DT,',,„ Five hudredm' , •
11 t Latr• '".--- • ons of Texas.] _, ,
:Idle eet,tled PPnj ..--- rtirt4er'fronl arlY
'' bri' MErarren•
not `belong .; any
v - '''' 4, L .:- fn 1 1 Iv does
- ' hereT ,o 8° ' - 14Worigings -—7
elAtlihei,h' it'hal i, n ° l i ;Ei Absolutely. mere
,''"ttlVsifi I#lliqt,°m, erlt ' I fvo'm communication,
, - 1/firi: tau 'Buti "P.l l ! t ' rid'‘ than lb(' „§j6"l"
;',/wpti lit ty llir a‘. l °?- 1 t .t.h, ,iskids, in
l ita
~.,,t v Yiwa . "" 6r most,4 - r hrd 012
' * I'l +.l B *' ~ .-
‘, fit premeB , a
~l,the itanifin''tllceitY44l` iciar/Intlnitely less
~Typeeenu'l:theill4 Pk 4naito!l4,94l\iihe.,
" 4eleyafig,in:,inA
_,,Nk tailanda;.l ar en;
'' n le' of thentanuwic - /far leis fit to,
- R e ,Pi,. ~, , f, our i isSC l eiatioq . 1 , ,I, [help,
World , ' ''' ° • hens tntin a e
' 'Benhat°Srsandwich +lsialda-;-Ifar'.
h better Clail
habitant°f ' - hey t e ~, , s cociv
less/vorthY at°
e' hborhoch.. - . t
' lifitid'atut - in'ouir I,g
,t, choctattiat
n''''' 1 ti 011ernkes'` 1 p wnees;
, nen it /cpt $„ , giii orth ° . e
' it' Yen t d g e 't
illiafrefiricliiiiiiiab,dA .
'l l . h e Bla ftfeeeltb° . ,st •./ t
, .
hein 111',
4. ivr4offig, N7r4A T,lrm /atistlitlith t - '
~,."' h ttl ialiatr3 t Thr `',•r° ,
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I 7 ')t.f 03,1• ' , .
i s "1 "TV
C '
W' . T. !
!stead of the pp;ordp'of t - ew Melico.
'They, have' no, notionpf :our institutions,
or Of any freet_in*StithtionSdAlrhey
no notion aff,our, poptilar goveraronat;r--
Not the '; elightestkth ':earth.:;:t;Andiithe,
stitution is, faisicab tOtrdle:ofatiCit:a
people: itialtingri t constitution; They, do
not knOvitVe triedning of tha
4:11) not-know its import; - they know
ingall 'itbbittit:- tell ! , you,
sir, that' when' w m
e lave , adii ir terri
tory; and uriSh:io tittle it a 'Binte, so(cit tl
constitution as the , Executilie- power . of
this Gavernmeni thinks fit to send them
will be sent ancradopted. The constitu-
tion of our fellow-citizens of New,Mexi
co will be framed in the City of Wash . .;
ington. Now, what says Col. Hardin in
regard to Ne'iNlVlexico, that most lament
ed and distinguished officer, whom I well
knewas a member of the. other
. House,
and whose depth I did most deeply de
plore? He dives a description of New
Mexico, and speaks of the people of that
country in these.terms.:
"The people are on a par with their
land.- One in two hundred or fire hun
dred islrich and lives like:a nabob; _the
' rest are peons, or servants sold for debt,
work- for.- their- masters, and-are- as
subservient as the slaves of the South, and
look 'like - Indians; and, indeed, are not
more...capable of self governnient. One
man, Jacebus Sanchez, owns three-fourths
of all the' -land sour colunin has passed
over in Mexico. We are told we have
seen the best part of Northern Mexi
co; if so, the whole of it is not worth
I need not read the whole extract. Ho
speaks of all Northern Mexico, and New
Mexico is not the better part of it. Sir,
there is a recent traveller, ivlio is not un
friendly to the United States, if .1 .May
judge from his works, for he commends
us-ev.ry_wher'e... He .is -an Englishmen,
and his name is Iluxton. I believe his
work is in the library, and I suppose
itiat gentlemen have seen it. He gives
an account of the morals uneinanners of
these . people, and, Mr. President and'
Senators, I will take leave to introduce
you to these, your soon-to-be respected
citizens of Mexico.
"It is remarkable that, alfhong% exist - rf.:
from the'earliest times of the colonization Id
New Ilexico, ti. period of two centuries, in
' a state of continual hostility with the on
merous savage tubes of in,Aans, who sot
rounded theirderi itory, and in constant Llsc
ett•ity of life mid properly from their attacks;
being also far removed from - the enervating
influences of large cities, mid in their isola
ted situ Mon entir •ly dependent or, their own
resources, the inhabitant• are totally
ute of those qualities which, for did ab6ve
reasons, we might unmorally hare expected
to distnigaish them, and are as deficieorii,
energy 01 c aracter am p tystcal conrave lIS
_ ..
qualities. • In their sochil state, but one de
gree removed from the veriest savages, they,
might taite lessons even from these in nit
lathy and the, conceptional decencies of life.
imposing, no - lestrant on their passions, , „ :
shameless and universal colicabin age exists,
and a total disregard of moral laws, to which .
it would be impossible to find a parallel in
any country calling itself civilized-. A want
of honolable principle and cousnannate du
plicity end- tieachery, characterize- all their
dealing, Liars uy imture, they are, treaen. ,
erous and faithless to their friends, merald!
and cringing to their enemies; cluel as all
cowards are, they unite savage FeineUy with
their want of animal coinage, as an exam
pie of which their recent massacre of Go v ;
Bent and other Aleticans may be given—
one out of a hundred instances."
"One out of a hundred instances;"
and these are so; to lie our beloved
conntrymen !
THE 13ljj 11111°E,
lal HE subscriber hue opened a handsome
stock of FALL and WINTER GOODS,
to which he would cull the attentron of the
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After looking throng!) the market, just an.
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street, nrid for the Chen I will give yott,a
good bargains no can be got in the state
Carlisle, Octobor 6.11447,
lirre sillegicines•
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tbe.oloin;Norlh}Nangver sireet;uestily;Op,
poiite . the Carlisle Banic.'; ' - .
