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The Debato. in the U. S. Senate.
Correspopnepce cif (4N. meric. R. Gazette.
AVAsiroto-rori, Jan. 11, 18.46.
The corioluSibn of Mr. Joh nso speech
~tas,,etraordinary as its
at satisfied nobody, and if it convinced
himself, the effort was singularly success=
fill: To Inc, and to all those who have
.---dong-appreciated-Mr-Johnson ,
bitianwas truly ,painful----it
worthy of his ability and repiCtatio...
it rims unadapted to_hig --- s - tanding as a
•Whig,cor his charaller as a statesman.,
advocuteethe administration in Oe
bretWrand assailed it in the, ne„xt—he
MBarged the. beginning.Of the war
exico and upon the ['resident, and then
he attempted to reconcile these positions,
which artaVs ftq apart asl.l 1
e poles.—
Assigoing_to him every credit Tor sincer
_ ity and patridtism; it would have been
well for hiis fame—nor. as tiWhig 7 , - "bilt.
as a Senator—that this effort bid never
been attempted. He has gaineti nothing
-with---the-opposi ticknwhile-he-has--lost
much with his own party.
Mr. CLAYTON followed in a -few re
inarks. Ile deSired to know, beforelre. : _
ceettinT,ll - eiffief - of the Major Ckinerals
had sanctioned this augmentation of the
army. • Gen. Cass replied by reading an
EXTRACT from a letter of -Gen. Scott, in
which he stated re the Administration
intended to possess mid hold. the capitals
of the different States, and to follow the
Government wherever it should assemble, l
and 'occupy the poSts _now in possession,
an increase of 50,000 men would be ne-,
cessary. Mark you, HE DID NOT REpOM
-111 END this augmentation, no more than
Gen. Taylor did the taking of certain
points on the Rio Grande, I r the Govern
ment determined to contest and maintain
it as the boundary line. lf, said he, the
• situation of affairs was the. same as at the
last Session, he should not hesitate a 'mo
pent in granting the supplies required
by the President. Then conquest was
(disavowed—peace was proclaimed to be
the only object of the war, with an ad
justment of the claims of our citizens.-
-What now was the case ?- lie then read
from the President's Message, showing
that New Mexico, California- and other
- provinces were in possession of the-U.
States, and ought tiot to be
. surrendered
until just terms of peace were obtained, ,
and when these terms were examined,
they turned out to be such as could mit'be
granted by Mexico, without the. virtual
extinction of her nationality.
We were no-longer left in doubt as to
the ejects of the President—he demand,
ed an acquisition of territory embracing
690,090 square miles—more than twice
the territory of the old States at the -pe
riod of the lievolution. And yet we are
culled upon to acquire all this vast region,
for such was the meaning of grantint - , ,
further supplies. Ire never had been
and never would be for acquiring one
acre. of territory'by conquest or robbery ;
for what else was it, when a great power
thus dismembered an, inferior one. Ile
believed * national character should pre
served as strictly as individual character,
and that a good name to a jtation was her
ter than money or IvealtK
Owing to a severe cold, Mr. Clayton
was compelled to ask the courtesy of an
• adjournment till the morrow.
corre:pniletwo of the U.iilp News
We had an able speech to-day, in the
ate, from JOHN Cmirros, of Del-
Ile had commenced his speech yester
- day, but bud not proceeded far, when the
• Senate adjourned. To-day he common
, ,ced by showing that what we were fight
ing for, as claimed by, some---namely, to
make Mexico pay indemnities to our citi
zens—amounted only to three millions
when we commenced. That Mr. Trist
was actually atithorited to put that sum
as sufficient to cover all the demands we
bad against her when the was broke out.
And now what do we want all this in
crease in our army for? Before the ad
'Ministration consented to, send out-Scott,
that-gallant General said, with five or six
thousand`' American troops he could
march, to.any part of Mexico, even if it
rained- Mexicans for a week. This he
has accomplished. For in the various
battledaround the city of Mexico, it really
Eoernedilair it' did rain Mexicans about
•- a week: , Now wo hear the cry indetn
nity-forthe past and security for the fu
ture. ,:Ho never could get any explana
' Lion of these terms. , - . i
- 'He presuMed,hoWever;that they ineant
this. WO have seep amt. the President,
in hip instructions to Mr. Trist, made it
the .ultitnitturn that• Mexico should give
us, up, ahout'One-half of 'her territory.—
That ho.presumed was indemity for the
'past.' He presumed; also, that security
• .lor the. fptare would -take up the other
• half.of Mexico!: , 1 . .. , ' i
_ t r t 3110019 asks lor,this incroise 111 our
. ttraYAEr:,GOll. sSedott , ibee
_riot.' 110 @e
~' CittteSithati the riumber,ofgops now , in
* „ ? - 4 ';e0 , 5444. is: le!lide'' edatikhlnconkileto acid:
1 , , ..0, ‘l 4 l ll44i , c4;:::lthabldi 4 M4ical?,Whie l
~ K .vieh,f4;raylor,,does ticii aik far-any, in?,
t i 4 o ,6 4t tMgg: l ll ill* , elifitiibyr tindsiOde
..T wfirrtora .thiAltarc:ffc,V..fik inaipajn,'W,ho
~ i •Ichow4nOthing;i4oat4it,,andr.are mini to
--- ,:tiS9R,OttitY.*etisener"Vhisnvlaati:
:;.ppy . ppi - Miiwllii ' eckffiFto9 4o iigniiii• or
our free institutions. e,uoalted 103'001.4
'.644l l .iiii3"conififilt,i - prVwrui internlo4 for
2. such -a-strtio'-nf iliqi6 its la 66 i5lift,,ile .
The prearnbliiei,tn:theinnustitittionof theil
- , . ,- 'atetraaya-athat-that'AttlAt t.
' TYPItCd )St .
' i:',,.oo,o,lifi f ,o,itlhOdgel ), ,qo4 o P'..tkei',b , ool ll o 'Pf
,/, .li6rif,io,9o4 ,ll l4s , iailac;CPr , 4 3 4o l r4l.'
,41t.`'114, nig sfot4 ll 9'PePPl Pc PvlrrnatiOn'
'll' ,l 4i4t Alti ' P' ,l , l ,iiii i t=.'P 9i9billlc PP , l4 l ' ' ''
~, 4O ct34°f ) ilea ,4 , 4 33 Cefict,fr i onf`EtiN;,
'llydi kvii,,CAlitinriti,g,that,,perturftient,oc
,;44l 4 1 WY1firi . " 14 t ( P1044;• ,• 4 ,`was 4hero
'; , t,' ,;,la efr:.*,tt'atli.o r r, , vo - .i.vonlif iiktiandbn am
~,,, ,:citigeo , l'or, , tildviiitc4 StEos Ivh`cifit;?ticiw
41:1"' ‘,,,:, igPtiz) 44 4 l. ' -. ,, ,,10 - ~r ;, , -
.t. .
