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The Whig Slate Cutn:nitteelnrahNet! upon
the 15th: Of - March for holthug the IVhig•
111611"! '
•escl3 n.etatec.we do nut Inow.
einlinrikHriftt i Gee SCVTT May
be .6 - iiiderbir icornifitr'six rii eight weekii.—
Preparations are being made in a
grand.biumithrit reception in New York.
I:*""The Aemy appropriation bill, report
7,-":- - nlbsr*ItMeaml-Reprei• - intalivesrloc.tht._
ruin g fiscal year, amounts to. $33,a54,4.99,
With $495,600 for lorlifiaations,
O*7Among the officers, of the Army who
to-the_Sudes_ou_leate, Swe lear
by the last arrivals from Mexicoi is the gal-
,lant 11aj. E 'V. SnTNEIt, of . the'ad Dragoons.
„Maj Sumner Was . a few years ago the. point , .
/ay commandant atlho , Cadhle Betraelo,aud,
no where will he receive a more cordial re
eeptlon.or warmer co n gratulations than. from .
the many, in,th is borough, who are familiar
with his , forme: ahem*, and 'lda recent
gallantry on the bloodiest fields in Mexico.
PEACE, IF WE *ANT 131L—"Mustang,"-ilie
• intAligeol Mexico correspondent of the New
oriettne-Dena-s aysiuncliate-olAapi ,
that he is, informed by Ins correspondent at
Queretaro, that there has been no treaty 'con
chided, but adds--" The whole subject rests
Fah the United Slates—the government of
;',l:exico is willing to make a treaty; and are
prepared and -ara i strong enough to - sustain it„"
II the responsibility is thus cast upon Mr.
Polk, let him defeat the anxious wishes of
Ole people of this
, eoutitr3is Ores. •
THE Nviloysw• Cony':Nitos.—The car
ieTondent. ol..the Daily News, writing from
Washington, on Monday says, "Mr.
lay's friends aic organizing in v int(' MA's
;.ational Convention. Public . sentirnem bas
ntatetgene somewhat of a change since his
arrival here . The best feeling prevails
among our friends. Every body is sati,fied
to abide the decision of the Convention. I
pave high authority for saying that the
special friends of Gett Taylor mean to go
shun that the General will show Ins apprecia
tion of the IVhigorganizmitht, Ty 0066,1i -11g
in the judgment of his friends. Mark my
Ott-Maier Gen. Quitman was receired in
Philadelphia, on IVednesday last, with 'rear
ked tlemonstratlons of respect. The Hall 01
Lo.leperidence.vde placed at his disposal for
reeeption 7 mom, and - Mayor Swift welcom
ed hinvin an-elognent address. Gen. Quit-
man replied ; and passed a high Eulogy upon
the bravery and gallantry of the Pennsylva
nia Volunteers, who were udder his special
;ommand in Mexico.
Kr The election of. Mr. Soule, to -the
Fenate froM Louisiana, rs likely to make a
fuss. A letter in the N. V. Tribune says it
was anted by bribery meet undoubtedly—
so all MrAlyles (the absentee,)
clared that he had been offered four ' , Trost:
it he would stay away and not vote. He did
Iz...stay away. A committee of the House has
since beau' appointed, who
.erdl invesiigate
the matter.
irjtj—The Louisville Journal, a paper of
extended clrculatien and influence in the
Southwest, has an article calling upon Gen.
rayler to make Pirblic'his. views iii relation
p.thitrwar and other matters. The Journal
has advocated GeneralTayloi's election from
the start, and probably the counsel which tt
gives will havens etlect.
CHARGES sastasr GEN. S?:ITT.—The Wash
ingtora.correspoucTent of the Petersburg Re
publican says ; that he has ascettained that
the charges against Gen. Scott in part, (and
principally, he beheves,) are a wuat et pro
per official' respect to the Secretary et War,
alut a awn-fulfilment of his duty in caries
pending with the Department. .
• tiz!r It is said at Washington. that Ceiterul
Cans • has lost Pulk's confidence, and that
sainy. Houston, of Texas, .is to be the 'mitre
adininisttiatinv. leader pn the Senate; the hat
ter hayiiig, taken • bold ground in the Ne
Ypilt meeting for fite.oiatire absorption, of
Mexico, for the purpose of Civilizing and
christianizing the bloody "greasers."
'(t-The eitirtens of Columbia, as we
are grati6o to learn from the 'Spy,'.llare
ereatedi &peat monument direr the remains
• oftickutiißichard E. Cochran, a brave yoang
allicer , -Whiti'falL head•of his company
in .the battle of linked de fa Palma, the art
__rourt_battle of the_war. -
grifoniine Gnerxx, of
.tlie , Now,
rribanc,openhis , retorn , 'kern, Waslih'igton,
r exchange' sentio4r,ts on
o . the , subject Of lhe 'Presidency/ dnefar'en that
' frini,As ,
Mr Clay hi•rn in
h t 4 sump! i,end abide !he action of a Nutfon-
'I die Na(tonal
~ •,•• er 8 con p, O - • . •
1.1h,f6.71110 corn , ,
elon is to , be', laid 2,
k4-lit to-Wakhin- '' , , h i e 'fun&
,I .l lol, R n i'M___' 4 'on tbe,44ll•ol'3ol,f': ,' -, 69 .
i'f*'atihit'L-Lc'n , fl'ew , 'inuitilit, "to"160F0 11
,r,-.4,,'t li ti quiaita,rtP,' , ii" eri,'er eeriiinalfdind,
66,:'1eYii,02e*.F..'9. -,,-, , a ili be- the,,
,-- .. ii,in, t6 :- eiiiiit9l groilott •' ll _ • ,‘ ~ ---- ~
- 11!' ' i 'ifiithii,,w: 9 lht.- 'o' ''' -/
~lasitttltl9l°^4Plrlln ' ''
'i i ..,l;eiisi::
10:17 ' "ift 'egieiartiltoiO*B j.ll'ei;, sic.'