• December! S., tV,AVEpSTiCK
', ' 'l l th 1'144 iirit-le'
/ 4 ~ 7140; egaboori C
------ ii' L l,iint riiiiiPliklidelphin a new .
7 ' X `-' -6 • CORUGS.MEDICINES,
~ ~,safttntnt 9
_ AA
AA , r A
r''•- I * :1141/4iTtrl;jelM!ninletitil4:
,r • ,Iya._ jr 2,,,,,,ty,•Aliithican,
DA vatrartc4,•••••;l , . ii
..41001))thlt:4115.11e4rei '' Pi1.4.9411tP,,:;,;_qt'.."?-:'1
who will
;3 ,o, sipeat.; , ,iii t
I tcu r emb c r ,T, r i 14 -0 ff ,r-11.1,!'")-s,,t
- Redd Diipcit.- ' 3 a vv,„,if togilfili p 4
ii)Voll. 10, 1817 .
, ~ '
.. i,,te..
! . iitrip unit;;lTiptligttir,,thut,ett',.,tho e 4T'`.
'.:. ' '',`q.thii"ntli . i irr i fi ei i i ,!r g iti'clAthsrit'A 1 :9
difeire. 'DM'. i.eV Oy7s'Plil.erek,riew
thielvhstijiitiViiiiieiiiiiiil;,'Oild!lurdit isiliihettlii%
x plifeei fi . roltqotlieee'..tif:'tlte' iiiin-6'.'titiiiii.;'Vliiiis:
.011 i are eomji3Ofetl'ollihrinfliigreillensilael,fib.
two jirinetplii . oneir are %Sfrilintiarillhlitii . •Wllill
,Chorry,,seanited chid they •fietttngetlier ;:, the _ one
through its admixture with othetratilisfinfaMitit ,
rifying antl..p:arging.,?vhilt”theoiller,iti,stresigth-!
cuing the system. t{ 1 hus ! thoselikillo2lnf?e. it, Olt -
Seale .iiihU. lihire On'tl:. 0 0, Suil iKii n . 4 1 014 90 . turn '
long and eagerly,soilghCloi• b,i.mpLih,eftYtnen,.:bilt,
never - before di seordred. 'l;nibtlii;r Air,ords,..they:qc,
the work of two metliAies,'MMl do'firiitteV.Aiet-.,
ter shim any 'Nvti•letiow ori for' thity- remove
- unling front- the, systetri,b,upttlie I mpurities, so
that:while they 'Petrgeihey ctrengthen;iiiidlionce
they chute no debilitation, and 'are , follewedrty
1110 reaction. Dr. Le Roy's Pills haveM .wondert ,
ul influence on tho blood; they, not ohly..purily.
without weakoningit, but they remove all-riox.
inuspartieles,l rem the chyle,kefore It is,etinvis.
tied into fluid; riod thus make impure blood an
.utter - impossibili ty. Ai there is no debilitation,.
so there ie no onuses or flick neva atteitilitig the!
operatints of this 'mist excellent of medichtett,
which never strains or tortures the digitate rune
tionnbut causes them to work fops' perfectly oat
oral manner; s n it hence pnriotts taken them -tIO
not become pale and emaeisted,bm the contrary,
fig While it is theproperty,orthe -Sarsaparilla,
united as it is with other ingredients; to. remove
all that is foreign end iinpurc t 4..ia ftntlaliy.„ . the_
property attic Wild Cherry to relent ail that is
itittoral,Mul sound ; and Itimee a rebind' State qr,
health is the cettain.resultof their united opera:.
tioics. . ...
-• 'For sale in Carlisle be Dr. .1. :7. Nfyersotole
.ient, and by Fishy and Kissinger,'ln Kingstown.
geiertte . box 9..5 r.ts.: ,
t'ai•ltiaeli .." 101)147 ' '
Il' 14ts pow ir to cause all external SORES,
POISONOUS WOU,NDS, to discharge-their put
tell matters, and . then -heals them.. •
It is rightly terthed All-healing, for there is
scarcely a disease, extermil, or internal, that i.
will toot benefit, - I hate used it for the last lour
teen years for all diseases of the chest, consnmp
.lloit and Jiver, involving the , utmost danger and
responsibility,and_l_declurebeforo heaven-and
nine, thtat not one single casei's it failed to ben ,
•etit when the patient was w ithin 'the • reach 'of
mortal means.
i have had physicians learned in the Profession.
I have had ministers of the Gosml,illnigetreftla
bench, Aldermen, , Lawyers, gyntleinett •or thre
highest erudition, and multiindels of theliooruse
it in every variety of way and there has been but
one voice—one univetisal voice ---saline, "Mc-
Allister, your Ointment is GOOD."
CONS UNI 1"TION.-11. OH hardly be credited
that a salve eon have nny - effect upon the lungs
1 crated as they are within the. ss stem. litit, if
',Weed upon the elicit, it penetrates to the limp
silpa rat es the poi SOUMIS 11211licieS Illa I are consu
ming them, stml expels them from the sy dem.--
It is curing persons of Consumption continually.
lilt A DACHE.---The salve lets cured persons
or the headache of 12 year's shuttling. add who
hail it rzgolar every week so that vomiting often
took place. - • "
Deafness nitd Ear Ache are helped with like
suceeis. - .
ItIIEUMATISM.-It removes almost imme
diately the iciltinintion and swelling it hen "the
i pain ceases. Head the direction around the hoz.
CO1.1) FIC 1 1.11:.---Consumptio n , Liver tom
.4vtaint,imitt-in,tho-elicsi or side, fallii.g c
hide one girdle other ,always necolopatties cold
- Evict. ('Phis ointment is the true remedy.) It is
a sure sign of disen w e to have cold feet.
to serefola, old sores, cirysibeliti, saltrhetim,
car ,r the'
liver complaint, sore -rj•es,iitiliiiy;-inre-ilti:eatt,
bronchitis, broken or sore breast ; piles, nll client
diseases such as asthma, oppressions, mon—also,
lore lips, chit plied hands, iumnrs,ctitaincouset•upv
(tens, iteryous ii sea see nod of the spine, there is
tio medicine now known as good. ••
SC kLD .11EAD.....,AVe have clued crises Oat
net mill) deficit every thing known, as well ns the
aid lily of t s'o• 20 doctors. Otte mutt told us he
Inufspent $5OO on Iris children witlrtut say bane
tit i wh e n,,i; 11;1;•glo.s-17-alli";.V:aittlffIggteerefiep
than any oilier t
11U It NS.--It is the'best thing in the worldly
Ilm•ns. (Read he directions around the hos.