4' ..:::: ~.:':,....,,::,,, ~,,..,. :... ...., . ~. ,L :::.5
.:..,.',?;-,..,:.; , . - .' . l : ' •- :.:=.:,: . '4O 4 -° 's, , s*:egatV ., e . ;V ,.,, -.911i-V,v.9f,. . 24 ,...a:A.. . I- A . ":..; , : Tn .-A..,.i , f ; R (. , t . ; .,- 1 ..: ~ t . . ? :,i ll - ..' - q .•;. t' .' ! ; r' ,- .;-,; •1 ',.'- .; 4 ;4-. -, 4 , l t
iii , 'AititA l *: , r ., ?4! ; * 4 fe" iw4: " o ,.sPlq , -c_ l,. oi z 6_ , 1 : r.O.P ,
'settling thent4elrepli M6lticottittirid- the,
'vict a rioukirtibltnfOte AF6Pittiii army.;_.,;)l3:6
food latitheirirsso'ipthere Were Id lean.'
50,0130 •,!adirentnieiS .7ifie States:
herettlWr;'fai. annexation, and Milesawe,
stop !this , i34teni . ,ne , W, the claMpf will he
too itina-ie-be-ri3sist4.---41hereitrn in,lVlex
ico-eight millions of colored people::-..what
shall we do with them, if we take - Mex-'
ico ?. ' They, will `bedhe most , tiatigerous
ellen - tent of disturbanee.we Can bring in..
Shall we not pause now, before the armed
emigration going into. Mexico grows so
powerful that we shall try in , vain to"
resist the destiny they ace mahing-Tor
146 held that theree„weiv occasions
when patriots migill4rithhold front the
Ad m inistration,..what •it demands. •He
had heart . lyile charges made and slang
phrases--used upon "Mexican Whigs," ,
&;„c:- -- He never heard such language but
with disgust: he scorned the epithets
- linA -- tlespisett — therr - authors7 — He -- intglit --
retort -by 'saying that - the .country does
not need these supplieS. It is the rdurrit
that needs them as electioneering agents
in the apiqnachingPresidentialcamintign.
No President:ever had such patronage as
this hestowedliefore.s This bill will give
him the appointment of • 510 . mores-:
.What does he want with those ?
.Has he
not enough already? By a - referene to
the Madison papers, he showed that the
President's •power of carrying on a war '
would have...been "restrained b y the Con-.
Stitution ' only for the fact that it was sug
fgested-that the Congress--neetl_nou'ote_
the troops demanded. _
It was plifri, therefore, that, those who
!.• ast_this_bilLtvould only be lo
ing what the founders of the Constitution
suggested should. be. done in such an
emergency. • .
• Mr. Cass had, a few days since, said
that the war policy of the administration
could be successfully defended if •it
sllbuld be assailed. That it was impreg
nable. The gloye'was thus thrown 'down - ,
and Mr. Clayton said, though one of the
humblest of the Senators on that side, he
would take it up and .try one point in the
war policy of the administration. Some
years ago, it man named Antonio Lopez
de Santa Anna, had induced a number of
American - citizens to surrender them
selves at a place -called Golind, and to
them he pledged protection. The blend
thirsty villain violated his word and ho
nor, and murdered 179 of his (Mr. C.'s)
countpymen. ' At-Alamo theblood thirsty
ruffian butchered many other • American
citizens. In May lil6, the day .war
was recognized as existing with-Mexico,
the President of the United States gave
this ferocious villain a pris through our
fleet to enter Mexico, where his hand
was reddened °with American blood so
profusely shed M. .Buena Vista,""Cerro
Gordo; Cliepultepec, Cherubusco, Molino
del Rey, &c., &c. Bran extract pub
lished in the very -last number of the
Washington Union, he saw that Santa
Anna -was. non; the great •obstacle in the
way of peace. Now if the Senator from'
Michip-an will successfully vindicate the
Administration in this part of their war
liolicy, he will prove himself the very
Magnus. Apollo of advocates-:----;----- --
Mr. Oayton, after pointing out the way
in which Jefferson and the old Democrats
managed our Foreign Allitirs, concluded
by stating that when the country stood in
need of men or mgney, no man would be
found more willing than he to grant them,
but he could not see that the present call
was at all necessary. Ile Would always,
when he'' Saw the necessity, be found
- by the country.
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..... do ; ~.
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i m ply' ~:- .1 1 :0,. V:k - Atir,A ,,, p, ,t+,, ~ 1. .: ..;
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vtoo•haf,x JilTisatiA4:ntri.lal ,:q
sioo bbhol?!rlfP,l t1.0,1t-segk.l4
....,,,, y i f.:r" ~,,,, ry , , 0,..,,,,''i*,'.."';'1"
Ila risburs d my: 'As 1 ° • ' *: y '', - - ' ..... \ 40 . ,.,„
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..,;.'" ,', ' , %., ;.,,',. , •'', , ''' ,%,",; i' ,17..'!!',,'
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'' . •
- _ •
• .SEIMRR S F O 1340 i
' tt.;:tykr:v
livrittmAthirr-Eictorati_permahentqc outodi
!UARY,;:anI:tsTEirrev 7trargovv.whicthol-,need
tiocordThito - dieectionvir:ottata.roa lam hitifir.
a nteed; , --' -' ,l, ' , f ./ . •
.. , :,.+:--:tf;';!---,k;+:•----i.--t-:,
• 'Sven:mid' oi Y'ettefhsttst:- , -TA:Conimentetin-:
segtiiince-of-thiti-affeouohlirn-kind-of , faffekratie,-_
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1.6 4. ,
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nesi of:thetrorgan:- - In some intitances.the patient
exporiences'n rvousTainsi .which are indeseribit:
hula, - tineknoi
only to the Sufferer, .which-lioni
menisi ininiedin\
ely . after an evacuellonouut eon;
tinuti from thirty minutes to several•hours ; .these
sensations are very annoying and sometimes very
distressing. This disease, when of long continuo'
mice, is attended' by pain and weakness in the
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other drgatia ip she 'vicinity, pain end-numbness
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ence, previous to an uttact of the Piles, Byrne
toms denoting groat derangement in the circula
tion; there isa sense of weight and , pressure' in
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ers could give: 'l•he lust ihree years of that time
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gelding health: in fact for three days before' I
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were made. But Mider - Providente, and the use
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.my case, and I can only say to-others
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Donaldson &'Green, Palmsiown
A.' Cathcart,. Sh O phordstown ' .
• -.!J. A• - .l...Rjege), , Mechanicsburd ,
Shirelpanitown. •
• W. CleiVcr, ;Leesburg •
jamel/CYle, Jaeksonvillo. •
6 .4 .. e;
'4O6TiIING . SYnUrFOR,I ' '
111,DRIBM ',••
LL'tMOTUER h child litiv.utlliate ' d
eilj.fititA tiia / o ; :( 3, i ) saahop iticOa Vto
. t
f lytdf§Fdpcod
of ot : lkpAS
koPO4 i p i l t lo4Y
;sArrpriro4o t „ 4,.030 ~T f?