7 f er : .: • '.7,"tr;:s,, Senator i?:„
t. --fl
'',Le ' a i4 5 1 ,40 , 40.5,—:,..- -' ''.eideeteded
,f,,,,,,114;•,,;,,,,,, ji ,- rimori, tbe•Loookiepli;i,
..,-, r` cOA P" ' - ',....2 ' is 1 E• Souk*. ''Ait .1 7IPP
• ittrel4ctil)d,nu",! IF
-1,1- e , ~f " `'` qiiit ) .foue , ots
''' ~ ,t y
nii.;thiti:of Op, 01 : , ilw,c'i' 40; .1 , 4i r '' ‘
:11: 411,44'-nabe'i liiiii3be4;ao 4 P 1 C4 1 1 . 9r , ' • ~ ,, k
: • $ - *„.,c11,7.--,, .-,
''iii.''•' On „?..- Danes„_,••• ,s; iliiiieibutitire taking
B htpliktr am, tocrlk.,•‘ , , ~ .. i— ~ • , 9, , ,
4 , - , r.; ..90 , ;.„,.',,•lf '- - i 4' , '. ,;
' '''' ' '4
~, ...i
.. 24; , 7
k,141 43 .9..4-1.4-441) e f ritis •be en -I ° -
7,:e11ift,,0 11';'11:-"F"I'4,r - ' 6pd for
h,"'"lis,*SeiitifOLfr*":.'/)/, 1 7, ~,,1 ,
.;',,,, ifie, ~
~ ~ '1 5'.. 1 ,• .., •
)t,j•liitipfeiri.ll-•• PI, • , t'i''i,s Rift,_, sdett delegalco, •
sl9:iotlptaier4?,439ll:,,ll7o''% ~- -
1444.k11,:.,.,':, ~` l .: ''' ' ';),f'i':'' ~',.' ',,,'''', ':
, z4 . •,,;', t' .., ...,,,,,'. -. 'L
~,,, .. '. •-. '
:74,-,' ... - - , -AT-Ir•r ,' ~, 0 4-
'','• 1 x. C,'7 , - . • - ., ..4. ,
Alin ti~` C on
have beityn4rtlih'etiiiiion:
put toipst bypit.lVdtig tnerri!itirs,
grips i-Ai'llose groceediiSos^ we iinbjoin 'The_
ttmeind foi.;the next ^Wbig
National Convention. will be-approved
ol satisfaction, by .the Whigs 'o _t h
country. The 11'higs of 1844 will
the same place where met the Whigs of
1.776!. There Ariterican Freedent first "liv
ed add moved 8: Meta befog,' and there the
Whigs of 1818, with when' above ull . .parties
it tests to preserve and:perpetuate that Free
lloitilture-and -unimpaitedy
-4.1s the most fitting place' forjhe sole - mn de %
liberations. of their Nation:al oinvpotion,
in this most imprrytant crisis itt hair' tiulicut's
history. augur the liappist tidfilltrffiffn—
e‘ i lthe meeting of the Conientiou oh this 1ta1..:
spa. • 1.
Fregi the lintinnalititniligeneer-
At a meeting of the Wing Members. of the
Senate and House of Representatives of the
- UiriteirStann, - `l - ehtziir - 'l't - ralay evetiltv, -
January 27th 184800 consideelhe propriety
of reecimmet;ding a Whig Nationo collyeu
the f 1 m. \V. IHAkoem, of ' North
emotins, was called to the ehuii, nn - Hon.
CAlga — B:SSiftfi, of lintitinicWasappoiiiTett
After disenssioit and due deliberation, it
Resolved, Tfint it is expedient to hold a-
AVlng NAional Convention for the purpose of
nornmanng (I:lndict:des for the offices - of
Pilii , ident and Vice Preedent of the United
' And then the meetlnp, adjourned for/one
Ou Thursdity .evening, 3d February, the
meeting convehed persnant to adjournment.
when, after some ' , r n euerafdiseussio as to iZre
time and place otholdingthe proprised Con
vention,' Independence Holt, in , the City ef Phi
ladelphia, and the seventh day of June, were
agreed upon.
—lt , teas theciAre—ltesidved r alhat—tile-_Whig
Monarchs of the. Senate and !louse of I{e
piesentatives of the United States - do recom
mend to. their ttieudithroughout the Union
that a Whig Natuacif Convenihni balietd :cc
Independence ilall, in 'lie city .of Philthlek
phia„ou Wednesday, the 7th day of mime,
1848, for the'pnrpose of nornitiating candi
dates for the offices of President rind Nice
President of the,ed-Siates.
Ott.motion, it was ordered that the pro
ceedings al this meeting he publi-hail in the
National Intedlnzeneer ; and that all the
papers in the I'. States be requested to copy
Alter whieh the 'electing; adjourned sine
Csr.ra S. Smrtir, Featltary.
Whig - Ratification ➢lats Meeting,
The Philadelphia Daily Npws of Monday
says v we shall publish in'a day or two the
cull for a general National Ratification. ilectr
iv, of the 11..kig. 11w Uaion, in this city, on
Thulsday, Ilse Sill day al
: June nest. 'Fhb
Whigs of the city of Philadelphia will' ten
der the hospitalities of their city, and their
homes. to their Whi , %brethren of die Union.
They hope to ii - elcome them to this great
festival, by damskuds and tens of thou
sands ! Let the Whig Bugle send I ath the
invitation :on ever'y passing bieezd!
the Natty and the South, the and the
West, be prepared to bury sectional difreien
cos, and peisonal preferences, in the great
snuggle fur PaiNcimu! Let them come to .
the • , City of Brotherly Love," on the Bth day
of June ; and here give an impetus to the
Whig Ball, that will bear down all oppi3si
non; and give the country the benefit of
Whig administration of the Government ft,r
the next four years.
mond Times publishes a long letter front Mr.
Bons, in which he declines his prelmence
for Mr. Clay as a Whig over Gen. Taylor as
a no-party inam-aud asserts his firm convic
tion and belief that Mr. Clay can be elected
to the Piesult.lncy by the IVhig party, if They
again unite on him. •He says: -
'. 4 When 1 say I feel confident that Mr Clay
can be elected, I know I shall be ausweted,
'.;o you thought in 'True, I did—so did
we all—but that is no reason we should be
deceived again; it is, on the contrary, the
best reason why we should not be—l am
only rendered the more cautiousm my cal
culations by that unexpected and .disastrous
defeat." •
CONVENTION.—The North American's kVash
ingion correspondent, (Independent) a gen
deman'who seldom errs in his statements,
and whose letters from the Capital are al
waYsfulf of interest, thus speaks of General
Taylor in regard to rt.:National Convention:
"I wish I was free' to Speak of aR that is
within my knowledge: but this I can say ,
and do say emphatically, that Gen Taylor''s
immediate advisers look in a Convention for
his nomination he does not discounte
nance their views, and that he will accede.
to whatever course is adopted. On this mat
ter 1 speak front the book; and cannot be mis
taken by possibility, for I have seen the evi
dence and satisfied myself.. I could make
this eXpeeSsiot) touch stronger ) but confidence
restrains me."
Late tut cices„ilioni Mexico mention. the lad
that Gep - e,4l,corc trnd , cotnmenced putting
in operation the grand scheme 01-the Ad-:
umigtration, which ens terelieve us' Min
all 'our iliffictilues r and pay- the , exnenges of
the' war withotit the'assistincre of the't oiled.
States.. Th . e'';u4tiost burn ';whichde'ealfal 1 44 :edent . 4 0 f:exact ".fram
Mext'oci, - is:l/nu/Ail/ions t•
„::Thisi ! lnes :not pixie() inppOrtiag
iii:theeintrineSt cf :
Mex co . would; have ;' t. ills not (a . drop;; in:
the ill t ie k e t ; te Wj*raaelieg•the . :PXlmeees
maintaining.atf - A'rmy of 060 ,Hdiftlietl'ThoU=
iantlirnen it The queStronplici is
to-support our army.
• ‘` , .
