Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, February 02, 1848, Image 1

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;For ',Sole or
subseribeeolTers for sale, or
--, iti.exchartge for Lands the DWELL
,W ; ING HOUSE and LOT in which
es a , ho. now lives, situated on Louther
- 'street, near the Spring, together with
two otherlittiblings adjoining it, and two and
• half lots of ground 'thereto attached. The pro
-AtertYlas every building and convenience neces
„stirnble, location' having formerly, been occupied
tuu,9sh •,by , Davitl S: Fordney. - Five Acres of
ground nearly adjoining the above will also be,
soldif desired:.
j, Also, for•sale, :the TAVERN
• „:11OUSE and Lotof Ground now oc- • ••
cupiod by Dbl. Writtlalotidy, oti Main,
Railroad Bridge, is us
un cgstanpiitamg rein. OcCupied to?.toY•pubjic
"luiuse 'for merry years,„ '`'here is 'it large STA
TILE attached to it, together with Brockialth
.Shop and other convenience's. •
___.. l _,._Both.:ofiLthe..nho_v_e_pieperties wit!. he bold On
Oil:tern( terms; or, exchanged - for good - M - d;lyit
itithe Cumberlanh „Paley. Persons desirous of
purchneing aro .requested• to call' and examine
them. • .
- Also, for rent, the Store-Room on - the corner
of Main sirpet-and the public square, lately occu
,ied'hy' FL H. Grove, and one of the most public
balite!! 'tends in the borough. Also, Shop
for rent, situiirdd in the square. For terms apply
to JACOB '4110. •
.. Jan 26
For Rent
SEXERAL Brlck DWelling T=loases: -
Passession given April Ist, 1848.
Jan 26 • CHAS. OGILBY.
. The two-story RENT. .
The Dwc lling
• . .
'-='•HOUSE. adjoining the Methodist
II Parsonsge. on Pitt street, at pre
-11 Ft. sent pcetipied by Mr. ALP. Ege.
Possession .given on the Ist-day of.
Aprifnext. Also, the SIIO PS now occupied by
Mr. G reg.g,-i.chiti r In n her, on Pitt street, ono
door south of the Methodist Pursunage. For
terms apply to
For Sale or Rent
rrHEllotise on Vest High street, now
tieiatriled Mrs Cook as a 'hoarding house.
8 oflbred for rent from the let of April next It
a — alsO ollered for sale. W. 13. KNOX. .
The Two-Story Pflistered HOUSE,
&r. in. East Main street, now
Jecupiedby J. P. Bran on, will be rued
year fromihe first of- April mixt.
• J. W. EI3Y.
sly, Jan .1, ISIS
FROM the Ist of April. 151'8, that
f P 7OIO. convenient STONE-HOUSE on High
s s :I stre.t, Carlisle, east of G. LycT, En,
liguir containing two good parlors and Hoc
other rooms, four-lifths of the hall.
Ititehen. oven. smoke-house. garden and . yard,
and all dm cellar under 11 - 01-front house. Aptirly
to Will. B UTLE R , Agent
for the heirs of Mrs. Matteer deed.
Messrs. J. Eby, P. Lechler, and Joseph Hol
bert, will give information and the terms.
January 5, 1848
THAT excellent B US !NESS
oe r, S N D on the coroci of North
.•• Hanover and ',molter tr
aeets, now
1111 e • •
.• occupied 11 Christian inhoit, together
• .with the room in the rear of it. It is
0 continexhons room, and its snuation to n popu
lous part of tint town [oaken it one of the la.t
business stands m the pim:. For Fenn. enqIIIIT
of 'JOHN A. 111j1IRICII,
Carlisle, JIM. 5, I •
roll itraliTl2
Four or Five two story brick i)%VEL
SO HOUSES in Alexander's
' 1 . Two m• • Dw •11 . HOUSES
s . t
in EOM Loather St. Also. two Frame
• Dwelling HOUSES in South Hanover
Si.. adjoining 13Inin's hotel. Also oneplastered
Dwelling HOUSE in Church alley. Fur terms
apply to the subsbriber.
liEWL. TODD, Agent.
rarlisle, Jan. 5, 18.18
Two BRICK HOUSES, in that well
ill)tit knoWn business part of Carlisle called
II llarper's Row,' on the North-east side
.the Public Square,. Possession to be given OW
the hit day of April next. For terms apply to
January 5, ISIS—If
For Sale or Reot.
A HOUSE and LOT. on West
4.1 *
street, at present occupied by Mrs,
•Vi ' •Parker. The house is nearly new,
~:..54r,',..„H.,,.' having been tenanted but ono year,
-:'-'"'-- and is ill perfect order. For terms
a t.i to GEO. W. IflL'l*o N.
FOR RENT from the first o
• • April next, the - ROOM no North
). :" , .Q 7 zl 4 ;•' ' • •i), Mouser street, now•oecupied by
.. ..V Mr. N. Hatitch,and which is
%Wel euited•for a email store. Are s- , two small
IDOUSES, ono situated on. Imuther street, and
rehe Other'on Dickinson Alloy. Apply to
• .
N10.'15,1E97. .
• Fos E.w, • • •
" . 1 he DQUSE .nitlutte .in South
° ' next
:i;V:11,11 Dentz's store,and..'Al present
•• : t peettliied 'by .
ententnted, for
. .ttote hut, non it)olso one of the hest sten& foe
. ..11torte 13M (0101riil . towi). l'oeiession given onlhe
48t.0f April next. , , Ai:nip : llre of . • •
. ', • . .
