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WEINE`b'AY:4:IO34I.:4 . IIY 2,
from' tbasbittfiton,
torresitbrileacept , b , tiN;:Athiiiieim unit AU. A., Gazelle
,The Scott !
• • .WislzitcaTos, Jan. 25.
longiii — auy:grOund for spec
ulatiOn as i 44 truth of my despatch o f
the 78li inst. communicating the fact
that a cOttrt:of Inquiry had been urder !
ed upon pen,. Scow, Gen. Pillow and
Col, DUnean, at Peroie,—ihat Gen. But
ler would succeed 'to the command of the
army,—and that Gen. Woith had been .
relieved from:arrest, by •the dismissal of
tale charges preferi•ed by Gen. Scott.—
Those whochallentted the correctness.of
Thal:statement, are now convicted by Gen.
Cass,' who upon behalf of .the
tration inade the official announcement
this day upon the floor of the Senate, in•Mr. Crittenden.
This proceeding is one• of the most'ex ,
ITaordinary and.outrageous in the annals
of any government.' The Commanding
`General pf our Army, after if series of the
Most brllliani . and 'splendid victories on
•--:record while-in-possession •ofThe capital
of the enemy, and ''while actively•pursn- •
'jug- the project of the campaign, is smut.
Inarily suspended froni his command,and .
ordered teJ.ttialixt_the_heart_of_:_that ene
my's country,:helere a tribunal whiCh
an anomaly in the history of all military l
oourts. He is not only disgraced, so far!
thdatt — Of Ole Government can disgrace
him, by depth ing, him of his command,
but insult is added to injury by dragging
him -beke-a-bod-y--of-m-ar,-witfrotrt - re fer
once to the commonest decencies of the
military - Service,and with an utter disre
gard of his ranlc and rights. I sny the
outrage is without. parallel, and nothing
but the madness and , depravity of those
who have perpetrated it,. could convince
us that we realize the facts as they have
been disclosed.
The indignation of the country and the
just retribution of universal execration,
mutt be the doom of this new :aid wanton
prostitution of power, to the base purpo
ses of political and personal vengeance.
;What is it but a repetition of the attempt
to destroy TAYLOR and his gallant band
at Buena Vista? What is it but a con
tinuation of that system of oppresSion
which itit'S-been practised 'toward Ecatt y
Wino officer Who fias_distingh
self tiMirwa'r
this court, I rcpeat,is an anomaly such
as never before has been witnessed, Citn.
Towson, it is said by military men, holds
''no-lineal rank in the army, although I
have:since been informed that he is still
in the line of the army, and has been br'o
vetted as Brigadier General, since he has
discharged - the functions of Paymaster
General, which -is a recognition - of his
rank. Col. Bcllinap has been substitut
ed. for Col: Butler, as a mcm-ber of the
court.- And- then, Gen. Cushin g , the: lb
servient tool of any party that will pay
'best—the political Smolt), who turned his
back upon himself—the apostate, who a-
bandoned the party upon whose shoul
ders he first clambered into notice, for a
convenient price, and the pliant instru
ment of the present Executive, is also one
of this trio. Such is the tribunal before
which the scar-covered hero of Lundy's
Lane, and the laurel-crowned warrior of
Mexico is summoned, in the face of the
enemy, manacled with charges, advanced
by one who owes him more than any oth
er living man for allot honor and advance
ment in his profession that he now en
Is there an American whose blood does
not boil at this violent indignity? Is there
one that does not feel . that he, ought to
strike down the petty tyrant - who has
stretched forth the herculecuiliantl of pow
er, to crush one who has given along life
of honor and usetulnesS to the service of
his country?
Gen. Scott presuming the operations of
the campaign to-be closed, applied in No
vember for leave to return to the United
States. The result of the. Court .of Inqui
ry will not affect this application, and he
maybe expected home as soon as its pro
ceedingalaVe closed, if he determines to
attend it, which is questioned ; of sooner'
unless the President deems it rox.f.ric to
change his views.
It can dome harm to repeat that Gen.
Scott arrested Gen. Worth because he
..'refused to communicate with the Depart
rnerit-of War through the gomnianding
General, according to. the recognized u
sage of the service. This arrest grew
out of a correspondence between the two
" officers, in reference to an order of Con.
Scott concerning letter-writing from the
camp, which the Secretary.oc•War caus
ed to be veiived with immediate applica
tion, to Gen. T aylor for his letter to Ge.n.
Gaines. • •
Gen. Worth 'has won no enviable - dis
tinction througliontlhese dilAculties,how
ever valuable may have been his services
as an Offlaer. - - --There are facts of - a . grave,
cluiracter,4bich if brought tolight, may
give a : different shape to' public opinion
. to Gen. Worth and 'others,who
haye'riot 'been T/EPRE . CIATED in the'puhlic.
'correspOndence,from the, - aeat.of tear; ih
the dontrait. ; yvithothers, whose gallantry
and. iiehieieniehts might have: &hied: ,
some . respect, ; yvith.lhese:.Arery ,okirArrrig,
hiatOrhtns; as they , profese to be. - Ilion-
Oreti - ..;Worth for.all',that.hihaS`derie,'
him: . at:the•i'xpeniii of
• .. brave o . l4eraorhol,desesve ,as much. of
, !,Jittiegrastnritiof*l'exiCgiirag , ol.- . 4 tid' or i g i: ,
: . ..:o# ll l,YtPß e *d. :• 11 1,A T e l a ,A* B-1 9 1 '. 7 4 1 "inia_
tiagtitshed:ilears, - .who the •ContilLt&i..
- 1 ----light4 - tcy'alleo7M-appreciate forrlheir
aondiictiarthe field: k s •
• ' , 4 - ringovp;and o, vamps:,
. .CAL::GRE'4o:l:,',.i%Oglti . jir,:rxiijgep,,,oll',pi mpg,
••„-, • • „ """"-- c,•„,0 4 1 1 . - I 9 74l , ol‘ll l )4afiat all: fRf:
r 'Vr o'l, , • e
tge cer. , refer LIR to
' ' fPl i -b*N•t 94 .4\ i .r:)4 4 #o4* 3 *l l
• • • • -
..n. , f6theaigembhngnf a CouPmoofito3plorki
y, t tci;stss••atitelet
;:otrrilistivqiec Mau
1 .triii4l4
Aici,ii . AeLsines;last,ite,4lipt tor
!ft, • ) 0;),,Vi., 1 4)-G wintrol.,o4ter
diachdrge of , -
1110 Ma,
rr7..--- Irair
` '`ll - 11irliegiqilaceet ,T e •
niiireiVimehr--e' , • •
Scott, 611 1' 6 1 „ 11 . - • , • t : '•ii•:' , WO;i•
( I,' -• i s t't ta .1. _
1 , 4 '4. 4 040 043 i' 6* 4' 't
'' cessfulenteiprises,the a .
'l v i e le t t er u al t-131- d_ e 9 4: d ra.l._ In e = t ,O cr ii i t e. 'e " 'f ;47:f h , 7t,h, 3 ,0 T1. 1, e ;" 8 :11 ,
1-whOse achievements, ' asur . passea in •
ven undying
annals of 4 1Pr a nt iP n ' lit , ts 'l l 0 . ;an if
v e notyp to the firms.tif[efie'CAu ll " Y erod - a
report be true; has
7'evgit9ci a u ct coin-
Peace. To make this g rateful .