Tar oßl : iC~r ' ~lluWs '- I'he'eteargship Ace.'
din arririjcl a t s oeto , on Tues day ; ',
# 9 l3 , :e:Sl l ,4l9.4iifilvekncifiL.ito*:'..F444 . o*
ant $43,4;61410041*-6,.olooltq#,'Nipt:
4**ooq4dmyr.44l,;,'4ll,evcot on omuyip,iii,
.4.k4 . ,a0.14441,,v/..„4„‘„,„
. . .
13 I'WD/t 7 et''
iCeilititar44llSWEdigifli 4 D - jellt.t*L -0
'. , c , :',1641 ,- '= o, liiing tniiiepreserii
'lie, l'ribune'e Ikraphinelk
_ .
,iown-io r that-Getr:Ya
o sornis interrogatoril
Tlropoßd (din .lOffirsor:firivis,,has
0 w ptl hii imgpip poi tor thp , ,,Torifriol4B . 46
purl the : lndopendent 'Froasyri.?"lltc cor
respondent of tlic
ing this ill-natured anal:4o3o .iho
says—" Mr. I)4vis' Oeniefi hot%ini,
ipfilmunded-any.intorrogatcnies to -Gen.: Pay,
ler, or haying, ieneived any, lcUet•, 3i 7 oni.Xpri,
shim his arrival in IVashingtnn. The "re-;
port," therefore, iH Wielly ail/Banded. den
tlemen--in—tho-ornifidenee of , Gen.
'occupy high positions in the. Wing
- zi; e ie a state that he
n:either eilierhiins.lkor has lie.expressedanysuclp
opinions as are ascribeil to hrrri in rererg . nce
Ea ;lie Tariff: of 746 and. this -Endependeiit
lseasury. 7 ?
Wg . i.tiggest to our Whig coteinporaties,
(says the Philadelphia Daily News, and we
agree with it,) it it is not expedient to waive
any -neither- discussion of General. Taylor's
Whigisin, ' Ife liitideekreti liimserf - a - "Hen
ry Clay Whig' in lug letter to. on:Joseph
11, Ingersoll 'of this eity.• He says that , had,
he Veted.iti 18-44,,he would have , voted for
Mr. Clay. -111 r. -Drittenden, his confidential
correspondent, puhliely•asserts that he ought
10 be dominated by the Whigs r and that he
is "as good tr irlig as kimse/f.' The Na,
4-ion al—lfftelligt!fieer—ol 7 -31turschly—Inst:,--the
Itiglie4 Whig authority in the - Union, de . -
chives, \
'Cleri.Titylor is every inch a ‘Vhig,
and nothing else.iline-a—Whig." . .
lion. John Sergeant, ore of the firmest
land best Whigs, and once a candidate on
.satrig, t idtei tyifh 11~i 4~y_le?r ._ lhe yJce.
Presidency, minim to 4lte Committee of Arl
Lrangement for the Iviiig Taylor Festival of
khe r 22d of February, expresses himself in
these poshive terms:—"With. the deep sense
I have of the - nomination-el Gem Taylor,
!eedandy it is my wish, and I feel it to be.
Jury di! all in my Power to promote it.—
Yon are at liherty to say ILA my deliberate
considerairon has determined rue in fpior at
fen. Taylor ; as . Me man best qualified, in the
present circumstances of .0111' mushy, to he at
the head of tyThirs, lie seems to too, to be
More like. ‘Vashington than any roan who
has lived since . his time." Hon. Joseph R.
Ingersoll, it is well known, entertains simi
ie,r views.. There can be no question that
Gen. Taylor is a true and thorough Whig.—
lie has been proscribed and persecuted as
such by the administratien ; who attempted
to superSede hiM, because of his attachment
to . the 1V fog eause.-14*-has the support and
confidence of alarge portion- of the ifioir
able and effectual Whigs of the nation. lf
imminatell . by tire Whig National -Convert
, firm, we have not the slightest doubt of his
triumphant election. .
IV/11.:31: TUE PI CIE Goxs.—Thii practical
- e - beets of the policy of the 4(iministration l
are aptly illustrated by the Norristown flor
al& It says the New. York Journal - of Com
fiititee4ood Locoloco authority, states that
between tan and eleven mil Hons of dollars in
specie has left this country for France and
En,land within .I,lle last law months. Add
to this the amount (trained from the country
by the Mexican %Var., amt the extreme pres
sure in Inc monetary affairs of the century
is at on-e explained.
t)."-The proceedingS of the locofeemßuch
anan meetings generally speak of him es
"Pennsylvania's tavoriteson." It is a great
mistake. Sir. Buchanan has repudiated Penn
sylvan ia and is entitled to no suchlionerable
appelation. Ile is no longer acitizen of our
Slam, having voluntarily expatriatedbimsell.
lle.latedy wrote a letter to The Commission
ers of Lancaster co., repudiating his resi
dence: in order to avoid the 'payment of tax
es on about $55,000, money at interest,- and
succeeded in relieving himself of a tax of
five or six hundred dollark Thus Itie•
untarity relinquishes his citizenship to avoid'
paying the taxes necessary for the support of
the 'government, and the payment of our
No man makes a more flashy and insolent
aristocrat than your genuine. locolocb, who
by a few years of successful courting and
flattering, of "the tailing midions," es he is
fond of calling them, rises by theirsufferages
to poWer and place and suddenly grows"rich
on. the spoils of office. The ‘Vashington
correspondent of Daily news gives ,an
illustration in the histery - ol Judge Donglass,
U. S. Senarer from Illinois. A 'tisiv years::
ago he was a carpenter. or W eheentaker, or
some other sort of an honest mechanic,
Working in his bUsiness in (he Male of New
York. Ile despised and'disaiiowed the sett
tin:mu . 11et no man should be nbove his pro
lession.--tle went to Illinois, where he turn
ed lawyer 'and politician—joked with the
grown:dauglitersonthßisseif the, little liabieb .
the hack w for Congress and
Was electod—served• some time to the iloueri
of Representatives—went for's4 90; or :fight
air.reOnd—got elected to the pulled . .. States
Senate--married a Lady ; a .fincOittle:lrulf
100, worth het own weight iii.gOld
times her, Neight in (( niggers;' l yrielliey: say ;
'and, now drives about in . the
each in the Avetied—n
by. splendid grey horses:, the,'. history,
'efrimeSenalovial •
tintrhitt Temts is; to ,
become, e l free State tit no, Ony!',;,lle,
Gerinniii(now corning, in: by 'ship. 'Londe
1 3 . 0!1!14 - ntePolinoiett runt - this vllas.
al tonOy been inAlli(estet) . in their 16t Irele.
.04. 11 '!:, 'IA 'St a l qit'll,!A 9991 '1 1, 1 9r
.*ati,pOiptidllt,ioi;;.b‘y, the , force r ' pkilinbiio:dpith',
ylAvest"hiintielt,: l ot s 'hisitiniciini war':
to encore liin'ie:ereOtioriie!time: ~ 1 -,,Sennte4,
,I• 111 ,‘ll' yol';4cz=-711.41;Ple‘v,i
4 i100(4(1
2?2!tiiiT •
4/fr; .*Pr6ol(l6llt4l
`lllO 14,
o f!