Det:liste•, Dee. 8, 11147—(f
11111 We 'Mufti street now u
7' . piAtt by T, F ar a
terms app ly to 'W,3%.13R0WN
r -Dex, -
. „ ,
- • Valuable Property at PiivaloSale,
••• • • • ,
!rho Inrgo anil &melodious brick
ote,vel: the;'cornor of'll,teuthur and
ttt # :,! E
.L Mirioyeratrooto, Cerp,dilions 'pude
k lAitn the - p roprietors','
74740 (Office n(tho attlisriber v .rt - ,Juinjeo. of th e
osco, ihse 'been Tembvcd: tO 't h ouse adjoining
nlie store 'o 1 Mis Weidc Yee t ;.(3
lisilrond '.Dopet
anod ,WiOrott'S residence being Ahern,:
will ,nIW(Ws feu od:et - lionio, reedy ' to, ettisnd
-lOd!oojniitinese.i.rf.t4otottlille.;, , , to the '
sd tines, of:n: Mitsiet ate,. I Will alieud lo'n11; kindi
• nil ortgages; flonds,
ires -"Avieleir;,of A gr,oom eta, Notei
- winch will, le'',Oxeen red inu.1 , 40,)
lhe riTirlpr(Weri forms. •
41,319:01Ecti Jute • - oneufded. by'rne t , in Mr:
nedlateltil 6 , ; l,loliont ds , slid illeilon ifilOn
, • •
_ , ~,- , • -.-.. 7 - . ~- ,-
_., .I -'. •s : -;zits.., , -,.1 - -'; s:r ••:-.-i •' , g 4 '''''''t , ••c•••,- '_ , ' Li'. A.`
••'.;. :%: - .. 4:1,•11,1„Pt. ,i ' ' • ~.‘F - . 7e7TatV'ii- • :- 1 , : , : tir- 7 ".•t- ' , -- 7 --- r --- 1 1--- ;'' ' `''' - ` 4 •‘ - ' - `"". -- ' l ' - ''''''''''',7 - %'`i`'''''" - -: `r.''`''''`; ' ( - i' — :;7l' 4 lilT. l " ----- iot - r ..14. 'lli ..}.''. ii,421.*/'''''f , "*.A . Vik t e j ' V: 't • „ t . ,„,,q j . ; ';' " , ',. _.-!. ,4 ) " ''''' . ' ;' '''6 *l'''''" 1 ---- • ' , - _
~, '
_, •—....:., , --- .., - . ..- •
. ,
~,,,, . , t • • ''' -
~ ~ ; • , 1-, Y••,,•. , . ,",,,,, -.1.;„; , ••.) ' 7, , , ' l'' . -,, -, t ,' . ,
~,-•,, / 14 . ,
,„ 1 , ~, . .:.-
''''''''.".",' -- - 44 1,..- ,A,,.-.- ri - ' • ~ .., ~, ,-- \:':t 1, Jr-' , 'lt. i. , .= ', '.i . :.'" • 0 '.-' % ` '-' '! ' ' F - t . : , ?.-. 2 tY'- '' -4 '..'41. x ' -,':•; -, ;',.,': '.1 . ,, , :, .'' 41 r- - 4• 4 :‘•• .;
.', -'• ' -
~. . , , ,
_. , ' .. • .‘" , , - , t,".t•
. ..7 1 .„, ,i .: , „ : ' •• ` . , .. - i. , t',, , .s ; t • ~.h • , 2;
,: , e ~, , ,z n 4 • ~ , i . ih.,•,.••_‘ , .; , :;•,
••./ i „
.. , ,•,. •:.., ..„___,, ~. r i , ,:. ; .,..,0 }',..,__ t 1 .,. t , ~ ~. (.'- 1, -11''''; " ' ' l ' " -11{).' ' t ''
' . ''\, '--
.' ' ''''''q
' I'
''.. ' ' .- ' '1
'24..t(! '
, . 4 4 1 , i %,....., „ Ilp
~ . • , , •
r. • i ~ ,
~ , 101%:. i:„ „
~..,,,,. ' , -.-. , .....1 . ; : 4 1
~ ;.k, O4 ,:i4: 1 7,,,..., A , ::.,, , , , ,h ... , J. , :i, , , ,.,,k, ~ ^1., , ,-, )4 '.:. : , ~..,:• - , ,1,' , 9• .f
!''.. , . f;,
~,., 1 , J '\' ',
' rr '
- t' 1, r r i‘,.. str t rr .P 4 t r JJ / ''• rr ' i : ' ' , J
~ . , '
.. ' ' , r ',
' '-*
` . : : Ti t :. t:, t' . • ;,,,, Li, :t: ti
.., .
-.- j r•-• . .v7.-„W — A;;,.: '_,:, .- --- ,6. , ,•, ,' ! •
, ~...• • ~ 5. . „ .6" ( 0 .', , ,X
..., ,
..'; . , . , ,t . , , , ' .. • v , : ' •.; . . '
.., '+' t . .. ) ' i .
. • •
. .. ,
Near Winchester, Va., for sale at Public Auction
on SAVURDAY, 18th MARCH, 18413..
rifY virtue of a decree 'of the Circuit Sbperior
Mit Court of Law and Chancery for the County
of Frederick, brought for, the purpose of effecting
n sale and division of the estate of A rthut W.
Carter, tiec'd., the subscriber, who is appointed
_special_comutissioner,iiw_that-parium, WElllir
oceed on Saturday:the 18th of March next, to. sell
at public auction the following property. te.iviet
FArtm, about 41, mileafrorn Wincl eseitr,aontain
ing. about 300 'Acres 'of first 'llpalitv - slate Land,'
wall a large vrapprlion.of: 'fitie meadow land, wa
tered by the °pimple') 'On tit's :east and Redbud on
'the. teeth, ff3offiething like 100 acres;' of this
'• Tracf•are -- ,irrTirober;' - --Tbo.ll l - -
' 4 ... r int - i • t;troVenients consist of a-two-skit) ,
i s T . 4 1:112.1CK I),WEILIANG HOUSE
, ' t k With aix -rooms, and a basement
which id lured as a kitchen and for
cellars.,, l'heoM
utousps are a,Barn, Corn-house
Stables 'lreEnrr3:xtlaTturnpilce — leadiog
to Wincheeter,'passee within-a mile of thisofarm,
and mills : shopps and facteries are all convenient.
.2. The WEAVEit TRACT adjoining the
Homo Farm, Jesse Calvert and others. and con-
twining 150 acres, of which abort One‘fourth is
in timber. This tract is without buildings, but
is well cleared and fenced, and well watered by
running streams.
3. A Lot of Woodbina. on the Ope
quon, between Jesse Calvert and TauquarY's
'heirs, containing 164 f acres. .
of Redbud and Opequon, containing about six
acres of Land, with a math-table Dwellii -
House and several -old buildings, including the
old Paper tllill, which is a first rate mill scat,
having a fall of about 18 or .20 feet on a fine
stream., and. in an excellent' neighborhood for
custom. '
5. The Factory Lot, above the. Paper
tvit'h a Woollen Factory, n Dwelling Iluuse
a nd four or -five acres el good land.
6. A Lot of Limestone Land on the
Dattletown turnpike, cont:iining 16 acres, ad•
joining Mru. Joseph K. Carter, Peter PilcMurry
and ,olters.
'l•he sales will all ho rnndc • at. the Woolen
FFtary., heneg n paint convenient to all the di•
TEnms—One.third payable Juno 15,194.9, and
the balance in yearly payments, with
out interest, lir ',Erse - cured by bonds nnll deeds of
trust, when the court. shell have confirmed the
sale. ,
I will be on the premises on the'day before the
stde, prepared to show the property to any one
wishing. to emunine
'Special Cammis'r.
_ dersigned offers at private sale, a val.
•• • liable NII.L lit I IllT mouth of the
t , PA - l'elloW:Bteeehes Creek, and within,
sight of I farristimg. The Mill is re- 1
It, with new Machinery nod new Darn erected.
There is else a rim Saw Mill just put up, and
only running fur n lies weeks. 'Flie Mill House
is - tirSffilic. imd anat. - hod In it are near 10 Acres
of first rata Land, on which is erected a Tenant
Ifous, Brick Barn, Brick Dwelling nod a good.
I. Irk:hard- and Well of Water.' with a: l §pring..and..
Springliouse. This Mill, sifunted nibuth
of the Cumberland val cv, and withip3 miles of„i
the Railroad and Pennsylvania Canal, oilers pe
culiar advantages for the purchase of grain and
otanufaetnre of flour. A large part of the pur
chase moral., if satisfactorily secured, may re
main upon the property. A pplicutiUns, post paid,
most be dtrected to
Extensive Distiil ry and Town Pro
pery at Public Sale.
p•i 111 , be sOl',l sale. on 'l'll CRS-
V DAY the 240,1 February, 1?,I8, at the
Court 11040, at 2 o'clock P.
A LO I' OF GROUND, situate on the north
side of Liberty alley. and 'adjoining the Leturt
Spnng and property belonging to Jacob Zug, In
do Rite= und Wto Breeze, extending about
1.20 feet on the said alley mid a like distance on
the Letart spring; linvitor thereon erected a 4arge
'4,'-t•rr`. 7 .
I . with all the .necessary apparatus,
a 4 Winch is nearly new, and capable
aU , of meshing 75 bushels per day,
and else MI extensive Hog -pen and
Other neCeSSIIrr buildings.