MlO/ 1 1, , V.4*§ 10 4 0 ! 4 1 8 7F.e-
....?,t7bVtitAiW ,',
e- • •••
.'g,.i.:viir,leil — filliiiii,i, ! . 1.1 ; i? !11 , .:. ..,.• , . !
, 4po t ifr . 0 t . 'r. , , , 0-iis,;-&.• - : ti;-i siV.'F ,- -113r;,'44,,,1
4 so sll ;ttce . ota.*;.:P' : 1
.. O.4.'•ITYNDALV; Nie'llfaciatlrSee' heit9itt;
Philadelii,hi4,' W filica l iCiiiierinbia-fiiiiidsnnil
tie pillitid generally; fitirlie Stip'. continues to . l
nu — itiffacture itudlielktliagcnuinellll.lloH -7 . -
STpYp i ; - viith - thellatest improvements. After,
many, years ; Mrporiento in the 'menu faCture of
,these stoves, lie is now enabled - .Cadres. la hip
'customers the . Airofight- Stem with ovens,
suitable for cliairik reoinCor minutiae. fib has
:also tlimAirTight Stove on the Raelliror plan,
whichtnalies a splendid and Ceononnual parlor
ktovei . ta•wall he would -call the particular
6 ,1
attention e those who want .an elegant and
useful ar cle for-their pariorir; also a large
assortmei t of Coal; Parlor and Cooking stoves:
all of Wirreli he will sell at the lowest each mi.
ees. The . pubile 'would do well to tall before
;perchilsing cise'where. .
Mr. T. would caution the public against Air
Tight' Stoves made bv. most stove ma re, as
they 'do nut answer the purpose intended.
September 29, 1 1847. -- • •
A_ ______
Tr --- `rBeciTri - thnitadmv - c'te . thc-mtbstiii ice -fiule.'
Collins' Celebrated
aivarded aCthe
Fnir'e of the-Franklin and American lin.
stitutes.for the best and most rittisticalepeei
mem; of Daguerreotype portrait's.. •
The recent improvement made by..this sub:
scribers, and illicit is peculiar 'to their °stab'.
lislinient alone, viz:. AN UPPER LIGHT, has
received the hightat recenrimehdatioefi front
the press, and also written testimonials from
the first Artists in the country, as to its great
superiority over the usual side, light. The
peculiar advantage of this light is that 'the
natural expression of the eye can be obtabled
- nfortiporfec I ly-tha ii..lteretoforo • t
. Citizens. and strangers are respectfully in
vited,—whether. desiring portraits or not. to
-visa-eur—spaotom g dleries,gtabably_tho !err
est and 'most extensive in the United States,
and examine for themselves the astonishing
improvements made by thq. subscribers in this
wond4ul art.
T. P. & D. C. COL . LINTS,
Proprietors of thin City Daguerreinn Establish
mctit,•No. 100 Chesnut st., 2 doors below 3d,
south side..
--- Se:rift:4; bei 29,4847
Hover's Pirit. Rate Premium
Silver Medal jitskturardcd try the .fmerican In
stitute,' New York, (1841.)
r HE following testimony from distlngu4ll
- Institutions speaks for itself,
Philadelphia, May 11, IHdl.
[ruling, tried, for sonic time, the Mack Ink
manufactured I, Nlc..loarkli E. !lover, we hare
found it well suited for manuscript, by its run
ning freely, and its exemption from coagulation.
Its shade nlsd we are well pleased with.
W 1 11011 S} I), Dean of Ili
Faculty tool Pt of. of Anatomy
SAM'L B WYLIE, Vice-Provos
• HENRY REED, Seermawy of the
Faculty of Arts
Ph ilosophy .and Wry
• - W\V GERHARD, Lecturer in the
Nledical Department
We fully concur in the shove,
AN! 'L. GEO. moirrox, M D,.
• pcamof tlic Faculty
(2ix : mu. HIGH SCHOOL, Pm Lanm.ritta.
A 1) BACHE, Principal
11 NlCNluliTum, M 0, Prof of
ma'am nom. [mummer. Co,,Pirtianetrunt.
• . FUEL/IC FBA LET, Secretary
J U GEORGE, Dep, Naval Officer
X 5111perior Article, Warranted.
For Sale, W Itoleatile and Retail, it tte•
at- ors-, Na. 87, North Tl,ir,l hirl,l •TV 1
iilrry sweet, Philadelphia In
,108E111 I; Ili NEI( , 'Mahal:n:lmA r
Pltilittlelphih, Nov 17, 1547
Sieve, Riddle, Screen sold Wire Cloth We
tory, No 411 North Front filrect, r
Alorket and Arch streetv,
111111,14 toady get at i mprot
. 'mds in the allele litisiness,:n a now nual,o
fi:Wring 010 Stt ()Trine quality,all kinds of PLAIN
mill ORNAMENTAL NVI tie NVORK , siteh tis t•TTS,
Riddles, Screlws&r, rm all kinds of gild n. seeds,
sand, ore, kola starch, hrielcdust bee. Founder's'
Sieves of a superior no hand.
• len Safes, 'Wire Dish emers; Sofa Springs,
Twilled \Vire for Spark Catchers. &e.
ORNAMENTAL WIRE ‘VLPILK, such as !;ages,
:quest ry Fenders, Garden Bordering, 1.1 ow tor
Stands Trainers, Trellis work for Grupe Vines,
ke. 'its() Wire Fencing of every description.
try Orders thankfully received and promptly
executed by NvATSos ze Cox.
September - t 22, 18,17.
Cheap Watches. and Jewelry.
ni .AT the Philadelphia Watch
and elevrtAry Store, 96 North
4" 7 . Second St., corner ol'Quar6t
47 -4 :, Gold lover Watehee,fullt t.‘ •
4,.1' 4_,.4:s cited, iii caret cases $45 00
•,.. fee ••. 4 61,.., Silver Lever %Valelac?, • '
cult jewelled . '23 00
Silver Lever Watches s'evenlewels la 00
Superior Quarter %Vetches 10 00
Imitation quarter Watches notivarkented 5 00
Gold Spectacles 8 00
Fine Silver Spectacles S- 1 1 75
Gold' Bracelets with topaz atones • 3 50
Ledies Gold Pencils 16 carrels,: 2 00
Gold Finger Rines 373 cents to 0, %Vlach
Moises plain 123 cents to 183; Lunet 25.
Oilier articles in proportion. 2 All goods war
ranted to be what thoy are sihd for.
On hand some gni(' a nd Silver Lovers, Le-
Tines and Quartiers luwer than the above
Philadelphia, Feb. 3,1847.
B. E. AlOOlll3,
• . „
• ,
N 0.76. South oPpositif the,
Fivehang,i Philadelphia.