&etc, the court should " b d ii n l o i t e tt id t, At l G o e tt r ,l r , c:
Gordo or Chapultcpec,tin
. _ .•
WOULp reepcelftilly pull the at !cation
V VV tionscitenpera nod thopublie will° oxtail.;
ewe stock of eplendid Furniture, ineluding_SO_
favoViirdriiiinti,ecntre und other Tables, Drys
sing and Plain Bureaus, and rVers variety :a
_Cabinet -ware-aitiCeitairs3 -- ,
which they have pet opened at their new
loathe, on t h e corner of North Mancini. and
Loather Streets, Cntliale.• • .
Tory are confident then the superior finish
of the work mniAship, and t leganee of Myle, in
Which their to Licks arc got up, togf.ther_with
their ,I.IIE2iPArP.:.SS will recommehd them to
every person wanting Fornituie. They have
elan lands arrangements for manufacturing and
keening. ,a cc:natant sepPly of emery 11 rt
theirline, both plain and ornatnental,elegarit
and useful,At prices which they cannot Pill to
suit purchasers. They would earnestly invite
persons who arc about to commenee hottsckecp..
ing to call and examine their p7csent. elegant
slnck,to which they will constantly make ad
9.,tiorm of the non est and 111091 modern sty lea.
NS - ttunta - rtionturartlit — glioTtes. no.
lice, for town t.nd country.
April 21,1847. .
Family Grocery :
rriffp, • subscriber takes this method to iuflirot
1 His feietills, and tie public is general that be
has just opened int he house lately occupied by
I)1• John Armstrong-and there thiors cant of
I) Rhoads' ‘Varelinus p . cite soil getter:ll as
gni trlient Fmnily such as Teas
Cotree,SitatticNintams,Chnetilate.iiiiit Spic'ests
betty d_sZ`i•iptiot.,
.Also, a large ilea well selve
Willow-ware, Brits nuekeis, Ns. tic. To
barer) or every description, from t common
smoking tnliceco, 110 to Woodward's best konti,s,
Dew so, endiali.
T;w i r o call and
rcamihc Ins stock helltre I uyiog here, as he
flatters himself that lie cannot tail to vlease them
both in price and plat ity-.
N. H—llls irientis leers ,Ilie ronntly st• 11 find
it to Ilit•iratlyntatze to tzi re hlm n call ; the store
it ccircenientls situated, just a tow steps front
Ithomls' tavern.
Cariisle,June 2, I 84,7
Atm and Cheap
Main street;one door wet+l or Marlin's fluid.
rin:ll.l stdmellbers have jest:runt-I%A and nee
now opening n large sti.ek of fresh geode
1.11,1400 n to 11161 ILrmer mock, maLes
their essortenAt larg'cr and Iktter than can be
! I mind-else alto o. ' _ ,
heir sioeli comprises a null asso:Ain't et build•
ing material ol , .eiery aiod et) le, with
a large assortment or Tools for kinds lit Me
ermines, w deli lot ye been selected milli greirl care
and lire otrered if the tones! rides.
Also it iilll assortment of goods far Carriage
1 Builders and Saddler:, such as NVorsted Damask
,„„d (111 :Mil
"arrilip— FrisTrC, ' I assets,
Leather, Irtiops,'Eli•etric Sprinzs, I nn AXIVF,
11101 111 . 10 S Plate C.lrringeLlands Japan,
Bross and Salter Plate llnunnug, Sri Ile. Ilits,
Stirrups, Itnei.les, linno rs 01l Bork
slrit/s, I Illg-ski ;11111 •
g . 110i1.5 ill
0112 S?..1 1 1)LEII LISP,. Ms
Vaiters :Ind Trois ; Candlestieks ;
Mass Anil:eons; Shovels and Tongs ;,
Knives slid Forks or st : , i n
Fahey out unannoll Ile moils;
Moeller and Cairiing boner., Sleets;
Pen And Pocket litives or ince, style,
Tillole and Tea Spoons ;
! En. 411,11 and .\ merle:in tintiosis l r ;
Sall Wins, Mass Sze So:.
I hy Hod Nl:vane Forks;
'ilingon I lamers, ziliovels and Spades ;
Tien: lialter and Cow Chains &v. C•I•u.
A Isa jos! received,
Ilar, Baud and hoop WON; •
nossisili and !American Sheet
Calli,Sheitr, Mister and Spring Steel ;
Tin Plate Zinc, Speller, Lead ;
1/upont's mid Johnson's IlhiSt 1114. l'OWliei.;
1)11;,W4V1; Rine, Powder, Shot
Wetherill's Ground 'White Lead *—'-
Linseed Oil; •
corn!, Coanh , Japan and Leather Varnish ;
\V onion , Gloss hfali sizes;
Poti - ;•,•rni•pentitle,
cif all kinds. kn. Sze.
'flaw have also for sale I Larry" 's l'ofetil Spiral
Sirim'Ciaters, befit now
in use 4itsiw nr corn sin ifis.
Septeinliro 2.t . IFOT
JArne's Family ritclioines
A S.tilitional supidy of tltc.abure re In:title
Medi:ma's, c.lvoil.3llng
Tonic' ertniingif
Carminative [Salon), c 7 .,
Received and for Ale by
S.. ELLlcrr . r.
• • Agent for Carlisle
init. 7 ,S4l
Salt and Plaster.
20 3 Toils Vnaler, 500 Sacks G. A. Salt.
5.) Sacks Asidoi) line 00, " •
100 Dairy )10.
l'or Sale by.
1%111.0.:11. & PUNK.
Flurriameg May '26 1817.-If.
(s) i-intil e. %nit° Sugar; 50 do. Brown do.
,-Qtr- -10 Tierces Honey.
10 g• Rice.. _
50 Bags Rice:
5 Kegs Allspice,
5 Pepper fur
s ''nr6le26 -16.17.* ' _ . -
risk t Fist!. !.!
200 1.131 A. No, 1, 2 and 3'lll4ekciel;. - '
100 bbls. Shad.
,100 half bhlet family shad...:
100 bbla Iterring,lpftinleby ,
= ,&,1111LLLR,
.LA UDE: alegAMent, -of •Darpols `of every
'•:' lol oißtiari JO;: reiei , ,eil - Dell sellini‘very
loci M the store' of • , .„:: , quAs..'poil i nv.'.
. ! Dooember 4;4847 . , ..;: •.. :', •:,,••• '., ',i : -,:.' , ,
. a:tp iluyreuc3veUii buried
of.Prish-P.InP9I! •
i)C,;ctht;ar ..,.:'?,113,47,
,i:I:RG.P enpjily , 4f Friction Aldine. on
and for. salen q aninlr.ndvannesm
nit i,tqes 4.4 w. B. itEM NG
ur 4t 4,ei 1
.017:bk Cr . 5110 j,,,•••„;! • • •
.:.'.':'l'_v:: , •': :,- . - ; , '..,.•,:.:, - ,',: . 1::', , ,;,:r0::: , .
%..4 . ,., , .,;_: - 4-' , ::::
.i..r- ,. ,... ;:.:'_,,,f.,,,..,:!.;0,-:.r.,..%ii,,;_...
17 . 7 z ! "..)7,f: 7 ,,,,, , , ,, ..
• -.,,,,,,1ttitfi F ,,,, , ~..