Also. a LOT tit , ' (AROUND, situate on the
east side .of East tit cot, bounded on the north by
Liberty alley. on the south by properly or ilenry
Barimz, and on the curt by the Letart spring,
containing 60 feet in front and 210 in depth ; hav
ing thereon erected a two-story LOG DOUSE,
and also a two:story Weatherboarded House,
Cooper-shop, goud Stable and other me•houses.
To any person wishing to engage in Distilling,
the above properties ofli3r great inducements, be
ing situated on a never-fltiling stream of water,
and at a short distance/runt an extensive grist.
Terms, which will be very accommodating,
will be made known on the day of sale by
Jnn 19 D. N. MAIIDN.
.' Orphans' Court Sale.
. .
IN pursuance of an order of the
~._.... - Orphans' Court of Cumberland
'; i i ~ •tt county, will he - exposed to public
, 4 ' t 1 • , 1 ; sale at the house of John Slough,
' e - ' 2e ".,..',' '-':.',4 in Stoughstown, on SATURDAY
the sth ot - February next ? at 12 o'clock M, of that
day, the , following described real estate, lute the
property of John Stough, sr, dee'd, viz:
Nu. I. A tract of Limestone Land adjoining
Stoughstown, Newton township, in said county,
bounded by lands of John McCulloch, Sharp's'
heirs, Brownwell's heirs, the' Harrisburg and
•Chumberslitirg timidike road and;othe`r properly
of the said Jolla Stlkougy, decd, containing 105
Acres fill. porches ;.strict pieatare;•,of which
about 100 acres era cleared, under-good- fence and
in good cultivation.. The improvements are a
large two•story S'I'ONE HOUSE and MTH,.
EN, now occupied. as a Tavern, a largo Batik
Baru, two Frame Stables and other out.buildings;
a floe young .otchard and other Fruit Trees, and
a never:Ailing Well of, Water. .
Na. 2. '. AM tract k of .Limestotur Land n said
Nuwton_.toWiiship; bounded by lands of - SkileS
Woodl:Cyn,., Jacob Belshooveri Polly Fulton and
dip Harrisburgoad Clutmbersburg turnpike road.
containing , 7,1, .Acre's,; and "29. , ' 8.10- perches, of
which about , 42 .acres.'are',eleared,in, good cu ltt
vatiOn and iljadei oxcgllent fence ; „having khareou.,
*Created a!iwti.stpry and n lialf,LPG' , ll 0 USE a
Lug • Will,' Cortimrili and_.,Zinidk.duiroje also a'
good Oroliqui apd,Cidor rfiga . ,on the:, firomildie:;
porkriti'No , I ayd..4,ivill do sold together. ;
. N0...3; 'S. two - sforr'FßAME:lloUSgi'a
r S t one Shoßanths Lag -Stable, witli:.:2"Aereit arid:
li7c perches - or -Lando I toroto - ,'ld I nchdd '4litiottiY:on'
'Stringlistowit .1_ afareadid ;. baituded , ';:-landif . of:
Mitchell:: Stewart, . Stop tte 1 . illellinOr sgnd - .&lracl•
',,No.'.'l : ',aforksaltl:-.e: ....',.:',....! • . - '-, ......:.,' , ...,,',1',;.',. - --.._.:
-,.,The. 'tends of:•eale Ai/i11...ix) be . paid -.On! $. - '.. . - • .
..„ . ~.„.., . . . ..
.. • .
•tlic puipait No. 34 . .i.510D ~ to po,poid.kon !Ike( par , ...Nalioleoii ., ;lts Wandolor,the;Tcisot
~ t i li ct : N o..2, - --andj $5O to'. - 1/0,00id . , on!;Ow.plirpari tits; . .;-! . .t.f.:t.t3v,•:• ,, ,t;; -, ,' , !0..' tilre:iV; ••• ',' •
•• Nu: '..1:,•0n 'the tiolifirktuitiott,tif-!1 tip.taleofienok ; ;, 1"..i' . .',.. , ' ' , '••••••••_.' .. ' , v•l',4_l-- ••. : ,.- ,. .1.7_•• •!. • , '!;; 1 ;!..:)•.`:' , 1„:: ' , =;.i:',•.:;'.'..
'. l .etlOci.iyullki:: -. Ono-thkrd:of,tliOliurchatio_qtopdy'; 111:ICIIAILI:p 1 10 iiiq' SOp Ni,;:iidt, tlie', Ite - ro..p r 6)
1, 16 reins n ` in..tlia . land. - tilie - ,ltit met zhareOf:tobe , . 7 "' , 7 T.fitiiiitiiii : lio ', tlii4itiltiif,jlo , ,l4zor . 7-104
Oki , •to'illii7l-;midcwOr,;.Toitii, '8 fOujilll yOufly, 'and ~epeiiirulEriFirotilfif egitiii rag to filig.his'prollsdi on 61.
tov.girloio!, Aoring;yo:•lifoittpd.tlid'ilititiatnarmt- " - ear.,Viitt'SkthltthiotitiValivaYtr Vo , fohnd st-illa'old
:her death'
oid'JcdiiiSibgfflii.dee.,47sqtio,licill'of this ifdtcdiogq" i'.l - liicty.ofip.trOW 6 lillptiedltitoly• io• dhe rear, 'of Li':
iiiiog.ditfo!liovygild'l 4 diAll'o!.:fev.:dily! .,-..ilorqs, - gracto,*o6,.694.l:althdOgb.lid.williiiiitli'O r '
whim . :!WilL lii-gifig' and : thviellitink. liiiia',lgo; lidast,', yet - fdf , cildim nod' nest ' wilily.. -1
der'. in. ViriCiui4lihijinWh6frisfultildpic4iog4i-itiA ',;ING; fitisliidnithlog , , HAIR CUTTING and Itisti,
rarest; :ilinipaynionta;triAbeiJiitatlrtid - .lst . focisg4i4 . • in, IttYing mit' Mul culdiating . .teither NVldOttor,•or:
'knogoi6stdthi'llaOutify:Aiiitiglipridgine!,roi,r* , -v .11.toustaelte,'10 - ddok defy; I 119 c0011ty.:,..7.77A.:.'.;i1‘ !:'.'-q:
ThO train:in the ground 'Mid - , fonts 10:46*am/id ;.:, -: ":.:44, , iti OliiO;:ifOrti'-', ioryOntOr • mid •:ginitittroli' , liiirr.
ti l 4lll l .l ' 4 l6 iCirti,.;!oli4y , jill:linifiiiil' , : , tilitapiail . ' for tiro`- .-, !lid' oilidiint&J hi—W.4 vet fniline,rediiid 161.Nd'
"...y'enf;.).3ls; - :..k;;;:-;,? , ,i0;.!.u , r:;i..6,:-.n1, , f - ,,zqrr)..r.:?‘ , !',4 doss; , ;JOII.NS ON !S ' APPIIYAT OR , `''hie
~,,,i.?,ii Intandan`ce Wilt , ha.kriViinintilie`llaiar sale 11a",iii.,tlaraertaiti ~ of Itit, .reattifttijt•:4liolkiiii,iiivittlii! .