WORNIS.-- t will drive every vestige of them
There is probably no medicine on the face of
the mush at once so sure aud so safe in the expul
sion of worms.
CORN . S.--Occasional use of the Ointment will
always keep corns from growing,. People need
never be ti oubied x ilh them if dirt will use it.
P11.E8.--Thousands are yearly cured by mit)
utmeat. • •
•Sole'propt let ens of tic above medicine.
4 04 , 0T10N --No OINTMENT will be genii
no unless the nomes'of James McAllister nr
mimes McAllister S.: Co., are,vritten Wiih a pen
upon every label.
Sold by Samuel Elliot, S. W. flaverstlck said
Dr..I.J. Myers, in Car'isle,.l, S.: L. Reigel, Me
chanicsborgt Singiser k Paul, Cburclaown, s a d
John Diller, Newsille.
Let None Despair.
THOMPSON'S - Compound Syrup of To:
and Wood Naplithla, for the care of In.
cipient Consumption, dltronic Catarrh, Asth.
ma, Broncattie, Obstinate Cough, Liver Corn
plaint, Spitting of Blood, Pulpitation•of the
Heart,Snd ull kindred diseases atilt) Respire
tory Organs
• Thi% preparation now so extensively used,
tins no parallel as an efficient remedy in the
eines cf diseases for which it is applicable lie
peculiar cemposilion enables - it - ti — ccer - 16 - a
kindly manner upon diseased pignuts; soothing
irritation., quieting the coughand inducing an
easy expectoration, thus freeing the lungs end
air vessels from eilbpsive matter, which other ,
wise wauld aggravate disease and ultimately
result in confirmed eimatimptien .
To public speakers this medicine is inviiht•
able,rendering the.yoiewelitar.and Strong, and
removing any predisposition to - ob.:axe in the
Lungs and Bronchitis • . •
See What a Physician Says.
.The following front Dr: Young, the astin•
guislted oculist: " • • •
• • Philndelnhia, Januaryl I:1; 1847
. Having used In-my practice Os well Ss in my
ntvn family, .Thomaoh , e'Coinpolind'Syr , np ul
Tar and Wood Naphtha; 'I havrtio hesitation
in saying -that it is the user raarsrstfcitiOrthe
kind in' tie.forpersons suffering•frani Can- .
suraption, Coughs, Colde and all affootiana-nf
_thii 'Throe!, Breast; Ito, prairalik 'id' this
season of the year ' 'll
%VM YOUN9,,M:D.I 52 01ictell.r"co r t
• Thls' invaluable , in'eilieine . )i:il
Angney & Dtekson;at;N. F ; corner Fifth' and
Spruce streets, Philadelphia'
Sold by R.. AMINE V..' Citilialo:Y'
cts per bottle—Ss pet 06.10
' A1 . ; 4 \711 0--:' r '6 , 1 4., \ ;:100:i , r.'
' :1:11 J1 11 0.1 1 .1 1 11114 ' ' :' : lt : ''
':::': ::,. 4 01 1 '
:i 11011*,i.
,Ork4 1 11 ' *:• -
!,I ,V_Zi;
_. .- -',', ..
' 1 1: 1 j11 :,.. '' ' 1
; ; CP- 4. . -, 11ii , .0.. , :: '
‘1 \'' Vl'I r- ' 7 '' , - . 9 ',.. • '_.........-
, ...,,_.„, a t iv.. ~.."1 .
' '` , 'Fi.. , " - .. - 7:03, ;
10 is -,g . ,,, , „ 1, , ,
, 1 t. if. , -tr
'”' tr - li i\-- Jell ,
" •
‘ N stv' E •qi4 ,l lo ,lt is dor x ,6 :77:: il o i :J ed c'
.I,ti'moTHEH:ba d v i l ,, n o t i h s ipcidoin'tei'the
• til:Mih;kili'PC Caiiviilsiorio.'id"*"
to infl.nOl‘,f3.tic,l!`” o , ti cum ,' a loordered•
d 1 Q u ta s
lt°6ll°6''''6"l°bnell4e• ikrat
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, 1
1'1793,-41ftrni T 2 b t
W11 ; . 1) . r t d ra 'B o7: i r r : o . 1 8
; 1 ;1 '1 7 : 1:1M o
„ a : i t 8 1 1 1 1 1 . 7 1 : 11,7311 dv
, -•- • oleo, 4' l ott o 1
: ', 41 P1 1 4 f ! j ; Vl ' 4 it..0,45 1 4;4 1 , I rt
' l ' s
' - - g
To PrOaserkoraranAndlteel•-
nrillAlflkklitioribersOlmpostetritiendllDe alek
- 114, 12Y , totailoitandAmatirfanlIrliik;bet leave,
to call. thattrocition Offifirehaiets of IRON and
4Aee'lbVWras) l l )llo l,o)fuOP,43ide
t6 PVPB IIII 3‘.,c-.l4ble.okid Cc l al 9 loo 7Elleiiih'lroki
which thirAtow. , have dolliarekkortstantly,
civlng from L'urove 'direct. Also fAmerioan;
con, consisting : ' Of If
Anseiblal,ind f Ardeileaielghilselron r,
Small Round and &inure' I rkm,front o.l6ths',
and upwards; Boiler " and ritke•lkon;liorisel
"Jl and Nai Rods, Axle Iron,,varibus eizeav
LOCerriotivc,Tkrenied,,Rhilrogdj Iron e•Aeg le i
Irdn;,llllf,rOnadlron,'&l3. anil
cdo•Sicel,irdraz be tamp Swbde
Chit land .Sheer Stoolaie. all of 'Which they
offer tho LOWEST rate's, for cash, or irt•
six months for approved `,refeiene, and 'lOl
whieli they , intito the 'attention of purchasers
before.ripienislilnk theilstocke,
Also, fig - ankl - Blk om Iron received on coin.
mission; on which advances will bet made.