- .-'r,-,--,,,,,,,,,,..-,-,:;;..-.t.--;_:,,,g--,.:-
- ...,,w , ...iiV. 6 .';
. _._. ~
ATAN'AL:44E 49 Mil in' 4n kri 'Wt . Oa
1k0r,,,a9.11/ 4:1%E YRi.GPTABI* , OW'
,maay'airhin , tided
Si-strmis or rirft contimon:Con.:
se . cpenca of tills:affection is ti kind of tonegnies,'
or bearing down sensation , sit is familiarlyl
ed; there is also a heat, tension and throbbing'i'
.the part; varying , fiom a moderato degree of these
sensations to the, most: eicerutiating,.snfliiring;--
these arti.cautledliktbqgreat flew. of , bioisl
the liaris, Soni'aiimea tlin,lnner egatof tkp..tmv el •
protudeff ifiefteviiduatieS, forming' what' is
called P:rolaPsna, or,falling of tlid bowels; tbisis
the 'abet( long continued irritation and weak ,
lifts of that organ: -In scone instances The patient
experiences nervous pains, which are indescriba
ble, and knowli suflbrer, which com
mence immediately after an evacuation ; and'enn-,:
tinuo friipitiffrik minutes tdaeveral hours ; these
sensations are very annoying and Sometimes very
distressing. This disease, when of long continu
ance, is attended by pain and weakness in the
back, irritation of the kidneys and bladder, and
other organs in the vicinity, pain end - numbness
in the legs and feet, a sense of straitness about
the chest, and unnatural fulness of the abdominal
viscera, accompanied with palpitation of the heart
and oppression. •lndividuals .sommitnes experi
ence, previous - to--an -atiact-of the Pilessymp=
coons denoting great derangement in the circttla
tion ; there is a seneo of weight and pressure in
the abdomen. with a peculiar' feeling_ffl unesai,_
h e sz, iii"ThalioWers; - Ennstipation or perinteutn, at.
tended with pain in the back and loins; nausea,
and slight pains in the stomach, pare counts
mince, confused senatioes in the head, weariness,
and inimitable and discontented state'of the 'Mad,
3,,a a sense of fulness and oppression in the re
gjoit of the stomach. The circulation on the
shrface is feeble, and the current of blood deter
mined inwtird and downwards.
For all-of 'the above diseases and complaints,
fectually, and therefore prevents Piles.
lltresoN, Dec. 11, 184 G
at:Nrsi--4 havaused Dr. 'Upliam's Vegetable
Pad Hiectuary which I :purchased of yon; and
lind it one of the best medicines in use for the
Piles, and-also-for bilious afections, arising from
an impure state of the system. Yours, &c. •
FLA—COLE, Merble_Dealer
U. S. Maasu,vl.!s OrricE, N. V.?
Dee. 6, VV.
Meairs. Wyatt & Ketcham—Gentlemen, un
derstanding that you are the general agents for
the sale of Dr. Uphatn,s Vegetacle Elect uary,for
the cure of Piles, I have decreed it my duty to
volunteer a recommendation in behalf of that n
vahiable medicine. .1 have been afflicted for ma
ny years with Mies; and Moto fried various reme
dies, but with no beneficial effects—indeed. I
began in consider my case utterly hopeless. But
about the first of September Insr, 1 wasprevailed
upon by a friend to make a trial of the above
named. medicine. honk his advice and rejoice to
say that I am not only relieved, but, as 1 believe, ,
perfrolv cured. I most earnestly recomMend it
to all who may have the misfortune to be affleted
with that annoying and dangerous disease.
Very respectlully,your obedient servant,
RcitTnt:.ta.c Cran or Pit.r.l!—Tuir;Tv YEA ES
Mount Washingtn, Berk Aire en, 7tfaßs.
154 i. 5
Mes s rs. Wyatt & For thirty
years I have been afflicted with l'iles, general
.and inflammation, causing tumors and
prolapses of the bowels, and which ha 1 resisted
all the n'iotheal"treatment Dr. Chapman and oth
ers could give. The list three years of that mime
my Aultering, defy description.. I was confined
to bed, unable to. help myself, and km lass glen
up by my phed4in_autliriends-in.despair..ol-erer-!
beta: in faeyfor three days lief,,re. I
commenced using Dr. Upham's Delevidary, I
was entirely speechless and my burial clothes
were matte. But under Providence, and the use
of Dr. Upham's Electuary, though an ot,n 31 A n
I have the pleasure of slitting the fact to the pub
lic Ifni? my health is now good. and hope to live
many years, if it hi God's will, to make known
the virtues of Dr. Upham's rdeetuary t and to re
commend if to my afflicted fellow.creatures. It
helped- nub beyond the expectations, of ail that
knew my case, and qsrt - omty,.sny to others
that it islin inyLopinion, the best medicine
in the world for Piles, or any other disease of the
hovels; and if they will UPC it according. to the
dire , tions. I will myself warrant a cure in every
case. Yours, with -the • utmost expr,.,...hin o r
inankfulness, _ CMINELII'S
• Cgramont, Burks eo, 1l rtes. Z
November 29. IPI7.
The nhore eertilkate tells n simrk and truth
ful wore of stifrerng and relief, td which. ns hhl
struin itmd witness in the rase, I cheerfully en
d.Jrue. DR. CHA PM A N.
gennine l'phnrn's Elortnnry
lus his wriiten sic.nalme. tlm ttT ‘.
11; 1)."elle 6nud •I.Vlilone - done n pea.—
Prier n
rj- Snid wilelennle and retail by WYATT &
ICI If A NI, 121 Fulton street. N. V.. and Ly
Ilriv!gis:s generally illrotigliou( lie Uni:ed
an.l. C.inadn.
sAAIUEI, ELLIOTT, Agent fnr Carlisle
.manna• 5. 1 f+.l 4 -1 v
Stantou's External Remedy,
98 now universally acknowledged to bo the
For Rheumatism, Spinal Affections ' Contractions
of the Al twice, Sore l'itroat and Quint',
sues. Old Ulcers, Pants in the Back and
Chest, Ague in the Breast nod
Tooth•liche, ,Sprains, Bruises, -
Salt Itlienfil, Burns, Croup,
Frosted Feet, and all
:Nervous Disetises.
.11U.Kit - N . I"S LIN IMEN I' is mot:titling a nototi
ety imequalied by any similar remedy. It
requires. no pulling to give it 3i teVutstion,-tt has
been for some mite silently and surely scouring
it. and now, when its beneficial effects luive'beeti
experienced by so many, the expressions of grab
rude are comet ually appearing, and those who
have been made whole by its means are desirous
that the afflicted should no longer rernaiu igno
rant of its invaluable arid
Mr. Geo. E. Stanton, the Proprietor. is con•
sternly receiving testimonials of benefits 'wowed
from HT use, and many of the cures it has effected
almost exceed belief. In one case a child had
been a cripple for cight•years, having wrenched
the spine, when at: the age of two years, by a fall
from a chair. Medical treatmen failed, but four
bottles of tire' Liniment restored hint to strength,
and he now joins with his playmates in their
youthful' gembols, as. robust as the healthiest of
them, and only a sinall hump on his back to re
mind him dins early sufferings, Prim 25 cents
per bottle. '
• The Jritree)s.
acknowledged to bo the most valuable reme
dy ihat has vet been' discoveredi.and. may be re-.
lied. on with' canfide,nce by all who may have oe
,easion lbr its use hi cases of Mttte FEWRII, AGUE
This Ointment is partiohlarly intended.for those
complaints Abet Mothers are liable to during the
nursing of infants, and ,may he Indy The
Nurso's-FrientLi—Price - 2.5 - eis.perliei:
• 0. E. S'PANTON;• Proprietor, Sing 'Sing,
Now York. Sold by' .„ • . •
Dr. J. Myers and:Chas. Sarah; Carlisle.