1 1,
1fi....(i. i-r , • 'L , ; - ,- '+' , * =- . 2 u,5WP,4, 1 ` 1 .0: - . 11- 89M . ;';': -. . ~l iiiil,lld'ififfe i l. ; fil‘4 li ll 4 lP,Oli?.a. : LlPlAtfirii,l o ;itiiqYilqii
. 361 W! 2 0 0 8 ':''''.'. : v.'"l':4 ' .: ; '' . :'''' - t . '.:•',,V l •lt. t . l itti#,',' ' . . 1. .. i1) . 1 . 4 1 . .f. ‘ fe•T1M''';0/ 3 1 1., kt t- ' l ,lflo3oNvifr 4 mAili
'.. . , ..; ',,i...-,i, ; '::, : ,.: . , .. , : .,...: •. : .. --, :. ,,,,, ... :,, .... ,- , : .... : . , '' • rk,. : %'42,4_`•!AP.;_, - .; , ;,' , ',':
: . , - :',,Y , i - -f'. ....................... :14';',•.A!'.:,,,.::':ft.'.•:Av,v4vi-;z,:':7o,
Beal (Estate.
Valuable Real Estate,
.I❑n 26-ts
Valuable Mill Property,
1.74ezig . ) r.A?.~=55.4*. 6.,:,`,A4
YIC x=m - Er . XtIE g 12:7 TALI 7:3 VEt6.`'
. _
AssignWe Sale. -•
grim subscritithie 'assignees of JOHN W.
-A- GOOD, \vill'aell at publicsalerarn=the pro.
mises,,on,FRIDAY, the 25th day,of February,
1848, at 11:6'004 w. m, the TRACT of LAND
situate' in Donth Middleton township, Cumber
land :Aunty, about six miles east of Carlisle,
ben'erle'd by.lands of. Tobias Cauffman on the,
north`, P. F. Ego on - the iiiuth,,,containing
stone.. The itnproyernents are all new, consist-.
in g of a two-story DWELLING'
ROUSE; Bank Dam, DfSTIL- I
"Ir LERY,*and all - die distillery mirk-
I rattle and .IMg-pons; together with
'other improvements, all of which
have -been recently built and tiro in t: good-Order. ,
Tho in full- operation and 41a9.
the - advantage of,a constanttatesetw-sdf7running:
wafer at the door. •
Terms df sale will be made known on the day
of sale by
---.LAssignees_undemilexcLaioluntary assign't
„rim 19 .
.; , ........._
1.-t-, • •
vi 4HE -ComMissioners of Cumberland county
I would hereby give notice to those persons
concerned, that they have 'appointed digg foliow
ing times and place fur the benrine6r Appeals
for the respective townships and boroughs:
town'tei. Bore's. Time. Place of holding.
Silvei Spring Jan. IA Comm'rs Office
Hampden " 19' do
East Penneborough " 191 'do
Allen -
Mechanicsburg " 21 ' Ido
ew CoMberland . " 21 do
Monroe . " -22 do
Shipponsburg borough " 21 do.
lihippensburg town'p " 2.1 do
liiir..Woll -- -- •".2.5 - di:l --
Main .
" 23 do
Ncwville • " 26 dO ...
Newton • " 25 do -
Setith'iimoton . " 27 Cllr
Frankford " 27 - do ,
Dickinson. " 28 du
North 'Middleton ‘• 29 do
&milt Middleton " 81 • do
West Pettniiborough Feb. 1 i- ~,, do
Carlisle ." 2. do
DAVID STE ft - 11 Err,
• - . -
-Jt3IIN MELT„ - • -
A WO, \\'u. 1Z !LEV,. CI . k.
Coin 1111.f , innurs . 0 !lire. e .
Carlisle jail. 12124.9 .)
1 - rpo the Stockholders of lho CAR-LISLE
11 13ANIC. Notice is hereby given ineonlor
only -with the following order ut Court.l •
CEO. A. IN OAN; President.
Cnrlislo"Bank Jun 5, 1848.•
- In the. Circuit'Court of the United States, in and
for the Eastern District of l'unnsylimnia, in
die third circus, of Ocrober-sassion,..lB47.
• Krebs vs. Lyon et al. No. 1, April Session,
1848. In Equity. And now, to nit: this first
day of. December, A. D. 1547, in the matter of
the hill of Complaint ut John :11. Krebs vs. Geo.
A. Lyon and others, Direct its or the. Carlisle
Bank. and tile submena issued mu of IhB Circuit
Court of the United States, lur thutlaster,tt Dis
trict of Yertiltylvunia, NO. I, April shssicin, 1848.
Du the petition of the Defendants, setting out,
although they represent all the StockhohFars of
the stud Bank, that thirerent interests in dificrent
rins es of the said stockholders may require them
to site mire of the proceeding, that they may_
appear and defend their respective interests, d
they shall think proper; and that from their num
ber it would be inconvenient and expensive to
bring them in as parries, by the process of the
Court: and praying the Court to make an order.
authomit g them to give lattice to.the stockhold
ers of Iho proceeding, by a publication of said
pets ion. and the derive tit the Court thereon, for
tour weeks preveding the first day of April next,
ht one paper published itt the city of Philadel--
anal m two papers published m the borough
01 Carlisle. The Court, having taken the same'
into consideration, make the order, according to
thesaid prayer of the petitioners.
U. S Eastern District of Penn's. Set.
George Plitt, Clerk of the Circuit Court of
the •United States, in And for the Eastern -District
of Pennsylvania, in the Third Circuit, do hereby
certify, that the foregoing is a true .and faithful
copy of tiro original,- on file and remaining of re
cord in my °flied.
Wiiness my hand and the sent of the
[L. S.] paid Court, at Philadelphia, the second
day of Di:ember, A. D. 1817, and iu
the severity-second year of the independence of
the said United Suites.
To the llcirs and Reprssentatives Cif
David Nickey, late of Frankford tp.,
deeeasdd, .
'PAK E NOTICE, that in pursuance Of n writ
of parritimt and valuation issued out of the Or
phans' Court of Cumberland county and to too
directed, an inquest will he held on the real es
tato of .said deceased, to wit: No. I.rA tract of
land in Frank ford township, adjoining lands of
Nickolas Ulrich and others, containing about 200
Acres, No. 2. Another tract adjoining William
Campbell and ofhors,,containing aboty. 130 Acres.
No. 3. Another tract adjoining John Clay and
others, coutaining s about 160 Acres. No. 4. An
other tract of Mountain Land, containing about
20 Acres, on MONDAY the 71 day of Fob
runry, A D 1648, at 2 o'clock PM, • tho pro•
miens, for the purpose of making pant • ,t.
valuation of the real estate of said deceased:
Sheriff's Office, Carlisle. Jan 12 1848-3 w
Estate of Henry Hartzelf dee'd.
, y EWERS of : Administration have issued in
JJ duo form of law epOn.llMestate of Henry
Har dOe'd, to John Weil Of South
ton township, to whom, all Omens indebted will
..make.payment, and. thoso-liaving:clnimw will re
sent them duly authenticated thramilement..
Inn 12 IfilB4isend 'JOHN wmay,
.Estate of Aaron Wise, dee'd . :'
VritiCE is liorobY given that Letters Testa..
111 mentary on rho estate,of, , Aaron Wise, late
of .Elaninden toWnship,' , c umberland co.; deed,
ihis.da - Theen IstrthidliftlitrnegisterinTand
t it tho seid county, to the' subscriber, who.reaidee
iit Shiremanstown, in .said county. 'All parsons
lowing:claims 'or denninkle against:alb' male of
ho said-
M icOdent are regnestediO make known
eainO without
delay, dnd thcieo indebted to
.make payp _
eni . •
• MA' Triii:Is . BITIVER', 061br;
Jan,rs, • "..