R p,s azgllß INK, -- -
iron and Steel Merchants,
117 N. Water St.'and N: Del, Allenue, Philo
July 28, 1847—1 y
w ume.itie anti Retail;No:2B4-111ailiefstretit,
9th door above Eighth sticet,suutli
- IPut.r.sununis, ;
Composes ono of the largest and moat beant
ful assortments of HATS, CAPS and MUFF .
in the Unionised of the latest and most 'an
proved styles, manufaethred undir the 'lmmo
diutc superintendence of the subscriber,3n the
best 'lnserter, Of' prune materials, and will be
sold at the lowest popsible'm ices for cash.
The assortment embraces a splendid variety
of Silk, 111.'10'61E1n, Beaver; Brush, Russia, Nu
tria and other RAT'S, of beautiful finish,and
-a-complete stock °fell kinks of Cloth, Glazed,
Fur and Plush CAPS, of life Most desirable
pattons,tegmher with a supply of Muffs, Furs,
Buffalo Rebus &c. •
Country Nrerchtila and others aro respect
follv invited to 1311,11i110 the atoek. which they
will find it to . their advantage to do befstre
purchasing, Ss ii is his determination, having
adopted the.Caela Ryden), to_soll for Cash only,
and at - t
Philapelphia, Doe. 1,1847-6 mo
AzzEcumeuvir nousrk
. 280, Market Sleet, Philadelphia.
/HE Slibscribur (late of the
Washington Hotel, Harris
in 11., burg. Pa) takes this method of
forming his old friends and the pub s .
lie generally, that he has taken the 'above na
med HOTEL.. The house is wiry and comfort
able, and has . been extensively altered and
Unproved, and the proprietor hopes by a s.riet
attention to business and a proper care for the
comfort of his guests, to merit and receive a
share of public patronage. The house is situ
ated very conVenient for the travelling public,
beingonly two doors abgve the Harrisburg and
Pilsburg Depot, and within two minutes walk
of the" Baltimore and Reading „Depots. STA
BLING attached to the premises, Tprms $1
per day. E: P. HUGHES, Proprietor,
A ugustg3, 1847-3 mo.
TUE most extOnsiveClothing VVareliousa
in the United Slates. Re,open.for-W-in
tet. 100,000 Garrnentson hand and ready for.
disposal, Wholesolu and Retail.
. . .
To patrons
... we would say, that having but
one price, those who arc not dealers or - dn, nut
understand' the real valuation price of goods,
will huv9 an gpportunity. of purchasing Gar.
meniiinns Viiir•its professed judges Jorbbers
and dealers in-ready made 'Milting can re,
plenish their'itaeks 'for 'the Winter, and we
grni•ruttitm 111.1.• tom P t,il ti deloll in to select from. We tittt , nd personally
to the packing of goods, and see that a good
essortment of sizes and well made articles are
put up. Single suits forwarded as per order.
o4r goods arc for sale only at the large
huPiling, 128 Market street, southeast corner
of Market and Fourth streets, Philadelphia.
October 13, 1847.
Family Grocery :
'TIDE subscriber takes this method to inform
Isis friendsond the public in general that he
has just opened in the house lately occupied by!
Dr John Armstrong anal three doors east of .1 lift
1) Rhoads' Warehouse. a large and general as
sot totem of Family Groceries, such as Teas
Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, Chocolate and Spices o
eves . ). d Iscriptims. Also, a large and well selec
Willow-ware, thrushes; Buckets, Sit. &c. To
harco of every description, from the common
smoking tobacco, up to Woodward's best hooey
Dew caymans!). •
The p iblio are respectfully invited to call and
mufminelsos stock before I eying elsewhdte, as he
flatters himself that Ise cannot fail to please them '
both in price and quality.
N. 1 1,—Ilis [metals from the country w II find
it to thetradvantage to give Ittm ti call s the store
isectsveniesttly situated,Just a few steps from Mr
Imads7 (orbs's'.
Carlisle. June .2, I Rdi .16S. n. lIALBERT .
. - crourApaaa. -- pp — .
INIHE attention of the inibilo is respectfully
invited to, a NEW., AND SeLEN DID
. . .
Hardtirate & 'Pain ts,
which lhavo juct,fcceived from the City, and
whichl am- determined to soli at.tho LOW—
I do nut pretend that I' Import any JGoeds
but bey their in the City all for CAin,
and of eoareeget them
.at the lowest rates.--
Thopulific i ther'clore invited to become
neiluitinted, with .the prices,andthen call on me
and if Ida not sell better goods. is low and a
filth fairer than' the Importers, I shall not ask
themid tiny, ',II' will !subjoin , the'prices 'of a
few 'articles.
Ono' liondrodl - , - Klige'•;of taila ,
Keg one iiindredlegs,.:White Lead, 82 - per
of 26 lbs,; 2000 lbs., Grindstones, 1 1-2
to 2 cents per lb, and all inholuoada at egoally
O j Call, and aaii at ihe.sold'atan‘ip North'
- klonoSer Street,'Sign , qthe
...-^-• P..4r1,1E,
Ca r I i ale; 'Air it 7;1847 ..•
, .
• : •• •• •
HAT' CAP - lib PAUFFSTORE: - 1••••
Til sutmorib'er haayetently:'ritartied Ilioni
alty ; Nrith Alamo ;and lashimiable-nilditidn
to his .stook, and is' nowareliared. to furnish Li tics" ;•
and %Antimafia With all the Usual Articles in.
hir line,-Sit,-,the-•mciptTrigliorillbli; ri c e . . Itto ,
Attack will be found to. onnalat.of n.rioh 'and de: ,
gant..assortment .of.-111Q1;ESKIN,,,4gitivEit,„
12A148$ A t FUR :15i4WCIOL' tiler S, 'vOr'y :hand
.tntmoly , fi ni siled • ; • i•• 1 : 1 R,' , .(.11.43T.1-1 0 4 ; „1 , 31LF,D ,
SILK d4r9l,oUtlies
-m uxi•Fg•l :14-Adiblr kniteilete.utuditYV •
• 'Gratin j ed ifiss;Pheral -patronage of fife old:
and steady. cuitomers;'it'itttords Tim - great plea--
safe o,lllllltilip;lllflrVA:thiiinilfinalgliniloc
ape OdVanlageoes tollitintslSol
to give him:a;e~t~l helore rivaling eiseirlierel. l
• . ;.,"1 lioeLliiill'wSet,l,:i,
oath Hantireratreet.'