Na ;,f,r n
5 n111, 3,
0 j
Ain ' eitit.l2oO
Tra 4.:
- --„froitt - ,l4avrtoplty:g.
- '
here" argli do s iinjch
tse'l4'th4th;laritf t r wßle,s4ee,. troubled with. business hem; them', leonStitu%
in_the,--'stknet,l4:Ternp!t - Preer as well at 3 ents, s4tittiati'. be
Anritheate";.the i C4*:-froPl:qutettiet,ttres con- the only.subjecCiihich his caused any,:speL
ititied4milui l recentierejoii;pkthiliev.:lllr. -cial interest or excitement in the Legishiliirc.
1-41.1,1 R. Tbri first lecture bi- Mr, Phambers The lucolecc; leaders in both branches of
•.%ill. , :bedeliirered in - the , FirstAsiesbxrp new - the:legislature ,give , 'debi)ed rsyniptorrvy . of
. _
0 the 23d_o1_
In connection with , this, announcement We
may e f ta.te .that .we have received several
lengthy communications au iefily"to the Set-
Itiloifet-11tr. ot , whiciapin-the .
present crowded state:of oat columns, we
have irni lohave. a
'report, for pnblication, of the reply
Chambeis, We, shiall,tiow hold, our colunins
open - tor..thaLas_LbeiUg: lhia'rnok' satisfactory
-lo.olak—reKters—allismattec_has PvP;ie
great• intereif ivinoilgttlie friends as well as
the enemies of Temperance, not only here
but at a distance, and a general desire is es
presSed to have a thorough discussion ol the
uTinifiiiisa - lr - deltopeitie discussion wall
be conducted in the proper spirit and temper ;
and With theparamount view.of eliciting the
truth. We not iii that event fear that
the doßd tvitse of - teroperaiiee will be tri
umphantly sustained'.
C. y. RAIZ, Roin—We are .gratified to
learn, as will the phople of this county and
thetravl ing y publie, that the Board of Direc-,
nits ofthis .Compady have determined: to NY
die entire
,road, horn the Seerpiehanna t to
Urn rebersburgrwith-a-new-tvaeleei-T-enils.
This will matte it e road at the best avec
ter, and ere long enhanre its sleekly the
highest value. The necessary drrangenients
are now in Progress, and if not unexpectedly
trustratedy the work will be entered upon
with as little delay as possible. The annual
•report of the company, recently published to
the stockimiders;'shows a most encouraging
increase_in its business, and, presents. highly
flattering prospects for its futut•e•operations,
irr On &mtiny night lveek, a small ter.-
ant house of Mr Jacob Miner, occupied by . a
Mr. Mower, in S iuih Aliddleton township,
was discovered to be on lire, and-before any
aid could be given the house and, furniture
were totallyconsnmed:
Songs for the people, No. 2, by G. B. Zic
urn Sz. Co. Philadelph& has been received.
With the Valley Sentinel; - Wo are "'priced
to see . the popular old inelodies, which have
been too much displaced by songs of a light
er and more fashionable cast, retaining, to
the people, in - this most attractive shape.—
Each sou7_ is embellished b • a beantifild en-
graving ; illosinitirti,of its cfiSracleraiiii•-ses
mein. Thu ,thole execution of the work is
such, as strongly commends it to public la•
vor, aura makes A, or truth, - vTliTr - t the pub.
fishers have styled --u..-.- soups the
We aril oleo maebleil to Messrs. G. 13
ZIEDEII &Cp. fur Nos. 4 mill 5 (Atha budge
oL.-_w irfun_nial _humor, _YILYIToIin_ Dnnkey.
The report of lion. SenaterFoorE's speech
liz,t ti i
he I.'.,S.Senate, in No. 5, is n capita
the . If ally one wishes to , •latigh eta
gro v fat," let hint put • himself in regulat
pessesetott.of the
."Donkey,'.' as the num
bets apptiar.
Thera never wns more truth and !tumor
put into a brief compass than the following
pithy extract froni Me recent speech of H 0,,.
ANnamv STEWART, ot. Pa., M the U.S. House
of Representatives. • It 'describes that miser
able thicg. Pulkism, with the faith!uhiess of
a daguerreotype:
"But, this administration goes by the rule
of contrary,; their theories and their meas
ui es are always .at war. When they preach
economy, I look out for extravagance ; when
therflauer the people as the true sovereigns
of the land, then comes a veto when tlto•.
cry peace . , •then loOk out for war; when they
say democracy, look out tor arie.tocracyi—
when thap denounce paper money, look out
for treasury notes; when they say 54 49 or
look ~for "slitik one" and 49; when they
say no ion4nest, look mit fur all
'lt is said that no speech yet delivered in
Congrels has been so largely subscribed lei
as Dl t. Stuttart's, 50,000 copies having been
'already sent out. , The Whigs of Pennsylva
nia me promise! "Tariff Andy" Stewart.
perance'reganization lies been commenced
iu the city of New York, with the deiiign of
enlisting the iiilluenco of the religious, com
munity, to a greater degree in the cause.—
The most eminent clergymen of all denomi
nations, have united in it, and at a recent
meeting elognmet addresses were •deliveied
. Rev. H. W. Beecher and Rev. Dr. 'rpm.
In 111 N. Beecher's speech we notice the
phrase I 'l:ataxic:MlT poison," and whether a
- •
sermon recently publislieil in city paper has
ever latlen under Dr:Tyng's notice or 'nor
we do not know, but he made n. very signi-
Ilcant itlllision to the class of portions who
liold' the opinions of tlat sermon_, Irestib
joitt nulexiract. • , • ,
. ,
"Tnnthe sent and activity of other associations,
thriatiatis had thotiglis themseliessbablved:frOm
any greet call to he active in' thol.eatise. , ' Indeed
the book ho found in which.thq whole glo 7
riotia w prk was represented as, thisinajoStical
uniph of Irtitri.„4lT,VL , As If 01:000tti:reellfioth
klegrathition'androstorb' theta' .usefulmnie 'tb
happiness for Mentiolties by pity
strumentsi'ciruldlibithe Work ofinfiditlity: As if
'Whim Rricsts Without number had gone !Ton the
,onb:Ol4land JeWites.sq.the - other; ilto • a:cid
Samarytts" who Aci - .'diintliargii,' ,the,duty
whichspa thee beillectekalteoltr. bo .accused of
.triilitatibit the principlee'Which'ilieiejeeelfertr, and
professors, cote& .;fr
very r elatianntlkinikfOrbiblYstivtdived.t hif Maury;
Of Ile.T . einperriniteiCaliso.ln'eoioneetion With' the -
LChirrelii:end'stioktiii4 the new moversent.aii;'Orto
,''cittitonocriiv47,-rhAlattiele ,is seem: 4 used.'
eir the' Kirit ta ilV sl "..gic,ai,oo 4 . -
'eff*ltie h tineeltOn hritriteter le'lhe'pepem.