--''''-' -'Notiiii'l'''
. .1...:; . ', , if . :!... - ,3i .- .,,,. , ,„. ...,:i
_4lf.doertmils,ttidobtedAo thb , stibacritior . oither
.bY noto or' book 'adcount,'nro. hereby notified, to
['calfocitio,ttli,:by'tho'l4 - . .of February, 16f8.,'
" 'credit ,eannot
;)41 . 1in 421/118 4 3W.W , Xf. HAS.%.obalarY
• - 1111111 - ST L Et3RTARY‘ ): 'IB-218 ;
e •03aut `as.4
" From the Lody'e'llocifi','
OMEWHAT more than twebtryeare ago, in
a i fine old mansiinho.p4t,,o,§ rut inzmar
Montreal,lived General" PriuL.l6friitrror
, erlk-of-the4-Fronelf-erioy r -aini.--a,devote
-Bonapartist. On the' findl falti.of -Napoleon,
• he had emigrated to Canitchiwilh his family,
and-a portion of hitionce OntioelY fortune.
• Gederal Leroux was a widower, with two
tivinchildren, Hen& dui Eugenie, • at your
service, 'my reader. These two, - having lost
kti,eir mother in early childhood, bad spent
some years with datives in Sivitzerfand.=
In that wildest country in thb inidst . of a taiga
.herself the especial pet. of her
grand-uncle, a . veteran soldier, Eugenie
'Leroux' was allowed all the. wild and health
-fill-ficedom_of_a_pezu3atit_girc_t the e o
sixteen, when she. accompanied-her 'lather
and Wither to the New;-World, she could
boast but few laily;like accomplishments.
• andinistocratic airs; butebe was lovely, with
the promise of extraordinary beauty, hewijch
. ingly naive - in- manner, and as - breve end
'vigorous us a young Zingara She was-prte
eionate in spirit, impetuous and wriywntd;
firey and fearless in her resentfnents, but
quick-and generous to lorgi4; ardent and
_tlevutedAttkilulileittb - in It& 'rives and frien I-
_ .
ships. Henri Leroux was possessed of a
fine ititellect;litt4as - ol- a delicate physical
organization:t gentle; in spirit, sensitive, studi
ous an religious; die fair beauty of his lace,
lie stikilued tone of Fis voite , and his
marner, all went to render im a trICISI re
tharkable contrast to his sister. But i will
not dwell ftnher upon his character, as his
future life is to form the subject 'Of a subse
quent sketch.
'On reaching his Canadian home, General
Leroux procured a governess and masters
for his daughter. Mademotselle Eugenie
'shoo acquired a gotidlnowledgeof English,
and made rapid progress' in mtisic, for which
she possessed remarkable talent: butt she in
dignantly overturned het embroidery rame,
tossed her paint-biushes into the river, and
sent her Latin grammar after them. Her poor
governess soon .resigned, in deSpairi all hope
of -making-a line lady out of She wild girl of
the Alps, wlioni an indulgent - lather, good,
easy roan, permitted to follow, in all things,
her own untramelled impulses.
Our heroine's early residenctrin Switzer
land had colored her entire after=life and
the,daughter of a soldier, Ole
was, perhaps net--mmaturelltlier..lik , -
and somewhat masculine in her tastes. the
neither trembled, fainted, not4riaked with
exquisite sensibility and delicalune - rvousness
at the roar of ordinance, the peal of 'musketry,
or the sharp crack of the rifle: . She loved
them tatlier,antritt the gleant.i. nrits_and the
exulting swell of martial mush ;
'• iligiligepir,7'
it of a Joan d' Are. Asa hOrselWoman, she
was absolutely iiiitiValled in all the - Canada:4
—at least, so said her riding-master - ' She
could row like Grace Darling, si,inn like a
mermaid, and their her, skatiim—'l ler ska
ting.? Good gracious r cries my fair reader,
in Jeannine consternation. Wait a bit honey
and consider. Skating is no. amusement
winch has been to Itaig monopolized by •our
natural enemy,' as sumo lady writer—lNliss
Mai tineati. Miss Hillffital Mme, or Miss
Robnistm Ciusoe—calls the sterner sex. It
is a gracehil, delightlul, and most itivigont
ring ex e rcise. I speak riot una , dv i sedly, for
in my early girlhood, r acquired this
singular accomplishment, and I now only
blush fur the labia delicacy which has since
prevented me Irma keeping mysill m prac
But Eugenie fearless of the consnres of
the over-relined, and scornire2 the ithperti
nect observations of the canaille, pursued
with et thusiatun the favorite pastime of hor
Swiss winter-hie; and Ito sooner did the ice
of the St. Lawrence become of a reliable
thief:nest:olm, accompanied by her twin•
brother; toile Might be seen performing her
graceful evolutions thereon for hours togethet
Iler skill and swiftness became proverbial,
and many were the delighted witnesses 44
her varied and extraordinary feats. But it is
time she was introduced- personally to my
readers. •
On the afternoon of a keen but sunny day
in January, Ewwtsie and Henri Leroux laugh
ingly desceirde% the bank of the St. Law•
renee, and mingled With a small dorniguly
of skates. Mademoiselle Eugenie, then a
strikingly beautiful brunette of eighteen, was
suitably, though somewhat coquettishly, atti
red in a saort skirt and tightly•fating jacket
of dark blue cloth, richly trimmed with black
fur. Upon bet head . she wow a small tor
cap; her raven hair was put plainly back; the
rich brown of her complexion was brilliant
with a glow, of pleasure, and her large dat k
eyes were flashing back the sunshine.
Alter amusing liersell for awhile, Eiigcnie
observei .a burly English corp Oral, with
whorrishe had a slight skating acquaitititi.ce,
progressing leisurely towartt her, drawing a
nit 'attire sleigh. 'I his, she ,presently saw,
contained the first-born of the corporal's
huuse,.a ntoi,t bo'y of about hall. a- yearl old,
well wrapped in furs and flannels and rosey;
checked .with toe health wintry' air. Eu
genie glided along by the little vehicle s chat:.
indeasuntly, and delighting the', proud
Lay her praises of his' pretty child 'till
1 114
sudt only a .wild thought ilarting . throUgli her
,bruin y elle caught the infant horn ' the'cush
ions, ItZirLit _Oll. her_load,_ after
V ici•-'SivisiL
•rnanner, putting, up • one hand to steady -it,'
and was oli like a,flashl , Astor the corporal;
'!his sensations ,were , : '..more totally :inringiried
titan described,' . lo.use 'a :revel `expression;`'
lie stood stupefied and, traitiffiXed for , 'n: - ..ino-.1
merit, then gavO.4 ery;•betWeen . a green 'atud,l
a ,y( . 011; nail 'aterted: in: -purratit.'t'lle: wris,: , a'l
'tolerable sltaler, but lie krieWitot witk.wltimi
'lie had,totiotnrnts.•,Etigenie *is noty.rods,
ahead oflioni•litinfilog,;bittlK,and :laughing
Itrevolcingly; - .noW4rairsing-,acineaf 160,116, al
uni. grasped..her o[o'B4 now: circling taboe4
iiirri:„with learfill‘itiiiiditi.,',:At;irtac , ,the , piiors
plan' biienmefinieesi . ,SOre roundlynt „ilia;
iiiirreitietreits,gir 4:tindrcalled . ::kieriidj9-rerrati',,
'hit hiS eitifti , '''')ltieta',o,l6,4kr,l444:i'•47'9h&l
ilw,,n inn btit;;- : ' itiligliing 'heart ily ,-. sO,.)tajtirti
iago l ::liriil4;POt: P Eugcotlik4o4l44igiA!
'them iwbieyoik:llo**o 4 4olo.4itiol
piotiiifl'aqu rp ilemiiitcfo44,64.9ov#l‘.,.