Carlisle, October '20.411147..• ;1',1(4
, Tayno'slratiglpeNodicines'
• • eipturisi•.fiquiliCtAglakoveLiiivatile
• /lig utirt • • 4'7.
'woulo vei r iartiler 7'-.•' •
1 Y,4,t141..!4 T •
rir 74),
zi„iil9: •
- - , v04 1 :60.1°Y , 91 1, PqA I
r• • •
11" , -
Ni • Ane ,
- -
yOkth.e3l:o3l69iatitri4.pcnn ac •
ont team, .orall
roaa,inip.ure etate,of the
13 Clod and t ha, b if, ; via, t, to if. e;
chroalet - diseasearofoliii“Chent, - Ithiaiiiiy; l l3in:',
chitis — ,4 3 icarrhitotth'' , all its ft:4aq;
.. i - tirretter; : iSeald head, Cuitifieoffli 'a ff eetions of the
.t . iface and extrethifflifietehronie'lthetimatistNnad
• t - Thiliatetis; chionie.Enlargerdentai of theloints,
It iititutionedisordersiarisingfromdebilityiMerl.
eurialmfid - Hereditary.predtspesitioni i ,
. ,
, - , 3)Crliireierfehafike
bridW it telhatiifear that' it' ialirought`abraiebY
something. having Oicistinee.' -Jr we
suppose The (ironer:tar body , brigithillY,Perfeet,
they Inuit continue perfect unitise changed by the
intervention, of. t something tltat bearstarr unbeal.
thy relation to it. • 'caseit'Or disease; there
must be the intorpdsition of smile now ingredient
which by playing it's 'parts as a cause, served to
modify the properties before connected with the
body.. It is absurd fo talk of spontaneous disease
- taking p lace in organs previously healthy, with
out the interposition of sonic morbific agent ; ,as
vrellMiglit - we — expeatwpirtee Of'ohalk-io transfer
itself spontaneously. into Plaster of Paris, without'
'the aid of Sulphuric Acid. In ell disease-there is
a prior mum which- must be removed. thro' the
agency of the - 13lood.• :For this purpose there is
ne' remedy . superior to the-Panacea. Iri evidence
the following is subniitted to the public:
Philadelphia, June 7, 1847.
• Ileving.beeßopprisedof-thentiture of thepan.-
seen, it affords me mach pleasure , to•be'ablb to
.recommend- it_ as a vatuabletremedytfor Wl' thew
chronif, copstittitional.and glandular diSeases; . to
)vliich it is espebially adapted. To those who are
afflicted, and require medicine es an alterative,
they cannot obtain it in a there 'agreable, nave
and uniform state than is to be the Pant:
aced. I have used it in several instanles -
cider!' and eigniil success. Yours, &c.
, D. Airaison, M.' D.
Prepared dnd sold at' the North West corner
of Third and South streets, Philadelphia,•
toiled in Carlisle by S. ELLIOTT. Put up in
pint bottles at $1 per bottle. ft b 23
Biandretlits' Pills.
----. N0 . 1311 - ANGES in the Weather will mate.
fierily affect the body
. if the blood is Pure:—
Every, individual, even the Most diseased, has
within him a.germ or root of that original pure
blood of our •common mother - Eve.... which
germ of*Toure blood is the Supporter of his life,
and is in constant 'struggle to throw off the
heterogeneous, corrupt humors, which aro the
.of disease in the individual... By ;mtg.
I ing the body of this diseased individual of its
- had humors, you allow the germ of pure blood
to gain ground and to make blood of a better
quality, and so on progressively till the whole
mass is regenerated ; for tile good principle,
or good pure blood, if , always striving to b
predominant over the bad or diseased humors.
I Let all who wish to be of a fine healthy habit;
i who wish to he l ve a sound mind in a - sound
body; who desire to be able to stand without
injury the continue] Oranges of Otis climate;
who desire to have healthy children, use the
13rendreill Pills, wilLeffectually-e,leanree
the blood of all bud trr corrupt humors, and
restore the human. body to the awe of health
enjoyed before the jutroduction Of mineral
medicines. Remember Brandreih's Pills place
within the reach of all health and long life.
take them so as to produce a br isk-efieel, and
your riokness will be the affair of a day or
two, while those, who.are too. wise to follow
this common_ sense advice; will be sick-for
months. Lef the sick enqutre of the agents
for Brand;eth's Pills whether these things are
so or not. . Let them enquire among tlicir
friends and ask tbe.sompuuestien, Verily if
EVlDElTCL'ir7l7vrTnled it shall be procured._
'l'4 the suck let me say,nse the BRANDREII
PILLS. Man will be born to dujs of bliss,
compared to what has hitherto been his lot,
weighed down as he has been by disease, in
firmities xindlufiering, which r °Jean* pow•
Nailer know how to alleviate, Nail this discovery
Was presented to Om world. The, weak, the
feeble, tire infirm, the nervous, the delicate.
are imu.ft.w days strengthened by their ope'
La 0..., "...a •i.u. worst eeinplitibte are removed
by perseverance without tho expense of a phy•
skirl n. Adopted to all circumstances and sit•
tuitions, they are the best medicines ever in•
vented for families, or to lake to sea, prevent•
ing scurvy and costiveness;requir ing no eirang
of diet, particular regimen, or care against ta.
king cold.
N. B. There is no surety that you get the
genuine lIRANDRETH PILLS, unless you
purchase of the duly authorized Agent.
The BRANDRETIPS MIA, a re sold fur 25
cents per bon, at Dr. IL Brandreth's Principal
Office, 241 Broadway, New York, and by the
I owing.duly authorized Agents:
Wm. S. Powell, New Ouraberiatild.
.1. G. Miller '
M. Hillier, Shiremanstown.
J. Sr. L. Iteigel, Mechaiiiesburg.
Ceo. W. Singiser,
'As. It I). teithelr, Roiling Springs.
1). L. Beelman, White House P. 0.
Rosenberg Fs' Welting, Centreville.
James Kyle, Jacksonville.
• Edward Scull, Shippensburg.
S. L. Setnntan, Newburg.
Sold in Carlisle, by CHARLES BARNITZ
Sole for this borough.