RsPzeTPuLtx onnowop to, their. friends
and the ; pubifo,that - they aro constantlylr
- v
pored. to ,Ack.order.'ol , the finest and est
nit‘terilits, slid • at, -moderato ,prices, every article
of. Fashionable Clothing.oonstituting it , Gentle
mtneolVevdiehe, for 4ltich their.otimplete . stook;
Vorefuily, efated Cent=
T ore's. Vestingti, ot theintest and tnosAAtesi
~lfhpar pratttical
.lAnowletigeof the busines s ntitt's portonta ettention toevery gornieht, epoblei
theni to give ,entire- , satisfaction; ntul .Ao boti!ohl
,ctitinern Ahoy: iespeetfnlly Aendev
inVitationi to"give Ahem; entli ? -;-
~.-,iitiVilig:heeti.torletivsltionneoted ith , 'some of
the ihostAittl estoblishenents' in
this notAntry;entitlaying'nottei,builirst
,ii co i.nint, being% in the ,eoitstant 'receipt of
I Imst,,litsidelis ;net!. lee•of ‘ goods: they :ore ,
ititly;OrepreA., telittooninsodateli ninthsinert' in' the
bei t •manngro,„:;ll, • • 'di
I 'o o PhiikA HOW L
jun.l2 18413!7;
and others for tile reirioi onit I‘ooutnen:l, Core ,
di se*iiirliJokfripilmo ; ,impltroldptO 01'1116 ideio
or hibitt'Aor•i'thili syiteni fl t, al wiirrartidd 'l4 .Alie
, .
p4o9tilot . 4ror-to fivg,tiynee 'stroi)gorMion - .4kr.
proriorAteo r 9:l`,tfi9.moo
ki o3l tociaotiloodc':e4ch ,
'bottle ,00ntAto !inoplr Y t:, Vri?O;sl,_
b •.;
oUBT 'received Mit ly opI,FOVIO, ft
'terns Blielcsneratieg,Bo:nnet Vehfeets, sr
sintiliklontinitilOossr,fr ,
a, isArcr:v. , ., t'rir
Pi 114.44? AR,A
.Q,1141c°13 „
'4A.P2'4 1V44441,Ce44-'%4lo.NibrGi
„AI mpt r
j'eß,6l,‘talp.: 4 ,•*:, •
7C't "
.• '•
The Qi ' ~at Erihrl
•• • iv-.
, . •
aq-4 1 ‘ 11 -EC 6 ‘ 4431, ,
of• sere the must, troublesome dis 6 ases , w ith
the - hair) such dri old , strainsotiwallingt,rA i ,
nest.: ofjohits, g lls.produced'by the:doljar
seddle, 'outline 'a Thu; slitiolclers,;-'0(14 - 104
•Pa iter it 'and 'coffin jbi ts, Steal iii7of .thir rli
belie, knee, and ; •letlOtik, 'poll
curbs, eplinte;Spavinovlndgalfe, puffin . &o. •
• It
,very soon cures old or fresh wodulsouts,l
bruises, fixtulee, poll,evil,curbs,eter;and gives
Instant raltef in the seratehue,.greatie., ete.,and
the diseases incident _ toJtorses having ON
-feet and noses produced' ay St John's Wort,
'which do often desgoys the hoofs and bonen of
the feet, and resists the' action of sulphur and
vitriol ointments, and other remedies equally
No application has heretofore proved so
useful in . relaying stiffness of the tendons 'and.'
joibtri, and producing. such immediate and
benefreistelfeetaincraded_heels, brought- on
- by - higirfaudiegTsplluts arittainic --
Phis Embrocrtion is highly recommended to
farrfers;. keepers .of livery stables, wagoners,
Stage proprietors, and private gent:emen own
ing horses, as an invaluable. remedy, and
should be, conettigly kept, in their stables.
Also faimerafwbose horses are en H&c, to
kicks, - cuts and wounds, will find it' equally
advantageous to keep it constantly on hand.—
it is equally beneficial .in the treatment of
working eagle, for galls, 'sore - necks, cuts,
wounds, etc. ; - -
For 9013 in Curllsl6 by Dr. JOHN J, MY—
ERS, Solo Ageni.
July 21,1t34.7..
TO the Citizens of Cumberland Co.'
" There is something more precious than
ElattfOriarnOild B-- H - P.A
t , IR LI are some diseases that. visit us nt sta
led 5e11110193 of the year, and 'width not unfre
-fluently become niarmioglyfatal, during the stn
%ner and amount' months ; especially the young;
there being nut less than seventy thousund dying
annually with derangements of the stoninch and
bowels alone. Does not every feeling of our nag
Apye bceonfe enlisted in the Minton desire to les
sen this frightful (um tality i are we not bound by
every principle el religion to admioister relief
when in our power; nod we discharge our luty
when Mc point out the eiTatest remedy ever yet
scover'ed, fotAkis_purpose,to. the. public. If
there be one, or if they have a friend, or a child,
or a neighbor, who may chance t 9,, mall this no
tice. that is Suffering with Diarrhoea, Dysentary,
Cholera ;Studies, Summer Complaints; Colic,
Flatulency, Ike., then let them try Dr. Kee- •
ler's Cordial and gam inatsve, and we guarantee
a speedy cure. „
Lancaster Co.,Neffeille, Dec. 11, 1946.
Dr.Keeler—Someihni, lust summery our agent
left me some of your Infant cordial and Carmin
ative, urging me to try it. It so happened theft I
lied a case, a voting child about six months old,
whose sionmel and bowels were very disor
dered condition, unused by ardeficiency of its
-mother's mil's. The child was' mere skeleton,
these was much tormina, tenesmus and constant
'evactintions. I administered every medicine I
could think of, with Mika Slightrilleviation ()Utile
complaint. I then thought - of - giving your medi
tine a trial commencing with small doses.
soon however perceived'the child could bear
full (lose as recommended in directions ; before
it had taken had f a bottle, the stomach and bow e
els had recovered their natural tone, every °the
bad symptom yielded, and the Child rapidly re
.1 hose no hesitation in saying (lint your medi
cine is the - very best for the above complaints I.
have adminititercit in 0 .21 years' practice..
Very re.spectfully, your friend,
11. B. BOWMAN, Ai.
Prepared corner f 3,1 and 8 anti, 'streets, Phil.-
filet phia. Fop sal holesa le Cud retail by SAM
•Liet. E'LLIOT, CarSSI ;I Dr. McPherson, ,r;
burg ; C' al"l by ifruggi nod Nlerelianis
mit the &witty.
.1111 v tn. 11117.