03,41ti1i414, 1 ,i , „, loict,;:„ 4 iq:Avoil;ll.Battoh,ttpr!
11:00,4,,'e'92iiki!•tiPIRWilam.cli*IP.); , cillifm00,
„:'Atilim•;:v,il4.k•Ai:',9,o9o:i•til4p!;o,k3.ti,PAciti.. 4
, s t r i r fi tii ii t. :o o . 4 9 l4lls= l 4.ig o p, , p;p4o 9 l, r. t fi c , e - i' 4 74); 2
Pliiitif,lWl:itlctßA c9fiAttiffylP, 9 1 R11741t rirtliOAW
''llleCl , MPPE. , tiv.illtilibriNt''Pct,i l , 4 , oo . l oC,'*, l4 ,,' itho.;
.firliXtri';:eo,o,ile.,7tib!i*.ye, 41 1 1 . 0!NO'fb, Mi,t4 1 , 1 )
ithorigiWit,Vl4oeiti*lgr.lP'l,oo.. 4:4114”
lilfl 6 : o 4h 4 Pool!). l l' .s 'ool44‘?Ctiki4i
I irk priiiiiioh.4 , ! - .:.?--'l,-_,- , '4:,r.,' 1 . :,;. 1 •• , .1
./,- . t..h*, , , , a411 , ,,.!k; . .4,.. ,, - .- . - .int'w-91:'.i.- . TTt . - - ; 1 .7'.
,1.invA;. , , , , , ,:,;.:: , :'];',',•;.:.... ,, ~, - ',',7,, . . - ~,.%,.„1,, , :.., . ..:. ~..
ThUiStori•Wrien - mae of the s orld, with a
peculiarly English physiognomy; was con
sidered handsomer than has companion, to
whom he was an attached and devotedfriend
On leaving the river, alter Engine and her
brother had disappeared: Hamilton maintai
ned alhoughthil silence until he reached his
quarfers,when.he exclaimed—'Thurston, we
must make the acquaintance of General Le
roux, for, by the powers, I would give •my
commission to know that girl! She is a glo
Hamilton; ehe is a merciless little
savage—,a very ogress, running awny; 'with
babies; and frightening Worthy fathers "Out of
lOW witir.'
~.Our offiFeyslound little difficulty in gain:
ing an sutra into the hospitable ntansion - - of
the - courteous Gen.' Lerour,z,. end - ere, many_
moullirrAvere past, tri e e . sl were on a footing of
familiar intercourse Will, his family. cafe.
Harhilton's admiration for Eugenie, finally
deepened into love,.Mul many, things see
med to engin .favorablY.for- the success 01 his
suit. The father arid Brother o the lad
were both won ovet byte many . exce en
cies of the young soldier's character,
tellecinal qualifications and the-'charm of his
-rneriffet; but' the heart, Of Eugenie-- tierself
ens not so easily conquered. Her lover
soon asceitained that many of her feelings ;
tastes and early prejudices were opposed to
the interests which • he sought to create.—
First of all . her amor palriae was far stronger
1 than that of most women; she passionately
loved /a belle France.e.nd as aseionatel hated.
Tier enemies. Then. she cherished in the
depths of her soul, that wild
. enthusiastic,
adoring love for the memory of Napoleon
which none but a true Bonapartist can fully
Id, she Via the
.ten a mere C:11 seen the
great hero—she had a distinct recollection of
his face, of his winning smile; as he addres
sed a lew playful words to her. Henri Le•
roni - eveu_declat'ed to Hamilton that her
rigid dieek; which - had received the impe
rial salute, had been tabooed from that time.
no less august lips having pressed the sacred
spot. To her lather and brother Eugenie
never spoke ofTlie glorious days of the em
pire but with mounaul enthusiasm—nt the
emperor but with tears t • yet to Captain Ham,
Mon she talked proudly of the deeds and
reign of the great king-maker, and entered
into many an !animated discussion of his
merits as u ruler and a general.
Hamilton, Ilke every Etighs - li :soldier, was
a worshiper of WelliogioL, and eonlil !lever
He brought to admit•that_thoLgenerahthip of
the conquered surpassed that of the con
queror., •
Such discussions sometimes add a_pi
ryrrte-lriendihip, but no - dernee of discord is
foe/eve—and otti ' lovets tad some
serious disagreements. -But reconciliations
always lolleweil, Eugenie usually concluding
iu lien calmer moments,•that a live friend
was better than a dead emperor, and frankly
sending tin the aggrjet . ..2o geideman sense
ptiudie message.
1.179014-jbg.§Rgtrier tquUtiH r Oenpral Le
. roux was absent on a tour throughi)reState , r;
and, as Henri was much engrossed by stu
dies, Captain Hamilton was left a fair field
for his wooing operations. He rode, walked,
sang and read English with 'mademoiselle,
and all %mild have gone on smoothly had
he nal also talked. But the ghost' ol Bona
parte was never lard; and that unfortunate
last battle, when the 'little corporal' was de
tested bYlite, not by Wellington,iought over
ugarn, al ost
On the return ol the general, Captain Ham-
Hien thought best to consult with hint, belbre
puking a formal proposal to Eugenie.' To
his great joy, the kind father made no oppo
sition to his suit—leaving the maner wholly
in his daughter's hands. But Eugenie was
too arch a coquette to decide at once—again
and again requested time for consideratien,
until weeks slipped by and merry skating
days had 'COMM) round again. .
It was a clear, luminous moonlight night,
late in December, when Captain Damilum
and Lieutenant Thurston mcbat the house of
general Lefeux. Thurston had but-that day
imuniedirom Quebec, whole he had been
spending sonic months; and was, therefore,
not altogether an foil of the state laaflairs
between Ins brother soldier and Mademoi
selle Eugenie. The Mends, though they
did not come together, found they were
boubd on the-self-same errand—to solicit the
honor of attending upon mademoiselle to a
military ball which was to be given on
New Year's eve. As neither gentleman
would resign his claims •in laver el the other,
a plitylul altercation ensued—Eugenie de
claring herself usable to decide. At this
pint, Ilenri laughingly proposed that, as the
night wasniagniticient, the important ques
tion should be decided by a skating match;
or that Eugenic should play "Atalanta upon
The gentlemen joyfully assented;Eugenio
clapped her builds with childish glee, and
retired to don her skating costume. This
was somewhat diflerent from.the one which
she had wont a• year before; the tririnning
being of white fur, and for the sake of grea
ter conspicuoustimis on 'this oecailon, she
had placed in her cap a long white ostrich
Thuile. The eflem of this dtess Wratitorer
der .her,:pore beWitchiegly--beantifill than
ever, as she came btittntlitig jute the draw . -
roomfor General Lo
roux, altergazingion her proudly for a mn.
ment,ernbraced, her.teriderlyi earl ,stleclarec!
his intention of joining ilielittle party, to see
that no lfurm
. befel her, Mut that all went
tail in ,thedrice,,: , .„ •
In their way to the:river, Contain Hainil-
Jon whose arml?tigenie -had ' looked
seriousness into AM. roguish
oyes of his companion, and, whispered-4-
;,'May not a gm:iota:lwo' Wore Moment than
that cif ,!escottntg4 you tolhie hall, be, also
_decided ,to night
dame ,‘;
Ye3,' , and may ; the4wiltreis ; of
. here , the !elm:o6lmb, .of an 'adepring
lead his
yeti M er r .