Edward Scull, Shipponeburg • -
A; Cathcart, Sho:Aterdefew,n
G. W. Lisingor, Chtirehtown
J.•&.. J. Riegel, Mechanicsburg
M. Slicer, Shironnintitown,•.
I. W..Clevtr, Leesburg
J XYle, bottom- ille
N linen witionrs BOOTIIINO . $YRITE011,j;•.:.
. , •
;/.. 1 1PALI
of"thoi!o diepaseeleoldent fthe
":..i4,16Af4",0nfi4101.41101) ;ay eiinvulelune. npaam
`alp7.vour; - routaiveo us Oruptio'
nOte;•ti ii 4 looitniese of, Ihe . bOwillei te I d
"tici,ver,.X6:444thieileithrit. ilifilyl4ppn;dy pat
V:pfeitiiithiniietikehWatt l eplAn ,"
. ,
'4',:.'.ii , :'..'': - ?:-: , ..''..=,.'..::-,:,' , ':',"i,::•',.-,k;',.,:4
~1-•-..;,;=-. ..,,f.',":,.,,,,,
ririik rite !I
,": cerevait - r: presittebtick ic• .ra '
T -'sTovgs,
YNPAP, - 9 7 ' 'south Second il4
Ph pfila;;w isheif,te". fdridliiiii.4*dhlthil ,
tite'ptiblieigenerallifthat he still, continues to
Mai.ufacturo undsoll:thogeriiiiireAtft•TlGLlT.
STOV 8,. with he latest improvements:' ilee
'many years expericriculn the muitellicturo of
therm, storee, , ho,* ch a Wad: Oar
customers tho, Stoves will ovens:
suitable for dininernonis or auriericui.,, folios
also the Air•TightStoye,on.the Radiator plan,
iv Mob tuaji as .spleil did and oar:Morn Ull I pa rlor
stove, to which he would call the particular
attention of Mora who want. On elegant and
useful article for their parlors; also a large
assortment ofCoal, Parlor and Cooking stoves:
'ell of which ho will sell at the lo'wcat emit pri•
cm -The public would do well to , call before
purchasing elsewhere.
Mr. T. would caution the public against Air'
Tight Slaves made by most, stove ma' rs, as
they do not answer the purpose MlL:tided.
Sealember 99, 1847.
" Secure Ike shadow substance. fadc.if-
Collins' Celebrated
S - EVER MEDALS awarded at 1110
Fairs of the Franklin und.Ainerican iro
'stitutes for the best
,and most artistical speci..
nientr . of Daguerreotype portraits.
The recent .niprovement made by the sub:
ricribers, and which is peculiar totheir estsb,'
lishitient alone, viz; AN UPPER LIGHT,.has
received the highest recommendations Tram
the press, and also written testimonials front
the first Artists. in the country, as' to its treat
superiority over the usual sido• light. The
peculiar advantage of this light - is that the
natural expression of the eye can be obtained
more pertecily than heretofore.
7 Cltiions and strangers arc respectfully in
vited, whether desiring portraits or not. to
visit nor .spacinus galleries, probably the larg- .
est and mast extensive in the United States,
- anct - cxn ino fer;thununlve - s - rli - eitsroTfiffliinf
improvements made by the subscribers in this
! wonderful art.
T. P. &D. C. COVA [IS, •
Proprietors of Vie City Daguerreiiin
merit, No. 100 Chesnut at.; V. doors below Id,
south side. .
September 29,1847
Hover's First Rate Premium
&Ire" Illedal just awarded by the Aiwa - Wan in
- stitute, New" York, (1847.)
rr lIE following feslimony from distlng,uish
.l_. of Institutions sponliti for itsell:
Philadelphia, May 1I .1841.
listing tried, for sonic time, thu Black Ink
manntitetured by Mr. Joseph E. !lover, we .have
-found-it -well suited for inandscript, h.Y ,tts mi
ning freely , nod ita exemption from coagulation.
Its shade also we are wc-1.1-pleased with.
1.1 • El 110101E1i , M I), Dealt Atli ,
• Fnindtv an.l Pi of. of Anatomy
JOHN 1.1j1).1.011 . _, Provost
SA WI. II A1 • YII.11-1, N'ice-Provas
lIENItI7,, HEED, Srer.-.•.tdry of the
Fittailiy or Arts „.
• 1108‘V ELL Prof. of Nat.
Lecturer in the
l'e:cSlA, ANI A M EDW.% 1. CULLED C -
We lolly C0{14 . 111 . in the abate,
ofrrox, M D,
Dean of the
CES roar. ITIe a SCHOOL, Pli lion EI.PH to
A 1) BA (111 El, Pei neipal
Ii MeAl AI I), Prof of
Anatomy •
A ,tr.niCilN EittrAy.a.nuNt!r: (70. Puri flour:pita.
. FRED'S: VII It Secret:Ley
Cr. - s - r)tt Manic, Putout; :mita
J 1) CI.1011(.11i. Deli, Naval Officer
A ";51,4 - irii - iv Article, Warranled.
1:„r Sate, and ii,9uil, nl the
1%10,1,10.i: I by
)A - 1-.l'll . I.:- I 'OVER, Manufacturer
Nov 17,11,47 ,
ivs , , Iliadic, Screen owl %Vire Cloth Nlnnotite
tor 3. No 1s North Front sweet, bete een
Alni•k,•t and .Irell str,•,•l4, imih u r n .
lii • til•K,l•ilwr, hncing made gri at i tnrn ,
_n, 10 1114.11110VC 11 , 14111V94,111 C 1101111-
:tvt , %1•1 , 1: of a , ‘lperior qualityo,lll:iluls
...I unNiniNTAL WIIII• ‘‘"ong.silcl, ns SieVCS:
IC dirk-, Serencs&fe, for all khi,lx of grain. seeds,
=mill, ore. sauff.atnech, brickilitxt &c., Voittidecie
Siet on of n ',llllorinr (Ina liar colibtaintly on hand.
• Inn Snron, %Vire Dish Covers, sort, Springs,
Twilled Wire for Spark Catchers &c.
ORNA:11 ENT 41. \ring WORN., Midi as Cages,
Nairstry Fenders, Carden Bordering, Flower
titnmis,'l'rainrrs.'l work for I Vines,
Rte. Msn Wire Fencing of very description,
Orders thankfully roceirekl and prenatally
executed lay ' . B'ATSON EP' COX.
Cheap Watches and Jewelry.
c - \ \
AT -• A ' the PhiludeMiia Watch.
_... 0.
~, and Jew,lry Siore, DI; North
• f - ';\ :t;l1ceorol SI., corner of Quarry
i c . ,:c. i ~.'G.Oit lover W a tehen, ra Ili ~ •
~,...,•• • ,:= "e bp>ifiica rot , r,45 00
44. i Po ).', 'ilitor,Levor Wateheq,
- - full, uvr:ilf:o , ..t. ,4.„. ; -,- 23 00
Silver Le ve (Oil ii liiiiikAiim4l.jetv el s 18 00
Superi,:a Quarter WateliV. l , ' 10 00
Imitation quarter Watches not warren led 5 00
Gold Spectacles'
Fine 'Silver Speetneles
Gold Bracelets with topaz stones
Ladies Gold..Peneilsl6 went<
Gold }loiter Rifles 37h cents to $B, \Vetch
Glasses plin: cents to 181; Lunct 23.