I. 1,1t1111•,
V. •i 4•04. , • gill
tt they re-
Vent • 1!,
"tiler i 'al 1 . 1 . •... po.sossinn
1':..,:11:4.1 .1/ per it
filrit , , •, / 11 , 4 .,01: Ili met nillioted fore
1.1111 but ail long standing
It is c•trttp ‘ .....ti ihre vegetable
7, ,‘'tly lt • t-ttlt , ,,, .•ari be taken al
tll limo-, nil r , i. • , :1,111, to biltilllCSE. It
rt,iol Tel I Ves iii•
t h e m,,,,0,cit trout till morbid humors w hick
cause indigestion and acidities. It also re
moves nervous uemors, thematic pains, and
prevents their return; cures nil colics of the
stomachs and bowelsolmost immodiafely takes
away palpitition of the heart, and promotes
tho free circulation. of the blood.
Thu direction accompanying .each b tttlo
contains a number of certificates ono of which
is given in this advertisement.
DEAR SIR :-.lthhtliAWO.yOUEB-ftgO4'WRS..-SE
vorcly: afflicted' with ispepsia, which I had
for the last fifteen years previous to the above
named time, which was very mock increaseo
by my having a blood vessel ruptured upon my
lunge, occasioned by lifting—which increased
my complaint, dispepsia and general debility
nod weakness, to such a decree, that two or
three yedrslircvious to my usiug the Garbo.
gent's 'Balsam, I never ate a meal but my
stomach became so painful that I had iinmedi.
atoly to throw it up. Seeing"Garlegant's Bal
sam advertised I was induced to try a bottle;
after taken the very first dose it appeared to
streugthen my Stomach; and every dose of tli
first. bottle' helped me sot much that in the
course oft few days my stomach. tbegan to
retain and digest every thing I ate. 1 confined
to use tho Balsam until I used several bottles,
whieh cured mo entirely, -and restored mu to
perfccfliealtli.whiolt I have enjoyed ever sineo,
and net before.foi fifteen yours. 1,9, tearfully
odonimend it to all persons who aro nietedfli
with dispopnia or dibility offitomach.
1113NR LOTTIIAN, Fr ed'lc Co. Var!
Peewit:lA and sold by the Proprietor, JO HN
S. MlLl.F,.2,oppoeitethe Market-House, Frod.
crick, hid, end by SAIIIUEL ELLIOTT, solo
rgont for.earliido. - •
March 10, 1847. -
..,••To Country Physicians.
M YERS has just: received WI addition
to his iorrner atook, II largo assortment
_ERE9S Aw.D.ictxm warranted
pure and frosh=raitiorig which Rio all the. IC=
cat popular proptirittione of the Profession,
which Ito, will sell
,on, as good , :iermal aa, , eny.
astabliehatentuukof.Phihkdelphia.; N=.;
ot yPliy4lCiane aro isiquestod toexamtno,for
thetutlltfea.' .1,.,
I'llo, - -
• Far t Oyspept4i ant? olho a
WUST received etPrug Moro,
etde() article or BlooleTda,ler,
and ilyapoption. , ,,,AleoG, and.Young . ,ll}rioi4
Gunpowder •
:i-i':,:;;;,glitiaffJars - Jm Tumblers.
T , •reitilvid;'..a ige.o.isoitmim Vio
tfi'o• prpaervlng seitepti. For(se.ii3s3o , -, ;•••• •
w r.r,j...II44VIERSVF.t.
g a i n * r e d
R 11:00A1.!;1q , o.. , ii ,
,rwo COAL- 01) tone
- .,Wiksbaryce - ..'42.00.t0tiii Limo biliners
;.- ELI N'K '& MI LLER.
847 v Ili ' ••
' au Spitokilig
_ E I G' MO rI:: - iSN , P,F i F b ic il l te
t ',, ,„ lIN fl bt Thom" c° e, ;• u
14P!"(11u111137138A4PFSne'lb!ZdS'•:CAVtilidigh*,1•",q11,bt Lti,*"..
1 4 , 1 1 1-1 : d ' f': 4ll A P!) filitl
0 r ., - s brand sii
, r:. ° f p C O m i t i o r i l : 6 C e rl i v il s ; a li t i. :ll,
dies! T08 : 1, "" ' ii •AI tic eihoyt li !' d iP 4l , l P ° 6
, RePP:°"n d ' V, Po .B l ‘! ' '," ' '-'
_..' - ,`;':.:. I.
t it pp ti'Slitifrlt,, ~,s ii' -\ 4 , i A 4it; F ; I.4;yiet ß qn.
''t $1)160,,‘111(12!,111..t!k'nk ,iith,iialpriiioo6.,Cl(crut!'
Lii PinTlaver t al e - " . brands 'orifivoriqd ee g a : r ,F'
AP ,I -ntil'er 4.l°.ag l'n I'Vubtt. ni'd 'lla v thi"'
' "P' '''' '''' AA . to g atitur with Re2g2 . 1 . 1, L.....
_ no _
c. iiito,o,
,mic.... P' , '1 ',......'. . 4#04( iSep
~,,,,, , spuniAli, 1rtt1:ki111.1•911T11510i.1.013T,,,v..411,0?
V ' 4 ' l4 ''''':'.4,7VlV, 'll, . i • '' 1 4 "' l'' ' I ' nitild and "tent ~..„,.. iii,..011,4:1
l iin''' P m" ''firllilnilk.lbiO'fgoVA' tat-ivitlif 1912' tA.oi§ll,lorili°r i" PreP4rm,',Xlitqliiliiiii
A lin ;it ,CR. $ P , ' 4.: r . 4)lt.e ' ° Gitt4'l4lA'Ctkeirl:T7B:to it"4oq-4161,,1?\ TPx4;l7,liptrpoot.
~treitiltioll.z.val...*iNl- o!ita,,ja,imkilin,,,cowt,..,l-1-..(0. t.ill `..:',4;o4tct,lfictoOf !.144,41i!,,1.:
01.11rt'4,1)1, Altoill'WN.,lloloikti,°liwayis)Ciabniv t1fii4,16011.) 1.7°, 41 . ` , 40 4, * 0 M"'''''410' il'''.
11111 a v 4 , e'r ) 49iiiii sloe •P. , vifra ?; :v, ,‘,' tioilV $1064 .S , t Os ill OW?, , ~v ..,f
, 7 , • • Arif,`,l 4o '. '•,. . ',.S l ±,,j'F '', t' tl:4 7r 44 4 : 4 `d , '„ , f'llol;f, i r .,,,7, :"4fi" ., '":•% 1 ; '-. - 1 '
°' 11,1,, ,t154,;,1,7--,f, , i 44- V.'eArt.MYM., 1 1 :' , $.;;1• r' , .. ,v ,- 4 .61,i411 " 1 q 4 . 4.7 : 41 v;C_,?,,'A- ,- . .,.• , L,' -'.:i.,
,„>, , 8 1.,, , ,. ~:, ..,, , ,Th ~,. ., , ,..;.,, . ..4 , ; . , ~,,....-„, ,f,,,..+, , c1, ,, ,..,„ , A , , , ,, , ,,1 , ,;..,, , ,.... ; ~, ~ , ,,,„,e.