The. Great English. Remedy,
Dr. Barber's Liniament
INDIE 111101210M0o
irlinThis most valuable Embrocation has heou
AL uses! with wonderful success in the cure
or some of the'most troublesome diseases with
which the horse Is affected, (without destroying
the hair) such as old strains, swellings, stiff . -
noes Ofjonirs,. galls produced by the colint and
saddle, strains of t h u shoulders, stifle, hoof,
.pastern end coffin joints, stratus of the whirl'
bone, hulas,, and fetlock, frail- evil, fistules,
curbs., splints, spavin, windgalls o putis,&c.
It very soon cures old otiresh• wounds,cuts,.
bruises, fistulas, poll evil, curbs, etc.,and gives
Instantrelieftn the scratches, grease, etc.,and
tho disearos incident to horses having white.
feet and. noses produced by St John's. Wort,
Which'so often destroys_ the hoofs and bones of
. thifeet; and -re'sists.the 'netleir, of sulphur and
and other " ~ r e med ie s eqnally
pinnitir ,
foli. • . • '
Nun ..nriplictition has .'hetltiifere' Moved so
useful in relitting,stilrooniOnlitilendons and
joints; •actl'. produelnesuCkAiii fillet° and
beneficial o'ffinotri,in..cra464lo ~ brolight on
by high fe e d ing ,- 0 1 MbvandlriVet' 1 ,.:..7 •
This' Embiacrtion is highly recommended to
farriers, keeniiis.'of Iliory:stablint; 'Wagoners
stage. pro p rietors, and privato gent:emen own'
log-hoises;-.Cs,en invelnable , JeMedy; - and .
should bo‘otinitentlY:kept: in; thOli stables, 1';
Altio.farrneril, whose,' horsetare ~tro liable to kicker ;Duty _
ndvantegeousflo , iceerrittonstatiOy;On•littnd;,
working catticiliie;getts;'ilorti;, ritteltsit nuts:
For Cale Di. ":30inst:J.'
ERE' Efidit•Agerit: • .
•' • • • '-.
' AbtrOTS 'a n't 1 „ SHOES,
A: 'Porter's ,
,Shoe' Stait; liposile. tha Methodi t st,
v, ~.: Mei!'"eAii) Broi4ni, Mern!s4iilo'k
- ic, :Bogane; ~ Bore. , ana , 'Youtli!s• '0 ick
— "' - $OO4, Wonibn iriaki?? Biicq.a. , .'l ,
_.. - : ,, ,trhtkillork . lls, boon man utactu re'd
!w"P'frio'f,prliolyjfig tilitlYint,gri'atidJii p - ar.-:.:
K it S4 l , -I ,.,sYs.#!;niqwlS,AllY ev er s ol d in, ent•
.f.llt . y ' , , ' , ;' '' '''. ' 'r -t:V"1 q ^;, , , 3 ,.., 4, - ",'• . 1, ' •i,T, ,, li.. ,•:“ 7..
, • piiilliti klii'llgi .h an ti; Iv ; glr!r4l; nutaittelit
s BllPPl4 ita 4 t 4: Mr; Bl4 ,94l§P4ei .4 , :g4Vi,'lo'
erNO.O4,AP#9ll4r V:V m e° l tg l 'lP , t 4 k Ail i p i ti,':i ;
.' ,,, ;',,',,ipPk.lei t y., cstr, 4,.., , ,,,,, '—= t....
' PaAiglot T neo 8' ..- 1-84t. 1 .11 ,,,,,, t,%;, , ,,-,, , aii • ..,- 1
t 7 lfiiiiifitigioi t gir t i r itii
- '.:,,. , - r -, . ~. —. ~; ... 4 , • .,, ...,, SAY,)
40 , . priAkiiii'."At-,414C •!' , , 'kg
~ ,, I:t,, , iwilf-'9)kiittimi...V. w,m - ~,, lielt!'L
T#I4IMAV,4 ) #•MMy y , :',Pc,‘v
,,,,,..2, t, 4 ' . ''. ,
: . :,111i s ilEf, - i ii:47.•.'r,':::l, 7 11l air ' rgict,l9,;
,•• • •
bOgituvisital4s ;
wbv.xi: ICHAUDSON;,-steturnfadtoit
-. .- - tho:onliti . one In the •Unitett_fitaten,tNir
401 , ildarket_atrent, .4-
..-Meraltants arerespectfullyinformktiint I cone
tinsel to manufacture nil die 'abovegoods o bkiho
aid of stunt', liotwithstendinwtheLgrei t t opposi.
tion Oft parties' opposed- to the introduction of ex
penile° impriivoinents. My assortment is com
pleter and'-prides solow, es to 'give entire satis
-- Er:TAtt 'there is an Umbrella Store neit deer,
of nearly the same name, it is important you
should remembei:VirmaL"ltictrittesox, steam
(eatery, and patentee of the walking cane umbre:
Iti,.,eign of the LenY.and Eaor.i.,pio.,lo4'l4larket
street._ _ • --.• feb 9`.
& J.
,n. Rowe,
••••• Store, No. 63 North Third street, ono door
above Arch, east side, .Philitdelphia,lnanufauldr•
ere and wholesale dealers in-all kinds of Broomib
Brushes.. Thickets, Cedar Ware, Willow and
French Baskets. Shoe and Wall Brushes, Scrubs,
Dusters, Mats, Blacking,. Eastern-mode Wood•
en-Ware of every description, &c, &c, at the
lowest market prices. ' • mar
Whole3ale. Olotiling.,Warehousa:
*Vo; - 1 - 54-SlarkecLstreet, betWeonAth • end 5111.
• ' Philade • '•
• •
Tllg-stibicritie,r respectfully solicits the atten
lien of country Afercbants and-delaletU gen
erally, to on examination of a complete stock of
READY MADE OLOTIIING, which for extent, variety,
and workmanship, he flatters himself...will give
universal satisfaction; while - hils - redimed•teale:of
prices presen'ts to purchasers inducements which
cannot by surpassed by any other' establishment
in the United States,
mar t . JACOB REED.
HOver's First Rate Premium-
-Silver Medal just awarded the American In
stitute, New York,- (1897.) •
HE following testimony from distinguish
ed Institutions speaks for itself:
Philadelphla - 1 111ay 11 08.41.