I A(Wishirol9# ciiii',!*.eliso'Dr:'l.4oik
lirlan4aving first ; 'etralirattere&the:eli More
"tirecii)-cel,itreei latenef' iv
feavcio . . , ,to thOPfirit`tion kv4l'9eint Ob
.ferieeci•the'reigeht reef tel . iii an apnvent-,
1y,64 e ge
n an!' trel I 'sin eriberov itl c eet 'foie;
ifOsii(itriliefilighOstt'Yrnbfoin of Ride Any.
~ineriliiStigti ;the , eginqicei she ' -
4131'0 ,ibrgefi; 'AV, l3 oo ll ,liik*Weki!t•
, y6ttflibe - it frtife Weirdo', ;%.14h101f;;
qb:9' 4 li :
.:1 1011 9McArt,1
• :
Literary rZotices
Truth in a Nut-Shell!
opposition - to the - prescrit • banKina . :Sysform-t.77,
It is said that an effort will_te .made
Houses to wind up all the banks , whose char-.
lets are about expiring , by refusing - to renew
•thent_2-14r:,13enedict,from the:committee , on
Banks, has reported a general ; banking
which is "said ta be ably 'tTraWit'ujf but can
hardly pass the. presentlLeg,islature. A bill
,favor ofthe ten hom.syrttem of labor. has
-been- repofted
on the Suhject. of the' removal of: Judge fr. ,
vine, of the judicial district of York and A
dams, on the around of want of qualifictition
for the pla,de. The committee consiSfs of
- Messrs. Fox, of - 13MhTtil,
Smith of Ker . ; Blair and
Schoonover. -The committee were ntithori
zed to employ a elemk, tod have power. to
seful 1- . sons and papers.. Thetnembets
of the bar 6f York and -Adams have been
Smurnoned as
In the Senata r Mr.Johnson, of Armstrong,
has reported' bill exempting property to the
amount of s3.oo,lromlevy and sale on' exe
cution and distress "far rent. The Board of
Bevenhe CommissiOners has been virtually
toitirrt WI l ouse. .
On Saturday, an absurd project lor the con
struction of a rail road from the Ilarrisbnrg
and Lancaster rail road . , and. to build a bridge
over the Susquehanna at Marietta, was be-
Ibre the Senate. M. Crab') 01. Philadelphia
»osed the hilrin an able s mech and was
followed by Mt. Smith of Lancaster, who
zeoloosly advocated it: Its fatther 6nsider
aiimi was. postponed, on motion of Mr.
Small, who desired tirnelo coitsler it. Thl
bill is intended to prevent the construction of
the York and Cumberland valley rail road,
and we trust will be closely watched by our
rnembdt .
• The nomination of George M. Shroud, as
Associate Judge of the District Court 'col
Philadelphia, was confirtt.ed...
In the 11011s0, 011 Sate rday„ Mr. Pearce
reported a bill supplementary to the act in
corporating Dickinson College. Mr. Ilene
die, limn the committee on flanks, reported
a bill to increase the license on brokers,- and
another :axing Hank dividends.
_ln the Senior., - on Alonday last, the joint
resoftifion relative to au an,, of -the
Con:411160n providing for the election al
Judges, came up nu -second Tending, and al
to; -once discussion hually.passed ny a core
of 18 to I i—Mvi.Sierien, of this county, vot
ing in • (he negative. Thu -Marietta and
Wrightsville - Railtoriti carne up again, and
v ed e iy vi i it s quiern s
_by a vote of 16 to 13.
Mr. Cribb then lend a bill to repeal the char
ier of the •rtirk and CUM berinild Railroad.,
The Governor sent in a message-asking for
a man of $lOO,OOO to supply a deli4t---ol
$(10.000 in the amountnecobsaty for the pay
ment ollhe interest.-
from il,lls3l)ington.
In the House, Mr. Vintrn _are notice that
he should eallup4,e Ina t !,01. lie present
ed; at the time, a criittintinication from the
Setnehq, stating that there was no necessi
ty new he nial rn the loan mote than six
teen millions. An effoit will be made to
sithstittite heasnry notes for a direct loan,
bat it is deubtlel with what success.
During a debate in the House of Rome-
Ren tat v es, in relerence to •ietening to the
Committee on Ways and Means so much of
the Presidents Message ns 'elates to the con
dition of the Treasury, and the meats of
ontainim , mosey to prosecute the war, &..e. ;
Wilmot of Pa. moored to amend by in
grouting the Comnti•tee to consider the ex
pediency,of imposin= an minim] tax of FIVE
MILLIONS during the continuance oi the
war, and until the payment of the national
debt, on *locks, personal property, and mon
ey at laterest, to be apportioned among the
several . States, us provided by the Constitu
tion. Tice amendment was adopted 93 to 29.
Wathington, Feb. 2. ,
In Senate, Mr. Bell, of Tennessee, com
menced a speech on the Ten Regiments bill:
tle made a very forcible speech against the
hill, occupying the unremitted nUentirin of
the whole Senate for more than two hours—
in which- t he was very severe on the policy
of the administration, and defended the
Bourse of those Senatots who felt timepieces
bound to oppose the bill. . .
-# Mr. Bell Eleoffied the idea of any , treaty
being expected from the present govern.
Ment 'of Mesich, bemuse it 'could not give
that security for the Mime, which was now
alleged to be one of the main .objecti of the
war. .
111 r, Baldwin Ftibmitted a series of resole
tions prolgbiliag slavery iq any new terriio.;
ly Which may be acquired is Alexieo; which
were ordered to be printed,.
' In Senate, the Ttin Iteginients bill earning
ußin order ! ,:k\:ll'. Bell resumed his -.,speeeli;
. ehaiging. the Ad rninistietioe a'itti.Jiavieg no
,intent ion ;to: make a'ileal.mith'.thei t kre!ent.
.: Mix leati ,GO v ern iiiiiit bu t int:in:ding , i 6, - . tie i
ate a 'fie ii , 'one with: which RP ne,i 4 otiate.:l,
'' M i'. 4-. 70 ffe riwit• Davis , infertipted: hider, dad
'OO6 - i t,ffi4 i) '}ei,-fils,:peil; 110 , ..iya1('-;(v,illip t l.'nrid
ready..te4,l;;Po . ,leS"iiraiseote`.,o4'fiiii; peaty;
pf,.:Peaee that taighi . -:•ee' scoPeiu4toi',oh ~ilie
preitiriti.Meiieen ,Alleoeiti men i:'..-''..lli;' • ii , miltl
.be satisfied - aid!' the ,Sietini.lllcidrii tie thelil 0
,-...._ ~
Of binidary.:•-• -,' :::;:..
,',',,:,... : ..'...'--'- . - ,7 - ,.. . . ,
l -..'..lVlr;",,Bell'_.eeittie&thatilie ,;(h'i r:;Payis) en;
f:Toitefi; cid ',, , .iii treat, Val l'a rica. , .atiih%., i hese. ' of
~ • liA;',Execidie, t iett.the'ffienifs: ; : . •iitid:stilitierti.
'era 'cilAiii-:4oiliiiiii l liittl4ii'..''','''.:* - t':' - P '.