A''', e. 6,Kusio,b:.r.. , ?, , ! , t ' -,,:,,,,.--,,,,,,,17,.,,;:1,,;- ' ; : ,,,5), :e .---,,, 1t ,,,, 5t,, , 1i.-4;ti.,"„;';•-,.. '.. i --, k
' ' e_ ,I'ei, " . „ " w„,,1L:0-!?lWeil,',l')"-.4ls'';`,' .'.*: ‘,ll',VlTAa'PnblelVA.l'P'eth,,,,
, 1 `,.. , •, ' ' ' - , L, ',lr. , ' „, f ,- Ak",,t',',141,10, ' ' ' ''" '
`bd•t4i*vi 4 K - '
'fit‘4..Ti"f4 7 . , 4 4 . V":,,V,
ttriltiC kbotnprtnilv.--,
4 THEItbtrIVIBEIttNNOVAtIitii ••• 9
ftl otertfeit.Non4.
d recti o n ot:Tfh - E-OctMow Mg •Tnitirkiif
Managres ;for %the :entitingWenr i i i--Thes. C.
Miller, rresident;,•Sliniuellanlbraith, V .
*eident; David .W,•MoCultoug'
% ler,Seorettirr,- • James
reefs,• 'Abraham
Huston; Willi
Coyle, Aletcander Davidson: ..There•.are .also% a
number of ..4,llnts appointed in! the adjacent
coulittesi - who - wi receivemppliontions ur- im
Jam:m(l, therd immediately for tip ? ,
provnl to the office ofthe Com pnny,w hen the poll.
my will be. issued. without delay. • For further
inlormation see'tile by-law of the Company. •
A. C. Alt imin,Seo's• • •
The following gmitlemen - Milvibeen appointed
AGENTS . : • '
L. 11. Williams; Esq.,. Westpennsboro, Gen
eral Agent.' ' .
A. Co) k, Carlisle, • •
Dr. Ira Day, Mealtaniesburg . ..
George Brindle, Esq.., Monroe.'
Jos. M. Means,Esq. Newburg;
John Cletnlenin, Esq. Ilogestown.
--Stophen-Cmlitiftion.,- - Shipliensbur , v --------
. September 20, 1047
Charter Perpetual.—s4oo, o oo, Capita; paii! in
. qffice 163 A Chesnut street.
lted,againalloasordama0 by fire,tin
and KeFE.:c•rs of evtry description, in town or
Conntry,op the most reaammille terms: Applica
tions inatle either personally or by Icttcr, will be
proniptly'attentled to. •
C. N. BANCKEI.,,Preit;
Rates of Insurance Reduced /
Brick orStone dwellingsor sloven •
from • to $ p o defioa.
__ _do o 3 do
do do 'Caverns S to 4 do
do do Barns 4 to 5 . , do
do do Stables (private) 4 to - 5 do
do do Stables (public) 6' to 7+ do
do do grist Mills, Water
Power, 7.lth 10 do
L 11 IS K.
erfck orStone dwellings and Fur
niture from 30 to , toc $lOO value
do •do Stores and .licrelinn
dize • 35 to 50 do
do •tl'o Taverns andFarnituro
40 to GO do
do , do Barns and Coldents
6 . 5 to 75 do
do do Stables (public)
100 to 150 do
do • du Grist \fill and Stock
75 to GO d o
Frame and Log dwellings and Fur
niture 50 t0"75
do do S ores and Nlct•chan
dize 65 to SS do
(19 do Taverns and Furniture
60 to 100 do
• do do 13:u•ns and Contents
90 to 100 do
du do Grist Mi :mil Stock
00 to 100 . do
The suhscr+bei is agent for the almvecompany
for Carlisle and its vicinity. All applicationsfor
assurance Rather by rnailtvr personally will be
promptly attended to W. D. SEYMOUR.
inoo P 2. 11+45. ly-33
Qn th - e °Mutual Insu e pinciple, combined
with a lage. joint-stock opi t 1.1. I,n.i-L
eth;ced to nearly half the t.sual ales.
the Art of Incorporation lho stock is
I) pledged for the payment. of eny losses
which the Company may sustain. a as an
additional sccurity,lo the assured, the act re-,
that the prgPlis or the business shall be
finde.l a ail cenurin With a , ' COt'llOratioll, as a
:Ilt), ni , r ..
nd protection to the insiired against
/riga. 'This hind will be represented Icy scrip
issued by the roctipany, bearing interest codex,.
cucaling six per cent. per 1111111110. The insured
to a Imo rata share ofthe profits of
the Company, and will receive that proportion
or the atoresaill fond in scrip, widen the
.1 moon t earned premiums paid by hint, bears
laths total sum 01 enticed premiums acid capital
l'hr scrip thos issued, to he trnosferoble on
the books of theCompalw as slack.
No divolund of serm can he ,In ado wh n
the losses tual expenses exceed the amount of
earned premiums..
TIIO ilitqLfed arc protected from loss at the
eit.tomary rates of per TilibbUi any
individual liability or responsibility for the
losses or ciipenses of the Corporation.- The
assured havti all LIIO rights of niembership,—
can vote at all eleetioos, nod aro -eligible as
Directors or tic. corporation.
The sub Scriber has been appointed rigout for
ibis Crimpany, and no the mutual principle
q supe rseding evory other mode of Insurance,
to would confidently' ecommend it to his friends
and the public.
--Tlte..,Nor . A ... Pit 010 '
their Agency. !Isom: having policies elpirin ic
in that office can have them renewed in th
Delaware Company on much more favorabl e
For full particulars enquire either by letter
or person to JOHN J. MYERS.
Carlisle, September TO, 1845.-1 y.
r i nl-IR A llen.iod bast pennsborough Mutual Fire
Itisuraneo Conipanyof Cumberland C y,in
corporate:l by all act ot Assembly, is now fully or
ganizedoind in operation under the management of
toe following eummihsioners, viz:
Cht.Stay inan,Jaeol: Shelly,W nii Cor4oB,leWis
I,lyer, Christian Titzel, iehtiel Hoover, Henry
Cooklin Benjamin II Mnsser,Leii
Merkel ilurob kirk,M cluhior Brow:Dna and Sam,'
p row ol, who respoeViilly Call the attoition ol the
eitiiens Comberhilid and York countiesto the ad
,linlages whit h the tiptop:my hold out.
'rho rates, of insurance are as low and favorable
as :my Company of the kind in the State. Persons
wishing to become meniliers areinvited to make
application to the agents 'orelfe wliO are
wiblkng to wait upon them at any time.
'Mien/tn. lIotiVER. Vlee.President.'
Lelvi# llyer i seurelsiti•
Mtelinel Ceekliti,Treastirer. • '
f iNgenylfealinttlesbu l i
Itutlolpli,Nlittiln . ,Y. Gip
M;Cootcli'n', Mien • .
4 3 ,=,•cf,,1
J. ii ,
,mbil‘, len'tow
Peter Warillictri; East Pentiabot•ortthip.