Oth e r p ( ti c k g In 'proportion. All goods %cur.',
ranted io be what they are sold for
. k .,
Gn nantyn wno po and Silver Lovers, Le.
pates ;tin: uaiticro lower than the ahoy°
Fob. 5, 1847.
u. E. moorte. I N. BISHON
No. urarly opposite the
10P FSPPCTFULLY annonlice to their friends
jZLL end the ,otibliodlitit they o conalantly 10.0-t/I(I'CA
t/1(1'CA td motto to of futesi and beat
itittle - riafi, anal at moderate pekes, every article'
or. Vaahlunable Clothing. constituting a Gentle
inait's,,Wardrobes for which their complete stock
oreliolee mod carefully selected Clothe, easel
inereit.yentlaks, &•,., of the latest and o most deal •
rabic patient,. are particulaily tlcsined. -' •
Cheii{ewtipractical knowletige of' thebusiness
and * 000441 a ttent I on to every itirincet,eilables
them tettileeeil,ittire, satisfaction, and both old
d it
anem einitoniera they revactfallytender an
inritatiett tki - Olv6t.lvdat a • • •
• Ilavinglieetifit yenniconnehtol4itli 4 aome of
the - beat attil mop..fishionabib Ostabli all in ent
tiff coontoiarntloy, Ing none Imi'first rite : wolic-•
being to the constam receild•of the In,
atidi- beet my Ns of itooda,..they
. 116;
fully pi.#1)9. , 041 , yeitidnirpotlitte customers I t . l - th6
ritio Ns EN !vs S !ISA
'evil"otheis for 'the rota Dila ant) j‘trninnrnt cure
diseases 1, riii4 Iranian imili`cratOo - of the lion
or intbit • tir thu system; it is warrimtod by iho•
tnnnufitciurer to ho tir,e Onion stronier thnn tiny
nreparAtiost or'thu atOnti kind extant, and 'each
• Frirtle in confiaticluttrt.t ;POCe'3l ,, tier boitle.T2
for,lBlC . o
; j..:84;. W. H. FLEMING
3 klti' 7 i t
renej*ell,lit tlio.:111.11Z , 111V1:-:*
„ elv, mit
`0 oluolenbd ;:Fn!i6y , '
• ". • --,
,• • s COYLE.%
(1.3311 1 A.4i I t
imprbiembp(it Oili been reilol(e},:k7:.Tppyrited,lll4, )ye
11.! '
8 .„..„,;
" • ),
:,•1'•1"!;',1.N.4,14,v§h:r:i.i!:!..,;.1Y1,i1r1';'2'f,.:,'02;14';',',',', ':,.,P''.•
, ~,,.,.Fii,'.-',,,,1't:'.!:._.,:;J
8 00
I 75
3 50
2 00
tist'l 11347",-.:-4 to 0
SJ It ilir,S 1t:*11.5!.:1. ,
. ,
t VatiNV „
16 ble geritEdrihas been
eiiecninf in thbiiire:
of seine': of the most troublesonnidiseaies with ,
..whichlYT horse is alTocited,Nrithout destroying:
' r such as old strain's, etilf
' I
noes : ufjolnts,, gulls produced. by, the collet and
eacj'd(e;:eti"uins.of tthe .
'phS tbili land 'ealiiii.Santi, strains, orliro'whiri ,
bone, knee, and totiocis, ; fietuleti,
curbs; splints;'spav,in, ivindgells, puffs, &c.
It very soon cures old or fresh woundsicuts,
bruises, tistules, poll oyikeurtis, etc.,and gives
Inistabt relief In -the'seritclivs, grease, etc.,and
the diseaves incident to horsoiv‘having MIRA
feet and noses produced by St John's Wort,
which so, the hoofs and bones of
' the feet; and resists t h e action of sulphur rind
vitriol ointments, and other 'remedies equally
'No application has horistefore proved so
mean) in relaying stiffness of the tendons and
joints, and producing such immediate and
beneficial effects in cracked heels, brought on_
g I n goof latu - anirsifiTtins.
This Embrocrtion is highly recommenuartto
farriers,. keepers of livery stables, wagoners,
.tagei_proprietorarand-privatc - gantemierrteric
ing horses, us an invuhiable remedy, and
should ha' constantly kept in their stables...
Also fiirmers, whose horses are an liable to
kicks, cuts and wounds, will find it equally
advantageous to keep it constantly on . hand.—
It, is equally beneficial in the 'treatment .of
worrting cattle, for galls, sum necks, outs
wounds, etc. • „
For aide in Gar yy•Dr. JOHN J NY—
ECCS,.SpIe Agent. .. _
To tine Citizens - of Cumberhuid Co.
There is something more preciods that)
Gold or Diamonds-11EALTw. , .
F.1111.11t14 are some diseases that visit us at sta.
led sensors of the year,
and which not unfre
quchtly.become itharminglyfittal, during the sum
_meratitl••autiinin months; especiallY-the - young
there being not less than seventy thousand dying
atinually with derangements of the stomach and
bowels alone. Does not every feeling of,our nag
titre become enlisted in the huinan desire to les
sen this frightful mot tality,„ are we not bound by
- ovary principle of reli g ion to administer relief
when in our power; ant! evp discharge our 'My
when we palm out the greatest remedy ever yet
discovered, for this purpose,to the public. If .
there be one, or if they have a friend or child,
- or a neighbor, who may chance to read this no
tice. that is suffering with DiaMitdca k Dysenta
Cholera itlorbus, Suinmer Complaints, Colic,
Flatulency, te;c., bee., then let them try Dr. Kee- .
lees Cordial and Carminative, and we guarantee
a speedy cure.
!Ammeter Co., Neffyille . , Dee. 11, II1•16.
Keeler—Soincti me last summer) out , ar,ent
left me some oft our Infant cordial mill Carmin
ative, urging me to try - it... It so happened that
hall a ease, a young child about six moittlie‘ohl,
whose stomach and bowels were in is very disor
dered eonditien, caused by a -deficiency of its
mother's milk. The child was a mere skeleton,
there WWI touch tarmi,na, tenesmus and constant
"vactintlone. I administered every medicine T
eouldt !link or, will but a slight alles ;idiot, of the
complaint. I then thought of giving your medi
I clue a 111111 commencing with small doses.
soon however perceived the child could !rear
full those as reefed - intended in direetions ; before
it hail takenbal f it houle, the .stosititele.and-bowv
rkdrul recovered theiternitural tone, every
bad symptom _ v lidded, and the child rapidly re
• I have no lieeitat inn in efiying'that your medi
cine in the very hest for the ithovc. complaints I
hate 811111illiSIVI't it hi a 21 years' practice,
Very respectfully, your friend, •
11. BOW IAN , M. I).
PrepnreAl eqI.IIVP of 3‘l and S inch streets, Phil
adelphia. For sate-wholesale and retail by S.4isf-
Corlink ; •Dr. Nlc Pherson, Merritt
bore ,• and by Drtiggiiits and ereltant s through
! out. the_catudy.
j 1817,-6m.
App:) N2', 11 , ,n. 1 9 of Djvc,,si C, Glics
T two mamma why !this medi
be restommended to the public,
=AM in, that utovt persons who have no girt
it buy tiepin, thereby showing that they re
gard it as, a vain ibls Family medicine; the
other is trial certificates are in the possession
ofttio Proprietoi of permanent cures having
been effected nut only in persons afflicted fora
short time, but also in cases of long standing
It is composed altogether of a vegetable
matter, is irerfectly harmless, can be taken at
all Bares, and is 110 hindrance to business. It
rest ores mid revives the ani mit I spirit s,.plea vises
the stomach Isom all morbid humors which
cause indigestion and Lcidities. It also re
moves nervous tremors, riatimatie pains, and
prevents their return; cures ell; cones of lire
stomachs arid howelsolmost immediately takes
away palpitation of the heart, and promotes
the free circulation of the blood,
Thu ,threetion ncenmpnriy,ing each b Itie
contains a DU mbar of certificates one of which
is given in this advertisement.