`, ':?...1!):,the1-liiipite;ilie'iibtiiilii.Pr ,
. .ihel i i*,kleiit:o
MiSsiiette..:a•ini , elOied . :l4:.tlie- reference et: , ,it
iblOililitiiiiiiiitecint neittges;' , ,Mi:Wiltheiiii,
eine& rtienrelatiyet*tC;clirsiet ta of, Ili. 6.
.'nriilll6o - E . delliiii,'*WSreleeted: ,;- , --,-? .7: l',.7,..,:/;,-,!..:,.,,.. q , 5 ,- , ,--,-(.-;:' ,- --, ,, ....,-- ::.:.-_-• ~ ,--.--..., : .'f;•i ' d4- - ;1;'' ,
, ',.!; ,. ..:: , ;:r.Ngi ! ; , :, f - 1.:. , ,±',1. , ...,".;- - -"7,t , •• , !i,;? , .!
,7-.. , ..,* ~i ', ' ;'4.'-i,-,'•:,
,W.1"§:.,-ii4;;i: .: ':,, ,, j.i, , f,. : :::,...,.Wat , 1),1tig011i i -:,P,Ob;
''.'.-11:.tiiik.Siiiete : , , • i tlielee:ge*e_ehtS:' keit:lie&
itiOn44,if,'illiketOoji ',-;,.lql.;l6oe , riliitin , 4lit;
::1 1 (Arlii4fOilidA!;',l))4l L VOili1:004'4 6 40iina / de ,
tad l'ef::theaiiiit Dry?, et:.;itii.etnee*itrfyiii;ol4*.:','
as Ott T l o l l,T4 o 4 .6 o:ooi .l ,..):tc.i.Peiiiipil . :;T4o o l: ,
4,anita*; : rts . o:loo;l34,;Okaiiiirfeioq,':.teritlititif:io.
Orol l 'iAll**,ii.k . iiiiiiowfi i .64 - fidg qil ,, ,.. , the',
,Il t ioAie,alii:ko ‘ e',-;tl:o?4,o4!EktititlPTfltitloe,e4, 7
:11ifey . 4,1:448r,i- , i'i 4 '; ! :cp,'r, - ;4..0ii , ?,...p4.,p1.:, - .;, ,, : ,,
..„ 1, it. 944 9)81e'v4 . 0 1 1,epe!tge..4.,-ves•!.reeetved;
.'•.11 . 0641104 t..loolol4o6oo4:puifaiiii:
*140;0440'4 1 ' , ':Bo6,rtitry,'-et.'w,titiitlitie t i
- -'il tifelii3il':-1 4 14 '-' , fr-:":.' , '.'-'''' .`: , - , ..;-''''-'-'---iq- "
04Encil ES ! ••,
, ,
kgs/ nt, -on . aaturuay last • cottb....
tett ojeateallie-fo Ititteran'eomPli-!
1 1 . 9,03,,t
Itlet tge qttie bulke a vet
'cotetp,,htiCoolltrYtded,j?y thel
* 4)6051:Aid lt,:•findipg of it *VOA):
grrowit je . ti'lous of film.: • '• -
' TION,-Agiii ' Nuevo, March 3d, 18471
••,-have had the honor to receive your corn
ninnication of Jantiary 27. enclosing a news
paper slip, arid expressing the regret of the
Department, that the letter copied in that
slip, and which was addressed by myself to
Major General Gaines, 811i:telt! have been
A 1111 0414...Y.9,ur• \ not;
doiiveY4lie:direei.eensure of ihet,Departm en t
and the President;.yet when . taken in con
nection with the- revival of the paragraph in
the regulations 0f•.025, touching •the publi
cation of private letteisoncerning operations
in the-field, lam. net Ann.'s that.
thave becirme a irubjectEXecutive•disapprc
,nrith the tintliorfiy of the President, 1 Ain
bound by my duty anti respect for ht high
offfire patiently to submit; but lest my silence
should be-construed Imo a•tacit admission of
the grounds and conclusions set forth in yofir
comfitililiealion, I deem - "it a - diny — tvlfirlFT
owe to myself to submit a few remarks ar
I shall be pardoned for speaking 'plaidly.,
In the - first place, the published letter . bent's
upon its face the•most co elusive evidence
that it Nas intended only - for private perusal,
and not at all for miblication. It was • pnbli, l
Shed without my knowledge : and,.coutrary_to
my•wishes. Surely, I need not ,*say
am Mk in the habit of writing for the news
papers. The letter was a familiar one, Wilt
ten to. an Mil Military friend, with whom I
have been for many years interchanging
opinions on
.professional sul2jects. , That ),
'r 'think
mould think proper, urtl .---- nity eircurnstan,
ces, to publish it, could not Mime been for
seen by me• hi the absence of proof that
the publication was Made without my author
ity or knowledge, I may be permitted to say,
the quotation in your letter of the 650th para
graph of the suspended regulations of 1855,
11l which the terms "mischievous and dis.
graceful" ale employed to charaelmize cer
tain letters of inports, conveys, Mough not
I openly, a. measure of. rebuke '
which, to say
r the twist, is rather harstr i and which mail_
- think - wont ammied by the premises.
Again, I ve carefully examined the letter
in question, and I do not admit that it is ob
noxious to the objections urged in your corn
munniation. "I see nothing in if, which un
der the saute circumstances I would cot
write again. To suppose that it will give
the enemy valuable information touching our
posts or mospective lines of operations, is to
know very little of the Mexican sources of
int ormatjun, or of their extraordinary sagacity
and faculties in keeping constantly apprised
of our movements. As to my_ particular
vie ws'in l egard to the general policy to be
pursued towards Mexico, I perceive from
the public...journals that they are shared -by
many ,distingnished statesmen: alio, in part,
by conspicuous - officers of the navy, the
publicantM of whose opinions is not, per
hapsj of smium/I byeany regulations of the'
depaitnien% It iS difficult, ilmn, to imagine
hum. the ditlesion of mine, can yonder any
peculiar aid to theeneiny, a specially disin
cline him to enter into negotiation's for peace.
In conch mcion, I would say; eltds given
Inc great poi i to be brought into the position
in Which l nom find myself iv. regard to the
department of war . .amt the government. At
le i s lot been of my seeking. To the extent
ul my and the means placed at my
disposal. I have sought faithfully to serveil •
country., by valuing out the rules and insiuc
tions of the Executive; lint it cannot he e(T ,_
cealed, that since the capitulation of Monte
rey, the confidence of the department, and - I
too much leer, of the President, has ..been.
gradually wittidiawn, and my consideration
and tiselulttess eurrespoudingly diminished.
The ap:ntrent determination of the depart
tlttetit to place sae in tin attitude antag;thisti
cal to the goveititnent. has an apt ilhistiation
i n ;lie well known fable of .!;sup. , I ask no
favor, and I shrink horn no responsibility.
while entrusted with the command in this
(punter. I shall continue to devote all "my
energies to the Public good, looking for my
reward to the consciousness of pule motives,
and to the final verdict of impartial history.
I 'lfni; sir,
Imfr t cry n&t. servant, Z. TA VLOII,,
DrltOr m U. S. A. Commanding,
Ti Mill. W. L Marcy, Secretary of War ;
Washington, Q. C.