Iciiigstotyn, , •
' 1 •-;
Ostiiield; '.'" • •
' • ••
16i0v lirrtivl4Ykirk'abilnty,!, !' .'7
' • !;.f. O
- '.7 -
, I; ,Belymon,,Ynrkta ! rty.••,..„.;„ ;!!
'Phil I I ;Ott ; ••
.1!.i',', 2. ,‘,1' 1, 4 1 rUir5't,1%: . ',.?:: :'
-6 - 3 ,4 1.1.vizt , ,tgrAiN414,110,1,4, I. i Lup <it tl.: , i'il' i, -, 1 , :; - : -•;.•
!time purgesdiur.ifies,`•nintVilpeurrOd4;;:•:- :
Ayitete,--'. , •••lNVit:Ltedyiy-ii--1411-eyer;il4oofollsdfdlne-•--- - -
• Itelifiailiqst. ,, itpiietiilml;!iiitit..k4'Aiii-0014;thiii
places of all • othertil•Afitbe:cifiolfl,elikii,o4llelid
P iu slwe c i lm r9 l •4l:9.tiT a4 Y:f!tift:l44 l l4 l ; ll (•ihi
-twolirlainfift •,onea•-viretirsaparil a , etid -- ifirild
•Clierry, so nailenfiertfietat,ftigether ;the one
through its adirilxture7WitivAtherlitibitances, pu
rifying and purgilig';tiVltilli - thirotberitt strength+
letting the syfitemi."'llftii":thoseiilliii ere •at the
eiiria, (die lonfe.tiktd!:ciiieningyriTilesideratiiin
iorigngil eagirlY,sfilighf ; for medical men, Mit
nev'er b'efitkedlneyereil. ..lnotheriwords„therild
'the work - of two medic:fees, and do fmoeli• net,
ter than tiny twn it* kn oft' ` remove
nothing-from ;the 'By ideptbiit: the:. impurities, so
that while they ptire 111 . 4 ;lA` "Yrklhetf, andlience
they cause no debit itation,,and i 'lire. followed by, ,
iio reitetinii;. — lir": -
ul influence on the blood' ibty not only purify
without weakening it, bdt they ,re7n k o,Ne all nex t
-lout particles train the chyle : before cease,
ned,into fluid; end thus milkeitnAurq s bigod an
utter impossibility. • As there is no dapilitution t
so there is no nauseat or sickness attendinti.tbe
operations of this milt excellent of medicines;
which never strains or tortures theing attic fatten - -
- tlirtb - dt causes them to work in trperfeefly net. ;
oral manner; and hence ptirsous taken them do
not heaume . pale und emactuled, but tlioVatitrVry',
II 1 , while it is the property •of the Sorb:TWAIN!'
united 'as it is with other ingredients, to remove r .
all tnatieforeige tindiMpike;il the,
property . Of the Wild Cherry to refifinkillffmlsk
natural-ond liiineikm robust • state , ol: -
health is the certain rciultof thetr milted °Deft"
dons.' , „. _
t t •
. .
Fob sale In Catlisle by 'Dr: . J. Myetir,sole
A cot, aml by Eaby 4 and Kissinger,ilfßitigstbwhc"
gciord e box 9,5 01s. •
' CasltslFeb •;,101547.• ' •
IT has pow* to cause all externra ROBES;
POISONOUS ‘VOUNOS, to discharge their put
r t mot era, ant then hears—Them.
• It is •rightly termed All-healing, for there is
scarcely a disease, exter.,al or internal, that i
will not benefit.• I have used it for the last Win.-
teen years foe all diseases of the chescettliallmp
tion and liver, involving the utmost.thintel• anti
responsibility, and I declare heford'heaven and
man, thnt not one single ease has il failed to ben
efit when the patient was - within the reach of
mortal means.
I have had physicians learned intim profession.
linve.ltail ministers of the Gospel, Judges of the
bench, Aldermen, Lawyers, gentlemen of the
highest erudition, and mullithtles of the pcipr use
it in every variety of way sad Were has been but
one voice---one utilveasnl Volee--sayine-, "y,‘
Allister, your Ointment is C 001)."
CONSUAIPTIoN.--it can hardly be cr red.
gat n. salve can hive any elli.tet tipon the It vi
mated as they are within the system. 11l t, if .
.placed upon the chest, it penetiattes to the lungs
stip:irides the aniiiolloll6 particles that are count- ,
ming them, and expels theta ti.can the. sy stem:
It is curing persona of Consumption continually.
lAEA OA E.---Th e salve bah cured persons
of the headache of year's standing, and sill°
had it regular ever) a eek so that vomiting often
took place.
Deafness and Ear ache aro helped with like
success: •
lIIIEUNt.‘TISNI.--it removes almost imme.:„
diately the intlsmation_and swelling alien the .
pain tosses. Itelid the directbm around the box.
COLD 1-+11.11 . .---Coiniumption, Liver Com
plaint, pairtin the :hest or sitle,lidlip.g off oft
hair pne or the other always accompanies col"
feet. (This ointment In the true remedy.) It if
sure sign of disea.,e to have cold feet.
In seroftila,p4l sores, salls•licum„
liver complaint, sore ries, owns,. sureitiwout,
briichilis, broken or - sore breast, piles, all chest
diseases such ns
sore lips„ . cliapped hands, tumors, mormentis
twits, nervous diseases and of the spine,
no medicine now known as good.
SC k 1 - 1 e tuned cases that
• II) defied every thing known; as-well as the
nhility at 15 or 120 doctors. Om tilitn told us he
htkl spent $501) on his 'children v thief any bent
lit, a hen a few Loxes or ointment mired them,
BACON a ill vesture the hair sooner
than tinv_other thing.
lIlUtiN 5..-It is the hest thing in-the world for
( Read tile, directions around. the box.
U1013.--It silt dtfie every sesuge or them
There is isenkiiily 'lin medicine on tile lice of
the entail at once.) sure null 50 the expel
; slt,of nterms.
COItN.V.--(terte.:lol:,l use of the Ma=lll. Wilt
tilww,l4 keep WWII', teont r People need
ors Joe lraubicd ‘‘ Ph them it the, tt ill use it.
1'11..V.5.--Tlitmsaaith arc )early cured by tots
.LAMES N1C.‘1.1.11'112 114: Co.
Sole props ietors ci 0 e suctliLitte.
CAUTION' --Ni 0 NT 11.:ST will lie gettp
lie tittle,s die n: .8 of James AteAllitter or
romes \ C"" arc
a pert
upon ever
Sold by Ssnu I Elliot, S.. SP. 11:trerstirk viii
Dr..1.• 1 . Myers, in Cur J, t L. Itrigel, Me
chanicsburg; Singiser St Paul, Churclttown, nod
Jidni Diller, New rill, . .