:,.40yertaliejnfeiand-I_,,surrender' prisoner
1000,1414:: Arid -it is lost 4 Waterloo Of I
• Ycar ,wOoingt3,f,..Wifiltierv , - ,
;Alm' jatooadwas,at .115:11111, , 'MO: the
',tmend , Pi.;:laWrenta lay:lake'ft bfoad sheet
;pi 411neting;,
lace ;was ',moon iTlitfre T
loh,atifirst,eeemed likelieSt mini That
' i lig'hont'iallatle:stienoth*iff" desperiniaMfferti to
at en,p ilcwn,:fitterl7.:ex hinsted; • and
the royolt airk,lnreed, and: tl
I . lk 9,a j w ikt,t i f r iron tho.
, d 1 . 41 t lloArAttO, ;had .;Mfinitelit;
tyre at F. iuigb!Y..oath
to h~mseh )'n ever ; to..yield
,OP( l l,Ahs , ,,Y,iptoir
.11'Ynkt;00 , ' , P04 1 7gtilar'i.q ) fottfm. 1 ,"nl-Q‘
'k amf lrAit , ;'it lough 1..n61.,aC114r-Lgge'rll.4.l4eir'T
me~'fo } gatn -u ion
.Ltit4E. , tcp_RZl"W4
. •
• lirher own permission;•fOr she would how
'end then flag : - as though about to pause,
. place her hand en her side, and drop her -
head, as from Weariness. • Harpiltrin_would
redouble his diens, and Ilia - heir:Moment
she. would be flying about him in bewilder
ing circles, nearer and nearer, till the ring of ,
her skates, and -her merry, laugh Were in his
ear; and then, away shot her lithe form with 1
incredible swiftness, till far a-down the river
her long white plume was 'floating in' the
At length, Eugenie called back—
,cl am getting tired of this, Capt. Ilamiltini. ,
- You can never overtake me; but stop where
)ou ale, and I will come to you P - .
Hamilton paused, and soon bphefd his
-innrrintata swiftly approaching: 1 As she
strew r , nearer,. howeV:ef„. she glided along- '
more leisurely and coquettishly. Ah,. me
tnentef thrilling rapture to the. Mier, when
'he Watched that magnificent creature corn
ing slowly, but steadily toward him, With
her heall archly inclined to . one 'side: her
luxuriant hair loosed from her cap. and fal
ling over her shoulders; her', arms crossed
upon her boSom; her tins apart, 'and her eyes
flashing gloriously, anti not unlovirtgly- upon
him' Neat erprearer; -110,reached myth his
aims with - a ory of joyful Welcoine! Near
er, nearer; he could see her breath; silvered
into small clouds, by the ' frost of the still:
night!—when she hewed her head, and shot
beneath his extended• arm, like a winged '
arrow! :
The hafiled_effie_erter t u - eg_cpliokly_rn, I
quickly, alas, for his feet elid • (rpm under
him„and he measured his length on the ice!
'He suddenly recovered himself, to behold '
Eugenie pausing at a little distance, and re-
' herself to extravagant merriment; '
her wild laugh ringinPirlike it peal of be s
-on the cleat frosty air. Vexation and morti
fication gave our hero new strength; and he
again set out with ell the energy ot despera
lion. -This time he gained upon his beach'.
i. erous lady-lore. Eugenie became really
. ahrsmed, when, looking backward, she saw
trim dashing on like an eagle in ptasuit of a
devoted wood pigeon. She strove eagerly to
reach the bank, but in vain. Hamilton saw
with exultation that the prize would soon he
his; ho already stretched out his arms, when
—she airs gone, gonel and at his feet yaw
ned a chasnt in the ice! Fearless of death
nutithe rheumatism, the gallon'. captain leap
ed to the rescue;- and, as Heaven, would
have it, - Eugenie rose in the same place
where she sank, and was safely lifled hem
the water, and birne to the bank by her
alaritied lover. She had chanced upon a
spot but . thinly frozen Over; the thick iiTeliav
•pa roar )! , l (In that very day '
The poor girl was chilled into partial nn-
eonseirtemess,All.._llatmiton knelt _by. _he r._
side and tenderly strove to revive her. Her
lather, Henri and the Lieutenant had reached
the spot, but no one interfered wi office
Oy l y
°t r iter rescuer. Ile seemed t o notice
the presence of others; as he b nt over the
fainting girl and chalet' her hands and tern
-pies. Aulast, he pressed his lips to' hers,
and called upon her name ln an' agony of
love add fear. As though she had received
n pow oriel galvanic shock, Eugenie instantly
sprat/T - 10 her feet, rejecting with indignation
and hautcat the further assistance of pre
suming lover. Supported by her ‘. father and
brother, she proudly and silently walked
homeward, hurt and mortified by the tragi
comic termination of the evening's amuse
The adventurers reached the lion-c, with
icicles depending from every point and edge
of their attire, and found themselves pretty
thoroughly chilled; - but a change of clothing
and a trifle of cant de vie, soon set all light
. Eugenie maintained her proud and"sileat
reserve until, as Captain Hamilton wits about
leaving, General Leroux, grasping his hand
said in a tretnulous Voice—
'My dear young friend, you have saved
the lite of my child; receive a lather's bles
sing!' .
Eugenie's heart was touched; s he sprang
forward impetuously, seized Hamilton's other
hand, and lookag up with tearful eyes, said,
iii a tone heard Icy all presete:;--
'Let are also thank you, my preserver; I
have been ungrateful, unwomanly; forgive
A short time subsequent to the little ad
venture which We have; mutated, Captain
Hamiltou was ordered to another statiori„
Where ho remained during the winter; his•
Dll•iztill continun ' e In the mean time
pretty much in are/a-quo. In the spring Mee
he returned, but only to bid his friends adieu .
as his company had 'been recalled lb Eng
On its anitounchig, this to Eugenie, she
threw aside her reserve at once, exclaiming.
'Holy mother, going! and I—how am I
to endure the parting'!' , •-, ,
'Great Heaven t Eug e n ie: Is 'it possible '
that you love me at tasty , , •
'I do, billy, tenderly ;') can never love an
other—will never Aced another! I tell you
this rey friend, because 1 'cannot wed with
you.' ' - . • . .
'Say not so, dearest ; be my Wife t go %%A
•me 'to 'England ! I will make' any sacrifice
fur your -love. Say the, Word, and I will
leave the armv,.thet.f may never be the ac.,
rive enemy:el_ your native' country. Tell
me, kill not you be persuaded I', , f
'Ohl do apt urge . me,. 'I ent re at you-1
must mat:leave oyfather ! A stranger fit a
strange tand,, las country, his emperor, his
dirtighterL,ail lust to, him; would he not die
Of a broken heart?—Nol no;' I will never '
loisakis him!' and the peer chiltrberst .into
.1-lardilion 'strode up and clown
the epartmenl, , pale and-heart•tungith conr,
• tendin , ' emotions; bet he was .teohonorable,
top f;iy Miblelong 'lo'heeilatei ,
Jelly taking.titecinie'shand'in he'said-:-
-• ,,, trhonor you for your decision;' Itjeviiyon
-the 4ortrirtenclinly for this exhihnion'of filial
piefy;,,Alley God gitre,iis strength Wendure
ouroommonAtial, endqiermit .rhe,to 4 returhi
at 'net distant'day toclaim
• .TheA; foldirig . her SM. the Kral 'tithe
In' hie breaiit:'arid isin ntf artily 'the' tegra that;
I,hting err iter'.l64; dark eye -lashes, lib .16m
ed,:heet5ly ,fifid:;yrea cone: DM heisetui nail
fri*,a moment—but, gioye,,mod
TmOlicit her".llPeiindkheart,'ln
fieilutsSianatesorituf. , .'She wes-i,elierciornis
with o, 3n,ritgleth tulfteenld'entiMelY raise, her
eYls to 4er:lnYey'sp,ite herriedly . idquest.: . 1
'.ad, tier .tdiriforni r' father
.that he world
theindrnihg to dilate' his
,;:, garly the. next 'tnernieg, Eugeoa;longrt
pei isitl'er ibe library,',aud . ;with ne.,P1046
calmness elifiethild comniandtralikert 014
ooptulanee Of tite'prorSeding . 6,oi,iitig7q•ni.