- Having tried, for some time, the Black Ink
manufactured by Mr. Joseph E.'llover, we have
found it well soiled for mithaseript,by its run
ning freely, and its exemption from coagulation.
Its shade also we are welt pleased with,
W E lI,ORNER,M D, Dean of th
Faculty and Piot: of An - moray
.101,1 N LUI S LOW, Provost ,
SAM% II WYLIE, Vice-Pr'nvos
lIENTS REED, Secretary of the
Faculty of Arta
POS W MA. PAItlOE.Prof. ofNat.
Philosophy and Chemistry
\V W CERHARD. Lecturer in the
Medical Department
We fully concur in the above,
Dcan of the Faculty
CONTRat llTcn SCIIOQI,P1111.111)FLPIIIR . 1
A I) BACHE', Principal f
PIIEI)'K FRALEY, Secretary
. . Cusrom, H OUSE, PIIILiIIIE
.1 D GEORGE, Dep, Naval Of icer
A Superior Article, Warranted. •
For Sale, Wholesale'and Rosh, at the Maim
t ore, N0..87, - North Third street, opposite
erey' street, Philadelphia. by
iii,, Nov 17, 1347
sipve. Riddle, Screen and Wire Cloth Nlanuthe
tory, No. 48 North Front street, between
Alarket and Are streeta,Thilad'a.
rill*: subscribers having made grist improve
mem., injhe above, business are now InallU.•
lacturing of a superior quality,nfl kinds of PLATE
Mid ORNAXEN - rm. Wtnr. WORK, such as Sieves.
Riddles, Screnes&c,for all kinds of grni n, seeds,
sand, ore,snulf,stareli , brickilust ko. Founders'
Sieves of a , itiperior finality constantly on hand.
Also Safes, Wire Dish Co v ers, Su& Springs.
Twilled Wire for Spnrk Catchers &c.
ORXAMENTAL W IRE Wont:, such as Cages,
Nursery Fenders, Carden Bordering, Flower
Stands, Trainers, Trellis work for Crape Vines,
kn. Alan Wire Fencing of every description
Orders thankfully received snit promptly
executed by VATSON ES COX.
September . 22,1847. •
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
$:,,,• • AT the P6iladelPhia Watch
~.....4 1 ,16k end Jewslry Sto,ro, 90 North
11 ,/ Second t4 le S v t n . r ,
I c v o a r t n e c h r e. o , f ft ? i z i a t r o r.v .
.....:.........:-, ailed, IS carol cases , $45 00
.r.LatM s ial.).r, Silver Lever %Vatchea,
full jewelled 23 QO
Silver Lever Watches seven jewels 18 00
Superior Quarter Watches 10 00
Imitation quarter Watelice not warranted 5 00
Gold Spectacles 8 00
Fine Silver Spectnees 175
Gold Bracelets with topaz stories 3 50
Ladies Gold Pencils 16 carrats.; 2 00
Gold Finger Rifles 37] cents to $B, Watch
Glasses plain 12$ cents to 1.83; Lunet 25.=
Other articles in proportion. All goods war
ranted to be what they are sold for.
On band some gold and Silver Lovers, Le
p:ttea anft Quartiore lower than the above
Philndelphin, Fob. 3,184 i
D. E. 310011 E. 1 N. RISDON
N 0.70, South Third Street, nearly opposite the
Exchang-1, Philadelphia.. •
ILESP ECTPULLY announce to their (rivals
unitihe IMbilit That they arc constantly pre:.
pared to make to order,"or the fluent end .best
tuaterialsonti at moderate prices, every article
M Fashionable Clothing constituting -:sl' GOntle
man's Wardrobe, for which their comploWitiook
of choice and carefully selected
meres. Vestinss, of the latest and most (lasi •
rabic patterns, are particularly designed.- -
chew own practical knowledge the husinoss
and a personal attention to every garment; etiabfes
them to give entire satisfaction; and to both old
and new customers tlief.respectfully 'tinder. an
invitation togiye theanit '
- flaying been for yettreconnosted.Wit..i•'Soate of
' and Mast. lisahlonable eatablishMentir
this couatry,enteloy natio but first-rate
ieen;nnd'beiog,tit the constant receipt the la
test litslarns-atid• best styles or 7,g001.13. thM are
fully prepitrialr:ttioecitiimitilato'Customers'in the
est• r •
• P111140044;4 Atikulf 18;1847-fiino
1 ' ~.,',•• ..:.33.,ourisePs perturiierr4 . : • ', •
A_Nell aelecteikiioOrtment 'of_ato prcparittlow
o r tkiit:lieiebroteil•ehemhg . .,tition g Which ,rotty he
etitimerated the following arttel,epryli,,ttoile.aodi
.41111On*, .'S having Aiream, hi illitary shavink;,aopp,
, fWe',lrtialiloello. Cologno4,l3erirk! Oil, Philooome,
'lloiiil Hair 1)3'o, A mood loofa'. ohappidAtao ay.
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sequenceoftthistaffeetion,Mfi kindmfPtenesgriuti;.
or bearing down sensation , as itjalamiliarkedh.
ed ; there eiLalso,e:h§eiktettaiptlt andjhrehbing in
• the part,,varYfiia'wnloptatp degree of these
sensatibity4Oftilnost - exerunating suffering
these •areecause,d , ilik - theagredificieof , blOod to
therpaife. , :'•Semit tines thennief boat orthe bowel
protudes 'rit - eferylevaeutition f lornifirbat-ie '
called Problems; or fillingd- -
the' effect of long continued' iiiitatiMila dwitak
ness•of that don: •Itt Bonn insfincea_pelpFiliern
: experiericeenervotwitairifitAilinh'arit'indescribe;
ble; find hnown onlY'to the euffererilwhicli Yeti
mence immediately . after 'en evacuation, end con
tinue from thirty minims to several•hours ; these:
sensations are very annoying an'd , samotirnes very
distressing:- ; This disease, when of long continfi
ance,i ia -attended' by pain - andweakitess le'ths
back, irritatien'of the kidneys afid bladder , . end
other organs in the vicinity , pain - nail num bness
in the legs arid feet, a :sense of ,straitness •eboift
the chest, and hfinaturnl fulness of - theabdominal
viscera, accompanied with palpitation; dike - heart_
and oppression:-individualtriMmTtifines•eiFieri
mice, previous to turnout Oithe-Pilesolympt.
toms denoting great' derangement in the tired &
ne tt ; - thele'is - esenstrO weight end' pressure in
the abdonien, with. a '...peenljav
nen in tlio'lifi - WeletconsimatiOn or pennteinni gt-
Atnided ,WI .pain in the. bacicandiloinsoausea,
and slight pains in • the stomach,. pale 'county:
.nance, confused amnions in tire'leqd, weal:linos
and inimitable and , discontented etetaddie min d ;adY__Seheb.of fitness 'Mid oPPression in the lel: -
gain 'YU tbe ~stenfeelt.. The circulation on"ffie
malice is feeble„and:the current of blood deter:
initiedlnwardiand downwards.