T hat the pique' pie t l curing disease by e„leao•-
lug and 1)1411161% the boll) . is birktis
donee atilt tire-laws a loel, gut ern
. .a'fiinnii
eeo ~,,, ;,.nn o d it properly ciarbr LI out sl,lle.use
...witt(orr , s IXIUAV VP:GP:TAMA: PILLS,.
rt suit the eoppiete of
disease; ae ,drel. the holm; ieg testi:mm . los, from
pe1.5011 oldie bight:hi respretability 111 Nev or
Will) 1181 C ly been cured of the most iihsti -
nate etunplaiiits, solel . l . lty the use or Wright's In ,
lllaa Ve.grialile Pills of the Nurth.A tnericau
lege of I itailth.
Ua.\\'a.,\Ya)oitr:—Dest• Sir,— At your re.
commendation, IC Snide time since made trial of
•Wright's, Indian Yegelabie Pills, of the North
American .Coliego,pl; Health, and calm - .
OUSky. assert that. for,Porifying the blood And run.
ocatung systern.,thave received more benefit
iron, their, use than fromony other medicine irlins
heretofore been : my...good fortune to meet with, -
I am, tletd•. nit ; Nuitla many thanks, yoUr obliged
friend, -CIIA ItL. ES ,111,,TAT.E,
No. GO Mon mrrely 6trio3, New .1 ork
kronrira6tarang, N. 1' a SIII,--1, have been afflicted rar several
years with inward weakness mid general debility,
accompanied at times with pain in the • side mot
other ilistressitt coniplitint et. • • Aber basin; tried
cHeibiti nietlichtes withoot efreett I was peesuatled
Its tirriend to make trial a ii... NVeight's Indian
Ve'gettildit'l'il fa, 'w Itich* I'it to happy to i'aie• ha ve
r'el I tiveirrtid. i leystOnt" wonderful , 'manner. ,1 base
ailid.ille,;Ynkilicisie it tt , 'yet • Tint a 'sheet 'ti me, 'and
litti'e ., P6,tlolllo., l Its; a'peedesettineesi it• the 0 ie. of the
medleinit'accortfitig to ditteetiOns,-that 1-•shidl i lit a
sliorCtihtelie'peilectly'repaleed;„ • ,••• •••.:•• ..; .
---1- titbit .ii)lling•ly,„trettoionnesal -Ititiil.--14118`,..tii all
fitiiiiiitib?Sintiltirl3'.- aril' et etl,• linirlii' the full , belier
that' Chit stillltii'lj:k richt I-. I'esolts Wilt follott • *hell.'
••• •••'" ' •'' 'll"etirttnii.n; yolfes'ilitiCereliy. •- •
••••..., ' - •• Ic••it-t/ •-•linNiti t lV It_7_001'El;•
:••, : i ~ wri i t : w o 1 4114, tilAtet,Co4Neiv York.
1 . 1 r.:A6itt: or" Obrrrxit p rii ITI. IT ii 6: t, u m ic; 1,1•0
`eiiOttOotiti ( sgtaitst , Mottiing"spurious ntffllielpea
'ti'lOcliiiit'oilleit ; le fflei el tit, nt6 callett•by.fflattica
itiffllitieliair Rltt'S I tit littit` Iritet 1 ,14,,•-„pkiiii„ ; -
~...• --••01 kor. ,. pgil6ii Cailittle't t . • ••••• , :I.'t• ;• •
~...,..,.,. JollittOcivor','ldoelPiit ii . o, , icg. - ''''•
'' ''' 'll6,, , i,tOiliprAi':;(4i4l? :' ky,9olilielon di
'" • r.. .iiniVii'6ll,ltVio Nrk. i' • '.f ' "`".- '
77. --- 7 , 7 - 4, .Nr 1,17;11iP5 , 44 , ...17:17.ti . . -4...- •
i'4.0„ , ; , ,A 1 : 0 ,.,4' , 4 1 .0AV1c0id! 1.9.i9,6•.i:V •• • 1
' i " 15I ' l?' Ii,AM rifit44 0 14 00 !ni , " 4, :7 7 ' ,
~..!;'.q.llt 4411... h" 'l.P.P:fA'i'' ' ':
, -P.:-.'' ... ~ .tilh" -4041adteirubi." iii . ll4 - 00 1 0- , ! ,:- .
!I' Y' '.' la Mr-100400g iiocastiftti,"'
.Y. , . - ,.'s:vqa - a-q•1ituif4pa4 , 601....,
i t"
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`AV:e*iii.R . V.ltiiiii - vhi,. 11 , 71 11 0 lii4ilAtrmlit
: rotail 10 , linve: - S'Ve4 , tiliAtitltrnit'4.'Giitetris
vii. , ,q6wtrik. 4444.1?(ii t "iIVIOR Thii)On`CSti:ett..
't i lli . 0 1 01 4 :itl:.. P A '77,. r it; E "..'
, 1 11 4ifi 11 ,944'N• .
ni.lits',lsilitiq4coVai Cafe: , Over /11i'sapliO r y ' '
• j -,slesiiiiiiiestiil iliilialsing evi•cr, Vo 4 ...
t a i , is . sail Elias Nlriali s tlielittri_sillii ' 't ' 13110N4L
siose„yliallIgTEsPolV88"t Ilvtitii,reil'i( iswilioit bril./
liiiit'p!iii,lyisilrrpolislr Nfid,Ttliklittit,?.nibov. i t 'l . ..' .
. ii ii ii rratri .ezsiiislitt'iii9 i ulelib i.• 111 ei ii si f 4 - I‘. lit ilo WS .'i ,
iill4 l'.. .kn irf#rsa.T lib i'Amri•ii,i4isl, irii 1;elr- ilk , RHO-
m.thcityflbelrohitliOlikhi,id ontrolfilitt'llilllPlit!icea ;':'
, ;till isilliarlot9st 3 l'llKillor,' i ti) ktffrs! tit il k ii.ia 'mu( 14;'‘„,
11l SO - ill . }': , (111 . 011E , . rlNftqaiii4tilwPfar.haslttied:toP: , 4
„i t rliq#, ivi I 1... fa w' i,hottitl . iif...lo.riko.4.siiikfetits itgc4 9 ,'',
11 1 1 1 e1%, ''..P„elliltqt?'#.3sib(Pli'FW.,l),KYdiialidi, to ,selitl , ;/,',
4flin,clillf il,t 4 ihillt)ikflrki( illitailikn`ritlitii6li!'g'atiin ~ 1: :
I")'' I' ick.,..., li,viiljtfig it.t,iiilP , ' , 4!tiliiinteetr' AO
- . "...`''..:', ;‘, ',I , t 4 cAlt‘ i iftEitu. A
1 ' Cu irliltl, Ptl9l?4 , 4l;tia 1e,9 ';';.f,
~.,„..„...„.„,..p,, ~..--, : 1.:j.".v. ; '
.... 1.....
!.... , . ..... : .j... : . ...‘f ‘.0„ , 1,;•.., V.;:iiT.)t J;.-' It' ...,irtlkils
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