Washnizton : Jan. 29
‘vashin g ton., Feb. I,
Rumors qf Peace Negotiations. Capture
Arista, 1 1 .dencia, Almon and Torrejov. Pay
ment cy 1.50 ; 000 to Gem Scott.
The steanish c ip Edith, at New Orleans from
Vera Cruz, %;Inch place she left on the 20th',
Inings 'WIWI'S of peace similar to those that
have been current for some time past. ....
The most important of the intelligence by
the Edith, is a rumor, which was generally
credited at the City of Mexico, lhat'the com
missioners of Mexico had agreed with Mr.
List on a proposition to the American gov
ernment for ' peace, based upon terms on•
gladly (dieted by Mr. Tlist ti Tacubaya, on
the 26th of August, which propos:tions wore
at that time rejected by the'ltlexican govern
ment, rind the reduction and capture of the
city followed,' .
There.had been an attempt at insurrection
among the Mexican inhabitants at Vera Cruz,
which had been discovered, however, by
tltc atithortties, and promptly checked.
Cal. Witliel's cominjand„ which was re
ported by the last arrital to have been cut to
pieces, had at rived safely at Keel del - Monte,
without molestation.
Cal. %Vynttuop, with a detachment; whilst
in pursuit al Father Jaraum and 4361.. Rea,
came upon and, capita& Gen. -Valencia,
.with his Aid and Gem'Atista, on the Ist alt.
Gens. Gens.• Val encia - ,and• , Ari s ta had: .berin
ColotieliCl'Orrojefuraild'..Minon, and guard,
woreMapturecfst AMU'sLica : by Col. Dwain,
'.spy company• • • -'
CtitlV.7aladeqe'cornmand left the city
'Of:the,./eity'; - of
; troops yora_itifinecimii its, .and had •- reaclied,
Selma- . • ,
trontr, Real del - Monte,
bait aftived . at. AloxicO in :charge' Of
• ly oitliser silllat'.linnt,;;teitt4intrt of the iissesa•
"nrienyle'Fie'd; by . Gen. §cutf, on_ the Sta t a;•`and
. POMO PistrietOf ~
WaslYbiglon, Feb. 3,
Cleo,. But m s regiment regimentwaasuo eting muc h
from iclirneoo.
The "W 01111" 01' ountll6sara oC the lith
ultimo,- says , tha‘ luo rpm; hod ,ttlpte
- 1
" It "I
reto erimi;-raugorif -ha Ono e- : the
America - 9
poo'seligieße - , ,api, an Sail
Joseoind clofOated,ilko 'Au:Moans, bOrnihg
but Athciiithad.:iresselii ' , had
matins 'orremovini
dinnideriiihehileelistlng'the suatings 'which they
Occosionewnett - niture is atom:tient:de, arc aro tlitto great
dodo-Whale medicines sth designed to accomplish•--
,We,think It ,may be ;elk with. smite that this • medl
jenie;,white win, apownen paw In the worst cases,o!
Wattle' aini other,_olcerous and tumorous diseases.
th .1 1,-VOry larger majority`of socirCattell 'er
'ilioriflepoofty: neglect and. perthanent corn. 'Mir 'has
lit protodttehuentendiette In eroptions'and olhertiffec
gotta Of the skin, thnn In Maim••WhlCh notickihe'flosb
.und,hiamplautis„, While, therefore, wowolll4.lloi pro.
isunipt nously, ilaho r '1011411,11.11My" for, ilile preparation,
sitikettlylmiteve b ut the.authority of thoseNho
tilth tested he otlitney, and iloni opr own 'oaperianho, •
hat ilur compnlints %ye Mite m 1 014(11,00 1111111Y0t-
Mre orlultnit from nit utmantra I centiliter' Of the bleed.
Bantle' Bereaparllin will restore the foiottlh,
1 : , rrepniethnnti 'sold, bp , 1 0,00
1:1 11 1C t9 11- 4 71 014tetthr.043 1 :'Ulxmlerbrki -, ...".•
8(40 plan : h 4 ma.torr. - In n'inins7nirmc,
niOn googrolly fee : , I, l titn
*1 ptf,.110,11P.,‘ „eV inilltnt:l,lit,,qte '• • )
, r-4 , •
Important from IY/office-
•-• •
ttl '
Aeroa - , - Biirk - IyarbrooglitttOfiti on. a c
eking to►"raiee *Min-the
liteiits , oKifh -United ±wee the reeiiri".-bf
t_e:dlingideilico front the, dertiialon:olSpitini
It - Wit adation Men to dream, of the - conquest'
.bo *a te height` of putroliann.
ftilit'clertake it I" . _ .
Au tmproiremtat it the writing -machine
ol the Megnetie telograph Ints,been made;
which. mill, if it as it is reported
to be t entirely supersede the patents of ,Pro=
lessor Morse anti Mr. House- .11 is the" in-'
vention of Drr Roe of Cincinnati: ily'thisi
despatches, .tnessages, f or large tlbbtdoctitsi
are• Set up t o sieges/ typas,dOckiti lb a Clinse
similar to.kintiog types, and. the fkat ..p!a:
The Warsitv,:l4llsigtfal• tells a Itrirrible
story of.a man named Jesite it. Hu11,... who
for some cabse i ouppesed to be merely to!
release: himself of the burden of keeping
her, sbial his rnOtheifip,in eold•-reorri:antl'-
kirpt•Sifffiii-itlioit food until she Piteralitsfar .
- ; I 1"1-.1S1V, .
from the walla . ,and• eaten het:, evvii-ekerel• -
ment ! • Her deplorable situation was .aceil
ilentallY discovered by smite of. the neigligf
bars; and measures taketcto have her cared'
for==but came' too. late%
she-if . .
. .
On Monday night in Easton, Pa. lad of
16, who hail been' medically treated. - for
cold, rose from-his bed, went . through Fever - -
al apurttnehta to thkstreet, ran the rounds of
several strebte, in a pelting rain, with only a .
shirt on, into a hotel, where he snw a light„-
„rid being retogitiied, was . roused . lle had
'. en frightened bye dr ea m that two persena'
Bleeping it the same room were murdered':
Strange to say, iirehliealth we's improved by
The New Yorr Courier estimates that tile
currency. oi,the State has been diminished
b banks broke . fin circulation withil .aw _
to the amount of 0,548,50040 m last tweq- .
ty days; in'New England, sane time, 52,
000,000; New Jersey-and -Pennsylvania; Si,
000,000; in all-56,543.0Q0, e,, amount al
most beyond belief, yet strictly 'eel reel
Alter some cons,derabie diseussmn, the
Convention of
.IVisecinsin have deritleOlint.
the Legislature may, at some lutp, - e - period (
den fer%pflrage - on -- i'eeroes,'proeiileJ'surly
act bo first bubinitteqand approved by the
lavery-in-Kentueliy-npimars to' be doom>
ed. A third or f mih attempt to repeal the
law iv Bich prohibits the irnpm infirm of Slaves
into Ihut State, so tar as to - allow• their impor
tation for use htit not for sale. was on the
the 29th Areleatedly in the Semite by a vote
of 19 to 17. .