For ell of the •above•disebses, end coinplaintsi
fectually, and therefore prevents Piles.
o}4r - • Mibecl - bb , Deell, 1846. •
Genfst--4•llain used - Dh.llplitimn Vegetable
Pile Eleetuary which pinehasel of you, and
:find one of the best medicines in ;use:for-the_ _ _
Piles, and also for bilious affections, arising from
an impure state of-t he-system. • - Youret_'etc.
E. A. C OLE,'Marble Dealer: • .
U. S. 111Ansusi,:s
Dec. 6; 1847.. • -
Messrs. Wyatt & KotelisntGentlemen, utt
dersttinding that you are the tir
ieneraiente fey
the sale of Dr. Upliam,s Yegetaele Electuary,for
the cure of Piles, I have deemed it my duty to
volunteer a recommendation in behalf of thatio
valtiablehave been afflieted.for ma
ny years with 'Piles: a nd lune tried various reme
dies, •but with no b - dnelibial -- OfTects--indeed, I '
begun to consider my case utterly hopeless. But
about the first of SeplemberlastO was preysiled
upon by a friend - to make a trial of t he above
named medicine. I took his advice and rejoice to
say that I am not only relieved, bit, as I believe,
'perfectly cured. I most earnestly recommend it
to all w fo may have the misfortune to be afflcted
with that annoviny and dangerous disease.
Very respectfully, your . obedlent.serya nt
-Mount-Washington Berkshire co; Mass.? ' .
November 29, , 1847.
Messrs. Wyatt & KinclitimGents: ?Or thirty
years I have been afflicted with Piles, general
debility and inflammation, sousing tumors. and
Prone:sus of the bewels - ,. Mid' Which had resisted
I all the•medical treatment Dr. Chapman-and oth
era-could-give. The last three years of that-time
my sufferings defy description. I was confined
to bed, unable to help inyself,;.snd m last given
up by my physician and friends in despairol ever
gaming_ health: in fact fin three days before I
commenced using . Dr. Upham's Eeleetuary, I
was entirely speechless end my burial clothes
- re - made.--ILlt-ni.J.,.Pt o • ';.,_ e. tttgLiktz.=l'
of Dr. UPlidn's Elleffinry, though - an OLD M",
I have the pleasure of tenting the fact to the pub
that my Ith is now good, and hope to live
many years -it is God's will, to make known
the virtue f Dr. Uphatn's Electuary, and to re
com it to my afflicted felloW•creatures. It -
he pad me beyond the 'expectations of all that
knew my case, sod I can only . ' say to 'others
that it is.llg myi opinion, tbe- best medicine
in trio World 'for Piles,or any other disease of the
bowels; and if they will use it according to the
directions, I will myself warrant a cure in every
case. Yours, with the utmost expression of
inankfulness, CORNELIUS SPUR..
Egramont, Barks co, Mass.?
November 29.'1847,
The abovs,seertificate tells a 'simple and truth
ful story of suffering and relief, of which, as play.
sician and witness in the case, I cheerfully en
dorse. DR. CHAPIIIA.N.
• •
OTICE-7 hg genuine Uphant's Electuary
has his written signature, thus Ili A. Upham,
M. D.) The hand is alone done with a pen.—
Price $1 a box.
0:7 - Sold wholesale and retail by WYATT &
KETCHAM, 121 Fulton street, Y.; and by
Druggists generally throughout the United States
and Canada,
SAMUEL ELLIOTT, Agent for Carlisle.
January 5, 1b4,4--,ly
Stanton's External Remedy,
7117017" S LielVallEwll7.
now universally acknowledged to be the
For Rhoutnatistn, Spinal Afections, Contractions
of the Muscles, Sore Throat and Quinsy, Is-'
sues, Old Ulcers, Pains in the Back sub
Chest, Ague in the Breast and Face,
Tooth-ache, •Sprains, Bruises,
Salt Rheum, Burns, Croup,
Frosted Feet, and all
H Nervous Diseases.
.UNT'S LINIMENT is sustaining a notori.
my unequalled by an y . similar remedy. It
requires no puffing to give it a repotatien, it has
been for some time silently and 'surely securing
it, and now,when iferbencficiel.elTects - fieve been
experienced by so many, the expressions of greti
tude are continually appenring,..and these who
have been made whole by its Meitne aredesimus
that the afflicted should no* . hidger remain igno
rant. of its invaluable 'and infullibleellieticy.'
Mr. Geo. E. Stanton, ihe . Preritibloros 'Can. '
stalltly receiving 'teatimonials' . of bspefiterieeived
front its use, and , initny orate eikies khaa abated 4
almost exceed 'rbeliefr Ins' one cake. - child tad
been werimils foresight years; 'hating wrenched
the spine; wkieliaphe.ege qf two years; fall
from a chair.?' MediCsk-trtfatintim_failed, but 'roue
bottles of t he . Liniirierl reiitortili int o 'at rq
and ho now joins, '*ith t 'hii.lilit'ythattis - their.
yOuthftilliaralielii,'W4Obusras thehealthisst of
them, and enilyii Snitillniump on his back lo re
mind hisi of tit aufliringa. Price 25 cents'
,per, iriqpi - :;
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,71 7 0,14. ; ,§ PAPILLAitr OIN'XNE - 511`'
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y.inkt haslet yfican diacoxered;
lied, mi.'with.ciiiiffilenge; britt,e)Oc,
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'dward'Sc ill, Shippeekihurg,.,
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