The'-, , peaeral ",fourpdo,4; . 4o„,",itgilate4seili
• . . ; ; 7 . ,) f,,01•;-4.0,,..,
.TAY;4~3.':..N ; n~!*e•ry+s;"YN;,r~tv~~..r~;m,~ , +i:,•,;" :^_vyt~.r(,,~T4yp7%,~;r~t9~~
..;'-...1, - :::', I,t
NUM. nit
'ls it
poilble that you love this - rp,an whom
you rejected?'
'As sincerely as my departed Mot er rpuit't
ha i ve.loved you in your youthilikt•T c6uld
not make lonely the hearth of our home; I
could not forsake you, my father.' •
'You are an angel,, Eugenie !- The best
daughter that ever bleSt..a 'father's heart.—
Yet I cannot accept WI& Sticrifice; I Cannot
seperate, you frpm fhe r tnaApu'. love, and .
who. is worthy of•iiUHt Wbuld be_selfish
land, land, his happy Go,. And ISA6l...With
you a.fathAr's hjeaditi — God forbid that - I'
should . ' crowd.your young lile with 'sorrow
'Father dear father, do not . eajl this a Am
rifice!,- The - . spirit of 'my mother . • will aid
me in irt, nty.dutiful devotion to you. Hea
von .w ill smile upon me, and I:Alittllite_liap,...•
PY -* .
. .
General 17ernux i in. ilioughtful.,sile,nce
for a moment. thew, blushing like a very boy
he said—
'Look here; `my daughter . i'. as IA:
from his bosom a•tninature set
- the - portrait - el a yoUii and handionrie
mah—not the long dead Mother . of Milli
and Eugenie. •
'What does this mean,Jather 1! 'said otrr •
heroine, taming deathly pale.
'lt means,' he replied. 'thatLlM'eseing that
I (mold not always retain you to preside over
my household, I have provided a'substitute.'
•Who and what kq Ordi'
'flare patience, my love, and I. Will tell
you all. While on in—tour-through-the—
a es, ast autumn, I m®t with an old iriend
and fehow , soldicr, an emigrant like myself
and his only - child a good and beautiful '
is she, C . has pi ()wised to fill That void in
I y - heart - left - by-your moilttfthe place : by
iearth - soon - to - beleftly•You. I thought to
have Chis,long ago.; but it was- an
aa-kwitrd subject to broach; and the marriage
has been . once' postponed on account of the '
death of a r?latiVlS of Idarieia'
'And so, My grand sacrifice ivas unto] le d
for ?' said Eugenie, making an effort to smile.
'Yes, my love—t shall grieVe deeply to
rind with - you; but I shall not be Comfortless.
Now, l'am going out; when Captain Hamil
ton calls, you must receive him here, and
may explain to him the change in your cir
cumstances . as . regards ; rrke. Don't weep,
my child—don't, I pray . I will visit you in
England with tienri and - - and fly wife,
in the course of the sumater_j and_yott wilt
return to - Cabada, - some - UM e. GOO bless-you, ..,
my darling!' and the exemplary lather took
himself off.
Eugenie had hardly time to diy her fears,
_courposo-her—facedandsmooll t - her — ringlets,
belore Captain Hamilton Walked.into the
surprised at meeting
Eugenie again-, and expressed much regret
at not being Ale to see her father—
poorgirrwas sadly embarrassed, and could
utter little more than brief replies to the ques
tions of her lover. 4:ter a few moment's of
painfully constrained' conversation, the Cap
tain rose, kissed hastily the hand.of his la
dy love, ard not trusting //WWI( to look on
her face, Jelt her once again to her tears.—
She stood like a statue of grief, and listened
to his every step as he descended to the hall
beloW.. Then, scarce conscious of the act,
she flew rather than ran down Ihe stairs.—
Her lover heard her light step and turned to
wards her She grasped his arm, leaned !ter
head on his shoulder, and mormured— z
'll you must go, Gporge, take me with yim
arn not needed here; I shall die if you
was the first lime Eugenie had over
called her lover •Goorgc.' gentleman
reader will. please recall the leeling with
which ho first heard his own name from the
lips of the woman he loved.
Under such extraordinary circumstances,
Captain Harrillton soon obtained leave to de,
lay for a shot! time his departure for Eng
land, and in the course of a week, his mar
riage with Eugenie took 'dace, with all the
Ines ol the English and Roman churches..
01 course the bridegroom was pronounced
elegabt in vt bite gloves and' waistcoat; and
the bride adorable in satin and orange blos
soms. The usual number of jokes and
ehampaigne bottles were cracked at the ex
pense of the former; of gloves and sashes
soiled at the expense of the latter.
Then followed forced smiles, blessingli,
tears, the parting:
Thar night, hour after hour, in the lonely
room which had once been Eugenie's, over
a harp, whose strings the delicate fingers of -
the most loved,'might wake no more,: bent
pale and lair-hatred youth, weeping wild
ly and bitterly, with the feeling that Ida twi
ned heart lindheen torn a4inder. •
That night in, his own room sat a tall and
lintidsime mati, yet in the •goWen medinrit
of life, gazing mournful you the, portrait of
a beautiful girl, e skating onslume, which
hung agaids, the opposite t Wall. There was
it swinge quivering to tho'lip of the soldier, ,
a strange glistening in
,his „Then he
droWfrom his breast another pictuie,..anii,
he gazed oti Mat until the_smiles of,,the lo
vet' phone thronglitliefeatfiil the fathe.
It 'is evening—the first evening at sea;and
Captain Hirnilton arid his bride are °title*,
ivutolting,the last point of .A.meria4n !apt! ) as
it lades into the blue
‘ 4 l7ite.wini blc;we— 6te ;vain! •
The pressure of the rialnutoreezes,
And swiftest of a thousand hula,
bhe leaps to theca:tering 5pae,1",..4
..Eug,enie's sweet eyes are are.Blled Witit:tear
as stretching her eyes 'towards - , the 'dire shore
she murniure:.:—. 'dear'adci :led hind!
lather, brother, adieu; a, , • ~
Her, heeband, folds, her, hisobdeolit;
. whitip'og , Ljf You, biyeirideekd resigned itch,
to folloyerrie: , •„,,,
,i'Yes,: : ak,binne' ' , friends i , atid it may be,
!ay And, now, dear Gdarge x l ; ;Bbe
adititilliarAapieeit.Was, thegretiteee hero
lbw eyer t hecqn
- 'Yes, , yee t }Yield ittlrtar;•
' rbia Conceisten,lhilie ',the liber ty, ' ikiirapittljth . Wife of: '9oit oh the
ror's died!? ' e ":'.
i* is wsil, I►a ; iiniiatq '
raly;,to is `a
tratagrin putt the ‘veriatible:ibaeaxa.cit. liattan,,.. "7'
tialute.* He that, kale in thia - mantiae,'ibieri*„'
bur ditties° bfa•OWn - ,
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