The small pox prevails to such nn extent
throughout the• western part of New Yolk
State r that the -rminicipal authorities n 1,40
eines are passing laws on the supjeet for the
safety of the citizens. . t
Orders have been issued from Washing
ton for a general reprimand of the
great 'Provisn'•rrurp;.uel it be is still toned
impenitent, he is to' be exeommnnirtated.-‘ - -
The Peansiltuanifin is giviag it to him rueuts.
.NONCII4I,ANT," means that peculiarly bi
different, look which is put on by men 4 •who.
never pay," when dutintAlttor money. It
should be written, two sktll out.
A Taylor Conveiltion assembles- Frank—
fort, Ky., on the-'22d of 'February; and the
Legislature . bas ordered a hundied guns to
be filed to his honor on that day, us the an
niversary.of Buena Vista.
Di. Holland says, "That if persom are al
ways supposing that they are Balite to a er
taio-disteniper, the net ves Will so act. on the
part that it is very_likely to conie'Oortherii."
The Special Election for a.congresatruc
horn' Bucks and Lehigh . , in the place oh )91,11 2
Hornbeck, decetle , dl is to take place on
the 22d of Febi wiry.
Sunitm; Lungs.— Chere is nothing more tryhtg
to the human cotrulitutlon than tudden changed of
weather. Heat rarities the hloollitnittl increases the
',respiration • but whew suddenly checked, those lin-
HMIS WWI II slionld lines nti" by the shin. are thrown
"fr inwardly, chasing roughs, colds. conktimption, dif
ficulty of breathing, watery anti is eyes,'sofe
throat, and many other COIIIOIIIiIIIS.
ful medicine for currying ntf u'cold—brr•uuse they ex
pel from the body these hunters in hint err, the cau s e
of the Matra enittpla Mts. rota or live of -said ladinn
Vegeta/din rills taken every night on going to bed
will, In a few days, carry Mt the 1110ecobslinate cold:
lit the haling time the digestive urgattri . will be restored
tu a healthy tone, and new life and vigor will be giv
en to the whole trant%.
'Beware oGeounterfelts ofnll kinds! Some nre coat
ed with sugnr ; others ale made to resemble rtr
ward appearntice ills origloal itiedlchie. The safest
course Is to purchase finis the regular ngrej,Ts only,
one or store of wlinin may ire filmy] in every village
and town In the Shoe. Principal Uhl Race sit
Sold in Cbrlisle be CHARLES OR ILISY ; other
ageing published in advertising columns. . •
Drt. WISTAD'S BA LeIJINI OF WII.D f'ut :nnw.—This is
a chemical extract or Wild Cher, y nod Tar. livery
bode knows that Wild l'herry flopPeßFet. Important
medicinal properties; and Tar Water has 'town)s
•been administered In Consumption, and Lung Wm
genelally, by our nldest nod safest physicians
Various remedies. It Jo true, have been offered and
puffed into notice for the cure of diseases ;Ville lungs
and some have been found no doubt very useful, but
orall flint have yet; been discovered, it is admitted by
physicians; mad all 'who buys witnessed; its effects.
that.none Ints_proved as.succesiful as :pls. For Asti'.
Shortness of Breath, arid,,slltillar n flbctions, 'it
may be pronounced a posltivd• rare. If Ilea cured
Asthma in tinny cases of ten and twenty yetirs'stniiil-
Ing,aftet physicians had declared the case beyond the
reach of medicine.
This Haltom Ii muiln from inntrwinin which Nniiire
hos Mimed In nil liortlicria hniUtdaspus an niiiiiinte fur
diseases caused by cold climnt es.
• "Nature Is ion the name fur nn effect
Whose calm is God." . ''•
Lel us not neglect het plainest dictates.
The genuine I. ignedl. MITTS mitlio wrapper—
Bold in Carlisle by S. tiLLIOTT, sole agntit,.
- WILVCDERRY.. ' • • •
TUE universal celebrity - whirl! this Valuable Medi
cine:ls gaining throughout the United State's. nutLthe
IllOpy,astealshing ,cures., it' Is eonsta peribkinitte,,,
lies proVed It is be, beyond all doubt, sufw
and certain cure for Pulmonary Ponsomption„Coughs,
Colds, , Aelltina; fink t ing, of Blood, Livet"Criumßilpts,
Nervous Debility, ?Pickling or Rising In the lyhretat,.
,firanchitis, Difficulty et Breathing, or attyysynitireine
of Coilautaprion. , ,
IIIQ bowels, be costive , n mild
to Occasionally.' Dr. Swayne's Sarsapa
rilla Pills will be found a valitable, acuulaillan
Wild Cherry, ripil',Wlll•provo..w - yaluab le niedlehie
where an ape? lent is requited.. Dr. Swnytie's
pound syrup of *Wild Cherry 'tee medicine has
steolL,llte. test, of eiperienee. and, if used 'ac6orillitif I 0.
the. Olseeliens, (a,v,tbeticelbed iir Dr. SWayne's (.uide,
to; Dealt It) seldom Pitils..,.The,alustr
worth, in.pi.ol:.;
pporpina ;Oefaiiitalium ritlV - ft`Stty,, ,
'inch tin Dattnifos,,Dliters, Syruns of, cberry.
•Pills:.porporitriCto eanthin ielbt elierry,Sce.; as they
ire. nil . .ricerrintitsA
-NTI COVNillta 411111 , Cti sin
none o(the virtues - Of the orininnl and,gerin preps-.
rations; str(tireeltred..bgiltr. 11.'liwayea, nod , tiot first.'
over prepneqo liiiiiHrontry.' , ' pr. awayitteriptio--
pciiiiiil . l 3 YruP fir Wild Cherry leeoingneedtoCtielieldblet.
'Fntrocalighti, , t her' W ntid titlf;!.,reeditinn
etillstithei , r, Simi fly nn'efftstelons"; If rint4nOttt)tetiv.tho,
whole are. on olfuctnntly.conrentrate&ete;te4ender
bn'yotot.nll-. doubt ; the. moot Mlotiont iiti ieimlbening..
ondsifectiial romedy near diseqverad.r9;•;ppot:egor..a.ti'•
l'ulninnnry Consumption, : - and';: tiD ;tlPinelele,l),;';ihre,
ILtintir'rtiOr. 'Brintr.f. ,
ouch erspnrlons iau Itnt es; stiiitipronitrevelbs...
'grant eurnttee propeilies.
• •Therefore, Invalids; lonotre, for thttPrond.
Int Inef quolv,h Ott or.stb Feb lir env elnped e n 'beam i-,
fnt' with, ry. p o timpese of • Wllll; . Ptinti eriitraVall
, tll,olls,o•l;: , al6,c!„beet,:nbineture„'of ; Dr. )1. -
etwayne: the teenterfetting of tthich'tyllt titi..iftin Imbed
'.' Prepared fiod".eiplitby U. Ir. 'R.i%'?.:iype. e,r
of Diribtifind Rnee'elreern;
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