DFA II SIR a boqt two ychrs ago I was se
verely: afflicted with . ispepsia, which I had
for the last lifteeo' years prevlotts to the Above
named tittle, which w,as very much increased
by any having a blood vessel ruptured ripen my
lungs, occasioned by lifting—which increased
my coinplelitt, dispepsia and general debility
and weakness, to such a drib , that two or
three yyors previous to my using the Garlo..
,ganf's Raltap,l .1, never ate• a meal hut my
stomach liethane - so painful that I had
ably to throw it tip. SceinCaarlegant's Bal
sam advertised I 111011 induced to try it bottle;
after taken the very first dose It appeared to
strengthen my stomach; and every dose of th
first bottle helped me so touch that to the
course of n few days my stomach began to
retain and digest mraiy thing I ate. I conlintid
to rise the Balsam. unlit I used several bottles,
which cured me rintirely, and restored mu to
perfect health, whisk I have enjoyed ever' Hine°,
find net before for fifteen years. I cheerfully
ceonimend it to all persons who aro aietedlll
with dlspepsia or dihility ofstomach.
II EN R Y I,OII`IIAN, Fred'lc Co. Vn.
Prepared and sold by the Proprietor, JOIIN
S. MlLCER,oppositethe Market Muse, Fred.
crick, Mal. and, by SA.I,IU EL EL1 . ..101"P, sole
agent-for Carlisle.. _ ,
March 10, 1847.
To, Country Thysiclvins.
MYERS has just roCeived an addition
to'hislormer stook, a large assortment
of DRUGS 'AND MRDICIN ES. warranted
Pitrp, end fresh—among which are UM rc
" tint poptilar preparationf'9(... ll l o „ProfettAicn,.
lie 'on' as good terms as any
atualdisiunent °ca l or Philadelphia. '
(o . .Phicicians aro requested toexamine for
Oemselyer.- ,
lily 1; 1847. •
For Dyspeptics and others:
irusir rocdivod ut Dr. Myers' DrOgStoro, a
OE &mica article of Black . Ton, for :inaulids
•and-dyanontice. .Alao.Old and Young flyaon,
Ounpowdor andimporial.
. , ,
iheaplarsAnd _
tir --7',,re'4"49w. all ' 1 bl „milit)3la
, •• - sed , Gbuis , •!Jitilqind • inn '•
is 0 pour 'For'etelo by,
Ter the Pr°B"li, 3: MYERS;
J u ly r •, • itoc 'lVTnin Street
.. - -
.• .. .. 0,911-t. I COAXO • . 2.2,
"' WO TQNS Phi‘ QI:o;ie COAL -4(10 tone
i ,. , %VI kOmy,r,go coo-41.0 pns.Ltim 910 rnorp
' ..:- a 4:5,406.1kin1i..fi1t,u 01 il OUS, po q l, ; ,•,,,,,,,;,%,-t,
-. 1 4,: C.; loi'i*ltiAir,k . „ '',,, '.',-,„ r', Iz -....'i '; : -.. , V. ,:, ' : ':. " I
':,',.. ~ `..i!. .ii• y; •m-,., F ri'll ii' '. ,S, m) LL
',. 6 ilurriaokteknb:9fB47l3' , ..,.'e... ';''';' --4 . , .'''';'.
I' '• ` ''''' ' ..'
1,... „ o lr •„',O as f ••,•". 1 .
2: ,; : :,::I.
k NOTIIR , ILlTNiit;ilr:Weiiiil6Bdti.: i thlit . l`,, 1
; :..Z11,11,; a wil ! rid ,giliSIV STOR.R,in??, , ,V,4iii , ,l,liilit
' : titioli:t.t'll ',lc , lxi#Effi . st;iiik4.o l ;Alifghtirn I
Lii*no; Bltnaliqi4 . llo-. , ,,U,hibleatili64,:,(sloili rth • 1
CallanoiaKliiiiii 6; Chi, oks,,qiniierefl i ucAn,ll ,
IS , ; 0 i!ice r16: 7 :&9,' :.4 &e:k:;,;;,'-',s)li4 i _ . ' k ,:1 1 ! L t - t i -fel
:- , --',-;.,,,L....kiV,'1 1 ‘ 1 2' I ,
enyli*le;',Tllly,l,; iBITI , . - , -;: : ,l,6iPtiVtir.
~‘, •.,• ,; ,'.; ' ~,,, , •;:l if , Lt' ~ i ve0,,,, 0 .: 'f , ,
~ ,T..... , 7 i, :-: • , . 1 , „''.;''. --., ' -, :- f,-,'.:' , t:' ,, , e A;•, - !, , ...,•-,q:' , .,":-
. ~,; .. ,:,.,, ~ ;.,,,vne ~.;* ,'' , - , •:. A . , 1 - , - --f •
• Intwan
V. , 2‘, ,, ,
Tim , ' nei , r ivoirititaigNevi A nit*:'
proula - tCtjAittEß4iitiqDNAßLMiiitUTG.
V.IL iA ftl. ' P ßO ' FFlCTlGlVO"'Aft'Alslif;'lttil The'
vfi l
under the - dir - mil Of- tle.:77oooiiii''llestliar
'lllneagrei for he eueulei yeer, viz,—Tli4 C.
Nikiker, 1 , 4 , .0 ' •nuAkilltiol.OttibrAitlii'llrio-i'vPi
sidenti .D'a jl"'W.,./Nletfullough,:Tveastiveii,A.,
Gill ill er',.S . OorotifeY,' '`. l dll3COVbilkieY;Jiliill tr
i V.reeiv, 'Jobe httg-; : : Ahreintin , "I{itig.,l.tfehtfrd
‘1 ,1 :0 0 . 1 .1,11, .Slim.ori . 1 1usiti?;,Willitun. 111 ,, B'ec i ttt
Cciile, Afe , r,ttedrr.l).evitlsoit. ;,.Therr., stre.';:itibo.v.ft
tiOriillei••of" - Aieetii appointed iif ' the
,adjace . 4
iiounttes,'iiho' will :rebetrO r•tipplidetiniis' for ie.
su ranoo, aryl Orirertl Ahem - i mmediatoly for ..crii.
prdrel to the.ofnee ofthe Go,mpaqy,yllep the 01,-.
rer wile lid' isatied..withoOt defey.- • For furth er,
infornietioO see the, by-Inive'of the Company.
TUGS. C.:3ll.LLEll..T'reet. •:
A. G.,Seo'y. •
The following,gentlemon have been appointed
- - , ..-
L.l-1. WiMin W us, Esq.,
eral Agent. ,
. A. Coyle, Carlisle, '
Dr. Ira Day, Alesboniest/um.
George Brindle, Esq., Monroe.
Jos. Al. Aleans,Esq. Newburg: .
John Clendenin . , Flsojlogestown... ---
Stephen . COlbertson,Shippensbure. • '
September 29, 1847
PH IL, Apli 41'111A , •
eharier Perpetuai.- 7 5400,000 Capitalpaidin
OQlce.l63k Chen nutstreet
.ATAKE iNS UltANCE,eitherpermimen tort im=
tetl,a gainst loss tirtlamage by lire,on,intOPFArrY
sad Ek'FECTS of-everrtlescriptintriip - tififiribr
Conntry.,on the most reasonable terms. Applica
tions made either personally or by letter, will be.
promptly attended to.. •
C. N. BANCkEL.,,
. ,
.Rates of Insurance Reduced!
Brick ur Stone dwelliiigsor &toren s '
from •' • 2i to 3 p o depos
do 'do Churches 2-to 3 do
do do 'trireme • 3to 4 do
do do 1111ill ' S
• - 4 to-5 do
do do Sfahles (private) 4-to 5 do
-do o
- do do (*set Mills, Vatcr
Power, 73 to 10 - do
Brick or Stni'e dwellings and Fur
niture from . 30 to 40c $lOO value
do do Stores and Nleraltan-
dize 55 to 50 do
• do do Taverns and Furniture .
40 to 60 do_
do .lo - flarnsand Contents
• 65 to 75. , do
•do 'do Statutes (public)
1,00 to 150 do
do do Grist Mill and Stock
75 to 80 do.
Frame and Log dwellings and Fur
' allure . 50 to 75 do
do do S ores and McMinn- '
clize ' 05 to 85 • do
do do rnveras and Picrniticre
00 to 1(10' do
110 110 41111'11S and Contents
Oft to
.100 do -
. do dp Crist Mills and Stock
JO to 100 do
Thu subset Ober is agent for:the abovecompany
For Carlisle and its ‘roinity,. A ll applibationsror
assurance. 'either by. "mail or personally will be
promptlA attended to W. D.-SMY,II,IOUIO
- 12. !P.O. 111:13
• •
On the, Mutual Instt e jnneiple, combined
with a loge :joint-stock api t (1. rm. i
ellacal to pearlyJaatlici—malittes----
r the Ant of jnearporation the stool; is •
pledged for the payment of any losses
which the Company may sustain. • And as an
additional security to the nssored, the net re,
quires that the oldie business shall be
_funded alai :cumin With the corporation, as a
guarant,e and protection to the insured ngeinst
Lai. - 'this - fund Will be represented by scrip
issued by limo Company, ',miring interest notex
eccding six per cent. per annum. The insured
are entitled to a pro rota share ofthe profits of
the. Company, and will receive that proportion
of the nioresaid fund in scrip, iehien the
amount of earned preniiinns paid by him, bears
to the kotui aunt of curried preMiums and capital
The scrip thus issued, to be. transferable on
the books of the Company as stock.
No dividend of scrip can be made whin
(i.e losses and espouses exceed . the amount of
earned premiums.
The insured are protected (*rein loss at the
thrdtronary rates of premiums, without any
indibidual liability or responsibility for the
losses or expenses of the Corporation. The
assured have all the rights of Membership,—
can vote at all electicins, and are eligible as
Directors of the Corporation...)
The subscriber has been appointed agent for
ibis. Company, and as the mutual principle
q superseding every oilier mode of Insurance,
to would confidentlyrecornmend itto his friends
and the public. •
The North American Company has cloqe
their Agency. These having policies expirin
in Iwt office can hare them renewed in th e
Delaware Company lm much more fasorablP
For rot particulars cnrptire eithor letter
or person to JOHN J. MYERS.
Carlisle, Septembe; 10, 1845.-1 y.
PE..l . rji^sableouGH
roll I.: Allen a nd haat pen neborough Mutunl Fire
31,, insurance Companyof Cumberland Counly,in
enrporatell by an net al Assembly, is now fully of
-41.41,1fint in operation titular tlke managementof
toe following commicsi oilers, vial
Cht.Stn)nutn,,ineolt Shelly ,AV st li G orgnej;iwis
{ls a r, Chaintinit ichnelkoover,klienry
Logtoi,!llithael Cook; in t liMusset',Levi'
Nierkid,,lnirobliirk,Nlelehlor (IN:nem/wand Soma
: A :rowN.,ll, who resiteehttlly call the attention Mine
tizetts of Cumberland mill York countlestq the ad-
vantages which the coMpwity,hald out. •
"I'lie rates of insurance are as low and farorarne
ha any Company of the kind in ttre.State. Perstina
wishing to become members ,nre 'ttiviteql to make
applicittion to the agents or the company who are
willing to Avail upon them at any time.
- MICHAEL HOOVER : Vice President, •
Lewis Byer, SimrOarY
Michael Coekliii, Trenaurer • ' •
NI wh ile ] 11 oover,Glencral A geni,3l echnideslnpi
M Conklin, Alien township.
. It_COrgas,,Allen lowriship. - • --
Christian ritzel, Allen township.
Join - C Dunlap, Allen toiviiship:
Peter Barnhart ,Kast PonitsborOtow
Diivid Martin, Clinrahipwn „
11. (larmon; Kingstown,
Ileary Zenring,'Shir,einanstown ,
Bithon,Pyster, Wormleyshurg, . • •
Dr. Jabot; Baughman', Cnriiele,
JnolvKirk,Genersil A gentior York County New
. Cutnherlimil P. 0.-
Henry I..oknn,YOrk county:
John herr ick, York countr.,'
John Reikiii, WO: county. •
. .
1)a niel y. York 'coup ty
.1: Bowman; Yorkeelpity. -r, • 'I. • " "
Philip Breekiiill,Ctimberland comity.,
..Ittitrert•C;Sterreti - 9;111lildleton
rfPllteragents Will, tie added lierearter"..t:'
.'; 7-.. TOBACCO, , SEGARS' it'SNOFFr'-;'
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Pill 'are O'neir mediiii
li cli li3e JiieG . appeat off, and' fi''fast.triltinf die
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Sitting , thotystetn: Mitts ' til•e .rit the .
vanish • ; .a.ld6itteOtum*
lddgqsitiil migerty,soilght for by. medicanYitip, but'
itesiet' Vefill'.e.tlifietiirered'. In oilie r Words they do'
tlieiviib]CbftWo iiiediolocai juid do" I initial .111.-:
-ler ati) itui la O, We. know o'i' for they" 'remote
nothing'fimtn the tylitemlitit the iinpuritiesoo;
. that While theil Siurn trey alFeciglitin, and hence
they cause no"debilitilijon, a'r'e • followed by . ..
•no reaction. rir,Le Roy 'a Pike !Mite n wonder
ul influence on.the.blood ; fbeY - init . ,only . puril3J:
without weskoning It; hilt diet ielnove all nox
ious particles from ihe ehyle behire it' is cones:'
ned into fluid, and.thils Make impure blood tut' ,
utter impossibility. Aistlicin Is no debilitation,
so there Is. no nausea or silliness attending the
'operatiotts of thi most excellent- of - toed c . :
- which tier& it - Fa Mr . iiir tortures the fune
tfons,but entI,SCS thorn to work i n perfectly nat.:,
oral manner; and hence Rtirsou a1i.p..11 them do
not become pule and.emactaietf -ilia
fi r while it Is the proper!) , , cr. --Scr'Saparilliq
uriitedsap if's-with other Ingredie to ' einore,
till that is foreign' and impute, it. is eq 1133 the
property ofthe %Vail Clierry,fo retain all in ,
natural and sound; antlliguee' 'robust state o f
health is the•certalit-result-of timi rind ted - opernz'
For sale in Caidisle by hi.. .1, J. Myers,aele:
Aent, and by Eby and Kissinger, in Kitigidown,
gwierd 25 ets.. -
carltalFeb •" 1017i4.7. '
IT• botipow2r. to chose All external SORES,
POISONOUS WOUNDS, to discharge th9irptie
'Odd matters, and then heals them.
It Is rightly termed All-healing, for there is.
Remedy a disease, est al-or—internatrthat—i—
wi I not benefit. I have sect it for the last 10ur .%
Cebu years for all d i sease of the chest ; consump
tion and liver, involving dui utmost danger and
responsibility, and I declare before heaven and
man, that not one single case has ii failed to ben- _
efit when the patient was within the reach of
mortal means. ,
1 bait; had pliYi'cians learned intim profession.
1 have had mtmaters of the Gospeloludges "of the
bench, Aldermen, La wyers,,. gentlemen of the
highest erudition, and multitudes of the poor use
it in every variety. or way and there has been but
000 voice---one unlvenaal voice—saying,
vour Ointment is GOOD."
CONS'UAI PTION.—It can hardly be. credited
that a..salve rub Wye ineefreut "upon the lungs
seated - as they are within the sv stem. llnt, if
placed upon the chest, it lumen:sins to Abe lungs
stlparideathe poisonous particles that are consu
ming them, and expels them from the sy nem: 7 -
h is coring persons of,Commidption continual!):
HEAIMCII E.—The salve has eared persons
of the headache of id. yelO . 'll sumah ur, and oho
bad it r..rgular every week so that vomiting often
took place.
Deafness -tincl Dar Ache are helped with like
removes almost imrse.
flintely the Intl:minden and swelling when the
pain ceases. Rend the direetifin nenittill the boy.
COLD FLIET.---Coitsumptinn, Liver GOlll
- onu or the other id %rap; imenininintes eold•
feet. , (This ointment is the true remedy.) It hi
sure sign of disea..e to pare cold feet. •
In scrofula,-old sores, :.rysipelas,
liver complaint, sore cyr:i, whiny. sore throat;
bronchitis, broke' ar sore breast, pips. all chest
diseases such as asthma, oppressions, pain -.-0100,
sore lAitt,ybaplied hands, Illmovs,ctituneottt trup•
tn's, nervous diseases suit - id - Abe spine, there is
no medicine now known vs good. -
SC LI) llhi A 1).- —We have 'CM Cif coons that
act mill) defied 'every thing known, as well as lilt
ability of t %or - 20 doctors. Ore man-told us be
Karl spent $5OO on his children w ifinity any-bene
fit, when to 4 . ek, boxes of obit ine)Cl enroll
%tilt ileetore the hnir Kona.
than nur atherthiug.
ig tile tact thing in tin , world for
Barns. (Rend the ilireriirms around the box.
WORNIS.-,11. will di ive et cry veattge of them
There is probably no 111 , 411f:111eo. flee of
the earth of onee so surf nud h 0 safe in the 0511111-
aim, of m onus.
COHN' S ;; Aleeasinteil itFt. nt the Ointment will
alwi t S 'VAT ennik trout gt•ou ink. Pcnitle seed
never h e trot:hied with thetii if the) o ill use it. •
PILES.--Thousands are curet, by this
Os Illinosit.
i etors or ~Iwh r medkit,
CA GTION —No OINTMENT will be genii
no tialt4s the DHOWS of James tl eA Hist et. Or
names AluAllister Ill: Co., MT icrittut xith 11 pea
upon every label.
Sold by Samuel Elliot, S. Ilar•erstiek
Dr..1..1. Myers, in CarlYle, .1, St. L. He.igcl, e
ehaniesburg; Singisrr & Paul, ChurOtown, and
John Diller. Newville.
That the principle of coring disease by clettlit , -
'tug and littr.slying the body. is strictly in nveor
(Witte with the laws which govern the anima
economy untl it properl, curried out by tile use
certaigirecsolt it: the complete abslition of
disease; we Wei. the collowing teh.ratoilhal 5, rl' ll lll
persons of the highest eespectabilite iu New 1 orK
ullnilllVe ;Tech: ty been curetinf the 1111151 obsti
nate complaints, solcls hy the use of IVright's In
dian Vegetable l'tlls of the North American Col
lege of Ilenlil4. •
' „h u m Ate 'rod: Cii,
Dn.Wm. Winner:-7now Sir,—At your vc
commendation, I ,none time' since made trial of
wr„,.,,,,,, Italian Vegentbie s, of the Troth
American College of Health and can conscienti
ously assert that for Purifyin the blood and von.
oveting the syctem; I haver Ceived mom benefit
temp their use than Miro any other, medicine it 68
heretofore been my , good fortmui to Meet with.
I urn, deur sit, with many thanks, your obliged
fricutl,. . .. CHARLES M. 'MTh:,
NO. GO IlaMmersly striet,New York.
Prom lrarwarstng,
DEMI Sin,—l bite been alDicted for several
years with inward weakness':9le ge•net•ol debility.,
accompanied at. times weli pain in the aide and
Oillor distressing complaints. Aft*cr having trivit
various e medicines without effect, 1. was perstinded .
1) 'a friend to make trial or Dr. Wright's • I ntlittli
Vegetable Pills; 8 Mob I inn happy to s ate have
relieved muln a mow wonderful manner.' '1 have
used the • medicine as )*et but a• short time, and
lime terdellht,llV ti iler.SeVel`tllleeSill the use,oftlei
niediciiieluitordlog to directions, that • ! 'shall *a
short time' be iterfectly'reOireil. -. • , ••''';',' ,;.
1 Medi willingly' renoinineild riaill - Rilic O.: Ora
persona B ilnilt9 . lY Hlll)4feW;aiittLiik,:illefillt:beliei
tliactliiiiatitiV Ventlfieial "reealla will'follo*-: their
tik ,. , , • , . •, • .• f: , ' - -,,,
~ ';:,..f, i
• ":, i ' ll . iiitirii{ . 6lli . i , iiii * Cerefii . ' ~ ,-
. ' - •' . ',... ,'''' ir,NItY '.A. FOOTS . ;.
''..„' \Vitro° esilae,l3lster, p0.,.:N ea, Yot , 1::
n zw , ./iai, ')riy.c..lottillar4r*ra. 7 .: 7 Tile: paid le: are.•
eatitietWel aitaitlit,Alie`„ttiany. sitar idah niediehiele
Odd! lui'''Oriler ' 'to. tiecelye„-;iire, called 'by- natticei:
ainillar to .- Writilit'a . I nilinit Yiketaliin Pill af .
Cliiiltia.,OglibP; Carlisle. :,..; p' „
'John Coovcr, lietoehaniesbure' • '
'....Broncman & ,TOwel, New CuEr.4 o Oulla
.. • • Jameo Gll'utOre,Nawyillc,. '
.... ' 4:-JiNot:th, ...r:::c!! , • :ii .
~,,,, i ,-..
'' , ./110.tlithorl. lietii;rdaliitvii. "-•:;
~ -
.1 '&, - 43 A' (.;dylo,'ll44foWn:''-;'
..lenoo.Bilititih.l.4labi, ..; fr..';''/,'(.' ::'. ":-.:•':-
..r .. :wiser and . Pouti. itottllztownt. ...
John P. IthOdtw, , Ofiliii;. , 2otqlsi , ' '-.-
. . .
~,S:z . L.
,Sonteiiicinr, Newlyittg,'; •' • .
, - ICilfieen Airritt4P'exOltoilvely . :to; the aide 441.
IN' rigliCti:littliatiV9iettill'lltir aliolesale, anl -
retail lOollitee:StrOef;Thilltilillphittl' '2BB CI re s i is
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I)'l!i).ht‘tr , „ lut s , 9,T , ,! , TF1, 1 . k , Nr• 1 ii ,11.,(.1' ,
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